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Israel-Hamas Intensifies! AOC Wants the Jewish State GONE!

2023-10-11 | 🔗
CBC is covering the Israel-Hamas war but with its own spin. You won't believe this. AOC issued a statement condemning the Hamas attacks on Israel, but naturally couldn’t help blaming the Jews, so it’s time to look at what a piece of shit AOC is. Also, Former GB News host and candidate for London Mayor, Laurence Fox, has been in trouble lately for his speech and thought crimes, he joins the show to tell all.Guests: Bryan Callen, Josh Firestine, & Laurence FoxJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Watch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sou... NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcr... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowde... Music by @Pogo
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Hey, audio lester slap bang show for you today, but Lawrence fox is a guest on the show Larry. I I end up having to take these readers for the audio portion after the show because we can't stream live son. like it, too foreshadow had a little bit like emma. I am I right or you know I dunno steinbeck. Is it it's? It's a literary term, it's a really fun interview, so stick around for that, mrs a guy who deserve our support lawrence? I almost ass lawrence, not lauren, I'm thinkin, lord lorn Hell Laurens fox, enjoy the shell. socialism, sure, yeah and breathing bad These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect leftist, but professor chink accidently, added an extra ingredient to the concoction progressive. Ass, thus the squire was born using their ultra
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the I guys for these five minute late start and it s a little bit of a hectic morning here. The good news is that's not because of terrorism. In the studio so much, thankfully but we do have, let's go right to it. The run down we have lawrence fox joining the show was just a guess: would you, from cancel from gb news for something that, at that time, modules are entirely reasonable.
Are going to discussing a o c and heard him, and I guess you could call it retardation as far as our stance on israel- and I do mean that I mean from the latin language right in front of a top means to to arrive late to be slow, she's. Definitely late, she's, definitely slow, so she's mentally retarded will be talking about cbc canadian broadcasting corporation, my home country, and their more torreon on the word terrorist You are not allowed to use the word. Terrorism could now. I've told you before how words matter when they try and call you a nazi their lot of similarities there. They call you a nazi and it's ok to punch nazis, so cicada shoot nazis like we india the pacific northwest. I camera for seattle. Effort was portland, whereas we have strong supporter boom, shoot em and that we're flip side too. If we don't referred ass. His terrorists renaissance, controlled by government funded funded meat entity and guess what
Oh now, it's just an occupation now that a violation of human rights and that's how you frame the argument words matter. So my question to you is: what do you think would necessitate any type of, erect? U s. Involvement in Israel had been talking about that this week. I think I ve been a pretty good presenting those points of view and to be clear if you think that the united states should not be involved and should not be sending money but shouldn't be sending money to any nation over there in that Ass pool of the world that does not you anti semitic. It makes you a somebody was a difference, difference of opinion on foreign policy. So we'll talk about that in more and now we have a crowded studio I'll get you in a second cap morgan, because we have third and fourth chair today. insert. We have everything because it's a little bit chaotic at the chicago improv october, twenty seventh saturday, the twenty eighth. You can find more of a dated Brian Callan, dot com and then back because he puts a smile on our faces, Josh firestone, who will be at messy jesse's in Aberdeen october thirteenth. Both gentlemen? How are you good? I appreciate that
mustache, all I can think of is broom service group I know I know thank you and I dont like iron just right before we, u go downtown, I want you to say: did you just order? Broom service? I won't like points out the out of character, fucking sandal wood. I am just saying I like I appreciate the most it's my way of complementing the yes location and judges. Incredibly incomparable, hey, don't I'm ok, I like that. After all, I got to call it what it is that it is a studio terrorism, but we're trying to make me if the rate of who I am now report, because it was just that we won by a martian fifty one percent, less work. They must do to this day. I know if I need to showcase it shave, your cheeks shave, this cry like it you when you pull it off. If I wore a mustache that keep me with my school's, you could have them teach pe. Yes, exactly yeah from my now I number two
morgan, ceo gerald our user, doing well, no you're, not I do not understand you're going to say, hey look, we've all had it. The weather has been a virus going through, it could be the omicron or whichever variant, but you know when our job is to make sure that your day is a little it's crappy. So you know I said, I'm fine. Sometimes you have to I'd like to be robots. We all have to make sure that hey you, we we take the arrows in the back, so you don't have to which, by the way, since we will be talking about Hamas and terror, and about a roller clipper man uses the inward profusely. Don't worry he's like he can do it if at any point you see or hear this, that's that to dump button? That means head on over to out rumble, which is where you should be anyway, because what would you like to foreign governments that are at the we have put the
Two minutes is hidden. Buttoning said randal than you are like else in the elevator, but sarah we, we have a new version of this clip right. Yes, I'll get good so if you've seen this before now now I have spoken with a lot of of black individuals out near the community, because I'm I'm I'm street maintaining a demo black democrat voters are the moderate wing of the democratic party today and a lot of them, obviously a conservative and don't even realize it. Yet when you drill down on values, but now we are actually seeing it as a matter of power. like a statistical reality and particularly with black men so used to be. There is kind of a novelty at least for let's say you know. After nix, an era where there were a lot of black again she. Finally, let us get your camera and now you are seeing is a huge part of the community and such as that to speak speeding up boldly with support here. Is
a black man who has actually started a group What browser from You wanna lamb is what rather dropped because in india like me and like this for decades make up- and you will also know crop- is innocent. Our support trump against guess, corrupt, two tier justices! That's why I'm here show my support as a black man, but trump in a whim. I searched niggers for trump tweeted, wonderful and amazing, when you think about the indictments as a bunch of no man, his friend wheelers she's gonna screw. She went of shoe polish As for the waigel liberal, there is controlling the white, never very definitely nos three selling or what they do. That's what I think about making a fool of they're, giving it happens, election our course is going elevator. My way, I think we shall make drop keen pronounced came. Our
lot is nowhere near crime and is now we just go on making king, but we still have a free for all for king when it went about actually by you. that you are on your honor you and johnny. Really, oh, my name is so we re able to date of a formal candidate for legal state government dear gives a look me in the way. That is in fact a very white figure that comes into says: that's a bleak and the black It is rolling with it. He just like I'm going to act like we didn't hear that yet, because Zhang is okay, alright I'll allow this one, but you can still see he goes. Ooh yeah, like you, feel it hasn't meat locker in the back of his neck chills, feeling like a white guy, says it, but him sticking his finger in in the in the cage of a barricade he poked it. I am allowed at next one of a beach as though the next one
gotta be kidding, remember. I said this not long. We can probably pull a clipper. I this is something we are seeing down from: go through a justice system that black americans do not and by the way, rightfully so now it's not a white black. That right we ve been through this me too. We ve been through this with people. Talked about, for example, no fault divorce. You see it with political indictments. You see it with the political weapon. the weaponization of politics against ideological. They see that with donald trump and as the first guy who they see through that on a national level. I mean, maybe we'll go average, but you know I wasn't president and you know the hair. So the point is see this and they do identify with some there's been a problem there and they have a guy who, by the way, Donald trump pardoned more. People in any other president in modern history. This was a guy who did more for the black community, This is something that is picking up see. No, I know it's a very small percentage of voting block and I'm not saying that you pander certainly not through thing reparations right. I'm not saying that you know that at all, but guess what the message itself and the man who he is is effective enough to make some changes, let me give you some numbers here,
Just in case you don't look so down from increasing share by with black voters from twenty six to twenty from six percent to percent twenty twenty and it was higher for black men act like twelve percent. He's now averaging twenty percent among across the board is now the last time that happened was Nixon in seventy two, where he went eighteen, ten percent, a black voters that was a high in modern geo ps3. Now a lot of people dont know this about nixon in samara, somebody Sammy Davis Jr, was uninvited by K. One point to have a leave: it was an inauguration because he was he was. He was an interracial couple, and so Kay said now. I can't do it because of optics and then Nixon said, aren't gonna shoot. He invited. sandy. as you know, is republican for the rest of his life or shows you. It's always been about optics and using people of different oppressed classes. you have maybe wasn't a racist, but you still have play the game and back then democratic. He came to the interracial couple thing Nixon for this false and involves a pal executive. Mr Bowe, jungles is catchy
gender man, the candy mad levity, definitely reproved that black holes, goddess beg you. Nobody will get you back, MR calling you king, yes, You can stay gang which hangs Bab it's the re share collapsed, create a lot of all by the way we lost his eye. We ve talked about this. for a it's, the it was the horn. You know you have had hood ornaments cadillacs had horn ornaments and they were three dimensional and a spiked out towards him, and it was basically offender internet went in his eyes, Mr Bo drank from god for the rest of his foot. That add up. Why would you put that on the horn? That's an austrian, practical babe. This a thousand to let someone know to put on their turn. I have to impair my left pinkie. So There's a lot of history that
and by the way for the algorithm, because we will be talking about terrorism today and there's a lot of nefarious activity on you to pit the like button hippolyte button. If you once it is due on, consider join my club. Cowan has its own show on my club. Now you got off limits, a rebranding. It's going to be good, going to be the Brian cowen show, and I found out- was off limits and, as I say, I got tired of get to know myself better branding. I was like ooh. I don't like the Brian cowen show it just doesn't sound dramatically off limits limits limits. Please say with an echo limits limits. It's still, it's ok to her. If you like, I could see on the back of a truck. That's cool exactly This is not a mere one point. I can't see the left her off limits Let's go to the cdc, the canadian broadcasting corporation, because I know you're thinking cdc. They also suck cbc is basically government news. You don't have to go to venezuela and have always said. Don't just ask
What is the left does here in united states with checks and balances, the system that we have asked what they would do if lately unfettered, the grid just example. The greatest petri dish that we have is canada. Also, the fact it's allowed to exist is the greatest proof that the united states is not an evil empire, because you just take it. We still should just take Amy any other empire comment below any other cope with the ottomans, turks, romans, greeks, the dynasties that you won't go back to the dream. Like anything, any embargo has ever existed, that canada to exist if they had the united states right of one tenth of population rich in natural resources. No net, no national too, of which to speak. I should the fifty four state agreed. We could save money on beaver pelts. We could We also have a lesson on drugs prescription drugs. We actually work they just actually subsidies from the government. So we will start to subsidize the fifty four state, but oil lots oil thing it. So the cdc as up to its old tricks again about old tricks them in the same tricks as far as enforcing coated land.
which brings us to this week's instalment of no canada so like. All of the other outlets their covering the israel and Hamas war by Israel terrorist war right here israel versus terrorist. I'm team anti terrorist by me to tee, not afraid to take unpopular positions here, I'll take the flock. yes, they are covering of the sea at the cbc, but with their own spin here there. Ironically, our fears, the clip of the cbc funded, largely by that man, professional prime black, face in chief here's a clip, the might of Israel's arsenal fund down on gases, cities turning vast swathes of the palestinian enclave to rubble.
retaliation for Hamas is unprecedented attack. Israel's military told people to leave, but many either could not or did not in paris Ok, so now some emails have been circulating. Directly from the cbc the canadian broadcasting corporation, who receive their funding from the government in thing reporters to number one. Now, mention. Gaza has not been occupied since two thousand fuck, that's kind of a key detail right. Why would yeah, don't mention it because we want to say occupation. Okay. Here we don't don't pull pointing out the fact that almost twenty years ago Israel pulled out there may also be about Gerald. They pull a twenty four thousand plus seven by force. They hold all Every single one, twenty four thousand years and since They ve tunnels under their schools and other hospitals, but it is a minor details. Never too big one day We're instructed the reporters not to refer to
palestinian terrorists, Hamas, as ten, tourists are people of terror. I call them what I call them, either the misunderstood or yes, baby, the formerly known as terrorists like and I dont understand what would listen. I was, miss identified as a terrorist at birth. I now identify as a pen drew hatred. Ok, which means I can be a terrorist or I can just I hate Jews and I could go back and forth and I can mate with someone who is also a terrorist or hates jews. I have all of these above, but either way they have to hate jews. It really hurts you're. Acting like this is part of their charter yeah. Exactly it's almost like it's not written down or snap that britain will do that. Anyway, you should never put eradication in any charter, as it's beings avoid absolutes yeah eradication in the usa is a problem. Yes, exactly hits like there's no wiggle room like with a lot of wiggle room bond, abouts
dedication of juice. what is so busy will say. This is just the way it's just a misunderstood differently, the email that goes out again from the canadian broadcasting corporation, and this could easily it, because what do you think would happen in united states when the agenda saki calling for spotify to do more which Joe rogan to censor jargon? Let's call it what it is because I'm a little say it's, not censorship and the government. I think that I at the white house. Communications would certainly qualified. What do you think our government would do when they're trying to of misinformation from social media platforms right what You think they would do if they had the ability to all right. Now you see it with the canadian broadcasting corporation effectively please it relates to video media. in the failed nation of canada, the email stay that Hamas are not to be referred to as terrorists, because the nose of terrorism, remains heavily politicized and is the story even when quoting or clipping a government or a source referring to fighters as terrorists. We should add
context to ensure the audience understands this opinion not fact incorrect. Why is it controversial to say that a terrorist is a test? senor opinion. That's not right, it's in your opinion. It look. We all have opinions, but it's a Do you know what they say they say. Opinions are like there. Balloon not right and we all have right nor have em, but the government says it you can express your, but what if they say that they are too, could, I have to affirm their identity, who said terror, terrorism. The terrorists say their terror well lawyer about look that they could identify how they want, but it's not my job to dead, dead, name, etc. if the passion is over, why can't the world be more like Steven? That's just looked are not terrorists? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! as a whole.
You just said that we're not daring to set up. We heard this week, clearly, tenderness, look at beside us here right! Yes, you ve, read them eradication that, like we wrote enough and we try to odin jubilant. We couldn't find another word that I feel a bit like. We are very clear that we have data right? So you know don't try and whitewash my terrorism. so its opinion, not fact, and by the way they are trying to tell you as a reporter. the cbc. That's. What's so perverse here, that's what so subversive as they are telling the reporters there is no way to objectively call terrorists terror even if they call themselves that- and this is not uncommon- we also have our own run in with a not terrorist here in the office,
Are they still one another or you I assure you knowledge. We look like a terrorist, I to show you I'm not I'm just your everyday average hassan with an ak yeah. That's my concealed carry conceal! Oh, I thought you were referring to the dynamite under my gown here note. This is actually my expose and carry okay. a guys Think that might have been a terrorist It also
it's hard to tell that we don't have blue in red coats to be clear. That is an opinion run a fact that you need to make sure that we stand compliance with cbc. There's a new movement in like now with DA's, where they take their calling people who commit crimes. Victims as well, look as if they are they are yesterday because their their circumstances have led their victimization have led them to act outbreak helping. I would like to set out on them. Yes, yes, well, Furthermore, they didn't come all the way. You saw the principle, the principle that we clearly have a thing. It was more like it. It's a tolerable guests insupportable, don't know like implosion, he's, not gay, if it just to make him feel that it is not.
At all. What I do on the board for its opponents, I'll tell you a real power move. As my version of exposed carry it's I'm exposed and I've carried check at the twofer yeah. You don't see me at a mall either they don't know which is more threatening like the firearm or hammer good for you Josh. Now. I call that prison theater hammers, and that means looking at I want before I am foreshadowing. Why do you think again comment below these? Are these things? I end up being clipped and someone of only watched three seconds. What do you think the kid in broadcasting is so quick to defend Hamas? Now give you some context. You remember this is the same broadcasting corporation, who described The canadian truckers right were protesting that good mandates now to be clear, The carbon mandate were met way more severe in canada and the united states, and in twenty twenty two trucker said we are not to comply with these mandates. Vaccine mandates, lockdown mandate they referred to, but
cbc as extremists area locks and their backing dont at first, they frozen donations to truckers, then bank accounts then their crypto currency since sake, so that's kind of something you would do to terrorists? I mean I do with iranian regime are up we're unfreezing. six billion dollars. You honey I'll, that's helping the ayatollah, but freezing it for people who are shipping out Mccain's pizza which, by the way for canadian you guess you can catch that reference mccain. Just like that, it's like their de giorno. Whatever do you does there's one understand. I dont have delivery, it's just there, never we're Mccain's. What's so truckers their bank accounts frozen under the king. Let's make about this again. You have to understand that Joe Biden loves trudeau rights, really the betrayal of the only person who I guess, Joe Biden is trudeau is respected by no formally leader that shares mutual respect their. So, let's be
they could under the canadian broadcasting corporations definition of terrorism k we have terrorism that terrorism so just to be levied. It's just doesn't guess That's what makes your one more time, such as terrorism, tears stage left stage right at heart from the great yeah she's my the fifty first state. That's been this week's instalment of no canada. Did you or also monitor their just now? I just gave your thumbs up. Ok, could he be systematically Let's move onto equally reprehensible. That was an entity the cbc, but now we have a policy cbc a o c same thing, either the a b c's emily days anyway? What did I call like three or four days until they started? Turning
on Israel. They got a little bit of sympathy for a couple of days in a minute that they actually try to stand up and defend themselves Canada now we got gotta see without the people to be clear, alien did kind of condemn the. Ass attacks on israeli- and you know I will give credit- where do when buying finally emerged from his because we might have what remains related? Yet he did. He would it wholeheartedly. It was late, but but didn't both sides that was good, I will give him credit. Where do they wrote his speech very effectively now condemned Hamas kind of initially, but she just couldn't help herself from blaming the Jews. It's just so not too so this is, and this is why you might see the youtube dump and they've asked us not to do the segment personally, but we do it anyway, so I can watch it on rumble and if you have kids, they shouldn't be watching we're all a little bit angry today. It's time for this week's, what a piece of shit the mir, the
a mere just reading. I did what does that mean and, of course, that said we're all grateful that just by the skin ever teach you voted the pipe bomb in DC that right, we are glad by the six blows jamming improve yes, point is two things can be true. Here's agencies official statement on the subject in Israel, condemn Hamas as attack on the strongest possible terms, no choice, the family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear, and this violence will not solve the ongoing oppression and occupy in the region area of activity, the dynamism that they haven't met in Gaza stars in five mason when she goes on to say, and by the way this is This is why I hate John lennon. When people just give peace a chance, it's stupid, and I say this as a non interventionist someone unless it's in our national security interests you at the time, for where they may in the rest of the world right we do not need
we in the business of nation building just to be clear, but this I yeah that well, I just want peace. Oh, if that's all that was required for peace, then I never need to be conversation, one person would just say peace. Oh great ben ali oxen free got it everyone, Ok, I guess we'll put waiter bombs because two sets up so then she goes on to say this is going to understand this language. If someone says ceasefire, that's that, supporting hamas, an immediate ceasefire and de escalation is we needed to save lives. Now, let me be, let me try, paint this scenario, for he was clearly as I possibly can one comes into your house, rapes, your wife or your choice. I'll kills. Members of your family says that we are going to be back tomorrow at the same time to do it again and you decide that you need to defend yourself and you want to purchase a firearm, nor no now we implement the cease fire after the damage has already been done, and that is not justice. That is evil
calling for a cease fire when people have been murdered, targeted and brutal innocent people by design targeted is The call for a ceasefire is not virtuous its evil. You know what we have some visual aids here. If you remember brave heart, we we ve written it. An assault on the king soldiers is the same as an assault on the king and south Meyer ceasefire come on guys gone down. Ceasefire how about that makes me feel totally its assent peter chance, guys tat you would, you have lost sorry
I think she would ask for a cease fire like at a school shooting or something like that ratio. It'd be like. Oh, I dunno the the guy's done. He's ran out of bullets this, but let's take it easy, let's just say: you've lost. She said last year, right too that I got too many bullets I gotta get rid of at this point there and- and I think a lot of people aren't talking about this. The best thing that you could do properly for the palestinians in Gaza is Hamas, that's the first thing also. This idea that, when you bring in the israeli palestinian conflict, would too somehow, just fi or explain why Hamas did on october. Seventh is a little mom and I'm being debts, there's liberal, I can get a serial killer and because you kill he killed, he cut off. ten women's heads as I, but you know
his mom treated him really badly material. That happens the wealth that eating ire. Then I mean we gotta. Let him kundera sorry, sorry, you ve lost your right to that. We need to crush you yelling and ready to kill them did to come ass. You just kill all of whom I am ass. You just fucked up- and this is the andean area and by the way, is a worse than about going your living only worsen killing. For the first time in history, we have a nation that warns you hold on. Why is urge worm Jim on CNN right now that the code of conduct that is worth warm Jim, it is, but do not do not the gloss over this early. U s until cast doubts on direct iranian involvement. Right now guide the? U S, government is carrying water for the iranian, they already said. So, of course they have.
they gave him the money. Do they use my money until you advised erect my friends right? Do you think that business, like the my boss, thing we're its idea? He obviously order they hit, but he didn't actually say the words so there's not direct turanian involvement, cowards. I call them what they are and deal it's so that we do have this. You know people have said I I save lives right now. I also you want to save lives. Do you want it to go on for seventy five more years, because I'm pretty sure more than a couple of thousand people are going to die in the next seventy five years? If this problem is not solved, the problem is Hamas, their terrorists. Take them out, the is one state solution at this point. state solution, that's it hey, I am taken up with egypt. You are about to say something else before I cut you off with earthworm Jim and said a little patience either way you lose your train of thought. Oh no! No! I there was basically a little bit of that. Okay little bit of what I said you said, death is too good. What will you translate on parasite because here's the thing that you need to understand about terrorists and their
if they follow this ideology, this religion and again it's not all. But one hundred and ninety, I think, was one hundred and ninety eight million eight hundred and ninety eight one hundred and ninety four million go to yesterday show link as an inscription by the way all references we make publicly avail or to you, I didn't I million muslims right now and I believe that violence, against civilians is at least somewhat justified over fifty million believe it's usually justified, often just about that's too much certainly, all of Hamas and the people who elected Hamas, don't usually ownership, but with what those people. With a reality The only sure fire way to Heaven is jihad jihad in the eradication largely of christians and jews and their religion, just That's why you see a lot of these suicide bombers hitting up strip clubs and doing blow before doing it for their entire lives, but once they decided they were going to commit jihad. It's all absolved right. So you can't you can't defeat these people through simply death
They want death, there's also by the way, a vested interest for hamas to keep their people poor, to keep those people longing for death death is a good out for them. Think about it. If you're living right now, Hamas is the one who is who puts bombs in children, schools, Hamas, one who decides to turn their own hospitals into targets. Hamas is the one who prevent the warning systems set their own people can be saved if the live under constant care, not because of the israelis who are warning them in sending them a targeted met, but because Hamas wants to keep them poor wants to keep them hopeless so that It can breed terrorism where there's one way out there's one way. Jihad your guaranteed a spartan haven't. So that means you can do as much blow off the the old burke has hit bones as you want, but but it also they totally investment needs. That's. Why that's? Why special forces dipping bullets in pigs, but because I have a very physical view of haven't you fill you go with you, don't have your perfected body, you have your current back there to be shamed.
They fear, shame more than death. They long for death, because they're stupid evil ideology creates a world that is far worse than death now we'll get to feed them through death. No. I also want death row I want my cake I want to eat. yes and look. I hope this is quickly but like use that had the point that I was gonna make actually remembered. It was that you tab should that warns you hey we're about to bomb this area and like people who couldn't get out or who didn't couldn't. Why? Couldn't they I- and maybe you can't get out of gaza, go me down the street? You can maybe get way from the Hamas headquarters or when we see other rubble pictures right now. That was where most of the hamas leaders lived. That's what they blew. That was the beverly hills of the Hamas people right, that's. What was you know to get? from that. This is gonna. Hamas he'll come guy, I'm one of Hamas. Wilshire, alas, is the last thing. Israel wandered is due for so many reasons, and it gets too.
Point where you have to say: we have to take the profit out of this kind of behaviour. If you think that, there is any value or benefit to iran or to the leadership Hamas, I'm going in there and killing innocent people and cutting babies, heads off, etc, etc and taking hostages. Well, The message has to be made that that all of you are going to die now, all of you guys every one of you guys who gave the orders and everything else, I hope it was worth it because now we're at the point of no return, and there is no ceasefire, think you said you need to evaluate if you're new to the prophet, the prophet. You also need to take the valor out of it, and that is why what a o c is doing in the cbc is evil, because no to them. Is valor victims were victim status, the Jews. Let us look, I'm a press, we look. Look it's just it's their equivalent to the gender queer. and sexual bowl cut a lesbian chain gangs, you have a year in the united states, they want the whole world to see how oppress they are. When there
Our charter, their entire reason for existing, is to eradicate using you, take the valor out of it. So when you were when you betray them, betray them as animals who the ball. This is all this is what sociopaths do they believe you and they accuse you being a bully body laurel as socially are generally not like physically people there manipulative people, so they go hey You called me out in person, you're, straightforward, you're, a bullet and then they go around. They try and destroy your life right. They go to other people, its gossip. it was mentioned in the bible more times and even sexual immorality. It is the most deadly sin, and this is what we have at the. With a culture of gossip rags. We have a culture of the sea, we see telling the reporters what they can and cannot say, and we portray these people exactly how they want to be portrayed victims? They are not their evil. tourists who need to be shamed before they die. Let me go back to elsie. She by the way, also condemned the democratic socialist.
sponsored pro hamas rallies in n Y c, which is nice yeah. She said we will not allow bigotry to destroy our community and city in this devastating moment. Islamophobia anti let them and victim blaming cannot be tolerated. We can plus will reject it. All, that's not hard. We must focus on the lives currently at stake. now. If switzerland was a person, yes- and this was the first- we, This is the first week, by the way, from her personal account. First, a tweet from it's a repost, yes, and it's a repose because the video she posted accompanying that tweet bushes. stop anti semitism, just notice. This is She is a tool of propaganda. Now you can't blame her. She stupid affair. So she said we have to stop all of it, but the only company in video. It reads like. Into it reads like anti jus propaganda. Here's the video that was included in italy and europe
I do like this now the ecb S. Gaza, neither do look at it. Like this, but all this jewish corruption What do you think? There's actually found an anti semitic cartoons that can upload every book, but keep in mind that this is in response to women. Don't think you can do that pfizer added! There is nothing about this clip as we can. We can. We wanted to show you the most. You can see the context to be clear. These are who are so angry that they want to wipe out any of hamas, and probably some of them- palestinians in gaza and unjust weekly, but it's the only video that was accompany. She said stop and I said well where's the portion of a video that is as long as there's also the antisemitism yeah. Where were all of the celebrations that we've seen across the western world saying we are pro
Palestine, but no israel deserves what he's not going to get that was in Australia. I think that they were chanting. The sydney opera house was incredible and by the way, it's pretty clear how else he feels about the Jews, if you just go by the dress that she wore to the rally which you know, I don't know how order anyone ali baba accuracy. So let me give you a couple of aspects because then we have to do. We have a lunchbox. We have amounts to just a few men and women. Just a few minutes. Ok he's coming in from london so fast that one go back to september twenty twenty one as he had to apologize to our constituents foreboding present and not voting. Now on the new iron dome funding right, and she wow, but this out there should to those disappointed. I am deeply sorry it's yes, I wept. Let's get start wept. I wept at the complete lack, care for the human beings are impact by these decisions. I wept at an institution choosing a path of maximum volatility and minimum consideration for its own political can be it has to be clear: the lights dome is. it's kind of like the purple. I've said I
I dont understand this, but I do that certain bullet proof- vests. illegal for civilians. That's a defence! of tool, it's a defensive tools. maybe someone was beaten over the head with a flat jacket. Ok, I don't know what the point is. You don't tip We use it as a weapon. This is a defensive tool. It's a shield. It's not a, and so she was again she believes its two volatile for Israel to have the right to defend itself. The iron dome it shoots out. Rockets being fired at their civilians. Many years a clip ain't, it's really cool political convenience oppressors, so you should set out its say, ideas, rockets and I see oppression, and I see them being shot down icy escalation.
Yes, according to se, they'll just be able to hit the ground and kill people. Then we'll deal right right now, it's like! Oh, how can you go back in and kill him? I said yeah, but you know what you said, that it was aggression when we were just firing the rockets out of the air, but those were Hamas rocket, inexpensive rockets. Yes, you have any idea how much rockets go for these days, it's hard for us to fire them at you. You should let them land and spares no one. All that iranian training- yes just are not so unfair and it's a it's a it's a nation of people incapable of growing muscle, so it took a lot of work to load that up a hostage back for the money they pay for those rocket. Yes, yes, exactly I think so. I have no idea brittany, grinder, no way we gave the merchant of death. The point is: don't shoot rockets let them hit the people. Here's another fact made fifteen twenty one after Israel banned a gaza building which was housing. The ap also Al Jazeera, Elsie tweeted out apartheid states democracies now again the building was being used by Hamas, just a battle:
h, q, yes and Israel warned them hey you, housing Hamas, beside terrorists, housing terrorists. So we are going to launch an attack against this building because its housing terrorists, this very different than night in on hang gliders and kidnapping, women and children from a festival, and then her only come. It was a part died states, but ok, but that's not relevant right now write these not called the email they candy grand like a tragedy that everybody is literally a separate issue. They, the non hamas terrorists, tiff streets- I heard things falling down. Yes, there's another there's a key fact number three for I'm making the case that amc is is actually an anti semite. She actually doesn't like the Jews July eighteenth twenty three. She voted no in a resolution that would support this resolution, which passed foreign twelve to nine came after one of her squad. I guess
let me that's a squad because quite rightly have an official squat. This is someone who squad adjacent junior squad in patrol gacha, it's not really but sir string, but it's priscilla, gyre Paul, I guess or japan Israel, a quorum quote: racist, stay, ok and then see, responded to this kind of Mickey Hayley. I guess you caught me. Criticism which is valid, this is. It says I remember to call it p: in congress, who think a parasite is wrong as what she said and herself remember, to call it. People and a cut think apartheid is wrong or, alternatively, people in congress, who don't ignore here, rights abuses against palestinian yeah. But you said firing their deadly rockets end of civilians in the sky was an abuse of human rights. I dont know whose rights are being abused. Look here's the thing if some, if we the ability, if we somehow the ability to create happened. Like for home defence, that could literally just stop bullets mid air I would think we did
fine com goddamn, even be better than it gonna, stop their bullets. And then I also have a gun, because I return fact. But the point is: if it s, there's nothing wrong with a if matrix that shit yeah the major tat against the defensive tool of the iron do that's a violation of human rights, that use fighting back datum so it was really does right should really cares about anti semitism, but maybe we should go to whatever gaol pals odd members about what we're she too late and tom about the rampant anti semitism, which anyone is from Michigan by the way come at below if you're from michigan- and you know about dearborn, let it get it wrong. You can hear the muslim culture prayer in Hampshire amicably, not actually in dearborn, but muslim place- and three anti semitic place and wishing to claim Obviously, this is her desire, stamping ground, and these I mean she stopped from airports.
There will be no solution, his arm- and this is the message to all the activism leaders out there- that are condemned anti semitism cannot amateurs terrorism. Can I kind of Andy stopped that you are not helping all right? You are playing their game. Yes, You are playing their game by condemning the murder and rape and torture of women and children. Yes, also by the way, kidnapped americans to Siena. We know that now killed americans kidnapped and he went on to say: we've been saying that for twenty thirty forty years, if they don't believe it now that we're not anti semitic that never get a yes, that's the problem, we do not believe we don't believe this like say one thing, and then you do another thing and the other thing is kill in Jews, and so that seems antithetical to me. It's I'm getting mexican. I am too, but are prisoners of war, not hostages and their misunderstood? Yes, that's not terrorists out there not prove not hostages,
I'm fine or there's the four year. All their operating through history is a prisoner of war on I'm sure, look they're, probably a couple of hamas members whose dead didn't have them enough there, and you have to look at childhood do exactly I get to the Y yeah I'll look to their childhood pictures after I, you know through the wreckage of their smouldering corpses. Five crystallized at forty I got bullets in this gun yeah, I'm chock full of Well, let's see what that's us at our stand, playing an israeli soldier on out into obstinate good answer me. I can have some shish Hamas shown brooklyn, but I'm Joe, she heard a bit. The landscape me back to my look at a big flame over all, be a shame. If we fired Daniel missiles and launched a mobile, isn't it I got pretending to be jewish all. Listen. We always similar we're both loud
about a year. We do look, matzah abolish justice, nothing is no flavour. Red, and so it's claude up your heart, its make. Try some try some fish mission right on crucial. So I know something by the way. This is back from what two thousand fourteen two thousand fifty men of the gay wedding cake controversy will. I went to dearborn to try and find muslim bakeries to bake a gay wedding cake, not to be fair, and I told you got an irrational video. I think one or two did it but took one with christians and the united states right, one who wouldn't take part in a gay wedding, the vast majority. dearborn. Didn't you have a chip for it, this going to be mean benny or pictures there. You know the kitchen proven kroger what you do here about too much clock
you want to do to make a penis cake. So no, I didn't want to kick with a picture of me and my love. I don't look like there have been very your husband's, not attract now either he just didn't agreed with the relationship he does. You are right for each other. He knows now about look like tops. If I'm so at least, I just got an amato you can't ever to and in the eight when you get there, all building that's when I got concerned, so he don't. I don't want it and by the military. to keep this leader ismail idly jaime off honey. Our response and that their god bless you here mary as one of their leaders of of dearborn when he called for global action, but I won a novel final but I'm in Gaza will say I've done a lot, the forgotten one could soon enough. It's not a ban, you have been a little more power, mower shop, the different cottage or what you
meta liquid abner dilemma did you hear what I said to him? What do I do to him. And the unholy all The party he happy monica, so I think, basically, that's a Hamas leader and basically did he have the people of dearborn in mind because he said, regardless of your geography, no matter where you are in the world join this fight him terrific, by the way only by only city in america, with a majority muslim population, but not dearborn, now know everyone thanks to I am tracks again you guys on ham traffic. You already have you not try Michigan you announce it correctly. Hemisphere may appear to be all pollux as I would. It was all pollux. I blame Abraham for all of this
the whole blessing in the thigh thing. I know I've got gotta bring isaac up on that that area that mt, none of it makes sense. No oil in the ground is nothing but dates until you understand that the Jews lied about everything according to muhammad, so before we bow before bring him and we want to set the supper some clips that we can set it up really great. Let's set this up because our next guess we have here is is lawrence fox. He would a hostess gb news report, which was a right, leaning, news agency with a headache for london mayor and he's Trouble for you know again when you deal with europe. We just talked about canada here, speech nea thought, crimes wait a second we needed a book and before you bring him on when you close that chapter with areas that has been done weeks. Eo see that's what a piece of shit back to the fuck that out of the rubble waiting in the wings. So there
crimes in their speech, but this is the problem of hate speech. Is the proper hate crimes, hate crimes led to hate, speech, loss and specialised leads. Eight sought loss relief but you're thinking it causing about just committed a crime, but you did, but the guy you committed against with black, so hate crime. What's already a crime, the man knocked over a liquor store, they are going to hate crime, that way we can see that hate speech. She can't speak out against a hate speech by the way can even be, for example, referring to a man. Is he and then maybe you taught you go he about about about that? You were thinking he so arrogant, petunia, so fox lawrence fox was first fire, by what is assumed to be conservative, leaning, gb news after and I look I'm going to. Let you guys know these. You may think that these remarks are are are are pretty rough, but I don't really have a well that he made these remarks about a feminist.
When you give me some context on why he made these remarks, her name is eva evans,. What wave of feminism away on it at this juncture. We possible shit. I can say this show me a single self respecting man. There were large climb into by, but that woman ever ever he wasn't in itself. He wasn't it. We must now little woman has been in the sea. Business had repression day after day today of today is starting with the lie of the gender were wage gap and she sat there and I'm going. I if I met you in a bar and notwithstanding sentence three chances may just walking away all just huge. We made powerful, strong amazing women who make great points for themselves. We don't need these feminist four point: zero, let pathetic an embarrassing. You'd want that. It's hard to argue that logic. Now, what
I said the guy that goes by me. She is rather beautiful thing and I started thinking that damage control, that's what we call a lie: obey across the pond. We french fries chips and we call that a lie. I believe you mean to say have true said now, our main ally so but problem him to make this comment. Mr Fox, and this is a subject. That's been near dear to our, because many people yearns have been affected by were eva evans, the feminist was downplaying completely the problem, really an epidemic of male suicide. In saying that there are specific issues that may face that my ward specific attention I mean literally the biggest killer of men under fifty is suicide,
in the it feeds into the cultural about this minister for men argument like that. In my mind, I think there should be a minister for mental health, which would be all encompassing under any member of the european union due to the congress. Your war until health at the moment is a crisis that synthetic throughout the country not specific to men, I think you know a lot of ministers kind of bandy this about to sort of I'm sorry. Make an enemy out of women who recommended me out of women, while in the united states alone, twenty twenty two, seventy nine percent of suicides were men. That number goes far higher. If you go to middle age, men and far higher as a percentage. If you go to white middle aged men, it is actually exclusively a white middle aged male problem. Just to be clear, you cannot, the problem, if you downplayed seen feminists be even worse. Now, oh yeah, all sorry little white privilege, man are you what was causing. I get it that you think you're, making seventy seven cents on the dollar which, by the way, considering how articulate it would be absolutely overpay, but we die kill themselves record numbers? We make up all the workplace deaths and we make up all the suicide that tells you that there is a price.
That men cannot. overcome before the solution, suicide, seventy nine certain united, say twenty along the path to get more. Take out teenagers. So I want you take up and gender individuals that number it's well under the eighties, sometimes in the nineties, if you're talking about middle age, white men, if you're just looking at those demographics, it's a very serious. And not one that we just talk about its, not opinion its effect now after that Fox was arrested october forth for grant was after that, but at one point he got in trouble. Barely encourage vandalism is what they claim of ultra low inflation was onto that enforcement not to be clear what these and these are actually cameras that help the city of london charge a daily fee for driving we try to do so, and I guess a car
are you driving a car, a normal levels? That means that your cars likely right are likely emission. This is to cut down on congestion. Yes, no, it will not just congestion. It's also echo for ah executive them, they're gonna call the planet by cutting down on congestion and in london in the middle of london, yes ex article the plan also there's no way that these could be used to invade your privacy. Never now, so we going to show you the offending clip. But I guess we pulled that because it had something in it that we were. He can't say and so we don't want to go right. So we can bring bring the man about here. That bob do want to show the ok our it lets. You know it's time to bring. You can follow him on x at oh zizi a fox day say said: icy, lhasa, fox S, to bring on our yesterday mister lawrence vocs. Mr Can you hear me see me sir accounts,
and how are you doing? Oh boy? It's a shock. I watched that clip and you had a haircut like Eric Metaxas and now he went with sinead O'Connor. So is it is this tests. Will you have a good? Well, I knew I knew I was gonna get locked up at some points. I thought it might as well get ready for the good luck. Yeah what we have that clip of the police searching your house, which we were going to show that a figure that is best to bring you on at this point. For those people who don't know run, The viewer right now our listener, through kind of a series of events that led to you being- and I say this fired- let go from gb don't say that to rub salt in the wound, but you know you got canned low fortune I didn't call in. Perhaps I should have called for the eradication of the Jews, because then I would be fine. I'd still be in a job now. Yes, there's that. Women wherever this is. What
I reverence went on about. I mean I still cringe listening to hitters in mind. She just tried to belittle the idea that men have mental health problems. That really annoy me. My point was what comes across to one another and you'd make a union with a woman like that is committed himself to a life of abject misery, and that was my boy I've made any but away and attractive going here. Probably the Sudanese got all upset because they left the second organizing and I got in the parlour mob sedate and got worried that they do lavishly call themselves the home of free speech, which I find quite amusing and then maybe five may they didn't find a friend of mine who stood up for me and then than on the monday. I been criticising this the mayor of london very carefully, because I got a lot of bail conditions in this, so that Britain, the crucible of free speech. I was criticising a scam climate attacks,
It was been bought in by the mayor to to make a surveillance state in our in our country, and I criticize that and and and sure enough on tuesday morning, the the, please came barreling through the door to where to arrest me and take me off to jail where I, where I spent the day I needed they want to charge me, I think, for conspiracy to commit crime criminal damage, but you gotta, get that all I had to do was go out the parliament square and say gas, the Jews and I'm divine right just do it for people who are clipping this, you know I dont believe that he wants to gas issues that would be rashid a slave just to be just to be clear because I'll, try and catalyst for all said the left. Yes metropolitan london, london, here apologising for the appalling that's going on in Israel today, yeah what their politics, the response measure, but they also have the rainbow flags which I don't think I'll be waving over over Gaza anytime soon. Here's one thing:
A lot of people in america don't realize that free speech doesn't exist elsewhere as it doesn't. The states enshrined into our constitution. I was raised in canada, it's silly place. We still have your queen and our money. and any night, If there is a rugged individualism, I mean we ve covered stories. For example, in the uk there is a man who was arrested for doing a cover it karaoke night, kung fu, fighting and someone so that it was raised and which has been going on for a long time. So when the rules keep changing rats and mice, feel that now at someone walking backwards, down minds it's. These are just two. was to politically as in any one. You want one Why would you even go into a system like that is what people may ask? If you can could see the writing on the wall seems like this was inevitable. They can rescue, anything you say,
yeah. I mean I think my point was to push it. Obviously, we've got the the environmental us to doomsday cult who sit and block through the bridges in london, and then you remember, the ambulances can't get entered to say people in the police give them glasses of water while they superior their hands to each other moronic little weird I sit there and then land and breathe is shutting down. That's I think the new nursery rhyme yeah so I was like, can I was I going on if the law is not applied equally, then it's not in all its political weapon. The events were answered that were in in britain. The problem here is it's accelerating at a record speed, it's unbelievable what what what's happening here! We have no protections on our free speech of the lord, Nobody agree. We don't have the presumption of innocence every time, a functioning democracy mighty right, that's a huge problem. Some other people would add to it. Concerns evans, who you criticise that and a huge problem you you haven't. Britain is yuppie bitches. were now Andy like seemingly don't work,
have the view here, like the house, version of feminism, women are more unhappy than ever. What why do you think keep pushing this, because it seemed accelerated over there in the uk when it, the results very clearly speak for themselves. women are less happy than ever. I get Now. I think I think that we got a particular problem here that there are, as their progressive movements had through our culture without two generations. Now we ve been told it all I have to do is apologize. You just must apologise. Apologize poligized, up, breeds kind of weak man I'm really, sorry, I'm sorry for being christian, I'm sorry for being white, I'm sorry for being stood next to you! Please take my job, my house, my beer, please come in open border and we're just appalling and I think the women have got men- nor did he get laid in the. U k. Men have to pretend to be feminists, younger than one that makes them even weaker. I'm done, but the burmese wanting don't like weak mountain, they hate we manage. She said
it sort of no one wins in this situation. It's a sort of sad that extend yeah. It's like joining a club that you don't want to be a part of, and they don't want you as a member. It seems like there was- I don't say a turning point, but in your career would you Devlin became more outspoken. Right was a specific catalyst, her like do it did you have a flash of genius moment recent all right no one, I'm taking the shackles of carbon the carbon our hearings with it for me wildly and then I sat there knows workings and after what does not to the twenty two years, and yet I was certain set with actors- are not renounce the smartest people in the world that there is pretending to emerge in accra. The talks were uneasy. Will they didn't believe the women we must believe we must leave them, don't believe women, It is women eugene prices of the law and see what happens here I noticed you, those apartment underreporting reporting of of of
women, but it's also an over reporting of sexual crimes against men and, as you said in your preamble, men do a lot of the dying in this society. So am I that's what to me? I thought about it. I won't be watching you for years, it'd be watching the daily wife years. I've been watching, and Yes- and I just thought you know what- and I can't lie anymore- I'm done with this I'd rather clean, toilets and tell the truth, then locked the rich. What I want to ask you, some internet we're going to continue with on my club, or you can just let it fly, and I know you have to be careful about it, because this is you know there is no due process, but it one of those issues where you know it. Ok actually where's the best place for people to follow, and we will go to most have just because I feel I feel like this is something that could not. That will get in trouble on rumble, but we ve gone over time. Its laws of fox on x, formerly twitter, is another place where people can go to support you when a political body called to reclaim part. You say you can follow that well, are about free speech, claim party, and so you are still you still active. Even I have done this.
until then turn it. They locked me out for not using a paper straw out for as long as I can, you know that's out of everything you know the little things that you know you're people talk about. European europa. It's always a little thinks it's like it like a paper, draw like you not any like. I just want to kill myself because the paper straw is what it is. It's like everything else that you have gosh just the to paper shrug off. I ran out of sticky notes whenever it and then people that one and how did he sort of see a suicide note just said he ran out of sticky notes and everything. Tasted like a number two pencil he's dead, alright, well, we'll go and tell you with my club. I appreciate- and I want to get into this more because boy is a dynamic at play with the uk. That is terrifying everyone right now, you're watching. Let us go calm, slash, mug club. He kept this button watching rumble and you get keep watching for another forty let us today Gerald might wake up. I think you
in question on us now, almost all right, you to piss off
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