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I'M BACK! Fact-Checking RIDICULOUS Supreme Court COVID Claims

2022-01-11 | 🔗

Crowder is BACK! We’re fact-checking the dumb things the Supreme Court thinks about COVID. We also preview Joe Biden’s speech opposing voter integrity. And do we have further evidence that Anthony Fauci is a lying liar? #ExposeFauci #SCOTUS #VotingRights

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Audio lose not Stephen. Others sick with all my crown virus, but he'll be here to host show a little bit but to Dorian throw its me Emily cut them all Ranco Gus, Spam is most famous rose, master specific We shall see you. My specialty you'll hear more formula that about right now, leave rating and review. You can have you about them, because you have multiple perception like Lama, Elsie
Where did Mr Santer? It must deal with that.
Prevail for four people listening and already under my MIKE is on it is on here. I just have a face shield on, as is evident I'm taking their eighteen hundred. I can undertake this face. Shield offers better, they look even Jean Louis didn't like it he's already left. This is a horrible lives in official back. This is the first show back and by the way, everyone if you're watching we are temporarily and banned from Youtube. If you miss. They show its Monday through Thursday and Odin do show yesterday, explain why you can watch us on rumble rumbled, come smash that, over there are two TIM. The tall man is working on. Try castor today, It's on rumble it's on my club by the way you entering the promo code, elderly she returned to get twenty dollars off annual options for my club and the hole in the form of our union. Can you show them what we got here this this this whole set up. Can we just by how I tested positive for the over the anomaly core virus yeah, but it was, it was like it was
days ago, and I haven't had symptoms for a long time. Well accorded so that's that's a good question. You posted something yesterday, but you actually had symptoms last week. About the same time I did and we're out CDC cleared. Nay s whereabouts earlier usually works out there trying to make a thing yeah you're six days in or else I wouldn't be here- that right that you're, not immune compromise you're. Just you know that the imo hasn't wasn't correctly. Can we just get rhythmically ever this plexiglas enabling someone's gonna get hip checking the bookkeeper? Do I have permission to have cancer I think so or at home? Yes, your programme of annual our insidiously guidelines on how it is your good rowdy. Well, they changed it because the science changed. So yes outraged. It can take your Louis that Oros all arose whenever we will never know hey. You know what at least you still have your country furthest. So Do you remember dimmer by the way my question the day, and I want you to come at all the best thing you can do here, while we're back on Youtube K is smashed the like button care right enough here and you too, you can comment to hear of
The first comment comic comment. A little rusty is genuine. Gain of function was considered a conspiracy theory. Now, do you remember when we discussed in a function here on Youtube, and we were fact yet. We were fact Jack in the checking the fact check check And now we have some newly documents where it's very clear I mean it's there's a there's, a building case. I don't even think that family denies it, and the next best thing you can do is smashed at like button right now on you to everyone watching you smashed the like button, ok common thinking. Most important thing you can do for the algorithm because you tube doesn't, if you type in Stephen Crowd or abortion change my mind, you find it'll PBS video not be millions of play, video I haven't, I used to be the case. They change it every day. The point is everything sex, but we're going. We talking about cars, extent and Russia, we're going to be fact checking the Supreme Court today. I'm going to be talking about. What's going on in New York in going to be talking about the or suppression, law which
in case I don't want. You know this. If you go to buy by a packet Chesterfield the seven eleven you're you're voter suppressed. Really yeah yeah yeah yeah measures this its welts, its twenty twenty two, but they still have the right to oppress those with melanin by air. the gall to ask for identification powers that requires you be of age, so we are talking about all that for Chesterfield, yes, protested, one on a ten doctors record, recommends gesture got a nice Yahoo, pull the other nine recommended parliament's yet saw before we get into all of that. I am glad to introduce the people. We are really going to be back with you, of course, Gerald A is here. Are you, sir? I'm doing? Well, I get my natural immunity baby yeah. Well, I have natural immunity, but the Mccrone of AIDS will obviously have AIDS vaccine immunity welcome and then you know natural immunity pretty much. I want to know already had the other The covered who got the army court just has a mild called yeah. That's pretty much what it was
for a day, and that was it yeah? Well, that's because I kicked you, that's what that was not nice. Well, how are you doing fine horrible? but I'll discuss that later, but it has nothing to do with this. Actually, the army core virus was a welcome respite from respite from my break but the little ones are great little ones are fun little boy. He just he is that toothless, grin. Ray looks like an old Alyosha Wilfred Brimley, diabetes, commercial smiling on try. Gastric motorbike here, of course, is now he's going to be in here with some sketches, but we have to have a man there and One of my favorite people have the funniest man on his feet. He will be in red. in California, Civic Auditorium General fifteenth, ingenuous, sixteenth at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California, daylight hours are ahoy, I'm good how about you
My son gathers hooray for Christmas. Gazelle Moreall party. Is that one of the register and wash your mouth out with soap? They did. I told you not to use the life boy S and I warn Omni Courtyard for you very so celebrate your illness. Yes, the dorm re illness armoured. I don't want anybody to get all goofy yet this weekend, ugly in running, hence Redding, California, there so many readings the I read in California and the procedure. But writing is actually these state. There is trying Get me I think back. because it went from one thousand five hundred states to where they would only allow one thousand without having to Dino show at a store, get back to Nate and all that stuff. Then they just lowered it to five hundred last night. So there's only a few tickets left because they said either trying to get it, so I dont go because I'm on Republicans, Yes, isn't really republican shouts, conservative shirts, more of a conservative share, just have a general problem with authority. Show they pretty much and that's the point
right? So I'm sure they'll be protests and blue hair screamin at me. Here's the thing guys might have again with a cement milkshake if I'm lucky yet well. You know what I think. I d, you know if count you're lucky It's not acid. That's true, you could be allowed in Saudi Arabia who try to drive stick and the next thing. You know you have a face like Katy homes. Well, that's true, but nobody I mean if she was able to drive at private, have ended up that way, unrivalled wrapped around a tree in all new partnership for driving. Now she used the wrong target signal. That's why we have laws stupid, We have learned permit a joke. You can't learn barrier toward ahead, throw rocks let their son go first now, oh, she I want you to well my giving. I want all the ball back, so
We have so much to get to you today and we also have a tribute to Bob said gets later on my club for people who are not Montclair members. We have an extra show. this Friday, former club members, because I know we miss yesterday we're we're just gonna, be taking some of your chats answering your questions in soon enough David, watching us even cigar from low. Yes, that's true Why was the beautiful one we watched above the law? None of the law is the original. This is beyond the less is beyond the law. Possibly the worse movie ever been theirs. There's then it becomes. Guarding the law and in the final one is total disregard for the law. Yes, the last one is common decency. What is that so? before the vote and everything else that we have to talk to talk about today. You're gonna be one talking about cars extent in Russia, bogus I dont care, I've never heard of either. I wish we just listen to general patent and just wiped out the Russians after world war. Two,
it was the time to do it. It was time to do it. You're gonna, do it. It as the killings season. So, but before that the german man named HANS Peter at sold, of course he is launched a campaign for sheep to arrange themselves in the shower. of, and I don't I This is to raise awareness, but let's listen to him and his funny voice that shouldn't be allowed to be spoken anymore. I feel like we should. Actually just converted than the Christianity and made them speak English after World WAR out for some reason they still get to be a country, We try to arrange sheep in the shape of a syringe Eureka. Thousands in voting today under the focal point
emotional approach often want so could fly feed a mention emotional of ice. There, looking deed is shifting augmented sort matters on patents. Gig, madam, I should get you may seem about them. It was most went the initial and further in the shape of the syringe growth hormone, that'll be put morass, or that I think that Roma goal faster. He gets some geese to be. Courtney, loves arm. Yes, I got some ducks to become a knife. It was put in Hell yet Smith's chest. I just I find the queen play that and from the big just from the beginning. Just because I want to I mean a fact check this really quickly offices in putting the focus on pause now for real or lessen nodded his head saying in Germany. This sheep are really popular visa people, that's not even a true premise what people
the red someone said it pay the HANS via you making the way making these ship into a syringe. I don't know it's a message about vaccination, about to boost the family home or a hundred thousand first and foremost sheep, as you well know of Popular says: if you have a bot cynical but a sheep, in the shape of a syringe, that's pretty anti backs. If I've ever seen. That's it! I would think yes, you too soon is that what he's going for you? I don't know, I don't understand, and then there's just one sheep dog whose dress like Nigel Ferrajo. Oh I get it. I see what he's doing they gave him this backfired horribly.
No, I didn't see how this could backfire. Considering the sheep were so popular visa tape up, if you imagine the stuff you done with your life, you have the ability to arraign sheaf into a syringe like how much time did that take and how drugged, where those sheep, all very oh, my car I have to do- is give them food in the right place and they would go to it. Then I'm worried and I can't sleep. I feel I have a range. Is this my sheep? a guy likes to jab his sheep. Yes, yes, I don't want my woman you're. So this is something before we move on to what's happening here today. Can I can I may take em, you may leave the drink from a tool of the intelligence, gonna be very distract, etc, etc. But people mug, let them we're not in your Zella toilet Mug new time tat. We can put louder with crowded right on here. It's very apropos:
We can put the then Shapiro shall die here. You know, that's you eventually, Rotumah guess, but make it talk like a p we play ass likely are actually. The fact is that you're you're stool is irregular and I would recommend that you allow the sack toilet. He was gonna just drink from the mag buddy start truckers Joe. Let me go this happened last week and I wasn't here for reasons that I won't get into right. Now it wasn't the emigrant overcrowded. Yet was Yesterday was a heart, but tat last week is happened and the media gotta, as Brok Obama would say, all we we'd up yeah he's about is accurate with we'd up is that german man is with the popularity of sheep Rwanda. God
my mama wages? They don't get all we wait up and running as any real thing. Yanza thing, my mom, everyone used to say it in Kenya in oil and then adverse Jerry, Garcia, they'll, get vivid up in sheep or popular is that people sets zero people. Sheep will get to be made up. So you don't have a sheet blind spots. Even now I dont have a sheep lies every now and then a head of sheep in my blind spots. Lonely notion been their true, accelerate defensive driving the ratios, sheep crossing, a gun, it dear well their bad drivers. If my Lord Omar, whether the talk about the woman, because that has my wife, the goat, I make it so, right there in the streets of right, and I'm right will you. Finally, You're sweating was not fondling. My sweater, these cheap suits, that's it with cheap suits comment below. What's that reference? Ok, so This happened with Supreme Court when they had this whole, leading
on the other, the d Amato ACT on the core, you screwed me with an ocean. so, and I will say we are not OSHA and they were talking about the authority in what authority they have just to let you know very little now: that's not what they activist judge. Think, and people were getting mad about something that Gore success, which were going to get to trying to fact outcomes and keenly because his frequent justice, ok, get to that. But there were some and I want to compare your people's. It's not left versus right man. It's about Tibet. To put you know that leads in that. Well, ok, look I understand that. However, the elites the people who want to maintain power within the elite are the left. They they require the maintenance of power right now. I understand you have some concern Republicans who are not obviously conservative, but the fact is the guy you want in charge of rent. countries a guy doesn't need the job in there. I didn't really want the job. You have nothing but career politicians and electronic states not left for versus right, but it's a leak
versus the general population. Will guess there's, no one more elite, then left as Democrats than people in a Hollywood, entertainment elite establishment stab than people who have been tenured in educational institutions for decades display sucking at their job, so you do need to recognise that what creates a system of elite is a bureaucracy, a bureaucracy which cannot be penetrated and that's the goal of the left. That's the goal of the Marxist. That's the goal of the communists, like oh, my oars. This is so important is just how how blade Lee they lie think now we're seeing this sort of delayed effect where at one point, people like Sir my or people at Briar could get away with these lies, and I don't mean Miss speaking, I mean proactive lies at you'll hear because they wouldn't be called on it, and now I think that's why they're calling for the banning of programmes. this, because they still don't want to be called on it. So other we're talking about oceans, authority and while we were talking about oh Nick for crime
and you're gonna screw me up with that. Their Dave, you- and you are a robot cop references. Well Omni Court just makes more sense was renewed away, was saying whatever we want about an inferior it with new cell rags. They accuse both sides accuse the inside of fear, mongering master. What happens to a degree? I don't even think it's close as it relates to cover. You have one side saying look move on: your life at some, The choice is yours: these are the risks this these are the rewards if you want to be vaccinated, if you dont want to be vaccinated, these are the death rates. These are infection rates and one sided saying shut everything down stairs. Your life quarantine, at home indefinitely, and certainly the only difference, the only difference between the United States Democrat and what is happening in Australia and what has happened in the UK, what has happened across Europe? Is Democrats. Don't have unfettered power. Yet let me ask you this genuinely and the more comments the better here with our first show back genuine question: do you say if the sort, my oars? If
policies? the our seas of the world. If the Biden, if see the former vice President Biden. If Kemal heresies of the world had unfettered power, if they completely did away with checks and balances to use for one second, that they wouldn't neck lockdown, similar to what you see in Australia saw across Europe. Do you honestly doubt that A second that's why they want to at the filibuster, that's they want to make it easier to fundamentally transform America without the gridlock that the signal american bitches about you know I wish we could get something done in Washington. No, you doubt that's like wishing that bunch of recharge could get their hands on guns? You don't do that? No, you don't want them you want to keep the guns away from them. I've met a few people now. Well, you know it's there on the spectrum, yeah, we shall talk about. Plus but George, I'm sorry. But the point here is: you may Ozzy splitting deadlock, because the gridlock keeps us from being Australia. The gridlock keeps us from being Europe.
I got that there too yeah I'm saying she's very smart. We should all listen to her gown her boyfriend's feet. We all want to and should in no way has crazy ice now and it's crazy I'd. I'm doing my best. She does look like a horse, the drank from a dirty trough to get covered now, no up, and I hope she ok and every time I see her at Instagram live stream. I dont think its a mister Henry run. Now I don't at all gorgeous woman, Wilbur, let's go to her claim from so Tom. I all are where she she actually said this. This sequence words in this phrase that you are about to hear, knowing that we would all hear it and it was going to be broadcast. Thousands of kids in the hospital with Sir with Copenhagen we have Four hundred thousand children, We ve never had before in in serious condition.
Many on ventilators, I'm sorry what, and yet none of those things are true. Now not not only those things that you are not even close to the ball park of true, hey, look, look several blue behind you added that ball park behind that is so thing that resembles truth. Keck unbelievers, I really tired of them using kids, too, is eight point, saying that that's what it is because they try in the beginning where they were like, oh well, it actually does an effect you in their slowly trying to develop variant. that supposedly Kilkenny the area to really getting to be a bit too much. You know how many minors have been admitted to hospitals between March twenty twenty in June, twenty twenty one so have you seen was dead so that there may be some matters men about nice at hospitals, not sex. I'm sorry, though he does have shower rooms and every eye just such a golden globes.
Nobody, knew dont trust, Saint Epstein Children's house, but your how many kids with projects area sitting with Jennifer, honest and say its grey and still don't send them to Saint Epsco, their royal damages lanes. Yes, yes, Madame Maxwell, Yes Cosmic Maxwell's, our kids. Look. How many would you think children to shed a hundred times a new think like when you Tom fact checking somebody's in the supreme were right, because people are so these are the experts. You should trust the experts. Ok, how close do you think she got it? between March twenty twenty in June, twenty twenty one thirty one hundred Thirty one hundred ninety four total minors admitted to hospitals owl in
parry obtainable, where that number includes people who were admitted for other reasons and just happen to test positive recovered which, if you go back to the changed my mind regarding covert numbers being inflated two years ago and have one said I was crazy. Guess you saying that now found she, I think it's important that we distinctly between people who are made for covered at people who are in the hospital and already have covered. I was out of sight ass off because I've been saying that for years member, the guy who died in the motorcycle agitated within tested positive for carbon member Guy Michigan, who blew his own head off and survived somehow on an iron one in the hospital and contracted goeben there were listed as covert death. France is available at ladder with greater dot com. Yes, what we had, we can't let them have this by the way. The only reason that they're doing that now is because in the past they could blame Donald Trump for all these bad cases, redhead no incentive to actually tell you what real numbers word now they're trying to run cover for Joe Biden right, because here
maybe, is laying this at his feet. Like you haven't controlled it. This is going to cost you the elections in the mid terms and the presidency potentially in tune. fierce right. She was only off by ninety seven percent. Writing so well- and this is only the creditor- look, look, look, look. You can be graded, only a few things in life she's a judge, yet it can't be bothered with reading news. What look when you taken this way that you're gonna have submissive and I knew seven out of a hundred years, nothing wrong with that. You may imagine, being the only they're going with with all do. How do I say this who break threat it give you an idea. Her batting average is worse than kid who Babe Ruth pointed for who is dying in the hospital. Then, if that kid went up to bat in place of Babe Ruth, if you have a better batting average than sort of my arm with her prediction, peaches how to get hit by the ball, which I think would be pretty right exactly in the head- was swollen. Yes, they would have any lean. Indira genetic looks like he's, walk and well he's wieland of writers, and that was by the way there
brown you they're like, then I got the ninth Charlie Brown like. The latter, has its produce not long lifespan. Now that alone, our now so soda, my are also claimed. Here's another claim that army cron and she This again, this is the Supreme Court justice electrons. When people say what did I say, I love I love on what we mean. for people who are just turning? We made a joke about army core, which is a Robocop, ran right here and now in my head era, zip up my jacket, I don't think that's going I don't think you can help. I don't they will make that much of a difference at this juncture of fatness chair, like look lovely like the just in so the oh, I kit It also does go of it all wrong. If you didn't say on the crime Army core or mccrone, you know what I'm talking about the snapshots Corp will it is in trouble how they will not down. I say their way: someone's jumping Onawandah Yak is right. Now you know some he's watching this. Just waiting to report to us. my car
the army or virus. This is what sort of ours that again. Knowing that this would be broadcast to all, but with no concern that tells you, the lack of any fear of reprisals or accountability, said that its deadly and cause just as much disease as last year's dealt a variant. Don't take my word for it. That alma crime is steadily. and causes as much serious disease in the UN's asks. As Delta did first, look at the hospitalization rates that are going on, here's the thing, she's saying look at the numbers, while really hoping that you don't look at the numbers. It has not even close, not even close sitting at the fact I didn't really are much well, no delta was where it was way more telling. The truth is from what we know now. The first weight was probably the most dealt with problem. A stealthy, her first first way was probably the most deadly,
Then these Del delta was more contagious, more communicable member, I always said that you were going to find out that it's probably more communicable go less lethal seems like it might have been in comparison, the alpha and now, There is no doubt that other oh mccrone. Maybe your is significantly more transmissible and significantly less steadily. You can go back to shows that our a year old, two years old, rested if you understand how viruses mutate back when we had Doktor Peter Mccullough on Young before he was under Rogan shown and glad he's getting some shine narrow else. long before he was appearing everywhere else. We talked about the the tendency of of viruses to mutate and they try to mutate, so they can attach themselves to more hosts, in which case it is and their own self interest to be more lethal because they won as many hosts as possible. So now it's. not even closer to minors, wrong, it's not nearly as deadly as the delta variant. There has been the biggest spike in cases in here,
by the way, the two biggest spikes in cases in history, the three biggest spikes in history have had under former vice President Joe Biden, not Donald Gauge Donald trot. We're Devon now have another Joe Biden. Even now he didn't create. He didn't fast track them seems that was Donald Trump and then draw binds it. This is a part of our strategy. More people vaccinated, the biggest spikes ever have occurred under former, President Obama, the biggest single spike ever occurred with the Omicron variants variant and the deaths have not spiked proportional was not even close as they did with Delta member one. Where you would be removed. If you said about the original variant like when they were saying, hey the death rate of anywhere from two to seven percent, the Imperial College of London yeah, and if you said back then like, actually, I think the death rate will. If people projected some people that we would never predict a say I think it could eventually be more comparable to the flu in death rate than a seven percent death rate right here and now we know it's like a point, three percent, desperately original one or two point. One now
significantly lower with the almost on variants. No, what's ban worthy, I dont know which doctors are no longer allowed on Youtube. Facebook, twitter, but apparently you don't need to hear from a diverse voice. Diverse group of voices in the medical community, you just need less no sort of my our who said that a hundred thousand children are in hospitals on ventilators because of a democratic and its more deadly than delta. There you go follow this scientists pronounced crazy betcha, actually in just so that the rest as matters? This is the person who will cast their vote on the decision. If you can, be mandated to get a vaccine. That's what they're too. king about in this case, just just think about that. What kind of data are they pulling from to make the decision that, yes, we have to mandate a vaccine for everybody company with over a hundred employees rights that should scared the hell out of you well in Also, you know, even within their doctrine everything you get three grand. Patient, I allegedly I'll, just say sooner- get thrown off here, but part of it is like. If I don't know, I just pisses me off
nine thoughts going through my had rained down, and I had to pick one area. Hospitals do get money off of it and right now with honour cron. After being, you know wished by the White House that everyone dies whose on vast referral olive Asia for the winter is coming, yes yard, I'm a little. It's a little piece of little pissed off by the way, if you put that, if you put that John Snow Fur Cloak fatty yes turns into cousin, it isn't here A handsome man, I dont, think people going to listen to him three loose view sites we abolish. Just such, I think it's his charisma, yeah yeah is the reason why we are listening to write his athletic ability is saving it. I don't know if it's faxes, charisma or is looks but found. She is definitely work. I dont know if I'm out of yours, I can say, that's: ok. We now have a variant all mccrone character. We have a very
which is significantly more transmissible k communicable and which we want to use it as out competed delta the original there. It is the primary variant right. It has overtaken all the other variants if you're catching cove and now you're very like catching all mccrone? Ok, so now it's taken over all the more deadly forms of covered its become the of course, that I've won catches and the vast majority of people have very little symptoms. According to the CDC, according to them, not us, you could argue that, although chronic responsible for reducing death more than that That's right, every possible theoretically argument possible. Yes, we'll have to double check with doktor soda, my art, but for only time will tell and that we also justice Briar, I'm a Huggins does guy yes, and while this that there are seven hundred and fifty million new cases in this last week, yesterday, listen, I mean
you no seven hundred and fifty million new cases. Yesterday, all it's the or close to that are close to that, while or not even remotely close to that of men terrific work in the same sense that it said number and those sitting since, like one or both numbers right. Am I right hours guys it's a wide, it's one, seven hundred fifty million there about numbers or aloes. Let me give you Ideas are just how wrong that and fifty million in one day, be one in ten people on earth, so there would mean that just the day before he spoke every single person who lives in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, England, France, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil would have had to catch all mccrone in one day, briar you're, full of shit, that's effect that's, ok, the population of Europe.
You can say that he misspoke, but again only take this. The totality this sort of my are well on. The other side gets ban from every single platform for Miss speaking rightly adequate. Fair right well, when we gotta suspended from Youtube for saying that you know that it was less one point some one said some one point, one point on the show to the CDC sheet that but there were more flew deaths in children at that point, then call yeah So you know I don't have a lot of great known. I could still point: certain pieces of paper, I won't name which ones on the CDC website you can do your own region together, I just I don't want to get in trouble again and by the way, a piece of used toilet paper is more useful research for you than whatever sort o. My lord said. I call the constitution or ah yes, I have. face of Mary, you, my web, wipe. So so deeply spirit. Let's compare this with the media and blunt wherein the blue Checkmark Brigade, they were furious,
want to beat me. I want to look at both sides here now. You tell me what severity, what degree of severity is utilised corset, Neil Gore Secularism when I was appointed under Donald Trump, who had also been disappointing to meet a lot of ways. He said that or what left tried to claim, he said still wouldn't have been wrong. They tried to claim that he said hundreds of thousands of people die each year from the flu. Ok, but it's pretty clear if you listen to what he sang hundreds or thousands, but either way it still not even in the same ball park so my or an briar, listen to what justice new course extent flew kills believe hundreds ass people every year? oceans, never purported to regulate on that basis when we make that one we're thinking about what qualifies as a major question of a dozen right. Ok, so now to be clear, the Supreme Court corrected the transcript from hundreds of thousands to hundreds, comma thousands
the full kills hundreds, thousands and, by the way, I think he would have been more accurate if you would have sent hundreds of thousands. Let me explain to you? Why? Because the world Health organization said that about six hundred and fifty thousand people die of the flu each year, wow so yet know if it was obviously a pause, the rest of this heavy bouquet sort of my four hundred thousand, What did you mean to say yeah, something close. I mean it. I meant to say that, like to lie you might say hundreds of thousands, that's why he ended with. I think now, not only, of course, it does not tell the truth. I no, that everyone has alma crime I found, or they found that in my salad Lucy S playing cards only bought that was not with another woman. I would deny that you have had. It was good by the way you're, the one, the golden Gloved you're, the golden globes happened this week and it was washed by quite literally these singular thousands,
that's where we don't wanna, see leftists pat themselves on the back and give each other giant golden trophies for pretending to be people we like without regular base. It doesn't work, I would love to civic interracial hosts like I ever get very little telethon. He was the best course I would have had him. Can I have read these costs, but they can't read. I don't care, Certainly, there are going to die anyway, comedy It is like. What he's your friend is your friend up, I don't care if you flew and is playing had sex with children. What so you have the right to tell anybody how to live their lives. So this didn't stop the gorse when he said that this didn't stop. What's going on what what's gonna analysis? Is this live on a secular, further backdoor sicknesses ran Paul. Look. He tried to comb his hair he's when watching the shell what does he say? What is it bitching about linking curled. This is the science of value in Arabic the justifies in his mind, using government resources to smear and destroy reputations of other scientists who disagree with them in any way,
Exchange with Doktor Collins. You conspire- and I quote here directly from the email to create a quick endeavours. Aiding published, take death of the horrible dramatist epidemiologists from Harvard Oxford and stand for Internet is alive fringe epidemiologists at Harvard save or from Doktor Collins and agree that their friends Really, this is take down effort a published taken. though you know, doesn't exactly conjure up the image of a dispassionate scientist stead of engaging them on the merits, even Doktor Carr. sought to smear them is fringe and take them down and not in journals in lay press this is not only antithetical authentic. The scientific method is the ability of cheap politics and reprehensible doktor valjean. Do you really think its appropriate use your forehead? I want to point out, and I guess you I have to disagree with you.
Neil you referring to was an email he's ring, ruse, Doktor Collins to me. Listen, look round, responded to and hurried up and said I can do it. I can do it. We got something in wire, I think in usual fashion sanity You are distorting everything about me. Did you ever yet to doktor counts is characterisation of them as friends and you right back to doktor gowns. I know they're not fringed our esteemed scientists, and it would be, beneath? I did not that you are bondage and that you would do it and you immediately got it. Aren't you and your pretty little dolls? How does it look our job and my neck out with wired of all scientists? I didn't know he was the troll and urgency scare damages that the same thing every here I was yours bought and this one this Wasn't the only time
artists Taylor around the incorrect. As usual seminaries noddies, you greening and Emily they deny. You didn't, tell him how we then corrective out she did this. Wasn't the only time your desire to take down those who disagree with you didn't stop with Harvard Oxford and Stanford you conspired with Peter days you communicated with privately and other members of the house under the community that wrote opinion pieces for nature now ran them signed a finnish apron and let him hanging about opinion be set, dean signed a paper that called it conspiracy theory the idea that the ours could have originated in the lab. Do you think words like conspiracy theory should be in a scientific base, I use that word when, where I was Do it you're distorting virtually every did you communicate with the five scientists who wrote the opinion peace in nature, where they were
robbing o this there's no way this crap employers on me. What are you talk with any of those identified by the life programme? Finally, eclipse of loud, she any point no actual year saying that it did not originate from elaborate, originate nature. He just gonna. Do U s relator level, because we all know is lying here we can manage, lie human and going back to their original discussion when I brought together a group of people, so look at every possibility with an open mind. So now you tell me you just said when it came from naked, then when you were hailed the fire, namely Johns, don't use it all the tides turning I'd better make it look like I'm objective. Alas, I ve been spending too much time and AIDS houses of others that we're invite just checking, if I want to come up with something suspicious for I can tat will boy. Why did you not found to look at haven't when they said, don't do logic down with scientific thought of that work. People and the purpose of the committee was too,
try and get things out how we can help to get the american public and you keep coming back? to personal attacks on me that have Absolutely no number is not you personally, smeared an attack, descent, Doc, that's what he's bringing up- and this is a guy with a perpetual victim complex. Look. Let me just briefly. Unfortunately, rainfall is in the best way to go ahead on the show, their real, quick, Mccullough, yeah yeah. I had him smeared and to the point where you said that you weren't a Harvard graduate areas like go, does represent. Mccullough his medical lions was revoked. I think, isn't he didn't even before Christmas, they try to revoke trial, obey your Christmas, for I will say this ran Paul. Senator. Take your life these folks. They don't ask questions the way that I think that the need to ask questions. Here's how it to be framed. It ok- and this is how you know that Rob that's a ransom
and now you're a hybrid doc ran Paul. He drinks, the serum, turns enough algae. Well, I think I'm gonna go goes from Tuesday worries. You may like a towel rack I have two more wishes, vs right away The rules say you can from all wishes boots. So here's is what he was asking him. This shows you, the perpetual victim complex and its natural psychological condition that factory has ran. Paul brings up the fact that Doctor Valjean people in the medical staff, but be what people medical establish many people who are unaware did advisers, people who are unelected to the most highly he paid and highly influential positions of government. When we talk about the swamp, we're not just talk senators, we're not just talking about congressmen and congresswoman or Congresses, because these people can eventually be voted out, regardless of how about camping, finance, lock. Someone like found she has never had to earn a vote and a lot of these
put on these panels have never had to earn about and they want to protect their. Our security. And so what do they? Do? They smeared the name and the reputations of scientists, doctors from Harvard from Stanford from Oxford, I believe, are the ones that he just named. Yet this was brought up. The Whales were brought up from ran tall by the way, these people were right. These other doctors from these esteemed medical, well, at the very least- maybe you say, habitats for God harboured, let's just say its top ten and say it's enough: universally doctors, probably seen it. I don't know a patient in the last forty years, unlike doktor found who spends all his time in russian bath thousands being hit with three. So the point is this is brought up. He sing. You look your folks basically mounted an attack campaign against these people for speaking out against some of the. nation that you were spreading and do you have any regrets about it? Do you think that that was appropriate to do anything that as part of a scientific process and fetch, you guys know what you're doing
taking me now he's discussing the fact that you and your unelected colleagues attack every including doctors. We ve had on the show. You know who else is elected. You know who else as an elected Susan, widgets, you know that elected getting mark Zuckerberg, you know ass, unelected, whether replace, checked or say. Don't member. The name right now sounds like vagina. Something like that. I have no idea what the point is this. These people are unelected and they have determined because they get to mislead without you, they talk about talking with algae, they say. Oh you know. I know you can actually say that the flu is more deadly to two children, now. You know what you can actually say that the death rates are lower. Oh, you know what you kit, and these are unelected people in positions of power. Greater than that President of the United States. These are people who are unelected in positions of power greater then, and of Rome. Think of that for a second and foul.
makes it. Why are you taking me? Well one you're, a dick and it's on A two year were wrong and you're lying. That's all or does it sit there and Bitch bitch bitch about how he's being attack he won't answer. Single question say no, it guys in the control room you can watch it send me if he says anything useful, I'm going about this is just a round about situation. Is gonna, get me go round and round ineffectually lady laying a pop up into. Why is fell to overhear you like less clear battle meditation. My ok that Israel's India to show a busy news from may have twenty twenty. Where their quoting a national geographic article we're very midst, glooms, alright! Well, let's watch this in real time. That's the beauty of doing the livestock. The downside is sometimes they strike us. The plus side is We have to do morning Doktor Anthony fallacies, shooting down theories of the corona arrest was man? May hotels now pulling the ground everything about the step. Wise evolution. Overtime strongly indicates that this virus evolved in nature jumped species Valjean,
but he any also. So there is no scientific evidence that it came from. A lab So his really weird defence or he sweating just now is a lie right now, when I was a personal attack, it wasn't a professional career right right doc on him, sorry doktor, fetch you are going to have to take off his electorate did I feel the lie detected test. We can't get a reading because of how sweaty you are there so much so that he did? I saw him holding this on. My where he did just claim that ran Paul's website, encourage people to train killing because it said fire doktor value. Is that why he oh yeah, is out the pictures? Why don't I beheld a picture that said fire doktor, voucher, yeah, oh my god, the better ran ever algae held that up and said rail. I think I think found she held up. The photo is unity. People began to pull it just make daily. Do is make it look fire doctor are you the man just put it so what I want you can see that ran Paul. If you go on its website attempted to gain
write me? My home can see these the penis in testicles, and I believe that you know what's being inferred and I would like him to be taken to the guru legs. Do we have go eggs? Yet sorry, that's in a couple of weeks. What am I saying? Why am I talking when you talk too much of what you call a picture like the sea, the balls around my chin? You see it although let me put by mass back God. I got this one that does it y know in dialogue and no that's a picture of a well. I'm sleeping Donald Trump make these two begging me Marla Harris T begging me this. These are all key bags, I'll be back to you with a I drew most of these dabble in erotica, along with baseball cards, innovation, erotica boy, if you guys
see the rest of the club to agony measurement. Roger said I can a little short he goes on to talk about. I didn't come from a lab. Oh ok, greatly outlets watch, rest so that I can now well but there's one or unloading, but a blow, my brains out after he added. He does not believe another theory that the virus occurred naturally, but was accidentally released into the public from a lab in China telling that GEO. That means was in the wild, to begin with. That's why I dont get what they are talking about, really you're a doctor. sir source. We remember all of this because the countries been locked up for almost three year right here. You remember him saying that he didn't think that it came from a lab right. Remember him being I may have funded its yeah. I didn't find it. Oh you didn't find the lab. I'm sorry did I say Didn't I meant yes, I absolutely funded s. Ok, let's go honest I'd, have area research, yes, but I actually carried the virus in a butter
why John I pulled tolls in its because I wanted to breathe and I put in some alfalfa sprouts and then I released it into the wild, hoping that the if nature was kind it would take it in as one of its own. Instead. Just I mean I really made an error in judgment. Forgive me sorry. I forgot you never made a mistake. There was a local and look like he might do karate on me, so I thought that I read him at all of a sudden. Everybody got the sneezes and then we broke bets together and engaged in fellowship. That's where we went wrong. Plus actual out. She wasn't Ozzy Osborne debts who may be an icy broke bits. Yes, I snorted ants for breakfast absolutely k, not look anyway, but the problem with the gorse thing. I was just talking about this as they try to say that he said hundreds of thousands of people die from you know. Look hundreds of thousands of people do not die from the flu,
single you're, but here's. What I wanted to get to as well is the right. Hold the right accountable and they do now not as well as as I would like to see them. Do it. For example, we know anything that was about line of questioning from Senator rampart- and I like Senator Limbata, even though these briskly, that being said Let's look at these lies that we just went through from some sort of my own briar and see. How they were treated on CNN by Jake Tapir, who is seen as my God. The epitome of actual journal I threw up and I'm off a little and we'll compared to what Tucker Karlsson did with Senator TAT crews. Rightfully so I want you What matters is not just which side is right. Here's the thing before you get who which side is right- and there is a right side and a wrong side I dont shy away from this idea of partisan politics. Doesnt mean that the right is correct on everything. What the left is, what the left is pretty much wrong and everything, but the right isn't correct on every side
That being said, there is a right and a wrong and they do tend to line. They do tend to fall on one side of a political line at this point. So before you get to that, though, the only way you determine what is right is what is to assist. Of accountability through a meeting of minds through diverse voices voices, not skin color. Not penis vagina or in a split five guys, hot dog. My point is: if you like David, set of opinions, calling each other out. That's how determine what is correct, let's see how they old sort o my oars feet to the fire unseen and objective and Joan Hudson some assertions made by the Supreme Court Justices today that were simply false one example, justice to my oars said quote: we
over one hundred thousand children, which we ve never had before in serious condition and many non ventilators that that's just not true. There are fewer than five thousand minors hospitalized with colored right now. Seen there on the right road, the figures, not a hundred thousand, and that includes minors who are admitted because of covert and ones who tested positive but had been hospitalized. for others. Reason, art in areas where there are a lot of facts and figures turn out from justice is across the spectrum. There tat Some of them certainly raise questions from from people who really know their stuff on this issue either way. You knows that vaccinate genes work. Everyone knows that. That's what save lives. Her colleagues on the right wing we're coming out from very different direction, as you probably know, just a soda, my or actually wasn't in the room, she was because she has diabetes. She won't be listen to the arguments and asking questions from her chambers coming fracture import,
because I don't give a rat's ass if she had a fake leg, shooting but she was she was talking beyond the court. While stop you. I was to be a gentleman in the core, she was talking. We on the court, because I can think of a victim complex use, even people who think the excuse that she was talking beyond the court. That's not her job and that's because the right with going after really who cares if their correct it does matter. If they're going after her heart also, she has diabetes and she's only shit for cookie, she could have said anything. That's really not so much the result of for research as it is excellent craft. Makin jeez, yes vote! She had made some stuff up in his tree for her What has just remember that pivot will come back to it. The pivot is what and like I said. We know that vaccines are the best way to keep people, that's exactly what they pivoted to each time. Right now they said this. She just said there. We know vaccines are the best way I want a second was
the former australian Prime Minister. What's your name our committee. Was it tat how, in the Middle and Malcolm Turnbull cattle farming, act and boosted, and I believe that was I believe it was broadcast, and this is anecdotal, but statistically this is also reflected. Just cause covert. Here's a people or vaccine boosted are getting all at one point. You would be fact checked number, you said that when you were vaccinated on social media, you said even the vaccinated can catch and transmit it. Your affection, and they acknowledged? Ok, you can, but it's not as likely, and then it was Ok, you can, but you get milder symptoms, but here's the thing now islamic round, if you're vaccinated you can get it interacts, aid and boasted. We see it all the time he have mild symptoms, you're not vaccinated, you can get it and you have my symptoms. You're not gonna blame. Does there is no discernible deference in contract and all that at this point, if your backs rooster,
MAX, I well what what's gonna happen if you and that's what amount symptoms, what can happen if your backs mild symptoms? Well, jeez, that's a tough decisions, yeah, that's so I get this thing in my body that we don't know if it causes Mayo, Cardoso, sore, problem. No administration. Where am I right? As the ideal cried diet? Is I'm sorry, I'm not a doktor who neither are these people etc? At least I got a closer than one hundred years later than this lady in the Dame Edna glasses or that's true. I allowed you think this lady takes pride and looking like she rolled out of the right side of the bed. What does with CNN and wacky glasses and say it you shouldn't, be they wear glasses, January's link their stylish just as none of the more dishevelled you look, the more credibility you have. I want you to look like you are a nineteen, fifty secretary and a clown world class, but I want you to like the nineteen fifty secretary who none of the executives wanted to sleep now,
the one they had to hire right it because she lost her husband, the one who was hired by the executives, wife by the way hiring Selma dammit. I wanna higher sandy. It's so much about you. He'd, leaving your socks, stirrups and hotel rooms. I know I just want to Are we talking about the same Australia that just had a four day like lockdown and if you weren't vaccinated you couldn't leave to go to work a colony of rapists and murderers that place. So, let's compare this to you just say what they did their where they allowed her to get away with all of these excuses and Soda Meyer, let's compare this to Tucker Karlsson, holding senator takers, to the fire over the fact that TED crews, senator takers did very disappointingly referred too many of the protesters on January six, as terrorist. Now I do in his defence. I think he was meaning to say the people who breached the capital right, but doesn't matter still make these people terrorists here is
an actual interview holding someone's veto. If I show guess what I in a lot dumb people in the Congress you're, not one of them into smarter than I am, and you never use words carelessly, and yet you called this a terror attacks, when by no definition was it a terror attack. That's a lie, it was sloppy and it was frankly dumb and not only by the hour for look I've known you a long time since, before you went to the Senate, you're Supreme Court contender you take words as seriously as any man has ever servants and every word. You repeated that phrase. I do not believe that you use that accidentally stop, but that person, you're, not a terrorist, how many of you Been charged with terrorism, on January sex like watching? that word you're playing into the other side's the resolution that is Joe can't just explained, allows them to define an entire population as foreign combatants, and you know that so
today was so whose re acts by the way, since you are a senator like there s other than merely encouraging and proud to kill me Chrome, Catalonia, diabetes gather one has been arrested or charge. What is that how it would have engravings like you know, tat. I had low bloodshed I have diabetes is again I pronounced like will for Burundi. I needed a billboard Tucker exactly what I needed. You need one right there spot nubs responsibly, but could have built a complex you're a little extra promoted. Hey, I didn't lost some way to did. I know they are vital to build. Was the built largest replacement? Sweets with them built bars certainty, the bird You know I don't want to be like Soto Meyer with the diabetes, that's what she needs their objectives, built bar instead of a low Debbie. She wouldn't have an off by ninety seven thousand three hundred filled with rain fog and not enough. She s exactly.
Hands. I am sorry. I have a long term goal, lady, my in my brain everywhere. She sounds like a virus. No you! Don't you just down works, choosing Delta Burke. If she was a spanish, Well, you better safe and ask if you want to see the kind of any exchange between forty and ran pallaby know. What would I do that before we leave, because I'm going to the product very to gain a function and I'm sure that are probably time area? They were so by the way everyone out there again smell everyone watching right now. Smash the like one right now, if you're on, to smash the like, but it is a first they back after being banned and when Youtube suspends you that real, hurts you any algorithms to smash like button and when this video is done being broadcast live just ass. It you leave a comment. We discuss, Things with you, Dave is in there all the time
just don't centering, they don't not understand you direct message, yeah, it's what I do: Sweet Cherry Detroit, Pd Sixty nine at Yahoo COM, if not an email, you see that's just one of them, but you ve grown the less quite a bit. I saw your renting out to Don Junior, that's correct, LAO Cell and Hunter. I don't discriminate just selling Buddha, he destroyed it so our itself, but we're gonna move on here. We have a few things, will go punt New York tomorrow because it's a hell hole, surprise, but what's going on right now entered in international news. Cassock stand rights. Obviously, there's been some violent on asked Dick jail. Aren't you going to people who don't know? Because this is a subject? We know that for Americans is often a boring and the reason for that is because you know most of the world doesn't care about Kazakhstan in its unfortunate
because in the realm of human history they ve been inconsequential, Gerald you're back a little bit right so that I think one of the reasons that this matters is because what's going on in Ukraine, is well what happened with Crimea. So there's there's a whole lot. That's that's really happening right now, but in Kazakhstan they they basically had an issue with fuel price. going up? That was the initial kind of protests, reason rains and they entered a cap on fuel prices January these guys, by the way, it's an it's an oil rich nations, so they shouldn't necessarily have any problem with this that that's what I do. They have plenty of oil, but it was more about some the social issues at their facing as well, so it started with gas. It was all about long, various social, ass, very bad economy right, but it's also about as Putin Puppet leader who is is essentially siding with Russia ass right, so that this is good for you. How you excited about all that, as I saw a hundred people, were killed when you sickly. All I can do is gonna walk you right into that hundred. Sixty four people
eight thousand people arrested. They called in russian troops to help put this down are the only way that they can do, that is to say that outside agitators. Russian troops cannot be called in unless it is outside influencers trying to kind of stir things up and over the country. So they claim that was what, going on. No, it was just people protesting. It was just citizens protesting and sang look you're, a dictator. Essentially, we don't want you write to jail people that you disagree with and shoot me, which is what they ve done. They litter they came and that's like the bill and protests going on and Donald from saying National Guard Earl. If you call of euro just one more time, I will fire you where you I'm trying to you. The Elam Riots, Bailum riots, but that's like Donald Trump going. Ok, mostly on peaceful Riah, shoot to kill. That's exactly You are both on various and they were most successful. Right. Ok would be like turning the hell's angels loose, could be a limb riots and agent rides for charity. Well, now they ve been reformed a little bit of art. So here's what you need to understand that this is important. This is like
the reconstituting of that Soviet Bloc right. This is basically Russia putting its back on earth yet put it putting power back out into these places. Saying we're gonna take over Ukraine. We're gonna take these other places. Now they don't have to physically take over cut out and they just have to have their guiding control. That's it right same kind of thing is happening here, so are supposed to leave. Ok, everything's peaceful now, they're supposed to leave this president disposed to reform a little bit, but we'll see tends to say that had not actually doing it s an interesting that for all of the talk about Donald Trump and Russia, China behaved pretty well under those few years. He dead then, rather than something now not, then something happened with Brok Obama, Ukraine. Here they took something of the country a whereas someone someone, Georgia, Crimea, Georgia, there was, and I got a study we had. We had what what what would you say about sub somewhere an estimate of about two, maybe three, three four years of peace that similar go. I don't you know. How did I get residency down something another take. What are the chances is that there are like we were assholes. I forgot
being ass well for about four years. I just remembered I'm really good at it. Yet so I have decided to go back. You know to go back to my routes of S holy Stan. It's like you know, you see the Rocky three was happen. I train in s Jim in the I have. I have tiger and hunger and then reach point in silk sheets. Were I say I don't need to be issued in me more, but then I wake up one day and say I No longer me, you italian men with policy face stop cold. Yes, yes, and now you have demented circus monkey who doesn't know where Russia is a myth. He's lace, accordion
well yes, I actually told him. We were taking no land and actually shrinking our borders by tricking him in sending him boardgame risk and used. Marker gave us everything. You always started Australia. I didn't even ask for ITALY, but I think this is actually what's been going on over mechanics unless we can for people who missed it among touch.
How many than you think, you're drunk so much marker genes are well look serious, hey at least what's going on. There is nothing compared to what him and we all know we're and Pearl harbor real insurrection looks like This is drunk you think they are
was chill out. This is roughly the same. The same thing we ve ever make your life earlier, guided how you are going to be heard. Everybody these Mercedes, these guys worst crimes is dressing like an idiot. What why did they do this? By in Kazakhstan? when I was because the because a gas prices were too today. Why what's goin on why you nervous, but nothing just to look it's in it, what's happening. I lied, what's happening unseen and rang it or what this
Marriott these days, I've told you don't remember this, don't start coups now in foreign countries it was self defense. no, it was not that's not true and you swore in another language. I had a swell. I had another language, but it wasn't to start the whole riot. Well, thank let it Your did now Saki. I won't do it again, I'm trying to do it this way. I look eight thirty, eight a gallon. I might do it on the clock. Now nobody was hurts, except for some people, the ardent thirty seven some, except for summer, Kazakhstan, oil wrestlers
like how this is happening over there for real, though- and here we're just like you- just keep Bang and us in the ass. Yes, we're just gonna keep rolling over five hours out you in the bath would seriously they were away. That's what our gas prices, if quadruple right there like two dollars, yeah, there's the healing everybody just think comparing to Australia, Austria like go into a quarantine camp. I guessed pointing came for me, whereas in college and mine, your home curveball, all I beg your mom, their gas prices, literally double that was it and that their like taking due this tricky have not enough cars like Eads grants a ball. I want to blow up that's you'll be a country, I'm serious! I'm saying you should don't do a violent uprising. There then I would say, of course, I'm just saying entities that are not applying it from behind and just out yet look here's the beer. When people try and say all the right want to civil war. Look long
for you ever get to the point of a civil war about this go out just go either yeah, let's go outside and let somebody give you crap and like really care. Just don't be a fool. eight and live at home and play by the rules of its vacate chase you just that's what you start with you to start giving a rat's ass of a living, your life? That's what the red states have done, hey, prostate, take notice.
That's him out, so they have a sea travel down to a red state for vacation washing out of a chronic drag party. She avoided it because you a double vaccinated, but it and take into account making out with rue Paul, for there was a story that people in an Arctic, a half of a research team, completely isolated from the rest of the world, got covered. Ok scope. Can we all think yeah Jesus? I shouldn't have touched Amazon Prime package as it does. She had just say that it's that it's fine, that she was there, because there's no mandate that you and forced the men mandates. That's you showing that you'd leave what you say right, coronets, what's important about seeing and yet more like taste in men, yeah well serving everybody says sex with me in ever foot fetish for him it's what is wrong right, Eurylochus adults ever foot furthest for em, but here the face for the foot of a fault. vice.
Why dexterity insulting know what the accident, the Kazakhs, Daddy Jeff Ross Roaster of Yo Yo, see. I tried to look elsewhere in the eyes of, but one went around asking Frothin. She said, nay, she said the horse Thirdly, should I bring flowers? She said flowers, how about blood the fate. If breaks leg, let's make sure they should or the the best part about going bait. With Elsie is that I get to have been The lamb compacted Bobby I weren't applies fifty. He knew snag. This is our currency players. I dont have to buy her flowers when she's already wearing a wreath of them around neck. This is through just after
I'm fine when she doesn't have drag queen attached to second voter faces rose from her kick this the men had the Bob, though, if they just stupid, breaking out dancing, it does all its debts and drink, but totally five. She says she is worried about having children because of climate change. I Taylor, not worried because you're, a fool hardly know all about it works. You took the central european areas where no one, so I guess you can now Dr Subaru B is Ale Sie, dead, womb abuses Kazakhs dammit. Old comic book I know believes this is bumping. My
what I am not going to say slaughter formation, or we will say that by the way of bumping, Elsie was bumping ugly with dread cream, and I could not break out who would be. They have same size being big Spain is really more of our. We all have weaknesses do it's true course. That's all. She will rise, so we ve been giant dragging behind her she lay the early, Of course, this all means that we are just wanting to data yes well. Rehearsed shows what words can take her out unless I type capital back of her s, or feed trough rights. Here
tie it to her face ass. She can do the chilly while I arrive or if that's true, behind, though I have to put him on to make sure she must make for kick me also paralyzed Cristoforo Eve, so solemn gets up, she's just dragging a stage. I didn't show, is Heather binder Did you see her cameo in no episode of eighteen? Eighty three: is she wasn't made by federal self people pumpkin? What else? I don't think we need to talk about this and more the russian troops shut down the unrest there'll be leaving it sure they will again day just static has extended by for those of you who are watching here on Youtube, of course, can watch and rubber audio alot of people don't know on Apple on Spotify. On Android, because when we, when we get the boot here on Youtube, and we were gone for a couple of weeks. So please we just don't want to lose touch with you. It happens Monday through Thursday. Ten m
eastern, elbow on rumble were, of course, of urban. My club audio is really important to, and sometimes we had some bones content. There aren't working and with this I know we ve got a little late. Here, that's been fun today it has been fun, it and made ready and back. I've had fun now. Well, you know I really would really like we don't. I guess we need to find a name for a catholic Stana. Yeah Stinger has outstanding and sought could be a good reoccurring. Word has externally rose comic, hey you get the natural product great ass, the Kazakhs Danny could surely do think James, a keyboard a few more about it. I think so. These next person does great work in exposing corruption of government when he is not in the least chaps dancing to Oklahoma
all tat S, the common view me. I don't go to your job and slip payments out of your face gaze. Joe goes all this time, just it goes all those dependency on your ways. One day is the level of Burma's ill see repel. It's been a girl, like reverse, magnet to only luxuries, go Lou residual under whisper headaches. Don't covering riots thumbs down the above alive with people killing one another ass. I learned to whisper on the helicopter with Brian, William CS. Very real story, yes before here like couldn't in launch racket at is so anyway,
a new military die. What will go back to this released by project? Very tough James? Look if they really do some incredible work proves that found she and the and eighty and HIV. What is it now Institute for allergies, infectious diseases, something like that. I knew that they were funding gain. function. Research in we'll on here is- and I recommend that you go watch of course, the full content product varied us. All. References are available, the link below and lines of credit outcome. Clip project vera task is obtained a separate report to the inspector general of the Department of Defense. written by the: U S Marine Corps, major Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA fellow, Major Murphy, makes claims in his report to the inspector general that, if true could be damaging to the official narrative that has been played out to the world over the past two years. Major Murphy's report states. You go health alliance approach, DARPA March, twenty eighteen seeking funding to condemn
gain, if only I just search of that born corona viruses stop or rejected the proposal, because the work was too dangerous and could violate the gained a function moratorium, despite Eagle health position that it would not occur into the documents the end I under the direction of doktor found she did not reject the proposal and when I had with the research work hard and several sites across the- U S, let me give you just a few snapshots here, because we have to go to my club. This is from major Murphy. The author of the report is governed agency by the way, Sir Where's covert, too, is an american creative recommend, bat vaccine or its precursor virus. It was created by an Eco health alliance programme at the wheel on Institute of Iraqi also should be noted that the report said that I remain was quote identified as curative in April twenty wanting. The report emphasised how hydroxide clerk wheat is mentioned specifically by Eco Health in there there regional proposal, as Sars covered
areas of Europe. We have ever met her this row C4 officially horse right now, that's a cheese. Moreover, she prefers to take and paste form, but we have to hide in crime cheese is otherwise should go with them. They would help with another comes top with a call for the dog can. So this is what port about this, and this is definitive that I've Rebecca not about definitively single hydrogen hydrochloric winners. But what I am saying is this is Then it was specifically mentioned by equal health in their proposals People acted like Donald Trump, like anybody else's, took it out of thin air. No, this came from what medical professionals, people, who were following the site now science changes. What you can't do, here's here's, how you kill? Science, can't you kill science and a few very, very
simple steps. You kill science by blaming scientists, ok, who, at the cusp of research for being incorrect in by the way a hypothesis people need to be able to make a hypothesis then test it k, so you can't blame scientists for creating a hypothesis thinking. We think addressing working might work in them. They have actually, I remarked in his curative but hypothesis with drastic work. Well, if you fault scientists- and you condemn them for testing hypotheses, guess what that's add for science and then on the flip side, if you allow scientists who have of tested their hypothesis, who have come to know controlled conclusion they are wrong and you let them get off Scot free. You kill science, that's exactly what we're doing we're blame the people who are trying to test hypotheses early on, and we are letting people like Fouche ye who are verifiable wrong, getting
without any blame. You couldn't pick a more effective two pronged approach to kill science, basically by this. Is the organisation declined to fund this research because it violated the guy a function moratorium but found in the National Institute for hours infectious diseases granted the funding anyway and then absolutely lie a congress about it. Then I think we can end on by the way everyone what too heavy. Well, where are you staying here right now in the science? Where do you stand you? I would not want to hear from you guess how many of you Omar grant it once my family were all fine line. Were all fine, we're all fine. I want to know how many of you have forgotten what your symptoms were like just consider this control group and again, if you're, watching right now, please smell. That, like bottom here on Youtube. We have a cliff there were about to go to, and this
that is what they are talking on. It is because this is this is what happened earlier when found she was taken at the death threat, ok, Arafat. You think it's pretty funny up while flats, let's watch this because, as some of you may know, just about three of four weeks ago in December twenty furs, a person was arrested. Who was on the way from Sacramento to wash in DC along feedstock in Iowa weakened, and they ask the police astern wooes, going in is going to war ancient DC to kill doktor vouchers, around in his car in a our fifteen and multiple- magazines of ammunition, because you think that may be on killing people. So I Ask myself what we I would send it to want to do this, so go to ran, pool website. and you see fire doctor She was a little box that says,
you would hear you can do five dollars ten dollars, twenty dollars a hundred dollars. Rising rightly lined with any off. If you had a strong, thick epidemic for your political game. so the analytical tag, and I urge colleagues to end in a politically reprehensible exotic readin days. How can we defend it now? In our view, it is already late werent around these. If we knew this compromise is that, although we think about that answer, charred and feathered reputations of people at Stanford Oxford at Harvard doctors who disagreed with you who, by the way, are verifiable, correct amigos you just to attack me. Then there was a guy who wanted to kill me. I guess what guess what
say TAT Paul has been swore it more times than you. I am done you tube. Thank you, but not really. We're gonna get a mug lobby of a tribute to Bob Second Youtube. Everyone else smash the like button comment. We will see tomorrow at ten Youtube this off.
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