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Steven reviews the latest Biden slipups and turns to expose the many problems with the Democrats’ mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in 2020. He also reviews Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and debunks the lies in John Oliver's recent segment on the SCOTUS nomination.

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Hey there, audio listener, you'd better blind, because there are a lot of visual elements to the show. I am surprised that you're not really watching some people watch on Youtube. Obviously, where we ve been demonetized, reminder ties- and I just but now I just checked my watch demonetized again at the earliest. Does content really is to join up at lot of credit outcome, Slash mug club Ninety nine dollars annually, sixty nine for students, veterans, active military and you get access to the entire blaze catalogue. You get Dave Reuben you get Glenn back, you get mark, live in a whole bunch of shows Andy. Says to a full. A daily show is not available here. So you know you can join up or you can plan on me actually just. Feeling this show to the brim with ads for products that you don't need or want? and I ought to be used it hidden passport button. The choice is, yours, enjoy the show ten million michiganders will be informed on October. Second, twenty twenty, the life form that controls the state Whitman it
two computers back through time. Their mission destroy the records of the nursing home death rate until Michigan seniors, Dyer, slow, painful death The first computer was programmed to erase all records of the nursing home death rate. It failed. The second was sent to stop an event as before the free speech, resistance was able to send alone warrior retainer to uncover the numbers of protector. It was just a question of which one would arrive. First come with me, if you want to
Today, I was left the late hour. I was doing gum lives like Tom, discussing merchant sideways and to discuss it with my work throughout. This is done, you're doing and zero des Cuckoos, my dad care audio away. I kid you're, not my half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond, that's true! on your way to obey easier quarter, black money, and we have a lot to be documented voter fraud. We German, Amy, Coney, bear it will be done with the Supreme Court in general of my salami brick, that's a judge, Johnny boy who actually he was chewing gum. We were doing Brazil,
you too really worry there. A strangle does make reach up some self. I was going to go in here, for what are you? Doin gum it's a chill out? There is a problem because it's a problem. You mongoloid already thing on each other s breath by the way. I please do consider following an instrument because parents were life's too what happened to your thought and those that are joining up Muggah, but let us cut it out, come slash smuggler, that's the only reason any of this works to begin with we taking your jet afterwards my question to you is given that you have a handle on the voter fraud going on and how do you think they are going to try and block Amy Coney bear it. I'm surprised them and just trotted out a cartoon of her with a bishop hat, Well, that is the reality, is on the whole, it has to be subtle, like we did mean all Catholics. Just you know all Catholics.
Now? If you look at just how they train disqualify Amy Coney bear it for the court. No woman could ever be in this came from it that wasn't it will get to New York Times. Like I just owners dinner, you can be a Supreme Court justice in a loving mom Oh so already mapped now, so they really am baron spinster. They all want they want to demand. You know demonize all Catholics who were not barred from the communion right that I only got like having a bad in our re rating. It's like a badge of honor. I couldn't take tribunal right. I've wanted, I dont, think Pelosi rose yet she understands what one generators joining Z through her who to tribesmen scar,
she's, not merely to use the word pandering harlots, but you know not a buffer oil at sea, with the document on CNN really Constance, its new crevasse curlers case record this week. How well guess what I get for that's every day. That's true because there are no more corona virus cases today and yesterday, and there will likely be more tomorrow unless there are no new cases. Are you don't get it cannot from sesame Street? You do that man, no cases if the one it's a new record, That's it that's the broad! That's right, counting it passed flows isn't going into the next season by all the flu debts. This last season do have nineteen eleven twenty. We have those. More than eighty zero. We thought the blue is creating a pandemics, though we know that it hasn't been handled perfectly dry, our energy by private had from so there's always the alternative. If you feel more confident
in this week and by your mom me. I am incredibly good judgment. One I married you Andrew I appointed Johnson to the academy. I want you to know that platform stupid! That's why I made it a priority in my entire career to work closely with you and the time. I got to the Senate one hundred and eighty years ago, the great segment you stupid, bastard. For me, you dumb pricks here. I will ask me with praise you filthy horse. I was appointed by more Van Buren. You should respect me all you, the Baron whores, who are unable to bear children, May praise me you dumb bitch is
the body replicator waves of re, your mama, so fat- that whenever louder was she placed for the planet to the kids like yeah you're, your mom had breast cancer and had him a second like, oh my god, how hard you started it. No. He didn't start that you made this point that I am very much looking forward to the Atlantic full pay, yeah yeah by dumb back. What do? I think it was a joke job, but I think we should take it at face. Value dragged like they do with Donald Trump. What the losers and suckers, which, when I mean face value, mean anonymous sources, as opposed to videotape, of course play a game. I think there is more that Joseph by said dumb. Bastard stupid vat is allowed to weigh worse because I know little kids, like he said the s work and my brother said shit now, he's gone, but am I have noticed that he said bastards, there's more evidence of that agenda
from saying losers in sectors and by the way I don't really get. I want to be clear about this too. I supported troops. Absolute. Do I support a military, of course? Do I believe in a strong military defence? Yes, do I think that you can support our military without necessarily supporting every single were absolutely do. I think there are some stupid bastard in the military. Well, sort of the odds would save up all. But you didn't know that some perhaps a little more than eighty years in the Senate. I don't even know if that's it, that's the thing with. If you cannot tell those of less than that rob you couldn't shouting there, but it was badly. He needed like a warm up act for the troops like they weren't. There was a very cold reception you getting a bad joke. There's like see. I marry Jill crickets rattling If we don't he's in the row, re didn't bring out the Pollo and Jeff Ross right on the outer exactly made a rich little to sort of till the soil. A little bit Adam do is Reagan, haven't even got a fine aspect. Also what it would look like if Robert Nero were like cooking vegetables and my look something like this.
At present. Only way, may I remind you know: audio rate is not an audio rooms. Use just mean, could send you a little bit roommate This is what has only line, let's move under the voter fraud issue. This is something that ok, let me briefly clear, went when people say: hey, there's no evidence of voter fraud and arrived when this there's no evidence of mass voter from those people are either completely uninformed or lying. Now. There are two issues here is to mail in voting, and I think the Democrats are real and now I want you guys to to be clear on this, because I think that Republicans and conservatives have done a disservice by conflicting the issues and then, of course, Democrats has trained act like it doesn't exist at all, except for the family, black black liberal groups and organisations and Leyden himself voting in person because they really oh crap on voting, doesn't work and the majority then we're gonna be Democrats were kind of shooting ourselves. In
Let me say that I don't know if you're joking around is buying, you can never tell, but there are two sides to this issue. There's there's voter fraud and I want to be clear what we will be talking about today. I've only used examples that have verified by judge in official courts or the state governing body for the election or own, organise commission. So there are hundreds of examples that you can find that are not included here, but these are ones that that wouldn't be in dispute to sites and it doesn't think there's voter frond right happens outright fraud and then a beggar Saturday issue, but a separate is the fact that we have a male and system that is just not functional is just not equipped are designed to deal with. An election of the skills are two sides of the issue. The voter fraud side of the issue occurs to the tune of and you'll see thousands of verified vote, which is the margin of error. Morceau in swing states, five hundred something Florida with the Bush Gore election and then the the processing
whose number in the hundreds of thousands to millions undeniable, completely verifiable, we'll walk you through it? Anyone who says otherwise is either misinformed, that's most likely or lying or brains delta. Third planet entering this link, they will redouble lowering the few really cool. Sir, this game is really that all that is fine, So the message is, this all arose, let's start with the anecdotal, so this happy this morning. I haven't able to verify this byproduct very tough. Had a new video on voters occurring again a favorite pirates representative, on oh Mars, district, Riga,
what is the number? I won't you gotta wise words invented some guy. I didn't really what household and villages were buried? Lapel bicycle watch among small, refuting feeling the hundred clear my regiment was not. There was very little about his Tom Bright and talking about where you win is worth looking at them and they will not. Blame was one filling up. The absentee ballots were not on the surface that look pretty bad Aer Lingus, the surface it or of also bear the kids. Worse ugly is scant and deeper ouch. Infrared beam. I was at a low epidermis, which
We now know that being said. This is about the allotted relax somali retirees, so I really was affecting the outcome of the vote. See minutes. Would you forgot the captain now I can't write English. You feelin bounded. For me what was like a hollow whose at me, You have heard a lot about Olano, more new Okay, alright, I'm going to take these from y'all. Take these off your hands and can you let me know where the veterans Hospital is I'd like to throw their in a ditch we'll get to that matter really happened right. That's why and over the weekend, of course, ongoing. Let me show you this to a decent anecdotal. Now this happened with a friend of mine, so I want to be a friend of mine receive these ballots and although a personal identification has been removed or you can bring soberly up, there took an oath ballots, us our voter registration card,
or his dad who not only has lived in the house but has been alive for several decades. Oh nine level at a price that we won't be won't be accepted, actually has put in a signature that looks like dad signature and there could be voting twice, which has happened again to the tune of thousands were to Georgia Pennsylvania. So this is something happened and I expect I I've received some some mail for the private. Brethren at my house than the very low the gross violation of privacy and I could have screwed with their lives, and I don't know I've gotten any voter cards yet, of my. Why does she checks for male, because one time I found a spider The Mayans won't even wider killing. Husband, ok, but I didn't really in theirs, aspire that when you're there always quick when you're goin down bring predatory all this stuff nightmares are made up. So my white checks, the mail I end by your alone. We go into a scenario where I, where we know there will be snakes. I handle it that eventually
How does he makes me? Ok, so you traded snakes in spite of snakes. In spite aren't that's fine european. It's not! It's called an equity arrangement administer mom film- do not hold up. Let's go there talking about taxes on hearing and Donald Trump when it gets you in a little bit, but let's continue document the voter fraud, because I know I mentioned that people who tell you there is no evidence of mass voter fraud or errors. I want to include both of us are misinformed or lying and with our favorite straight seen in LOS Angeles. Take your gas here is mister. Southard Americans are not hearing from lie about voter fraught every day, but its biggest supporters are. They are hearing at all that and he's been telling ghost stories about voter on all year long he has used the word rigged dozens of times the word ballots,
hundreds of tat? She did it again just one hour ago of how bout a hundred than we have at present with no respect for american cultural. In. Do you want a commander in chief who said the word ballot election year going to use the word. Apparently he didn't want to use the word about four thousand times, and black people should be free to vote.
Hindered more money, God what the nuisance money, as we heard. If you're watching my wife make sure it on painting used my actual woman, why ok, let's go through a couple of things here, there's a big difference when absentee in, but we're tumbled million this year. This election there'll be forty four point: two million people who get unsolicited ballots, blind people who will get ballots, who did not request them. That is very different from absentee ballots in most states, and it varies from state to state that this ain't no blanket rule. Of course you have different states, my for extending the deadlines pass, the elections for the problem, I think my solution is really simple at this point are right: you are development fund. If it can't be counted in processed by election, that's it! You have just do it she's, a guy. You know if you are too and competence to fill out a return envelope that is already basically think it's
he stamped. If I'm not mistaken, I had no idea where the last time about a stamp furniture, I think you have to stamp and from what I understand the it has to be postmarked by midnight on election day. That's in most states that an insane says This is a very long action stream right, our heart. And I have no interest in value and that we get a life camera stamper right. There will give you almost the result. Sick. Forty four point: two million: now: let's go to states your examples of active fraud, locate rise, occurred and then we'll get to the air so active for good a pencil. The wonderful state of Pennsylvania swings males where this is when you ve heard about recently through balance in the trash there were nine military balance that were found there just discarded in Pennsylvania. Seven of them were for Trump, too, were unknown. This is just what we found you any idea how easy it would be to do that. You anyhow and competent the postal services they posted lost.
Every two years waiting about Donald Trump writing off losses of the business owner, your taxpayers fund a business that would do better if they didn't use the wheel. Several logs and its role, the trucks, Egyptians. This isn't just those email about some guy with a beard and rapid with the law There is a policy that must go to the wonderful state of Texas that the Poles or knows tat such state. One wondered at the poles were designed to manipulate public opinion rather than reflect them Texas. Turning, There is one hundred and thirty four felony charge. One and thirty. Moreover, widespread is now widely rod. You know there are no example. None as heroes, those one hundred and thirty four I'd hate to make a claim that would force me to pay nuisance money you're, just the good all state of Georgia.
What say significant the election, not materially Brad. I want mature, making this right or wrong bread reference burger, What is going on in point, you go with a Hollywood, doesnt, bread, crews, very close Brad Steel reference to know the viruses. Rigour lived on a thousand residents voted twice and the states July's proud a thousand some residents orderly off That's a lot of examples, New Jersey! a judge, even rule in order new election, because a sitting city councilman was charged with fraud over. The balance could not be counted, There were that road from someone who already men, which is always remarkable to me by the women people using got the rock against push you think about that. Rage against the machine, but all the suddenly rage against the machine. The rebels are encouraging male, encouraging, trusting government already elected officials and a giant government bureaucracy in the post.
Service with Europe. Is there anything less rebellious than rocking the male enveloped for policy that Brazil maybe voting for Joseph Biden? destroy the system by voting for the guy, who has done nothing but work and the system for fifty years has here plugs and doesn't know where he is half the time hundred Eighty years on the shore, my shirt for reference by lay hid the notification ballot you're watching this, because subscription, sent me a whole lot, not tube, and if he had invocation get notified on your mind audio like us to build one Spotify Apple, an android before I move on to the actual widespread allied would think the media with the many millions of examples of widespread voter processing airs ITALY.
Yeah, yeah yeah, exactly so in the two MIT this like far right, leaning institution right at MIT actually came out with a study and about the two thousand eight election rice, three point: nine million ballots that were requested or mail that never arrived. Two point: nine million, that's a good ray! I deserve a exactly two point: nine million for whatever reason whenever it turns, let's just say they just decided not to vote, but eight hundred thousand people's ballots were invalidated, either for being late for not being filled out correctly for not having a signature, I think stamp certain issues. Sometimes that is massive. If you're talking about wanting everybody's vote to count having them, do it by mail is the APS loot worst possible way on the end. We ve known this for decades. That's why we dont do it in mass. Some people have done it and they work with private industry. For having Earl insulting to work, haven't done by Fedex, and this is why the the death rate- and this is why the numbers matter for corona virus, because this is all done on the on the pretence that this is all in response to some
crazy epidemic and asked rivalling everybody walks out of their house, but it is not the case and then yeah that that's why they're trying to push the mail and voting thing right? It is it's the domestic ever you brought it up. It typically, it impacts people who are voting democratic more than your havoc like if you're like hey? What are they weren't delay because they might be is an English. It gets to eight lay I didn't related to start with a democratic. It's almost four million people requested or or are getting mail and doubts are said it would vote by male, I'm not exactly how it works, because you don't have to request them now, and I was surprised because a lot of Republicans we're getting nervous sing. All two point: four million I believe, are coming from Democrats and one point six million from republican government concerning how often Republicans talk about voting in person. How important this am. I
surprise. It wasn't zero point. Zero million regret. One point is not that bad and voter registration is up in Donald Trump Ski demographics in down in the ones that are key demographic, democrat definition, demographic and its internet. You see now the pivot, we're like you should you should vote by male vote by mail in person. If you cannot just be decided without there. You know Persia do it early and where your map yeah it's your patriotic duty to brave the corona virus. Now that's gonna, be the pivot like right. This is too important to stay home is. Is it you gotta go while you hear arts you're doing the item ituri. I've been working in I've been sent for a hundred eighty year could be given the benefit of the doubt if he were, if you wouldn't crazy, an old person says something absolutely racist, yeah you're, like wasn't much of that, was a joke because their ninety five and it didn't really have a punch line. The like, I don't know if it was Joe Benzene,
he'd been in government hundred now years, because there was no set up punchline. You just continued. Like nothing happened on his hand there is, there is no intent. They're all people say racist things, typically because their often racist, yet I think maybe that's the brilliance of job I'm we just don't know anymore we have really tell joke. Annie. Indiscriminate prompter was wrong. It, like you just forgot where he was becomes Tony Clifton of presidential candidate, but before doing so it s already genes in our country has come to this all right. Let's go! male and now this is those with examples about right, fraught wreck. I, so I want you to send us if anyone's. If there are no examples which is listed for five now, let's go to the male in process, not working, and it shouldn't be surprising. If you understand that mail and is run is when the government
We know that, although we hit the police really want to defend the police urgently, that unions, we believe the Elise unions pretend that cops. Well, ask you this: can you? What do you think happens too bad postal workers? Have you ever tried to fire water? It's not possible. I just keep coming back, there's no way you just put them in a break room right ever until retirement like teachers same thing, it's just a life of nuts. But back eminent tunafish sandwiches and they get they get this like? That's almost the? U n level of non Tiree right up to the male impressive. Let's go to Hell For me, the sunny state of California, more than a hundred thousand ballots, were rejected in an election. Now recently, things was selection or primary not have exact year in front of me, and here's think I want to declare most them or because people miss the deadline, but doesn't an issue here, because we This deadline depends on other immense when the cut off hat depends how the votes are coming into, which county show and mission
The deadline is going to be once Wayne County to trade comes in a week. Does no more western Michigan and order mission with California want San Francisco? That's the only deadline we care about them, Canada. What does it matter should adopt immaculate? It's a San Francisco is the deadline folks. So a lot of them is the deadline, but twenty seven thousand in California rejected because a signatures didn't match the voter orgies didn't have any signature at all. They were there. Didn't match the voter, but nobody's going to drop this. Isn't we ever we their own, like like sick note from the parent chapters. When you were a kid and school at another gonna do
well, research. I mean like clean. That's if an element is permanent records. I find myself in absentee slipped as my dad or doktor groundwater. Not I mean you know it's like an should beat up a cop right now we didn't rent a car with a dead body already in New York. Six weeks after the election, this region, one to Congressional Cecily, still haven't, been decided that listening when there's something else in your over there could be two hundred fifty thousand voters in New York, who could just be illegal using false social sphere numbers, because current law, the devoted to get a driver's license, he's born documentation, foreign documentation for a driver's license. You noticed when I went to the idea of yours year. I had two pieces of picture idea my birth certificate, but that used to tat terrible social security number. So I brought in my tax returns rare and they said we can accept that nice was that's your tax, idee them reset. It see. You call that that you called
lemme. Just put it on my machine there, there are social security number and put in the number. That is the exact same amount of numbers of the social security number. They don't have the ability to just pop in my social security number and see. If it's me, maybe we can do that here, the DMZ, Would you like us to handle your elections check the box satisfied? I fear go and bring me. My wife managed to find my social security number, I think, was hidden in a gun, say fat. What what? What about this? What if we had with two hundred and fifty thousand? What if we said to an fifty thousand Russians, are gonna, be able to vote in New York S core? That I mean you think Russia, you think the election interference sparked two hundred and fifty thousand votes for Donald Trump. Just say that across the nation carried out in the Texas in California, we know Texas, somewhere just under a hundred thousand right in California, their claims of four hundred thousand. Roughly right, I can't substantiated because it's just a claim, a former thousand people that have the ability to vote that are not residence, a bright knighted states period and again the margin of
Victory in Florida was what five hundred thirty seven furred Bush over Gore and acting as suicide of the election, as well as a huge part of ethics in some of the swing states to its, I very close margin. Victor, I think, was like eighty thousand combined votes that he won by a couple of swing states that basically determine the elections of where it where's the line for mass there, like others, no, I'd spread voter brought where it where's your line. We are what millions I draw the line. You don't intent matters here here, so I draw the line at intentionally. Five, now that we have never. Five hundred thousand give intentions are two goes out. The window incompetence takes over Russia is also the same reason. I have a problem with Joe Biden becoming present
one of the competent and there's incompetence, there's intent voter fraud. We have examples and others in competence which is pretty much anymore. Many governments are not about to draw them away. Just that guy, you talked about it. Seven of those votes, that's only seven inject tapir unseen and came on its at this was clearly a mistaken administrative mistake. How a person that was hired through them in the trash. How is that a black list of like what? The hell kind of argument is that somebody knowingly with the introduction of EMU Hoboes Heroin vomit, here I am out of its administrative costs, stake: ok, it's just some homeless guy who has no arms or legs and escape bored with his knobs, whose using it to blow his nose. Can you that's what we found that? Can you blow my nose? I can't reach neither ballots We really need them before they weren't gray, how absorbent allow me to read it out.
There's really matter, and we are going to be, of course, in Michigan October. Second, that's Friday at noon, rally in lancing for the the senior death toll. We are going to be talking about the policy proactively. That has led to the deaths of many many seniors in Michigan and how you ve been asked. And we asked miracles information we're still waiting on right now, but it takes a while, because this agreement information request from the government. It sometimes take a long time. Also when you have a little authoritarian governor who doesn't think she has to honour those requests during a pandemic. Will then she just doesn't. How will you know it's not a good, then we also have a Virginia sorry final, say: you're, a thousand. Some voters received two male imbalance. No, I don't have actually voted twice like the other ones that we can just they receive.
They would have so yeah guess right as good as mine, but we have a problem with Donald Trump joking about vote twice. This would have a problem with a thousand people actually being able to vote twice. So if you want to measure the sort of the price tag on a vote, Kate Lithuania's at a little mental exercised- and you know what Bloomberg did put a price tag- did it's too felony funds? I don't look. I don't want the averages, but I assume it if you want to download. If we were to put a price tag, would you say it's more than ten thousand dollars over three thousand adds, which is the entirety of the ruction collude with, though the russian I answer ass. The ledger examinating enter the billions of dollars are manipulated, search, result from big tat. Google alphabet Youtube Twitter, Facebook, just ok, how many? How many votes? What is a vote worth? How much to how much do you think if they would never be caught? How much do you think a politician would pay for a vote to guarantee them intellectual, in particular, in a swing state like Pennsylvania? What three dollars a three hour
if it's four dollars, if it's ten dollars, but it's more than all of Putin's minions, combined from the KGB Ready, I bade ads on Facebook, so much work to be done when we talk about interference in our election. This is the problem. The same problem we have with the media is not the lies at Youtube correctly, but the lies by omission. That's why I have a problem of matter. People say why: why do you want to talk about my? Why aren't you talk about my? I don't care about that it listen. You know you know what you're getting from an MSNBC lesbian who looks like a twelve robot. You know exactly what you gotta listen, she goes and give the Princeton.
Gimme, the prince in it used to be the number. So my point is you know what you're getting at when you have reinstated every day goes out, their laboratory doesn't show its once a week because work ethic, so he goes out and he says this is the importance of the media. When you have Donald Trump trashing, the media yeah, listen the only institution that Americans trust less than they did for you is the media and rightfully saga. Rightfully, so you said that none of these examples exist and you call Donald Trump a liar every time. Brings up the fact that this could lead to widespread voter fraud. If you want your vote, counted daunted like every single time. You like there's no evidence of this, sir. Every time he just goes and lies, and he said ballots against us, There is more than a year start the only as time for one show we, because the rest of the week he's having straight sex
this female silhouette. Also, I shouldn't citizen air, but I have many betcha is on their side. Authorities really had to find out that a racial effects appetite female, get a fair deal, innovative remarks: Then another woman is maybe kangaroo because they have but China why three years on internet on my three is better than none. I don't understand why actually land. I was telling these things if we really want to apply a male idea, if I that's all other several months, all got other sources that are provided for you. I can about four I don't know about the know about, or to be honest, MR honest daily sexual you're right. I have no picnic.
But what we do and what you guys know now between the Michigan stream, but we are doing, of course they live debate dream tomorrow night Tuesday, I believe one. Does it start their talk about doing other starts at eight thirty eastern ones, eight thirty eastern clarity and gradually gonna have TED crews on the street. Show interview with other addictions, sentenced room, Senator Tattoos looking work that band. I want you to talk about our wonderful answer: even Britain come in here and model for black rifle coffin, delicious coffee. Adsum. This morning I got a black River coffee D. Come Slash, crowded can only or sent off your first point. Model being always remains: wild turned toward amorous that camera. How do you like, which ones your favorite there even Brendan? Why? What do you like about us get out of here? Do you like that
he has no idea about the Rhine. Unsightly tell that persons not cafeterias liking worrying. I would you have any idea what was done in April. We do something I believe next week and when will you know because his kickstarter, obviously the author and creator of urgently Jimmy through Graphic so let's get a little bill over them, the first one yeah. This is big for bill. Yes, what is most recent one that yeah earthworm Jim to present during those three days left on it? on the campaign that art, or so we had to prepare an interview with him because of the traveling machine, but we couldn't get it before kick started was finished. We are get to John Oliver here now and some of his Do we have to see common? You love the people we weren't, but for you I dont know if we said that we got a black river copied outcome, such crowded twenty percent off the first
ordered the first thing I am the worse tat was so I mean it doesn't happen again. My la minder of bath is one of the things it's drink, coffee just drink that better coffee rush roasted gets better than the coffee you're drinking. Yet what you're, you're chock full of crap oh you're Maxwell Poop year. I'm sure I interrupt it's better than that, its chalk it. This is the chaplain that's wishes. They can be chock full of black Rifle CUP of coffee, Now, there's better, it's better a lot. You don't care if it's better known, operate with proved brought some profits going to veterans causes it's better. Coffeehouse knows that. That's it it's better coffee it. We sometimes hear something when you have limited sponsorship, because most you, suck Juliana supplement companies reach out to me. Will you advertise this may well, Is it s F certified like doing no that what's in there isn't like what we don't want to pay for that more annoying Japan. I shall
all right, we'll go, find some ass model on instant, their cheap but their dire very way worth every penny. Now. What, but so John Oliver right now is the moment to making the rounds. It's it's tough for me to debunk John or likely Youtube rebuttals, because the arguments are really think. There's not a lot of. They actually voted to general that you wanted to talk about down from stem cells. I don't I don't. Let me I know. They're gonna give a rat's ass about this, because It was like I like her Oliver opening Capone's to it for sure Oh, my gosh, you mean a business owner lost my Ricky nightmare. Well, I just I hate that it's going around like some bombshell story and like you guys, are really lost all perspective. Unwanted bombshell story is just quickly. People also not bombshell.
Lorries are when actual bombshell yeah. That's that's. How much much capital did most people risk last year when they get level. Let's be clear about this, because people are making the argument. There's ended all down from paid lesson taxes as others. Tweet dont from people are right access and some kid working Mcdonald for forty years longer, so they can invest in our indeed will within twenty. Sixteen that Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump doesn't want you to see its text, turns because that will show that it hasn't paid anything in tax and then he's like one. That makes me smart right, so it's a breaking news story that somebody paid the legal amount of taxes that they owed rapid use, the tax system, that is there and also by the way- I don't know if you guys know this, but Joe Biden uses the exact same scheme. He has an S corporate that basically prevents him from having to pay Medicare in Social Security and saves him. Five hundred thousand dollars now verifiable in a year and a year abroad, with Zan Run, does this profits runs romanesque core? I always forget that politicians also make
this mass on the site or no insider trading law. Exactly so Emmi is it in Joe Biden actually came out and said that this was a loophole should be closed, is like oh by the way I'm using it until it is. Why is somebody going out in using the tax code and illegal thing now? it's something that we should all at Langley. Everyone will not want to give the union the tat. I think a task should be simplified.
She was sure they're they're, not hacking on dumb their banking on democratic into don't understand what it is to run a business irradiate. How many years I made nothing. Now that are only there wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars that you had to generate pay. They had to pay out to grant websites to build the studio. People understand the cats. Just revenue coming in doesn't mean net profit. That happens all the time. Let me ask for someone who says: oh my gosh. I can't believe that a business owner would pay less, and I do how many of you have ever paid out six or seven figures to employees annually here. How many have ever ever had to do that and if you haven't, then you may not have a firm grasp as to what a business owner has to do with their taxes. How many years have you had? Were you? How many years have you had to borrow money just to invest in inventory, so that you could maintain the business for the next quarter to rules about the huge percentage of american businesses? They have to borrow money just two
John quite nimble door, big risk absolutely, and then you have to pay taxes in most states on that inventory before itself. Can imagine that you have to pay taxes on something you haven't even sold, yet that is the heart of stuff that they take them you by the way, those United waited earning money, handling my vote they syntax that that's about tax always gets Henriette always out and out. Just it just shows me that people have no understanding of how the tax system is designed in its not necessarily a bad thing, because I am incentivize to God and risk my capital to get a job That pays you lying there, a lot of people who don't know media does they are hoping that you done so they lie about. It includes, as its non issue for anyone who has ever run a business or understand somebody would run a business even if Europe, for example, a career politician who uses you're hot tips to create an immensely profitable business at the expense of it. There are some. The point has been hookers our job
other than a recent video here are segment you cause it to show any more at. This had, I think, are their paid people. The laugh at is ITALY, as pilots and people from getting mad about debt notorious ac, be sure London. So I love as you stole that from the tories. R e g did she coin. It was stupid. Really, second notorious r b g was the original. Putting before Biggie was Biggie. Amy Shimmer, getting mad at someone stole her bit. She stole from Ellen Degenerous there. You don't feel as though I love it. I think anything that pisses democratic, yes, really fun. For me. Right now are so John Oliver has been responding, the nomination from Natasha,
Ass, he be out, you know what I'm gonna do already when, like the nickname, but I like it is done later with new, and he tried to make these arguments that there are two situations. There are two factors here that make this nomination just completely unfair, and this is an example with John, although I do think John over can be very funny. An example of jobs are saying things that are exactly the things that I have been saying
only it. I guess it doesn't understand them because he says something as always exactly and then he thinks that makes his gaze when you, if you just let him say that fragrant in didn't, let him follow up to justify his case. You viewed immediately become a conservative, so let me give you an example: the first he says this is unfair and his claim that Mitch Mcconnell is determined to confirm judges, and he goes to an example of this is this is just so. You know this is the most substantial point that I could find in the video as to. Why would be unfair to nominate a ceiling on the council's willingness to go to the map for judicial appointments with perhaps never more obvious been jointly Cavanaugh hearings, because immediately after Christine Glossy Ford got wrenching testimony, Mcconnell apparently had this conversation with the president, vocal marketers to each other. Where were you out on their know? How strong are you and Mcconnell basically says the president? You worry about me, I'm strong as mule piss, that's his quote. I'm
A mule piss, in other words, even up, give up he's, not gonna surrender, while that is extraordinary, because it's easy to forget that off the Plaza affords Testimony Cavanaugh confirmation felt. Not less certain and to react to what she said. We don't worry. I'm strong. This new pace is both horrendous, deeply weird for surviving its deep awesome like a politician speak straight from the here mode. You guys do going down to your old habits. Grail in the bill lay Schwab, but here we know a thing or two about mood space.
Let me draw you like the smell of moose, passing the stream of meal using. I guess they get all hydrated. Very you. That's probably something about. Electrolyte imbalance smells various getting money. I suggest that we felt ass, though the avenues confirmation was much. We want. No, that's the point you were saying. After Christine Blasi Ford, we felt and the good thing is we found out that it was untrue. For example, many people felt disgusted at the aid of Cavanaugh being a gang rape best viable, evolve agenda with actual collusion in right now. This guideline is argument. There's no. You believe that Mcconnell watchdog about Moose Bis, when this is a false what's going on, it's a main gateway for ordinary, giving people on the left. This is my question: do you think they actually think that cabin Arza gang rape is still going on? Do you think
I really do I think I'll come. I know I'm serious, I think handle them all with a rush of men, but some of them, I would say the people that work against it are saying: no, he still a rapist on the court. I think that's what they keep referring back to him, so that story is still true like we didn't find out. This was all false. They just now on that storage, remarkable it wasn't the Basi for thing that he like grabbed her and then- sleep, something I don't know yet our thing whether he tried to rape, her body and other people like this is what was me to quit. Little like me to meet, you will wake up when you, he ran a training on me with guys in Illuminati math like how far can you count you may have passed. Drink it somehow or now, and the only reason- oh, my God, the extra to keeping a diary since We have begun a had kept. They diary like jog for hitherto
and there was enough evidence of the diary being verified and other instances from outside events and accounts. Who would have thought that he was saved by a diary is actually mean there wasn't a page that says, ran a train on poor unsuspecting woman. Tonight while the fund had some beers. After that, I wasn't like that electricity, a serial killer like Jeffrey, I know people, some of them have kept diaries at first. I cannot verify that, but I assume they only do so. They can read back their crying right that will they weren't, like eight eight smoked salmon today yeah, I wasn't as good as last week might try a new.
Last Tuesday evening guy's face- and I was erect like that- we're not cabin, but we had a party to. I met her cheerleader. If I'm lucky she may. Let me hold your hand. Omitted from all this is gang. Rape. Cereal gang rape is so I dont know if, if John Oliver believes it, but if he does- and you can trust me- then he says, because he can't be bothered hiring a researcher because covert takes its toll on everybody does not go as far as the precedents. The problem, you know, president, I think both would apply in this into the sedative hold public confirmation hearings for the first hunter. Twenty seven years this is a very new thing again. The case could be made that yeah, you know what we thought. A public hearing might big until you falsely accused a man of gang rape
yeah yeah? I didn't you get your privileges taken away now! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! You didn't finish your dinner, so you don't get your right or not, and I don't know you don't get any more public hearings when you fabricate stories of gang rape, the most boring straight laced guy in the world, king rapist, like a hawk as he likes beer shot. You know it's not true and like hey, are you a gang? Rape is no I'm not do drink beer on Tuesday. I like beer, that mean Booker have no. I like beer, he was. There was a little vocal about
In fact, out from this, I, like basically put there is a silver lining. Here. Are many democratic parties other than a boycott the hearings and have no interest in meeting all with a c b that Sir John, your wishes are coming up here need to show us where we don't know speculative accuser, gang rape. What's your relationship like without a hole in the end by the way? This is something us another reason that obviously you dont need to host these. These public hearings she's already been with their doesn't the case with all nominees. It was two thousand seventy, and when I get that that date, right doesn't seventeen when she was confirmed the seventh circuit and she went you incredibly lengthy hearings for a very long time about we were done credibly. Lengthy hearings for a long period of tat, they must condemn, were lengthy, was take. What you would normally it is an average duration and it was see.
A more lively public hearings of itself has already been done. We'll get the only arguments they have left for those who are Muggah members which are actually hysterical. I didn't, that adopting a black children made one or racist. It really does colonized help and you should not do it even thinking about it. Dont do it is about, and then he only other the only so you are mexican. We know- all the other arguments that Oliver really makes again in a twenty minute, video energy watch. All of it then come back and fetch me tell me if I'm being dishonest, it was really hard to find anything substantial delay. The argument that it makes is that America has a problem with deeply undemocratic institution, gender.
There is a whole system underneath them that has enabled them to do what they have done, and that brings us to the second major factor that got us to where we are now the deeply undemocratic nature of american institutions, and that has led some to suggest taking the more dramatic step of expanding the Supreme Court by adding justice. Is there are some other steps we could take? That should be impossible to argue. With this point step toward make both the Senate and White House more representative of the electorate on the Senate site, you can grant statehood to Washington DC and voters. They want put a brake on. We have to get rid of the Electoral college, which might sound radical, but it really isn't it's not even a new idea, password see suite is medium roast. Comment is pass within the video version at issue and Youtube, and you will be rewarded with spin.
Now, port packing, adding porn, go and abolishing the electoral college sounds like the potter pottery potter, pottery borrowing around like reality is moderate leaders absolute. When people say on a second one, you tight with theirs there's common way. On common ground with the guy who believes that we need to abolish the Electoral College pad the Supreme Court and fundamentally change. He has washed schoolhouse rock. He doesn't understand that the representative government, what are the three branches? one name them executive judiciary writ what is it? but the residency and sit right. The houses- and these are meant to be more fluid. That's why they change. They haven't been very fluid because the Senate majority has been expanded, for, I believe, the less terms, and that was going to be confirmed. You dip whoops,
it's about getting about. His sharp is his point right. I think I can we'll down his Supreme Court nomination argument. We want, we don't like the people that you are putting on the ground, so Add enough people in our opinion, big will hold on, but then it goes back, we'll ok within let's play by those rules where we don't like what you ve done. So I'm just keep we're gonna have seven hundred people in the Supreme Court at some point because it just gonna keep adding until you get the majority you want and just because it's not a new idea doesn't mean it's a good. I love the exact old ideas that are varied. This has now been saying it around for a while stream in the republican Party. Don't we each other people who want to erode trust in institutions to realise that if it, let's assume libraries we're still around they're, not because you know they still use being but
go to a library, let's say for some reason, some nuclear holocaust of your iphones or they just got infected from all the poor Naga view that sixteen year olds are watching. Now it just is very disheartening. Ticket go to a librarian, say: hey. I wanna check american history say: oh ok, yeah! I would like to know about the Democratic Party in the twenty first century and the filibuster was it. The Democrats, who are pro anti filibuster second Depend which year which quarter radiant better luck against reformer gets no means dream. Republican movement has included court packing
as long as I have been around this did this is what happens rightness and with the electoral college, now they're kind of becoming one note in that they just want to do away with it, but they don't understand the fundamental rules of government. You elect a president every four years or real. If the present you have elections and send its and members of the house on the senators and members of the house, the court is a permanent position that some of the people is not meant to change, because it's meant to be a Czech against Lowood other forms of government. That is also why this is hard to understand. I dont know why republicans have been met
wrong argument with a chuckle where they're talking about it well as different, because an election year, America, ok, look. This is really simple: did Brok of Alma nominated Supreme Court justice? Yes, yes, miracle and did the Senate confirm it? Now it was republican, sent ok, did Donald Trump nominated Supreme Court justice? Yes, can the Ceta confirm it? Yes, Republican said it is that simple. Both have authority Obama uses authority to nominate the Senate uses authority to reject Donald Trump is using an authority to nominate the Senate is going to use their authority to make your level of income and the people have already spoken on this. That's the argument being user and other people need to have the voice in this they did doesn't sixteen. They voted for a president in two thousand and eighteen. They kept the majority the Senate in his party right, then that was supposed to be for years, and that was supposed to be for them that to your period until we have another election right, they ve already spoken. It's like getting carriers.
Giving halfway there in going what we don't like what you said previously, we want to wait and see if you change your mind in the future, and Joe Biden said something about like that. We have to do this. We have to wait to appoint somebody so that we can preserve the democracy, but it's very important is not a democratic institution. Would I also do not ever happened before in the history of our not through through that happen, every time how much time, all of them all back? A hundred eighty years right, ribbon wakeful. Why don't you ask how many, including five year term advice present? do more on its wasn't that long ago that something I've ever seen it's happening time, but it has always been confirmed, especially when it's a split government. What does not put the government? Ok, it happens if everyone. I wasn't me when people write all of us and act like their legal and illegal scholar I can just go through. The ok has had did a present nominating primordial. Hooker was a confront now, almost all the times. That are that's exactly what I did.
When this happened? I was like out that ok, that's a valid argument. Let's see, if that's true, I should correct another six figure paycheck for Oliver CNN, because I did in fact checking that they refuse to do. You could be their entire department, but then I'd have to pay taxes as a business owner. I leave the bill to you some and they shows any, they were to be able to do there sat down and all that jacket can we fact check how many times, Donald from straight Spelter speaking out like that you have used the word ballot, sure I can use it, but I'll provide give you some context. Not please, though, what are you doing an impression of Zena gazing a straight there is no strategy in a few words about the war cry measures as elsewhere. It really remarkable to me that this is what I do want to say. One last thing: that's not remarkable
remarkable right and it is entirely par for the course is everything Emmy look. If you can convince yourself that Trump as a threat to democracy, that of course you're going to believe every conspiracy theory about how he is going to stay in office until he seventy five hundred years old, like Joe by right, you can make yourself believe that everything is a threat, he's not gonna, leave office peacefully and that his taxes, the only reason there either. You're saying that four hundred and thirty one million dollars are coming do in the next four years. That's gonna leave him open to foreign powers being able to dictate what he does less. If you want to have a child, he makes you spin yarn into gold. They have that's! U Donald Trump right now. Attacks in four raises questions are springing up unseen and really did their foreseen in the era of tribes and twenty seventy regions. But whether rubbed cooperating
story about a Hunter Biden, renown million from the mayor's. I like the word using them for sex slaves outside that wouldn't show up on his return man. I don't know he wrote it. That's why wouldn't lie for personal well, this is gonna. Work is trust. All its stress really can write off what your membership. I can't write and what have you got your honor? I can't write off a sex labour prude up with this. Second, like adults are broken or listen, there may be loopholes. You can order to him sandwich and you can find something. This is an issue in down from is being audited right now, that's way so that he hasn't releases tax returns and doesn't mean that there is a law about that, but it would be imprudent. I'm sure your lawyer would say dont really to tax returns to the public until your audit is done. However, we do have, we have proof of Hunter vied with rhythmic getting this money getting this intellectual
an american company for which he had no qualifications, because his father abuses position of power, and then we have him getting money directly from the mayor of MOSS cows, wife and use, for sex slave where's, the Cairo Cnn. Can you get me a lower third gimme, a lower that just reads: Hunter Biden, sex life and I understand very well- the amount is insignificant We don't really know the amount. I wasn't the entire three point. Five, my we just took it like. You know like a gift card of David Busters NEWS of his excellent Heaven with advertisers prostitute? I have no idea, but that's because you're not doing your job, that's why we felt and I would also say that- listen even if the unpaid amount in taxes, because some was using a loophole, for example, may be basing their primary residents in Florida as opposed to New York, despite the fact that they spent like six
in two days in New York City. I would still say that the most egregious sins on that tax evasion is not as bad as any dollars that go to under age, sex life. Rather, I would say one dollar to sex slaves is one dollar two, but that's me, I'm out of here you're right position. I how I put myself out there- I don't you know what I know. There's gonna be popular I don't know what I'm anti unsolicited sexual Are you happy being able to write it off as well? I am anti sex traffic rings with
slaves. I just I don't. I don't know it's while claiming loop. I know. I know that it's not popular, ok, I know that not everyone's gonna be cool with it. But it's ok! That's just me man. I thrive on confrontation. I am antis sex slave and that is why I have an issue with the binding. So we are going to do anything of not being of non sex slave scandal, ridden politicians which really it's much if you like of then diagram of non sex, slave riddle, politicians and religious and other circle of the burdens and that's one hundred percent. So it's just separate circles at that point party, Frank, I'm not exactly sure what the basement, I think was more sexually roleplaying. So we're not! Let's talk about another non sex slave tarred politician with Amy Coney Bear. It might actually be a negative free movement. Just
It will be reading your chats Youtube. We, if you know what I'm through again, might not be popular and not a huge fan of you to piss.
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