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LIES! Why Media STILL Blames Trump for Asian Hate Crimes


A shooting in Atlanta has the hashtag StopAsianHate trending. We tell you what the mainstream media won’t. We also take a look at rock band Rage Against the Machine’s latest commie trash. There’s a gay Captain America now. Also, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we’re having some fun at the expense of the Irish. With Dave Landau as our special guest host!

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You are listening to louder with crowd or wherever you fine podcast, like Itunes Gerald I dont have podcast. The droid things. It's all the podcast places. You know where you gotta listen to stuff like this. Well, I'm Dave Landau, I'm not Stephen crowded, and you should leave a great reviews and five stars of David, because I M David Lando, You can leave five Gerald. No, you can't. Yes, you
Dave like at least to make. Some movies are welcome to louder with crowded. I am not crowded but I'm louder. Oh, I have no idea Maybe it's good to see you here today we will be covering the Atlantic shooting the media hate crimes. Ice that wrong to second, I am today will be governed. Its serious topics are mess up on our fredericks would happen in the land I, but we will be talking about how down trumpets kind of blame for those crimes. Of course, yes, yep, Saint Paddies, dig its woke rage against the machine? call me trash now think there maybe see where you see Stephen Reforms, a double mass work out with his insurance and from
Club only Papa Crowd or is here to tell a story of haggling versus herds in the studio Sid I ve got chair, bear what's going on: hey Gibbey Gibbey, electric guitar You do and tiny, Jim Jim No, I dont like them now I got work. What about Rhin TIM Tim rimmed images. We got a quarter black. What's that is no quarter, be your leg. You mean like that you're a good man and then we got to hop regrows. Let's get this straight No, let's do it right. This minute fell into a wall right
a hundred miles around go peddled the metal daddy's now coming home for dinner, and I feel I can say that under the infinity said, what happened? How you know have been real tax from Stephen. You guys go a little bare and mature Green Annie's drew his drink and out of a rose, solo cup must be. What are you lush, yeah? Well, I used to drink unsafe baddies day anymore. I once picked up a guy dressed as a leprechaun, no from a bar. I didn't pick him up like a day. A ride home is a friend and then a front of a friend, and he burned my backseat. Ah, the entire backseat with a cigarette? with one security, one cigarette Keziah leprechaun passed out in the back of his bed and I'm getting you never know aid for it. The Malibu
Doesn't it does leprechauns? You can't trust on the garbage. They really are. Also I apologize to live up. Trees exists now, real, oh, they exist quarter black, the georgian state legislature. It won't work we're going to and against Stephen isn't here today, because he's in Phoenix Ryan TEST run, so we can find out what's happening s heart, so thought our prayers is. That's remember that empty slogan, for it, positive energy, whenever yelling good vibes, says she'll as he gets a rang? It hang heart put in to replace the one that God Kirsten we sitting in a backless gown right now watching this, and yet what areas saran go into a wall? What do these more of said about the backless gown, or this shows show rapid right now, is a light puckered up? What have I done? It's never love. Why! Well,
the georgian state legislator passed a bill to limit absentee voting and require idea and forgets heard about ring found. Yet you know Stacy Abrams. I think yes, scenery. Of course. Yes, error in the swamp issued a special elephant in the room His victory, Sonia joke our eyes, never gets its roots and the media are aiming it Senate Majority leader, Chuck humour in D C. He called this effort by Georgia. Republicans quote racist, plain and simple: unquote, Do you agree, and is there any way for Democrats to stop these efforts, First of all, I do absolutely agree that its racist, it is a reduction of Jim Crow. The suit untie well, I know what a surprise there she's thinking that making people show- and I d is Jim Crow. Yet I think
have to show and I did a vote. I why'd, I don't think, there's any reason you shouldn't cholera article- I am a hippie democratic. What are our south, you know there was a whole is a different time when the Democrats round the south, so yeah, That's how they had like a litmus test right. Yet it is you're saying a mega would have a much more wish. I didn't take long for Papa crowded, No money, apple does involve monetarism. Fellows
slow, diner citizens of the civil Rights Movement, Abrams supporters stage. This protest at the world of Coca COLA. The activism said Pepsico snaps. You wouldn't do that to visit the Pepsi challenge. This issue was it Pepsi ears at Opie? Oh, it's not! It's like a priority happened on campus metal just passed out on the law on. It does look like that, but I'm just protest. If there's a protest, having people should a basic fourteen already guide the Coca COLA Vizier now, processing coke, for I have no idea- is for entered a saint Paddies day. You gonna protest cocoa. Somebody with green beer spilled on their curative ploughing
your family pulling out of Danny you? Did it at a veritable spotty? I try to raise its because I am against drinking and driving us horse. I mean, unless you have to get our own. Take the others, though, and I I've I've been in trouble. Do you guys I'm in recovery was both a wrong drinking and driving eating Dennys? We're not gonna judge. Will both do end up. Looking like a body Lange on along that could be a drinking and driving experiment were mad, comes your school younger than they were like hey. This is what happens is what's gonna happen to you on prom night, all you're gonna die
throw up. Nobody had that everybody right yeah have that school. Now they brought the wrecked car and put here they bring the regular and the students are covered in blood, and there, like, I, have a good dance. I see right there, there's braces melted to the frame. You know what those to be your little was that we had the blood on the asphalt video at driver for seat belts and address. So that was a different time. My heart and back to a simpler day, have you ever seen the old like baby seats for cars? Will you prior man, where they're just I can show you a metal hooks. I'd will just turn into made hooks if there's an extra, that's even between the dashboard and the windshield began a stuffed em in oh, yes, waddled him and stuffed him, and he was right. The backseat, their shared Edna,
Oh yeah, oh, says a mile vaccine where, if there was an accident I would just flown into a mountain cigarette, but my parents annually lotteries and have worn the hood ornament going off the low. Absolutely I didn't even realise the other day into the other day as a car guys like oh hut, ornaments were so. You know where the front of the car is a guy just started with something that I stole in eighth grade turns out. There's a purpose to those I still have my collection, but who knew what our eye Yes, so good under the Coca COLA Museum in land, the grass, as it does nothing, so congratulations revalued about be good. I'm gonna go down to the Pepsi play. Where's, the Pepsi Planet, Oaks and George. I think they have a museum anywhere. They don't probably not pop up up up. I'm not love in it is that Mcdowell
it's alright emerge shop, don't forget to go to are merged shop. It's alive, show Monday's you Thursday. Ten, a m mug club, slash live and chat. And how can you make sure that we get seen comment comment ca? meant low under after life after the lives? Resign may say some really bad things during the stream. We do want to see the due date. I mean yeah. They everybody them today. I think girl, everybody's been so friendly, well I've heard nothing but complement their due in October, like you were good you really are you. I have my my filter set to complement filter, it's a bad one and I like it what's good like a tweet a week or so with that filter yeah, it's pretty good allegory of one one. Nice thing said: as I try to fashion Maya
my hotel shower curtain into a noose. That's for me by the way- let's be clear, though, as I am bipolar AIR Coca COLA. Think of uncovering have bipolar bear just to make a woke up here. It's like I mean I like this, but I don't like life hello, yes, include, maybe likes or all of the other bears CN registered smelting, because global warming so too slowly dies hub. Sadly, as a double even have a tool for right there, you trying to clarify in today pugnacious flow, so you they load gaddi. They do float. They have following hairs, so anyway, they got a really want it. I was
I was at the Detroit Zoo and I saw a floating polar bear and I thought I was dead until just now, but you see, I was just stay with my son going like why aware they fishing out. This is not just about that. It is right. I mean I don't that's what I thought it necessary manatee it was. There was a white man. Is this the cow, the bottle cook is talk about you guys know Elliot page used to be Ellen. Page now goes by Elliot. She had herself a little surgery. She also yep ass. She had her, how do you say medically as hee hee? I'm sorry, I mean to say, did minimised gender. I dead serious, don't get up a start. I listen it's a recent developments give us time to adjust. It is played Juno. Yes, that's correct there you go again yet he That lie at the time,
That's how it works. If they did leg at the time. Can you calm like lets you somebody else? Bruce Jenner versus Caitlin Jenner, the Catholic One didn't ya. One metals, Caitlin Jenner, didn't Bruce Jenner, killed a guy and then disappear that the woman yeah I dont know Caitlin Caitlin is we ve gorgeousness, actually absorb onlooker stunning. I was trying to think of woman of the year old woman eight year. Yes, I wish we could see Dave's like filter right now is like this. We had this sort, this I'm telling you it is pumpkin. Normally nobody alter the hormones are supposed to change the voice tell but do they there's never George on our tracks right out here. Well, if you ve never been a change here, he doesn't well he's always been a little. You know she,
she's, only may always doesn't move on. I know I'm around dollar I now I got cancer yesterday now I gotta worry about her penis, so Elliot page. Three dozen Bruce Jenner have that he didn't go he cheated, although, as you did they always he committed really a bad. I don't know I'm working on it, I'm trying, to come to you. Why are you she Now, if he ever Ellen page. That's why we reviewed Elliot Pay, Elliot page is Haggis first interview after a transition, and he has revealed he got top surgery. That's the things. is that so we got a double the sacrament yeah yeah. Ok, he did
That sentence adds a totally ex society of airlines. I'm following ass. He had his breasts removed. Yes, he had his breast removes. Could honesty is a movie star. We can adjust waited till the end, a covert dont make it about you right. I me me me he's a movie star, so yeah he's nosey had our israeli back to them. Yet we have to make sure that our movie stars who are superiors are taken care. Of course, it's good Let's see some of the shall we Ellen pages said I'm fully. Who I am is completely transformed. My life Elliot
the page, you know, I'm not even meaning to do the landmines are everywhere- are enters there's just it's just landmines, there's no mostly right after it happens, just really did just skipping through a landmine patch all right, so he eminent state again. He I am fully who I am it is complete. transformed my life, or at least my chest, etc, loving autumn yet, but push completely. The breast rule be auctioned off on Ebay, very popular in Amerika can get amount of vending machine. Well, I'm a good for Elliot. I hope that Elliot feels more himself. Now, yes,
undesirable wishes and warehouses. Advisers in energy, positive vibes in engineering solely recovery has even is in Phoenix getting his breasts put on transport no relation to reality, and nowhere is it. What do you think? is there a tops? They could have just pushed him down really hard cuz. I track sleeping nice rack is a beautiful sexy mouth, don't don't d J man go to you, you don't have to do is tell us a bit about you away from what. That's what I mean. Where am I from you know where I am from? Well, they re the Adrian. Doesn't the great oh sorry, giving pointing at his watch, which are Jeez signage is call me. Dick girls were arguments. Was mighty, learn our eyes. It was the gibbey our Let's talk about this calves in America.
speaking of algae, Bt Q Marvel, has re, imagined, Captain America to be a gay man underlying beautiful yeah. I I guess utter of you seen the picture of em. He does he looks like a twinkle which I dont get. Couldn't I just be gay and look like Captain America always looks, but SAM it's gotta be a stereotype Nana does he have to look like he sells ecstasy outside of a re like he looks like he hacked of angels lenders and threw him in the river. Ah you ever that guy's party can money is room. Another party boys, whoever they called lost on me, you ve never eat. I remembered it come on. Let's think back to the rays. We went to the ninety, that's a crowd of error. It was the murder, the other guy murdered his friend. Now They were all rivers. Ok, they used to dress a bit and drag the party monster was based on its starting MC caully, Collagen Watts from home alone at, but I fear death
rain will marvelled aroma played angel and Andrea was killed angels killed? the guy Mccloy call him place, went to prison. and then Roman got out. He like oh deed, on financial aid, minutes later ploys, because grass garbs what he rendered herein Marvin prison. That's why? Well you run into Harriet Marvin arrival. The sticky bandits, in prison, they'd be the wet bandits. That's right. Are you waken me hurry? We ve got a lotta roughly right. We do. We do have a lot of ground to cover. We do have to talk. It will congratulations to captain America yeah he's now. A gay man, but loud with prouder has has obtained some closer new story, details caps, main conflict is not with the not so now, but instead he battles against complications arising from sharing his supercilium needles.
why am I in any one is for our lives? Are we looking for landmines? I don't think so. They were planning our only in my captured in Amerika about AIDS into this office. Marvel is really playing catch up since Dc. Actually did this first with AIDS Superman Oh wow, that's real! That's a real add in France to prevent AIDS, because it's not just kryptonite that effect. Superman itself. Three other letters they broke whose final resting place to see other area and wonder what make it here together did wonder long. We're Superman get it to give it a wonder, woman, then some I asked him. he's like now, I've just been go to the gym. That's where again, in regulating your anymore muscular, you,
what'll a lot in further comics news organization. Cider is cut out of justice, as Ex Nanda cannot have just yes. That is what I wanted to know, because if there's anything, I want to see it's more of zags nighters direct, exactly what a talent network river, from three hundred to the watch minted garbage but it's coming out an HBO Max tomorrow and they have made some changes, including improving step and wolves e g. I re shooting some pick ups and they also have Resought Superman. Its Elliot Harry Ellie, I'll, look at that goods are Elliot's, had intimidating if only transit or fully trends warmed. Let's talk this. What is your favorite irish? Ok, tribute that they wanted to make it seem organic and
Think I did make it seem. Morgan was perfect. I can earn farm ran by away happy just to be What is your favorite, irish cultural procreation? Anybody cassettes, we're gonna talk about. Can you culturally appropriate? The Irish? I am half Irish, so I wanted to talk about. I am I am my mama so was irish girl added a Hebrew last name but was irish without a family stuff go on their budgets? Yeah it's a little, but I mean part irish or italian. what's a noted answer that qualifies me, you do you're fighting. I ran fighting Irish, which is apparently erases term, but that's ok. Let me know in the comments section remembered all yes comment on the areas. Let me know if you think that is possible to appropriate or if I should be fighting
come on, come on, come on your favorite irish appropriation and right. Here's a score. I have all from when an Irishman, punched me in the face, no joke, I call them dared not getting my ear NGO idiot. Everybody is different areas bleeding everywhere. You thought I led air out of his tyres and I didn't leading going. I still do we do that. my rather now use land out for those Hollywood points. Yes, my brother's. A ginger we haven't spoken years: I've been funds are denied automatic, has no soul. So it's ok. Now he had upon his dog Dennis than man irish setter, It's a common home and comments your favorite stereotypes.
I do in the seven plus one yet then does later writer on. I just wanted to make sure kazoo talking about irish stereotypes, the Atlanta shooting. Let's talk about that, it is a shame. There was several massage parlors that were shot up by a guy who really said it is yet disgusting, so, but The star of some fast facts here, before the end they did catch. The guy. We're not gonna, show him unless he pops up on CNN. That's my little secret but does look like he's upside Khazars, it's really awful beard and I think he was met at the Asians because he could only grow beard. The resembled the shopkeeper from gremlins so fact number one stop Asian haters trimming today because of a shooting in Atlanta last night, the killed eight people, including eight six asian american women search Everley SAD arable. Look, why we'll take. Why would why massage parlor three massage
we are why such esprit Mona, because its weight is a spray killing, so we ve got the Coca COLA protest. political approaches, shootings three unhappy and aimed at me so. Why is this? We, we thought Detroit was and there I go being cancelled for the fifth time it was nice. Having Ai Weiwei appreciate you do. I just think it sad, and I think that I hope this guy gets prosecuted absolute. Yes, I hope he meets the wet bandits in prison and the steadily ended so why is this being made into such was the Stevens document. Therefore, Stephen has doubts about this unit or Asian hit transit? Yes, thank you get me. I need them. so in reality the attackers aren't bunch of white guys and Magua Hats or Jesse small. It's personal trainers. Will Einstein Majority are black or arabic just to be clear.
That encourage, you didn't believe us. I have a very modest one hears. What instinct other video montage for you that were taken from sources? If you go to the articles that include, These videos don't mention whose limiting the crimes in the videos. Here you got this survey, for each shows a seventy one year, old asian grandmother violently shoved the ground, her purse stolen just wanted several attacks in California Bay area. Recently, Ninety one year old man pushed and opens hundred town. One of the attacks that day, eighty four Ty american visa autonomy die nor over well out for a walk. He died a few days. leader from his injuries, is family thing people leave it was rooted in racism should not be
back on the street. They should be charged with murder. If you see the video is nothing not intentional about asian american leaders say these attacks are trained, they will not be ready brothers. We have been supporting the growing number of attacks on Asian Americans across this country into night here in New York, a vicious and brutal attack, the suspect allegedly stabbing the victim from behind the thirty six year old victim, seen here, insecurity, camera video now being reviewed by police with walking alone. When someone who flee he, allegedly stabs him in the back. With this eight inch night police are investigating another attack on an an american person in a bully longer gonna lose out of sheer February. Twenty third aces My heavens salmon mostly women,
Reaction from the left is blamed trumpeted, of course, just watch this video from Bloomberg columnist, Tam, O Brien, He calling this a chinese virus. There are the forts and dozens of incidents advise against chinese Americans in this country by using their injuries. This resisted all knew. It was a very uneducated statement. I gave you Tiberius fresh, shower wings, shoes terminology to get people set a meeting where my idea of what picture where to visualize I'm going line. Was industries worry me up and make people who, find any reason he's gonna, nothing claims, but of them in all less fuel, for it feel and he drew near you know for the moment, the Beggar rush hour, for the moment, but right now I think I think he's right. Actually, I use, however,
he's getting older and you have to use at the last guy now having this blanket statement, is more cadets cat. It would get it my car lengths five more. Those are the really really really asian actors or that deepen the bench pretty well, must not so bad. You think this is actually the first disease to be named every geographical region. I don't forget, you know that just off the top of my head of West Nile Virus, spanish flu Ebola virus mergers, which is Middle EAST respiratory syndrome, lime, disease, nor a virus and Zeke of Fever, which was also a dance back in the seventies. Just off the top. Your had died yeah, it's right. When I not yes, you heard him right there. Well, you know I may not be smart right off the darling we were really also. We also know why tramp called it. The China Brazil see why Commagena virus
using the Goblin juries this resisted all new letter of it comes from China, come from China. We accurate mediate very clearly. China appreciate is accuracy. please he was blunt. I think we can admit that if anything you can say about from, as he was blunt. So I must firstly that we watched their want of asian actors. They they said hate people are calling this just because they need a name and like yes we need that was not irish spanish variable virus software. These things mean ends yeah my my my old show, which I might end up being back on. We hit region videos as late as early as last October of nineteen, where people in China will Hon were kind of dying of a mysterious ailment in anything, that's where it came from. If we
then you know american disease. They called it has nothing to do with the people of China knows where it came from play. Billy we got a lesion worse of aids That's true, though, hurts a true statement. That's not our bad, though nobody images here I mean I don't think I mean I get. The people don't want to be associated with a virus. I mean I can, and I can sympathize with that. But if it came from there they were calling it that actually patient patient zero for AIDS was a french Canadian, floated lighting, really gas doesn't listening, traveled around little joy apples he traveled around, like John,
he was, he was a who thought of male flight attendant would begin now. So why is trumpery? Were Lamed Stuart, Stuart steward? I am sorry if ever there condoms do its political flare. Extorts one sees me Stuart. Is your dad, proud of you? We are so what kind of the first point we didn't, but we didn't blame Bernie Sanders. First thieves, police shooting right when when they were shot on the battlefield, wouldn't blame them right. There's Anna supporters of those people and we're not going any and every time. But now we see Donald Trump blame for all of these crimes and yet no matter what the reason happens to be right:
What did it strange shoe because he's not an office but we're so reaching back? They try to allow him for everything. That's going on right now, whether obsessed with them. It is felt that the covert nineteen relief package wasn't done on time. It is felt that vaccines are fantastic. I guess, apparently it's his fault. There's the guys are aiming to catch. I just with the beat he'd, looks more Islam and maybe we're not gonna show malaria looks like a sea tupid white guy with a dumb beard, I know, but the beard Ale Billy you now. I look at his hair cut its just like that. Poor choices led an idiot. Why do you know the voting at home and if he did it, if that's the guy, that did it throw the book Adam be done with it? Yet, if bury him under the court can be very popular. I, like your beard there like asian scan of engineers, professor acts on the case,
get me my chair. I can read our mind, he did it. What happened? I was at the cop protest as those laid down by her pretending to be dead from something not related to cope that being the highlight of your protest career thirty years later, you're telling your kid slipping through an album that was me body number. I think they met a definite sign that will, let me say yes disguising sprayed with a fire hose in this world who were moved to the back of the bus. Well, that's me laying in a field with twelve other ass, we get much after day. She meant we had such partner massacres while I was at the other yet another. We remember when something terrible happened. I was where something whatever happens, doing nothing like I do now is why your mom left Saint, address days, training this morning, but not entirely the reasons you'd. Think the? U S. Irish embassy called met wars for sarcastically,
claiming white people's culture couldn't be appropriated, could be appropriations Right Gerald. That's. What do you think? I don't think it I think it should be able to be appropriate while the Embassy of Ireland tweeted this yes try. Cultural procreation is not appreciation right, a boy allegation cut. Well, I think Philip preparation is appreciation. That's what my shirts as cultural and my lower back said a cultural appreciate. She is an actual appropriation. Ireland, the land of Seattle, Millay Fleet
thousand welcomes and all are welcome to celebrate Saint Patrick stay with us tomorrow they treated as each day by the way they rank and forgetting today had did they real they they they had urged Juno appropriation. What did they see? Our thing up appropriation is appreciation. I think that's what they basically just said. Why honestly do believe that it is a miracle, a melting pot, if everybody's here to share their different, you know right. The peace. If you will of their homeland, I think that's the cool thing alive in America get a sample of labour, its unique to hear and it works. Yeah multiculturalism can't work ghetto, think it's hateful to enjoy other people's culture. I think its opposite. Look. If you can appropriate the tramp stamp yes, sir, you can drink. Some beer is by appropriate. You mean invented at the first white guy in Michigan to have a tramp snap pry, not sure this four hundred that's a rocket first catch rates, for
Have these are not really doing down? I think they see the real turner. It's an hooch, our aid, so that got us. I can we really need to recognise the contributions of the Irish me being part irish reflects and how their culture has been appropriated. So here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, seven press plus one Irish. forgot area. Forget it on average, every time always number seven crowd or dad. I don't see number seven Magdalena underline vow. I don't know how, but I take number of having to take numbers. I told me he was illiterates. Very irish. Have given us starvation? Yes, they have neither potato famine ass in good history, the who, by religious number, six dead, be fathers. I could read that
You look at my way that you are doing. What do you have a majority, and I note that you learn to read my chamber participate number five normalizing sexual harassment with a kiss me, I'm irish button, my underpants is got. I got them Victoria secret. They say pink right below you, transparent, nip, yeah did you say, paint gun raising there, the other day watch by there at the mall, and I said, look at those mannequins how much for one of those number four quarter black getting women attracts. He can say that our culture, number, three, Ronald Mcdonald! Irish!
Yes is Ramaker Mcdonnel slip up the big parties, red hair mobility? I read, I meant I just never thought of them as Irish should motivate Scottish. I guess we could. Just like you know third generation american and just carry over the main still would make him an irish blooded clown Iris American yeah he's a ball pitch I don't know, that's irish think they gave us. Number two riding for sports game of most fun: oh yeah, I lived in lancing for awhile. We definitely appropriated that win or lose somebody's, laying a dumpster on higher number one. Gibbey I've been women and children. While you send it with gusto, beatings and number one. The thing we ve appropriated the most thanks discourse: hazy, the drop kick Murphy
remember. When you first heard the dropkick Murphys and you were like wow, this is pretty good and then a third time you like please stop putting this never play again. This is, and ladys German that is seven plus one I forgot you always do that. Can we just call it ate seven governess, plus it you see the man one in that you know it's a shame round. Jailer within us. One, ok well be Wanna, you only all technical rate. against the machine, is commie trash. Regions for rushing. They put out a crazy anti white anti capitals, video to teach people. they should feel about being white I'll? What would happen if a black Romano? We even realise that for all this time we too have been
being in this white cage there's! Another crisis, yes smoke more shadowing buffalo we're here for thousands and thousands of years like show up a couple of centuries ago, right didn't I Let us not forget that the history of whiteness has put something in all of us. When you fight racism, you can never fully get rid of it, because it's in you, it's been planted there and we're gonna have to keep doing the work to make sure that we stay strong You ain't black.
where there is a black, had their just like Harry, without roasting marshmallows, walk past. Like gaze, what's going on what kind of camp is this work into camp? I hate? The idea is that we are allies were trying to do in relation to what you don't like it is, because we side with fields where we burn the the cross. Are we doing wrong a white now I'm one year allies. So I let this cross on fire. Well, the camp Honky. What happened at the end of the year should all the while also whose sending their heads here they put you gonna, do over going to follow a councillor into the woods and like crosses ok. Is there any is easy to arbitrary deserve arts and crafts of any kind? One way we build the mirrors limits which yet lighted learned, a canoe well, that would be a cultural appropriation sound. So we're just gonna talk in the world, with a guy with a chalkboard
let's address a few of their specific claims, number one being the white is bad and we have to reject whiteness, also their indoctrinated little kids. supremacy. You know what that is. It's a belief that you're better than some of what I want to ask about is the other word I want to ask about white. What was the first time that you realise that you were white just now when the camera crews, in my room when my bedroom was the size of eight New York apartment upset. You is disturbing. Why would it upset? You know you have a look around. This are starving that my mom is s me these word question. Any unspotted enter the ear, the only apartment on this floor after crazy that I'm curly sue, does this camp is tee?
kids, that being white is bad, inherently bad, yes, by the way which I don't wanna know that, Sir, a good though it is wrong, worried I she hid their bad again. Let them do something bad, an event like they re hotel, read it so, there's nothing wrong with being who you are and maybe they're not. Why do you took what their heritage? Nothing? The first Eve of reparations won't fix. Now we worry I and we re, let's demi, I believed it, deposited indicates some account today who the EP or various overnight operations. Oh those were stimulus to better operation. Slot I got mine western Union. They took. Eighty three percent of average weakened Wikipedia actually defines whiteness studies adds the Study of the structures that produce white privilege, the examination of what whitenesses one analyzed as a race, a call
and a source of systematic racism and the exploration of other social phenomena generate by social compositions perception. And group behaviour of white people. Ah, isn't that there being races other people are racist. according to the show Schenk redemption, I thought White was all the goodness. What's a movie will know it's a mass agenda, Washington, where they're like white is like bright goodness and dark. They were saying was bad. There did there, but this is Wikipedia not Webster's. That's true, I think, reflected around a little, but it didn't its racism and we're trying to figure this out like. Why is it not races to classify an entire group of people instead of by but they ve done instead of by their character or their accomplishments. By just there
in color, saying well, you're all bad, because your white, this is starting to sound. Strangely familiar gay. I can't quite police it, though whether trying to pick your behaviour to they don't care about refrigeration. Electricity. The automobile flight about the things. You ve done it. Then Henry Ford loved Jews, men, whom you don't care about accomplishments decay, was always leg and then there's Thomas Edison. I mean that guy. He worked disappeared. clerk and stole every invention ever its way had so many dick like you, but I need to make that they really do like I invented light. Bulbs acknowledges did he's like China for China, that is a nice phone you get there. Let me check that thinking, mainly the equate Walmart Brand Massacre diary may that you can't, we can claim it quite the inventor. Thomas Edison tour, I do
and a categorizes people I think, based on their skin color. This whole thing anyway, claim to the USA is one of the quota most brutal countries in the history of the world, living in a state living in one of the most brutal societies in the history of the world, not regular, heralded there. genocide of the native american peoples, a country where participated in chattel slavery. Society Ernie government or any system set up solely to profit are roughly class What is our room is used for picnics set to benches in the white. Shame hall: go ahead, kids, go in the white shame also. He is really discuss these european and mexican. I always thought he was quarterback.
Four reels, though not my real, but I heard it was what we were. We talked about the lead singer of counting crow crows. Let em dirt under which sets a wig yeah, I always thought he was a black eye and, along December later, we find out you ain't black. Not turns out Biden was right. Is it Missis Brown, Mister Jones? Member who is singing to just now cast was don't worry, MRS Jackson? Real I'm sorry. I never meant to pretend Tumblr To close, I wonder what local bar they'll be playing next. really without his harry's, nothing. Why would you do that? Everybody was coming to see the hair and there are likewise this guy. I want. Secondly, drivers,
skinhead playing Jonas. There, in jewish Nazi singing Jones truth to a there, was no genocide of native Americans, native Americans and Europeans clashed and fought over land. All social lights and tribes dead. Is this true, general societies did this else so did I say socialist likes? Did I associate? I will fight over that land? Yes, I'm so ever debutante there Paris, Hilton Nicole, richly star in social life and fight over or whatever most most of natives death were caused because of diseases brought over by Europeans that as a fat, yet Europeans also broad diseases back to the old world. Like tuberculosis and civilised people give the keeps on given civil, isn't, I would gave old, Miss Lincoln her craziness syphilis ere. I don't know
as didn't? If I'm not sure, didn't honest Abe, you know Did a lotta whores. Really, I think, I didn't. I don't think that's a fact that. Well, I'm not saying it's a fact. Energy supplies, a rumour, I'm just saying old, Abe, Lincoln Sin. Abe Lincoln just shoot up. Eight massage book, the beard will the hat doesn't match? so the hat on top hat bore the beard, I think, we're sure that MRS Lincoln was a bit of a goofball. Yes, that's a fact You Sally and the elderly at her and was like my head. I swung go away. Love me. It burns my head from the syphilis. You gave me a slave. We actually dates back to Macedonia must support me I Mesopotamia model. We go onto that. We gave the native Americans a bit of a pass here right. So if your idolizing, these people, as just being these peace, loving, wonderful legal who had the
follow and make they lived in concert with nature. They actually scalped people the enslaved one another and they also practice cannibalism, not also, you know all the nice. I got all nature. I must say that this is what they did, that we know of rights of these aren't just now, all wonderful people with rainbows and butterflies, everybody's everybody's done bad stuff throughout history. Like you can't say, America is the worst. you're ever all all cultures across the world forever have had slavery had bad times: I've killed people. It's it's, not special you're really right and we're trying to correct and we ve done. We ve done that through the West culture death, but you ve also just done something that their refusing to do right. You stopped and said, hey may make sure it's not everybody. Not all NATO Americans did that right, but all people are raised as every single one of them. I'm not saying it's Enrique, you child exactly like we're doing something that
they refused to do, brings accurately law who that are the argument that I mean it at some point. Contact would have to be made. Yes at some point when it was a Europeans or somebody was gonna, come and look at this continent says yeah nice piece of property right somebody's gonna come over here and clash with her a society of pantheistic couldn't possibly advance well, they didn't her world, couldn't advance. And so somebody was going to make sure that that happened well again, think it, Sir stay out of it listen the best, the funniest lionesses did they its, therefore for being on our land before we got here in the first place. Well, that's true, well message sober Mesopotamia sleigh every it has been practice in nearly every country. In the world, though, slavery still exist today, and even when we're talking about you know, To be honest, the shootings we talked about today, sexual slavery, is a huge problem in this country. It still exists, and I think we kind of have to around real problems today, So there is still slavery in the world. There is slavery going on in America right now.
Is still an issue, and you know it's it: its tragic absolute and then you can blame one dollar, four, it is nine not now or not, that african slavery was not bad. It's totally horror. Of course, what we ended that now move on. Let's go on this stuff. That's happening right now like using their sex slaves. Now, yes, ex trafficking. right now it must focus on that kind of stuff. It's you'd problem, this country and definitely needs to it strange to me because all thieving through the pandemic, you walk. I walked from New York City every day the girl everything's closed, accept human travel. king parlors, there It's fine bring in this crazy, such saga, ouch of the one. I'm sorry. If the twelve point- five million slaves capture in Africa, only about three hundred thousand came to the United States, life for the rest of the world where it also digger, Ghana,
Spain, Portugal, Brazil, a great Britain, Netherlands, France, Denmark, the Baltics, Great Britain had a ton of those who are least aren't all white the countries, the countries that had no impact on the world. That's and so that's why we're a target did this in Norway. Now then what about sweet? But Russia, Sweden, everyone, Denmark and we want the expert. I mean you look at those like Spain, Uruguay and Portugal, Brazil, Great Britain. These are more than a million right. One million five point: eight million three point: two million Netherlands is next with half a million USA comes in at three hundred thousand. Why France. Ireland do you know so what they had colonies around around the globe. That's right, so they were shipping them off two different places, and so I think that's why. Well look at and many of them were actually captured and sold by enemy, african tribes rights,
The worst thing you like- I wouldn't like these guys of here. While I get some, I got some guys coming in boats will take care of them would be like out there, which is take them away right. It's the same thing that we ve done, can imagine being the guy. That's like. I just take them and enslave the first thing we slave owner in America was Africa. Colonel Sanders. Correct what what. Was the first eleven around Jerkin and there is a trial at young people wasn't asked me what his name is, but he owned two. Why slaves in one black slave and supposedly having euro? This object? Collagen! after seven years quarter, BS after seven years, just posted. Let your slave girl and hit the slave was ok. My time I go and you like what you document so you're my slave. Never ever read your bible. Seven years get me out here. That's timing: it out here: Twelve years a slave now, the first you're making them very good. I enjoyed the moving look it up.
I just don't know that was about that. I'm just learning! So sorry, I'm saying I didn't know that that was a fact. I didn't nervous Anthony Johns, Anthony Johnson S, room a man is the first person on slaves in the United States. Thrived I've never heard, before in my life in net strain, it again women, her deadline, loaded signs that suits you spell me talks about when the largest slaveowners being yet being blacks level, then let them were hang on. Can we just look at this equation they're using to prove white supremacy. Ah overlay! Oh, did I skip ahead it's somewhere in their given was too busy. Looking up looking at that age letter that little Cheerio
I first of all as drug words on a hill, we please do not work. It's a worse place. You can put it and see the equation, it says math and p is greater than well. That is true. Whites erases! What are you writing their circle? Peace is greater than p o. My please greater than oh. That is. I don't like those neighbourhood policy, may I have no idea, but I think he also to dollar sign written on. There is well yeah, that's right and acceptable to see this, or do we have the clear dollars? Wear white people from Europe Some countries in particular angling world
Europe's a pretty typical answer right I'll come from England, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Germany, France, right? What if I were to tell you that there were no white people who came from any of those places where they came from England? What do you think they call the english or british right when they came from cereals? You're? What I told you I was right, but what point did these people We'd! Never ever really thought themselves is one big happy family. In fact they ve been killing each other for years. When did they decide that they were so they looked around and a handful of really rich people, own plots of land, and they realize you can think of it like an equation, be as in poor people more european and african enslaved persons were greater right at girl has a moment that we find this guy. I gotta figure out a way to get some of these people on my tea,
that's cool. He seems like a gym teacher. That would wrestle too much with the kids little question. This guy's so ill informed, let us not just in a melting pot. He does not understand why people came here for this experiment. He has never been taught these absolutely. What he's just making up a math equation, he's holding court with young minds at Sir it's in there like oh yeah, he sang whiteness, is a result of like that Europeans coming over and saying we need separate ourselves from the blacks, and this is where what's does it come from here's the equation, the brilliantly? It makes no sense, one Furthermore, through the term white people is actually seen as early as sixteen thirteen play by Thomas Middleton Kate, Milton's great great great great, that their father act. For example, we have alleged credit where credit is due royal family. Good job it was called cracker ass, cracker powdered, wigs everywhere
You know those four lie say here: the real hotter wigs yak. They all had lice can imagine from shaved heads under there's, probably minds and hygiene questions from that arose of evil right, o and here is rage against the machine at Woodstock, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine playing to a sea of white people, see avoid people burned down, Woodstock Life and I are ruining it forever. Gabriel, Yeah that number ninety nine was destroyed. Ninety five, nothing than ninety four they had, and it was all right and one eye and the ninety nine. They were like, let's burn stuff rage against the machine, and I was re asphalt as they did what they told them that I like another generations, maybe that IRAN unrolled before them. It's fun.
They are now the machine you I am sure that, with that region, northern fishing, that is the man my issue with rage against the machine, was when Napster came out. There lay hey still our music, I know even reaching anarchy and everything for awhile copyright laws. I our stuff, tee shirts, dvds, cds and get our t shirt Cosette these small small mom and pop shop Walmart They really that's what that's remained at whatever watching it ill. Let's, about this story. Number three double mask work out. Well, he's actually he's pulling up a source here, really quickly for something and oh, never mind that I had a roommate in college whose favorite band was radiance machine and he was the very first person to send me all the songs on numerous AOL, instant messenger. You could like transfer all the free music. Yes, I am, I told Asia S. Why don't I
I first download it was five thousand songs and it took two and a half days somebody to share that would make but virus among them, not a virus. Well, not that I know of at least but he was the first person this Guy he's a granola guy from the northeast. That was absolutely rage against machine fan and was like the first personally here take. It is free it's on Napster, unlike what the Hell's Napster gently now and I guess at the time O master is the best I was often related became navigator, Deemer lime, wire and lime wire extra. While we're like Colombia houses onto us, then raids did come out and there was a fake message from rage. Just saying all of our fans have been duped where we don't want you guys any more as are phased out. If you remember this, when it happened and like the late nineties, huge you'd, say any candidate, as I can t believe it. I'm like, I know, that's fake, but that Also true there. Yes, scamming, you tat, they d
what their stuff out there for free come on. When I saw it, I remember, without like Columbia House I showed my dad is like mother going to make you pay four hundred dollars for a cd and it's like My child and I just signed an agreement, which means nothing, so I did never buy anything else, but I did get a lot of double albums with your credit still reflects it. I'm no. My credit is what they call a top mediocre while it actually falls off after seven years of your good began Colombia House thing here, and here are your credit. I love Savage rather house. We, I was having called community school where they put troubled kids, this and my friends, and I would go and you no small part, drink school, And thirdly, it all in school age, computer lab you're like just do something, so we stole music, the halter I gotta, nay, I like how they got just about that. There was just the funniest thing to me, and then they started. If he isn't this, they started prosecuting kids.
They didn't twenty year old kids, who had ten thousand songs on their their computer. They had to pay like some outrageous fire like per song. We did not know it was a brow new dealing hit download, but they had no four thinking at all this was gonna, be better for all artists. They just had a toll booth off this new road. They know how to do it yet, but right once it was done, they were ring in the red and an artist you'd, probably never here were or things you never see me suddenly The total there is awake. Oh yeah off, and it was Miss labelled yeah. It was always like here's at a James and then it's just like the Poli Scots, ok track. We wouldn't they give you a percentage to trust what it was some sort of a rating as to the quality it was coming here. We would assume, but now, while this was
beginning of that right where they figured out like if we just if we licence or music to these things, millions of people will be able to listen to our songs now, instead of having to just depend on radio and just right on concert tours and stuff like that. Nor I go. It's ok to download stuff. Now, as long as there's like a three dollar payment right, monthly subscription flower back its killed them, companies are yet I write about that's. I guess it's a good thing how much longer given needs for a source? I just can't believe I do know it's ten fifteen, so I'm probably I will just keep me here with the package- would even a double trailer journal ago. Right threat was revenant. Yet let you wrap up in cellophane. It gave him for tomorrow, Gibbey show, but we will pass it back to you. Dave originate real them emasculate those that, let's do the devil, masking juggler mass, just looked horrified Dave. I Jacques anyways. I do I look shots. I rarely show in Rhode Island.
My therapist said get hookers, I'm out of here. He fell asleep on the phone and woke up and told me to get hookers fire. The professional immediately meant I nice, like listen you're taken, but have you ever considered? Workers like what is wrong with you. You were asleep like. I was take to comment. back I'll even taking medicine. I should prescribe to you. The media has been seriously pushing people. The word double mask lately. This we decided to test exactly how that would affect your health There's going to be the last set it just one down a ninety three
thirty says face. Masks, do not affect your lungs or health, while you exercise and wanting to remove it, because it's hard to breathe is not a reason to take it off. The first and most important is that we should be wary mass, no negative effect on exercise performance or on blood and muscle oxygen levels. During the working wearing, a mass could even help you burn more calorie, whether maybe inconvenient for some, you can still breathe new data that shows our indeed better than water. You, where last they wanted to ban it one of the ways you could do it. If you would like to put a coup, school and you know it doesn't bother me. Am I even one with a mask on pine trees, growing retesting, my oxygen levels and my pulse as I go through work out with entirely benign devil mask from up So I think it's we don't want us to get below ninety five right.
Let me rest to get a fair shake here and see what my pulses had quite a bit of caffeine. This morning, enough com My my ear, smells like honey, not Cheerios, as anyone else get that specifically with Colebrook, paying or thing seventeen cereals so repulsive, a little higher and then we'll see how high it goes and what my oxygen is one getting them. I can't get my cell phone We should show the accelerator not meter here. This thing, that's what's funny, because my trusty look, it's not touching so can move it down,
moving around. Just, let me know five and seven ok, forever baseline, arrogant test will be largely endorse. Double mass, the physical covering with one layer you put it another way around. It just makes common sense because most warmly for the prince, the little the little man beaten every metal thing. Mccartin Africa without the joy I won't be an intern prolonged. It sets a little colombian cameraman from contaminated. This might actually be giving rise to keep it on one finger missing. My bad heart rate is one nine sixty one, seventy, so if you're gonna be the last set, it just went down a mandatory mainly to adjust it. We ve stopped. My wife's sees this season, for, while we can financial framework between Scott awaited Fiona pressure, not just for those who are convinced that the size of the control room, of course, all my interns to do this as well. We ve been here since thirty in the morning and readjustment we have to work out with not one but two.
yeah. I don't have worked out flow, so Reality! Ok, then start rolling without an ask is not that bad. the life.
what countries imbue again, except under thy heart like being in the end, because the mask is kind of everyone knows even so was about about money, We voted on was one city, but about I can't allow this voucher cdc, say to wear double mascot disposal, with the clock on the top of it. If you want to suffocated
then go for the physical covering with one layer you put another way around? It just makes common sense doing one mile round with no man felt pretty good, but now we're gonna do the Thatcher. Commanded doubled just makes common sense.
Without one
makes common sense. Here. Look I know it's not a scientifically control experiment, but no Devil mass. That's it like this is for me it's civic enough, not to mention and probably are probably cut my power by significant its. It will definitely heard your working people are spending all this money and a stupid to invade our centrally met and I'll, be stupid, supplements and get a pump brief delivery to the muscle right Aegean Sea environment. Most of them do anything, but we will spend all this time and money on somebody they think might make it a bit of difference. You ve read about the pump right holders, nitric oxide boosters, but then all of a sudden when it comes to a double mask which definitively mechanically reduces oxygen levels. It's no big deal. You know what you're Argentina and shut up about that double mask way of creating put away protein bar and your little women panties and shut the while
I enjoyed us now I feel like I worked. He told us what to do there at the end. That was very good to get instructions. The devil massing is probably the dumbest thing that I've seen with the way it makes common sense Jia. Well, I don't think it's common sense, common sense at all. I later stores and scream at people for not wearing to mask that's what if they were a mass that it is just like covered with like Chee sauce. Well yeah, that's it eyes yet their cause, there's a there's another layer, the cheese acts as a mere, but there's your my way or in one mass you want my family dead. What do you think stated: a dandy isn't even plowin. There was yet what it is the same patty did we ever find that source? Given? I know we were you wanna defiantly, endorse on on a particular comment. We want to make a comment, though, until we have the source where you, unlike CNN, were in all the other mainstream media news outlets. In his letter, nay, my brother
Stephen was furiously texting us like a comment and he's like you. Gotta find the source for the gutters. You gotta have a source, Stephen we're doing. going right back to the rigid against machines value they like Buffalo, Nigerian, there's like about you know why people have been the cause of like that extinction but this comes from town hall. twenty six hundred to at least seven hundred years ago, native people hunted some species to local extinction, the animals only rebounded when the Indians became decimated by disease. Ah so how we're not? blame for everything. It seem sea because people commonly referred to as the people who can then we have hunted them again here, we'll make. Probably they were there probably doing a lot better and they came back and then we shall smack there so was what we were waiting on. We just wanted to make sure we couldn't. We didn't want to make. You have multiple strikes in the same week. Well, so I made a slight I'm clearly somebody who,
aids. Have I, whatever only them aid everything? Really. It's also stupider than your comment. That makes it. Ok, everything's worthy oppression of America's racist. He doesn't like that. We complain man well I'm the five foot? Five, you think I don't know impression. Oppression, opera, I don't know, impress all of them, but I know other hereafter. a girl, the wrangle you're down a Para husky boys genes and calls for a common. Remember comment, always kind of comment on how men to get around your comment comment. We
being on Youtube? Thank you for staying in who didn't do now, because I'm here and just common in common, mainly about how great I am today when it com. If you want some March org its emerge, cheer Spry, the one I should promote, there's or you could do that. Yeah, there's, always a mentor dates that I have on my schedule come and see me. I got dates. Come up in, like vague, is in Florida flow rider. So anyway, I gotta say is Stephen. You well and piss off Youtube.
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