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How Sanctioning Russia Will RUIN America

2022-03-09 | 🔗

Not only will Joe Biden's sanctions not affect Russia, they're going to DESTROY our country. We explain why. Also, Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill doesn't say gay. Joy Reid thinks you're racist for caring about the Ukrainian people. And because Biden hasn't ruined enough things, he's going after crypto. #Russia #DontSayGay #Crypto

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Ok, maybe or listening on apple, liberalising an android using really care. If you are not a member of mug club. All I ask is that you leave view a rating and include the words stroke, detecting tiger that's leave review and include the words stroke, detecting type it'll, make a whole lot more sense. If you join mucklucks see I turned it, it turned it
Oh, that is delicious issue of that is absolutely wonderful to its new. I got a new teacher. I you know age that recently got back into the t, Because- and this is true reason I stopped was because of how aggressive they were at the mall. From Tijuana like carnival barkers, a third world country willing to haggle with you, I guess they shut down a while ago. So the point is, I shouldn't. Let other people effect my emotions that much. I have also been teabag at the mall look we're gonna, be talking about that, don't say Gabriel and just a little bit and more camel so before we get But before we get to anything else, look today we are going to be done and now only about Russia, Ukraine, but of course, about the media reaction. Here surprised, I don't know if you know this Trevor, Noah and Joy Reid think that you are racist. If you care our ukrainian friends and rules are gonna, be tongue about how this affects humor. These new sanctions, Also, the idea of the United States dollar being used as a reserve. Currency there a lot of elements here that maybe people aren't really taking into account that we're not just up world war
Three doesn't necessarily look like world were one and two especially when you have international governments who are beholden to each other and Do you know this whole? We are the world thing kind of backfires when you're you're only is you're only strong as Europe. Hollis link, true so speaking, of which, after that interim if you, MRS here on Youtube and we ve been told you we're not going ashore on Youtube its Monday through Thirsty Ten m eastern you can watch us on rumble. Nothing would make me happier than Youtube to crumble. The weight of the rumble overlords and, of course, my club lot of China comes that's my club, ninety nine dollars for students, nine dollars or sixty nine for students, veterans, act, military we're gonna, do another hour of the show. What's going on. in the two men are Yola yoga I dont have overly So you re entering a man you're we don't have a man you guys all no references are all global. We'll get him again in two minutes My question the day before bring her friends and how
longer can joy Reed remain employed while her go to his calling everything, racist other than are so is sort of like how long could run around cb champion. You were once people figured out the armed bark on what that was yeah what she had like a bunch of sad story. Doesn't it out more set up? She just go straight to your racist. In doing this and allow cable, we ve already done that. So I don't but again, no one really watches are all right before them under that Geraldine. How are you I well, sir? How are you ok, yeah. I got some sleep. What you got like four, Yeah! I can operate on six hours. I'm like you must allow me to say you know tonight. If you sleep, a clown will eat you yeah, so you gonna get about thinking that That's? Why have a guard at my door? Laguna doorsteps, it's like hell, yeah. Why figure? It helps it? I'm not six, Simon, I'm in a less at risk category does the problem with being a six year old here, but very little risk for covert huge risk for climate, the air
to good Lord give us the good Lord Taketh away, and you hear him, you see him. You know me eleven. We can parliament, what are at Landau Dave Dave, lend our? U ahoy! about you. Well, I'm ok, but we're going to get into Stephen CALL Bear here. Oh, cool and I know you're, not a fan. No huge fan. I saw made up a poetry and Carnegie Hall against Trump. It was great he hasn't flying. Austria is the worst thing. I've ever seen You ever been to an open like night and see someone go up into slammed poetry now mad. I leave it sort of the burlesque day answer of the comedy world like the burlesque answers are strippers. Who could make the cut slam poet, Our comedians, who could make the cut yes was, I went to see, Nathaniel right, live and Jason is Bellied Centre and the lead singer. The black crows and out came steam, Colbert Dewar upon called the mocking bird. Oh, I don't. If you can see Dave there, you are you pick up a name, she dropped, so
No, I mean I paid a ticket to see them, but if I did have that, I wouldn't dropping all design ongoing. Hey guys, you know, I've met, but He came on saying so earth sang. Did a poem called the mocking bird about Trump Oh yeah, and it was even it- was for its effective thing to free to better whatever crap, I'm not sure where Tibet stance with something about it. I am. They immediately band him. Every liberal in Carnegie Hall was like everyone was uncomfortable with what he did agree with. What he said with data was terrible press. No, it wasn't. I didn't do anything out there. You wrote on alone, elaborately people like I should have gone to the daily. It's right you into the whole. I think joy reach should get into wrestling now that we know she can take a fall yes, but only male wrestling here. Well, it's a gender better with wrestling. We don't know anymore. So this is something it's even Colbert at either yesterday or the day before, depending on when you're watching this
or depending on my time line. I believe it was the night before last. One of those things I'm just to soften the blow here to site. That's a sex psychological term reduce insight, front loading, yeah, it's pretty bad and if you work to support a family, your PA, we're not going to be thrilled, and by that I mean you're going to want to punch a hole through the entire our world here Stephen called they're, letting you know just how virtue was he is in paying our gas prices since the invasion oil prices have skyrocketed. Today, the average gas price in America hitter all time record high of over four dollars per gallon Ok, that's things, but a clean conscience is worth a bucket too. I'm willing to sign in to pay four dollars a gallon hell I'll pay, fifteen dollars a gallon rule, because I drive a Tesla,
No, I mean the term tone. Deaf is thrown around quite a bit, but he just said an audience of largely middle class people who are sitting out and the freezing cold waiting to get into that studio that pay fifteen hours ago and because I drive something you can't afford right, I'm I'm sixteen million dollars years are. You said earlier its fifth between fifteen and sixteen, which makes me man, don't worry it's disgusting, but also their claim because there is a sign that tells them to one on Hungary's. Yes, yeah, that's the only and people respect anymore. I guess that the no smoking sign on airplanes. I wonder what his jet takes: the Tesla Jed Dave, yellow, that's true or ass. You know I'm willing to pay a runaway how's, your Tesla powered not
your timing is in New York is powered with the smell of his own farts here, but I promise you wouldn't powers, Tesla disputes to use all the fuel give estuaries. I ha. I keep having it it's your own brand. Possessed Mr Catania power also think about this people, we're we're blight years. way from being a if everyone switch to Tesla tomorrow and I think tat, those are cool cars. I liked us had Amerika. I love teslas at a wholesome with arched ones, on Tesla, where I, my mind was changed. I was wrong about teslas. Ok, I want to be clear about that. if everyone switch to teslas or electric cars tomorrow, our power grid could. Handle it with the owner of test a dozen agree with him right, the guy who make up the staff. Thank God you mean the evil oil baron from Fern Golly, Isla Moscow, the terrible man who invented daylight invented but perfected. The elect perfected, the electron our buddy hated him for a year and then, of course, they just as in for smoking, a joint and Joe,
Logan show it to get your pro pot and your parole electric car, and I I find this guy. This guy, who perfected the electric car had to leave California for Texas. I think the problem was he get rich. That's the issue of IRAN. Zestful! Now we hate him. Even the has everything we like ice, enjoying a joint with the one guy that everyone smokes a joint with their rights oral. Yes, we're ok, most joints like parliament, etc. But why would like it and shook me? That's the least, problematic thing that it puts in his bottle Rogan smoke so much we really Nelson would say. I have to go home now, Joe decade, a joint and was like you know what I'm going to space? Yes, that's incredible: laborers, Clara They were good. Lord. bear those just completely out of touch and the fact that any of his audience would agree with. This is absurd. We you think he's saying the quiet poured out loud just so you know
since a guy who gets on calls with people in this administration, this is the guy who advertise for vaccines right, maternal. This was a glorified add cloaked as a sketch, and I know that, because we do glorified adds cloaked sketches That being said, I say: we're not get them from big farmers from radio bar from one all the while. Dancing? Gas cans just lost their job, yes, except here now, we need dancing, call their farts. I just revitalize so much money, so his salary is more than the budget, for this includes rent utility salaries for everyone yourself, you are surely they still gets half the viewers and the demographic that we do there well, and he also said something that not a lot of people resident like I'll pay, a couple of extra dollars to have a clean conscience. Like oh really for gas to understand what gas does to the rest of the prices in the market, for the people who can afford to pay more for food and for shelter and for insurance, all of that stuff starts to creep up its efforts to increase with inflation.
Imagine you're, clean conscience doesn't really mean anything when it would exist. If you filled up your tank with dead babies, ripe ouch, don't show. No, I got my conscience is clean pay. What's your stance and abortion up until burthen, including shut up work until fourteen Apparently, India. I guess you don't trial period to see. If you want to keep on military stops, though, and I wonder what can we do- a try period for late night house I believe we have that look. This is what people say did its opponent right did it. We should still have it now. They rightfully did it to lily thing. Well, but this is the widest guy. On television, so I'm not protecting my ilk just to be clear. He sucks today Lee AB totally anti white. When it comes to Stephen Colbert. Yes, I don't think he's. regrettably white, please replace them with any black person. You can find as a matter of fact, of your reply and with a black comedian, doing the White Guy voice. I regret it. If I were to listen to it, an audio I wouldn't have to tell the difference area, I want to replace them with Sinbad yeah, but invite doing the white.
Thank you paying an extra one or two bucks per gallon? What would you say? Would you say Fine thanks fifteen, because I'd rather Tesla you really just you haven't, had your kicked in a long time. Have you I say goodbye. we changed Orville cause, but yes, yes, one or the other, the worse host a late night and just a guy's, not very good. Right Let's move on here now to someone else who is on television because that's the thing that's location by the waste brain cells are still employed. I don't know he not. He thinks he's going to be fine, because he was too apparently do news. I'm gonna lose everything. No thirty! Six! What do the policy? Ok changes? spike about sight to CNN I don't feel the seat, that's why I don't have one that's where I meet done: lemon to fight by the bye cracks you bitch. That was my spot.
Feeling other good men. I mean women, yet I know you too my banana seed. I saw you making Isaac Cuomo he's my damn it so, of course, joy red echoed something that Trevor no, I said earlier this week in spoiler alert ukraine- russia- really that not to use such a global economic policy is not followed its potential for what we're three. It's, not the instability, it's not about us fighting wars in which we have no actual vested interest or potentially joining or basically fighting or, let's be honest about it or just net which seven dropped bombs. Yet known. All of this, according to joy, red and tribunal, is about right system, which brings us to this week in Spain in the Ukraine. Now I know that it's Ukraine, not thou Ukraine, but the point is look just instead to work at present as a juggler tat, room,
Cyprus is ill. Yes, always in the member for somebody else. I don't we have right. That's true was aimed at the brain. You know it. A lot of people think that kill a man is rage against the machine, but it's not that Cyprus Billingham and the better version of cyprus- and I like separately or so. Joy red made this statement on her show that the only reason people care so much about Ukraine is because something something racism at the world watch the devastation unfold in Ukraine, nearly four thousand miles away another crisis is deepening that we don't hear much about in the: U S, that is the war in Yemen. The coverage of UK. has revealed a print radical disparity in how human ukrainians look. Feel to western media human compared? browner and blacker counterparts with someone borders using very telling comparisons in there now, These are no no means accurate. This isn't a place with all due respect. You know like Iraq or Afghanistan. It has seen. Conflict raging for debt kids, you know this is a relatively civilized, relatively european,
and I have to choose those words carefully to city, where you wouldn't aspect that or hope it. It's going to happen civilized. Ok The world is very attention, because this is happening in Europe, but this was happening anywhere else. What we see the same output of support and compassion, but we don't need to ask ourselves the international response will be the same. If Russia unleashed a horror on a country that wasn't white, enlarge the Christian K, a couple of things there compassion, Jimmy like accepting wreck. numbers of refugees who went on to commit mass rapings across Europe No, we paid attention to this for a very long time. It just hard to pay attention when, of course, the war's over there never stop. There's never been peace in that region of the world, also its inconsequential to the rest of the world. The general rule? What do I mean by that killing us derogatory? I'm? they don't matter as much, not their lives. I mean they're global impact,
This is not something unique to joy, read to expect to see this play book just like yesterday, when we basically fat checked, we like an Oracle vitamin ray. time effects before he said what he said: Trevor. Noah said this about Ukraine. Earlier this week, here's the thing: people, here's the thing beyond the racism like lit: let's, let's forget the racism or how I wish we could forget about the racism, should realise but until very recently, fighting crazy was was Europe's thing. That was Europe's entire. It wasn't my item of european history, but even something on old, hundred years war. You understand how long that is just like a decade. Braun was one person, well prize because they stop fighting margin that now people are, maybe like off to see this in in Europe to see this
Well, you know I don't know about you, but I was shocked to see how many reporters around the world by the way seems to think that it's more of a tragedy when white people have to flee their countries, because I guess what the darkies were built for its Nope K couple things well, first of all, I guess peace in Africa. You can't find a battle in Africa can find a war going on me Mary, a fight to be found, and I put it the way people think. Second, let me be really clear to joy, reinsurance and you can comment bluff. You know. About to say. I think it can be said We quickly in a short summary, now the real we're talking about Russia. Ukraine is because it's a single biggest greatest largest military reaction. That's been take has taken place in Europe since World WAR, two you get it contrast of the Middle EAST. People? Are all the time. It's people's its people, whose old shit looks just like the news
fighting other people whose old shit looks just like their new shit. That reporters Why was look? This? Isn't a war torn area, this somebody who's been fighting wars, often on forever, with Iraq and IRAN and in Yemen. Yet understand that's that's most civil war, that's being supported by two other countries, it's not like Saudi Arabia, invaded Yemen or IRAN invaded Yemen re basically, supporting different sides of the conflict in Yemen. Yeah, it's a different thing. still horrible, nobody is saying that that's fine right. What we are saying is Russia is trying to and take over another country and take from them everything that they have these other examples that country's Autonoe right there yet- and it is not because their white it in some of these guys. Are you couldn't because one of our greatest greatest adversaries, real every modern history for the United States of America and the greatest or large sentiments their greatest wanna be careful, the largest scale, military action that has taken place from one country in Europe against another since world war. Two just so happens to have been committed by
as someone who has had to keep our eyes on for a while exactly in what is that the dominoes after this is what a lot of people are worried about. Two: it's like! Ok, what's next, if he takes, Ukraine is going to go and do some other stuff against NATO country, and now we have get involved. What if a ram, let's say around, just attacks human and takes it over geopolitically. What happens you're over think, nothing I hate, or I got an already really just comes down to. They are advocates for black on black crime, and I therefore now I know they are racist, others, handing out handguns, etc. to the dumbest statements, I've ever heard and the White guy who's there is like. I don't know how I can say this sparely european. What does it mean? its people running for alms, so they don't die and you have a problem that their white, I'm sorry right now he was threatened. Usefulness in Yemen is is relatively m, more civil, like maybe european out now, if you follow that up and go ok, what does he mean by that? Does that mean that he's right by the way?
How is it racist for him to say that when he's comparing it to other middle eastern countries compared to what it means is you know plumbing so yea it into small small small thing could for her for complete piece of shit yet are alarming herself. I just I don't understand what I any body would sit there and say this is about racism yeah it makes no sense it's become. The argument is the only argument they have and it's so boring at this point and the only people who could, I guess be perceived as not racist would have to be people like me, and people in this room who don't think We should be engaged in this war between Russia and Ukraine at all. So I mean we're not even saying that we should go and save white people you're, the only people and we see the Democrats and Republicans John buttons of the world right, the establishment, rhinos and the establishment Democrats, does the racist work is done now. Are we here, yell at supporting white people.
I don't think well yet another we should send our. You know every kind of soldier that we have black white Mexican, whatever it might be over and fight. I don't. We should send anybody from America that ok online and I think that's races, next segment hate by the way it's actually a lot of Canada comes less tour Dave and I are on tour. I will be in Tulsa Oklahoma on May Fourteenth, Joan Colorado Springs, sold out, we're going to add another show Dave. You have a show coming up, do hard for funnybone next weekend and then go to day window d come some Illinois dates. Why things up a lot of good, comes back to where we are all data on their to yell. Your gatesman dates. We do together, but also gonna make fourteenth its close to filling up. If you want those tickets, though it go, buy em right now are right. Here's another thing: that's but today I hate. Let me ask you this all the crypto people out there who always get my attention when I'm just trying to get a sloppy, a quick trip to tell me what I need to invest in what sucker you feel safe with your crypto currency. Today, here's
I think, as I understand the concept behind crypto currency now before you get met the primary driving purpose for crypto currencies that it can't be regulated and some sort of Bee Bee under the radar. Well, that's not Think anymore, no use of all the ones that on these markets and adjusts just stop look the only crypto currencies that will be avail what will be the ones that you used to, maybe by bombs in the dark web. At some point and by the way most people are actually spending money with crypto currency, this, it's just my little summary or they're, usually actually making it part of it, her side, port, folio and looking at how much its increased and worth and is basically another nother form of stock and equity. That's what it s your journey, like a commodity and speculative market? My point here is everyone said do currency. Man acting like it was a digital version of gold. The government couldn't touch well. We note because of binds executive order, that's no longer the case, and we shall with Trudeau but here's the thing that you may not know in the media. Lied to you about. This isn't knew so you're reading about this this morning, vice president binds no sign in executive order today,
in a hole of government, quote pushed to regulate crypto currencies. Now, of course, just give you can't forty million american adults trader Crypto last year, so good does chance in a good cause. many of you have forty millions, that's forty! That's thirty million more than Colbert viewers his is almost less than all of that sum. Kelly framed it. That is going to sign this today, this executive order and its framed as though the orders written answers. To russian aggression. Let me read you what they're saying the spoiler, not trip, so it reads crypto currencies may undercut? U S, sanctions and efforts to fight money laundering. a senior administration official said, and by the way we can always just replace that with a liar, concerns have been heightened as a? U S has levelled sanctions on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. Here's the thing
This has been in the works for a very, very long time. They just want you. They just need to use this war for your by it yeah. This is covered when people talk about the war machine, ok, after nine eleven, I think some people needed some asking. I don't think that Iraq was well advised just to be clear, but I do think is an appropriate time for, but when people talk about the war machine with their talk, that is using a war to ram through whether could be economic policies, whether it could be other domestic out that have nothing to do with that war like crypto currency so November, twenty twenty one there is report the president's working group on financial markets. You can see the references that let us cannot come in a shows. You ever hear from department of the Treasury. That's the reference we have, Joseph, is isn't works long before the nation. The order will help. This is what they said. Protect U S and global financial stability right. That's what they're saying now about Russia hears the truth. It's actually
Increasing revenue from digital assets, by the way you can actually whereby getting that from The railways soda was about increasing revenue from a digital assets. Here's a quote: the law will require brokers, acre crypto currency exchanges to notify the IRS directly of crypto transactions thats November twenty twenty one. It has nothing to do with Russia and Ukraine. This is a long time coming. I told you guys about it if you believe it has anything to do with Putin, Europe, you probably watch joy. We write what and look at the true though example right he he had the emergency. Act otherness at about two parallel to know that something he does that to begin loves like that, it's Wednesday, that's his joke, you for another doors black for so that they had an emergencies act. They shut down. Go find me, they seized and froze assets, essentially, for some of these people that they were trying to kick out or punish for being protesters are leading tests and then actually seized some of their crypto wallets as well now bomb issues without you can. You can have a decentralized while it, so they are
only using this as a cover to do things like that, because you said they want to maintain. You know like that they wanna get revenue from it too. They also want to maintain dominance right if they want to I read through this entire thing: they want to launch their own crypto currency. That is a reflection on the. U S dollars right is essentially just a virtual dollar. This is why I don't even understand it anymore. It too. If the government wants to launch their crypto currency than what is crypto currency, a thought. The whole point was to evade. The government is a threat to the government's right. That's what everybody now, but I found their government going to release a crypto currency. It makes no sense well, they can do other, just gonna steal. It then tell it all the money they want and then go AIDS worth dollar now at your screwed yeah. What do you mean do what the government does and probably find Anybody whose made millions and millions and millions of crypto and go in your taxes, rights, the boy there's, some guy illegally streaming this from his basement right now, by the way check. You don't need to do. It's already fray
we'll all better millionaire from crypto currency, our ongoing Chet cash out. All your crypto change, your money to Chaz her name. Both the autonomous Chet. This is just the issue that this is the problem with enshrine one the problem with war. The problem with war, when you're talking is its used to obfuscate. So much and I mean we're still short of feeling back the layers with Iraq, A lot of people who supported going into recommend afterwards are probably not because we do not have all the information that we needed. Fine to change your mind based on information not to change your principles. That's a key, that's a key difference and I think a lot of people to make. You can change your mind based on new information. Now, change your opinion and your principles That was my issues with Mitt Romney, where Mitt Romney said I'm pro life. No, he didn't have a good enough reason because it was already a moment. Of course. More most Mormons are pro life, and then
Sir, I'm pro life, but I wasn't before well what change that's changing a principle changing your mind, for example, strategically on Iraq, because you see how the war carried out, and you see the follow up. That's not changing your prince, You still believe in the principle of life Liberty, pursuit of happiness, you're, just saying I didn't really serve those principles, now the public only has so much band with so many things that we can care about, and so we ve seen covered pretty much disappear from the new I don't have the last time. I have actually seen some us, not a thing covered right now, right. everything you see right now is Russia, Ukraine and president biting by MR fantastic job. You don't say anything about this, this The time when you have to be very very careful because the administration and the politicians know nobody is watching the store and they can do things that you may not agree with, and then it's too late they can go in they can rob store provided under nine hundred and ninety nine. Well, that's none of that. Congress, so it's nine hundred, ninety nine million, but once the queen gets ivory actin, allegedly you kind of have to. I got stuck
what you're doing to be like a rat ended by all think people really care, because that's the least offensive thing coursing through the queen's blood. What that's true horsing at her blue blood, rightly the actual huh blood in her address than a gene therapy, and by that I mean her brothers lashed fathers, Jean Cora larvae in trying to US Cape her finger, Tipps question how they live so long. It's really say what I think that might be the secret to a long, long life granted it's a terrible pain realised within Bray horrible existence that, yes, I found the phone. So what's that We will be having sex with your siblings. It's a trade off somewhere to build. Monkey boy wished everlasting life and then I had to do and speak about things. the screams from Hell, since I was a girl get louder every day. Can you hear them now?
I sat on my back and it up that's. Why I never remove this jacket. It looks like I'm from a puppy mill. I dont need those flippers for scuba diving. I've brought my own by May, The men, the womb, whether there is a good will give a take it away. He did didn't. I sit. Aquatics she's got her. diving green, eyed limited she had met with enough after she found all the jewels in pirates. Treasure motion did I draw up the treasure chest with Might The last straw comes out of the water with a knife in her mouth like a pilot Ben Ben. For one of my
four aims for efficient, look you're home. Come on. Don't have enough time in the day can wipe dispatch after the path to the food. What it's just like having your biggest here's something else. What we're talking about the media and that sort of the theme today, the media rip misrepresenting almost This is a conversation. I had a Fox news when I worked there. I worked for four and a half years and we're having a conversation with one of one of the top Wanna talk to people at violet. Put it That way it will that narrows down tat person. A Fox news was at the fair one and no wasn't you think, the one could imagine now. I have no idea, wasn't Raj, so had a conversation where they said yeah, you know if Mitt Romney went so that's going to be bad for us going to be bad for business. That's what you mean! I'll being the opposition party ass, it doesn't or who wins the of the entire entertainment
payment. Media industrial complex. That's the problem that the enemy, the people are lying we're pulling the wool over the eyes of the american people so that binds really a very fun adversary. The former vice president, because he's an idiot so it's almost not fair. At least Barack Obama was cunning. He was smart enough with Donald Trump. It was fun for the left because he was addressing this bombastic with buying it's it's a spanking. Poppy people feel bad for me. Even if you don't like me when it's a really bad puppy. That being said, India is really that's my problem this. This is what I've always been passionate about. Corruption is the dishonesty and the p, but who control information about the way, there's nothing more important right now, probably too the free world, then the free flow of information, because of controlled by about five companies, and that's why you sing everyone the same page so here's some happened this week and, thank God, governor to Santa shut it down Florida bill each one
five seven or, as you may know it- they don't say gay bill which, by Why appears nowhere in the bill? Crypto currency appears in the November he'll. Never twenty first, don't say appears nowhere in this bill. That being said, it of course was portrayed. way and it was trending. Oliver, twitter, in the media that don't say gable while today Florida lawmakers passed when opponents have called the dont say gay bill you, the measure would limit lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity among young children. The ACL use as fifteen other states are considering bills. Thank God. so address algae, be tissue plus issues in school board, or so called, don't say, Gabriel, is one step closer to becoming longer. You haven't is, as it makes its way to Governor Rhonda Fantasies desk the controversy, legislation says the schools cannot encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity should be cheap tubes hurting themselves. Here. Don't
away that reason not to halting kindergarten, acted those basic values that I advancing legislation that is designed to target and attack the kids who need the support, support the most kids from the algae boutique you, I plus community officials on Indonesia, Joseph coupling Force, if they're, not the people who need to help the most not necessarily some of them need help share of a list of cholera. Wash all kids need help with second worship was to believe that kids and the third grade kindergarten to the third grade, our hang in themselves from a slip not on the ceiling fan, because they can't take a dump in the bathroom of their choice. That's why we need this bill also Can you does it the so called dont, say Gabriel? Oh, so that's what we're doing now you can Make up whatever you want and say so called if you are the one who so called it, so I can say this so called former vice president riddled with dementia and or Parkinson so called right so it has been called
their work separately, but with the other guy who was saying that the meeting he said these people are hurting themselves and don't take away the reason not to like. Oh, oh, so you care about kit, her I care about kids hurting themselves, which is why you don't shut down. Schools and dry of suicide rates and isolate kids in dangerous situation? Sometimes you don't do that. Were you at that protest as well, making sure schools could reopen look off their phone for two seconds being locked in their room for two years being scared to do anything or make a choice themselves out of it? No, I'm sure that it's, because their reading Harry Potter Books and Harry Potter still has his penis. That's whether things look a slight easy to solve, dont teach little kids about sexual orientation and give him some safety scissors five to eight years old. Can we say, don't stays, don't say straight, like what are we just not teach sexuality to anybody that age well and that he looks? Let him be kids, crazy, yeah. Could you let a child be least hit eleven before they realize the penises?
and of their existence from your ruin their before they eliminate their ability to climax for the rest of it. Like that, forty eight of its actual concerning just saying it's just as a guy I did Let him be happy for ten years. It goes away. If my kid asks for a toaster shrill for breakfast, the answer is: no, can you imagine what I'm going to say if he asks for an estrogen ballot, and I don't want my penis just its teacher broccoli such like Broccoli, fine, just cut off your penis I'd. I said what I had other rivers, the colony. What I may do so decides are so clever by the way Mark Hamel, even tweet it out lots of ok, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go rose, taking it to the man watch this summer. Recent star wars lots also. He also, unfortunately, tweeted out this picture, which Jesse
like others, have overtime, not appropriate, ruining children's Rights Disney Disney come on eight seconds. You will yes, daddy their stars. rather, we weren't dad, you're, late old right, how you say look at the dark side, not just him the roleplaying, our shared, but the. Consenting adults it slowly. One iota and Luke do in their own bedroom is their own business. Well, fine! It is part of the jet. I train it. Yes, illegally lives alone on this planet we can never do. I was raising the ex winged like you wasn't that far from it it wasn't no contact. It was yet here
court ordered to be on the Atlantic? Neuron? Happily, granted go five hundred Galaxy twilight. Children he's got an angle, pickers Lillooet didn't find Yoda woods. Planetary, Yoda just comes out with those giant office space classes, loop just comes about really quietly o deserves, so the bells actually parental rights and education. Ok, that's what the bill is called. The media leaves out key details in this bill. Not only does it not have it no one, the bill does it say, don't say, get criticism lovely bones, are neural trip, don't say gay and other rural. Now, this that doesn't appear anywhere in the built. Let me read you what the bill is about classrooms, reaction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through rate three or in a manner that is not age, appropriate or develop mentally appropriate, hey. That bill almost seems entirely appropriate and by the way,
What is this? Wouldn't even be necessary Worn out, drag queen story, our four kids with by the way, multiple cereal pedophiles we covered that men who taught you find it on you to go on my club search Stephen crowded, drag queen storytelling I'm sorry, but you are also welcome and thank you governor to say just for addressing this for the absolute tomfoolery this agency for those on the Senate. Say that in the bill used or does it say that in the bill and ass, I am asking you to tell me what's in the bill, because you are pushing false narratives, it doesn't matter what critic say: events class instruction on sexual identity agenda for who, or for four grades, pre K through three a five year old six year old, seven year olds and the idea that you wouldn't be honest about that and tell people what it actually says it's why people dont trust people?
like you, be we wages and working to make sure that parents are able to send their kid to kindergarten without having some of this stuff injected into their school curriculum boys. I would look into using the word disabuse house just start abusing them injected. Also, now at all, didn't help. Also he's my president. I hope everyone knows the love that see him run a couple of things. You know it do a little exercise really quickly. I like this blood of kids on college campuses. Are not even learning the socratic method anymore, so their learn. Critical race theory. Their learning, modern gender theory sucrose
method, how many tons of going to change my mind with asked them? Are you where the scrap method? No response? Ok, so alright, sexual orientation and gender identity? Ok course left wants to teach this two children ages, kindergarten through the third rate. Alright, why. And this ok, that means we need to make people aware of sexual orientation. What is it sexual orientation. Sexual orientation determines your section which member of sex sexier attracted to sexually track did can't even say it without using the word sex, both sex, meaning, gender, the actual words and sex, meaning sexual activity, your sex s, x and sexual attract. So well, maybe that's an appropriate because we're talking about such would get gender identity, but what does that mean what is gender identity is determining whether you are what me
or female. But what does that matter because it matters to identity? as one or the other for all sexual activity for the remainder of your life. So we want to teach children not ultimately teach them about these sexually charge issues, but Also, as you see, legislatively, give them permission to alter permanently sexual capabilities. I know you said gender and sex or separate, but guess what it still. Actually, when you change your gender, it affects your sexual function. We want to teach children about this before they even reach the age of sexual consent, and you wonder why are telling you to screw often record numbers right, and we also combine this with what some courts are at least some politicians want to do. They want to make it to where parents can't prevent their children from getting these puberty blocker and things like that. They want to make it to where parents can't home school right there. Take away all this controlled by the way. I don't even think this bill goes far enough. Look you're telling!
that a nine year old should be having these conversations I remember give their greatest is better eight for fourth grade, I'm gonna fourth grade. You think I'm doing I later, where a grey right. Now, I'm sorry at six great. They had the sex talk with us in school. I remember because we all made jokes because we're six great boys ray I just having a kind of a basic conversation that was and something that felt like. Ok, maybe that's on the line, but that at least closer but come on there now. supposed to be thinking about this anyway, and it's not that you want to make it ok for somebody who's feeling that way you want. To brainwash them, because we ve heard you say it's ok to splore, you tell us six, your seven year old, it's ok to explore, and there they didn't really even know who they are yet and They go down these paths and I like what they said. It's ok to go and explore the stuff. It's totally fine, how in the world you expand the marginalization of the sex talk when I was like three or four, but my parents wanted to give me the sex stocks. We understood it when I was young precise,
because they didn't want me to learn it in the car back from public educational says exactly you shouldn't be learning it from a stranger, certainly not before the age of such we're, not talking member, how it started with we need. Eddie idols and then what happens? You would have some Christians and actually ok, we see this being a slippery slope because there's something where maybe you could be teaching art nature, something that we not necessarily want them to learn sector. Then it became we're. Gonna teach him sex age sex it in a very broad sense, which included all kinds of sex acts. a point that poorer even on no longer actually sex, because there's no capability to reproduce nor even a partner who is capable of reproducing with you and then they have basically a sex education, including homer. Actuality and gender identity with six year olds. We are even in six we're, like you, said, the maturity levels and there I died laughing when our Jim teacher rolled a condom onto a banana with his mouth, Agnes because he'd seen him, do it wherever that Yoda. You know that
really was just a slide show of Stds is all it was able to act in this is syphilis and gonorrhea. Read it in your like what it wants. and little, but the reason why they want to do it. This young is very, very simple: kids will leave anything, that's it If you can jam, the senator Throat is being why that's chair. If there was a terrible, I really Timor's disadvantages injection. Can yes, it is, but it is true if you can tell them at a young age where their able to be susceptible to any information to give them, because they trust you that's how they get the information to a kid and that's how they can complete a narrative, that's the reality and then its normal. It's everything that we want to push the a ip, the plus everything that we want to say not just today but stuff that we come with later it's all normal. It's all sex education should be allowed in an elementary school. Now I don't think that's a crazy thought No, I don't. I thought we were trying to do and if you don't like to talk about a two, that's that's different. I learn where I was like. I said when I was a kid I learned. What
Something was because I saw a video and I thought was a nice room, cones seriously and then later on, and not what you saw that video in the back of an ice cream truck it well, it's true why some Marianna video after I remember by my learning about sex, and my mom showed us a video which was that you know what a sperm with a baseball. captain I didn't help and then, after that we watched Philadelphia. Byzantium lay yeah, I just I don't like any of it almost like it would kill. You know, that's it. They showed us a bunch of slides with us. Stds, no one homes would you do it will show to slides. Jfk too no one would lead a. Why would you like to go to that budgets? certainly the itching itself like I get that it can happen with. It can happen in one act with the wrong partner, but letting it pretty. Ass to the point where you look like the royal family, there's an elephant in the room, but there's a plant words like. How long did you ignore this? For yes for two years, you're, like than fine, I'm good,
get better on opening the room. Eureka member doesn't have to look at the elephant. Men and meanwhile everytime you take a set up. Your does crying here, a crunch, you just lotta dandruff pay, speaking of which I was gonna admonished for that purpose. We can't because I need to be admonishing to explain this to you this. I said something and by the way. I want you to comment below and admonish me. So this is we want to be as transparent as possible. When I make mistakes I say, something yesterday that was so incredibly dumb. That, as soon as the show ended, I turned a journalist. I can't believe I said that that was moronic. Yes, it was staring me right in the face of it. I'm reason I missed it wasn't the cello thing: either: no Asthma cello thing wrong about so yes, We were talking about, came Velasquez in a free Cain and the guy who tried to shoot the that the pedophiles unmolested his child, okay, so
then I decided to try and extend an olive branch to people of all different walks of life, discussing different religions and pedophilia made this dumb statement just yesterday, my club any of the actual mainstream religions across the globe, whether its Hinduism, whether its thousand mothers Buddhism it's not ok. I don't know of any religion. That has anything. But stay and also religions, don't have hated all. But this Staying for pedophiles. Ok, having get worked up about my producers quickly pointed out, and I had already recognised it. So at this point, as I brought with his brow, beating me that and of course I got this incorrect because I made Mohammed had a six year old child bright harm, had a six year old child bride, I am so proud. I wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, but then I most certainly thirty to admonish me. It's not because you! consummated, when she was nine
while we really must I guess we're splitting hairs are there, but I mean that yesterday Michael Bay Movie pretty quick, he waited thirty percent longer. The attitude been alive violently made love to her side under they live though well, who knows? Fifteen depends? Are you accounting for this ecological trauma? Oh no, I mean I M not saying I'm for it right. I just curious if it was like King Tut at thirteen or It was like forty five now he was old and she wasn't six yeah. You show I'm not saying sixes. Ok in any point, even if he's nine right, it still bad it still we yeah still shouldn't be taught dinners. We had an age a rather we should have Mohammed Sex Class now know. Well that would just be abuse there. I, why wouldn't
I'm going to say I would just be dont commit these felony. You guys do you finally Doug document. It may hear very afraid of your piece. It's always funny to me. Also age, actually, really she adorn she loved Mohammed. Every of Stockholm syndrome. She didn't have a judge or it could be well. guy Mohammed semi in at the time they didn't Stockholm wow. I guess psychology pushy, that's that's a promise, you know at the Cairo just held kidnapping spoils of war which ye all vulnerable- that's basically there, and he also did that. I write to them. It I've been admonishing, you should ok. Let's VON here to something that I also monitors but seminary military power to cut cut out and are now that's not a bad thing. I drive a Tesla, that's what he said. I'd, be willing to pay forty five dollars a gallon, I'm in the middle of a weight on white war. Who cares? Let's talk about Yemen
you know how insignificant Yemen is backing in it, Nevertheless, in the nineties, or an episode of friends when Chandler was trying to avoid Genesis, annoying woman- I can't be with you, because I moving to Yemen about, was the Joe You don't even know it is made up a country. Then he had to actually go to Yemen, so they picked the most insect. Again country, inconsequential country, to make a joke about which used to be okay back then, but now we have to act like Yemen is I'm not saying that the conflict is not one that is riddled with Europe and corruption by the way, of course, also she was a jewish Roman with a giant knows who had uneasily laugh. That's our effort that you're a great advantage over its Dave. You know that midnight train going to anywhere, you stated anywhere, but Yemen, but they had through. I prefers brother yeoman, PS omen. I preferred what yellow even that was as media middle name for him, Damien Jamie
Damien, Yeoman! That's a damning yeoman in some areas, Yemen and came right right Roma, make sure I have this Raymond Islands things like eminence, either way you have get that right, because the Cayman Islands Vent Yemen Islands horrible. When I arrived here, a very bad, it's not the same. offshore account. You can't even I'd other gets outcrop. I had all my money in the aim and islands we're losing everything. Bad was at odds a type of a boy. You don't have anything. It's always gets a detail of dollars. Let's talk about some that go with me here. First because this may sound boring, but I'm going to try to simplify it, so that so easy that don't even seen and could could understand, ok, a bigger fought to what this war with Russia, Ukraine there's a lot of it that doesn't really affect you until we get to the point where this, their actual nukes being launched or international missiles being launched whatever type of internet
let them if you want to discuss that being that there are things that affect you right away. Specialist were discussing the economic sanctions with Russia and with Ukraine. United states know what it means the reserve currency can use, but for people who don't know hearing limitless expenditure, really quick didn't give a kind of wonder why the United States can afford to take out huge amounts of debt white, so cheap for Americans too, by foreign products. That's! The short answer is because of the status of the United States dollar as the reserve currency. Now, what does that mean? As about twenty twenty? Fifty? percent of central bank reserves around the world are basically held in american dollars. What does that mean that means that the american dollar dominates finance across the globe, not just for United States. That's why we are effectively the world's only superpower right now. It's why sank? It's coming from the United States currently have teeth and hurt now. when United States sanctions Russia economically. In this.
That you'll never talking about- and this is what we are discussing right now- sanctioning them economically it wishes them to use what someone else's currency in the arms of another lover high pushes them into the arms of another lubber. Now, who might that be good thing? I have some quotes. Your weapons have ever. Let us cut it out. Come binds flexing of a man, Can economic muscle only embolden Russia and other? U S rivals, notably I should have done should any China to deprive the United States of the very power that makes sanctions so devastating Russia and China will exploit initiatives to de dollar eyes their economies, building alternative financial institutions and structures to protect themselves from the sanctions. So look, let me give you update and what this means for all of you care, because if this happens, where the United States loses its reserve currency status, will destroy low. As you know, it indiscretions, that's really. Gonna start funding comfort by gods, definition, not comfort by your definition. But it will destroy your life as you,
not so you're going to die when going essays. Everything that you know how you purchase things, the kinds of life at the kind of life luxuries that you can enjoy gone in a flash you're going to have to learn how to live differently. Last week I think was at last week that we reported Visa, Mastercard, recent, Mastercard and slew of other companies, but this one specifically on the financial side. They pulled out of Russia and basically, what that did is that pushed Russia into the arms of China again with union law Hausa? Ah, you getting paid a Chinese, yes exactly it's. On what yeah. I need state owned the payment system so sort of free, so we think, like hey great we're pressure by late, though also still accept diners club, don't like reared the last place on Atlanta that has members they ensure that Russia, we only accept union pay. We also take diners club. It doesn't make sense to me just slighted across long table its movement club. I like the level that has not been updated since nineteen. Seventy
What I do it looks like surfer. It looks like a dog Tansy boys T shirt that over the years, the thing washed off this? Doesn't this also doesn't punish Putin using who's paying with Mastercard he's paying. The glare we think, the last that everyone to him with a Czech just sitting on an atm like son of I have used every car I know I'm overdraft ah will discover still. Finds they'll. What are good? take all the help. I can give you exactly so this is, and this is obviously we nobody's get Russia and China. We talked about this. Russia and China should not be allies, they should hate each other, because Russia now as vehemently anticommunist at least that's what Putin says, but we ve seen them now creating these lines. As we talk about the wheat embargo, yeah, that's a big deal out of it
a frightened selling, a ton of oil right drill. We find what it's not just Russia and China, and this is something else that maybe you could read that there are other people that we want to keep on our side. What kind of other Billy boy I really dont know we did an eye on segment for these people, for whom I have a right. Now we really want you to be her arms about her shadow. India also has the same fear that the United States might use similar kind of crippling economic sanctions to against them, and you might go, will not look. That's ever gonna happen. Remember when trampling over there and he was received in their cricket stadiums with like a hundred thousand people or something like that are even more hugely he'll over there and China is not necessarily naturally going to align itself with India, they dont would just like Russia right, but the Biden Minutes. Asian- is actually considering sanctions on India right now for a purchase they made in two thousand eighteen when they bought some stuff, they weren't swell the buy it would have done with it was probably with Korea did not want it or not. Lately, right hitting me no end user that yet so India generally hates China and vice versa. You know all the Chinese hate everything. Well, that's
not show they don't even hate other Asians, because they're not asian enough according to the Chinese, just a little too much it needs a Japanese have done to each other are not saying that I dont, like the Chinese, I'm seeing the Chinese dont like non Chinese. The Chinese, don't like the Chinese, MR well we're like their French on which to their people, the French dont, like the French. That's why? When you get the people who no one likes. A French in France just make fun of the front from Quebec and a friend from Tibet just making a friend from France, it's a silly. It is silly so irrelevant you guys are silly or justice do just each other's good wine, Bahrain, whipping posts, so India shouted so much to give you some historical context. They actually bought a missile defence system from India bought that bought from Russia largely to protect, against China. Ah right to protect against China. India bought a missile defence system vis should this is a good good example. This, We are really easy opportunity. It's a lamp on retirement intern tional decent, you know, destabilization India and Ally yeah, exactly in just a few people
they're saying: look India's never gonna. Do anything like this. Just remember what happened war one I've set before Russia and Germany, Germany pretty much strong Russia and led to the revolution that they had in their country right and then in war were too they signed a non aggression pact before haven't worked like a charm, exactly right up until somebody was aggressive, but when countries see an opportunity all of a sudden things become a little bit more clear. Russia says you know it. Maybe we'd like China hole I right now, but if we allow with them, we can form this dominance over here will deal with it down the road them kind of overpowering us, Sir I'm thing with India if you mean to say ally or a line, but you mix the two. Thus they ally, yeah well admit
How can you admire line admonish? And I think that might be appropriate usage of that word, but maybe not I disagree. Kindly the other monetary value programme using that word, Maud and Mama didn't have sex with a six year old. I want your little another over here. Talking about India here will be playing the violent correctly over here, but you're talking about countries that have been worrying essentially over the Kashmir region right and they they they face as man. Well, it's not the sweater stave. They wouldn't be natural allies shut when you see an opportunity and you have the threats and that's what the Bible Ministration is essential just record China right now and when I say China just to be clear and less to try and say that in case you try is this a racist? We emphasise deeply with that chinese people, which is why I have level hatred for the communist chinese government. So what I say China what it really means, the chickens,
Let me clarify everything we say is, and I know it really is worst. We don't have an issue chinese people too terrible government s aunt ass to food with near here, american chinese food. I think Russians that allowed for Detroit Hockey, yet they absolutely did- people have so China runs the shows, but of a dick. I certainly could not agree. More China, though they are their basically hoping praying in wishing and hoping that the United States sanctions China. Why should they can swooping so we're making this from and a foreign minister, when you open browsing pronouncing it directly. I don't care, said China. India should be partners, rather than add, I'm sorry. Can you read that in the appropriate, China, India, should we not on auto niner. Emu should be partners rather than adversaries, away, and you really care if somebody mispronounced here, please
Excuse me, I'm not out is pronounced big. They want it's weighing. Yes, I come from a long line of Wang. Yes, Wang Ghak, many wings. He weighing yea, the main point Well, that's it seems like you're putting that. I don't tell me what my aim. It is my cousin a gang wow say my mind, saying my main man sounds. I penis subway, weighing yeah, always four inches biggest man in China since, as we also need to recognise that India is a major partner, the United States, Russia, and they now need it. Well, Yet they are a hedge or against China in the Pacific,
in China is trying to take over as much as they can do. We have this kind of group of four countries called the quad. India is a part of that. Currently, right now, United States, Japan and Australia Right does Austria. Austria does a ton of trade with China. Do they look like a non authoritarian regime right now? Do they look like their leaning towards western democracy, or do they look like they're waiting, leaning towards chinese authoritarian right right? This is a problem. Because if India goes that's too, we talk about this in a second, but we set it yet It's two point: nine billion that all combined with those three countries, and if Austria joins it's, U S in Japan and that's it over there. So put it this way right, you're, saying: ok, no more oil, Cummings United States from Russia. Ok, all right! What's going to happen, while this oil is going to be offered a somersault going to increase trading between Russia, China, and now India may want to get it on that action. So if they create an alliance which really should never never happen, never have happened Nowhere in nature would India, Russia and China become bedfellows. It's only. monumental screw ups of Europe's,
in an american foreign policy? So now? created a scenario where two point: nine billion people, that's almost half of population. Could decide to no longer recognised United States Reserve currency, and what does that mean? well guess what it means that our sanctions no longer have tee. What does it mean for you specifically? Now you think inflation is bad. Now, you're too, about unbelievable inflation. If the United States dollars not the reserve currency, you're talking about unbelievably high interest rates. So we just look at that. You so ok, a credit card. It not not look increase inflation duenna by a gallon of milk, we're not just talking about gas, but everything we also talking about. Devaluing your dollar duenna, send your kids to private school. You want to be, your kids to six flags. You want to build up candy bar did do whatever it is, where Tom up in
in the light of what you ve never seen interest rate, do you want to buy a home? That's almost out of reach for many middle class Americans now and that's not because of the market. That's because of too big to fail company snatching up. You know a single family homes right now, like black, Raoul, crazy, so high interest rates you want to buy it by a home. Gonna want to buy a car. The testing supposed to go out ass. I suppose advice come on, while there's fifteen dollar gas for the rest of the police. We can both get a Tesla, that's the price of a home right now exactly point: our debts by the way can be called in. So what does it do that that weakens the, The dollar internationally, basically, would weaken the amid the american standing, the standing of the United States that right now you have not experienced a world you right now watching you I experienced a world where the United States is anything other and he saw economic and global sucre superpower and up until recently,
I believe that we were usually on the right side of history. That's my biggest concern. That's my biggest concern with this administration right now is we could I hate to say it. I love this love, this country. I will fight to defend this country. That's why moved here from that shitty country, known as Canada, but as I should have, international conflict unfolding? I do worry that maybe with the people at the helm, we may be on the right side of history. It may be that point. Timer people look back and of Amerika was really wrong on that one. That's what scary to and you never lived in a world where the United States is not the sole global superpower and unless you know its global superpowers, look like awfully nice. It take a look at the english empire. The ottomans look at her, look at the Romans. They never fought a war for someone else to give them back their stuff That Canada exists is proof that this is a.
unbelievably unique superpower. Power is not like a to stop us take over Mexico and me in the drug business, it's very lucrative yes and by the way, Purdue is actually doing well, I mean These three countries get together and it seems like they are moving that way. We don't need to go to war with the military. two already be at war, and you are making this point too at what When do we say we are at war? How are we not? I was this not war when you're funding somebody to defend against an invasion, you're actually saying hey, we need to give the star but sending aircraft from Poland, which is happening right now, but there like. I will give you like billions of dollars to buy some. If you can find a right, I don't know how, This is not war and by the way we think about this, for second we're thinking sanctions on India for what for purchasing missile defence for purchasing missile defence? That's a good idea. Ok sore! seeing them for what for four for trading military equipment with a didn't they. states do that with Ukraine tenuous
some shit that good work- people I think, but so wake up, but other countries get their white pardoned Ignorance are we pretending were not at war. Still doing. That is that happening, I'm serious. I thought that was I dont know I didn't get the memo. Oh I dont know, I still don't know if it's ok black face or not, because I know Megan Kelly just talked about it on a show and she was fire, but there's a sitting. Prime minister was done it like nine hundred times. Yes, but Megan Kelly doesn't hurt a bunch of people, write what she does with her stare. Oh, that's! It's like looking into the sun him hedging it's hard! Now I don't hurry on exactly, but you know you can levitating Ex wing so point here is: look. You ve had it so good for so long. So many Americans that you feel as though you are removed when we ask that you gave this way,
Do you feel remove right now? Could you talk with someone in Ukraine on an instant chat on Snapchat? Could you or whatever app discord? Can you play a video game with him up until recently, I don't know how it works, but I'm sure you can probably still play with whoever in Russia can afford these video game system same thing with and the same thing with Taiwan: do you really feel that this connected, or do you understand that you are closer than ever, because war is going to be fought through information and through economic punishment? So Don't think of this is happening in some far off land. Just like that. Guy and call of duty can blow your ass away. Guess what your dollar, our doubts. or can be blown away if we keep screwing up and we ve been is growing
monumentally have felt that the gas pump have you felt the grocery store. Have you felt it really anything? Take your pick right now. You can point to anything in this economy and you could have pointed to it before Russia, Ukraine and ass. If it was better point anything they were employment. I guess there's no take anything that exists economically in this country or your creature comforts point to it. Now it's not better and it can get a whole lot worse. If you understand what can happen when two point, nine billion people decide that the United States is that, evil of the world and without firing a shot they make it so that you will be. Permanent class of renters. You will never opened. You will owe nothing and you will like it. Oh, I forgot, though, that's kind of the goal as You can comment below you too. We have a lot to talk about that. There's no way we could discuss here
This is a violation not only of Tik Tok, but of you so good lookin out for China and we're going to play. They don't make em like they used to breakfast activities piss off
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