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Leader of the Free World?? Putin EXPOSES Biden's Weakness!

2021-06-17 | 🔗

Oy vey, did Putin make Joe Biden look horrible yesterday. We get into the specifics. Also, feminists finally forced Victoria’s Secret to cave in to their terrorist demands. And just what exactly is the Christchurch Call and why should Americans be concerned? All this while we celebrate Greece for Cultural Appropriation Month! #Putin #Biden #VictoriasSecret

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Skip at your own peril. This will be twenty seconds. Look if you haven't join my club, yet we do full hour today and take full advantage of Euro guidelines or censorship. So it's where that, if not just leave a writing, because you can still get everything for free in that That's all I wish I dont think is a lot to ask, but many is to you louder with cracker is brought to you and her
I gotta go over to the support of by buys who read, pajamas dot drew which marks louder with crowd or six annual control appropriation month, where we take you across the globe to learn at appreciate all the diverse cultures this planet has too often because to appropriate is to appreciate this week. Allow us to get you acquainted with the land that brought us
nah Sophie lesbianism and national bankruptcy. Greece Bah, every Greek slur, fifty that's gonna think have been known for and nothing else in the modern world. Now I'm putting that Greece has done a lot just not much since the advocates. Good intervention is cultural appropriation month. So before we get to recap of binding pollutant, which is important and were also gonna, be but the new domestic terrorism we caught watch policy. This is from White House TAT, govern it should terrify. You it's time for some, obviously, some some Greece FACTS
and of course many of us are going to have a costume contest for you. We are on your costume and will read the winner in my club, so many of us know that integration is made up of sovereign city states export in Athens, but scholars actually estimate that there are about fifteen hundred individual city. States outside is, like the Greek perform the first Newt scene in the history of European Cinema in the film Daphnis Daphnis in Chloe Mumia many know a film in Greece, but unfortunately, no one was killed during the making of that film. So that was a tough one, Gerald areas here. A really get the message now now he never does guys. Greece stopped moving start moving, Danny Zoo, go. I don't by the way. This is not a joke. I don't know how I feel about the fact that the one person has to be a statue. All show is the intern with actual to rights. True YA, No other partisans, who's, gonna twitch the most accurate, how you gonna
hey added some twenty and Dave Land. I was here. You can follow on the whole you post saga lucky, I don't even know what that means. Is that organise what you light on fire before saying? Oh, but it's like the long ago. Yes, the original grill cheese, only more to poor yeah you make guilty scene which more poor now in America to give a shit you're the added to show rainwater, they did Waterford this weekend, nine pm show they added for Saturday come on out. Ok, that's gonna be a lot. I feel that at a show, because its full and Ireland recommended Davis Davis quite the character, it's fun. I based my man not up and stand up and you can follow us, but when Instagram Tik Tok, even those destroying society, I figure fight the child comes where they be Jews and The best thing you can do this to its alive show money through Thursday at ten a m eastern before the event, Abiden Putin, which was incredibly embarrassingly, were streaming live yesterday in real time.
Interesting is as it were, streaming live. I wasn't a boot Putin's flexing right now is insulting the United States he's implying that the United States are the real terror. Doctors he's throwing this back in Biden, space and then all of the coverage was treated by course. Nor is it once it's the same thing with election night, Jeffrey, that's the valley by we do this life and for people who don't you two values- life a stream the really try to move into that space, and you let me go to life page where you number one in three in like several that's. Why they're like what we do they change the life page to just remove us, my, which is fine with Albania, Every lateral light will be election night was a pervert example. Recovered devotes coming in here we going out, looks like I donno trumps gonna win their mission under sixty three. How what? Why right. Now obey announced it on many liberal news now, Michigan all these things and whether we experience it live. That's. Why wasn't taken down because it wasn't good spirit, considered a conspiracy theory where we were all go in
seems a little of fifty one we see live with us, commenting on it like the headline when it came up, like Biden, is complemented by Putin on his morals and like what he said. Moral landmark exactly like you guys, think that's the wind, because Vladimir Putin said will he's a moral man. I can work with this man tell me more about, before we get to that time. To react to this. This is on technical pride month. This is a has been making around on the tick tock where I am, and I hate myself for it, it's a guy. a song encouraging you to also be gay.
I am sure you didn't have to tell us that they were able to take the case in the end, it sort of choice, magical powers in three honey bans, your mom If I were a woman, I would be so offended now. How might say this is all the splendor that is womanhood clown make up I'm offended by how nice this house's staircase at every day, a chandelier. Give talent, that's your mom and dad what rhymes that, if you're, not gay that is too bad hold on a second. I know saying we're excepting applications for on at what point doesn't immutable characteristic, become a choice. You easy thing you can clearly also. Is he really immutable? Look? Can we museum
little mentally or wisely dress like it's the seventeenth century, mixed with clowning will now lets a black eye. To now knows that these were merry J blind as a bookcase that turns into a queen. Yet hashtag Oscars too widely seventeen forty sprats black That reminds me of a dark cloud. I have my birthday party, when I was six yeah, only wasn't early Tehran and it wasn't your half birth and there was only really a party for him. It was the clowns party. By the way, I want to ask a question from one ought to have you seen the reporting on Biden Input, and I want to be clear. No one hears rooting for patent. I wish that he respected are present right, just think that clearly doesn't and we'll get to all the clips that are relevant from yesterday, at least what I think we have the sources of ITALY Lot of Canada come comment below. God? I wish the russian people had the balls to get rid of him. I really do your stature,
say itself, is at an enormous ensures that a directive was at her. That was it the task don't talk, gosh. first test I didn't say to set, Israel automatic from all the black eyes. Stephen gave him a rehearsal all show, rather ok. So over the item you know, there's about the island of less post, but for afghan youth. Utes were given maximum sentence ten years in jail, the out were burning down the Maria Maria as more more migrant camp on the island of less both actually on this happened. This happened in supply, twenty twenty and then there were just sentenced. I believe, over the weekend, here's a clip of the fire they set island lesbos
they are all going to the tick Tock premier, it's the fire festival right. That's enough! I think that the Subaru factor, India, ITALY, will take on the transportation ups. Is several landed, airs, artifice, Bernie, Malone, softball maker, nobody will realise the word lesbian. What we're doing culture appropriations? Greece was actually comes from the island of less, but as yet, which was the birth. The birthplace of the greek poet says, and I was short of it- was the first discovered lesbian by Galapagos, and actually this is a lot of people, don't noses actually less both. That's why it's called that beautiful, obviously Mediterranean Island, because its cultural preparation month and we need to blossom budget this quarter because tax policy, we actually have some less boss rest,
in their natural habitat last, why I told you to get a thirty. but why don't you know the one register, Heidi Glooms job, are we talking about Victoria Secret is no longer good. No apparently get rid of the angels and replacing them with lesbians. We'll talk about that little bit, why everything has to be ruined but annul underwear yeah what's up
residing at as Fredericks of Hollywood is just a model named Frederick with Preferred Z, pronouns, just selling Doc and what's that what's the season this year, Crocs goes, Kirk rocks Functional short of so yes buying into an they held separate press conferences that that is a good sign after the meeting now note, of course, Trump Impudent held a dual conference. I want to go back to twenty eighteen and, of course in case you forgotten scene and lost their minds. This is, then, you have been watch. Perhaps the most disgraceful performances by an american president once at a summit with Russia, the leader You are saying that I've ever seen an extraordinary press conference go back to your repurchased firehouse you
to really unbelievable ruin new year's eve. I wanted to be twenty. The already he's a line that country was because he thought he got to see Declercq balls, they shut up you and me and again I Jean Mechanism, Cathy Griffin, is like Even him, there are worse okay. So this is a little bit long, but I want you guys to see this and again we have the resources available. At lot of credit comes, you can watch the entirety of these press conferences. Prudent took substantially longer young, although binding, substantially longer to make his way to the podium flowers hours, but mainly Vladimir Putin, if people are talking about how we need to have a. We need to have a commander in chief who is tough on tough on Russia, tough, on putting look, he spent most of his press conference. We were, there live cramping on the United States.
And very clearly taking shots at Biden which the leftist media took. His compliments look when he says he's inexperienced statesmen when Putin says that about a former vice president Obiang he's calling him a swamp creature, because this is what you have to have historical context. He complimented Donald from member by saying he's a businessman than the approaches it like a from us a business sense. This is this: is refreshing glancing about by sea, as experienced as a matter of fact, all he ever has done is DC, so I'm not crazy No, no, I mean it's impressive kills people, but your president's is a scumbag. I've killed people understand who could put you in their back pocket so here is a montage just so you can see the highlights from Vladimir Putin dumping on the? U S and showing respect for former vice President Biden eleven that happened as happens in our countries, one way or another.
the responsibility of the leaders, children. I work themselves. Mother, you know it's. A chemicals can go to those who leading code will get some sleep look at the streets of America every single day. There are shooting some killings and on human rights. Listen to me ass. You please adjourned for is not wrong when what we still working You didn't answer my question, sir. If all of your political opponents are dead in prison poison does that send a message that you do not want a fair political fight. People write it and went into the Congress in the? U S with political demands, and maybe were indicators, criminals and they are threatened with imprisonment from too ten to twenty five years we sympathising with what is happening in the states, but we do not wish that to happen when in Russia will tell us, what did you see,
when you looked at him in the eyes as far as looking eyes and finding a souls consent. Well, I actually don't we but that he has no soul what his mother told him anymore. Measuring it don't look at me anything you mean they are because important things, maybe they're not quite relevant, Don t. Listen to them, certainly doesn't apply that we must look into it. Other service. and find a solo swear returns. Judging How are that? I found this soul in former vice President Joe Biden, but really not saying that I did
If you leave it, I absolutely took it was looking into of retarded Mikel shark. Yes, Another share could don't know not to jump out of the water and land you eat sees us they looked into the eyes of many people, I've killed, and in the last moments, to look very desperate, but not as desperate as your brother just looks any better before I burned alive in car bomb. Yes, have more courage than former vice President Yes, I have put the how you say a tire around the neck and covered in the ghastly into people who look better life than him is my only ITALY. I only admit, because I do not feel any accountability right now silly week, old men who we are
by the way and other recent example talk about this yesterday. Donald Trump was people can say, overly complimentary Putin gets a fair criticism, but he was tough. On Russia and whose issue this along track record with former vice present Joe Biden under the Obama administration, who someone argue, still pulling strings in a lot of ways, if not Kemal Harris, where they claim they would be tough on Russia, and then they weren't, and then there is there- examples where they claim they are going to be tough on Russia and then said a the eighties called they want their. They won't get cold war policy. Ronnie. So it was very inconsistent with Donald Trump you do. You do have to ignore that he was consistently unpredictable. Look someone who is unpredictable keeps you on your toes. You know, That's what happened! So here's a juxtaposition right! You have somebody saying Assad, there's a red line and if you cross it it's a red line, he goes well, ok across it crosses it and then nothing happens. And then you have a guy. Like Donald Trump understanding that negotiation sometimes means you can,
just say whatever you want, but then you can be tough in your palace, where a pervert example this tangibly, when we're talk, something that can be quantified because we're talking about policy, what do you think Putin things when pressed he just Joe Biden from a vice president, Joe Biden, can actually get that right. You just said you know regime that America's back, ok, well, you should, down the Keystone pipeline here, but then you are you. Wait: sanctions against Russia's Nord stream to yeah don't pipeline Germany yeah exactly by the way We should keep our eyes on both of them briefly. the pipeline was engrossed gas prices going down right now and then of human history. Seventy years is an all that long, Germany, listen, still I noticed a month. They did it twice. Yeah like they don't have. A history of sequels knows how to keep your enemies closer kind of idea, our successful Canada visits. This is my philosophy. That's why I used by them is footstool
above all, though member can that I lose my shoes, but this is not good enough, and these have no longer work. Cheese, speed, vast Blake, the dragon hey it's time for with all its context this weekend, the problem for our dear for mere drop, and you ain't black, ok, so a few things that binding got wrong here when you talk in his press conference outdoors by the way. Yes, I also have high put on his sunglasses like three times to learn and then came back using our lack of any like I won't get food again. I got organised in such a thing on the guests who, who yoke tells a difference if you different two different things, so bind began by saying out loud that he was given a list of reporters to call. He said: that's where you are your questions in his usual folks. They gave me a list of
before we move on. So I Jonathan Associated Press. Ok, think about this again, we're we're just say the height Portela. That's all the deaths of a position of strength years. The issue you have with Donald Trump if Donald Trump had been given a list of reporters to call on and they asked him about it. You didn't know it's my list added to cause. He understands that you don't want to look like a puppet, no moving. make sure you keep an eye on him, they're kind of like you and then I'm I'm staring right. It is marked its distracted. It's right. Looking at me, all that's good keeps her. Mother Tina sets Youtube guidelines. This agenda is set against. You guideline no no at penis is perfectly fine, oh, create life, but look it's a puppet yeah
But I do former Vice President Biden also confused Putin with President Trump I caught partner president's Trot Tunisia Press conference. And he talked about the need for us to be able to some kind of modus operandi were dealt with ensure the Arctic was in fact a freeze on, I mean it makes sense because he checks under his bed. For both of these issues boring they put him on C span three about Another wasn't suspect what C span to Buffalo while Cornhill campaign, it's the wrong, both the max off a cliff event, Joe Biden Interested, and he that, whatever Putin says is is gospel. Do not understand is gonna totally be, have recently got a lot of warships up there and are taken our land, but don't worry
he promised said. There's gotta be a freeze on out. We gotta talk about what you did to misuse earlier. Miasma we actually and became a well. Then you talk a lot about he also. This is something really important here. This is again a complete lack of accountability that president from its present Joe Biden, he lives in it. You he lives in a bubble where he is our hermetically sealed from any any sort of criticism. More accountability. It's not that he says this. It's not that he openly spouts alive short of like I view this as a quintessential example, because Barack Obama went out, went out and cited, the women make seventy seven cents, and our, which was complete, lie, hopefully feminism. It's it's a myth, its dishonest and any economist worth or shot will tell you it's completely untrue, because if it were true, I would hire only women, what sort of logic I get to pay less and more boobs. It's too wins work that way you go away hall. Second, does Brok Obama not have Google, or does he know that it's a lie? Rent
and I think now, they're just so complacent. They are so comfortable the media during the water. That Joe Biden didn't realize that in the media, is going to have to backtrack now and addressed the lie that is about on January. Sixth, and saying that the rioters killed an officer which we know is not trip one President Putin was, question today about human rights is that the reason why these cracking down on opposition leaders is because he doesn't want something like January six to happen in Russia and he also sales. I didn't want to see group scorned, like black lives matter. What's your response to that? Please My response is kind of what I communicate I think that say that dickens. Comparison is one. for literally criminals, to break through court in the wind the capital police officer in having held accountable. You are figures for people objectively, marching on a cabin
what say. You are not allowing me to speak freely, you're, not allowing me to do ABC your day, and so there are very different criteria. Ok, something if, if you, if people were to want to see if the left were to want a civil war which God forbid ever happens this country, this is how you do it, This is how you do it. What you do is tell Americans that what they are saying what they are experiencing, at least two billion dollars and damages it's been a year since, if they ve up the number, since they ve uptown it probably four billion we're talking about the black lives matter. Right cities burning dozens of deaths, hundreds officer casualties, city halls, Walgreens, police precincts being burned right right. Front of their eyes, people being shot. Thomas zones that were erected in a complete. Eight of lawlessness, and you say. All they were doing was saying that they weren't allowed to speak as opposed to January,
and then you ll Lion say where someone killed an officer. If you want this is sort of exactly. If you look at the play book of people want to create civil unrest, division with their country. They used to accuse Donald Trump. That's what you do is tell people that it exactly what they're saying and experiencing isn't. So that's that's civil wars will ensure empowering a foreign dictator by saying there's a January sixth riot that happens and eight hundred people, I think, MAX's. What they're saying got out of control out of two hundred thousand four hundred and three a foreigner getting arrested. I think there's more coming from the FBI, but now Vladimir Putin. Just said, I watch an end today based there was an insurrection. I dont want here, and so that's why I have a guy in prison and that's why? I'm just is that not the story? That's
story of the entire conference for me right then testifying it, because you guys are overplaying your hand and Saint Ives, an insurrection but burning down the damn courthouse in Seattle over and over and over again isn't possible with a taxi is actually manipulation and abuse by making people think that what they see as an actually there- and they remember- is untrue- write it down blue gas IKEA. I believe not! No one is covering that part of sourcing. Oh my gosh, they just use the signal that we should. Maybe we should walk back a little bit. They dress coat and tough questions, and in basically was so. You ve always risen Joe Biden, you you did good Journalism is that if you want to do so in the last election, wouldn't have done at this time.
of course, we are not implying that any elections have ever been stolen, known at whatsoever. Amy club, which I was wrong, Jimmy Carter was wrong. Yes, we say rush on trying to think Elizabeth. Worn was wrong and Ethel already Sanders was wrong. They were. There has never been an example of it. I just want to be crystal clear. That was just a joke from Medusa. Yes, Can we say that the russian election was there? Can we say anything about that? I don't know it depends on how many Youtube users are on Russia that day questionable out. So you were just stand. Here's the next quote, where I thought Sweden watch all of this life either. There's a fake headline I thought it was like the Babylon D. You know in turn always go up. I mostly red liberal sources now because I want to be informed as to what is decided so when I read something that seems so. My numbingly stupid. I will note note no sitting member of office of our higher halt.
would say something like that. No he actually is. one of my he actually laid out critical parts of infrastructure, we're off limits. I think you gave a number of things that, like sixteen sixteen sixteen items, I told Putin that these sixteen items are off limits. look I'm going now no present will make a list of sixteen line that, anything other than the sixteen is not off. Let us a sitting I wouldn't do that right was sitting in a former vice president if you're lying eyes and ears. I talked about the problem of certain critical infrastructure- should be off limits to attack period, I saw these, I gave a list Last Friday, sixty specific- and I feel like and sitting over there like this is like
examples of nazi okay, so the barbarians between four and six. I got it all right. it's weird? What's on as anonymous mask remember remember that I would never wants you to actually bomb this infrastructure. I used to think that send the left is trying to carry one single. No, he was trying to do with those. Those are red lines. Ok, here's my question: does that mean if you drew with these sixteen pieces of infrastructure that are critical, that we go to war. Is that what he sent grant that's not a red line that Joe Biden Willem where's? He sang so outside of these sixteen other off limits, but it's not an immediate call to war. anyway you slice it it's. Alright, the bad thing to do right exactly and by the way. If you aren't prepared to have some kind of massive forced back this up, and you say: ok, look! Sixteen thanks fight
you go after any of this stuff. This is going to happen. Don't pull what Mama did with Syria dont go and say this is the red line and then back off, because Putin will never respect. You doesn't in the members know it anyway meant Lydia, but now right for people of every form of vice President Joe Biden, confused Syria with Libya, Syria, Rita Whoops, Rita not with Libya again the brain here? Nor is it correct that shit doesn't work the snake, island, lesbian, island and all kinds of using again can hiring Donald Trump Pablo Island, Can anyone say that Donald Trump did anything other than either keep his cards close to his chest or just lie to throw you off. He played what he would do? Potent liquid you little deal under glass of water now actually address boy with a genetic, and now I dont even need water always hydrated bear they need sleep. It's weird.
so saying. We can't do this extent. What about the rest is? Can you imagine like what seventeen wasn't? I, There was a visa building across from the brow gotcha. Nobody would extend- and I was seventeen of PTSD Moody's died. In Vermont during that seventy related and Jerry and others that close the snow. I wouldn't know much my hands by hearing face with Omega ban in Algeria. They have jumped down the bandwagon yeah yeah, it's always more than minus shorten. Curly in your point is my favorite labors Rudy Tutti Justified shooting up up up up up up no unjustified just oh yeah you're right, I forget its filled I see the eyes like Academy,
How is now here's what also hereabouts also really pretty funny Joe Biden, We set about something that should be a compliment in this next so the person is trying to give the benefit of the doubt. You know you can use a guy and say I didn't say I was competent. What's that, so this is where someone asked me about his confidence in you just says. No, I never said I was confident now I suck here. by changes behaviour. Mr I've never was with dignity developed since the war villages, world problems are aware: well, don't insinuate capability every a spot where he has reminds me of that, like a diet,
it is commercial words about my insulin, I get real short with, like just gets mad. Something I knew it was an acre is, as you know yourself, and the reeds snickers is just as well or just someone actually Handyman Mars, Barney becomes more return, is merely a lasting and big in a suit the oil and gas baby. Ruth someone get the Abbe paying the price for not when I came in somebody asked me a question. I got irate, they thought a good thing. I know I didn't tell him to be a part of the job, so you let me know when you can kind of what did you honestly objectively? We got flag for being objective about President Trump with them. and ass. I dont like Putin, I don't like it is even seeming complimentary, but if you look he was harder on couldn't we got upset with human Kim Jong on until he walked away with nothing and people are giving us flag, and you know it. I will say that the end net result ended up being better what
you see what do you see down the road here? Let us know- and of course this has been this week and binding Vienna problem for our year for mere drop, and you ain't black. What's on here and see that your true is on CNN. Oh, my God take home his shoulders are so tense watching you look like you, ve been relaxed and awhile. No. I certainly isn't that opportunity now to build on it, Here high is voices, sorry plaudits, nuns Obamacare. Is it not? Now too, I would like you to bring your design like a second. Well, maybe was early release guy. That looks like a larger version. It doesn't like someone having at the address you in bed tube enough in this corner in MECCA ripplings, let's weird and remembering possessor of tube, and so we can put its side by side with this guy, because I'm not convinced that that's just not tubing stung by this, like somebody that eight tubing, maybe Cubans allergic to a new kind of k why he does
I've camera right right, no good! Now are you Jeff Organic, doesn't mean its hypo allergy, water, water payments. I thought we were at a commercial or of why you guys are finding the Tobin picture. This actually variously collapse, just fat to ban, though it'll probably put those do the same for him again and if they do it look my country and I will drop average spot the different his name is Jeffrey Tuba. I just did seems like like: if they were twins, he was the twenty kind of shoved them out. Even if this is just the two men who got me, I can't that's up to you. Oh, my gosh, I wrote one needs wonder what I thought was to watch. People will say. Oh look, fake news. No, I look. I apologise to you and I got it wrong. I got it wrong.
I just got an ongoing legal issues, so it makes sense. That's what he comes onto talk. Well, look. I just think how white people look alike heads my fun. Let's not act like every other CNN rankers wait, doesn't Yoshi yeah, that's not let it be its now. You'll be unfathomable. Oh now, our statue was finally by the way this, what we're talking about joint doesn't mean covered anywhere. You know he didn't do very well yesterday, and this is after they have been context he cleared today. Tuesday, basically did nothing to rest up, he had a really bad day, Monday, so Monday, bad Tuesday, recoup Wednesday Monday was bad- and I were no one else- has been covering this, but we found out that why that members of the pregnant persons
pause yeah that happened there was no longer we need. We know why there's there's someone here piece you in a weekend interview, Lattimer Putin, laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a killer. Is that still your beliefs, sure that he has a killer? And what are you said about him? so the first question, I'm Lafontaine. Well, look I mean he is made clear that right then you scared, you you're a shameful and I just dont, Did he gets on over on her yeah sitting Vice president, have everybody no uses earpieces that loud I'm surprised
if that doesn't have a two foot dial pad to rotary, didn't have dinner the full by one of your hip notification bell, because Descriptions don't mean a whole lot right now and really work and we're alive shall Monday through Thursday. Just at ten a m eastern. How can we tell miss me like button in law with Russia through its fresh sweater? Smells like button might be nine, the mass no moving turrets enter with watching you man. This is something that a lot of people are not covering. I want to know if you guys have actually so remember that there was a press conference for people This happened. While we rely on air and in sometimes things have happened on our keep in mind, I'm looking at a small monitor. So I did. Like how impact full it was, and just the level of the partner, the bull shit that was being peddled until I had some quiet time had a nice cigar and then went to White House DOT, Gov and I pulled a binding
really what you I shall my pet yeah it'll help because it is tariff like I watched, a gay tik, Tok clapping split up orgies, who, for some reason, has a very elegant home. We have seen very nice. It's gotta be inherited my good for him all that money can be made examining applications but really depends the horrible person. I know I am examining applications Daily gay and what you're now implying it's a choice. I dont understand. I also then how your bottom, how you're born gay? But you choose your gender well, are you boss? born a clown because that's what they look like. Also why the geisha fan pick pick something good enough to say something about the only get away with it, because if we irrigation yeah it be front page, it be front page
They got mad. They got mad yesterday that I said that I said the women should come and on many sports. If they get mad about Charles Barkley sent and Tony Pharaoh Friendly, the one thing they tissue thence. I will ease serious thing. I said, as other German might showed, where my past whaler well go by Jews. Are you trying to you yesterday huge Fanny, a great its rich of enemy? Listens He was even raiding the stuff. The meeting that is written by us and I love when somebody's reading it and it's funny and pray said this was what you heard Where did detract people from watching it's an ad everyone in the area that testing his way left and right all right, so I go back the domestic tears and by the way you know who the domestic terrorists are the number one threat? Oh yeah, black lives matter. How much ISIS Riley Purcell Jihadi Johns next door. It's folks with the folks with an errand pickup truck.
so here we also american flag, here's? U S attorney merit Garland, who I dont like, but I do appreciate that they. I do appreciate the player on this one that they put it in after the sky was denied Aragon like we're we're gonna back terminally. good play our luggage. He announced the White House, the new, plans to focus on domestic terrorism, and specifically, they keep using the term in highlighting the greatest threat to american society. What supremacy The number of open FBI, domestic terrorism investigations this year increased significantly according to an unclassified summary of the March intelligence assessment, the two most We thought elements of the domestic violence extremists threat a racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and Molly? violent extremists. in the FBI's view, the top down the violent extremists threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.
specifically those who advocated for the superiority the White Race programmes under the yoke of Troubadour Jimmy's, that's German, that's skinny, german! While they really just let em right back on you think about tell me that he did not look like the other guy who I was never really been overlooked that Tobin, guy was fat or tube in which one to shoot out, never sure with no laser gun. Langley, though I mean lies, I fight film fell right. You know we're like metal. Spiders came up in some Baldy had going exactly. Does the book that's their commander. That's minority report, just ruined by that woman? Oracle those that what was the audition call hey come on you will you shave you hadn't? Can you go your hired, wonderful jagged? How do you feel about sitting in a moat because Tom Cruise early next year, so that I can
I believe that they allow too and back on. This is a man and all went ass, your baited in front of his co workers, and he stuck in the three women yeah yeah, let's put it on the show with its checks. The second idea is only lady. I go near a comedy club and it's the end of the world, this guy's sitting here giving his opinion. The truth is it's pretty much. The same thing thing only Lucy K asked Louis ways which is weird, don't get me wrong right, yeah, but permission, but not an odd. It was all about consent and even Janine garage Flow and Sir Silverman, who are huge liberals, went the Cayman defend Louis. There like he asked to still weird every eye Melville you, I don't know how I would broach the quick. I believe you wanna you wanna get sick up. If you want to see me to some guys, you're, not using that one the earlier I find I get your I look. It's gonna resemble an old woman feeding birds from acts. I just discussing one
now get out of the White House years would also put the white release talking points for the new domestic terrorism policy, and I would be playing down if I say that it's a little concerned Yes, so a senior administration Prescott from Tuesday included a section that red One of the things we are talking about is the need to do something in this space lab the sea, something if you see something say something concept that has been promulgated previously by digested economic correctly did as Anti Hs. I can never say, PETE Dad prompted Zack. I got him back, he does act dashing down Jacek dodgy, yellow showers is held up. His sack his cousin so is this. Is this involves creating contacts in which those who are family members are friends or co? Workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing toward violence also a little bit like com exam
wait a little turn in your family members. That is the most vague you perceive them to be radical, yes or to be tending towards round here's the thing, if that exist in a vacuum that exists in another, humans, it we're ok, they obviously mean right terrorists. They more like two people commit the mass, this serious majority of terrorism globally, rent in the name of political prescription, medicines? Law? No, because then, when you read the entire context at Whitehall stuck up, you see them reiterate what they really mean, and this is one thing to. I think people sometimes are focusing. I want to be focusing on the wrong thing, but sometimes they that they in just discussing critical race theory. It makes people think It's only a problem that occurs in schools right and an israeli when pretty familiar with no critical, raise three black liberation theology and even the differences. There is basically just cultural Marxism. These eighty bright
while he was alive and I used to contribute it at big Hollywood brought up the video of Brok of almost Professor Derek Bell and talked about critical race theory. This system has been going on for a long time now. I needed a sort of take that lends pull it out a little bit critical race theory star. With something racist equity. The goal is not equality. The goal is equity. If some tells you that we must ensure equity. That person is a racist. And I'll explain what I mean as I read down at some hyperbole, so the White House there she now that they have and what s not Gov. It says it found that mean this report, the most lethal element of today's domestic terrorism threat are racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the White Race, ok hold on a second. I can't we just talk about blacklist matter right. We have talked about these protests we talked about, and if we talk about billion, two thousand damages k, dozens of deaths
I am repeating myself ad nauseam, but just so I drive that point home now, let's take the, Worst example, they have that you have the capital what you guys call the insurrection. any evidence of that was inspired by what supremacy. Why should premises generally dont want to as you describe it, hang MIKE Pence. The man is a white as you can put g, Joe thanks, its extreme written Nancy plus Also why they write like hurried through, in other words, what examples can leans point eight m as far as signal that even is comparable that it is the single greatest threat that I can't believe that their actually with a straight face, making the argument that we need to see what else could be great lawyer hits dried. I never will discount, the entire year that we just that in fact it's a year, that Vladimir vote
couldn't just said? We don't want black lives matter forming here. What is he talking about because, apparently that was just the summer of love? If Lattimer potent can see the coverage and go wild. That's terrible! We don't want something like that in Russia should not tell you that maybe you ve missed it. Maybe you know who didn't think also love was at Seattle. Please she for Portland Police, chief, the black lady. I marvel at the Anna I believe we share ever Chaz was ass, yet only one is heard of Woodstock the happy. We all remember, Jim Crow, daddy, stamping a store owner to write ages, it's only and all the animals stuff, and even if you just isolated to Portland, yes, yes, that they ve done it Portland? That's all terrorist acts for understanding took over six city blocks of a major said. You handed out a our fear that means illegally to minors, and this is written, really kill me on board with hating, and they are fifty in story. Congratulate. Did you have committed a miracle? Next, the bow. Never ending possible. They don't
You ask that you asked a really good question: how in the world do you think these people are wiser? For MRS, you know why? Because it we're Trump supporters, that's the narrow agenda, use about Trump, you all items or read it out of the Ivorian too, and they shot people. Yes, didn't allow medics to come in and treat the people who are shot and an pissed about it. In doing the guy was running, the whole thing have like a grant from the government tat his studio did we're still banned from urban B. This is also what else that gave their factually Dio DVD Oji. I d, o d d, O J, witnessed this thing should be de away Yoda de Oj C and parliament a correction. Indeed, yes, are similarly pursuing efforts to ensure domestic terrorists. Are not employed and I was the greatest threat white supremacist, how times have they set on CNN the White supremacist factor the Republican Party, the Trump faction? Exactly that's one and two
they're gonna make sure you're not employed, so a mug hat my Do you think of the black mere episode which were actually happens in, China away who are not paying attention to, for some reason, a social credit score, not an old persons, a white supremacist- and we all see now that you have what you have people from the capital Jenny six from events. It happened. The capital who had this is a fact. No more charges, then trespassing and they ve been held in finally, you dont think to be willing to lock you up for a twitter post or, at the very least, make sure you can't make a living but this does happen right now. This is basically, legalization its it's a legal recognition of legal method, a mechanism to incorporate the council mob yeah right now. It happened and social media, but they want to make sure that the White House has the final say: here's how this call would go hi, I'm journals brother. He supports Donald Trump because he voted form he's a Republican. He went to a Trump rally.
Any actually has a stick her on his car that says, support the police. I think you should come get him. Yes, all of that would be have to consider me potentially a radical human tapping, my phone, that's exactly what I was on my racial credit score is gonna, be like to kill you irradiating follows Goober it's just the dumbest thing imaginable. It's scary! It is scary because it makes no sense why it makes perfect sense. When you understood look, it makes perfect sense when you have to wonder if you have to take into account. I never want to be in the business of attributing motives in this case. Go to white our stock of go to the Lincoln there. Christian. If you're on you too bright now, we provide all of our references. Origin could say sources, we used to say references back in the days of RE, ITALY, Agrifuels read the whole thing, I'm not attributing motive here, they're very clear about it.
These are very clear about what this is. Let me read the rest you, so you Anderson the totality because there's also in association with a foreign entity here, which is a problem when you understand what they're about again keep in mind. The United States is the only place with the first amendment, and there is no way to just do away with that, but there are wasted so the United States also joined the Christ church call to action to eliminate terrorist and violent extremists, content online in international partnership between governments and technology companies. Now that doesn't scare you yet Let me show you merit garland talking about Christ, church in speech and explain to you what they are about and dictating american using the technology sector is particularly important to countering terrorist abuse of internet based communication platforms to rid Cruet, incite plot attacks, foment eight
Along with more than fifty other countries, the United States has joined the Christ church call to action to collaborate with each other. Relevant stakeholders, including tech company, these Ngos and academics to tackle the online aspects of this all right, and you want to know why I'm really pissed off with Republicans anyone on the most disappointing thing that ever happened with President Donald Trump. Is they didn't do anything about the big tech, censorship and really a trip openly? They didn't do it. They had the time they held hearings. They didn't do anything now are hoping for states like Florida and Texas and other others. Is to hopefully follow suit, because now you see the other guys are in charge and they're coming for all of it. You heard him say that tech companies and, let me read you about the Christ church call this is from there. site counter the drivers, as is their mission statement. I guess a German. Why eroded and maintaining the laptop counter the memo, its missions
kind of the drivers of terrorism and violent extremism by strengthening the resilience and inclusiveness of our system. to enable them to resist terrorist and violent extremist ideologies. What's, greatest among those right now. What's up, MRS Ayuso supremacist anyone who vote for Donald Trump, including the black ones, I'm looking at you and us including through education building, media literacy, to help counter distorted terrorist and violent extremists, narratives and fight against inequality, That seems vague enough very vague. you go down, you see all hold on a second now they're carving it in itself, rate research into development of technical solutions to prevent the upload of and to detect. Immediately remove terrorist and violent extremists content now, let's be cleared. What's that is defined as blacklist matter is defined as burn a cop cod
is defined as looting. Only nine and forty nine dollars from all greens is defined as shooting David Doorn. We just need not Of course it listen to the New Zealand Prime Minister. I don't know I just Cindy how they say: Theatre, Jackson, explaining the Christ church call back and twenty nineteen them will come back to this, I'm on my way to a gathering of world leaders, antique companies in civil society in Paris to start something called the Christchurch. What happened in Christchurch was unique and one to kill a why this as a terrorist act that was designed to go viral reliefs they fall with. I think, since responsibility and duty of care to try to prevent terrorist attacks like this is happening on our soil again, but to all are trying prevent sharing of,
Terrorist, contain of extreme violence content online. So that's what the Christ it's cool is all about. Now we, as a government knows not simply set back with a New Zealand formulated, our own regulatory response partial media companies. These platforms thank Lobal and so the response needs to be global, and that is what is so terrifying, their global and guess what their beholden to other global entities be them, be them governments or be them. Partnerships like the Christ church call to action conference. Whatever the things call, if I get it right, the dock, where none of them have the first amendment, none of them have the first amendment I come for Canada. We actually we're about to have a pastor on whose he's currently in jail for hosting an outdoor service, while after some of the restrictions were lifted, but you still couldn't have a service outside people wonders and you'll get people in New Zealand and Australia by the way was still funnier than the net. Who, then
but say: oh you and she hates tourists right rear. Apparently there is who then say that I feel it my rights are infringed. Even can I don't you never do until you need them exactly. You never feel like you're rights are infringed until you try to worship till you try to say something: that's unpopular, the first amendment exist for the speech that we all agree is permissible. It exists specifically for offensive speech, and let me really here here, peoples have a haughty. How do you? How do you set up a boundaries where there are the big psychological term? Nowadays, the law call to actual actions of violence are illegal threats of violence are illegal already have those laws. There is no reason to expand it unless the goal is to control speech which, by the way, right after adopting the Christchurch, call New Zealand they banned the the website. Eight chant by the service provider
yeah the service provider for what they also. If you read that document really early on, they acknowledge that this is going to look like a grab at freedom of expression and freedom of speech around the world and their like. No, no! No. This is totally not. We understand that you have to be able to do that, and then they define this. This hate speech thing right this: where did it has no death Should re define it so loosely, it is whatever they say it is, and by the way, I'm not gonna go into details on this. So this is not dangerous territory. Just do a google urge on New Zealand covered lockdown. Just look at what New Zealand has done in this last year and a half and then tell me you want them leading the world's response. Well, what do you mean people have to do their homework? Did? Is it s because in the case of the, let them go somewhere else. Do they work, maybe maybe one they do what they do. They in New Zealand shape legislation does not kill you tried.
I didn't say anything about though she right to is in a white country landline, why Caution is self humiliation. Now I kind of yeah that's kind of what it is worth recalling the humor like it wouldn't get off the still you're, not funny. Well, it's your opinion now its everyone's opinion not mean the New York Times. So this is also important who else has signed up to this question is called the brooking institution, Brookings institution who, of course, support suppressing speech. Let me read you from broken, institution and January six, twenty twenty one president trumped gave an incendiary speech to supporters, telling them to fight like hell. So right away. They start with a lie that are the peacefully may ever. Ours is heard and then they. What is the conclusion? What is the call to action here from Brookings For now it is vital for social media companies to be vigilant in stopping
violent rhetoric and for law enforcement to anticipate and quickly suppress violence before its Fred. that's what we're act that is actually minority report territory it is, it is anticipate s absolutely it is so how do you anticipate in and stop violence before it spreads? What if somebody out there just you know making a case? That's that one guy over another Ghana election, is that we need to stop that person, because now it every one of their supporters is racist. And we see an extreme in there and that red listen. We discuss. This is a good question. You have to soak it. What is the barometer for them? What's eleven as well, they to show their hand in that Donald Trump saying fight like hell, and we showed you The video we're pretty much. Every single member of Congress. The Senate has used that in some speech at some point at least hundreds over the last decade, and they want you to believe that that is a call to
I mean break through a window and not kill any officers at the at the camera is invited to go to the annex Jones thing. This was also circulating this week and you guys not had Alex Jones in a show. I probably disagree with that Jones and more than I agree with the main frankly. Sometimes I think that he's danced on the line? And I talked about that, but because people who always that person went over the line when they're talking about cancer culture until eventually that line comes for them. I've just always drawn that London. Unless it's against the law you have to permit it, they try to spread the rumour that Alex Jones in direct communication with White House, so they planned the capital in Andrews eight five hundred thousand dollars to do it right. One story to yeah, of course, forgiving Untruss Alex Jones with that you mean: can you keep your mouth shut now, what about me, parliament ramp there's no less than a born into this very strings attached that I need not tell everybody. There's gonna, be a problem
fragile economic agents of Alex Joan, saying, stop stop. They want you to do this, go away from the capital. He was on our showing that it was one of the worst days of his lyre because if you can draw an association to the White House now extra Alex Jones was. Not their encouraging violence, but the media doesn't tell that half of the strike so for sure they would put Alex Jones. Our list to be unemployed to Vienna arrest watch list. Do we not have lawyers in the United States? Is there not some one whose an adult that can be specific about what these things mean? Are we just going to have laws that are so vague that they can't be enforced or they can just be abuse whenever they want yet European take a note from losing equity feed back now and now they will not be specific. Support is by the way, include the dangerous speech project for the Christchurch call and life after hate, and go back to the White House. Tat gave the coup de la here, which I won't have you set in Greek less about love,
so I was just second life after hate yeah, I did not support in any It would sound like a Hilary Duff Piazza. Doesn't it everyone? She said she to that position that when you say that's gay, do you know what you say? Yes, one can tell me Then she shames the girl she's like we're. What if I called their dress? Skinny grew speech. This is just u marking everyone else who really doing the ancient. You started lifting weights and oh wow. I prefer the sister fashion ass. You take them feats Didn't colonial attitude in Iraq, a White House agenda going to weigh our stock of it shows direct influence in Christchurch Look. This is this is what they say here. Every component of the government has a role to play in rooting out racism Kay and bigotry. Now we're getting into really vague territory and advancing. Witty for all american. Even on this question,
Is racism illegal? It's you know, that's a good question. I think we all agree that racism is abhorrent, but now it's not a crime I think it's wrong other to rig busy at daylight up your right. Jack waters would be act up for crying out loud, so why are there so many laws based something: that's not a crime right. The outbreak is a grand. That's a very good point: why? What is a crime assaulting someone because of their re, killing someone, but here's the beauty I hate doesn't need a footnote. No crimes the back door and said, o murder is the crime, that's the main one. do most. Murders happened because you love someone getting. I got you need to know that the definition of you now aligning with a model billina. There is surely like Selina Mister marking and she's what Would you, like? I love you so much I gotta gale. You shall hear people do that
they do? Well, one in this room, jog, your absolute, it's not illegal! So that's also lights. Important every component of the government has a role to play in reading racism. First off it's not illegal. It's horrible of cordial, weaving, incredibly diverse group of people here for Even if the rooting out racism we be skimmed overlook, we paid lambs blot on the top. Why would you want the familiar Japanese with black people, where everyone Latinos makes me uncomfortable of all the countries, each using them and melting pot to be the Rex right, yeah son and the word equity. Some again, that is the big for everything for critical raised, because what is critical, racer, yet to look at the end game denounced, is with sixteen nineteen. it struck. The United States really only started with slavery. Therefore, we need to rectify that ensure equity equity
the it's a synonym for equal outcome, that's exactly what it is and here's the thing you cannot have equality of opportunity. It's not possible equality of opportunity and equity is one or the other Let me explain to you why, if you say oh well, we need a twenty five percent of Harvard admission. To be black. You get well just there. There are enough. We have yes, eighteen score and look: there's cessation, not gonna, be twenty five percent. You are now forbidding equality of opportunity when you set quotas, when you see There has to be a guaranteed percentage. Look at the lawsuits with Asian Americans. I believe it's hard brown or a few going on right now? That is an example of guaranteed. Equity is racism by definition, because it excludes people based on race, and the government is saying supremacy, is a threat and we are going to try and guarantee equity with every. It says: every component of the government,
that means that doesn't just mean government agencies. That means, if you do business with government or you supply a business that does business with the government their hands reach all the way down at all. Oh, oh you here fighting the way we want you to fight this. This problem the racism in the country. We were no longer doing business with you. Your government contracts in this year will that cloud would be giving everybody the same chance. Not lowering the bar royal. That's no time so or setting different bars for different people. Get letting our weight at his races every component of government a route that out now, Thomas, has a really good point on this. He says: look if you can't guarantee equal outcomes for civil, things that are in the same house with the same pair I with the same opportunities. How can you please simply do anything in the world when it's not nearly that comparable right. You can't do as happened while Choi Junior statuette you into you, went to and why you are, as Colombia Kagan was
well you're combat w they get back in position, will judge the reputation of the body added lies, close. That's all did even here. The question of a red suggests. That really does that's it. That's it it's an odd. Turkey goes it was a boy like. I knew a kitten in forty enough. He was, he was, but also I know it that doesn't need to go to college. It's! My son, you're, not a mathematical, has also asian convince girl, This thing was grabbing assets, oh that's all I got it all you tracts of girls came by, I used to think of a guy. I knew you seem to think of our new like fifteen, and I just for middle conversation. Just grab abreast of public aid. No control over this go on
but it was my friends should they all thought was funny. Yeah yeah sensual, what's up, my hand, has a mind of a day like this is in may just have to lead it to its they. Now. That's my love. Garee Devon, sour idle hands or age. Fry where I got it out, it was still fun to do stuff. It only works. If you looked like devon- solidarity, seven, that's a good! This was pre. Ok right wasn't haven't, so he p. Some of your may yeah I was doing this as an anti fuck that the part it down the middle. I had that to feeding son of a bitch, by the way if you're watching his library now hit the shared by the Commission- ring, is carrying them into shared on Facebook and twitter and it just rarely pride it grinds the gears of people at big Technical, put that right at the top and alive
lion share at all. Why do its homework? Actually, I guess we really quickly. We have to talk about tat, one of responses. We video here wonderful, sponsor spartan armor on the range I'm about to shoot stuff and blow it up right. We're about to test out the new spartan Armourplate, the Hercules level for, and the recent spartan created this plate is that a lot of those out there that competitors neither ten by twelve, but they dont really cover the whole areas of sport number one of the design of plate. The truly covers ten by twelve level. For thirty six armor piercing rounds its approved up to that, but we're just going to be using the scary, black rifle a our fifteen today to see that holds up to it and, let's see if my evasion lawyer was right to not be shot live in the studio with play, he thought that was it.
don't try this at home unless your home is arranged, but do you from a crowded, spartan, armor system stuck on for ten percent of proud or ten percent off? And that's like that's that's less! That's must tattered dinner. Brandons genes? He bought him that way, yellow this thing good and we have our. We have a full segment coming out. I shot the single showed us that at the one you shop on our nice yet will you can seek as of one time, I actually shot in the side here and it still didn't go through a while, but I shut shut it wrong in the side. I just can't went in and got lots now, I'm not saying it's not enough. It's not gonna feel like a pillow fight.
you're still be alive. You can't even see all the other handguns that's going you can see is where I had horrible aim of the rifle and use our number systems outcome, user, promo code crowd or you get ten percent off a nice. That's what I'm wearing right now, just because I don't want to be new today as it had better either put on nipple pasties or pasty surpassed Give the capacities. Is the data northern Michigan dish that, yes, we may see a hot pocket yeah, you don't wanna put those wrong. I don't want to pull a quarter What's he doing a sexy dance over, you haven't the early rolling, the rainy hot cheese? Oh venison nips pliable, clap, bad in the mind, just like to wait for me
The dollars is like a right. I guess This is true for the people out there. You guys get people are for Michigan, especially northern Michigan. If you guys note, you guys, know pasties, I know it's like it's basically sort of like a meat pie, hot pocket, and it was what the miners issues and you can leave that there are now I'll grab a little after our group. It is with unfamiliar something or if you want bring it they gonna. Thank you, she's ETA costume and keep your complimentary comes to yourself. You too, scattered this. Even a nice comments are just growth. Is a little lonely manner. past. It's the first time you have. It really is its speeches. You will not take anything for a month or knowledge is burn floods. It's basically it's like the miners and northern Michigan people out there that you come on. You gotta, tell me think: Jenny's is a place in northern missions are famous for past he's just put in like route a beggar meat you pay and the? U, and it was what they would use when they were mining, is like a pocket of
you like me regional, hot pocket, and you couldn't haste for awhile. I because for the first time are burned, it stays how long you dont highlighted like spice hot, not, oh! No! No! No, no, they won't even put the onion and they're getting. They must have a special event that, which is why they did. They still exist there like well, we inherited. This is all we can make the, but they give it you and it doesn't feel hot and tuna oil. You take that bite in your dislike. Oh, it's gonna, look like I urban, with an x ray, I got. Eight is on fire and a sound like the island because I have Herpes. Well, that's your you're like venitienne. All these pass. These want to kiss him off. Is there not a good? being food either I found that it would do a thing like that car, the pocket is why audit and now I'm like. Well, my seats ruined made with these genes. I might as well throw away my car's upside down. I didn't mean to do that you're old,
by the way you're supposed to Edith Register, begs together. This is american banks one time voracity camp this actually we ever statue here get all that get an immense member body control stay neutral you don't realize this. Actually, we that statues that ancient Greece they act a very strong these is not a joke about them. Else, George, Anatolia and culturally. It does have a strong info. over society. So here to explain to us. Actually is professor peanut was, I
Professor painters, thank your being here, sir. You have placed around me back in your just to be clear you this is, you are an actual scientists. You studied this yeah, I'm a scientist of peanuts, and penis related sciences, yeah, ok, so yeah now listen! This is insane to Israel slack and there is no affirmative. You got an onus on its merit, yeah yeah! Let me ask you: can use set this up for people who don't know that the Greek historical, actually, that the context of how did you penises, lot of statues weaver everyone has noticed there, their relatively there's more to little yeah petite and carry out. This is actually a as you mentioned. This is one of the concerns. The greatest anthropological and art history kind of anomalies like so the guy ex everyone knows on top of the world, the view themselves very highly, so why did they depict there? tell you is so small right, it seems, contradictory. I did that's that's exactly what I as you can see right, yes, but actually it wasn't no
Well, thank you very much bringing to Light board here any more because people do. It actually was fascinating. When I found out about it is true that not all cultures, there really aren't the same Do not all are equal very clear. As you can see Greeks, you know just by simple observation. They know the more erudite and intelligent one was right, the smaller. So this actually goes up yeah look. Ok, I argue that smaller ones penis was so they believe a small penis with a sign of being sort of part of the like upper class of intellectual or correct yet, and so That's you know larger. Here you are more. You know barbarian like cats. If they can't, they don't want to be rude, but you knows actually us of larger penises. An ancient Greek was more of a senator of animals to lost, so it was more representative of animals, for example to say oh really here, ok yeah, I was going to do that. Then why are you? Ok, he's? Ok,
gradually got idea. Ok, go around that so that was a simple observation, but when we revisit history- and we actually combine that yes, the Greek has yet so this is greek history. Just arsenal hours are available out of card. I come and when, Ray measure this now using modern instruments in science. We find the same thing How are you like your iq? As you know, in modern day, the smaller european as it were, Does he get what's the green grass for them? this is just Yod outline. You know, allies like dots and not just points that were graft. Ok, like data, how I'd just data points yard? I dont know that an Irish in the historical accuracy. It is true that the Greeks, but believe that, obviously with a sign of being erudite, are ready, now that it signed to say now that smaller penises indicates This is I mean we measured. This is rising scientific method and I
a measure of I don't know that guy. I know that you you did. I dont know that there is a correlation between a smaller peanuts in Eirik. You well, I mean. Are you involved in the sciences? I'm not involve other scientists on just one day. I M saying yes and under the races real measurement is, if I may make friends, call me the dumb bees, the means we could have you in the lab. If you wanna come by, you know we're always open to add to the to the study I bring in Amman Dennis Rodman now. Would you have we want in the studio wants to come by? We can all that. I don't think so, because I think you're just going to say that everybody is dumb. I dont know who founded the research of this. Is but always innocent israeli hard at a Penis institute funded the research, but I will not go penis instead. Let me let me ask you this, professor: were you a part of this research? course I mean I'm a scientist. Ok, see subjected yourself for the end. What would you would you all? You know a bit proud
admit that I have statistically one of the most average penises ever record. Ok, I thank you, professor communist. I don't think this is a productive anymore. Praecipe us everybody. They really were about the motion of the ocean worth less than I mean like literally during battle and such imagining, the Graefe zu. Like guys, we get a real problem here. Let's make it sounds good, are all small Estonia, how do we do that? Guy's, everybody, Joey's and animal? Also, we need to come up with a reason for the long weakens our at war. I can't, it. You sweetheart I'll, lose all my powers but out elsewhere we supposed to do. We were on a ship for almost two way. What am I
go and Labour day weekend siege and not have such will Kyle come on. Let's, why didn't bonding time? Why not? It is written on small scale. This is nightclub view it we're we're the people. fighting August. It ensure allow my good luck. I draw up we'll do. Others still have just get this romantic fireplace, and all this mean we're here, a woman for miles. Look others why who wants to get loose, but just a couple of hundred guide with me, the fireplace in small things, what what
Sailor, Roddy Boat, not have motors yet lingers like I brought scrabble. No, you didn't know it didn't happen. Let me gazelle cutting the sale, but but what about the body oil necessary early middle night pirates? That's it without Persian. That's rather earlier not to get another night. Ok, hey! What's reading of gay! the inner secret, something our gonna go to access. I guess we're running pretty well, let's have fun hook here wishes I'll. Do it I'll? Do it I'll do it here, and you too, you ok right now, the other signal, because no one can do them. You to help me
no now. Ok, first off, let me get a sip of water here, so you guys can hold. The four hundred must surrender. We're gonna talk about wants is something not sexy. Now some sort of dictatorial it just as this is gonna, be very upsetting to me. Yes, the Victoria secret angels, they're, not gonna, be a thing anymore. and they haven't done a damn thing. Anybody just beautiful and they are just yes, their feet hurt from falling from Hell not diabetes, which is what they're going to replace them with through Victoria Secret, so there claiming their no longer going to have a stereotypical model? Look really pretty a lot earlier, because these days. It's all about inclusion in the New York Times published an article in this change in branding and they interviewed New Victoria's secret angels. So sorry,
Player, Megan wrapping up is I didn't know she was near the rigour soccer play online from their rights to the left as well as Victoria's secret chief executive Martin waters. Ok, anybody if you highlights an Lummix, to you why everything that this new executive thinks is incorrect. Ok, a lot of lotta people ethnic, I just gotta between seated, because it makes me feel cute man. It's only from this now no, no! No! No, no you're wrong! Everything using about Victoria's secret is wrong and to take this away from me, so Martin waters said we need stop being about what men want and to be about what women want that's not how long that's not how lingerie bushmeat exact same reason. In my wife green light, my underwear actually say that this compromise I'm just a larger. It is not for you. This event like if you
left. If it was just about comfort you would you be waiting a crocheted thong thank gray, guttural and cutting the long do what I tell you. Women are not only to maintain, but we need to be about what women want, which I now I can understand. Why couldn't? But I think that our argument over the doubt I would have initially. If it was, we won Things are more comparable for women bs sexy. We note that, Not now you understand why they want to go the route of over over over oversized lesbian, because that's the key mark, I think we're getting. A little so tarragon are marketing. I dont know how Don Draper would respond to this. They make swift pants, though that's a pink that's for the comfort right, but what's wrong with a woman wanting to feel pretty for a guy called on Dave, where's, the pink
where is the word appeared pink, is across the but we're ok aright. He had heard of it now the leg, but instead they chose not to put it there. They chose to put it somewhere else, and when you read things, do you actually look at them a? Why did they put the pink where this stink is? It doesn't make any sense at all mine, serene are setting out of a yes vote. Well, the answer they come there totally for the guys is welcome as we look let's be honest. Decent juicy maker is also not always now understand that women enjoy these things. However, horse specific We even go from make up why the rules on the cheeks right, that's to stimulating lipstick, stimulate the flushing that happens during a sexual encountered. That is why it is actually attractive. Why retracted to birth? hips large breasts. These are biological, evolutionary mechanisms that women have dressed trying accentuate different ways throughout history. Now the reason that heels exists, as they actually tone and shape and lift the buttocks and men have none of that
We don't have any of those things ass, a teenager we got. Is it you're going to say it permanent answered by a man at say: let's make their breasts a little more poverty and make it hard to run here. Isn't it megan catch him then tell them they can be secret agents and strong of a man. failure to be just mornings. Do let us ok to them wrap in a lesbian Sakharov layer who speaks for the majority of american women, apparently like it go wrong with this move. It was Miss rapid, oh said bluntly, talking about the previous Victoria's secret Brandt, patriarchal sex. viewing not just what it meant to be sexy, but what the clothes were trying to accomplished during male lens and through what men desired, and it was very much marketed toward younger women and that message was harmful. You know what else is marketed to young people, everything everything but
that depends in reverse mortgages. Let's be games all athletic where all sporting equipment- this is that's the most valuable demographic, because young people tend to spend money on stupid shit. All people There are smart enough to realise they dont need said stupid shit. They don't have percent stupid shit or they liked the way some stupid shit looks, but they can't do anything about it anyway. That's why we think is marketed to young people what big is gonna happen? If you put somebody in charge, you apparently less means don't care about that, but the looks of the what it's gonna be like J C pennies like we already have that Randy panties are already a thing. You know, you know me Jesse pennies here because of me, exactly the same with the trucks those are marketed. Maybe you know too lesbians and young men who are going to use those drugs to take the mannequin from becoming rolling out
last year's model. Is that there is that the new plus you can keep that are going to need it. I don't need a first adoration anything. You work out the kings, so great yeah there, one ladys carrying out an old mannequin. There is nine guys carrying in the new like. Asked on trying them raked the beast castle lobbyists. Oh you others in the window, cause you're gonna need a much bigger win. this long Anita window like an apple store here, you don't have luck, Deanna Mover thing. We need that I don't know what to anyway. they fell the hour, buckled G Megan RAP Uno. Then this end. But this lady is the villain Ladys, not because she's a lesbian blow doesn't ponders, just you're, ruining things
It is a lesson we should totally get where we want to look at the now. What now not out without look if that made sense. If that made sense, then maybe they're attracted to the wonder the wondrous beauty in other splendor that has woman, and then they pick a woman who smashes beer cans on their head and shouted orbits as you know, and as always I was rising avalanche tracked. You would Victoria's secret was missing all this time in Edit Bauer, so Megan reference whatever work these genes have a lifetime warranty. They do an antivirus and a joke known at least they used to aggressive as a gay woman. I think a lot about what we think is sexy and we, afforded the ability to do that, because I don't have to wear the traditional sexy thing to be sexy issue then- and I dont think that tradition, that traditional thing is sexy when it comes to my partner or people, I've dated, I think,
functionality is probably the best thing we could possibly achieve as his life pot. Yes right, possibly sexiest thing, we could achieve in like. If that were true, your best bet, it's getting late would be old, sweat, pants and a hockey helmet. Take you, take your girlfriend or wife out you, a nice dinner in a loony tunes tv way or one of those wolves howling at the moon, I've gotta know how did she get nicer than pass these right or left and right aren't attacked area dress me, It goes both ways there's a way to present yourself at certain times and there's nothing wrong with. No, absolutely nothing and look here's them. We use the beauty. If you dont want aware victorious you get or lingerie there is everything Yes, you are all your king for not sexy, thinks there's plenty of those.
I've seen you wear them of what have you heard of retailers? The name is sort of self explanatory. At its very unsexed ringleader, betwixt says you just walked past Spencer's gifts to hit here, and I can tell because you have one those plasma balls and your bag. You turn it off your either a fortune. Teller asshole will look by the way you made a point. We talked about this before the show. We don't write a porn. That is the angels right now to know their own middle ground at the others, a middle ground here like we do want like fifteen year old kid. That's all you need that's porn to them wrecked. We don't need anything else, you keep it inside the Are you sure this stuff it's kind of sexy outside? Let you don't keep. In other words, it should go any thing, Canada. It should well any further their own or you don't know it much. No, not Canvas magazine line up saying that we don't need to be candid ideas. Point though porn is born to them you know what I mean is only male. No, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. There's really
nothing wrong with with any male or female sexuality. There are no, there isn't prior studies by hearing what you're, not gonna, say or a fourteen year old face. I get that yeah but like Bay, that young Arnold was stop at the border. When it came with a muscle magazine, gay I desire was born. They thought it was born under saying. Keep it's like swimsuit mark. Of course absolutely I mean like. We all know that the Sears Wishlist Wishlist catalogue when we were kids that that was They had all lingerie section I was another was that it was real. Your mom like what are you pick out, the items that you won't like? It was a scholastic book, fair and should be wanting matters which catalogue, but she she turned it over and it was like. It was like a like, like a limestone tablet, four pages: where are we what it was like. The swim suited little viable they'd put doing that in the end, So she Coloma Eleazer, Sir,
part of our role as lobbying for Victoria secret to increase this is it this quote: to increasing its sizing, two x x, x, X, X, X, x, out one of us Tracy that selling tarps. What is that you don't really know what really good. Let's do away with the pain could do away. How about a nice lazy. free Willie Hammock, let's make. I think the tag should say: Barman, Bailey This is why is there no showers link that says it all at all now wants to fight with everyone's I dont? Yes, she is one of the working people want to feel sexy and all kinds of sizes. You guys my joke of the killing a cheetah the other day from Rodya good for you that sometimes sometimes big ladys. What away you now? Ok! Look I told you, you are doing well Duncan explained a joke from three days ago. That's I'll kill hall you We do in railways, Zylka, which might like X, X, X, X, x, out one more ex you're dead. Anything you didn't generally axes are over the eyes, yet one more
only comes out in coffins sizes, but this is also an look. We're gonna show to Muslim here in a second you guys, if you're watching on rumble. Thank you can smash the rumble button. You can nonetheless measurable button and smashed Corso like putting if you're on Youtube, leave a comment. What you think about factory sacred. Throwing everything I love? Secondly, will to live? Ah no but there's no other places, but here here's This is a lie to young women. Now I dont think that young women fifteen year old have any business going. Buying? Lacy final, I think this is a very talked about. There's, there's an age appropriate factor, ok and just like we ve talked about. I don't think that you should be threatening women and thongs, in front of every every child every twelve to fifteen year old child, but I don't think that you should have a you should have pubic lines. Hollister, and I don't understand why, when you're the guy section its naked guys on the posters and the women the women such switch But the point is a lie to young women, saying you don't need a man to be happy and
If you find a man, you don't need to make him happy you shouldn't. We now have gone further with you shouldn't want to make him do you know who basically basically dresses me my wife I don't give a rat's asked why now here's the thing. Obviously, if I pick something that I want aware, I have I control my own body, we all do rain, but any man here who has a wife. Would you continually where something that your wife hated? If you think, I just think that you will. I think you look like crap island. go to Abercrombie and see the dj play underneath a gigantic poster of two men think shortlist foothold, my kids,
not. I went to Hollister because my weapons like try this on. I tried on something the way she looked at me. I bought three. I will never ever shop there again. She was looking at the poster over your shoulder about. I am sure, as it look like it was not right. Writer has me, like I'm miss, read that says and I get out of the Hollister Club mail, but seriously. No one would none of us would wear unease because we want to please our life for the same reason that when you are in a loving relationship you find a middle ground when it comes to dinner and you do look with a man and guess what, Doktor. Laura was right about this on always amazed when people get matter her because she was cancelled because you repeated someone else in the inward re outnumber years ago. Feeding means a lot to us. It's not that it's expected of you. We demand but guess what its away that we receive love men, they receive sex actually is a sign that you find them attractive that you find them does. It means a lot to a guy when they're married. This is This is something that a lot of women you to undertake tenderness, warmth, and what are we said?
you don't need those things. What were expected to be docile? No, no! No! It's just an attractive quality. In a woman to a man for the same reason that lingerie panties are in for the same reason that you like tall guys or people who you believe can provide for you, these things are true Did you tell young women? Actually you should require everything you are in the image of a, Hocker playing Lesbian and then they wonder why no one but soccer playing lesbians are interested in them and then their window has closed and their eggs. Don't work, guess what happens? They become miserable and they are in an exclusive demographic. At a higher risk of psychological disorders loses the eight that the number of women over thirty five who identify as having some kind of an actual cycle. Mental illness is skyrocketed now it's gotta just a lie to women and it's a lie that many young women don't figure out until its like I'm, not saying, and I'm very clear on that thing, that women should find pride in just how they look. That's not a problem with that,
but I am saying that if you lie to women and say not wearing what you're doing it for yourself. That's not true! this, where sweat, pants and Java helmet like it that it really is not true, it's a lie and it's going to make people miserable, Then you basically just told them to be completely self centered wretched. Do whatever you like, is totally find. It doesn't matter if your husband likes it or not, or the guy that you're trying to date likes how you dress or not just matters. If you like enough, there's a man, ground right. You don't need to be a hoe. Rising color wearing terrible things. Could you also can't go out dressed like a hoodlum? well think about going to find you attractive if, as a woman, you're wearing nasty clothing, not that you know you ve, told young women now go out in public like list so go out public like maybe Andrew to use your word like gold, and show it all off about in the confines of your own home. Make sure that none of that is being done to please your husband, great message: let's see how that works out, I think
to read us dad. You might have to get what I want to go for the migrants summit Youtube. Thank you. of next week cultural appropriation months as what Thursday it's cool Fournier, because it is no longer part of the United States. I've just declare wants you to piss off, good.
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