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Landau Live! Caitlyn Jenner’s Racing Team, Embezzling Nuns, and White Apologists!

2022-02-09 | 🔗

Dave Landau is in the big-boy seat to tackle the issues few will: thieving nuns and pedo punks. Also, Caitlyn Jenner is getting involved in NASCAR. And the people at Showtime want you to know how much they hate white people. #NASCAR #WhitePeople #CaitlynJenner

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Is your pet, your favorite dance partner, yeah, we get it and we ve got enough for you share the joy. Your pet brings you with people who get it track your exercise, medicine and check ups and even earn points and redeem them for awards, like blue bundles, buddies by Blue Buffalo visit, buddies dot com to learn more or download the bodies out Everybody hit your captain Dave Lando and today special episode of latter with crowded with Dave. What? Caitlin Jenner and some other people have in common you're gonna find out like it listen and listen heart.
Mr Santer, you must go to work.
it made? Some movies are not proud of Ahoy, everyone agreed a start and welcome to louder with crowded, with gave great Dave. We are a long way better. I'm so me a story with a bit late today. I know some you guys get a little operate. The feed. So why don't you come down so that all the audience immediately? We love you and we just to we just want once you love us back Kennedy. Uppity anymore Dave. Now I pray you handle. He didn't say the other part now get out again. Oh, I just thought it was a worthy meant, uptight, outrigger, that's heights area. I like that up tight uptight of jobs.
Don't get what what was it? Oh, I get all we we'd up. Don't get don't get like that. You who said that you former President it was you talking about his pants well anyway. Today we are they, of course in studio our Use good. Oil ahoy you who gets broken down. We Keegan he'll keep up. you got a TIM, the tumor. How are you sure ain't gonna can complain? of course, one of my favorite people cross daddy himself. There, it is again, are you the issue? I think you're gonna hit me every time. I said that's, so it seems to be working. Well, it's a good, nickname Helena it. It sounds like you're a Louisiana, my boss, when I say that can remain fills better. You don't want to see their growth at once. He comes back.
He mean been it daddy. What would you like some answers? You know you're alive, show monetary Thursday at ten, a M S Eastern, What we are rumble podcast mug club, all that good, stout and city the question of the day. What everything about white people, that's not so go ahead. What the Koran have wanted to smash said like button right now and leave a calm, and what is your favorite thing about? Why people money I what we supposed to take away from ass. how easily the let you take their shoes, so I have to smash said like butter. Also,
That's it shows, come Dave. Will year yet March, twenty fifth, the aims sinner in Burns Ville in Minnesota, fats right, that's gonna, be fantastic, make sure you go online and get that info and tickets. Yet my remember Kwairyo view with me and Stephen crowded good friend of mine. I don't know if you know that you may have heard of him April. 16Th we've just added a show to the Royal Oak Music Theater in Royal Oak Michigan, four p dot m show because that's sold out rather quickly check. I loathe crowded outcome slashed or for all your other day. Those areas should just be falling out wrong. End of marked ride around it s rather wearing shorts, forty degrees and other cause. It's sunny washing their car through a hazard wit, oh yeah, thirty two degrees in your golfing and get all your loving it. I remember the days you like wearing a sweat shorten shorts and my heart is great son, feel so good eager to hit the new potholes after nine months of Clouds Day. I think people talk about, don't you missed
changes seasons. I don't miss nine months of cloud, It is really no seasons, it's just depression, elevator, I'm and then there's like eight days. We are like. I want to die due to its great, but then why they bring you in for some levity. Perhaps I'll go for a job and they'll do down to descend abstained side watching tv, I am only beautiful day you get Dave Land thousand town. That helps we say. Yes, we will see this guy come up. The road, music, bitter and I don't know I guess no, this February black history month so we'd like to share with you some life history back you'll break it down. That was terrible, yak as a lasting or off me right away, but we need in Europe needs it. Coming just showing your favorite thing about what people rhythm began as yet, not big Dave I also say well to India. I don't dance now.
weddings or anything. I'm like I'm, not goin out Acer breakdowns did you. I did for real peripheral, well, really good at it. I read your own juice. Linoleum murdered, use a box it up, but it's no. I just would do it at parties and here the frictional I learn more. No, no, I I will carry a drunk, did manner simply to get I've heard. It burn Angelo in now David don't take your pants off. It won't happen again. Well, sometimes I would have our Box and Nope ants best man with the toast Dave. You can get up. Dave hello, everyone here where'd. They knew why. Why does he do this on every specially he's sick with him?
That's the seventeenth time I've seen his pyro, like has ok they're leg prisons. Let's go ahead and Crawdaddy. Would you mind, share number one read it read it in nineteen o eight Jack Johnson became the first african american man to hold the world heavyweight champion. boxing title real language. Again one as the Stevens we'll house, you gal locks things you have written so in August of nineteen, thirty six Jesse Owens shocked the Nazi Germany by winning forego met At the Berlin summit, the games meant to promote the airing races being superior whoops. While that I did Louse NED maybe but the greatest black. athlete of all time. Larry bird, while there you go, these have been black history it's funny you gave me a little very bird make. Maybe the country
set, are confined Isaiah Thomas's comments about Larry Bird, where he said. If you were black, he'd, be just another basket, Where can I what really lighted guys? It was silently speck than our Larry Bergmann real deal. You say that about now he was amazing, MAGIC Johnson, great there's a documentary on where they were talking about Larry burden when you went to meet a maiden rise was white. It is I go while it is like that's. It was for real, like the one of the toughest players you ever get it. If there is a famous poster of him, diving to save a bomb. and he said that the line is, I just hate it when they let it go out of bounds. Imagine a guy. You pay that much diving into the stands. Just EVA Allen sport and physical Diana paid thousands of dollars for for seeds, don't like their foot in her eye so necessity. When I had a guy just hits Jack Nicholson, stupid sunglasses scorn, doggie feeding, how'd you die well
source added the Lakers letter. oh man. I just I love Jordan, verse bird on Yogananda. I don't know if you ever played that no, that was always good game He looks to me for gaming. There's razors us imagine averse AIDS, it wasn't a fund. I am I had long. Let you win the hit with was worth a was conceded to play the game and be was stop having sex with so many individuals. Always it hey. I dont know why you're there is is of preventative game. You're only option was no. Do you think? That's not only one adventure try, eight thousand diet bill and the diet disease well makes you then right before it's good cocoa visit. You have cocoa. Now I am afraid of him
what Lighterman stuff that desk. It's too mugs one has some something tasty and I only get water are you don't deserve either? Ok, thank you. You won't water till you get like that. My mother would tell me I would get in prison, just go if you go to jail, you'd get bread and water, and then I to jail, announced that he gets more than that, but it's not good at the other other Thea liar. speaking of jail here but if your room beneath the stairs they have got their behaviour everyday better than this place right now. What Our guests have seen this Showtime others. New series called everything's gonna, be all white, oh boy, it's it's Framley races to be, really really uncomfortable enjoy
most of our people is when they pretend by bear. The victim was also a noise when they, you know when they tell us what is fragile about wages when everything has been constructed around every part of why it has been distorted or criminalized is really just a butcher's white laws. you're, not patriots. Your ridiculous. One of the definitions of american rightness is ignorance, We are not your problem, you should wait. People too if feel re responsibility for slavery. Why is a black Jesus, Jesus, Norway
of the middle eastern peace or black African. Neither way culture fears. The end of the World Press is made of people in the world are happening by multiple times repeated our you talking, sands and monuments, Visa momentous raises princess evidence, but about teasing be why yogurt, some everybody can get by The truth has to be told about history. We have to make sure that these, stories. I told, from our perspective is always hope. Like Google appeal, C p, o d, I think different videos can raise loudly at thy area average, be out there just like They're gone to sleep was up.
Now, if you let it lets, you worried about not anymore about this. Let's move that this is a terrible, just absolute thing, but landmines. I know this can way to watch tv in the future moreover, I mean like this day is on its way. I know that's what I've heard actually in its immediate aim in business and there's always similar companies trying to compete, and there is actually a project and is comes from the Hallmark channel. Oh good, its per marrying, it's very own series on race, pretty fly for white lie black people. I mean nothing. Really I mean it back. I voted for a I mean I didn't go to would have voted for a
Well, she's I mean I like, like it I've quite well, I mean I would have voted for Obama. Third time. I guess if I had to pick one thing, maybe just a movie theaters. If you cannot talk so loud now, if medea Halloween go crazy. I mean I git it hilarious, but if it's the Tom Hanks picture, I mean I'd like to find him into a that with my sweetheart. So, as you know, I do get nervous. Flint lied, overweight, nurse, six inch, plus one small thing. I just ask that you just don't push my grandma, my harmony in front of the train. Again. Do you want to apologize for some of the modern penny conveniences that we might have caused? For example, aeroplanes, electricity, modern medicine can be pretty expensive. Calculus
rose, I guess landfilling up my tank. you please just not yell, hey you! white, bitch democracy. He had a rough space travel, maybe job application you don't put under prior work experience we would hangs. I've been, reporting myself through college, tipping was the guys who knowledge of south african ethics aliens are like the moon, blow their just. As you know, we put that on. You show a duopoly just what I saw your son today. Maybe Mccall. I think you really appreciate it
How about I always pushing the it's crazy move, as I actually way way less offensive than the other one, but we're gonna go to throttle through every little thing. A good series, I think both will have their points I would watch the second one hallmark is not my favorite Channel, but I would while no very white channel them, really hallmark everything. Of course, satellites is sort of like the do it yourself channel, which is now the Waco Texas Couple Channel. Well, I just come in and there like, you should ve open up your house. Affiliating Kane owns a whole lot, a hallmark knew so I think you don't love him for it, but in a company young white guy used the term picture. Referring to a movie. I vomit
when I gotta get back with talking say, come on come through the picture show a picture as our common european pictures get come on. It's a date will feature. We has done just don't talk and we have enough to do it's. Nineteen, fifty eight, your head, you can't but it's not like. That's go to the ballgame sit in the hot sun Watch, a man in an all wheel suit. If they had one hundred yeah racist things that Jackie Robinson, you're absolutely right. We're gonna, take more heat for that Showtime or whoops whoever's, depending on its guy. I know comics and the other one in L a joke, but people get pissed cause here. He can only make jokes weather I just found out from now and I'm responsible for slavery, so well the other one. Not our I think slavery is a terrible thing, of course, some just nice when I say that it is absolutely limb. I mean us you're on the the prophet side, then it's it's pretty
good, I'm using one hundred percent profit, it's terrible thrive Removing labour cardiac Amy. We don't pay people again. Do that so great. Dear, so that it makes common sense Amazon's coming as close as they can well trying their artist What should our there's stuff going on that? It does involve slavery, though, like you know, child trafficking, hours problem in this country and recently woman, Hetty, demonic, freak out really yeah. being arrested at the border for human smuggling, Nor is there a there before their own shapeless power price. The not show their mission
First in the flames, shoot him, but he's got some leverage. Some leverage now she's got some strange nets. P c p that Latin, oh gosh Satan be careful. Those worthy partners, I believe she's Latin Buckler Language, English of Christ, compels you protect. Those re bans is not what I M going to do not hurt the sun; rather they will make sure to get these vaccines. Designer light was nice, it she's traffic children. The demon won't need them now, of course, not are we actually found out where she worked and was selling these people out of. Unfortunately, we do have some footage of them. Y know I like them,
about the latter day. They weigh down my lad disbanded gallop, big Al Gore, giving our lab lower favorite pumpkin pie what are you lush? Not relax, I'm not their advertising. Goodness Clint Howard still work. I shall I think she looks better with the mustache, I may not ass. If you had the woman, we just saw the video and Cheech Marine there take a stab Cheech. I've met Cheech Jews automatically to reach. Never met each. I met Tommy. Try! I welcome for time each on get this guy he's how the whole time now, unlike their professional, who could have seen that carnation people paid to see you if they find out your let these what characters no, that's not it. I actually did some of you mentioned.
you have set by the money we are leaving. I I can smell the smell laid spanish stoned I. This is why I, as I thought they were acting as clearly clearly high, unbelievable we're leaving on never seen one of his pictures, and gold watch? Shouted dean can homework moving. not here how many people you can save Christmas I- yes, her to Singapore to place, dad, definitely supplies. Have you been? Never no, never wanted a guy. Would Kane me, that's true! I've it in Singapore have that's cool. Whether guess sex tourism, or would you do now? I say I was fighting human trafficking in Cambodia and then we went down there to meet some people and raise the money to do
David, who did you really that's? Actually a hundred percent truth is religion is better than you David. Why I went down there for the same reason I mean not fighting each other way be fought, moreover, that lie in the urgent islands. I was kind of fighting you got here get out of here. How did you do that? You just go into a brothel injures. Unless now on the fact that an I couldn't do that they took me through the area. In fact, we were in a cynical which is over on close to Thailand, and then we went to anchor waters well, so those are too big areas for it and that they will get at night. This, This right here will be full of people, and I was there like. You should come down here and nobody will stop you just so you can see it is like now, because, while I wanna see some new note, eight year old girl being exactly- and I was just like can be able to walk away and I'll die. Oh man,
anxiety, you save some not well, not that wasn't good jungle was not the exact go and physically look. I don't have a specific set of skills. Ok, we're gonna walk again. We actually housing? Six? Thereby white area is going to notice. I'm a very particular set of various specific set of school. It's not this enjoy her. It's rings. Seventy five an end as they walk in honouring a thing: eaten by others. Ex cartel wasn't Singapore were the kid through some gum in the street was gonna get ain't that guy got caned. I dig it came in the nineties because the other emperor whatever was the times had stepped in game, and so we are lot it. I should go on a train and people were looking at me like really this Americans about to get in there and those on risky thing. You can do every having abolitionist if everybody was parting like moving away from me extracting trap.
ok, bye, abolition set the right to catch a beating on accidents or elegant. This say why they ban chewing gum telling you imagine you step and chewing gum and the rest of the country has to pay for that. Yeah exactly ups happens, haven't you ever own shoes? Well, we'll Kim Jong owns the haircut, Does Europe you that? No ah word what a treasure for every fall out. Miguel, joy and you're gonna you're gonna get it. I'm gonna go get a faggot Theo Lesbian, Roma oranges, new black, sorry, the leaders the when we that right now that more than a caning, though one Singapore, a news reports at the Olympics, COD, Singapore, Eons Asgard with some MA.
A homosexual acts was in the background the what The men were obtained and then punished surreal. This is actually the stealthy volunteered to end. The punishment is like have handed him. This wish this is actually the first time, though, the menacing abhorrence of ever seen to gay men is real. so either, or some street reactions No, you see what happens.
steps and gum. It's the latest Indiana Jones, real painful, terrible sector. The first time I've seen I guess I was a bit she really gave. Em kissing. I learned a hallmark world knows that they do not have any television at all. I live in the. U K, never kissed another guy, the homeward. Now, that's true given seem like a chaste bank. Add because that's relevant exile, that's weird hereafter! Like every time I look at my phone and psych I'd see it's. three men and a dog like this Bank of America. This is your ad, got an undersea again I get it. We should accept people I'm on board with that. But what does this have to do? With banking? There were gone that atm passivity ill
as it is go in and just just to make people in Corfu ago ice disappear on my phone. I need to close every account. I have noticed I'm on come, I'm actually afraid of these people. Are you homophobic? It's like now? I just I just don't understand your reasoning. Lay your add, spend don't blame him, though there is allowed disposable income in the gay community as their yeah. Ok, why? where these fruits of neighborhoods you ve noticed that that's why it's! I don't know why water decorative people We can say that the right of a third not decorations did all day very good at their decorating. It gave them very good at eyes. I have and they haven't. I have good taste, they haven't I for it. They call D. double income, no kids. Yet, ah, that's right,
Similarly, what could be a couple anyhow? Maybe other meetings as well, I am obviously out of it- was the there she called twin thinks. I have to do so, you guys know Joe Biden former vice president former vice Premier Joseph are by Joseph Robbie. Net Biden is at his name right. That right, you know in French TT is the feminine version of any name yeah how to think they do it in he's not vanishes. Well now, isn't it for what it would have been. Joseph Robin Biden would have worked now Burnett. You know we spent a lot of time in lockers yo you. Salute, lay like how in the world do I not hurt locker, let's get Robin at year you name someone that that's weird people have often names Robin
Let's go with that, saving a good name for a one, Joe, ok, that safe well. How do we screw up at that in their let's go with the most basic man named ever and then just horse in a lady name, raw rail, and I think that's why it's kind of like the boy named Sue. I think he spent a lot of time fighting at the bike racks because rat middle name I'll come and the apple, but looking for dad farce. In this respect, I feel the man in the mirror, Robin it damages opposition. Sunpath sat looking for my dad Sunday, that name would make you go to work for the government for fifty years, the public dull and I'm gonna name, my son Hunter what is little bit about? No Susan,
Hunter Rachel by adjusting grace you never know it. You gotta do that's what a little names are now it's an alternate. Just didn't gay Lucretia bug. hundreds of middle name. What's his vice Britain's Robert hundreds of hunters middle name, hunters Bob Robert, Sir button is one of the Bob's is Bob Biden up. I had a meeting with the Bob's So what do they think they put all its? Yes, we can talk about self on Youtube, that's maybe whatever Anna so hot Bob Hunter by air his name and bovine, was Joseph Robin at Bo Biden. Oh my did Robin to him, too, is a big fan of o bridges, cheese and Jackson. He did Robin at too
right right on this is just a robin, though, by two thirds happy hits Joe Baghdad was now Robert. I reckon sleek ever belong strong line of revenue over the Robin it, except for you Hunter where we do know what the hell do. I dunno Give you my strong lady name that I have a cap. If we start with Joseph Masculine, they entered femininity in seven years, do it again and again, we'd legacy of it Is one guy watching this, whose name is Robin? That is so. It is that I got a smuggler. We had one unsubscribe. Just now has yet literally just one. No one would their children. Like that, I don't let her! That's the violent administration will allocate thirty million dollars really to help
for provide safe, smoking, kids to underprivileged communities, I'm sorry what that's correct including in these kids, will be pipes for users to smoke sub. Says I crack cocaine, Heine Crystal Meth or any illicit substances according to reports to try Nine point: five million will go directly to Joe sons. Hunter of force have always given on the money. For this, like I headed by a new Gregg over four minutes. No, but also record the claim is I'll see you saying that this is just one once you read, this part is the court, as this was just one of around twenty components of the Grand programme and far from its most prominent or important one, but it's the funniest. Despite being the primary focus of outrage, news reports, the purpose of the programme was to reduce the harm and risk of infection from a pipe On the contrary, users, not to advance race,
the quality, although that was a secondary consideration and doubt Dave. but none of them now not now dead, come up come on an argument. What Gimme, the pen, it's just Its unites arguments over him. It is over now come on not none of us off the plastic. They want come on. The government gave its me with for carbon. They said that your house yeah. It's it's a pipe for smoking. When I can, I ask a question: I understand the needle exchange programme in and you know maybe making sure people are sharing needles and spreading HIV and all that kind of stuff too much at a crack pie. I do want the chip, in fact we'll take it just put it on ass next to the gun. Sorry they really behind crack for the rest of this year. The I'll be out here. How does Giving somebody a fresh pipe keep them from getting a disease. I don't know I guess in Asia Smoke pipe the days in covered. I guess there were like what we don't. Don't you guys share
lips. How is this a covert thing? I don't know if it's a nonsense thing here, I order I live with them. Do Dave. Why would anyone do this? Why would you send a crack piped you a crack in the mail? I now want to help you with something well, if you're gonna smoke, math use the Overman issued pipes the only way there really is like they're almost condoning it, it's like their advertise. The good thing is San Francisco in places like lousy items have already started doing this stuff. On, like a local, I'm not kidding garlic level. They already had programmes like this in place, and it's just lead to a utopian society. Oh it's great San Francisco, wonderful model city, it's about a beautiful, Have you been there in the springs? I dont get others crack San Francisco treat I thought it was crap If the thing they're, both everywhere it's stupid, of ST filled with hard opium crack dumps.
I want to ask a similar yet look. I get that there are other programs, but does just to confirm they are giving away free, crackpots right growing, while their rating services, the best, though mostly false than with. What's the Methodist late Block, it begs But what you said was true, but there's more information right. I feel it on tax to their free pipes threat. I feel it Hunter does have to be doing something, though he is in the middle of all this pandemic. All this stuff is a guys. What about free crack pipes? Your people are easy to things aren't break my grandparents, everybody gets one is nobody's Are you guys, like two party, is the consultant? Now we don't? We don't You know this man every drug pusher out there is, I got off and testing is greater fanelli. Oh that's great! I have more clients smoke of area,
That's one of the government issued yeah exactly what he's got a hunter Biden branded. One billion is without doubt a golden signature on us when he painted on an old, embroidered Regos things remembered back, says, don't put parmesan cheese and their seegars things remember didn't forget as a whole coat of arms. That is not all that is correct. What's the rubber nets up Robin S crack, but who Robin they lay rendezvous by the Biden. Family s, ears enjoy toga, two or three come on, whose counting our fellow citizens, average every life until you have to make the choice between penis poison,
but there is a binding code of arms. That is a really good us, that's great, fantastic! Yes, I would like to pick tracked by their money, for that is that she's positively regal? yes decadent, but that covers are your sense, speak in a sense of this year, nuns are Gerald, did they fly someday? ok way at all, I've met an honour to you, but you ve met some nuns. Never none. I've seen them from afar, the caliph, yeah. I saw the run roller skates because they ve never, you can see the feet, but they would move along in the long and that's what our unwearied like. They must have real assets. Creed, be they appear to be walking, get a normal pace well get this. A nun was sentenced. A federal prison relay etcetera, be crazy. place filled with women. What
strange depends on Wednesday talking about well yeah, but a nun was sentenced, a federal prison for stealing eight hundred and thirty five thousand dollars. school, in LOS Angeles, sister, Mary clarence- oh no. I just sister Mary will turn into the Federal Bureau of prison by June seventh to start her one year and one day sentence on. I think this non, didn't think the vow of poverty applied to her there is a catholic nine. Are we willing, shoddy or not? Is too young and one day not a prison acute or say the eighty year old, none embezzled over eight hundred and thirty five thousand dollars from Saint James Catholic School in Torrents California chance. What is it doing with that? Much money trips to us
it is my one: aren't they buried gambling expenses according to sister, marries plea agreement while so you just really loves distract democracy. It live that should really be a charade. Be go into the good things for the Catholic Church, like lawyers, it's the perfect. Virtuously would ever be suspected. She she, when they confronted as she said what nuns need raises or not paid enough to it, such it's, such a She too, though yak I get it likes you a little bit crazy yeah. I heard a thirty five grand later they were like. Did you takes up would the council consider looks like by Thyssen with Don T, I like a bike with Abbot fifty million hours later. They want to buy a sandwich in their like your card declined. What I got
Reach argues that home watching plant, but Eve Eve that no move, I don't know now you might say that she is being heretical hedge. Heretical a radical real word heritage, Eric need probably be right. But we think she may have been reading an alternate version of the Bible we actually have. from what we think is the same Bible and we like to share it with you Wonderful. in all the years we ve been married. You ve done marvellous things. This, however, This is truly a miracle. You know MA am whatever, everyone. I, MRS Noah. I love you, MRS no, and I love you- shall we
That is a lot of it. I'm leaving That's a fact. Tier jerk, that there really is. I wonder which one of her sons she left for That was the other two people my nose is about. There were other family members at their sons and daughters who had wives and husbands, so they could you sleep with them. Oh good, sir,
you're right my invading jokers way off the purple method. I don't you realize that in a rustle crow had to kill all of the baby's being born there, Selina was oh yeah. Now, whenever that movie was, I had a friend we com, exercise their pick that answer that it is either as a rope venture out these are. I thought I was a little too much I'm gonna go out. He ate her and now he's Noah. I buy it. Every time have you seen fatty our buckle fall down in the new picture Solaris for my money set Buster Keaton it was the train was coming right at me, like an Asian in the subway tracks, we still need the. How can we had nothing? There was vague out. No, no! That's a fact check that authorities. Nope snobs us
I've anger your notably, I beg you to mere, mostly false, uniting me. I've, never angry, I think it is not about anger. It's not. I mean the beginning of the show, with the show something gives you a little out of work. Is his it's like a just trying to make people Rick's second leg is that the goal of today is just a separate everyone completely to the aid is very get some people want to see the most races things possible and call it good my friends dad anyway had web feet ring yes, winner, yeah exactly That's why the Noah's Ark thing made me think of eggs of anybody build about it. I would be him, but he also lactating nipples, and it's like why we now? Why would you tell your friends there like they're, not gonna, make funny you forever he had like is that
Forget yea. Many can live like that. Yeah for look letting them know, have nipples can't look me greatly web and where food sovereignty, but is that, although it was a robin at so, is fine, but he told us like here where we would make fun of them If you say it's a matter for my friends there, Malaysia, the he's a playwright play a game of doktor milk, guys, I'm already really by India, is crazy. That he told us is a true took out. Maybe like lightning apples. I want to I want to know in this, is I guess, an actual scientific thing, not a thing we just allow now, because everything Stu. I know this isn't like bleeding right, there's! No! No! No! No milk milk happens today. Authors, rights, They're called actually mill dogs with which is ironic for us
above. The tea with tee side is still sounds like dogs any, and every time I learned so much. I shall look it up. Want to see. I want he's, looking he's being he's. Looking at the screen very close you'll see it's real right, Are you gonna show is something I do not really want to see. I don't think it's Henry gruesome nowadays, mandates is recital felt as Ghana Jimmy the stuff that comes with this. Same thing on either side as well. I would like to see. Do puppet you found out. a mere one day, her one day and was boy and probably find that that was a point that was a a male person. A male Some were no dogs. Ok, I'm just
No, you have every right giant, asking simple questions. You have every right. That ten years ago, no one would ever currents and the population of that, though, giving it's gotta be smaller. I only knew the one totally. I look in a pinch. If there's you know a famine, you know who to go for a true. That's another reason, though, why he could be the new, knowing XVIII, stranded and see here chess nourishment, and most of the chest. I guess you'd, probably an animal for you. I would. I would definitely need an animal. You drag your own milk, it seems like a wasted for every weird. He never goes the surrogate milk, but he always has a milk mustache. Imagine they their first giddies like honey men are now you ve done enough I'll take. This will now plays a meagre address theology. I want to be a part of this. Yes, I want to grow up to be a monster
I've always wanted a serial killer, etc. They Hitler's father, also had a middle tat. Hum come here she's mill, that's whether often Wisconsin Eric is very like. Why did they get a serial killer from Wisconsin strategies at his house eating a sandwich, candid cheeses, this its whole may may then ass it were you seem to have a dairy farm of Sir oh, no, no, no just finished ASEAN regional dog about her taste, good taste. Okay, it's a pretty well documented in a male fruit, bats, and then in humans, it's very rare and training, but it happens. as happened while we ve seen- and I heard about it, and we are all dumber for that. Dad's name was Arthur Fruit, bat, ah well, that makes sense listen eating, that's just bad idea across the board. matter. What kind? No
if, as I already in the last couple years baths and not the best food and food item at all, now, I've had every. If you see bat like night Creevy. I would never eat that. I would never hit with a tennis racket, that's really fair. They can't see common Dave. Another an antenna eternal gave the can't see their blood better. and these son, I haven't you, seen Batman, come on, let's matter, but I think that was bad for those Batman Batman not blind bag. I for blind. As a back, I thought they had sergeant. You came for oil, one bad was blind and had a K. Why would you choose azure superhero, then? No idea, it's that lets more daredevil that would line guy was stupid ways. Everybody blind. I don't know, sir So anyway, speaking of blind and absurd, Caitlin Jenner has
I have this generates. You know the lady who can tell the guy with ivy. This time show Yes, I'm sure I had someone else in turn back into Bruce no stop signs on their all good thing to run, and just yet because from it to MRS Dowd fired a boys. Don't cry just give us some working that lot The team will compete in the W series and international single Cedar Motor Racing championship for female drivers Jen. Will oversee the daily operation of the team, which will compete in May. We actually have obtained exclusive footage of the. All female team drivers training
That's how did you get so far and I use or bad it's into bed, thank God for walls and fences. Yes, we're gonna, we're gonna see Gale Earnhardt, so we get your collectors plates. While you can imagine of Ruth Jenner, Kalen Jenner collectors play for racing illigant, I'm not eating not without facing economic, and even your cheese, nipple sandwich morose plate, but- the Mai living when a shattering months ago that my wrists, your web, but back to the fund? don't racing alone, no parallel parking earning enough. I got it yeah yeah. If its parallel parking championship aegis, I would they give you a long day. I think you just would have to call it was was trying to Austin powers this thing into the space for the thirty minutes. It's getting away,
anybody lost. I guess you everybody one Its is yelling at a man while he's very party, but that's the whole swords. Turn the wheels like you don't know how to do this, you DR anywhere, I'm holding this space for my husband move on. Please go I would have killed him with a judge, there's no judges and racing as you're. Not really it's all about. so my jacket flag with somebody says who wins well, that's typically determined by who cross system for Y know, but there has to be suddenly raised figure skating, gaily hall, the rents, though their style they call the race, when I only we'll figure skating, there's no east german judge anymore Dave well, you know I mean the rough also not exist I was thinking, that's gotta! I was looking for locker yesterday, I guess
This is a rough there, always like any other, The other sounds like my dad's, a referee and then one day, they're gonna be an early. What that they're gonna work with their day, we're going to a field somewhere right? No, dear sir Knight, I lied spray, stuff into sneakers Albania, a seller, Para Gordon still guys, gonna get shot in the parking lot. These long agreed by. these are some one else, Kinder now Winnipeg. This is very sad. There was a mandate, bid Zander, Z, garlic, that's pretty clothes was large after intentionally striking for men with the car. During the aunt I locked on protest in Canada, there's no sound that's ok, there's nothing. We can do it. The adversary where I am
till it seems like a normal nan, all buses disgusting, so most violent thing that happened at the protests by the way edges. I see the importance of close and ten man. Are you act, TIM heart he was leaving. Templetons is trying to get to a bathroom. Fortunately words, you, nobody was killed and sincerely I mean that I think is an absolute shame. The people doing this. It's disgusting bow and one man was sent to the hospital as a result of his injuries. We actually, if you read that and Canadian he was sent to hospital, sent ass for two hostile it was Sunday, was on holiday and sent to the Hoss sent to hospital holiday and sent to hospital the income to be true new kind of true to form a Canada he was sent to the house the first by nickel and dime? Yes,
Eleven days later, he was seen for dehydration. He right angled. His leg and was seen for days he died of thirst like the guy in tremors, separate. he's been discharged faults. We could make a lot of it because he's out of the hospital now too no he's fine. That's good thing: I nobody was killed like you, I guess those kilometers a they think they're gone faster than there. I don't think that was problems. I think a bit setting of the car speed. What was driving where I was. It was likely get cheap message, I would assume Saturn. Thank you. L a few cargoes monsieur no one. I gotta get it acts as a bit. Motoring Hanover Number, the Saturn, Nigeria southern States tooth and nail of ever it my way they did in southern say. Briefly. Syria, though Saturn's around the new, thank God there, like a Plymouth yeah, give you one of those. You don't want one
at one time. He did not anymore. They made me on the duster. My friend had Industri put some offers in the bag. It had tense and fury. You tell it like it could be spent more on the car itself and maybe yeah knows grave. I loved riding with him and getting pulled over every twelve minutes. They're getting search for drugs did he loosened tram so that the base in the subway first vibrator they owed they actually this since they quarter, is a return on all the rabbits. Neither vase did at forum. I get some of those of all the old cars look saw their drawing near the muscle, Garcia there so beautifully. Remember the things you could actually work on before the computers. there were great gallantry going into straightaway minute. You tried to turn well balanced, Irene laughing was sent out, it may be too big for arms and men kept a stronger and
far as airbags. They were really just the decapitation Jones like up your arrogant and upon life. Support will just will just make this incredibly unsafe. Sorted just kill you ve gotTA, Mustang, five o eighty eight. I don't think it had airbags, but yeah and you ve got an accidents. This assist good bye. on a drag. Why would I wear this seat belt? With luck? Why would I do that? Really? No reason we don't neighbour is, I think an address is, is drop top so really like what? If I flip, what are we gonna? Do there? such as myself overpowered for what they can look at all they really were to get. You could feel the nuts and bolts shaking off the fox body we anyway we're getting off track. That's what happens back to Esters, Zacharias is this. Also cigarettes are much finer. Conversation is here. He is a former member of the winter. Peg
Haste and self styled anti punk band anti epoch o either was it Oh I'm, sorry, The paper anti upon band cool guy, the Brad Attack, see while you have to call your seismograph just three mile anti so that attack regrets, He was also yeah. The bran attack. Van was pretty innocent when they first got together, here's a sample of one of their first songs will you know
Forget it is sealed. Groovy ran, doesn't sound. Hugged me up, I could be. I know it's a little oarsmen dish, but in our whatever is definitely an unbuckled seat belt commissar yea I mean it. Is it's alright, it's a little rebellious, because it's no matter what you tell US government were friends wherever you are secret edge by well was very simple: yes, which is different, thou the the and leader songs get a bit darker with with one called hey, Harper homophobia. Anti choice f dies I die. Ah, this is in reference to Stephen Harper, the conservative canadian politician and former prime minister. Some of the lyrics war- this class war. You rich white, F ruling classes shit out of luck, your gun. Is effing dead. I shot him in the head friends forever. Jumping on the bed.
What I mean: He turned, but I mean do there was no friends they work so it is important that the cover Contemn apart, thought friendship to refresh our his wind water, french findings. Patch have his van even played a warped or really worth tour, but and fell apart in two thousand five: how to know how that would happen, you're saying, but the guided rent. The body IRA yeah detailing his music to Cuba, yeah we just what does a few darker things that we get into here he is, it- has also been accused of sexual assaults by victims on Tumblr. He's tumblr yet It was a while ago. I wasn't it wasn't today,
He, he was a patio ah yeah. That's that's what it that's. Why is new song pair, not quite best friends forever, whether you wanted and I get you in Math Van Patten. I hope you like candy itself, one victim Roque, We found a red, in two thousand and five. When I was thirteen I was getting into the Winnipeg punk seen who wasn't person, was a hero of mine? He played one of my favorite in one of my favorite. Local ban, the Braddock? contributed greatly to my political opinions, he initiated beginning, a sexual relationship with me over the internet. Ask me questions about my sexual activity. Sending me pictures of his body telling me that, because an anarchist. He didn't believe
age dynamics were relevant, so that's a good pick up lie at the time at the time he was twenty seven at thirteen just wanted to be taken seriously in respected. I wanted him to like me, said obviously just a man having a tough moment in Iraq. people over no history of the idea at all. They didn't have sex forever. They didn't, was just the one time, but that its defence to the core yea saying he brought in everybody evaded the other. Look, I'm gonna. Let you go to your started. Singing a chasm, explain, M M an anarchist, so ready hit areas hit. It ready, had there one box you holding up but it was a girl and making I believe I was making the accusation so he's nuts,
Kindly gave freak so you can create a proper policy area thirteen get into Winnipeg Punk, who doesn't snugly her snowy nights, terrible music and now is moving down freedom fighters was yet a human being? I do That's so sad, the internet is an child freedoms, yet it is the internet. just the worst time too. people going well, It's a necessary evil, nicest unnecessary. This just be a show on television. Skit renovated taken the internet. We don't deserve it. We ve proven its a toy. The we can handle it should be taken away and put a bucket hopped out, like a teacher, would do I really you guys, can have this back when it's not just awful goes on. teachers drawer with guarantee I
you don't get internet back into the learned to behave yourself. Everything is porn, knock it off I'm saying don't do porn, you beat do porn, stop it. I'm not saying you should do poor happar, I'm not saying is that you be worth its you again how I'm so confused. What is your platform that you're running? I just don't want to throw stones now now we can call out like bad things are unsafe. it s been calling out things yeah, I'm gonna need you to ready the admonish button because we get this friend Josh admonish jailed. That's- are not blind to the? U S, GS that gave our bets blind, no bats are not blind. That's not true! Better blind errs on a fact check that, maybe not Bats are blind, but where did blind
back come from and harm no cottage are not seen well with ease that these at sonar right to navigate at night, but sound travels way slower than light, so their editor advantage when they be yes. seem to be doing fine? I figured it out. what evolution is has been working using radiance. You think bad man, but I dont think bad man was blind crusading out very well. I don't think he was a blind and beaten journals, MIT saying that Bruce Wayne was clearly the blind girl. What was waning enterprises anyway, do we know what he did to as Coke brothers became like military agreement, something that I have introduced, yeah, that more weapons, nobody'll cool stuff in the getting those other, I believe those other stuff trinkets s mostly watches. Global they'll, see a pet was real big for them, a huge for them. I've, Richard Simmons Cheer Bet,
Do you, Syria? We bring it? I haven't China, the box, much like who's. Ever keeping him capture decided not to have an ethical he's he's an audio picture is actually a fan. Richard seminar is again I figure, but it's fun. I think Stevens has, of course, but that's what I think of the idea of Richard Simmons Cheer prefer sweat Billy all these years. I hear it's you put the thing in the higher growth move grove in illegally. Would I guess that's true and be the chest, but he says this is reports were who take on better? Definitely I had already for your Louis up we're gonna. Let me confirm this that a sum I can be blind. Helen Keller was blue. These three of them and deaf my fine you're right. Batman was blind. I thank you. Yeah
I wanna, get off on the scandalous Helen Keller, but sorry guys, it's not what you, Think now, lady completely lie about what she was saying that allow the woman is blind and deaf and dyke dish in issues wine dish- I just Kazanovitch, if you're, blind and deaf and all you have to touch, it was a bit of a parlor trick. Yeah, there's no way to could learn english I just don't get it. I don't believe you re able to communicate I believe that Europe is on the point. There's no way. I believe that when she was young she could communicate. We should write throwing plates and acting like an idea. That makes sense. If that's not, it appears that in great yeah, because you'd be pissed every day I don't know anything but touch a mad. Would you be? Well, you wouldn't have any reference for it. We will have any reference for anything, though you just saw you. You wouldn't know what any thing is I mean if you're born that way, you couldn't handle loss
have ever had it with you, It would still saw comedy saying it's a good thing, nationally vision, the world you don't even now, I doubt they just picture would have they think something looks like, and I bet it's all wrong. I think that's the least of the problems, though, but if you know that was a plate, you play the piano knew well, It knew very well. You get a sixth sense of piano, that's a good trade off up I've gotta! If you gotta make the trade Stevie, wonder Ray Charles Amazing Maison brings us to the end of our show. Well, and this well yet I gotta go to my clever going a little game because we do actually People say that we're like can be transphobic and that kind of stuff and we're going to go ahead and do my club and prove that that's not true with a little game called a hot or not and I think you should to an addition- is that the trend, gender
you're alluding to large or not No, it's the same level of judgment, though would give anyone else again quality, and we feel that you will enjoy the segment he's tune in. I try pitch says innocently is possible, geopolitical just get worse. I want you to oh, let's go the hour. I got well, I didn't savings can cast off all restrain. You can see, a transgender person as attractive on Youtube and again for sure you can't you, you probably will yeah. I am. I imagine that I don't know that. I want to play this game if its lack of that most detergent commercials, like isn't that everything now here, like the old Missus ECHO waffles Lego, my ego, oh you transgender. Ah, you can have no idea the idea that bulging your pants, my friends trenchant, is he waits
or whichever way he became a she s, always she setting the election. The aim should be Blair, white and everyone else yeah, why this definition to Unifil ashes view forget met Blair, white, great, true you. Have total buying. What is Gerald Daphne, definitely convincing yoga, and I think that that should be alignments like Happy put a lot of hard work into that. I wouldn't be able to tell me: you're, not gonna, Miss Sir Miss name now you know and, as you said her, you never missed gender her. No, I would never miss pronoun. Her I would never I'd. I think her name was Blair without the IE can like Robin it without really a huge change. Links are which is asking for it what's so guys go
head smash. The like button tells that you enjoy the show we really appreciate listening today. I want to thank Crawdaddy for Stephen and as usual and of course, Gerald a coming in every day. Working hard does pushups, very cruel, that the staff, but I had a good guy, they deserve and well it's true and I just think Ryan passages them from Bible completely, The context is strange while, but well you are, you have one book for hitting a nine, but one day the law. When Ireland amoral engines upon men have a superior. anyway join up until then piss off you international like button, piss off you
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