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John Oliver's ABSURD National Debt Lies DEBUNKED!


John Oliver thinks he can get away with lying about Donald Trump and the national debt. We won't let him! Also, Charles Barkley made a commonsense statement on race that pissed off liberal Twitter. Joe Biden was busted cheating during his press conference. And the truth about Pete Buttigieg and his bike.

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Hey there audio listener. This is the last day where we have to stream. This all live a lot of Canada. Come slash, live his responsibly back on Youtube? Tomorrow, though, Lord only knows what happened so doesn't leave a rating labour review of you. Listening to this an audio consider joining my club or look if you don't want to join Magua because mugs aren't you're, saying you don't want to listen to a whole edition, our of programming and the blaze catalogue it's gotta. trotter, shopped outcome by yourself and I shirt, maybe hat maybe tumblr, maybe Ranger pennies.
Let me give me a call I got one again garcon in turn. I need a narrow cloth, even other, not a sponsor. What I am well that works what I was saying before Socket day because it. What can we say? What could I was just follow? My lead just fell because you know:
I bought a gun and for your watch and generate a lot is going to come. Thank you so much thank you. Gonna want, I feel, for you got a little nap before you. Were rollover myself for the wedding thing in our original report should Waterloo. Most of you guys That's no wedding sing. Now right off. Customer S, camera pan he's they closing down the garden is Adam Sandler walks in our waters of myself, I think was now take years, one of the mobsters from the guy Goodfellow. Yes, networks the gay assisted. Does this thing with my nipples and he's like they had? I wanna do don't talk about this. We walked away. What all of myself I was now. I have included right. We have a lot to talk about Gerald areas here. How are you I'm well? How are you I miss Gerald be and indeed through s, magic school? That's, how are you court about getting the right? Well, you know what that's good. He has a positive attitude by being rejected by all demographics and we have Dave Linda. How are your show so they were lost.
I got a kid punches friend in the face and another watching. The show right now real and why I do that was, is rather less leftist Knowest friend was very drunk. Ok, anxious he didn't know how to communicate that he was enjoying the show, so he kept chatting and we were joke around with him back and forth, and then stage yes, and I was like I'll give you fourteen dollars upon you, your friend in the facts, and he goes really and they actually punched. Eddie punched him in the face city go out. No, he wasn't hard enough to wear it. He would be knocked out by it would be at his temple was not worth horridly, I'm just paid him the eight dollars I importing and I'm a man of my word and of free sticker. That says Ahoy varied by the way hate tomorrow. We're going to be on Youtube, so everyone washing- I know you guys- are big supported. Mr church, I say yes, so misery, Montclair member, I watch it would have been watching on your website. Everything's freedom. So it's not just on blaze, but tomorrow, we'll be back on Youtube, so just ass, they grow their common leave alike because a lot to talk about
and if you notice it today seems like well, you know we're just gonna scatter shot hidden alot of stories us because we're laboring in tomorrow the enemy by the enemy I mean the white patriarchy. You have worse. Before you get anything, I don't have it. I would like to do us segment on this. I was thinking about this white paper. Archy what they ve done for women versus the algae Bt Q, a ip may think about this for a sector white patriarchy right devote why patriarchy always had domestic abuse laws, white, patriarchy, alimony laws right patriarchy, where they were able to join the military in originally my paycheck or that what we don't want you in combat now algae Betake, you IP, why pay tribute title nine eligible tissue men cannot compete women's force, decimating women sports forever. You forgot blue and anyway, he merge with them a ip algae, be take you a. Ip too. Oh, I didn't know the author. I thought it was just a plus
sometimes depends on how lazy you are very late and we know that with hormone replacement therapy there very tired, you not lazy, if you're a man on an old lady basketball team around Here- and I wish you luck- dunk- working on a laser all start on pay. Now you're announced our nose ring. I wish yeah paid Haynau networks smash mouth. light to smash their mouth. I now I'm fourteen dollars a day and it is a way to lots and get to you today. The first thing I want to talk about is because last week we this happened over the weekend and then so did Charles Barkley. So it seems there is not much else going on, but this is fantastic, so you know PETE Pete, but gig. He is promoting, obviously binds infrastructure to she wanted to tax people by the mile was a thing because the gas tax to many people using electric vehicles now, and so they went to tax people inside I'll, but in
or to virtue signal how green he is and in the fact is that will this comes from twitter? What you're about to watch, but the people who originally posted it did on ironically, he wanted to show himself. I write bicycle to work, so he has a fleet of armoured. Suvs drop him off a quarter mile from work in D C, and then he finishes it and he had it videotaped. This is PETE, but gig being green.
Infrastructure investment right now. This is him, haven't looking to the future rail, just a legally binding Elizabeth. I don't give a rounds ass and now they're talking about infrastructure. I really doubt a role it into the next cable. That's fine! Just shown Joam gettin here, yes, with being dropped off by a fleet of mine by the way they are. The ones who like me, have to put the sea lies this basic forward and not directly
haven't you originally requested these. I can. I get the doktor shoes bicycle the Wang Whizzer, where it goes my seat at my, although I know following how, how lazy is the guy off to his right enough? You notice with a giant it's an electric bike, and now it was a peddling at all. It was just like what and then the thing is that when he went there than they waited form and then he then he actually drove a part of the way home again which most, but we actually exclusive footage. just actually makes me like a more havin fun gap. Is this also a sexual deep there's a through line?
just like this- is dingy Paul, Ruby, look! Ok, it's not the hypocrisy of the point here. That's not the hypocrisy! It's that they don't actually care. We talked about with covert everyone's a hypocrite right. People hate Christians, you're a hypocrite. For example. I married you're married
You ever looked at a woman and thought: hey, she's, good. Look. We ve committed lest in your heart, so therefore you're a hypocrite. We all know that we all have standards right. I understand that everyone is a hypocrite. The issue here is there not actually afraid Nancy Pelosi wasn't trading covered like Ebola when she goes into the hair salon and put yourself into a particle vortex. John Kerry is not afraid of climate change, if he's using a private jet. Nor is Al Gore, PETE Good agendas, not afraid about rising sea levels and thinks that we immediately after act by taxing electric cars by the mile, if he's having several suvs and also by the women with guns, surround him. While he rides six hundred feet on an electric bicycle, because those twigs can't even peddled downhill, they, care they're, not afraid of that's the issue. You really don't pull clearly, don't believe in it when there also,
afraid of people with video camera say because every single phone out there can say I will he's not actually writing his back into work. They don't care it's. No. It is gonna. Give immediate hurries water? No, you wouldn't covered in sweat if you were a suit to work, psyches basic your Mormon Mormon only only take a short sleeve middle management shirts, at least the air. They do you get that, like the gene calypso, you gonna have. That's you don't get it in the chain of urban. It's like four miles. Knighted starboard, Hair He's probably got you from getting armoured vehicle. It dropped like tire. Spikes unanimity following an escape gadgets drop tire spikes, just some, since it was just a cyclist. was it was a cyclist drop. An oil slick. People are just just he'll off for crime? loud I just I just I watch it and the fact that it was posted and, ironically, look look. Look at him taking the initiative, rightly by
try, a guiding I removed by ninety nine point, nine percent of the way to work and then get on your bike, leading from behind write. Something else to speaking of these are things that are unacceptable. Charles Barkley was trending, and this is just this is where we are when people talk about how Donald Trump was stoking racial division right Tijuana yeah. But you know what Charles Bagua, that most black people and light people were good people, and you got mad accuse us of Silicon racial provision when All the Charles Broccoli said, so he made a very reasonable comment and it wasn't aimed at any rate, was aimed at politicians dividing in Congo. Of course, there was outrage which, people would be surprised by the way. I wanna be really clear when I go to these tweets. You see this all the time on CNN and, like all these people responded an anonymous egg verified tweets from people who are reporters with following, so that you know it kind of matters, but first let show Charles Barkley what he said there was.
That's yes, that's the wrong! Charles, that's gnarled and our girls had ever get. Let's go to what Barkley set. I could try a dog? happily the sea when dad dad, but I'll do the same thing and become a dog son of a bitch children. You're definite eating a mushroom later and please, yes, says a lot about Zia. There's a lot of Barclays, confusing way off on the second one. All Barclays look alike, yes areas in a moment. I guess if I get the first one here may well on television. If you don't take heightened the context different, that's six foot, six and a midget here, one is professional athletes and the other one is the alien from from american dead. Yes, exactly so, let's go to.
the norodom, accurate mushrooms? Later token, later, not re not going to make you mushrooms later in the show, because we have to see what Charles Barkley said. Actually that was completely non controversial. Everyone would agree with this if you were just speaking with them in real life. That's the reason for changed my mind as I go, these conversations don't take place and in meat These conversations don't take place on cable. These conversations take place in real life in real life. If you said this sitting across from someone, no one would be offended, but this is what sparked the rage, Charles Barkley, former NBA, all start that lose how painful it was here, but the one I took out a piece was man. I think most, why people, and will I people a great people really that's my heart, but I think our system is set up for our policy. Whether they are Republicans are Democrats our desire to make us not like each other, their grass of money and power bad and conquer
I truly believe most wiped them. Black people are also people, but we are so stupid. Fallen apologies and whether they are Republicans or Democrats in their only job is pay less, these people not like each other. We all live in neighborhoods. We're oh god, money! That's me. The white and black, my lady, like each other. Let's make rich people and poor people like each other, less scrambled a middle class. I truly believe that my heart, it said that he has two premises with Democrats. All Republican us stupid. They all knucklehead simultaneously point. I believe that in my heart, like us, people will say people just attack, and so he knew going in that people would attack and resentments, and is there anything a very reasonable, but I wanted to say it's one of those. Well, he hates Asians. Well yeah. I feel, like you said, the skies Blue, Marina, really
think it's that obvious that people can't we support. No, he said nothing. It's just bad that when Charles Barkley says the most reasonable thing in the last three years, public, let em Look. Let me read you some of the the outrage, so this is again not just unverified random eggs, like you see on news, which is why, by the way they want is removed from you to cover the Chauvelin trial and they all people think that the prosecution is presented. A really compelling case. Here's eighty four sixty five now with you can see his display picture there. An egg shaped gentlemen saying that this is bullshit, so they do that my other news, whereas we actually get all sources are available lot with Canada come encourage that you go in
Them Robert Little CEO of black sports Online Watch, Charles Barkley incorrectly state, the american political system is set up to make white and black people hate each other truth is a system is set up to keep white supremacy in power and stop black people from gaining any power or wealth. He said responding to Charles Barkley having the floor as a higher paid, analyse on any white person on that table. Stars for crying out loud wedded to the gear heard this illness from him doing pretty well self it made a year. Have you see
the entertainment industry, movies sports, any other stuttering Isaak out his leg out now he's such a bad golfer, though Bread Garret is a friend of mine, man, where's playing golf for them, and they were so terrible. Let title is called and paid them to take off their at length and taken out. Let us demand to know they may go to charity. They kept upping. It took the money incentive that shared like for professional athletes. He's the worst golfer he's warrior than I am here is very, very bad. I don't know anything about that. I bet your employers Alice Cooper Unity is unbelievable. Gallery is he's great yeah he's Gregg as it is, I think, a better than scratch. Golfer Rochelle, carry from Al Jazeera network. Charles Barkley is not a voice of truth on race in politics must pretty generalised. We have Jason Overstreet Deal Charles Barkley. You know how I know that what you said
Race was really stupid, an elementary and some Mickey Mouse, SIMPLE Simon, both sides, bull shit. I don't you know how. I know it was a run on sentence because Everyone who agrees with you is a trash. Ass trumps supporter just change to a trap? Just change to trash ass insert any other marginalized group here. Exuviae Pope, that's. It you mean to say that's a poor name. You notice, if Charles Barkley spoke out an agreed about Georgia's voting lobbying New Jim Crow, the outrage on the right of putting politics of eleven March madness, but that's not that sentence doesn't make sense in a meeting of remaining but because Barkley stepped in fetched it for them they are gleeful, bigots love gas. Letting could you imagine if, on this show, we referred to a black eye stepping in fetching, so we
first with animal, less, stick analogies it's for a black person, different kinds of dance, yet the soft shoe and he was asked the question did what I merely owner responded to Anti was I read exhibitor Pope and that's why I got this as Mr Scott, that's true the letter of the day is F Yo Exuviae Pope, it's really is I mean I don't know a lot about basketball. I don't, but I know Charles Brooklyn look. This is a guy who endorse John case like ok, he clearly is not going to be the darling of the political spectrum, while today this it's a largely black sport my love, no Dave, who I wanted to tell him he didn't know no in EL now is from Canada. They don't have that actually invented basketball. I know that, but it also shows how stupid Canadians aren't. You know you know the history of the basketball hoop. I don't care, I
Did you know more than nice is a real you put inventor. His name was something like John Mcdonald or someone. Someone was Brian. Hoops is out of right. Wing Z gets, which is we uncommon exit here are who invented basketball and they had out like a wicker basket and went out and as they would shoot in the basket had a ladder. So I have to go up and take the ball out of a basket. Doing it's gotta be a better way, and so then, what did was they cut a hole in the basket? Knothole you're, thinking of a very small hole so that someone could puppet? with a broomstick from the small and there are like there's gotta, be a better way so, rather than enlarging the whole, they decided to implement a chain mechanism. You would pull the chain and I reject the ball until at this point they did Typically welcome the the de as of the black community operation was a black here. Why don't you just gotta dig a hole in it. My god
I got all US polish couldn't get there, but not understand that was basketball, so was invented by Canadian and then, of course, a black American show them that their real business affected is run and happiness. They won the adventure with tears gas. How many players are actually canadian thanks, zero, there's like three ever the people that broad popular gas yourself for the ones that we're like engenders fall through, make it easier for you, gonna get our lives. We had wanted to take time, we're gonna have to run so there was probably one black. I was. The only guy was tall and offers like every time they ve scored ethic. It made me do it, you gotta, do this kind of big hole in it like a five foot goal, though you know, and they look here, we thought about that Leroy, It is thus the thanks. I want a patent
idea there Thomas Edison Nigerian, when they ventre when they talk about racial division right now, with its trials Barkley issue and ass, he was going out with their job in and you just see I mean Joe Biden is doing exactly what it comes down. Trump of doing, accusing me another Georgia law being racial division and the fact is Stacy evidence was up in New Jersey, supporting a voter law that is far more restrictive than George at this actually opens up early voting the Georgia. What we ve gone through it, it just make sure you have to have it- opens up forms of it in a cage, and you can actually does have a so screen our number. You can have a tax stop or a paste upper several proof Fino male set several items of proof sent to your ravages from fruit loops. Yes, he's a fact several of those years, whereas our states Abrams just wanted proof of purchased from lids
does it and if you don't, you can't boat, never be a flap ram. If you don't have the sticker currently on your cap, doesn't that you're not allowed at our polling station? that again attain. Oh, it's a real hat. Like three accuse you of being a fake. She s, sons, that's a hat he's at all or due to their it's on a scarf. Ok! I guess I thought it was a fake hat, but then I saw the visual confirmation with the crackerjack box hologram, and I know that now that is truly a Dallas mavericks, authentic, more good. For you, you must be doing well for yourself. Nobody, they are now struggle. Here's another before we get to John Ordinary, but his video just one up last night on the debt. Surprise guess where he lines up, he's wrong about everything again. But here's a feel good moment before that until we get the second clip too. With this cause, there should be two clips and then,
we three, I'm sorry to see you get one its full. Ok, wonderful does end was so. This is a great and let me prefaces that what you're about to see his violence, but it's not blood, ok, you're aids its oil, its paints either. Paint to look like oil or oil. All of yes, we're gonna go or it could be a symbiotic from outer space, not just another option in oil protests from extinction rebellion. So was it thing to scale the chase bank building in New York in Manhattan as part of a protest, and it ended about exactly. It ended better than you thought it wouldn't trust me this is the only because of the real tv will know. got seriously hurt, but you're gonna. Joy thinking that it did for a few seconds,
sticking to the main page spreads paid about inflated again. Can I look a lot of to than that? The wide worry fuzzy things, are getting up and It's what a toddler would due attention towards what it's like he can't rebounds. Looking Lamotta get up no police. We hang grateful. Employ you here that the fire drugs are then, then their awaiting rescue from a fire truck
which runs on fossil fuel ass. They were like someone, so they had to wait for the fossil fuel fire truck to show up your gratitude, but they expected, but instead they did. This teaches care when I thought of as much simpler, that's really what we should do to all of them up and put them out. I mean I just move that movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt, the that french climber guy. That's what this guy thought. Oh, oh yeah, that was the man I was hanging which, by the way he must have had paint in he in his bag and right egg. I hate to ask us: I didn't plan to go back and watch it again, but when I think happened, I swear to you. If you watch it now get. This is even funnier because it shows how stupid there he was
which in from the wall to that sort of what I call a canopy overhang whenever this and keep in mind that if its paint with liquid that'll that'll create a weird balance issue right, so I think what happens he goes there and then there's a nursery from the paint enough, its wings em off. Let's go lots and I'm pretty sure, that's what happened. Let's watch that clip again if in falling yes, it is all that we do not need the access of the return of a signal not have skipped armed. It's like a one way, Kettlebells wing, those are not climbing shoes and if you want the full video took him like forever to get up that high and so by the time he gets there is like God. I can't. I can't just They should have just job, but an idiot turns out you're very weak from both, not lifting in your Regan diet. It's too bad. I hope is not hurt,
Dave, you sound. So I hope the fire trucks showed up and gave him all of the isle of the tender, loving care that he deserves. You mean the polluting machine, water, waster rights. Valium.
Basically basic major down again to Doktor Seuss. It's a fire truck verging on his Wang workers in zoos, infringements and trucks. I heard there was a problem in the great lakes are just going down. He gets out of a suburban rides of bike over to his mouth. Everybody drained. I think we have to take a minute. Rarely does life. Give us justice so swiftly. Rising. Pretty green space is a great with the area. Absolutely when you need everything you're against in one strict. I know a thing ass, water. I need the patriarchy. I need someone to get here and a fire trotting did learn by the way. I need the FDA and why medicine, all these other things made by oil also they need because of our protests, no violent. We are. They need to have their way paved by the Nypd and other chemicals being used to clean up the paint that I just components.
sorry guys. We failed. Praetor New York's, not gonna, be too concerned with cleaning the one I'm glad I find out. Thank God nights. I made him clean it with some kind of a vegetable solvent toothbrush. Oh yeah work lesson what we Tipp, what the municipality uses to clean your fake oil paint you're, not gonna.
get. So here you go here. Some vegetable oil from trader Jos and here is a bamboo bristle brush men. We, like nine seconds you you're, going to die of fourteen days later the lines with horizontal lines like count of Monte, Cristo candidate rights. By my hey. That's where you can support us to reality. No God, you, the march, Shut which it out or shop that com is that what it is. It's not lateral, scattered complex shop, adjust Trotter shadow proprietorship that calm, we have all kinds of short, including the new, a fight like hell. Thank you even run and help design that shirt. Nothing is so unlike hotcakes fresher, sutures a porter, nice shirt, George Washington. We fought like hell he just bit down on his wooden mill, thieves swung for the fences wooden matthies MIA,
teeth wouldn t you know nobody. I had no idea of wooden grill. I called out in Ireland. As you know, everything I don't regret and I know important things: that's pretty needs is really entire model. Modern dental k, I don't think so. Well, that is essentially a matter, but also the furniture precedent you Dave, but the first tax was by the way. Now would wouldn t who puts take one of your wooden teeth. It was whisky, whiskey, that's one way to pay a little bit of that had to pay a little bit of whisky have a little bit and I think it a pay money for that was, I dont know out of it. So I have no idea that these people are gonna want that Syria is, if you like, the money, that's take it that was prepared
Gulf mind you whisky was enough. There's anglo Saxon whisky, you don't you think about it. This is again, people don't realize you settle differences and I come from Canada, which sucks so I understand a little bit more because we too have the queen and her money. You know African Bourbon and american Rye right is very different from what they why they had scotch known your land or irish. Whiskey really does what with the news whisky, because what happened bourbon right right was actually predated. Bourbon was you had a surplus here in the United States and what happened if yet a surplus in the old old world the old country. Is it all went to the king but here that a certain less than we didn't have modern refrigeration ago, what we'd? Well, let's do still it and that's how they created right. key and urban whisky, because for the first time that you have the freedom to do what you want with what what you ve killed really by this one of your browser. That's our donor. In this country, go the other way we're just give it to the king and we
our kings, retorted vs IE is now being also in Canada, not just as their queen on your money, but you have loony in Tunis and its view funny to temper stripper and chain. Yes, I know you want to go to the clubs, but I will go to Windsor and you just be like a picture change, or did you just look at it? You just put Zella yogurt shipped, yet tell idleness decline in the end. She would just be holding like a thing: a change in its like that's gotta, her over to the DJ given money for pills, also really hard to pay your way through college, with that heavy subsidies back at Tony's. Did you at least give?
her like american quarters. No, no! No! That's all point loony! Surprisingly now and then Tunisia to dollar cause, I know, but he should have. You should have been better than that, which is what we expect from. I was garbage back Zambia, Lamb and now he's, but he's our garbage like the band, I'm like a reformed garbage guys reformed garbage. Unlike this rate, I will the street furniture nine SEC. So speaking of king Joe Biden, this is another story here. This is this is important to me because look I there's real value. Oh my god! What's that unseen, and look at that, that's like! What's the name of that, a grimace from from Mcdonald S, tear do it's a give birth? nods grew his hair out and had to moustaches police and ran out and some woman with good job
terrible. Ninety out, all you would punch in it would break all your fingers from all that cabin. Talking too much. That's flashes of strong. So Joe Biden there's real value in this being live, but we do because, we don't have any notice it fewer and fewer other shows are going life because they're afraid I mean even look like steel. Steve allows pretext to show you look at the way I take it. Take your pick, often whether it's kinda someone's, whether it's obviously Joe Rogan now is pre taped I think most about and what they can do live two Spotify, but you're notice. that more and more shows are increasingly being pre taped. that's why they show has been number one on live on Youtube really for the year Goddammit goes up in the dark shopping trial and then the horse we were gone, but also because it allows you to keep us accountable right and we're gonna. Take your chat little later, but Maclarens can keep his account. It's getting wrong, but we often
get it right and so I'll have a montage could for that. But here too new photos brings out from a new post show that by he's cute cards and arrests are agenda. on one of theirs. Here that one right there is a list of names and pictures with circled numbers next to some reporters, which we were I can about like how weird it was live, but it gets even. It gets even more subversive. I guess you could say so in the printing press are right. There was the first progressed a question. It looks like the rapporteur, not knocked marked number one on that feet. So let me show you what that question was like, and the kings where's offender vice presidential binds response now be happy to take your question watch him call on him Zeke Associated Press so the poor, Joe it's like he's playing guess who, without the guessing right
the giant card in the backs like he just skip heads. I wish to say that your character, look like a lesbian know. Where would you just like to slap down all the things come on this item down? There's a lesbian. What are the game was, but Joe Biden in guess who they all looked like lesbian nice, though, when I say I will now here's the thing remember this happened when we were life. I was saying this lab. We were all watching it like that. We question about assault weapons and that's what sort of answering an infrastructure- and we said this is really weird. This is obviously something that was predetermine, but let's just go back so now, knowing what we know about these answers being written down that once you can't, you see that use on that sure is about infrastructure, which was the answer that was completely at a left field. This is what I said. What we all agreed upon law as it was happening,
I have another chance to address the tragedies in Georgia Colorado, you said to stay tuned fractions that you might take ongoing, controlling up wondering if you ve made a decision either about sending manufacture liability bill that you promised one day one to capital fell whether that means that if no originating can pursue a moment, mom and pop gunshot asthmatic nuclear is too rebuild the infrastructure, both physical and technological infrastructure this country. What is it so that we can compete on conquering. I do have absolutist thinking, sometimes some like this happens. One of two reasons that just happen either a he completely lost his train of thought. He has no idea that question was about firearms or number. Two. He's gonna go along with pre written talking points anyway, because they mutually rio that before the conference and the guy stepped out of turn, there is no door number three lost a train of thought or pass
calls from the media period pick one look I'm out. It is only when I shouldn't be doing their job is to religion entertainer. But even when these are three things I said, he's gonna lose his train of thought before three and he did and before that live, and now we have the cue card of infrastructure, as his answer did even see the bottom of that, if we can bring it back up the car on the bottom, from seen in cities, job islands addressing second mass shooting when he said yes, Joe Biden talking the uncontrolled nothing until he was talking about Brigitte Physical, whose their hands exciting address as a gun control after second national gin we were sent here you go on. I can wait a minute. When did he just answered like with Trans? Like a transportation, we were also surely languages. It is some Ryan I actually we got, it was almost like is Jim Eagles moment rousing zero Jim Eagles. I was such that you don't know what oh Jimmy.
like Crow, that's offensive scene, it didn't even get to go. I gotta tell you now get about now. Compare what we are now will wreck human now. What about the falcon the danger of his own, so Bobby Sparrow used to fight him outside back Amy's, say you meet me by the gradual, Bobby Sparrow. I will sign for me in the rest of the serpent king. Would snap Dan is hence, but I had to leave only to meet the Pope Exit Pope. He didn't make communion, and now I don't know why that's that's underlined it off we're so confused the uneven here, Quadruplex say Dearie like what what what? What compare that that was alive us saying look! These are the only options and I said, I bet you, the media is just going to act as though this is normal and sure enough. This their reaction not life after the fact
an astounding finger and yesterday a precedent held a press conference and there was no name calling no sniping, no claims of fake news, no constant stream of year. Whether I've already got all roads with Israel is down. There was nearing widespread criticism measures when proceedings like a jail, if wearing sunglasses, specifically on how their questions ignored problems that Americans really clearly care about. You think defied the critics. I do if you listen to the right of euros into fox use of you watch him of that they paint, there's your logical style where a senile man, who can mean a little bumbled around that has not in charge of this administration, is not a one making the decisions and I think the job I then there came out yesterday was very prepared by thinking of our Thanks you, one broaches good for
Oh geez are very good, but I know a way. I even though my back open all these buttons again. No one will want. If you see the driveway heart looked like out, she looks like Elsie looks like. Doesn't she looked like anywhere where the single answers all twenty? Want, these press conference good the bills to me, Moody's president, is womb boozy, look d out, because I believe that as he got it I know so the guy that the dead on that show just not eat that she's ever looked at all. Look at an equal share liked crack and men were not joy bay. Are you gonna? Do it Then we were a progressive shoe will lose meaning the beaver.
My long bladed. We don't have kids too. I have to make up rules. so caught and get some high ass, ready, ass. You would eat a pillow and then we dance and all night still completely strung out saved by the show is for the show is written by Jerry Stall. Who was a heroine makes sense. Everything about Eightys was great also here, and so he was a crack at any rate. The West wing, fantastic Romania, during the one he's? A talent want, therefore he was out after for he was out after four because of all the crack. Ok it all.
Before we move on from that, could ask alone boy GM ring. I don't think you relevant funding again of law as you, so I believe that the effort that has got to get the day after the show I went online and tried to find a clip. I tried to find an article of any one calling him out for his answer, saying: hey the president bumbled his way into infrastructure instead of talking nothing. I couldn't even find that clip the guy displayed nowhere on the internet, a Google it right now try to find Joe Biden answers that gun question with infrastructure found its press are getting it's like you, don't I can't believe I give Donald Trump had been said. Hey you know these people have. been killed about this nightclub? What he had to say about that? Well, I think the best thing to do is to spend more money on roads that are well, I'm sorry, sir. We just asked you about guns right now they would oppressed him. Nothing happened yet! No if you ask him hard questions right now,
the motor and your bill in the fact that very little of it actually goes to infrastructure. This is this is a dangerous time it really it's dangerous. One, look at least with Donald Trump right. I said that we were divided, not surely were devised. What was really happening, as you could see that the media was incredibly bias. You could see the entertainment industrial complex you, it was on display for all to see. Now we will say over going to heal we're not going to be divided. That means is that it can to silence any voices of dissent. So, look if you think that its peaceful and you think that everyone's agreed- that's that's, not the way Half of this country still didn't vote for this guy, so that's it.
area thing. Is it to realise that there are no checks and balances? Will you also has a picture and words like the value Menu and Mcdonald? Smarter of your hearts, fine, but when you do that you have the queue cards you have all of this stuff and then you bumble your way through it, even widows and that's where they want to rise this smoothly. Do it by tearing down for three minutes coming out to go right about rose about us, Divineness names, Verde, ethnic, it's like that open micro when they get the light on stage like what the light my trouble when we do which, by the way, binds always single light. Oh yes, always having real morning, but hidden with be twelve yeah, maybe later a stable middle eastern European Efron PEN, like Sherlock Holmes with Watson's dog the words. Then Syria, we pull him Cereals we doesn't round. He thinks is. Alphabet cereal is talking to her home. Look at it.
kill. Jill man, it's too Jews and appears every you're gonna. Be all right. Let's hear will move on here. I know we're so each others will move on your to John Oliver. This get the thing about John Oliver that bothers me so much Can you guys? Let me know I mean you can't really right now. You can comment in the chat. So this is why we're not doing the comment of the day, but on Youtube. It obviously matters a little bit more work. the makeshift this for you guys where, where we have a player, but we can't do in the blaze, she waited planet getting removed from everything immediately we're time. Yes, but I forgot what I was saying before that you're gonna Jonah Oliver. What the issue here is? He never provide solutions. All it is, as is, is criticism and scenting, no viable options, and that's really fun place to be, and you, We can do that if your comedian, it's not your job to come up with solutions, but he doesn't present himself as a comedian. He actually tries to push legislative. Proposals on his ship in its
again, in contrast to something like a chain from under, we sit down and people. So what would you do? We have an answer. That's the whole point to it is, if you ask me on any issue, most issues, sometimes not really foreign policy, because I just think that we should not be involved. We try provide some kind of an answer. We try to find a contrast where you can decide for yourself which solutions, but because almost every issue here as a solution coming from the left That's what always bother includes both looked there. What's it look, you're gonna get a solution from the left. You're gonna get a solution from the right; ok, that's and then maybe you mix and match. Maybe you find that you don't agree fully with either, but that's the way it is it's a two party system by design and that so we avoid a situation that they hadn't Canada, where you can have some moment in a parliamentary system with not even majority of the votes. Ok, thirty, seven percent of alone. That's the issue is not a perfect system like the ten round, the Tenet round must system and mission is, as close as you can get. Nothing is perfect. So John Oliver here is talking about the debt, which is
not a topic. He should wait in knots and you know what he used to be somewhat moderate to its overtime. He's grown its excellent. You said urgency ground, but he has turned into something where he is definite, trying to be a musical ass fondest. That's it. I like that. The cut Your jib ahoy, like I'd like its use growing on my ass so two more years what he said about he's talking about tax taxes and he's. This is obviously a lay up support for the industry. Your belt is right. Now we're talking about the biggest man who would have thought that the old guy former Vice President Joe Mine, without spend Barack Obama by a wide margin on the first hundred days? Media? anybody that can tell he sick. There are like hey you're, not too liberal enough. spend our money,
when charge for my charge you for my people? Do it right an electric black satin mopeds so much like you're supposed to if you use the throttle, Ballade the panel land have logistics roused kid just the bugs. big front, we're in the tiny back one, and I realized I just fine, As for the bike wreck, so you may without lycra, rub my tape table never cut my Oh sure, plague invented with bike the Wright Brothers, Whoever wins out of I tried right. It was a badly like biplanes. Where do I find? No ok, We know that this is the economy. This is the claim that he's making in support of deficit spending in support of wrapping up the debt, saying that the economy got worse under Donald Trump. Many points attack because now I know I know, but I hear it straight from the sea-
from the Colonialists mouth campaign. on eliminating the entire national debt only to then implement an absolutely massive tax cuts, resulting in huge deficits. Most corporations who benefited use the money not on investments in things like factories, but on shrunk by backs. As for individuals, nearly half the tax cuts went to the top five percent of ink Ernest? So we go more money to people who already have a lot of its wrong. Despite claiming that trumps tax cuts would pay for themselves, they very much not invented. They did so little to boost the economy that projected to cost us. One point: nine trillion over a ten year period, wrong ok. So he does makes a lot of claims there right. Traces are projected one point to one point: nine trillion, let's be The clear tax revenues there were tax cuts. Tax revenues rose three.
Three trillion, twenty seventeen three point: five trillion and twenty ninety so and I'll get to something to explain some tax policy to you in a little bit houses laws where it is remarkable and I ve ever been taught that in college, and you should quit your college. This is something remarkable you can say: hey. We we're we're losing one trillion dollars in tax revenue. What they what this math is. What is very clever, I thought seen just went black for second distracted me, a network with what they try and says by collecting x amount less in taxes mandated taxes from someone's check shore. But what's the point speed, net endgame, revenant right there at the end of the year. What happens? Is you end up increasing tax revenue- and this is a general reduction, make the case for later, not even realizing, because people have more of their own money and they spend it me economy. They invested and businesses higher more people. Therefore, there are more people paying taxes at all. If you have ten thousand people, let's say paying twenty five percent income tax as opposed to one you have record and high unemployment
five thousand people paying twenty. percent income tax. This is the math that people dont understand more people being employed. They port pay more taxes, they also have more of their money. Goods and services are, are not going up price, gas right now, what you don't see, the same kind of inflation, so people are buying more and you have a record boom with an economy. Also, let's talk about this re says that people in only went to the wealthy earners, the average household United States. Their income went up five, thousand dollars in the first three years of Trump compared to one thousand dollars under eight years Morocco them and by the way he had a head start where less usually came in with a bad economic. That's the whole point. If he came in with the other stock market crash, he is prime ready to just take credit for whatever the market did he actively hindered that is unbelievably low wage growth. So if you want a bitch about wage growth in the middle class, you should look at.
Obama and exactly setting the blueprint for former vice President Joe Biden and, of course, corporations businesses. A lot of them did come back from overseas one trillion dollar in trillion dollars in profits, while not dimension like he says they weren't spending money. They won't brick spending money on factories, but left some of them that money on stock buyback options, but the four Why didn't go to Mexico was going It was a Toledo Ohio that we're is gone well, then that it had not even ill that entire thing in Mexico that they didn't underpins right, but now they're going to any other going back cartels together, going now iraqi amusement park. But what most companies did he did mention this: what most companies that did big giant by backs? They borrowed the money. You know why, because it was a most free to borrow money right. They didn't just take text that all additional remnants, fantastically user for by backs Apple, was one of the biggest ones that did that they borrowed money even with more money than the United States. Government luck, Our trump workers, Donald Trump cut TAT
is a path of rim, shouted increased overall tax revenue increase, average salary, decreased unemployment created record high black employment, for the first time actually brought down the the prices of drugs. Ok, nothing is perfect, but you're, just made the argument, you can decrease income taxes and corporate taxes and increase
tax revenue, yeah, here's another one, brutally honest put the corporate sorry. But if you put money towards a corporation- and you just pretend that's going to one guy right, which is what they try to do, then yeah you can look at it that way, like the richer, just getting money right with the way that you get the money dispersed. You is by going to the corporations that you work for right, although here we hire people for media that, when I went from thirty two down to twenty one was that what it wasn't went from. Certainly, loathing lordy lived up to twenty one, another trying to go back to twenty one, eight united events that I'm not that we hired to people just so you know my account yard you people we hired to people because we knew we can now afford that yeah. You know who pays for that by the way the corporations are all know, we're gonna lose seven percent. No, they pass that on to the consumer, whose typically them a middle class rang lower class, but well listen at this.
Who cares, because we ve just given one trillion dollars in wealth, not them bringing their businesses back like from dont Donald Trump incentives to bring the business back and employ Americans. We ve just allowed five people to accumulate a trillion dollars and wealth because you can't shop at your local grocery can't go to your local coffee shop. You can go to local farmers market, you know in Chicago and Martin Amazon, hey good. You support the little guy now, let's move onto him talking about how spending is not a bad thing as long as you spend more on the right things- and I was sitting in Washington, he's not gonna, go to medical and so seriously easygoing o o. While he really is british, before the pandemic, hates most of all Was the result of long steady growth in programmes that we'd long ago committed to like Medicare and Other entitled so we shall already getting right off for the money. That was spending, and that actually brings us to a really important point here, going into debt can actually be a good investment for the country. Essentially, as economist will tell you, the key question is all spending money on the right things. Ok, so low
This is where he just vague. There you're spending money on the right. Ok, don't you know what Medicare medicate, forty six percent of the federal budget. So what's right, number debts, I didn't hear me: seventy five percent, didn't we I represent its forty six percent of the federal budget, keep in mind for six percent doesn't get you. What you think billions trillions of dollars, which is really trillions of around and now one third of doctors refuges refused to take any patients right now with medicate any new medicate patient social security. The payments are scheduled to run out in twenty thirty, for, of course, unless you somehow increase tax revenue by I dont know, dart decrease taxes and allowing people to spend money in the mail order
thing like move the retirement age or let people put it in private accounts or animal, maybe be responsible for their own retirements. Now you would think so. None of those proposals or there's no way we are getting Socialist Cuba, it's better, that we behave social security now and never get what you in to this, who do call into about their ship Kramer like it better than I was just getting its upon these game, and you called into reported that what happened yesterday as we see that are really it is going to be adequately just started. Describing these things like you up yet that sounds like a party scheme. You, like, I think that social security and sticks really Elias. This isn't chooses intent. We have you, look don't higher eighty four out of work or it doesn't say it's like a nationalist version of the: U S, W cannot work anymore because you now have a generation of too many lazy sons of bitches or bitches by the way. This is something we always say: the tax cuts they only go to the rich. Now not look again, my
the Americans ended up paying an average of sixteen hundred dollars lesson taxes across the board. The issue here is the bottom. Twenty percent of Americans pay a net negative of fifty six percent income tax because I don't pay federal income tax and they still get federal transfers in the forms of social security, public education and Medical Medicare writes a lot of people I'll pay any taxes at all the top one percent. They pay thirty, four percent of all taxes. So look once you have the top marginal tax rate, which I don't know it wasn't or Donald Trump. I want to say it's a lot went from from Joe Biden. It was maybe for five thousand into a family. Ok, so How you have those people paying. Let's say you cut their taxes by four or five privileges round number, just so it's easier and five percent, but in that same bracket as someone making five million dollars
of course you're going to say, goes the top five percent, because we cut off the top marginal tax rate, because it's wrong to tax people, seventy or ninety percent, as Bernie Sanders said he would be ok with. It is morally reprehensible when people say the rich dont pay their fair share. They never actually offer a fixed number of fish alternative and not only that they can contrast it with other countries when they point like norwegian countries. Are Denmark rightly point to Sweden lot of these places? They have higher income taxes. Maybe they have some kind of social safety, net or social rights health care, even though the outcomes are worse through able to afford it, because they all have lower corporate taxes. We, before the Donald Trump cut, we had one of not the highest corporate tax rates. just realized world the absolute, The one percent I think just put us in the middle of the pack. This would put us that if we go back to twenty eight, I think it puts a city. The number two number three in the world right again: grow businesses? Businesses are smarter, gonna go where they can. You wonder if we have the number one or number two highest corporate tax rate. You wonder
that might encourage corporations- and God knows John Oliver. What he makes this out to be an exact science like economics, doesn't have a wide view of opinions are at one of the quota loves it. Astrologers were put on this planet to make economists look good right that everybody has a different opinion about this stuff. He acts like this is set in stone and it's not we say: is people generally do a better job and governments of making decisions about how to spend money in so instead of giving them the government more money to spend poorly on we're spending that much on healthcare we spend more than the UK. We spend more than Canada, we spend more than France per person and we still have worse outcomes most of the time, because we have bad diet and we have a bad system that waste a ton of money. We want people what to do not government right and by the way as it relates to social security. If you take the exact payment, the exact amount of money that is taken from the check that goes into so scared of k that exact amount of money few, just where someone enough instead in autumn, an opt out of social security and I'm going to put that
basic Essen P index fund. Now you would vastly outperform what's up security will give you wouldn't even be close, but most people want daddy, do it for them. You can invest that an anything and do better than such a secured could investigate owed, calling you couldn't acid in Zuma, AOL hot right now, by the way invested in a car- and I went to British out here already Here you see that eighty four bewick elsewhere little mistake for me my menial, taking in a cash that out for a smooth six hundred dollars, which is thirty six hundred dollars more than AL beginning, for I was hoping it by this time. It would be vintage, but it turns out its officials
What do you know why you keep playing that? What are you looking at their token on you are so eating a mushroom s eating so many mushrooms. I heard a future. It will be fun. Here's another one, we're John already says he makes the point for us right here so long. well just listen what he has to say about tax revenue and debt and deficit, so long ass, our economy grows and a right greater than the interest that we're paying on our debt. We, come out ahead in the same way that would come out ahead if you borrowed money at two percent interest and then invested somewhere and got five percent returns? Will you may like In essence, we knew me like that. It's not about your money or displacing so long as the economy outpace. Is it so now you're saying that a factor in what are ultimate revenue can be, as it relates to deficit. Hey Joe Louis go back now, Joe
go back made after party, I noticed he needed to use course, languid our rights. We might need Garcon come in here and get the get better known by the name has been given me. The eye. Has he been giving you the little that anyone who wants to combat legs? Sneakers, how he loves me, never mind, he's fine, ok, look! This is something that they want. They, they don't want you to talk about, ok, the economy, so they are acknowledging now general where's, acknowledging that if the economy bases are deaf, that was the idea of rigour. Reagan did increase deficit spending with the ideas of a crazy booming economy. It's better than we spending money at a federal level and expecting it to ultimately take care of the debt. Look. You have a problem if you're spending and you're not generating enough revenue We saw under Brok Obama, you dont you still. Problem. If you're spending too much of a problem with Donald Trump, I think you're spending way too much, of course, in the last year with globally. But if we're talking about economies, ok, Barack Obama was two point. Six two point: six percent growth right annually, one point: nine is
we ended Donald Trump had three point: five percent growth in twenty nineteen and was proud to do over four percent, some quarters before Covet hit, and you guys decided that we needed to build back better the great reset, which is something that we weren't supposed to talk about before, but now they ve said it's a great time to reset and rebuild the economy. This is something it's really interesting, tat. First off. If you text all revenue, all revenue, all revenue we'd, have we not attacks problem with spending from you text every single dollar in income above one million dollars, you would pay the nation, that's it! You would balance it for about four months, even political fact actually brought. I think we have this down from Forbes pilot effect, brought it up when Paul Ryan made this claim in between in between sessions of p. Ninety acts, and even there are things that have to like it depends on the year where maybe on one year, if you checked all revenue over one million dollars, he'd get five months, and maybe some years you get four look for half a year, take every single time over a million dollars. It would not handle our problem now here
something else that nobody tells you, as we know, we're talking about great booming economy under Donald Trump locate. So there's something called Hauser Slot And so we will try and about Doesn'T- and we have talked about the laffer curve or people, trains trickle down economic issues and workers. Look. You gets rid of coin this term to try and vilify Reagan, just like the star wars, missile defence system- that wasn't the actual term. It's a term that you use, but people tried to refute the Africa, which is there's been a certain point of maximizing revenue with income, Triton, then you lose revenue here is a thing that that doesn't, fully explain, because it ok there's a peak the difference. very, very small percentages, so throughout modern american history. We ve had tax rates right you're, talking about great depression, new deal. Ninety percent- that's good, Bernie Sanders right, so income, taxes, the top marginal tax rate at ninety percent. No one actually paid that, but ninety percent, all the way down to about thirty percent, for the top marginal tax. Ok, doesn't matter concerns
gently from ninety percent two. Today, tax revenue has consistently been about seventeen percent of gene people with seventy percent of GDP, with a variation of one point here, so, whether you townspeople at nine now or your tax them authority, the garden. still generating seventy percent of revenue and lets say that if you tax at ninety, you Eighteen point: two I? You know That's a worthwhile trade off. This is also important for people to understand. You cannot tax your way to wealth. Now what is at stake? because of the huge difference right. Ninety thirty percent, now not I'm, I'm not a mass guy in our Asian and in turn out, there is on the roof top right now fighting off the hordes but a moan about thirty. Something like a third of ninety. So even though heard a third, the marginal tax rate, yours looking around the same generated revenue, why that and then that this is where you have to decide what shapes
Well, do you agree with the right prospect the conservative respective or the liberal perspective that the gun should determine the economy that it should determine outcomes that it should determine winners and losers, that the economy is one pie and that you need to get your slice or the concerned. principle, which is listen. You need to be the master of your own desk destiny, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and the good thing about a free market economy is you can build more pies, because we understand that the net result ends up being about the same. Then you say who? Is it better? to get to that seventeen percent revenue as a proportion of GDP across the board through taxing bullet ninety percent Record unemployment, people not having disposable income people relying on food stamps people were lying on a lot of people relying on government services or we get that same amount of revenue, even though decrease and common likely corporate taxes depending on the year? But we can at the same revenue, because people are spending their own money willingly with
businesses for goods, services, commodities and it ends up general, the same amount of revenue and employing more people. You, have to decide because the but it's the same? No matter what should you I've control. Should you have choice or is it big brother government What's the same percentage, it's not the same number the number actually climb, like you pointed out of two hundred billion dollars. It went up right, so we're growing the GDP, because you're right that seventy percent gonna happen, whether it's that one point: nine percent growth that Obama experienced or the almost four percent that we experienced under Donald Trump I'll takes it ten percent of a bigger gdp number. Every single time right and if you think the other Way, here's what happens you doing what they see. Did you deprive your economy of billions of dollars in tax revenue in jobs and people spending money, because Amazon coming all because you don't want them to get attacks benefit to locate their. That's what you in there doing that, as a result, I say make more pies,
as long as you're not delivered by Amazon answer, eyes also makes our extinction oil protester land Dunham. Yet that's right. This fall that apply year over the fire department frighten the face she, where they weren't putting a grand piano and a high rise. When that happens, jeez Dave that that's not even dark, just lack and Joe, I don't wanna, be early to just window washers and Kevin Mcallister reaching out of office guys bill on alone five, and if a merry, why look that's just wanting people? Don't really know they don't talk about, and you know what you know how you actually solve. The problem is Donald Trump reduce taxes and reduce spending, that is our but John Oliver said Whimsical ceased to live in the UK is that we have no remedy the rolling all yours, he doesn't load. You haven't you land, unmarried, analysing the area under printing easier to flash the interns that right all holly.
Ok, so we got one more thing: gonna take your shetland, but where they talk about here in the trial is forgotten, the shop and trial tomorrow we have a lot to to tomorrow, as it relates to Youtube, so we're gonna be sitting on our punches tomorrow. We wanted to make a little more more lax and familiar with you. Let's see what the widest man on earth is desired, sees area tired of parliamentary, and do you recall how long is the paramedic that you receive news? We receive lose the for approximately thirty minutes, so you're saying he's not good at being a pyramid mention to us just one example that somebody domain industry happen Efron and sodium bicarbonate. Would you tell the ladies and gentlemen of the jury one of those administered for is coyly known as adrenaline. It's a drug that has been studied extensively on the streets now known as binding manner, better coffers, ACL ass,
Evan Deference Disney Character, somewhat controversial hanging on an island button to affirm my carbon. Let's hope he comes back. Tell a lie: medication, it maybe Why did you see that's just a robber on this, because this is incredibly boring and I don't like a guy with that bags darkened or that is any our doc comma is variously those guys matter open. You will see when you see the eyes it looks like you should be, it looks like you should we bring about catching time is fleeting is very weird yeah. This is something people don't know they cut the footage, the prosecution when they were showing some footage. They cut the footage of shop and Saint get in getting the anger perform. we are getting. The ambulance performs the credit that footage before Shopman was actually saying that act. Leon Camp. I don't think I've seen area. They cut a lot of footage selectively. Here's something else to look again. We have to treat we have the preface.
there's just like Charles Barkley, with I believe in it. My heart, you knucklehead, saying that I'm saying white and black people just shouldn't hate each other. You nucleus, but people get mad. I'm say I'll just into citizens are so I have the preface this. What is worse of iraqi? Got it ok, understood but when he was calling out to his his dead man right. The first narrative was his mom just die because George Floyd lied about everything by the recent Amandas died meant. No. She didn't. He said I didn't do not mean yes, you did you call it a kid and you're paid with a counterfeit. The kind of guy men fell. Yes, you are, I can't breathe. Yes, you can you're standing up you're walking, so every single thing they said a leading up to that one, a lie, but people believe any was saying Mama that he was calling out it was recently dead. Mother did you guys watch us in the trial. Yet what have I heard that in the summer, though, part of the trial. Yet you heard about whom are as yet? No I only I meant. No, no, no no deal is registered. Mamma is don't know his his drug dealing.
Girlfriend how really strike yet Mama an astronaut scientists it and how to De Mr Floater for what was his name for your mama? always, she wouldn't change anything now attention, but when the product action is only discuss an emotional response. Now that matters it shouldn't change. Anything it comes down to was person killed by Derek Shop and that's really what it comes down to it. However, their entire arguments have been emotional and that matter because a media doesn't covered. Mama was his girlfriend, whom he did. Drugs weapons may or may not have purchase structure That was the one, the hot topic Yet how tiara girl the one of those issues and hollowing gas junior that and I think, she's, I think, she's by racial issue- I'll? Tell you one thing: she's gross worth: did you
That's all you have eyeballs. I mean come on. I'm just saying. If you take a look at her yuck there aren't there aren't enough nightmare before Christmas, tee shirts in the world. Now that I know they're just take Jack Skellington on a date these two days ago, you know she's finish it she's, she's, gonna, hey! You know what you know, what look I'm gonna go for today in the trial Helena Bottom Carter: it's always Helena Bottom Cargo, always the look you're going for sweetheart. We get it. The stockings and the dark make up you're, not ok, good! Can you I'll, be Caroline Weekend we'll call you Mamma, since that's what you're most familiar with it, just To me, the way they lie to the public and it didn't ever go back and endure an accurate correction, either like either buried. They just never covered again and then just going to move on to the night is young and not worry about it for the prosecution called among us it. Why didn't you show the whole footage and that's something I've always had left. We don't
have time to follow both sides of every issue. However, there are consistently two teams lining up. You know wanna, given topic, it does help first identify who is pushing for more transparency and who is pushing for less out of privacy laws or some kind of like toxic? Something like that would be an actual security threat like issues of national security and Homeland security briefings, got it It comes to this trial. If you have one side presenting to the point boring, shot after shot an after angle after angle of video footage forever from big. to end and you have one selectively, editing it and then asking somebody to train opine on what they thought happened there. It should be a giveaway to you that something that run away you're antenna should go up, especially at this. point in history. When brain cells are saying we need to remove people from Youtube. When people like you, two percent, you shouldn't be allowed to talk about the election at all. You shouldn't be allowed to talk about covered mortality rates at all one
People are saying you should be allowed to talk about L, Gb Ticket Q AP in people's, but other people, including deserves including drains genders. Unless we say what I think talk about all of these things. It does Matt It's a good jumping off point to just look if you have no other critical thinking skills just start with, ok, which It is trying to present as much information as transparently as possible, because there's almost always that conflict ones it's trying to suppress it once it is trying to, channel. It yeah and in the other side, obviously is trying to play on emotions every single time when, when this happened, I don't remember exactly who was, I think it was Maxie waters, but I think it could have been just a Congress person, somebody other than her said this cop look like he He got up and orders. He thought I'm gonna go out. Get me one today, yeah that was the that somebody like I couldn't? I don't remember exactly it was, but I thought was Maxie water. That's the kind of thing that the left constantly does stone. racial division. Just like Charles Barkley said
One of them have come back out now that we have all the facts. All of his social media has been gone through. All his friends have been identified and asked questions all of the people that were there asked questions to every Euro whistler did he say something about George Floyd being black? Did he have hatred in his heart for black people know None of that has happened. She hasn't come back out and said I am sorry. I was wrong. This guy didn't get up in the morning and Samuel: go, kill me a black man. Now I think, there's really only two outcomes here, nothing completely guilty or they get him with some sort of an met, voluntary manslaughter, because I think that this point and Dave has made this point. I think this is what I think I do think it's racially motivated. I dont, I think, especially when you watch it. I was talking with someone recently and they said hey. They said I don't know. If I would want to sharpen in charge of my life, I mean you don't actually, I would have problem with it, if I were doing, drugs are committing a felony and the show and all the way up to look. I'm not gonna shoot. Please put your knowing our would have air conditioning police if you were doing drugs and just ass passing. Maybe if I had known that I'm saying I wouldn't I
prefer someone like a shop and one look get in the car I'll get the air conditioning on through the possibility of the Rodney kink. In other words, I prefer little training day. Just simple wish you had more time and he should have the fire a motorway that allows those out of time. But I don't know it's all the same moving safely, but this this this does matter you're all the way up until now listening not listening, resisting put me on the grand put me in the end, then then, what I don't think it's a silly racism, but I think someone could make the case that here It turned him over. That's a pissed off caught gone, everything I possibly could I want to go home to my wife and kids. Now is the big strong guy who wouldn't listen? I said I'm not going to shoot. You wouldn't put his hands above his head, just go the crime. That's what we are trying to get him to the back of the cop car said he wanted to be put in the ground. Now is continually trying to wriggle away and escape, and he just said you know what I'm gonna stay here until someone else arrives and he just got set up that still isn't militia This in turn, I don't I don't think that's the case.
but I would allow for that too. They were presenting that case, but do not represent effectively first remoter. I know I have an alternate theory and this doesn't excuse it honor you gonna, make shovel on this, not the whole audio otter percent. This is this is what I think happened. If you watch the video now that we ve learned some stuff, that area has been known for a lot of crime They knew the intersection that they were going to help but notice right now, exactly people alike, copper noodles, like invites all the time that right, so they knew that right. If you watch the video when a crowd starts gathering in the crowd, anything did anything wrong blessing. Hey man he's not breathing hey man. Turning over like, I don't think they were wrong for saying that brought you watch Shovin his eyes. I think about either a minute and a half or two minutes he does. down at all. He is now evaluating this crowd. That's gathering in that is now the most pressing thing for him. Now, I'm not saying he was right for that either Brenda sing think this was the perfect storm or all the sudden he's not looking at George for anymore he's. Looking at a crown, of people that are angry and he's. A team of extraordinary. That's a good reference. That's a good
perfect storm you sodium kneeling on is not that's actually flights, it it's a bad storm heroin, perfect that also that's a terrible instrumental. Why talking like that sets Tivoli jailed, so we are trying to say. Is he deserved that at all to say this? I don't think either one of the words tried to do that, but I don't want your opinion it. Even though the George Washington, I wouldn t for cable to trust when you got my coming, you have. He had more than you know about one zero. I hate them. That's enough! That's enough! Here figure out other my movie privileged over the good. What will you see them? Only perhaps I am only job it's time to kill Dogan Alan with mushrooms. I love it. I love it. I can't I kick it.
Right. Just because I did know, George Washington had Wouldn T have initially wanted in Lahti. That enables teeth. I don't want to figure out what I wanna make subaerial about it, but since Gerald is always pretty smart, but when it comes to historical facts, no one's ever can trust you again like loudly Kramer stays there. Was this like dying with Martha? I dont know if that is what I know you wouldn t I get, that area is gonna, get all s tearing with us. Listen you know yet where we had no, you wouldn't teeth, and we know that to dump t into the harbor it s about them on the guy just figured out what for no Floyd, but he thought the George George Washington, a perfect dentistry and was from England. I should have known, I don't think, that's accurate, think any I believe, has no rights. No we're gonna, kill, Tokonoma
This token I didn't understand this. Last week token, I know the man without a faces, a segment that we did. Yes, I saw a beautiful man and passed away beautiful umbrella king. He did he died. I wanted a good news for him and his wife she's spry, so, as I know, Now they are really softly doing superior. Try with a better decades. These rare aid to get rid of all the evidence of that so terrible far out. What's funny is now get mad about. This is not a marginalized groups. Now you know what measures we need to watch this documentary his. I think it's hysterical, the female comedian documentary on Hulu, but I'll talk, I note your money, oh my gosh, it so bad, but
token on, was afraid mushrooms. His entire, like this was his idea for a bit. Ok I'll get you like, and then I had no idea of their bringing mushroom to eat neural. Here he refused to eat it. He did he slunk out. He was up and why did you see? What do you do that so explain the bids you twice but remember, which is fine, but I wasn't I was never, can actually eat mushrooms. I cannot agree with interpreting and prosthetic from my face. And make that makes any ages. Past regrets and womanly told you you're not lessen our look at what we have cameras and I were to lessen token. I just try to tell you the story twice. Maybe if you pay attention here right now, ok now and telling a story, I think I can- and I say this because of the pause he was afraid of catching the fungus refrain of catching the fungus. It's not the taste, it's not the consistency. It's just that I don't want to lose, but now you decided that you had to regain your honor.
for the audience and you're gonna take you can eat some mushrooms. Forest typical show us here show us on camera. Haven't you ever? They gather show with us. We gotTa Yeager without and that's the reverse. Let's go you're no eyes. Its eating. It is, do have a number of the river a mushroom all unless they give us some token, our through a mushroom get over his line along swallowing vanishing swallow it come on now. No, I said I didn't mean it like that very eager for him. So if he has no face tomorrow- and I was here that we know what that was- his equipment to climbing up the the canopy and white squalling Renee, adding a come on
does anybody white scrutiny, but even that people, just in case we should refrain, should have planned for service? We re we're in a way that I really didn't like it about allergic to peanut butter. I just wanted to peanuts so every now and then when I will just do as I hide all the Abbe pens, and I would just put a jar of peanut butter to defence and go you know it sit Nunez were gone. That's right! It's gonna! U dont word! I hate and words. I guess combined is not butter like you. I now the time now to make sure he doesn't bring a nut butter to schools, a guy while do my bit charities wicked and thanks for the help that we pay them every night. I dreamt I went to issue there like you, can make your own peanut butter and might museum just we want a chore. Why would I always is ground up peanuts? Niece putting the machine like Loki may push peanut butter like my primary concern with peanut butter. Wasn't fresh,
it wasn't making it for years. Seen I've really fresh. When I opened the seal, then I can hear it in the covered forever. It's like having fresh honey. It's like I bought. It wants to go back a bottle. Ninety eight right next to the jolly green giant, peas, and I don't even know if they still manufacture. I think ass, a hamburger help here and there to Cristo will. Who is the hamburger help for the other one too who is it there is another hamburger helper- there was a different company was no one. There was the same kind of Anita Tuna, but it was again like I'm tuna helper, but it wasn't to know something terrible, well tunas, terrible enough article legit, though I should speak out loud, largely lay ervic, perfect game for us too, perfectly timeframe. for I will mention this. Is documentary and hysterical it's about female comedians who those watching it on Hulu we do. together words, of course, the hilariously always hilarious, Judy Gold
Judy Garland, always other comedians who are sitting there talking about how hard it was to get ahead as female comedians and there were enough slots and, of course, its way harder than being a man which is by the way, totally untrue, because if you look at the amount of female comedians who are out there, who are actually attending open, might nights versus the amount of male comedians at the top who get specials. They are just report represented, because it's too shall over talent pull. There's, aren't that many women who don't stand so that their not funny. It's that there's a action of women who decide to go into that line of work man going into a line of work with nurses, retirement fix. I should not like well. I should say that this weekend to I just read an article that prices and to you. I realized about how this woman basically says that hustling,
working hard at comedy is essentially racist and vigour. Well. Well, I so when you go for our aim. You're, I dont hope she bomb so much as someone bombs the stay. Yet why don't there? She performs, because the reason she's failed in comedy is because she has the integrity not to do it. Tries her accelerate me good for her. You know what you keep that up will check back with you this film motion. They're talking about this and they're saying it's just this unacceptable to express female points of view and when so funny to me, though cynical like well, you know what I was thinking as we're watching as I'm watching for my wife. Long since checked out, I wouldn't subject the twins to that. now and I'm gonna. I think they don't realize that there's a more marginalized voice and cut and that's being a concern for I do not think any females were dropped by the management and agents for civil having a right, leaning, point of view myself and then afterwards, when I go throughout the female comics through history, they have a montage and are even talk about like the first, you know sort of midwestern how
small stand at community. Who do you think of Roseanne already completely erase Roseanne BAR, for we all know why they act like you, never even exists. What did you find this area? Not that should tell you what is impermissible in comedy. They show Judy Gold, they show, I mean things. They only showed your nevertheless say Joan Rivers that such a good job of somebody did have a struggle at the beginning. It was her and she kick every door to make it possible for an she. Didn't like the female comedians were bitching nothin like that at all. She wasn't remember her. Her question is that what you think about Michelle Obama should first strategy. First, lady others is not on Youtube's logistic from one of the funniest women wouldn't ever ever biggest influences commanded, the just for last. That's what I've done. Storbeck say them new for Dave every now, and then she
was first of my mom really offended her because she, which uses very generous and so my mom, would do wardrobe costumes like one, you should address it. John Candy, like Barney and then another year should address of David Trimble like a mountain or something, and then she would also go into new clothes makes her their clothes fit well and so Joan Rivers. Is there she's my own wardrobe late? They did they dont, but usually use. We look just go out. Will you just so look at you you're, so fuckin scary, you bitch, but that's what she would have this, that she's gonna bet you and she goes. You should give her Mamma fifty and she goes. Dinner and my mom, because a front canadian thing is yet you give, gives any expecting back so it's actually raises swap push any maintain, don't be shy, but then you're bald this the phrases push any, which is why he's not shy, so it's just nothing but guilt. So my mom such it meant something. I will really well paid like you needed to music outrage and then my mom left it. her dressing room Counter and Joan was
She was mad because she thought my mom was because she had a lot of money and she luck. If anyone you know John Rivers, no, she was very re generous, but what's funny was in contrast with Jim Baluchi, not illustrated in time you, the Dick, ended up being a coffee runner form despite I was working in construction, but he only Larry. Yes, he said he's event is less funny. Brother dies, but we're always left with the railways left with the Germans and she went up, though and they said they would host a gala, what stand up comedians until they would have people actually write these right, cuz, they weren't doing stand up, they have and she went up and You just said no, no, not funny change this move that work and it was just like a comedy doktor worse in- everything got better and my mom telling me that story and make only someone can can do that. Well, how do you guys are all these writers and you're unless our levels to this thing- and it always inspired me to look at something and see? How can you condense it? How can you make it funny? How can you make it more poignant and she
expect a lot from herself. She really did end men that wasn't just covered, although briefly weren't, they cover her a little bit. They gonna talk about John it, but it was more soda crap on Johnny, Carson being white, aware of a border area, we can't be widened funny aiming ash data needed a genius Asia use a garbage human being. We cannot admit that when you read about what he did backstage, but is also the most famous man in the world, he was also really good, as a host use. Amazing, I haven't you just see. Was the EU was the standard for that there may, as you have Johnny Carson, and then you have of the new, I dont think anyone's done it better than early Letterman. I don't, I don't either agree. I also Conan yeah, I loved commented, goes Carson IP We prefer let him because I grew up with that, but I mean pre grumpy Letterman and come to an end. Everything else is a far distant second for me, but ok, now we're going to play before taking a chap runaway hipster, our home that's a fun game
I wish him luck. Lack crackheads arab noxious will destroy. I read a report that was recorded unless a computer matter found in my dad it's good the sick, lighter than we got a guy being in the street. That's my favorite shot balls. You just walk out the Miller. I'd pay it here, which one I like bananas and with the umbrella. That's ok! So for people who don't know the game you can play along with us will read in the air will reading the chat. we're going to get an image, close, close up image and we all have to gas if its hipster or hobo and then we'll find out and of course, at the end of this one, with a top score,
wins. No more here. Mushroom internet you're not going about our patch Looks like a lion landing Strip funding that ok I'll write vertical. I want you gotta go about right now. Is that hipster or a Hobo bow. Let's give Dave this one, one furtively given gone. First, these games hipster Hobo Dave. going to say Hobo you're gonna say, however- and I realise that we ve got a very neat beard- I realise that there's deftly things about him that seem hipsters fish right, but he does seem a little luck, Kara Wacky, if you will now, they could be an authentic. There could be a little, but I dont there's a little kid rock influence there. It looks like I'm saying, never met a hovel, quite glad bombed.
powwow baby, I'm going hips her looks like he's, got a little scarf gazelle. I'm gonna go with because it looks to me absolutely like hipster, but I told them I told our interns until it reaches you better, don't make these suck because last time we got them all right. That's I'm assuming there's a curveball here, so I, How about you say about it, heralds as hipster surprise give us the answer in what a black cat What news hipster where's will. I know I think, he's a home I'll, let you gotta let the humming I'm sorry he's a hobo who stole someone's Iphone, but somebody homeless have cellphones now, yet they do. That was true that yours murky you're wrong? It's ok, Joe Royal, look at him. Please bring all again bring the fall image. Can you bring it up that to me, looks like either it's the experts,
cars from corn, yes, it's a hobo who won the fine Jesus? I don't want you to find it suddenly got well, it found Jesus. Does Canada directors legally. Budgets are starving, start text, that's a whole, but it looks like John about gender. Around pc is so hard to tell these. Really. I don't ask that you know what that's how you know. It's a good thing was a good one. Well, I gotta give hell I don't I, you know what I think we all everyone gets a point now now that I get up what everyone gets. You gotta. Listen to the song about that. I ever get a lot of good. Do they go bring that the college campuses year with a hammock librarian everywhere were Emily Higgins? Did you say you wanted to hear some gets more weight common, that ban Holler, No and then I don't even have a guitar. It's not my voice. I, who wants to MECCA
as everybody knows, what number two hipster hope? Let's see this one, that's Bob Dylan It is bogged down a godsend or it's his son either. That's Bob did an aura starving venezuelan boy, this is a toughie days to be a that's also, his street name Yet toughie you used to work at toughie till they went on a business you ever been in a short, still loves sack before he moved on to under the bridge. Yes, it now he's just under the bridge I gotta go hobo gonna go Hobo jurisdiction with how about what are you doing on Hobart, you're goin, Hobo? Ok, you know what I feel like everyone else, years now. Without yet we lie, haven't we both had points everybody's. Even
He has no no wait. No wouldn t I don't ever want to be associated with the shut out the hobo. Now they don't want to be part of it. I mean to say you know what let's go home licences. We're all one point: let's just keep this time arrest give it to us more than you are. that one is hipster so hard to tell isn't need a garbage with No, but you gotta mute our MIKE, so we can do is. Are we can't those along is martyrs? On that you look like a hobo was telling lad. I visited a point. It so you're hobo to me, though yeah, If that was my kid had built, you look like a hobo I'd, take a shower, I would say who live on the streets? The you know, look like you know, I'd say: hey! No hoboes gonna live in my house get out, but they ve been dead. That circular logic, there's no way for me to get back in and I'd say, don't try and use your reason on meat out if the bricks
What I would say- and I give my hoboes satchel, which is a stick with a do rag held, which sandwiches and such and you know, listen, I'm not I'm an hour. I would teach them how to jump on to a moving train and we are not yet as well there's a way to do things and is awaiting not right of making Shelly with you now. alright. Let's go to the next one year hinder their material, but how many more do we have to have two more? We get one, two, three more ok, I gotta say: ok,. If so, how do I feel like look at US fingernails? So we're all one point, as we all got that one wrong, so we're all we're one another for all of us. I would have said this one. I would say I would welcome You go first, while the finger nails, if its is it fungus or paint tobacco tough renaissance jewish leads foot. I don't
Are you grows? Do small crack by offence? I wanna go Hobart. Why? I don't think that's a fence either. I think they're hydrant, neither that's either that's Nicole, given the others under the veiled, want or person and which makes me think, there's no hobo gathering more it's a tent where he lives because he's a hobo nobody listens, an arm in its Like Edward Furlong. Ok, I think he's too slow its hobo. That Leslie refer along at a really does, and what do you think they're mobilise going with hope on this one? So you're gonna go you're goin, I'm gonna hobo. I take a risk, a dominant, but it's been two hipsters and know that for them,
I think I can see three that still its effect if it does not matter what so stop trying to overtake at all, but I go here stir because it looks like there's someone like a weird veil dress behind them. Yes, that one's a hope only see lives in a box. He smells like p, so to point out that a woman apparently So it's too one now two to one war is a bad asian. Hey. You know what I keep score on the floor, the checks that I sign all disabled? It is human rights or to one. I do direct deposit just to avoid this, particularly since you fix it brings of outlining checks at last, and I expect the next one then most going to be. Let alone lay this year, all right. Let's go to the next one hipster Hubble at sea.
Why? What is I gotta? That's from it be era's. What's really hard to tell me, I'm going hipster where there's a phone honoured me. I don't think that's a no! No! That was free. Cellphone era or If you're trying to trick euros, has taken last week a pack a smoke side. I think it's just a notepad where she writes down the dream, shall never fulfilled. No, no, no is it the paint and I was ready hipster you say: Hipster hipster. ago, a feminist bitch about this, but there are far fewer homeless women because it can always just gold ride or our people are just way more sympathetic and if you're attractive, if you active women in your homeless,
You really must have school will be greater than the way it's like you can just sell dick. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants this because we are going to get it to take, suffer we're way. Overstocked on that racked of woman says I just wanna play to sleep tonight in a room of men in the general vicinity. At least three will say say, and you have a one nice warm bed if a guy says
place to sleep tonight, you can hear the sirens make their work. It wasn't me, remember them, but rise up on his bike, savour of all more here to help you have won the tandem, but there's only one seat that really a feat. It's more like a contraction in seven for last where's, the second seat. It's right here. That's why we're goggles having to say ominous say hobo, because that's a real curveball, so you both they observe and say how about these events is my only chance of getting back. Let's go, that one news hipster, you see he caught himself when they cancel
I forgot about ten years old gray. Well, well, you know what I see. You think these up over thinking this notice, Jago Silver, like I think that the soccer player yeah I'm over thing, and I think you guys you trying to trick- makes sense, but I'm smarter than you, which makes me dumber than you, because then I think that you guys are outfoxing. If you would give me the points I planted with Ruth yeah I'll, give you two points even come over here and now: with an end up getting rustled mice treatment toughening on Mr Roofing call me totally. They call me. Ok, guys by tough- and I also know, muscle, mass and bad Keynes rickets- and I happened to be one of my legs guy, like everything our main clown dance. I got scared bees from living on the street shop from person to person,
pubic likes. You thought was a thing of the past and we each at my pants tapping of a black through the path toughened here That's ok! Does we can say it cause? I'm white or I want more well on what we're hipster, Hobo hipster hobo, Oh, that's just around us Romanians,
I swear you. Neither one of us now- and this is where do you know, I thought we might get a good little quip. I thought that was just a joke. We're both maiden attracts it's the hipster Hobo Russell, and if you were to ask him whether is a hits your hobo, he give you twelve minutes answer where, if you tell the darker may really of the fact that we all think we're living in a transit, well we're really its permanent, because there's no actual space of time present a future was put in this document. It is devoid of left right, one really all human beings in search of something in the south which really describe but to talk about it in a lot of words
like a little harm or fear that, like. I would understand too, if you would say that, for some people think that on one may and some people don't stand, what luck is love and hasn't been dormant, tantric yogi understand now that love and like to really one and the same three sip Oddy is but one thing, but not my holy Spirit, sense of the trinity, but really just in the fact that I'm still living off residuals from Forgettin. Sarah Marshall arousing the relevant. I explained the twelve steps sobriety in thirteen books, I'm tired of your youth, the Argo Silver energies back. I think everybody we're like ten points. That's what thou know that when very go that is just bought a new world. You and I were because he had no idea ideal. Like no idea. He thought that was Denzil. Did this training? I guess that's what it was. That was dens. I did. I wish our homeless. You think that I'm almost share that you think it's ok,
loved and everyone loves Denzil. Ok, let's say a couple of chats: we're gonna fear this one's from Keegan Right, Stephen gang. What do you think it will take for more celebrities? Have opinions like Charles Berkeley? It's such a rare thing now making you know what We just gotta. You just have to stop being scared. I used to have a different answer when I would say two kids or people in unity. Minister. Just keep your head down now and you know get to the point where you know you can have some sort of power into you can't do it anymore. You absolutely not do they're gonna, try and cancel Barkley for that people been going after us for years, and it doesn't matter what you say it doesn't matter. How pathetic you are it doesn't matter how much you give to charity. If you express a point, if doesn't, if each principle they don't like, including mentioned able to compete. Women sports, they will cancel you so just requires everyone now being is bold as possible as open as possible and I do want to say, is on afraid, because everyone should be afraid, but
every is doing the right thing, in spite of being afraid, they will find you anyway, and so I People need to stop preemptively apologizing for expressing their opinion, and I think states need to do their job like Texas is doing with the big tech laws. I think the biggest battle Our time is certainly too things is: the battle of information about of access to information through big deck and the idea that that men and women exist, I think that actually really matters. The idea of the family unit, the idea that parents at least, should be able to raise their children of it as they see fit and the government can hey kids away because are trying to push some sort of social experiment into your individual household those. the two biggest for make those two biggest battle fronts and I just think people need to be bold, for example women. I know a lot of women right now. I dont want men competing biological males by the way. Now that terms offensive its natal born male natal care, because our single- let's I just read it at bloody elbows sport site and somewhere either salon or slate missing NATO
but NATO born because biological male still offensive, because, given my now gender biology or separate but now You can change right. Your official certificate, your fischler, ratification, which is biological, not just gender, and of you can compete in women sports which separated by so and I will not say biological male, because I still uttering us so let's say NATO mail So, in a few years time you might be removed from Youtube for saying biology, typical male. Who knows? we're at the time. Are you guys you ve gotta, put your foot down you ve gotta, be as public as possible. You gotta be Hizbollah is possible and it going to start those conversations with self plug is Crato shop that commune with social tangle. What does that mean your parole? I've changed my mind with me in your programme change from. What's that mean Fight like challenges brought a job. No look job right fan like the octopus with the fish one theory under the when you first apologized, for you say something they used to be reserved for a racist joke a Sunday right and now it's any opinion that you have that somebody might dislike, and it is also in the time so you're not misquoted or they don't take out of context. Why should they will take out that part
accordingly the out of context and build the narrative the way they want to do so just say it in a lasting for me, you stop apologizing when you're not wrong crystal repining years ago. I think he tweeted out some elect turn it up. When gout guardians of the galaxy came out, great music in apparent offended, the deaf community, and so I apologise not kill you like getting here early. He literally signed out an apology to them and then, if you're going to apologize, do what you did when the vocs apocalypse but then he apologized apologize like well. It was sincere, have very sincere and did they here, apology the apology heard round the World Canary Video rang Jeff Feet, but gigs goggled. Now they re terrible movie, though one should take the soundtrack. I imagine deaf people were like I just don't do I just don't get it movie shot out like the English it like this one does picture where one gun at no worse than the artist or the artist the one best picture, not aconite piece of ear ass. I remember Roma were
movie. Ever seen. For I would rather Bio dome worse than the path which only desire. Oh it's worse than the pets. Ok around. That's impress out some press and I do not understand. Why won anything I don't remember that one was there the artists as a black and white needle Elvis silent, big one, instead projects, that's about it. What was a one year or the gay wasn't moonlighting was a light was two years ago that one one right now: it's ok, just gay Blackstone, and then there was the help which was when it's like. Oh, these are me in my black servant, singing into hair brushes when seeking ensure- and this is why they do no even so go to one more Chattanooga. We went to go see to help my wife and Ninety seven year old grandmother determinant of nine of the treaty as well as in my ear old maid back, and I hope they are old gonna go see they help because they will be good for us. You say no one to go, see it with my grandmother. She wanted to see it. My grandmother in law, and, what's that I wish we could
now the actor from Diehard Professor Snape Oh it's, while in now and rounded men get out arrangement yet so we were watching. That was to help, and there was this wasn't Michigan and when I would recommend comes on his Ronald Reagan, this lady in the audience goes at my wife said because my wife, it already read the books, not they help, but there's a book of a guy with a butler for all your ministrations courier and it was an outlet- is that what is causeless can ok she'd ready the horrible she had read a few? There are no, not the film there's a book. She read the boy about these people who worked and administrations, and they talked about these- were black people talk about Lyndon Johnson was just incredibly races, airy and incredibly Kurt any. Would talk noise in the bathroom and I'll Ronald Reagan actually in answering were the first people to actually acknowledge them and treat them really well, and so my wife, when someone goes but in the audience, goes, our treatment is Ronald Reagan. My wife internet use o I didn't know there are racists and this data. She goes what she goes, keep watching and then not the vaudeville wouldn't even deny that Ronald Reagan was really the
decent president to the help, and you know they really didn't want to acknowledge that. But it was just funny: she's- a good woman? Ok, no, its interest. Will you automatically? The butler is well who's got the Monkey I for our whores Whittaker with you know, he's got a dogma. It could micro side butler, bring me some of us Emma, I'm looking at all of you to go see dog is one of the best movies ever uncovered. Anybody says haddock, rumour, Force Whittaker just keeps walking into the wrong wall. I want to pay I'm telling you to your left work into my left. You have no depth bears out she's out man, the better There was another ones, do mine by the way. For some reason we Daniels the butler is the ghastly Daniels. Is the yes who writes that stuff? I don't shall we have the guy we're already share is J R Stephen? Why do you think God is letting this happened? Why do you? What do you think God is continuously letting the left get embolden
well. You know what that's stupid question now not, but it's because we will look, I don't know, I also understand how God let the money would like at the wood the upcoming dealt with the ten commandments. They came down, they created their own golden calf to worship under the kitchen waste frivolous overseas parted, but he's got this autumn: river tunnel looked blood Madonna's naked, always stuff, and they did they just built this thing in the worship in it. They lied about it always via these. That was so quick, but anyway, it's just human nature and look this is what happened. Sometimes we don't under. We can't see around the bend, and so I can't answer why. God is what has happened for the same reason that people like. I can't say why, specific But I will say this and then you can sort of time in jail. Nimble were ended on that's. You know when you start off from the point of Every Calvinist make this argument pretty strongly and I'm just time to sit at night it my birthday, when you understand that we all
deserve help. We all are horrible. Sinners deserve help and you, like everyone else. You look at everything else. As a benevolent gift from got from the file. You look at everything else, anything better than hell is a benevolent father who loves you, whose pulling you from the depths of your own decisions. It changes the framework a little bit and why, God, let bad things happen. We created a horrible thing. We weren't meant to die. We weren't and to live. We want, we weren't meant to live in a mortal earth with sin, with separation from God right. We screwed that up and then continually starting with an atom and even go back to can enable human nature. This comes down to the idea deeply that human beings are inherently good. Liberals believe it. People are inherently good, so obviously the oldest all work together in perfect harmony. We can have a utopia, and conservatives and Christian understand that human nature is futile, ignored, evil, selfish self, serving Nature, and so when you understand what it is that we deserve, you know
having to do with six our lives. Dream was CNN for me compared to the actual fiery pits of Hades amateurs. operable, but I'll take it, for I was gonna say: have you read the book? things are not going to get more and more wonderful, fried things are going to get worse and worse and worse and worse rights. I have read the Bible and you understand kind of the progression of things. What you say, out, there's gonna met that fits, I think so they said. They're gonna call evil, good and good evil, they're gonna substitute alive for the truth, the YAP that seems just about like what's going on here, which is why I just think you going back to the other question. You just have to be bought, look when you in an era where people will tell you that you are hateful or illogical for saying that government does not have the right to come and take my child, because I won't them chemically. Catherine themselves are put themselves impurity blockers and that can get you removed from society from all digital society happens every day. It shows you. We are well beyond the realm of logic, that
Point, let alone compassion, empathy. What were at the point where it is screaming children? It is dogma, I think you're, seeing more than ever in the vacuum. When you remove judeo- and principles from western civilization. You see it in Europe right you're, a movement of vacuum is created. Filled by Islam, it'll get filled something more radical or it'll get filled by. minister secularism in the form of the green new deal and the golden calf now is us This is where we are right now, the golden calf. You can only raise generation with people for so long rights. Where this is this. Is it one fault on, I think also free? Will I don't mean ok up there, but I mean if you, if you ask the question, why does he let it happen every well taking away free will right then its blanket cannot live in an age, yes freewill, but of course she knows how we're going to act and freewill before we even do. But but my point is it was a scene before this US talking about red for Dave. I'm sorry. What would what were they? What does help me out- and I said you about how we
Noah's Ark. There were a lot I laughed at them. Evidently, eurozone goes back to the original question. About was the first when I was on a roll you're, where I was. You talked about the golden calf. You go the euro, yet within the government, so that you can hear the golden calf. Ok, snarled dreams, micro, Micro, knock. If I've gotta go with this now, look, we replace it with the golden calf or something that was easier. More can be made from the worst right. It was hey. Look I'm and come back down with it from goddesses mouths are threatened by well. You know what that's later. We want something now, because we have a party and a feast and sacrifice, and so let's worship, the golden catch. You don't have a generation of people who, in this is everyone's fault, largely women. I will say this look. The reason you have men competing on women sports is because women wannabe ninth right, that's a big thing: men, men, but no sort of problem in men sports right now. but of course we could lead to, but also we don't let them, because we want to hurt them, but
women's that we want to be nice. Another word now now every single record in Connecticut and track as a man here you go, everything that came with being nice as opposed to putting your down. You can only have a generation of people who have been raised with no pens. Why has little hurt their self esteem, not keeping score? Why does it hurt their self esteem? Your perfect, your beautiful the way you aren't, you would really have song. These are people don't realize when, when people talk about you know this crazy cabal of Saint like gives the EU the aims the June on people who believe that their Satan has pedophiles like look. Far more pervasive is the Satanism, is the idea of worshipping the flash worshipping yourself in putting yourself on an altar elevated beyond God, because it's what you want? That's really all Satanism is. If you look at Levine Satanism, their basically atheists to say why would we worship God? Who wants us to behold into these rules that don't make us the women. I make you happy in the short term, but longer
talking about fulfilment, long term, we're talking about living, a life of purpose and being closer to guide, but now we have an entire generation of people, and so this is why I say it's far: more Anti Christ like for someone to have a song, says: you're, perfect, listen, God, the devil's, not gonna, show up in a creaky coffin or alone ass video, ok, going to shop in the form of us her Terry Wynn with Big bosoms one. You know, I don't know, let's say you're you're you're rear your wife is you and your wife are going through a rough time right. I was going to show with a pile of cash if you'd, just maybe skirt the law a little bit.
the devil's going to show up telling you you're perfect, you don't need to change anything. Even though maybe have some hang ups. Maybe they have some addiction. Maybe you have a bmi of eighty five and your land will you're perfect the way you are no red pen, no correction, you get a trophy you get out. You get a field goal we're going to. Even if that you're perfect. The way you are a people think yeah. What I want is what matters most and now that matters more than what's right. It matters more than biology. it. Matters more than under. Standing your role and respecting authority in a family unit So really the new golden calf is us We ve made an altar to ourselves and that's it. end up with a scenario like we're in right now with rampant identity, politics gender theory and an experiment: a biological experiment in the name of copper, aggressive ism with children
it's because we are worshipping ourselves and we have told our children that nothing is more important than themselves. should trust their heart, which is the stupidest thing you can say to a kid through Disney films, just trust trust. What's in your heart, real the kid was ever dams all day and wife is bigger than the couch have only trust what is dead tells them to do so. What happening right now to new air of the golden calf. Instead of a golden calf, everyone is collectively decided myself a golden calf, and that's why you ve got to speak out. That's why I've gotta put put down and be as bold as humanly possible, as often as humanly possible. Otherwise, so we're gonna, break some tablets, overhead and so tomorrow help us out we're going to be on you to make sure you go there
watch it lie? We have a lot to talk about and we don't know how long will be allowed to be on Youtube. We're not fully. They fully mean at all change in the direction of the show at its ten ten, a M eastern tomorrow we will be talking about cancer cultures and new updates on Youtube. Thank you very much, sir. You then,
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