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I'm PRO-GUN! Michigan School Shooting Proves Teachers SHOULD Be Armed

2021-12-01 | 🔗

There was a school shooting in Michigan that could have been prevented … if the teacher was ARMED. Crowder explains how and why. We also review the shocking bodycam video of the MSNBC reporter following the Rittenhouse jury. And good riddance, Chris Cuomo! #ChrisCuomo #GunControlNow #KyleRittenhouse 

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Ok I'll keep the short. Thank you audio listener, because I know that the Lahti. Sometimes you send a message saying I wish I could have seen this. If you do it not a member of my club today there is, I will say this Dave. make some comments about Brian stouter that are wholly inappropriate, bordering on hateful. Certainly too, be condemned, but I'm not gonna
Gotta go. that's called there. I was worried because no sound was acting weird. All man, that's called in I'm already winded slurp, because we some technical, that we did. We cannot confirm or deny that Chris Cuomo Hectare tracking
LA still, investigators, not impasse with naked yoga. He must know he did downward dog on our on board these that are going to have my sister thinking so that we have a lot to talk about today. The shooting can happen yesterday. We have some updates and that something that just happened yesterday we cut out when I heard about forty two views: the jury, video of NBC producers following the jury. Of course, there's an update on Cuomo Santa is black we're going to go through that we have a lot to get too. But let me just take this. A thing today is lying and not only lying but you'll, see it with risk from a lot of people are missing. Some details here: mobile refresh your memory but anything what the jury issue NBC, MSNBC its continually lying when you don't need to lie. and lies that are so egregious it's not the lie. It's about the fact that these p both fear, no accountability whatsoever. Sometimes
If the civil wars like what are you, there was a complete once you have the lie: it's a completely unnecessary lie: it's because it what they do and how many lies led up to that lie same thing with Chris Cuomo seemed we're going to go through with following the jury in the corral, written house trial and veto by the way that people say words are violence. Yet these are lies that are sometimes actual crime. Actual violence will accept salting women, the brothers Cuomo, that's what they are like other like there, the Van Helsing of sexual assault, territories and then, the lie with NBC following a Jew. trying to doktor Jerry. These lies Surely harm people would set baggy their Dave, don't show that on air are well before we get to it it's
colossal me something about it. I'm thing about nine rag as an ok lights in my eye and Medicine Madison. Well, let's just make sure, doesn't make it. You groggy yokel redress mass that around Gerald AY awesome herring order. I am doing well still illegal to follow a jury bus right No, it's illegal to intimidate a jury and I'm not sure of being a national producer following them running, red lights would qualify so fine line there. It's all about as a left would say nuance in by the way that often means grey area, so I can our. How are you, sir? I'm all right, I'm glad we got the audio, I'm glad I presume the criminal gremlins out of the technical side. Well, we can neither confirm nor deny we can all those urban or allegedly, allegedly, allegedly, by the way Chris Animal should allegedly grabbed his active producers ass in front of her husband at a party? What's up with these seen in party, what did I say allegedly, though? Absolutely?
definitely he admitted to know this? Was this now that crystal that interested crystal They both on a website with his brother I mean what's going on, we know exactly what's going on quarter black? How are you search is being facetious. How are you doing country when the hat was also conscious? You get a firm you admit, takes all the while the set. Ok, I want to sell everybody when you go to as you go to his house at night, he looks like the Grannie and bugs blackout way as a parallel raves Gunnar, and are you performing December seventeenth and eighteenth Funnybone Syracuse New York get your ticket. Dave. Lando, a boy- and I just went out helium New year's eve, and I follow what else like absolute help and more or why it before we move on, especially now with twitters policies they just banned by the way. Andy no is he's done on. Twitter is a well How do you do you think that the anti varieties are gonna give consent?
gay up. Yes, that's true. White supremacist were honest gauge and this one major synonyms, the gay, a reason why Andrew Player had to leave Mumford and has said that I guess the whole crew of this time and I there's like to fuel. I also remember Mumford sons, one song I do late on a million times. I know it was the ultimate pop song look. So I It's because of twitters policy Youtube. If this, If you don't see it streaming on Youtube, it is streaming Monday, through Thursday S week at ten, a m Eastern. You can watch it on mug club, you can watch it on rumble we're doing. Our on my club today, will be playing the don't make, I'm like they used to with play misty for me, women get there. happy. Now, though justified in the show rightfully so I will say yeah yeah yeah, and you'll understand. When you watch it, you see. That's offensive, not your you'll see
before we get to that a lot to get to today, it's kind of a hodgepodge in any breaking news mission control. Let us now began we're getting new information about Michigan. We're going to information about critical must be as yet, I hope not. for that live in the same old enemy. Screw you does comment below We ve been around someone who lie so often that that's just becomes a part of it Ok, let me can I go after this? Is it this and by the way you have kids watching. This is a story I'm not going to be profane, but it's a true story. I had a friend in high school and I've told us before it's been a cup Yes, I have a friend in high school who was a compulsive liar. He lives next to another friend of mine, and he said he came into the cafeteria one day, publish a news is covered cabin, and he came in one day and he said whose guys lustre this weekend, I saw your friend, doubtless call him I saw Derek, could see him who was window playing, Williams playing with himself for like an hour and a half years ago, what a loser and at
Stuff, we didn't, I thought it was alive because this guy said he could hard flip knows, grind ready you everything I had three motorcycles photos Eliab Hour and a half your friend from Canada, what little Hannibal eyes at Babylon. What I said to myself look Calvin. What even if it's true when destined did, is normal its natural way, you did not Derek, dare on what did I say: does Normality today now that you're sitting there, like its disturbing navy, is getting binocular, soda water or lie like sick, but that's what compulsive liars? Everyone thinks through the lie. Like Chrome, Chrome, honest, I would lie here and there because the cap would say how much you ve had a drink and I would say, to beers right, it'll, just migraine medicine, so there's twelve ahead, as I will read the label so Lizzie before we get to any that lives, oh who is by the way a hugely successful music Cartagena massively bananas.
again take on a lease erodes successful I would say obviously such a successful portly success morbidly successor, yes difficult did cruelty in walking level of success. has already. She looks she decided to expand her, expand her already expanding horizons into painting got a year. You already know its ambitious outcome. vicious club
show me the club or that I'm saying she's so happy about it, and that this was a wholesome video lives by was great up until that point. I generally. We I think she's gotta was going to be like. I know where you do your hand in Turkey, in which her case it would look like. I would look like veal since through Three globes she painted. I don't it would I look at are looking at a small screen. Was that a globe I do I do I don't really know why I just as
Compass won't help. What is this I mean like filled him. I went from from beetles risque I wanna home, I'm gonna have to carry out our enemy
Elvis shaking his head. It was like burn the tv rights in our like what a hero, how beautiful and brave meditating I just want to back. I think it might have been lips that she panted insolent its excellence, kissing her ass, an ant. What is similarly what you wanna leaving lips? I don't see why? Well you know exactly why? Let's just add some happy trees, yes treated desperate, how that power on earth I dont, which that's lips on the page there against these are lips, maybe another way the paintbrush everyday use on her, but is commonly used for signing on AUS yeah. Why Don t we need more red tape wherever just another roles better get home a permit to do it better use coats? the driver. You need a court know. Probably a gallon. Don't take a little bit too if the ban, a big blue,
that's just by bear paint she ethnic sent us. What are you paying a bus? Haven't you blew I do need an entire smurfs movie. The only if she were to do an accurate to scale Clifford, you would have to downsize model joke now. You in front of her because of her wait now. No! Yes! Yes! Yes, why? Because everyone has to phrase this now we just talked about yesterday were again: it's a lie. Its authors, anti obesity that that was a mug. Clever people are confused, anti obesity bias in the medical field. Do you may medicine? We are just contributing factor to eddying healthier, not that's what medicine is. I don't take to comment on one o little take nineteen call me in the morning I don't know: do we have an elephant blowgun? Can we Can you imagine our auction words like this is a lost drawing from Rembrandt. It is worth one
five billion dollars, founded a yard, sale? Yes, and then next up we have lizards aspirin. Yes, as follows: by Hunter Biden: cocaine bender the little known story about lesser later in her life she cut off her ear, not because she was deaf to hear vibrations of the piano through the floor. She crashed through your triangle and you to feed the fleet for a week. Also the feelings were gone from diabetes. Yes, I beat us, she just didn't mail them anyone, because they were a hazard and they were accidentally sold a Chinese. What market as book feet easily mistaken because we don't judge cultures here is this? You should know what a tranquilizer found out I warrant, I beg of you, that's the way towards the pleasures of the Picasso. Dirt Maria! That's that
What is it, what is the precursor even related to take a view? Siena Picasso, obeying the only artist she could think I like these costs, are now she's a precursor. What's she doing ass face like lab Catherine, had forgot where faintly the fate wax. you imagine the turkey handprint, though, if she did do it like two fingers and in this way runs at a canvas, that's what she was painting. Turkey does, the Big Astor gobbled why you why segment of the population wants to citizens zero many to manage. This is a serious nevermind. I guess I series squandered always look back right on fossils. There may say this is no. This is sort of the triple the transition fossil and he always wonder like what a fake ok, so they will often tell you because of you, no biological evolution that we have bigger heads now because we have a bigger brain. You know where they used to be bigger. These dirty our teeth used to be different, depending on whether we were
agrarian society or we were nomadic? Ok, what do you think? Would have in two hundred years. If they find a fossil of less out, As you can see here, you know entirely different. We believe that this law Humph was to preserve water and air into regions. I think the way things are going nobody's going to be able to have any strengths to dig giant Gandia sitting around going. I wish we still looked ass. If she does we're dog and walks. You could have Laurent of Arabia riding ammo and no one you like water, mechanics and so Unlike what I have another question before we get to it? What do you think that ring up before the bodies or even called what do you think we need to do about when people talk about mash things can only because I hear a lot of people opposing solutions that I dont think they believe would work now, saying that more guns will reduce measuring. That's, that's not our argue.
People on the right or not saying, hey, you're gonna, eliminate all violence. If you allow people are right to protect themselves, we are saying that in the face The violence human beings have the right to protect themselves solutions coming from the left after Michigan. Don't Any sense online. You believe that you can make all of America Gun, frees up and I'll get to that in a second, but first Chris Koromo he was suspended in death they are now no this for a second Fredo true, but those back, although he had and works. A couple of human is back and Chris Cuomo, so if they, if, if they ask have to, but don't say it and then we're Kristen must be really bad well, he could become
we'll see genuine, only assaulted himself, everybody. He was an irrational like to masturbate and zoom call, but you have to keep slamming you're testicles in the drawer. Work seriously come on guys, revolt masturbated on these zoom made the first time to who knows about just at the mute button problem solved part calling the kettle masturbate map on. To abandon just before the end of the day. Grab some cognac, relax, gonna someone with a trench go to arrest of merryland New Yorker, that's an inner pulse on new. You can way, she Cuomo allergies, right. Ok, so he was suspended indefinitely her Chris Cuomo forty.
being here's the thing I've won you they would help and his brother review is suspended because they found out that he was digging up dirt on the legitimate closures of sex assault from normal. So here's a statement, the New York attorney general's office relief, transcripts and exhibits Monday that shed new, let uncritical most involvement and brothers defense. We also pay the unique position he was innocent from CNN and his need to put family first and his job second, and then later they said. However, these documents to a greater level of involvement in its brothers efforts and we previously new. As a result, we have suspended Chris definitely pending further about, innovation. I want to be clear something here I get it. I don't think this is the worst in the Chris Cuomo has done now. He, if my brother, for example, we're in trouble and I had the ability to help him on the show I cannot put myself in his shoes because I wouldn't help em dig dirt.
On people that he allegedly in a rape, sexually assaulted, you're gonna get, I haven't also sexually assaulted people both brothers have so that something that I will not defend but I do understand and kind of respect being more. To your brother to a degree. The issue here is decrease como lie about this. Chris Cuomo lie eyes about every What do I mean by this What are you lie about? He lied about the lockdown member he was out riding is by gay. You lied about that
He lies about the weights that he left. He lied about, frayed, o being a well known, a slur against the italian people. Seventy is part it is like. The issues are not it's a similar against you. Yes, exactly library, inward out, even a slur, if its appropriate, because you are the brother of a criminal family and you're, the worst one your friend does fit. Yes, it really does. Andrew whack, you in a boat right remake the godfather the casting she would read for freight O, a Chris Cuomo type VS find Us Chris Quota. I believe, if you look at the original script, it does say that I stopped Chris sorry mean Fraid of any, about he also lied about? This is some seems inconsequential, but it's not. He lied about his and what do I mean by has never even go back the segment because we found the actual basketball hoop there did sparrow artists prove Emily fruit. We looked at the angle, so he here
out of his way to tell people that he was working on a ten foot rim uploaded it argued with people as too legitimacy in the comments. Shit yeah. But I think that a finnish rice logo is what gave way it was a foreign one table. You look hockey, yellow plastic who got ahead. Tricky search the thing about this, though think about it. No one was saying, but you can't Duncan a ten foot room. It was We decided he what his head poplar polo. I'm gonna lie about this and then defend it, he didn't need to lie. He decided to go out in lie and then defend. the lie vigorously vat is that is up. Apology, and so some people skin past pass it's if he's lying about these things, work, there's no reason along what are you doing with the topics with the subjects we hope
news programme in his brothers governor. How is treating the issue that actually matter where he stands to gain from that lie, so he did have a great run at CNN and we're going to lose some material for sediments. But of course, Chris Cuomo, the lesser Cuomo, it's time to close just looking out of the window. Watching anywhere spoke here. How it looks had not a word good. You know a black on the inside times endings and began again be What are you doing? Ratio pop times. I thought I did so well on that nasal test standing up there. She did the swamp. I did not fully.
I was a loose moon just when the right honey freedom is personal right all the dawning on those are. We saw the young work for us Yes, it is like the inward were. No one town up there I can't wait to do down lemons comin up. It's all. I believe, a good closing time. Oh by the way, did you notice, Brien's Delta didn't defend Chris Criminal, No, he did read the statement this morning, but yeah that was it yesterday. I think why did this morning to date, gnats even worse, he went back no emphatic, I'm I get the times, I'm gonna love, my pre show pump yeah sailor Ben. I would never sexually assaulted woman. Now now regime.
that will allow journalists. Video has been wiped from the internet. His wife was doing yoga and walk he just old and not. Let me be clear. I have no problem I being naked at his house. Okay, if anyone ever says hey this pictures of Stephen Crowd or naked, it is has probably me. look. I've got up very, we can look at the US and I would certainly are evidently so that may be anybody naked deeds. Mouser anybody with incision scars from titanium Murat requires a common procedure. Is the fact that that again, the lack of accountability that that was either streamed or up loaded and some of the Sharia than ever well then, for like a day until someone that's an acre Cuomo Equivalent back.
But I think that was an accident now that he went over to the camera. Now I don't know he's trying to show off it. Wasn't a wide angle lens: he had to pick a spaghetti, hit a mark and probably flush It was like, I hope, a catches has. I am happy on here. The Crimea, yes, but I am often negative has one time I was in the back yard and Betty where this bullfrog would jump in the pool, and I it was dark and was at night so Betty jumps in the pool after this bullfrog issues. I realize she's the book the bull frogs areas down at the bottom up, and she is swimming in a circle and her head is going lower and lower there and they will not get out. So I slip on the porch light at this point to have my firearm at my keys- and I just go like I can't I just wrought my pants and I'm pen to grab Betty and whenever the hell, let's go out over their walk with a wet dog and my penis, that's what I had too much rockets. And isolated socks will do so.
So what'd you turned around and stood there and set it. You gotta keep walk. I waited for a good half hour for my neighbour to your guy. He's we're gonna believe this go out. Your wealth and holding a jar of peanut butter, a neighbour of their training yet ever now don't be judgmental its generational. Ok! So now we're going to move on speaking of lying to NBC, it's not just CNN, everyone. You remember the story of NBC Msnbc Tell you miss NBC following the bus The mass the van of the Cow Rittenhouse Jura- yes, so we cover we actually, I believe we were then at least we broke it on earth. When it wasn't widely summit. We were the people to find the producer. Irene, buying the Asian Lady, but tat it was pretty bad. When you heard story, but just last night the police camera footage. Yes,
was released and here's what again, I want you to watch us see if you can in real time spot the lie. There is a lot first, if you can just here in the voice, that is, it is it who got Cartier or later tie? What's it about they just a certain ways: go yeah! Nothing and naked man. Holding a wet dog like an agent and holding a wet dog without bullfrog hanging promised not normal ribbon. Everybody come on it so who among us come on me, I have not allowed. You must be very proud of you. I can't wait to. Did we find out the real chair it? jerry rolled. I don't wanna go by that you not known as name salt. I know that's. Why conjure up well, if we wanna lots and one for one, a bull crap story, and what to do did you see, I lied?
I know it's Gerald Freaks Gerald these Gerardi jeered because he reminds me of the subway held that every morning you come in and hold up your pants. Well, you show everybody. Let look Dave thought it was the dinner. I am. The new gave it a word in the new EDA twelve in southern two bites. I don't know how it does to scale down a shock to the gaelic everything else excluded there were good accuracy does is turn you why and why? When you, why would swallow the foot long he possibly go now? It's crazy. You show you everything else like a deck of car. Those things are tasty long, pastrami onwards, joints maybe start going through the frigid. The haunted house donor its share together, but look at itself. The body can Would it from the police? This is NBC a producer following the jury Van. I
I want you to see if you can spot the lie in real time here we go significance. The view everything mortar producer, your told you to follow a vehicle and what your office is a normal. How did they know about the strategy? I can hear you know just how dangerous the boss, you just try on March Tinder Box very kind. I saw you devising followed by denizen cool. Did you know which, following lighter,
One of them ass. You do not do that. They get yeah. This lesson by law enforcement, professional, don't be an asshole not your whole life left homeless, can even make anything up the now just hammering lying its painfully obvious and in, but you just admitting to putting people at endanger right resenting. Unless she doesn't, she says we had them position to follow key players to see where the and then she said. Yes, we were just follow. Anybody know you just said that you knew they were key players. Ok,
and now you say you didn't know, and so and also its effect, that like did they follow anyone else who is not not the jurors, hey, where's investigative journalist, all right, they're banned from twitter, so mission control actually just send me a snoop specula can any guesses as to what they said Let me guess, then, its false that NBC follow the jury. Vans are not exactly. They actually said for the claim. In November, twenty twenty one and Emerson BC producer intentionally followed a bus containers and commercial scale, Rittenhouse Unproven. Let's let what they said. What they said was in provided the sin and brands daughter by innocent BC. They say reliable source right last night a freelancer receives a traffic citation, while the traffic violation took place near the jury. Van freelancer never contacted are intended to contact the jurors during deliberations and never fully after intended to photograph them, but that's but the guy was a bad exclaim. Israel's about the final trying to follow the bus. Look everyone right now, you're someone asks you to smash the like button on Youtube.
confirm that you are going to send a letter to snubs. Let's have mission control find a complaint or a tip like some. Like one. So I know how many thousands of you right now are going to put pressure on notes that, It's not only a lie. It's a lie, documentation up. I hope they change it in the face of it, because what they just said, first wasn't addressing the claim and strong, as you see on the police, camera footage yeah. What one of the things you need to look at their. They said it was key players within. She also said: jury members as well knows you're, starting to do remember the whole time, but that the thing that bothers me is there ok, how did you know which which bus to follow like? How did you know how to do this? How did they get? There was one that they just said. side and watch the bus leave and they were following the internet. What? What are you? Ok, so fine you're, following the bus with no intention to contact anybody or photograph and respect and why the hell are. You follow hears us here's here, while only one of two reasons, while dioxin, obvious for all
because you're not allowed to interview anyone related related to the case at all. During that trial, now right or the jury's, I should the jury members. I should say things grow scripts was everywhere with his lawyer. Just completely indicted himself pretty much for one million gauge, but the thing hears is they. I guess we're trying to get their location, so they could try to neatly go after, but but here's think the judge it was well known on the record that they were trying to get the jury out of town as quickly as possible. So there is no excuse. They knew that this was a safety risk they knew the jury knew it was a safety risk and there's a lot more that we don't know kind of like the vaguest shooting who tipped off the cops, wasn't adjure and then who was concerned. How did they look at how did they know where the where, where that bus was? How do we know to follow that bus or that vans are reported to different ways and by the way this girl Irene social media still entirely? What what's your employment, employment status of embassy.
But we're gonna say you did five us, apparently sorry, you're gonna, say something Dave, but then I cut you off No, I was just saying that, obviously, the only reason they would be following them is to dogs were there at right right, courted by other information on that which is extraordinarily dangerous. Yes and illegal, I mean it's illegal. To intimidate a jury. I am not sure if, following an unmarked anonymous car are where they are trot. Yes, ok, you're its iterate frowned PS, its general little round person. All they have to do is ask about tourism com. All they have to do is report you right right on the jury. Knock knock, knock right after the trial, hey. Why did you votes to acquit Kyle Rittenhouse? I looked at a mountain of evidence, so he's a white supremacist to illegally shot people with a gun and care to cross state lines. Caricom: it right that that
we have to do, and all the sudden like you're on your face is on the news and now the rage mob comes after you. Yes, I would like to comment Irene your horrible bitch, and I disrespect you for this and for everyone who wants to contacts no just go to snopes dot com. Such contact comes lashed contact soon, that, like button on Youtube right now to let me know that you're doing it. This is port, because this is about our justice system here we cannot have. I think, I think, about the content. Once this think about the tentacles of these lies, you have a man on, thank God. The saving grace here is no one watches these networks no one respects, but you have someone on prime time who, if this country still It was an actual news. Network was doing the bidding for his brother, who was governor of New York with these single worst covert respond, outside of Michigan, who actively tried to cover it up and both committed sexual assault and recovering up for each other, and then here you have a point
you sure it NBC and one of her lackeys going out to try and effectively sway the jury in one of the most important self defense trials of our time. Think of the car consequences of these lies the media every one in Washington D C, the entertain but industry, people wondered what Bernie Sanders says that the system is rigged, it's not because of a guy who owns a few Chuckie cheeses and make it makes a couple million this year. Is because the FBI, the deal Jake, the president, can go after CALL Rittenhouse the media will make sure that they try and get the verdict from intimidation, coercion or any tactic therein, and then, of course, if you have people who you would criticize we have on this show your brother may be hosting a show, give it. You know what we're not allowed to do this any more on this channel talk now and you can never fail to confirm what I want to do, What a piece of shit segments! On? U turn? We were told. When I got to lose. If that's all, you have to have any more, a lot wondered applying any more.
Now I m up now mad about also with Cuomo in CNN, going after them. What are they? who's gonna happen, while they ve push this agenda. For the last three years, did they really think that were one of the good ones was gonna actually work out in their favour right? I work with third grabbing right. That's what they're doing? No! It's like you're just pushing this agenda. They complete It goes against you and everything you aren't everything that is America, and then it's like. They just kicked me to the curb yeah that was the girl you dumb, bitch, well part my language pardon my languid, that's ok to him. Bitches, please! Just now at the inward to Italians, I dont mean really is pardon me afraid I mean frayed. Does hope this week any has a meeting with a piano wire. Ok. Yesterday
Finally, I certainly that's your old Biden. He was big and cocktail. Waitress is doing it yesterday, former vice President Joe Biden Insurance, we can have total confidence in him. Yes, visibility hey out his presidential duties when you signed for bipartisan veteran bills kind of. consequences for this weekend button a problem for our dear for mere drop and you ain't black you're, a girl, mental, real sign, what are we doing are a problem for our dear for mayor drop and you ain't black, but former. Vice president at half time, I've read bills, although why does is entirely Alomar bide and by the way exhibit noticed she doesn't know his name anymore
J R by military is just look like it's not a J Hidell at such a rate, liner Jays, look, like else, have called for your Jays look like Ella. Have us rather is stop at a sign, a pill mill doktor, so it doesn't have to explain himself later you're like David doubt. I always like egos just our reading me like I'm, going to read the entire thing: no united at any rate, what if it was worth five page green new deal, you would read less than one fifth
read the title title: while it works, you won't sign this. You old coat just a picture of Kemal Ataturk term sell. It comes in a second later and takes the White House. What did I say just have you got a good price, just a photo whose real of Kemal a heritage with is with binds corpse and twenty fifth amendment I just resigned to read your books, hits about many false who a trap door into a furnace just immediately put no home. Is that it's for your own good, Joe Europe, sat now picturing them in a courtyard. With you, no known visiting, oh yeah, that's it. I was present
in tat kind of every Willie viewed area were here's your meds man, like Father, like piece of crops on ok, So I m sure you by the way you note today is a simple. First is so that marks the start of the national safety. These and gifts month upset Toys can be more dangerous than I realized. According to United States, consumer product safety, commission, two hundred and fifty one thousand toy related injuries were treated by hospital emergency rooms around the. U S in two thousand ten. I guess the number was so bad. I just didn't. They didn't keep
the others- and I wish this coming out- there's not going to get better. Let's be honest, two hundred and fifty thousand of them involved a man's rectum. Yes, we now have a talk talk every time. I've ever met a nurse. I like. What's the weirdest thing you found inside and they will tell much time resources see. I've had Barbie Doll. I forget, how did you get that dump truck in there? You know what I am mazes. I do not. I should tell us. Authorities should not be too It gets dirty telling a story of scientists with one of my relatives, examiners opening you know what she found. You have kids, they shouldn't listen to this and I swear, but its Grossman firehouse that power Fraid of direct. Oh, oh, like us your truck fire hose, while I dont over the fire, truck firearms you're like civil rights with german shepherds, Pharaoh's, there's a fire. Yes, what did they think would happen,
things got black how're, that's unvalued line up. I call it a day what a supercilious resign out. The back back I'll leave me but then I was light as a feather, it's still more than ever with what are you doing just plain with a dangerous at that time for my caloric stab at Durban? just filled with vodka. All I knew was a kid who, at someone can tell you. I think I was a supernova two thousand and five thousand. I know about whoever how do you, like your parents, are rich, the area that I had the original super soaker yet, and I had the one that added the ball on the law and I would just taken off had thrown at people cause. It's didn't do any that no one is going to be like extra and was also dram o in their arms. Around that I'd be dead. Did you read the one that could squirt the current course now I did Firstly, the nerve gonna do I was it wasn't rich that I wasn't even that big it was.
It better than me. the Duke around corners and me, and basically and broke after two minutes. I remember the first thing I like: I filled it up. Go out? Thirty reminiscent, of course, so I filled up like hey dad aimed at here, and I want As I say, you're gonna shoot that three there was a great dad. Then he beat me I'm sure a super soaker got me a weapon ones juggle guys. In my day S got a fire hose up. The
all those choices, even the slip and slide and it now. I guess they don't have the hooks that they used to have, I believe, they're vs IE, that it made of metal battles handbook for their regulatory gap. We actually set it up in our yard, where we only had room for it to go into a pricker Bush in no one care. We just did of you to say there was a beard so far for two and a half second impaled, myself, kids, don't know anymore our dangerously towards it. Wasn't you with my dad? He would use to punish me type acted up. He'd make me go play. One darts and a thunderstorm is excluded. All the esa now sketch would then at great when he's like it's big glass, its beggar glare of what he had kids like glass. They pick it up everywhere. Now it's just a beggar glass ceiling as you actually do it better than den accurate. So I think you're not like no have you, madam, but now I just me takes himself so seriously. Now, oh, I don't think he I think he's so mentally gone
The EU has already crystals to anyone. Ok, it's not safe portmanteau and one person who might want to pay special attention. Speaking of lies, the lies now what they go into the medical feels when people say it's a culture warts then I don't know it's a lie that is agreed upon and you are now going determine. What did it do? You one determined what language were allowed to use. And I know you're saying what Stephen you're going too far to make a point no now enter. nationally, respected newspaper and what I want to read all references available. Let us cut it comes not a Photoshop, you believe me. If I could travel in time job, to the fore two years of Obama's presidency where he was against gay marriage, you would say that this is a real story. So close Thompson from Tee, Sir TE site. The test side, England Tommy was caught using a sex toy servicing Thompson and public. This is what the article reads. she is charged with committing a public nuisance by indecently. Exposing her
pain as other members of the public wealth, wilt masturbating from a property window. I live other I'll. Tell you the rest, diving streak of Cheese Jesse. You know right now, and I say the word whales does. What bothers me most about the whole thing plants that man is charged with publicly masturbating autism call winced eating a peanut butter sandwich. Betwixt lay her last part. Was it was crunch, she knows even mood, you must it's too payments was flapping betwixt. Her truly back to me. I found myself entranced by the movement of her member so far as well as she revealed how John Thomas I found myself warming to the sense of her touch. Motherly penis! Yes, as I can,
upon her matronly testicles have happily scales have bank China that I found myself turned off by the chewing gum. I'm curious Gerald and I really can't them for the sharing just like what why what lingual, like that just a sentence in it, as in the lives of people, were like yeah, that's good! Yet Nationalism Gazette Life, the two words her and penis- should never be that close together as it sounds like a normal just saying, peoples are also culture, but look here's. The problem is what, if it becomes hate speech and it is to say no, there's, no such thing as happiness, I'm taking a risk saying it right now on Youtube, just to be clear. That could be on whose monitoring that day could there be arrest, could be considered. Debt dead, naming there's no such thing as happiness. What what why it was, it was said it will make it a line of clothing, hoping as yes, yes, painters. Yes, this is a new trend. I used to our paths that fruit juice,
upon my eyes, but now it's all about her penis couture, Yossi Herbie, Agnes you'd. I will go with me. It's not that easy, in essence These holes, Lord and Lady, a wreck. Yes, May I present to you a Bishop chick with Dick bear him right. Dr. How could that saying? Yes, in have all have serving in her royal majesty's secret service. Whatever his reply, she fell off a house in her right. Testicle was destroyed, bravely distraught and beautifully We forget
beautiful, striking painters obtained so does the guy last condom fits of better get home before midnight or your pumpkin will turn into a penis rule of the earth, but she's left has scumbag, because the legend has that only true loves eskimo shapeliness.
Saw fight so living as I do that in five years, coming from Disney. That's all it's for sure. He'll turn into one were wondering why cinder fell on the area of aristocrats or no cats anymore. It's just no end. What did you expect? We put it in the title for roost, meaning to the family jewels Atlantic, the item cock. I just know him go all day his well for the job. Doping is making create up up up up an idea which, in the transition, is a dream of blue. Just balls,
I believe that this is a balls. They live in a forest and say I've got the ball necessities, simper, ball, necessity, tape that belief sketch the owner, we didn't know added. I forgot about. I forgot about that, but don't ruin it now is clearly better file. he was naked going. He was a good travelling down a river with a boy, a loincloth tell him he didn't need his parents. Is it? Why don't you sit on my stomach and use me as a boat? when I go for a ride, what are below what are the baron necessities? Quill, who denounced rogue lied that's quite a bit more than that, maybe some flints, her Don't you like honey? I do all right. Do I bet this this lady slash man gets his or her toys deliver, preferably by norwegian salmon,
there might be today is also National AIDS day. So she did get that toys from norwegian Santa. She might want to schedule an appointment at the local clinic also because Norwegian Santa you know is a little bit down on his luck. You haven't got a crash up that by this wonderful Chica, very short, because it would allow us to have a social and family so it is subject about adults, cap phone. Also, to your mind, with the den accurate talk, the gain region Santa looks just like an echo trading place, and I don't know how I miss said yesterday: s you're right, I'm not gonna have time for the Black Sea and I will talk about black sent. No, no love you do it now. Will too about Lee with tomorrow. Because we do have to get to this guy doing an earlier. This is more serious and Yesterday and obviously a tragedy, three students were were killed, eight were shot. I want my trip so Freestone were killed. Eight were shot at the time of this treatment ox high school in a suburb of Detroit Michigan for those who mister T about fifty
it sets out upon egg. Is that it yeah? Ok, here's the Japanese removed from the suspect nine millimeter SIG Sauer S, P, twenty twenty two. Pistol. There was loaded at the time and it contains several rounds of ammunition when they took it from him he had a loaded firearm. Anyway, coming down the hall prelim. Investigation reveal that the weapon used in the shooting was purchased on November. Twenty six four days ago by the boys, Father the gun had fifteen round magazines. We found two of them. Ok, so couples giving up there and what we know right now to make sure in front all references are visible light of Kennedy calmly trying keep us up to date as well. There are other posts they let shooter enough. What we know is: fifteen year old, Ethan Crumbly and there are
plenty of warning signs before we get the whole gun control situation. If you see the trends that are going on right now before the bodies assume room temperature, that's what so criminal about it. Warning signs like crumbly, allegedly posted account down to the return of the devil. On his instagram stories, the Bio a second by now removed Instagram account that was suspected to be the shooters it read now I am become des Destroyer of worlds, so you tomorrow Oxford: why wouldn't the school on that with the grammar? That's probably upset about that This charter awoke dragons, so and here's something else. But- and I say this when I say Youtube account, but used to be the shooters. Let me tell you: I don't one hundred percent confirmed here is why we feel ninety something percent, confident that its from him the videos were on a channel or named after him. They all been since taken down and third party sources have confirmed it. So
feel pretty confident saying this is from the shooter on a Youtube channel or who is posting videos involving molotov cocktails and the like so again, rather than the funds we have warning signs from this person. I'm guessing parents paying attention even more his fellow students. Believed that something was going to happen before it did something something wrong. Look like What was worrying everybody there was. There have been some some ominous threats. Posted in recent days is a right that is right. It is here that soon, as like no kidding they play around and say organism. school nowadays that proposal by around with that differences can do that.
Me like this about us that has been going on now. This goodwill has been tried it now we don't came from the shooter, but there is probably didn't from what I understand. There is a separate dear head to the school courtyard and students workers the school sent out an email that There is no present danger, start no present threat of danger at Oxford, high school and then what I'm saying for school began. This morning we identify graffiti on a cement outside our pool entrance doors. A severed dear, had his graffiti. Well. They also, I think they said later it was thrown into an area that a severed dear had was, but, unlike the graffiti, not the part that, where the other companies that site that has ever dear had whether it is not afraid of ever wakes up with the horse had in his graffiti. That's enough
I can suggest so said, though, that you silly biscuits kid on the news you saying you know there was warnings of shooting of this global kids always play like that. That's just said that it so common near the you don't even considered a threat. Well, the thing is exactly someone three dear head discourse our dear head and then there's no threat of danger, so in other words This school doesn't seem like they have to protect security. To begin with, and students were recognising what administrators, parents failed to see like some behavior, let just be clear about the lie like her penis, if someone said her penis right, that's of wanting to where someone suitors askin type b. We used to be to identify certain set to be able to say this might be disturbing, and now you can't make it molotov cocktails that really disturbing of anti, but we see and for training with it. They say these people are just their fighting back her behold a second. This might be something indicative of some
Psyche be now is beautiful, and so we also are, We're self censoring that, what's worse than this violation, the first amendment which takes place in twitter is over, which there complicit we talked about yesterday is the key sure of self censorship, because people are more afraid of offending protected groups identifying truly in the word been hijacked problematic, dangerous behaviour. There more afraid to identify it. Then they are of the kind of behaviour that we ve always known, could be dangerous. but the scary place to be, and it get it all starts with a lie and lie in a lie in a lie and alive and alive. I live and it starts with a lie that men and women are the same and end with alive. Her penis and theirs nothing about us ever dear. How does that tell you need to see what other, knowing you figured the four penises laying out on the football field? My one heavily sin assembly right now
we also need somebody. The students knew about this and establish a more that you're. Gonna get too, but I've been trying to kind of skin through social media in peace, together staff yeah, so many people know about this in their reports that students stayed home. Yes, then, just Ok, I mean I didn't feel we haven't been able to confirm. It does anymore, it's very late hour report, certainly for now already on yesterday, almost the only after you and there's also reports that a parent may be potentially several parents reached out to the school to find out. what's going on prior, so I haven't confirming that yet, just like life reports out there for that right now, absolutely in, I think you're right about the protected group things everybody's worried about protective groups protecting these protected groups right, which leads to print not protecting. Everyone else run. That's the problem today, you Can too, if you walk into a high school boys, room and say lit pantograph and a strap on, and some we'd have to say this, seems like these are equally
our choices on the alternative, I'm not joking aside, a joke having kind of, but that really about it. We're not supposed to judge anything, this culture of not being judgmental forces us to put the blinders and the truth is we don't really put on blunders? We see it. We just put the take over our mouth now, smoke cigarettes in the bathroom. Like you should look, that's what I'm gonna get you don't need pills, just cause cigarettes in numbers of theirs. Thirty of you doing it start view and by the way did when you smoke cigarettes out. You look really no nothing! Now you wrote me a lot. Cooler lack ruler than a lot at her dear head, and I will not bought a shame. We're going to be really cool. You do like a senior whence it with a severed. You haven't you put a couple marbles and what do you think he's nervous MAC smoke, cigarettes, no seat belt, be awesome, gets back, we're getting down, do
it will be the lame take off her. How met grab a few cigarettes guaranteed to carry see what it can do now inside the classroom. You don't do that either now or in a guide. You said Bartle Jacob angry. I know who you are trust me, mere the sound board nine, so It is disturbing, there's nothing graphic but inside the classroom. Again this is a report. Kids however, what you'll see is the initial report are the shooter tried to impersonate an officer or someone other than a shooter, and I think what you see is the tea. you're sending him away and then a student had to flee out the window,
the he said red flag the outcome. We can't you that that regions, mental your body and I will say that there are very lucky that the shooter was really dumb, yeah land shark.
so I think the report is that that actually was a shares deputy that was trying to get in. There will now HIV who may have said Bro kind to relate to what he rise again then their unfortunate that the sheriff they rarely dumb yeah. That's where I get sought. The kids thought that the shooter was trying to get into the room re area, but in a hurry, imbroglio set Red- or I am the county sheriff essay are. I cannot allow wordless again, that's not avenue here. A lot bothers me about that reaction, know that the caves we're just gonna laughing and joking around and not letting the girls out first well that but well, I think they were kind of terrified, but I think I think, those sad part as we near the kid going archives. That's a red flag like that they're. So aware of this now ask it's like, I can't imagine ever being in that situation in high school. I just think people are aware of it and my aunt gutter G, because some was shot in the face she went to school in detroit- is very common.
I'm not sure where this coral it's happening today. They were just weren't aware of it. They didn't have drills all I got shootings I'll get Folia. There were shootings all the time, but I mean the point that there's these massive school shootings work kids now have a language for it is what scary to me yeah on, and I think it might have been helpful if you look at crime. Statistics of people had that language back. I just think people weren't as aware of its workers. Columbine happened when I was a junior high school right and the first thing they did was try to come up with this policy that, if it happens you get on DAS: forgot was not the first. We had three mass shootings in Montreal people who says it doesn't happen outside United States. I dont remember, I think, there is, there is one it can courtier. There is one at a kind polytechnique right. Leave if I'm not mistaken, a guy walked in and execution style killed like thing teen women, something I was somewhere between twelve and fifth
in what I want to say, twelve I'd behind the here, because he thought tat. He had lost his job because it was a man. They were hiring more women with quotas. I believe that and then there's courtiers shooting and then my friends were in a school doc in college, when there was a shooting that went on, so there were plenty of sharing that had taken place. I think a big part of it is that it just wasn't. I didn't have the timing and the capability of using it as a political tool like Columbine, and this is why I want to take a moment to recognise the oxford- Bob, the yeah school at football player. Take mired, tried to save. We want just to be earlier so that that out role hero, try to disarm the shoe to try to disarm the shooter, not Joseph, not Rob wrote Adagio rose and not judge reveller, not Caitlin, Jenner, lots of someone who actively put his life in danger to transit, and he shouldn't have to now people on the left or say we shouldn't have to so many no guns. Here's what I want to get too did here
Again, I'm sorry did do live now. He said now. He's has passed away trying to closely so it's really bits actually heartbreaking, but you know what I hope is hopeless. If his fat we as payment or hope you are proud, who I know it doesn't it doesn't the pain of these wounds. I can't even imagined nobody has a real hero, and yet I am very, very sorry for your loss. Yeah, that's it. I genuinely be save lives, yeah he's a lot of people by putting on a risk, and that is that it's absolutely disgraceful and then actually me to a point I'll, never know how many lives he said what I mean by that. How much time did he by how many people escaped the back door, how many people were able to get out of the window? How many? How deputies and sheriffs and policemen were able to get their? Who knows, it's you're, talking like a game of seconds, a french ale talk about this and wrestling practice. He had a coach
say you don't think two seconds a long time you dont like half a second is a long time. Ok, sit there right now. Count two seconds can have a second now take yourself at home, make it is hot as possible. Put your cheek on that stove count, half a second half a second can be a very, very long time and an active shooting scenario that can be a very long time just that struggle with this hero, take isn't it? I want you to remember it, now. Why does that matter? We can't climb. defy the amount of lives saved just like with firearms, when people are talking about gun control. Right now, if you look at the number of shootings people who are killed by firearms- and I say to take away suicide anywhere between twelve to twenty thousand a year, There are, on the low end, five hundred thousand who over two million defensive uses of firearms each year and a huge majority of them now require shot fired. You no, how many lives are saved by someone bring
up there conceal, carry saying aright cut it out, don't know how many people are per? They stop rapes, they stop muggings, you dont know many people get killed, one there's a month and you have no idea of someone's has gone out and get on your knees. If he plans to take your watch every plans to kill you. So what I M saying is: we know that there are far far more defensive uses of firearms. Then violent, certainly affair so violent uses of firearms and you even quantify how that could be, exponentially more lives saved than just the simple defensive deployment of a fire? And these are statistics that are not even these are not argued. All references of airport lot of Canada come so I want it when people say this is what bothers me when people say why don't you care about these kids. Why don't you to do something that actually helps these kids Here's what I want to get to ninety four percent. Ninety four percent of mass shootings, a current gun, free zones, there is no other more significant signal.
Correlating statistic. What I will say bothers me is: when people come out, you'll have these people who say hey These kids runs like a tropic drugs you'll hear some podcast us to that. Look I get that we over prescribe, but sometimes these kids, disturbed, and so they are offered? occasion, so don't blame Prozac, don't blame, I'm not saying that all kids should be on it, but that's also lazy. These same people say correlation. Does an equal causation. Why Thank you wasn't psycho tropic drugs and it still is nowhere clear to ninety four percent of mass shootings occurring gun free zones. Yes, a lot of don't have debt, People say all. Maybe we're in poorer is no. You can't really say: there's a correlation, the strongest and its undeniable. ninety four percent of all measures take place in countries. It's ok now, the country's own terms, the dumbest thing I've ever heard anyway. So what do you want to do? Make the signs bigger? You think I was the beyond they were like ope. I was gonna, do it but gun freeze, right, gun freely? I've got free zone or, as a mass shooter sees it target practice
because the everybody there doesn't have a gun I now and people save all well. What do you think you're gonna be Rambo if you had a gun and fight that, but you want to give you a fighting chance here. Let's change, let's change a scenario, really quick. Why the extreme? Why the extreme what changes scenario that was a teacher there in a classroom at the door. Now, apparently, it actually was a share. If we use the word deputy law- Worse than ops arousing word bro, So anyway, Let's say that was the shooter, because it actually does happen. Teacher is again promise of July. we think he's thinking- requires Rambo coming under the river. Now some of the door saying landmark, let me and Bang Bang Bang now we'll get offended at this idea of teachers being able to carry firearms I'd, I'm not saying that will solve
not saying that we will no longer have mass shootings. What I'm saying is that ok, let's look the debt of ninety four percent of measuring the current gun, free zones and many schools. Gun free gowns, nearly all public schools, depending on state law. But then it's also usually pointed to the point. Paul and we all know that the public, education, administrative officials are necessary, etc, show a bastion of conservative. Exactly what I am saying is it would give that teacher, absolutely a fighting chance. Contra. With the gun, control proposals right now that you see from the left and they do this the guise of carrying I've seen that's as low as three hundred something million guns, the United States and I've seen stats. It show it's actually gotten over four hundred The only way that the gun control proposals, which you will see on Twitter Instagram Facebook Youtube right now, which they trend. Because of the algorithms unbiased right I agree. Absolutely. My cpu is a learning computer right, neuron that asshole itself.
When you look at those in France, The only way for their proposals to work is if all of America is a gun freezer. If there are any guns we are formally, Let's say you reduce it down to fifty million. That will not stop. Actually. That would That would not make a dent and does anyone here actually think we could get rid of two thirds of the guns in the United States of America. This is also what funny when I hear people argue against the drug war and they say I'll put drug dealers are business right. They won't move to arms are under age, sex trafficking, drug dealers, the cartel they don't see themselves in the business of drugs. They see themselves on the basis of not paying taxes whatever they can sell illegally. To be clear, so the only way that these current proposals coming from the left could help. If you Tire United States, the entirety of the country was a free zone and we all ok, that problem
way from us? No more guns guys and by the way, that's exactly what they want they are not are you think the difference it is a fact that the guy had a fifteen round magazine area and not a ten. Now you think that that's the difference. You don't think that unity, how quick? how quickly you can reload a magazine that would make no difference. Do you say whether it's a pistol, gripper rifle grip, would have made a difference. No doubt ITALY would have would not look at the assault weapons. They look at these cosmetic differences. Look at the gun, control proposals, even a red, flag law wouldn't have stopped because the kid was fifteen and I'm goin on the information that we have now. Let me ask you this: if that shooter was at the door and that teacher had a gun, do you think it would make a difference? Of course you would absolutely. I want my son to go to a school and I want the first day of school, hey guys just to make sure everybody's protected. We want you to know if anybody comes on campus. There are three armed people:
this campus at all times, and you will not know who they are. If something happens, we ve got you covered one. Until the kids their safe to attend. anybody who wants to try to bring a gun to school, their armed yeah you won't know who they are well. Here is also the problem in Michigan. You are a lot. yours are technically allowed to carry under certain circumstances. This includes possession of a non conceal fire and by an individual licensed to caricature weapons session, with the permission of the schools principle or an agent of the who designated by the schools principle or the school board. So here's something the school Potentially I don't what happened with the principal have the capacity to not make him sitting ducks, but didn't anything about it. I dont understand and also what you think, the solutions to our multi. Just now I do not mind. I do not want to thrust upon a teacher who, again I don't want that anywhere near firearm. I think he's a danger, but I dont
Why none of the dinner I'll have the capability to do their work? Just not in everybody is unground and people to do. That's absolutely not people can't even shooters student. If they know them, you know like that's. It there's a lot of layers to write, but there are people that are capable in that building, and I dont know why we forbid them the right that we afford everybody else when someone says so using the solutions to our multi. Just no, I think it's too not forbid certain teachers, the right to self defence. I know why you think it's more absurd for a teacher to have a locked, loaded, safe firearm in a classroom can shoot a habit on his hip. Then somebody, factory line to have one doing appendix I dont know. Why can you comment? Can people, let me know, what's the art That is more war. The kids will take it. Ok,
locked, it says you can have protocols and places or if the teachers carrying it himself, there retention alters that make it impossible in a loaded, Schekem liquor store, there's a reason for it, and I mean even with schools, and I've always thought this, and people can disagree, but the reason why I think metal detectors are good things, not because the tudors not just gonna, run in it just that How do you see a deterrent every single day and if you had armed guards that were right there, it would Torreon from doing that, you add that to the people inside there are willing to carry that's fine you can't look at this and go well what you know. We really should just be a gun, free Zone Gun free school. The reality is that we no longer live in that society. Whenever I wish, I could send my kid to a school where I didn't have to worry about it getting shot up, but guess what no one in America with children right now have that luxury. So we can either do something about it: We can keep this be
conversation going back and forth about how we can arm teachers and I'm somebody who ve ten years ago and, as I said for us at least when it did hit home, was Columbine Jack, as that was glorified in the media. These, were kids. In Cleveland, Eric Heresies warrant losers is worn unpopular kids, one was a sociopath one was following the other. It was a little bit different than what kids get now, which endless streams of your worthless stuffing. on a chew the news telling you that violence is the answer you getting I can imagine being a kid right now going through the most insecure part of your life and being told that violence is virtue by every single new source and not ending up acting like this, where we are poisoning our children with our media, and this is the result of it. That's why you keep saying these shooting these shootings happen over and over and over again, it's not because it just all of a sudden occurred. It's because
there being told to subliminally, and I firmly believe- and you know what I think I think it's well put now add one one wrinkled- that Haiti's would lead to a word like nuance like brown do. I love should like I like is layers layers. You half its cake like a holding she's well, I've refer flickering layers. I want or a hollow air dummy in winter season, so the issue there to his kids aren't told their worthless kits feel worthless. Now, let me let me tell you guys why we actually have a culture participation trophies who have a culture that tells list so that she's, healthy, brave and beautiful and all kids. wonderful, brave and beautiful, but the reason kids feel more worthless and hopeless and ever is because stolen my wife about this either day there's only one way, one way to develop self esteem. Now there is no moral sense. We talk with the Christian is esteeming others for serving others. First you'll always feel better about yourself and you'll always be more purposeful. If you
people, but as far as feeling good about yourself as a teenager earn adult presentation trophy, it's not lawyers committing yourself- that your brave enough Lizzie, no she's on how little notions and healthy if a kid is have self esteem, there's one way that in order to get really really good at something get excellent at something we villa I'd excellent and we ve told everyone that you know what excellences, just as good as mediocre great, you know what you can't tell that to a little boy, little boy doesn't believe it I'll tell you that when I was a kid, my God bless him. I know he's watching. I love your dad. I would get my Take that was Boyd a whole lot. You know what he tried to. He saw this new thing. You have see brazilian judges and if we have to learn taken karate in countries all the stuff that didn't work, and so he said,
teach you to judge you. Likewise Gracie casinos being bullied and I went down to the community center and it was the same guy who taught the karate in the Kung FU was. I could cage sector already made up and here's the thing after that, my mom or my dad would say, do you know what you do to that Bali you walk up to a new Tom, very better, stop or else and guess what it doesnt work. Cause. I knew if I said, or else I get my ass kicked when push comes. becomes a sharp. I didn't believe in myself, because I know that I shouldn't Even myself, ever learned elephant myself, I had never learn to fight, so you can teach kids words. You can teach kids to feel good about the. Most, but guess what they know what's along, and so, when you convince people to lie to themselves like hey your brave, beautiful unhealthy, like oh Tommy, you're, actually a girl, like see minus that's just as good as an a like you know what it's not your fault, if the fault of insert privilege here,
and you're trying develop self esteem that way, guess what it doesn't work, because at the End of the day that kid is lying to himself, he knows it and so kids feel worthless. You wonder same motion right now. Look at uncovered. one of kids able to get good. We have we had a higher depression rate and adolescents and teenagers personally than ever, because they do anything. They can't accomplish anything. You can develop self esteem she will accomplish something. It's that simple. Look in your mind. The fight each other and I'm sorry, I'm not dead, but I I just agree with your very much on that point, because when I was young I was really gonna drawing, but that it necessarily make you popular cool kind of a nerd. My brother was an athlete whatever, so I learned that when I played sorts of people I just had to be worse than they like me, because they were better than me and as I got older that's what I learned is fine. Just sat back and people were better they'd, be my friend right and then
The high school and my dear, was always like you love making films, you love, but then you know it wasn't like every can wander make movies threat was my brother calling me gay slurs that you know everytime, I have the video camera, but then I got in the high school and I failed. Every class for one class had was a tv production. All the sudden I was making movies and the teacher believed in me, and I started going to that class and I was making all this stuff going on the assembly playing like Bennett Brauer. You know doing like the news every single day for the school. You know that guy's Chris Farley, and it's like this guy and an inhumane in him in that never know of, but he's the only person the catch me in school and in many ways may have saved my life and my dad by telling me like. No you, you are funny you ever ants, it's just not what you think of that. That what you want them to think of his cause, I started making in parting to be popular ended and it works. It works well just like my dear, but one thing and now look where I am now, though I may sketches. I'm honest, show like why,
would be anywhere in my life. If that teachers and sent me aside actually believe in me think, a lot of these kids. You, you just skim over any town that they have not. If it's not painfully obvious- and I think that's the sad bars but he said- and I remember this one teacher who ended up if you asylum wrangling now got, but she was ass, one teacher who was in a class- and she was substituting for a couple weeks. and she was an embryo it. She told me that second city in my dad, who talked about because she she thought I was really funny. Even those is being the class clown deck frightened she goes. You should take this. These classes, you're, actually funny shows you annoy the hell out of me, but I do. I do have two sometimes an earnest. Will years later, I'm I'm doing a motor city. Improv show, and my friend Adam goes my wife's coming today. It was her. and I was doing improv with the master, who told me that I actually had value, but it was too people and all those all those years in general that song
something in me when everybody else called me. A failure brought me down to the office. Told me I wasn't anything but here's the thing that started with truth if that teacher said, saw that you weren't very papuans it hey. No you're good at hockey would have helped you at all helped you because she fell, stirred something in you. That was true that she, you could become road at the problem is now we have so many in train To be fair, we have teachers who spent more time, trying to convince a kid who hasn't done anything worthy of praise that they are worthy of praise. rather than finding the kids who are either worthy of praise or trying to develop something worthy of praise. That's the problem with the participation trophy meeting that just as an emblem, that's the point I'm with a society that says hey You know what about equal opportunity. It's about equity, because gas what, if you're trying to enforce equity, you have to discard this. Is why, equity by the way, the idea of ensuring equity nominal leave on this,
idea of ensuring equity comes from a marxist and when I say marxist God, ideology, you're right when we come from We're talking about guns here, look gun free zone. No, we ve done so many segments go watch, I'm programme change my mind. I think that all of you to say about that, if you believe the bullshitter peddling right now, there may be no hope for you. Go watch those segments, but we are talking about and this all stems from that equity stems from Marxism, Marxism is distinctly godless etiology, and what does that mean to ensure equity? you have to: u have to discard the idea of equal opportunity. You can not have equality. You cannot have equal operate, unity and ensure equity. One is about rigging. The game was is about deciding the winners and losers and one is making sure that everyone understands their fearfully wonderfully created by their God they have unalienable a rights and they have the right.
To pursue whatever it is. They want to pursue, go nuts and let the cat its fall where they make, when you say we're going to ensure equity guess what you're trying to fit. Square peg into a round and convey since that square Peg but he's just as right for that round hole as the next, because you have to ensure equity and guess what it's a lie, and it's a lie that people, tell themselves, and so they feel worthless and people who feel worthless become desperate and desperate. People commit acts of gross evil and by the way liberals left us, think that a lot of you, I know that it break your heart, to see this too. I'm not assuming that you guys don't care, so assume that we don't care what I'm is. What I'm not assuming. What I'm telling you is that history
it tells you that your solutions are wrong and will lead to more carnage, and that's why I oppose it we're before we go to my club right here. Please smash that, like button, if sorry went off the rails here today to little bit emotional tired of the bull shit, can comment below If you want to see more of it, we are going go to Muslim in just one second, we're going to play to let lighten up they don't make em, they used to, and today we're gonna be playing. What can we play it with play? Misty foreigner, here's a teacher! he's an all night disk. Jockey
What does this request really mean? Clint, Eastwood, an invitation to you, the my bag. Evelyn have to get your life's what he sees when he Roxy, because that's what he's taking with him just a lucky enough to grab the next actually tries it as well kill you next scream, you will do your own eastward play misty. For me, fine involves domestic abuse. What these kind of the vessels, that is, the emperor s development Youtube. I'm sure have said enough that you have to process right now with your school of shooting, moderators bitter,
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