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Trannies really hate Andrea Mitchell, Mel Gibson's problem with Jews, and finally everything wrong with Seattle's CHAZ/CHOP featuring our live correspondents from CHAZ itself!

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Hello there welcome to the chair. History? I want to go out there to use a hashtag crowded, from Chaz, that's pound symbol. If you prefer boomers out there, I'm not a boomer crowd or life from as end out what you're about see. We are going to actually have half of our crew live down in jazz chop, whatever it is now as well as establish our own new Chaz. So you, the poem Chaz C H, Aisy. If you want to join up microblog of credit. I come such my club. The twenty dollar discount will actually be donated this time with his promo code to charity, supporting police officers and their families as promo code, Chaz, C H, Aisy, to give twenty dollars to local law enforcement and charities and a hash tag is crowd or life from Chaz. We don't know what
happen, could be the biggest Boston lot of got industry enjoy the shell and enable you gonna go where you gonna, give you gonna make it
Jus large louder louder, its annual, where we say you have to learn about and appreciate this world to offer this week. Just call it also surgeon. Don't forget to appropriate is too
free. She ate the last week of letter by the way Gerald AIDS on yours is how he doesn't know how to social distancing, properly farragos it's you should pull, it protects us all down. I don't look at his glasses. This is absolutely a shape. We three fast backs about chairs because there's there's not much to know now we're going to show you tonight. It's a young country, ADI away. My official Urville Richmond, apparently, is the attorney of chess I'll, be explaining all the legal liability is the city Seattle for this monstrous by such ass. He had only means this programme. Considering I worry about somebody at two. You may be noticing that information is doing the switching today the court have like geared is actually down live, oh good lines and before we get to all the information again, the promo code is is Chaz. Twenty dollars of every single subscription this year will go to a police law enforcement charity and to support their families. We also some specific, merge coming out for specific off
there's who, following the line of duty dazzling for that and, of course, the hash is crowd or live from jazz name. If you think I'm not in chess, I had a ticket, and then we cancel all and sold and then Chaz was uncontrolled and we'll get it. Thank God creating three crew members, the youngest law, this level of our crew members, driven two hundred miles across a kind of I mean. Let's just have you guys, go down and see what happens one at the moment back then we haven't figured out that's a development that will get too, but first apparently, those in the algae BT, especially those in the tea community, really hate, Andrea Mitchell.
Will you be doing at an elevation of whatever you doing? It's pretty clear to me that we are really doing little obvious sees TAT Ye sacking you, but I do appreciate how quickly a white man into bikini managed to rise to the top of the oppression, totem. Paul. That's all dressing up like share at the grannies circa, two thousand three? Whenever there you will even love thing when we needed representation at the offspring segue way he was standing on, which is why that always has now about the off ran, say all over. I ever we go to tear com. Would you have to keep the Chinese from taking pictures underneath the hood it's absolutely travel, take pictures their intellectual property and workable
right I just order cigar cutter this week for the office for Ash Wednesday. I found the exact same cigar cutter. They ordered that was thirty dollars cheaper. It just doesn't different name, it's there. The same place and a cigar like fifty different versions of the list. These vague reviews medical errors, since, like one of the big ones, it's a real pandemic, we ve never so much ass. I lost all mean a ban, but going back to Andrey Mitchell in the tea. I think that we will don't appreciate what that security actually did there. So, let's walk through so you can see so first off we have the t right here that we have a t. Look I believe the tea probably stiffer before the shot began, but certainly good opinion separated out the armed security or plain after we don't know, but thank you for your services and then let's move to the moment of when the tea reproaches Andrea eventually can we go ok and then we can stop yet now you can see the tea is trying to make contact with the person next Andrey Mitchell, her, but I'm surprised to the tea. The contact is made with him her z from the secure,
detail right across the decorative veil. But what I really noticed? Yes, votes, really impressive is what happens next, because you think will you sacking? The tea is going to be one. Eighty three sixty no well actually poles of full seven. Twenty rotational aren t causing the purse to go flying and relatively displace LAO, and you know it really is because it momentum is the centrifugal force, the centrifugal right, an unbecoming, mainly mates, Canadian, that's what has actually forgot desired age. I beg you what I'm pretty sure you do? muscle it in pricked my why they run by their dna, inciting feeling about your wife. It was your mother, but it really that's a made because it could, if you want for the full ten eighty Tenorio Man sixty friend your document. That would do much, but you can do this,
in twenty and avoid the cart you know, especially if you're looking for a concrete spike. Yes, seven twenty is the right way to go and because the tea was going clockwise any pieces that break off will also be spending clockwise like that, like planets. Yes, all youngsters go backwards, we steal the shows, tease black lives matter. I read our logo. Hashtag is rather live from us, as we are going to check and really quickly soon, but first so I ve been talking about this with Gibson deny. Claims from unknown a rider. She claimed that he called her in an oven dodges. Worse than surrender life, actually horrendous, a horrible thing to say memorial, arable and livestock parties. If that is to say a hearty you're, no one knows how to address our you're. Just yourself, no Gibson doesn't want, you know, is a Jew
we'll go to scatter life from Chaz Enemy have accorded blackguard and down there, but so the using with male Gibson is unique, Z, both sides of the same in there have been more and more voicemail coming out and we do have an exclusive line here. So Think that you need to see a more balanced approach and we have it here. First, here's the latest and it might be disturbing in male Gibson recorded in, I should note some does not know Gibson too in the recording, because all calls you should know this. All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes which no gifts, you get enough, I can understand I don't care.
Border find you boys, disappointed by the bank or approving employed by looking your account. Now it doesn't look like you actually have the five g, which only have forty anti in your plan, which agreed that border bondage five, but I would add that it was carried out to you that we are already filled it with other wisely satisfied with your team of observers very much a lot of it. Fuck me You got your appreciation
Wrapping guarantee mother, so he was looking for just lookin for a large and if there are, or vowels in the name of his opponents, so much the better. So this is, of course, because the crow is live, crowd, hashtag, crowd of life from jazz, and we are going to be taken. Your tweets later request that you have we're going. What you would like to see from people who run just because I want to check now lie with quarter black guerre. Do we have him? He is there live in chess quarter black? Can you hear me, Sir ILO Stephen? Brubeck back in your safe, safer studio, we're here at shop. No, it's chat and we're, like I don't know. Call it job, but I want you, especially as we speak publicly to still call it Chaz. I do. I mean I was here, for I will say in chairs and then when I first got here, but you know, I think, a lot of things there convincing me really bring convinced that
I think it should now do you know if you can have anybody there who will be willing to provide an interview later about? We did have a guy, but he totally walked away really will have to hunt down, but that's ok, but actually get a couple. Things look out we're in front of the Seattle Precinct here the twelve precinct look at their yeah. This space is now property of the can't see the rest because its covered in feces, and can we intend, did you say TAT S? What I mean look at amount of those that you never saw them off and leave them power there We also have Lula, Woody Allen Mobile. Now. Do you think that would be a lemon peel residual around with that at the Vienna Mobility was automobile. That was simply vandalized by be alive the jury is out on that. You ve been there all! You got him. Yes, yet continue choreography. What we see
We ve been here since last night. We took part in a march, that's right of the streets. We blocked off a highway. I think it was pretty productive effort and questioning I don't know these guys are coming from, but you know the more. I talked to more of these people really filling a kindred spirits, what the hell do you mean these people well wait. None at all, in general? I think I'd. Rather several billion interview grab that guy got a black sea visitor. Tell him you're doing a podcast gas further reminiscing on January, Sir, I say I haven't you walk away from a blackmail or walk away from black man. It's my job. I thought there was like a brotherly love suddenly, but now he does not consider you, amongst other guys, think you'd feel our energy like we're illegal report, young fellow really good about it. I feel, like you know right
one love summer love, you don't say right yeah. I hate that I saw you out here. You see all this. Unlike really high to young. It's tat. Other people, they're everywhere all right get. We were told that was closed down. Right now is a big deal, so I don't know. Would we be overly plane tickets? We books, plane tickets, just open, there are no longer is- is gonna, be like, like fifteen at thousand dollars just take the whole team out, they're going to broadcast live from Chaz, and then They said I was cancelled, so we cancel it, but you guys you how long of drivers have recorded like twenty twenty one or two months ago, yet point one hundred miles dream three days
long, long, nights. Thirty two hours, yeah that here we are running a lot of fast food. If anything goes down, don't be surprised if you just see braces ass on the line. I didn't see me in her right now. Can you ask me to similarities and white people? Eighty here? Can you ask some of them for no hey, just so white lady? You walk Bob You wear it we're doing alive popular. I cast on our twitter, so when you guys be willing to take a couple questions about chop, a partner tell him. I guess your programme, where your pants in their ha- I guess I guess you're pretty words, appearance in the situation here right now, partner, somebody, nor does well ok. I know we are finding deny it so you know I don't wanna be Poland in order, once again, the promo code is the hashtag is crowded.
From the chair has tried or live from Chad, even though I'm I'm more so the anchor here is there? Is their passport control there's? Yet what is quota buy, it doesn't appear to be. It appears to be just a random vagabonds looking over here. Let go down here. We're gonna come down here, yeah! Well, thank you for this. I didn't really publishing. Ok, the main hard I think over. Here they have their new demands. Fill you and he wasn't so this is how they closed down and was really, moreover, rebranding for people who don't know about rather than their and our demand that they took him down. I mean we just we didn't undermine. We did a priest pre test grand they were up. There are like thirty five minutes ago, yet there are right there they see, Lord Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Dante, Parker, Capitol Hill, Sharp here yet it seems that kind of it only a little more new. Stop stop talking, Bryce
RO shut the hell up. I appreciate that Bryce are you want to be on camera cause you're gonna be the one. They have you to ask white people to kneel. Haven't, have any one wonders why we never white people meals for you yet our corner blogger, not not yet. I have asked a few and aid they just gonna. Give me a weird strange: look in the. Now get know. Yet? What do you want? You leave your tv. I wanna check back in what you called about Europe, but, right now we actually have to go to a word from our sponsor checking with with back with you after we check in with with even Brendan in his founding of new jazz, but first actually need to let him when we have a sponsor no or this shell earning a really happy about, and that is too quick. Thirty second word from sponsor for hashtag credit from Jasper.
Karla nations were allowed or with browsers jazz go responded by its activated. Every studio fell down with post was an all but comfortable started. Its record of bad with laundry and unit have worded got all the outline life only step of the way our quality smart daily, with basic labelled products at the lilies stunning care when it has started for all the other party gas. Now, in this cold away, promote in one of the most central location of this universe,. Yes, and that with that, actually is that you are actually is ranked among the leader of Chaz real. Is his air being be, and we know because we rent it out
being the again. The hashtag prouder life from this as a great deal and gradually going to go now to the de facto president. I suppose that New Chaz from Arise Simone's apartment brave when and how are you welcome the chairs? so we get refreshments, and to be able to be one hundred percent clear, because I talked with have Asian Bill Richmond, this is not astroturf, We were legally in the clear making sure that we did rent out Razumihin Serbian, be ok
what have I swear to you, though yours argued you did heavy going? Are you someone else? Your people trust you more. That is rather moaned department. Oh, it is. It is one hundred percent Razumihin Department right now by the way, whereas you for your Europe is Eric goes like. Should we go like district protected, but it goes the doktor to its eight, like our heart arrhythmia. So we need to fix that men all their views and are being be very positive, global. After the lowing wondering I did actually reactionary lots of railway nearby AIDS wars, What was that they even running well he's got chairs, and I mean why wouldn't deserving abuse is greatest yeah no know I am behind it and you need to be clear, Yuvan handing out flyers all day. We're gonna go to monitor that for that for a House party at new, you invited you invited as many members as humanly possible to New Chaz.
Yet the horizontal, far away in front of our eyes now before he found with us, we don't know all I reporting in now. It's all. Accordingly, it is not just Europe.
Let me be clear: the promo code is crowd, or life from Chaz is got lost. Send me that what we are doing today is an incredibly shooting thing to do, but its but were actually being respectful. You are in over taking property. That is not our we're appropriating his apartment. Yet, by the way it even Brendan can we get a full screen, so we can see that decor there of New Chad Neutral are you going? They found some cargo, and what does it signed same behind that person? It says I still can't bro. Circular new Chaz. I still can't be unique. They acted black mould. Yeah. That looks. Blackmail, that's tough to get rid of. So even when and how many people did you invite and you just have to use, have two people showed up three three thirty ok well and you try to get a funnel at any time now. Oh yeah brochure mean we set about everywhere. We put wires on that.
Sleeping incessantly and you got snacks right. You got some snaps were yet. We must accelerate everybody likes free and water what one bag bag itself may have? What's that in establishing the colony of New Chaz, even Brendan? What we hope to accomplish? Well, since it seems like there's a lot of tension in current, as yet, let's call all jazz yeah yeah. Well, I, we just got to move on, and if we got to start taking over the the the place where the one percent lives as high rise apartments like studio apartments, like rats, ammonia de facto leader jazz as air being be right, and I ask you a question of a fluffy or the towels. That's good question. Farragut.
I gotta drinking on the job was at a trader Jos, simpler times, logger that. Well look we're gonna. Do us a favour brennand? Even when it can you go to the window just so people can people. I think right now are doubting again ass, tat crowd or life from as their doubting that you are actually in rather Simone's apartment right now creating a regime that is real homeless people outside there's a homeless people inside to listen, even Brennan. We're going to check that you will you, but I do want to make. I do want to be clear, a lot of so column was the road trip in for you guys Roger while his wife, the if we were we did. This is active
They believe that game with you? We have a quick package of the road trip. Let's do it yeah The promo code is charging at twenty dollars, goes to a local law for our law enforcement harry, don't exactly what it is, specifically something it's horsemen and their family and family bill. Thank you very much by the way. It's also the anniversary of the vocs Apocalypse
We never facilities right. While we do appreciate as joining up- and we might have some updates on what's going on with us and you too great out we're gonna supine stuff on there shoot should we now, but that is another one staff meaning there's a reason. This seems very haphazard. Our focus has been elsewhere. Rights. These are leader, can be fun, hashtag crowd or life from jazz. You guys we're all gonna go to Chaz do until we cancel the layer yeah right up until you know not I just pushed back now, I'm gonna go on a vacation, did the same thing: jazz residues chances whatever. Yes, Simone rival, full dive and by the way later into Razumihin, is in truth about Chaz, but first before we go actually have seven before we go to a simple: when do we have quite a black garret? Still, dangers are live letter about your Horta. Blackguard. Are you there, sir? Can you update us Ok, all right, let's come on ass, although I wanna get away
That brings us to this week's seven plus one. It also provides a giant. Your laundry wonder because there's Chaz, there's chop yes, hobo, piss So a lot of you wonder what names lost out two chairs and that's good enough down. There have actually been some suggestions that you must disorganized. We want to look at Chaz as a monolith. Again, the hashtag is greater life from Chaz and, of course, you can send it to rise. Simone annoys on twitter. Thank you so much the lovely accommodations, whereas we have a new friend over here, really is Thirty two hours are gonna be really mad once he wakes up. So this is these actually there that there are several factions and chairs with each other really definitely damone theirs. Not one man under rule them
There are many a man but to rule different patterns. If they will it's not a really great colloquialisms, it's a great idea, but it's it's true. There are many, a man but in Chad to control that multiple platoon you do what you can see. What I'm doing what I can't, I don't I guy, but their evinced quite a few name suggested for four chats. These are actually tat. Seven plus one rejected names for Chaz. These occur from each as council, number seven rejecting infringes the now contributors zone was pushed the autonomous zone there. How about your Rita number six are another six and rejected names for Chaz Summer of thugs. I see it seems like someone there and they wanted to go with love. Now in someone's gotta they are as I do. I love you No, he said love lugs about somebody wrote it
call me when you call me when you have recourse, ok number five, because we talk about motives in this number five. Reject name for jazz Chaz Way seems to make sense why it was rejected that do not understand that I do miss Gibson Actually I don't I don't like it. Why reckoning for Chaz number, four half asian Doha, eagerness number for farmers, far less than on board. What can we have a recreation here, oh blackened indigenous, only and be in Euro kit, because the land bridge very well because a last came across we're not this. I also subscribe to the idea that panacea means we're all indigenous. Why help myself to everything in the garden yeah out little, Making a dump in the girl is not count. Really. You just agree brick. Yes as actively its
surprising, because in many of the indigenous native Americans are on the same terms, I should do the concept of personal property, that's one of Manhattan, british from the canaries for think, sixty two guilders, half asian bills, from a different tribe where they just it. He's. Take everything right: Commie MAO germs, rejected names for Chaz number. Three wouldst but worse and that's including Woodstock, ninety nine Y yeah with, and that really I don't know how much we can get all the info. They get up very late jazz. I dont know if that was just sort of the writing. They gonna movie poster that all an acronym, that's tough, that's a lot of, point is Chaz is worse than Woodstock, and that includes the one that had a lioness more set down. I salute
just in case there are still people watching seven remember: member Woodstock. Ninety nine in Berlin is shut up. You when I was your favorite one in pitch. You complaining without erode out, and I wrote about when they signed off on it like Ben Afflux goodwill hunting when women are not a guy, become the little girl. Madam chancellor, for God, I was thinking guile, but from the film Claudette. Damn that are good, but you shake of armies. Madeline meets guile, meets it correctly That's me, you know what enthusiasm to top seven plus one rejected names for jazz. Number two
Floyd who the title, which I think was more someone just said it? Yes, at the meeting, they were curious, like George Floyd who and people said, that's not a good title. Why yeah wasn't just satellite, we were just. I thought we were stealing Vance. Stuff number one top seven plus one rejected titles for Chaz Number, one homeless and garden. Yes, that was homeless and guard, which is really Miller, the clothes I monthly publication and, of course, the plus one rejected title four chairs, with a really wasn't rejected clothes that seven was one we also remain in the chamber arrived As you know, I wondered whether you do you feel like they. They felt like the mayor was giving up on them, because I really telling you know
went down there? She donated apparently her taint to the wall or area. You know we Garrett to then we may be able to answer that question because quarter black has another person, Lang, where's, Earl, hello, studio, crew and audience. What's goin on. Oh, I found somebody, actually they stuck around. Ok, you answer my questions. This is Nate, mate, he's a resident around here. Ok, when I turned the camera little more because Bryce Cuban might go good work, our eyes and eight I don't know how long you been around Chaz. So how long have you been around and in chairs, or do you stay inches or Ivan apart, like very largely ok, I just come down every day, so here I have become three it, so you just out of work ally you're an ally you're not at work ally or than the home movement knows nonsense, Why would I do that?
it. Almost second, it tell me can't say your special needs valid. It's it's a special needs, first against it and consider What does he mean? What what? What are you waiting, but about a large vessel specifically reaches its too funny to get better? It's also turned gonna tragic. We looks pretty lad. I don't know I guess I'm if on various it's at the mayor, can you ask him a question from asking? How hard was it to portray an alcoholic senator are seen house retards, you said Stephen Cinema question here said how hard was it to portray out of work senator alcoholism? It's an alcoholic in of cards House of cards it's gonna hard year ago, one area, so I don't give a shit I said I don't give a shit with that.
No, I think he's. Actually. I think this man is actually very helpful. Ask him if he'll Neil for his white privilege, let another your blog it. Ok, what I'm I'm quarter black if you know this Jonathan to actually one or black, really what Of course I mean what do we want it? Don't then the knee, then then, you're, fired you telling me I can't been winning. Are you gonna do anything to me? That's ok, you D, never like like it. They were good deal But you have your give the pitch of your ear. You I thought you have shown the picture and tell him to kneel look. You're gonna need those weaknesses. Group like I got my dad here, yet that's a black man. Ok, we're ready. All of you. You got a new I intersection Ali superior I'm. So, what you see
it is man is real racist. It's it's up Ask Israel intersect. Tell him he's talking down to a black man and its offensive, I mean you are talking down to blackmail, is gonna, be and you would rather be talking to him on his knees. I'd rather be talking to you on your knees, work, I'm afraid. That's not ok, thank you. Quarter black back a little later figured out there, but I appreciate I look out the only person whose around is like man.
To go through it. Such a drag comes out. He says it comes out twice a day around so easily believe he's very hopeful. Writings come down and railways groaning are motivated by hate here, he's watching a train wreck. Ok, of course, come down for entertainment, value love. He did it popcorn. Yes, he did have popcorn. So by the way before we do this, let some let's check out a new chance right Brendan we're not even Brennan GM. Anyone knew there at a rather Simone's air being being new Chaz. Back in was ok run. It is only one knew there. A new Chaz now, ok, but I feel like it's more about the statement that the people making a statement
yeah like bigger them. So will you better go anywhere near to Malta culturally? Will eventually I relieved show our appreciation for other right. Yeah. Yeah, it's absolutely terrible as we are doing, is going to call rest Simone later to invite him really his own house. That's great We're the House Party come to your yeah I'll, be watching how cried or live jazz yeah. Thank you very much. Runnin really could actually should. Let me won't they. They did go well, I guess we should move on first to the meeting about Chaz now and we do have a game later, robot or rather and taken out, and you have any idea how many tweets and we want to get too at all and if we don't have to yet because I know people are just going nuts, whether they things is realer fake by the way that shot that shot of Audio Wade, looks like where
football player and hung out film or how we Mandela Box is exactly like the most is that boat resubmitting abnormally will not arrive here. We have some some pretty serious warnings for how can I don't die out? day idea thinks they didn't think it obvious Newsday, our citizen somewheres, some words of encouragement, for even Brendan least you had more people show for your party than chirp for Joe Biden rally very much the text and I like the way you spelled it non traditionally very nice, yeah, ok, by the way, hit the note of it. Well. If you are subscribed on the? U too, because if you don't mean a whole lot of people, you have some updates and that's all notification. So that way you know when the show comes out. This is going to be our last big live stream, Spotify Apple, podcast, Android, listened. The audio version is exclusive continent, the audio version. Of course you can drink.
Canada, complex Muslim. We did the morning my club every morning now through election Monday through Thursdays, a former next ten, a m eastern we're going to be. We're lot alive streams going into election season, but is our live stream. For the month of July, we will have four or five episodes next week. But we won't be live because well. You'll understand disintegrating, yes, yes or no, of warring factions here primarily that half our crew decided to leave at noon? getting used to their Chaz timezone is yet line. Is trip of they didn't like driving? You don't worry, I got I don't you get tired its exhausting time,
That sort of thing Gerald is most, madam. I am sorry that you have anything to say all down. You know there's like this is the moment when he speaks of traditional line tramp ever considered way I'll do what I can t get out. My thing: I'm here, I'm buying a better. Now Lebanon hold my breath as things going to go, while the figure that one would be too will be. Bring him later to be playing with it like a cat, I'm doing it right. Nickel, and now you have Sars gonna. Tell you again about tsars year must be. I must have a son, because I love to games and groping bond Oh I like slithering around other, came back from the grave and slap white boy beat an Asian in Europe. It has happened. I don't like ping pong because I feel it think on is one of those games with us. Such a discrepancy, the jasmine talent, but either you're, both planes, volley or just like you play,
in past years. I dickens swap legumes done well he's really good, though isn't he's run, gets on my head terrible. How'd you get in your head is really gotta. Complemented areas saw, I think, you're my head is, I don't have to do it at that. To do. For my lawyer, you just let me get everything. You're gonna, get it you're totally screwball you got a nice tie today represents a shadow. I know I should have gone with the person melodies and justice at the party, good lawyers, that's all I'm saying. Is that a generalization? You know it is: let's go. Let's go we're gonna, I can, of course, with quarter black here. Let me know of any two months and second, but let's go for people who don't know the hashtag is try to live from shares. A promo code is Chaz entered and a lot of cholera come such mucklucks, but there's a lot.
It's gone wrong with Jack, so much in the media has totally miss portrayed at every turn to the point in the region. We want to do this, not what we were expecting chess is still be there, but we thought it was that is Chaz dies and a whimpering silence. We I want you to remember this story, because the media wants you to forget and that's a big mistake that I think Donald Trump made by the way in relation to Chaz, I think you have sent in the military immediately after the first death, really as people singles, let it self destruct that any strategy right now. That is predicated on Americans having a long enough memory and that be tainted by this by the news cycle. If it spreading did on Americans, remembering Chaz in the media being accountable to what happened with jazz. I think it's about strategy. What I think is, I think, the funniest thing Its ending right now is that it just collapsing and what module ain't? No right. Now, that's the problem. I know he knows where political sort of what we're political, junkie, capitalist imagines. That is their right. What happened with chairs and soap remember what happened with jazz after someone get shot in the park and Donald
Talk to somebody today who had not even heard of it, and I started telling the story there, like no you're serious, like somebody actually took over like talk to somebody today who had not even heard of it, and I started telling the story there, like no you're serious, like somebody actually took over like a city airport videos like like a blackened like no legs. Block, but I bet you feel about the Seattle summer of love. They would remember, it began media that certain media portrayed it and so then, when it goes away, you know the latest. They don't talk but you're just a smaller. If not for new media, you guys it would have gone. Way the new thing they always didn't want to talk about an immediate right, it's me, because you guys are upset about it by right, but a good rule of thumb gestures just little in a word to the west in twenty twenty. If this We involves a new fake, news, it's a fake Ryan story, the noose, obviously banana above all, as banana finish. What he should have said was. Nothing has been done, I'm sorry, my bonuses to me. It's a damn nuth. Oh, what's that
It doesn't matter what you say: it's not a road and those are the video now in twenty seventeen with multiple Mass Rogers owner row, with exact same pull down though they loved, nooses and use them for every right that was obviously Jesse small. It was fake, obviously but I will not just small- is a cop. Can the body came so everybody can run on command like an hour after the report in a wild and let you know you can take it, you can take it off. What now set up a gets, a motley gets Marty grubby zigzag. Let me say I want to make sure that you saw unlike sure get it it's a ripple hoard from an old Zodiac boat that during a cheque for that too, and then there are those in the news is in Oakland. This is what most people have only remember once they were tier expands were black personal trainer yeah
I've been working on the recommendations to guy you couldn't for real tiara expands authorities made from Slipknot people doing like people origin there in other, do, unlike their Lord, recalled the like it backs or wherever this this this. This hate crime is really I'm feeling the burnt in the gloom. So that goes away. So the General NEWS, it's a figure clicks, are good. There's a guy who always pays dimension was they should stop let's go with Jason, went to check back in with our people. Here's a couple the claims from shares that are false and I want to know what you guys think about jobs and if you think it's going to go away completely in what you think the ripple effect is. Let me now I'd love to see you in the comments and also let us know some questions. You would like to have a court about geared ask residents of chess furs. When the natives of the zone is autonomous right as a chance of a thousand foot, then a change to chop, because I think they realise there could be legal. Patients, if this is a time, is usually occupied its and argue patient Oprah,
asked Emily was setting themselves off her failure and the firstly, but my undertaking closed is seeking a different, a whole different level, avail you're, no and in what what's interesting? Is it you know, even from the very beginning, the idea that it was overtaken. You know like Lissy that it may be sorted out as George Floyd protest, then, within like the first night it was taken over by you know or like gas, must show in Canada. You know many of us are completely different, overtaken from anything related to the core issues and would have doubled the population of kin. Also, there gun ownership rate. Hope you that's why Canada wouldn't take them. Shadow was like where's your makeup and nine guns, I need to see you in black a whole, a whole choice for L'Oreal spokesperson. Mary shall at Opel
but so they said it was a ton of years. The truth Chaz only ever existed. This is one of the funniest, their communes that exist go out and buy yourself some cheap land. It happens all the time if they can start a commune. I think Temple he's doing it. Now I have considered it could become a fun. I consider that we have and then I'm like reality. So the problem is doing. On someone else's shit. That's them. Employment is not a commune jazz only ever exist because propped up by the goodwill and works from a capitalist, a free enterprise economy, people who were actual contributors. There are dying, filmore more on goods, services and other valuable commodities here
we're here down, and there is a fine here that says what supplies they want. This. What you see here was within the know, how early I started. I forgot my sign up there. I lack after running for my life and I came back the next take so long to get it, and I saw this. Why would you want to look like the engineers usually have little store? I ask them to whatever TAT Tom S letter someone's like I have one. We got cases of on pieces of milk yesterday, the local businesses are bringing chains of ice cream. I'm guessing it didn't come from Europe farm, where what does it a Jerry's is ice cream? Of course you just say she was accepting the fruits of the corporate tree small man. You know lad that she made those glasses ourselves not lie on his hand, although they are predominantly on petroleum products. Yes, riddles, like old shell of actual turtle term, that's not petroleum. Acrylics places such a terrible,
but I've been disrupted biochemical bomb, Hang There is already one it's all over the street there doing it himself that looking right now, you just if you just sent this to ices tobacco, I got the mob. Let me go to we're blackguard. If we haven't really quickly because speaking of corporate they actually it's a corner by getting, are you there, sir? You are wearing the recreational centre here at the shop, Slash Chaz. If we get a good service Chaz? But you know, I don't believe in it. You're haven't like sitting here was very Sazen around notes. Can you go? that actually did it took him, like thirty minutes, to pass around notes You did all written down. You know then try to make a constitutional other thing. Can you Ask them, can you didn't you can approach them an awesome Are you guys, ok, let's let's see what deck whereby look eyes walking with purpose? in his shirt and nominal a summer
Jefferson of Jazz yell at zero. Yes, you ask them what they're doing pass in the no big deal. I thought we sent him up there with Kinko's, I'm very curious I'm watching as you are promo code and try to live from just show it's gonna, but you're sitting. Did you just say it's disgusting. Nobody to set a discussion on the discussion out discussion, what kind of discussion where they discussing this Are you trying to make the constitution regular. We can't you only saying what about your work and your Peter Force, whatever you feel like it, it seems that the kind of taking turns each telling each other how they feel needs and want to see what we would do.
Was he had questions and what they want to deal with, and I guess that's That's? Where can you can you enter them or something Ask them how they feel about the three shootings. Not quite sure they Monday s going but you're right now. I've got me, I repeat us the question when you hear the mother, who has the college? Does he know It seems to me this evening, alright, right with the orange shirt. Ok, erasing hands loudly raising hands in worship. In short, this is what Jane always was like having a recording, it's just some men? Three with God, tell her to please stop airspace. Are it can actually be
so we are less than ninety percent of children. Missions will appreciate it, Sir not when you ask them? What's going on what what it, what is it about retaining making? What can you tell us tell em right, ok, that you feel as though she's being aggressive with you and your country, It's been unjust, to our you'll turn it off. If she needs to you as a black man and showed a picture of your dad even better, you really don't
oh wait, there's the everyday living. We got a guy, we everything right! whoa, whoa, whoa, sweetheart, say hey. Who made you clean, be rescued such my property, really wonder: Damn thing's Dublin! I know what was happening. We'll talk to that guy over there. What is it asked us to pursue our way? We don't we just ash question? Haven't you stepped back six peoples? tell them. We want to understand how we will leave this area, not gonna, Shakespeare summary. Now he's right ear when talking about that's that's a simple thing, I think,
the respect you got your fine leaving just anymore brain now is not recorded, This just gotta careless zones ass his ass That's him in the studio I kind of like you just leave that general area will check back in with you. Tat really tell her that this is another example gonna limiting black people from white spaces. Well what a bitch, so back in one corner black yet and a little bit, because speaking of I forgot, where we were those really riveting televisions, dreaming careful, not a good thing. If this quarter blackberries quarter wheels, I don't know the globally. We never did they Something about him, he must involve checking my thinking about maternity goes to a say, very with lots of light to a safe place.
Yeah, what are shut up her jewels. Direct this thing and ruin the show. You make sure that we get out of there. Don't tell don't keep reiterating it's. I don't know he's not. What are you trying to? Listen there you go there, you go trying to make the black man jumped for you tell a month ago. It is not right for six foot for area and look us Could he alive when he opened it? You get any you make you make. Twittering sets chip and you know what I make them really well. Do we actually, like one sixteen scale out you're getting better, but I would not say that I really like it is it's a nice ship in a bottle and they load and about like ever like Irish. For that- and I want to add- and I want to learn how to do it, but so language they have been backed up, of course, by the corporate overlords, their chairs- and A lot of irony is lost on them, because this support you'd think that at least trying
a bird up, and so are our young men down their courted by garret and even Brendan did actually help them in checking their corporate for privileges in correcting it this morning,
The joint during the march, a kid and if you guys, are really going to raise one more thing into the breach of their size
Roger can't catch a brave mega video document, they want him in the town, and I want to take him out of the town, the smells like garlic and then the logo and the things that these checks people there just so easy to trick you so stupid. One million people are like now: it's not a slippery slope. This cancel culture and then you're like were cancelling ever. They really know that this is literally a slippery slope. That's covered in bumping, Reginald fell under the marker essay animals. Imagine living your life where you we allow someone to guilt, you into sharp. You read all which, by the way, won't last because they don't understand the concept of compensation and the rebels, pretty recognisable your
what is that small cylinder her mother had on our governments? Colors bulldozer wings? I still think that it rains because angels are trying. I look at it, goes into somebody else's business like now. You get a change that can have but because it already I haven't heard they would probably long. I was raised without a spine, I'm really my mom always to sail even invertebrate. Meanwhile, there is a very sensitive, your mama hiring and mercury, I'm not happy like jellyfish or that you didn't really see the muppet guys have more red rum, red rum as hashtag greater life from chats. Can we check back its genome? Is Corbett geared to remove or organ
government, our city angle, running for online wildlife. Secondly, lies in the second of these collagen. Could we have to get to this meat segment? God knows where this is going to be safe. Looks like you're out or we have your audio gonna area, thereby gonna go by the way. This is not ok, ok, so too, can you tell us what happened? It seems like they weren't, exec, ok, peaceful, so so out of a string being white Liberal walked up and said that you were a winner and now you're, hiding in your safe space in L, a search on which he knows so what, so he walked up and then like three others really and Wales. I couldn't really tell out of my peripheral and serenity straight up like three to five land wells they're, all kind of one big mass behind me. I couldn't wait until you and they told us that we need during the cameras off and then leave so we did it
leave the soccer field or leave, although, as you know, there is a lot of heads turning and some unsavory, ok look. There are some darker fellows looking at me. That was come on you're, not given up around anybody in that department. I don't hold it against them. You know it's it's there. Now that relating to hold it up against yourself you that's wrong? Did they have any hatred towards yourself? Quarterback you know I I I know, because because I am one of them, I know that russian gear, which one year, which we get one or even more afraid of the guy in the polo where the girl in the genes, refugees are not so much, I nearly through a punch at that guy that worked out with the mask, but all the other people told me to step back, because I told him
Acta is still. I tell you what listen? I know you guys are drafted by the way you do. You realize that Johnny Boy put a push bumper on the company vehicle is therefore use and a clear. It's not. You run anybody overheads in case you actually more. We take a barricade around thing which when it actually put our country bearing their data. Now, here the barricades barricade but lucky, usually like good in eight years. I would like you to do quarter bugger. If you can have you got in obviously make sure the vehicle is safe cause. I don't get that deposit, but if you can get it the vehicle weight and then try and broadcasting like original plan when we're going to set up the whole studio outside of jazz and just If you can do some broadcasting from the front of the barricade, might be something you guys could do. And and then hopefully you know the angry Lesbians and George won't scary.
I don't think gave you hurry it. It's it's! Ok whenever there's one of em, but whenever there's like fifty of them. Yet different story. It there's a lot of George Garret Lotta George. I know you're trying to covered over now, but I can tell him the reflection of your glasses that you just pulled the Taco Bell so and you finally calling up our back and see if you can go in front of the barricades to broadcast a court of law area will check back in with you, but make sure you get the car ways you guys have a good get away will check back in with you in a little bit, so dont entirely leave down, or I will check that committee, but actually right now, actually the perfect time before we check in with New Jersey, promo code is drought or live from Chaz. You see this lie as we speak, then the myth that we ve been, about shazam- and you just see this- is in its important because people might look of. A single word was peaceful. They just came up and told you you suck ok, but what about the fact that in America right you can film yourselves for example, people say hole on your phone.
Its peaceful. Unless you are a market, but in America you can wear Magua had any people have to punch you in the face right No, there are no ramifications. There is no real georgian share, so it's kind of peaceful during the day before the lights go out. If you agree with them entirely, otherwise they their own nonexistent laws to harass people the absolute, and that was a mob of people that I mean not quite a mob yet, but for fire it was never seen a fuckin ma haven't. I never could have it. Otherwise he was doing the devil went down to Georgia. I allow river circle. Undressed Stephen, I say did on the subway. People get not again like there's five or six people anymore. Renard get showed up we're. Just like you sure you want to keep doing you the Flash mob thing Gerald General. I think when the pizza shows up at youth group, that's not a mob. Good, then? What is it now go ahead?
it's a lost childhood, a mandatory Bianca fairly say, but I did see that the large lady on the ground looked back, saw him turned her friend started talking about it, but when forty nine, that is, power, was able to get a black motherland whales and she never even got offer fat disgustingly we're she did, machetes directed it but seriously when five or six people come up to you and start saying you have to leave, you have to leave like you, don't know what about to happen like, especially in a place like jazz crime. Is rapid people didn't beat up for nothing wrong. We're gonna get noticed that actually, when they said your name ray, I was like They are more violent crime there than El Salvador if you were to judge it as nation, we don't hey, don't drop if you're watching and in the military in the Chaz National Guard. Wiping out just What if they have a national anthem like Penicillin on a sandwich, you just go: snip snipping snips their capital, man buns,
all right. That's what this is. Another method, of course, that you ve heard that that Chaz has been peaceful, and this is important just actually hear it from Chris grew cold and the mayor I wanted to a clear sense of this, though mayor Why do you were going to give it to dominate our colleague and I do not envy not just in city, but in many instances when it comes to what the remedy is off, the unrest in the country right now. Do you think this is about for him. I think it shows a complete lack of understanding and why people in the street therein the fighting a system of domination, and he doesn't understand that an his Spines is always one it's bellicose and militaristic, but he doesn't under the military. In that way there is you ve seen from the line of generals that had disputed him. So I think he says dominate because he is totally does not understand what is,
but even in America, and he is desperately trying to start the old fight in the old divisions that put him in power in the first place. How long do you think Seattle in those few blocks, looks like this? no, we could have a summer of love them online like affected she's, downing, other military response concerning a military response, but the french military dont The fact that she is in a position of leadership in and she's a woman so that's new early playing this rather character. Very rascal s, like I put I'd, put the do she gear on something like I understand it's like the way I want to make all of you kneel, and I want to you know, be abusive rather than what you came for me, her being bees right. I don't either way. Thank you so much to rise, Simone DE facto leader of jazz for the accommodated ass. The gladly fixed that I make her, though you son of a bitch,
too much about I soon aids deaths and thing about rise is giving yes, you know you enough, please it's enough giving you gives listen, you give so much of yourself save some for you. You ve done enough bread, the fluffy astounds this the most that is ring. You never get an answer for more violent across this. This jacket, five more shoe. I could have done so much more. Rather, you didn't not so under the follow up tweet from the mayor by the way. More recently is capital economies owners not allow. This waste is a peaceful expression of our that's irrational tweet, with the follow up tweet now she's saying that she needs to go in and get rid of. The lot of you ve heard this from the mayor. Now, let's bring that up, we put up the ones who does areas specifically think she's like I did not see it was a lawless waste bland.
Exactly why? What I again, when people often say this by the way, someone as Ex has blood on their hands. Donald Trump has blood on his hands because he's following the outlined, Barack Obama Muslim, travelled moratorium radically this lady, this may, m she's an oversight. This is as close to a politician having actual blood on their hands. As I can imagine modern times, she said rather is great, rather Street Fair, it's the summer of love, go to! as everybody take family to rise convoy all, whereas, if candy win rise, then four shootings or three shootings, including one homicide. Later we have to put an end to what we have tweet there, where she was a demented looking round women like like informing- and we all know that- I'm not, I think they are now decided
down jasper, I don't have the errors and it's not like the people of Chad we're doing really well before. This is right to businesses. Weren't closed down and people have lost their jobs like really you're. Gonna. Add insult to injury by allowing this to become a foreign country is unknown, but people are dead because of her exactly it's not just it's not so how's. I disagree with you. Ve told people too. I went to his own that everyone else's thing: it's not safe, it's not the same as she goes, its totally safe, come on to jazz and then people like oh shit, I got shot you, so I will leave now they produce. I like this guy, oh shit, I got shot normal response, see this wasn't his first shooting when the high. I don't know, but one person is dead. Three people are shot so people, let's what's compare this when people say it summer of love and its peaceful, what does matters contacts something to compare to show in the United States? There are four point: four six gun: homicides per one hundred thousand people per year, This comes from the CDC four point, four
Six gonna sides for one hundred thousand people per year. In shares they ve already and multiple she's affirmed, putting their rate at five hundred. For one hundred thousand, that's yeah, so that I can do the math but exponentially more well, then, if we just take into account their actual violet crime rate or our firearm crime rate is higher than an inner since, as the developing nation will give it time. When I say developing nation, it's very generous because it assumes hope, they are going to, but there they have worse violent gun crime than other third world country they do they are they a fourth world country? Do we have that I have no idea what they haven't. Category amended up nearly seven nuclear. It's like the bargain what're you have next to the bargain, been it's just it's just the trash. It's like free, you're, gonna, say aroused for less
so at least chances firearm break its at least a hundred times higher than here is that we are here than in the past, unites three different people have been shot at the shop southerners. Take us at the chopper. I've got a job to do the job passed two or injured, and one has tragically died. Any incidents of gun violence, inner city. Well, that's what pissed off that gun violence are deeply concerning to me, chief, best our residents, businesses and the greater committee. By way that chief hates you most cops and what has gone wrong? Finally, what do you think happened to the more silent crime like beatings, rapes, aft, stabbings none of those are recorded because the cops can get in their only crime we know about is the one that in here, because you just sonic boom, just loud like to ramp without
I was then budding heads yachting another. Well, I was not privy to all animals make connectivity. I don't know how long it, how much time it takes a stamp on politics and put together show this shitty view. You also cannot these new dog on animals right is really good at it. So a hundred times higher gun ownership. I kind of like that part, I think its death from a firearm is a hundred no buts. Being of what you know. What else is actually because rest Simone is actually he's a big And a fire always and we're gonna get to rather Simone the de facto leader here. Look who providers wonderful, accommodations that Erasmus, Airbus? You thank you so much as you're invited to the House Party at your house by the way. Of course you would never. We would never be so does not include you it's true the best it from the goings on at your property. You would double the attendance is, I guess, but two years he was picking up sushi from his favorite spot right. Let me that's a loading it at its Tesla right. I was gonna. He was gonna. Stop up pick up some mix tape usb sir
as long as they are meeting which remind me even Brendan: have the rubber doorstep? Have it ready precautionary measure so wrapped himself by the wasting of arms? He was caught ill legally mind you crimes, so leader is one that we ve got Golly homing guns out to people including people who cannot in the state of washed and have guns here. Yet camera, handing out an our fifteen from his Tesla to a man who says he's eighty, they organise aids in order you done. He got that fast. Food from me come on in look how he grabbed this fire. It would really be a log cabin one, give the way
that down rise, while by the way like to bring up the overlay. Just in case you were wondering is that a crime in Washington yeah, it's a crime. You have to be twenty one, I'm not sure if that, depending on the state of its a felony or misdemeanours, depends on how many times you do it, certainly not legal. Probably most the diamonds authority does not a great thing now they would that be like in a court of law. Video rats a firearm to a minor. Would that com is evidence that evidence. I hope I wanna. That's not even a cool like rap boast right, I gave guns. Do a kid. Yeah. Well, you ve got a kid. Then he shot himself and that's that the story like I'll. Have anyone, and often where legislation is like glistened does really is sad It is a sad tale to tell my besides, but this is part of my plea:
It must mean design ass, a little bit better. Whatever happened with naked eye boys, Dad, I'm not saying it's his birthday. You know it's a doctor guide. You knew he had no idea how to handle again by the way. Where are you two rules? Girls for four clear fact, just just for contrast, my girls from the change of mind to the gun range weeded out here for the first time. I I If they had all we're friends. I know you can trust the gun. We took a fake firearm right away. Then we too fire that was unloaded with a magazine like make sure that, because the important things you gonna good purchase and fire right, you got it You know that you're holding it in controls and ran like it's, a rag that you find an like a needle you ve found in jazz. Actually all the fire and other people die looks clean By the way the hashtag is crowd or life from Chaz, let's check and really quickly with even Brendan Party, even Brendan tell us what's going on in May jazz yeah.
So no one's shut up yet, but we have developments, we have a list of the man, Oh, I see what they are. Ok right, rabies out for a superb equality. Ok, I've got that run justice, ok, good we'd. That would be yeah that should be in order Their wage, ok by we are there reparations, sick pot. Ok, several fun bully! We also need to say defined, police or fun, police brutality, grey area. I love a good fun police no one, even Burnham scratch our defined police intended to fund police, because I think that would be a good compromise if, like some fun, police showed not like
policing, fun, none o things like fun, police. I don't care, I let my kids drinks a better in my House Party drink and my under my roof rat. Are you drink under the laws, room, Thank God. The black community will be happier area upset about the good it almost universally appreciate your condensation of it loud under censure, gay rights or fourth time. What other demands have their running? We capitalism UK. God, you're gummed spoke account. China way quarter. Blackguard might be heading your way because I don't know he was chased off by an angry mob of Lesbians and George
neither logical outcome of you. Can we check back and is doing anything from coalblack era we wanted. We haven't no portable get whereas quarter. Blackguard is still in the car to talk about walking. Although their water is now so court. I guess it. Where are you now Bel air? run on trying to reposition. A ginger? energy, or are they act on your tail. Was his top physically have a tale, Stephen right here, right such a move would not anonymous recycling, whereas I have no leg to stand on you may be lightly. Ok, yeah! We're back! You were back in ok, we're back in the chest so I will listen. I want you to get settled and we're gonna check back in with you in a little bit. You stay safe, get settled and avoid resorts, the George is like
like shirts and skins and George are always skins, yeah yeah, I'm off modestly speeches at the moment, but somebody else. Ok, let's go let's let him go for loading Savior. You guys go and buy. Let's get to rather more info and they put lukashka egg is crowd or lie. From Chaz you just let me know. Utilities in Rio rise is by the way living the american capitalist dream to be clear. People who are following this guy he's worth between one to five million dollars, and I know this is publicly of it and look for some reason. I'm on black celebrity network. Are you and ask me listed at like Five million dollars network- and it says it had ocean front property in Dallas Well, yeah, I'm fine right! Now! There's that's intervened. It's written by someone from Like Bangladesh like make much money from Youtube Video and have waterfront property in Dallas and there's an old instagram picture from grandmother laws, Lake House from eight years ago, wow so that
It is. I can nice entirely confirm this, but I can't the City of Seattle awarded rather Simone eighty, a thousand dollars right. A grant help build his studios. Generically became somewhat successful and that's what I got all this love cars like us, a plethora of high and luxury rennell properties, because local businesses was it black umbrella, is one the Aurora smoke shop, now: ok, commodity priorities, Elsie and, of course, he's a super house. Their air BNP Advert effort commonly referred to as new chat. I, like your support of capitalism, I do what lady just start: hating, the man or because the management pretty goddamn it seem Susan. Yeah raises the man will now he read anonymize always been the man yeah, always always, but these games, this instant meagre and eighty three thousand dollar grant tonight is that happened.
The studio pipe. I mean if you, if you ever just wanted a vote. If you were just in a strong desire to give money away that you were almost guaranteed you'd. Never seeing this, the people oh hi, eighty thousand dollars for that so rather studio like every. Like I like it, I will take my money on. Let fly away, It's like you build a police precinct and then let the monitor I guess accolade employees to drink. It says that if it was ever yours to begin with, you should let it go and AIDS covered in penises. So it did. It just doesn't work with this saying I think a lot of. So rise as said Razumihin again, a host of new Chaz. We appreciated mean so generous up if he's gonna, you're saying that all he wants his puppies somebody round a blizzard Will you miss who are upset about injustices,
will they been seeing as specifically towards by people right now whereas under that pile of lawn, admits It's like where we have warm clothing. Daddy is really going to adopt. Not my comparing stop. All of them and they which, by the way, you think he's Opel. Giving here did you say humans, because people offended somebody would have always just a group of mammals, PETE Pete embody the mammals walk on two feet. And have a conscience, be sentient beings where not all cause all Albanians assembly. It I mean I have the ability, like you, like Emma human, therefore is
and out of this old letter writer. I would like another great money here you so you saw him a peaceful humans. Well, here is actually as late as video features graffiti. It says a good cop is a dead cop. So it's not a literal. When he's a peaceful He didn't mean literally, while he doesn't consider cops to be humans. I think as yet that so yeah, that's that's I don't know he listened to the White Album one too many times. The way way way way is that why did we, Brandon Brennan's call He thought it was the safer options. Sorry now listen. Rest rest, a sensible man so because it would lose. The ear very brings us to our necks. Yet as some of a free market, the accountability now rise rise. Rather, if you too one, hair and even Brennan's head. I will one star you so help me, God really open
and I will but an automated down vote all of your rat videos and now all of which, by the way we get it. You like doing that shot in moving car. Maybe you can bring all of his red videos. Have him in a car with his jacket dry in Bulgaria happened because if you look at separate them from a crappy, no, no, that's a crappy. You do the element of equality. What do you mean like I want? I want a lot of shots at me on the core and they are gonna, be move that we got you gotta catch on track. Just in is a guy with a I found the hottest autos stabilize nowadays, minorities potentially important mouldy gee. I don't know the difference. Mtv, I don't know
is going on between opening accorded by going to save jobs, will see sphere, which is a central meant. Here's video of rats are physically attacking someone while live streaming. Someone was lecture me from just like that. You're a great body wiring. Well China, panache engagement on the waiting list tapestry of my room, The Austrian did not enough to talk about. Dr now knew very peaceful, though very very useful.
By the way we can check on guarantees. You say you want to check you know now. We don't want genuine, never the difference. I know now give me another there, actually getting breeders its home after I now, if you see what I don't tell me now, I'm now is that they show that better, be of retail in, say, don't don't come back to us. I get rid of. It will go back to what I said this cost of so much money could be great or could be what you see worth every penny. It is rather throw them into a fountain. Will you have just said Collins and a fountain. This drown really sucks. There's another one, do they think you're really bother, because you think that we set a bothered, you no sensible people, our audience, but his own audience. Lesbian,
Georgia, with goods and other black guys who disagree with those very launching at the moment there are good with joint, now the last great lesbian, lyricist, molest average doesn't count of Nigeria. I mean we, my when ok, I'm here I is where we shall we with me. I don't want to go from there going lost out to the other lesbian lyricist for those animal shelter, commercials crabby must backfire Every time she sees that little. You know when I dug in the screen is that there have been coming second to stop. Her was the sunlight creed. At all points together, eventually Scots?
altogether, just one personally, I already on the name yet to be real gravity, Dan, illegal or or NATO answer your handling of other Anglo yes you're out the point as they were all irritating, but none of them were shorts, So this is what all upset raised. His own audience, I think, is the retrofitting of rises woke. Clayton. Has these gotta be woke? I dont think that we ve ever even come close to broaching the level of homophobia that rather is put out on public for all too easily. If I live course, you'll everything you're, Botsey he'll claim he was hacked. Now it was not act. We can confirm so one. This is actually here he's refuted with other he's beefed with us wrappers honour. I would just on resource something it with a progressive that give beef with other wrappers like mackerel. More take. Let me right now be like you: titans a bit she's duck in me
What matters is feuding with MAC or more and more as the MIKE Tyson of wrath, and that anyone can call it that when people are like for subscribers are divided and prior debate, because the egg you're within underscore you're sayin. I don't do underscores. That's not true. We have had is calculated with an underscore lying. Embarrassing me up. How do I, rather you call your wife that I was in the audience abundantly Caroline marries, making a struggle at my wife there with her carrying do. I bet that's right is long enough to dry hope she just miracle on thirty. Fourth street, your ass, it is up to take. You will take.
Because I'll be the one administering Mccain beating like you spit out gum in Singapore? Well, so no one here, no knows that I wouldn't I love, etc. I dont have come in Singapore. You doctor out really did You said it was better than those like Y yeah. What's happened here, the story called being done what they say about retroactively. I'm saying it was a proto right. Why help enjoyed your Miller too hard rocks or rather went on to say fit in a cab you when I use them even beaten with wrappers, but this is the actual ever was at his level and he works really. This is browse tweet, I was always leary of like. Does he mean what he saying talking about? Another wrapper is culturally appropriating gay people. Does he care about the communities that speaking about and then he went on to say I say this: are we going to ban for little? I think you have your grip on the oak. I'll show you, where he's dying mothers other wrapper, who guess, may or may not be gay just filled with humans
would queer ass and then he wrote you get to being a wrapper, is being the post, your boy for the fig at community. And bragging there. Ain't, no figs in my family wouldn't give up. The ass hall wouldn't smash. Now, once more, to me is that's nonsensical. It really is, I'm not sure I for coming to hate crime laser in later in raspberry. I've only to know who you hate, you can't just dirty bomb. Your hatred reasons drunken white, I mean come on, get it together, laments the Chinese are lazy nor by that hush tag is around or live from chairs promo code is Chad, C H, Aisy twenty dollars from all my club sign up said. Let us go to come. Such Mugabe will go to share. For police officers and their families, but going
because, even though I love that the first thing that these guys did was build a wall arm, people at the wall and in selected rather as their leader, unease arctic thinking, people or allowed the amount him to take them over. I really really does not happen, as I think I think there was a black man and raise the chance, or rather I get in So close, it's also stoop. They were made for each other writers than you. Syrupy like China is mine. Now Just belongs to me, we are right. We saw the movie you're right. I guess ok, this is asking to worry that those guilty and then and then, when someone got shot in the mayors, are gradually now somewhere that we have to leave I think now stay like remit of your mind ever you wanted to see the opposite of individual thing. It was such a. I mean that one individual would know how to farm I'd like garden. Like you can one version with a green thumb, just wondering
that pot that you put in you put in your plant that doesn't have any done any dirt in it. It sounds like dirt. I thought it was cardboard and then someone could just be like gauge progress and dirt and that in some water and then they all, have to die right We remain here. It would be easier. You know I do. I do have a question about who's. Gonna want once eventually the summer of love is over. Everyone knows in Seattle Summer really last three days right. And so maybe you no kind of if you adjust the four that climate but who's gonna pay to clean up these precincts who's gonna pay to clean up the Nazis, the field where quarter black bitched out and laughed sending anomalies. Unless we are we not in what areas outwardly and then you you know you want to you. You want him to die No? But you you know somewhere in the middle there's our little bit of animosity between
That's. This better. That's not a razor, it's the slightly politically incorrect term for people who are a court black, what symmetry really wanna. If you would have under the dog whistle it's. You know that you know that guy is yeah it's hard enough. You that's what we're gonna hear them a little of it. I'm really bother we're gonna hear that the next commercials can we donate to clean up chairs, and if you don't you're, a white supremacist, Yad style, I think we should donate jesting bombs bombs file bombs in Jakarta, Roach Bomb yeah yeah running out by other. Every day I thought there we go your father's. You actually stone a big disfigures which really someone just a good Samaritan down there with home depot just start send them off really. I really do have a problem that this has been allowed to take root in the United States of America. Rodya. Fifty something businesses now suing Presidio Seattle. I hope they will. I hope they will.
This is a direct effect up in this is one thing to a you can see. I've always said I will never run for office and less, like maybe we'll be like mayor, maybe governor can have a direct effect will be but I do if I thought I could improve a city can actually there can be a net effect directly attributable to your actions, and in this case we have a woman who said: Chaz is great summer of love go under The chairs and we have businesses destroyed in at least three people shot. God knows how many bodies are hidden there and we had a complete media and just keep the reasons to support because it's a microcosm of exactly what will happen with the violent protests just another trying to blame the corona cases on a rally, struggling is entitled the Rapporteur Zactly, and I think we can test that great not putting out on any of the violent protests where people are worrying, masks and screaming at cop. Thank God s knee shields
I don't know where they get those shields, never cops. It's like they get a metallic than the top of the just got em. When Ponderosa stay councils, fire we got a cop could pay for the freezing I've heard that a laudable slips, the subway sneeze shield goes up and subway eighth Rash, really mid. Two thousand I love it. Subway I owned by congratulate red eyes, a bang, my love, if you say that you have been, how can I ever heard of him cause you're an asshole sorted stand up at sixty five virgin media now being like, I'm gonna give bubble walls of run for his It NASCAR. I mean my I'm thirty two, but stay fibres to enter a new professional endeavour and you're gonna pointing his wealth and wasn't no this elegant. It's never too late, John of it's too late.
Rather it's not too late for you, but they're going to just like they moved on from, whereas, if tried to move my man but has gone away, many. Have this not kill them? the millennials, watching your like more John Love, its content, more gentle excavate, huge by nine thousand percent increase, whose John Love Ass, the hashtag ran right. You, John John Love, it's or Germany click. That's interesting question! I do find it remarkable. They just completely forgotten about jasmines. They just don't, don't cover it and that's what's going to happen with the pro. Ass. If they go away corps in the history books won't remember the Billy the dollars in property. Damage the many meant that dozens of lives lost. Hundreds of officers who were seriously injured this isn't because Chaz was the most extreme example of the experiment that is socialism in the United States. The really it wasn't, but you see it. Never. Ever works and, of course, what will they say?
about jazz, we'll just wasn't the right person. Of course it wasn't right person who did rats wasn't the right leader, less toss amended the pile along with Stalin, and now Jane in Madeira and the laudable everyone everyone as ever tried socialism ever less throw him in there. That's that's! What's going to happen, if remark, today, because our kids will probably looking back just like people look back, I'm Woodstock fired. Two Woodstock was just a bunch of people who are drug doubt raping in the mud. I'm sorry you remember, it is something that it wasn't. We have video evidence that it was not you think if you actually knew what the flower that the evil and the violence and the unrest at the flower power era brought back than that most people hated. You would want to see that daisy in the rifle going out the back of his hand that terrible It simply, cannot understand what happened back, that didn't want to go to schools and there are being shouted down and they are being attacked. Woodstock
all kinds of reported rapes that were never investigative, new regional Woodstock startling allows only ninety nine now I was worried. Crime was worse than that era than in the late. Ninety nine, these now I gotta get back on track and say well, is mostly peaceful how many people were shot with this kind of five, how you were shot in the rest of the country at that point, like per capita a hundred times, let one one hundred but use tomato. We fucked up, so I think you're right. I think we will look back in history on this and it will be some kind of paradise version says all this was an experiment. This was something that people were trying to say that freedom matters again right, and it is this peaceful thing of the summer level, her all those quotes, but none of the bad stuff. If none of the deaths, none of the beatings, none the people who couldn't live there, like imagine, being a white guy that lives in the middle of jazz and you have to leave
you gonna work? Are you kidding me walk out on a white people? There Y know there's a lot of white people there, but at night that guy was like a comment here. Walk around sometimes- and I hate going through this place like there was an element of fear. Just to walk through their at night because, like It's really a member of Chaz yeah, Jesus, mostly white, but they make you need for black people. That's my point Gerald? I would have raised thing or, like our rapporteur like I want. I know right here. You whiteness is really a huge part of your identity, really, the time you want to make sure. That is why, in wine, one tall, I have told me so sad, but I do know when they say experiment. Now, it's not accept nothing of its somebody else's stuff. You know it was an experiment, the United States of America, people urged that was a great experiment. When people say we need returned to european style socialism, guess what that's why we
after a news. They will modern european social, invasive monarchy, no centralized government, a church of England, any kind of state and forced denomination taxation without representation over taxation. No freedom of speech which doesn't exist in Europe, people not having the right to bear arms to protect themselves. Tragical government, no failsafe, the United States was an experiment. Chaz not it's not an experiment. None of these things are experiments. One stock Chaz Flower power, its left. It is theft and it and work and by the way, if you're conducting a scientific experiment, you start off with a hypothesis and of its proven verifiable false you abandon it time. Socialism, or some kind of a chance like commune, has been tried. It's been proven, verifiable, false and I hate that problem. The hour grandkids will learn that it was just something by the way you if you ever, if you ever want to have a counter arguments, and we will try and say: oh socialism is worked, what they trying. Tourism is catalina.
Catalonia jacket alongside Catalonia in before the Russians came with it, it was a thirty six. It might. Ended in thirty six nineteen thirties, who, I think, was two years kettle was chess. No, it wasn't an arc. It was what socialist anarchists syndicate, I think, is what they say we're gonna do a whole segment on. No one cares about this, because no one should care about chat you years, but when people try to point to some example that what you look into it in there all Chaz, This is just the newest in a long line of many chances is made of it term Chaz like situations than DR. It's always ended up like chat
is inevitable right and I loved Donald Trump response. Like please try a chance here. We ve hook heated with incredible forest, like you, won't be able to set this up here, the anti indeed, if they try that in Texas. I hope that both Robert Redford's, the last castle, whenever you want to go and see we're court about guarantees, as he's going about their garret ash typewriter life from Chaz whereby Care- where are you, Sir Look stated it on another like ha ha ha does not use any job. Ok, ok, very serious shop is is for real, ok, I've. I've come around job here bank. How did you get here? Did you get that from the no camp? Co up? That's which does what are you talking about? Why did get where we? from the co, op, lunches and lack of. Will you not get to the House Party there in New Chaz New Chaz safer,
I'm going to go check in with even Brendan here pretty soon. So again the hashtag, is crowd or live from Chaz wrote, enemy, ending the show here really soon by the way. Thank you somewhat another. We did a commercial, the blog rifle coffee, wonderful, sponsor the Shutter black rifle copied slash to enter from accrediting at twenty percent off, and- Their coffee is great. We excellently got this coffee double shipped again this matter, and so, let's take them home. On the fourth of July, break now worth taking a break from being live. We pre tapes and patriotic seemed episodes here that you want to watch next week so Navigation Bill Richmond? We will have some. What can I update your pretty soon big tech and our relationship with them? That enough is fine Ok comes the word, but it is the vocs Apocalypse anniversary. So I hope you are met, read because we do
and was even random and that we have pursued the guys so much Chaz promo code crowd of life from Jealousy Brendan. What is going on in New Chaz we are rather we're leaving New Chad's. Some new developments are in place that are saying resin really want us. It is important for our second. Why does he not? Why can you call rather for us? Can you get him on the phone We will call you if you check back with me in a couple more chaotic, Please call him from the check back. That is, is of death. Arrives rest. That's what I think I'm going to put the baby. Was Europeans really like the servants Hall rather rather hope you, like your ones,
our body, Nano Here- airs, hold all the threat it didn't. We get to see the nice you didn't get, The night in our universe is illegally. Are you not allowed to have gets when you have an urban, be my motto legally and Urban II lawyer right the occupancy limit? Three, while I dont know three people, I doubt it I'm just saying I hope a hobo clause. You should, while violent action against red for kicking you out before your rental, was up the maximum listing the six bow, perfect, you're free they are easily and even our admiration quarter, black get we're still there. We would still under be under the occupancy and that son of a bitch Tilden fix the ice machine. Now it's your money, you should let people not well. Ok, it's ok. I don't wanna hear one of its most ready reputation. Rational actually does the ice machine does work, it does but it tastes funky.
Had eyes. We may have to get the put him because you have to put in the begging soda, get rid of all the icing purge it and then its twenty four hours reading of new eyes, and God forbid, you actually hit ice because an cycles and like other and the illegal trade in them exactly and so I understand that. Rather, you might be worth five million dollars but having to live without ice machine. I its struggle. I'd, read the place to learn that's my point. Rather Simone either he's a paper. It's a paper tiger he's trying to you just run off his promise. Comes on an unsuspecting tenants. That's true, and I tell you what I have a good mind to Michael Keaton- go Pacific heights on your ass. Well, I know squatters rights in Washington, my friend, ok he moved with with the town house in San Francisco and how it began to run away rigidly to my fingers and like putting up cockroaches. So much was a fantastic film. Also Michael Keaton was the one who created that you know that John loved get back genoese you're the journal
because we have added a liar that I was as my girlfriend PAMELA Anderson yeah. That's the ticket, a rip off of Michael Keen, Teton stand back a bit about James Cagney, like people used to interrogate in the old film Lars USA yeah. Actually I was with my girlfriend Annette bedding see and John Leverage or put off entirely show actually heard a mere view us an enormous Donald. He talks about and Michael Keaton was a very under appreciated stand comedian. Have to ask: are these guys getting like hazard pay like if any of em get beat up is like a boner now they're getting a pay off shore is ok, free ass, yet it that's pretty good eye which I presented to them as a box of MR freeze but they didn't know they sign on the dotted line, because you did some good lawyering matters that is on track. They can't get out. I was going to say that there is no payroll laws in the chair,
there is a right. What are you gonna do call ran on us. They were in a foreign country from the basement. There's no cell servants. By do we do, we know if even Brennan can make his phone call it's a year in the car, as he ok, rather they leave even Brendan. Are you there sure are all of you back together, yeah yeah we're getting a lie, What a unit different are you in IRAN's current? Our une rat did rather put you in the back of his car blink. If you need help and frustrated with them, when you to see, if I can either either meet him in person and talked him or or Just meet rise in person, yeah mean, if you want you you're only dialing. Ok, all right! Let's start! Ok, This is. I was surprised that he said that I thought I thought saying he was frustrated with us for wanting to do his job. Tell him you're in a Nirvana cover band.
This goal. The promo code is crowd or live from jazz. We're doing so that in that much like Rizzo Donal in that men for so the other. Ninety, ironically referee, had ninety eight hash. The role of farmers is Alisha Silverstone in it. It's a dated references, you're an arrival. This is regular. So that's round and arouses you can't even get rise. So so what happened greater boy tell us what happened? How did you? How did you find out that rabbis bio, we thought was so being so generously combinations apparently didn't about face? What happened were sterling work? does the ac really wasn't working very well and I feel, like you, can't start a new chat in that kind of environment. That's true
did you hear from, whereas at all will not yet he hasn't got it back to me at all. Yeah. Do did you send him like shown how you guys decorated the place or anything, either. That's right to be said that the core- we have the picture? look you send, let's send rascals alone, you will notice, you got have been shared sympathise with for a long time can we show the audience? We actually did an ice mural inches apart. I see, but it's it's pro IDA in line with the chat with the child is a true to shop. Messages are treated with its genetic tat when we send that's, ok All right so often occurs in China to imposition. Let's, let's I don't know how much time we have here, but I really want to see this conclusion. I want to see what had what. Why did they leave like? I wanna know, he's one so scared. I know you're not getting the whole story. I think the homeless people take them out
was, I would have, let you wasn't what almost people the homeless people were with him by himself the hallway, but we that's true. A car, I think, What would have happened? I think even this is not. Didn't you in is embarrassed. Might have been raped. Again, he set himself that's an open invitation, enlarging laws, because a great sea alone is still here later. I lose financing this thing. It's not something you wrap about him, don't let it result eyes like some
happened is that only out streaming get here. You can see it battle. I don't let him have a direct line. I retorted now is that I did arguments are weighed. This is not an argument. Its bullying assistance, both sides under a boss, grossly abusing its power and its authority over a subordinate whose money, I don't even know, is opened up to eight October. We good we're still nuclear right, we're gonna, be, I think, you're gonna yeah looks like, as there are some folks trying to get to the urban, be early ass. They realize how do they know where? Well?
and so, when we apply its rider were almost Hannibal Audio way back me up, I did not say that include no information on the fly. I accept the one that you give to rally. I would love to back me up on this. We also, though, did put the address and the link to the air being be on. Her show like thirty minutes here, is that nobody watches our show. That's a good point. Guys are bad. We haven't even watching tonight. Why do we know they were now. Is it like fit? Is fifty thousand sixty six thousand gotta be who gives a shit picks up like a small town. That's it's after using rise its many many small time, although our aid, as others way more people on ourselves and ensure so ok, how do we know there's that they found out about finding chat on twitter, always owners from Red radio Bandy aside in, and it also makes sense the the
okey. Well, yes, like it's, not the I'm getting more, that it's, not the people but Armed Antigua wow. So we have the support of our ally feeling from afar audio made. Look so happy. I went from afar with we have assumed this is engaging programme. I don't want to die, but you know this is it there? Is there there there are causes more important than your life and there are being smart dead. Don't don't leap towards Chaz are hanging smart enough for us to get compelling kind and that what matters so im guessing Ridge, an essay Reggie found something what's going on. Carbon and I don't know we call inaccurate. I just got here. Ok, all right, so you are safe. You do have our members. Are you? Are you with court about Garret now now you're getting to know we're going to meet him?
Ok tell us, so you got word that armed anti fa we're going there. So what did you received word that armed antifraud, we're going to rise is what we previously our generously provided accommodations. That's that's what I'm gathering Stephen seems like they don't like our decorating style. I dont know why, because work were life and I understand yeah, I don't think what you know. What some people just want to watch the world burn right we support a temporary work. Then we'll get yet did you send the did you send the image of your wonderful mural, tarrasque but considering, but considering is worth so much money know if he actually works, so, ok, maybe like manager, then he's gonna like sell, em and then go well. Well, maybe it would be a nice surprise. The comment on his pillow yet
Brenda did you did you leave some peanuts? Oh that's right in the next guest on outside It raises allergic on a digital vaporize them did. You are itemised peanuts, like a fog or into this apartment. I did at peanuts in there That was an ideology can if we can actually see with them and it might avoid citizenship peanuts and that we need to see if it works every one. It's a real thing like it. If you just took it up like that's what I learned the chance garden, that like units are like actually really like, money out of it? I don't think you're learning that anyway, I did. You guys know that Brendan doesn't right for the show. Can you tell us not right? What do you think eight? Listen when you meet up, could you guys trying tape from? Could you sound like film from afar the interview people? Maybe if we respect them
I don't think we have made a wise allowing ironic you're. Probably right, listen guys! This has been. We really appreciate you spending time with us. We will have some updates here in our relationship with with well, I can't I'm because aberration bills guarantees its declared, but next week we have some more changed my mind with wonderful patriotic videos segment. With David Martin, we will have an update, a cell phone that you update and forward in August, through election, we're gonna be doing good morning, local Monday's through Thursdays. You get started. We heard you as well as special streams for every debate every Town Hall going into election time. This is, The hashtag crowd or live from Chaz Promo Code is Chaz. I think for the next forty eight hours, it is still active where twenty dollars of your mug club membership goes too a charity to support police officers member first responders member when they were important. Maybe they'll come back now that covered, as you know, the antidote
I riots proved on fruitful, first responders police officers and their families entering the promo code, Chaz and, of course, because it's the one you're vocs apocalypse and your support. Tremendous. We really do appreciate it. We hope you have a great fourth of July and thank you so much to even Brendan quarter, black Garrett Bryce who went out there. We really appreciate it. God bless, you have a great force. I want to
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