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Kyle Rittenhouse IN STUDIO! Sit-down & Cigars with Crowder

2021-12-08 | 🔗

What is next for Kyle Rittenhouse? Find out straight from Kyle himself! He joins Crowder to discuss life after the trial. #KyleRittenhouse #SelfDefense #SecondAmendment 

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All right, good, this time right, corner black? Ok, we were, We just started this and then something funky happened with the Youtube. This is actually must never have been for an ash Wednesday with Especial guest. I dont want to say starstruck because I dont want to be insensitive, even though I am I I want to make sure I get this right. You know do you can let you cigar during the enlightened earned no prying, I'm trying to do it now yet will light it during. We have entered the right idea. Star struck around me. Yes, well, I never get it Dave Agnew, limiting room, urinate myself a little, but I know I think, that's also because the plate, my head in court, electrons look shown. Who we have here is my pants forget who I am for three minutes merry Christmas. This is, we haven't here, call Rittenhouse, Missus, Ashe Wednesday I dont know enough to know whether that seventeen year old kid
exactly what he did, but I love you. is parliament militia coming out of the stated Illinois. Have you ever heard. This present say one negative thing about what Supremacist a seventeen year old vigilante argue where domestic terrorist picked up I feel drove through different stages, shoot people. We must never allow mob seventeen year old being held on suspicion of first degree intentional Hamas, seventeen year old, it was radicalized by trumpets on Thursday or fifty canosa and became a cure all right. So he is here. I want to make sure that they have these notes just make sure you get all the names right so that I get sued as opposed to this young man. This is the case. was thrust into a situation. That term really through no fault of his own and a lot of conservatives are people on the right tried to do the the both sides and we didn't lot of prayer set for this,
in the studio, and I thank you all know how motion what was for us when one has been hated and now he's on social media. So it's it's not an colored and house- it's not suffer by two thousand, for unfortunately, is not fluffy boy, two thousand. Why do I have fluffy boy tooth it? Why do we have that here too? understanding. I believe that assistant district attorney bigger. Distance attorney district attorney those boy fluff her to avert a feather unless age alleviate grass, I'm not sure, ok, you're one of them was flutter boy, one of them, but yours is on Facebook and serene tik Tok at this HAL, Rittenhouse and on Twitter? It's at this Kyle are that is correct, bright. what are you using Social for just to push, show my life outside of the cameras. You take my picture. You cappuccino sonship, my lattes yes
Mr back. A little bit of Ladys Randal bladder lay ass reality like the eyes. That's ok, do you get or not? We don't care. Only you Stephen! I wanna go! the sharp look at this, and I know I set back over the and so point two I hear he's a polite young midwestern man, yes boy EL, the man's or urge ambrosch we eat Baculus got its rightful, I m very polite young men who takes out the trash and for an idea, I d, and I mean he actually was cleaning up the trash in Canosa. When was the last time, you is that you, as a kitty went, went to a city. Well went went to a city where you work too no service lifeguard or your dad lived too. Not vandalism entrapped, you remember doing so that whole thing doesn't jive would know it. Doesn't I've gone to a city to by drugs? When I was his age? That's true. You know you were a kid is like it bureau practicing to be any empty correct. I was a fire fighter, empty cadet at any acquired apartment, and I was a great like police explore. What does that mean?
So on. I learned what police officers you at their youth programme, it's like sponsored by the Boyscout of America. Ok, learning what they do. The career stuff farm to hang out much core cops virus. There's the real here are the heroes out there? Oh oh corrected! May I do mean it suggests that nurses tick talking are not the same as First responders, put you in the hot seat, but you said it working. Let me only ask Europe men and I know you ve been making. The media rounds? Now thanks fitting assent, you what's it like? What's the relief like? Bing acquitted on so like you, walking up a mountain with about thousands how we on your ankle, yeah, and that was that you Heather and then Zeb lining down that road oh yeah,
That gives you fainted for real right. I thought I d faint my knees buckled as I would it was ass. You can see you. I can't wound with relief. That's when you get the real feeling of just I can't away. You know. I've never had that way. It's gotta be the great: moment Russia walk now me and men. The sergeant fur trash whisper, really professional guy. We sprinted down the hallway ya, get it out, that courthouse yeah, I'm sure I guess you could say that's the first time I ran from a cop the usual you're running toward them. We end up with your hands actually up getting. This is exactly what happened and that was that was all misrepresented so much. This is misrepresented. Nine everywhere have to be careful in what I ask you for you anything that you can't answer yet.
brought his tell me you're utility job author or throw my muggah. Well, you know what that's it, that's a dangerous! It's a registered weapon growing. Does asbestos tumblers, really signs are light there, their thirty they go by feathers. Won't take this home with me Let's find you can take several homeless. You brought some dogs here to which you know we're we're dog people. Why that's relevant ethical stupid, overcome it is you like dogs, I loved argue. We should really software the software that we should stop all this whole thirty like waffles or Pankey, one Emma I like I saw this since I think I see new Instagram thing. I know no wise pinky re I've. It is three yourself. What was look? I have do you have some things that are genuinely just in curious about? You were, and I think a lot of people got this. Wrong and by what will be taking some chat on Muggah, keep looking to the wrong camera. Could we have set up here for Ash Wednesday live As you can comment, please at the like
that someone can ask this one's because anyone in upper conversation and will be taking your your questions, your chat exclusively on market above Slash, my club after this So first, let me ask you- and I know joy reads this didn't happen, but she's an idiot. Yes, when the president, if not right, said their arguments? He didn't call you white, supremacist supremacist. He just info it and showed a video of you. with him narrating about white supremacy. I think that's bad enough. What was that like when the president of the United States, former vice president of the United States, was dragging your name for the mud before you even made it to trial very supporting bite its former criminal offence turning so he should know innocent until proven guilty, but he decided to go guilty before being proved innocent will in practice he noted
I mean if he did, it was like for six months ceiling. Clerk to me he's been suckling at the government, the public teat humble rival life, since you like twenty seven years. I have also heard rumours, is memories fading, yes, unsubstantiated, but Mr Prodi and hope you see this I'd, have a sit down I'll, explain the facts to you. So understand them. So he just heard you just heard a cow, ballad dinner Bell and thinks it you're asking him to come in for pudding. not going to help you. I don't think you'll be having failure zeal if you erase where's putting a day three square cups a day. You know what you're saying. Ok, he's we scared. Did you think that you think that yeah that the fixes in at that point, when you see the you know most powerful office in land sounding off? In my mind, I would go he's emboldened here for a reason. We we scared I was terrified like when I have all these media lying media organisations. The president coming
the saying all these false things. Edges are not true right, itches like how could somebody get away with that and not now the honest journalists or the Clinton's killed. The guy. Is that true, allegedly, these are rumours that hurt sorry and I dont want to bespeak nine guys, one girl, that's good you're in the cell alone, be they no really they they. You know there has been too. If I can, then is even worse than that, and I talk about this on honor, you have the entire me entertainment industrial, complex here, the former vice president, I state job really not even liberal station, I mean some back them up, but yeah I mean Every new station jumped on white supremacy right instantly, but then in the trial. Did was ever a moment your blood ran cold when you, when you found out that the FBI had either withheld or lost the hd footage,
did your blood red. Did your blood run cold when you women, when I realized tat, I thought oh now, they're gonna railroad, this kid oh backing up a little bit with the FBI for a job. we figured out about it about a month and a half prior to trial, and we are like a format, video, extremely compressed. Ok, sorry sprite oh yeah. That's! Ok, here from don't worry about Burma, That's the least offensive thing has taken place we found out about that a month in a month or so prior to trial happening and Apparently the state had that for several months that video and it wasn't sent to us well and when we got it the site it said it shows me chastened down Mister rosier mom, which justice is false. Misreported bomb chased bay, he always, and even in that, the ideas on like those in that it was in a flutter boy, two thousand force opening statements reset, and we have FBI footage that will show MR written
was chasing Rosenbaum and remember us hearing not gone. Oh, have they been sitting on this heritage, how did not make it a discovery I thought maybe there's something I had missed and then he showed it. What's that it's the exact opposite, exactly said exactly what he said, but you obviously notice it must have did come in waves going over. The FBI wants a certain outcome here. It seems that way. Then sing. Madame like I was like gout, This is very good that this there's carers and then the second thought as they had. I say hi spying on: U citizens yeah! That was my question too. There is How many other riots that we're taking place had drones or they claim to think at one point assessing Oleg actually unmanned vehicle huh, the riots. Have this footage of eight footage of the man who shot David Doorn, their footage of the over dozen people who were killed it these riots, the cops or candidate
Then they haven't got the people who shot David Byrne. Have they merit serious turnover? Looking I don't know if they're looking for people, not member he's, a man who was shot dead was a long time Saint Louis, or an area and misery. I don't know, if was Saint Louis, proper police officer who was retired and shot in the street, over television black eye. By the way before you go with a white supremacy angle again, which at one when one of the person people who you your self against, was screaming the inward overrun. Oh yes, JANET aghast. Oh that's a question with a little bit like so you know you were there when he was screaming the inward repeatedly Rosenbaum Bomb. I was an attack ass haitian, but I saw the videos but ok at one time I did hear Miss Rosemont scream the end where I was a war. I was with Ryan Botany came up to us as asking people if they need help yourself in the rioters, with first aid, and then he it must be said. I'm going to fucking, kill you you Edward! Well, then the second type of how we say Edward, but you can say fucking
no you're, quoting someone else, and I think it's best the. I think, if I think it's the best, because we play the cliff and we queues of using the inward on television correct. This is what he said. I didn't want to whitewash sorry continue. So this is when you saw in it, Our thy, ok and we moved away from him on so you die arrival, Rampart Simpson, walking into the brothel in walking back out when he sees parts, so ok, so red flag, yeah! Very big red flag. He was setting fires are, whereas arms had a trailer on fires, walk around with a chain of mental hospital bags, they react. What he's going with you. Did you when he threw it? You did. You know you're, like oh, my God per Cosette. Like did you did you see? Wasn't it I didn't know what it was in it. I thought it was a metal chain because I was shining through the light. I just not a metal chain now, but right, that's what I saw.
Sound. If nothing else, we have to say about Rosenbaum that he he's a renaissance man in the armaments. Did he chooses? Yes, I was surprised and go with zip gun. He went with a chain. He did, I respect that he did. He was snapping and did you notice so to me, what I said was not just him screaming the inward, but that there are black eyes around him. Anything which tells you he's really crazy. They were just like when you don't punch that guy. He really seemed insane like he really did seem. Did you get that vibe when looking at a gigolo just advisory danger? I gotta I notice. If somebody who was like that, gonna kill me, I'm like nobody. to kill somebody, let's not normal, why threatening Kildare bulletin? Unesco You got a little Weber romance going on. We do well yeah, we ve ever met it in his mouth and might come on. Don't even our saw behind the sea ass, a surprise me with it. Yes, that's right, goes that he shows up in a corset says: do you, like surprises, tie like my coffee
so I had. I had Ass Stephen. That change is wearing laundry. Four days before I came here the through well, I wouldn't call it lingerie, because I'm french Canadian was this waste much expose out and I would call it a string. I mean I wouldn't hear why. Having honestly with just a parasol likes me where little Sunday, there there's definitely some self happening, there there. They get the Doyle lease on. I'm so sorry, back to remember TAT the FBI. To me I was well just socks. My attention is aimed at this child, not this child. Yeah a cigar and by children. So the FBI, though, to me that was really scary thing for a lot of people realised ok in this case, and I want to turn, furthermore, that the FBI, in this case there is a politically charged agenda if they didn't give them this footage at least buying some one right yeah, but
in this case. I didn't really. I don't see this as a political case. I saw this about a case of self Defence That's how I looked. I know a lot of people disagree with me, but that's how I saw it. Yeah well, I think, that's what it was it was. It was the right time for the media to build up the story that they wanted and they used you, and that is terrifying, I'm sure they act specially just being at normal seventeen year old kid who was attacked and taxing. I know everybody in this apparently knows who I yeah? What tat? Man. I don't want you know and you let me know from attacked by a, but I mean you didn't know the time child rapist who- and this is not just this- isn't this- has nothing to do with you exercising right to self defence, but it also goes back this idea of the sort of these reforms we ve seen. This is a guy really probably should have locked away for life basin. The crimes committed. Just like you see people in New York. You know with the sort of cash bail they go out and they commit violent
again and up. Unfortunately, law abiding citizens are the ones who get vilified, your people would say we had no business being there. I never said that because I dont believe that I think it's a lot easier for people to say I'm justifying why I wasn't there. I think a lot of people thought you know, there's a kid who's trying to do the right thing, because no one is and a city where he works me as close ties, us is, is ablaze if I know you probably would, if you could do it again, you wouldn't go tied, sapient, twenty twenty. Yes, I would have stayed home. Pines I've ain't, twenty twenty about. We can change that, doesn't change the fact that I was attacked and defend it myself. No, absolutely, but you would have stayed home just because you would you rather of what all this exact I can't imagine being eighteen- I mean I know it's gotta be difficult for you to have to deal with. All of spread like. Why did you go out at night? That's what I guess, because it people soon. If you believe, therefore, that night
Oh, you were there before their aim. It yeah you were there before. I was there that morning, unclean graffiti offer with central high school without hack and my sister and re and then I say the knighted Dominic House and I prior and we had fish for dinner at night. You see ass. They would all evil need to hear that, though, because they their position. A good. Would you do you have your own lobby? Was it a halibut, halibut, guy, Lugal chips? Oh nine, Lugal chips, really good one of my hair foods, really that's very specific you're going A very good Instagram, Phooey, yeah, you're, gonna love. It is food, is everything. and explained the God. It's almost bigger than AIDS place. Good Lord I rise and unload on the kitten? Our? I listen here came to look. I want. I want you to be as look even a puppet cigar. Take a populist. Look, I saw you smoking cigarettes and I know that this kid wants a cigar. I feel like you, ve, been on trial for worse things from aren't. You gonna have a cigar.
well better things, I will not say that that this kid uses nicotine and any form of fashion. Why? I have a real question, how much call of experience did you have? Yes, I think What's on all the merit, how did you unlock fifteen, which is available in the game, but I was, age, twenty seven and call of duty. Ok before this happened. While I am only like prestige sex, I do know that means I don't is rescued. The princess generosity, the princess Leia, that the various other, if I rescued the princess you'd, be right here with my here already go. Well, we have Dave that's good enough! Can I get a terror? Yes, and only here, yet Bacco socks and a tiara. What do you think was the most important lesson that you were not contact, two thousand and twenty when you go down there, but in all of this, what was your big takeaway? Besides if not you not being acquitted my biggest take away, is how the government can just try
pushed around narrative, ourself ancestor. swear my case, but they can only they can push our agenda and to try to put anybody away for defending their sulphur. Any in person, would you think would have happened if there wasn't more footage than people could watch in a lifetime? Stephen we wouldn't be here now. You think be locked up, I think I'd be in jail. There wasn't all these videos and that's most people. That's to me what so scared if there is all the footage and it didn't matter anyway. That's when people say we're divide in this country is a week we need to reach across the aisle. Ragout will look, there's all of this footage and it doesn't matter anyway. I think that you were really a line in the sand a lot of people for the wake up? If, if there was any of this footage, the state would have been able to put their own narrative and say what they wanted to say and they may have got away with it. Did you feel when the jury was deliberating, that there was a good chance that they were come
looking almost for a guilty plea because it was taking so long. I don't know how I don't know what happened in that deliberation room. I don't know if I'll ever know, but who, after For the second day I was getting nervous obey or there is probably one soccer mom hold up probably, but rather a care and on the jury. I'm not sure you have received the type. What it wants, It's gonna get you are we ok, we're good, ok, cause. Looking at you that walkin around you're right, like like the people out there, acting me. Yes, I know for a fact that all of us as welcoming this kid, let this kid tell a story. get your distracting. Let him how his truth, you, you said your burning. Everything I'm having it destroyed, destroyed, right back is burning. It probably wouldn't work there. Why that just something I don't need. I don't want it back on the street Tom. I had to defend myself. What that I don't think it should be pop propped up in a museum like a lot of people, think I think it just needs to be destroyed,
They gave it back to you now now phenomena had Question were putting an emotion for that's what it is out of place, parameters centred off to be destroyed, and I think we're gonna send one of our guys. One of our people with it to me, Europe is destroyed. Boca! We're gonna get another one I'll meet. You need some fire paragraph no ma am, I do. I might have to get a nerve gun, yeah. I do you know he's gonna, as you know, just piss off the pedophiles. That's a good way to go about it. they might see. I don't know that I know I don't have a nerve gun with cereal child rapist. That's like a rate. Whistled falls more rapists. I'm not sure I think so its nerve for nothing. I've seen em they're, not gonna, be nothing even see the ads for this Christmas, for Christmas, what I want for Chris, yet I got my Christmas gift, freedom, a year ago. Nobody really want for gas besides freedom, yet besides freedom, What are we had a good? That's a good answer. Amy grant.
Yes, I'm gonna, ask some questions. Nobody's ass jack is people wanting to know you. I mean hit him saying that he wants freedom for It is a good. Well, we're not gonna have a much longer, not we might as well enjoy while we can write. So what do you haven't? You. specifically where I live for Christmas. Everybody in this world to do so fighting and unite as one instead of being a politically device. Everybody to be together with a kind of regular China. We have to move on down like that ones. Coming down you're telling me this year. What would I like something that we could buy? you take a hand yet will send you some want to ride to speedboats like Skis Hill Pay, for Look you may leave at least for a couple of months be with family eat food on spending family and relax Halloween
locked up, I was in jail for eighty seven days. Tat was how do I have adopted. You do amateur along we're. I'd only been in jail like a few days at a time, and then I was lots of once in a mental hospital for twenty and then sixty, maybe in regional, real fur. yeah different childhood ye? I wasn't like you, I will. I wouldn't have been going. There would have been worth the failure of drugs for sale of fresh out of Europe. through everyone trust? If I saw the calves, are not running at them when I'm eighteen absolutely now and you are running at the hospital backsliding on what's in here? Oh no, certainly I would look through and billing are cool lithium he's to wait outside of the mental hospital and pop people heads they dropped their back like a paniagua they'll. Look like it in purkis at great new grab me a lot of money. That is a degenerate degenerates. Let me ask you: let me ask you this
I wanted to ask- and I saw your reaction when bigger ass, I think, make sure I get this name right when it was Richie Mcginnis where Binger said, and you had no idea that he was reaching for cows gone or he was trying to take AL's Gun and Richard Mcinnis said who was called by fingers presentation set up? Well, he reached for his gun and said fuck you so I saw you start. Kyle, trying to hide back as an intensive that was a smirk to have that about right. Yeah saws. I was like acquiesce in these Questions like this is what really say this is what I was here and say you like, it turned video yeah, but were you the dumbfounded as to how fluffy boy, two thousand could ask one question. He rightly admitted it a minute, then give you a huge amount of rose curtsey. I was gonna get that
This is the guy was with him who know sorry. I was getting confused. This is Richard Mcguinness, surgeon Mcguinness. He was the one who saw the I saw the garish with so that was a big one, but remember you smoking at that. But then did you go. That's the moment that change the case when gauge gross Kreutz admitted that you only shot one came up and aimed at you cause. That was for everyone here. We said well when that happened life. While the moment s, identity, They had a case from the beginning when they started off their opening statement with the wind, the entire jury right and then putting on a witness Dominic who helped me alive, both approaches. It was your lawyer. Yes, that's what we thought at first, we were confused, he's really bad and I have my attorneys- are great Richard or Schroff see their, and now he was go their great attorneys phenomenal. I don't think I would have been able to get off without them yeah
Even though you say you know that they didn't have a case, the prosecution and they were lying, but it still must be in the back your mind it they can railroad you if they want yet a hundred per cent. and then, with the gauge testimony he was ill. Today's Europe see said it wasn't until each stem down one shadow wherefore has gone and plenty of it. Got at him till he shot you correct, and then he said yes and I that twin, you see me have a huge sigh. I did you feel like ok, pretty confident after that at least I won't be convicted. Unlike the severe murder charges, they were and presage of illegal came out of the woods that moment that happened. There was a change, a shift in your attitude really. I stayed optimistic that entire trial, but it was moral
Leashes, honest re or high, through the latter, yet most likely the ladder, and I want to go to work at questions ungazed gross creates whose beautiful and brave he then went on good morning, Erika and other shows too, is cut our cultural probe in the spacious enterprises have ringlets on his neck and raise a navy was gauge Yahoo ear gauge. I just thought it was a progress learning, but then you, good morning, America, I believe with Michael straight yeah. Then he goes on good morning. America, unjust lies about. He said the exact opposite was testament and is not under oath lay ass out every wants. I think it's like he just like, I think there's I can't take it the name that he personally to himself she perjured himself perjured himself and alive, Just tell me where you might need to learn those tore his head on the stand. I believe that he said I'm going to Effing Kelly right. No gauged rosters said on the stand that he pointed his gun right. There may not be admitted that he himself
writers person aimed a gun at you then he wide in office police reports. He said he was going to help me because I was being he saw me being attacked right and then sad, we're way to how these reports we failed to mention that he had a gun this. These are the report where he mentioned that he has got kind of big deal value on whether we remember all these details, though a homicide try may want to include that you had a guy included a ton of details. I'm in here remember if you ring boxers are briefs, but he didn't remember they neglect twenty seven I thought was exactly what he drove farther. That was amazing. Yes, sap using live thirty five miles farther than you did. You know you didn't know the guy, just like just someone someone can someone get this guy annulled the excessive door, the exploring the maps on earlier. He has no clue. That's another thing. We're people thought you went into this for city again, actions with commercial is part of my community I'll I gathered in Canosa. I, for my best friend, lived Lincoln lived in Canosa, yeah
and Thou Shouldst MIKE mania hung out there every day I spent more time it can, or should that I didn't Illinois and for that whole state wine crossing stuff. I worked in Canosa and I had to cross multiple state eyes to get here. Stephen I will understand you don't live in the MID West I was born in Michigan in my wife was raised there you know you're driving from. We would do that travel time for Michigan to Chicago my mom lived, gravel, Michigan, aware chagrin, nor, whilst in us now do you other northern. I have no idea by Cadillac, yeah sure yeah Cadillac happen nor the Michelin, that's beautiful area will he's he's a destroyed or two- and you know I mean oh hi oatmeal again rating and I can go to eleven while generated toy really meant. Was the people argue about that? I do like more suitable midway. It's more apocalypse certain I love the, but I always concerted like north. Really it's basically Canada right, I'm, French, it is different. was Carson, yeah,
You can have a cigarette there. I believe it's nineteen or eighteen you're, still, Canada, yeah right while you can drink? I don't think I have a cigarette. Rules are don't get him in trouble you unless you don't get me in trouble, will you just several first Canadian over you won't see two cents per generic. You now say because you want you want to be nurse, remember reading that being surprise yeah, that's it my name's go and beer at a nurse. But please make sure that you never have to work again. As far as the the media you know polemics, and- and this is what I was thinking you not to enter. what is with that, though, where you're going into school correct, am acknowledge, and yet you own college and again, but he switching We came away that's all. I ask Oh I'm sorry don't, but there was a people protesting. That is it. Is it true that attract ok? What college that it Arizona State University how we are going? Yes, for my word: internet herpes, my friend just don't shops the wrestling with Latvia and caution.
Each area near us next, video Stevens Gonna be mean you wrestling jeez wrestle I'd. for a little bit in high school. How, while ok and while I mean I've middle school- ok still there, those precious online I witnessed gets all mine. I took a passionate withdraw from my classes, my professors, while my professors offer dead and then a week later, they gave me passionate withdraw, which thank you for that, but they came out with this statement saying: oh, no! No! No! No he's he's not enroll dad, you anywhere MIKE enrolled, I'm just not in a classes. I'm admitted I have a student portfolio road, so you we are taking is check, say yeah, even when you're innocent something I ve learned here, even if you're innocent there, the court of public opinion, is very different, In its night there were a lot of protesters there. It was a very, very small, now yeah that people are just like. Let him get an education right, Am I guess that's why I wonder how go to law school I'm going to
as you know, in the spring and person, I want to do my for your undergrad there before I take the out. and go to my three years- a law, yeah yeah, but hopefully before he finish, you own done lemons house, but you switch from nursing to law. That's is that, because of the I heard you mentioned sectoral misconduct. Yes, you want to be a defence eternity I do on. I wanna be a criminal offence attorney ok do very well I'm a big. No matter who the person as I believe everybody deserves. Fair and good legal represent mission like OJ, so Jaw Demetrius she selected the OJ. Simpson jury. I she helped select, My jury she's a phenomenal jerry consultant she's more than that for us, though she was more. She was a row for my mom somebody, my mom can lean on and pulled Jerry this entire ordeal
how is she dilemma? Watch Annette Alex? I mean it was three times Rights cried Agnes, show or come close to it. when my dog pee on the hot air, when my when hopper died- and I had to talk about it when David Dorn, we watch that footage and we all about lost it. When you cry on the stand, it was really really hard for all of us to one of the hardest. Keeping my composure and then seeing your mom. How is she been doing now? Is she she leaves she's relieved she's doing so much better? I think she's a little mad at me right now, but that's okay. How am I still smoking cigarettes now? smoke anymore. You shall have your smoking to set yes, yes, I know what you meant, what Sure I think I love drawn rather shall thank you leffler the ethical up. I wonder how this corner shop, the red, eyed, identify backdoor, told
Ok, I didn't amount know about your call of duty. Prestige termed texting Europe. They called did you no I'm married and have twins you have twin yep Evans and I didn't play call of duty before congratulation. Thank you very much. Both boys are both one one girl, NATO identical. I don't know I just I don't fully understand gold bearded. Never! He looks like me here when he said Myles, he, as you know, is the weak jaw. Unfortunately little the upturn knows, and she looks thank goodness more, like her mother, we didn't want one of those Billy, Joel daughter situation around where she comes out could look like mom, but she looks like me: yeah monster with column of butter face and another press. A monster could look like Christie Brinkley daughter jaw, yes, crazy out, looking like the piano man, so glad so your mom is doing better yet say with my sister's they're doing
their hanging out at home relaxing they may be gone on occasion some time, but there is paying out catching up on everything we met because we are to put her red. They had dead thing. Thank you to them. They had to put their lives on hold for all of us here. Are they going through any sort of thing beer counselling is because I would not. I do want to say dramatic for them, but in a different way, but after I Daphne yeah because you're it you're in it, but for them there is also the trauma of filling completely helpless. Yeah Dave Vent so helpful to this. especially my mom she's, been really. She spent really good to this entire thing. Here I was those really hard to watch you watching and live on the show in and to be honest, I listened to so much rhetoric on the news that had said he was away
supremacist there's almost as view that you went down there and, like I'm clean Dave when Tom, what you thought for your initiative Do I thought that he was the thought that media told and then, while showing his I had heard, was now the ongoing he's a white supremacist like I figured you went on there and like a mega at we're like ain't, you know they wanted believe you were hunting people, so I want the trial going into it when cause restarted, covering it and It was almost immediate where I'm like wait. This is everything I have heard so far, just in the the one attorneys opening statements show, that you wanted anything, they paint it. I can't tell you how many people, when I would talk in the person would say: wait. The people shot were white, guys people didn't know after you were acquitted, they gather try three one and that's a thing. Well don't do their research. I urge anybody to go back and watch the trial. Anxious Timor link it in the PAN european level, the references clear we have
any wages? If you don't know the facts as go back and watch the trials and like two and a half weeks watching hat and just learned the facts, the case and then and then make up. your opinion. After what do you think is the most if people have to come with one or two, the most important key facts that the public perception about, which is wrong? What do you think is the key fact that people think or the miss misperception that people that is most pervasive, that I didn't cross state lied and that rifle I was carrying was one hundred percent legal for me to carry you? Did that as the one that I keep having to tell people as well. I think you're right. I think that is the number one thing that is completely because I saw an article today were there. I he crossed the Atlantic carried out legal firearm and I think it s answer, article that said eyelids in self defence, but they said I cross a light in my firearms illegal right. Why does that one bother you more than the idea of white supremacist? Why is that the one that sticks in your crossing
That's the one I hear the most time that in Ghana waiter, promise Sawfishes false ray. He ain't, gonna, wait or whatever the charge dismissed too difficult Yeah Hiram George, because from the beginning I said I don't think he's going to get quarter black disagreed with issues like I don't think we can rarely. This kid, I said. I genuinely believe that you will be acquitted because of how murky too, Fair. Some lawyers can, you know usually lilies of the fire and Lawson was content. I thought, Maybe they might need to try and make an example of this and get him on some kind of firearms charge, but that doesn't mean that its right, when they dismissed that one, I thought ok, we're working with gas now. Did you feel that moment, shift. No, not really. I think that, in my opinion, I don't think the gun had any bearing on the right to self defence right at all so I should. I wasn't right work anymore, so unseeingly, okay, there might be some objectivity here here, I'm
because I was something that everyone said and it was dismissed right. The people in charge said now we're not gonna play that role uneven the footage they had to show Kissimmee who work all your pointing at people this in that, like all the footage, show that your work carried out by my fire met anybody who wasn't attacking exactly yeah been that was honestly amazing. Ah, I know I wouldn't have been so composed. I want to ask about I don't know you can answer this ignores. Tell me if you can't can gauge said that you he used the term Marie racked your gun, This was something that was. It came from his twitter by the way to the point where, when we were trying to get the key details from the case, we were wrong. We issued a correction saying he doesn't appear. The Kyle actually did that, but it was everywhere and it stemmed from gauges. twitter. It did not happen, so I did. I never pull the charging handle back. I never went through that. I never pulled that, but I did hit the forward assist to close the ejection port, which was a little bit. Ok, and was at training to that you
Firearms training with now. I know I knew I don't know much about firearms, but I knew that forward. Assess will close, the birth of it, a little bit open right, beginners, luck, for crime? Has that was unbelievably quick and get, I mean seriously, do they, they shows your adrenaline and how afraid you, where I mean in him when you did break down on the stand? I do this. because I know that was harden if you know on religious say so, but Aren't you bother by the fact that immediately people were like always faking like because what you just Merrill Street and you can do the greatest acting- I wasn't- he wasn't sleeping with Harvey wines aspects. Yes, when, like a lock, it took everything I had had an exciting attack. I applaud that. You dated Anti SD episode on the stand, you're going to have what I said when it happened tat he was faking. I said I've, I've had panic attacks and I now have yet panicking. before that yeah one thousand jail. I had quite a few panic and tat. I was the first time you excited and impotence since after
the last time I was before the trial was in jail. Ok and then I learned how control I would like to have you already dying. Attack was in jail. Had you every Spain's panic attacks before that before jail. Now so you know right. I've had done a handful of times in my life. I can count on one hand and it bothers me when people go. Oh, my gosh Swank just had a panic attack and I don't know, don't you no difference, not social anxiety that you fixed with your we'd. It's a physiological response, and we were live member saying he's having he's having a panic attack and it just makes it is sorry upsetting, because our care, what people say, how five I've lost Let pass the hedgehog but unlike took everything I had to fight back said, I want to cry shall table that's the hardest part about a panic attack, as I get him to is the more you're trying to stop at a get worse yet exacerbates absolutely right. Yeah end and respectfully I tell people look if you're going to faint cry, he wouldn't fake ugly cry here right
and drew it wasn't distinguished crying like us alone. You know native american tier looking at a trash bag in the wind, it was Clint. Eastwood, didn't you know, you didn't look, like the most dashing shoot her while thou happening and save, and I thought it looks good ratio during the mere beforehand, great good. I'm gonna be aces. Now I would we watching it live on where we said that, and there was yet I said, watch they are going to say that he's taking new right away and right away and not just I think we all watch we followed. You were little brother honestly, everyone here this was the most per. We had taken this more personally than anything else, because you know we have to be careful to because if we reach a train raised, but that's a prom free of retrain raise money for you. If we train- and I had been in the fourth, my lawyer, what can we do in suppressing you can do, is covered accurately from the get go, but I know that we had reached out you behind the scenes and wanted to keep. You know a healthy distance because I'm sure yet Tom Dick and Harry now knocking
your door, offer new internships romilly. You know broadcaster book deals, I'm not in it. Scenario: internships, respectfully, no yeah public deals, etc. around seven offers right I don't think so, but also what the future holds children's book when you were in so what will do a coloring by a pop out at will occurring there you'll just pop out like surprise bitch? That's it is one paid. Yes, as one page, just one page about trigger control- what what did you read in jail cures for that I read the entire major monasteries series. I read. I read watch in jail, never read so much of my life had in her my phone yeah, probably good thing now I'd better look, I learned a lot about was of economic. I wanted to be tick talking
I wanted to be postponed for George, more whores yeah. That's what that was right. That was brought up. That was you see. I don't see how being hilarious is probably guilty yet done in that often the room, though I think hilarious escapes got hanging out, We have, we have just kidding shots fired. That was a bad. Don't play Santa actually getting in character. No, who I need. A lot of fish has before that is blue Galea Lugo. Try that blogger. I don't know I've even blue, get from Michigan where everything is whitefish and that's it can be it's it's fine. but like a lot of all, you guys have examined their in everything we do, but for some reason I bring out the whitefish first and its. It smells like how fish dying hurt each does yeah perch surmount the what's that place, we're the Chelsea Cathay
you know she really good my he. My my is only as good as he is one of my hair affairs at the very least, fish have em there's a place in Manhattan Beach. I think it's a franchise now into manhood in and they do grilled MA. He might relate to our amendment had now domino beach, oh yeah, eminent each California, I want to offer. I want one used to be a white Supremacist Haven, which once I guess that I repeat myself. I know you got me off tracks like this. I'm sorry we turn about my ferris eating fit what he was the one who brought up your vat as eating look. I thought I wore something slimming. You know what it's ok, municipal David. I know you wouldn't I should I get their act together. Let's do it island. I have perfect bodies short stout Don't look good in our people could understand to hurt, with your words, Kyle. The deputy lesson to you Dave has feelings too. I don't have many I've pretty much higher damage Molly. Of drugs. You read the major runner series,
I'm here illegally reading any law books. I guess that's like now. They have any law books and ITALY. We don't want you, don't you to figure out anyone got out of it. Sat smarts, that's actually, smartly. I would not allow any prisoners access to law books. For the same reason I dont- to have access to the gym Yeltsin. These violent criminals stronger into society than they were before, never got it. did disagree with you on that. Once the event, I I believe everybody has a right to exercise, guess getting working out as a huge Blake, structural, labour and something else to focus on an reading law books. I think you should be able to know the law for going through criminal proceedings right, but I'm just saying like under someone run out of someone's on death row, there's nothing wrong with a nice like yoga. Dvd yeah, he doesn't need to be doing, doesn't need to be doing heavy bench press Will they don't have waits anyone praise, I think, I'm gonna, we didn't have a gem at the juvenile plates but like, and I think they have any it's just like pushups like set up some stuff, and how is your treatment yeah or another,
professional nice to me a guards yeah. What about the kids at the juvenile center? They don't like at first some they would like, like, oh and then I am sure, was quite a bit more severe than that. I wouldn't mind if I went to jail and they were barking through the bars gross I'd like coffee, oh yeah, all, but what are they really like? They didn't like you will, but what kind of things, but they do have, they must vote they wouldn't mess with me at all, but they just would like this we until they got to know me and then I'm like a king, spades now side like I'd like run. This, Made stave off guard- it's what you meant? Yes, right, and what is this? What were you doing? What's what Spain that again, it's again innermost may aroused major scourges, I had a legendary who know run for four years. That might
Add these men were nowhere near a jail? No nowhere near Jeff, I actually almost gossip, Jeffrey jumping unnatural turnstile in Montreal, was turns out a really serious a different level of misdemeanor felony, while the week before they change the law, but a lame story should never telling. I should never tell it again this amendment aware, but I think it's fun we're just. I had an Una run that we can talk with actors with daring about my pops crowd her. They thought I was cheating. So that's the only argument. because, once I had a four year run, I just retired on Topic: Rocky Marcin, you actually, where you see this high handed gotta, was not cheating. I dont know but it was for four years undefeated and we would play a little, but it never played space because you know when you and what you're good I just played Una. So what are you going to stay? Tells us out. You know euchre. Now. Ok, maybe that is just a mission. That's U parties from Wisconsin all right! Now I had still Michigan behind was concierge, but everyone a war for that yeah I do
I don't know why it's not was come Michigan really their own packers jackets. Do you have. This is a traumatic experience, robbing light of it because that sometimes process it yeah yeah we're proteins issue of PTSD, teasing mice, Maya shrank said I dead but took her. While the believe that why didn't you believe the shrink because I am, I know a fine, I'm normal. My ego got the best me apparently yeah using water. Often air fifteen's back women. I imagine you gonna be urine therapy. What am I a hand? Yes, you're gonna have a view of PTSD Otis yeah. Do you have like recurring dreams about it? I have nightmares occasionally they definitely have slowed down over the past couple weeks. Bird GM like what you would call a memory avoidance, sometimes sometimes but not alive.
On a sheriff and space alot yeah, well, you're, you're, eighteen, routine, you're thinking, I repeat, we think about girls like he thinks about about now think about you, Stephen well, think well, is it wouldn't be so uncomfortable? If you weren't just denigrating his physique, it wasn't. You would even not my type, he was even worse. The atlas chap I saw the bulk eggs in the Congo is saying we match in physique, because we both the alot of fish, I guess I don't know who you want to date. Went home, says Yes, it's up to pick on a spit. Let's make this weird, so you do have PTSD yeah, of course, a year, would say. Of course I didn't want to diagnose. You know what I want to hear anything. It's still have you know like Pierce, Morgan or something, but your views, your psychiatry said he. What are you? What are you doing to deal with that?
Talking to my shrank, I'm talking about it with her really helps very smart lady talking to them While my circle, such as Dave Al T, Kenny TC people have been with me from the right getting a lot of friends that are better get your back, yeah more than France or mentors David taught me so much to do out this. I'm around so much because of them? They're, just amazing like who Dave helped me with Marge same without tee and come on? We just man, hold that help? We will. They have not moved less called it there it? You have a strong support, says: yes, ok, that's That's all you need is very important at its. It seems you if your family and friends there have always been on your side and when their it's gotta help kind of take away the darkness that what yeah shouted who has been given. I know you said that you didn't it wasn't. Something that should be celebrated would restrict, but you don't feel guilty.
for what you had to do now now. I know I defend myself and I just don't think it's something to be celebrated out at did the day. Two wives were lost and yeah I may have been attacked with sad something to celebrate. I don't think it's Michelle Diana, and I asked that because if you said that you did, I would this would be an intervention that you should not feel any guilt and I know sometimes there's misplaced guilt when there's a traumatic. A vent, because when somebody does the right thing yeah I mean really, I think, for the most part but soldiers what the old guy? It's not something to be understood. What you're saying to be celebrated, but when I talked about on air is you were they are trying to do the right thing? That's why I never took a step back again. He should have been there now. I understand why you were there and actually commend you for being there because
You were there for a long time, cleaning up and helping you weren't one of these people. I'm saying that's looking. I got to take this price for a second. Just let me let me give him this price you weren't there taking and harming lives like the people who attacked you they all in this is relevant. You didn't know the time, but they all spent a lifetime harming other people. You have not. You were there to help and don't think it was wrong for you to be there, and I think it's important that you know, even though you don't think it's something to be celebrated, and I understand the sentiment. I certainly celebrate that that occurred rather than the alternative, because I know that if you hadn't defended yourself, which is what the left has excoriated before you'd be dead, you'd be dead and that's not not justice and all were really glad. There are a lot of it. Just a joint Alec for us Morrison worries really glad that you are not dead and you're, not locked up,
really. That's like I've never had a more vested interest. I tell people, I'm not unbiased. It was really really I mean, have a conversation with my wife about how heavy it was in my heart. I know you don't celebrate the loss of life, but I celebrate that you're still alive and you do we have to do sorry- I didn't get emotional com. If that's what you're gonna do line with everyone, whatever you want to get out of that, have anyone told? Is anyone told you that, though, then you up what's it like. I know they have a lot of people going to hey. We want you to appear on the show and early People say get him on the show. You know we reached out and we never pushed it. You don't owe anyone anything. Do you know that yeah? You really know that because you're not at a rather Williams? Not your fault, saying: hey, hey, Kyle! It's not your fault. Is such a fault boy? It's not your fault! No, but you don't know anyone anything and it's really. You d get sucked into this industry my virus, asking more of you.
because they admire you. I hope you don't let that we think best thing you can do. I mean it always sound strange, but you know the best revenge living your best life and, if you're going to college- and you want to do something when this and in the most positive thing you can, you can do something amazing with your life I think it is good that you have the opportunity to do that because there's been so many people that have been your position that don't have that option. people. You know obviously falsely incarcerated, white or black, and none of us are now, and it just comes down to the fact that you yourself, because you wore quick enough. You know you get this. Aren't you get a second chance? I'm sure you look at life, and I It's called a second chance. You did something wrong, but I just mean, like you, through something that most people I dont think could handle? and you should be proud of yourself for that, and then I just think that its good you go to school. Do you can, and you know just tell me I'll I'll. Have you, as my first
Why did the zeal out another? He will need one. I would like to do it pro bono. I will my next to you. I believe me, I'm delighted, don't come cheap. Now, I'm gonna lease fifteen years. Do you feel stronger from it? I feel I can tell draws a person, I've learned so much pressure from my day. Venality they ve taught me they ve Tommy. Much on the person I am today because of them via what was it like for you to see. People like, I know, you're, not a message for Lebron James, but people like Battista and celebrities was a good message. Her hair was a good man. I like the message but tat these other celebrities who, even after you were acquitted continuing to, I mean really can live. slant Battista said something to me and I only said something else: Arrow Battista did. I know what I want to say. I love W W in our debate, but he's real and you'll have to we D. Like I entirely I don't don't watch more, but to set a lot of stupid things, I could be mixing up stupid, celebrity sang stupid things, I'm pretty sure he did say something.
more so about this state of affairs in the United States and eighty turned at all interracial thing, which is what so odd about this. How do you think, I think I know the answer, but I want to get your perspective. How do you think this was turned or whitey things was turned completely falsely will racial issue? Will people just want to push through a gender on a case that has nothing to do with race is a case about self defense? Not politics, not about raised, not what you believe in about the right to refund or so why do you think they did? It became that narrative in the public eye they wanted to push it on agenda and they I think it was them trying to come after the gods. What is it, what is it do, or how do you react when people use a term vigilante Look I didn't know what a vigilante was August. Twenty fifth and I wasn't a vigilante
I failed, don't even know what a vigil any as I'm, not a vigil Annie. It's all there with a mustache, goes up with a sack with rolled up quarters and hits gas in the subway whose death yeah I he knows that is that I've got show question here: its data. Even a seller, we're logic, a? U bunk. fat man, a knife or you roll. Hesitate. I hesitate to stow crime, and are you just let it go right? Yeah between cries. He puts his legs that, like the blockade and hook and yells Bang rang somebody's robbing a seven eleven, unlike I'm just here for the jerky. Exactly is its is its. she died. I voted free, they aren't. You are one day year, my favorite days a year. Really is reasonable and I can afford. I can afford sloppy. any good, really vote Mount of Chinese spend in line to save her doll that I did not worth that you should just go every other day I'll tell a story. We remember that later in life, guy club about free ice can day had been Jerry's. When I was on a date, it did not go well,
Are you dating? Oh? No, I am not dating I'm very single. My dams are open, Oji! Look there. I was going to say you did you get fan mail from women? You had to yeah got quite a few. now the weirdest, when you guy, had a mom trying to trying to set me up with her with her daughter. I'm trying to say the elder daughter, F was a daughter been looking A United Europe enter Checker either, one of which one would you? Would you a sexual ok Now it may not have come to see their gauges tuesdays with only now you missed it by I. Now but now that we are now to get some weird fan mail, their worries I mean you head, dress him, but all the support from the support mail from everybody just met, so my charm, whose most famous person supported, who trump I think,
So I'm not sure. Did you get a few, though? Did you get legacies a few like messages or letters from people that were to say their names are. Indeed. I think I got a book from an author very busy no he sends us to everyone what which author IA I remember the name of the book in my back. I am. I am I UK and evaluating the most famous. If you have to get find the name, it's either it's either token or it's either J K rolling or it's not a star, the Turner Diaries. So probably drunk yeah. It was really the most famous the crazy meeting him as variant saying we did. Wanted to know about me and talk about me. We don't how about politics or anything. We just talk HU I am as a person and he he asked I shall then he talked with me and my mom. When you don't seem like a political person,
No Papa TAT share Obi eyes, I'm not I'm not a political person. We watch the chateau renaud them, it is more like a comedy, shout Ike, eager to make fun of your Dave. He gets it yeah. Well, thank you was at first hand the President Trump and was it time that we saw when you in more illegal her. He reached out p agony before that trouble. I wanted to meet us, so we met with. Makin, a turn on a meeting with the former president. So winter, not a meeting with the former vice president. You know I would turn down a meeting with President Biden at all. If he reached out and I'd be happy Tom, my side of the story of what happened. Anybody who wants to know what happened, but that would be an important and interesting conversation mean until he nodded off forty times. It should his pants Jeff, but I mean the beginning of it would probably be really good for the: U S like the first minute and a half easy, and he came four hours late yes, said of
nor am I, like Mr Burns, proven with right around him on his shoulders chicken fight. Will it round This is a society we do this. They were still we like to have a laugh, a good, Laugh so you are you're opened today. I am, I am very opening, so maybe you want for Christmas. That's what I want procrastinated Dame would you can form a woman? Ah, yes, yes, tracts of land tracts of land yeah. Nobody looking for one year out some person that, just once like a date me for who I am I what I'm looking or in a woman s eye Lake. I like a girl a little bit of, but ok, yeah sure some ways- big tat, big boobs, bigger.
dude here here. Guy lead people get mad at that zero people, every every guy in the language that efforts are now. He cannot lie to all rational issue. No other brother can deny her boy. I'll give you I will. I should dig that whole deeper their Kyle. I was helping Ireland into left crew good, but what was your first, I also join you guys. You sent fifty chicken nuggets. Did you really fry about thirty eight of them. for you, so jail was a time work where you exit a nine year old, stricken nuggets what we're fish decks not available. They look at prime rivers I think there s only one, eighty innocent Donald Chicken Nuggets with Sweden sour sauce and gave came through and got chicken nuggets, and I knew this casket this guy guys a guy. I turn our eyes right. He's been with me ever sent an e mail. It did Miss MC flurry. That's ok! Well,
I'm a tailor made for machine is broken yet very laudable. I don't have difficult, ok, yeah! I wouldn't go that far. Thank you! So much for the Nuggets Dave. I owe you want. I finally get fifty Solomon. Fifty year you set the Bible to them, which we have to buy two twenties and a ten by things. Our good luck it in that rightness endemic. Employ you can even here, do you mean by three twenties really? yeah, but he wanted a legacy of my anything by sixty and give Dave ten. Where did you buy an order that Canada, yes from one, and you are like that? I was not sure how much reason looks like you're going back to jail. I dont know I like this ever there's always gonna, be something that makes you happy instantly and I assume it was food right. I food. Yes, I like the x ray Dave? You will know why. I know that's why I asked about the middle out loud he's. Not there. The other process
Peter who looked like mode wealth arm, he sang I had a guarded and say was a yeah. You didn't say that you are a house yet and say a Dave. Doesn't it there's gonna gums both? Might he was there they had ever been prosecuted desk stapled Lot of his glass insulin produce see people take the stand when he was like. Did you have to look round him must cross your mind like this. This guy he's not gonna. Have the energy to prosecute Islam. you gotta be hanging. There might be another way, suburb like a hawk is. You MA you get the other instruments that for a lot of what we're yeah, just thoughts, went bigger, violated. My fifth amendment right on here from you guys on the site out what a dick
I thought it was incredible and so many people got mad at the judge, but I was very very happy that he pointed out that you had every right to do that and I think that that made you look allow class you're, just as the fact that you were doing that anyway, I think you let the system work. You were trying to get your lawyers do their job. You warn doing a bunch of interviews, you won't doing any. You are just your letting the system work and the he was trying to demonize before that. I found to be pathetic and I think it was so clear that was trying to score political points when you, when you took the stand one such in other words your waiting until you can take the stand to say it accurately, and then he sing abbot before you put what what are you about advising as soon as everybody in shock when I called the Saharan? Oh, what you everything I was rather than ask you why you did that I wanted
it tell my story, because I have nothing to hide it because you know what it was in: a murder, trousers, self defense, try right and behaviour, Dantes Astin murder trial. Did your lawyers buys against it at first? You know now I told them I want to take the sand and they agreed with me and I was like I want to tell my story, but you were about to say something about I was ended, was clearly is trying to score political points evening about you exercising your fifth. When you took the stand and you're about to say some. So if I thing is, right before everybody was in shock in the room and they may wires Ike. We now call claret and has the stand, and unlike was do this game day. Then we get they're in the jury had sent out, and after that you see bud. Eighty eight beggars DE as fast as you can like the flash to get that giant no paddies. wanting to have it He began. We sat for several hours like I've, never
was long. I was getting worn out by the end of uniting our and that's a technically train, using just where you down and fatigue makes cowards of all men. That's what's way anytime you being question for anything, it's just the opposite. How long you can go and to change your story end which rose when you never did that you're telling the truth in it. That's the thing like he kept at bay. asking me leading questions and repeated kept, asking different questions in different ways. Unlike luck, my story same idea just getting retaining torture and other nothing at all. I got you are incredibly composed ghastly. I thought, if anything, you are you ready, a little more mechanical just because I could see that you should have Eliza, ok see what he's doing here is reaffirming the same question. Is that how you felt you shall occur balls coming yeah? I noticed like you is like asking these questions in different ways, trying to get me to answer differently, and I was just like no riches,
frustrated alive because he asked about my call of duty. He asked about four hours more whores and then he asked the fire and on average in it, was a fire. The social getting I was just getting iridescent. Was it hot? Yes, Noah three, I would you say, was more of a red flame like at the Tipp of the centre of the blue flame. Like a torch, like you know, you know what you re invest a good question. The fire it was like longing a car, long oars, color it had the it was in the inside. The Durham acts in like there's some- smoke, is going up not to mention the dumps are fairly try to push and then the dumps tribute I urge their doors have fired
It was a little bit brighter than that orange torch toward a coal, so that's electric and we know that they wouldn't have been able to afford that. So my question is no one has been prosecuted as far as the actual gates roasters for aiming a gun at you. In other words, if you were justified self defense right people who committed these, I mean they committed arson people who committed serious. You know battery of assault. Nothing, the only person who has been charged with this, which I don't agree were which I do not agree with the two before I agree with. actual Minsk, you being charge, I don't agree with Dominic being charged with those are the only two who was Dominic church. He was charged with the pro
if I were to a minor which I'm not going to want to jeopardize his case. So onawandah talk about much of that. Did you um it among those units? Questionest even go back. What do you think there is a really good chance? There was going to be a mistrial. I thought that I thought that was only outcome Yea added to for a little bit, and I was curious if that's what you're feeling in the room did you, like the judge, jury traitor nice guy very old school. Every constitutional judge yeah. He was vital law and salad You wanna get scented by what I hear from people, but he is You want? If you want a fair trial, he's a judge. You want now you're born reason, Wisconsin I was gone and yes, why dont you sound like schreider. Why don't you sound like talk? Talk like that you know what your budget in order to establish a pencil and your fuckin, I figure a little bit, but they don't do that one. You know No, I don't have much of a midwest accent. Do you find it funny when you're in a judge a little bit now now are we,
hilarious, but rules were children. I did find this Hilarious mine. Now their leave is video right now I don't want a giant, but he's a man really I'm sort of a man, I'm other oil with great here. Maybe I'm like a bunch of Yad Nick I caught halfway again at our like heavy, but with a man, tolerant man may be stretching every day. Well, ordered me. Just came in hot He's gonna go all he knows and friendly did you when you playing it Lee Greenwood, who does God bless the USA summit when you heard that play his phone? Did you go? Yes, I'd even realize it really, no God the? U S. How do you miss that arise out of more focus on like doing I'm? I know you anything more than lay I only if it started playing I'm too sexy for my shirt
you ever see him again, I really down, and yes, I really wanted to twenty different sketches of what that, with no harangue offsets C4. My cloak sixty four, this gavel. oh my gosh. I can't believe that was you know my phone about a headline: quiet, no dear donkey, brazen with me. Did you move you laugh at that? Oh I don't know. If you saw my first I'll live yeah you, you must have made let a job at the end of the trial or so ripped out from how I had a bite, my cheeks and lives, like the entire trial, Khazars things avaricious after hours of light, so you're able to find levity in moments I was able to go like ok, I don't laugh Accra. Let me ask you this before we go. It's gonna take questions on unmowed clubs. I have two final questions for you. Gazed roasters on the zoom call falling out of his chair all time best part of the trial they did you pay a little by pest wisely so its body about nothing because he was he was dead for a while, but because he was proud,
hi I was like it was a good Charlie Chaplin Scatter was hilarity skip over. It was like when Marv Bulgaria is outside who understood from the whip, because straight down like out even do that overnight, it was a definitely like leg, something: a directory of action. but you laughing before that on this issue. I was like. I think is laughing at something mark or say, and then I saw that and then I was really laughing where you worried that, if you laughed too much will be used, You know it eyes whip, There is a thing tat. I had a show professionalism there. I wouldn't say mission accomplished on that. I have to agree with the best poker. that you are clearly tickled pink up. Everyone was laughing gauge yeah. Well, I don't think he knew where he was that's true final. You said he was looking around on the ground for his arm. Yeah you're looking to harm stopped, you can hold it in full.
Sweden holding it in for so long. We don't want to. Having is gonna get. I stress, also some kid. It's me don't blame him, blame him. Legs killings and I'm tryin to him. Yes said unto me he gets a movie for the joke police. I hope I hope that I hope there is some kind of restitution here. As far as the libel and slander from me, You want to talk about that now, but you did. You should never have to work another day in your life, but work because you want to. Now we're focusing on. When would in John Peer some there, a bunch of liars, Magna say much about them, but we just do it. There's a bunch of life. Yeah you're right, I'm not gonna, say much about that peace. A human shit bite my tongue. proven liars where he was almost on the show- and I said now I said, but there's something smells fishy
Linwood, and so we ve never had him on the show you to be accused of being keeps saying. I really am I outlined what does yeah? Ok, that's just that's! When you start, you realize it's a drifter were if they just accuse anyone who doesn't like them of being deep state ceasing your deep state, apparently he's accusing me of being handled witches false I made decisions, but I'm being by a bunch people, just not him now being accused of being handled and I'm not handled. I make my own decisions. so everything got. What would you have to say to the people, though, that said you weren't there because of the element it was racially motivated. This case has nothing to do with race. That's like nothing, absolutely zero. It just doesn't make any sense, didn't enter your mind, now Ah, then, I just released through the air with their because there was such the staple of the media yeah that it then I think it's just
porn to just say that flat out then had nothing to do with what that was about. My you mentioned before the show, and so I wanted to bring it up. You said that you were just so grateful for people whose supported you from the beginning, hundred percent, all the supporters, it just means so much and the people in my circle argue quick log, shot out. That's a camera talkin to their sorry, give a quick long shot out to Dave Day, I'll t Kenny Tc Jaw, jaunt husband, Mark Corey, Natalie, and does everybody whose help me do this without them? We would it be here today and they you two of you guys have supported us made it Africa, USA, DOT Org, it just means so
to us. Thank you guys. Yeah. We have a lot of people to love. You will be getting a chat urine on my club in a few minutes, but yeah we we mourn, did a lot of ways of these people. We prayed for you. We a team in a kind of groups about it. It was something that way too heavy hearts for a while, and I told you tat, he thought he asked me where, where we had the streamers and confetti for money was not guilty. As that you should have been, you should have seen what we had ready for. If you last year, we only one was happening as well. You know what we were right. We were already to go down to Canosa awe and not, of course, to actually peacefully protest but Paeon most very effectively make our voices heard. It was one one were jail on. The show we said said. This is not something we're gonna sit by. While kid gets railroaded, we were ready for it. We were ready to leave like the next day.
so I beg you, get her off the support. I'm notice I've I've been a big fan of my club for awhile. That's actually, nor does it because he was the FBI, the police, you went through your phone. Could you gave it willingly? The FED Ok, it was the feds, so they would have seen in your history. Some of our shows. Probably so when I wanna watch and here you go I'll, take the winner. I can get it right and what's that That sounds to drown here. Flighty later, just aren't you, two and well plain that the OPEC, everyone watching thank you so much for an on Youtube, we're going to do some chat. Take it from people on my club, people, I've been supporters and cows going to answer them directly. You only answer what you want, you can say pass
Jimmy, fell and I'm not gonna break any eggs on your eye. Hadrian like that really bring the eggs and I didn't bring the eggs over our accessing before this. Oh, I know that we said we should probably Ahmed. That's so Stephen yeah did this interview stress. You know she got a little grey right here. Ok, so day, fat, numb, great yeah called twins and titanium ribcage. But you know it's not compared to your stress. You have no idea what I have just done. Yet you know how to deal with he's. Gonna go dies, hair. Now, yes nothing about him, he was almost universally very vigorously, not letting the sponge what diaper perceiving the opportunities that are put your nose ring. I will follow you everywhere. You go perfectly white primacy guy and not win, and then I'll paint with my menstruation get a job at Buzzfeed aright people on you to canvass S smashed the like button leave meant below. If you want more ash wednesdays, because every now and then I don't like everyone's day that, like us, wednesdays and leadership or for calicoes cows, and go and check the comments section usually, but they dont have become a second idea. This will be a good one. We usually talk about that with
for crying out loud puts up to that. Even if the prescriptions you gonna give you- and it's just like you- you didn't need abuse train you. You just need to stop written comments, section that also have the effect that kid you tube, like this part, pissed off
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