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They audio listener. This is a long show because we're covering the entire state of the union address you're, missing totally new greater. Never once gets it doesn't make sense and audio so leave a rating review, and the key word here, if you leave her view and apple or an android, is Nancy Pelosi on Benz Diana pains and rum, fit that under review and get a lock of Dave's hair enjoy the show
slurp on the evening streams benevolence diverse Cerveza here so good to be with you, hey guys, look really quickly we're not form of ice. Joe Biden fact check State Union as I assume he'll, be late. light and real time we will be fact checking everything you can use. Http, hashtag things s o t s or to use state of the union is the abbreviated version on Twitter. Run tik Tok, where we still have not been banned. Not yet so far. bite accusing shooting paying of having a micro wiener. I dont know what it takes. Let's keep just up and they were gonna keep up in Vienna, as will be fact- and of course you can also use the protocol. We ask that you use Hashtag Biden fact check and then is a promo code as well. We get twenty dollars a bone, Jonah opening hours off Magua, but I've gotta comes, I smoke that we will be doing another half hour at least tonight. Wrapping up the evenings festivities
We have Dave out here with me how user a high I'm good about you. You know as good as I can be, knowing that this is the state of affairs in our country and globally, and This studio, I mixed guys to use the bathroom before the stream? Well an ocean might well, the stream erected It's way, why don't? You have to walk in when I'm using the restroom to cross a joke once Well, I think it's a joke everyday well twice. It just gets to be grating and I don't know either and locked Becker and Gerald. How are you doing I'm! Well, how are you Stephen, I'm doing it right now they're talking about on CNN, so we'll bring this up here, you guys, so we can have it so we will have the stream on so this is the only stream me to watch end up before we had to be careful. So I know the cough button because of copyright. Your night, we are going fine, just Panchen and punch out, so you can hear most of the state of the union address and with these
applause breaks, where everyone of course will belong at the ailing owes really? Yes long applause breaks as he needs it. Now it's gonna, be him long, breathing Briggs, yes long breeding Gregson, they will stand up and applause stammering, irritability, Tom Hanks, on China. We send someone may pretty much. Europe also applaud here, says: hold for applause, right, I'm is excited, seem come out. I don't know of common lies hidden. The tennis calls from his walk rush at your place, replace them with golf ball, very hands that she's already buttered the layer cake, razor banana and the podium what's going on here, president, do take a shot every time he calls for the president. You will be dead and one yes, you will be ready to put your mind. Is river drinking in tonight. We're you watch along with us and drinking you, bring them up their torment and broken out and explain to people every time you hear this ding the other data. ago. Are I king must be faster to the drawn that I'm not kidding.
They managed to. Since that is a good thing, I did. I get more of a dinging backdrop. Half right also ask what worries with children on where the rules are civil rights at a number one. If Biden has a moment, so he gaps, he steadiness. He forget something how lordy so but we need numbered zoo evolution, and I hear events, Russia for anything, I hit it being every time he gives you the number there did the two men number three number three: he promotes infrastructure or green energy commonly known as imaginary energy. As a higher number four he encourages the vaccine, ok or number five he mentions Ray. Is a more weight supremacy member. We ve been like this for the entire stream I'll be feeling like. I got my fourth booster. Yes, you might hit your head and die now, what happened no doesn't happen.
in front of an annual debate is all about in the rank and file from drinker nobody drink. That's us on a worn, while you're implying citizens, while speaking you were speaking ill of the science. No, no! No! I never. We would never there's scientists no serious fact mutually greeting science. We mean to talk, she says, depending on the day as a pole. We really I say this. The doktor OZ was debate was wanted to debate, voucher, doktor, others running Republican and it was trending. Oliver Twitter with people saying o dog Maybe the my pillow as more your speed, like he's an active surgeon, a world class, a surgeon doktor found she hasn't seen a patient in forty years. Our while I would take that it also answered every question anyone's ever asked him about healthcare rights. That's his job, metaphorically few, Google! Right now, I'm doctor OZ, real doctor. You will find all articles before he ran for office, saying actually doctor as totally legitimate doktor, whose good at what he does. so our predictions for tonight Gerald you first
This is not like a bold verdict on this first part, but I think he's going to try and find a way to blame the issue in Ukraine on Donald Trump policies and others taking a risk, none. I know that's not a risk taking a flyer, their child. I'm just saying that I hear he's he's definite gonna. Try to tie that because for some reason they can't get off of Trump riots. Gonna, be that's definitely Europe. Yet we will have some facts for that. We're ready for that one because we see it coming, but then I think he is also gonna try and distract people from the economy. Is if he, if that is the third rail for them right now gone and amid terms and he's gonna, do everything that he can't blame the economy with her. a black lives matter, recidivist pushed an Asian in front of that's true. He's gonna blame the onto it on the russian invasion, even though that just happened yes and economy is sucked for allows a good point. Ok, I think that I think you'll also see him, try and imply that Donald Trump weakened and this is gonna, be a big thing. You ve seen this narrative going out what first autonomy or Dave. What do you think, I think for many?
drugs, grandma and departure gender parity. Yes, but how long do you think you will take him to realize he is crap. Does pay me a jerk by these Oregon who walk out with it in his hands little school, so you're saying I why think tonight's show is sponsored by motor and by the way that it can some, I really do think he's gonna blame most of it on tromp he's, probably not going to mention its hate only phones at the doubted acres. My goodness bright, I looked, I took one look at my fidelity investment account. I thought. Well, there goes half of everything so yeah, I didn't. We lost ammonium, but we do have peppino abysmal sets out our male nausea, formerly presidency in diary uncomfortable excellent, cited the guy but united risky and with its Peter neither he's gonna blame economy on tromp, because clearly that was his faults. We are getting ready. Criminal nano
There were many girls are several other people to adapt to announce a bunch of people. No one cares about Mr Garriga. Why that's why? The blue scarf sets a lady with a scar, its aid as they want to stand with Ukraine. Ok, that makes sense. What is the first time good for Thou gets grey zone even counter. Taking a stand. There is a supreme court. I think you're real rapists blames one but himself aids, as it would have been great. As of cabin I walked in with a beer helmet Just looked over Corey Booker I came here is looking at. You can't just kidding key backing like you're straight inviting everyone knew a pool party, ironic beer. He will be talking about the Supreme Court nominee, probably trying to tell that, as agreed in a very low qualifications brown. You know how to pronounce the first name, so I do think this look, I think, he's going to try and they ve been trying to consistently blame Donald Trump for Russia and yours, we can get into minutiae and sometimes people will say that,
I'm being reductive by the way, of course, Davis. A formal call it cannot drink, he'll be doing with us now to drinking a hell, we're doing a drug. during the paupers just way anybody s brain damage and aids. Liberace sun will be my train, avi baby goal. For some reason I gave just belly down on a piano gadgets. Candelabra I've been play, chopsticks a typewriter. We go, I'm getting. Weaker? So I do think the air they really trying to blame Donald Trump for Russia now before I get into the minutiae here. Let me ask you this, and you guys can comment. Obviously, we're not right now our lives will be taking your chats and muslim, but many of you will be watching this, probably tomorrow or well, if you're watching it tomorrow. Today So, there's I'm sorry Miss by Europe has,
I beg you, think, you're a doctor. I never thought it. Shit is pants. He laughed I think, nor did that would be a law she's a doctor. What like his edge, tells a reddish doktor she's a doctor of not love, that's what she's, a doctor of frigid, so I thought of Canada Chickens lays close Call me comment I don't know I will say one avoid, of course, the approval ratings now live in trying to blame Donald Trump for Russia. Before I get into the data, does anyone here and we ve talked about the real problem with Russia right and two things can be true. Your heart can break for the people of Ukraine and you can also understand that it's not America's job to go out and police the world and to send Americans to die.
Were this conflict and russia know things can be true. I think he's a reasonable position to hold you held position laid hold another position, because where does it stop with Russia? I do think I lean towards effect that they're not really capable of becoming this superpower. They want to its flex. However, the concern, of course, Russia allying itself with China. We need a segment unless you can go to Thursdays or was a Monday show was at last week this week Monday. When I was Monday show, let me ask you genuinely can come in. is anyone out there. I know many of you watching. A lot of you are not a silly conservatives you might be more liberal. Is unknown we believe that want to stronger addition with China right now than withdrawals from neighbouring actually believe Donald Trump was anything short of the. Only president in modern american history to be tough on China. Here's the thing this guy can't talk about deal the alliance with China. This party can't talk about China. They can't talk tough with China. Why? Because
They ve been lying themselves with China for a long time. Think about this, when Mitt Romney talked about the threat of Russia back in those debates- and I really was with two thousand eight was it knows that it is when Reelected hasn't twelve twelve, two thousand twelve Your said not lay the eighties called they want their foreign policy back and then, when Donald Trump talked about China, I believe even this former vice president, certainly there's PETE but GIG. I don't know I I I thought and to come up with a breath, pump designated survivor. Gay digress. Veto was so you just got worse. Yes, the ass walking bow legged our repeats. Yes, shitless bike they after Donald Trump saying what you can't speak this way about China, one of our most valuable partners. You know in a global economy, because I want to push this idea. local economy and who do they want to align themselves with the Democratic Party China so they really are kneecaps. They cannot address the actual threat that most Americans are concerned was not
Lee China, of course, with Taiwan, which is more national lot of Americans, aren't following that. I believe that its scorched earth, if China moves at all on time, and I ve insinuating that they would, but we need worry about the alliance with Russia and with China that something that they cannot address. So they have to start dancing circles around. That's what I'm going to go to green energy. That's what they're going to talk about covered by the way Moreover, deaths under from Vice President Joe Biden than Donald Trump Warburton, about NATO. Donald Trump was the first president too, Should we strengthen NATO what they meant when they try to say that Donald Trump weaken veto is Donald. Trump was tough with NATO, where of course, NATO for those of you who don't know once NATO is based created these countries that signed on the NATO we're supposed to spend two percent of their gdp on military personnel. Dakota military spending, tornado right- that was the agreement. We paid the United States. Italy was three point: four percent the bridge from other countries, was well under two. I believe it might have been one point. Five there were many countries are paid less than one percent, so Donald Trump set. You bet you better stay
Peggy fair share of maybe puts gonna back still here and death here? bed tations, go where bed You driven before them the chat that sounds terrible terrible. for that to happen, as will the people, so it happened over there is it so and for the first time there was an increase in spending the country's finally paying their fair share, NATO spending went up under Donald Trump, what the left means when they say we need to strengthen it. Is the United States needs to foot the bill, and this is my question And again, you guys can probably respond if you're watching this life, twitter already, some those tweets will read your chats with the the hashtag Biden fact check. That's off the protocol. Twenty hours off is: if people went years decades, not spending their two percent with O k, because that's the agreement right all of us- are aligned to protect each other. Is it morally right for them to benefit from the United States military to defend them? And when you are places we have countries
for example, you Germany's example will upset the all intern does a human right. We were able to provide all of these rights and people saying socialized, socialize healthcare for citizens. When you Americans bottom up up up up yet because you don't and money on your own defence, let alone the international defence that you promised. You guys get to service your country with free. She it at the expense of us protecting the free world. That's the important component with NATO, because guess what? If people are doing it, and I think that you have to pay back all the money they didnt pay or guess what you're out or at the very least you don't get any defence. from NATO or any other allied countries, certainly certainly the United States until you pay you that's a fair agreement right, I think so too. I think honestly, you just saying we want to strengthen these countries so that they can defend themselves. How many times does a another country or Eskimo Harris put it a large country have to march through a small country? That's right, store before you guys realise, hey, we probably how to spend money on defence. We don't get. Our butts kicked right. Let's go
was trying to down there trying to spend that item, and I think it's better to occupy a country for two decades and then just leave all our stuff yes, all the assets of cash that we could not afford. An area like naive black HAWK helicopter, get like like a jolly worth. If I was sorry about the work out equipment honestly that was left the executive other. I don't. I don't know how many ISIS members will really take advantage of that total. Jim only gets it good. As a politician, that's what you ve always wanted. It was just the bikes that Linsey low hen used on the commercial, so we want to get them out of America's widows but you're in your pellets of course we see a little icon for one Abdul daddy was Collegiate Mohammed his times are fantastic. What's the army p, We will think is pretty spot on I mean they're going to push division about the wrong things are going to put our year about the wrong things instead of having you folks and what we should really be worried about, because but they ve spent the last two years doing so. This in the last year of Tramps Presidency, doing it's what they spent the last year doing, and I
When was the last time we were this bad, but United States, yeah about four years ago, ruffling, roughly rightly I've. I dont know if I've rough, I'm just my ball parking it I mean even a little like a longer than that. I would mean this bad yeah the way he's four minutes late, so I just wonder if he still there like knocking on the stall right now. Mr Trump looks like them up, but sergeant turbine who you're buying their looking like the Muppet show. Where has his name that they put his star on the toilet, good, you mean, is on time. Yes, gadget exactly really whenever he prepared for tonight and here we brought in the big guns. We do actually footage, I believe, is correct. Token out. We have footage of former vice President Joe Biden one second, we only we're gonna work unemployment- not here just a second here. Look at this. These people are acting like it's a wine mixer, there really is a me and there are looking at what cigar Cavenaugh would like. Nothing happened right,
but our standing basis by himself like we all know, however, that all right thing is it wasn't real. Wasn't real we're sorry about that. We just try to destroy your life and reputation for all time, but you know what let Bygones be Bygones arts almost like when people after a fight. You know whether it's like Linux await us Yet now not him he's always that way. That looks like the which from Robin Hood in back. There, though, is a vital factor in that could be by many of you. This is here we go
Through it and there are even more than the United States. I felt that the secret service, lady right there said that his body man, that his bodyguard easy, I want equity embody guards. What does that mean? I want the lady from the hot, around commercial, with osteoporosis, follow the labour that smells like a grandmother she will leave. You really does need someone stronger the eye, but if you go former vice President Biden Wrist and just tweak the Roma hey, look at all how well well the guy who was banging a chinese spot. How is that man still allowed to be a representative and govern? Is that not like close to trees,
I mean anyway, they going an old broom from the fifty four cases. This dutch thick, where you know maybe also goes, is left hemisphere, dust pan. What is this? This is a weird and under six dollar. Man go have a good speech by the present, although not easy that pact. That Pat was, I got you do know, big that wasn't a confident, Pat nobody's nobody pats him hard. So there's going be occupied, ruse eyes of a melon, I'm busy you haven't, you gotta have a blood clots yet fight, guys, no form of ice present binds never been in a fight. It is claimed that likes it. Take people out behind the bike rack, so this is a problem for me right here, he's he shaking some hands and others on the Supreme Court. It's like he walked right past cabin on Amy, Coney bear it, and these I'll, go shake these guys hands, that's via yeah and look at how he's walking striking look at how he's,
walking. This is the representative of the free world for crying out loud, and I know it shouldn't matter unless you can bring up the a hashtag two in the screen, so people can see it's the Biden fact check Relief act, everything life here as much as we can look. Look he has to use here, use the podium to get up there Surprise it install a ramp, alright, let's hear by them. expect a lot of long collapsed, because these people are all going to be looking at his cards. They ve been train or is handing them out hey! I'm here, I'm here to land out diploma she's gonna rip up her copy of the speech just like she did last time, which we expect them to clap their earnings. Those are just a yes ma. Am I doing great kid? You speak your shoulders piping pike, excel ego. Actually things What am I gonna cut your soldiers, playful standing on menus, earlier this year, the maize on the back of it, send you wanna ride. Bessie all look this. Did you see that that is significantly closer? I'm up? We can get people to bring it up in the control. Room looks like that those parameters are significant.
Closer than have been in the past, could just be an optical illusion, the now, except that they are right there s all right, ok, hey look at about one guys, weren't unmask, he's gonna die on that here. We are why others through people wearing masks and the rest of the places. Now It made him where it could. He went back. He has bad breath now. It's like something else. I am deliberately those double mascot. Why me, why me work as you smell, like you, ve, been a truck stall with George Michael, is over I hope to face just as one read it, I just don't want your packets, These points, like he's Babe Ruth, except, is pointing to where he's going to bundle, ok right, one vital that hashtag vine fat ass, dead ass, though, to you, Madam Speaker, Vice president, our first lady and second gentleman Congress in the cabinet just the Supreme Court? My fellow Americans
but last year, nineteen kept us apart. This year were finally together again tonight yeah why's that my we me, whose Democratic Republic is independence. husband, most declared bang it as Americans, during the duty to one another to America to emerge, people will constitution back there and not a wavering resolve, freedom will always triumph over tyranny. And others where this we're sorry borders within the EU. Clap already standing out because of freedom triumphing overturn his wife's, like I haven't, had a standing out in years or national Lattimer prudent sought to shake the very foundations of the free world. Thank you again make it Ben
to his managing ways: now: that's gamala, but it badly miscalculated. He thought rolling Ukraine in the world would roll over mad. He met with a moral one Austria, anticipated or imagine. He met the ukrainian people. everything's going to drink what one you think he was gonna meet. The other people invaded you, curtains, Ukraine ambassador about it part of the caravan. Haven't you ever gypsy. Carelessness courier, human terminating in a little older I, the world groups of citizens blocking tanks with their bodies. Everyone from stones to retired, to teachers, turn soldiers defined in their online. They do that with guns struggle prison. So I ask you said in his speech in the European Parliament: will win over darkness
ambassador, the United States is your night sitting with the first laid low, most of the ambassador age of us, like you, said ukrainian Diaspora God. She got out look at how Gila standing six feet away from the ambassador now, because I feel that you just think she's growth, Russia have invaded you, we'd never would have that right. Strong resolve, brave sure, strong. I don't know what you could deadlift two hundred and fifty five kind of song. her voice? I do not need another mood ring. He could No, the United States of America stand with the ukrainian people throughout our history. we ve learned this lesson when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression,
They cause more chaotic, they keep moving, they do in the cost of threats to America and America world GOSH each rise drink. That's I, the NATO alliance, must learn to secure peace and stability in Europe after more work to do Stages, a member twenty nine other nations it matters. American diplomacy matters, a resolve matters foods it is an attack on Ukraine was premeditated and totally unprovoked. He rejected repeated repeated efforts at the plant she thought the western NATO wouldn't respond. Why that is Divide is at home initially. Burn this nation. He thought he could I do in Europe as well, but put was wrong.
We are ready. We are united and that's what we did. We stay united. We prepare extensively and carefully that months, building coalitions, mother freedom, loving nations in Europe and the Europe money the today drank on three love a nation to confront the ruination you spent months, like many of you, I said countless hours unifying you are european allies, and our fifteen too, Your every now and then she said we might lose Putin was plasma. and precisely how we would try to falsify and justify his aggression we countered Russia's lies with the truth and now now these acted, the three
We're free world was wholly twenties. Irony remember any of the other drinking milk. Can you guess bring about as well as countries like the United Kingdom by lady with a lane, Russia or any they will promote videos? Ok, right, that's an unseen! When do we get Russia and supporting the people of Ukraine, Putin is now isolated from world more than he is Ben now, is not yet. The actually has more real estate gets through. Like someone someone widening your backyard feeling isolated. Yet what I've got you, Right, where I want. You run gonna we're also putting a golf course in back, which would municipal, you'll have access to squeezing the vice we're going out He thinks it is your job, because I have you start writing only largest bragton international financial system for rent, Russia's central Bank from defending Russia Reuben Censurable. What has already been
the russian loose would show Russia's make sure you guys for some water industry thing extra their military for years to come on just ginger night I say to the russian oligarchs and a cropper leaders who build building, Let me just show you, nobody looks nag related to be their United States again. My gosh couldn't have done like day this morning there looking around like really with work. I guess we're standing here. They haven't. We clavichord Roupell dedicated a task force to go after the crimes of the russian oligarchy we're joining with european allies defined and seized our yachts luxury apartments, their private come gotten gains in tonight we say your begun, the things you know all russian.
I bought you mean they can't fly over here. We're not exactly on the way to you, one W Nba team from Russia like some kids, really looking forward to pulling off weave percentage to the right is just like a memory loss representatives round in doing that, trading remain suspended. The russian it is really important alone. Is the one to blame. together with our ally, trompe me we're providing support to the Ukrainians in their fight for freedom. Military assistance economic assistance you by the way to declare Donald Trump, two thousand and seventeen forty, seven million dollars and arms to anti tank missiles. Thirty five launches in Gaza, nineteen, the approval of the thirty nine million. I wonder De Javelin missiles in two launchers, increase the overall spending and troop deployment in Europe. So just to be clear, he did this before there was a war with Russia, Donald Trump,
where's bind. You said he was he's been here four months after these attacks are forces, engage strolled here I'll, not engage in conflict with Russia for Ukraine, conflict par forces, going to Europe to fight Ukraine, but friend, our NATO allies in the event of prudent size, to keep moving west for purpose, mean the allies and less than one percent of the GDP, guess what they should not be defended at all tat NATO countries, including joint socialized, dying dinarzad, made crystal clear, the United Nations and our allies will defend every inch of territory, that is NATO towards a full picture. How about NATO protects every inch of NATO about the rest of the NATO nations, protect
their own nation haven't. When the Ukraine gave up. I set a habit, Ukraine giving up their nuclear missiles, and we, like a worry, we'll, be there to find your under Trump NATO allies increasing spending by fifty billion dollars. Just because that only two other countries even paid two percent of honest amount about Greece in the UK. Who cares about Greece that just a few lesbians on an island Iraq and on the battlefield he'll pay Continuing high price over the long run, a pound of ukrainian people proud, proud people, every inch of energy they have. No thirty independence is a part of you got any of you sure that they will not tolerate a pound of ukrainian people. In the hand, three Russians at a bush. I'll, be honest. The EU has always problems how bout of a pound of washing dictator, if I didn't, kill two birds and always stoned as cost around the world and I'm taking row
most action to make sure the pains of sanctions is targeted at Russia's cognizant, says graven that we heard every tool in our little signs of reject american businesses and consumer ed. Tonight I can announce the United States has worked with thirty other countries to release sixty in barrels of oil from reserves around the world. The United States? Why do we need Many oil from around the world keep in mind he's the one you shut down the Keystone pipeline immediately for the first time ever in modern american Israel or Donald Trump. We were net next border of net next week when we have a net exporter of oil and twenty sixteen one little equation it was twenty nineteen, and then we went right back one! You approve the Nord Stream pipeline going through Russia. Why do we need anyone else's oil, its clear that we don't we're going to be? Ok, by filling anybody. There's drives gas cars because nobody structure that will have left fresh, weaker and the rest of them. Oh stronger
Does Japan is yes Untouchables like leaving home eggs? Lonely we allowed by the way. Did you said that the sixty million barrels of oil have been released? That sounds like a lot. We use twenty point: six million barrels a day in the United States. Yet so that's three days Joe thank by the way, keep in mind if we drilled and frat more here, guess what we could provide people in Europe, including the Ukraine, with more oil. Hey America first helps the country first, I believe we should union when you're out now we're going to need should know about that with a setback crowds around the world, even in Russia. The seabed demonstrates our support for the people of Ukraine. In the battle me, in Denmark, deafening autocracy with them crises arise today six months ago, and the world is clearly choosing the sign of peace and security, but this is the real test. It's gonna take time first continue to draw inspiration from the aren't. They have time for any people living
factoring in creating the Americans affords a deep bond. connects our two nations which signed with arena. We Those Stephen King food may circle key with tanks, but I'll never in the hearts and souls of the iranian people, Ariane and never have you to say raining again, never easy, but never weaken the recent. That's like revenge, your beer. We follow you should he just said arranged by another. We dump on enough countries when he described next call them the Yemen. People shoot no. If your hand job, are you giving standing, although like waving the flag? Yes, gas, digital wailing, the chinese spies panties destination, as every faced because you're ironic, worthing lackeys and so many families, your loving paycheck, to pay check, you work with their island food, gas, housing in so much more
I understand like many of you did. My dad had to leave. when Scranton surveying to find work. So, like many of you up in a family when the price of food went up, it was felt throughout the family. Yes, one: five percent inflation in the first quarter of two thousand and twenty twenty one was fight to invest american Rescue plan, because we can wait, wait needs is here, we need to act and we did Joe full view piece of legislation of down war at a critical moment in history, to lift this out of a crisis our efforts to vaccinate the nation and combat covert nineteen. Delivered immediate economic leave to tens of millions of Americans and help put food on the table? remember. Those long lies in cars waiting for hours just to get a box of food put in her trunk. It cut the cost of healthcare insurance. And my dad used to say gave the people just a little bit of breeding
like the two trillion dollar turtles, cobia, wash administration That is my Jimmy Carter gas lines. I can rescue plan, tags. Progress can help people. No, my gosh he's basically saying a tax cuts under temper bad right, yeah they worked gave no, we record low unemployment. We had crazy high labour force. Participation currently benefited black Americans more than your reform, a body over there and right now we have record high inflation. We have no new net atta jobs, even my zero z zero jobs have been added since the high of twenty nineteen before the Democrats decided to ensure that appendant the thrust upon the world and, of course it was covered up the poor, China. might have no more than they did so less at one.
One year if you're familiar everybody and then hire a people. It's an eight percent. Yes, the strongest growth rule forty year, good God, first step in Britain. among children are goldfish would have and will every is that? Yes, measurements forty years we were told a tax break for those at the top and benefit who trickled down and they we know, would benefit, but that trickled down let your weaker economic growth, lower wages, deficits in although gap between the top and everyone else, not in an average household income under not in the first four years of Donald Trump, replaced, actually happens. We're gonna, go and buy. Rhodus was over five thousand dollars a year under a year if Obama it was about eleven hundred three years have Donald Trump. You ve never seen those kinds of that's across the board for just to be clear. When you talk about
didn't trickled down when he talks about how there was a widening gap between the wealthy note- the wine between the wealthy and the rest of you with Cove it. The top five he's in the world added over two trillion dollars to their legit. Last week the middle class grows the poor the way up and the wealthy do very well murky, used to have the best roads, bridges and airport on earth, but they ran and now are structures, rank teeth in the world ever be able to compete for the jobs of the twenty first century. If we don't fix it, So I was so builders of a great job as secretary of gradually research reactor heart that NATO secretary that bad with honor, you should be called daddy and fixing people there their lunch cocktails, but I have a softer chair.
You gotta have a dude. I have an inner two cornerstones for now. I want to thank the members of both parties work to make it happen, we're done talking about infrastructure weeks were now, working about infrastructure, decade, infrastructure, drank bring back up drinking rules for people haven't seen them yet again used IE, Promo Code Biden, fat check or the hashtag vine fact check. Hashtag ass, though, to you state of the union to put us in a path to win the economic competition and twenty first. tree we face for the rest of the world, particularly China. Seizing thing. It's never been a good bet, but against the american people. really great good jobs will rule out America's on and on and on and on our lot on, we're just gonna get yours, America, not and people will not on all just you'll, withstand the devastating effects of climate change and feels like inspired and justice?
began to replace the poisonous five, so apparently child every American is clean water to drink at home. Is that just started building electric vehicle charging stations hold on former vice President Biden? How are you going to charge them dick? I remember when or visited flint that still a problem, suburban urban and tribal communities. Four thousand projects have already been announced. What can I do similar districts and tonight this year. We will start you know really. Does that he's my stomach also highways, and one I was in five hundred enriches industry case. I'm sorry that talking about infrastructure when the world is on fire, I get that is important, but maybe not tonight
Let's be honest pipes. Aren't that important rather than private companies can do it better. I was green. Shut up a bare minimum, somebody in the studio. Why, by the way the America competes Bill just to give you some quick facts, just say: no, the main focus of the bill is engineering biology. This is from Congress dot. Fifty billion a subsidy for the semiconductor industry, with no gargoyles prevent any funding actually going to China. Seven billion to the National Science Foundation. That is completely unrelated. John eight bill for the. U N Green Climate Fund expand the federal government into education, creates apprenticeship programmes to edge private businesses. From our federal money to pay for twelve education, there's just so much India that has nothing to do with making America Morkan at all from the deck of an aircraft carrier Steel Highway Guard is made America from beginning to end. All of it all of it too late to do that. Make us a more business, friendly economy, Donald Trump or number two for Samara.
companies to do it, which just ends up resulting with more of them shadow Judas so I need a lovely little field with China and other competitors. How do we that is why it is so important to pass to fires. Innovation accidents in Congress will make Investments are not emerging technologies and American very said. We should asked almost two percent of our gdp in recent others. There are to invest. We don't we meant to say we is to invest because it is looking at Clarence Thomas. We use these important pass wheel twenty miles, east of Columbus Ohio. You find Thats, healthy acres of land won't look like much it by stop and look closely you see field of dreams. Madame LA is happening. The mill that they'll come until then you're a little swallow colossal Valley is going into the grid Twenty billion dollar semi kinda
mega site up to a state of the art factories in one place. Ten thousand new jobs the average job about a hundred thirty five dollar is old and Kevin Klein analogy laid hold of Can you can appreciate computer chips assigning behind all of that power. The world in everyday lives from smartphones acknowledges the internet technology is yet to be invented. Kevin stretch, producers to beginning until ceo pad girl sooner you're denied our paddies pat there you go value. You are right to have. You have no idea. Why did she s like baby geniuses? Thank you for coming Harry, above all they Patsy I went on. I wasn't expecting this guy from
short circuits, yes to one hundred gb a shrine or commercial rests with the manufacturing in american industry. Accurately cut your mate, forty Dave I owe long before me senator my desk I'll sign it and really take off in a big way, really right away. His desk is Fisher price. Just now from potent it's really long, that is out of the West Bank and Gaza Sixty out the guy drainage Mercosur Forty yards distorts rebirth of pride to come lines we made in America three. Illustration, american manufacturing companies you don't know factories here, no you're, not you're, trying to force them to do on overseas. Now american manufacturing bound under Donald Trump, more than eleven billion dollars electric vehicles creating.
eleven thousand jobs across the country to go about we're going to power the electric vehicles when the government sources eleven March. Electric vehicles, guess what it really green energy companies dont work when there for three hundred inside the government. Now look at me I must get the leave California, your job, millions of jobs and businesses that have had to leave California, not to mention the charter headquarters there doing. Electric vehicles, maybe do not in California, Eco Friendly, Elon Musk, went to Texas, Texas, is more friendly to environmentally friendly jobs? Then California, which we all want cleaner energy, yours just- doesn't work who share. If I were you Joe Joe thanks. Buddy, Ohio, Ohio, Sesar should pull himself under the poles of man. Is a disaster? Not that kind of train or does the janitor from rubies
he's sitting next to the guy that showed early last time to cite the Butler you start call Rushville become hate, you Jeanne shallow signal sure, just go to their gold. Rucker job rose, higher wages to many families are struggling to keep up with them Inflation is robbing them of gays. They had been replaced them with frail. Ok, I guess that's why my top priorities Gary prices, new control problem, our economy, more back faster than almost anyone predicted help ten pandemic that businesses zero, harness hurry on people. That is two thousand nineteen. I repeat a letter that action. In fact, I'm not one! She didn't people. Yes, my lord. I was beams
buildings, because they were out. He just said veins. They want in the buildings, theme siesta, gleams of rank global supply chain and applying crossing found rending honeys beans, albeit when that happens. It takes longer to make good and get them to the warehouses to the stores. While President Robert Gimme, that servant of argument now. Inflation affects everything, including american pomp and including area, is to be shipped right number that we talk about the Basque. That's why we should be more dependent on our own soil, a natural gas reserves he's making that case. Many is going to say by the way. That means that the government who printed more money, the government who devalue the dollar, the government decided to create record high unemployment curtain, which fallacious scenario we're gonna fix it. How mandates? I think I have a better idea to fight inflation yields here it lawyer. not your wages, yeah! That's the solution. When businesses right now been shuddering in record levels, isn't restaurant
right now, work of yellowish, lower cost. Is there some uranium who he supports, like I'm still sitting on a non, unlike five pounds of shrimp that doesnt unused, you know it. friends, when you will cost structured more profit. You dont typically lower your power ice as well. You idiot America well we're paying your for treason pepperoni in search. What do you think we should do you set lower price Florence Linux and make it anymore myself. I got time on my yes, I already with you jail he's just a boy. I put my corporation, Twenty nine seem to follow this dream idea what happened with limits red and blue looking turquoise. After what? Although shocking
what anybody you write. Seventy eight percent in place at the end of twenty twenty one came under twenty twenty one January dry, twenty two overalls, but over six percent under his presence at nine Nine for an honest living was lowered. The deficit, seven no but large and economics, said my plea. more ease, long term inflationary pressures, top business leaders, and I believe most Americans support to plan it. Here's the planet's wrong first cut cause to prescription drugs. Donald Trump wasn't the first president in modern history looks bad check. This actually cut the cost of prescription drugs. He was the first brother. to do that they ve all run on it. They ve all run on it down. Did that, just like an insolent, one in ten Americans Europeans as diabetes.
Were genuine made a thirteen year old boy, the handsome young man standing up their Joshua gave GAD type one diabetes. They need in every single day cost about ten dollars a while to make that's cause the pharmaceutical company drug company, charge famous like Joshua is down to thirty times that amount How much do you give to Pfizer? am I a low number, how many hundreds of millions of dollars were given from this government to pharmaceutical companies by the way with Carte Blanche, no requirement to pay back the american people? Footing the bill and by the way, reduce liability, so you can see them and damage is done. Oh now, we're back to vilify pharmaceutical companies there making money on other drugs. Ok, I under that is what mature understand the rule book see member. I talk about this money. This Monday happened with already drinking the drinking of sounding off right spreading Joe Biden. You talked about this Monday. It is
highly inconsistent to vilify pharmaceutical companies and then support the course of action that you ve seen from this presidency in former vice presidency with the vaccines two hundred thousand other young people with type one diabetes Canada caused damage. We will arrive at a ten dollars so that they can sell it to people their sick and wounded to live a three times the cost because of him and because of really Clinton who lacks the drug laws down again and insurance companies. Yes is now there's so much red tape. They have to charge you so much. Could they have? have so many people on stand by the way that the biggest kicked back in the history of mankind, insurance company, a history of insurance companies underlined The american rescue plan is helping millions of families and affordable care out plans to say that twenty four hundred dollars a year on our help for premiums
but you have been savings. Permanent, hey by policy. There is an urgent ahead with an average of four hundred dollars. You lies combating climate change. Let him investment tax. It is too whether I you're always that users, whether eyes to blame energy efficient and get attacks. Credit for double is clean energy production in some languages, on Zan, about tax break the price. Now I will say this: the creditor mega parties. They definitely made her eyes with less Google gee, I sure hope her boyfriend's feeder there it is one I had sex with moving for hard work and frogs cut the cost of childcare. Hey how about you make it, so they don't have to pay for child care because everything so expensive and they have to work double triple shifts: yummy
the dominant, raise your kids forever team. hey guys out there I've run out. I need a pretty a devils backbone. Only something stiffer I was a single dad for five years, raising two kids out a lot of help. how to my dad was a single plan that we hear wife ass to what another move fast and working folks life and should have to pay more than seven percent and a growing come here with young children and a hundred by the way. You know that money comes from they're gonna, take all of your money and use that its drastically let the world before extending the pandemic, because they re giving them her forward. Given that we are able to get back to work wrong, declaration, economic growth, but my plan then stop there. It also includes
the long term care you wouldn't know, I'm a growth. If it did you on these sterile scrotum, these costs the power and the dead left hemisphere of your brain money. We say this again: nobody earning less than four hundred? I a lawyer will pay additional penny by way of what does that presidential salary? Don't you ever more honoured thousand that's the magic number like eight, maybe we should make it so only people in over three thousand should pay more now food bonuses, we know already gives rise in tax system. Fair insider trading power. We have to going into Russia to get a lot of things. You didn't mind here, but let's make corporate the wealthy american start paying. First, the first given arrogant, paid twenty seven times, nay, there's a poker. Oh, it's an old stuff,
It's probably more now define fair share Joe to keep his thinking. My golden retriever could give a better speech the notorious woman we come, the land, corporate Amerika salary, every other state in America combined one thirty six years in a row. The point is: and they understand should pay just a fair share. What's that last year the five fifty five of the fortune five hundred companies earned. We billion dollars and profit and paid zero, wavering up jack that sector. and under the pandemic, the top five or Sampson wealthiest American to the top companies. What leads to fair net percent, first, I believe it was or their assets increased
two billion dollars you going to do that given haven't sent the control room to that's the problem right when you have a fundamentally controlled economy, ready, manipulated economy, guess what thirty countries degree they guys when what do you think big banks support Democrats? Why do you think Apple Amazon, Google, you to Twitter, Facebook, all These companies support Democrats. When you again it's inconsistent to try and say oh corporate interests, but then not recognize at the most powerful comp companies that, if ever existed oil companies now not even close support what he saying because they make more money. It hurts Middlesex Businesses in earnest, small businesses in everybody knows that you can look at the numbers all references to fail, but let us get it I come from. We all know We gotta make change overestimating. The ESA get changed. Intermission bunch, bunch of depends blood Zol down at being. What do you mean?
pleasure of sand acts and alcohol everything else Fraid of two year. I plan on modern or cost and give worried about average known losing their lower the deficit. We already talked helpless, usurpation, balloon tax cuts from very well repression is gonna lowered it undermine the watchdogs real job, those keep pandemic relief. and been wasting memory. Had those debates thing of which You're dogs, abiding everybody who takes a White House Tory every how much money is being spent where was going the right way, self, kind of mine, restoration watchdogs or back everything else last relieved, money meant for small business and knows mergers night, I'm announcing that the farm will soon name a chief prosecutor for impact dammit fraud go about this. Former vice president, you first
This fact is founded on that list. When he said it occurred in nature, it did not come from the will hand lab that is that this year, the definite redound lessons What before it is too often is really let the president ever to cut the deficit by more than one trillion dollars in a single year. That's all at all. Lorry cost also meant demanding more competition. Did you just call me? Lower the deficit by one trillion and a cigarillo by the local councillor went capitalism and we would like them on one billion sure that's up another. We discuss. It was a number of disgust, negative trillion compete, their profits go up, said railways in one window, you don't have to compete. Look measurable results in a minute or two, we inevitably journalist little summary from a conference. That is a lot of you. May some leaders, like you, got four basic meet packing solely
by giving us internet connection. It is worth a lot more did you say factors more button for Serbs, happily with ocean carriers, I'm moving in and out America during a pandemic, showing what need that prices by as much as Am I the only Justified Murdoch's made record profits tonight? not even a crackdown on those companies, overcharging, american businesses and consumers. Don't you see this? All of this is punishing american businesses, who he's armed and accepting all responsibility you just deciding nebulous, neither overcharging. Why did prices all the sun go up and why did it happen to coincide with record inflation? Gas prices, unemployment, you think it's just because a decided they can screw people who, by the way, couldn't pay those these anyway stupid as the idea of predatory lending nursing homes, but makes
your loved ones get together. He wasn't restaurants because the prices are too high Ross. That's what ever recently economy going strong and give me workers a fair shot, from my order was rich. You put the tables of the street, and people are getting it bites. Actually, gadgetry degrees was passed, a paycheck fur sacked and paid raise women where fifteen hours- and it's all very fifty Duncan. Don't it's right down the street and I was being fitted out to start, have to raise your family poverty hope because fifty thousand hours not quantity for dirty k is all it takes three to raise a family job. This dolphins, for this made more than a hitman made in the eighties, is best kept secret. Amerika college wasn't Timothy all things.
Whenever these protests against what we are doing right now. Here's what is now somewhat up where the government knows best and we're gonna send money from your paycheck to everybody. Why do I have you seen the fight for fifteen organization? Now they didn't, they plan to strike for twenty five or twenty all Mcdonald's rocard guys bring it up. There was that there is a firing passed out for all Mcdonald's workers to strike until they got, Ninety five an hour because guess what happened with inflation, your money, Just now that you just need to pay more than fifty That is not what it would have been. Last year, Surely the dining room table or kitchen table look at an empty chair, yeah yours, because any law, somebody as he figured. I shall know this because of the progress we may because of your resulted more people and the tools that we have. provided by this can't nobody vaccine that you said you wouldn't understand one moving forward safely back to know
nor more normal routine. He was thinking about the wrong thing about the Tripadvisor by Commercial go along on me. we're severe cases are down or level not seen since July of last year, S makers shout just a few days ago in the shadow of control and prevention issued a new mass guided, the Luxembourg Guidelines, most Americans and most of the country. now go mass Cree. We ve been doing that for years. What you say that, like it's a good thing you want, you must say how are we must re, look to your right and left we made in the past year. Ninety no longer control our life. I know some talking about living with Covid ninety. But tonight I say, the we never will just accept living with cover. Ninety, please don't contain to combat the virus. You do other diseases, because this virus mutated spreads. We have to stand guard which
You live we're at four Commagena steps back I can safely say that first of all, state protected with Vashon have taken a circular logic, knowledgeably, effective vaccines. As is right now my Lucy, Our protection We will never give up on vaccinating more american, No, I wasn't a sacrilege under five review to see their vaccines authorized by the way. I know we're not get that are now working hard to get the job done by the way, this seemingly withheld exceeds the vaccine effectiveness, the data on it with the boosters ages. Eighteen, forty, let alone what we don't know anything with people where five years old, when the CDC first significant it. We have us manure times, overly significant out on the effectiveness of butchers and adult younger than sixty five. Two weeks ago, it left out the numbers for a huge portion of that population. Eighty the forty nine year olds Group, at least likely to benefit from extra shots and by the way, there's a curve or people who are least likely to benefit them shots people who get younger. We even have the data on five year old, because its retorted that initiative show people doing it.
the pharmacy, if they prove positive, received diverse pills on the spot. I know coups generating the testing whose general regenerating the bolsters the farmers We're companies you just vilified for him There's nothing consisting of you can't be consist do they have to release the data seventy five years from now still, or can we get a maybe next week I don't know he's planning on all of us being free, beholding, the sky net, believe you know me I heard nor darling. We need, as we move forward on testing. We hundreds of millions of test available and you can order them for free. You doorstep and we ve already ordered free test. If you already ordered free how tonight So we ve just been notified that the delivery of the increase in the gas covered accompanied test tat, just stumbled over you. Can you can get you ordered ass night? You can get sack eight years after we monitor the prayer for new varies very exciting. Over the past we ve got much
detecting you have negative, is Lentisk Howard, less able to cover the wasn't Ukrainians gardens. That's it with peeps guards year, toilets, good and of Congress. The funds we grow. Hers were innocent stockpiles, test mass pills, ready if needed, I came, promotion of variable com, but I can't I can promise you will do everything within our power to be ready if it does Birdo, so you mean you won't have more than one hundred thousand people killed on top of downtown is what like four hundred and twenty something thousand five and twenty seven thousand dinars watch under keep in mind, though, these deadly variant, alma prompt bill gates and what I said so that all mccrone is responsible for setting their lives than the Maxie decided? Not us who I said, and then those things that are doing out here and my grandmother, the vast majority of frontier workers,
In short, I guess you get and work in person, our schools or open. Let's keep it that way. I was Jack. You ve been saying that for several years I was now standing and clad yeah schools and stay open all really one by the you see that one lady in registering a tarp, yes seventy percent of with me, hospitalizations down by Seventy seven percent, more, everyone mass and stay in the class we reached in the wrong Vargas. United. We followed by another black ass, a rank, Xerox. We have not had a mask of course. How urgent bring out as watermelon will not surprise? You will be back to see you here oh I'm, going over mad. The vast majority of Americans have use these tools. My one again
No, they say he's using Eu Speck Congress. I hope you have has quickly what force continue, vaccinating whirl and be using each had four hundred. Seventy five million vaccine doses to a hunter in twelve countries. Why any nation about? Why? Don't you let that we sent? No, you gave that money to a private company who developed by the way, a vaccine that you said you wouldn't trust and you wouldn't take all three of them. On that stage, there's no way we would get a vaccine within two years that they wouldn't trust if it was development or Donald Trump and they wouldn't take it. You gave that money to a price company, by the way, privatizing profits, because american taxpayers don't get a share of those profits and then that company reach scented over cease their supporters. Dividing line of shutting it for what it is. I got off the z, I was grateful ass enemies, seed, each other's enemies really starts each other. We enemy. The Americans will you.
So they sat for a year and a half and they have said everything they can to make. You hate zero, the problem No, we have enemies, if called China, they lied about it. Now she knew about it, felt she also hit it. How she also threatened other doctors who tried to point out his life? We have these eminent, you carried, we have enemies, there's nothing! Look. We have plenty of friends because use a few enemies. We're looking at you, Hon Covert nineteen generating lab faster. I recently visited New York City Police Department dungeon after the funeral officer that, before after you are supporting, people feel knowledge. Our block they'll through their precinct, bread, said ossify respond and letting the de la great Owen Gun often I was twenty. Seven years old, there was twenty two years on both the many can Americans. Who grew up in the same trees, but they later chose the parole to patrol as ploughed off
I've ever diminishing good related to leave for every minute sacrifices. Will carry on their mission to restore the trust in safety in every community deserve what like some of you them around for awhile, with you on these issues for a long time. What you when that me said the the police you Senator mentioned in community policy, the one behind you something you doing it who know the nasal raised money verged fairly, all rapists and felons, and our goal fund made my street. we're too, and the mayor and equal justice must come to you protecting and have you lose your trust and wholly is more women accountable, put a silent injustice, parliament, as required body cameras joke calls unrestricted, no Knox warrants for its officers That's why they Marianne Show College, because I'm sure the permanent vermilion lot provided three hundred fifty billion dollars. That cities stated
counties canoes to hire more police vested more restrained policies, praying to joy, Floyd right now to say. Thank you, George Floyd, looking down at the clap right. Yes, where do I clap again? Can I just say reserving through upper middle snobs, ivy option trusted message Erica cycle of violence, just a triple SEC, pan some hope, often really rather is not able to fund the police are really to find out what the answers not independently Santa's to fund and come all, my hair is just stood food as well as I can. You have someone to encourage people to continue riding bind him, and you have a lady who prey to the daily of George Floyd stand for funding the police. More sorry, you all! Are you starting to get the pitcher Democratic Republic is alive, ass, you as I keep our neighbourhood safe or come on.
Pass using. I can't believe amendments name but actually academic, on looking forward the volume all these ice cream assembled at home, because that would not just waiting for Commalena blow your last page out Many do you know what we said it was the last go with us. We may have found out terrorism to Prague. Eighty seven, why that's a weird clap? You think you think it closer to me. Can you know I've been second of ever? Ok here we now he's using. I see that you didn't charged. Thank you. Thank you. Watch it. This is making in tongues leaves the ball fell off a nose. You think the deer were kevlar rests.
No, I think that Russia of Mining baby Joe, makes the factors the only interested in America that can't be see only one country- that's axiom companies dumb ass, had we got back of manufactured tobacco lie John Ass, well, ass. I can gather up the thatch remind me to come back to the doing of gun companies and comparing the vaccine companies because he lied vaccine companies can be so. The manufacturers of vaccines, images those can cause erect harm, gun company, can be sued if a guy purchased a gun from a local gunshot, an and Walter Smith and Wesson Router. Even though that's not what was sign for words about seeing can be designed to be injected into someone's body cause direct damage and they can't be sued. Ok, let's go to pass on my right, yeah yeah, you know what you for teachers
you die wily size, dedicated Islam is settled justice. Prior an army vet is ice cream, sauce social Scollard, very bad retiring justice. Martin are able to green core. Well, I don't want us writer. Thank you for your we were going to have somebody just like you, except not at all, like you replace you. He looks like a lady bog lost or shelled thanks. That's a great love. They all my time I had no idea Brian was gay. I hadn't, you have been a man of business, have been inconceivable to believe president. Just you just see He bought gigs pops out. Why stage a court, but I say next so now we go as I did I ever days ago we go nominated server court of appeals. Catana you,
brown, tragic, tangier, brash Jacksonville, just just Uppsala, he said Tom, Google mine, I thought you said you were going to nominate a black female in Vienna Galvano gathered. He didn't say that what he he was gonna nominates numbering while I know you should have said programmes by a public, my dealings with police officer. They left and scientists, rivers activities, are maybe she received a broad range of support, including the four colonel order, police in former judged by the way by December. This broad he's talking about two thousand one Jackson, CO author and advocates brief in support of a law that would actually stop pro life activists from speaking to women outside of abortion really from speed two women outside of abortion and I'm right, but it is talking signs. This is someone who actively has fought against virtue moment rights if you dont, like people who are pro life fight
If you actually believe that you should ban people from speaking outside of abortion clinics, then you don't believe in the first amendment. This is the broad Egypt We must all new technologies like cutting edge scanners, for moving quickly from the centre in showing how many wanted a wise, because that's how you can read in a resolution on Guatemala gets more human traffickers, we're pudding place, dedicated immigration, judges and significant larger number, so families fleet persecution of violence can have a cautious cases, faster than those majestically Isaac, leisure, nice restructuring, can signatures and supporting partners. in Central America hosts more refugees to secure their own borders we can all this work right on the torch of liberty. the generation of immigrants to this land. My forty version and viewers, provided
where does it is low, is really a statue of liberty. Like tapir workers, such orders, I mean we call the immigrants farm workers. I thought I'd go Gazer Unite is now on the right. you do it becomes remarkably well you Edward recognised by everyone down labour unity. The religious leaders. Do you in this context. You don't want to scare context this matter and less we voted on this before the other way. That's his cue. Ports is for them to stand. The diabetes can affect my liberty and justice or forty pages. You know. Rights of women, she's right affirmed by Roby Wage Danny Present over half a century is under attack as never before straight. I wanna go forward not backwards. We must protect access to health care.
Preserve a woman's right to what is really way that this new health care, the right to choose its about some arbitrary interpretation of the right to privacy, route. Better Ginsburg said that and that's why she didn't support it dummy. why she dies you plus Americans of nuts to finally get the by partisan equality. To my day, Yes, yes, right now, this economy, the most important thing is it a man and a moustache and movement can take a shit at a target for what about the jury, especially to our younger change adversary. I always have your back in your beetles yourself so you can be yourself- reach your God, given potential God, given its surgeon given away what God gave any put a strap on their lordly black demonstrated that you signed and worth reading an answer, the door in that way do agreeing a lot more things and we acknowledge and help when I,
eighty bars and building a wall Ashton did read a one Many governments shuts out Canadian Americans from Asia to accommodate crimes so age, any form of military, always agent, Americans, and will soon directly makes up. Asian Haitian, I drove three DEC don't hurt asian american Farm bill here are three decades ago they'll take out the inward buddy you several right. That's what browser you use! Why not, which, like the name of the bill, unity agenda for the nation? Ok, let's see this for big things we can do together. You first beat opium production sites he's boarding than that with your only family. Don't want citizens are bad enough forms and was about to be evaluated. Recovery get rid of outdated rules. Stop doctors and- and this tat stopped doctors,
scores cried April that need it and prescribed in the flow of illicit drugs by working with state local law enforcement to glass. Illegal immigrants are suffering from addiction hills, there are filled with men in all our neighbours in the drugs that are supposed to be, I believe in recovery, and I celebrate the twenty three zero workers, savary sons, I said, take now how remarkable yams longer said, Bernard Vice President's view among our children. We mask and scared the shit out of every three years schools wanting to reduce. We are wars, not a word. I urge every person to make sure your school you just love letters that have the money. We can all play a part Finally, as you don't you two rounds of schools and we had own record number of teens suicides in the history of the United States by the white horse and depression media here lies anxiety disorders felt ok right with room.
Who is here tonight with us, has shown We must all social media platforms accountable, Michael fell within the national which all things enriches for problem. Don't you love? This is someone who worked at Facebook and now what she's working at the government that? Yes, it is a whistle blower, but not the way. You think we're not doing enough to silence voices. They don't like. That's literally the point and privacy protection ban. Advertising to children, to come and stop collecting personal data on our children and lets. All Americans but mental, services they need more people
What's wrong with you in some lever, dope devil parity between all Americans? We look, I go if you notice. He said that in countries a clap, their security and look for four years or at our veterans What was it just fall duty of the have proposed we drink excited about the Roma, who propose we share the war. By the way on four November family rights. Violation of all this is a job for you scream now open or can then be a them me and our troops in Iraq? facing many languages, they did one being station a basis, breeding and toxic smoke from burn pits
Why should cooperate? We wondered what is this Navy building language because she's drunk and maternal love so much more. Don't you ever come? Hawaiian intellectual would have lie on chivalry mineral that every lady for Christmas vacation right now digits. that would put the flashy wraps Britain had its fine, just go in the other room. I know I'm when a bet she brought a Jello molted as one of those one of my son. I draw the line, know for sure the bird pit did he lived near that is who was near in Iraq. I see in Kosovo chosen
who was brain cancer does not just mean the other troops, but am committed to find out everything we can commit it to military families like Daniel Robinson from oil, the widow of Sergeant First class Heath Robinson. He was born a soldier Army National Guard, combat medic. in Kosovo in Iraq station your Baghdad judge, yards from burned pitch the size of football, feels Daniel is here with us tonight love going to high state football game, lock onto an odyssey yard without any better. Now, you're has got worse, rather than pursuit of the fact that he is now talking about burn pits and Ohio State football It tells you how paper than he spent less than if we can bring it twenty seconds on the Supreme Court nominee and he spent less than two minutes on the actual economy. Cancer. from prolonged, expel, verandah video to arriving
heaving or someone whose family still waiting on their says enlarged fighter varying getting didn't. I must fight or hardly to that family, ludicrous Caesar therapy Jake, I'm sure prayer to demand that we do better tonight Daniel. We are going to do better. We are you always like you talk to. You spoke disease already, helping more virtuous, get benefits I'm announce you are expanding, knowledgeable, Jude, veterans, suffering from nine respiratory cancers. I'm also we cannot apply to those exact nature veterans devastated by toxic exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally get the benefit. the compromise we have. You wanna go back to that one or even though very about waiting a lot of people.
For that reason I build tomorrow, maybe there's one I know you're in politics, then. Yes, done something about it then now rest, let's Can you in your mid fifty or weight is much less and cancer, as we know it. Look they didn't get down here. It's as clapped his cancer. I think so within Ukraine, Laura wasn't have excited as I was. The stand up for the burned can pursue mean job answer. Just doesn't get me has ensued. So many had the tennis club I throw up later. You watch some love husband, my son daughter, mom, dare there, why didn't he still characters among the true cause of death in America? Second, only to heart disease covered another. Last month I announced planned supercharged, the cancer moon, shout the prisoner biomass be led six years ago. Our goal is to cut.
Mr De Rossa, decent. I reached fifty percent over the next twenty five years and I think we can do better than that turn cancers from death sentences in treatable diseases. More support for pay, and their families who's going to do that global serial is islamic. Call our age advance, advanced research projects agency for health pattern after dark in the defence deplore, Do you not think that sounds good? Do you really believe that governments they couldn't figure out the cove it came from the covert named lab Johns We'd have to tell them, but sounds good and taken by stock. Arthur right have a singular purpose to dry breakthroughs in cancer Alzheimer's and diabetes. Second, one is certainly isn't gonna run order for you we can do these things is within our power. and I don't see a partisan edge to any one of those four really.
my fellow tonight, how much you wanna bet he walked off is gonna. Give rousing London base the citadel of democracy. This capital. Generation after generation Americans. America's debated great questions made great strife. I've done great thing for Is there please make great strife experiments great strides trying to set to rise and ferries that was Herodian slip, riots and the strongest freest and most process destination in the world. Has ever known you're trying to tear daddy is prosperous nation built on almost every touch resolve unconscious of history itself. How'd, it is at this moment, but our characterised generations formed our purposes file or literature our futures, forged. Well, I know this nation will mean
I have no neck, protect afraid, even level except and furnish an opportunity we will save. Democracy is hard, those times a ban on more optimistic about american democracy- and I bet he said it- was the recent election aperture. That's within our grasp, because others, simply nothing beyond our come ass. Our capacity we're the only inaction the math was required. Let's face it is downright light. The only nation that can be defined by a single word possibilities this night on our two hundred and forty. Fears, donation wash in front of a trial, come to report on the state of the nation state of the union. My report is this: stated you didn't cause you The american people are strong and I am not exactly our governments not doing us any favours. Thank God you are strong. Yes, thank God is wrong because I'm very feeble
and my heart is run by wires and went back paperclip use on each side of my Schuman structure of the states of America. You get in go, get a visa, go get him by the way that God bless. America. God bless you, God protect our directly for Louis about I really my tap or says locality where Africa, as it should be done to minutes, is very strong, beginning several by partisan moments of standing ovation
for the people of mouth rings, seven times he forgot who he was right here: lots of applause for holding hooting and russian oligarchs accountable, followed by a call for his domestic agenda, including traditional abiden hopes for infrastructure changes to the tax code of made in America. and there was the traditional laundry list right to hold on really quickly before we go to sea and ends commentary actually again, the promo code is in fact a case to be able to make the next twenty four hours yet twin. Hours off at my club or will be doing forty five minutes of show tonight. Forty eight hours off you got a lot of Canada comes Flash. club, and we also we also footage. Actually so some of your wondering how to prepare for this debate and we actually had exclusive footage just to debate prep. Actually, this is two percent and am turns out. He brought and not the big e brought in the second big guy. So
vice president dad or gimme the smoke. Anyone, maybe it's a contact. I am within a gangsters, great, maybe this dimension medicines wearing. What do you think the sacking we go back he's, gonna, say the union and a little business for reach harm. Try hitting him now was the head of many more one, more good upon the now again in its Hallo present common good by America, impurity seller secrets to the Chinese to shut up now firmly
dad said he doesn't even know about that. There go back, can we build it? Wasn't my dad's my dad's pills? That's why I got his words. I thought was ass, the eye from my dad, others wife down circle back so you're, looking down a short while she lay over both cast weeping nice work, Jack, rabbit, vice president
and now the cheese is. Well doesn't seem like the most it didn't seem like the most prudent debate, whatever works right and we'll get a modern gentle, be taking your chats and also giving a full wrap up, of course, on mocha, but we're doing a wrap up here than taking your chats lot of. Canada comes less mocha before you that voters, yet in really quickly get some dates coming to pre eminence right David. I will be on tour yes or may, for so lots of these shows ready, sold out, see really gonna jump on these May fourteen Tulsa ballroom in total Oklahoma June eighteen pikes peaks sinner in Colorado spring. Ok, Colorado Springs, ok, great color, whereas the latter with crime. Dot com, slash tour, all right right now, let's go see CNN as kissing his ass. As we all know, he thinks about unity, but tonight he made it as we all this idea of a unity agenda. These are not wildly controversial ideas. Combating opium,
getting rid of the second amendment efficient use of the kinds of things that are going to be very hard for people to argue against that's the phase unless you sit them across Anderson Cooper and actually, unless you ve spent the last two, I'm sorry five years, destroying unity in this country. It's easy to argue that you don't give a shit part me about unity, hero. I know best about that. Guy gay rights is look at that Renate operas must be. How do you think he was alive and are acting Anderson, Cooper, justice with right look, gayer even Anderson Cooper like this is making me confess, is excessive state of the union speech and what he said, I think was we showed resolution showed determining Rachel drafts. I do what then and whether there should have been more already policies echoed. I am more on Ukraine, maybe so much for the allies who whom he has been supporting and reassuring
for they had now you're gonna stop counter. Somebody x, you heard the black eyed from the Allstate Commercials, guys medicine. What are you are you and why is there no harm Wharton for letters? But why are you smiling at three hundred zero, virginal, nine or evil? This is walls nosing in. Can you sign my badge, crises that have to do swear. Well, was chinese by this is still walking amongst you meeting regularly hunting yield agenda here. what are the hanging of Chinese by just to be clear? There is no snobs theirs. We'll fact that even says even kind of through its one hundred percent true and he's within a hairs distance of the former vice president of the United States, China? I don't even know if he last wiped himself on the curtains fences, pre motion, recent session? There would be more
was a Chinese by its fine he's dating a new russian girl. I hear she's very nice aircraft. The United States loves him for representative did so because the ukrainian girls work justly they. There was a shortage of their freedom versus tyranny as democracy versus autocracy, which whenever you cared about freedom. Let's be clear about this: he's talking about a Supreme court, not the Supreme Court nominee Red Brown in war, who signed an anarchist brief in two thousand and one that band they're from discussing possible options in front of the land back. I can't think of any more violation of the first amendment me as well. So it is. The engine is apt, where's that man, but you're right Anderson he's wearing a whole holdings outfit from travelling reader travelling down. It was a traffic down under the thunder ban, o thunder
hundred dared ass a mental quickly so that we know that the word or data, probably gravely I don't remember other things that no, I just Remember most my childhood us have to keep rational being added. I do remember abiden frame the whole issue very powerful. That guy you're feeling a drink. You heard powerful Europe, our phones, dialing, come cost. Public Putin is gonna, have a story and from smacking is hundred ninety yard table very exist. Do you have any idea as to do things better rarity of Putin's erection right now massive out of this crisis and an important cause of guilt. I like it when they get ahead of Lyra Putin and events on the ground will determine it, but then
Please no deterred a very long outside. I don't believe you said, there's nobody right when you, when Doktor found she was asked about our guidelines for him in a foot ending this very various Brett measures. You said you don't make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline walks. Why you? We don't make the timeline here, it's a very complicated internet as essential My son fly experiments morning in the being only imagine yes, repair doktor found by day, but by night. I am me says and ministers and flowers, here's tells you fear a month and educate them. Wrigley bring me my bigos opens his mouth. It's like handymen, farewell to the sea ass. I said sands, I've not be Michael Court Douglas
can now again I am not drink. Slurring on I didn't slurry just get the name round. In fairness, it was the police service, Michael Duncan Grenada, upon black. I got little guy who HPV going down and Catherine Zita jumped s true here the best way for central authorities where the Catherine, Zita Jones he sounded. I got you know you sound like his dad, Kirk and Spartacus after he certainly willing to phone Spiderman? Shit I'm never mind right now. I feel like I much heavier happier just where Why I my part of Americans and what he did say is that I will tell me to know that we are going to be. Ok, oh, how nice? How are we going to be ok with weak foreign policy because he's going, he doesn't it they're gonna, more of your money.
Instead of a bet, you didn't get it at every dies. You haven't got a modest better, your money, it's not. he's going to print more money leave weapons in places we? So what skip an indian economics or kenyan Asian. I don't care can be amazing, isn't funny he loved a bunch of weapons in the Middle EAST and some left weapons and a trash candidate set of elementary school. There is good at leaving Moreover, these are common sense, has left hand, gonna Dumbstruck Zone elementary School and then his dad said hold hold my snobs any left ten Blackhawks in Afghanistan Palette. All guy lacked aid. If we bring up there. you are showing the new israeli distasteful when they use a flight or just that were left to spell out Joe Rogan a short and ride. I like that, you're like come on ice is one of the people that I hate the most on this topic. I have him, bring an appropriate Robert Reich rights.
Usually shouldn't express any controversial opinions. If your name is right, you shouldn't right. Perhaps his entire first term will be remembered for the measured and powerful way he has dealt with prudence, aggression who ever imagined this will be a significant part of binds legacy are you kidding me? How way his middle name? Third? Well, I I didn't know if he was the third or not just to be safe. How? How can you view that speech and go This is powerful. This is measured right. No, you have stopped Putin from doing now thing You ve stopped them from doing nothing, decide now you're driving Amity arms of China by implementing economic sanctions. Look, I don't believe I just. I just don't think that economic sanctions like that work, if it is not combined with severe me, Terry action- you either need to be all in all out. It's just like a fight. You have no business fighting when people talk about getting into bar fight on the street, it so silly, because the amount of damage that can be done
the unintended consequences. Maybe you just thinking to slap somebody around he's out coldly its head in the country. If you ever again to a physical altercation, you even need to be complete completely avoiding de escalate or be as swiftly as violent as possible. there should be no in between economic sanctions without swift, military action is foolish because, just as we see what the drug war they are going to find an ally somewhere and like the point that, like the point you made Germany and Russia. You go from world war, two two allies again as in Rome. I want to highlight again in world war, two until Germany too, so that we can say now just kidding. I had my finger at all. So that's what's happened China and Russia are not natural allies, but you're, seeing what's happening with the embargo on wheat being removed, you're seeing what's happened with the hundreds of billions of dollars and increases in in trade gnashing what's happening with China now supporting Russia,
at least condemning the United States diplomatic LAO, calling it an invasion of those verify. This is kind of like him. Intervening and threatening to pay Putin's barked, yes, What he's doing is he saying here, sanctions they'll, take a month to take effect in really hit ominous and induce. He asked this question too GIN Saki, what's going on another country right, don't think! Do you think that the Ukrainians have a month because I think their dying right now, maybe if we just stop buying their oil today, make a difference. And allowed supplies been shut off. The clutch goes just made welter wait when he them burning. What's your files? Ah, yes, baby! You know it's worse than that man's below early and bring that lack governments, but that currently make when you said people we have long damage, she's, breathing in toxic fumes and burn pits. She frankly went over the death. From that moment, what what gives you
superhero she would just be the fly, but this is our only power I am. I am the cricket elbows you didn't. Look like Christmas vacation leaves. You did obesity it it just that it. What would you think This is what happens when you have probably fear, no accountability. You know why look that was absolutely insane Kagan. What think would happen if my pence, if, during a speech, Donald Trump, said something like I don't know you know, the China viruses like the Chinese, but you never sent in my pants- went law be inserted, jirga, Justin, Bieber hard or some shit guess what it would be everywhere. They know their everyone concerned. anyone on CNN Abc Nbc Cbs. I'm sure we can flip around to see their reaction. Saying pretty rough edges Clearly the light from the sewage treatment plants Clark, well, I will say: actually it's not. I think that the cousin Eddie added perfectly right this speech, this shit
was full of yes, I got it all out. Only lower toxic smoke. Ok, here we got burned bridge what doing she trying to throw her voice. She heard clapping and she wasn't being attention. So she stood up. Gideon smilingly were people's, dare not to mention You mentioned cancer. She started talking. We really cannot. You know she can't just read. It sounds like one of those noise collectors that you'll get it to save and located. Checking to you do you, like your now opens clock like like clockwork like like, like, like my max, better morrow, she's gonna commercial Sally field. I have asked the talking accident. Others, homeless. People craving on my driveway, I'm watching through my ring doorbell play. Please please, look at the bottom of this tapping oil outages mood at tapping oil supplies to kind of blunt. The price increase three days. People
I'm around the World Everley Sixty million barrels of oil three days of supply in the United States. Today's of supplying. What are we doing on day for Joe Look, here's autism We need to talk about. Look it's very easy to solve the not to solve, but timidity the damage being done to the american people. Nobody. They were going to look into force companies to pay fifteen dollars an hour by the way, the same companies, if they forced to close that worked like a charm, did not just look at the economic results of red states in blue states, for example, compare New York to Texas or Florida You can debate about the spread of the virus. Even what looks like red states did relatively better than blue. States that you can say. Ok, maybe it's a wash, there can be no debate at all, not just to be clear, not theirs. Both sides of the issue as far as the economic, the disastrous economic ramifications and apple, showing that businesses he's remedy now is to what force businesses to pay more. Ok, there are things that we can do right now, too,
All this issue, as it relates to the average american which he doesn't want to discuss by the way used to have to use hashtag, buy in fact check at the promo code. Twenty dollars off at letters, credit, dot, com, flesh, mud club, we're doing this. I've tonight life backtracking a lot that goes into producing that we make no money on Youtube. Here's what we can do open up our own oil reserves now now is that help the United it's right open up, not only our own oars, Europe's but open up front as opposed to shutting down the keystone. Bragwaine he's open up our own natural gas, oil reserves and even clean coal technology. Not only does it allow us to help our own citizens as it deals with gas price not only does allow us to be independent, but light we saw in twenty sixteen under Donald Trump for the first time in modern american history allows us to be a next net exporter of oil. What does that mean being a net exporter means that we can send out more oil than we bring in hay Would we be sending that too? Could that benefit people in the Ukraine could that benefit people in Europe, politically people who might be dependent on oil supply
like the like the Nord Stream pipeline. Where is the Nord stream to I'm assuming there's a one? I have no idea why there's by the way I have no idea. What would it Russia is responsible for its tempers is at one percent to ten percent of the oil world's oil supplies. one of the single biggest producers of oil for all of Europe. I can find this any. Second. You guys can break it up. I don't exactly without the numbers, but the point is we're now hundred dollars a barrel of oil per day and there talking about three days supply of oil and we were already We are already at a high gas price. Anyway, we were already at a high gas oil was going up. This wasn't just a Russia thing. We, when one do United States, focuses on its own interests. It can benefit the rest of you know it's a perfect now. People say you need to put on your own oxen mask before you up the person. Next, you right in the plane. That's you as a passenger. Ok There is no more clear cut example of the pilot than the United States of Europe.
And you're gonna put on your auction mass pursue help the person next year. The pilot certainly should put his own oxygen mask on first. How do you know that, where the pilot well, where the most powerful country in the world not only the free world, we were paying all they know more than the rest of the countries combined for years. How now that the United States is the pilot, because when shit goes wrong in the Ukraine or across Europe, they look to the United States, the pilot, so guess what open our own energy reserves here so we can help ourselves and that allows us to help nations overseas. Also, when we're talking about energy, so we open up our own resources, and this is the key. Can't say wars for oil. Right no affects rock against Bush and now act like that's, not a huge component. He with Russia and the EU, Ukraine. Of course it has to do with energy. Something also when you to be doing is looking at the most effective forms of energy. He won't talk about this because a democratic
It is more light it for years. Nuclear energy is not only zero carbon emissions. Just me clear, entirely clean, but there have been three acts into this and what the meat decided to, of course, sex. If I glorify three mile island right, sure, noble and Fukushima, and in those cases prettily Fukushima, almost all the deaths came from me, hold accusation plan. There is no form of energy. it has a lower amount of deaths per kilowatt hour producing energy than nuclear energy. But we can use. It is something that is effectively renewable. It is something that actually creates very little waste and it is something that is a very about to us right now with no carbon emissions to see more clear cut. Examples, look at the difference between France and Germany? Look who cut the carbon emissions, France, primary nuclear energy versus Germany, who want to renewables, wind and solar, and not on the increase carbon emissions? They would have brown out there
the cell energy, at a net negative cost. So no one is saying we wouldn't like to move to all electric everything, but right now needs to be powered by something and right now we're powered by oil that comes from places overseas. As you have said, by the way up until last week. Well this week, former vice President Obama, supported, signed off on the keys sign over the Nord Stream pipeline going through Russia when one of the first actions had taken it president. We're shutting down the Keystone pipeline here North America, so up until last week he supported us being dependent on foreign oil. So if we want to go electric in this sure and you believe it runs on sunshine and farts accept reality. Now it requires energy, but where does it come from? Do you wanna coming from the United States? Or do you want to come, from Russia. Do you wanna come from Saudi Arabia? Then? Do you want it coming, from zero carbon emission nuclear energy that we can use here in a safe reliable manner or do you want nothing, because
what you'll get with wind and solar when you're dealing with that kind of infrastructure. Just look at cylindrical. Look at these companies. The governess tried to shut down your throat there things, we can do right now to make us less depend on the rest of the world and tyrants, as former vice president I can put it like Vladimir Putin right now. He doesn't want to do that up until last week. Supported buying more oil from absolutely need. I know that nuclear is totally safe. They put it in things. that are getting shot at the entire put put it on put it on a carrier, those things. their targets. Maybe that was set It was your noble like one guys arrogance anyway, I was on Russia and it was the russian system, but it was like wasn't one you over site with the other horrible oversight to the era will over here, which is a start with you now when addressing our earliest yeah domino effect, lots of vodka pots of vodka and people had three testicles,
We don't know why. I don't think so. I had three testicles. Some of them are rounding off of two and a half actually the button, that it down was at the other end of pollutants table, and so it took a while to get he's like their paypal? I can't reach easy, but in a meeting in they were like the buttons the body go, get in a new slide. Blot in like Heinz catch up. Jim carry commercial from an EPA is actually a facts. Before Chernobyl they had regular size tables. Did they Jerry. Oh, my god, our readers walked in is that what happened to my right after the meltdown just does not on tables really russian response from the governor of Iowa DORA. You wanna hear New Republic in response you to set russian response, is out of it she's wearing red yeah, she's levelling out drank
fine? I think I saw the Ivan rigour. Montage, pandering families, a violent crime wave was crashing our cities and the Soviet Army was trying to redraw the world map. Even before taking the oath of office. The president told us that he wanted to quote: make America respected around the world again and to unite us here at home as a week, he's failed on both fronts Disastrous Afghanistan withdraw did more than cost America withdrawals, it betrayed our ally, wrangled and our enemies. North Korea is testing missiles gay agitated learning Friday's agenda for, does a meter personally warrant our olympic athletes not to speak out against China and now Russia?
That being said, I would be. I would be willing to have been wrong of us to military innovate. Europe's lloyd is actually a deity and educated antelope onto like Nancy S face and right now all Americans data pursuing that and he followed and slapped her of Ukraine for Is there no way I mean I would good and train crippling it back. I would heal ray person in this room. That would allow me to see that that we, I'd, let you get what I would run out. These are killjoy having the same river, only wines Are you actually want to elude us go? Then we might have used it already if it weren't you just go, he hasn't resurrection. It's like that smelling salts of cattle he'll thyself position, our I stay out of this one by the way. This is one thing when people ask why don't I more regularly report Republicans it's because it's pretty tough to get behind this? I know it's
little lack lustre. Here's the thing you want just fat check this in real time. It will do more fact checking this obviously had to be written beforehand. It's almost like when they do rat battles, and I have the cipher you like you, just wrapped readers wrapped about the place. I've, never lived and never even been in. My mother's name is not after all alike. All that it was prepared beforehand. This is prepared before they try to make minor change. This isn't real Why do change my mind? Why we do things like man in the street words on editing, you just discuss with people this isn't? real. It's not designed to reach the american people. This speech right now is designed to The republican donors will say really like that came running, because you know TAT sea seems to be a good governor plus she has breast. So we really need to put her up on the ticket. Yes, Meanwhile, the now that politics, yes Disney Cannon whenever this is, you have Joe Biden, you now put like a young like well spoken person in there to be the juxtaposition, imagine, a chronological put body agenda on I'd, feel like I'm on Molly.
you any of them have their own teeth, or anybody in politics and across that check, not entirely sure that pay closer integration. Neighbor spaces which organised around you started about relegates it's all big fix it in TAT, it again high class, proper degree more, I was holding teeth out of my neighbors faces. I some man, let's get asked males sounding go under speaking of our not working overseas for war, vast wealth to take home certainties tonight to go with handmaids tail. She now, president by the hen, major handmaidens, have Does anyone know of any around? Like lay five days ago, I've been out We know, because I knew a girl and kite high school gave me she. Let me chronic trigger super Nintendo, and I never gave it back. Sorry, Cecilia and then the ukrainian rag and into the cultural. We did the cultural, fair, wasted and end with HPV account had to
That is why there is a failure. Was a great our energy run. Outrigger is rare, now acknowledge hours on Ebay, lower back and going would flag is what, but I guess, at the last lap, and I can tell you what's not on that list. Tell us they won't tell you that spending trillions more and bankrupting their children is. The union is our problems. They won't tell you that we should be paying reaffirmed, thought rebels in and they certainly wiping out its boundaries should give billions. tax, give away or youth training, alien and filling all right. Ok, let's do this, let's give our wrap up and then we'll go to take some shadow magua, because I'd be more sure to hear Ben Shapiro Royal now we're not I'm a glimmering or what you say
What do you think they're jailed, your wrap up, ITALY more interesting than governor, Graham Reynolds? Yes, so I think he did all the things we thought he would do right. He didn't split as regards Lame Donald Trump for the NATO things a little surprised by that I thought he was going to hence at that, like the former admitted that tells me they'll say they had enough focus group in they realize it was impossible. So exactly like they're, like you, can't do it I was. I was a little surprised that he stumbled as much as he did, but I thought he would actually be able to string. A few more sense is together. We were drinking you kept, hitting the damned button TIM you're a little bit too, on top of that and so he eighty viable bar my form and and I'm not price that all this is something that I thought obviously would happen that the water would be carried by every analysed on CNN no problem, of course, powerful. He strong Robert Reich you absolute more,
measured powerful response, but did nothing to keep Putin from invading ukrainian killing it citizens. As you wrote that right, that's powerful to you, I think powerful means somebody stays out of their neighbouring country. You know, come all the small country next to the big country in the big country and invaded the small country that place that's power right and he didn't addressed that many blamed the economy on all kinds of things. But here's what you needed to hear the government knows best we're gonna, take your money and spend it on every body else by by the way, while completely refusing to acknowledge that the government knows best policies which, let us hear played any hand in what where we are right now, those government knows best, you mean armament nose. Ass, like shut down businesses. Government knows best hand out ex indefinitely government knows best like shut down school. go to zoom calls and by the way, the only reason they ever opened up was because of the gnashing of teeth in Wales. From concerning my mom's, who, by the way, had a
huge wins in in Virginia almost in New Jersey, for the same turnover that happen that you fought and now you're trying to take of the winds and by the way cover knows best government Absolue don't think it's never been more clear. Cut example created them that worrying and and now we should say- but don't worry- government conflicts that you out yeah just give us more money, give more power. Do what we ask and we It's you, I will do what we did not ask. Well, that's true. I am on ass area. Now that suggestion right, yeah and rape is just you know it's just, I suggest that it's just Mamma even say suggestion. I mean it's forward, yes, I'd, say bowl and skills. As a bold, assertive dominant, do you trust a guy like that, though? He's he's proven that he can rape didn't one year, the present another Emily close, he say, smells people and touches them and weird ways, but I've heavily children. Yes, how did you the guy, then by rave year, has done nothing good been killed in one year. He has shown you everything.
no measure. Nobody trusts. This guy he's like just give me more power. Give me more money, that's all! I need you I'll fix it this year, right, we're going a trillion dollars out of the debt. Really you're gonna. Do that. You know what our bible we're. Gonna we're gonna end all the burn pits and it was like you. Yes, it's a goddamn, always my song oh from learn pit. I just don't know, then this came from. Did she got a clap and she was like? I don't have fingers that move right now. I think she just wanted to feel so confused with Ireland She was really rank silencers literally riding on our lips or on Venza BT tractor beam. One too many paddling souls shrilling honoured oak mouth projects
right behind it as a gymnast and piling up at who, just like all the Adriatic are much. After all, can I meet with their diet? Babies, boy, looks nice and taste threat. A heat now threatened promised to cure cancer while thou. He said there will not be said than that. Doubling its really, it was lost. after lie, and then he promised to cure cancer where I can't say, that's a lie. That's a bold statement on what are your favorite things? He said the v ay we're to be a fish. it's an may assignments and make and take care of that woman's husband families same way. They did with Vietnam veterans. Yes, us across the country of died and left their families with absolutely nothing. I know exactly what that feels like these. Be right on top of a just like he has been since the war in Vietnam since desert storm sense. The efforts of events in Afghanistan as well
countries that flood to either alone. I think IRAN was one of what was the IRAN thing we're one. He made us units that ukrainian Disarrangement irradiating added uranium uranium, what he it was just It was just statement after statement of just lies and nonsense, more division, I'll, be honest, I'm surprised you didn't stumble as much really What is more, I thought more out, so they They gave him a good amount to be twelve. Can I and real stuff? Maybe the cure you're saying you don't think you your cancer, oh! No, I obviously will can we take a pole. We put a pull up on Twitter, how many of you. You know concerning our brave and powerful their claiming to speak to him how many of you out there believe that former vice President Joe Biden will end. Answer as we know it, I'm cancer. By the way. You know what you do in your confidence, something
by the end of the to end cancer candor. By the end of this decade, we will put a man on the moon in return him safely to earth. That's what you say you don't say we need to go. Of cancer and be tougher. We're gonna do a better job like he did. He didn't say: here's a deadline. Go. Do it right you didn't marshal the resources of the United States and give us a goal and say: let's go achieve us like a bad psychic rhetoric of bad palm reading. If at any point in human history, cancers cured, it was by the way I was buying, oh yeah. Oh my gosh. We know what we have forty amongst us forty years ago, we had no idea was along game. We need to consult the Biden Lineage raise up like
I did say that he yelled at the end of his speech like Bill Pullman and Inter state like let's go or tobacco. I should say yes, animal like Bill Permanent Casper yeah. He set it up, I'll. Tell you what I know. I appreciate that you get those vertically always say. Folks, listen: hey come on so here is coming can't hear you behaviour here a couple fit. and the only joy out again scolded is one developed under Donald Trump, and you said you wouldn't take- I kill more people- have covered the doll drab better. Now I'm gonna hear do with cancer. Please don't go together, get em killer. T cells is like coach inverse gave emo in advance.
jargon. The huddled. Ok are the Lockerbie. Let's go out and nobody's welcome our new chemo plan. Everyone! Next speech comes and looking like justice, briar eggs. When you get it, you ll lose much hair. All my home, I don't have any raft just subscribe. Oh my words. I didn't even like Christa ten and a gaze get em like was at mango without Mango Justice NGO was laid on pretty thick, oh yeah, he likes it laid on. Yes, I mean look come on I couldn't wondering just you know you just low hanging new rules is a commitment is out of the closet. I live Briar openly, gay or do you like us elder who still claiming illustrate under that robe, not a thing that happened. You just turn round and moons used moon Pelosi. Let us! Oh my gosh guys say lab made a really. Let me sum up PETE bucking heap debate. He will eat me.
All right. I will relay the Amber and transom whatever the threats of idols is we're. Gonna go. Take your shadow and muslim in here. What you guys think and again the promo code is Biden fact check that you get twenty dollars off my club. Let us going to come Lash smuggling girl, I've gotta, come slashed tour. I it's about what I expected. I was shocked that he spent little to no time on this, bring court. Now he went right. They spent very little time on the economy, yet if that and that he so it was very clear, especially when you hear when you compare it to the rhetoric that we have heard from Zackie and from former vice President Joe Biden about Putin and Donald Trump involving Russia. Of course, if they meant it, there say it right now, when all eyes, and by all, as I mean, however, many Americans decided to accidently stumble across the channel.
any general right now because they broadcast it on every single channel like the indian head and then nineteen fifties, and that would have been more entertaining a fine, just sharp we just India and Elizabeth worn with one. So I say it was very interesting. You know you heard me say this: it's like you see this. A lot of people make claims and then there in a deposition or their under oath right there under the penalty of perjury, and they dont make those claims right now and there were more so You're consequences bind realise, I'm not going able to sell the american public on this idea that Donald Trump embolden and created a problem with Putin, I'm not going be able to sell the american people on the idea that Donald Trump weakened our position with China. So that's a very stark contrast. I also think the reason why It is not only because it's a tough seventy moroccan people, but they know what they're into what whether in four with midterms and the red Way figs, and so that's why he tried to plant the whole by part. Look how many bipartisan bills, I've patter he's trying to sort of anger
she'd himself with Republicans, because you know the Democrats there infer a massacre and he's hoping to at least lessen the portions of that massacre there seem to be on his hand, so I did see start caught to me. It was surprising to see that start of a contrast from every he's been saying when he's dictating the questions when he's out there, and these are pressing does that. Nobody really watches writing in the media clips and gives highlights, but when he knows this is sort of like ours, right. We do this life. This is done without a net. They don't do the whole lot on Youtube, especially now with a community guidelines and advertiser friendly, gathered in sorry, the borderline content, what's known as a credible apologise for that, we do this live in so we say is of consequence and we try to make sure that we say what we mean, and that is accurate and that's what he make all references available: Leidos, better dot com, by the way, best thing you can just here watching this is smash the like button, if you're watching
five and if you watching archive just leave a comment with your thoughts and ears, why it's important to four, you leave comments, and I dont this is the biggest conservative channel its ever existed on Youtube escapes Barnum and am incredibly grateful that you guys have come, and so this is the place you will have more p right now. More of you will comment below this video giving feedback with your actual thoughts on this address then on any other mainstream website comments section: it's it's it's something that we are a to generate that is undeniable, where people can read your organic, it's the same reason they got rid of the dislike, but We can see behind the scenes with our tools and by the way, still not going well for the White House, but I really will have to see what you guys thought about this to me. It was shocking just because I thought I guess it's not that shocking. When someone is under the limelight there, let's think about a press conference with the average ratings would be for a press conference. When sack is there you're talking, maybe the hundreds of thousands
if you're lucky, maybe a couple million, I dont know how many millions of people watching snipe he's going. Ok, the stakes are high. I can't just use the same old, tired shitty arguments for the world was watching hoping for a strong response to put in writing get. Yemen. There had so much on the table right now assume there had to be large viewer ship. I would assume it to be a russian oligarchs table near the swell Are they able to have its goulash guy? You see the tables, I guess it's like the ghost of Christmas present says why, while I mean and know me better, man is all right of grapes. Let's go and take your chats here on market and of course thank you. If you're watching on rumble the more of you can switch from Youtube DE rumble, the free show is always available on rumble, we'll be back on Thursday. Ten, a m ten, a M Eastern right now we're gonna go and take your chats your feedback and lead Landau, say whatever it is that he wants to say, of course,
the mug. What just piss off you do good
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