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Lil Nas X VMA DEGENERACY & DEBUNKING Biden's Vaccine Mandate with Ben Shapiro


Welcome to another week of insanity, America. We’re talking Lil Nas X & VMA degeneracy, Fauci’s latest mistruths, that crazy CNN doctor, and debunking Biden's vaccine mandates with mega guest Ben Shapiro!

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Hey there, audio listener downright just a negative recovered, but I do have a cold has been really bad because I keep wanted it tis to sneeze and after the surgery is so painful. David David. Remember. If I am, I ease, kill you! Yes, the agreement before our eyes needs all right. I'm no fateful dyke took the euro. Is lying idle doing you. Thirdly, in order no love tat, events knees August. I rather here you tackling practice, pain, painting, Willoughby all. Actually, I really like the shirt you're wearing do have years now we have an heir to live in a crowd of chapter on this
to show that I watch ironically, everybody who has anything to do with. It is a racist, so Europe radically races to burn swastika it's hilarious neck is, I shall support the fight to read the Germans DOT Tk.
as a damn sit by transgressed, lonely, slurp layer, my headphones, my ears are all all by stubborn attitude. I am very sick ambition. six are all still tests negative recovered day. That's a shame which always just a negative, ferko, Hydro black, I did too so something's going on and you were sick revolves. Turns out that you can still get sick and not I didn't know that was possible. That's rare, I know. What's that's a goodly visited me. That being said is important. Remember a pandemic of annex yes, yes, So is this: what are we talking about today? Quite a bit that this is a pandemic of the Unbox needed? What level of protection is offered to you with the vaccine? Turning to international studies, according the CDC, according the World Health Organization, according to a cohort studies according to met analyses for male clinic from Israel, we're going to get into that, because this is something that has been repeated not by our president. Nine noticed a little.
late, but our last show was Thursday. But I will say this before we move on some of the things that, from a vice president, Joe Biden said and my wife said this was surprising, because I've always been an optimist. When it comes to the United States of America, you can go back to one Obama was president, you can go back to some defeats that Donald Trump ran into an. I always said, look with checks and balances. It's going to get better. I've never had the hair on the back of next stand up and chills. Go down my spine as when Joe Biden said: it's not about your freedoms, it's not about your choice and our patience is wearing. And this is a really really scary time. This is unprecedented and I really that we're not looking back at this moment as the moment that the America we knew cease to and I'm not being melodramatic about it. I've never said that on the show before that speech to me that mandate was absolutely a lot
in the same, that has nothing to do with your personal choice: to get vaccinated or the science regarding comment, which is, of course, a serious condition which that will be talking about the be we have my fate little jewish settlement anonymously. Favorite gentile bench appear on the shell riots, fantastic, repeated a little on the show you just robot bench, appear before him. He thought he was he is here was sitting here. A little bit I myself, my wife said like blindly glaring down from the hat. That's exactly what I and my wife I believe said. I think, but that's where you, where Europe is keeping either go yet chemicals erratic thinking so she's like, I think, that's what you like you could see, was so relieved. His hair was fined everywhere else out. I really think that's what it is little What my internet here he's always been a friend of mine, even if I disagree with amongst these, but using the word organs that jail day. How are you? I am better than you know,
far and I didn't I did not. I united Nations zero for the office here was not me. It was you. My son went too far. The gay male flight attendant and quarter black, feeling, better but now you have I'm so glad it wasn't sickle cell and land. I was going to be at the already Funnybone September to its genetics is determined only for twenty fifth, that's correct hi everybody and I think, calling it a game. a flight attendants. A bit redundant boy blades oriented I've already got a grammatical nazi. I'm saying that on also incredibly homophobic. I agree yes, What I'm saying I had a male flight attendant and I won't be redundant so lax Would you like some extra water- and I just thought this is prepare inimical. We could get one and he does off, but at the offer it to me I was taking it, but he cannot
for my hand, you're not gonna, hold a hand arrive. They know it has spilled this everywhere. Jeez I dont know why kleenex is not as absorbent paper towels when you think about it. You know that failure papers What is really going off so down the counter? Let's make something less effective for Fleming Snap that's not really what it's for well they tell that Wales. I saw your so at this point divided perfectly. We ve all heard about the Texas abortion been real, and now the left's penalty for the Texas Abortion Ban is no more sex, but you really can't put you can't let that's sink in until you actually, you know, put the faces, Logan until you? I guess you see growth of all, how it affects real hawks general
Right, twenty twenty one, lady around them via high broke boys, and massaging is don't get any flowers I know that and you don't get to go to the job of Ladys and other man. I think we should go on a SEC strike. Can we get that right and think about nonsense. Yellow, not a single sang historically have worked lonely order ok, everything's women, a tireless knows that abortion, should be free of costs. Lets us, surely the chocolate that really should. I put on the net without my daughter
that's like Alfred Molina Covenant, backhanders no sex strikes, don't work because unless all prostitutes are on sex with young, not to mention in you want to have sex with including there's a shortage and a lot of things, but not a naughty naughty polymer. Israel, Abdullah yeah. You know that general be nice has just this would be so sensitive. You know women. We have so many questions today, but I really want to move to women out there. We have a significant amount of women who watch the show. It always surprises. Maybe I, like you or Emily Jordan comment below this, would be so offensive to me as a woman. idea that you can't have sex they respond no abortions, no sex! Ok, let's just say that you're totally against it in you. Don't you understand the science of, Did your ending another life at your terminating a another heartbeat? Not your own! You don't have to hearts. That's a fact! That's what this bill is, but at this same point,
that they're just saying. Well, you know what a boar, if you do, that we can't possibly be expected to monitor, monitor actual acting on our sexual comings and goings, nowhere my issue with it is they always sit there. The equal sex drive your basically saying that you don't want sex as much as men and when we say that men women weapon. I sex it's supposed to be offensive right and now your weapon rising sex right, yeah. Well, in this case they want people to believe their weapon. I think, It's not my weapon. I sat look how little flat five, having guys rooms at whom ok honey was. Have you any secret up? We cheapest assumed Cyril was land while taking makes an out and out you and me, and I am not having sex
now. I wonder lively, Gabriel and Gray Anglesea right when we don't want have sex the deal. Ok, lovey neurons in speaking of sex or I ll- have fed them either. I'm an old body down which is possible or we reached a state in our culture of complete nap, salute degeneracy yesterday, the Vienna, as happened, video musical works for the initiative and their video, so the eye gun a Youtube video and they buy. We we ve come a long way from a you know, Elvis's gyrating hips, and I want to hold your hand red with that's. What he's like out oh really! Well, what are you saying, whereas now we're pantomimic sodomy in a shower library slope again? Yes, well also little don't run in the shower. Don't don't write his own group SEC shower with intent, voucher, taking notes this, just showed Elvis from the waste up. Oh yeah, because his hips were a bit too much
then Tom Jones today showed him from waste down almost exclusively thinnest count for nothing going on down there. So this is what happens if aliens accidentally intercepted a transmission a broadcast of the bee amaze. They would immediately become hostile a trans transmission. Yes, we call them Sis Trip I don't know, I guess it depends on their wavelength of that. We make sure that these giving a cancer. Ok here's what what's the first clip that we have little with the first clippers is low mass media the guy. This is the guy by the way who sold sneakers with vials of blood while doing a music video or he was giving Satan laptops. Also didn't get the funniest part didn't get permission from Nike to put it mildly, not in their shoes he basically just a bunch of Nike shoes and those just putting test tube. them and make it. You can't do that.
But I'm ok, though, and putting a real condoms and ribaut pumps just anyways raised via maize, lil losses, performance, Pantomimic, section, I'm glad my father's, up. No reason. Anybody should have to see that a generation at also he praised himself over twitter further and say wincing. Video of the year suck my c oh see, we can re listening audio,
which is a really we're reaction. If someone was performing fellatio, what are you able, the filthy soldier down on your knees and tell me you love me coming little mouse over the move for here. So There is only one seat because, as a one off female singer and I don't normally normalize, even knows what they just do as they say they spell something end they missed pronounce it to try and accuse you of being white ribbon is now mommy, nobody, I wouldn't have possibly known nor Alexa let's roll equip of. This is just degeneracy all right. That's a woman on across fish. Very pretty sure, that's what they're going to fix it:
very well. Now, look at first, I'm just confused of how its music It is as to how its art, what is not to mention the questions of consent. We stormed the just of Normandy for that yeah seriously. It Hitler had your brain cells, to rub together, he just would instead of those of those machine guns, you just would have had those people right up there and that we know, that went out and the allies when all around here they tours moment from air, the skies would have grabbed there like little bicycle homeless. We're completely impractical would have no reason to aid but you didn't garment crisis.
solutions to forego them, even though they have been deprived of their leader not before will, but that they have more hours of protect? The top of my unless someone shoot me straight down there all Billy Conaway. If- and this is why you and I'll talk about this later, I went to a wonderful staked dinner with my wife, sweetheart hope, you're feeling better she caught it too, and that there is an there was a lot diego of older women now try to address this way. There is an epidemic of parliament if you have kids here of old fat, whores I mean this, there was a etc a forty year old Birthday Party and I have never seen more totality of breasts outside of an actual make good woman and I mean these women were big. These women about they were lining up. Was a brazilian stake us that the south there at the salad bar trying to keep up appearances left have so they have
that's where you can see their panties and sell. You like that, looks like bullet wounds. Looking for the exit channel and then you're honest, one. Lady, had this skintight dress and was wearing a thongs The spill over was like. It was trying to escape, and you know it. Here's the thing we ve just told everybody all women have earned all closed. Does not sure it's not true human earned the right to a those clothes. just like I haven't, earned the right to go to state. Our solidarity thought. I don't think you should well now go and ass was chaps for that we always need to hurry to the restroom. They ve goes to a different. Something else is its summit. It is resilience. This doesn't just end by the way, with with the amaze would be one thing if it's the amazed, but you know we talk about cutie on Netflix and I will say this: this does matter. Of course, this is we'll talk about the culture at large, the hyper sexual evasion of children. You look at Last year it was paintings Saddam in the shower. You look at that worries. She's humping, some
which, by the way, women can't complication stupid, it's biologically its sensible in another rather put now this- and I just heard from my friend who went to go, see jungle, crews, which is non government, but This is a new t. Mobile. Add that you will see a movie theatres children's movie and we have the whole thing, but we won't have to watch the whole thing just so you see that we're not editing it out of context. You could take your kid you could put on your internet blocker. You could put on your parental, trolls on the tv. You could make sure that visa maize has some kind of a word block and set to Google alerts, but you go to them. we theater and with your five year old kid you're still see this girl. I'm busy I'll call you back now was extra. Oh, you won't extra. I'm about to full Joe World honey.
What do you think you're gonna transport to a tea party, sex dominatrix lip folds touch, screen sleek, you do we split the phone now work right. Let me know where we get it. We could even call I get about. Not your family, inviting you for Thanksgiving. I just lack found by the way what I hadn't s is a presumption like they used to be like You know someone said it's a SEC symbolically short tosses there and gives you look like a who we get it, but this person like you, now you want to know now known as the most offensive part, is that you presume that anyone is even remotely interested outside of twisted twisted folks. I think this should be short of children. I have a question, though- and this is an honest question- was that a woman? No no, ah, ok was alive,
confused radically dikes and demolition up travel back through times, ruin Actually, I think you're right nothing of time, try travel and emotion in northern Germany. He get sorted, he's frozen remains frozen comes later, you know one. Maybe someone can free money. Put me next to walk. These headings now Asda you dont, want to be around. There was a kid the time cup shirt when I was in high school and you want to fight my friend and he was just about set out from their going to find the how, in my friend, Sean walks out of his classroom examining goes that time, capture
and everybody laughed at him and it ended fight over and you lose nothing other than pointing out your terrible sharks takes. It offers a blood sport to shirt shoe Hungarian, not applying these are going to take it off at trinity. This was a bad choice. Zimbabwe, where so many tee shirts steel magnolias, is the next up we're like thou, wouldst, good. We fry green climate Fund now that you're. So here's something to that does look when people talk rumour that we start with this new tail, no one's coming for your kids. Look I don't give coursers a certain percentage of population. Is gay kids were gay, they of course, of my kids were gay Love is the same as anybody else, but recent insiders study found that there is a two hundred and twenty two percent increase in the number of algae B. he? U characters info,
cartoons programming, that kind of stuff that we see here now keep in mind that they make up about anywhere from two to five point: six percent of the population, but bore than like eight to fourteen percent of couples onscreen. So when people talk about representation, look there is over representation in the Guinness designed to make people think that not not just talking about algae Bt Q, Look. This is look at the Vienna maize. It was. It was the algae, Bt Q Party Pneumonia, they weren't they weren't there. Now diabetes, Q boating. designs mean they're playing their base that nobody watching that Debbie amaze. I would like to see algae the maybe take you advocate, go out there in Poland, Elliot Psmith, Miss misery from the Oscars just in a light suited a piano, but by the way loved by no idea what a good role models as click click, they're like it's enough John. Did it for thirty years, forty fifty year old, feeling feathered bow. Who really cares because he was
right, it was a guy's perform. Our did make great great. This is like the only defining character now are characteristic. I should say of artists, it's like! Oh, it's because I'm pushing this on below, not because I can sing dance play whatever it is. It's just that I'm that what we ve gone so far back now, where we ve, we ve told kids that they should find their self esteem and nothing. But superficial. If you wanna watch the amaze, you wouldn't think o you know what I should go out and be a good person in this now you would just go. Oh, this is what makes me valuable rights the same thing with a lot of young women today, they don't just say, hey if you're more, bid Obese, maybe you're, really smart, maybe you're really talented at something else, and maybe you should healthy and lose weight. It's not. You should find pride and your identity in something skin deep. It's this reverse kind of of of narcissism that that they don't understand your breeding kids, who simply for entitled to have self esteem how they look regardless of how offensive they may look
will indulge next time you blame the patriarchy for sexual rising women? I'm just going to have exhibit a that. We didn't do this claim Clack called fact. Well, this is what happens when he withhold sex. All of a sudden. Little last starts. Look it's like psych when you're on an island and your friends are turning into a hot dog. the violence of all those whom you can follow me on the Instagram and apparently Tik Tok we're still trying to fight the degeneracy guys. for as long as they allow us and hit the notification. Belle guys if you're on you too. That's the best thing that the subscription thing but hit the notification thou. So you know one were broadcast. and this channel the seem crowded shell. Its mandate is Thursday, ten m Eastern. Their way to start like there, because Youtube girl with us, of course, will be taking these live chat at Mug club, provisional, Five minutes are another thing before we get to the vaccine crap over the weak There is a holly field, the turbo fight which, whoever sanction this should be lined up in shock
lining their pockets with cash. Yes, it is, but we should halls through, the cat in their pocket through their crop. I've seen movies were the the cash actually start. But what does that have? I dont know that that one of the main investors I have no ideas, I so rocky five it has just the aegis beat up an old man. fifty eight year old man immeasurably missing here, and I thought he was actually going to do better because he was a boxer, but anyway, for you as a mere Donald Trump us are accommodating. We had his son on the show. If you want to see last Thursday and the crowd was seen chanting- and this is not a political reality- this fight night right- this could eat this- could maybe just a random sampling of the country. Chanting. We love Trump, followed by a chant about the most popular president industry in those Joe Biden. This happened organic.
Where's your warriors Giver mosaic everybody very much. We love our country, love our country. Thank you very much. Well, I know eighty one million people that aren't there yeah stairway decided to take a day off from fun, another patriotic chanters, making the rounded college football Games and using at multiple games most says: it's also a movement. It's like it's like ollinger plank are the biggest challenge. Lonely. They chant this
local, its local areas go on for a while, you re at the state, the Big House once again, oh yeah, you know- and you have em- is chanting. This there's hope, that's all miss. I think I expected there well yeah that keeps going this more gathered in order. We have a ton more. We can do nothing other than throwing it wasn't universe, black flair and, like seventy, eight thousand now a day, benignly. Ninety at a frigate, the words yea and then they said we we were our team is bad and so at what point does remain rather than has just wins what what I love about policy? These are young people doing this. Those are student sections not tip.
known to be super solid core. Republicans, like you, tend to be a bit liberal in college pretty Nan Arbour, Michigan, pretty liberal rapporteur were brought little, but a lot of you will go to the games. Are people who are coming in from outside the actual city? That's true has a lot of you live in a city like a football game. How much of stimulating the economy as the community is the only reason anybody would go up what lancing or Ann Arbor and that that state for mission statement, I only got a lancing to burn something. I lived in living here, burn stuff. Dounia usually burning down your life and lets you do What is on offer an awful awful place? Lancing mission- and I say this as a michiganders- there's no reason to go there outside of protest. What's up
protest. If you win or lose a basketball game, you said a car on fire that is just like Montreal away, demanded the halves win. Yeah we're going to riot and Lou demanded the halves when no, they lost at sea by going to write the loot man, while these matches, I got the gasoline and it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be a good day. I I watch this while others that we learned about communism is again I learned about anarchy, I should say, have told the story before, but them Well, Canadians, I believe, lost the play off. There's a big right message at Montreal: Alternative economic, quick search and It was on television covering the riots and this one guy right. It was either leave eyes or a gap window. He breaks the window, any grabs, whole stack of gene and it gets up. A cop Argos and then this slightly bigger guy takes one step up the cop car and just grabs stack and walks away
It is apparent level. What do you think that would be the slightly bigger guy takes the stuff that used often somebody else work the gathered at foreign essential are universal. About that. Next, I'm buying droning the wrong person could happens. Let us hear something How can we fail to act as it happens all the time, but right now we have to we eventually it isn't that it's so Cummings Glaze over something. So terrible you like, I did another whoops, a daisy with the drone. You didn't either. What today is killing the wrong guy who was not working for the government, but you know I hate people, the care that our countryman were hung out to dry or you don't at this point Don't know that I can really convince you yeah. It's true sing. A number of resignation from the military right now so vouchers course. The expert on nothing he this I mean it was over the weekend, he
no answer, and this is something I will talk about with the media are going to get into the pandemic of young vaccinated here. He had no answer as to why which is being recommended doctors across the country and have always thought it was just a little bit odd because it does. like where new territory, I've never been requested by healthcare practitioner myself to be taxed for some of you have already had not seasonal flu, because that change the way I do- and this is just anecdotal but doktor found she was asked- on CNN what they thought was a soft, but I think it was CNN, maybe was able He had no idea yet seen at the end of a scene and people who were previously infected with covered. Why they should get the vaccine. Here's is not answer what people too that. So so, as we talk about vaccine mandates, third calls the time people say I've already had covered, I'm protected analysis.
says, maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone. You're. Not maybe you'll have to look at the vaccine. How do you make irremediably? You know? That's really. Points on J. I dont have a really firm answer. Your those accidents discuss regarding the durability of the response, the one thing the paper from Israel, didn't tell you is whether or not as high as the protection is with natural infection. What the durability here too, the durability of events. So, no conceivable that you got infected your protected, but you may not be protected for an indefinite period of time. Ok, Not a second is: do you gotta go Jocund over time, so I will help you. I am not sure, but I dont know anyone anywhere in the legitimate medical community who is saying that natural immunity as less robust them a vaccination. I've only heard that Actual immunity is obviously more effective. Inheres again, what you're not hearing is how many people who had covered have gotten
again. We did it. We did a story on that about a year in and there were zero there, we more than zero. Now there are certainly not nearly as many people have indicated. How do you know because I ve talked about making boosters mandatory because that immunity was wearing off, not so with people who have natural immunity. Now, I'm not saying if you haven't had with the vaccine makes it. This is a decision that you have to make, but you act as though natural immunity could in any way be less effect. the vaccine- you are not following the science- it's not! Maybe it's not allegedly it's not supposedly Supposedly its of course now to have immunity is more effective than what you get an of acting period. We all know that now. Answer the question doctor faulty and he can't know he can't and in what we know is that natural immunity, actually you you ve trainer, but I'm not a doktor, some agony, two specific gonna wanting it is kind of kicked off of you to hear or not the the body is too far to say this with the body will fight a virus that it's already had differently than a vaccine.
Will that does not yield of hours. This vaccine has never been about killing. The virus is just about making your outcome better, making sure you don't die, making sure you don't have as high as possible, zation, while they ain't a definition of protection. That's true, that's true, but then vaccine with a straight face. Doktor found she pivots and says, but we don't know how long that's going to last and like I don't know, how long has the vaccine efficacy lasted? Yeah eight months in doc well, are concerned. Take you booster India, while she hadn't like you, so you tell me why you think he's here is what he said. I think you getting covered will actually have Asian order. Duration of efficacy, then, eight months, roughly, that's what he's come thrown out there because he's like well, we just don't know how long it's gonna last year, maybe it's gonna be better for you, you're, saying it's less than a month or write about their anyone find me any science. Anyone out there. This is comment come on come on. We have all of our links available, lotteries cut it out, come anyone out do you have any published scientific papers that, by the way meet the same stringent requirements
you have for any other drivers, you're any other medication for any other vaccine. That suggest even for a moment, that vaccination immunity is more long, lasting, a more effective the natural immunity we need a butcher, then we will have Betty knows I'm ruined it sets up aid. Were I guess I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do your work for you, I'm it has set up in his answer was just confusing every time anybody asked do anything. He just throws out words until four into what he says you go, I don't care
Now, I'm just gonna hit my fancy bubble. Hadn't see what does it matter, genius: a magic, eight ball and its more effective than him. What just makes common sense, I'm hoping that what happens here is that Facebook Twitter, you to all the people out there who are censoring misinformation, will actually since or factually because the Debbie I show just came out and said who that they don't necessarily. They say that we should pause that the boost your conversation right now. There are sure you each other, they is not completely definitive, but this is what the W h oh said, which doktor found she just a couple of daylight away. Also, the debate shows every walk, downs or catastrophic right. Remember that so it just depends on that point than you have people at Facebook, like only with words, when we look at our meeting, I don't get it together and if you don't get in the same room and nowhere near it out and by the way, this is also important if the goal is to get us back to normal. If the goal is to get people off of perpetual welfare, if the goal was to get
this is back and operation. If the goal was to try to eliminate these staggering record high inflation that we ve seen quarter over quarter. The science matters. If you ve had the virus your natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine. In other words, we do not have right now a protocol. We do not have a plan in this country that even takes into account whether you ve had covered not at all, you can't do that for Joe Biden thing over a hundred employees, you have to get tested or vaccinated, it doesn't say, oh and if you ve had it, you just have to show proof or any other matter. How do you get back to normal if you have a mandatory vaccine and president coming out saying what he set right? An honest question? No, I think that's very kind of you to know I went out or makes your mouth and go watch some little, I'm sorry I gotta watch ass in a member America in the days of apple pie and white, picket fence isn't sodomy in the shops. This
stop by the way, doktor of algae from seagoing support for mandatory vaccine for all air travel and public school again, regardless of whether you ve had a virus or not, and what's important here too is watching. seen in this morning and its, Just what you see in the news? It's what they don't tell you that's what's very important. if ever you feel as though you're getting something incomplete oil asking? What is the immunity for that like, but that's where? What is it If you already have a virus will never bring it up, not only and it s story. It's a non issue, sampling with this doctor unseen and who I was watching the small doktor doktor Leanna. When is her name? You ve probably seen this crazy communist We have evidence for that. But if I had the birch, probably banging Eric swallow Little privileged, she said is an authoritative source unseen. She CNN Medical analysed and washing post contributing columnist there Go that'll, get some that'll get a nice Siena, boarded a think tank. Here's her this morning, I believe talk motor start at the choice to remain under vaccinated,
the same as we broke out, driving, walk, intoxicated have. The fact is that if you want, but then you can't go out in public because when you go, you have the potential of impacting other people with a potentially deadly disease his presidential potential you can choose to drink and private if you want, but if you get behind the wheel of a car and can endanger other people- and there is an obligation by society to prevent you from doing that, no, I think be what President Biden did today is exactly right to say that the vaccinated should not have to pay the price. for the so called choices of the unfortunate it anymore. So called your point Chris. I definitely wished that he had also announced some type of proof of vaccination. Good member, by the way when they they seldom even doktor fouch you. Maybe someone can bring this up from the control room, because so, let's just like masks, he said your knocking on the mandate, people to get back sneered. He said you have people. Won't. You can't force him to ring nothing. This so called
voice. You mean freely. Whenever I money needed, I tend to you, know: swerve overhead people on bikes, fight a car, but there's something else. The results of that analogy. You actually can drink at home and then drive provided you not over the legal limit and you're, not inebriated people. Do it all the time in some states are enough. It still is, but in some states you can drink. Why in the car, because the point wasn't is I'll call in the courts. Are you? read it. Does it hard mental faculties or you unable to to make reactions in time. So it's not a valid compares. Also lets compare that risk to that of covert every waking, a risk assessment, The whole thing here is this is always done under the guise of the greater good thing was not really a choice, because your decision effects mate whether one people were told your decision to not be vaccinated, doesn't effect to that, because vaccinated can't catch it right, yeah, that's what that's what we worked until the definition was changed
we're. Plus I've done some research and I do know the effects alcohol has on the body. You oh say, as opposed to the answers, were getting for their access. You followed, decided heat. I follow the sounded field, research. Yes, I did. I did a field sobriety research and then woke up in a field as well as gotta check life. What happened last night just little does ha that's another worrying ninety days and community service for vaccine where's, my pants and here's something else you just to give you an idea. This person is a medical expert, MRS also, why medical experts first off they may not industry be medical aspects. I've done some research into Leanna when Here- and this is someone who is presented to you on CNN as unbiased, does not this- is that leftist activist, of course, my promise not if you're left a few right. It's if you lie to me about it, she's
dishonest about she's, not forthcoming about it and seen, and certainly is not forthcoming about it. But, let's so much, he was an unbiased doktor. Let's assume that found she was an unbiased doctor. also doesn't make them constitutional lawyers right. This is this they show that people need to understand. Is these people have a lane and their only land? There only tool is a hammer say, look at every problem as a nail. That's why you get to the point were the CDC says we have the authority to screw landlords and tell people it off to pay rent. What what a public health crisis, but that's got. Do you know it's a violation of my property rights are lying about that I didn't know, there's a little air, the virus macro. The point is to scientific for you. We're gonna, take your property, so she also said right. You're provocation. Point She claimed on vaccinated Americans. Actually. As far she knows, dont have a right to travel, but there's an even bigger reason too.
I think we really meant to make it clear that there are privileges associated with being an American that, if you wish to have these privileges, you mean to get vaccinating Babylon and having the right to travel in our state. It's not a constitutional right Esparza, as far as I know too took two two born longing and so saying that if you want to stay on vaccinated, that's your choice, but if you want to trouble, you better go get the vaccine Oh well, funny that she should mention that, because there actually is a right to travel, Oh really has to offer the ninety nine ranking signs verses. Row lot arose in these. We can support. These rumours is rose from the Supreme Court, like rudely mega showed up at our higher court value down again,
sorry, Tobin tax? We have already seen the matter like you will never look at that Guy Indonesia's they lay a year which is done. Talking raglan highlight rail of that if he amaze Le Loup return that want to give itself so I'm harder than astrophysics. For this idea to quit Babylon so go just go back to Erics, while those dungeon, like his faults, nine! Only ninety nine case signs verses row includes the rights of citizens to move freely between state social. since there is no right to that. As far as I know, ok, we'll leave established at all. The sources are available that couldn't you dont know the right, and this is the issue when they say no, we don't know about the rights. Therefore, they don't This will hold a second. We actually are Wait. Wait a second, the CDC than ever that those are private property right. You can't force you can't force. of someone who actually owns that property to two half to allow
want to stay there, rent free for nine months, that's their proper deaths, violation of actual property. I dont know I property rights, are a la la la la la LA and on CNN, it's good. For everyone there. I think that was critical moment less was that there is no right to travel in America. As far as I know it wasn't me. Good point? Nobody like that there is not one person to go wrong They have to do that just hedge. It so well you're, not I dont know if there is, but I kind of sounds like there might be, because we can do it. So what are you saying? Every rule that goes into another state has have a checkpoint where you show your papers like vaccinate get to go through here or I'm not vaccinate. I guess I gotta turn as an additional freedom is just so there's a reason. We don't put doctors in charge of everything. We said this at the very beginning of this, there's a reason that they advised the president, because the president has to take into consideration a ton of other things like Canada having an economy and a life. There's a radio put doctors in charge of hospitals, most of them aren't even employed at the lot of them are contractors as other doctors. Yet a penny to hospitals have businessmen, theres many problems area. This is something that does
Mean that they know how to manage and economy now now and also freedom, there isn't that what they didn't Frida care, it's a constitutionally recognized right to travel and Doktor Leanna when whose completely unbiased CNN says not, as far as I know, and she can even be bother just to run a quick google search. Looking to Europe Mama Joe Biden say: seventy seven cents on the dollar will that's been debunked by every single economists. That's why we know it's a lie by the way. He's a completely honest. Our scientists cited by scene and who are just so happens to be the head of planned parenthood. Just so you know what we're talking about science headquarters. Life begin. What is planned, parenthood believe, if, if its past the the six week marked do you have to hearts, what about what a lot of abortions are performed in the second. Does a woman have twenty fingers? Doesn't woman have twenty those doesnt woman have vagina ETA payments. If this happens to be in her body her body,
her choice. Where does that end plan? Parenthood says we don't care about the science anymore. It needs to be taxpayer funded on demand absolutely period and the really funny part about Leanna. When is that in January of twenty twenty, I don't want to much is killing the water for the Chinese Communist Party. Only when she wrote this article CNN just to be clearly underlined Youtube just so you don't auto correct that we have a source of intellectual gotta, come Baltimore son. When wrote this the flow is more lethal, then covered in twenty twenty. Again, when did she wrote it's one. Twenty twenty, I guess the science gene Maybe the signs are that's fine, but the constitution doesn't sweetheart. So there's a life, lesson for you and you probably gonna go from tubing. Now you just
You're the hand of one issue, this sound of one hand different life, lessons they ve gone to full body, shots of him all the time. It's never from the waste up anymore. It's like men and to protect ourselves. We have the full urban should cover May day they don't let em stand until they make sure that every night, but I have to be on the screen at all times like big. He can't have anything go, but just the level of hypocrisy, though of him existing on that platform still is amazing. I always it's always the best one to talk about some scandal. I carbineer media. Yes, like another CNN legal, analysed, Jeffrey Tube and he's well when. went through it really sucked to be the other way. I don't have a ruined fighters like wine early living ass, the eye on a plane yesterday and there's a guy, I'm not kidding, is a white guy with black toes, and I know what I was unaware for it and are getting was feeling like in his room.
clubs is why wouldn't you want to show the world that out effect guys allowed on a plane? I am allowed on that. I mean that I was very going up ruin like looking over added as what, if The two men is allowed and applying the Unbox nature. What allowed on planets urine skip was at his laptop and really was gonna, be amiss This is another said what we have here before I move on to the pandemic of urine vaccinated and Ben Shapiro. We're getting a new segment here called curious coincidence, as we simply have to point out crazy coincidences, and I want to be clear here, Why are we very clear here that occur in daily life, because blotted people sometimes think its fate lot of your fingers there's a connection from year? These are coincidences that have occurred that are completely unexplainable, and are totally unrelated so no related fashion whatsoever. Coincidence is that we just find interesting, because the universe
wills them to be sure, got a curious just reflect completely unrelated, given I have no idea how this happens: we're quivering. Just the cosmos. Someone get sick just happens. So did you know that urgency use authorization of covered nineteen vaccine subtly mercenaries emerge. See authorization act. It requires There be no safer existing treatments for everything normal approval is there needs to be an emergency authorization cause, there's nothing else available which makes sense the port. If there's nothing else available, because it that's what you're taking the risk makes total sense. completely unrelated note,
Paper published in the lancet, May twenty twenty, that's it hydroxide clerk we didn't work for covert, was retracted after the authors were unable to confirm that any of the data was accurate, our partners are completely unrelated to the vaccine. Mandate is for a lot of these companies that you have to be mandated to be back to back up your applause effects that hundreds
or would you ex over? Eighty million Americans wore a negative test once per week, every single person you that there are no test, go try and find some tests right now, it's almost impossible but thought for weeks No, it isn't everywhere, get home to us everywhere, not at all what I and they're, not able nowhere. clearly every completely unrelated there aren't I you sure you d, probably gonna, say hey: you have to go by your own tests, that's the problem and I think that was like thirty dollars and I bought one a little while ago and that it never really surprised you just saying like oh what it's not a big deal. A lot of people don't have money to pay for a test. Every five minutes right I mean I do so you just think about it, that's what I think of it, and so, if you're doing the testing right, it's not one of those rapid tests right there, you're being there being sent out now somebody who has covered who wants to what is it a pc? Our test is over. There called the ones you send and they have to weigh on fifty mb in twenty million ten million. Who, however, many people choose not to do this now? They have to wait
that can they handle that capacity because mind took over three days to come back, which means I could have been spreading all over the place because he had a recent one is not due to any on the stick. What Brennan lads were used. I thought that's what you did well know. That's! What's that's what you said you thought you did is always spread tubing our motto: let's before we adventure period on the on the show you this is something I really want to talk about today. So right now, this is this is what we ve been told is trust. The science and by the way, science, is something that changes, at least, if you trusting science, not thus science right. This is a pandemic. Entirely of the UN backs need, and we just had the president basically wage war on anywhere from a quarter to a third of Americans, depending which statistics you use blaming pandemic on people who really initially according to the science, should have no effect on those who are vaccinated. So this is also not true and its acknowledged to not be true right now.
but let's start with the blame game in the bone. Shilling thing I've never been this scared for our country as well I listened to the speech lie from former vice President Joe Biden. This is not about freedom for personal choice. My job is present is to protect all Americans so tonight I'm announcing that the Department of Labour is developing merge see rule to require all employers with one hundred or more employees that together employers, eighty million workers- to ensure their work forces are fully vaccinated? this is a pandemic of the on vaccinated. this caused by the fact that, despite America, having on precedent, and successful vaccination programme, despite the fact that almost five months for
Vaccines have been available in eighty thousand different locations. You ve impatient. but our patience is wearing thin. Any refusal has caused all of us. I guess it's a good thing that nobody gives a shit about that. my patience is wearing thin. We offered it to your free, but when you didn't take it, free, we're going to force you to do this. This isn't about your freedom or your personal choice, wealth, Vice President Joe Biden says so this is this. Is there and what does this department of labor dump. The CDC is the one who basically create bypass the courts. what the election moratorium this centre for Disease Control is saying landlords you're still on the hook. For the mortgage and renters doesn't matter if you're, Michael Keaton and Pacific kites, you can't be kicked out he's going around Congress, both times he's going around com spoke times and I will say this look to people out there. Now we have what a third of nurses, third of nurses
are going to walk on this job right now? That's a labour shortage That summit, that is significant right of people, are getting really upset with the vaccine minutes and keep in mind that that number, probably not going to change much because a large portion of people were refusing to get the vaccine, people have already had covered, which is, even entered into this equation, former vice president, Joe by its vaccine, would have already Well, if you're gonna get the vaccine anyway, but that's not common practice. That is the norm here. That's not what the science tells us but found. She says we don't want no soap to be on the safe side, get a vaccine, even though you are. You have a virus don't necessarily know how your body reacts, that if it's already fallen off the virus. Look this is right now, everyone out there if you are working for a company and you have chosen not to be vaccinated for whatever reason- and this is a choice that everyone can make I've. I've advocated some people be vaccinated too, I think, are at risk and I think for some people they choose not to
That makes sense for them just to be clear. I dont know who is that state and who is not in this office. Let me tell you why, because it's none of my business, just like the president, has no right to tell companies that they have to force people to be backing. This is over eighty million Americans. If you Company and you dont want, and you have chosen not to be vaccinated. Don't do it. This: is your line in the sand? I'm not saying don't get vaccinated just because you know I'm saying, already chose to do not allow this pressure to change your decision. This is far beyond the pale. I've never had the hair in the back of my next end. Up as I did with at least Barack Obama would cover, talk about what a grin great nation, MRS, if a guy you so it's not about your freedom or your choice, People who just shrieked about a heartbeat bill which can be no doubt about the fact that the law says
Stop a heart beat. That's not your out or by the way all evidence has run through this really quickly Evidence shows there's disingenuous, given that as many as one third recent vaccinations are on the backs of the authority of unprecedented results. Right makes no sense, it makes absolutely no sense. Does one third of one third of America smoker one third of Amerika had dark holiday. Not mere huckleberry and is all sources are available. Let us go to come. I think the vaccine does help in reducing case load and making it less likely go to hospitals, be really clear, but that's not why most people no one has seen that we were told that they would not catch it. And so now people are single goalpost of change and you ve changed, where my freedoms are allowed to be infringed. So now I get people who are more and more uncomfortable. We achieve a perfect example of a case study, and this is something that I find interesting and hat Tipp to some. There is some message boards are talked about this.
in June nbc- and I remember destroyed, declared a victory for the Blackfeet Nation, the guy in your flight, The lack of information, the night old, dark, toes we're flops, because I m gesture shop to pack sites so Blackfeet nation they had achieved in ninety eight percent vaccination. While this is from We see the seriously also attributed a third Threefold reduction covered nineteen incidents in the Blackfeet nation from October. Two thousand nineteen to November twenty twenty this said enforcement of state borders and mended, using faced covering the public with potential fine, and you find your being on mass. So so that's great. In other words, this is great ninety percent vaccination. It was gone and this was written. everywhere, despite being small sample size which, by the way, I will readily admit, doesn't didn't stop seeing an embassy from running on the homepage. now it turns out coverage. I've had a real man. Wade's after cases have searched aired.
and had so sad to hear and actually our next guess probably knows all about this. We won't bring America, but the data from from Israel is also reflecting a pretty pretty damn concerning trend, so very as of August thirty. First, I want to make sure marinus. Why have it absolutely right? All sources are available out of credit, echo, all the references you can go and we, the entire articles for yourself, if you are unemployed or retired seventy percent of Israel's of eligible population vaccinated. In August, half of the six hundred israeli covert cases had received two shots of the vaccine, laugh of them hospitals. Three clear now we will say overall overall slavic sherbet, then Israel Single, maybe we need to go the third Boucher that might actually to be policy right away in June that you can also reported twenty six deaths among four thousand eighty seven cases of the folly vaccinated from vibrated June, twenty twenty one versus thirty four deaths in thirty five thousand cases amongst the on vaccinated
As of August sixteenth, sixty percent of all gravely ill covered patients in Israel were fully vaccinate now I just came back from now. I'm not saying that that when you look at the data seems like vaccine seem to reduce the severity of it right, but that's not why those people out there were vaccinated. This is what matters. The goalposts move, people weren't told hey you'll get vaccinated area fifty fifty shop, but it won't be that bad, now, on the difference between making your own choice, to get their vaccine and being forced to buy. Ever met today is really what the problem right I want to go to. Your pawnbroker primarily have bench appear gaming, so I was just it may. Oh by the way you know I had the surgery and I have a cold right now It caused me to sneeze actually asked my my surgeon, the head of the recipient Mayo Ass, it hey you know like, I have a call it just negative recovery, but I'm sneezing regularly and given it. This is poster ask surgery. My medical question is: what's the most effective way to kill myself and make it look like an accident
and she was not a new something about him. But if you see me on is I don't? I just want to use a Walter sponsorship, so just shoot me kill me in any way that does involve a wall. Thirty minutes, if you start to see its nine until it's a third most paper like every re breaking up the word journeys mayo they do their. If anyone here once a sable, that's flawed. What I'm about to tell you what comes from Mayo this is a legitimate medical institution. The best I've talked about. If you have something wrong with you in people can't figure it out go to mail, I can't recommend them enough, so they did a study to be clear. The quality of the study Let me read this cohorts a vaccinated and unbalanced needed individuals from Minnesota. Twenty five thousand five hundred eighty nine each matched on age sex
race, history of prior Sars covered two pcr testing and date of full vaccination, so they separate twenty five thousand each fully vaccinated and not, and they found that the Pfizer vaccine was forty, two percent effective against delta interaction. In July, maternity and a little bit better. That's like a swiss cheese condom. Folks, forty two percent, fifty eight percent, not effective, How do you make that right day by the way right, we ve seen Israel a month or two ahead of us is what they say. We ve seen this kind of reducing our time will see where it bottoms out, but that's today or when the study was done that's not the mayo instruments are a little bit. I think about him about a month ago that a month ago. Yes, if we wonder why people might be a little, hence so you have a country in Israel. There are a lot of people there, and then you have a study with twenty five thousand minimum IP big mighty. Fifty thousand this farce, actually from rudeness correctly and that's across a variety of rare
Their races genders aren't enough, including non binary. Maybe that's the one. Natural, maybe no one may be able at the Vienna? Is our noon through what just didn't Nowadays they interfere home. It shows up in those days were they have everything everything I'm willing to bet? It's just a witches brew. Oil mass and during the visit, Don T, you dare one out there, look if you ve been vaccinated guessing come at once when the best things you can do for the algorithm smash like what if you ve been vaccinated. What is your experience but like if you ve not been vaccinated? What does your experience been like and I want to know if you have caught covered or not whether you are vaccinated or not just list your status and what happened, because we now have a sample study of fifty thousand people, an entire country, Israel,
This matter is that why does this matter? Because it matters how you move forward in a pandemic, it matters the steps that we take going forward. If at least one of the vaccines is only forty two percent effective against the new. Very this matters, it's not anti science to say, hey these numbers are alarming and science is changing. What do we do? just change the definition of protection from a vaccination. We need to figure out the most effective way forward, but we can't because science has become a religion, and one of the tenants of that religion is. This is a pandemic of the anachronistic. Despite the fact that many of you got that vaccine and you thought well, you know it at least I'd, have to worry about the indoctrinated cause. I can't catch it well, there are saying that's not turn our talk about this and more with my next guess. Who's come We were stinger than Shapiro. MR, Shapiro,
how are you, sir, as he says he playing call of doing on his way to that, is that Stephen crowded Z alive, I'm mostly, alive, bear don't make about loudly about that. This does comes a shock to me in glad thought there is gonna, be one here cause. He was now hausa, well, Privacy- Emma that's, that's good you're, just put out you just put out somebody hits on random gentiles. You can't keep track and you thought I was gonna be buried. Bodies shallow grave by my memory. How I do this I live in some able to cave in Chest Wall from abroad for have your mind hours, you did it with microwaves and gave me Havana syndrome. So this is something Scotland around. I don't wanna talk about it. And now I'm sick today had no doubt because oppose surgery. My immunity is probably compromise, but no covet. It is remarkable I have been sick three times throughout this whole pandemic, which is rare for me
I still have not gotten the cove id which is bizarre moral, that's going we'll get. You know. Nothing can kill, nothing can kill Stephen Crowded, nothing, they can put a rod, is chatter and get a really bad cold. Nothing we're on. three rods in my chest and there actually titanium together, I get fat son of a bitch. We can't just put steel rise in here, so I to pay extra for three titanium rides and I believe there bullet, which we are going to put to the test. Once I get the insurance waiver, so you do Avenue book the authoritarian movement which, is that, where there is that available right now, Yasmine this, I know I ve been out of circulation for while bad things been for six weeks duty- and I will get no I'd. Well, it's it's! Actually. I have a good at what, whatever the opposite is of a Google alert I've a Google mute for Ben Shapiro, it's just that smart move. I actually have one of those UK's honest to God, I'm really annoying.
And then and then I also have one for being, which I don't even use, but it just for safe measure, but then every now and then because I have an old computer because they don't know I've been Shapiro money that little son of a bitch pent back paperclip comes up like do you know what bands up to my paperclip. So let me ask last week Joe Biden We just talk about this announced that companies with more than boys. Have the mandate, the covert vaccine, that I guess so you daily, why? I do not do you have over? A hundred you guys have over hunted like losing, like union plays yeah, ok, so What are you going to do? You know? The answer is no The answer is that we have lawyers at the ready, and it s unity, but the actual regulation drops and will have to see what Legal analysis actually looks like in terms of how a vile lawsuit, but there's no question. We are gonna, be filing the lawsuit because there is no cost as authority to simply news the rules to basically say to every company in the United States that new have to either get your car
excellent report has them every week. First, rock is really ineffective policy in every mentioning a minute ago- did the staff Natural and which, of course, is very much true, but it also happens to be the case that if you are going to limit the idea, there's the if the limit exposures by people to other people, Yoshimasa small businesses, not large missing Very large businesses have a lot of space, like our offices are actually very varied smiles, and I see what's going on here. This is another example of too big to fail. The big guy then Shapiro daily. Why are trying to Tripoli Office with fifteen people? Here it's not going to work on. This is actually the point is that is then for Joe Biden. The goal here is to actually benefit the biggest and not the smallest right, my meaning that there. The mid sized companies are the ones who are we're going. We're not gonna do this and it's like Amazon as I am sure will do that ragged Amazon can afford to spend fifty bucks per employee e per week right ready. They can do that. We have to employees will say: half of them are not actually vaccinated.
This new mandate, we're supposed to spend fifty bucks per week on every one of those employees or one hundred those people, five thousand there's a week, which is in all twenty grandma, it's tiny chunk of change the right over there the year? Actually, some fairly significant might but put aside the money on principle were obviously not going to do this because number one, I'm I'm astonished by the willingness to undermine the efficacy of the vaccine put up by this administration. But I guess I got vaccinate pretty much as early as it is possible to do so. As you all know, I'm like a huge vaccine advocate. I think the vaccine is then hassock. I think it is a miracle science and I think that role everybody, but going I think it is. I think this house- and I think that everybody pretty much whose above the age of twenty should do, yet. I think you're between the ages of twelve and twenty. I think, there's a good case for windows, but not too, I think you're below the age of twelve there's been used. The unreal daisy territory. I think that you should know
Esther on risk, however, because I'm an adult and you're an adult- and you get to make these decisions by yourself right in the same way that everybody gets to make those decisions by the that was, there is even a k: that wasn't super true before the vaccines. But now axioms exist. You can take one you have taken one you are now safe and addressed. up a damned wall to see that all the people who are the most worried all the people most when a control, other people's lives are vaccinated, makes no sense at all. I got it doesn't make sense when you understand the vaccine doesn't protect you against, for example, the delta very when Mayo I think we have been written that accident. It does make any sense because it does protect you against the things I care about. Like I don't care. If I get a flu every year, I don't care, I think, of Lucia anywhere out care. Really. If I get a flu, I don't care fanatical our care about getting an infection from a virus that is going to take me out of work for one day.
I care about dying and hospitalization and the same thing for my parents right I gave up my parents dying, I don't care about them, getting a diagnosis of governor, I care about them at being hospitalized or getting dead from cold, that these are the things that I care about. This is that when you look at the waning stats from Israel, what you see, for example, with the Pfizer vaccine, is that your correct the infection protection against covered from the fire risks and went from something like ninety percent down to about forty percent, but the hospitalization stats. When from about ninety eight percent protective too about ninety one percent effect, and the deaths dance when from that ninety nine percent effective so that ninety seven percent of active, so in other words, not going to die and you're almost not, and you're really can get hospitalized. If you egg vaccine the reason that the numbers are higher among the vaccinated Israel is because Israel vaccination rates are so high. That means that just of these populations download percentage of people are essentially varies a lobby and drowned acts and well right, but but on a very long time ago, disproportionately on backs right and I'm just a push back in November,
long time ago, wherein the choice had looked a number that matters and what you're saying now effectively is deaths per capita. I say don't care about cases, I don't care about, almost time, we're hospitalization, because those numbers can be manipulated right because you couldn't. You have hospitals that basically say all right, we're going to admit you look we're short staff at the deaths per but it is a number that matters and a member you single, that number could end up changing and so, but I agree with you now. I think the deaths per capita very important, and I think that that is an important metrical we're dealing with tobacco nation. I do think, It is alarming, however, because the change of the definition of success with the vaccination- and this is where we come to a problem with the mandate right. Where was, if you get the vaccination you'll be protected against you bought protected against a virus meant you won't get the virus and then they change their metabolic. You won't get serious symptoms from the virus which granted is being good. It's a good thing, My issue here right now, though, to is this whole vaccine discussion, whether your pro vaccine discussion, where the people choose not to- and I understand the point you're making. There is no treatment for people who already have covered and that's been politicize it.
doesn't exist. If you have covered right now and you go to the hospital, they say, go home, come back and comeback multinational ventilator and then any people talk about as discussed as an alternative treatment. Rarely what about our respective hundred up drugstore, I'm not making any claims. What I'm saying is followed a second alternative to what Not alternatives do anything because they give you a few things that they're they're, like monoclonal antibodies, are pretty effective in the first couple of days that use them sure was dismissed quackery last year. It was it was in the end, then Biden suddenly was mentioning it has even I'm coming at the same point but from a different angle, almost an opposite angle. So my point is that it, facts it so Joe Biden said two things in that speech that are in direct conflict with one another for whom he said. If your vaccinated you're safe right and then he said, we need to protect the vaccinated from the UN vaccinated right. I know you don't know you don't right. I'm vaccinated! I, I literally stop caring about whether anyone around me was vaccinated or mass or anything the minute. I got vaccinated right, but I stopped here about that literally them.
my parents do right, who are only I'm, not a serious risk. So the truth is, I wasn't like super concern. I was gonna die anyway, I'm in fairly decent shaven amounts are really wasn't that worried, wrought my parents or sixty five and sizeable more worried about that, and I was in constant contact with them throughout the pandemic, but a minute they got the vaccine, it was it was killed by the door and he went to big events. We were going out the indoors in areas like it was over. It was over for us right we're done, and it should over for everyone who had the vaccine. Joe Biden policy is specifically designed to not accomplish that. Really. This is the thing. That's amazing What Joe Biden is doing is basically saying the reason The economy is tanking. The reason that that everything seems to be stagnating is because of the delta variant- that's not true, that everything is stagnating is because of your policy decisions, because here's the thing in lots of states they have that elderberry heavier than they do in Delaware. in New York, or indeed places Joe Biden likes to hang up, but those places are wide open.
You're not seeing their economies day. Perhaps ten best states in Amerika for unemployment rate are already states, except for Vermont. states in terms of unemployment rate? Are all blue states all of them? So what that means is that this is a policy question and Joe Biden is trying to redirect your ire away from him or shunning your life down and make no life miserable and trying to ask your kids and toward the vaccinated? That's all. This is right tomorrow. For me, I've been doing this for while the pandemic is over, it's an interim other policy. It is not over in terms of like people dying of covert. That's that honest to God. It is now your choice, whether you wished to get a more serious form, you're getting immunity one way or the other right? Here's your choice! You get. Harry durable, natural immunity, which is better than vaccine immunity by virtually every study right, and that comes the rest. The series mortar gave the disease raw or indeed the vaccine, and you will get a mild illness from Colbert. If you get a breakthrough case,
but you're getting back you're, getting the immunity one way or the other. There is no third choice. We don't just get the immunity right, but what that means is that now, as a public policy, we have reached the end of the pandemic. There are no more things to do, and this is why what you have seen from the left is a consistent attempt to redefine to whom is the risk, so they're they're having a problem with that, because there originally there the risk is among young backdated, and so we have to do something and then all the vaccinated were like yet we know and we don't care which is actually true right, but it was on vaccination that I know everybody have talked to his unbox needed is not worried about covet you. Only people worry about covered, people who should not be worried about covet re. Only people unworthy back of it Romania should be a little bit worried that could completely messed up and then so what. what is the left aside on? What they decided on now is to get what they ve decided. Is that kid highly vulnerable to go. But now the only problem is, you have to just lie re nor to make their case
Just have the. Why? If the lie that there are good studies that are we talking about, we gonna win on CNN, whose or medical analyse too was the head of planned parenthood and she on January, twenty twenty, that the flu was significantly more lethal to children and go, but we just we just quoted from the Baltimore son the cdc, and they change that. So now they just have to lie in say, is the bigger threaten the flew to young? Children are core to all of the long term down at which, let's just play it safe. We dont have long Term data Leon, when could have been wrong back then, and so could the CDC, but right now they're trying to act as though definitively it's more dangerous and it's a pandemic for young people by the way. Even if it were you, the question matters if it is all the more dangerous than the flu, let's assume that's the case, how much more maritime ten times a hundred times more. Are we talking like a little bit more right? Ok, you don't shovel anything down for the blue. So what is there also with the numbers a little bit here in the sense that the infection fatality right by the number of cases versus the number of diagnosed cases versus the number of deaths. For this thing
really really well. But if you have a really high denominator, you're gonna have a higher enumerate all right. If you have a lot more people who are affected by Kobe, because Delta, you can have a higher number of kids went up in the ice, you bought the grand total according to the CDC today eggs. I checked numbers this morning: the grand total number of people in the United States who have died under the age of eighteen across the entire pandemic and z, some population seventy three early and be careful what Europe? Because just so you know we were not long ago Gerald is looking at me. One of our. as one of our entire shows, was removed, Youtube for putting the image on screen from the CDC charts of the deaths from the flu and an average year and deaths under eighteen, I believe for covert That was the reason that our whole episode got removed. So if that happens, you know what you mean you didn't. You can blame me for that weaken bill. You taught we'll tag onto your lying. Tell me you and you Joe Biden, can build me for that. But this is the big problem. Now to us is, as you can't fight back look you- and I disagree here, but I think that anyone would argue that either
opinions here have been medical misinformation. We simply talked about where the line between freedom and individual choice- something here that I think is pretty important. You know you just talked about the tests right this. This policy. Is your mandate, read its mandate, you force employed to be vaccinated or test them every week. Have you tried to find tests recently? Could I could get them three weeks ago? I can't get on with it fifty miles of where I am today? It's not possible and when asked these places, when are you going to get other tests? They say we I have no idea, it's changed dramatically. In the last three, whether by the way, is also wildly ineffective policy, because let's say that you test all these people once a week, why won't do we really want to it you can t negative one day and two days later, your positive. You now spread to the entire office and tested on Friday right they will y all
there again, just like a regular Ghana's diving board at the Olympics. He tested negative and then he would have a little finally olympic village. Does a pact for pizza said another some HIV in the pool of Amanda, yet it yeah anyway. So here is the issue here is the here is my main: waited strive, Otherwise there is no end goal that is actually being named by any of your policymakers. Not one of them will what the Ngos, because their secret and bold is euro covered and they know that their secret angle is not possible? Everyone knows their secret it is not possible. When all is said and done, this is going to become endemic. It's going to come up every year. There are obviously variation actions will likely get we groves overtime. These that's what happened with other viruses We now live in a world where every adult, above the age of twelve, has the capacity to get a vaccine and get nearly bulletproof protection against death, which is the number that I care about and hospitalization is pretty damn good as well. So what exactly are we can
renewing to yellow people back there? there, the real reason the Japan is doing. This is twofold. One is that he has to distract from Afghanistan ripe. He knows that this is unconstitutional. He knows is likely to get struck down. He has to placate his is. following base, and he knows that world and yell about this and then take our eye off. I can just surrendered an entire country back to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, so it part of this is just complete wag. The Corbett media what kind of homer shot, because it so dramatic the mandate that I it's almost like, whilst not really a wag anymore. This is same playing field. This is really bad hold on because what you just said about the cdc which could get in trouble we're gonna, continue this interview? The book is authoritarian movement, but bench appear oh he's lured by the way he is going to continue with us here on my club, you to thank you very much. We appreciate it, but because we have to actually discussed science and use the CDC World Health Organisation as resources. Right now, you can piss off
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