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Crowder gets Alex Jones for an ENTIRE HOUR! They discuss the Capitol riot, censorship, vaccines, and much more. It’s Alex Jones. You never know what to expect.

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were you the catalyst for the event and young Essex you're? Ok, saga? Really! Well, this surprising that you, so you did plan the event, and this was horrible. This was the worst point of my life. I was almost rooftop watching this happened. Just I've never felt like a bigger second crap, already know what that's it
Maybe you don't know what that sound means could. Maybe I was coming here that much, but it's a ash Wednesday on, I believe, Ash Wednesday. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's actually answer to actually Ash Wednesday, if not offensive it's on Wednesday, and we had an interest guest here today, It has been on the show quite a bit and he was very adamant about lighting the cigars on air by the way this is a somewhat tunnel and actually that's that right. There is my favorite cigar from it and eighty Fernandez who fled Lebanon to Cuba and then Cuba, Nicaragua's of the poor asters, he just can't catch that. I want to smooth cigar and you this wasn't role. It is by the way in case you Alex Jones, of course, Infoworld campaign that video Alex thanks for being here, sir. While I am acutely aware of the show for many years since we started out and to be in this actual man, cave is even better than watching an online. It's probably not like your operation. There, not I mean you guys, have multiple studio economy. Let us build a man. Hey like this. This is this is what Joe Rogan current studio should be nothing against his courage to do that.
Like Wales, column, But- and I love Joe, but this this is an actual mankind rudder you what was coming to her aunt Joanna, obviously like that, I'm Joe Show I consider Joe and loves colleague the best common ahead and Joe Set is his old set? Look like Texas, it is new set, looks like Ellie, you know Actually, it's actually call once you're in it and it was already like built where they were out in South Boston. It was like they only have the body of a whale there at this facility to say where and so they decide to build a roundabout here. She likes to facilitate mobility studio, but he's got a bunch of going on how many on we're taking the world over and above all, the riddle set up an awesome, crazy humanism and must work together like a joint effort. Well, there's a lot of cigarette out, but you know I think they're gonna plan to make it the new l a bit better use of it and they got a plan, so Bob so just filled with bumptious Zoe they plan if they want to be the new allay. That sounds like a product to be the duello minus the boundless. What has already been so you're going to get it, we discovered the bump, etc. I don't have rediscovered come on we're, not necessarily Columbus, I'm not a big drinking man, but when you were down in all sincerity,
unusual amounts. Before summer. I was crawling around with you, and it was it was. It was just the bump. Ass was not agreeing when another year actually gagging. I thought it was a bit not was out of it and then it was actually getting hit by the way to a man. You can turn on the cigar fan a little bit if it's not before we get to. I want to get too kind of your your story a little bit like he's winced at that you didn't like it, I'm a manly. You want to do something else? No, I like that Walter, you, ok, it's there. It's the right, you're actually out in Romania will circle back to re write actually is like when I'm with my whether an orgasm is discussed. It's a little bit of a lance vulgarian. We don't do that here. You may be dont, be fooled by the man cave. You flew here so I really dont know as ones out it's getting here and they go he's busy right now. We have a tracker. My dad says, because people who don't know my dad's, my Booker people of the crap and I want to employ, fail, your dad, it's cool, Oh he's awesome he's very and I might add my dad, I'm bored might economic. I can trust, am I
does. One always talked with the authorities over the Gama. Help motionless with Alex it'll be very long call, but These have ever tracker as what he may have a tracker will Alex's he's my dad said he, wasn't. I didn't want you to know exactly where you are there, but I'm an afternoon when the chopper as it wears it and you landed it in the street. Outside while you're here and you PETE. In a bush. We, even though there was a bathroom renewable, but I understand when you gotta go you gotta, because, given the other. Now you ve got out, and why does not mean that we are now in a normal now and have loved Dallas to our flight headway?
we're very there's, there's no one. I had no idea that was, I don't know I just you know you're under them Farmers by cave and under a waterfall needed thing appears and those a bush right there right now in a wills large, intestine, you're, so low, I don't know, I don't think I call in just sounds it just sentiment of ferries, so little lower interest. Well, what's the large and testing is enlarging? Doesn't that lower? Yes, I think I guess we're saying the same thing, though it colors different Rectum, let's move on the upper attested, we don't need it s wrong item. You have the mouth. You have the soft. I guess you have the just the stomach, which is a small intestine right, stomach system. We have right, then you have the small untested and a large and tests than the Golan erect in the anus. Now the rectum is before the aim is saying the rector millions, the smart, the large doesn't back to the call and bear the shadow like nets allows for you. I think I think I miss that won. The ceramics is connected to the large destinies.
Bills and have the blue. Can you imagine this is going to censor they're saying this is gonna, be like you cannot? Let us talk about us to actually do something interesting, because you ve been on radio for gotta go through your story is delivered in a lot of you. Don't know your story, but what's funny it's what we just did people here on Youtube and people were on Muslim. No one cares, but on Youtube. That's not offensive at all. But what's at what kind of interesting to me is back and day with the see my talk, radio currently of us, so that all my show anything scatter logical. In other words, you could say that guy's or that guy's a rectum head or adopt, but you can't say my rectum anything that's considered like party, you can't say but now online everyone should have thought once we get alone have the FCC, but people are actually being censored, and if a pernicious, fairly regularly have cc and then Howard Stern. Grace only being censored like you, ve, taken off correctional radio and economic realities, as you like job
We went along with our Joneses herbs, be censored but made up stuff three years ago, but then this is the goddess of the F C, with full crap. So yes, it's not the F c c. That's ever me! or if you actually see under tromp, was telling internet stop century so much nobody, I mean what I'm saying is used when you started out I've seen between us for a long time, we have to see was really kind of your enemy as opposed to about you weren't worshipping sensor, my darling monthly meetings with lawyers right up invaluable just the seven deadly words was all this other stuff like well, If you make an allusion to a woman in this, they can still fires. But let me ask you this: who would rather deal with now? If we add your choice, cecy of your or the mob and big tech of today Fcc is far better and about the fitting what they did Cooper. Let's just as community guidelines right there's. Do you hear what it is the FCC had rules and that's why that was our swimming. You danced up to the rules, you push the line, but you knew what it was and it wasn't because of opinions that we're
popular I mean I M radio right talk, radio, thrived the step that was said. Talk, radio! You look at things like Russia than bus it published. I disagree with rush, what he had the man. Negro song, remember that he would, by the way it was eight and the early times article get it unable against Russia must take censoring. I just I wouldn't do that humor, where I was I agree that he has the right to do it, but I got banned for farmers thanks sure on big Tech, North Yes, he loves you. So you know I was more so upset by because Paul Shanklin couldn't find funny if he had a funny stick and it was his dick exactly I don't love, that's an analogy, but I just but just the kind of conservative Sefton. Spare me to conserve comedy vomit. You talk to us we're waters, a magic, Ro Ro, thousands thing it was problematic. Dragon not funny irate yeah, I'm just saying I wouldn't do that job. He has a right to do it right, but we're here to what they burn you for now, you're like Global warming is made up of your bad or I think
would you generous boom your banned or hey? Look at all these studies, India, just ban the Pfizer covered, shot band right, the news right, but if we the commoners, talk about it, it's man right. We ask that so you started. Where did you start so young Alex Jones K as a kid Did you always know that you wanted to go when to radio broadcasts, if you consider shelve entertainer broadcaster about our all- that's ok, we'll just you know you cover serious? Is that when you go into a joke, yeah sore making jokes about corruption, but having a column that clearly show the new like Jones Joe Rogan broadcast from US colon. Yet, oh, that's a joke and it's on Jones attacks. Rogan though I love it's a joke, right really make fun of me. I love it so that clearly a job and when I'm covering. Forty percent of the homes, including mine, and often have no power for two plus days. They admit it's. The twenty percent. The power came from each West, Texas. Windmills that don't
and they shut down under Obama over a hundred power plants, I had the paper to show that I have de facto you it's twenty three percent can happen we're out of there being a twelve percent just at three percent, you may live in band veil, but I won't. I won't play that game, so I'm a little impression you're right it was. It was twenty three percent of the power supplied by Boon, picking and these damn windmills out you you think, I'm joking using. I did a video in two thousand nine on Detroit and the unemployment rate and tried- and I said, unemployment in Detroit was, I think, you're sure I went out this advice that I could light it for you. I Did a video and I said about Jack, the unemployment rate check the unemployment rate Detroit ICE. It was twenty eight point five and someone factory? Basing its twenty nine point two and by the time are released, video that was one Detroit went to a forty five percent unemployment rate and say look model, not lying? I made the video a month ago, the inference it bolsters my case
Almost fifty percent unemployment rate in Detroit Evaluation, economic ass, near ass, its true you're down an Austrian was we did that walk through of this total shut out of downtown the bumpers hour it was, it was last year really takes months ago. A monitoring- and it was it was in the spring- is what I know. It was. I was shocked at how much of a ghost town was to show your like hell. Many people have died in New York, nursing homes recovered patients being set and I went can thousand you went well, it's only five thousand two hundred and seventy six and I went yeah, but I saw it than he covered up, probably don't know, I don't think it's and now it's up to now. You are you watch the video you're like dead on your like it actually whatever I knew was higher, but but the point was that you actually have the factor which is impressive but I was with you another study, so he covered up probably double now it's sixteen thousand. That's triple. You know, I'm not saying you were wrong unimpressed that you actually know now. You say it was: represent the windmill, not twenty. I just do that.
And then and then you around on job, but I've been fact. In other words, there is far less grace for people. Like me, people, like yourself there would never dream of fat checking critics Emily if he's a twenty, they get they once. They are already says that Elsie says that TED Creditor TED crew. Our great text, a sinner. Break out on your shower low incomes on she says he's right the martyr her endeavour but now she said trot. Why doesn't she get in trouble right back of ice? somebody somebody's murder undermine. It was a driving ban, even more echoes, guess what that's inciting violence, because what do you do with attempted murderers? You lock him up. You ve got em up my guys with gas, so elitism attackers. I loved Ankara's, leaves a great lawyer, a great american I've supporting for president. It was Rob and Roger Stone Other gives them that put out the story. Dad was in the CIA and all that stuff and entities. Joel just crazy what sort of free speech, even though he made up that that my dad did this. I didn't do that. Cover what they said, so you can't take crews, love trump and do
that women when they were the ones who gave me the story to be fair, you might have given it more legitimacy than it warranted, probably so that we have. I think that his dad was there were the rifle on the grassy now, but I'm in court animals. The cuban anticommunist, looks just like, oh, I know and you'll get your liking. Usually proudest have associated. You know Moreover, that came out of these problems through chill it kill Kennedy. I want safety valve gillig, unity right. Ok, let's go. Let's go over to tell me what I wanted to talk to you, young Alex Jones. You always know this. What you wanted to do. Did you ever want to be like a fireman or something or anything else, or did you say I want to be by no radio micro broadcast maker in front of a camera. You know the way out up right here in Dallas is nor school haven't Right Tom Plant sports. Everything Mom was a history degree of my dad was a doctor and I had always history. Old House tolerate comic books, and I was like seven right: that's when I read the history books as they were so interesting,
flowers like battle for Gall Julius Caesar collection of his essays back to the roman Senate. Has nine yeah thought I'm done reading fiction? I read this now. I had a big education by twelve or thirteen. I was reading order, the desk rise of all the third Reich mind com they have. This is evil stuff. Hitler's doing I was reading, you know about Barbarossa Roger. I was reading all this stuff That was really where I got it and then I have mine, my mom's brother about a big helicopter ace in Vietnam? Then he was involved. I Rencontre and so he would come out how sometimes talk about what's going on in the country and other family, those involved involving clandestine. Suddenly Army special operations, and that was that was all human intelligence. It wasn't digital like it was I kit teams and like really started my killin russian spies. And you know stuff, Germany, arbitrarily eight years older, restores the table with family about it, and so for me, I'm kind of group in the real world, other people around with fancy land and so on.
I kind of like this because, as a kid I grew up parallel stuff You are always more right, leaning when you got like that, you didn't phaser. You became a liberal development. I just heard any family reunion or any place I went it was like all really Army p. All right now it is all like sitting was a big deal. They were just like all. That is all I can. A real world rang. We're battling the Russians in America's gonna win and we're anymore. Nuclear reactors are more weapons in them and rich and where we This took out their people and I'm grown up here in all this and then and then I go to college. Finally, like America, Socks Communism's good, I was like, join the anti communist movement as that's. So that's that's when a star. We said it. You are going to fight against the communist movement at that which would, by the way, I just really grew up around about your bad ass american friend. So you know it's. I thought my thereby was like tat and when I'm studying restating that radio median college is that we need- and I was already why bottles a junior high- and then I M about to go to Youtube decent grades like I did well the first four years ice cold, it better, the less you had trays sobs before I go to your team
and economical, take really college, and I witnessed America sucks why People are raises an evil guns or bad. Karl Marx is good and also some checked out, you decided also glasses, rousing nineteen, and I said: woe, I'm not gonna get my pain. Spent money on this, and so I was like. And it's not radio I'd rather internal talk shows that you know you're, not gonna jobbers of acts of tv was other young and asked him, and that's when I started more than six months of access show he can radio show and within a year that top ratings three years it was syndicated and that's it but by the time I was twenty four years old. I was on over on a radio stations, and we also know that very little secret and radios. You can be syndicated whole bunch and make no money for the first few years, mind Did you go through that? All absolutely I mean I, but I mean I, I've sold membership set a GM. When I was like twenty good money hell, I've had paid my car payment. They
Barbara, was rich right per denounce, no money right, but I mean I didn't care effect. I was first on that level. Radio station it was in the local paper light had ratings number one number, one, then one you're at the number one ratings on FM stationing. It's all these old doc stations rent and because they have no money. Cells, guys roaming, the money that was ok to make us all I wanted- was the audience care with excitement of like ten phone lines all right up and you're on air, and I didn't want board up. I was like screening culture in the break. You get me, I got my ok. What's your name on it, go to write names down and then, like the term when we came back so it was beautiful lobbying. Any always maintain the rights to show our absolute yeah that late, we would care backed, and it wasn't like. I was worth anything right, as you know, we got this kid works for free. Given the Saturday, show. Oh it's it's not One sided agreement with Russia. Why think? Maybe As for you- and I share a kinship like you know, I member you in Montreal grown up and watching from your staff in England, but it is not for me and you
really seen as a conservative so much back, then you were Seymour's a conspiracy theories. That's how you are so we I wasn't. Yes, the Iraq war, or rather at will not I'm not just that, but people, oh God Here- is our marketed. That Gaia and then I saw that you are. You know prolific, remember you're, debate within Coulter, but I did that same thing, you know, like you, I bankrolled this was indicated. Actually, Europe, you guys Genesis really connoisseurs indicating it for what it does after it and Fox NEWS now, Mattoon stand up is tat for a long time, but my four into radio was, I station in a major market. Those is willing to. Let me keep the rights and, like you, I just said, eyeballs nears focusing of your ship and then eventually the finances will come, and I think that I was can't necessarily say where, but I was offered a a show and a prime slot in a top five mark in the country. But then, when I saw it I would look like where they would own it. Then I have to go out and you know broadcast from Murdoch's our lot. You know that casts deficit. This isn't what I want to do. Let us be clear: the Eurotunnel guy you think on your feet. We didn't have sub region of Europe at your dog met you Non Europe ever while we Saturnia drinks photography
we came in here on scripted, it's impossible the way. The left always ask these losses. The Democrats fund there always like who's your boss, who wrote this. They have these transcripts. The show like who said this. This is not scripted. We just walked in here and we're talking yeah. But you look at mainstream media. It's so script. If you imagine all prompter, like those guys can come, was shown talk for an hour. They are literally having meetings for day before they talk, but then the side of that is every Tom, Dick and Harry in their basement, podcast now and they go well just about conversations Well now you also have interesting conversations. So that's So a keen. You know that because you're also a showman. Well, that's what are they gonna? Kick your ass! You are really funny what you'd like like one of your work pictures like our eighty five and most your butt. Like ninety five, whereas I mean I can't do that already bayonets always funny. It's always energetic because you care about the audience and you're really trying to make it
and you found out your brain. It's not scripted what other people you ve got it right. You tune and like now the sitcom or music or any of it, it's so dead. Oh it's awful! It's that it really is awful, and I think you really, but your audience to me: that's why you're audiences, loyal and even with this sort of deep laugh from which I know is probably affected you in a negative way. You ve talked about it, but your audience flocked to support you because you I've been people have to say this about you. You know when, draw whether they disagree with you. I agree with you that you're pretty consistent you pretty consistent, and I think we were Tom others before we. We started work on the cameras. You were saying big part of how you been maligned is some of the things that you said. Jokes and people take them out of car. You sent over the one example about eating someone's neighbour Let's face sounds pretty bad, but You say it was. It was a joke. Well, that's my pride. One is is that I'm a good actor one on being an actor. So then, my ex wife, like four years ago in a custody battle, she came to the judge and and
If the video from like fifty years ago made during the Joker and it's scary. I'm gonna go out of context that can sticking example. My kids take drugs, kill yourself. I didn't mean that I'm sure jokers a bad guy. Don't take drugs, grant dont, do there's, don't take psychic products and so my lawyer, without even asking me that he was right. That goes well. When Jack Naval supplies the Joker he's Bobby he's not being which everything an actor, so it media spawning Jones is being an actor. Right now, I saw your whole persona is an act where's that was in the context of that bit was absolutely so so Jonathan Swift, a hundred years ago, tutor four years ago, when I was a big irish, English analysed and and the father a moderate satire, and I not that even a public school and like seventh grade, and so I went on air last year and I this is also swift. This is him saying we don't want accurately irish, there's too many Elam, let's
we ourselves are babies, so british english lords can eat your children, and I said this is now set. And I went by their owners and hall of about a chain during this lock down and I'm gonna eat your ass, I can see how that could go sideways, but what that is a fact of life are going to do that. So I'm not a victim of that I gave the proviso I did it. They took it. Dixon, said he'd, like point of view, is more than that, Finally, on Twitter Jones is gonna, eat his neighbours, but mark it's a lie, goes halfway around the world. A fortress pushes pants on. I should be able to do challenges with chatter say. Say and, as I say, the centre he published. That thing inland letter intolerable centre. Right once became a huge scandal of don't treat humans, Lecter, poultry or our pig or cow. And so I do in the modern world of left us ignorance and aunt average speech- I have to say this-
satire and they still edit the tape and do that. But that's ok cause. I played them and I did it consciously, but I'm not the one that I did it. I said so, before this satire, Jonathan Swift, yeah, they added it it's on them. You know it. So I think we first because you're taking some subject matter that people wait? It's real. Is it satire and then you're applying your own satire? I think, that's repeat it makes it easy. People to sort of you know muddy the waters little bit I had this urban. Obviously I'm not gonna eat my neighbours. I would hope not we're not that certain out your neighbors, there are other juicy less that's what it could be worse. Glorified, add further. Today, that's born robbing so exactly that could be Brigham Sponsor, I am I had one recently where we were doing a lifetime of the impeachment trial and I said Something like I can sum always Outruns lawyer, the one who is terrible- and I said, can someone storm that building just to take him out and now written up, as I said it seriously and within I counted within a half second, I said Of course, not literally, and we also, we dont, really mean it
Written up my rule is this, Eighty, they gotta be really clearly a joke. You know worst linear, what I do is I make sure that if someone extends they seconds and either direction that they understand to generate so they had met. It was a joke, or do they go about another thing that happened? They took a clip so out of context that you can even see the cliff edited. It was ended, like that, so they could get almost storming, take him up and then some of those what's resting. Take him out now really figuratively and its immediate. So people that's what happened Christine living forward when I made a joke, unpeopled hunting and I've context. I always my illegal and go, and we should to do this is comedians, but we know that I know that I have a different standard. As a conservative I go p. I need to make it so extended thirty seconds neither direction, but that's so frustrating. I agree with you that they do it Have you no proviso? That just think is lives. You did that yet with me. I had one. They claim that I made a joke about raping Ashley Judd. I didn't remember that what are they claim that I yelled the inward at sea? Back, I didn't the word was knickers and was dresses, Thomas Jefferson and
So I too few- and I learned that really I mean when you twenty two- and I was twenty two at the time- and this happens near half Borneo. These sets going after union called into the brass fox. You learn really quickly that oh the people who we think in our corner in concerted media narrowly in our corner. It comes down to doubt incense and you have to I let down the lowest common denominator and they keep darling down and down and down the that's. My biggest frustration is that I used to cover it was unfortunate like, Fgm, saying this and then they turn around so you're saying that so you just just cripples conversation ever me. That's the biggest problem. Is that is that how far is this going to go and how much will Americans give up yet- and I think I think it's tough because listen- understand that right now, for example, you do they want to both way that one of our private company So I turned to what are your rules beforehand, for example, occurs, new election, the election fraud. Here's the rules, you too, you can say that voter fraud exists. Can say that voter fraud has happened on a very large scale.
I cannot say that voter fraud in any way affect the outcome of any american election. That's the rule! That's a really tough rules for people, because if you're gonna say that their x amount of people who voted. We want to talk about this issue, in other words, aloud impeachment. Agree or disagree with dolphins view on the election. In view views on the election you couldn't court being stolen. This is punishment forever, questioning the legitimacy of an American, petition. That's really wanted. I agree, even if you think that was no fraud, how can Tell you what I'll do it? That is that, as a chilling effect, that's a pre condition. Everything and there's my problem, the Democrats set. I have fifty glimpse of Hilary, and policy and an waters and and and and and John Podesta Tony Podesta, saying we're gonna challenge when throb with with red Mirage matter what we're in a split the country up we're gonna have we have a civil war. I don't even agree with their state. They have a damn right to say that they have a right
to say the election was stolen by tromp. But suddenly, though, when they say they one, we can question right. So, that may be an issuer unto the to the we consider more radical than you in the sense that I think that there are really pervasive from without a fraud in the country's. What's what's your view on us? Not, let's not hit, third rail. As far as we know, one of the most popular president ever he wants one hundred billion about right now, I'm serious I believe Joe Biden is the most popular birds and more popular as you know, John of Amity, said or part of the genus that wasn't true and then no Gallagher, so they re use more popular than the Beatles. Now Joe Biden is more popular than reality job nah I mean this was just not an absurd, should not be known each other about your answer. Laughin, don't you I've about job. I Joe Biden is more popular than consciousness, Joe Biden, one by eighty trillion credible feet without having it, not I'm serious.
I mean I want to just say that I believe job I do believe there is any kind of voter fraud that happened. I know that you said there was no evidence which sort of surprise me. Nothing ineffective. The upcoming elections, but do you think That will never allow the evidence to come out. That's might yet, and so it doesn't even my God, All I know is we're told when I look at it now the court's ever heard of the evidence so let us see the others because of the airlines, zip, and so that's why. I think that, the North Korea, No, certainly I the sun came out today because of Joe Biden, I believe birds sing. Because a job you saw, was she and be senior MSNBC said? Look at the arms of the of the capital and of those of the the mother. You said your against like a tropics out of the reflecting pool, and it said why obviate the capital turbines arms reaching out to save the grab a six year old Oda. Save us! No! No! No!
I want him to smell me. I want you body to be much obliged if you put on pigtails and you get in a time machine, you make yourself about arms areas like he. They listen crowded about Joe Biden opening the board Cutting off over power is a good thing here each is out, you didn't do nothing, I know you don't reaches out and he why you didn't went way. I'm up about love, You know what it's like. I love her job, our job, I oh, my god. He was out there like that Airforce jacket and those in nineteen eighty like genes, Rameses mothers. Why do with his wife? Yet here in the valentines that my valentine would so do so will you don't think you think anything happiness election as far as votes as financing needs it would you like to see the evidence actually seen in court? Advertising restore cheers Joe Biden, LAS Vegas. Oh you, madam wait. We met, no seriously, did you meet your by married, my job, to show its
Did you hear me Joe Biden, you run in these circles never arise. Earls. I've never met Joe Biden not marry me and Joe Rogan its job. No, I mean I just mean a God. I mean alright, Stephen do you realize he was on the wires lawn in those nineteen eighties white genes? with the aviator jacket, with the sunglasses yeah. Like you REACH Valhalla, even God, like gods down here we're down here Joe Biden up here, yeah yeah me Joe by one. Seventy billion votes cast you you're doing there, not a bronze dealt rosetta. That's these also a drunk- more than drug to me. I don't know you, you know run for money, but Ask you some ass, as you said that people to what would you say is is the biggest misconception about, or you know I know people
jokes out of context. But what would you say because people have an idea of the biggest most deception? Is that I am not the Son of job out. Ok cannot serve the people because p We have an idea, if I say archstones people ready. We have an idea of who you are what you are, what we say the biggest misconception about you out there the biggest misconception aren't gonna get really Sir I've been habits of honour, its other gay, Joe Biden, joke, isn't it that was coming on the put out now, I'm thinkin went up, I'm going to rethink and went up listening. Good bet, you're gonna kill it not included our people. Only take those small little derivative clubs that are jobs and are being particularly fond. Here. They are using my goal. We normally slight arrest very serious rats ourselves, it's it's! You know that. Radio email, yeah, yeah. Now it's it's pretty dark right, try to be a good person, but the biggest conception is misconception is that people
That's what I do Old Tom Jug around the views on very serious Ethel. Like I'm, almost on the floor like come on, fire happy show with happy people and a very serious right of users. Yeah, but you be sure you wanna go. You wouldn't want to wear a joke about Joe Biden, flag, nine minutes, because I'm in love with him, that's fair, myself, credible you, don't you washed shot gun and he said he. I let me go the ice man's. Look, that's exactly He would have followed otherwise, like reanimated corpse stumbling around like the top gun outfit. Is the funniest story about Joe Biden is, and this is before he was really any one significant. I was on the job. I knew you sell express their from New York to wash and easy, and this whole right up. It was an M track anniversary. Annulment order was, it was fifty than it was when it was, but had Joe Biden on there was a whole spread about Joe Bite. And it had a timeline of Joe Biden. You know through the years, and whoever did this got. It passed the editor,
and I knew was a conservative because it had Joe Biden when he was about thirty eight years old and it had involves a Cuba. And then the next picture, in a time when it happened with a full head of hair, I like it they had never been more clear, and now it's just the software. Probably this this guy was in charge of the pictures with this magazine. Thank you know what I'm gonna put that in there just open oral questions and even the router you have some in the whirlwind My bladder, ok, if you have other yes I will listen since we're predating compares rudder. No, I don't want to was either its further than the bathroom I will go. Awry will take we'll, take it all right, ok or what but Abram, and I give you serious October guy look. Seven, the goblin Alright, ok, he just needs to be walking out. Well, I guess you know it's as relevant as ever Youtube? I can see this. I shouldn't
see this going off of the Youtube rails. So if people want to see probably another good, our own half without Jones, I can curriculum go too much Cunningham Suchlike, Iconium yelling over there you to piss off. Nor I also having so now is totally fucked us get really serious. Ringer directly over this issue can balance it alright, Alex Joneses back he's back. Did you ever get tingle? Did you really be self absolutely no integrity and Washington, which is a flagrant disregard for covered protocol also cover growth, but ok, you're not in wash my hands. I can tell you were gone. I ran it quickly either you have the world's smallest bladder Eden, wash your hands now. You do not have an. I do. I actually That is most what is because
maybe of a vast array of Red Fox, even watch my ass in yours, well that's vacation need itemised area there. It a day and that we do not have a date homo. Could they sent one for, but I have one it was sent for free and is not come, but I gotta tell you I can't get it calls the crowd or a kind of get it just think about it right. If you get like doktor up on you sure you don't use dry cloth, you it, and then you wipe it off. I like that, it really does I endorse the crowd or of a day. Well now it's my birthday. None of those is of a day either. Given I needed to create my own, but I said you know, I don't have the Metro national day, You sure I do you sure you didn't do any any any second tropics, there's nobody. What did you use Did you have chosen the sink? yes, it's a big data matters be no hung, my ass, your so I filled it up for water, would you say is the one thing like, if ones actually pacific inch issue that has been taken out of context for you?
we get into summit sticks out in your mind that bothers you, real man. I just wish the people didn't like score that one on me or take that out of context or someone that bothers you. There's a lot of things about yearning into serious topics We are under a United Nations, great reset world government programme to collapse, local economies of small businesses and brain or government whether its Israel with the Uk Weathers Germany, there announced You ve gotta have apps on your found. Leave your house in Vienna the vaccine, and I admit that that actually wanted to keep you from most covered strains so assignment to protect you so cause you for them because you're, you just said something like one hundred and agree with, but here's how here's, how I would say, which is why people don't get nearly they don't get through, that you know they're, they're, pennies internet, I d say look right now. This is being pushed by that actors. People the World Health Organisation, don't want to acknowledge any kind of sovereignty with Taiwan. Exe
to flip flop like found she- and I will not go into charge right exactly in these people- they don't care if they shut down your businesses. They want to keep you distract with fourteen hundred dollars, but I think when you use would like but what they want to do is take the world. Take them Words are a new world order or one government and then immediately payment, as I've heard. A lot about all you're saying is true. This is this is a global anyone look disciple, probably banners episodes falls Info Mark a month ago. Pulled it's too vaccines working. You should just go normal amenity. South Africa killed their vaccine programme. Australia killed their national programmes, fifty four million dosages, because it was good people false positives, HIV. Did they ban one of them in India? India just and the five main MRI knave Axiom LATCH way right that it should. You can look at it. I could, I know you're India, Bangladesh, but we're just commoner saying its orbit, but they re all them. They ve been the fire with ice gay which most vaccines with a copy of the virus. Attenuate jeer bodyguards feel right. Mobile technology, there's always out of
That's a regular vaccine right. It is really a deadly virus. I take at midday. This virus really killed. Reformers the people what they said it. What a year ago, I'll be role must leave our baby all day long, but we know the numbers way low and by the way, you're not an anti backyard. All like you'd know only then I would act scenes and alligators you're times you believe, like the measles vaccine, polio got computers, I love sire. You had the measles vaccine, correct, yeah, a budget not exactly, but but I actually think that are legal shot August like hears it. If I have three daughters are read the Murk vaccine for supposedly answer, and it said it covers four or five viruses. There's thousands. Generally protect. You might give your problem. So I said Can I have actually yeah that's my decision. Yes, but actually there lemme give. You saw no manufacture at all. However, my wife can't get to covet vexing. She can get Ilusha,
because I talk about the scenario she underwent a basic procedures. She woke up should GPS. She lost our function of her legs, Oliver Motor! from an likes. Next move up to your lungs and Paralyzer diaphragm and the person they tell you look your sensitivity to certain treatments. You can't do you cannot scary, it scared, for the doctors told her, you don't get a flu vaccine and any vaccine to go to your dad, your first. This is the doktor to mobilise and Anti Baxter vaccine arch what we're gonna. Do it appropriately we're going to do it here, What do I do it over a period of time, but for some Few of us, someone stepping in from the World Health Organization saying you know you all have to get it. What does my wife didn't exemption? That's the issue. It is realistic to expand on that, because Stephen, what you just said is the key to everything December two thousand and nineteen this up. They had an emergency meeting of the Debbie Asia and the vaccine had
he was on there and there's like twenty hours. That's two days of six September seconds, Nano December twentieth. The point is its Rather we got that. No we're, not gonna cut her lover merrier. You're actually incredible with dates, so I can remember some numbers. You remember dates and may not want to do this wrong. It was members second December third in Switzerland, and they an emergency meeting of the UN? nations and their head vaccine programme dealing with the fact that their own doktor saying it's not working. It's not testing our front line is wobbly its causing huge issue and you just said exactly what was happening, and so it's not working accedes themselves. It's that untested, given liability protection is causing major may, problems and then their admitting that the ash Rosetta and the Pfizer vaccine.
These are not working is goes, are saying and their causes These problems and I say on the vaccine, insert make Yonder right may cause, Yes, that's CBS Yonder, so it I'm not. I don't know any of what you if it may cause GPS, but I do What I'm saying is different when I'm Agnes different point, my wife did wake up from a procedure with John Break. And I was right, get a drink of it. So I couldn't visitor because my mom happened to be the one with her and then getting paralysed scary, it of an area of high mortality rate incessantly inserted can do that is a very high mortality which, when it went from her feet, tourneys removing up. They are due ITALY get her. Ivy g is like a treat me like an immunity treatment authority with an ivy shouldn't hospital for two weeks, the german system off it. What would it this specific. What kind of a nerve? What way to describe it muscle and yet fashion which increases the muscle sort of think of the electrical too. That, in cases your nerves, vow for some reason starts having an immune response. Not the nerves themselves see seats, but my point is not whether the weather, the vaccines, let's see the vaccines work perfectly lets us. Let's say:
vaccine had option advocacy it doesnt. But let's say that I was worried got. Second Le Loup flew shots, work for a lot of people right to a certain degree. My wife can't get them. Cause of medical way. She saying is key: will you have medical doctor in the UK in Europe in the U S sang a lot of people, take vaccines. We had a lady or to my office for couple years. She was, go on a vacation in Vietnam, and I told we reject these three shots she took one almost killed her, and they said you gotta a mass for six months you're. Immune system is shut down if they told her showing the letter. You can never tell the vaccine again because as an aside a kind storm autumn in disorder and it may paralyzing right and these are. These are extreme cases to be fair. Most people will probably from a lot of traditional vaccines at we're talent, measles from polio, My issues are: ok is my wife at that point. Listen to her doctor who knows her, who actually had to put her under the anesthesia and then say we can't you just anesthesia anymore. By the way, don't take a flu shot and be careful with vaccines. Bring it to me.
I'll. Let you know if it's or does she have to listen to a doctor approved by the deluge show in the? U S: that's the issue and we don't have a patient doktor relationship and we're getting further away from that with COPE Stephen. I just came here to fund today that I want to get you in trouble, but I'm glad you weren't there, because this is everything. You see these articles, thousands of awake, saying if the debate shouted saying it's not real. You that heads of hospitals, you have thousands of doctors, nurses, saying what they saw. And they are not allowed to say it. We're told. No, the U N says take this, but now India says no South Africa says no. Australia says no, so we're not alone we're, not cooks or not. Weirdos we are experiencing is my grandmother died three years ago, and I do, but she told me wasn't hit. She was on crutches are her life. She was twenty five years old. My mom was four years old. My mom's uncles, like you, know, ten years old. She went got the second polio shot and they told her
it's alive hours. You got paralyzed by this. This is what eighth, the MILAN she's or whatever off your nerve, and my my grandmother would you like? It's ok, they meant well. She was the man he's like I've, been peril, My whole life on crutches my whole life wheelchair and they told her- that the pope no vaccine. Did that to her and to be clear word I am not anyways nothing yours. I wasn't any anti vaccine to any anti taxation we were talking about as there are outliers who can have some reactions and I'm not saying that back like not. Mccarthy saying vaccines make you autistic. What I'm saying My wife is a very precarious scenario, because her doktor said so and then If people out there who are sent Lessingham, we gonna listen, familiar yelling at us, we'll kids know what you're got paralyze for awhile a vaccine, it was from anesthesia, and that was just mode People if I were that anesthesia she
for some reason. That's what triggered now with her. She can't use that another make sarcastic naturally total way that work for me, who got so six year to quit. Girl, like you, can't ever take? One again, you had an auto response. Its kind like this stung by honeybees, probably fifty dollars kid yellow jackets. Why? How do you do How many? How did you piss off bees that many times you think you would? What what are you Mcculloch into my girl? You didn't learn your lesson after the first forty two bees can obviously do you trust, take their honey. Now, we would be better to take their honeymoon, paddles, phylum. Ok, well, that's pretty stupid, I'm not joking, not very smart, but european, not Madonna not that vat is ill advised for people watching. I dont advocate what I was like two years old. I was a baby pull of our neighbours backyard we should save a be out the water. It's dummy. Then I sat on a b and then a few times without Ping pong battles will was that were at the barn. But what was happening in those two dont, really, those two. Don't they
seem to be congruent. You were the stewardess compassionate. Alex Joan. I was three years took the be out of the pool because you want to seem, drowned and axing. You knew you were swat it with a badminton. I was ten ok, so you went from sweet to sociopath, but about what I'm getting These are all stories, as one other make says. That's true, true other than the real life doesn't really always makes sense, but my parents bought for eight years and when the loss and where they still live best eventually the butterfly, thousand dollars now's word, like you know, five million dollars were, but. Workers and Lawson and I'm in college and I want some money money goes out. Will you to cut I'm a shot of territories and I want you to go round a plows. You know at work, farmers, China, very China, berries. I urge tree never heard of localised is traced back yard? He doesn't want to cut our all this they gonna pull ass will turn out to pull that because I want you to tell all that up and platform. Garden I'll pay. You like filer bucks, so he pays me to go
went the tiller. I gather and there's a beehive for children. So once things Wagner and others things, we never had a problem. Mola junior cartoon, like a giant Mass Obese chase me in their house. They turn into one big era. I get stuff like point eyes swell, almost gotta call an ambulance put about your bags we take it. Take a benadryl. You get better now than Eastern Bobby, I swell up so just Satan, Vaccines an auto immune response. Most people are fine, but some people are allergic to it and then once you're allergic are super allergic. What you're saying, as now they're saying we ve all got to do this right. We can't leave our house that happened with me in a maximum I'd. Never reaction to it. They always ask you very little if any drugs, and not that I know I'd, use antibiotics very frequently in the past and I had like walking: bronchitis, Fucking pneumonia and bronchitis, omitting the diplomat amongst zone and, I sure developing rash and am I face to swell up like a peach and then admirable breathing.
And then you take me in and gimme the sort of auto immune stairway this area. Now your letter to Marxist Milon S it you could have gone into into benefactor, shock and Serious problem exists. I never had before that exactly so. The real thing with exchanges were eating. GM foods already makes this allergic study say When you take a vaccine yeah met an urgent response to learn of the faded. But if it's over response, you get really sick there trying to all that have said it doesn't exist. Just not true I do know is that GMO food things, but here's my deal, I gotcha. Dream, I believe a science or you can give it gives a shit. The measles that Sunday need to get the shit cleaned up right. They need to get the stuff right now, but cannot lobby production wrong regulars re president, but an eighty six. He signed the vaccine production act, they paid out tens of billions of dollars damage so you can have an industry big, Pharma Exempt. Why is the backs, leaves exempt, they shouldn't be exempt yeah. Well, I'm promo.
These vaccines. I just think the issue with, I think the issue right now at the covert vaccine is he had you had Cuomo Kemal hairs no by saying they wouldn't take the vaccine because was developed quickly in a trump another thing you have to for music, another talk about vaccine hesitancy in communities of color about this because of you guys you. Said you wouldn't take it because of operation, warp, speed and eleven from said. We're gonna send it acts in every state, but maybe not do you Touchy governor, raising What how do you? Because you said that you wouldn't rusty, that's also tusky, they did test stuff, they told blacks. Are you get the vaccine herself was What do you say I think, wishing to ski New York using two speakers? Tuskegee? Ok, is this what you talkin about where they were back standing? There were giving them letting them. Several US, I was gonna Ria in Guatemala. Without that gave us thus, in Guatemala, and in Peru, which ones the clap Gunnar ears. If
Ok, so never myself, alas, is basically will you. I couldn't apologise for that right. So it's ok, didn't you that sum has been acknowledged that there were basically I apologize for giving hundred the thousands of Peruvians syphilis. I didn't want to go into something. What What could be misconstrued misconstrued as you being anti backs, but now you John, it's looking around a wet. Let's give underlines. How should I know you're not. I know you're not of ceremonies, point you're making that point, but people will constrict misconstrue this as though your internet is naval. I have your mug club, amazing thing. It's fantastic with! where is he handed wild Turkey, whatever it is it's delicious? if there was cyanide- and here I would not before so- there was a good the vaccine other channel viruses teach my body automated want to learn from that and do it. I believe science If you put cyanide- and here I would- I want to take account of the economic side of it. But I understand your point. What I'm saying is the report itself.
The dose right! You know an outermost region, horsing vaccines, thoughts, warriors apple seeds. I know- and you know- and I didn't know that, because back in the day memorandum was soon the blending thing, there's a blend all blends. Fruit no sort of ordinary stage. Yet so they say just don't just keep the skin and this dam and the apple seeds is all good for you, and then I found out my dad. You said: no will like a little bit from an opposite, assign that's fine but you're, putting like three apples into a like two times a day with the sea that does not came over you're. Taking wait, you much sign ever those it out. Now they they'll european thing. What's cancer children usage many as they would give you cherry or apple stage, which is great if you ve got a tumor but yet its chemotherapy. My point is that ensue vitamins. It was my stupidity, I meant that asylum seekers that was being of size live Yoda know that some seeds have cyanide, show your watch out? I'm like hey, some back these are contaminated. Some vaccines are cause problems They all say that you're
quite shooting the science of this. What is big text signing onto where they're going to try to say everything's, fine people have Let me give you an outbreak clear, because I know you're not anti backs and total. What vaccines have you taken away? Hundred kids take things like when the baby, that's easels, Mombi vaccine. That's claim right. That is the contaminated as it is. Maybe attenuated virus or bacteria or pathogen is a cost benefit analysis. Do you want to meet this thing when it weak and a genuine is uniting learns or do you want to meet it in the wild? Strong I was, however, my kids back with the classic vaccines. Those those wondered I took as a kid overtime at all in a very low level- and I say this to anyone who works in us offers us if anyone wants to come vexing I'll pay for it, and the reason people here didn't was because look. The covert virus is very lethal to people. And it's not very that you're more than likely than not to be asymptomatic or mild symptoms. If you're in our age group where's, the vaccine is very tolerable for older people,
the side effects are more severe, for people are age, so people here just didn't want to do it. It was a simple as that, but I think, problem. People lie that had me stop from, like Israel announces Ukase announcing ever said they wooden. Oh, you can't The public events, unless you have this passport that is so dangerous, losing your wife. Once you have an auto immune response. You can't take this to say what it was. Really it was really. I was actually so you were there you so my office, I came back after the show and my weapons having a basic operation were she's pregnant twins now, but she had well regulated like I'm, really excited about it and sheep. We talk and I can't talk too much about it because you asked me not to but she had under materials. This was a basic things, so we ve been trying to have kids for while the very basic procedure. Fifteen minutes and I went back there and there are some complications or she woke up. It shouldn't walk and they just said hey. She has so it. She has Ganz Parade, Gb S and I looked it up and my face when what is a ghost cells in that office? There
hiding and my dad came in and he saw those found. No. This is weeks ago, but my document saw my face. My dad knows me very well, you know we're close seems like you do with your parents and my dad said hate. What did you do that? Google, GPS or something I said, don't don't don't do that cause, that's not etc. Thing that caught her like he could ride away, see and I had work to do. I have to come back in and like pre taped show it was a really really tough and that's why, for me, it's so close to my house, I'm going to let my wife is not an anti vaxxer doll, she's taking it back nation, she wants to have her twins, had their vaccinations and appropriate way, but she said what did she talk to me? Should what do I do? I can't get these vaccines. Particular no vaccine. According to my doctor, each ceremonies articles and going to have to show them how to vaccine to get and some of these airlines which hasn't happened. Yet but you always she said it really worries me, and I know this is the problem with.
Socialism visitor from a big I'm the one size fits all one size fits all yes or no exact, and they label or an anti backs. Are she couldn't be further from that? Look? These articles military government elites of Europe take clean vaccines, so they have electron microscope to check their vaccines, are thousands of dollars for shot and they sectors that catana hazards they'll these to grow in the last thirty years out of axioms on peanuts, the protein, that's what you mean Carter squarely, but it creates an auto immune response to peanuts. So then, you have the death responsibly. We peanut who's your body. They grew this vaccine, for whatever it was measles mouse, rubella hepatitis, whatever on peanut protein, that's better than like baby protein our two. I don't know anything about this and I don't know if, as I assume its accurate, but I can't say yes or no- Can we go on to wind energy? Could I wasn't You're talking about this earlier in the early before today did you want to use it? but the FDA and cigars got on your agenda. This reflection,
the FDA, there's not the FDA, officially been allayed. Who work for the FDA did studied mortality rates and smoking. We know cigarettes are not good for you right. We know that they they increase mortality, increase cancer, but the tobacco lobby by the way there they are blood alone or the tobacco lobby actually supports a lot of cigarette legislation and certainly the gaping legislation police generate more money. The cigar. She's very different. So for someone desertion like this comes from a different ages from his farm in Nicaragua and this We, the cigar, tens hundreds of young animals, it's one angry, that's what has to be a cigar tobacco. The carrier bacco is like cracked, they add a bunch cigarettes, edible Chemical now died ass, downright because at that accelerants too, that make us events, and it also makes the peak plasma levels if it happens very quickly, like crack versus having coca tea, which they still servant, South America. So this goes only for the last seven years from the start to one we're smoking it right here. And a lady who worked. I came over her name, but there was a strong statement issued from the FDA from someone at the idea that didn't refute this. It ok, the tobacco.
Cigar lobby said: look you can't let us and with cigarettes you came in one percent with Swift, switcher sweets severed the gas station, because people are in here. Those things aren't cigars. So when they separated for pay nothing and cigars. The statement was too cigars. Your last, which is far more than multiple smokes. More than I smoke results. A zero percent increase mortality rate and it was increase esophagus mouth cancer rate of four percent, which wasn't as high as it happens. We non copy drinking coffee negligible when do now doesn't mean that you should. But I think if if in other words, if you're going to have some that you enjoy compared you, let's say alcohol are now we'd is being pushed in. Every kid cigar every now and then is about as benign of a vote as you could crowd around I'll. Kick your ass, its true. What you said is a very deep statement. You have major cigarette measures, whether menthol source for chemicals. They are
is about two hundred Stillwell Philip Morris. They own all the big con, get they had hot on average over and over the chemicals, everything and so you're, saying true, there's no chemicals here. This is completely different and made by God has problem is negligible illegal cigarettes that are incredibly there, that there's aim grandfathering that they're allowed to basically put in in food, not just process the drama that was where Chemical Ojeda, those are drugs to cigarettes and processed foods or the drugs are right. Did you smoking cigarettes for years? Are no, not not automobiles allows drunk. I drank some, ok, I'll drop out rates was areas now that a few drinks are much more cigarettes, but you smoke cigars for my dad was a pipe smell raised, he's still alive somebody smoking on air breaking the was FCC rules. It was a joke. The jug was funnier but yeah, My dad was a box robbers having spoken pipes, and then I was ever bigger,
the great guy but ya like pop cigars and I was always meet in a very different right. I'd say: it's kind of an anti vice in a sense it among us, Mercosur, Garden night club. I actually want to be with friends or some quite a long time with a book. It's more reflective sort of you know and enjoyment period as deadly psychoactive. O dignity is negative. Naked, doesn't thing for me my promise when they are the baby out with the bathwater. They lie to kids, so there's no benefit whatsoever from negative. Listen, there's arena novel was written nicotine and get nowhere. It helped your short term memory, you're stricture blood vessels. Would it also short term memory. When people talk about these new tropics and smart drugs, nicotine and removed from cigarettes in small amounts is better and now they're doing studies what might have with Parkinson's. I can't confirm, I can't know Europe where they live right, yeah, ok, so, let's go into the weather stuff. I wanted more of a story of Alex Jones, but it seems like you're gonna get you. You know what you're not gonna acquiesce I've thought about. All shows why you and I think I think you wanted to be about your work and you want to download minorities also still farther on that list. The thing on the other
So you started radio. How would you say, changed, here's what I would say used to be more confrontational unused to definite focused more on conspiracies, because no one else was bring it, and I will see you now and a lot of ways. There's almost. Merging, were during your mom, or that tradition. Less conservative than you used to or at least you talk about a more you got here. That would happen. Is that accurate though it's totally ok, I I've been on air twenty seven years and from the beginning it was popular within a year. I was already I within two years I was so care over a hundred stations inside instant success, and I dont know what I was doing. No additives producer, and so I didn't realize how much power I have an end, and so then in the last five six years. I realise that what so now I just think more, what I have to say, not because I'm a pussy but because ok people are all over that may have millions millions at one time
everyday argued, most functional now that you're like probable, the top five guys a country and its power, and so I congratulate you, you're, not a control up our act, even though I had the power. So I guess you figured out. You have the power early on. You were careful I'll die at the bar and then I traveller learned like oh, my god, I'm saying something as a joke or I'm saying something with a guess: people are taking this as gospel, Yeah. I better watch out, so it's not about it. Entertainment assignment of being about whatever. Now I realize I might get a death star weapon, you better watch out yeah. So if you does not have that just says all why people are racist in America sucks. I mean if I said that they burn the country down so I want to be good. I wash the leftist swinging, a baseball bat just you do it whenever they want. It scares me and you think, to email being a father now cuz, I know you I do. If I can say your son is watching my show- and you seem very good kid
do you think that also when you see that- and you see since you know that the left electronic at their claws and you in college in the media, do things espousing those, maybe traditional values. It benefit your your kids in Europe. You see, has been more important to you as you get older, O. Exactly just becomes like, because you have a good kid. Like your kid is a fan of of you. I myself would like God and Joe Joe Rogan Lucky he. This is nuts typically someone his age would be thinking this way in. That must mean that respects you could most get one rebelled against or dead it. I don't know what we're, Million against Alex Jones would be because you're pretty off the chamber, but if you're right it's a moment where you go, I've got power, he just throw this around its almost paralyzing- get pissed the left. Just do anything like Eo C o check wants to kill me Did you say anything? I'm like you, ve got Wanna power and it's like the more power you get, the more you gotta get restraint, and so here's my back. Failure, was alone with power, and I mean like
years ago I didn't know have managers, I didn't know what was going on. I know I had five million listers day added, no I'm right, and so so I made mistakes, but they were not conscious of our differences. Democrats in the global? If they have all the power they know it or do they know? What to yours? You admit that you made mistakes. That's one thing. I think I would say that's a big misconception where people think blazing down that trio. I've watched, you say you know what I was wrong about. This right should have framed it this way. The problem is like when I said I made a juggler raping Ashley Judd, then the issue retraction but adapt when it's on page six to take the greatest thing out of context. I've never seen anyone broadcast your apology or saying you know, and I made a mistake, but that's another problem with life. I questioned some issues that were the first to do it. I have a right to do it, but later I look. What was one said, other mash shooting happening when, oh, my god, you you're, you lied. You you made that then, like I'm sitting there like trying, like apologise that never gets broadcast right it. Never it never gets broken.
So is that each of us any hook? Do you think you, you think you made a mistake and I'll have to lower the effort to say that I made no, I learned so let me give an example in its just don't wanna get in trouble. You learned before I got so I said I thought up yet Oh. I remember that. I remember that I remember how do they shoe you as a broadcaster, if you ve already I was wrong and other materials names. So here's what happened, I used to like covered lose they came out of devils Advocate and then I had my bring me? Oh look peoples as it happens, like barely covered it and then in a kind of went away, and then Hilary look all my weak spots and set out to get it. Tromp He then brought up that. I shall then that's what kind of all that began and then and then and then, once I apologize even more knowledge of it. His weakness I just ran like
Bush young hook, Amazon like you had it, you ve had present Trump Vanyusha. I think several times and I want to mention and errors in ever de I've spoken with pretty much everyone outside of Donald Trump, originally Alex Jonas Way more vanilla than Alex Jones, but I think then they get gunshot. You know they get burned once and then they have to be really careful in there Handlers tell them don't do these, while you just other Kay, so let me describe it really happen. Rodger, stone, Trump to run and and Trump literally did just think it would be pr he knew they was going to win this truck, and so Rodger gets him on the show and and and they go super viral and we're talking like a hundred million views, this image. Conservative, let's insane and not just on online, was on every tv channel four months and they may go over. This is great. There's even came out like in court hearings. The Democrats thing He has well himself out Jones, let's go,
Jones is whole history and magnify all the warts, so like little Betty, but you electron, microscope, insecure mountain right, and so then they this whole deal, then they went Jones just announced Trot we'll leave you alone. What trumped just announced jobs? What we all knew. That was the case, and so it became this huge insane deal like oh Jones is running tromp and none of that was true. It was none of us here I mean really it was as it were, is. Is it was his wilder's? It was and it was Miller Other added when we were talking about. I was running Trump asset. That back I said I'm not running drop, but they thought we ve got a crazy from taxes. That said all this old stuff like say, YE roads, tromp and so on. Happened, was violently was big but there. They said I ran from. We had eighty million, Eighty seven million clicks on our video audio strains on my servers, the weaker the election to Dallas Extinct
I said like ten million awake, it was eighty seven million, so it was the Democrats. I tell the Democratic made me the superstar, they decided problem Jones. They said I ran everything which was a true and then all the. I'm at the laundry or pick it up food for my wife and people are like dares prob there's trouble, prime rubbing, any of you know what I think. That's actually. I can say that from my experience, I really believe that to be two years, why because even back then I member you are really. We were really programme, but I think there was a point where I was on your choices, oh it s, think we're still the primaries. Nice had probably crews, guy and use a butler k, respect that, whereas there are a lot of trump people who tried to purge the whole movement of anyone who didn't get behind him lockstep, and that was a really crappy thing about me. I had some can my way just because I wasn't a fan of the primaries and I admit that I was wrong. I was wrong about brethren trump. He didn't
out of good there's something? I'm not a big fan of just like you, but he did a lot of good. I expect a governess conservatively as he did. You are right to challenges. It came out what he likes. That. Larry wanted him in the primary cause you got, you can be sure, We need me out so I say Another gets trop, he means well, but man been another persecuted has trouble right, but it was a trot, may be big. It was the Democrats said I was from sprang yeah, I'm cute, I had neighbours covered, say please till trumped. Stop at my. I don't talk to Trump calls me like every six months Alex. We know you run him. Imagine wrote like what it's like they believe on running the president. What was that, things are because then you become a symbol like, for example, some people have tried to save us. Go to this the capital, the riot, January six, because you were there, they transfer you land it. What was your Bob and because a video I saw you, there was telling you don't listen. I know that you spoke, but you also were telling people to calm down and if I'm not mistaken, like what did you
When did that Kosovo, we love. If you just get a little bit more vulnerable, have someone love someone there was at all you have to click. Ok, let's show that but now I've gotta get reload readable. Do it might not get back? or not a story about these large involvement in when did you see, go inside was wounded, that's which do don't able to condemn. It was the Stay of my life really. Are you can I don't know why I'm here I got you get stung by fifty bees. That day was bad honest about us. We shall start Mattel Offshore gotta, tell you the whole story, So did you so did you? Ok? Let me ask only ask some questions, because I know some scientists have to sort of its rallies
were you the catalyst for the event on genetics? You're, ok, so there it happened, it's like they have taken responsible over Robin Obama, Hiroshima, ok, it's not good really? Well that's a surprising that you, so you did when the event. Now we didn't plan any kind of right or not. It was horrible being a prism yeah, unlike even with your player. Landry Journal to this whole month, long you, unlike literally document everything, I've extra right of New York Times, Mr Gama got what everything's it withdrew. Yeah, not up, medical man and it was hot this was the worst point of my life how far for myself- but I mean- suicide, but I literally when this happened. I was on this rooftop watching this happened. I just never felt like a bigger sack of crap, because I wanted something good and all that stolen. For me this was the Democrats biggest freaking
re ever and then in the end- and I say this on our now says that I thought it was anti for they were involved, but they didn't do it I think I think it's fair to say that the lesson there were some radical trump activists. It was prompt people that ETA costs. Here's the deal, I'm on the left, that's all psychotic lies. I play what really happy wearisome left us activists in there that you are going on at all right. It right, but they re could eternal little warmer near two little bit little bit cold This causes errors are good. Ok, so tell me: that means that what happened? So you watch, as happened from the rooftops, What would have happened letter before they also show- We had had a debate in in in in November after the exact Davy Eighteenth, whatever million people was Amelia motto. Margie was a million. It was every road filled, giant crowds, incredible speeches, electric amazing saying we didn't election fraud or challenging its.
I did it and then we had another event happened in December and about two hundred thousand showed up at a smaller. I spoke of Jericho Marge. You know all that thrust. Joe Biden Present all then trot tweets? I gotta call verbally Alexander and he says: tromp is gonna, promote the next few days January, six after the lighthouse and we're at a challenge. Shooting the electors at that of an alley was as organizer. Now I'm somewhat whatever. Ok. Well, then, the Trump tweets that January six weeks before as vague amount, and then I sit back and wait. No one will book the ellipse. No one will book the Freedom Plaza Rang will do it.
All, but the night out I've, always people colony saint. Will you put down, honours thousand dollars, and so I say, ok I'll put on a thousand dollars down, just like all the other people from events. These are just jumbotron and you know, poured a parties security report said you put their money down. If there is a guarantee that the prime speaks LAD had nothing in, it will be I'm on your show images, tens of millions right. What disfigurement? Fifty thousand now that wasn't Wall Street Journal that report is rather like. Oh, my God I'm paying manage water, spirited rover grub. You wanna go to this, which by isn't that shockingly, because we know how some people can sort of movement. That is what they do they put out of that they pay as long as they have the topic, my pillow got? No, not even though we are going to have you just I've had people, I've had politicians and people say, hey will pay for you to come in and performers are greatly say, but you have to be on stage with someone so nope and advice reputation, initiating a wire you such a recluse. Look. I want someone on stayed with me because I don't want them held responsible.
I say, and I certainly don't wanna be liable for something some politicians will exactly here's the deal. Unspoiled I've been honoured. Only seven years for at least fifteen years, while platform you a regular show, a random Michel hundred thousand viewers. So the fact that, unlike grovelling and paying money in line, you know just begging, to be honest thing: the media Spotlight Jones was begging use, but no, no, I was there and they were wanting to have these events, and so I said, will be there. No one step by the money. So that's what you're saying I paid for it. A few weeks before and you you did pay for it. I didn't pay for so called by people that have the permanence and they go if you'll just put thirty thousand down here. Fifty thousand down there, this in that tromp is gonna come he sets us I'll make some calls talk fuel they talk to. Why does he go now trump? What's this big? That's, why tweeted the state side out? Ok, so articles to step up they? Oh yeah, you're, supposed to step up
then the phone rings and it's a major Republican, fundraiser, Hysterics, Caroline and she hey I've got this heiress to the public's grocery stores, their rate of paper. I'm great, I'm already hundreds thousands impetus of extra money, actually have paid for it kid she pay for she paid, for it may have an event. Not a storming of the capital, but just Yonah, then, and so all too old. She put it through a thousand output of hundreds of thousands of others. Put us we'd like to have it by seventy thousand Aristotle. One for memory here This happens, work challenge the election. That's why we're doing it from its gonna, be there and I've told raised for ok from going to speak and you're to say we're gonna Marcia, the capital and you're gonna. Let it and I said our body. I said there is a samurai. How do I led a million people? They got out dropped excellently. Fifty thousand has average crowded. Fifty thousand was trumps mistake.
And I know that we already had a million our first rally, two hundred twenty thousand, our second one when he calls for this is gonna, be huge and so trumped scruples. Not premeditated heat thirty three thousand people. So they have this little Elizabeth, a rare moment of respectfully humility for Trump to underestimate the crowd that much while exactly so we get there. It takes us two hours to get to the crowd to the vip sex together they kick, mental detectors. There's it's up over the wash monument it's down every road, I'm actually scared, I'm not a coward, but this crowd. Scaring me this was every angle I look at was read, I mean like seas, people and a more or less little did you have a bad feeling you're good at that point, and I did have a very bad feeling and so troposphere speedily does. I've confirm, was stolen, others that indeed trumps join us and I'm sooner in the front row and I'm watching trumps big and an hour texted me going
Caroline re behind the scenes of the secret service and with the bush, made no way with the Trump family and all of em back there, and I say where they take twenty minutes before it ends, were an open up. This gate and you're gonna go out before he is lead, dump its being heavily and shit. There must hurry I've. I've really that feel. One of their feelings is where all said it opens up a walk right in front of prompt the frown, stagey rather looked round at me. Waves at me walkout. I go out the back and there's already hundreds of thousands of March on the capitol and I'm supposed to go down to this thing and about half way down. We get a calls they're breaching the capital they're attacking the police. I've got the army special operations. Those people went ahead of you that we want to have yet you're leaving the rest of them, but there is a group that went ahead of you already adopted in the California reached, and I hear their attack and police. So the guys I'm with like patriots, you they go. You gotta get third stopped
we start running warlike running like the last mile. We get there and there's tear gas and explore jobs and it's a surreal like a hundred to two thousand people are out there and you see the scaffolding for the inauguration cover with people. I try to get the head to stop it. I couldn't Alex Jones, so close tat this policy, whereas you put up earlier, much stop turnaround because trot disposable speak about platform outside never happen, of course, and and so prop didn't. Inter for that to happen, he thought it. We have a big rally wasted peacefully in patriotically hidden. Planet yeah, yeah. Oh, he had planned that and I can say, because we did a rally in Michigan. It wasn't as big as this, but for lancing Michigan. It was impromptu about the Whittemore death toll about how she then watch worsen, probably Cuomo about the death numbers and M Demetrius it. We had a few hundred people. We had three thousand plus people and I went out- and I was very clear. I said look of course without legal. If we can call for violence, of course
We want you to submit your on freedom of information, quest to release Israel number what she's denied under the guise of emergency powers, but I do want to and because I was very very clear in what kind of a protest it was and if thing had gone sideways. Their dad would have been really tough for me to take, despite what I told them, and sometimes just that's the problem. Bob mentality becomes a sort of mass, less probable power. Aren't you ve got up, you ve got hundreds of them. Photoshop Stephen greater and exactly So it was a nightmare and I don't set us be a victim, not a liberal. The cinema think I showed up and I saw a hundred two hundred thousand people in a minority attack of the capital, but I saw flashbangs and people beating police going in and I literally got nauseous until the guy I was with what you have to stop this race. I climbed up private, stop them with a born. They couldn't hear me now not that point not that and then we go around aside the cops go. It's already already raised the suitability- and I said,
there's gonna be a was a famous shooting at? U S, college Columbine, no note of ridding attack on armour was your college. It was a bridging attack. Was a university when I'm under that was one columbine was a high school. Was the college of the sixty just sharp? Oh, we ve done what you D. That was the unity shooter from this that the clock tower. What was the guy I'm sorry! I here that's gotta! Remember we had we don't worry. What was the shooting at Penn state we occupants at Yale, Penn state? I'm saying we don't want wanna Penn State Norman got killed, Are you out of the car get out she's crashing through braggin the one, and I am old area. I mean you there hold the line and animal defending or death it's horrible, but that was like the worst part of my life that was like experiencing power. Like I have this event I did is the present request. I mean blamed: what am I going to do? It was a nightmare, and then I saw the thousands tens of thousands hundreds, a thousands tweets Jones is commanding in
trump is commanding and I knew it wasn't true. We commanded like Laurel and Hardy commanded. You know their show. We literally walk into a disaster yeah. So what is it that you? Why do you say, makes you feel like the biggest? Second? If you do, you feel responsible for the violence, even I didn't call for it or do you feel gas? I mean there are trying to say that all I have is honesty, is the left ever? Does that yeah? I went back to tell him that night and my wife was wrong. I started throwing up And it was because, like everything else, everything was successful and then finally, there was this big event, and I mean The worst part of my life is the worst thing in my life and then I watch these Assholes claim that I wanted this that I like this, that I thought these cops. Citizens gonna kill was fun, that's one thing about power,
is always on every other power, but I always respected it, but I realise how dangerous it is and now there's all this talk about revolution, the stuff, and it makes me sick because the left extremist. Our revolution- have anti VA burn down? Cities killed com, They love it. They they don't have. Any guilt about what happens with their people. And meanwhile I didn't ask for this and I feel the guilt and it makes me so angry Stephen, at them because they have no gill for what they do, And then meanwhile, I feel like tell me: losers burn down the country they do it. I wouldn't do that because innocent people who killed they sit say I behind this when I'm not binding mats there, which we good I will be able, as I'm not ready, that power and the left is just using it and theirs murder and crime and bread grounds of society and they think you're all Maxie waters, go out attack, everybody! There's! U Pelosi
Who cares burnings dovetails what people do I can a man should being them, because I didn't tell people to do but still I was there and I was part of it I feel guilty and they feel no girl. What do you think would happen to the people who reach the capital? I mean most of em, the ones or in the velvet, rubs just win after, whereby they should get a misdemeanor. You know Erin a building. Committed violence and to be prosecuted all the ones the ones that are, I believe you like about an hour. More acumen arose Pelosi their mentally ill. They D been a lunatic asylum. I told him, it was That was so. You know I mean, I think the people there Is that your job, we're coming to pick you up could be negatively affected? Is the best this
and I ve gone, and I appreciate you been because I know out paternalism idea. What would you do die say they all get life and present. If the Democrats that actually said color confront people burned out settings, if they get present time, then I say so the bigger than up until now, they meant well Most of our cue people believe in this is the big storm doesn't matter, though, once you start hurting people, you need to be put on ice. If you have very often been a cop fifteen years and present right, but most of what you see the velvet robes and I'm not going. Defence, our mobility. No, I feel bad for the cops I really Let me also, why should support these gaps? I do I feel bad for them, because they they genuinely first off. They wonder, support it, They were rather there's. Nobody could stop the mob of people. I don't feel bad for the people who breach the capital. I do think that deserve full punishment of the law, but I feel for the cops they're just like I feel bad. For you know the David Doorn who is who was shot in the cops you re. Really. But it was mob. Psychology look exactly all I'm saying is: give Nancy
I'll, see that said, riser good at actually waters and of Ilan Omar, who said there good to go out and do it and the vice president. She said: oh it's, go out the Tec, as we are not going to start they're, not gonna, let up of her exact what the night for election and not let up after election, and they should not let up. I think she needs to be impeach exactly I'm saying as I'm all ears spent ten years in prison. I say ten years in prison for the capital soldiers. You can't be our position as a senator and say that and then so that what about Chris Cuomo crisscrossing, who should rights, are supposed to be peaceful, exotic risk let me ask you this, if you could do, if you do have a mulligan, what would you do differently? Well, I gotta do so must ever would an idea which covered Sandy. I would have been in support of its trump, because my message got overshadowed by tromp
and I would have still support overall marathon what's wrong with him, but I would have been so vitriolic. I wouldn't have support them out or ten percent cuz. I would get across and told me, I'm your big fan my god, I dont not like him. I just think I just think he's he's switch position so often from sort of think tank, libertarians sort of popular. So for me, It's not that I didn't. I spent some time with him, and I don't like it my point crises when switch those positions and global, what's your flash of genius moment? Why did you go from libertarian pro anti drug probably glass. Every now he's scared to have me on our actually more than him, but complex gonna competition without overcharged object. Not being honest, I respect you have me on tuckers scared. It's ok, you know have, it shows us says already written right now, you're stuck. We talk before Hollywood that, but what would you do differ? Would you have not done the capital protests it all up?
but I had to go over you're, not at art. I want a hard, a hundred security. Twenty I was gonna, stop them. It was a very small group like lots attack, it's our country. Get you know I would have been there and I would have stopped that event out to stop them Dona yeah. I may because they just totally Curtis and I want it. It seems to me what really bothers you too, because this this is. This is sincere. I think it really as you too, that the left got to claim away. Because you know the heart of the left of Kemal Hairs Chris Clause, but we know that we see in it. We ve seen them encourage violence, and you hate that people can paint you that way. That I think you're more bothered by the fact that some people, because I believe the media believe of you- that you would actually courage, violence. I think about all that shit is that I mean I don't get scared when I'm on Twitter, She literally hundreds of thousands say arrest me. I mean Why would I attacked capital that only an idiot wearing a bothers you, because you're, not someone who would incur advance because it was so deeply disturbing to I think about it.
You that people believe you looked on with delight o absolutely. I was disgusted and was the worst part of my life because, like I said, when I couldn't turn the crowd around. I went to this side of the building that side. I went all around the capitol try to stop it for over an hour and a half and I realized among the level mother why people are personally about us. I'm getting death threats over this, but I was I said: ok, it's booger lose its problem occurs at its a few people from a great organizational capers who clan they were part of it, we have to cut them off. It was literally a minority of people with anti virus was evolve as well, but it isn't just Andy. It was right, where's believing they were, of this great storm, the queue at odd thing and at an end and a figure that out I've seen that we will go well. Don't don't don't say that don't don't says this was actually are people know, I'm not gonna, be like the left. I'm not gonna lie.
Because once you start doing that, you have no. So many more will people some. We'll get mad at me. When I talk about you and on what she had thrown the very first protection from June on was an eloquent would be arrested negligible and drew the, namely that their strategy was arising right, this is so silly. But to me my issues, its can, it's more of a macro economy should remain with. I dont have a promise. I propose- and I just like when Mitt Romney went from proportion of protein, Got you already mormon your to claim to be a question? What change when technocrats and changing the goal? Cable homesick watch it just now, skeptical. Just maybe a little bit of ethnic travellers converting from a survivor. Do we really is right and in I think I have a big fan of you, but my son- and I want my thing with you and our Right- Europe, Europe, you're, you're, strong it. I feel good knowing your there so. I want to believe Stephen good. I want to believe that a girl, I think of it, and I think that it also mentioning explaining my mind's it. This is my main issue with Cuba, not as not just specific claims, but I I said to someone who was close to me my respect, who bought into let us look, never
should never have a leader who is anonymous and who has no accountability. Agri, let me take this last issue with cuban honest. This is some we don't over this person. Is you don't stick your hand on a random rattle cycle right? I know. Your name is out there, and so you don't. You wouldn't want that to happen. Just like me onto Michigan I paid a lot security measure to stress BP, because I know that my name is attached that someone who just a random random there again you're Stephen greater analogy. Girls ends that girls right there's accountability on Paul's rod, Paul TED, Turner's, TAT, her bill Gates Bill Gates exactly and an that's. What frustrating? As I know, major generals, I know number three. Former Shi Ite Director YO and they literally told me, Alex, I know general flat, They literally believe we were invincible, even though I was talking to Frumps lawyers and tromp and trot with sir it was done when Trot gave you
January Sabbath speech. Therefore, sex reset recapitulate. I call Roger Roger called him Roger confirm problem, given up. They'd that the listeners did not believe me and they thought that it a sea g may do, This is a real conversation they thoroughly they thought was a hologram trumped up. They thought that yeah they thought it was given genuine seventh speedier reset I'm giving out. Yet they thought everything sacrosanct right, so I called lawyer that works for drop in the White House. Ngos, knowledge real. I call Roger right goes yachts realise what I mean I literally because you know troubling call Malaga threes. Call me if you doesn't MRS calls who cares so bad? You talk to me like, oh god, from calls me. You know he called my wife. We got married for years ago, three years ago, the point as money. Why is that Is that I'm literally talking from and he's giving up and my listeners think I'm being a no fly,
Red Kosovo show that he gave up man wrote I understand. But the point is is that they still couldn't believe. Don't I would say I will tell us on that His job will be inaugurated. There are Jones, you trader, yet I was like a comment on my site, we're like- and I am not against my letters. I love em, but I can't lighted them right now. I'll be honest, we ve lost a big part of our audience. Is this happened because they literally thing trumpet stole the present and they think he's invincible, and I don't know why don't I want to do. I am, I think, it's more of a symptom, the promised a symptom of people feeling powerless. It's a symptom of people feeling like I'm in the declaration stacked against him? Was he at the media of the entertainment industry? You have obviously the government and you off. We have obviously a lot of Republicans and let you stay with Trump. It wasn't. Reno Trump was flawed, but I think they thought this is one guy who's, not afraid. To just be a lightning rod and then they are. They a lot, he was Superman right. They thought you just candle every year, and so I think when that
taken away for some people, and I think you have a lot of first time. Voters with trample on a sort of new conservative Zagreb people than ever about it right and so wasn't a principle thing. It was Trump is our guy and when they feel like their guys failed, the they can't necessarily accepted, and the sickness part was the savages across our last week when Jones is in trouble. His listers once thing radical calling for peace and non violence, and I'm you're the left, making fun of somebody convert on violence, less dangerous man and yeah above audiences pissed. That I might not civil war and kill everybody who were going to kill like this work? This is societal right. This is cultural you just like Google, kill everybody agrees that a video game right aren't we they had gone through gonna from any of the debt, get get your chopper. What's the one thing, I guess we leave her, of course, as yet, through the charge of the chopper now without papers, that's interpreted the bathroom, the chopper very utilitarian, the chopper right. It's not like a luxury jet now now just Infoworld dot, com
and at the Rio for one more plug their load. You want everyone. Would you if you want to leave people? What do you want them to know most about you? I want you to know that I'm true, I don't have all the answers. I don't calculate what freedom and its great hang out. You mister Crocker. Failure shall very nice office, your Mama direct jobs, zoning they she'd. My mom did actually my mom, my mama whining and I thought tat. My parents help me launching forward you gotta get your family involve folks, that's normal! That's all you can trust. What are you what for this is the truth as before we moved so everything used to be my garage before We moved on election night, twenty, sixteen and I'll leave you guys with this. We packed up after covering the election stream twin. Sixteen, we stream for fourteen hours and I was moving across the country is packed up. We left, we never went to sleep and my wife
came here, two weeks early and my mom. We had contractors rebuilding the studio and they were very late and my mom said none anonymous and she was there in her hands and knees, making sure that it was done that we could broadcast that very same week, french, Canadians and moms, and when you combine the two it's an unstoppable forest. She get stuff done and also because she's just for enough or people think she might get violent. Zaga, but that's what America's all about us, everybody from the world at once, freedom comes here. Yeah, oh, she loves his country. So what do you make of Texas everybody's going over freedom? I I love Texas. I just hope it doesn't turn willingly Lama. If, moreover, space ex my way here, I tell you what I'm worried about you. I must cause I'd really like it, but I'm worried that he could go back and forth, I'm hoping to real awakening that that sticks, I'm told it is. I think I think if it comes from real disdain and have a voice in this mess with others, Asia Margo. This is the most that that this The greatest innovator of electric of agreeing technique,
ready to use the term. I mean you're, still charting a comment of a power use, but the single greatest innovator of green technology and things to me. I always if I were to tell you ten years ago. Hey look ten years from now the electric cars gonna ubiquitous, it's gonna be affordable, it's actually go, to be functional eyes track, but I would say if the guy who's, the guy who creates it is going to flee California because of their stringent green policy, killing is business going to Texas. They would have left me out of the room and that's U on mosque, and I just hope that he stays the path you have and listen, I appreciate your airline is on Georgia. I don't know I don't know I haven't hung out in a while. I have no idea, I don't know. I have no idea every now and then we communicate, but you wouldn't issue. I never want to force myself on. Anyone show I'll always appear, but I don't know I don't know don't you think I know I'm a smile, it will show you become daughters over door or us. Helicopter, you now be fun hates prouder. Thank you, sir. I'm. Your brother
but there is very little private place. Do no one dares event a crowd, Irma Band of any Alex Jones in four words, tat, come look at that wouldn't Teddy bear stay with me,
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