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Joe Rogan Controversy: Why You Can NEVER Apologize to the Mob!

2022-02-07 | 🔗

There's more Joe Rogan/Spotify outrage, this time involving a word that starts with the letter "N." We explain why Rogan messed up by apologizing. We also recap the GoFundMe drama and all the ways leftists are trying to stop the Freedom Convoy. And Joe Biden's coming for your guns again. #JoeRogan #Spotify #FreedomConvoy 

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Hide your wife hide your podcast hide your blogs because they are cancelling everybody up in here, When we talk about this at age, arrogate leaped, you're gonna get the show is the show, and I highly recommend that you join my club because are specifically document today. There's no way we could ever talk about that on Youtube in someone put an highlight real in two years that we won't care about, leave a rating review and the code work today to leave in your review is puckered leave a review with the word puzzled.
this is good. Laws is going to deal with
that's right. Sir, Walter Green Room is long that's the green room, dry conclusions, you get it so you're mad, but I think if we knew headphones, my headphones here, what are our data? Headphone sponsor? I lied to beat yes, we're doing right down to Russia and a common with beats he's a billionaire doktor. Dray beats that's the way they slept might know. Chris Brown did headphone direct Then there was a mirror online for caught cut bruise guaranteed not to fall off in a beating, got a lotta base all right, so we're starting a little late today, because there's been some breaking news from developments here with spot a fire in the jail Rogan situation before I move on to anything micro to you is what do you think about the Germans? I defy situation and the apology is it caving? Do you think that there's a he's absolutely sincere, but you even think that if someone is sincerely apologetic that
This is how you handle it. Of course, I think you know where we line up. We ve been in this exact situation before which but that will become a go find me. The communists go find me what they ve been doing here, to try and stop the Canadian Freedom Trucker convoy, there's a lot to get to them a lot to get. Do it's a busy weakened, as you know, have a. I will not be your went to Dave Land. I will be filling in crawdads will be in Turkey because of some things with the half asian Kraken. That's all I can talk about. But by the way live show Monday through Thursday, that's the best. We can turn any can hit a subscription all that notification of the best thing is tuning Monday through Thursday, it's at M Eastern considering moving at a little later, because some people have asked us to buy right now. It's ten, a M Eastern and if you're, not here, you can watch on rumble. You can watch on mug Unless we tell you that we are not here, we're Joe streaming life there you go. You got that going to right for I just got it right into its giralda. Is your hair? You? I am well little pissed this weekend was full of news that I did like right. So will be
is that how are you I'm? Ok, you know what for the first time, I just I slept in this morning that unless it's like six forty five, which would have allowed, why didn't you you forget how, but that that you have legs until while still that is that your idea of an internal clock usually, but then I hit that must this news, Gay and you know a museum. Actually I will be doing some shows them touring with him. He's taping, especially the majestic the center. They don't have. A more tickets are to show sold out, but I will be with him March one six in Evans, Villainy Anna April sixteenth, Roy Michigan you can see all the dates at loud with credit. I come slash tour. Those are more sold out. We might be adding some shows this week Dave Lando. How are user ahoy good about you wait. We already asked oh, never mind, they want to deny the whole slept in a longer your biological clock lines taken our biological clock, marriage, but yes, mine is there anything else
Smart is already more than I could buy. On top of this possible minimum reference. Guessing That's easy come on! Ok! So before I move on to everything else, and you must be excited tipping, you specialist may actually I'm here, I'm really go get at them, a stick in Dallas. That's that's a historic insulator gorgeous gorgeous theatre, I'm really exciting things that eighteen hundred seats and it just sold out. We added a show. So thank you guys. This is what this is. What makes us Program on cancelling when we talk about this with Rogan, but they know where employees to anybody? I run I've always own this. We have great partnerships, are funded by actual viewers. Like you, a lot of credit outcomes, Flash Mcclelland Unclear, ninety nine annually, sixty nine for soon's veterans, active military and that we take your chat. an extra full hour of show everyday. Ok, let's go on lead, sir. We're going I was hammers got. We worked very hard in the architecture of such a wonderful building, so I could tell penis jokes. Yes, sir:
exact as Avatar de LUCA, hence also by the word until we have a couple hecklers in the wings, but all who writes these horrible drugs law. My heart hurts me, I'd rather be home, staving off death. Now this latest are blocking through the show me where I can see little cursor. Now, just as a weird Monday, this videos been making the rounds this money Catholics in Poland, defending the they have a gull fuel today and the nuclear family, as we know the black lives matter, first to its in need of destruction? How many poles taxes?
take oh geez lino. When I tell you what the polar jokes were done, because their knowledge we okay, we see how these ends. No more is with all you want to open borders. Are ok, good luck now we do not any name that these shocker MCA lather. You not welcome in Poland. I think you understand why we protect our women. Ok, it's not the wheel, racist, it's that we don't want you to rape six year old girls. So you stay on that side of line we have line here in Poland. We ve been through this before Lamar Britannia at all. They have a backbone phenomenal due for now. Oh, yes, it's stupid bog job. That's how many border crossings you have this week, shadow since the causes heckler near so Catholics in Poland defending nuclear family, there being harassed by algae B, t you know and understand essay gay
well, I'm not going down that line of algae umbrella survey, IP I'm not gonna, be leads to lock. Someone put together highlight real in ten years, like the equivalent of me saying the inward, because it includes a cue, a ip. I don't care, I don't apologize hears Paul OX defending traditions from these angry gay activists. what other dogs or work well in a manner of your mom's must be so proud is indirectly for you. We hold fled and you look like Threegs. Thank you for making our point. You look like hurried, urchins from a glow. Stick. Joel Schumacher, Batman seemed good for you. You get free, told bag with
in order to stem the barking. Where did they come from those of women? Buttocks? Like a bitch, I can say it because she is barking like a bitch, it's because they're stupid as well Thank you for clarifying my preferred book. Pronouns, for you are scroll end you about that. How about girls, crew and yourself she hit How do we re just being effective? Like I know, I know park like dogs that will get them know what we're gonna dress up like Halloween and then go bark at them like dogs and make every point there trying to make others one guy. That's like finally, barking bagpiper and waiting, Ford for ever all wait. This isn't that were already a cash margin being that Scott going into battle were to play the bagpipes. You know, they're taking you out. First, oh yeah, by your own soldiers. You really can be drawn
a person, withdrawal and trumpet in you have sound like dying cattle. So we should first you just sit. There nervously go out on the front lines that then you sure they want shoot me right. They seem to matter no, no you're, fine, you're, fine, you're, fine, but keep God. but it seems that you actually target on my chest. It's possible uniform a wee bit further. Just Burkina the algae BT use your eighty, a all right as we continue with international politics and will take us into the fact that the United States government wants you to just take their word for everything they are there for its own medicine. They are the experts and will be a false flag there. The experts in what should or should not be allowed and spot a five year. The experts who and who should not be deployed formed before we get that Saturday night live of course, did more bidding from the government from having already comedy we sure,
really like you out after Mckinnon. Does that smile every time? Every time where does the casting? So as an AL recently to the sketch about the russian DIS information about Ukraine, how long do com of this. Do we have to watch out as before. I talk about this theirs. A couple of angry people unseen and right now saying yours. Officials, war in Russia conveyed Ukraine any date. Here's a thing. The Ukraine officials say: that's that's bullshit, so not so much we'll get to But this is you see right. You see, synergistic lay them operating all the media, the government and then course personnel and here's the question: how do you all of them, get it wrong. How do all of them get it wrong? together. What are the chances of seeing and ABC Nbc Cbs Jen Saki we're Vice President Joe Biden and us getting this role
do. They have a meeting and take their meeting behind her back and take let's just screw everything up. So here's the SNL sketch. Russia, this information to you, president. The situation in Ukraine is growing taser by the hour. Prudent man a hundred thousand troops at the border, or even getting some reports that Russia has already invaded, but those are from the same people who said Tom, Brady, retired, taken with the grain of salt. What about the new force with a ready to accuracy you just want to George Bush, thereby creating accepted Germany, their staying out of it. Germany does want to go to war. You knowest, sir. Russia's military presence may be the least of our problems we ve been tracking.
The spread of russian disinformation in ukraine- and there are some lies- ukrainians dont know what to believe any more refugees that during our legislation to do or well forty percent of Americans think you lost the elections by me. George sees that are circulating on Ukrainian Facebook she Camelot ukrainian Border, encroaching on russian carry she's, not indian. Our seas surrounding Ukraine, just taking a big ukrainian President Horny for drama flatly harder than regular. New year's resolution is alarming.
There are also bringing our country into. What did you do? It was just a robot is doing, was junior. Anything is not accurate. It's not the reason. The George Bush perfectly splendid, because our century could get a truth, would be if you like, if you had a short stay halfway up is bad. You know where he was a can't do them. Economic US, through bodies, are drinking bodies in real life. He would have an eight strokes already this worthwhile max you and your best chance, growled high school and began work for me. Now you do something for shipowners. Everyone can get by. Like a dream, which drive innovation can learn a lot from my late. We don't believe in drone strikes, we believe and breaking down our enemies psychologically. For years as an area
they get collegiate Mohammed to talk there. We're gonna, put on seasons. Nineteen through twenty four of us and a diver bombs in the children's go, give I dont understand what I just saw. I do understand it either. This is a problem with look car and in what way there's dinner. Not you have to acknowledge that it's a joke that its comedy- ok, fine. Now, however, there does there does need be a colonel of truth to it to be funny right for the same People are outraged over some of the comments that Joe Rogan is made. There's a colonel of truth to the things that he says, and it offends people. It upsets people. This does text. You can't parity Joe Biden and not acknowledge what the vast majority of Americans no that he's not in his right mind absolutely, while the biggest laugh, if they got was at the very beginning, when the general said, Mr President, in everybody's, like how they must have some of their already percent, who are victims of exactly russian DIS information campaign. What's yes
that's why Americans think that the most free, fair, secure election of all time might have had some foul play because they spent thirteen grand on Facebook at the risky. That's what it is. It's like red die, with laptops. That's what happened there. S let me harder daddy, wouldn't have been irreverent in nineteen. Seventy five on the show came out right. I know that's bad, pushing the limits there. Are you really special guess Carol, Bernard someone or someone else come from laughing shock to me, This is all despite the fact that some russian just information that ukrainian President or, as you know, he's labelled and honest state source by twitter you Turban, press. Does a linsky accused the west of causing quote panic over russian invasion said the threat was real but not eminent as a. U S has explained in but he made a source close to the landscape, also equipped quite full. Clearly, Americans are safer in Kiev,
then they ought in LOS Angeles or any other crime ridden city in the United States. While what is not, that seems to be pushing back on a hard, the agenda like what are we do deserve that is now. This is Kiev all know at civil. It's no skid row, but I hear the Jimmy Fox plays meanwhile insult rate of growth, so last week to talk about russian disinformation, this. What you know I was going along with, of course, this is what all of big hackers going along with we'll talk about, go, find me what's happening with Canada. This is when people it's not censorship. Unless the government is silencing view that's, not true anymore. When the government is saying we want big Tec to eliminate these voices. Are we want big Tec to miss label these voices or or label them as this information when they are calling out and having meetings with these people, they are acting as an arm? They are acting as thugs for the government. This
unprecedented. This is no longer a libertarian argument of private business can do whatever they want, because their beholden, not only to people in our government, but foreign governments, like you see, would have. Let's go find me shutting down a protest where zero acts of violence have ever been committed by the way, not three billion dollars and damages like live matter. None of that not not like dozens and we hundreds of felonies and thousands of casualties that have taken place or sorry, hundreds of casualties and many thousands of families who makes that this information, because I'm goin off the cuff here This is an entirely peaceful protest and go for me, decided they were going to take steal their money we'll get to it. So anyway, blast State Department going back to Russia, the spokesperson NED Price and I say spokesperson because I don't know NED's preferred pronouns We pushed it, I'm a big capital it's a shame? Yes, yes He gave this answer when
if you are asked him about a russian false flag campaign- and he said TAT we really have for this- is a really imminent threat and lives of ok and What proved to be so? I just I just said it and that's the kind accountability. They expect from the press. Watch what evidence do you have to support the idea that there is some propaganda film in the end in the making? Now this is derived from information known to the: U S: government, intelligence, information that we have declassified. I think you Ok, we're where it. Where is it where's, whereas this information, declassed Guineas intelligence information that we have declassify what, whereas it where's the information I just delivered, but no you made a series of allegations would you would you like us to pronounce the top, because you will see a transcript of starting that you can print out for yourself on evidence? Ned? That's you saying it. That's not evidence. I'm sorry.
What would you like to see that moment on his face when he just wants out? I'm sorry, I'm not gonna get through this nets. For those women are. The boom goes a dining room where you can see the moment that the kid mentally checks out, please get me off effect line. Tarmac somewhat have made this entire think he goes on and on and on this telling that guy, because I said it, that is the proof that you need that its real rightly called on you to send you declassified. Something show me the receipts right and they would now we'll do it now. This is pointing back so whose spreading this information at the very least. What's that we don't know, there's disinformation. Ok, that's fine, the? This? Is the White House, here's your government and they are deliberately obvious skating, providing information by the way all references from today showing every show velvet lot of Canada come. The link is an inscription not saying we get everything right, but we try to make sure You are able to do your own research and that you can call us on it he's what his take my word for it. Now
even love. Our burden had a couple six year olds to substantiated. Surprised that we actually had a reporter pushing back thing. None and sorry. We can't just take your word for it. You can't just say it where's the evidence. This shows the evidence of its obvious. Because you guys set everything about Russia when Donald Trump was present. We just took it being done and we know that it was false and then all of these are intelligence agencies say this as well, and so we took it s gospel and you can go back if you want. If you want to use George W Bush weapons of mass destruction is what everybody but a plaster. I know that there are other things going on, but we took it is gas all right. We have a reason to question government. It's a good thing. Well now the government is the experts. Are the experts in this? Is the problem of people say trust a science? What you mean coming from a city c, o you only trust, government scientists now I'm not saying that every single government scientist is corrupt, but what I'm saying is when you declare the only experts- and this is what is happening when things are being Miss labelled and
my house is calling for Joe Rogan to have his pod gaspe. Miss label me as doctors on what they are saying is anything that goes against the government established science which, by the way it goes itself from six months ago, needs to miss labelled what The barometer here, that's being used for Youtube. Facebook, including Instagram, Twitter, Big Tec, is a government. That's the fact. economic, and these are the people in charge of it by the way best thing you can do. We talk about comments smash the like button, if you're on Youtube right now, if you want to make sure that this gets through, that algorithm and people find it which they still probably won't, I just ask that use pass that button smash it hard like Brian Seltzer, in the green room, with nine apart it. Oh no, I didn't specify the gender, no, he didn't Joe Rogan life. This is a conversation here that Mueller he doesn't like. Looking at us, can I hurried home too every day, it's slow
Dr Weir mirrors on the ceiling just so that he can look at himself because he's enough, that's all he sees harks down the street for three hours Wendy's hurry. It was a long night so far as to say later, the others others, just nothing more than I love than coming home to you, hopefully being on a business trip. Oh you're. Here he had to sleep on the couch again. The pillows that I put in the shape of a guy cheese cooking made much. I know what I'm gonna do for Eminem due for brain when he comes home cooking, nothing but name which, by the way, ladies always a crowd pleasure for your husband, Justino, not primarily serves the cats Nazi could have like a Greece burn. You should that, as you should, could you put on like like a polar fleet that is not sanitary who get germs, and my big, delicious food is buying a Valentine's lingerie he's like look it's our park from area. Where do you like your favorite male deserves full burka?
we have the baked Alaska with aside other baked Alaska. Second, one I'll put my purse to go right. Let's about completely straight consumers or somebody you guys, airstrip, I'm reliably straight its sexual man, bag. Yes, yes, of course, sometimes you need a place to put your keys and stuff a thing: you're rolodex have strange male prostitutes exactly and your black work of man you have sex with you have sex with guy but I would never have sex with ever greater. as I love my wife more than any. Why more than Fang certain he's, do a series of condos our money when he heard this list of cardinals. Let us have it
so I'm a confessing stouter. Now, let's talk about jargon to something that obviously happened this weekend, but I think some people have missed the mark. I'm not going to lie on five. I was upset I was angry with no with Joe as well. Now explain to you, I'm more angry, of course, with the people who tried to hate to use the term cancel culture, but the people who why'd you destroy his life and his livelihood. Now jargon is bigger than them so good for him. It shouldn't affect him. I hope you understand, the power that he has. Unfortunately, here keep a little bit, and I just it that makes it harder for everybody else, and I have a lot of respect for joy. I think he's a good guy. I spent some time with images, so it's always hard for me, just full disclosure to be objective, when I know somebody so Joe Rogan has gotten in trouble last week was about covered misinformation, and you know how you know that it wasn't about covered misinformation, because on that
work. Now they decided they're going to out. You know what actually look he's. Also racist. Someone put together a montage out of context of Joe Rogan, having said the Edward in case, you guys have missed it, be living under a rock at this point. For now or just hiding out from your home like stouter, what's going on it as it emerges that sets more weeks of went street fares at this moment of gay pride delegating Oh, my gosh, you just said that type of Kobayashi Loop, morphine drippy loves it. I'm just training so here is robbing the hickey if they put together, which really, if you look at every clip individually, is not a hit piece of him sing the inward over the last twelve plus years Nigger. I already said: Nigger early is just like make cooling, Nigger she's colony measures like this boy that he's a nigger
call them nigger, Sir Nigger. There should be a word like Nigger, specially word Nigger, that's our! about Niggers he says: Nager Guy, a Nigger and their nigger sort, saying Nigger much more in research, which I know is anyone, airborne, EDGAR, say Nigger and they couldn't say niggers and those already out. I think now they play added to it, but you can watch all those right away when I watch it. Oh that's including a Chris recruiting. Oh that's in telling a story about a razor to cultivate an inward. Oh. I know that where he's talking about hey how this word is different in the english language, here's the thing I thought it was ordering coffee. Yes, I mean this was out of context. That's crazy area! No single night do his kids right of strange, say it's all: it's almost like they did it. Is to make em look bad. It's almost like that yeah they want you to think he's what it is there to its, not that they think he's right here.
They don't think of Joe Rogan is a racist because you know who wouldn't be upset by this and actual racist you're, not going to use this against Robert Byrd type because they just got like yeah. I said it because they're still selling it, they don't care. They use this against people who they know are not racist so that they defend themselves as not racist. They wouldn't use it against an actual racists. This is not a motive attack that will be used against someone like whoever a David, Duke Robber, purred, someone who is actually in the clear they wouldn't use it. when you see this line of attack, you know that exclusively used against. Someone who they know is not racist, because that person will be forced into defending themselves as not being just now Joe Rogan issued an apology with which strongly disagree and I'll explain to you why. I think it was very thoughtful, though, and I think the way that he delivered the apology was as well delivered as an up as an ill advised apology like this: to be delivered, but for people who missed it, posted dissenters. Instagram will have, of course, links to all the full clips lot of colored outcome of the sources, the references, here's your opens up.
Hello friends. making this video to talk about that internal nature, no neck, regret and shameful thing: the diver how to talk about publicly there's a video! That's out! That's a compilation of me saying that an word its video. That's made of clips taken out of context of me of twelve years of conversations on my podcast and it's all set together and it looks in horrible even to me now. I know that to most people there is no context where a white person is ever allowed to say: that's wrong must be not only a publicly on a pod cast an eye gray with that now I haven't said in years, but for a long time when would bring that word up like you, ve come up in conversation in Spain. Is that of seeing the end word, I would just say the word. I thought as long as it was in context, people would understand what I was doing like that car ex was poor.
Click. We're talking about Red Fox. How Fox said that word on television in the nineteen seventies and our time have changed so much since then. about how richer prior use it as one of the titles of one of his albums actually to apple. Do hope that this can beer. Teachable moment art one entered for anybody that doesn't realize how offensive that word? can be come out of a white persons mouth in on tax or out of context. My sincere and humble geez, I wish there was more than I could say, but All of this is just me talking from bottom line it makes me sick watching videos- and there was all
someone about a planet of the apes joke that he made where he being aware, which I mean in fairness, he was on ambient and they're gonna overdose. Him then next season. His shows this could be called the Romans with John Goodman. Yes, kit, surprise cameo from what, because not about raise money. I I think genuinely, I understand what he sang a genuinely do, but I just feel that this shows that its being yeah, this in force, if your energy, I just feel, is being forced to make. You feel this way yeah they. They want you to believe that this is how you feel I don't know, I don't agree with say what you and then I have something I want to know that it is going to say. I don't understand why saying coming out of a white persons mouth it doesn't matter who's mouth it comes out. I just let me say that I think you do. I disagree with. I would say the inverse is true that the
this time it should be considered completely. Impermissible is, if you are using internet racist contacts, accusing some calling someone the inward finger voting somebody if you're, quoting a wretched prior album. I dont thinks he the name of the army so that he named these albums to screw with white people. He wanted to make them uncomfortable. Who am I to rename his art? Who am I to sing along with two Bachar sing along in my car with Canada and say an inward? This is summits, most offensive to the artist, because this is something that is meant to be consumed by many people- that a huge difference between the content recording somebody or the context of actually being supportive of a black persons, art and the context of using it to do liberally insult somebody and by the way, my entire life. I have Never once heard a white person say it in its racist context outside of one time, not Evans in Virginia, and I told you I was incredibly surprised because it was that abnormal. Let me just say this about jargon here his plenary. Showed tat? He made ok now
have been under. Rogan show a bunch of times- and I have been talking about this for a long time, keep in mind have had been dropped by managers back in two thousand nine agents. I had problems with meetings at people it via come number saying: look, this is: what's happened, they're going to come for you, and so many people who were on the show any I think the first em up Yonder Rogan, saying now not the amount of comedy comedies. Alas bashing you know it's different, so they didn't believe it. No Rogan was imprudent back then, to make his planet of the apes comment joke, not because the jokers impermissible now because the joke as offensive, not because any thing he said was offensive, but he was imprudent because he thought they wouldn't come for him. He said that he said that before always welcome for you and now I believe is wrong. Apologise because that's done the guys that their Emmy intent of forgiving him, of course they don't it was covered, now exists
apologize for this there just going to move on to something else in this makes it more difficult for other people, because it sets a precedent or people think they have to apologize for things that do not require an apology. I think he was wrong back then to think that they wouldn't come for him, and I think that is enough. Act right now to apologize. Look even if you think you're wrong- and I want to be clear about this. This is a difference. This is a difference between there's a difference when a consensual relationship in an abusive relationship, a loving relationship and abusive relationship in a loving, relationship where both parties are actually trying to make a relationship work because they care about each other. When you think you're wrong, You apologize it's a very rule to follow if you're married a long term relationship- be quick to apologize, be quick to forgive you do that too. Ship works no matter what happens quick to apologize, quick to forgive to say you're. Sorry, I recognise your faults, quick to give grace. an abusive relationship
is where someone is trying to gas. Let you someone is trying to manipulate you into apologizing, and then they will use that to hammer in your faults, because they have no interest in accepting apology in the first place. That's what's happened now? This is not a loving relationship. This is not the left. wanting Joe Rogan to recognise some faults and improve on it, so they can have a working relationship going forward. This is a relationship where they want to destroy him, where they want to take everything that he has so here's the deal, even if you think you're wrong people out there, even if you think you're wrong, even if you do regret it. If you are in a loving relationship shore. You apologize, don't and poligized in front of you. we even when you think you're wrong? down the line, but Winston Churchill thought that he made some strategic airs and world war to you, say man. I made a mistake, while Hitler still on the march
afterward, you say maybe this would have been better idea. So I actually don't even agree if you think you're wrong Laos. If I think I'm gonna need to apologize, not right now, you don't do it right now, because they're not going to forgive you there going to use it to attack you. You do bend the knee to the mob ever even If you think you are wrong, you do later on. That's just the abc that those are the abc me. That's what I think you guys can come and below, and let me know what you think: if you're, in a relationship with someone you care about you apologize if someone seeking to hurt you, you don't apologize, you don't show weakness at that point in time and here's the thing it's not just. So people on Twitter This is the and we ve been through this. We're gonna go back to the box apocalypse and talk about it because I've lived this exactly exactly when I'll try to get us removed from Youtube here And then it was mentioned by sitting senators and see The exact same thing a hit list, a real and we survived. So let's look at
sort of gaggle of bullies, Jimmy Costa and brain staffed. hear them talking about how Joe Rogan should be kicked off, Spotify What is Joe Rogan Asset, is now apologizing and we're gonna find out. That's enough for Spotify. The company has exclusive distribution deal with them. Jemison coming to light because of the recent controversy about anti vaccine rhetoric on Reagan's pie how will this related not only to quit the service, one of them in the room when we really are languidly somebody else and pointed out that the language Rogan as used around race in the past, just as or maybe even more problematic novel and his rhetoric about vaccines? Typically in the past, when a video, like the one at the beginning of this segment that we aired, of Joe Rogan, saying the inward repeatedly over and over and over again over the course of many others episodes
would be enough for somebody to lose their jobs. There are many examples, including in Hollywood and entertainment or people, I have lost their roles for less, they are destined that may be wise part of eyes being so quiet. At the same time, I want to recognise the region why Rogan has lots of fans millions of fat people want to hear his candid conversations, but there's a difference between that Candide in their conversations and the kind of guy That's in this compilation, ok, a couple of things. First off there are few flaws, their due notice. You said people were unsubscribe and really do have. Those numbers are not available. where's the misinformation label. People aren't subscribe because of a european set. Are you sure about that? And by the way counterbalance all of the new paying subscribers because european with signs to Spotify, that's misinformation right there and using other people, been cancelled for saying far less what you're thing, Joe Rogan, is not an employee dummy.
General Gazette an employee of Spotify, they have some kind of whatever. Does a distribution deal licensing the he's not like you he's not a patsy for the higher ups, hoping for Jeff Suckers job people need to understand this difference and certainly of all my most of all, my God shall Rogan, I hope, You're welcome understands he. He can't be fired by these people. Look. This is the same thing I'll get into what happened with us. No one boy I don't have an employer, I am the employer. Some people signed the backs of check. Some people signed the fronts of checks and the only reason unable to do it is because of you. The viewer not like, Phoebe S where we say viewers like you, but then we get tens of millions of dollars in federal funding. Just you we're not funded by a foreign caliphate. we're not funded by someone at sea and on who tells us what to say it's mug club, you guys JANET lot with colored outcomes. Last month we appreciate the support. You will always have free content here on you too, long as its loud rumble, but we do an extra hour of show. that we know we can never do on Youtube every single day. This is the only way that we make revenue and some sponsorships with sponsors who have the balls to
to not run off my. But beyond with you now I just think carefully read about all of it. I think but when it comes down to apologizing to a mob it it doesn't matter. If he's apologizing to black people, specifically who were offended for use in the inward, that's one thing I don't believe that he ever used maliciously. So the reason why he thought She was untouchable, which I dont believe that he thought it was untouchable. To be honest, I think it was because at point comedy was supposed to be all in context right com, he cannot exist unless within context bright and if anything is looked at as a joke. It is a joke in its that simple! That's why you would you would love it if everything that we did was looked at like it was supposed to Burma. I don't think he did to clarify people that's rustling! I was ever suggesting that he thought he was untouchable, but exactly what you so here's the deal. I have been a very different world right or back when I was nineteen. I was banned from a college because this when I was nineteen, here's what women, two thousand and seven,
I was banned from a ladies foot locker, but that's go on we'll see if that's okay, because now I'm allowed in every lady's foot locker, because I just hit the Penn state record, but he and I was always told me what does look you just you're saying that the comedy is is untouchable in context because you haven't gone through what I've got. You don't know. Now what I am saying is permissible, but going to get worse, have had this conversation with many comedians in committee. beyond the show and say no, I don't think that's what's going to happen, comedy something I've lived it agents drop me? I've had met this drop me, I've been banned from schools have been banned from comedy clubs. I've had Booker's complain at this point in its a clean out, but I would say that We considered politically incorrect and I experienced it trying to sound the alarm saying before that suggested a social justice warriors are coming so and they go now. It's not gonna happen in comedy. Yes, it will and if it hasn't happened for you yet it's either, because that overturned It hasn't been moved far enough yet or you are not big enough yet the only reason they are coming for all of you and it's
not because they actually think that your racist, what they want to do with your Rogan. As this What they want to do is Joe Rogan has to go interview. Frances in Ghana were Curtis blades, or someone like that, after you have seen and he's afraid, does this guy think I'm a racist because he saw something out of context. What they want to do is again a second abusive relationship, alien. You and isolate you from all of the people who were your friends who now may have this misconception of you: It's a big component of this too they want to do with me and make it seem like I was homophobic. This is what they wanted to do in Europe. That being said, I mean you know it's like a spider like that, that we are not afraid of gay people. Who is What is true is anyone know anybody who is afraid of homosexuals without openness term. Again, it's made up term just a to silence you for fully into submission. Now. Let's remember this in context. No, if you know who else said, doesn't I dont think I think, he's a racist for different reasons, but a former vice president, Joe Biden, hard, are
We already have a nigger mare. We don't need any more nigger big shots, but we weird and by what he still saying it is he on Spotify. Still he still saying here. Nigger here net. Well, not dimension. He uses the for do you know what he says about the Nazis, Nazi fags now, look it very, though his brain is firing, and yes Yet we must have real human being on this planet. Everybody has said vile things. Everybody has set off a things. We are all human beings right, everybody makes mistakes, everybody does things right and wrong, and one agency that video go yet lotta. That's just people talking like yeah. Sorry, that's just the reality. If you sitting there throwing stones, somebody There's no part of that is genuine. The
Part of this is to take control, or here is a good example of that. As you know, we were talking about contacts and course elects if there is no context in which is permissible. Petronelle peopled encircling the former vice President Biden video. But if you look it's been funded by people in the level of right here is a headline for media. Joe Rogan defenders have been circulating. Videos of Joe Biden sing the inward here's, the full story, and it goes on to explain the context of it. why it's permissible so also context applies to this sitting former vice president, but context doesn't apply to a comedian on a pod cast who, by the way, was saying it in a far less pernicious, where this is the point it's not about whether it's wrong. It's not even about the context. You don't apologize there demanding an apology of former vice President Joe Biden Run, because in what context, but you're demanding one of Joe Rogan, not only at demanding that he loses livelihood, because you don't care about the context, don't apologize to those people well and when we had the coward now to auto opposites
We had the trial on four, how Rittenhouse the other guy that brain around saying, shoot me and where it should be and we're right. We we actually said we want you to see this. You mean the meal am advocate yeah. We pause one. One hold your thoughts, this right now, PETE Buckings unseen and look at this. Its has dealt a ceo asks, Justice Department to put unreal. Really passengers are no fly list. Do you see the problem? Now? That's not a free market. How many bailouts has dealt a received by the way you want look at the companies that receive most mobility of banks. You have car companies, you have airline companies this. These are the industry course that Americans, no enough now they're saying there there seeking the Justice Department to put unruly passengers are no fly list. Well. What? If not a condition in young put a mask on. We ve had video circulate where those people are asked to exit applying, I'm not talking about people punching each other. That's the right.
we see spirit. Airlines is not making this request because Dexter Clientele or the corral neither land your role. We must set about, always be it. If you want a bit fancies, you better put a few dukes rice has urged with frontiers. That's why we're about an event. I got five point: four billion by the five point: four billion and other thing: hey. Look. You build Us Justice Department. Can you get rid of these unruly passengers? We know. What do we know the delta is awoke company have seen what they ve been doing that and now how do they define unruly it's already illegal to start a fire it's already illegal- to make a bomb threat, it's already illegal, to actually cause disruption on a commercial airplane. You know that right, that's the law, it's just like speech is already illegal to violently threatened someone, it's already illegal, to call people the violence, but then we asked No, no, we mean speech that people dont like. So I want to see what they're asking here and what peat bog guess I'll look. He must be using his Rogan. Look that at a moment like this, and at the same time we also have to recognise that there is clearly something deeper. That's going on
in our society. That makes anybody think that its acceptable or tolerable to behave this. What you, simply should not behave. This way on an airplane made this way on the ground, either of, but in in air travel at risk in its especially important that were backing up flight attendants and flight crews that our assent. sure workers they had the real hearings, yeah our travel and transportation sector through this pan like they deserve respect, you read only deserve sorrowfully and of course they deserve better road. Is people on the planet pricey owing to ask, is this another african man wants is the country's roads? has delayed flights last week. This is we don't ever seen this in our lifetime. We ve never seen this in our lifetime. The amount of control from only a handful of big companies and they are so blatantly comfortable with letting you know that they are working hand in hand with the government to a limit.
from society. People very specific point of you in the half. Will ex presidents you were saying something about your I'll say: yes, a wind rose and bomb was running around earlier in the day and they had video of him. Shouting shoot me inward right. We had that we played that and they were believing it and we're like none. It ended up. We need you to see what he actually said, because his the context of what was going on really matters. You don't need to have this bleep to cover it Joe Rogan in most of those was quoting other people what they were saying I stand that you don't like a word. I get it, but it's voldemort, nobody can say it other than black people or when you're singing a song or an inn private of your own home. Apparently because I said you can't say it in and have into the black person, see it right, you can't say in public or my God on a pod, cast it is totally unbelief viable that there is a word that is ok for some people to say and other people to say
in quoting them and go wait a minute you're. What you can't say that right? How is that not racism? I don't mean anything by the word by the way, I'm only saying what Tupac. So they want you to believe that the person who quotes in in praise of a black, artists, someone who can also is just as racist as the person whose beating live in roots. Exactly they want you to leave it to Saint, make any sense about red, Fox and Richard prior narrowed. The mould in the seventies is black comedians following you know like cause, be in and dig Gregory. Who was I mean, I would price, say the pioneer, the least cost. We never easy inward. No, it's very very very through you know that still on Rwanda, another where he was o b g, why end the words out of his basement on the car boot new, while that is weird work from home better when you look at that, though, you're like do evolve, professions to pick why Kleiner have stirrups. All he did was leave just little see little by little ceilings of the writer of bread crumbs all the way. Little rubies,
maybe it is a little drawing room with all the way out of the room, then Wickham up really can be of a gotta gender brows bands. You don't pull your birthday, you the work by the right to do you know it's not just a bill Cosby who stolen Spotify our Kelly still on, a fairly mammal, Alonzo modified Zactly war in what battles about it with you, but people are pulling off. Spotify urges any few wants attention. It's like a joke. humble Wamba wants to take a stand. Excited in addition is like hermits. Hermits is widely coming out logo with huge at all, where a trump pulse, using I'm pulling my ipod gas from Spotify and they're just their stock. When at nine thousand presented Maroon five, as it can help you to offer them at our musically out of snow- and he will be better known, God has it Hathaway hardware.
Yeah no penny hardware. They also removing that any Omar. He playgrounds gone, I'm sorry, Joe! We just gotta cut ties were done. Its is What will we haven't out? I regretted behind betrayal away, I thought we can't try to say the word and stamp out now its clear spot? A far worse still here we had here, having learned, say, those stupid. It's just it's a comic I'd, here's the thing I knew this was going to happen. I was sounding the alarm and let me tell you how I know it and let me I only know one way to handle things just so people understand, maybe there's a more tactful way to do it just not the way I do things to Mack truck you pull out emergency brake! That's about the only way. I know how to be successful at anything in life,
like to learn a greater skill set right can have some more finance, but I'm not there yet vocs. spare parted with NBC Universal one of the biggest companies in the world trade to do this with yours, truly for people who have missed it. This is sorry to Vauxhall polyps happened. I was a big deal inside all the creators who were harm. They created a new set of rules, the crowd, a role because it wasn't a violation of any guidelines and there's advertiser from the guidelines. Now there's the borderline content in industry. People refer that is buying clusters, the crowd, a real sorry. It's all your fault, and this is exactly what they did to me back in two thousand nineteen. I appreciate that they put real together, because now I dont need to address it anymore we get to the video with our favorite. favorite and listen. If your baby, vodka, ridiculous, it gets bonkers, you're being given a free pass as a crappy writer, because you're, gay, etc line and his look we're graph there wouldn't want now the gravest, queerness violence, Phil
little queer could eat is chips all nonchalantly. It's called for RE, MR queried him. Yes on the channel diplomats. Can you just one, then this is what MR gave OX wants to do. Mr, let's be queer from box holding Gaelic Tito from hot hand. Fast motion is gay now here with a short, angry lesbian on Skype, bitching through the night sitting there in banana, we get the symbol of the closet. Two weeks later, probably to his next bribe right out, but this guy on the guy
similar Tino via Latino some areas, namely that we are going to deal with this problem, are ok, he's just sachets across without ate, like just stopped a bus ride. She is now we could they really your honor, how many list be angry, sprites, vocs their shared green and try and tell you or you by the way the gay men can guide, the gay mexican protects can gauge. I used to live escalating, bottle gable, tuna from boggy token box, gay atheists sprite with surprisingly surprisingly flat, suggest, considering how serious it is very desirable, dominant you, ok, that feels less of gay people and more at one guy right. You remember about. I waited plenty of critics and other people it, but it was also because you know his two guys handle was gay walk. Maybe you won't use those terms and, of course, the grossly offensive. Nineteen forty term sprite, yes or hit it is but I'm description, he talks about being queer talks about being. It was a stick
I think we're just acknowledging and it wasn't it. Here's the thing it wasn't about. Individuals are well at a giant corporation, NBC, universal Vocs, didn't like the fact that we were cleaning their clock. Just like Joe. It is clear. The clock of CNN Abc Nbc Cbs Lot of Netflix right, so it's really about eliminating competition, and you too wants the advertiser dollars from these big companies. They spend the most amount of money advertising on you. Driven by the way you tube co produce to show with box we later found out. I want that the movie theater, the movie theater and there are announcing some new show on Youtube and it was via something as you too, producing what's out of cause. So here's. The thing after that same thing, with Joe Robin the media sitting. Senators politicians were four. To address and some call for some are calling for meat. Lose my ability, because I can't fire me but lose my bill to broadcast freely to you. We heard the allegations from. Mr Carlos Maza, who
I did a video on Twitter, with accomplice, sandworms inbox stuck up the works inbox upon yes, with, as we speak for my black spots are radically different video to says the rapid alone. How does China pudding together, Ray and and asked us to take action. Like again, I want to say there were many videos and I looked at the innocent- lay at the compilation video. So when the news we believe this is non violent, this isn't violet our rules. You agreed with lemmings you know you in Rome, ok, I will manage it, we would risk. I. I agree that that was the right decision you to drag its feet before, taking any action against conservative commentators, Stephen prouder, despite being informed. Ok, there's two year homophobic harassment campaign against journalists. Grandma harassment will also go Carlotta. Lhasa, he's a whole. the series strike through on box that come. He says, he's been harassed for years by this controversial
two more names demon crowd. Are they really tweet A whole montage of a visit, so called jolts. Youtube is about to start pride month and rocked the rainbow colours and claim to care about arguments he people and they were helping this guy build an audience missive for millions of scrapper. His only real content was making fun of me for being queerness. May you be that was our only conquering, nonsense, eggs and by the way you too was helping us. They did. It could not stop helping us metal that platform we lose every. The one person who I know sits right behind the camera that when they talk and girl Jimmy Jijiu, they go they do not address. The hot came in Danleigh done. Levin had an issue like. May we weren't airport manner that we walk in the hotel citizens on the screen and we just see Stephen. It is dead. All cool lemme go disgusting,
all my dad was Carlos, Martha was disgusting. I think, is well. You got fired from vocs in all this doesn't look was never about that guy. Don't wish him any ill will the issue was writing fire from box, and I have no idea reducing terrible appointed vocs. It didn't work. You too, Google took a nosedive actually did at the box. Apocalypse happened, and I mean you you guys. Wanna go someone! People already put together the hit real! You! No good luck! Here's what I think! Now we survived. We grew through it and of course, at that point we had a record number of you guys signing up mug club subscribers not usually is what happens, because you understand that not only is there the way that we can continue to survive, and we have a lot of you now surprising amount of you watching at my club? I think, probably because you also getting an hour of extra shall yet, but you know go away any moment. So we did apologize, but this Is how I think Joe roads
everyone moving forward. Just it worked for us the blueprint. This is how we APOLLO I would also like to apologize to drake the wrapper for referring to him as a quote butter. Soft Bush, claiming that is only redeeming quality is a performer was when he was shot into permanent paralysis under grassy like to apologize to justice reef, better Ginsburg. fr implying that she's long been deceased and even though I don't have verifiable proof to the contrary, I do realise my observations were conducted in poor taste and ill timed also like to retract my comment about Representative Dan Crenshaw flying that mug shot would quote, resemble that of an angry pirate shift manager and a Brooks Brothers catalogue store, and that would be quote the stuff of children's nightmares to my dear friend and esteemed colleague, Ben Shapiro? I sincerely apologise for implying that your agree, shackle harder to issue an apology to test holiday for incorrectly imply,
that her blood type was biologically comparable to that of putting she's, both brave and beautiful. And I should have done more to celebrate that all when apology to the gentle pudding corporation for associating the product with test holiday, That's the only way. I know how to do it. I'm so sorry smash that like button right now, if you're watching on youtube- and I think what just happened is a back- then I had a ten- it's not like I aged twenty years. In fifty, it didn't happen at all we're not supposed to mention these guys, but there's another compilation following an air of other people, I'm not saying their name. If you watch this show we we ve buried them in the past. Just look at that
I only France, you too, if you ve, got your youtube. You got another problem if it broke in the proper Spotify than that's got to be a problem for you to write which, by the way you might want to change the url from only events that comes less Dave, says the inward to just eat well thrown off assent, but I thought people find it spicy. When I do, I do find it spicy, but I don't know if the juices worth the squeeze. Some also cancelled south publicity pulling on yelling at bus stuff, on your three being, but being then pulling up in the tarmac to Spirit, hey, hey guys and then the next charges you an ambulance, Dave here, get him on the south side, no matter what city of something like that, and we have heard a cricket wireless, I'm at the corner of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Boulevard gotta be far. Let's roll. These guys go to the golden crown to take the last stage Edna and what Spirit seed is mine. We're gonna find out in a minute I'm about to send back this Popeye's chicken sandwich say how it goes.
It's not a purchase the last one and let everyone it's all, just jokes, and what I think you know look if I like your Rogan go head in keep supporting EU support? The fact that this is like sounds like were go here, the war is so weird like life is not that bad. It's just a podcast strength, its listen to who you want to listen to enjoy it and am in regular these supporters. Eastward Stephen was balls and keep doing his show. Even when I I'm just shock that I even watch these clips in these few we're are talking about it, but this is so weird man. This is what they want to do, and you know just like Joe Rogan privacy, we're not as biggest broken, but certainly bigger than any show on CNN and any night show. As far as you know, you view the demo want to eliminate it, and that's that's really what it comes down
they want to eliminate competition and they have the assistance and the full support of the United States Government and that is what ski area the United States government is becoming: a mafia strongman. Basically just these guys when you have a problem and a common and fix it with right power that they have the what everything that Dave just said. Why whatever you want to watch, listen to whatever you want to listen to you, that's what I want to take away so that when railway that's, why I type minority aren't greater changed my mind, abortion? Maybe they fix it. You'll find something from PBS they make it are you even find what you want to find and that's why we always tell you Monday, through Thursday, ten m Eastern, you guys The tunisian book market test you can do, is subscribe over at rumbled mug club, because even if you subscribe, even if you get the notification bell, you may not find the bishop that's That's the issue. People are not allowed to choose what that without was we thought would be the beauty of the internet right. Well, there's no more gatekeeper! The gatekeepers are the same as always, and now they're more powerful than ever, because they learn wait a second someone really FCC. We can just
have the government declare something misinformation. It doesn't have to actually be set, lines are regulations that we understand like unit on radio or television and worse than the FCC, is the mob. Now who works hand in hand with big tech and often people in government too, trying to eliminate your career, even others, no actual violation. What an we like the rock yeah. I was like how I totally sigh with Rogan then also ignore no, I dont that men stood by the movie jungle crows. Yes, rather we sodomized, where the cocoa bottle I'll being called a chalk demon for an hour and a half an hour example Davy. How did you know what's delta the Tuesday you have to pay? If not, I say it's called Tipsy Tuesday gets well I'd like to share our elder smile for me on a perfect harmony in the front row, Lord One, in the re. Now there is one thing for sure: I'm not queer
reliable source says. That's me now yesterday going, I was ass. Now we have go find me. So using are you freons, but if I well not really are, if you- and you too well, not really area and Facebook Twitter, now about co funding which are supposed to be again. All of you go find me. It's possible fund me. You tube fund may youtube its post me about you. Not CNN, ABC Nbc Cbs, not via com, NBC Universe. None of that go find me. We're supposed to be- anyone could go out there and start raising money. What happened? The screw, who's got. Tighten, let's tighten the vice a little bit here. There was Freedom, convoy, of course in Canada, the biggest I think that I've ever seen as for a peaceful protest and canadian government idly and they raised ten million dollars actually, but that you know before we go to that lets. Show you how the arms of government are treating entire the police acknowledged, not
not to violence? Let's see how the Ottawa police government is treating these protesters that they came in. we're taking the fuel having forth. There are not many anybody. There were thinking fuel properly dealt with their weapons ex call, not letting anybody in view of the trunk out would begin recent, while their season them the police. Also by the way lusty ticket think that's been taken out of context of police, announce anyone trying to supply protesters with any materials would be subject to arrest. Now I can understand that, for example like if it was black lives matter in a palace of bricks,
we are. Of course I was living there were. You know like pipe bombs. That kind of thing you know anything that might be used to burn down a Walgreens shuttled when there's never been one single act of violence. It's just truckers honking their horn. They did vandalized Terry thought, memorialize draping it with a flag, will never untie them, and then they took it off ever so this the kind of horror that has been seen it protests in Canada and again, really what it comes down to. Is you either believe in the idea of peaceful protests or and in Canada you don't really have first moment protections, but contrast with black lives matter. Seattle, Chaz chop. All of these. movements for crying out loud, the women's March had more acts of violence and vandalism and people don't say when you to stop supplying them so go fuck me was true, to steal. Let me be clear: steel. There is ten million dollars raised for these truckers at go, find me and go for
He was trying to steal it. Now, there's a little bit of a happy ending here, but not entirely go for me took down the freedom convoy twenty twenty two page on Friday, claiming the protest was now an occupation. That's important no word occupied as they don't care. Gopher me originally stated that donors had two weeks to ask for a refund before it was redistributed. To call credible and a staff charity we'll get to what does have been there from go, find me in the past by the way, ones and actual occupation. So this redistributing redistribution plan. Gotta lotta people upset, of course, to Santas being the US that he is therefore to governor said we're gonna be investigating for Fraud their lot of ages had arrived earlier. This is already so then go find me immediately reversed their course. In said, everyone will be automatically refunded. Now it would have been best is. Go. Find me said, are right, of course, wrongdoing. The gulf on me that what spokesmen independent platform for in raising money we're going to allow it to go to the people who have committed an act of violence in the peaceful protests in your government instead by weight.
The Canadian got these in the canadian government didn't know about this. You don't think there are some calls that were made its, not a conspiracy. When you have Jen Saki saying we think Spotify should do more. You don't think that Trudeau made a call from his conquer to go. Fuck me, I can't substance She ain't that I just bully to be so so it came out of hiding it. Has anybody actually seem to be six more weeks a black face now in hiding ten million dollars of shoe polish? Yes, been hiding a banana kiwi stock just when their supply chain went down, there are totally acceptable again and that's encounter yes, let's, let's look at some other conservative right, leaning people causes that go from here again, you don't. A free society if the rules are not applied equal rights so that we have rules. Not we have laws. How would you feel if there were laws and people actually complain about you? No more black Americans being caught for minor drug offences, That's true, there's a little more of that story, because usually these are sort of these are offences that are congruent with either other offences simultaneously or their been multiple offences
Four especially look at Clinton in stating three strike law, but things that I understand why people are upset and if you believe that black people are simply being rested for smoking, some marijuana, even though they smoke and at the same rate that white people do. The point is that would be injustice. Why? Because we have but it's not being applied. Equally now imagine if it were more severe than that and the law. Said white people but marijuana and black people can't not that I was being enforced unequally. But that was the love. That's what seeing here with these big tech platforms, who are arms of the government. You are not free just because you have laws you are only free country if the law is applied. Equally, Let's look at go find me. They discontinued cow Rittenhouse. They ink. Discontinued, anti vaccine mandate lawsuit. They discontinue trip, Trump Rally, fun, razors and the comfort vowed and generate twenty one, that they would, they would come new to remove fun razors, that quote
Fred misinformation about the election, promote conspiracy theories and contribute to or participate in attacks on you? less democracy. Now, let's compare attacks and s democracy. Will that makes sense here. The other ones actively supported black lives matter riots Jacob, like the man who, by the way his his wife, is partner was when you called, because he had raped her and she called the cops when it was their kidnapping, his own children. We tried to attack the costs of the knife, Jacob Lake, There is a lot to stay on. There were built. There is bail money for pedophiles, not to mention Chaz chop, so we're talking about an occupation That sounds sets an actual occupation yeah when they set up blocks and handed out gun benefit cleared it an autonomous zone by the way, also lead F on fire. There are also multiple people murdered in Chad Shop. This is not news to anyone. References available out of credit coming go back and watch our entire episode. These were allowed to stay but truckers most. whom are vaccinated, but our protesting government mandate entirely peacefully. Even
That's not even an accusation that they haven't been peaceful getting removed. Is the law? Are the rules applied? Equally, this is about any answers, absolutely not in this. I think this pissed me off more than anything over the weekend, because, if go fuck me can take money from people like you said initially saying we're going to redistribute it. Finally, look You're gonna, be if you're gonna be a socialist and you're, not gonna. Allow us to do that. You're gonna, be a communist. Whatever the authoritarian, fine, we We understand who you are. We ve got other people. We can go to to get funds to causes that we support you don't just get to give that two. Other people because people gave you money, you immediately give it back and that's where people were there like look will do charge backs on it, which would have been fantastic. How many thousands and thousands of chargebacks would have happened to them that would have destroyed part of Business that would be great nearly land to be what we don't want charges in charge back money thing: it's like they ve taken. My funds are not using it for what like, if somebody comes and buys wine- and I try
for wine they didn't actually buy. You can charge back and they would actually hit me. I would have to pay that back to the car, card company and I really left holding the Bay Johnny Boy- are my guy out there make sure that we call up jails, wine clientele if they have not come about exactly, but this only happened. They went ashore at a regular wow you now in these charges. You bet you don't use your credit goody right that check, I said to you, I like you, I want I want to know. I want to Jerry hearing, or did I want to hear from you that people who come and because you know we have a lot of libertarian people? Do things is still a question of the free market? I think it's silly at this point no, not at all go. May I go make your own okay, we note I well the global now and platform all started was go from Argo funding removed you! Well! You know it all create an app while the apple store moved you, I guess I'll start started China while they removed you, go stay alive in my truck. Well, we can view gas, even though aboard reload, old or anything else, and by the way one thing we didn't mention shop. If I one of the largest online e commerce, It forms in the universe, no seven crowd or you can
so merchandise, sir, oh yeah, that's what I've been there and I'm shatters lad shirt. Nobody knew about your descended in like when I said. Oh, oh, get about you gotta credit shop. That can we have a different us if by people who were you talking about some short term and yet we ve had it jack. And vendors thrice, thrice, because we also know why don't we will we don't want to be. We don't like what you say right, that's fine, but this is what happened This is how it starts, and then they feel emboldened, of course, by the government. If you're delta, you just saw dealt a suspect well, I've got the full backing of the United States government right, you think, do you think, there's gonna be investigation into go, find me from the federal government. No, of course not they're doing their bidding. Do you think that former vice president Joe Biden, do you think Nancy Pelosi using any of these people want to push for, its parent, see laws with big tat. Now they want to push for more regulation so that they can have more control over these companies when you, talk about fascist, authoritarian governments well try to say that Donald Trump was a fascist Donald Trump
or try to shut anyone didn't try to shut these places down. You think they need a loser taxes them status, because I need to be the need to pick a public platform. They are publisher, then you just up censoring right now. You have a government telling people to censor, the got so if you believe that only the government can sensor what happened when the government is telling other people to censor and, of course they have the purse strings, they can say if you censor, I'll, give you a little bit of that, will give you a bit a tax break here, Few sensor will make sure we have a meeting, will have a summit and you'll be included. If you doubt now, or you know what we do- no what's gonna happen to you would be a shame. If now you woke up with concrete shoot be a shame if somebody investigated your companies and found some infractions. Instead, they bought it data into. Thankfully, that is what they again. That is absolute what did he what's? There's this other site would have lots of money for local, so here's here's a similar line you guys, can go and support them. It's that I abstained on gives and go? They ve already raised for
three million dollars spent. If you want to go, we have the link, give send, go for me through this, go find what this kind yet ever ever use them again, don't ever send them any money again. If anybody wants some money from you find a different way we're running later today. So let's do I will talk about buying into silly comments about the firearms, but look I think, you're wrong again Pierre. He was wrong again, I feel he thought was a very slight we really do. You know what look you can't just go by by rallies like Donald Trump would do, but there's a lot of enthusiasm and Dave just right. You were that, while I ve- the highest selling a white comic ever at the Denver, and why I just found out yes racist. Why would you I would even have that category will appoint as black comics are generally better, so I waited on a curve through and they tend to support their own people, so they drove on coming up slowly, it's actually a trimming. Have you seen Tyler parries pocket book? That's true! He does it
rate Madagascar makes a billion dollars and Medea Tilly isn't really the chinese market ideas. Medea S. Pocket book is Medea s pocket, but the deal all its birth Medea has the same persons. Ryan Spelter am I now I think this is. It Bobby misuse. The term cancel culture. it wasn't him. I just people, have gotten tired of the term, cancel culture, let's, let's stop using the term, cancel culture what I'm tongue, but as people attempting to remove your ability to make a living. This is in attempt to ruin to destroy lives. really what it as cancel cultural, all you're not cancelled. If you're still on Spotify now, look there owing to ruin Joe Road life privately. Yet through things that he said on a public platform by the way in the open there, to destroy your life, privately, trying to remove in Canada all of them, There's a through life! them not allowing gas to get to these truckers as the exact same as the guy
from saying Spotify and you do more to throttle draw broken its exact same as them, creating the crowd, a roll over you to forward borderline content and Senator Verona saying why they remove this person. It's all us of the same problem. and it's no longer about the free market versus the government. I understand that at one point people say well, look if you dont, like that restaurant don't shop there. If you don't like to show, don't watch, it sure got it, but the It wasn't saying you have this shop at that Mark it's going to be allowed. This marks that we can allow only Tom TOMS were going to make sure that Kroger is subject to separate relations. That would be what we're dealing with Now they didn't. You say you know what we're gonna make sure that every single television can get ABC, but they get NBC back when there are only three stations. Now we have them. Imagine if the government did that, but the government come out now and said, you know what one American oozes misinformation and guess what their drop from cable providers. Imagine if they do not with NBC, think that would have changed the lance. Four ABC Cbs and by the way,
kind of messaging. Do you think would come from ABC or CBS? I had to watch this, and can I ll leave you with this and I'm going to play. They don't make them like they used to make others what, if we could play that your own unity. in Canada, I dont member, the exact numbers, but I know I'm close so sure. Afterwards. It we have these numbers in the references available. They were kit. They were campaigning for came from. before Trudeau, premature backface made it in I believe, not mistaken. Someone from the end DP said that if they want they would give. a hundred million dollars, maybe seventy five million, but a huge sum of money to the sea BC for Americans when, what's a c b c, it's the only news effectively that we have come when I was growing up, it's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, so a candidate running for office was saying. If I, when you're gonna get more money, how do you think I'm gonna covered, but then Trudeau came in and I think of the other persons that seventy five million are hundred million should have added, like fifty percent new said I'll, give one hundred fifty million to CBC. Who do you think they got the favourable coverage.
That's the issue when these networks, when these powerful companies believe that they can get now, only favourable financial incentives but treatment and in an even playing field, of course, they're going to do the bidding because it's not just about money, it's about power and power enables you to make more money. Spotify Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube. Now we see Oh fuck me, you can add Patria to that list, I know that the government has her eye on them and that the government will give him a leg up and eliminate their competition as we ve seen or at least call for it. Given this, port publicly guess what they're going to be emboldened and there only going to be emboldened to do the bidding of the government although all the Bernie Browser out there, all the people who were levels who can paint complain about campaign financial complain about citizens United, who don't fully understand what citizens United was about, and you complain about corporatism. Where are you in this? Where are you on this? dont, there's no more clearly
sample of crony capitalism outside of maybe the big bang bailouts which I know you guys think was necessary too big to fail to cycle is with warm right with black rock. Where are you on this? Does this not scare you where's, where the code pinks, where the people are against the Patriot ACT when George Bush was president this is so much worse. This is so much more of an abuse of power is unprecedented in american history and if you go along with it or if I apologise that these people, you are up. Legitimizing to evil, because people who do not have a heart for forgiveness. The Bible talks about that. Those are evil. People smash that but if you're watching here on Youtube right now, it helps with the algorithm comment below. Do you apologize even if you think you're wrong? I think you know where I line up and we're going to play. They don't make em like they used to, so you tube. You know what thank you, but not really. Pissed off.
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