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There was a MAJOR piece of new evidence uncovered during the Derek Chauvin trial, one that the mainstream media refuse to cover, because it BUSTS their narrative. Crowder also has a few choice words for the leftist hacks at “60 Minutes” over their DeSantis hit piece. We cover the latest on Biden’s immigration crisis. And Crowder has his producer kneel on his neck for nine minutes just to see what happens.

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Audio listener, I'll keep the short and sweet, liberating. Why don't you? But if you listening, there are drawing forego insects. Also, you might want to watch this one because Do the actual experiment you'll see where token own meals on my neck for nine and a half minutes and its. kind of visually centric we're gonna get letters.
tasty. This is a far less stressful day than yesterday, because turns out. We actually are on the Youtube, but it's some the stresses somewhat compounded, because our Token Alan and Gerald kneeling on my neck live and a half minutes here I dunno smearingly say that's distasteful, we'll wait for it.
some of you or something is distasteful, but we have to do it. So we know we conduct this experiment live because the narrative right now has been hey. Anyone would die for nothing If you had me on your neck for known Hosni as an act. That was the three where none of this is to say that everyone was in the right man not act. I would say everyone was likely in somewhat the wrong and bad heart and I do wide CS suggesting that cut. You know my bone grows into my heart, so you know nothing You titanium rods, won't fix up, I'm gonna for Surgery Mayo Clinic in July, but we have a lot to talk about Gerald areas here. How you do my when or how are you other than being knelt on in a little bit? Not very, I didn't sleep that well, court of like every? Don't rail, don't look, and, and how are you there today? If we go with me, I know Romania, three, it's like I'm going to make an ahoy shirt to at Crato shop. That comes so. Thank you. So much for supporting us support to fight there. We
I see an add on here. Live, I don't have to be covering the the shop and trial today we ve got to get you. update you on the shop and trial and then of course, kneeling on my neck for nine is it nine minutes and twenty one side, only thirty, nine twenty lies in their mother tongue, and I saw him go nine minutes and thirty one gay you argius your risk, taking risks daring it without a net, we're doing it on countries because a lot he complained that on carpet. It was enough. So we have this. Anna dies, a concrete make sure you don't want to export distanced. From the me on my neck so yes paid out. There did you not here. I was wondering why Joe Louis was hovering so either to get to keep soon. We will want to get too. We do we'll get there as it is. On the back of my mind, when you know that a tuna we actually get him out of jail guy had a vote because you're too heavy you're too, as you need. Somebody was one when I read that was sharpens weight at the time and to thirty three four point: two. This is almost an exact kind of replica situation. Right, yes, exact.
Just in the back of my mind, that is it! Is it listen I not live, but it won't be pleasant. Now nobody said it was a company also. I didn't. I didn't think that we had to make me take speed balls before the show its well, that's a big part of it right now. As I mean people like this, people, love, drought and we're all the man you seem to like it. He delighted with the movie It's ok, This is about its recirculated right now before we move on to sharpen, because you are a little levity, its recirculated, it's not new, but it just making the rounds again and if you are going to see it because a perfect example of where we are right now in society, with the mass This is an angry soulless, ginger elevator yelling at a latina delivery. Lady wearing amassing love. So this is your moment of the day. my girl, wants me to come out of the elevator. Is a sea can come out of the elevator
there's a lot. You don't understand you didn't let them go you want me, does work. When I'm not your making your blog,
but she is compromised by they weren't. Do they really worry she's going gloves, I think they're both just awful. Why do you really think the delivery Ladys, the apple? She has the floor to get too to deliver abounded. The ginger's gonna juices wandering, must look ginger girls just hit the floor button and make like the Cecil Hotel, walk out and disappear forever. Can't you just hold your breath this threat of getting sick. Why she's? While you know your genius have immune systems now I don't know solved, know him. You know that's. Why should you have to worry about? How can we does a city seeing that go anywhere? That is us. Throw out of this really see, have the mortality rates and the ways we sister managing
will pull that operators, euro dreams. We will then end up with it. I'm only been born during which, by the way, I don't want to see a hotel documentary enough. It's ok, you watch. It seems like a crazy person on drugs. Five hours later she was on drugs, but there I know you are forever so she walks out now that are she's trippingly, that's a lady undressing or was it a ghost? Was it apparent ormolu parisian, perhaps a rapist, a gang of marauders fast Lord episode, five, she was on drugs and fell in the water tower. Well, ok, Sancta, some that are spoiler on purpose. I saved you for our. of your life. You will never get Jones. Giving half the hotel to junkies wasn't exactly well, listen! I'm this half! We have well floors. I should say half floor three. Five and six are Hyatt Regency
floors, two seven and eight methadone clinic so say hi to Richard remarriage he's on ten. You want for real is hanging over the years eight years. Nothing is an update right now and got a recalling governor gave a new some bodily we're gonna, get to the scientists in a second and sixty minutes and everything that is wrong with media other. But the recall Gavin effort has received over two million signatures. That's only one point: five million of them need to be verified by April twenty ninth. In order for him to be actually recalled verifying signatures now, yet yellow aid, you anything up to date, with your idea to also addressing Friday on Delta and United whoa. What also major league baseball games to pick a particularly well listen. I also thought it was distasteful that every time I go through TS, a pre they burn across. If you ask them to you, that was an upgrade Beatrix. Even so here's the thing he might be recalled, but you know who the candidates maybe now know someone is throwing
her hat into the ring is none other than Caitlin Jenner. Yet beautiful and brave Caitlin generalizing, really she do you know how hard it is? Generally, I gotta problem really really difficult. She who was absolutely horrible, and none of you liked until she became she is considering running for office. So this may be your new governor, California, STAR J blown up fine, oh my god, like your baby. Sitter fired at this. The whole point No, that shows the mask singer. Yell I died wish there was a mask double mask her centres. I think it's it's
The point is really: who is it? Who who could turn or methinks the UK one jot like wild they're gonna, be suspicious inability thing you're behind Tik Tok? on the clock who's that we presented Jake well, there's spic a brush, my teeth, Oh Jack used to be Jim Beam. that old age enough. What what could that be all could that be MILES Davis, exactly gothic they had ever eating before they went. Woodwind Caitlin comes out, it's really gonna site, but I need you to dance and collapse and seeing an act like always wasn't in the clear, but she was like what,
What's a firm track gauge debt but by the terrible intercultural appropriation, and there are no, I'm not sure what it would be of. I don't know: there's a dead guy in front of her car still yes grown. We all know what happened here she uses them like pylons, were actually Bruce hit. A guy. She didn't. Let's ride was how brutality eyed her, but she can avoid all federal charge it s because she went out fired her way and I think that that's when Christiana became Caitlin its eye, Mr Jenner, did you run over that person and leave the scene of the crime?
for me, I'm sorry, but I have a pleasant afternoons sisters here after errors as its uncanny, they resembled quite get better, try. It demonstrates used during the same thing, I'm actually been gay, my whole life that worked for Caitlin Rainy, changed and bright and all the sudden. No, no it sort of his you hit someone with your car. It was it a great big fat version or great Britain. France draw no but now, and we require surprise you hit him thought. I congratulate my way out of turn track daylight casual, the clap, your hands. Please go in the proposition, so I can put my me: don't do it now or breastless were they? now. I have no idea think so. I dont know how to keep track of the rules, but I think so there are still a lot like women really
She's a lesbian out now have what is the term just? I guess it's just unceremonious rubbing like him? I don't know the rules, but you know what I wouldn't be simply if she becomes your governor, that's exactly I just want to ice pick. You you're, a California Yukon Cornelius push. You often did an ocean like this one in the search for its supposedly arise that causally until found other Donald Trump as anti never mind. I go to the Maastricht criteria, that comes you want to support. That's the best way that you can it's alive. Go to Monday through Thursday, ten, a M Eastern. So that's the way they dont. Let the notifications cut us off, and the best thing you can do is common
come on come on you're down below, for the show for the algorithm just hit a lecture. If you want to my question for you first of his, what do you think has been them? degree just lie and what you think has been the worst effect of the George Floyd Trail, wherever you light up here So this is something really important a little bit of a long clipped, because I want you to see exactly what happens when the media puts their put the target on someone's nefarious, and I think very clear with Rwanda Santas, they think he's going to be the next Rowan. Here's a target candidate and so right now they're trying to take him out. First he's everything that people like about Trump with minus the stuff that a lot of people dont like about that. But now he fell, back. He calls bs and he's feisty. But he also doesn't mean he's less turkish. It doesn't
twitter to slam, people all the time he's cigar hazy and actual politician and his reality shows in his big of a hit right want and look on a comedy hang out with it. The Santer says he I doesn't remember not quite as a real led Speciale, won't gas. Today's cameo added before syllables there came tat. Can be done curve tat. There is a growing my art on my long, reducing farmers. They, I think, I'm a company level. We really myths about not having Donald Trump being able to tweet. Let me now that he's out of office the can you imagine the things that would come out of his mouth, while regularity, good measure or tech removed. A president of the United States, it was considered a violation for Donald Trump to block an asshole on Twitter was invented, a violation of the first. And went totally fine for me, tat to remove the president entirely and not the ayatollah, not gonna. Keep I'm gonna really shocking thing that they did that.
It shows how unfettered they, rather they are renowned. Anyhow, that's that's why right now, that's the biggest fight- and this is for example, sixty minutes. So sixty minutes this porter, her name is one in which we share an owl Fonzie cheek, disappearances March, twenty second press conference- and they did this whole hit piece on CBS, ok about DE scientists and Public's right people, boycotted public's. So this is the thing when people talk about cancer culture, they didn't just go after dissent, as people went after public's they went to the grocery store saying: how did you, how dare you pay to get the vaccine first and and cut people out and be discriminatory and public's, isn't in public says in wealthier neighbourhoods? And so it's turning minorities vaccine apprehensive on all think right, none of it was true. Even after all revealed that none of it was true, even CNN, and they really didn't want to say that it wasn't true had to admit that it wasn't it Sharon Alfonso apparently didn't get the memo and decided to continue going with well. They'll. They'll, though, cover this for me and covered the conference.
and still release this be so we have a clip right now, where you can see the sixty minutes version and then right x to it what they edited out: here's they hit peace. we want the children or dissenters about the deal, but he declined. Are we west for an interview we caught up with them south of Orlando Public says you know donated. Hundred thousand dollars to your campaign, and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute so first of What you're saying is wrong. That's that that's a fake narrative, so first of amounting in honey, did the first pharmacies, that we're CBS and Walgreens and they had a long term care mission. So they were gone. So the long term care facilities they got seen in the middle of December, they saw go and long term care facilities the third week in December to do Altisidora. So that was their mission. That was very important and we trust them.
Do that as we got into January. We wanted to expand the distribution points. So, yes, you had the counties yet some drive through sites. You had hospitals that we're doing a lot but we wanted to get it into communities more. So we reached out to other retail pharmacies, Public's, Walmart, obviously CBS and warmly to finish that mission and we re trying to use you see you're done with that, for the public's they were the first. One to raise their hands say they were ready to go, and you know what we did it on a trial basis. I had three counties. I actually showed up that weekend and talk to seniors across four different What's going on Saudi Arabia, small retailers to do, then it was a trial to see who clearly more hundred percent positive, so we expanded it and then folks, like that- and I can tell you if you look at a place like Palm Beach County, they were kind of struggling at first in terms senior numbers and that, with the county mayor, I met with a system. In a straight, I met with all the folks, a palm beach county, and I said here
some of the options we can do more drive through sites, we can give more to hospitals, we can do the public's. We can do this they involve said way without mentioning this area bordering, live within a mile and a half of a public, and they said we think that would the easiest thing for our residents, but most Mckinley the county? Commissioner, in the glades told us the governor never met with her about the public's deal elderly counties. We ve done almost seventy five percent of the seniors in palm Beach and the reason as you have the strong. We don't have facts on six earls. While our way has been multi faceted, it has worked and we're so now very much expanding CBS in Walgreens. Now that they have completed the long term care mission. This is a measure that is paid a way that its wrong. It's a fake narrative. I just disabused you up a narrative and you don't care about the facts, because, obviously I would it out for you in a way. That is the refusal. so is clearly not isn't very near. I know you're wrong IRAN, Iraq, yes or no.
Remember her in the elevator next question to talk here's the thing not only resort selectively edited because they want you to think look. Let's talk about this more billionaires human added rings pandemic than any other point history right. While a more businesses midst ice businesses have shut down than at any point in history, Billionaires trillion airs basil has come out in support of the tax hikes right Democrats do their bidding, but they always want to write a look over here. Look over here, it's big public's, it's big, well, it's a disadvantage. They want you to think that franchised public right that the scientists is in bed with him? So not only did they selectively edit it to do not include Sylvia, always big Walgreens money, big CBS Minded who got at first, but they also selectively editor. I should say: she's we ended up to make her look like the victim has. What happened is he was being very reasonable? He laid out. He gave the timeline. Gave some numbers in some facts and then, when she had to try to ask a question,
You should never know you're wrong, you're like the little irritated, so they want to make it seem like keys, unreasonable and short views, because we are in the lead I'm saying didn't is paid a play, no, its not paid it. I think a hundred thousand dollars, if you're pissed off at pay to play. Why don't you go after some of the union's that give multiples of that down, candidates to growth, restore once you shut up their their goal was to get it into long term care facilities they when after seniors, first the most vulnerable people in the population and said until you're done with that you're not moving onto the next step or as greens insanity follow refers to them free hospital, but well, yes, Cuomo also went for senior. She s got. How do we get out and which, by the way, is highest infection rate in the country in Michigan monopolies, seventeen percent men, they beat
patients to rewrite a little bit of a different planet. The two fer you get sick and punch welcomed is sick and punched acres. Whatever can punch tat. Girls is the place for me to say goodbye to your grandma. You see now you backs gonna, hurt you just put laundry. That's gonna hurt cause you just pull duty being remains with the member of the crops like Whittemore tremendously control by the way sixty minutes so that it was necessary for that follow airspace. We always do for clarity as far as editing sixty minutes use the Porsche the governors over two minute response that directly a jet dress the question from the corresponding. You mean the leading dishonest question. I guess you could include that even the democratic mayor of Palm Beach Dave Colonel said it was intentionally false. The reporting was not just based on bad information; it was intentionally false. I know this because I offered provide my insight into palm beach counties, vaccination effort and sixty men. declined. They know that the
when I came to Palm Beach County and met with me in the county administrator and asked to whip up up up up up up up here's the thing: how much are the lives worth right right. We all know how much is your room to kill me with the mask? Why don't you just how many people do you think I could die if just as it has done all of your reporting right now, it's just public's, but then either people boy guarding Public's. Do you know what happens public shuts down and fewer people have access to vaccinations? We saw that with is. It was an outward sins or bonds in long beach? When is it working in a veritable creative, more dollar wage, dislocate port of call to mind the businesses, but what had happened because of a boycott when you are lying for political gain, it puts people's lives in danger. Now, I could be violating Youtube policy by agree what the CDC and World Health Organisation two days ago: look really You're right, the next person, the next group to come in right so say, you're, another store like a central market, our whole foods, or something like that and you like hey.
We would like to be no. Actually, we wouldn't like to get this distribution network going because all we're gonna have as people protesting, because you're gonna think that we paid for this right here. Think because we supported him, but he's paying us act now and you're gonna boycott us will do to stay out of aid by the way right now, they're saying that, because a variant you may need booster shots indefinitely, Madonna and Pfizer and not enough astronomical, got in and that action, Johnson and Johnson, so there's a guarantee boosters. They stand to make billions potentially trillions public get their pigs little wet well. I should do understand the whole foods vaccine is organic and cage for it s eyes and go there. It's just you're gonna cage, free eggs, vague in its written jacket into on Sunday, and if you ve got a mass gets an air bubbles. Ok, here's another thing to. If I think he's a number of an impression of trump this, because here's a next clip of his very trompe in response, though I like it- don't em, you re caught out everything that show that their narrative was a piece of horse. Manure,
and it shows you said she s on these are mere merchants. That's why nobody trusts corporate media. They are a disaster in what they're doing They knew what they were doing was a lie, knew what they were doing was alive every here knows what they were doing is alive. They know that we know they're lying in your opinion. Why isn't a client doesn't lie? I offered them the information and they declined to interview the key people because they didn't want to. Let go the narrative. Well guess what there's gonna be consequences for that were not. I know corporate media thinks that they can just run over people. yeah running over this governor punching back and phenomena. continue to do a good use of it.
Yeah, I think it's, it was Trump and one of his mission impossible, so justly unzip, six, surprise, actually ready back to enter a gap that did you see dissenters, skeleton behind the quartet's I want his face. I think I could take your face. still idle drab. Ok, frankly, do Nicholas cage. He would explain it spit notion of reporters by the way it heavy she'd Fisher, judge of it before you get weird with diminishes. Nor did it says equal yeah, it's Travolta, Denzil gonna keep a pizza, Whether this is that illegal immigrants are always joking. We have just voted immigration, update and shut, but what worse, by
Rebecca where's, my revolver eau de someone in the office and my revolver. noise level, your turn brandy, what what? What? What are we doing, what we learned its forbear classic, seen body filming weights, its spun armor we're taking your head and superbly weeks were good. We could go we're safe, Look I understand smart. Our has some of the best energy certified products most surprising guy certified protection against rifle its light weight. It safe, but I have here right now. First of all, this we make any sense second about why we believe you guys cash?
we need we need, and a guy in that room of, though, that really nice, I thank spartan hopeful you're still around so everyone out there, you can visit spartan, armor systems outcome, music, promote rather for ten percent saving we use of all the tat matter. I think I think even media matters crap them, because I work at the Michigan rally because there were death threats will reach one hundred people with no, yes, I was trying to now is trying to win people with a defensive item of clothing that could cause nobody harm red. Everything's intimidating did nothing gets pass them after they dare easily scare. They are very easily speaking. Let's go let's go here before I continue to sharpen the immigration. This is there. Some tony update your first off a lot of you have seen this clip right of smugglers. You can just role this court about get dry think children off over the border this thoroughly drop and just throwing them over the wall. Throwing them over the wall which again you have to. Ask yourself what's more, what's more cruel building
a wall and having policy that keeps illegal limited, deters illegal immigration or policies that invite this kind of behaviour, because it does things and imposing will look, we're not going to night. But what happens as you have? Parents were willing to send their children and hopefully they will more than I can go in, and I M kind of immunity and there you their children like ponds while that's the crow. Do you not also the world of unintended consequences and dumb? Actually, I think it seems it seems pretty. At first glance, but we actually do have a photo right of the scene. Taken I already good Dewey. I think we do yeah. Oh, that's: nice leather, that's relieving gnats! Relieving yeah What little I wasn't. It was a great caution. Lining air was fake news at first, but we got the actual scope and here's the thing press that press secretary General Zackie. had a strong message for these small some small smuggler. Smart immigrants watch.
still got closer. Now you guys are talking about addressing root causes in the region, for a smuggler from rolled over a wall into the desert is curious. What warehouse is doing to start that in our you concerned, more about the kid safety or you concerned about kids, getting an or tell me more about your concern here is, as you have just mentioned, the well, of course it is, which is why I am often surprised by some land questioning your butt I will say that we are in our focus, is on sending a clear message to smuggler to that region. We should not send you a treacherous journey that these. others are preying on vulnerabilities in these communities. There's a lot of issues and steps we need to take to address root causes. So, of course, our concern is for the safety of these kids, your brother,
When you travel to safety, the kids have just starting with at the facilities nursing the corners like you do in the oval office these days, yet with necessary levy on girls in every really is I they are putting, ramblings on either side just enough to not bound them over the wall. Right yeah, it's just look. This is it's it's cruellest of the thing it's and this is why we have borders. This is why you have borders, you have borders and you, forced the laws so that you dont encourage smuggling. Do you really think that these small Rick no smugglers, yet they care about the safety and health of these children? also, by the way for seeing the situation, must be show dire that ok, so America Superior Mexico? I didn't say that wasn't tomorrow, that coming here for a different life for a better life in a better country, can't say that is you know states a better country than Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, let's start with that, if your answer as anything other than the United States is better than
South America than all latin american nations. Ok, you have no No talking about open borders. How about that you have to enter the United States is superior. He can't say that, cultures are different. All cultures are equal by the way we have to let people in because they're coming from these Helmholz Yuki have that both wet, and this has had a three and a five year old by the way, if you watch that, its heart breaking as a father, because you ve got a five year old, being dropped, what fifteen feet, or so under the ground, and then a three year old right after that, and then the five year old, probably crying. Why under the three year old and picked her up or him up. I can't I can't tell which it is right and you just like these p or scum, because the whoever they were the region as we she wants to call them. It is put kids light, what if they made a mistake, what if the kid broke their leg on the fall and couldn't get up and walked to the tat? If you can't get there to get the kid back, you done my kids bounced back the children are making us about regional policy Saki, I'm confused. What are you trying to catch me
You said attempts ago. Ok, what do you concern about? The child's life is too demonize him or the border. It's like both its both you don't have to separate the term. There is an issue that you have a soul and understand that it doesn't matter. If he's gonna, ask you a gotcha question five minutes ago, right now, just ass, you about kids being dropped over offence. Can you just address that call them what they are right? Jugglers, please what are? Yes, it does not deserve rhetorical right, of course, My brain isn't that shops have to answer that, because I'd have to download character and Daniel Day Louis, and then that's so that becomes like the cell we'll have to live in June, that nobody was no lively, more being done milking on my you stole my got it. by the way others another. Yesterday, since yesterday to yemeni terrorism, the F b I watch was there were caught at the border, no, no, just ain't, that's good that they were apprehended list time. He exactly
Do you understand that? That's an issue that many terrorists and would be terrorists have been apprehended the border been cut. I believe that we have the same situation in Canada. I know that there is a plan to blow up the the Montreal Metro, I dont, know if they had come through Mexico into the United States. I am not entirely sure, but I know that we had people who, basically just October border like not without my daughter. and just wanted a better life. Oh here's, the thing you may not know about the story. You know why department Insecurity deleted the report. Why from their website excuse me, but the yemeni terrorist deleted. It was there, it's not! Now don't worry, You got a lot of their account. Look at all the sources used time, machine Kay I know. I know that you're not used to having to check references, a lotta, you kids, have never been in a librarian used to bibliography. It was I'm just gonna deleted, while looking out for you there
hey hey, can you believe what disinterested with public's hey? Can you believe? Look big business, don't ignore the six trillion dollars that have been given two billion is look at this area by the way border cruelty and we're going to let the fact that there are terrorists apprehended- and you can't just transparency and be transparent. You actually have to do it. You would think so we're not just talking about her her skin. To note that supports little a toilet. He has also of homeland security. By the way, his secretary buttons former vice risen by Secretary Alejandro May York, us sounds like a tv name, but apparently Israel just announced that the other probably and a real start building the wall in, but only to fill in the gaps in the report, namely that the only way- She build a wall, you, let me go to build a wall where there is already a wall right, you put it in the gallery. You wanna doubled wall crocodiles in between the waltz,
when my neighborhood start changing yeah they want we hope that that will not of nineteen sixty two zero metric. That's all I wanted to come about that. You wanted to keep out the pull. Oxen reeks! That's right! That's what you did not suit us, I'm! No! I didn't really both we're going to put an injustice fill in the gaps. Ok, that's what we would do better their war. There are gaps in the wall to fill the man, that's racist. By the way now we might need to fill in the gaps in the world. I would think so whatever to do with the terrorists who you apprehended and a story you deleted from a homeland security website, what its people have different opinions, not asking for you, your opinion, May Arcas, all you know give or take you're just speak. What is that
Meanwhile, you know: what's good, for the goose is good for the walk and tomato dare is. Who is the genius the decided? This was good cover like area we're going to need all the while again, ok we'll? How do we make it sound like we're, not building the wall, and I got it will just put it in the gaps. I tell ya Hole of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alley hundred may Arcas you're, really a chip off the old piece of shit. So it's hard to get chips up that you can. Just you guys. You just comment. If you knew about the story, let me novel how many of you actually knew about this store before recovered at right? Ok, let's go to shovin trial, updates their covering it right now on CNN. The problem is a just and will probably do it more live next week, as they get some key witnesses, no more development more exciting, but there have been some serious developments and I want to go through a couple of of of key once before we get to that, though, this is just because I feel it dont, lemons, Norway. I love him down. Just look at him talking with them current homeless man,
former Cornell professed it was it? Is it Coronel West? I don't worry urban Coronel Coronel West moves dawn, the moon to tears to your nephew, but American. These understand that too, We gotta get back and we intervene when you start killing us like that or in the end of tales from the earth. I'm sorry you're, not Wow cries like a woman, we are not alone, blood, but only after that could be kept saying by the way you sort of intervention, just be a professional ip.
So now go ahead? I know sunshine, it's getting. I've done add they have they find out, they laugh layer and so it Norman. look either William Corner West is an obstinate, is learning citizen, ok, look and cohesion rate like a decent guy, but look We stand before God at when's gates, and you tell him that you don't smoke crap he's gonna say, but why did you go to such effort to make it seem so there's an Einstein joke and thereby doing you can't do it right. Let me tell you equals and Z crack empty ammo. What here obviously talking about like when they kill us like this, we respond hold on. Did you Did you guys have something that none of the rest of the people on the planet have evidence that Shovin was racially motivated in the incident with George Floyd?
What you have where George? What do you think it was because he was black that he did, that doing this thing done car de la Mon likes to cry Finally, I would like to get it out of a system that twenty looks at his post. Trump ratings housing is rotting. That's all! That's a nice gotta neuber out about re cigarette. We're sorry down Le Monnier ratings are down by fifty six percent. Then look better look good at the For that I go to. Every book is about Re Sunnybrook ever not just county sounds like goofy skiing. I got a little, but you I read white fragility. Do I read, works it ideology or do I re download moments anew, Breck White people suck forward by Alan when I started by alive aim now, what is it Colonel West? They column, couldn't what add or newest core now, where we are now well on university. Batman bombs, oh by the way the media has refused to cover quieter. You evidence here that
happened. What the traveller a few things that really stand out to me. Here's what you may not know in all turn a camera angle showed that actually sharpens knee was in fact, not on his neck, at least not for the integrity but across his shoulder blade this a big big revelation, and here you can see down in that area the leaden placement of the officer correct yes and based on your observation of this photograph. It appears that the Shin is coming from the top of the shoulder across the shoulder point: cracked, yes, ok about We wouldn't want our pointing artists. They were shown some put it right now or they won't. Let me see what's going on and was even look at the crime in Tehran. It says
the force expert refuge. Climate Shovin was too distracted by crowd to notice Floyd. You can hear him responding to our well, that's insane, because we have some points about that, but I must do so by the way the media's refuse to cover this entirely, and I am going to test this later, both within the on my neck and only on my shoulder but will switch back and forth to see which is least comfortable honesty that for as long as possible for nine and a half minutes nine and a half minutes of Dave's, designed they instead, they decided on and on their meaning ATLAS police chief, claiming that Shovin broke protocol. Thirty probably not these years. Nothing! Here's the thing, it's most interesting to me that everyone needs to understand our unease. Yes, it follow me here, it's not what the defence it. I think I've done a very good job job, It's the prosecution changed, a change, their terminology or, if you remember it started out with me on that everyone agreed everyone thought that was again brightening day in day by the way. It is is more moderate where I understand he thinks they should maybe some manslaughter charges, but I think we would all here that none of us knew until now that
He was on the shoulder yesterday, they brought it into evidence? I still don't think what he did was right now, that's ok! You Meda. I understand it. You don't think what he did was right, but this is new and we would have turned out yet never ever for this did the prosecution say. neon neck or neon shoulder. So let me show you there, started with neon neck. We all know that unreal really a couple days ago. Then its which, on day, one this week to knee on neck, and back watched clip We're going to ask that in this case that you find Mister Sherwin guilty. Boys, excessive use of force against joy that wasn't assault. They can do. in taking this line,
if we gave in and eminently dangerous behaviour put than the on the neck, then the only back, but I'm innocent TWAIN. Our second without regard for Mr Full, it's like now see it gets. It gets worse because that's what I get near the neck NEA and on the back, which had never been acknowledge- and you know that if people are watching us alive and in an ogre Lippman knee in the back, what are you talking about? Did you just have a brain hiccup like I did you have a job I moment, but then it progressed to yesterday were then they were acknowledgement of the prosecution now saying knee me on neck and back neon neck. we're back May or may be back here. You go if scientists handcuffed in here here, using your knee on their back or shoulder to gain control. Do new leader there for an extended period of time, because on the circumstance so see how the goalposts moved it was. You should never put your neander neck, which will get too in a second right. Now it's well. They didn't. We didn't put that here. We are
put on the neck or the shoulder and now the goalposts have moved to, but when you trained police, if they put me on the shoulder blade on one of these to cap should shouldn't be for that long right, what did they didn't even worse and that they said Nay said shoulder or back, or there is a huge difference on my shoulder. My lungs don't get constricted at all on my back. Potentially they do, it was on the shoulder. It was across your sideways, extraordinarily dangerous, as opposed to your back. I mean, if you really look at the two well, then I guess I'm an idiot cause. I'm gonna do all of the above Jeff. If you do, I think it's dangerous. If you take us people- and I only say this- because it had many- many many needs on my neck in my back. and I say that, as somebody is taken speedboat thoughts, I thought we gonna bind the two of you. We have the perfect candidate too bad, he sober now otherwise, be I grab a screwdriver and shove em in votes you and even really have to ask me to do it, there's a good chance. The police would already be doing and by the way this is so they were talking about. You shouldn't hold them down to re long. So this keep in mind this acceleration almost picture a coin, going down the drain,
Kay law circles right neon NEA neck. Nothing wrong with that. two like on a second now we have some videos like ok me now we're spitting, faster, well, ok, neon neck or back, and then now right. Ok, clearly it wasn't me on the shoulder or on the back, to should have done it for that long and isn't this a break of protocol? You need to remember. This is not a break of protocol. This came up in court. This is what police officers are taught here's the expert. The officers were holding Floyd in what attached empty training materials call maximum restraint technique, the training materials, including photograph. of an officer with his knee on the suspects neck. This comes despite empty achieve Madeira Redondo repeatedly saying after the death of George Floyd, that
Officers are not trained to put their Nina suspects neck. You train officers to use their knee across the back should shoulder to the base of a knack of subject: cracked. Yes, that is something that is specifically trained by the Minneapolis Police Department, whether it be for hand coughing purposes or simply prone control of a subject. Yes, I mean if you have a problem with the department, but at a certain point when you say that this is this is trying to Lynch one camp, there will untruth matters: We're not telling you what conclusion to draw from this, but truth met whether you like it or not, write what
It's your narrative or not, whether in future political persuasion or not it matters, because you could be the person in this situation five years from now, where truth really does matter to save your life yeah? What matters, because a lot of people's businesses and lives line the hand of this trial, that's chores reality, and it does matter because it's about reasonable doubt it's not about proving innocence and there's a lot of reasonable doubt here regard. So what I think or what I don't. I don't agree with what he did personally right, but regardless that there is reason why I guess Mccoy Irish and we're, but if you don't do that personally, I mean: How do you hold him accountable, something that their taught and by the way These techniques have been used, many men.
Time since twenty, I think the number someone can bring it up from the eight took an hour in some can bring about from the research from their hundreds of times and twenty eight, but I think the same way as, if pave the way the people judge George Floyd, on things that have happened before I can also judge him on what's happened. I know what you're, judging and based on what he was taught to do. That has been used hundreds of times since two thousand teen, that's what he was taught to debt ratio and personality, and I think that, even if you try to do something, you know the difference between right and wrong. What how do you How do you know here's? My question is what is wrong about using the restraint technique that you are taught when a man is violently resisting arrest and worrying on him when you feel the life go. Oh that's when I moved to shoulder for that that's my issue: that's formation the entire time right, yeah. While I understand, I think, that's a fair point. If you ok, look, obviously didn't didn't, there's no proof. you killed. Him ran riot Eddie, I'm saying like yeah. There's not, and I shall give you the right. What my issues were how he kept going here:
that wasn't really talk about in the trial where they said? Look if occur. If there are other confounding factors like an unruly crowd right, the way we're goin over that is there yet those people. Aren't you keep the suspect, restrained until people commode, the crowd was in helping there's, no doubt about the only I was nigerian doing everything I just I just dont know. I look I'm not saying I think I think, you're. What I think is that there are going to be right from it or what Together with no matter what happened, what lessons guy gets, murdering the first degree you're not going to be rights, already have been rights. You know that everything was going to be a second away. There is going to be a second wave Europa server up dude. That's why truth matters truth matters from the very beginning so that we didn't have the bill in summer riots where people lost their lives are lost businesses, it wasn't just people stores giving burn in that's bad enough. People were killed. in far less including black. Please publicized ways because they just didn't put it out. There were also it's not going to be able to be politicize. The way that it wasn't enough. Can we allow to scare people to being in their house anymore with a virus and people?
are going to fight back and that's what is another level of danger? The gown with you. I think that in the next term, riots happened, I think you're gonna have a lot of people go now something I agree, that's not going to happen and I think Ok, here's noticing the prosecution they claimed and keep in mind the Lebanese at the prosecutions witnesses, yeah writer there wasn't like. Oh man, the defence. These people are really try to make the case for the test. The prosecution called out. Witness The prosecution aims they claimed. The kneeling was transit is always be trains. A tory force in shouldn't be used for too long I understand that area,
acceptable, use of other knee across the subjects back, it's a transitory transition there right! Yes, it is. Its men would have been enough to gain control of his children while being handcuffed wouldn't be appropriate and within training to hold a subject that prone restrain position with the knee on the neck and a knee on the back for an extended period of time after the subjective stopped offering any resistance or has lost their pulse. Nelson, ok, so two things right there at their two separate issues, and this is the trick that happens after he stopped resisting. Why didn't stop resisting after there's no pulse that could know that there was no pulse. like no official, if there's no pulse at that moment, that's it that's the especially when you have a violent and hostile crowd now he said transitory position. Here's my question
transitory to what this is the context and you too typically what happens your rest, someone you chase him, you get him down. The ground you hog time? You tie up their legs, you tie up their hands and you get them in the car right, that's the transition. In this case he was kicking the cops while in the car we'll get you in a second, no one talks about that. It was acknowledged in court that the cap he was v silently resisting arrest. He was obviously out of his mind and he requested to be put on the ground. So at this point, transition to what how can the court, where he thought the cops? on tax their matters. Typically, the order goes no handcuffs restrain on the ground par in this case you had no Let us try and get him in the car offer air conditioning the nice convertible roof. No freaks out get me on the ground Cops we're staying here until the ambulance gets you, that's the sequence of events, it's a typical!
when one of the things that this same witness said later on was that are. Are you guys trained to be prepared for kind of a second kind of wave of of somebody resisting arrest once they calm down and you gotta start rolling them. Are you guys trained to be prepared for that as well? And so that's playing the back? You might get again Dave, I agree, Your point, you can be a perfectly reasonable person and look at this and go oh yes, I didn't. Any of this happened. I can see that there is a lot more going on here. The maybe the media said and still come to the conclusion. I don't like what happened in there might have been a crime. That's a perfectly reasonable guess. Solution to this, we're not saying that Shovin is a saint and George Floyd deserved anything he didn't. We know we ve said that millions arrived late, as was isn't he arrested and put Nicole yeah yeah, probably a lot of time behind bars truth of what happened in this. You have to disconnect emotion. Otherwise we don't have a judicial system. We have a right of emotional people with pitchforks and an lanterns which rate, which will that's the problem, that's where we have a trial and that's why you have to have the
the ability to explain what happened and you have to watch the entire trial. The problem is, everybody makes her decision right away now examine their go online and real up each side is righteous. They want before anybody's innocent or guilt will think of what just happened with sixty minutes right and we were able to show the full context to you, because it was a three minute clip now think of how much power the median big tech have over a trial has been going on what seven hours a day seminar, they for weeks on it. What do you think The sixty minutes reported to the same thing that she could cover two minutes. Ever show you context openly. the trial at night. Every night, when we're done with this show I wore in its its aid, is a slug does like, there's no real, miss, there's an autonomous three now you're looking for every now and then a little tidbits? So to me, oh, my gosh neon back this something new and everyone is accepting. It is a premise. The premise
of the riots was NEA neck. That's kind of that's, not a mundane detail like opera and racist, something else by the way during cross examination. This is important because initially the prosecutors are trying to say is simple software should de escalate, and there was nothing that would suggest in the crowd any kind of a danger, because the defence it transparent. They look there distractions any expert witnesses said yeah. There are scenarios where you actually would not perform CPR if in an environment where not only a hostile environment but a lot of people, because officer Stu routinely get attacked by people in the crowd that was all addressed. Then the prosecutors came up and said: but really here there was be no reason for the officer to escalate at all, because the crowd was in no way violent. Now, the defence of turning. I recommend you go watch everything cross, examining police, looting John Mercer, Marshall Merkel and I've only read some really good questions regarding the bystanders, and I also love that the second portion of this
first seen under pay some serious FCC funds,
sir, in terms of the use of force, the continuation of the use of force are, you are just shown, exhibit one eighty four ass to publish one Eddie for looking at this individual right here. Does it appear that the man and Blue is holding back the man in Black box? Should them yes now in terms of the continuation of use of force and we're talking about involvement of onlookers right the words they use matter? Correct? Yes, but if they're saying I slept the God of you or your sea or your charge without reasonably turned to rise alarm and a police officer, yes,
I know what for me, I bet he likes to get humility. it is totally dominate. You're gonna get aids. Look, let's had we not I'd slapped the fuck. Are you Anyone here, right now, surrounded by a crowd of people, write any every one of them is against you and someone saying I slept the fuck. Are you would you be on guard? Would you be an alert now how about your police, officer after you, just watch riots happen for years from now. Dan Wilson was Michael bounded by the way requested to serve and inner city areas and actually hoped work with the black very specific. He wasn't even initially in Ferguson and he was railroad because a guy reached for his gun and punched him in the face- and you know that right now the media spoken racial division and you have a crowd of black people, in particular a black person. You asked what the fuck are you and all it has to do is get your attention, that's it.
Your attention goes from Floyd to that crowd gathered to feel incredibly threatened by it, but you you're like ok. Now this isn't a variable that I have to take into account that it just shows. we have different standards. People have for police officers, anyone right now, you're surrounded by mother people in someone send you show us what the fuck are you every single. One of you would think that you would be justified in defending yourself, and you expect cops too to be in time and by the way I have a problem with plenty of officers. Officers were arrested for not masking you're, not my friend, I dont back that blue, but at this point cannot just that haven't seen you in an environment like that in a neighborhood where maybe you're not comfortable with maybe you're the only member of your race we're right now you have media who not only- and this is important, because the media obviously has not only attacked police officers are seen by defining them important and across this across the country seen homicide Aparicio. What would I do? Thousands of ever sent we're using violent crime go up by hundreds of percent, but they ve set it with the narrative, which is false, that it's because police officers have open sea its open season on young black men and now
but white police officer responding to a girl but to a call. The guy high off of his ass was violently resisting arrest. Ok with a long history of vial, crimes and a crowd of people, primed unready, saying that's what the fuck are you you aren't. You wanna tell me that doesn't matter dimension. A factory was falling protocol and the knee according to the execution now what and on the neck, at least, for a significant portion of the time I think we can all agree that the cup food sign is also upsetting. You really is it just a? Could you name it anything else? What is CUP foods me things is a serial cups orbs supremely in a car. I think it's a front. I don't know what it is, but I think it could have gotten a place where you going you go, do take card cash only see the cap for the inaccurate, strengthen you're asking for before its money. This comes from embassy noons. There's this video embedded in the flesh registers.
reckon Show Minneapolis, please usenet restraint tactics, dozens of times and strength of Zambia's girl of is actually unitary, sometimes, okay, so many more than does law yet Jonah eleven Times Xl Times doesn't did all them at wrongly by the way learn about little. willing to bet that a lot of them are probably officers of color. That's ten more than my favorite sick come two to seven hey, nobody knows, I know it's a spin off allows me. Nobody, allegedly seven, wasn't an owl. I think you get my little niece. A different world was election of one eight, seven, which is a code for homicide eliminated, and I was just saying when I said I hate that we live in an environment right now. We're just trying to get to the facts of the situation. Makes you a racist or makes you a regular makes you somebody that should be ignored, her shun from society, which is what people say Dave you ve seen it in your twitter
aid and Stephen when you're now you're back on twitter and in other everything that you see right now is our very leave. It already very, very conservatively assets of the comments that we see our are horrific and I'm a guys, I'm not saying anything about the outcome? I'm just saying that if you're going to make a determination, you need to know what happened in right. Now you been sold abyla goods even sold Maxine Water saying he was looking to kill a black man that day, that's what you were told right. Look. Maybe if you guys don't know what two to seven is with Jack: hey you shouldn't be shrieking on earth were a little baby out of Tilbury. Remember because I agree because I'm sure thou over very well with the black community that wasn't it limitation of blobs of bourbon, I would all well Jack. Hey- may have bad, but she did a good job with it. My eyes person who knows that this word a country or another, will never be another fresh principle. There will never be another family matters which, but these are the most popular shows when we are moving up, we didn't look at them. Is black and white? Now body have Tyler Perry all black?
in whatever cs irony that how white people I don't know what they want, is why, after Mercosur on trial, I have white silk, sir. I do that you see whatever that is working to take a break because the lieutenant is hungry and is repeatedly asking if one has any cheese, will take a brief recent has an invention to show us. Ok, there's some other way: Notification Bell. If you're watching, because subscript don't mean a whole lot. Best thing you can do is whereby more like live show Monday through Thursday at ten, a M eastern partnership. tomorrow but I'll take but later about credit shop that come so here's something else it no one is, is talking about two didn't know Has anyone here heard that George Flood kick the cock, get one of the cops anyone talk about baffling, so I'm not surprised, gardener skimmed past it I mean I can't. I don't think they said it honestly, but I just assumed when you have a listing getting into a car yeah yeah knowing about it, they one up there with a graph that city wasn't resisting right ahead. Passive it had
anybody why our chances of resistance, active, resists, the anybody watching the tape knows users as well, not according to than I do that so right. This is something I think we have a clip right where they just skim pass. The fact that he kicked an officer when the officer by the way was just trying to get control of his legs. teachers leg. Could you describe that kick and how that might be interpreted by a reasonable police officer. Yes. All the officers were still attempting to control mystified at the time. As they were true, to place them down, and the proposition of one unwanted officers was attempting to control his legs and Mr Avoid KIT, their armed away in an attempt to try to possibly break free from from the officers grab got up what list, but he didn't want to be arrested, plea, Lee you wanted to safely. No I'm saying You get your ass! My look look
I want you really here, because I dont want anyone out there being irresponsible watching the show great. If nothing else the show is responsible. You are not allowed generally. Nice I say this because there are obviously exceptions to the rule generally you're not allowed to kick an officer of the law in the leg. If you don't, wanna be arrested. However good kickin, basically, basically This was after he requested, did under the ground in any kicked. That's just what a dick move! I mean it's like look, look, look, look I'll, go just put. Put me on the ground. Ok are ill! Luck will put you on the ground. Mule kick son of a bitch. which seriously that's like a kid who says: they're John, when you're like ok, I all right we're done right uncle. You both agree, and I only takes kicks you in the nuts knuckle. So why would again? This is for every single thing, George Floyd said, was a lie during this arrest that because people talk Moussa, he couldn't breathe. He said he couldn't breathe
While he was on the way to the car he said he couldn't breathe when he was in the car. He said I didn't do anything. We know that he did it. the point that he was only he only was pushing counterfeit bills. It's not the point that he bullied a younger clerk several times when he asked Miss. Simply kindly give him back to cigarettes. He said his mom just died. That's not true that the I'm not that kind of I when they asked him if he was on drugs? I believe he said no Every single thing he said was a lie and then put me on the ground and he kicks them. There would be. You would be a fool two once George Floyd is on the ground. He would be a fool to trust anything that is, as you will be, a fool to assume that it would go any other way. Then violence have given the opportunity. One thing about it. This way if your knee is on his shoulder blade at the moment that he sang I can't breathe. You know one hundred percent for sure that you're not causing that
One hundred percent people well talk and be oxygen, depriving us along about and I'm saying that your knee is not constricting his breath. Lonely ANA shoulder blade is not there's not really anyway, that I know of that that constrict vibrating. Now you can. You can have other problems, medical problems going on that is causing you not to be able to breathe right right. The drug thing can be happening. Something else could be a drug saying rice is four times the lethal levels. While I wasn't trying to say that Dave you were gonna say something that you disagreed. It seemed no, I didn't disagree with you. I ok forget what I was gonna know. I know I just I don't know my child Big Dave Day test great my death and listen you son of a bitch. That's you can drive. Aren't you, son of a barrier of a guy, gets a grey see. You fill the animal filthy, animal trust, Cagney aunt. Now, let's go get to say, I think just having somebody on your back. I guess I don't really remember is so, but I think it could cause
you're breathing, I think it could work you up the same way as a crowd can work. The copper just seems like a giant storm. This perfect storm. They created huge thing and the problem with his trial specifically, is politicized it is and how it's been weapon Ized and how I don't think anybody, it's gonna get a fair anything out of their homes and any others. You dont send someone to prison for a perfect storm night. Free with you there. That's! That's me, that's that's a very hot if we find out that he was doing something more nefarious wasn't too hard right now. We then, I think, that's its importer of if we find out that he was deliberately if we find out what he was doing, something he was not trained to do that would fly in the face of actual police protocol in doing so much with malicious intent, absolutely also human beings are not robots? If you want somebody to do the proper thing, police wise, it's probably not ass to run up with cameras and start antagonizing people and yelling at them. Right. You are a civilian, that's just the reality! I got it. I know you want to say that to protect us, but they have
de cameras on four right. Now, let's stay out of it and if you, if you are running the police deck perfectly as a perk, you should also act perfectly as well. You're, never gonna aways, though not gonna go yeah, I'm unfair! Now, yeah he'll tell yet there was a counterfeit. Twenty, of course, is gonna. Fuckin lies I get that once the bracelets go on the game is over. What do you expect is going to happen like I agree as criminal by agreeing successfully gotten away recently when the heck of Sir on Yea- and I agree with you entirely Dini, oh by the way, what we're talking about drugs is also some of the matters, because some people are saying well, he had built up. A tolerance is very okay, get! No, no, not not the number that we saw. Yes, it's possible to build up a tolerance to the typical overdose level for fentanyl is three point: one nanograms per milliliter their millilitre desolate years? I'm going to miss out now free, let's just gimme the number three point when we have other sources of able, let us Canada come. His was eleven allowed. Allow
it's more than three and a half times, not what you you, to feel a little lies, an overdose level. medical literature tells us people develop, don't develop a challenge to that level, not with Fetnah K. Let's just be really clear about that. So what He died had he not been in this situation it seems very likely and of at the very least of course, it's a matter. Of course. It didn't help. We already doesn't help when you're on drugs. We also don't know if he deliberately took that amount which would suggest a tolerance build up or if it was spiked with it, because so much despite with but no raised her well, so soft even say it. We all it'll be no allegedly through pills in his mouth right before being arrested, well, that in writing. Nineteen. We should urge twelve nineteen video that we showed, which was about a year before he ingested the drugs really quickly. It's likely that happened here again, but my girlfriend actually testified that he hadn't been using drugs during that interim period until about three weeks before
not sure how long I think was through a trustworthy. I ordered us head, I'm just saying that's what she said so can you develop a tolerance in two to three weeks by the way there's another narrative, because the prosecution was trying to say now the prosecution Sonia he had been using drugs for very long time and So I built up a towers again. The narrative This was a guy who went to prison for violent crimes before you know them a born of which was right, being a lady with her Tyler gang robbing a lady scoping her out and that there was a lie that she was pregnant right way to create. That was unfortunately story. They got circulated. I think it somewhat. So there was a kid in the house where they sculpted out said she's a victim and robbed or right. So the story was this was a guy who straightened up in flight was flying right and then this happened, and now story is actually this guy was just committing petty crimes and was doing not so much that we developed a tolerance rigorously take three and a half times the lethal dose offence which, as it was at a gentle giant, who had changed. His ways was on the straight now and had a knee on his neck or was
the guy who was consistently being engaged in petty crime and using so many drugs and such a regular basis that, even when I caught me on the shoulder or back prosecutions words, not mine, he wouldn't have over? Does he have to pick one of them? You have to pick one, and this is what you can't keep moving the goalposts here. thing else too, by the way and that's the said: Porthos as there is a mass of grey area, they could exist between both of those with the point of trials. Innocent are guilty, so you're right, you don't have to pick one if you do have to pick one at this point and I look there's no grey area when you have to correct the media's lies For sure when the media says this was a gentle giant who did nothing, they said. He did nothing wrong, didn't resist. You didn't see the full footage early on. They want you to think that this was a guy. You hadn't committed a crime in years who is due good work in the community who was this was this was a bright light. This was a shining beacon in the community and just for shop and went straight to NEO neck now,
That was true, so I think people to blame for they're, not being a nuance. Gray. Discussion are the people who start with such an we just like that. We have to correct it cassettes They were being shrimp. It's not a train for me to say no. He offered to put him in the car. No, he offered to put on the air conditioning now he, was selling counterfeit coins. Oh no! He was unfair, no unmet! No! We committed violent groups. No, we try to kick in officer that doesn't make me sewing division. It's because you lied about every thing. If you just I heard about a little like the color of his pants when its lad, and the situation doesn't need the lie. That's the bullets that doesn't grandfathers me so much more theatres narrative is driving racial division to get votes like Charles Barkley said than yes, it does need lie yell that need to run with Edison say it is allowed by the way. This is something as young, Floyd's drug dealer me, Maurice Maurice, how I'm sorry, I'm horrible with these names pleading the fifth because here's. Why that he's worried it could be convicted of third degree murder, the one if it testifies,
that means I have not been aware of the familiar or means couldn't was aware of it. It doesn't necessarily means that could have unaware of any would be held liable. Yeah I mean I either way I can't even the dragoon from a drug dealer perspective. It seems that you want to come back again left in more advantages. Hiv doesn't want to lose return. Customers can testify the fifth it's the stick. Factor. We need them little molasses, shit. I now we see the guy in the cars that who this was her is different. I can't I don't know was he in the kind of again the car, obviously hazy pleading the fifth too there are likely to arise only one who is not leading. The fifth is a girlfriend lovingly referred to as Mamma had between shifts from hot topic. I don't I don't regularly mammals like withdrew into today's bananas regularly matters if this guy knew how much relatively early doesn't matter, it's with intent rate so like that, the point, is that this guy saying that
Regulation might have not been welcomed. This guy amendment, the drugs that again- and I don't mean the colony- lay- will arrive at any. I may not even be shocking. Ivan next spasm right now, from nearly ready for doctor. I get her by the way he was a doctor who declared void that he did testify that a combination of mess and sentinel could cause the poxy asphyxia area, here's another clip. You were discussing hypoxia kind of being consistent with asphyxiation credit, hypoxia is the lack of oxygen to the brain, correct crooks and there are many things that cause hypoxia there was- he'll be considered. Asphyxiation agreed credit drug use certain, Drugs can cause hypoxia specific we felt not that's great our methods item. It can combination of the two. Yes,
the use of funds and all its what's a wheedlings. I only thirty four high levels, and cause high carbon dioxide levels and that's one of the reasons ultimately that fat nor so dangerous because it suppresses. respiratory system agreed the primary reason it is so dangerous and fun when someone has a high carbon dioxide level that cause that person to have a sensation of shortness of breath agreed. Yes, what I really think we need. If we don't even show the next clipped that just more of the same
so this may have again something will say: well, he couldn't had hypoxia errors fix it, because he was an agitated know that it again, this doesn't matter sort of like Jeffrey Epstein. When people say I didn't take that much forced to break the highly dont know if any fractured three bones neck insult. For example, if someone goes in to get they get in a car crash, they get injured and they break their pinky, but they also break their humorous and therefore army ongoing. Look, here's some people think good as new fix the humorous inform right. That's what matters to the same thing with Jeffrey Epstein doesn't matter how much force it takes to bring the higher. How much worse is that take to break all three bones in this case does matter. If he wasn't agitated, could The combination of methamphetamine infernal also result in a fix it in hypoxia. Yes, so there are. Yemen is irrelevant that well, but usually hypoxia comes of being agitated or or time three and a half times the lethal doesnt know well
of every camera, went out for nine minutes and twenty nine seconds we'd all be a little more suspicious. Well, fortunately, So US meeting of Oil Jim? I think the point you, don't know they're, not the police Epstein. Although Epstein sorry, I dont mind saying what is it what's a nine minutes Are you anyway, since it's like a number three? No, no, he would say nine minutes concepts lapse as if that happened to Floyd. We would be more allow yourselves together cameraman for less than five minutes y know that just worried about the Nick I'm just saying if the cameras went out for the whole time, like the Epstein. They words like all. We got everything on tape. The murder I kill in finally Numa if the camera did go out how much worse, what they were saying be like if you like, run cameras is like hey. I've got a body with the only reason you should say that I came. We good I'll turn it off what you think he says then Are we, on God, with this being nationally broadcasts, are slap you officer of the law, here's my address and schedule and list of pet babes
you still vague illusion that between island does anyone know when my dont allowing a sex stuff, it's gotta be a pretty cheap destinies. You would imagine and see what the right now, if you like, other via surrounded an ocean spirit, the o spirit will take you there, you anywhere no such off. I'll take you anywhere unless you're an autistic children, child wearing a man by the annual just drop you off the middle of the ocean and hope you like your flotation device, is the fact that this looked at. This has been withheld and now we're after the riots we're after two billion dollars and damages we're after you term a hundred after carrying between dozens of deaths, thousands of arrests, the fact that this is coming out now the problem is, as the truth comes out, it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, because people don't our institutions and a big recent interest or institutions is because of how the media handled this story in the first place. So, let's see and test the theory now,
now you ve heard people say anyone would die anyone what results Cardiff, cardiac arrest or asphyxiation hypoxia if they someone on Iraq neck for nine and a half minutes. Well, look. I am going just like with Epstein. I am going to be a human experiment here because I don't buy it it's time for me to go outside and alive on concrete. our next last shoulder for nine minutes Can I p real, quick enough or Dave for it? So so well, I think what make sure everybody understands what we're doing here. Somebody people lost their minds. We treat it out this morning. We were going to do this and they said I can't believe you're making fun of this situation or negative. This nelse bandit investing it out, not at all right. So we're not.
That's what we're doing the same thing that we did with Epstein is: if we want to show you what this the effect actually is, and we did it on the carpet over here we had taken Alan need kneel down on his neck. We had actually added done to me as well right had a bad neck. He did it before the chauffeur me and we just wanted to see. Ok. But what is this feel like obviously feels bad any can be I'll buy you can you can panic it most beautiful city of themselves in the situated just to understand like what is it like right in Vienna situation, and so what you ve been told? The entire time is knee on net cost at me, unnaturally on Neck Munich, and so there's one of the term thrown there's racist white copyright. It racist near neck, racist near the right, that's what you ve been told, and so what we ve tried to do is to show you maybe something else that was going on right? We're saying that maybe there were other factors, and maybe maybe shoving did something wrong that he should be held legally liable for and we'll find that out in the end like they was saying just a minute ago, but made
it was this perfect storm of events and you ve been sold alight. We know that you ve been sold a little bit of a lie so far we ve exposed pieces as a gun they're, not necessarily little when you go from right neck to shoulder to back or something and it changes you need to know what actually happened. Then you need to see somebody being restrained with this technique because we just showed a clip or not a clip on overlay, one, two hundred and fifteen two hundred and twenty four times than in the neck me and how many times you shoulda is used that same technique exactly this is just like a negative saddler storm of just whore, things happening all simple. If you ve used this restraint before and you ve never had an issue with it and you ve you been to do it and nobody has died from it. Nobody has been Ino affected by it. It's uncomfortable brochure right. I understand that your problem not going to be all that concern. When somebody who has been repeatedly telling you that they can't breathe in situ again says that rights are.
so. I think we got Stephen outside right now we may have ready. Can you can you hear Stephen yeah? Can Finnegan stop stop with the sanitizing? The car, I don't mean, is gonna make a difference of this Europe. Now I don't think so. Either, try to talk We lost your honor for once I can hold on hold on we'll get it back. What arrogance aren't you get I still think any steps to your right, a couple steps, yet s better Ok. Well, what's the problem? Is a camera cutting us off here now, you're gonna make a right, oh it's the MIKE, but how does it might even worrying that we had to step into my right up the MIKE money? We can hear it digging up here. I am I'm. Ok, that's for people who, what we're going to do here and again like a jail just set up. Hopefully Linda, gets back from a speedier. Otherwise you just want to be involved in this segment of its look. This is right here. Because we did this last week, where I showed you know someone who, in a lot of people out there, you can comment if you ve been involves any grappling sports. These aren't on common positions, right, painting position. If we did it, studio- and we also know that was on car.
do it for that long? I don't want to do this, but again the point is the drugs, the agile, given the actively resisting arrest, the three and a half I'm the lethal dose of Fetnah matters. I don't expect us to be pleasant, but I think that People need to see what it's like with the close. this too controlled conditions that we can recreate. As far as body mass wait, six waiting to see what it actually might be like. If someone is not in an agitated signal currently overdosed state. That's the reason for this and no camera tricks. No that's, it believe you'll have beyond the whole time here. I'm going to lay down here will have people are so took. Our is Instead of building there, I'm gone out of range vaguer, subject: all the microphone railway hundred. Ninety three pounds and token up you can see where you're two hundred and ninety five pounds two pounds over how much the two pounds over. Ok,
and then I want to I myself right now because aftermath big injury but the oath to thirty the microphone needs to stay allowed. Where are your seller matter? All that much brick gave an Brennan his weight himself. It doesn't matter what and there a general tightening the microphone needs to stay roughly where you are at their. We get a lot to say roughly where he had run it. Can you remove the your movie, or I shall wholeheartedly avail to hear me while I am on the ground here to defend it, That's not going to make any difference here will make any difference. Peace trying make sure you put the handcuffs on my wrist. not on my also Finnegan come here and hold this microphone conniving think that microphone works, but my my restless act promptly are I'd say: can you still hear me? Yes, we can is Dave back yet? No! He is now instilled in either. I don't use, oh by the way these are about smaller handcuff. An actual put em arrests enough for these are much smaller it gives an actual handcuffs justly lives back, so these handcuffs actually have less room like but more distance. Ok,
no, no I'm gonna go in my own down here. Authoritarian allows, hoping I I'd be part of this. What what yokel yonder face this now hate Stephen. Have somebody move your ear? Peace at the other, your cause I'll be kneeling right worth the taxpayer share out of my other year. While the point is, I can't have it on my stomach, whatever you needed to guide him did not break my might back. ok gadget. I really have to pay to have so. Do you so blowing only guys are a historic time. Radio, I'm really only he's he. How do you think the George could stop it? I'm just saying nothing in there and I don't think so. They started a time we're ready when you ready and three two one, Finally, our meal Nearly all my back, your shoulder not pleasant time. Sucker,
area now, rollback Marcobrunner is bad shoulder. So my left shoulder right now is popped out market, but it survives second sand and you don't like it, already complaining. Sometimes you deserve to be arrested. That's true, they specifically meaning you Dave noise. I think my wrist Mrs Green, I think, think there were lower in the legs, their Brennan, I'm not sure. We're not gonna hamstring area may girls, uncomfortable position for sure it supposed to be restrained. Stephen, can you talk to us a little bit? Can you bring? No, I can talk to have. I am, moreover, spat on my neck and my experts or for a couple of days ago said what really are to my left, shoulder just because of a nagging shoulder injury in effect a token out and put the cops on my forums, none of my region. He did that you put them on perpendicular, didn't wear. My risk goes as opposed to actually putting them, so
needlessly unpleasant thanks for that tokonoma? Is this how he was coughed, then do we have the opportunity? I think it was properly? Well, I think what he saw things they have his word problems worse, yet students is absolutely properly. I think that I have producers, not police, officers bahraini here today. Now the name you sound strange, which would advise God. Now you don't. I strained what a surprise well now, happily removal watching I'm not staying at that age limits in I'm asking road. This kill someone right
and we don't know he looks like he's right- needs on your back more than shotguns was I'm not sure. If that's exactly where his knee was for token, I wanna, I'm not sure, do you have of theirs new evidence coming in. So I don't really know back well, I can uphold those unaffordable for the motor for any changes and I dont want to cover up the area. That's my that's my neck good idea. I was, you seem subjugated like a guy in the lower. Thirdly, may not not on the oil, why am I doing ass George floated? They will remove its head back and forth Sylvia hey. You know what I'm Talkin outlets also because now signals on the neck and shoulder let's move the need, little more, it was more not. I was gonna shoulder with across the shouldering, but you have to restart the clock. None at all still going to lay dead, both positions, most impression on the shot in the back of the neck. You wouldn't shop and would have to buy it just like that is well hated. Move too to reply to your breathing does sound strained which, if somebody is unfair now that could be mightily. Yes,
So this submission is not written out of submission, but this position, I understand your point jubilee. There's someone on Fetnah, they shouldn't be restrained my point is: if you do things somebody's on a lethal narcotic, and you know that this can affect their breathing, they did not be, they didn't know they knew he was it. I didn't take drugs Dave, they move here. She said he did. They knew that he saw what are you must stay. So what? What does your suggestion that they should have known that it was on four times a dose of Flint well now and then why not restrain them? What I'm telling you is this? This is unpleasant, but that's it pleasant, yes, but so its prison, well to learn some or there's a lot of unplug moving back to my neck of youth and get the picture whatever you guys think is. Is this close enough? I just don't want people to say that I'm not doing it. So I think I think that all I think it's worth eight Lenny, yet I think you're young. I there right where they lay there seems to be from the wheels of proper position,
I don't remember if he had his right knee on his low back- is what I'm saying so. That's the thing that at that still hard issue, though the right way. I think that right knee, I don't know, just leave it where it is for now, as if in a worse for you, Stephen, because its constricting breathing more by having it there than it would have been only probably worse, if is with the right or showing that is right. Knee was on the ground that would be less weight on foreign, so they made. My point is, as he feel any straining from you does. He feel anything that would indicate that your suffering it took an oath. And by the way, I don't think the guy was on his legs for the whole time either I dont know I wouldn't be other only a portion of it. He was only on their for apportioning the time. Then he was holding his legs more with his hands and say how long was that just limit? Should we do that? We have run into that. Let's wait a couple more minutes to do that. If you, how great so listen I mean this is unclear. Worry you only have managed thirty seconds left so token May I ask you this: can you
What are you working so does doing ok measure he shouldn't be sitting on your calves. Town now I am sitting on his cabs. He should be more propped up. Ok, so second, he's out irish sent on a regular Dave. I need to hear what the rules are not there, and if you can get gibbons kind of sitting on his calves, he should be more propped up like he should be not sitting as but she shoot you shouldn't be sitting under castle Mort, somewhat higher more on your knees or more honesty is gonna get more underneath. Some worrying thing goes to show, though, by the way he's sitting he's trying to be an incredible. I don't the cops trying to become the rule on Floyd, where that means all of his waits can be shifted to his knee, which is on George Woods MAC. If is, It is right and he is not in his low but definitely higher yet and the like different What are you looking to us, the continued spasm on my neck, which won't be fun to take change my mind tomorrow, but I gotta go
My head right here is putting you're putting all your weight on either took it out, We feel pretty uncomfortable for token owing to be having this time. Let's go back and forth to the other position on my shoulder where he spent most of the time we know now. Let's just kind of it was on the shoulder was just a little bit would that, although I do I just don't see this as the same move, though? What David? how do you see it is so different? Are you saying of the photo the authority they all of his way was on the front of his knee. I do think that, towards the end of the way it was on the front of his knee. If the yes look at always leaned up look out took an hour's. What's the difference between what now it is doing this is the picture the picture looks to be. It is very much higher amateurs higher net the officers. Ire. Ok, look you're, make your body upright pushing higher higher keep your body straight out there right about their yea agents might be too high. Little back. No, not you Brenda.
So Stephen, the already much all my lower than in just hold my feet now. That's what happened I so now. If he feels that he's gotta put more pressure on his knees. What are you what it actually is less weight on me from when he got up? I have in this way problem and occasional anyone. You know the meeting about grappling knows that the more up right you are, that way you actually can exert downward. You kid exert its a diagonal pressure like when a ressler shoots, a lot of those they made out of that restless shoot so quickly for a double leg. Could a lot of you think it's just? or by gravity? It's actually not its powered by Lord motioned Agri minutes left propelling yourself down to the ground. Talking on can mean what she was doing before. He was kind of springing off the balls of his feet and putting more weight on theirs less weight. I mean I will hear anyone wrote went back down those like that means was uncomfortable. You. Talkin about token Albania Stephen took on the island
Don't think Stephen maintains the same position the entire time. I think we have of of any look why I think I'm comfortable right, I'm very uncomfortable, of course, does not comfortable research. Positions are not come. I'm saying that he should be it a bed and breakfast pointing out well looking at what so here's the thing right hands, I just lay some cited as you can play that right. Should you guys, like you, don't understand what, when we decided that violent offenders who are resisting arrest are supposed to be entirely comfortable? What I am saying is this is on doubling if I demanded to be put in the ground. Kick the cop this. but getting off easy and would be entirely appropriate, but two minutes ago, that's Moving back to my max and people were some people still believe the thing. We're not industry hurt you well Kai of well just because it even I haven't worked from that long. Even the realise there's a lot of people out there right now? That hope token Alan makes a mistake, there's, like
millions? Well, that's what you think? That's a little high up now right up my head, not minutes more, that is higher but see how easy shifting so what about exactly cops? Don't just sit there and maintain the exact same position. They maligned just shifted weight from by the way my neck, to the back of my head, where even an early you have sees it was illegal. Does Right Dave, I hope I hope this is enough for you. when I got a hard line running your crime there, either what we're showing here is that looked somebody can do just fine, position is uncomfortable, but it's not going to kill them right now, Saavedra note what would I will actually go further than that, my do grappling? And in my father, whose a minute a brown belt, it's far more uncomfortable Maybe underside control from I would not be an. I maintain that four nine minutes, and by the way I have been talking this whole time and again we will wonder I talk.
Really fast and I have a you know. I have a long munition chats conditional my bond growin up my heart surgery in July. The point as sound like our off. The point is that this is probably more difficult for me, then it is for a lot of you out there watching, but I also don't have four times a lethal Joseph no one, my system again authority laying down, because this is more comfortable. No, I can still get up like it's. What my face. we're comfortable from George deployed by the way he did police had up and movies head around so justly seriously as we speak. This way, weren't sounds like I'm normal noticed, less comfortable forbear to a network. And I am also destroying stuff in their because I'm trying to do touch. You say you were there through. I know it's very just relieve you, I'll fire or Roma reality to one and now in my hands I took out get off. Ok good, where did up kid,
helping them up, whether you, NATO, have your pieces powers, this guy, that's not helpful. All right. Well, so we just had him on the ground right at obviously Dave. There's a lot of things area where this we're here we can hear you are you? What is cut me off? we're cutting younger your new vigour and Dave. I get your like there's a lot of things. Ok, how do you recreated perfectly at all? I don't think you do get my Poland. I do day if I get your applied, I think you know. I think it's hard to recreate perfectly the cops when they're in those positions they to get uncomfortable right, not easy, I'm not making a comparison, I'm guessing they will move around right, so they will. maintain the exact same position. It is an uncomfortable position right now. I think we must show some days. I have a question,
in four you, though, yes, you talked about this when he was getting riled up rap the most. that I saw him and would you agree was when they were trying to put him in the car you're being well altercation the most riled up. He was as far as he could have the energy to defend himself. I mean I don't it's Then I'm just looking it? If you look at the facts in the way that he's kneeled on him after he died it, I Just think. That is the reason that he's on trial. What I know, but the question is: ok, did you know he was dead did should he. I dont know that those are good questions to ask how they are, and I think what I think he just prove that yes, this is obviously- and I think they were learning from the many apples was debarment. There is obviously something that this goal the going into this, where, This is their training high or your cave, giving him a kiss. This goes into their training, so yet it is. It is hard to recreate this and no, they didn't may not have nobody was on. They probably views on something, but it's like
This feels like something that I am arguing that I don't even understand anymore. I just wanted to see if its aid by the lamp tat, we were one had you didn't. I know I know somebody It's like you live urinate court about guarantees. My let's get blueness do reality, so I do have a because our things that regulatory issue period We would like him to call elbowed out. The applicants can also live. Shorter causes causes my sternum to go in, and so that's been compressing I urge all could be updated. Producers range so I'll get that happening just at any point some time, but I would say this uncomfortable shore, mainly because Turkey now and put the handcuffs cross this way again read twice. I don't do it this time and he did it this time. Ok, you're gonna has, as I have the most echelon, does, minimise as little progress and then the really most uncover the thing is you have a nagging shoulder, Andrea and I'll, probably cricket, my neck, but dumb
Look, I know you most uncomfortable thing was me. I didn't want to do is make I'm sorry. I was trying to be more operates to match the image, while also being effective in keeping as much weight as I go on you yet why, when I went up like this, have you up for you. I can here that it was less wearing your letters areas and learns round. My clotel look. Look at his right leg, look or his right foot as you see how far back it is compared to his left. I dont think his right leg was, I think, he's money I think he was on the ground. Neither on the ground are not quite on his back as much all have tells you now you're lying in wait a minute. We see a lot of ways but to try to get and accuracy of it with that picture is definitely did scout. Well, that's why we shifted to debate issues that are blossom. Jarvan would have done. Look, I think the point is. Is it close? Is it close yes cake doing this? This is one could possibly yet Did we get closer the size and the weight yes wasn't unpleasant? Yes, is there any way that would kill someone who was
moderate health. I can't see it I knew this going. It wasn't a risk. It wasn't like with the Jeffrey Epstein thing we haven't had a net guard right, Aforehand unseen, use a downright way to save what actually, I might add, to save your life. An actual nurse now because I've been in possession is very similar to this very often right. Something it's uncommon. Their position than people know this in high school wrestling that are significantly more compromising yeah. I look. I think people need to separate the fact. of what are the idea that something can be very uncomfortable. Something can be even painful and deadly, and I and I think that is where the meat, the media praise on people, the media, praise on people who live lives of comfort, often who don't know what it's like to be cop, or to be someone in a grind like that right, most people don't know. What's that what that's like? There are a lot of you, country, though who do near police officers and, of course you I have some athletes. You'll you'll have some people in combat sports people who were
certain manual, labor jobs? Who would probably be more familiar with us here? It is comfortable, that's all I can say it was uncomfortable, probably have a. I already has spasm my neck going in my short, there was bother me talkin. Decided. He wanted to give you wanted to make you wanna get me stigmata, yeah but if you want to change his mind is cuff around the exactly he got exactly this cup me wrong. All doubt you're, coming through with handicaps from the gap, a heads gets that we had a real hand use those well because then, what do you know? What one of the key doesn't work and now stevens? How do we actually have real handcuffs rookie? I have that this is the one that you're dying mother-
These are the ones we use. The first area then makes it will. Then you just put em on Rowena people die when they, when they overdose on like open, we always or something like that in any of the drugs, Serbia should reaffirm their smile on their failure not persuade ago. Frill clears here's the thing when I had backed surgery. My wife actually was scared. She came upstairs. We lived in a loft area, she came upstairs like period of just making cheer breathing was likewise goes well. When you take these drugs they can suppressor breathing and when your laying down and fallen asleep, you can die that way right, so that now hinting at suppressing his breathing and not getting enough oxygen to his brain. You can die very calm positions, ral when he was spite. And he was the most riled up during this entire thing, and I would make that argument based on video was when when he was in the car right before this, and I would like your our right, your blood pressure before he was more panicked. Then I think the ship had sailed.
On panic at that point too young right now, I would disagree, I would say before he died. I think that there was a lot of panic and are right what they're sure there's definite panic. I mean fully riled up, like his heart rate, is maxed out, he's alighting he's trying to resist going in like that was basically vital, yes net. I think he was in more panic as he was dying. I mean honestly, I that's what I don't necessarily disagree there, I'm just saying that the effects that they're talking about increased heart rate, I think we'll use dogmas and how you talk about actual physical agitation yeah, so don't use only actual, are getting your blood gator blood pressure. Getting your pulse up at tat. He was moving. He was kicking officers right, as you saw in the trial before but they had a matters now. I dont know what I saw it all they will down and improper cool down for a worker right, yeah Actually I mean that's gonna, be bad for your heart Tippit aspect and you dont two years have laid down with someone on your neck. Just matters they don't like leaves rattle membership that New York Fitness, that's what it went bankrupt, they did? I don't even like that place, though there is always a woman who was just to Muslim yeah,
What did you want to work out here? Look at us and always asked spit in my mouth, arise for good money was for good. My letting a look. You guys can comment below what you think did do it did we do it wrong? no, we do it wrong as it does. It doesn't bear any relevance at all. Look at just one of those things I wanted to see. One of classified as detainees did wrong, doesn't mean. Did you develop? Marshall say nobody did any of this right. I'm saying that today emulate The situation is close as they could. I think, he's what was missing last time. You said I was on carpet, ok underline again that doesn't change the salary of that it's just on wasn't now, I probably have covered the word who that was Dames Peace bought, who invited a wagon by them, are accorded yeah. I didn't need a little bit of a fish out of water and a little bit of a fish out of why you just ran out. He doesn't have a water to be, doesn't have watered up just a fish in a bullet strategies into a bonds. I get an object. Lesson always wears rider shop, dot, com for people who want to support the programme, support what we do and look like we said I want to leave.
this. This is like David that I agree with them this is just a pressure cooker. fortunate situation all around, and I do think mistakes have been made on all sides. I just too. I think that far, more responsibility. Look people have made this team Lloyd and team shot him I am certainly not in either of these teams Riman team truth, and I do think that when you look at What's on the George Floyd sent a letter, writing committing crimes, long rap. She took a lot of drugs resisted arrest, right, lied about every single thing, but he said he lied and anyhow the sharp enraptured, which is put his knee on his neck, waited for. waited too long for the paramedics tour. I think when you, because of What you put on that sheet was right await me on his neck. Now, right away was cool. Now Not gonna shoot you air conditioned car tried to work with them. Try to
he was very sympathetic honestly up until that point, and I think he got for that. But then I think that things that remain on shove. Inside of the ledger, NEA Neck, that's your that's! The problem of the police department, That's a problem with the police department that you have not a problem with him will not get not right away. Forming CPR with an audience of people with a guy who's trying to get for being held back and someone saying I'd slapped the fact that a violent they they are trained to wait for me professionals until the area is clear. So I think that when you look but when you look at me stay in their mistakes, all around that have been made and there need to be improvements both for people like Floyd someone out there. Hopefully, if you're like a living, a life of George flooded, you make some improvements. Personally, we can't make those improvements systemically for you and then hopefully systemically some improvement.
With police training. That's what I've been saying, however, ever since the beginning of this is police officers need better training so that they don't have to go to their tool belt and use a weapon, and here you see one of the rare instances where he didn't have to go to his two about you didn't have to uses gunners taser, which probably wouldn't hurt concerned the guy was on methamphetamine, but inside He used the very limited training that he had an anyone with four years of high school wrestling to tell you without won't work that won't work and its a risk. You don't need to take. So I think when you're looking at truth, you have to say that most of our issues with sharp and in this case lie with the police department and I d Thank you, send someone to jail for murder. For that you think I'm wrong You know, I think reasonable people can disagree there. I think there is a reasonable disagreement for some people to have between look gotta blame the department. You can't like this guy away and Involuntary slaughter in now turning him over early enough. I think that's a reasonable discussion. What is regional discussion is,
that job and went out looking to kill a black eye Maxine waters, your salute the insane or a liar. I tend to believe both we're going. To my club right now, we're going to read it. Some Buzzfeed articles and actors express regret over the past problematic roles. There's a change of pace Youtube. Thank you not really pissed off
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