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Is COVID-19 Racist?! | Ep #7 Good Morning MugClub


Have you heard that the coronavirus is racist? And do you think bringing race into the discussion of COVID-19 adds anything? Today the team breaks down silly claims that a virus is racist <cough> sickle cell <cough>, AOC's latest incoherent rambling, a "Young Turks" inside baseball story, and the rape allegation against Joe Biden.

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Hey audio Lisbon case, you ve forgotten. It is a mug club, quarantine month where everything is available in front of the pay wall, and we appreciate that mug could, of course, have supported us in doing this. Making this available to everyone. We know a lot of you are, are hurting because it what's going on right now, if the economy unemployed or, at the very least looking for a connection content. So all of the content Monday through Thursday is now available in front of the pay wall, as well as more continental before Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Ten, a m Eastern is good morning. My club, please do subscribe, share it with your friends and let us know how you feel and then, because this is a little bit more of an audio shovel for you in the morning. It's a little bit more free flow in them conversational, but you should sell. You should worry. Is I mean come on? How are you? How are you even if you laughing at the Photoshop on the audio version you're insane person,
Ah, I like sound! I live in, deliver ever liked mouth sounds. I had another. I there was an intern who worked on the show behind the scenes who hated the sound of dog mouth, and if you remember hiding- or he did have you ever thought of- that- is that the combination of an old grandfather on a porch with like a little stick in his mouth right. Also like a cloud. Everyone could yeah yeah yeah yeah. We have my happens, Global Richmond here. How are you court about Garret here because in peril Our black man dress like the husband and leading the tramp. Your way given their Gerald, a user Donwell good, hey, we tat. By the way, I guess you could call a promo code. Of course they promo code is quarantine, thirty hours off in time of today, but we are doing good morning my club Monday ones they Friday every well.
When they want to write an instrument, we have here on every night to show its offer free in front of the pay Walter you're, not a mug, clear member? Just we do this for you exclusively from local members. Of course you can chat with us right here. Just include your name, because the chat for some reason can't figure out how to put in your user name just say this is all that and you know Gerald. Would you show a grocer dns? Didn't answer is still no Paul, of course, subscribe to the progress. We have credit bits. Sure it's on Android apple pie, guess I guess now because no wonder Itunes oh wait, hey look! A dead person is unseen and words uttered this up. There is, he looks, lands the author of the earth from the movie. He looks like a naughty, looks like
I'm is fleeting, takes its tall. Do is that age make up a similarly reckon river regularity and is actually only twenty. This is just an example that bad a violent, have you noticed with the late night and with the news when you take away the make up of these, people are horrible, It's bad luck. I feel more confident. Mobility is a host when I compare it to people without forty, seven writer sure, but I also feel that of a hotly. I don't like the way I look, but I urge you to think of myself ass. I like a six seven when you compare them. That make up I'm an amateur Europe that they are this the yardstick your tent, except publishing, potter, she's about poppy
Harleigh Bihar hobby Harleigh, Harpy harlot. At that moment I knew how many other joined the chat. Let us know even here the first month. My question to you is: have you can have been hearing about this that the echo of it did Kobe? Does the corona buyers? That's racist, real it's a pandemic. Obey refers ratio, racist pandemic, only twenty two. I targets blacks, actions, not the first, what material cell sickles raises for true. But a single cells are racist. Hundreds eight second ages containers, but we have yet it still. Right when you think about it, it netteke their deciding incubate somewhere and, like you know what little abroad so was carnivores invented by martyr singers. Well, I see what you did It is too early for politics. Zheng Oracle, Revenant professor Gerald he's like a pipe over here that, as with some lingering goose,
How do I think you just offended God around behind blew up with Margaret sang, but it's not just what is God Neptune's like underwater noisier speak through, and I picture, if God had a wife Ursula? Why? Why? And how can these figures like someone someone, we, hardly God annoyed, like she's, eaten, Braun again their starting a musical number, are right. We arrive at seven day. A lot why it's in the book she made him signed. The contract then, but first, that it has signed some news, you're really couldn't going about ten, tell us on later last of all about the young Turks everytime, I see how crazy she is, what only a baton O Joe Biden, the rail so much ray, I never could we can go
here we can add wonderful. Would you guys do but Easter Egg Hunt the front yard? really those airlines that does not like we might have not allowed or not. We were all separated and it worked out with the well well, what you do we learned my wife thinks that my asian and white families mexican really ass. If there's like our tradition, reveal an egg and you put like confetti in it than use. We find the agony, smash sheets on your family was not even know she thought every one of us should know that use like what you mean. You didn't celebrate this and I was like, What does we speak Canton Ease in English at such a mexican? No, she thought we all should have known this tradition. Choosing anyone we got our own it in all do the cost grown is so do the learning the your heritage rights achieved. Like you, are amazingly, not good. Looking I'll be able to control you. This means that our dinner at the firm she saw the name Richmond at the firms door and said right up. What are all let him put a ring on it. Ok, that's bad! Here to see you know we have some updates you're allowed by the way to mass panic by Walmart. This is allowed to purchase the toilet.
But you're not allowed to attend church. I don't know we have an overly efforts clip here or there Mississippi them in issuing five hundred dollar tickets for people attending church. Here's the kicker in cars, radio. They sat in the parking lot, in their car. Yes and the message was broadcast on the radio gonna make it we had this in Michigan. I had never heard of it before, but a drive and church in areas like actually like almost like plexiglas, it was like Wales. You know houses will be made by design major. I think it s the key word with materials and design of observing what it looks like it does: ok, a new word or design a new word later become. That word is yours. I anyway it looked like art deco. I guess you can introduce, throwing out, I'm just throwing out words that hopefully sounds argues impression. Modern, I dont have a modern in contemporary the core, by the way, are not entirely sure that another dead tat means no apparent with another. One looks like relatively classical with a little, but it was pushed up look and one looks like the Woody Allen.
In sleeper, no one hundred per head looks at creating That's it go, they think you're mexican, that's true, then he's not gonna buy one wants to buy a crate so that he can steal barrels. Why not barrels, something else by the way you know. Listen, you been quiet. Sweden lay something important blamed jokes, drawn out. I'm tired! I got this guy. This has to warm up, What we really need premium fuel right, you can't just put standard what standard guess. Eighty five eighty seven seven, none other. They know I'm a guy. Doesn't eighty seven. This is the least masculine morning show sixty four. How much you wanna bet that
send all of us out of this studio when we cannot come back until we change our oil that mug varieties after I was drinking whisky, less sure, ok, there's your you drink, given underneath the table I could. I was able to change, doesn't want to. Let me know about this if you guys can have a nicer carnea, its newer, like it's twenty fifteen Maghreb, but before that I had always change my oil and now. For some reason, they decided to put put a lock for all the animals like it's the hope diamond really. Every time I try to go into my I dont know what to do with this is a giant polymer block and so not well, I don't know if I take it off and it's like you know what I see as a minister and blue inks kindest behind me. That's why don't you have my little and I could tell you I'm a motorcycle on my older cars. Now I dont risk it now he's like a computer to do work leads a new low. If you want to see stupid, shakes his own boy, oh yeah, yeah, I'd, say you're funny about it became ashamed.
Sweden, this isn't a lot of people don't touch and by the way I think some people what should they would do well to look at the death per capita rates? I think that's never that matters now we're talking about corona virus. Here's. What could he can't look at the testing rates, the infection rates, because some places are testing, we're and others and we ve tested. Moreover, all our per capita testing isn't the best yet, but it's pretty good it's getting there. Now the deaths per capita are so much better in the United States than other countries. The top for for not including Luxembourg or small countries would be, I believe, it's ITALY, faint, Belgium, France, all here's one thing just go in any off your any off! Corona your non corona year just go and check those out and check news stories. You'll see everyone, raising their healthcare as a model for us now go look at the deaths per capita. It's about four point. Five times are desperate capital Yeah denies that area not even their lives and their all in Europe, its it
they're all in Europe, something while we're talking about Sweden. Yes, funny, I feel weird. I think we could even say it's like funny, like mildly immune. Having no, like you know funny. Some air down. Sometimes you say something else. If I followed- even you, probably especially when we know that there are disproportionately targeting people, minority, autonomous and unseen concern over impact of covert on about american wow way over what I'm sorry. Those eyes eyes, it's not a racing lies catfish. Come on. Tell me that the eyes, not the man of mammals, like our vision for leftism for her to be able to put the minors on both sides of the resale right look at prompter, which one might wonder which one can you make your eyes go out. I can I don't like it made him, go any hard. I don't have one go in. That is a scam,
like anything else. That is all I learned that has developed in our self defence. As you can see, multiple Ryan's it is right in front of us is a universal, must look at Chicago Health Department. Seventy two percent of deaths and city are African Americans, one second, how much? is african Americans. We hardly particularly in cloistered urban areas with foregoing to get too and swing of closer we're in a studio. Gremlins through all the lines. Already, nothing is working. Everytime Gerald Talks- Nothing happened, God saying it, neither about grand Ambassador God. Speaking through a fan we water to fascism raised like for me, the oddest surrounded by Kenmore about turn this way. We can overcome formats for speed that one slower Gerald stop. Sweden has had no lockdown. Airlines are those
you and I just want just lock down old people in the most vulnerable groups that are needed by the people. Remember this in Korea as well, South Korea. Good career, the good I did it. I shall wait. You are shot you chinese grey, not also the barriers did you lie until this morning. I wasn't sure if you spoke Mandarin or Cantonese. Oh so I'm anytime, you start to remember it. I just switch it I say is Bill speaks men and candidates cantonese right, although that you should have known that right. That's I am so distracted by catfish eyes right now. Those we're getting eyes shut. Smith. Look positively normal, like it looks like a laser stare comparison we can. I can. I just make a serious point, though I know yes, this matter, Laurie Lightfoot she's, getting on there and drawing a comparison and she's gonna blame the federal government, but yet she's the mayor.
City. We right! What are you doing? What what are you all? I can do anything. We need to empower the government. Ok, you want more power to go to trial We know what doing more anyway, so easily, so you want the president to happen, but you don't so your people are gonna die more. Ok, we act that's the mayor of Chicago Gaia, yes, really Lastly, I dont know what about local politics, regional, political long and particularly of all the regional politics, I know the least about Chicago only one of the it just a wildly offensive city to meet us at affair. The abilities of a civilised area artery where I jumped. Yes, it re murder, very mercury which to eat whatever float you about. What's funny. Hang on comparison to Detroit Detroit, like they ve, moved out of Detroit to murder and steel in other places, because if not an of population density in Chicago, if you look at all the violent crime, are a lot of violent crime should get the south side. We still have crazy muggings. Unlike tourist areas, s failing ass for people shop
this goes the other stuff and some of the girls awry and they heard people who stuff they steal Chicago has never gotten it right now as anything murders funny. I once I guess I do what you're doing on it I dont need to be a nice guy. Centrally outer I don't have to go. I have to go home to my wife it s about. He has to go home to his wife, but why would you say ethical him to my website? Could you show your fan of murderous itself are somewhat safe, but our right will you have for dinner. Of their effects. Couple Dewey, India. You want to kill the driver, but no, I put my spot. I take my spots so let's hear them really quickly, because then we have a clip, that's arranged for this whole racial covert, targeting certain about a symptomatic people. Actually, having are the virus so is an ongoing conversation. You mean when I say that the concern is there some steps, a huge portion of people to get a virus. I have zero symptom.
You're not offended at all, is a problem with what is a problem as it can carry it to people who should be quarantine. Three hundred obviously read those solutions to quarantine. Everybody because the virus rise, so not debilitated, except for people without pre. Existing conditions hungry inmates, in my question to you is: are you preparing for a scenario? If that's gets along worse. The territories in question hold on a second right that I want to hear from you in the chair. I wouldn't a lot about this because are made about the for profit prisons, iris, integral private prison. That I understand, issue there? The intimidation, but when we're talking like the EP, they're letting out prisoners, some prisoners motions is non offenders. Interesting, but like are we supposed to change prison, which was a prisoner form every time that violent offend? have to deal with an issue that uncomfortable unless we all have to deal with corona virus. Let's take a people who have not been applied. Civilised society for years potentially decades. Let them loose ends.
They fair, I tell them. They have to come back in a few months when this is all settled back, I have had a little care, but I am of here's. Listen, listen! This is one of the perks that you longer have when you serve life in prison. Virus that results in twenty five asymptomatic conditions makes its way through Alcatraz. You shouldn't a modern killed that old lady is part of a gang, an issue. I thought sick people are supposed to stay, put right We are under the corners in their cell. Yes, yes, recommend the are don't don't let him in the ordinary, touching bar bells and doing the body lansdown linking each other, but that's a whore. I dont you're a lawyer. Why? What's that? What why do we want to send? I can t society stronger these now. I only had a mental living live in us better than just yes. If they were, if we're Tom nonviolent offenders, people who just committed like tax evasion is, rather than at the shoot, denies the net didn't
seduce nasty Sousa with a bracelet, but yes to blow into fine rang and let him as far as the rest of them. I would actually want to feed them like nothing but empty carbohydrates. A man fat, they should be the control blue for control group for Queen there we go. How did it work on human rights so you have. A virus affects people of different ethnicities, yet also study therein. Precisely that's crazy these out heartless and that's only not as it is now only apply to people who have murdered or committed violent crimes, and I'm telling you they are serving life in prison. I ve been fortunate enough to evade justice. The death penalty, Colvin nineteen? At a certain point, I'm out of here, I don't have any shits left to give added searches. I may find that Wrangler Michael having already was released.
Remember that guy with joy, remember you ever! Do you know what I get a reliving you're talking to me? I would like to continue using because when a discotheque, it seems like the lofty my show cloud that you want to drink this strange liquid mine is young guy like two party. That's this whole wasn't really how's that these Jim Door and out those are not to swim in door and I go out door if you like to party young, that's what you're on a real birthday, my wife and I worked at a house s cousin again, community which have never wanted to do because it makes me feel like a horrible person, but now fortunately I like that. You know about this idea that when I walked bios outside it, I'm not a good liar and meetly feel bad about those walking out of my house. I think that you have to go to the bathroom and a guy walking rate farmhouse cos
I said. Ah, he said. Do you live you? I said no. I just got my God is generally on life and, as I feel bad, you know that was a good Lima. How is it a good lie? I dont want this permanent lie was good. You just executed for what this us this sucks, so many access you couldn't just bring one of them. I guess it now. I don't believe we react, because that is not welcome. These call. This fact, because I like to part another house- and I really will eventually at some point to come to a point regarding the covert raised. We get a house, I swear to you. It wasn't. You don't even know hotel, it's an indoor, outdoor poor right as a gay community, but effectively, and it's like marble everywhere. It's like Ben
our sins bathroom, only the whole house and there's a bar, a wet bar with animal, and what that means is that it set in the thing I don't wear white bar as expected it to be wet. I guess it means bunch of liquor and then there's effectively an indoor outdoor pool, but it might just be like half a hot tub indoors. It's been isn't like an entry point where there's glass and you have to come away, drop down, Anthony Robins with his cold plunge and then go outside just so we could claim it yet there is no more than a year ago I visited protect. The innocent fiduciary whither they look at is how many men they place nearby have, outdoor bull icons, women. We enter guns women summer, anytime, No, you can hear the whole pools outside. I like you, the real it or questions now many they re like. I don't know if you like that you're here, I weren't, so maybe you didn't need to extrapolate Andrea inside or outside. You could have done it with any time, because I'd like to spend a little time speaking to you as possible,
It gives a relevant point. Two are not sure that it matters. How many have this was the only one nobody wants us to him because he has, I know, doesn't matter to you, but I have I have this indoor Alberto like can swim somewhat of winter, time you want Mick. I imagine really quite a bit of drugs. Ok able to look into the first story. This is we ve been seeing it now seen and is going to commercial. Their showing pocket gathers great good for using a clip here. This is the claim you been hearing everywhere that, of course, covert. Nineteen o is disproportionately affecting black Americans because race, This is completely unacceptable to say that, because you know Organ Americans Latinos have all of these underlying issues. They been there's nothing that could be done on now. I worked in the medical field at the beginning of the AIDS crisis. I remember this. I've seen this before.
Obviously, this is different because it's much more widespread, but you need to pay attention to put some one else were on the phone, the only their material with three hundred sectional couples: love aid financial any for we need the cdc to number one collect the information, but also to dinner eliminated. We need to make sure that African Americans, when they go to the hospital they get early treatment, just absolutely guess preferential the youngest center they get really sick and home, and then, by the time we elect the libyan red, looks like it asked Kennedy airing very high number of dying exception that African American Heavenly Murphy I'd have no idea but how I won't made me a somewhat know yeah, but how will we
you're right, I haven't differential treatment cell name papers up, I said because not the virus is not a hoax. Ok, we're making sure, but but like the eight, when people say did you think Adrian hopes nor the AIDS epidemic was a hoax and we go back and watch the video in which I tastelessly gave. My dog AIDS is part of the scatters. We're Hopper play topics in Philadelphia and people are really upset by that watch this show Oprah said something the effect and I'll have a number in front of us, but then like two out of three or if it's one out of three hundred, It will come. It will have aids by ninety. Ninety three she was, she was so hold on it, that she made antiviral treatments are part of her operas. Favorite things list she's hated audience, which is a gross violation of of medical malpractice, and you need a doctor so she will that then it this portion of course similar two point: five million Americans minimum. Would I will then it's a hundred thousand tuna, forty thousand, once socialist and economic? Well, maybe sixty thousand and now they're saying it could be lower than that. So it's not the virus is a hoax
we're not saying it's not even that in this case the epidemic is a hoax, unlike aid, this is an actual epidemic, can affect everybody Ray the idea that we were soul, a bill of goods which we on which we made actionable steps, and it was the wrong information and now they're trying to do this to as they set provide preferential treatment to people based on race, which some could say and by some amene Miriam you could say, is racist, xenophobic, really clear about this. Are black people getting more covert nineteen yeah yeah, but do we think it just because people are released? shoving about like making walk the plank late, I'm alright Tyrone get out there see what happens I just go to the end of the crescent under three and let a few people sneeze on you know. The reason is, as we know, people in big cities. Why is New York City so much more effective than say a place in a West Texas? yeah. Why same thing in a place in a rural area of Kentucky? Why is it not as effective to San Francisco? That's because- and we ve known this- this is
something that I'm not letting the cat out of the bag that central urban areas where people are just shoved, bakes, basically to start in Cannes, be them subways or buses or San Francisco apartments with nineteen roommates. That is more likely to spread the virus. Now black Americans are far more likely to live in urban areas. Don't believe me look at the line up when a new pair sneakers drops, I know, somewhere. If you go out of touch with black culture, but that is not me, live the snakes. Thirty one percent more likely than white Americans to live in metropolitan areas or city centres, that's from Stanford by the way. What are we really clear about that? Here is another reason, We now know that ninety percent of covert deaths critically or severe infection rates, thereby product of pre existing conditions. Critically heart disease, diabetes, obesity. This is a huge problem Americans now we can talk about the reason why I note what some people throughout the area of food deserts and I would respond with Amazon Food CART for a five year.
Now you can get any food anywhere in the country, not amid a crisis but any other time and get it cheaper than you would percinet locally at your bodega. Black Americans have a significantly higher of diabetes and obesity black men, one point three times to be as obese as whites and then black women being two point. Three times more obese and white woman. There also far more likely to have pre existing conditions, heart pressure, pressure, hard heart. We see our blood or leisure, I'm sure. There's heart pressure ensure the arrangements and something no one on that. How do you know the boar sizes that day there's something wrong with them or again the cardiologist who something they say had a heart congenital hearty.
Led to his immediate incapacity and these contraction of covered no take about that when it's hard as long as we do in its first ever think, why is there brass surrounding these higher quivered perform that operation? That is not the proper procedure. First int anymore, wiser than much extra space sesame surgery goggles ever going to the greens takes via It's like the train and bright dumbo. Just so we go. We have a two times. The interest rate of diabetes by mid life has come from the sea and see in science daily, and a new paper show that actually obesity is the single biggest determining factor right now that we have available in determining whether you have
severe case of carbon, ninety meaning, whether you recover from it or you end up with a hospitalization. Instead, I have as hospitalization not death, so that means severe symptoms also by the way, there's another reason. So we have urban areas and then we have pre genetic health, this positions and then, of course this is something I want to talk about. Cultural black Americans have a far greater distrust for people in positions of authority. Think hands up. Don't shoot? Listen, I'm not saying that its ill founded for a lot of luck, Americans over twenty percent, more likely to distrust police and the criminal justice system. They do not follow covert. Calls as much as white, suburban Americans right now and I don't blame the listen. People have in shaping this cause, there's systemic oppression and discrimination where they don't feel represented by their local government in places like Chicago, even other mayors, catfish eyes and also black Baltimore ready It's all right was black and eighty in charge of it was blocked. You can pick your pick, your city, they dont trust them. So when you say I listen, everybody stay home I'll. Have you got
to do that and what have you? This is a reality right now that we have to take this into account and that that there is some kind of genetic trade. That is right or systemic discrimination right now, proactively, that is forcing black Americans into corona virus ridden grace. Now they distrust the system right. So you guys have been saying that more so than anybody else, breeding, preexisting genetic conditions and, of course, that they live overwhelmingly in urban areas. That is a recipe for contracting cry virus in so rather than playing identity politics. I would like to see us educate members different. Can you just like it raises two excellent? Listen China, no matter what markets that out, not just more raises is now oil power. When markets are amazing, I heard there are basic, wet it. Just like my party,
Bob log back then we have been and are geared to follow that even down right now, there's a fairy tasty man look, I think so. I think something else. It's it's almost like. There are the things that are impacting this number more so than is it black white, his and whatever it may be. What about age? If we're gonna? If we're gonna play this, aren't we can get an aids, we can have an ages em right. Yes, viruses targeting people, but are pretty much older citizens lives correctly sake. Not what I'm saying you are correct We can base all of our policy one that this disease is ages. It is ages, did rises. But here's the thing and noticing ignores ITALY affecting us was not write. It actually attacked people that work healthy and younger, because your museums over reacted to the point is that it would be a much better study to look at income level and say: oh, if you're low income worker you're, probably not able to not have a job right now right. You ve gotta, go out and work, which means you're much
likely to be exposed right. That's not our fault right jets, noses nimitti, raising our here Walter, meaning everybody's. That aside, he sought the aid could be a wise person. They re literally a black learned like his range arson. There's plenty of people, my dad, You gotta be more hood under your desk. Why did you put it? There again that's all you sooner. I won't joint Jody, actually really acquaint. So there was a graphic a couple days ago. Yes, I know shocking showed that if you, depending on where you fell in an income bracket- and you had maybe three to seven days earlier- to start sheltering in place because it has had a job you have without an income and that in Riyadh, actually, if your tornado, chaser yeah exactly- I mean you just right,
Sorry ratings heart out there for this morning, energies me did you set some really bad ones yesterday so dominant, but it, but it's an important distinction, because ultimately, ultimately, the news stories you hear about saying, oh well, is this: reversing the disproportionately affecting one resource of the other again ignores the other socio economic factors that divide us right. That leads to more right, the obesity, the income, does other factors, but those just aren't a sexy. Those aren't gonna former they bring them if ever they bring them up to bring about through the Prism of race. Yet right, hey. It is true that rock you'll have higher obesity right now, that's not because of systemic discrimination. At this point, I'm sorry I western poor, living out of my car. I lived on too, dollars and fifty cents on a luxurious day for fifty, because we get a Baja fresh burrito. I've talked about this before you can eat healthily. Now there are different just like culturally. I don't know what you're raised with. Frankly, I don't know if it's just I just assume, there's no flavour whatsoever, minorities and character of the pot row. We all different things. That is a culture.
I've been obese. Since my parents were above unemployed when I was young and even today so clearly, it is not an innovation. I'm over you re born and not be obey your eyeing. The statistical can occur. Ok, you can't be extraordinary extra. You definitely that look at me and my wife, my wife, my wife happens to work in a job where she can work from home right. Don't we both make comparable? To my mind, it is important I don't have given can bring us up now. You there, but a lot of healthcare workers followed or has been cut back particular floor They are waiting for a surge and assert hasn't happened yet now it doesn't mean that it won't happen, but it was predicted to have already happened right right. Because it hasn't happened and so another laying off a lot of healthcare workers and their upsets guys. Now it's time back to work or theirs local local movements. I think that this article I put it, I think I tweeted it. The other day we asking for bail out for local news is that there is no market. You fix to this right now because address
has plummeted and we need. We absolutely need local lose. You the one who said that Donald Trump was an area to call to balance the health of the economy, people's ability to make a living and helping people and, by the way, everyone a news, everyone journalism, there's still getting their individual checks and there's still a part of the small Business loans programme. Why should you get more when you were the ones telling everybody else? They should buck up and deal with a crippled economy because of the high quality known for from that. Have you register without their content? We're would do be good. I now we might not all be hold up at home and we might be actually taking preventive measures that could be effective, but no one hears more more money. I get more. My unworried actually lose like hell, seven segment hospital of making fun of them a month, so we need to keep them in business. I know it.
Remarkable hey by the way I hit the notification bell. If you are subscribe, hit all notifications because descriptions- and we have a lot course of quarantine. Promo code- is the word quarantine. You get thirty hours off its biggest discount since the box Apocalypse its keeps us going because you tube is not paying anything and we will be reading your best chats toward the end of the show, because when a closed with that, so auditioning chats there. If you watching, live on place tv speaking of media I don't really want inside out. That's right and sensible were both left and right that I told all was about MSNBC, yes, and I kind of left a trail of bread. Crumbs the main Wagner Africa. You hate me out, I dont: what are you gonna? What what are you gonna do else out there? What are you going to do there like see you like this guy, like that you're and I'm a public figure, so this is one you guys have asked me think. As questions come quite a bit more than ask me anything, the worst moment of my life or the most embarrassing moment of my resources, professional life
smaller both who could question the personal one I'm not allowed to discuss, because my wife made me swear to see now that I've always and involves me, and she said that really will embarrass you not like I committed I think she's, like people will not respect you. If they understand how battling really That being said, this one can more or less polluting original. Like that. A lot of people and animals folks out there remember you can go watch the video where I crashed, Shank Genk Genk, Jenks Genk Wiggers panel at South South as chink I was cringing like everyone sent me back, it was something which is really tough to wire noted. Ok, I can hear any disagreement for me. A lot like you do. I mean I'll, give you that. Will you see me yeah one point I was up there and I was sitting right: infringement, ok, I'll know, which one do you don't show any about? This is just a joke. I understand it will be hard to decipher
so I did a crashing wiggers panel as chain, but here's the part that you dont know thousands professionally, that in right before the EU them show, because everything wrong with a trilateral yeah. So this is itself by southwest came up and we can bring up some. Some of the role of people haven't seen it. Yet they can. I see where it, let's see what show the portion yeah. That's where I walk in as chink and then go up to the panel. Oh my gosh, it so hard made a watch too because, as I said a moment in time- and they security so right before that, keep in mind, but I got a lot lancing. Yes, that guy was laughing until you won T go. Security and you, my rather lacking in before insecurity, has gone. Hey you can't and then once Acuity Guy opens the door, In other words, we can
or even could back and forth between me and that's the way. It is not entirely that because it looking was tape, doesn't check, look like you know. If mark you and let himself go Ally, Aer Lingus. They were a magic pumpkin at night there right now or to what is their affair, the magic companies what she wrote. There can be some kind of Bavaria MAGIC Wand who the moment you deny the armenian genocide and you look like more cuban fast forward, diabetic, Mark Human, but will abbreviated here, because in big and observations so the one security guards, those you you can't get a security guard opens the doors. Ok, I guess, but that's till the end of the story. So here's the truth and that this is before we were completely banned myself as a right. By the way we have ways ass x s, W bargain with abbreviations, You think you're cooing, you have ways around it right there not having to agro. Where will never be another surprise, you really don't think so. I think that it will be something completely different really,
I'll go out hammer you want to stand by that there are going to get everyone yeah, ok, I say in five years there will never be. There will be another step. I someplace what is really at it'll just change into something completely different like they will literally it won't. They won't make up like be one pub crawl. It doesn't like twenty five million people in alive and one crappy Indy ban, like dear taken Lena Dunham, showing up an approach. That is not what is like a whole that is shut down, because I got on with bitching about endometriosis. There's something I don't know I thought better than this is a municipality that we're not no no less than a weird. So I was one of the main hall, which is the courtyard, and there are two courtyards in us and which ones there's one just like it may or ones a merry on one's a courtyard maria anyway. This up, I suppose, mainly held at this one courtyard I do know which one you just let me know we settled. I know what I have just done: the fat pride panel. I think that did you guys have also sent a fat pride, some kind of free speech panel, and then I walk past bill. Nine,
of all peoples so just to make me a little more nervous, I'm walking past bill now. My wife has a whole chink. Outfit padded got and I think it was olive oil could have an actual duck that I dont know at so I go into a bathroom to change into change. We have uniform because we know when this panel starts. Ok, I'm an awaken the bathroom here this week we have very, very tight schedule and I get in change got K. I take about four minutes of time and of synergies like praying, and I put the olive oil my face jail, all right, I'm gettin among yourselves or a guard of bullshit, I kind of like them. You re just repeat some phrases: to sort of get get Nerli and ramp rail systems like ok, all right, then my wife's, it's ok we're about ready to go. I say sure I walk out when I walk out. There's a line for people for some other panel, looking ones that is is it's I don't know which one to shoot my going anyone. So They see me working. Both things is very bizarre and I go. I should approaching the room and I realize it whatever room it is or ballroom it doesn't exist, or the number doesn't exist amongst us, make any sound
remember exactly when it was made, which must be room for or two and unlike my last second I'm on the fourth floor, there is no four, oh anything, it's last minute can derision. So my, oh, my god, I have no idea. What's going on, I find out it's not that Mary that we're all of the South South West. Now it's the be room where the young, Turks and no other penalties. By its across the river, so I dont over its south North or South Lamar, and we have to go across the bridge yeah. I guess so at this point guns re, like chink, weaker, Andrea, I've already indicated or listening I'm already and characterised by, will not respond anything other than change so that a whole bunch of confusion, because my wife is there, we have approved you're, not going to stop some passing them all, but I also ask myself a cab at this point. Dresses reader panel has already started and I have to get into it
the only one year biogas, because there are some sort of eco, green movement in Ottawa artist is one of those glorified golf cart. That looks like it that if a glorified golf cart had sex with a Jackson's car, where does is like glass last, you could get like nine people and it hasn't seen horse power is an electric bird scooter. I walk am. I was getting getting good. Economic figures are good and compelling Carter. I get an. I am driving down their lines around the building like, as are other panels taking part four people that events they actually want to see. What is I am driving by in this? This, this now, this fish, but all kind of but a square like the little commercials durable that you liked, which almost severed our friendship and so unripened. Finally, and I get their turns out, they were delayed like thank God, but there were delayed like twenty minutes summit. Where do I go land in this effectively modern day horse buggy, that's how fast it when I'm going across the bridge the sitting there outside in there.
I don't want to go back to this, the gondola part. What does a pergola cargo gazebo? I dont know about its whatever it is: it's outside a sudden hotel and I'm sitting there like this. Every now now look up and maybe like. Of course, Let's take a look at this robot serenely. Someone goes into the panel to be kind of appliances. Ok, they started now time to go time to get in, and so that's where I russian. We have the cameras and one security go. There's an excuse me excuse me, and he gets it what's funny about it as he gets on the escalator cause, there's an escalator whether that means so that room where you see what I'm walking in right out, so that doors and escalator well he's terms what goes gave me she'll be, and I get on the escalator, but I sort of like family. I stop on the escalator and he stops.
It doesn't contained a vague that would have a sort of family, as that would happen, so he's not authorized happening. Escalator I get up and the other security guard opens the door. It was carried out on the escalator who really took us. We time I assume coming over. You know cresting, like the bad guys and you re lucky assumes the others live like lower than hearing arduous. He assumed the other guy must know something that he doesn't, but none of them knew. I was just lying, Then I walk in and he's talking in that's radio. And you could see his whole face just rob like now, and then I have to stand there. If you haven't seen the segment Roma. Ok, I realized in all of this hustle. I had forgotten that I need to actually have some.
To talk about it have a list what I'd forgotten it. So I just sit there and at this point that the audience, but no one likes you in there. You know like for lady border area, which I don't like using the power. The audience link is peer pressure thing it's wrong in its bullying, but the fact is, he pointed to the audience and always Caesar going like now: It was our relatives, it is Relatives of the victims are the ones who made it. Was and what was your exit strategies? What I didn't what you did so sit there for the duration of whatever your argument and the one guy who's laughing says: I'm gonna go get security. Am I when I go to security as a new and old you look, so he goes. We get civilian, that's the point where I sit down yards writing leaves sit down. I just I go out so you want to about the armenian genocide, your ripples, you're the audience and then finally security. They just come up and, like you, ve, never seen. What can you please? Please can you go like please
you leave it intact and when I walked out leave it to you, hear them laughing right as a dick move, but we oppose, The commitment I drove back to the other courtyard went to that bathroom because New was available because we still had someone standing guard watched off the olive oil. Felt horrible about myself for the rest of the local in mine, as you were, the one who called me out when I haven't through twenty thousand subscribers and refuse to ever engage in debate. This was only out of necessity. He deserves, and I'm not proud of it. The US, but also by carefully you stating character, even when they were like trying to figure out what to do that. That was the funniest parts me, because, when you dressed up as jogging now, when you came on the shown, did the entire show Bernie Sanders Aerials, that's right for gas and we had a technical issue. You stayed you. You said guys when I come in here. It's the ideology. That is the rest of the day right and we had a technician you're like,
leave Adela till you guys figure out what this gesture do. I need to stay character at all times. Then an enclosure relax. It's I don't know what you're telling me is checked idea. What Donald from to remember Gavin was little worries with my I am. I gonna talk with writer listen. I don't know I've heard good things, but about it hurt bad. Ok! Can I talk to him? I don't think he's in there, the great down, and it has kept like it's. Not it's not a Daniel day. Louis thing: I've when I'm doing characters, I put one your hosting a whole show as it were about to confront about so hard here you have to stay and so from this tuna quicker. I don't have to do that and to go to aims, but with a chain thing the reason I will tell you why it's because at that point, with all this chaos, we were in the wrong place, and I had to get into this this fishbowl. All I had all I could cling to was at least I can do the best day.
Everything else area had ever been letting their Langley, because no one else is thought he is warranted and impression about. There are seven billion. Lady gives I'm the only one who were like men, Stephen Stephen didn't Latona. Well, you can you what's more inside baseball, yeah yeah, of course, but you get so you tell me you have to stop but what we want and adds on? You do not match like something that we all have the budget like Al Jazeera and stuff, but for a long time. So this was that when mind again young Turks just like the mining, kick them in their mouths for years? Almost let's do it, but let us do debate no like now. I thought that was cowardly. So that's what you're doing a chink, weaker impression, also because I thought it was funny and I don't have the budget higher female the time. So I played Anna sue me done that and I found out the grapevine that they really didn't like it, and so that's when I said oh I'll do eight more
What I do is, I will do it more with other people who are popular and Youtube sodium without showing that it more than Shapiro. I did one with get Mcguinness maybe I did them with, and I said, hey Overlord Southern US and by the way I am going to give this to you to put on your channel. So I want you all to upload to- and this is the titles was s yo. So for a few months when you search young Turks, it was just these sketches of rigour, and then, of course I had The big one on my channel? What I did was, I ran it as an add on Youtube. Is a pre role at it. Wasn't that expensive. But for me it was basically wasted money because to prove a point, I ran this as an ad exclusive. The pre we're all in front of young Turks videos on their share. In her own mind, you just saw that catch when you are turning into mighty live. You are part of the was it worth pack was, it I don't know the four of you out there who know what impact our rights let's move on. I think we have no hope of thirty four. Let s see speed wages. I can wait a second or what a guy's going
Guy report mask out your mask on, right. What is this Bryce Brendan hit? Bryce six music, I was basically don't you try and dug out a frank about it that took out yet here I got that Bryce come on in your show me, your mask now is in a way show me your mass Bryce. I want to see your come back, and I want to do that profile with a mask. Now, I'm going to check back in rice exit we don't see with a mass on will be to bury their regarding job. Apply it properly. Run of it. You don't touch them. I guarantee you. He has a means other than nothing. The speaking of unsavory, characterised she's, been just on a role have even following our lately. Yeah she's been amazing right, maybe our little source. I don't you understand what I'm saying any more
here's one where she said that this is a tweet she's that said that trumps, xenophobic, covert response was making people too scared to go to the hospital What's that mean, it does mean that minorities are scared to go to the hospital, because Donald Trump, racist? They could. She saying it might be better that all over the first responders who are working there, ass is often the hospitals must be so racist that now people go right in India. That's trumps fault that all the doctors and nurses or racist right. That's that's what I do for Yes, she's she's kind like a roar, shack, foreign saying people, but I It is a Rorschach words like what do you see in this they racism from the present some of those noisy racism from the doctors and someone else s eye she, racism from society at large and ale ceases plutocrats. What oh, ok, you may go only Roger is what I don't understand what this means.
The side there was a tweet actually right after this, and she explained what this means phobic. By doing these things and others like a cable, none of those things are scaring people away from the hospital. They were like it just insane things like you know, there's there's a problem with how Donald Trump has been treating people that are in this country that are immigrants, and that's that's one of the reasons and enough where's actually did he did this and was like none of these things make any sense they like that. You know, as I do not want just like a soccer. Golly in front of Cedars Sinai like now right no way hundreds dead. What do they think is happening by knowing that you will so that the funny thing to me funny again doubt
saying. The weird thing is Larry. The only thing that's gonna make people not go to the hospital is the idea that the hospital is full of people that are incredibly sicken. You're gonna get sick by going there right round. If anything, Donald Trump has been accused of saying, actually it's getting better. The hospitals aren't as overcrowded as we thought in there aren't gambling I was driving. That's the only thing that I can think of. That would make sense, and she didn't say anything like well, since none of us can interpret that we need an Elsie interpreter Medea, like Delong Rules, which will talk about Mass Monday later today, addressing written link, it's only a gift to spiritual for someone is there to interpret it it's only a committed gift. If someone can make sense of her back
is it we are, unfortunately, that is beyond the scope of my ability. There's another one. She said that the Eu S has brought with it. We have a clip you S has lost the right to colors of a humane society, Clinton the arrogant second competence, there dancing science denial, their guests of inequality and Jan, and so it is important for us to acknowledge how unnecessary the level of crisis that we are right now. That is duly and confidence of this administration. That is due to the lack of responsiveness, administration and when it comes the particular cruelty to undocumented immigrants, who she would like an equal number of all races to die yeah. I read it out with her at the lifeboats on the titanic
lady sounded, whereby we, when we do I've gotten, why are you? Are you gender, non binary? Ok, this one and no one else can go into that both because she needs her space. But there's like its readers, ranging spaces. You would say that no, it actually is like actually cause There are physically nineteen spaces there I see, that's it we're trying to communicate. I dont know what this means what happens when you have and others as trumped arrangements in Rome we talked about, but also just you immediately try to politicize every gangs, keep in mind that illegal immigrants can still go to emergency room. They do all the time. That's already made. Taxpayers, but this could have to foot the bill. You gotta go there and then, like a foreigner wind, they disappeared social centre number. This isn't people dont think about, like. Obviously you can't linking yonder. We have proven churns and all that stuff preemptively button in the emergency room. They don't deny you re right so that that would change the John. You thought that gonna bury my son, no you're you're, not of Ganem Jorge.
I take a spot, so it is remarkable to me. That's what what what is it? What does she think is going to happen at this point? We are at the very beginning of what she said. She said. Donald Trump is responsible. Then she pivoted to all of his administration started naming different departments. I tried to lump them altogether because Donald from has actually had a pretty good response to this, and people are pretty much approve of how he's doing so far. The authority do, and so she couldn't label just him. So she said everybody else is doing really bad job and what she didn't taken to a kind of using all will New York has a lot of cases we're having a really big problem this. Well, you have a mayor. You also have a governor of you state that really could have helped you guys. Aren't you also hand you we would get yet exactly. You could have done a better job and here's another thing. You guys have a significant number of cases because outside of Asia, you have the largest population of chinese people in the world right right and so there's much higher likelihood that people are travelling back and forth to those countries and could have brought it their rights, not because of systemic racism. Your overcrowded, you have a lot of chinese people there and have a governor and a mayor
don't do anything right. That's the problem not done owing to say a lot of Italians, but figure blamed for many things are not as they also flagrantly disregard the home and plate. What is home in place? Orderly, don't sell my way I got to shelter and play with oh, I do have corona wild cats. For I have over all body tenderness of my glance, I'm good us been allowed mouth gamble and go on over to the I see you doc, I said he got you rat. You stay in place right here. My balls, So let us not conducts the dogs I'd better, get a good lying Tony, but I'm sorry, I'm afraid you have testicular cancer runs in the family.
Really well don't hold on. Can you make what I got this technical cancer? Are you break in my balls? All right? Let me make a phone call hold on a right before Hey MA, MA yeah. I got is my test. These my now put to port data, just let it sit in the yard, but I'll be back for was the treatment Dhaka. We talk about two three hours for but I think I might our film on ass. I do wonder, is how to how would it feel to be? Why tell him none like how I mean Well, I don't care about that. How will the appeals the oily a person who is not a minority in Elsie's district ride like every day, you're told
You who your existing threat is why your neighbors are suffering and if you would just sacrifice yourself right on the on the altar of white privilege than everyone else could live a good life right and then you forget, I don't know you know it's. It's like white people get also. Have poverty level why people can also require ventilators later live in. All in any leadership, but you know God forbid by well. That's a things probably some she wants to guilt people into not taking proper care and sells. It could be some old white guy there with you now diabetes and events later he sees your speeches, it turns the black eye We want this in a black, doesn't have coveting elements, and I got some anatomy is not having now. I do not think it worth adding that you're mad you'd make it one day be
Moreover, they are before we go, and I do not know It is good that knows no between it's just. I would now like to put them back on. He go. I was sad funny, one or two anointed le monde we're going to have another faster, and how would you do the best back? Ok there's another, and this is why I do not understand some honest committee makes sense if it claimed environmental. Racism is pre. Existing conditions inequality, environmental racism. These are pre existing conditions lunardo. I said every doctor in the world She saw of chinese doctors she's talking about Peter Ray the data? I bet she was saying that we took care of all these animals and set of people. That's why Oh, I thought you were right about Peter PIG, which is a franchise acceptable with Peters and I'm pretty sure that they do not feel that this is not about. I used to get with the assent of Alsace.
And then you realize it smells like out smells like Asparagus p s. Okay, so environs. So racism, Stephen, is when you have like trucking and stuff. That goes through your neighborhood have a higher. I am arguing in honor. That's what you say. All we do is put these things through poor areas and I'm sure there's been instances where that that has happened, but a lot of the times just kind of things can form around it. There's a highway, and so the land is cheap and so can write with very little money by their not unknown. Afore it's, the foreman he's, like all look back over yonder, run the trucks right through their that's right. I mean, I know the ideas I even have. If they have minds and those towns re sort of energy plants, they call their environmental racism that affects people in low is she said it threw them rocks to wrestle nano mining going on the Bronx that yeah, If our bond out crowd and is eighty years, others that as environmentally dangerous to you bullets than environmental discrimination there they refer to it in Asia just day right which problems all she's, just any province
The rabbits yes about environment discrimination when she had a responsibility is, as an elected official for this area and of all the other elected officials had responsibilities there, shirking that in one of the points that I thought was particularly where that she brought up was that dumb, Donald Trump xenophobia going back that that the messages of public health concern and the whole pandemic alert everything weren't translated quickly enough into multiple languages to get out to people like it was xenophobic for him make that in English only right- and I was like are they are therefore I would want to make sure they translating Swahili something chairman and Mexico. I probably not what I would like the witness, a point where it like. Oh hey, he's not translated into the languages my going to them. If I were resident next to El Chapel, because I met a man, we have problems these ray. You will, I have any flemish, there's a guy,
there's a guy from Belgium from the french side not defined its Fleming, and he say we know you carry on. This up in our entire economy may be the sum of the dumbest arguments. Yes, people that speak only Chinese need to hear it in internally, but we can train that on a level guided. It was their government, not the p. Pilot before we're gonna move onto the Joe Biden rate accusations and that's what you want to hear about get a move on from current of Irish Joe Biden rate, but prefer that I think are enough. We haven't read it of course, keeping us abreast of all the goings on Jacko willingly. It is time for our Jacko Course I don't know is there a you know what nothing like following guidelines from Jacko by being late. They go so first
ask you ass move. Many are Jacko, corresponded gun away due to extreme ownership over your lateness. I do here and you're here is also wet. So imagine there was a rush shower you weren't up at four thirty four, this man where you have to. The honest I was late hour or forty- that's gotTA humbled, and a lot about or forty five. We had to take a shower three minutes ago smoothly every time you don't wake up at four thirty Jacko eats a puppy, yeah shrill ends, and you know the terrorists win, that
Finally, we note effluent when I dont think you be, he began to happy by the way of you lying right now, but it's ok, we're gonna have by the way our Jocker correspond. In the months. Do a jacket roast will write the material. Then you will have to read it s pretty contractual obligations, so jungle corresponding smooth Manny for people who don't know I've never met a bigger Jacko fan. Frankly, I would write a letter. Let a recommendation to go work for Jack. I would be happier, though we all know Cremona ship, not extreme pain, So what you been following? What is Jack open up to recently so, first of all, before we continue, we should check in with Jacko just to make sure that he is indeed get here getting after it. Ok, I believe we have yet these often warrior. Anyone would then have an earlier of Jackal, indeed getting rights offer for after forty, you said for forty, forty four, forty five forty, I sell for worship. Thirteen minutes was a thirteen zero, those thirty one
I can't even get a warrant included a jacket and have a chapter on that. He didn't either way you got ahead of you when you get it make up that gap and no thrilling getting after it. Yes, so what has he again? It's always he see. Last time I thought I was prepared and then, when I left us comment I forgot to mention all these other stuff. The chalk is ok. What more do you see not doing right? So first thing he's got to more podcast really and we got overlays. We get the way of the warrior kid podcast that is for, if, if your parent- and you don't want you you're on your kid- listen to juggle podcast rabbit heavy, but you don't want your kid to be your wife pathetic right way of the war in Kosovo EAST Timor? By way of the work it is for kids and also the rounded podcast? Ok, that is June Jude, sue, ok to want any produce it all this himself, so he's likely pretty facilities at the opera. Winfrey per Dudley do right, look alike, status, correct, yeah, yeah! I just pick references
wait possibly be able Colombia that when you ran aground erect like America, reference secure is beside. You shut your filthy mouth right. I have full faith in what you're saying, so you are wrong in that way and what you should tell you three ownership over what I say I was watching you some questions. There audio wait about Jack right, yeah! there he does have something else going on right, the echelon front yet tell us not direct, so that's the other. They obviously because a quarantine these her his leadership base. I mean it's a leadership company, since you can meet with people arena They have all nine training while so now there are no line. Yachts, thirty, four, ninety nine to sign up and the night every month after and you get a full leadership training by the echelon front. Ok, I will be sure to you not. I will be sure to schedule that viruses over because can cancel it without a financial penalty.
Would you have to get got what what else did you feel brief us and everything else? I would only a few, but before every few, the lasting yeah I did do some research in eight. I have some bad news, but it is news that lives. Some bad news. Not bat lobby is why, as a season of american history, where both could be real, surely it's true not just with the de facto right that so sleep deprivation, yes drops your melatonin melatonin does cure here, loss and we have exhibit a of the effects of sleep deprivation and waking up early luck. I want to see this. This is Do we have a heart, and I think I don't know why, but I think I can guess where it's going yet. I don't think I don't think he's going to like it soon.
Now we have it. I forget we, while that first picture, that's a hollister. Add you still get after it, but I'm your man knew about the effects. I don't think that Jacko is ball. Dorothy to shape is that you just say I think he probably can to the ball. Go I don't ever to see where none of your realises that he wakes up before thirty three goes back to get a five thirty three, right. I suspect, stay so wise, Galileo, but unfortunately, sleep is. That is help, but as it does not reverse male pattern, Yes, oh such beard, so let us be honest years ahead that poles it. I can t radio, but I just looked like a cancer page areas has it that was just the my person research. That's not last lesson. They do have a new mask, see I have the old man. You have the one point out. There are two point out yet lived: Delta origin main its matron Denham. Why? I don't know, I trust,
but I saw these I would imagine that's bad for condensation. I saw how this honest, even I've, I've set on my swimming records in Denham. It's not, I I was well to counterbalance by sheer athletic ability. Amazing, but it or you know the moisture: why saw these being spread on the intro webs, apparently Doktor Anthony Fatty tried on the deck. New mass. Really. Yes, he did that is, and that is not at all. We want to enter the only light may now and I had a jungle very disappointed in you. Well having you back, because there are many people can come, live in studio, alright, smooth Manny. This has been our Jacko, corresponding extremist, updated. I wish I loved anything as much as jackal of convincing everyone, these my cell,
Those going elsewhere will need a convincing when he just is that guy oozes testosterone another store, I'm buying it. Why should we not helping to here is not drawn of irish related? Haven't you ever has been falling Joe Biden. I saw this last night. Actually by this you mean that he raped people, yes, Yet what are you talking about? General story have origin Le Bill Richmond, even following story of Joe Biden raping people. I have ok. What about you? today. Have you read and or heard about Joe Biden means long standing history of raping people. I want to know so. Here's some really interesting to me is the New York Times they deleted tweets after this outright, where the framing of this sort of report and the delegation against turbines and here's think they remove the editor of the article, the New York Times, Bring it back up, removing any references to pass sexual assaults right which were originally included? So this is what
there. Are writing this up to try and save on there's no credibility here. We don't know if there's anything true and then they went back and retroactively removed all the references to the sexual assaults, which of course have been reference beforehand and are no surprise to anyone who has ever seen just gone into any website that stores gifts entitled Joe Biden, alright, the constant yeah, that's like the through line of the Joe Biden. You shouldn't be surprised at this point relation and then here's another one, but the New York Times. So you know he's accusers comfort, terror territory, not to be confused with the other territory. Not the miserably horrible commits the sexual assault, terror reed. She die the one, that's because she can't be held liable because the drugs so tarried r e eighty, like Dwayne Reed for those who are New York City Pharmacy, enthusiasts kind of me? Doesn't go it's it's a genre people in these arguments
Maritime to clarify that she could be imprisoned for filing a police report. If she was lying misread said she found the report to give herself and additional degree of safety from potential threats, and then it just as filing a false, this report may be punishable by a fine and em. Man, he's the guy we're stuck with it the DMZ. Can you want if she was raped by right? That's absolutely appeal! Fear right and thy arouses he's doing more right now than the cabinet users? almost all of us? I leave all in order, I actually taking steps in trying to go to the proper legal channel, yet when I'm sure that they actually said to Tbilisi, Ford, like you, said that she could also be in trouble yes also for you. I'm sure that I'm sure we'll find that in your time story with with it right after she found the police, steam lousy. Are you sure that you weren't dress like tear aids in opposing, perhaps asking you go to
it really does. It really does not take these people long to contradict themselves. With all of these stories, I mean yes, what's gonna happen, it had happened before and it took what five minutes for them to go well, but its Joe Biden he's the only one left you don't. I appreciated most about it that he well. I don't ever want to make my jacket our main Joe Biden, creepy, rapists, joke realising my head that could come out and though I was a supporter of creepy rewrite joke. There are very few times that you're I start I saw you added is is the is society chose in I mean not thank you. I say let's say he was so bad openly design. That's got the New York Times it. I just love how pulled back garden on them right away the glare of words. Brett Cabinet, regardless of how you feel about the facts right, it's all about how you present the story,
ended it one way, which is believe it all believe it all believe it don't look into it, don't test it believe it right. Bringing up right now comes the Indians on heap, keep having a penis, threatening the bacterium. Having a penis thrusting you face, a drunken party may seem like harmless fun, but one brick cabin. I did it to her Deborah Ramirez says it can that she didn't belong at Yale in the first place, Milo Guy, that it was transcripts. Yes, they sent away your debit Ramirez. No, no. We were looking for Debbie Hernandez. We read the wrong transcript. There's no new with brick avenues. Penis in my face happen. No, no mention of the penalties for filing
all right all right. Well, my Lord Graphic, you know who can work and for that I am sure they included it. I know that ways and by the way, I'm not his annual get. I immediately believe terror read now, of course, let me change it. Ok, let me change the context believe all women right now. I believe in due process, I believe injustice, and so in this case I think that, if tarried is coming out, obviously seems to prove it she's probably support, also rights agenda. I don't think you should be condemned for parliament. Finally, please support if she has evidence. However, if someone came out and said Joe Biden didn't write me, but he did commit what I consider sexual assault now by the standards of If a man ever makes you feel sexually uncomfortable and you ask them to stop it. Doesn't it sexual assault and women's, as I believe the Joe Biden has committed sexual assault against me New York Times they say what did he do she says? Well, he sniffed. Repeatedly when I was twelve and they said you have any proof, go to gifts.
Calm and just search by man. There's exhibit a big data and also video or have a hot Michael. I don't do that. Nieces come on, don't spoil it so, in other words there is an ice of Joe Biden. Sexually assaulted, thing, or at least treating women in a way that would make them uncomfortable than we have ever had of red cabin announcing an area that should be rape. Not commit at any rate because most of the women Christine body for notwithstanding we're trapped probably happened when there is no reparation for pristine bloody for any man having simply military, but does not do that, that woman come, you lie right here, did you go to those women could come forward and say sexual assault, not rape, and there will be more proof any social or misconduct or any unbecoming conduct that Bridge Cavanaugh had ever committed?
I don't even know how with it it doesn't want to agree a hundred percent, but I don't know how, with a straight face with all of that evidence that you in the media go that's different yeah. How do you Really, how do you have you imagine tendering and all right, I'll someone trust someone wrote like an old lady age. You like you, hire, and it was just like your honor. We don't have proof like us. Are no executive, what did they do a trial, Rosetta Senate hearing? There was the Senate hearing center. They all right. Ladies and gentlemen of the chamber of places Never worn out is a path to the seventh senators zs tallow. I would like now I do what what I'm about to show. You is not proof positive of Christine blazes accusations which have yet to be commemorated of gang rape, but I do believe that it is proof of sexual misconduct on Brett Cavanaugh part which should be taken into account, and they click
and it's just Brett Cavanaugh with a young girl, and you just going that would have been a little more being written just there. Not yet in force. I, like your chicken lap exactly that have quite bomb just told you. We don't have any proof, but this is enough that he's a creek or the other guy gets close to one guy Cameron like the girl like goes away. Oh my gosh, it's just the weird and I don't know that it makes Joe Biden a rapist already committed right I'd, but I do think it'll economy, I you just guy, doesn't doesn't respect appropriate boundaries. Examining the era of the need to move. Now that initiative not at all: look she's passionately, language learning and weaving they were very wrong. I don't like that shit. What come on back many that he's goin anywhere. We look in that job with his tongue other than the Like
what is a little from very ago. We eggs. I got my mortal combat, face mass character Zella, wrong doing the colonies. You guys want. So I'm ok, I don't think he's a realist now I don't either, but if they, if they're gonna, set the standard they have to play by yes and they set the standard, we beat it now they have to play by they gotta pick out a bit. Simply, that's all I'm saying what you think. As a lawyer, I think the Joe has now arrived. Anyone I do think is super creepy right and very support Joe for president. You support We aim to sniff all of your children rather than he gets out of innocent god. You children he's going to see you. Can you imagine on nine eleven? It was Joe Biden in that baby? Mr President, we need a majority Joseph Entity agents away on and I got a few modest mouth or to smaller emerges. Graham any organism on just two more you'd say five or more minutes some other kids and weight of this is a scratch and stiff eighty eight minutes. I need eight minutes. I have to finish this. There's a dexterous lab scratch and sniffing willing to bet that D.
Is scrumptious. I had a dexterous lab. Ouch has seem like an odd reference to pull out. Yet is Well, ok, we'll have to go here really good and come back to your best. Chat is really soon, but before that, please you hit the notification bell to consider joining up my club quarantine, Miss Ashton, quarantine is the promo code crowd or bits. Is there they'll be clips up there? of course, you are available and apple podcast, sound cloud android. We really appreciate the support and before we come back to read your best chats, it is temporarily great friend the show munch Canada's unlocked down there, giving out fines right now at their very severe pen. Tell us is our favorite, greek and right now is what is it? then tell us talking about this week. Joe Biden by maritime. Her pen tell us a great stories. Look, I'm a sign,
Simon. All. We need to fight the core of our small table. We want more Joe Biden. Corona virus updates says that we want this guy coffin and touching his face, possibly arguing with a bath tell in the distance drop in the end bomb. We need this guy, given us all a corona virus updates. The most entertaining thing ever we job, perhaps maybe a nine you'll put a nine year old close to him. Nine you're, not a shovel one and let him go similar, takes us Joe Biden Point One It actually Inclusiveness shouted. I'm so glad that my half a jeweler couldn't be less interested, I notice that entire stagnated and was now go back and watch it can. I can I ask your guest. I wanted one quick thing when you guys did with you: it's never throw its. Never quick is right with the intro Thursday. I can't get it out of my head. What entrust the intro Thursday, when you get
because you live at all, we I am raising run well done. Thank that was fantastic, but I can't get out of my have. Never her Gerald compliment anything on the show every range now I just kept singing it for hours than I was was the cat was way have a weird love hate relationship that we need to work out. I'm gonna tell you right now is just because I'm jealous of Gerald Square Job, Michael Square alignment with the yearly airline of a chimpanzee. Like that's up, so you yeah you given tillage, never go ball. Only you ever go back. You'll be one of those Asians with just look at how long luscious liberally I don't want only when you're copyright short it just by then I look like a baby chimpanzee right there. We go there much theatre, honourable, like one. Those words right in the mom like a backpack. Actually just don't start, throwing your feces until he morsels throw the verbal feces, and
right upon him all right. We do have to get going tonight, we're going to amass Monday addressing reddened link, and the idea is that it is our biblical basis to be brained friendly into want to be popular with the cool crowd or any crowd really. Is that a biblical principle to be polite and to be brand friendly will talk about that love? Written link producer can take it or leave it, but I love her to her words. I mean that'll be tonight and of course, again Wednesday morning we back. We can remember now some for your best chats. Let's hear yes, we have this from NASH. Z, says is recorded like Europe, and probably where do you think that policy looks like emperor palpitating? Yes, nerd crushed a yes, it was only a yes really how what's all this, clean scares he s kind of like this, like she is mother? Of course they look alike that she's not breed inhabiting Narbatene Mccormick was, of course, that son looks like the outrages. Little bee shipping industry
says, and why is the where I went right? Why is every revelation in star wars that two people are related? like someone had sex with it turns out. They all just live on a compound. Therefore fundamental institutional right, that's a legislative, uninteresting, p Andrew. What do you think? Would you thing where you think some of the permanent fall out such changes we'll be from this, that it actually is swimming staggered back of it. I don't think I didn't tell you to revise the publicity out. There's a lot of goods.
About really really Subaru obstacle, I will say: go actually I've spoken with them. Economists action some of through the grapevine one of whom is good from the doktor choice, and they say that long term, because a fundamentally the fundamentals, we're so sound hearing United States because will probably also bring some more manufacturing back, but not before If we have tried to do this before would just be, should be made in America and we wouldn't have actually taken into account what we need to do as far as international club that trade agreements to make sure that we can be competitive and its on an even playing field, in which case you send it with unionized american workers and its more expensive for frankly crappy merchandise, allotted time, and that we are looking into american manufacturers from some people have for some people's some people, as they felt something of doubt beforehand. They chips, they couldn't actually be and acts they weren't good quality. So
We have Americans hand paint hand at these mugs, but they do come from China. We're looking for a place in the United States, we're looking for a few brings. That being said, I do think that, since the fundamentals were sound, we are probably before there was required. We also one foot in one foot out of sort of the big tech boom in after this sense, it like there's a pretty clearly and economy pre industrial revolution, post industrial revolution. If you gotta threats or pre agricultural revolutionary heads, like no matter, and agrarian societies, and you see how that changed. Once we crossed over and we haven't always found the best way to Balance- and this is where sort of Tucker Carlson'S- populism appeals to a lot of Americans, whereas the more wonky libertarian Khatami souls of the world see automation, assuming that frees up, Americans do higher paying jobs, but a certain point there almost can be no jobs left. So it will be interesting after this. I think everyone
When did you Gacek say? How can we actually strengthen the american economy? Look at supporting our american workers for first, and what do we do to ensure that automation and technology serves the best interests of the american people at large rather than hampering them, and I think the natural cycle would do that. We're technology already is about, but I do think that people are necessarily looking at it through that lens, and so I think that long term this is forced us to up to look back at our priorities, and hopefully hopefully, this shake up will cause us to be more prepared for the kind of internet, and even
outside of the political realm. I've heard lots of folks say that they ve enjoyed homes going their kids, which was a surprise to us, is a private. There very well may be a boom in rain schooling for on school curriculum, maybe right to think I was an ass, all, not just parenting. Your teacher wreck take away the lad, and while I like my colleagues, I hate my kid he come on. Call me raises the patriarchy. Now you just like an avalanche, often say all right, but even that has also been saying some weirdly, racists things. I think maybe I ask now yet I think a point on the medical front will actually take these things. A little bit more seriously like flew season will wash our hands better will be better about touching then I think we can do nothing else automatically has taught me not so much about the covert but like that the flu should be taken more seriously, much
certainly I flew, is actually pretty bad yeah. My wife assignments he's like you guys, are ridiculous. You don't wash your hands and cause. She knows what the flu can do to you. She sees it rhino in work, and so I think that'll help us at a lot will also be much better prepared for when the real thing comes like when, when a ten or fifteen percent mortality rate virus start spreading will know what to do
those who, like us, hero point. One rashly now does not nothing one. Israel changes gonna, be big, but not just again school. I mean, I think, even high schools and colleges about what's important what you need to teach that yet look. We ve been forced to do a lot of things remotely that you wouldn't have otherwise done before right, and so, I think, are the restaurants. Can a boom back it's really and fortune, there's an old number of great businesses that are suffering and will not make it through the aim of this year in and so of course, that's that's terrible. I know that at the outset, at the end of that, though, you're gonna see a boom young people who want to go out and enjoy those things. What you're right, I think, there's one great example, even in Texas of a ppp manufacturer who is like a how come you're, not just working twenty four seventy like well, I think it anyone to sign a long term contract rent if I want to hire people yeah and not and still have them have a job in nine months. From now her I gotta have long term contracts either it's gotta be the governments, gotta be states, and instead it's been time and time again he's wrapped up before
and then been undersold, and then people got up our item out ninety days in and they buy from China right. We ve got to realise that there are businesses here to be protected, not because of some Siena Phobic hatred about China or China's economy or its products, but just because, if we make it here, it's closer it's easier. We need to maintain our readiness ok there anymore tat. Otherwise I would point out that one more chat, and rather more John K S question in pitch meetings, who is the most likely to no to an idea. Stephen is not an acceptable. Well, no, it isn't a simple answer because, most likely to say no to my own I left you certainly are what the joke with something that in pitch meeting would have been heard, and I ve been rolled down the wall, those sticky toy- oh my god, let after five seconds of silence, everybody like moving on our side of that without a doubt, audio wait for me or him, and then he also says no to a lot of ideas. I employed you for this reason. I would you get two items.
Those are not only so that we do not think it go on, because the stream will be cut out on blaze. Tb way to start a little bit later, I will say this to two things: on a personal level. It's also made me very confident in the sense that when I see Trevor Noah- and I see even I- love David Spain, for example those watching as interviews with Tiger King folks, I think he's probably the funniest like the lightning knows that there are common, and I watched twenty minute spot and others only one funny that here when you remove the twenty writers, the hundreds of production crew members its made me feel really good about the fact that we can compete. We can actually do better because I don't have to be hundreds of millions of dollars in a network budget or crap with an Iphone microphone with plugging in a usb MIKE. This isn't in between and in that realm, with NBC Cbs Abc have to compete on an even playing field. They can't, and that also makes me incredibly grateful. I was at a big change for us is that we know and that's what years choke more about democratization, we'd love to be monitored, but you guys have stepped up and supported us so much now. Yes, but the whole blaze network that
we know will be what will be around there's a lot of anxiety. That's gone from because I know the people don't have the money out there, but you still choose to support with your dollar us in an all out of you haven't. Yet we just ask that you do. We can do this for as long as people like you out there, renew your memberships or do use a promo code. Thirty dollars off its quarantine at Lahti was cut it out, conflict mug club, it's made of us with a lot of staying power, and because of you and the loyal audience that we have in your supportive and you still hold our feet to the fireman were wrong, and I appreciate that all right. We'll see you tonight with a mass Monday and then Wednesday, again we don't.
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