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Steven Crowder runs through the news you missed, the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, and provides counterpoint to the leftist media's spin!

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We are live, ok, let's, which that monitor their to up to programme. If we see in the overlays theirs, Second instalment of Germany, my club live by the way we want to see your chat over their blaze. Tv outcome placed Ebay that combine reading your live chat, do leave a name or an alias, because we haven't quite work. We want to get this up really quickly, for you, dont quite have the we could have the other. This cretin usernames working quickly shut that monitor or make it around cause. I'm seeing everything that that given is working on it and I was overlays, which I very much appreciate how we will have to get. You will be talking about Joe binds latest sexual assault allegations the latest covert nineteen. We flew updates least, as well as the stimulus bill and dumb what're. You have some problems with with that and let us know in the chat, listen leave your name. What do you want us to talk about Moses as a more interactive show? It's more like a radio show what they call. The pod casts the kids with a little punk in the region,
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king from the morning a morning round up so realistically, I think we have this clip from morning Joe, where they made the claim that everybody saw this coming early in January. Let's go that now we ve heard Zeke Emmanuel that nobody could have seen this coming. The fact is, everybody saw this coming. Everybody saw this coming in early January, so I know it. I know you like me now we ve heard a man was. I would say that it was ok. I can't you see, I'm driving a programme of theirs. I can see what is theirs. They actually using the World Health Organization said that there wasn't any human human transmission as of January fourteen Morning so that information on the show until January, twenty fourth, when they had an expert on their who is by the way
Our two still say: don't panic about the covert Woof Lou, here's another clip and how worried should American Spain? Should they panic Camorra make no Americans do not need to panic. The Chinese are already panicking, as they should, because this virus spreading all through the central parts of China and its new virus. It has never been seen before. So it's mechanism of spreading is not quite known yet. What I would suggest, however, is that American Take this as a wake up call for seasonal flu. We are not out of Lucy's ITALY. We already had a million flew in the: U S, hundred and four, it S. Only the dog was able your panic, where you're pathetic,
was there everybody saw this coming. I must go back that interview morning Joe. I don't even know who I just call a morning: Ukraine right because really is only value to society is Joe in the morning. This is the kind of Monday morning quarter backing that you're, seeing mediating remarkable, try to download it as a left right thing, and this is important because it listen, let us it. I will be shamed independent, we're going to the numbers where some people out yesterday was felt you bricks, not HANS bricks. Screw decade. Brick said the death toll could be a hundred a tune and twenty thousand in the United States- and I know some people are panicked about that. So we'll talk about that a little bit more, but they try to separate this. Did you notice into a left right issue? because before the New York Times by Swedish you see morning Joe, there are all saying: don't panic, it's not innovation, the seasonal flu. We were wrong about that care. We can, but they were wrong about that. But then they try to a tribute the right, meaning, conservative, saying: hey, listen, we don't know everything, yet we do No, it's not as deadly as people are now trying to tell this to be so.
We shouldn't shut down our entire economy, so I've conflated the to everyone said it's nothing. Then they said. Ok, it's something the rights that we just. Don't how much of that something is, and is it worth the told it has taken on the economy? Therefore, they try to make it, like where deniers using the same techniques written, I noticed against people who think that this pandemic needs to be handled seriously but needs to be handled with a balanced approach to both the livelihoods and the like. Of Americans and that's a problem whether these things going around on Facebook and Twitter words like Trump found out about the virus on x date, and then this is the number of times whose like gone yet all things sensors right, so that knowing about the virus is not the same as knowing the extent right an end, but before anybody died and of obviously his response was, his response could have good could have invaded the. The issue is not when he found out about it. It's when he found out about the severity which depends on what information is getting right which, by the way, this is something that people need to think about how many times
you had the sniffles or had a sore throat. You thought I think it's just allergies. I waited and gone into work you're either. It's not that Syria that's effectively where we were before, and I don't just mean Americans, I don't just mean the government, the media, and certainly, if you look at the timeline, Donald Trump was doing more than the media, because was around this time we put a travel ban on China. It was around this temporary with actually consolidating so that we would have a pandemic response team moors tasks. Worse, I dont know the exact terminology. Don't hang me on it, because if it's a task force or pandemic response, you know what I mean to say: promo Code, quarantine, thirty dollars off
Let me now, with your albino forgot, that we do not have jail dated right right, do not have had her Bill Richmond, but in insert chair today, actually as an expert on the the chinese food, we do have a briskly Bruce. How are you, Sir well see corona virus can flow or we can crack corona virus. If you put it into a cup, it becomes the cup if you put Colonna virus into a pillow case it, because appear. Ok, if you put corona virus into a rectum, what's wrong with you. Ok, I see what's goin on their blessing and my biggest genes, you know what he was you are a horrible fighter. Bruce you are terrible fighter, salute me of no value it, but you are brilliant and I appreciate your expertise on conflict scared of em now than I what would have been if he were alive earlier, yeah Bruce out at how did you do it? How did you get to be here? Ok, that's going to do
not really about devalue their. We now know that my lawyer probably has a little bit more to contribute than Bruce. Just an expert absorb large Larry'S- is not immune from the corona virus. Confuse things you that's one of the benefits of the zone be apocalypse. If they don't. You worry about any one of several benefits. What to say how the aid is our common off the top of my head and isn't it bizarre, was on bees at immortality applies except the brain stem like recombine S, idea of sort of a pseudo spiritual element like there, the undead they ve come back. Unless you hit that cervical vertebrate, unnerved and there's not, then there's nothing I can do I some weaknesses so another morning round. Up do we have to have from entering K morning. Roundup
first, that the quality and is in the church. For you, you guess humanity. All Bible studies are cancelled out by the real have unless it's Bible study of ten or less people right executive and we're gonna have by the way, even Brendan on the show, because he has to wear a lot of protective gear, because we're word that he might be infected and we'll have brought it and, of course, in your news, corresponding on later with the morning after around Apple, all the news from the weak and, of course, our traffic updates, because we want to keep your breast yourself, here's something it's pretty telling you Donald Trump write his Actually, no it let's go to sea and really quickly before I trash them. I wanna hear if they got themselves a microphone, well, never mind Laura Governor under pressure to issue statewide shut down, This may seem trivial right may seem like it doesn't matter, and we will get to the projected death rates if they talked about last night. But this this does matter
right. Now there they have a Cairo going on that Florida might be pressured to issue a state wide shut down, but there is nothing in the news that the FDA approved new drugs and therapeutics too. Corona virus there is nothing on Sudan. Is ours are running headline telling us that we have the ability to sanitize up to four hundred thousand masks. The my pillow guy was speaking at a briefing because seventy five thousand mass will be coming out of his factory predict. So this would be totally fine in a twenty four hour new cycle if it were the most important news, but it's not well. I'm gonna knows that it is part of the pressure right so like putting the Koran up is adding pressure to register their their cooking at all. It's alt, basically using the news media as a way of steering pilot absolute capturing down a single we're, not much I want to. I don't know, I'm talking about that. That's incredible wrangling, so using other fast, backed by the way down trumps approval waiting, some going up written, we do, and so here's the stock market. This will be the trumpet, even this actually stock market, as is, and if we
long term. It still does this, so if overhauled, all your start, if you sold everything in your foreign k, you screwed up right. This is now, time to cash out exactly how much Kramer you watch it. Jim Kramer. Remember he's that financial guys, want to Gallagher about he's right now. Apple is a hot stock bog. Unlike Gallagher, always funding always fun. I want to take my financial advice from that: guy Cnn, of course, because the approval ratings are going up emission, they should be pretty telling, I think, to folks out there, because rubber Rachel Mantle came out no longer and that we need to stop airing the prompt, the prompt, the Trump breastplate Riah, because this is propaganda led to stop airing it. Then I think it was half ponies other websites that we need to stop doing because its approval writing was going up not again disorder, but not sort of like new media when we're not being bound by the algorithms, which is why we need to have the notification bell. We do better than a lot of the shows that our network television written Donald Trump, pointing us.
Have to go through the intermediary. Then you have to go to these gatekeepers illegally. I can have an obligation to hit all modifications of your subscribed. Of course, Itunes, Android, all that prouder bet Subscribe, are putting up more content and their there than ever. If you don't have to go through them, in other words, even have to go through Matthau right people hear what he has to say, direct right is a beautiful ratings. Go up here to think you may not like what Donald Trump has to say, but that's about is pure of a litmus test, as you get people watching him directly thing. I like what you say right now. They want to fact check what he you think, that's your job as journalists. It's your job defect check it correctly by the way, not fat check, Donald Trump, It is, as we have five liquids facilities, Some people go, there's no spray. That'll centres about you wouldn't worry. He was talking about a machine, but do we have to spend that are drier? They do not have this, you can get me on. The Czechs are dry or your office. Drier has sent a tie. Steams I got up and then it also has just draw that asks, and there were hasn't anti microbial cycle to an hour
entirely sure that I understand the difference. But I do wonder if people Mcdonald from mercilessly for saying hey, we should people to sanitizing mass like is outside of the realm of possibility, if Y all figured it out, if doktor can more matter, why? Why are they train that, where the expecting the president to know about these chemicals that will sanitize thinks he's you're, saying hey, I think we might have some chemicals that could sanity these mass lo and behold ride absolutely worked, and then the my pillow guy said that got left public schools, so you know I never get. We propose that the US will see and it may have been uncomfortable enough to pull the broadcast, but Fox and MSNBC both ran it right so there and their pretending to be non partisan, their pretending to be yes, I write but MSNBC. Admittedly, biased Fox, who is by us and now that's the point now. It's migrated to CNN. So CNN is taking queues. From salon dot, com and Rachel Matter. I want to make that
clear: they'll go logo, that's just the facts! Right! That's! The thing was seen. I don't have a problem with regimental. I dont people go at once they weren't you focusing them so much visually. Maybe if we wonder about them, That's fine, one we're about an argument, but I don't have a problem with media buys from MSNBC from place like young Turks from but opinion journalist. I don't have a problem with trying to claim you are unreliable and lying to people about it. So long. Night scene and refused to air. President trumps Press conference it is interesting because then they tried to pull some information from the press conferences that they now think obviously makes a situation. Look very dire. Want to tell people that everything is terrible, but they don't want to tell you that hey you, not private industry stepped up and we're going to have an abundance of masks and TAT S very quickly, despite the FDA Cdc so a vaccine and they didn't air here's what most telling they didn't air briefer last night, instead They decided that their news time would be best suited to covering this. I don't know why you take
you shot at that. I mean you know just cause you don't talk to me. Mom shares her secrets about how to make sauce very few people, and then you shouldn't- recognize itself that you're, not one of the people that mom saw as well the round of Iranians who tragically mom spaghetti, I'm sure she would have it's just that you spent so much more time and kitchen, Chris. Did you notice? You talk more value now Elam. Rather you know you had that always like moms little help or in the kitchen really respect that. So I think you were there. Is this and always under four. As I see it that way, how many members in the kitchen, when you think of it, I don't want to see a sign. Some common ground brothers Cuomo me to offend you I didn't think this year's online and stated that it has taken I'm saying at least, but you help mom in the kitchen was a beautiful
I had to do. I didn't help keep in mind that this act a moment they were talking about precautionary measures to be taken not during this pandemic scene and ran down the sound mask request. I just hold another homesick or large. I've never know where are you were born? I'm in a mammoth the now where's your ma am I send out where you, where are you physically rose your business, where I just as long as this clip acts that human wicked gotta wait here at this time, which is key factors, members of the CDC, our commander in chief, we're problem invaluable information, the american public, but they are so dead, set on making sure that Donald Trump can't speak to you directly that they decided to air to learn about their mom to almost a nervous, mom spaghetti shut up. I hope you both choke on your spicy, meet a ball and see. I think if I do it without effort, it's not race
it has its eyes and made a bow. Maybe me to manage, cannot abandon their right, but if I do say, spicy, moral Jeff problem, albums, that's a spicy me. But you never even never dared it. You never do an actual, like cartoonist character, I went on. I would never or not I mean what do you think about that? Bruce you think that was responsible for the new cycle. We'll see if you put an asshole unseen CNN becomes the asshole asshole can fart asshole can talk, it seen an asshole get national plans. It doesn't make any sense persists. As you know, these tidbits, or not valuable and on our think, he's insightful. So there's a little joker them. I don't need a special for Jeff Dunham. We get it, you gotta, stop it with a racist voice. What else you got so you something else. Let me know put your name in there, for the chat
live chatting folks over there in the place, Doktor Burke's right, the US officials initially responded to the corona virus, way. They did because they thought it was going to be more like they said it more like a Sars toga epidemic, not a global, endemic which, by the way anyone ever Sars came from there is a trend here mean their roots. Sorry, ok, we'll have you started, is repentant He is. Humble May, even as a drug attic, slash fraud fighter is not beyond redemption. You know he's a legend as well and they said that they were missing. So again, I wanna be wanna, be carefully. I want to make the people understand when I try to downplay the pandemic. I want you to
remember that the media was blaming President Trump for it. For some reason, just like working Trina was was George W Bush Authority. We get he caught you how Europe can continue started over George W Bush bought a plasma. Bala Spencer's work, how it start and flooded. Also, they decided to build a town was five hundred feet, but sea level out I'll Sudan Sidebar not sympathetic, but I also fully understand why were building at a place that has to have that happen again like let's just find the nearest you have to be a mountain like a mound, locality, hey, let's manual like a pitchers mound. Just may you know just build how's everything humanity habitat for humanity, oppression in there and put it on a hill Jimmy Carter, just put it on a hill, so we don't have to on the next present. So again, this is right now Doktor Burke's talking about how they were missing a significant amount of data, and they believe this is going to be more stars like here
could we have known something different I think all of us I mean I was overseas when this happened in Africa and I think when you look at the time data originally- and you said well, there's eighty million people are twenty million people? and we'll Han and eighty million people and who Bay Sheriff. Why did they come up with a number of fifty thousand. As you know, what I'd ask her for a society with lime? No ice, then you do this kind of global pandemic. It's my beverage of choice ok, so couple things are important to talk about this finite amount of resources with governed and this is something that the left gets perfectly wrong so before one with more statistics would hope. Although I can pride you little bit of contacts here in a lot of the time when people say I'll, I just take issues as they come on individual issue by you. Should
good every issue critically, but you should start off with a worldview there's nothing wrong within ISM, provided that it is correct. You'd, everyone has one, you need to be honest about it and a world view will help determine at least highest sift through information that is superfluous and you don't have time for the left has an income. That is quickly run. Let's look at yes left right. Third party man isn't for you right now, so the right we understand that free enterprise is not. There is not a fine some that are finite about lot at the left. They say I want a piece of my past, not infant. I want some of my. I want some of that shudder. No, no! It's not. Fine! I know that you can build more pies yeah. Let me go with us. You can build more pies in a free enterprise. In other words, how do you go more pies? Will you have a rotary phone? Then you have a touch bad. Then you have a cell phone, they have a cornerstone.
Then you have an Iphone to, and people say that tell the telecommunications industry is really hurting. Guess what did you say? I want a piece of my pie, your pie. Now the Iphone is created now that creates work for all new app developers, regains right all kinds of software that have made efforts that have improved everybody's lets. You can go and bake more pies and free enterprise system. By contrast, The government can not big more parts. There is a finite amount of money because you sooner or later, and sooner rather than later, run out revenue that you can generate by taxing people and that someone called elaborate curve, alot everything we can to tax the wealthy to two percent leave, so it's even lower threshold than that. But let's say that's the ultimate threshold. You can tax people at one hundred percent government can generate no more revenue than that effectively, not including dividends or some other investments rightly understand that still compared to the private sector, the left sees it,
Firstly, they see private industry as a piece of the pie. That's why Bernie Sanders or Cortez need to redistribute it, and then they look at government and see it as an infinite some that we should be paying people indefinitely, providing free healthcare, free internet free Take your pick and I'm not exaggerating in Germany Internet was declared a fundamental human right, which is dangerous because it means that the government can take away a right once they declare it to be a right under their purview. So this is really what we do in those countries that have a constitution, so the right understand private price. You can make more pies government very limited in what they can generate. Your left sees private industry as evil villains who need to have their wealth redistributed and the government this all knowing altruistic entity that can generate profit from scratch. They couldn't be more incorrect and that's how you are looking at two sides viewing this pandemic show how you view the world matters before you look at it on an individual,
issue by issue basis. You need to determine how you understand the free market and the government's capability to extend these bailouts indefinitely and then the longer the government props up these older industries, the slower that growth will be right into the slower than those new pies will end up being baked right and then some of them end up just the agenda being cobblers. Then, how did you notice most said? I don't know the difference between a pie, cobbler, don't! I know you didn't, have a shoemaker. What's it the cobbler relatively, what's a bigger, Nobbler open it up, I know it. But our points of view to our own apple krispies. It's what has an odour crust, but I hear southerners always makes the best peach cobbler first off. If you like peach anything you reared its casting really should have no, she no fruit should run the risk of falling Realitas. I do not like peaches, I think it's the hype. Pine,
yeah. I think I think it's the shape and cobbler high cobbler like baked with the top on it. Has it pretty talkative, pause hell. It's happening a bottom, I'm saying like it We have the elderly here we have the fact what what's the dimension of cobbler in applying do. We know Google has told us young Google. It says one way to differentiate between paying cobblers through the crass who Keyser encased in pastry and they're, just on the bottom or both top and bottom cobblers. On the other hand, are simply too to some sort of baked pastry, or do that sounds very much like a technicality. I've never seen a high in my life without a crust on top. I've never know our begun by forget about this.
We ve gone too far. We ve gone too far and we would have wanted to get ordering Ruth clovers. What's your opinion on the pine cobbler was, if you put a pie into a crust, it becomes a crust. If you put a cobbler under the patient, it becomes a pastry. Cobbler can flow or can crack in case you just a vehicle for frosty. Well, ok, in Austria or apply guy he's a pie got what about that is made more of a dumpling guy. Here's another thinking, I've already important finite resources. This is I wanted to bring that up, so you understand their finite resources with a government that they cannot necessarily bake more pies January, twenty ninth, what was Donald Trump doing. He was forming the corona virus task force January. Twenty. Ninth: what were the Democrats doing around that time? Shit was delivering on February. Third closing impeachment arguments, so keep this in mind I want. When we now talk about how we should have known this was coming and the government
should have been more on alert and done their job. I dont have the ability to bring up every. Single, show and watch it and fast time for you throughout January times, twenty two February. Third, but I'm well too bad. If you remember, though, under your memory bank, you remember all the headlines about chef, Swatch Donald Trump oh see just try, Lindsey Gram, anything about that run a virus being a global pandemic that Donald Trump wasn't prepared for. No, we were still unimpeached and if you are president of the United States or if you remember really any of the significant branches of government, you can't be both preparing for a global pandemic that nobody at that point it truly identified as a pandemic and signed. Alternatively, dealing with one of the biggest impeachment shams in modern threat, of american history. You're only so many resources to go around all of you headline CNN we're about Impeachment Adam Smith, and now you want to go back now
why do I want the american public prevent? Because you basically were a glorified? Your glory I'd, Sub network foresees band. Running shift. You like it her thin drip and now, of course, the number has come out, so people are afraid burgstead damn the number could be a hundred thousand to tune, and twenty thousand that be terrible if it was I don't know why? Don't you just totally opinion? I think it's important to note that first of all of their projections have been wrong. Ok, everything protection, debatable in the UK is me five thousand other thing: twenty thousand. Unless we talked about that yesterday in the United States, they said to five million other six hundred to two hundred something thousand also imply To note is we really have the most accurate way of accounting for deaths,
solely corona virus related. This is something people dont fully understand that in any influenza season about seven to fourteen percent of viruses, it go round are some form of corona virus, not this new form of not that's. What's novel corona virus, but if you bring out Clorox, we bring out some industrial, cleaner, you'll, see that says it kills. Corona virus or carbon has been around for a while, even including what we have now, if you were to add them all under global influenza deaths. It wouldn't be significant enough at this point to be a blip and something that's really important in New York City. That's what we're talking about came New York City. A thing is: if the country goes away of New York City, we can have a hundred thousand attuned twenty thousand death, and I'm not saying that that cannot happen but I do think we need some context here. I have a number of the seven hundred and ninety deaths in the city, of course, whose numbers are apt to change. Seven hundred and seventy seven of the patients. Ninety eight percent had underlying conditions in it
over ninety nine percent of Corona Virus, Beirut patients had other health problems, the average. Was seventy nine years old well, so I want to be clear about that. That's still looks if you look at a hundred thousand that looks like a lot. Obviously it is alot. They also talked about the guy who created imperial study. Ferguson, said what really, if you look at these death, two thirds of them are actually from people who would have. I'd within the next several months to a year anyway, meaning not gyre conditions but state for lung cancer, Emphysema right, serious respiratory- illnesses, and this accelerated not saying that we should help them. Unlike ITALY who says you're on your own. That being said, that does change how we deal with this as a society. When you understand that only one percent in ITALY we're younger than the age of seventy and healthy and in New York, two percent were young and healthy. The death rate is very, very different.
And we are still treating everybody out there as though they are part of this ninety eight percent demographic of people over the age of seventy nine, with serious pre existing conditions. So, even if you look at that hundred thousand number you're, looking possibly ninety two, ninety eight thousand people who were going to pass away within the next couple of months to a year anyway and it was accelerated by corona virus. Now, what's important, that is not saying this is insignificant, but those same people who were going to die anyway, who maybe have cancer. Maybe the emphysema what also die if they got some sort of. Serious pneumonia or flew that what it as well so take number a hundred thousand based on all the data that we have two thousand would be people who are young and or healthy.
Yes it is. It is a very different picture if somebody only has grown a virus and dies or if it's just the final straw, just the straw that broke the camel's back it and you can't deal with those things, but it's not that I was being reported at all now. Nobody, sorry about its that's being reported in here. Here's the reason it bothers me so much as little, its fellow the sequence of events. Ok Rachel Matter says: don't air the trump press briefing, soda salon, soda slate, the press briefings in those MSNBC doesn't do then CNN says we're not gonna run the press briefings, so they don't run the press briefings in those press briefings. Donald Trump says: hate the FDA just approved a drug. These therapeutic said it had a really high rate of efficacy. We are creating hundreds of thousands of MAX enabled sanitize hundreds of thousands more. This is this. Is the silver lining right now? Look at all these Americans who are coming together without having to be coerced by the way, what what's happening without having to be coerced by the way that's not broadcast, but then they pull snippet from the press, briefing that they didn't run
saying a hundred thousand children? Twenty thousand Americans are going to die again without contacts that ninety eight percent, the ones in New York City, where, with pre existing conditions that will that timeline, and you tell me that the media has your best interests at heart, and this isn't just about. Doesn't that the information is not accurate K. I want to be clear about this yeah. Ok, we had, I want to show that I was right. Seventy ninety death, at the time of what we were doing, the statute in seventeen ninety death in the city of New York City in Yorkshire, those redundant, ok, that's true that is, but context does matter when ninety eight percent of them involved old people are people with pre existing conditions. That is also true so when
choose to only pick a fact. That is a total number without contacts, and you choose to not broadcast the fact that we have new therapeutics that we have more masks that we ve made advancements with anti bodies. That tells me that you are not looking to provide just a fact which has not yet an illustration of what we ve talked about for a long time that that the news media doesn't necessarily care about reporting the facts. It cares about rustling up this narrative to make sure that they can use it for their own political, well being or the right to their own ideological concerns. Its serious business data like that shows us like what you said we know who the people that are at risk are right, people at our older and have pre consisting illnesses, so why we take them, and we focused on various dealing, my eye, the eye that was my eye I pointed out, you said you said: well, you know what the reason that you're willing to say it now, because I told you this might be a career under recognised.
I suppose no one else has over recent weeks ago is unknown, also things but ok, first off this partisan about, I friggin, hey old people, so they smell, like old library books. No, I said why are we talking about essential businesses that can stay open right? Why are we talking about non essential businesses that could adapt or modify their workflow, and why are we telling everyone to quarantine instead of simply quarantining old people and people at risk and another thing, people don't necessarily know who to trust when they came out the CDC into you should wearing masks oughta. Second, you also pray South Korea. Its mask said: if you can't find them without em ass, you could not pick a mugger. A pickpocket or other continents are three out of a police Why not because all the same height same heresy, Michael Mask, really the only You can tell what by the lip by the cleft and kids
there's, no other. They all mugged me. I wouldn't laws me officer. They cause I gave up my wife's purse, so they wear masks now the CDC. I think we can bring this up now, they're saying they are considering in order of putting on mass a matter that is not of wondering percent effective, neither in ninety five respirator, and then you go lower than that Surgical mask no, it's not! You know what else people single don't try make masks at home right with really tee shirts or with whatever fabrics you have theirs and that's not going to work. They look up looked online and I'll. Maybe there is a way to make a mask. It turns out the most effective masks and by the way you can go to origins of mainly of masks and here will bring Brennan and in a little, but he asked where mask all day for a lot of companies making great masks, but I searched how to make and at home mask that might at the very least be
simple, provide some benefit and the study came back saying that actually a t, shirt, multi plot multi blend like Polly, cotton, Blanda, guess helps him up. There is more effective than a plain cotton t, shirt or an anti microbial pillow were about seventy something percent effective at filtration and almost entirely if at blocking droplets, so learning how to do the ninja cats, where I found their parents. You're the guy that these studies no, no, don't wear mask because at the time I wasn't about whether they work it was about shortages for healthcare workers and by the way, have masks, don't work at all. Why you healthcare workers them so much. I understand they need the more. We should get the masks first because their dealing in close proximity with people who have the crowd of ours, but that's what we're not talking about people who are carriers who don't know that carriers, let's put up with it, then I think that you can handle that information. Has a lighter you and say that didn't work yeah. They don't think that you can actually discerned that. Ok, I shouldn't by other, maybe somebody else,
think every single citizen of the United States, whose walking out there should look like they ve, just left arm asylum or our scorpion from moral code that they should all be wearing masks. There's no reason not to hey, look as a mask unseen and let's see what they do in fact, track record is considering the fact that they too can be putting himself arms when she broadcasting from a horizontal directive, Rollo Rivera. But this is another thing hospitals are seeing surges. What they don't tell you is that some hospitals are seeing surges because everyone wants to be tested for corona virus ran out, the search does not mean that everyone is an intensive care. Some people are, and that's what's really important- that you don't go to the emergency room. If you have some mild symptoms, there's not much, they can do for you right now. I don't know load. The system are right. I think we actually have traffic report rightly enormous Finnegan. Let's do this. We know that
Many of you are stuck at home, but we still want to assist. You make your day as convenient impassable as possible. It's time to go to the traffic report with Thomas Finnegan all right, miss Finnegan are you there, sir? I am here, I am doing well, Mr Finnegan. What do we have this morning? What should people look out for on their morning commute well this morning? There's some light congestion in the kitchen, as you make your approach to the coffee pot, so be on the lookout for that and someone left the ac on last night so be sure to bundle up if you're coming in from the bedroom, appreciate that Thomas Finnegan keep us abreast if anything develops. As has been morning, traffic airport with Thomas Litigant aright
Has anyone in chat? Send you send your chats to us with a screen name so that that we can actually hear from you? I can read it aloud. Monitor. Do we have any more than we do? How do you get out from? No one was watching how they are they are so we have one from Andrew. He says, thanks for keeping us entertained, renewed my subscription at the beginning of March Thank you very much, and we appreciate on boring thing we do have others yeah. Let's see Nathan, says talk about the ridiculous release of rapists and Rochester New York Ivan her. That has not heard our people proposing. I live here and it's disgusting mayor, Lovely Warren and the democratic there are two here are ruining the area. I dont know that that's happened. Yes, I know it was this house. Even so I don't. I don't want to speak out of turn here and I think that I can see hedge my words and and and safely say that releasing rapists during a pandemic seems like a bad idea. Let me talk about Rachel
wouldn't go. I wouldn't put my John Hancock on that bill because someone else what did John Hancock through your window. I dont want rapists release. I dont understand us, and this comes from the ism, if you believe it, it's a prison industrial complex and that prison should only be about rehabilitation and not punishment. You, I believe, split the difference. Ok, I think that prison should be as comfortable as legally possible, and hopefully we can rehabilitate all of these people. Want to be like Sweden, where you commit some kind of a serious, violent crime, and you effectively get put in an IKEA display case. I don't want that. What're you going to prison where you have more than most people in Manhattan, their junior sweet apartment. I think we need a balanced, punishing people as a deterrent and rehabilitating people. Again, that's my world, you as a conservative, so does dictate that releasing cereal rapists into the small town of Rochester New York sound.
Like it could come with some complications. I dont know I'm not a rape doctor. We do have another chatty or from working blue, nine. Ok, us his head! This remark show up in my facebook feed and lived in a hurry. You would respond. They were remarking on trumps comment that the? U S wasn't built to shut down. Basically, they were calling capitalism bad because it can't shut down even in a crisis, to take care of people that's bad. We will think. I guess I all of a sudden can't stop. Won't stop became a d motivational websites like the fact that the train keeps on to chew too. I think I can. I think I can moment what we do we will prefer. I think I fucked up what are they wanted to Billy others? This is. This is remarkable to me shouldn't we shall be voting for the country right now to infection we all be? In other words, if you have a negative story, emits a pandemic
and you have a success story like private entry, stepping up and creating MAX or now that we have the ability to create testing kits, for it went down to five minutes. Then it went down to two minutes with these private, the laboratory. Was it a bit- and I don't know the other, but what we talked about him yesterday and they don't have to stick and iron rotting in the back of your snow, legates sort of a lesson being learned from Kevin Spacey in seven. That's a good thing. That's a wonderful thing if we have to pick between that and well What more people in New York aren't having access to ventilators. Listen, that's terrible, but we should have so really make sure that we highlight the hope yet when it goes back to the left, calling all of that false hope right. So, if that, if Trump is not saying one or two percent negative things, if he's including things like hey, there's, actually some promise here and the private industry have been private industry,
then that is false. Hope you actually hope it's actually a way out of this whole thing and use it, because it was saying if you were saying negative things that disease fear martyr, yeah, he's a link. It is followed up. There is no call wrote a virus k. Fake news, we're out false hope is. Not Americans will come together and fictitious. Let me show our strength in reserve and industries have stepped up without the needed, a defence production act without that step, and they're making hundreds of thousands of masks and making the capabilities to sanitize hundreds of thousands more? That's, not false hope you guys were asking for masks now you're getting masks and so that was cycle of all. When did not go out the one
with something relevant, Elsie cyclical masks. If there's every anything that should make you borderline climax in your government share amidst the hearing should be masks, they can now be seen at eyes then recycled twenty times that works single use. That's a lot more complicated to make that has drawn up to the agreement. Just clear, you're not allowed to be happy right or if you are not happy you're not allowed to broadcast. We wanted is really what it comes down to. They want to shut down the briefings because of raising the briefings include, keep in mind the deaf figures at your hearing about now that came from president trumps briefing. He brought the doktor out to people given crap. Why are you bring up my pillow guy? You know why, because of my pillow guy retort, seventy five percent of factories that he'll be a little fifty thousand s today. That's an american success story, that's got, and then he brings
not to say hey, the death rate could be a hundred to two hundred thousand people. The information that you are getting today in the news was from Donald Trump briefing. He's not only going out and spouting good NEWS going out and telling the truth. Reason they dont want to broadcast. It is because they want to pull the bad news without the context of the Good NEWS, and that is what bothers me. It's the lies by omission that are so toxic, also toxic, the Cuomo Brothers. I would
nipple rings like Nepalese. Jean only the picture is that how you like our like, or can we re normal, has a nipple regulate the I think they're bars, which young people are? Socrates, may the governor fabric, governor yeah. I would have thought it was Chris. He seems that can never encountered. Goes a governing recall what the term of the one in the Tipp and the Tipp of those with rinse something prince. I'm I'm! No wonder I just call it. I call it the ascot, the killings had one hears right. He had one. He used a little lock on it. Can we secure I had no idea that coma nibbling as you gotta bring, but he does have on a virus. Oh, so this putting the Good NEWS with a bad agreement. Being networks Although there is no positive in its press, Briefer Cuomo corona virus, and nipple ranks its promises This is the worst thing that ever happened to the shop
Let me know when you have it and you can bring it up. So, let's move on to the next point is that I think is pretty important. I think we re told people notification who do have we nipple ring polemics whenever richer areas we can. We can broaden the little, but he's got there now am, I not be nipple rings, may have in a straight line oils out medical hair and has a little like goose bumps around missiles, whatever. Whatever the cases. The message is clear: governor comas, weird nipples, well, No, I don't. I really hope that he doesn't hang around with his brother, because that would be a pre existing conditions that would put em at risk. I mean cause, I would imagine, the krona virus can enter through the nipple way, there's a lot of capital circulation regulation and the next thing that I want to get you here. I want to talk about the stimulus, but because I think this manners, I think, a lot of people skimmed overwritten,
the biggest spending bill in american history saw none. So I think it deserves a little bit of attention and there are some prose there's some cons and I think that the media has been pretty irresponsible, not covering all the above. Let's go to clip see. Please, why did the Senate Majority fight for one of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in american history? Shameful degree of that fight is wrong. Ok, so a couple of aspects of every single Senate Democrat, including the personal Yossi endorse your present Bernie Sanders Asylum devoted. They voted for. Those must be clear about that. It's going to cost a whole lot There's something that's lost in this when we're talking about the stimulus bill. There's some good things here. I think it's a small businesses. They're gonna, have forgivable loans from the ten million dollars the qualifications. We don't exactly understand what they are right now.
If your chatting right there. If your small business owner how you ve been effected economically from us and all we can really do are you guys is try to offer. This is close to costs as possible interplay crumb of enter promo code, quarantine and yet thirty dollars off, but I think that this stimulus bill in full. In italy- and I know I might lose some of that- the Trump called here. I think I've been pretty fair, is not targeted enough, I know that you're more of a libertarian, so my weight, but I think in correct me. If I'm wrong, I believe that it is appropriate for the government to provide some kind of restitution for businesses that they effectively have shut down yet so the FED is basically set itself up as the lender of last resort right, and we can act like they can't not be the lender of last resort if they ve already set themselves up that way right. I think the FED should exist, but this is not the time to defend, may very well end after this, but that its yeah we're basic. This is the solution and the the pattern of solutions that have been set up since Wilson Right
I do think at this point. For example, the owner of the restaurant on the block, the government steps up its nobody go to restaurants, shut down your doors effectively. It's like a mobs you're coming to knock and tables over saying no more restaurant. I do think that it is far more appropriate and the art It can be made, and I would agree with that argument that is the government's job to try and alleviate what ails that business, because it was brought on by government right. Yet whether the sort of bail out model is the model that we ve been using again for a hundred years, or so it's right or wrong. This is the way things are basically well, not necessarily it's different, for example. So this is not some. It was created by years of bad policy. So if you look at the crash right of two thousand eight and you look at Fanny, May Freddy mac- and you look at our also fundamentally MAC Dodd, Frank, Dodd, Frank as banking enemy. Remarkably there's a housings, Barney, Frank wearing a brothel abasement, that's real meaning
but that was created. Why- and I didn't understand this to they just go. Oh, oh subprime, loaning, predatory lenders. This is something that really silly eminent come back or under the current stimulus bill. Predatory lending is such a silly term to me, because I assume that a bank is gonna whom mister es. I gotta business model for you, all right, I'm listening Johnson, you know how we lend money to people- and you know we make sure that we charge interest in the money when we welcome the paper with interest that I make money, and we have a very lengthy pre screening process to make sure that the right candidates who can pay these loans back because that's what made when an interest like ok, I have a picture that we learn the money at lower interest than normal to people.
Never gonna pay back. They have no money to pay it back. Johnson, I like it. This is why your vice presidents have communications relations. Think about the predatory lending it doesn't make any sense unless the loans were not only guaranteed and underwritten by the government, but were thrust upon the bank's. Why? Why? Because of what Agnes, because of ensuring uncle outcomes it was you need to lend these Prime loans to people who cannot afford these homes. In other words, the standard was, I think, twenty to thirty percent down. I don't know what the interest rate was right before the crash. They said we're going to work in a lower. It too, sometimes almost nothing down five percent eight percent, ten per se.
Down and less interest to make sure that not only minorities they tried to, they tried to catch it as though this was created for minorities, but it wasn't, it gets rid of four people could not purchased homes before and had no business living in these homes. At these prices the government created that bubble forced banks to take part. Then, of course there was money on the table, so banks got greedy. They took advantage of ITALY package these all together to try minimize risk that didn't. And then we ended up with the housing crash and then the government steps in to bail out the banks That is wrong on so many levels, and that happened over the course of a year. You could argue really decades. This happened over the course of a month in the government stepped in and said. The owner of a Duncan doughnuts franchise over there on Willow Creek Way, you're going to shut down, because we need to prevent infection. I think the bank's Right Goldman Sachs Barristers all of those today They should have been bailed out. I don't get. Anyone is too big to fail. I think that's different from these companies here who ve been shot
down with an a span of a month, not because of decades of bad policy and those business owners. These all business owners did not abuse who's the system to create any ill, gotten gains. The bank's did right now, and so I think that's important delineate and that's the problem I have with the stimulus bill. Look there's a lot. That's going to small businesses, that's great! But airlines there the receiving fifty billion dollars right, twenty nine billion grants when I'm billions in loans and guarantees volkmar premium taxes. This is unreal to me because the airlines we're going to be, there are a couple years from now to hand out anyway, they always are I understand also it's really hard. Make money in the airline industry. Why? Because of energy costs, because of all the new regulations that they create. Romania. You do some people, the airlines are greatly the fact that Only Spirit Box, no Spirit charges do more for carry on voting It is very little time it's that it's the greyhound,
Slash, W Nba of the sky, don't fly spirit unless someone's dead. Ok, like yes, like, I always tell me don't call me after ten thirty, unless someone is dead, do show up on the tarmac in an airplane when our Spirit law, unless your inner corona hot bed Just skate from New York and you have an eye patch. I dont want to see that logo anywhere near me because it probably a bunch of rape as stupid, left out from Rochester yeah, so the airlines are the ninety year old, who gets corona virus effect. This that's a great analogy, audio away. Why thank you. I dont think that the airlines should get any bailouts too. I don't know I actually automotive should and here's isn't it. People dont think about two: they go If we are honest, we won't be travelled, etc, because guess what There will be an airline who won't we develop, probably in company like southwest or jet blue. Hey, maybe vert malevolent
flying virgin, Rowan Virgin went away, even though I know Richard Grants and as a kind of a weird guy. You know he does the ice of hot air balloon spot and still Virginia talked about how it was like a party in the sky had reality lighting. It came with a complimentary snack people, love virgin. This is Branson. The brain is more money than almost anybody. I mean just days. Our seas is fortunate, thinks it's cute, but sure this guy is so money, inversion airlines can compete. Why? Because you cannot compete against American, against Delta against United. I normally probably emerged at some point now, because my points dont really make sense anymore, and I want to get a free ticket cocktail delta. Can I get a free cocktail? The point is even which raises couldn't computer guess. The airlines will then apply federal funding. How many big new banks come out lately you're, not a whole arise when an audience with Goldman Sachs, when every time they gave up the government steps in Enveils amount. This prohibits new companies from stepping in creating com
different, and if we didn't give any Monday airlines right now, we might see a virgin step up. We might see southwest create more flights, we may see Jeff Blue Jeffrey, Jeffrey, to liberate pilot byline re. Pilots underpaid love to drink, but just blow to fly from somewhere other than biddable look war. The end. I end in Baltimore and they are very limited. Lights, embodiment of laundry blue, it's been a delight but against. I have another nice guy we're going to have to innovate. What I'm saying is natural selection. It cuts out the ones that can sustain themselves in the by us. Just keep them up until if you, if you cut them, You'd have other ones that build up on their own and then can sustain right there and that the issue in this bail out bill lumps all of these people together. People who would never even consider want, and in privately would probably refuse any bail out money, because even ninety four did that with the males, Ford Decline and the government made them. Take the bail out well,
I dont know exactly why that is. Maybe we can have some measures, but I think it had something to do with equalising. The markets are not entirely sure, but for didn't want. Initially they refuse to bail out money because they're, not they're not as crappy is GM, and I know that some people here who say like oh GM, someone's once said to me. You have forged dance for found, on road dead, you driving- have a Leir, ok you drive and Metro GEO yeah, it's the opposite of a chick memorial, People leave your general direction to have sex with a stranger just so they're, not the look at you when you're driving in a geo with his whole The whole bail out is based on the idea that the government knows what to do with your money better than you to write- and I know it's a platitude at this point, but, as you know it can't, the government cannot make these decisions and cannot be as targeted as consumers, rights people who actually want the product. But I promise right now we have officially manipulated right to the market and a blind man, because he told consumers that they cannot consume, and I dont think that that's very prudent,
and I don't know what kind of limitations this will have long term for for businesses. Speaking of which ramifications, I think we need to bring in one of our workers here. You know me, love em. He climbs poles office. Your argument either Brendan? Who we have to have somewhat quarantined here, he's not showing signs. It could be asymptomatic it's been a problem in this office, we ve had our own we're not unaffected from the corona run a net Brendan Jack, you come in whole or in all that we have about well well well, well! Well! Well, that's six feet! Brenda! That's the thoroughly Brennan private rabbit coming afforded how far this ok, that's gonna, be at least eighty yeah. Ok, that's eight feet. Anymore. Second, keep it to senator. I said the chair far enough away, so it's ok to what is a foreign. She was a snow, rightly so bright,
Do tell me a Brendan has been used to Paris, but this had the need surgery. You feel better right working for you, you making progress. Of course you, where are you sure he was pushed up? Surgical, gloves How do I get it? We get a brilliant like I hold it your hands here in front of in from the microphone. I don't want to ruin the microphone ignored. No, not in front of me. I dont want to hold them closer to me, holding their second make sure I got this ring ethically asthma. Oh, what happened exactly because you were not only risk of thrown about our agreement. The reason were able to serve you for my cloak quarantine months. That's Aztec is we all agreed. We will only quarantine at home and in the office, and since it's broken apart, we never have more than than eight people in any room at any given time and then
London happened, explain the situation little that because we were all very vexed well, so my parents said scheduled to come down in March eighteen months ahead of time right, For all that happened and the problem as they were non refundable tickets will know their driving. Oh yeah, that's different. Will yet they're gonna drive down and like cause they drove down the march before so it's like ok tradition. Some one could argue it's almost different from last March yeah. Well then, I started seeing that, like the everything was being locked down,
maybe you guys should reconsider right. There's like pandemic yeah, there's ass, he might present Hilda do much like we would like go out. Did you did you use the word pandemic know. Well. That was a mistake. Ok, so they were little confused. Ok, so they were driving yeah and then they did move it thou right, yeah! No, I take some like hey. Maybe you should reconsider and the like yeah now that we see that, like your work, is kind of concern about it and like them, people are down everything of maybe it's a good time. Delegashens glove postponement yeah until they have owned it. They found it like a couple weeks as young a couple weeks. They paused to closer to. Peak. You know, then like than like. Two days later, they said better looks pretty good. We're gonna come down
see? The issue here is whether was not the delineating factor that wasn't our primary concern. Right with you to be fair, the weather was great, the weather was phantasms israeli, like yeah. I get it I understand when they would want to. Why would buy. They would want to come down here, but I I don't know that weathers enough of a justification for stopping at every MO talent, Arrow gas station or through the country. That's what I was pretty good weather. If he was pretty good, whether that was so, then I was caught and I was pretty cavalier. Remember you said like hey: can they can the studio because from a pretty rural area- and that was my idea there- it is going to see me- I thought I'd be good to like yeah- see this. Why wasn't because I didn't Think about it now that, while they live in a rural area, either you drive and our growing up to find a chick fillet right. Are you sure there's only two clay, one hour from you like, if you google maps it recently, no, I mean as Wherewith to argue that was like ok.
Gonna Milwaukee for check, so we oughta Milwaukee wonderful city by the way like going really particularly so did you stop? Did you like DR to try stop outside of Milwaukee, like one. Ninety four from the law. Downtown Milwaukee, virtually I'd only gotta get a swede, ok, so then they did Travelin. I was cavalier better member s and work. Well, you know me I'm kind of a guilty employer. Mozart, a sure, and I like it, love run and I wanted to meet his family. And then I went home and I Explain this to my wife and she said: are you out of your mind, I know it is changed the next day like maybe I should press for the Well It happened. I still find it in my wife's it. Well. The issue, as you know, my mom,
their whose eye wardrobes out she is she's just a couple of hours, but she does have pneumonia right now. So that is something which she hasn't been here: hi mom, we ve kept her working from home and she has the costumes delivered. If somebody go pick it up, so we don't want her in the office. That was my concern and then my wife was when it was not whether they come from a rural area that they'd be stopping and always different locations, and I believe she said that if they, if they are, they deem it appropriate, to drive up in a pandemic that you she wasn't entirely confident that they had hands anytime. You just like form, people, that's pretty much what it is. It's it's it's the calices in the cubicles and then Then, though, I spoke with half Asian Bill Richmond because I said well, you know any real bad, because I gazed rendering the green light and inhaler thinks it's a bad idea and then bill brought up a valid point, nobility build up a valid points. It underlines, I don't think it matters here. The way bills
As of this, I said what I asked myself, I'm concerned, because I don't want to go back on my word. You know when I write in, but I understood the concern and bill said well, whereas parents staying. That's a good question in your one bedroom apart when I know it was if they get kicked out of the campsite the Thursday right, where they know they the camera and was open. Yeah, but they were in your house. Can they dropped off beer and in our fifteen he showed that all I have is a picture of a case of beer and an eight hour fifteen at his house thwarted by the way it wasn't, even in panorama view the picture, and I could see tire apartment, it's a cool guy. It is in this area on go on actively? You were in an incubator, I've always Brendan. I truly believe I'm just saying this during the sea I truly believe
that, if we were to do Iq Test Brendan, probably has the highest iq of anyone really. I really do think that's the case, but what were you think will await my. My parents are usually like really smart too rarely. There there's a very uncharacteristic- I imagine you from good stock like here, I'm not trying to lake like, furthermore to the buzzer. No, of course not yeah. I had enough, but they have the news. Correct, yes as one of the major problem by various what it. What is your? What do you think you're going on here with with Brennan their brutally Brendan? I have a question for you, yes proves how you would Red, that's not nicely. He doesn't come from inflation. We're allow we're, not love you that language here goes so, Would you like to sit or you look you're about to raise your hand to say something? we call on you raise in any way the question: what will save your pay
in closing, as you are concerned, that they would feel we're not marking the parents, but I'm kind of sad, because I would have liked to meet your parent right, but I just don't want them to cough blood on me. Contagion yeah yeah, what I want to say to them that what you want to say that I'm gonna get to see this now. You know you threw them under the bus, I'm sorry for making it over complicated yeah, adding the extra variable giving in Syria yeah and you but maybe we could have them calling and apologise to you for putting you in that situation, because this is what he has to do now. This is what s tat we can't touch, but we can face. We confessed pound. That's touch now, not notebook. No, no! No! No! No! We had it. Where are we wish? Whatever other really Al Qaeda from its ever. It is ever clear thinking sanitize, but that in a mask the steam cycle in a laundry that measuring tape. We love you Vernon.
Like us, have already gone over time. Let me go really quickly. This go onto the story, number three we'll take them. If you have some chat, let me know because I cannot see the chat here today by the way. This also works is another thing to see Caesar, don't try and use vodka or home made liquor. Rosanna ties are, and they included ever clear in their ever clears rule. One hundred and ninety one ninety proof K. Then I read at the bar Some of that article. It says I guess ever clear could work, but if you want to waste the money to buy Hansen entitled Nevah second, this is cheaper than hand sanitizing. I have two deluded down to seventy percent. I didn't ask you to me in my home finances. I wanted to know if ever clear would work, I'm stocked up. So I can say this now. Let us into bless my favorite cigar you'll, never know because her such a low supply of cigars idle. I want you to steal my favorite cigar you'll know cigars that I like, but you won't know my favorite cigar. Why? Because there are some things that I keep for me. I might give the discount, I'm do you have any of you
to show today that you pretty fun I run appreciated by us as I was. Being a favorites Ann Arbor Alex asks. What type of roast are you drinking coffee? Oh so this actual, we just did some commercial, so let us, I believe, is it either this the vintage rose. That is my favorite overall roast. I sat here, but I will save applicable coffee and black rifle coffee, dotcom, slash, How do you get twenty percent off there actually doing? If we can bring this up given they sent out an email, We bring this up right now, the beauty of it being used to promote greater use, a promo code prouder. You get twenty percent off what they're doing a lot of good work here for veteran somebody find this right now in this, but that the EP: ok, Krieger Black right. For coffee they are definitely more than twelve thousand bags of coffee, along with black river coffee, canned, coffee and other coffee related products to first responders and serve.
Members. So during ten day period, they'll be donating a bag. I think for everything you bite. What exactly does this have to do with us? The promo code is greater, but I do know that right now they are donating. Coffee to service members need use a promo code, crater blocker per capita, complex gotta. I will say this: we wouldn't response. If we didn't like it- and I have to talk about this before black rifle coffee, I hated their coffee at one point. They came by first sponsorship and I said now have to explain this. I buy their coffee at a gun store. So I had seen their advertising that said fresh roasted to deliver, and so I think it fresh wrote it, and I I drank it, and I said that's just that's not good coffee stale turned out. This was editing. I spoke with the black rifle owners outlets and guns. We actually dont distributed them anymore because they weren't even following the rules and they were keeping left over old start to change it. Ok, let me try to simplify, and this is fantasy- This is my favorite overall roast it's great front, espresso machinist perceiving automatic. I love the gunship rose for any kind of pour over or drip machine, and then the UK, forty seven
someone is great as well, but I'm not a dark rose guy, whereas Doktor Toy Mcqueen Doktor is where a number of yet another thousand someone else's. If we all become zombies that wouldn't be a bad thing when's. The last time you saw a zombie have to wash their hands or save a plum on some non perishables. What I dont know if they there's no skin on the hand theirs. No skin in the game. There was given the game, and I dont know if ye to wash bone, long as another corona lives on steel for a long period of time. It lives on cardboard for four hours. Now, that's why Zaire, these subsidies are our superiors. They do happen. Manage because their undead story number three of them. We should get to this point also covering this. I ve talked a lot about krona virus. Joe Biden could be a rapist. Stop. The woman claimed that in court- that here's think this is, and this is important to know when the media went nuts over Donald Trump, we'll get the comparison of brick cabin. Oh, by the way that the media went nuts over
Donald Trump. What he was saying was when you're famous women will they? They want anything from you, though. Let you do anything you can read and write and not a horrible thing to say, but this was used. To create a scenarios in that you can get away with yours. My anger sailed is a horrible thing to say yes, we're going in a horrible thing to say they let, but he saying they let you which riotously I'm amazed that he couch that horrible phrase with consent good. I'm amazed at her ease playing nine dimensional check into them five day that you are manifestly, I said first part, be operative words. They let you They don't even know how it is it is it is it a fish book? Is it a cup and the point is he was tall, about doing something that was consensual, not sexual assault, and, I will say frankly not you for often what happens with my wife and I M date night. Ok, what he were being, let you am, I grab I'm not saying there
grab a handful of wherever, what's available its geographic anything. I like Ireland I like grabbing my wife somewhere, I enjoy relief friends with my wife. My point here is she's wanting, hi mom and law The man claims that bind cornered her and penetrated her without consent in ninety. Ninety three now, of course, this I think that you shouldn't just believe everyone all the time. I do think that due process needs. I was just like we ve said with cabin on it and, of course, in ITALY there was duped, listen. We felt that it was all tat was lying lie a whore and you know it. I believe that was was loose on the record from a jury of the peers. You know there was no jerry appears. It wasn't a sound work with rubber Deniro left not been playing by the rules. But let's go: let's go
right now the stuff happening with binding. I again, I don't know whether, when its credible or not, but concerning that he's running for president and how we had again that grab him by the for China, like a loop like a more drip just like right now, two hundred thousand deaths they should at least give some. Time is someone is. Why was raped? You think I didn't ask him to grab me by the p word and hypothetical scenario to which he obliged? which really would be the Donald Trump scenario. Is this man he raped me and no cover just compare that separate cabin our by the way. We know that none of these things could be corroborated right. We know that half of the people who came forward stories predict
the gang rape stories recanted. I'm saying I want to get on TV and Christine blood before then re, several million dollars and a gulf on me and she was presenting, demonstrated a psychologist into the authorities. It didn't match up with people who weren't there were not witnesses from places that don't even exist. So, let's be clear about lousy Ford. Here we got the media washed in post. They mentioned Ford, Christine Oddy for not decreasing hundred times, while right in red, Missis Reed isn't one is accused Joe Biden, zero, New York Times Ford ninety times and you're gonna get the references to read the woman who legit oh by the zero right, by the way, I should say actually habits here. It's one it's one hundred plus one hundred plus towards like twenty thousand deaths. Much worth I'm gonna lose because I think I don't have that much time with the morning. Show you look up every single member, I note at least a hundred
Msnbc reference, Christine Blasi Fort one hundred plus times red zero. So we ve just gone through now, keep in mind Washington Post is used as one of the reputable fact, checker ever Youtube and twitter right. They were the ones who are using. What is washing pose the truth, a meter, the Pinocchio I dont, think washing poses for nokias. Snowplow to choose an odour slopes was the Pinocchio truth, meter, Pinocchio Lyra pants on fire. They try to get cute their genes, Charlotte of fact, checkers stop at the Washington Post gets to dictate. This is another peoples that stand the algorithm on Youtube in twitter by the way, the algorithms- determined ethic was Lord Ingram tweet regarding chinese corona virus, the masks not working removed. There were videos that were suppressed. Tat includes queen on Youtube on Twitter, because there were saying it's fake news now jewels. You will get that back by the way
been approved by the FDA now that have actually had to recall these mass, so keep in mind these algorithms that remove those tweets that suppressed those videos that, when you put a video talking about as we did, we did this evening about and what we talked about the combination of Cora Queen last, week last week, at a link on video was: did you wanna be redirected to this wasn't Wikipedia some kind of covert reference paid and we see that this video was not showing up his brows or suggested, but guess what that could have helped a lot of people, but the point Et Al them directed people away from us talking about clerk and which is now fully approved, determining it to be fake news. All of these algorithms are created by someone I'm point Rev who and how to write, determine that us talking about clerk in which again cannot stress enough after approved now for emergency treatment. Who is determined algorithm to redirect away from our content, Washington, post the southern Poverty LAW centre snowplow. This is the place that has a hundred
references to Ford and zero to read and they're the ones putting all of equations. I dont know I assume it's like goodwill goodwill hunting, where there's patients on the walls and input. The algorithm that will exist for evermore. That never seems to be re calibrated in corrected in the right way. That's why this is concerning not saying that should go out and give read the for treatment, because conservatives are consistent. I think, needs to be some kind of proof. I think that when you compare the track record despair, violation of Christine Blasi forward or compare the track record of Brett Cavanaugh, where they couldn't find anything to Vice President Joe, by who routinely sniffs small twins camera. The american public is more likely to leave the ladder, and that of the thing I do so much leg work for bread, Cavanaugh Ford turned up nothing you're right. It just goes to show its all about power,
It is not about who it is not about actual principles that have shown that they're, not principle has shown that it doesn't matter. They can't father and by the way, really gets could really quickly, and I will come back to this really good. Let's bring us up. Cnn, look still half hospitals, healthcare workers overwhelmed We even have we ve had this on all morning. There has been no mention of the masks. The sanitizing masks, no mention of the approve New Fair it makes no mention of the progress or headway that we're making, Why do you need an hour and a half to talk? How some hospitals are overburdened, know tat. He can give a Cairo onto. We stepped up testing faster than the history of ever just one but still that would be helpful, keep listen! This is seen in this context. We ve learned history right in school. You weren't school, but with all read history books. What do you think would rightfully go in the history books if you re a chapter that some hospitals were over,
that might get a paragraph by paragraph in a half a million kids learning. History will probably learn that the private sector stepped up retooled and create more supplies than ever in the history of the american Workforce and created new medical innovations that had never before been seen across the globe. That's when the history book will read so now in a monument this moment in history, I all of us would agree CNN, isn't even tracking, with what will be in the syllabus four fifths, graders, ok and going back to this. This is my point Christine Lousy for day to go up there and make up stories right with four there too, up. Oh gang rape. They ran a train on her member that they provide this opinion. This commentary, we believe, that you will do, I will do a body will have a mind on Friday. I apologise because you probably already too drunk they were with with, it was a lousy for tomorrow they had Donald Trump Donald comes our put cabinet
his head back and laughed Rosamond Oliver. He he gang rapes and caught his head back and laughed that's what they did. That's what they had to try and run with to convince the american public and other it didn't really work now. The reason it didn't work was because by by all evidence we have available to us was untrue. Now they haven't covered reed the accusations against Joe Biden at all, so a hundred plus references to zero. Why do you think that is they wouldn't have to anything up with Joe Biden. They wouldn't have that uphill battle they before they finish before they finished their heads. I like, because there are about to announce it before going to the break in you're going to say hey after the break, we will talk with Missis Reed, the accuser who says it. Joe Biden raped people vote guilty, you mean you mean that The mother dragon rubs shoulders honours behind your girls, giving them a lad, dances, pizza, parlors units in front of the camera and sniffed small children guilty. You don't have to say Joe Biden went to a party
jammed a red solo cup, somebody's rectum to get people to believe it. You just say Joe Biden was being Joe Biden than this lady claims. She was right, we want to believe it you and see more of a disapproval rating against Joe Biden immediately, then you shot at any point against cabinet during a trail. Why? Because it's more or believable. I'm not saying that it's true, but it is remarkable how much work and effort they put into mourning the reputation of Cavanaugh who kept a journal for crying out loud He kept a journal that vindicate and because he was such a dork His name is its biggest crime. Was he likes a few slits on week days? So job smells children, I'm sure brutally Hudson thoughts of others Well, what are you, what are about Joe Biden issue there with the children we
see when Joe Biden smells children, he can cry, he can sniff Aki can stop. If you put Joe Biden into a plaything, he becomes the place. If you put Joe Biden into a nursery, he becomes a nursery. And he's guilty up by Prime Minister. I do appreciate a frightful. I told you that time he gave us a definitive conclusion right new areas? God we have two. What commercials do we have to? We have time for a commission. I don't think we have time for commercial break that wasn't a black rifle community. We are we taking legal affairs really one also need dimension. I think we're think we're good but Walter. Right now we can people do for your W. Ford is filled on road dead. Just that's not. The point to point is at a certain point there all good quality firearms. So I'm not going to do that.
Mercedes or Bmw, written arrogant people do for your W Ford is found on road dead. Just that's not the point. The point is at a certain point: there, all good quality firearms, so I'm not gonna. Do the whole European Union brained acts. That being said, run a Google search, Walter peculiarly Walter P P S review. You will not find anything less than stellar of you. It is the best kept secret in the firearm industry and they have the balls to sponsor the shows that you consider Walter and, of course, black river coffee, it's better than those golfing they fresh roasted black rifle governor comes less crowded, entered a promo code when it was enough to we have more chats, yeah, let's go to some chance wrap this up for today is perfect. Right. So, let's see what are your advice when it comes to being a conservative? Torreon millennial? Who is an ash North Carolina known as these San Francisco of the east coast of enemies. Michael and am among clever suicide, microbes
all I'm saying you tube. Don't take that way, but it is always an option, so I would say: no never out its, however an option, we speak for abilities they ever ever. Never ever ever. Everyone is so what I think is important. To note is at one point: this is something of change, and people said what what are you change your mind on, because you shall rigid I've changed my mind on pot. That's my team and I have talked about it. And not necessitate I'm only at the beginning there right now not only underlines that I want to foot the bill for forest owners, we're unproductive, but I do think that right now we need to remove it from the schedule, one substance list, because the CD issues and their destinies medical promise foresee
B B and I always at the station to legalise it, but I didn't like the idea of it. If it were in my state, I would vote to legalise it now but regulated. In other words, people shouldn't be just anyone. That's something I've changed my mind on and then something also obtain reminder to tell people hey, listen, keep your head down until you are in a position where you can be open about your views, because I don't really want losing work, particularly the entertainment industry, I've, in my opinion, on that, because you know how that luxury. Now I used to give us advice: maybe going back to two thousand nine, maybe you're, two thousand twelve. We didn't have the kind of landscape that we have today where there is nowhere to hide. If you have ever made a facebook post, if you have ever put out a tweet, if you ve ever released a video or if you ve ever been at a party or gathering or function, ten people are less where politics have come up and you have expressed a centre
My opinion, that'll you'll, never be led away from it, and I see people now trying to distance themselves from people who I know who Who I know in my personal life agree with me and we spend time rather than go on twitter trying to change one another they haven't and I go understand what you're doing this, but these people are not going to like you, you know are going to create your friend. So this is where the change of mind comes and right. Daddy is fine. The people whose mind you can change and then the people whose mind you cannot change, make an example of them for the people who are watching. I would. They do the right thing right if you're a libertarian millennial an ash Phil. I think he said by the way sorry about TAT Grand Rapids stole your title: beer city. You are setting for years in running. So that's another reason that you know you should ve grown. Rapids has not taken any drastic measures, but european rapid or so don't you should, I would say, do the right thing, but don't be afraid to be the bad guy. Do the right thing, but don't live your home,
life afraid of people, calling you a bad guy, because guess what we ve been called a bad joke. Rogan was called the bad guy because you said that a guy who lives entire life as a man and that within the net six months and without disclosing it not let a commission caved in a woman's orbital might be a bridge too. Or is it relates to transgender athlete in sports and he was the bad guys, don't be afraid of being the bag. If you're doing the right thing, and I do think that that's most important to keep sight of what we're looking at this right now, because I mean It's that everyone's going to be offended, and this is remarkable too. I think already languished argument this with Anthony come here. You know back and our european radio back in the day the FCC was shorter. The manual stick it too now podcast free right? There are open and available there s no center, but they're more censored than ever, because it's not FCC. Who might give you a fine for saying, something's, gonna, logical, it's! You are basically outcast from. Society for saying the wrong thing, and that can come from what once
a time was just someone listening for the radio who didn't like it in turn it off they go on to social, and get it amplified and what happens you're no longer but you're no longer brand friendly on Youtube, and so people who might have been edgy at some point maybe skirted the lines of the eighties FCC and had to pay a fine but as a part of the show they couldn't do as they can exert living today, because brand friendly? So we are more sensitive than ever, even though we were anticipating not having any gatekeepers and being able to communicate with people directly and that's why mug club is so important and the sponsors that we have because we're not monetize here, on the mainmast even try to channel at all. That has yet to be remedied and responsible. Where's like you, not a foreign caliphate, that's why, of course we're trying to serve you as best we can that's why we're taking you live chat. People were already muslim members entering the protocol, crowded, get thirty dollars all throughout the entire month of April. At lot of Canada, conflict mocha bladder with Canada come slash schedule. So you can see when we are episode will be doing some live streams as well. This is obviously live stream. Junkie will be
streaming video game. Yes, I know he would have said De Nogla and we'll just be doing some live chat shows with you in the evening. So go check out that schedule, so you can see when you can interact with us live, but is remarkable that we are at a point right now, where we are less free than ever to say the things that is entertainers and his reporters and comedians and they don't take the whole spectrum. It should be our duty to say it really. Are Can you primarily? Unfortunately, we also take on the duties of the media, because you right now, there's still look there still at sea, and I would remind you bring it up. We want to be here at their still just talking about cases and death there not talking about any of the population there either. So we feel it is our duty to express that though it rather, you know, have brutally and third chair or burn and in a dog
We find that more enjoyable, but it is. It is a scary time, and so we really do appreciate you guys signing up in supporting us. We really do appreciate everyone who sent the well wishes, and I know you're concerned about me- overworking I've gotten some of those messages. We are trying to make sure that we keep this a feasible burden for everyone on the team and we are willing to take the acceptable risk right now, coming in and sir because I know how lonely it is out there in this isn't of your doing. We know that a lot of you would love to be able to go outside, but you don't want to be shot in the street, like you know, you're a pedophile, circa, one thousand, eight hundred and forty. I think it's a bit of a pedophile point. As I understand it, I dont have overcome Wheatley out of line because it had city wine, we don't hate, you just can't be around kids.
So I know that many of you are stuck home quarantined against your will. This is the only we could think to give back was to create more content than ever before and give you a steep of a discount, as we can possibly affordable, still keeping people here employed because we know there are record lives. We really appreciate the support We do consider it a privilege to be here with you every morning, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then every night Monday through Thursday. Thank you so much to hit the notification Bell Subscribe to Crowder Bits and, of course, the that's. Not Itune. More apple pie, guests? We will see you. What is tonight tonight is. Are we have an ash Wednesday tonight and some kind of coming your way see them?
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