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John Oliver Says Voter ID Is RACIST?! The TRUTH About Voting Rights


John Oliver spewed some lunacy on racism, voter ID, and voting rights. We have the THOROUGH debunk. Plus, Biden said 98% of Americans need to get vaccinated, more vaxxed celebrities caught COVID, and NY called in the military to deal with worker shortages ... what could go wrong?

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Hey there audio listener, look there's a lot to get to today. If you can leave a rating on that, would get ok on Apple Android, Will you shut up Dave, no Papa, I'm. Ok, up. A deeper look sometimes have to take this after the show, because it we can't shoot lot and if you want to know why Davis eating popcorn, just as the too distracting alright I enjoyed a shout Dave. You're gonna give an idea of going to irritate your eye. Ass federal law. prohibits filmy of endangered falcons, except for educational purposes, to avoid federal price. Maximum penalty of up to five years in prison the phone in comedy, sketch has been edited in post production to be educational viewer discretion is advised, prepared, Pringle, ok, get the hell. Are you doing since our are falcon,
shoved outcome, that's got teacher, had it harms and only think about falconry actual its falconry, which are certainly was a popular sport in status symbol among the Nobles Medieval Europe in Japan, where it's called talk a jury falconry has been around for it and may have even started in Mesopotamia gotta. Look he's gonna hysterical. Little a helmet with the spear good question, Stephen the Falcons Hood use during the phase of its echo, meaning to humans, which referred
as the main process is used to keep the rapporteur in a calm state both in early parts of its training and throughout its life. You can get your TAT Brendan. Do you want to attack Brandon falcons. Aren't naturally, human aggressive will do well sorting chicken hearts livers, then switching to other meats, like sparrows other small birds, ducks some pigeons and then move on the mice and insects. So remember, if you see a thousand and one it's more afraid you then you are of him or her.
doesn't are clear. Maybe that is but not as bad as merchandise. Did you can get a crowd of shop darker,
levels, it feels really my throat to some people here in the officer of someone who had been tested, positive, It is right and I'm paranoid, because I have a slight headache. Do as a whole, Alas, what you're gonna do that? Are we gonna they start. We don't know cherish every day is what I'm telling you reach across diversity? Yes, Estralla you mild, and about a mile had I can locate fever. I can't so into the grave of my life. Today, we're going to believe it with a bunch of Libya to John Oliver Lotta people. A lot of your asking John Oliver did a whole thing on voting rights yesterday. Why it's racist? I didn't feel a need to address it because it Entire changed my mind series on this within a segment. However, he brought up summer. I can't say new arguments there very austrian, but he brought up the same arguments again. Races rescued railway all the suffering of voter idea, so we're going to do piece by piece rebuttal, even though one of those who have now been a little bit and everyone who tongue matter Joe Biden once ninety seven percent vaccination rate in this country.
Oh, he does. You can't get ninety seven percent of Americans to do anything zero. One thing you guys know too, with John Oliver, we want you with. It should be very clear that all it does is Bitch Bitch bitch bitch, but we want to offer some solutions that we sometimes it's it's not an astute political but how you can implement these in your life, because it's really easy to sit back and complain. Not so easy to actually do something about it. Actually is a Brit yeah there's just you know they only That is the problem is that there are some creasy irritating about a brick coming here and telling us how to run our own country, because the thing I was able to Marin's abroad as usual, arrogant using July, should be show me one American. How is frankly, not only when it is belgian show me one american holes in it. UK who craps all over parliamentary sitting tell them whether they would never be allowed funny only we are accepting of alleged, they were very nicely and they say we're fat Yazzi Cucumber. Sandwiches
My only Sandia that their deciding about me he does. has been what giralda. How are you? I am well, and I hate cucumbers for the really do not wrinkles. Had you really ate them political, just a cucumber on drugs could about getting? What's gonna? U hate eating them! That's that's true! Now I just hate them feeling good, none of the cove it no doubt because you're back, you ease. I order vaccine hesitant, I'm very Cleveland, our user, I'm Ahoy hate everyone out there you know, Dave Landau has a shell coming at this Friday October. First ass, your in Pennsylvania, anywhere in the erotic else near Pittsburgh, Philly Homestead, Pennsylvania, tickets. Are the description below I sometimes hear don't really know where to go and buy tickets, support live comedy and look. I don't care what you it was for supporting our coming in a moment. He is one of the best out there very, very funny, before it? Ok, roughly the area where Hillary Clinton had no idea there were steel company. Ah, yes, at Mount a book. Companies
business you mean yes, Steelers is than it's not important. this move she's one of the Steelers votes allegedly out and a allegedly election, not a thing. So Eric nevertheless think now know nobody headache. It's not a thing is no election fraud. I know you think that you ve seen some votes, as appears not nowhere, be throwing the trashed so stop it. That your fault, it's election, frozen anything. So we have more left us until out before I move on here now trying to teach your gender of eels. People are mad about that gender. They call this gender creative parenting. That's a made up name if ever heard. One goal- and I haven't seen this- but I'm willing to bet Us- watch the club,
when our child Zoomer was born and twenty sixteen, my partner, Brinton, I decided to really deserves girl gender floor. We didn't disclose their reproductive anatomy tat. He didn t know we used the gender neutral pronouns they them there until summer could tell us what pronouncement best music. Consumer about bodies, gender identity and expression in an expansive and inclusive way. We wanted to hold space where the possibility The consumer could be interesting idea mooted reference value by our cut that setting earmarked for submitting them from experiencing sexism in early childhood about being learned one or two fondle ride with all the toys and got to experience a child with three of gender stereotypes around Zimmer Squash birthday. He told us that he's a boy and he loves he him from
your nose, loves, vulgar and understand. Gender does not binary and that his file, shell of fighting, is to hand gender parity and there's leather. Forty one window community waiting for you. If you want to learn more see the key there is this. What can I say the word? in the video I dunno idea, diagnosis, Z, says we call this creative gender parenting. Ok, you can call it whatever it's nothing. It's not real. Without a fight, This is, then it will be a thing and that'll become a part of the curriculum were laughing In short, it is but it's hate speech in certain places like the UK to speak. Against my home country in pastors jailed. Mike Ward jails sense of joke. This is the issue. Creative gender parenting is not a thing. Do you know how? I know hospitals the places that you short staffed. They have to market down. If a marked on the name, Sumer, suddenly you're fine, here, just stupid,
but even in their prey. Me word like ours, girlhood unlocked and would be a shame if someone swapped him and gave him a better life have our bank child is Ray. I hid. It needs parents, not a friend, they would have. I want a chocolate all night long well. Are we gonna? Let him do it before? I comment, if your apparent I just you know, this is a good idea, Why don't? We have twins and obviously and opened it harder all? This I understand, but with twinship to get em on schedule and one of them start running twenty minutes ahead? We will look, look you're, fine, you're, not gonna start. We change, divert wine it out and then eventually we're gonna get point? No, oh! I want this. No, no! It doesn't matter if it is eminently for dinner. Or to cut off their payments. The answer is no
there's gonna, be a bit of a prick when he grows on its own merits. Serious, like he's gonna, think the world revolves around him and I get to experience everything in its about me. Getting make every Joyce enlivened is I got you just setting yourself up for a hell as parents, you there's gonna, be like that and if the NPR podcast, where the host would switch genders in the show why no nine will bring us up for my club summon the controls we recently in the show was. I know now we're talking to now you're talking to tell me I'm a woman now, like ok, tell me so you have what personalities? Ok, yeah, that's normal here. Ok, so was born a girl. I gotta a boy and then he figured out on his own. That is a boy I dont know of is born a boy or girl. Amadeus disclose, say, didn't, disclose boy I'm gonna buy my son, I Kevlar versus lunch. My son is old enough is going a beer in one hand and a playboy any other, raising San Francisco Greek. It's no pain, no, no labels. Yes!
a voice, fire clothes night will be. I don't know Esquire whatever it is, it'll be it it'll be a poster of Firefox? be swimsuit issue of sports, illustrated with it yeah day. I won't be George cloning and a bear skin rug, though we all have our weaknesses sought me John. They say no to so microwaves, I'm but a man, I'm weak So I am that's bullshit yesterday and we are now setting a great example. He got his booster of the of the trunk vaccine. You said we can return to normal, but what's key hears what he says about how many, Europeans need to be vaccinated to return to normal this? scary. This we can button
the problem for our dear for mere drop, and you ain't black. Think George, like some of the salmon industry, seven the scientists. One big problem figured outward here for mere drop and you ain't black for those listening on audio yeah, you know what he did. He just said: ninety seven, ninety eight percent to go back to normal. Can you get? ninety seven, ninety eight percent of Americans to do anyway.
Now show for free cash right, a very valuable live Americans. I ve tried to recast for vaccines that didn't work generally lottery, the most racist commercials effort I know when a million dollars why'd you vaccinate has put a lot of time at the end of a fishing pole. I want that many sees a needle now has been fun if the second I get that shouted grabs, we got up later years. Draw minutes long. Bleeds work really do days off once gonna need to get that that other Pfizer, anti clotting drug haystack, eleven of the father and forty two percent, here's the thing. This is terrifying. Ninety seven, we can't have a quarter of the country. Actually you can it's called freedom, it is called freedom and, let's just be clear: if you trust your backs, it shouldn't affect you
If the vat does what they said, it was going to not the mood goalposts. It doesn't matter turn it doesn't matter. You're vaccine works You will have a two percent transiting, hospitalized new guy, say: hey: it reduces the buyer ten times he's getting off for less we'll get some numbers here, because it's a little but concerning. I don't necessarily know that that data is reflected in the data so the issue here is this: is this? Is a terrifying power and we'll get to New York in all that we are releasing the military oh my god, always start with something small and that's what will be talking about John Oliver. If something is silly, a seat belt laws was that you just hit something Also by what you mean, I thought you said: seventy percent of Americans, but that was a number seventy percent for her immunity. That's affects us over Seventy percent for heard immunity Linda I this is after pretty marked, ran Paul for the notion of heard immunity Here. I write about everything else. I think I think actually found she bring that overly bring it over. He changed it.
I think I'll, silently percent, I mean why not go up throughout Asia, so I thought I could not use up a bit. So I went to eighty eighty five around Palestine, one heard immunity that somebody with all due respect, but you don't know what you're talking about really. Can kid still catch aids from the cinnamon toes crunch biotechnology, but I love that he's just like they emanate he's. Like I don't know, maybe we can negotiate a like. I thought this was science negotiated with a virus about how about you guys stop you shut up the shopping. Mall opens backup can go to a really the food court. My point here is it always start with something small and will progress here in the show you start seeing can't what's going on another case, your Cheryl Burke, I guess dancing with a star yesterday we had a list of- I don't know two dozen celebrities who had break your cover d vaccinated. She now announced that, even though she's fully vaccinated she has the covert. I warn you, the video is its its heart venture So
really bad news I am what I mean I have covered. the news now and I've been anticipating just waiting around four since seven o clock this morning is about to make a long walk you like to be so overwhelming, behind tomorrow, the figured tomorrow but you guys know since bid as open ended. because he sighed no older boy. Here. I just hope I didn't spread it. What do you know that he was your body call the right to reside real endeavours? That's a long and employ home today with who, with a slight often enough
old flew that he would take over the normal ETA, go, of course, towards logistical reality for most people prickly young people just to be very, very good, we're the point come on. We all acknowledge this is ridiculous. Now, actually I just I just you know, I just thought I were somewhere. We realise that in my demographic, thirty, zero point very well meaning but little eyes. Ok, look at a certain point. You have to toughen up sweetheart. gotta about my will, act and, like its inoperable brain ages, the worse news, it's a! U had to be. Hold. You were sick, a kid who is driving alien, gets up and finally go you're, bleeding yeah, but obviously she's she's, you think she's vaccinated. You gave me we want those those up, those breakthrough cases, it's a pen
I'm a guy here. The pandemic. Very rare today is something else. If you read in in other news, Pringles is changing their logo for the first time in twenty year, oh yeah, Mr P new design is more than Oh geez, me We pay one we, you do lay me You me, who
here. Mr peas, new design as well emerging style, much simpler than the current lugger thing of the past, and what great? Now what I want. I want to do that story. Now it took it. watch the show. How come the first Friday blinking description, in Pennsylvania. Go see, Dave is a sensitive soul, but he's funny also the shows a package to unsubscribe on audio there, which I think is probably more appreciative
apple, modify. All these places not end the android, not not Itunes, I trust that I don't remember one of its item appointed rumour millennia it and its election monitors theirs. They ten M Eastern Bessie need to do is smashed like button comment. Ok, here's us are to get away from man smash fresh like anything, you know, rushed like the Erika package. So right now on one saying that further Milly General Milly is on the tv again how about general vanilla men what it s like it looks like dead, General Meliot just ages, normal general Milly, just how it looks be put on me No! No! No, like you should just be rattling some cupboards you're mad. He loves shaken the bedpost to say high order of his mouth
Well, you know, I guess he earned a man is something or other telling. Secrets. This is my snitching back at mistletoe treason or I don't look. This is a few days ago and I was reading this. The BBC published article look at the headline. The headline is in co covered in Wales. A third of positive cases are on vaccination, wait, that's a strange way to say two thirds of cases are vaccinated. They liked and pepper up that the vast majority of cases are vaccinated. You sent me, did you hear what I said that action by the way, the headlines that will make sense if the read the article, because It goes into more detail and actually seems like them. The numbers menotomy accurate How will it says a forty? Five percent of cases are among the vaccinated twenty percent. They don't know what a percent of hospitalized, patient and Wales our backs
one waiting outside of hospitalized. Patients are vaccinated and they'll say worth because The population has acted, it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. You don't talk about that with measles, mumps rubella, you doubt if the vaccine works, it doesn't matter if ninety five percent of the population is vaccinated and they make up only eighty. I've, Bush and other hospitals. It sucks, I'm just curious. You just said that one third were on vaccinated. That's confirm twenty percent are kind of in the wind, we're not sure and you're telling me eighty percent, that's what may have hospital, no eighty percent or in the hospital with one third on vaccinated. So it doesn't matter if you think your entire countries almost vaccinated they're, not because what thirds not yet it doesn't make any sense does not make sense and tear it just a very interesting way. This is where you have to read articles and are already working on a product. Hopefully help people with this and are links are in sources. There all available description and look, call me on it.
Comment. If you see a socially that's part of the best or sorts not right, it's not the best reference we have a bibliography or for every shelf, worry to six. Sixty it just surprising about reading it personally wait a SEC, not wait. That means doesn't just did way of saying to third sixty six percent of people in Wales are vaccinated, who have cove. It's just bring it up to make it so better than let's just word play like eighty. One percent of traffic fatalities occur when you're, stone, cold, sober re, let alone there was ninety five percent of the airplane fuel needed to get Leonard skin into their that ten percent of reactors face was completely on untouched by Crisper Robert Wagner, newly single, almost entire cast of the crow attended. film from almost all Moses, my
one incident Crispin while was an amazing as bananas appliances minus one. That's the lead here The ombudsman is fully cooperate with the international community since December thirtieth, two thousand sex. It's, U S great virtue and carrying dies, doing what he loved most of the time eleven out of, of Lakers practice, safe sex? Why wouldn't you? Ok, that's good are on the right track, but one which does away with vaccinated the Ambrosia Chocolate company in more
Okey says: almost all of our employees are overwhelmingly not cannibalistic gay neck review, we're getting their getting better, no Dahmer anymore, so about the bodies in the eighties chance. Canyon retires early. The point is what these headlines me didn't know how they're trying to manipulate one in servers. Don't know why not one in six billion people get through cancer from going down, I'm cat resided Joe one billion. That's why we're than I had. That's really is more of an excuse me. Let us your daddy was some cigars movement involved Nobody, no children of acute Michael Jackson and of being a sexual rape is better. Since two thousand nine, what you get is eleven your pen. Yes, he does Amazon with what mileage military jack.
What are you doing on the holocaust? Anonymous and my nine months been? What does that mean? You know cute, I just I just courts why not long ago, a very little wild turkey to drown out the feeling in my day, never loved me, you were going to kill if you're not him and make it look like an accident walk out of here, one third while also also whales. You still there Pollard. I had just treat later fuck you. Finally, whales are still. I apologise for that bitch and Frazier. I worry that bad because I don't know what it is, but you still someone needs to own it. All right there's something else. I want to talk about right before we get to general. This is really scary and I want to come
Finally, how the media is framing this. I want you to guys to understand that they look it's not that the government will always use their baton to gain power. They never give it up. Journalist on what does he was right? You got a lot of luck, for you don't give up power to the government depends and get it back. No laws typically only grow. The pages get more plentiful. They get longer font get smaller less it's a green new deal than they double space. It's ice. Make it five pages stretches this boy's now about how to get fired hundred words and a nine pages. Following the picture is following the guidelines for her college. Persuasive essay reads like Clifford Ethical. I did like these big unease. Red he doesn't know is different. It's like the first girl.
with sick and read what you are trying to know what that means. Not just gonna have never, generally more ok, really curvy. Yesterday the Maxie, the vaccine, the vaccine mandate for your health care workers went into effect now before I get to one on elected governor, Casey, Cathy Cathy hope It sounds I've only ever read it. I've never heard it pronounced because no one vote voted for and no one like certain of the. So it's like you know, congratulations you're, an unelected queen. She get in their visit was a there like he, her ass. We should let her be governor. I always wonder like if there's a seat and cereals actual harasser yeah like Merrill Street, you don't you turn a blind eye to him. Party won do you know we know she did we know. Should I think this lady, she was around Governor Cuomo, who is constantly harassing set sexually harassing women. Think you didn't know about, of course, but look into her like you know, right
so dresses in advance. If you know what she states like us is using it as a power is protection sexual calling her. So she said that the non vaccinated before we get to her call yesterday about what she's going to do using the military and executive power to do something I said then it in this country. This is something that someone put here in production, which should it gives you an idea as to her mindset from wild where she said that the Un Vaccinated are not listening to God on elected governor of New York. We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were there Fraid allowed to guide during this time, and you know what God did answer our prayers. He may the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers he made and come up with a vaccine that is from God to us, and we must say thank you, God thank you and I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated all of you.
No really, I know your vaccinated you're too smart ones, but you know those people out there who aren't listen to God. My God wants You know this. What we are being along Apple aren't the smart. I need you to combating hesitant. I needed minorities, you don't trust the government October stupid and say we owe this to each other, are right and show that, like a loop jeez, taught us to lower one another reassigned hardly made over that law, but to care about each other, not to say please can. Actually I love you. I want you to leave. I want our kids to be safe, whether in schools, I want you to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital Where look everybody look at this shows that I'm that you know what we should have one of these for the UN. Or maybe even maybe like a patch on patch, on like a triangle patch on the arm Your many to triangles are put into triangles enemies. They triangles creates like a star. In I see a vaccinated, he went to jeer at me
just because their seventy two thousand workers in New York who are on vaccinated Kay let's be clear as to why there's a shortage, because there's going to justify your executive action lot of hospitals, we talked about this. We were forced to pause elective procedures. You know like Constance, like hip replacement. I hardly know surgery mammograms because you can't get those planned painter that never actually done than this, but, with a credit, tell you kidney stone, removal, districts and doktor pepper your allies. So there is one point: four million healthcare workers were laid off right, laid off fur load. You know that your wife and hours they had their hours cuts. There wasn't a staff shortage because of covert. Let's be very clear, you gotta how's our staff sorted when I didn't use that ship. in New York and they all it will not happen. As I said, hey, we can't do anything like the procedures, so it's it's going to be covered and we often have covered patients right now, so we're going to follow you. We are going to lay you off just be re ever
we need to understand that all references available on the website, so that sets this up importantly, because there are a lot of healthcare workers up to one third here: vaccinated and that should be concerning one third of people work and healthcare. The real heroes remember refused to get the vaccine, and so there will be an even worse shortage, starting midnight. Last night, when logging into effect that's what justifies what India is praising, but what to me is look up in all seriousness one of the scariest moments in modern american history and real nation leading with our mandate, which strikes at midnight tonight. When everyone is expected in a hospital in a state of New York or health care facilities do have been vaccinated. I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency power is necessary. to address these shortages where they occur. That's going to allow me to deploy the NASH
guard were medically trained, deploy people who ve been retired and they have had a licence lapse, bringing people from elsewhere. That is not my first position- that my friends, my modem and find, where is to have the people, have been out there ain't ill. She knew the work and their jobs work in them safely and to all the other healthcare workers who are back say they also deserve to know that the people there working with will not get them. Sick, ok limit be really clear about something you because the media's trying to paint the says hey, the unelected governor is sending in help to prevent people from getting sick. No, let's be really clear. This is governed. abusing her executive power to send in the United States. May a Terry. Because she needs to replace nurses who would not come
being forced to take a vaccine with no long term. Studies by the way haven't stopped breakthrough cases left we really clear. That is terrifying and its. Without it starts with things like. Oh well, you know definitely matter why don't want to fight about the then ask one of which only it's only companies that require that have a hundred employees or more that doesn't affect me sending in the United States military because health workers who, by the way, we're here- was apparently not unless you're talking on Tiktok, I dont know the rules. I call them a year ago, brilliantly Texas, attorney Martin Metzger. There I'll see was cited for disorderly conduct after he was walking down. Galveston Beach, dresses, Michael Myers, from Halloween and it was you're. Ever
not announce our up. None of that now we have to we. Don't you haven't, got a guy knows it's you go about. You go to jail change, Alex it's working on just it can't be five five, five five anymore in the past that stirred sorry about that that meant that there really is my father. It cannot throw us off. Well, we need to be a little yathrib. We like them My way out, I don't know where he broke into my card, was sleeping in he's. smell that he's on the deck Jerry Muskrat smells really gotta, get him away from big chief. Alright, let's see speaking of chief, let's see going on hates the junk upon its? The junk muppet from labyrinth you knew about it. So let's see what really talking about their talents ability cord like Europe. When we point now supported you. Ok, It's not that I don't know new updates, just the junk master beverage me. I was a kid
The movie was terrifying. I I went to the gym answered experience, and I wrote my son in law now or anything else like this is still terrifying, I'll tear of life, but there are throwing their heads it may it's this its move. They kidnapped those who have seen labyrinth spoiler alert in the first ten minutes. They kidnap a baby from its own cradle David Bowe. It except for some reason, you David Bowe, it takes it wearing them enormous cod piece, you everything and then he's saying about Kidnap, kidnapped baby baby you're wrong? Do the stars, Jennifer girdling workers from babies, my real debate that, given it ever heard, the biggest curtly You have as they are you sure this is big enough financing move. Europe will believe it jams, cod peace. That up
at its meeting of Red Swoboda S, favorite John Oliver, and also he can't claiming banged Mick Jagger. Why wait well we, both dull bows, It was, I don't know much about David Bowe around. I just use now, but I grab in my head was excellent. Music. there's a dumb sitting down. I've lived a major which way that's it that's ok, end he listens to the most peculiar shit I see, I stand by my claim you're right, you're right job, because well alright city, star suck yeah. What I mean I'll, give it to you if you, if you have the dancing in the street video you win, but other than that there are very good yoga doing upon the petty ever seen that silent. Now
a video on Youtube words, David Byrne, Mick Jagger. Just doing that oh no music, it's this scary. Yasser Arafat will elaborate this If I could hear when you're right about, even though the freight like them up the margins that you turn off the light really quickly and you running jump on the basis of your under the covers it safe. Only this this troop, this gagging of, say ten muppet, show up and steal you from your bet. It you're safe place when you're a kid and the junk above at lady shown up in the closet, trying to sell your trinkets that no doubt are probably from China laced with our next time you get out of my club, it's a horrifying film. I don't make them like that and that's why kids are panties and we can't you ginger reveals, because you have thumbs labyrinth now. Everything is nerved, aright sure, let's, let's move onto John Oliver, ok, and I want you know. I think John will only be clear. I think generator competitive, Myers conspirators even Colbert compared to Trevor, nor similarly be. He is funny, is
and you guys can count. I love you. I get three smog. I get that he's wrong credit words do or even some. but in this video, and I encourage you to go watch the whole thing. So you know we're not taking it out of context, but this is a bread whose now crossed over right, so the pond over here now, because, to be successful is not an effectively the semi quasi socialist hellhole that, as the UK, a special meeting of the committee knighted states, but then he wants to tell us how to run things here and of course you can, the United States and wants to accuse us of being racist use in years with this one, I'm not super impress uses the most. rudimentary arguments against voter idea, laws to try and paint them as racists, and so I want to go through this video revenge. Each thing point what point out the sort of the I guess intellectual fallacies flaws that are used point by point, but before that I want to show that this is something I need understand. John also it doesn't mean that this is re. Tips is just hand here only talks about seat belt loss. He actually thinks that it's ridiculous things is ready.
It is for a state to not have a seat belt lot. Ledges watch this clip before we get to all the ideas of all those states pass laws that make it harder for people to vote, and if anyone is surprised to see New Hampshire up there. Let me just remind you it's just like that. Eighty eight percent worked with But looking governor, no adult seat belt law, shore viper, themselves as charming, but deep down by basically just Florida with foliage. That is eight okay, so limited clear here about something you had rage against a machine. We ve pointed this out a rough rock against bushmeat part Iraq against the system, but of course they were against, but should then but a campaigning for Obama? Is there anything more machine and campaigning for a president believe it, but they do not always have the socialist system, but my body might choice right. We're still rebels is Anything less rebellious, then supporting the government forcing you to wear a seatbelt, my body a choice. Can you at least admit that people who opposed, for example, abortion up until birth there in argument. Even if you haven't looked into the science, development that affects someone else is another life. It is another
dna sequence. Another heart beat that is autonomous from you, a seat belt law affects no one else. I want to be clear here. If you dont, wear seat belt lot. But if you were a seat belt never mind my motorcycle. Without a helmet helmet laws. Are stupid. That is not the role of government. John Oliver comedies meant to rebuild. against the king, the court gesture he is saying government is daddy. Government is your big, metals, Lenny, Bruce getting up their smoking, smoking cigarettes, people that doesn't seatbelt laws just give it awards after the arrest is punchline actually sounded. GonNA funded like Florida, with fully into my Mama tens. Quite nice, that doesn't but just think about it for a SEC. all agree. If we're going to say my body, my choice, seat belt laws should be the first to go and you know why that exist. Do no. I see people sleep out moles what Florida with folded do why it exists chemicals. more money,
Paul you over guerrilla that in certain private insurance precincts across this country, you are better off boiling over ten people for a seat belt. Infraction then, a rapist, because you have more civilian interactions- generate more revenue, really work, the belief that you say a racist, any hey, hey, hey! We need a reason to pull over black people knots and the police are racist. You said that seat belt. I was Roma people, not according to can't prove it. I couldn't see it he reached for his buckle. Refers buckles commanders it's it's a sixty seven of cars. well. I know nothing about cars have seek out and no one cars that this elaborate on the Mustang can bullet. Yes, there was the mint green camera was now my cousin vow of CALL Skylark Buick sky lie that is occur. Yes, that is not what its ability to ordinary built. The point is the Corbett. You are a Quisling Europe, Patsy.
For the higher ups done or- and this sets the tone, because it's not about the vaccine rightly say: will you you're in vaccinated? It could affect me. Ok. So that's your line right we can only support the vaccine. Men can connect because my actions the negatively affect you. It's not my body. My choice right, you know, you're the vaccine, you don't trust it. Eighty percent of people in Wales, for example, not far from Europe, I'm stamping ground our back then but you're saying my decision- affects you. Ok about seat belt love. How does that affect you point the original line now ok, so now move on here to one of the intellectual fallacy which shows you how disingenuous John Oliver is re talk. about Donald Trump to set this up right because its, whether this people Sipa laws, its Donald Trump Warmonger racist right, although Those things really doesn't fit see if you can catch. It saw the biggest to undermine voting rights, have been concentrated. Italy closest states in last year's election, especially these three, where bargains combined margin of victory was less than forty three
I wasn't votes if they only other way. Trump would still be president right now, meaning cove it would be even worse, we'd be war with let's say Luxembourg and we will be living under attorney general, my pillow guy, things are bleak right now, but depressingly it's also important remember. This is technically the better timeline. Ok, Donald Trump as the only president who hasn't started a new war since Jimmy Carter, just to be clear, sign for peanuts deals in the Middle EAST, which was unprecedented contrasted with Joe Biden who bombed ten civilians, including as seven children, lied about it. So I'm just saying my job tumult, so myself put right, I'm almost little unsure how covert would respond to his presidency did no coveted. We like out that guy's an office, let's go out and be more effect. Why didn't we love vaccines? Hearing the trunk vaccine brought the brought in the vaccine makes the claim in the audience just accepts it covered
would be worse under a war with the Luxembourg in CO, lid would be even more of a pandemic. Really really. Luxembourg have an army. looks and words, basically a tax haven. Why only out of Luxembourg is the only place in the world with a higher average income in the United States and therefore that we should have made and take their money Artie. Why would you showed up to their banks them when they came in Ireland? Just what have you got a truck it out on the lake it out here you can access my inventive and take their long to David have guns. There are probably the swiss banks. The point is by two o clock today. The United States should own the Cayman Islands Swimming October and looks in Burke, ok now we'll get to the media this argument that voter ideal laws in this the whole segment are racist, because what you know it, let John Oliver the enlightenment, to tell us here all these states have put harsher boat idee requirements in place. Even though federal court cases found black and latino voters in states with harsh laws disproportionately lack access to the test.
Two Fold Roy these required to vote so already wrong. When you do read his bills. You quickly find some in plain view I realize I do find some of it in plain to you. I don't even think his black fan is buying the hypocrite You are fake lining. Like some worrying thing. I was used to lay blow until the junk Burma. You reminded me of what came out of nickel. So let's go through this before it's wrong, so they did important. Nor have I mean, let's go to the definition of racism. First, to be clear, I believe that a rate that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and racial differences. Produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Ok, I No, that saying hey Flash I do so we know you're here legally qualified the same rules should apply to White Americans luck, American Brown, Americans, any any color and I
how he says that the required form of eid- oh you mean a driver's license. You mean the thing we have to address. I got a book or drive a car. I don't get on an airplane that card or a pass for a lot of options here which are provided by the government to get too in a second supply in a north. Dakota was highlighted, like I am the black people there. Nor are there really couple yet when I thank North Dakota, I think lack people and when I think of black people, North Dakota, I think there Billy getting skunk and being requested to present identification sucks. It's just I'm better. Looking further hoods, I'm gonna guess that they all have Idee eighty seven percent of your evil, Hellas House, eighty, seven percent of black people. Ninety percent of Latin Americans have some form of confirmed, photo idea. Georgia, which I believe he brought up to bring bring that up their Georgia. Ninety seven percent of registered voters and Georgia have a valid idee vote DE laws increased turn out, though in Georgia, that's interesting thing. It increased turn out front thousand forty two thousand eight hundred and
forty percent increase among his spine, equality of our forty two percent increase voter idealized among black voters compared to only eight percent of light. Let's be clear, because they're trying to do is compelling again say: oh the pandemic, so many more people came out and voted by male yeah. That's not how you should vote its rife with plus it was meant to be temporary during a pandemic. See a pattern here temporary right temporary during a pandemic, we just need to make sure that we can foresee vaccine during pendant. It doesn't make you that way. Is that what we can to release the National Guard here, basically to court martial under a pandemic? We just need to ensure that we change the entire voter system during the pandemic, and now they Want that to be the standard moving forward before the pandemic, the voter idea laws disproportionately better the voters of color on it means its racist guess against people. Only eight percent Whitey deserve it. By the way, the majority of black Americans say that you should be forced to present idea of o o
widely, on the moon. Why not gonna? Let's keep in mind to also seventy two percent of black people in New York City are on vaccinated so our or vaccine mandates racist- I just wanna. Now I just want to understand the rules right. governor of New Yorkers, not elected and business you're, the smart ones this stupid ones, oh You mean in years to New York, the largest city in your state units, you, two percent of black people are dumb because they don't trust you, a woman who looks like a white caricature from german folk lore tales, and you, refusing service to those people in restaurants, Yon bars and its new white weight. So so you just basically back door in keeping black people out of establishments. Voter idea disproportionately up until two thousand and all reference is available disproportionate to say there are implemented, increase black.
and brown. Voters are not just to be clear. You haven't Belinda vaccine mandate, vaccine passports that disproportionately affect black people. Seventy two percent of black people, your the racist, also bonus. What you're doing is unconstitutional a next clip thinking. None of this is anything republics, have been pushing restrictive voting laws for years back into thirteen North Carolina Croft, isn't all that made it. So the only acceptable forms of voter idea were the ones disproportionately used by white people. I federal appeals go like two said targeted african american voters with almost surgical precision which to be the second worst context in which to hear that phrase top doubly boys Jerry that's funny, but it is also very rare. So, let's because The states we're talking about. I think it's up. Is it sixty six six states with the strictest? devote allows. Ok, they accept, or the issue of form,
free voter identification. Please tell me I understand: how is that white? How is it always free at first of all the driver's license white? and by the way, the reason that they would say it. It was because disproportionately in places like New York City, where people are a lot of people of color, are vaccinated, they often use public transit. However, across the country where they don't live in huge cities: black people, a drivers, isn't very well. I will even argue it's not even very white to ask for a driver's life in Harlem I bought a thirty two hours collect find a forty one time in parliament want to demonstrate barbecue, guess what they ask for my idea. I was surrounded by black people. You have to be to have a licence to able to drink. They looked angry with you shouldn't we're not very well. Why don't you do get a white licence then it s forget that only long white, primitive monarchies driver's licence is racist and so is free idee that anyone can get from the government. The point here is not to burden people,
cause it's silly. If you know what it costs to get idea, it's a now. An argument, there's also free idea from the government. It is very clearly intent here. just to make sure that what you said Washington, same thing, you're talking about the margin of error you talk of Arizona was concentrate. Forty, two thousand, I think votes. He said in recent weeks. Same road. Absolutely, you have all your have voter requirements that are strict enough to mention the illegals. Don't tell illegal medicinal vote. That's you the vote away from illegal citizen, including by the way, a black american citizen? That's what the majority in a like american support, variety laws. Let's be clear about this, let's go onto the next clip were now. He makes the argument that, because of uneven distribution, this is the old right. This is the old, not equality, equity, argument right means that it's some kind of discrimination, front of which thus he's Dnc essentially found that even if a boating restriction has a discriminatory impact that in itself doesn't necessarily violates the Voting Rights ACT.
Those two decisions basically made it easier for some states to pass discriminatory laws while at the same time make it much harder for anyone to challenge ok, look is anyone by in this ship Canada's combat below is this. It is everyone biogas can. That's like. I will watch that's a pretty good argument here from some similar unknown Chomsky right. Sometimes have you in some illegal Rachel Marital Watch, my holy. Ok, how dare you can say applause: these decisions and therefore they also more black people who don't have votes court case, which I don't understand. but although I did so that was nice of em.
Escort case was saying that you didn't have to run your laws by the federal government. That was the one he didn't covering the court that we show their gravity just which, by the way, are Democrats actively support because they don't want some kind of federal statute when it comes to voting was extremely clear because for years by some concerns which I oppose now, but he didn't even he didn't even get it- that in the comment that he makes his like, even if it has a disproportionate effect. Ok John over the only thing you're focusing on is expanding the number of people voting, which is not all bad, but here's the problem. You want to make sure it secure first. Yes, that's what you to do, for I want. I want people to vote. I just don't want people who aren't american people to vote. You know like Russians, like you said absurdity, the media for hydrogen, for anyone should vote anyway. It's a human right, no people are illegal. we're talkin about voting. Sorry, I forgot my catchphrase job The lower illegal, it's Trevor notice all thing as it is by the way that again contact.
that's majority! Black Americans support some kind of odor ideal. Ok, so they disagree with. It is another example of a white purse of a white person of very white person, very saying that they speak for black people. You don't speak for black people. Listen black people, don't want vote, or I do is just some guy, I'm sure don't show up it's a vote by the droids is not so turned red coats who's the deadlock that they don't agree with you that the turbulent, but he speaks Stephen, so they have to otherwise they black say that anyone here know about the tension between the black community. and latino Americans. Do people know about that that they're not that black Americans aren't really thrilled with the illusion immigration for them again the big reason that record numbers of black people vote for Donald Trump because affects them directly as a result to employment. So your problem, Speaking for the Mr Liverpool Right, here's another way
about how Republicans are fearmongering. Yes, we haven't seen that through this clip in pushing Godaddy loss, I will cite despite the fact state and local officials found the last election to be the secure in american history arena just say it. Many republicans don't make such a system, but the reason for that might be that people like down Patrick spent all of last year calling voting by mail a scan by Democrats to steal the election and sanction. like bricks low. When you have an opportunity to steal about the Democrats, will take advantage of it. You can swing the balance easily. I can give you ten scenarios, but I won't gonna wanna, give anyone ideas how you can eat. these three thousand devote all come on down really care what DEN Perimeter hours Dan, Patrick or Danica Patrick well something about cars when her right, the hearings area, not
a winning but a lot of driving she dreaded strata skylark. She was good, yes, Buick! You I'm in the loop and shouted party interacts rain. so he says it's the most secure in american history where we can just safe. I can say things to prevent. Like I can say you speak for most people don't mean it's right and that's be clear. That was not what many Democrats were saying right: any kind of Charles with one Jimmy Carter, they'll warned about fact. There was one of the greatest national security threats to our election and even more Mcdonald. We talked about this memory. You gotta he nail that he was in a show, and he said we ran the clear thinking don't cry out. It should, of course, you know and Dad Donald Trump card about dinner that's rigging the election in TWAIN, sixteenth, there's no way I can happen, but cautious, ain't, exact Is it now exactly really was the most secure and advisory, but to show for some reason we we believe the left were saying TWAIN. Sixteen was rigged, Russians, ten thousand dollars on Facebook advocate we get it, and then they say when we take that the exact same parameters that we had in twenty. Sixteen increase them to unpleasant
voting by male. However, always over the wrinkles away, but that that you you're inferring that every other election previously held had some degree of insecure. to it more than this one, even of course they always say that elections, if they dont, remember George Bush, with Florida people to relax that sort of agreement. Not Al Gore wanted account three counties in Florida recount rigorously. Haven't you The whole state union acknowledges concretely dysentery about dear swedish misuse, our and your son at Apple. The point is they ways: complaint of elections? They dont want case in point Hillary Clinton I think, in twenty eight team is talking about the election before them a secure and history term, tax experts and Helmut Icon, Balloting Valley, with whom I have met. Who say that your? Maybe what they'll do this next time is to really disrupt the actual. Election shut down the servers that you send results to interfere.
The operation is like a blatant machines, because still too many of them are like the internet, so there we are still very vulnerable. Yeah we'll go right back to that, because that is actually here's the thing for she would go home. Hilary stand or whether they are the pampas. Like the guy three tend to you going to hang me in the morning. The point is stopped. users, then she was right, It turned and walked up to the internet. You know what I was told: that's not possible, that's not possible! I know. Could you listen to the bread? What once you don't listen who's this most secure in all secure electronic history, but it eighty one million votes. There's no discrepancy now and refugees is a rare dave, I understand that it's a pandemic hand Democrat bring their cases but very round vaccinate. Both things are true: real, quick. What checking
so this is kind of big news right now. This actually goes against exactly what Joe Biden was saying about, leaving truths that says that his generals were telling him to actually leave some troops behind. Oh really, yes, I'm Goodman's gonna play him in the movie. Ralph he's gonna have to drop a few and also painted face grey, after use like a charcoal lens filter, no Goodman's he's also weight so having yeah guess. When you sell out the star of the show that broke you drop at make science, I think, his soul, leaving his body. I think that's gonna be kind of a big deal as we, the outgoing, let's go back to it. Now, let's go back to a John Oliver. We have a kind of clip along so repugnant. I don't wanna come in or of this revenue What a poor morbid legion, my utter honours, I'm awake republic, I have for all of us here, but this is we need look, and I want you to have all the reference is available in the link will link below you said the tickets today
They show in October. First hearing makes an ex claimed that Republicans use baseless, claim of voter fraud and, of course that's not true. One of them involves the computers being hooked up on this, hooked up to the internet and specify biology or make his argument and local elections supervised. themselves will tell you that these bills make no sense. The foreigner supervisors of elections strongly opposed by states new bill with one Republican Supervise and telling a reporter It's stupid. Ok, it was a solution looking for a problem, but it actually wants to work than that, because these are solutions to problems that have been deliberately and strategically manufactured under the current is pretty obvious here. Use both declines to stir up based the speaker to pass unnecessary restrictions, targeting particular groups, because you can't stand unnecessary restrictions, Mr Seat belt law unbelief
Well, that's like saying: hey, don't put the plexiglas up, that's bullet proof in the bank. This bank has never been robbed before. What are you just as a problem that doesn't exist? Honey, don't carry a gun because you ve never been raped before dont install a security system in your house, because we ever heard anybody break into this house before it's not like these things have happened in history. So John Oliver saying this is a problem or a solution looking for problem you're wrong, Yeah it isn't you protect against problems that you know are possible. Ok, it's a very good point. Only and fatal flaw in your argument. Little angry, although things actually happened, the bank Almost ripen has got broken into our job. There, secretary of state, grad rats in burger our favorite. He said that some one thousand residence voted twice in the states to twenty twenty June primary obligation. Let's be clear, these you think, before the election, one, I'm giving you some examples before this election could run a lot of talk about this election, safest massacre in history that we already have happened in New Jersey, swollen twenty twenty, a judge ruled in order to new election after a city, councilman was charged with little did why? What for large without rod? Twenty nineteen and new elections held in North Carolina? Ninth district do too
abnormalities, India Absentee vote totals and locations of ballot harder than ever happen, I'm not a majority thing. Any Mostar knows secure election, the history, the eurozone, audit and second come at me broke, but the greater all things are happening: court, County, Nevada, look, election of just a hundred and fifty three thousand votes was thrown out due to a large number of discrepancies hundred fifty three thousand votes with, I think that's what the k means after one for those who was the discrepancy rump was elected. This isn't gonna work more of an era with this one trash by the way pile in California during the primary right during the primary of the ocean, more than a hundred thousand mail in ballots were rejected. Why didn't I mean in the general action that even possible? I think twenty seven thousand rejected, because a signatures didn't even match voter, where there is no signature at all. Well, let's, let's get our other favorite State New York. I asked after June
in twenty twenty election to congressional seats bill had not been decided, these guys are efficient and good plus overturn. Fifty thousand voters in New York could be illegal or using false. Us are secure and what we can do that, because now we're trapped, we're going through all the problems that could lead up to the most safely. Electoral rights that we were going to talk? They fix it, but at least fifty thousand of those illegals live next door to me in Harlem. Yes, I mean one parliament and soldiers from arose for taco, Tuesday until John Oliver so firms. Yet there was a march of some bread or their word. He put the tacos Oh you were the poem, throw some that's cultural appropriation. Who do you think's shoulder to me? You? Let me show you can you be american, heavily Fortunately, sombrero and I purchased quite a few I've done. I didn't I didn't we have next, yeah. What I see him. You know in Texas,
wearing Son sombrero hats when their working outside that from this guy mark at a lot, that is one from a J p turban, the very sombrero ye had tried, I find myself from the rain street. observers stories, Alain Sombrero, is, as I fall under the spell of opium It goes on to say that the Arizona audit- and this is something that their banking on you not looking at the audit, and I want be. Because the only thing that I will talk about this audit are things that can be found in the report and nation publicly available? I guess it didn't shortcuts late and so on, which are a source of the general reasons on ironically. but he goes on to claim that the Arizona audit show no issue just look what happened this week, Nonsense, audit in Arizona can enjoy humiliating.
conclusion that failed to show yet again the trump was cheated of victory, but its organizes still recommended the legislature type. The election process to provide additional certainty going forward, because of course they did it. a shameless attempt to get to the same place. Ok, let's because they left as media the recap, and by the way I know the people who we can talk about a spell we we should be able to talk about. The report it was on the news and the left doesn't want you to read the report. Is that one one? Third one? Third of well go bid patient through Maxineff, but when the two thirds. Don't you know what you like about? They made a recommendation, but they couldn't officially change. The vote. Tell us now, however, right it didn't match between. We numbers, let's be really clear. Fifty seven thousand ballots had potentialities
wow? So, let's go through. Someone has to be really that if you were more than Donald Trump lost by significantly more than an hour and evidently make sure significantly more than the margin of error, but I get a big reasons: they can't see what we can confirm exactly what these discrepancies are, because why I'll think about it? Democrats suit to stop. You so that was a little bit of a roadblock right right we're. What would you do the make up a county election board and Dominion refused subpoenas also for that things like approval of the signatures for male unbalanced, routers, passwords, login information. Let me ask you this: could you a few to subpoena. You ve done some Could you refuse to subpoena somehow he also subpoena? There were several times I heard it differently. no, no, no! No, they don't play by the rules. I didn't know I could get one dominion did that I thought what you can do they rights opinion, if there is information yet feel what like, while routers passwords wagons, to make sure that
none of these machines were connected to the internet, radio Gilligan Dogma, and even you just goes put that no one can do. That's, ok, not up. They can do that. So two hundred and thirty nine thousand ballot images were corrupted files entered after November, first, twenty twenty. This is in the report. so half of the images after November, northern first or corrupted, that's insane, Only one thousand two hundred and seventy three scanned ballot images are missing. Wait a minute. Just missing. I don't know why these are missing. We dropped him off and it a real one right. So what is it? You can't confirm that what happens as they say, looking at these discrepancies, but you can confirm the totals Nevada, I'm sure you can confirm the skin. conference gemmed images you can confront the physical paper about this is there's no way to make that argument? That's incredible! It means you can never actual
fully audit and election had come to any kind of it's a bad standing. If anything happened and machines have been there. Is this, what was called kill, kill, check. Yale should actually be I'll. Give you really clear, there's that does it before the twenty Twond election was killed in this guy talked about how elections can be easily hat insecurity. Are you didn't know what he was making because now is a liberal but actually have the, Georgia voting machines in real time. You can watch him do it. He went to like this this. Whatever nerd Continuity is computer, adders, hack, it and Sally. I really I just wish these votes on how the machines are connected to the internet intermittently any prove that, and that was that Nothing of course happen this election northern advocated in it will, yes, they are so. This is something I'm not saying that you're gonna find fifty seven thousand votes that all read you know Hillary Clinton, you're just saying, I wanted to know when you refuse subpoenas, there's no one in our files or corrupted. There's no way to know when you have these discrepancies and it will not only within four, no Logan's no writer and fell passwords hanging over computers.
Any. Nobody also did go and watch this documentary its fascinating. He took a card, he had a card that kill change. I killed him. the card in the machine and then said, hey, go vote and tell me what you voted. He flipped all of the votes by having that card entered, for strike, it literally was able to do that live on camera to voting board to show them how much they had a problem with the swedish guys that was recently in issues. Norwegian, the like that somethin like that order, those one of those countries- nordic and he was elections- are not safe. Over easy to her can look, I had charger. Look. I have this election and that was connected to the internet, and this cardinal I got twenty twenty and what order or whatever safe or going lamented HBO it's like any. Couldn't they couldn't be faster and remove from such a narrow, I'm sure, like the top three documentaries for a long time it is like, but not now do you. Wanna watch girl, later set. Myers watch David Bowe is illegal.
Dunham. How does so much pretty get in one per I, of course you just made one man very lucky. Married, Did you really? That's? Please have a market really you she's all available. I know well all right, because my blood boiled yet again and a lawyer on tablets. outside and say, puts put your clothes on ruining swimming for everyone. My kid just threw up now just as that will get back to the boy and Sierra Leone search down their talent through the phone break capital. To hear his next point, we to end the filibuster? What is this? What are we to have to do with our right? Let's years argument, Mccullough has announced that he will Philip Asta any attempt to get either of those acts passed. So if we want to tat the ballot which we really should we need to
the Filipino, so you want to protect the balance that everything, the national democratic politicians you don't want. People than his identification is put a somewhat doing the exact opposite. Ok, let me stay I want to do away with the filibustered a ram through any unconstitutional, the kind of crap that goes through in your country, crap that go through in Australia. Historically, Democrats have to filibuster values that fella bus longer than anyone in history. Why? Why why to contain? only oppose the civil rights was the worst voted on. Why public sixty sixty days filibustering yet about their Robert Bird, who is forcing line for the presence in use the inward I'm live television three times in a row in two thousand for nobody guy had claimed dental and accompany car and then There are strong firemen who people say look. I know this is a big switch so Democrat at the time strong Thurman. He holds the record for
August filibustering Israeli. The second is Robert. Both against the Civil Rights ACT came. It was for twenty four hours and eighteen minutes wow but the longer and then then you have real Robert Burger fourteen hours, cheese fourteen hours. They re easy, didn't want why people rather He went a day without taking a seat without using the restroom and without eating food or drinking water. Yet and answer black people could involve yes entering our what people. This is something to that people opting to go on with the parties, which really does so there are a lot of examples. Ok and anyone who can assist transparent, efficient and safe from from strong term- and this is something they don't tell you strong sermon- became a republican when he developed a relationship with God and realise that he was wrong about as racist ways and he was actually the first senator and south to actually higher black aids, put people into senatorial equivalent of a cabinet. That's good! So when you
Voting and civil rights act as a democratic, very racist as a democratic, then there's the flash of genius moment. The conversion Republican starts hurling the blood People answers pet names for them. Weren't the nicest but baby steps through and he didn't like them near his pool, as a Democrat, I am as a democrat academic. We need to be clear that, because we will go he's, which was the only one that can point to now, he became better person when he switched that's the whole point. Ebeneezer screwed felt as light as a feather marries a schoolboy. The ending matters, ok, then, in two thousand and Bernie Sanders he filibustered a bipartisan tax could deal for eight and a half hour. He hates it. If you get to spend your own money, they just look they want and what they want. You all to think that there's fraud where there is no fraud. and they want you to believe that the filibuster as some kind of republican game of mind control, just like the hippy, believed this debate. These will be the same thing about deodorant when the fact is that I want to use it to those who are you, for the most amount of time, the longest amount of time, and you want
filibuster to stay around. You do not want things going through a fifty one. Forty nine vote better. This consequential! Ok, you want it both ways. Republicans, Wanna get rid of it. Even when we were in power in talking about getting rid of it at all right. You want that there to make sure you don't get run roughshod over, because everybody both party line now it sucks Ok, I don't want to get rid of it. I think hippies use soap, don't agreement for my control. Bre soap is, the Crystal Deodorant Bristol Stick deodorant Kwairyo trimming. Gotta wait for peace then, why empower now? No one likes hippies by the way the seventies sixties, we're not merely filthy people believe in they look back to the media, had they allow of a romantic infatuation with hippies. Most Americans were tired of them, thought there were filthy, discussing a video back to class, jealousy hey Dash Burial Woodstock, that it was your hippies those regions and, by the way, most people who screwing in the mud.
Golden years now looked most Americans were being productive. You are strewing in the mud in a field than you do, we bring food to have us bring it in, for you smiling, mushrooms or certain generation of Woodstock. Ninety nine was like hey: let's set the sun fire destroy every, and certainly not all that reference number of judgment, raking law. There are a lot of rape, but the original Woodstock that people do not want to talk about me to sexual liberation, who do you think happens when you're old naked in the mud and on drugs? now, you're, surrounded by you, surrounded by gentlemen, thought best concert Well, that's what happened. Stephen! You! The best concert ever I just don't music of there's. Another is John! Oliver retain what commission and civil rights out and let citizens next clip is it's not convincing anything. Do actually read these bills. You quit
We find no first salute. We make it harder to important, and particularly for certain people. So tonight we thought we would take a look at the attack on voting rights and how best to fight it. Let's start with what is in these bills, because eight some lot fruits of internet sites. Where remember that you didn't mighty, like you, can't find a single instance, our boat to suppression, one thing that bill does is roll back a lot of the innovative measures put in place during the pandemic that made voting more accessible. Among other things, it gets rid of twenty four hour strike three folksy. Both methods that Harris counting regulated last year does he county. Who oversaw about election points out when you look at the precincts weather methods were most popular, its clear that the harm is pretty targeted we taken twenty four hour voting away, because fifty six percent of voters at how member who use twenty four hour boating where people of color and they know that
why are we taking driving voting away because fifty three percent of those but half and twenty twenty, where people of color yeah it's pretty obvious? Who is being told you bet? Ok, let's be really clear, not only as a matter of half and also but as a percentage of the population, to remind us of colours in the time. I come right in this report. I believe in it includes blacks, Latin Americans and obligations as well. I drive, by voting is also right. Yes, exactly, I read it wrong, so I always do it somehow just shut non balance and nickel Douglas shows up. Take some shooting lessons. Have so here's a minute, that's important if it's fifty fifty two percent of really ready three, fifty three percent of people of color, here's the thing doesn't matter its half dozen matters. It comes down to what's right now, look if that forty seven percent, who are not people of color. Let me, as is our their vote in any way the people who did not you drive through voting people who registered We want the process right, the most secure process that we have, which of course, is not mail in voting? Is there any world in which their votes? Now
gravely impact to fifty three diligence, Many of them are somewhat Lama who they vote for him, and I don't like it. I'm thing: is there any way that those votes? Steel? No ok, we're talking about Milon Voting and we're talking about notoriety there anyway, in which that fifty three percent of voters of color Measurable impact could take on the legitimate votes of the forty seven percent. Yes, hey wait! A second Mr Sheep outlaw were now talking about protecting rights of individual to not be infringed upon by someone else, including the sanctity of the folk, just ensuring that it is legal that it is fair. Let's, we'll be clear about this. The report, these references in this video, suggest that convicted felons our votes that need to be counted and that felony disenfranchisement is evidence of. Racism, the presumption dares at most felons, are black people. Now we can talk about statistical realities with the promise, you will say Racist until you're, too vote harvest exactly right and you don't have the right not to get out of your card vote. You also
think about twenty four hour voting. You have to staff that rights are that's expensive, too, had people there and then pull waters, who typically you no sleep and have jobs to go to Aren't I e the leaders of their order, the moaning precinct and kick amounts for that's true, so they don't they. Let him on all the vote at all. Look here is my point: There is no suggestion that is made by John Oliver to ensure the legitimacy of the vote now It says this is races. That's racist, disenfranchise, ok, look. How do you make sure you're just saying at the safest and most secure? How do you make sure Americans, who vote know that their vote is counted legitimately and then it's not cancelled out by one here illegally. How do you know because how do you ensure that the case with no vote already how traffic is with nobody because its racist, even though a vast majority of black Americans disagree with you white Saviour and they all have voter idea. Vice Never get. Majority was eighty seven percent. I just talked about ninety percent of people of color in general.
do you ensure that the black people's votes in the United States, who want voter idea who want to make sure that their votes count by the way? Who came out in higher numbers for Donald Trump, because a more enthusiastic they're, taking more and more of an active role in the election process? Right now, party, we're sure that they trust the vote here. Just you're just talking about what did you just suggesting ways to make sure that they dont? So allow me to offer suggestion here and everyone out there. It's really simple how're! You ensure the legitimacy of the vote on a Friday That's the fastest way, voter ip and outside of a pandemic, which is what we were told, the only tool was the only reason that that's why we are doing this male in voting and drive through voting. If you can't trust right through to get your foot fish right, maybe The leader of the free world should go another direction. The easiest way
is starting with voters idee. And how do you make this case? Look at the references make it very clear to people the majority of people of colors in this country support it The majority of I guess. Why does a shade, supportive and the majority of all Americans here who are here legally supported and believe that it is step to ensure there is no disenfranchisement of the vote period. John Oliver doesn't want you to know it. He offers no solutions. Just me, on what John Oliver you want for this we have the references go talk to a black guy there. Eighty seven percent chance that he'll say no didn't know? You were taught it because they know that my basic right this users, whatever useless work, I'm just saying I can judge the culture that may use words that you find offensive. It's not for me to say that its event of Zimbabwe's Adrian turnover, ok, you to thank very much. You have to go, or not just some popcorn piss
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