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Steven livestreams Trump's and Biden's competing town halls, complete with a drinking game and "Back to the Future"-themed costume contest. We're joined by special guest Rudy Giuliani!

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Hey there audio listener be blind because a lot of visual elements to the show, I'm surprised it you're not really watching simple watch on Youtube, obviously, where we ve been demonetized demonetized, and I just but now I just checked my watch demonetized again at the earliest. Does content really is to join up at lot of credit outcome, Slash mug club ninety nine dollars annually, sixty nine for students, veterans, active military and you get access to the entire blaze catalogue. You get Dave Reuben you get Glenn back, you get mark, live in a whole bunch of shows Andy, yes to a full daily show us not available here. So you know you can join up or you can plan on me actually just. feeling this show to the brim with ads for products that you don't aid or want, and I ought to be used it hidden. The passport button The choice is yours, enjoy the show.
the job by his brain has been bad. For years now, now try to bring what remains of Joe Biden by under prouder, and I have been making preparations We just need you to finish the job. Your time is running out. I will be watching on the latter with debate stream. The souls of the american people will all be watching bearing witness, as you deliver that fatal blow to rape you, Joe Biden. It can only be you, President Trump, and if you stand and victory your opponent will rest.
in. I'm here I was a totally dark authorities gone with a dark direction with Russia will somebody is getting terminated and our next guess probably something about that because even had honcho for a while, we are going to come back after this gas. Pursuing pre gaming is limited tradition with our drinking game rules costume contest. Tonight's theme is back to the town hall there really watching Donald Trump and then tuning to Thee Joe Biden town all during the commercial breaks, so that we get the fact chicken but- not give them any ratings and then we'll switch over when it's an all done, but right now you know him, you love him. He is America's mayor and he is the top in the news right now. Former mayor,
York, city and Times magazine man of the year, and I call him I would like to say friend, but he's gonna show
But may I really only how are you, sir, ever user, I'm doing fine? Thank you very much so seems like you're a busy man these days I'd say so I'm busy, but it's it's good, we're. Finally, getting the true that you will not allow reforming getting it well, we'll get to that in a second, not getting it out as much as one could, if not for you know today's roman empire, which is big tech, but before we go on turbine Emil's and all of that. What do you expect from each town hall tonight and, of course, by sorry, I should mention the pot. Gas is common sense available at rubies, common sense, dot com. I'm sorry, I figure people know you have a pod gas, but its common sense with Rudy Giuliani. What do you expect tonight from the town halls? First Donald Trump than Joseph Biden. Rhyming damage was done so many of them. I think we all know what's going to happen, you'll be you'll, be very transparent. He's got tremendous command the issues discussed in addition,
you'll answer the questions directly? He's not gonna not going to say you don't deserve to know my position on whatever which bind is clearly say: whatever is kind of a placeholder, but it works in this instance because it has been pretty much used for whatever. Why me it'll be a binding? Who does what we're gonna get with binding? teeth taken a sufficient number of drugs. I guess we'll get through it. If he hasn't got their pleasure, regions, do you regulations to the flag, you know I was up right. Whatever do ok, we'll move, that's it! That's not about you! Just through some bombs out there, like the ether legumes Molotov cocktails at a peaceful protest. Do you really think that former vice President Joe Biden is using performance enhancing drugs and obviously this is conjecture, but
had to bet he's taking something I got a rule to help this concentration, because there are times in which he wandered off into and there are other size where he's pretty focused and I've never spoken the dockers about it, including a pot cast idea. Not those doctors said that some everything they can see. He looks like he's pretty far advanced with dimension from some of the prime symptoms. Being he gets numbers screwed up, he gets lost in the middle of sentences. He can't remember is wise. Sixty per cent of Roger eighty six years running for the sick man. He said the other day I voted for the Senate, isn't even pause. Them is like we might make that mistake. I'm burning to this end and I thank you very much. running for the surname. You think I'd be a forehead slapped summer on that.
Is it in mind by out how amazing would it be if this is all one brilliant ploy just to convince his wife that I didn't know she wasn't you I forgot, do you are doing our nationals, lady? I think there's gonna be in insanity, defences, Regan's right, ok! So, let's get to this, this is. I have to ask you some some questions and obviously people want to see ass, both from the right and left but surmise here for people who don't know because a lot of people get their information from Facebook and Twitter and the story was throttled. We tested it by the way as a first
nothing is ever retweeted by that. The president. We tested the New York Post article about your own turbine emails and it told us that it could not be posted. We have a screenshot available on my twitter because it violated there their policies and then it was short disseminated and jack. Dorsey apologize he'll have to speak before hearing so for people who haven't heard. Yet this is the bombshell in New York Post. What is it if you have given the bullet points? Hunter Biden, Joe Biden? What's the implication here? Aren't divided and Joe Biden are involved and of bribery scheme in Ukraine. Hunt Abiden and Joe S tree ear said Joe knew nothing about Bruce where the company that take the bride. He knew nothing about his dealings in inner in Ukraine and what what there is is it cold. Clear group rejects messages in Richmond. Abiden sets up a meeting to the number two person in that company with job are right. Who then chats Hunter back and sanctions
So it makes Java complete wire from the last seven years. It shows did he met with permission? I think here it's not eyes public schedule, but we have another one where the guide must not hinder the Bachelor state Department. So his meeting with the deputy Secretary State, Tony Lincoln, is reported because the meeting that would have violated the foreign agents registration at so that they may there are plenty of them very much doing things with regard to Ukraine on the on the hard drive, the main one being that Joe Biden than white for seven years about knew all about aberration, as as you It was true why you did not say anything about my son's far dealings. How credible is that right, guy suffering from really massive drug addiction, which the hard drive will make clear, tried to get through a line of photographs without seeing what did him with a cracked?
sitting in he wasn't a fan. Go go importance is like his army. Have seeing the figures. What this guy have you seen the pictures of him with a crack pipe, the joint rather well. Did you look really look like cool? looks like a child. You right now that this is the hour drive neurology. Oh my word. Let me ask you this May Giuliani. How did you get that hard drive, because this is this? Is the crux of the new Europe? near post, article being run within social media. They said that you ve been working with a russian aid. or the entire. If I gotta directly some you're, not going to believe who likes s pipe eager, couldn't to me, and he said it does actually just want a couple bottles, in return. I mean it cost me about a hundred fifty bucks. I started it to Putin.
If you send someone other than graduates, will show you the heroine of their driving there with the crack pipes, it's got him they're doing an imitation of Anthony Wiener about fifty times about Russia got some very disturbing things that I shouldn't joke about, and I got it. Hunter Biden brought his hard drive into a requirement to repair it. The repair man took it, put abiding signed, a receipt for which I have here said he would have to be able to combat forty two days later came back and game apart and then, when it was done, he never came back according to the agreement. After ninety days too hard drive is abandoned,
under the law, and it belongs to the merchant the merchant held it for another three four months, and then he heard all this talk on television and he and he started to get worried. What why have you? This could be criminal evidence right, so we opened, he opened it any almost fate. He said. I know I never saw anything like this before the end. If you look at the village, the photographs you'd probably come to that conclusion. Also, then he took the tax and he saw the tags major contradictions to what binds the saying on television like the one. I just told you write by saying no
think about Greece. Were you created this plenty of evidence that grants your question mare July, because you know you mentioned Anthony, wiener and sort of came up under Andrew bright part with before was bright, but it was big Hollywood and- and I was therefore that the winner scandal and corn- all that here's my question you, because obviously you know that the left is going to come out and say well as can't be corroborated. That's the basis on which Facebook and Twitter have throttled this story, despite the fact that the recovery of covering stories that we're verifiable, false we're going calling the troops luck that sit suckers and losers. But how do you? How do you go about them behind the scenes making sure that New York posts or have you offered any evidence to anyone other than your post to corroborate, because I've seen your post believes that this is real? They have confirmed it, but is there any way for you to get the media to confirm it? find the scenes so that we don't run a vaudeville media. Argentina cap is this: if they think it's not correct through Rupert Murdoch, you dont send he had it for five days and they did everything they could to verify
the convention and its real. Not only that I internally verified I there. There are things on that: hard drive that only Hunter Biden would not, because those things were given to us by anonymous, inform its gates, for example, that our public date dates of meetings that, whenever recorded in the state, the bottom of the White House in order to hide them and the hard drive comes up in exactly the same date only have been known to unto by his pictures all over. It make a pretty clear that a tin his signature is under the sheet for the gentlemen, can identify sunshine, and if you read, if you read the entire, if you really journal messages they quite consistent with what we already know. It describes a transaction no described the transaction and China that I think we all know it's in strikers book. Almost exactly the same,
in their schwaiger? Does it except it explains that the Wyndham money with strange that the? U praising is exactly what the five with us. told me, through more calm to the United States and justify underwrote gonna, be bought from coming to the United States and. I made this is really ridiculous. Umegae villas, Mammy obvious that they just makes this makes water gate look like when we said this Orpheus dwarf piss droplets. At this point, it is so huge that it almost seems almost for lack of a better word it almost. It almost sounds unduly well to Americans live. While this. This is so huge in that's why twitter and Facebook, or decided to throttle at which, hopefully, at this point, we understand that this is now first amendment issue and not a free speech version of the first reminisce about we're talking about actually the freedom of the press. If New York Post is not being allowed to get their material at their one thing, I wanted to make sure you and you may not know how to explain it, because it's more of a tech issue, your story,
or the store than your post story that you ve actually provide information on was not available and we were searching at social media all across platforms. What was was a story that claimed you or someone who worked with you- had Photoshop these files or had fabricated them, so that wasn't considered fake news that was at the top, and that's not even a clay, you have my vote to have my Bible rises, buyer unwilling. To invite I mean I just invited someone on Fox. If they want to come here and look at it, the they can't take it away, but it become a look at what you ask yourself. What I actually my TAT guy Bryce here, who explain to me why those articles were false right off the bat. If, if I may use that, there's somebody and hence not super, you know super definitive. Robot is just an explanation. Yet, given you want to pull up the
raster, verse, vector thing. Ok, so just will explain it really quickly, as loyal may of the mayor of a little. What yes or their argument was that the little logo was pixel Ized, all kind of low resolution compared to the text. But I that's that's kind of what would happen if you exported and email, ok, yeah actual vectors, so the little icon is usually like an apple or a Google type image right and that's probably referencing, either a vector or higher. Lucian images on the server? Ok, sunlight, Marietta, exactly what happened. This is. This was an older. This was an older. The original hard drive was older than he had appeared on new, a hard choice. He can explain it in detail and an end to our lives,
then I shall give the accuracy of what are not any more. The eyelids lawyers. In fact, I'll give you something that really verifies the very morning. This came out within bout. Twenty minutes Hunter binds Warrior called the merchant and asked him if he could have the hard drive. Yeah. Well, that's very kind of anything corrugated one as we have the email evidence. While that is the way disasters with a hard drive back most welcome. That is the heart. How are you can leave Bryce Yom tunnel? America's mayor, I apologise for that. He was cases welcome. That is now is Learning record of that, in other words, like, though the lawyer reaching out to this now. Imagine there there's actually do by telephone by e mail. Even good look, that's all don't make it worse on them. They demonstrate a lawyer. Would you advise you guys were begun this kid? It was cool.
why was the fifth research in its is actually my art by his was will plasma donors get but he's a nice guy. He cheated his way through. My words are equal, Mr Mcmahon, in reality, we are we're. Gonna have to get going you're pretty soon, but let me ask you is around what else can we expect? Obviously, the relations now with China and the leverage that China could have on a Joe Biden presidency came out today. What else do you think people is going to most surprised people since your kind, it uses the drip drip from this hard drive? What is there some? Can you give us all? I think I think, as it is the second transaction
China comes out, you're gonna, see him being involved with the chinese communist, operative intelligence operators and it's quite obvious getting setting him up and setting Hunter Biden up any setting Joe offer extortion. I think they'll be more emails. Checks messages to make that clear. I think you're gonna see more basic text messages. It describes how a job is compensated, how he was
your portion of this. My Zackie was getting a large portion of this month in all its while also how Joe Biden never really made much money as two or three very, very luxurious, haunts writers even pay for anything hundred. So this is a long term bribery scheme that started at a low level in Delaware, with his brother, James, showing his office holding my take care Joe and when they got to the big time they shook down a rack, for, I think about five hundred million Ukraine. For about twenty China, I don't know- I mean thirty. Forty million right. Oh, oh, oh gosh, I missed to Russia the three point: five million from the mayor's Weiser, who is a good friend by the way we kidding around about pollutant woman, is a close allies
right. We have the irony that we, the president, was accused of falsely colluding with Russia, but by an actually got paying Burma whelp I'll. Give you one more when the media- I you know, I say media, but I'm told my twitter and Facebook, but let's be honest, that's what the media really is. Not a watch cable news anymore, because my doctor Tommy was hypochondriac and I didn't have mesothelioma. So I went just a filter. Look. I am sure, but I think I need a reverse mortgage doc. I don't listen to Tom selling. It actually is his first rodya. But my question to you here is: this is unbelievable when you think about the fact that they fat check this, not fascist, said we can verify the sore You just mentioned Russia. People forget there was a story about Donald Trump, washing russian prostitute being on furniture, and there was no verification, and none of that was ever throttled so, I am really looking and wars and he's a german for thirty years. I knew that was for the data
You couldn't get within ten miles of something like a letter like beforehand yet is assessed. Go in like Greeks and put the cellophane back over the furniture and you still they grow snide and by their show, is common sense. If the pot gets a velvet, rubies common sense, dot com, you can follow Mare, Giuliani at Rudy, Giuliani on the twitter, as long as they still allow. I really appreciate it, On this I know you're staking reputation day by day, no one to look well. Thank you! So much major learning, we really appreciate it and I'll be agony. I wanna brass and talk with you sooner or later. Thank was God bless. I know we had a cut you're ready. You can lead a mayor, go we to cut ready and Amy Coney bear. But you know we don't have time for that right now
so we are going to bring in Gerald and half asian bill to give our pre town Hall thoughts, and here is the intro look up the halo, we're back the town hall and about to start right next to me is I forget his name, dark one dog owned Brown, bread,
round off brown things. Unavoidable Richmond could have an extra to fill my guest, and it seems a little six pounds in the last twenty four hours. It's nice Ilona its food poisoning. So if you see me leave today at any point during the town hall, It's just a view, one of the most famous mayors of all time and unjustly. Please don't put please don't please them up, and you can cook you and Joe Biden think the same thing you could have issues I just need just hoping it depends, don't give me given that give away with the sound look. I gotta be starting this town, hall, any second. Game rules, let's bring em up really quickly. What is I can't read? Em gets a leading or unfair question drops life moment, says China or fake news and punish you drink if Trump mentions Hunter Biden along and you will hear this thing there you go the promo code
industry at the boost that have now been crowded out or town. All that's the hashtag, that's the promo code. You get twenty dollars off for the next twenty four hours and we will be doing is during the commercial break, read the bandages here we will go to the binding town hall and fact check it, see you get to town halls the stream and then after this tunnel entered another full half hour of the binding town hall right, hey, look out. We had what, let's give our thoughts during the first commercial break. We have Savannah got three, so George, Deaf Anoplotheria buying Town Hall was a democratic medications. Director receives just married to one so close to what he has to say in virtual debate. At that point, Joe Biden has got a town on another, Wages is an evil real competition. Without in contrast, ongoing on TAT writ really quickly. You would expect tonight. Why aren't you gonna sound
It's right there well we'll watch shut up and then we'll talk over Joe Biden, because it's not sensorial voters here in Miami, but we should mention socially distance in their work. I should say this audience they began wherein Mass once we all would act like that. You would like it to be a change, my mind and no one was wearing a mass, including the people who walked up to talk me. I was would you like me, we're masked men going to guess I do it's just watched you I got. You inhale someone's cough what he was an essential oils eucalyptus thinking here right here we go larger here, would like your well. We send our best to the first lady Emberon lies any remaining you're, not gonna rabies oh good was in North Carolina today ended a big rally with tremendous turn out and just feel really good. Florida Pennsylvania we're all over the place. It's been great
system treatments that are generally reserved for those with the most severe form in the middle of the room was limited in particular, did you haven't ammonia Walter? and I didn't feel good. I didn't feel strong. I had a little bit of a temperature, the doctors at the White House, a fantastic as you can imagine, and You really didn't want to take a chance and they said: let's go to the hospital. I said: that's, okay, I'm going to read you no respond. What you say and we went over to Walter Reed. Where have tremendous professionals they gave me. General room disappear both and I just all I know is. I felt good the following day. I feel really good at it. The doctors ever tell you that they saw pneumonia on your lungs, but they said the longer. We know a little bit different. A little bit. Snaplock did ammonia unadapted, where I don't I didn't do too much asking. I really felt good. I didn't have much of
problem is, I did have a little bit of the temperature. Obviously I felt there was something missing Then I just didn't. I just a clause, gravity tat thing going on. I like f confusion about this, then I think we can claim and there should be an ear. First positive test was Thursday October. First, hey, what one is hardly last negative test. When did you last remember negative test? Well, I just quite a bit than I can that before the debate, which I thought was a very good debate and I felt in I would argue that. Did you tat? Really? I don't know, I don't even remember just all the time, but I can tell you this after the debate like I guess a day or so was Thursday evening. Maybe even late Thursday evening, I tested positive. That's when I first them,
The debate is evidently be using my micro loans system. I saw you come with a negative tax write off. You know if you ve got attacked remarkably that idea of robbing them again. The doctors do it. I don't ask me just over the time, and they did you take a bit of you ass, the doktor. They give you prove again They dig it just and I leave and I go about energy and by the way I'm gonna catch possibilities lying about Roma Nursing, Lucy had a joint debate with someone you for the debate, and it was only after the debate like a period of time after the debate that Gus Vega Tunisians dumbest, rather than ever wider, covertly engaging in a dialogue, the digital they are calling on. Cambodia Leah did plus a blatant, but you know the doctors very accurate information, and it's not only that doctors
Doctors are one thing as if your president, you have a lot of doctors you surrounded by, but I was in great shape for the debate and sometime after the debate. I just a closet is less is no doubt that was when they decided to answers about Romania and hopefully showcase highlighting nonsense, because sooner at the White House on the Saturday before you tested positive subsequent to die thirteen well connected. Let's drink efforts on the Afghan out, his ranging really seeing them Women have been replaced them people were not wearing you're, not a real doktor trust. My question to you is at this point in the pandemic, knowing what we now since you have? No, better. Should the White House you my mainly on the word, has they gives your daddy, including me, but they turns out everybody.
Building under the gurus grace there's, like only governor, seem from US space what just another day they came out with a stable damage hours all people that we're masks catch it that's what I heard and that's what I saw and regardless of everybody's testing, and they tested often- and I I knew that. I'm president president, I have to see people can be innovation. I can't be in a room I can't be. I have to be. You can see right people, Well, what does a guideline? We're losing money? You're, the guy, your video, mediocre Lincoln's unknown for animal disease outbreaks, a great guy? He always had a mask and they caught at home with their pictures atomic tell us actually, with one judge, spirits, kids not wearing
Mass but little Chris than young people, we weren't wearing a massive. What a pretty nice little about a wish. When he came out tonight and said I was wrong not to wear a mask everyone who said that its greatest water undermine he's a good guy. You should always caroling we're not wrong gift every is related causes, I know no longer no. Ninety relating to cope with the related here's, your personal growth in which an aberration, salient irrelevant, lose with
You are also uncovered around. We need a new priorities together of another line I like, and I invite you robbed me and they would hugged me and they would touch me and I'm not going genuine article one left and then we'll let down from speaking in carrying through the town, all yourself into a watch along because they might try buddhas. We had assembled NBC and twenty one out there can find means to fit to study or to keep these study that exists or from the CDC, if you guys are show pro science. That's find me a single study that shoves, maybe it's a cotton max. You were made at home the way you where the meaning you don't wash them and sanitizing after every single use that status. The spread of microbes like over me a single study that says the homemade cotton masks if they are not washed, be on hot, in a hospital washing machine
Single use show me one study that shows it works because you can play that get she's. Gonna wait, I would say no. I pulled the lawyer game. I didn't ask a question and answer to certain web search, chiefly in a voice. I can't be locked in a very beautiful room, someplace in the White House, and I want to see the goals to our families, and I want to see everybody, and I also say the people all the time. It's real You're doing it is risky. Do that at its near here I don't want you want to be a leader in etc, ball and if you're not wearing a mask, when you're administration is I'd rather be actively working out all wearing by many people. By way of raising everything, my bottle, many people are getting this end How do you know Richmond Ass, a hundred and we're aspirant bottle high luxury extricating tat the world its times new massive sites? They ve done a very good job, but no you
Look today at the Eu J. You take a look at Spain and France and ITALY. This tremendous it's worse than will not Spain. Things going to tell you exactly the hours you there are five hundred system does. I know they have closed down and other ways of yet another. Getting more than two five hundred lives, not contesting the EU, like a pleasant one or two percent than these elements is down twenty one percent. Until we hardly brought her death or capita random, The next item is mortality were winter when the excess mortality and what
done has been amended is undoubtedly one of the many Ngos and the World Health Organization and seedy sit round the imminent we're leaving us estimating that spending with seven hundred and fifty million people have an impact on global, can't just go by the tenth, what they themselves. Don't you had. It is ten thing and then some for their measurement of the mortality rate. They use their overall estimates when they take into account any bodies has also so we take them into account the United States and even better off the on the list. I think at seven point forty million might be similarly sixty million we can address the bandit auto. now and bring it up in a little bed. I could be off give or take ten million of these acts.
We can probably up on something you just. Let me somewhat rounding the corner. I believe roundly. The ten percent of the country's Fox in ITALY has had told me. That means we are indeed dealing with that great didn't is still vulnerable. Being there has been some talk, including from the white how they can we get this Wallace crack down every star on energy like where the same thing management capacity in those who are now hopefully to a certain level. Now we're all in me this is a legend sure in IRAN that we women are only no upper lip. Do you support the Lisbon strategy? A socially just, you're losing your would be one half a Kurdish can not be worse the problem. We did. We works. Among these two million two hundred thousand people and maybe more than that, we're at two hundred Ten thousand people. One person is too much. It should never happened because of China. It happened
better than american resulting gonna write, but my love, how he says my expected of you. Look at the original jobs from original doctors well respected by everybody. Two hundred million figure, though it if you really do not think the two million figure is, if you did So if we are not getting it with a, what are you going to do to make it less than ten percent of the total weight in Corsica anyone after going to manage and lives? When someone said which Sars of some of those involved, I had a lot of fifty percent mortality rate when general first one in their right and then, if it turned out that I had a five percent mortality rate, would you consider that a fact and if you are, one of the two organisations going in one of them was Amerika is pursued by the respective roles. I because, frankly, grammar ass, if you were gonna name with fifty percent, and I think that survival rate reasons worthy
on these other countries, a camera where there were evoldo what, whereas the other main outbreak of evil and some have one of those. I think one of the camera exactly what it was fifty percent and then because of the actions taken by the organization of around five percent. Would you not consider that success? If you don't give me a number, one gets the five percent of the total number one percent she's not doing enough to keep moving the goalposts. These with the numbers that we went off of saying we gonna walk down the economy. Energy is take action that resulted in ten percent of the time. Even if you can't everyone on the council, you're that so full cure that you talk about it. Can't be worse than the problem, the problem is a problem with that more questions. So let's drop it for an how we were watching you debate state right now. We don't do that. So, let's clear up a few things from the last, when you are asked point blank how its white supremacist, didn't follow up questions who specifically a couple
later on a different show you now why supremacy arrested in hue youths on this line? Everybody degenerous, why data around the sea like supremacy for years, but you only Would you always start off with a city in every line I denounced Keefer. I want given the bachelor yes hold any was asking questions like he was a child dies of what you want to go that's a nice guy! Lumbering has re. Do so like you say we go. Do every reject, but deep. Ok, I'm sure they'll ask you the White supremacy question I didn't remsen. Frankly, you want to know something I denounced
in Tunisia, and I denounce those people on the left have to register denouncing. Let me if I was saying she's just a nurse. You immediately say theory that as Democrats are satanic file ray and that you are the saviour. Now can you just once and for all states that that is completely trails and the media. The media wondered. Why do we not take them seriously onto a road map for patient mobility? the commission then, for nine minutes asked the president about his personal carbon, which is dockers already clarified, then moved on to ask him to denounce like supremacy what you did multiple times and then move on to asking him to denounce a conspiracy theory that the Democrats, I say tat. I had a filed. Guess this is the town hall about. Do you know about the radical left?
No, how violently- and I know how they're burning down cities run by Democrats, not really by senator banks. Ass said, quote: Q, and on is nice and real leaders cos conspiracy. Theory can spheres if there are we talking about that made me right. I just don't know about you, you do now. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know let me list waste to host you do now without the definitive, like you don't like nowadays not authorised around, has left the cheapest. These are major study. What I do you gonna have enacted Otto. I gave him as a member of NATO. I mean I do not think he had a fire not marrying radically changed. The only want one meal butter why
you ask and radical your lines? Are you asking Joe body do Matthew being managing bodies want Europe? Is you go August when you have a decisive influence on tv and teeth? This violence they kill people and their burning down. They happened. My just this week you reach leading to your eighty seven million followers, a close on our sea theory that work is treated. You have seal team sex. The Navy seal to six killed to cover up the fake death have been Lawton. Now what would you send alive nothing at we will meet with that was an opinion of somebody, and that was a retweet I'll put it out of here- We decided to mountain climbing, I really welcome and ass. I read in the report my mind at All- and I wonder what,
We were able to reach an agreement that would have the primary media. I wouldn't be able to get the word Why are we or the went all the word is phenomenal, where we talk about building our country stronger and better than its ever been before. Let us know that's what's happening, and everybody knows my city with a lot of states in a lot of stage. Ok, you brought up the election because actually want to ask about the kind of. Let me feel like a lot of people have asked you: will you accept a peaceful means, how do we suddenly all this election is, if it is rigged, they did make up twenty times. Regrettably, not abided by. There were lying on the incoming number tat when you relax workplace accidents, not an airport talk more about how he was watching this setting muttering, possibly do balance right by the way I think nightmare, where you one about the millions Thousands of them were dumped in dumpsters and
when you see values with the name, jump, military balance from a great military and they dumped in garbage his hand, but we could go on but you're, not my motion one, but you can go and watch our art, our video, that we didn't on male in going hitherto. Bronzy fraud derives internet system, a system which is handled now, telling it since that segment, because our high or just had another, how many votes with fifty thousand votes compromise, or that it was. It was ten two thousand launched compromise about total tally of potentially compromise votes as recognised on the record legally. Its five hundred four thousand something over five hundred and four thousand votes could either be fraudulent could be that these compromise could be from people who don't even necessarily limit that attract over that we are living in autumn, but think of of the margin of victory in certain states. Critically, swans swing states, you Adam all, go back to our second. We went through Pennsylvania, we went through Georgia, we went through taxes which, by the way of let's go to doctrine
to be half a minute. This is just right. That's what I've been in my back, thousands about dumped garbage skin and they happen to have my name on it. I'm not happy about it, just I like this very whoever the audience member is behind the left. Shoulder ass. I, like you, not only is nodding models. We do stay. I watched you repay. You watch your idea. Indeed, we want new, like you about balance, that a corrupt debtors Jill intend millions that are being processed ratio but When you re not with a report about what was about his background, we don't want my husband, and I say my peoples want that to happen. I wanted to be. This is why your people we would like them to be clean. Let's get it sort of my right that you and then talk about the peaceful transfer
I spent three and a half years fighting off these maniacs and now everything's there that they were the ones dealt with Russia and it's too bad useful to absolutely want that, but, ideally Other trans represent went away, and I think that your words will probably reassure some folks. Let's get to my first voter, we got Joscelyn Luke doesn't want advised violently dishonest did you know, he's left and she decided to increase access to independent Jaclyn lecture question for the president and hold them up close and take up. You might get the targeted around here evening. Are we welcome to Miami. Thank you, because you are dealing with an extremely narrow economic demand team. As you toll Bob Woodward in February as well. As you told Bob, would work in february- was airborne and deadlier then the flu wide
two only put in place a travel ban, from China and now Please measures, mitigating the spread of pulpit. Nineteen. Actually saving tens of thousands, of American. From put it in your eyes. You know Joe Biden was due months behind me and the lobbies and a fall back in racist and everything else, because I put it in and it too That was a hundred percent right. I also put it doing Europe very early, because I said there was a lot of infection in Europe and it sort of using fashion and appreciates the questions and respect the question, but
news as you get out the right answer, because I put on a travel ban far earlier than doktor found? She thought it was necessary. Why, like far earlier that, I was actually the only one that I wanted to put it on, and I did it actually against the advice of a lot of people, including Nancy, follows you have noted what does he was driving ban? Vitally, when I put on the travel ban- and I put it on and January at the end of january- will bring in what I mean, I mean you're, Edgeworth, really long arm to create, and one of these ones prompted this ban. Moving Nancy now. I see the entire time on that, I'm not going over and Alzheimer's disease from you haven't you. Thank you. Very much to travel are generally when I announced that Eu Chinese Travel Ban and the very twenty fourth outcome closely with saying. If you go to China, that between night detrimental level for travel advisory, two areas of ITALY, South Korea, they bar travel to ran barred. The entry foreign citizen, timidity
the visitor rapid last fourteen days march? Second, after that veiled applause, yunkers workers, to go to a movie theatres March, fourth term, purchased, five hundred million and ninety five respirators and replenish the depleted stockpile tv from Iraq, Obama March. Sixth, he sighed and eight point four billion dollar bill to fight the chromosomes in front of irish outbreak March. Eleven travel restrictions on all of Europe March. Thirteenth declared a national emergency in order forty two billion. This goes on and on and on all the way, through March and April, all the while the Plaza and anti pollution come on, I'm John Kennedy Dumpling. So we have that time. We're on our lips. Even did you see this criminal on the screen? She's got. No man. gone. Oh my word, Mr China has our doctor what through the corona virus pandemic. I know first hand, and I've seen that many hospitals throughout the United States are suffering so hardships these economic effects are trickling down the frontline workers
being across the country. Frontline workers are being fire being followed, our salaries are being cut, and this is also having another economic. sectors as well, including the travel industry. Inhospitality disposed to be. My question to you is the kind of MECCA. How are you going to get? The United States battling tracking restaurant healthcare? Whatever the medical establishing big armor, they wanted one sixth becoming automotive, larger, but that's not. The virus was the idea of lightening the girl between commissioners hospitals overburdened. Instead, you guys rent the sorry, but we can only initiatives hope you like an empty even more than before Well, I don't know Joe November somebody real institute houses, so many things are happening, so people are saying we can have a forty two percent unemployment This was a thing that came into our country and it happened two hundred more than a hundred years ago and it happened now. They were talking about a forty two percent
seven point eight percent of employment and people and even believe it under our economy is growing. As a matter of fact, I will tell you this. I think we have this article, the Washington Post, where is the actual advisers for Joe Biden? Democratic advisers were planning on running against the worst case scenario, Donald Trump Unemployment down. She twelve percent boils down to below a at the beginning of the corridor. I don't want it is now. Mr Dover my country last year, including the state of law development, are now with that. Guy appointments and unemployment rates are not. The same. People should be over two million that we close it down. I have two million lives will opening it up. We have a vision, and it's coming back. It's coming back very fast one other thing: we really have the hospitals, which then billions and billions of dollars to the hospitals. In addition, of millions of lives gowns and we went into the ventilator business, because this country was not equipped with ventilators and I'm not
anybody for, but we're out my mama of it and we have all we can use with I'm all over the world, because the world is himself very hard and really very very effectively. Thank your request that my wife complaining that I dont know Miss look away any. I didn't send us math about plant health care workers, and I have seen the physical and mental told gonNA condemning has taken on hand as giving a point that is very fair share of NATO and the United States job to help the rest of the world, and then why are we condemn? We don't do not. Have you got that Canada about you, send us? How will help replenish thought all the people we all want? Can you help me? Can you help me? Can you spare some change difference? Tourism moves. I had the honour of being president related behind us and I haven't just recently were very wonderful person, his bringing me a male and he's playing with his mask unease, touching his amass all over the place and then what
I didn't know saying. Well, I don't know if that's a good many good news, I needed I did like decided not to say that this was a month ago, but I love you have when the mask, you have two stories, you have a story where they want a story with a dont want unaddressed common. How can I ve already we're gonna be unusual about this? in unison about at the University of Washington, which is of a status. They even have a model that you draw. A virus taskforce relies on says that if everyone wore a mask You can cut expected deaths in have existing jobs. In my back yard actions. Do you do need to stop Doktor Scott is room great guy soon, nobody, you never gone. You cut down on guns, being the method used for suicide by a lot with. I just wish to pills grieving. You can do, however, is because you ve got it's a damn or let you can't just mandate, everyone landmass entertained and force it, but it's! This is the problem,
not only do they live as area laws and pass themselves off as journalists, but they're, not even good ideologues. Do you really think that Donald Trump Chicken Pox down your or make sure you're wearing a mask, but can't even a cop can't even have charges, droughts, shooting someone who jargon what a nice an invitation to space. You really think that governments going to be capable of ensuring that every single american policy, constitutional mandate. You wear amassed by the way. Show me that study and show me that study that shows the cotton masks that you were at home, provided that if you're, not watching at every single time for studies and count chauvinist started to show your little caught mass. You bought LULU Lemon, we'll stop the spread of the virus. These studies are using and ninety five respirators studies are using actual surgical masks that are either being despair of which are being there being discussed, or very using reusable mask that are washed in
hi high temperature. I believe it has to be at least two hundred and eighty degrees of a member state and its two hundred seventy degrees in a hospital commercial level. Washing machine. Alright, let's go. I think, it's time to we had time for us to go actually over to the binding town hall. Infatuated, let's go when I was a thrill. Yeah, we got the merry go round. We are we had an actual town hall, because the last general I was concerned it seems like we were in a in debate were very adversary? You know I volunteered a special needs people at churches, conference club. And ass. I felt like I was there in trunk- was the counselor: let's bring up the binding down or fax or whatever is going on here register bandage? Is there there's going on. What have I missed? What has happened with the binding town hall.
Well, you haven't how line except crawl virus talk? Ok, you know a little bit of ours. Raise. We had a young by voter. Ask fine what he could offer him but I think the main fact checking points out. We have we got Biden first, so that Trump told people indirectly. so I think we got in and all this really quickly and then found check again. They promo code is crowded town hall, twenty hours off for twenty four hours. We have taken our let's run it that's the beginning of the donor. That's actually what he does things like thing from as crazy stuff is walking away from now inject bleaching, your arm and that's gonna work on beer, but I'm not being We could actually set these things
Is this a fag was my friend. You know they really want that. To be true. Here's the thing Tidy Biden has gone on so on check which, by the way, drink, everytime Biden lies at partly drinking game. Hit that thing there Biden has got gotten by So, for so long, without any accountability that he just lies without ratification at any just he just leans into a too much like if you just at the Donald Trump implied? One could maybe use bleach disinfectants friend said he said, Donald Trump said that you could take a belt or surgical tubing
you don't get the bleach in a spoon with a torch lighted injected straightened Iraqi got specific in his water will bid, the media carries, is water, somebody's gonna call on, and then he said, I'm not lying about the right. What let me give you a very specific scenario that even political fact who really wants to support me is going to set up. We don't be sorry, this group, the way that he went on there when he starts to say well, you're not being facetious. She gets. You could hear his like. You know, handlers being like. Ok, great you, We decided to have made it clear procedures that are like you soon as anything else that we, MR you know, I read the bandit. We can come back to you, keep compiling those cliffs everyone watching its crowded town hall, that's a day, don't go drink, a game rules and, crucially, the costume contest after this leaning. It's a lot going just two things on one string: twenty six. So let's go another two trains on this one strains: we didn't you, don't trust me
we do grant. Never. Thank you very much we're hard working middle class family for my husband and I are both self employed and have to get our own individual health care. As you know, the healthcare have gone up considerably over the decades and You add a region, namely that stars yours, twenty twenty to make health care costs affordable, our american good thing is just bringing to the sergeant brethren, modern history, even lower than progress, which was the worst part of all the care, and now you could actually say that not all drama here, because that's how big it let us know you had a pair of fortunes that work is not having to pay for bed the jury. So Frank, we get rid of that. There was a big big thing and doing that and we will always have by way we always protecting people with pre existing. conditions that I can say that more strongly, but we ve been aid. To bring health care costs way down. Now I took off
Obama care, get rid of the individual mandate, made good manage much better. Remember they had five billion dollar website Esther back to the parliament like the German and will not gain relaunch less. That is a much better health care and that's where we're aiming and if we can do that- and we have a very good chance of doing it by We have also brought down the price of Obamacare from with Obama gear. It basically is never going to be great and I want to give great healthcare. Role of american and approved by a hundred and five percent. More than that on average and pretty nice they were twenty. Seventeen and greed ended up. Those went up over two hundred and twelve percent twenty eighty himself get which includes the protectionist prepared. I think, conditions as they got a bit. What right now trying to get rid of that protection. But to replace it with a much better healthcare at a much
or price. You think you're coastlines and protect the Republicans, and I mean Maybe I changed the body a lot over the last three years, but we will protect people with pre existing conventions. that's what I want to do: get rid of the terrible Islamic. already done to a large extent because, as you know, that the individual mandate is that was the worst you advocate face now you ve been calls for years. We have all the causes of Congress say and in the house in Republican here, and there is not a real yeah, that's right, I'm sorry, but not major! Now, opening hours it. What do we do? We get rid of the individual there's a man without a painter, nails and partly messages. I wanted very simple: longer put it very simple: we would like drums originated and we would like to repeat It was something that's much less expensive and much better. We will always protect people with
the existing aviation for existing conditions. We lie if we don't succeed, design, outbreak of a measure and took it upon. We are running the remnants of whatever is left much better than the previous administration, which rendered very badly we'd like to have new health care, much better and much less extensive. Let me get to question number five and you'll like this. He stuck and His name is Joe White. He is registered as a democratic remit, it leaning forward and binding, and his question. Why doesn't look like an improper has been broadly agreed upon my closet and comments and now we're in October, and it still not passed? Why not use your office to make this about me live on. It was very much accurately z relief package to help Americans, whether that be and eventually Ps3 packages,
we're on our most recent one is one point: eight billion in payment relative denying right away just because it would have been the postal services back button watching you know she couldn't you an extra work, my quarterly couldn't care less about our people, we should have a stimulus. Life are not about to emigrate to criminal, our dream of previous. What do you mean by that? We started worldwide, guys figures Lou them. You must now, since one where the rights of people ship, that fact is she's long. People know she's in our way she's not approving it. She doesn't appreciate. People than she doesn't approve appreciated all our workers, we're going about nodding model in a bad man. She's on all the points are really Washington. I mean literally every unreserved early October, you one day, tweeted no more negotiations until Let us act, relaxing the marking a wet scarf. Then I think the next couple of days you said: maybe we can do something targeted. many have said. I want a big big, but then Senate Republican said no. We are not for that. So
using the ring the maker, and so will you yourself. This is how you negotiate ever hear. One point: eight trillion negotiate now democratic discussion; yeah, that's about other people, s, accountability, finance policy or because she's, a woman. You just picture remain, all reason and accountability there's nothing in the feed for Nancy Policy who, by the way so used to soften, also and most letters, and why don't you just say yes to the deal and so did Andrew Yang use: Wolf, let's or an angel, a gang of carrying Republican Party water. Can you imagine, Nancy Pelosi had to deal with the ship that Donald Trump does day in and day out. When we'll let you just said you wanted to point two one point is drawn- is a pretty good deals in x wagon, through my represent his ward directly. I don't care if we agree to something the Republicans will agree to. Ok,
Question comes from. This is interesting. She voted for Clinton. Interpreting article time, Donald Rumsfeld, nodding, sharing forgiven democratic to independent. She says: she's, truly undecided earnings, Becky Lighterman, hello, Becky. What your question are, we I am greatly. How are you and what is not merely because he knows why corporate tax rates, hot, but an issue, and you corporate tax rates in Europe on Joe Biden is planning to raise them a lot of Americans or the hamper their corporations. Dont pay their share of taxes and want to see those tax rates increase. What are you, to those Americans, too. Maybe tell them why you want the corporate tax rate. or in a lay hopes that tape is a great pleasure. We ve created more jobs than this country has ever created, we're up to a hundred and sixty million jobs. We would never even close to that number true adjust. a hundred and sixty million jobs, companies are poor,
you, our nation, because of the tax rate and abiding comes into raises taxes on everybody, including middle income, taxes, which you want to do a? U blow. This thing and you'll end up with a depression, the likes of which never had that's what's going to happen. We have set That's really good! To remind you about understand. We should look into norwegian country, the skin and alien model. They have no more bringing higher to submit their vat inaccurate and actually the poor pay a higher percentage of taxes. Because of the vast accident, I see there's a much higher sales tax on everything in scandinavian countries, south of the premises, Zimmer seventies. I can't burning, shut up, shut up burning. Stop calling us a socialist countries or a free market economy, and you are all open ass, the answer if they actually have higher value added taxes and a lower corporate taxes.
Then the United States, as many people understand even in Europe like we're socialists, are not more arms, but what they want to stay out of a sense of what you want some altogether. The Cayman islands are kind of off your retorted. Let that happen on the subject: energy taxes. As you know, the New York Times is obtained. It says years or tax returns. Among other things, it says that you haven't debts of approximately four hundred twenty one million dollars that you have personally guaranteed and that will come do in the next. Forty almost judge jury knows you're democratic, odors communication with around one hundred twenty one million dollars summit in terms of what they did is illegal number, one Also, I remember one- the numbers are released and just so you understand, when you have a lot of rules that have real estate, but twitter, letting people forgot around right down the road to arouse big stuff. Drakestail was Africa, I'm very under when I decided to cars are allowed under lever variants ITALY, but I'm very hunter leverage.
Very very small percentage of debt compared in favours the institutions. Someone wanted to learn, we might falander. billion dollars compared to the assets that I have all these great properties all over the world and, frankly the bank of a man. The building in San Francisco. I don't love what's happening. for those who run it. Honours, isn't that my office buildings that are confirming that the ESA do some four hundred million notwithstanding. Is that it's a?
the percentage of wine that worth you see them because they directed agent, I know, is watching me to lie down all need, keep an eye on whether they ask him about any finances, particularly following one hunter. Abiden are properly that may be raised or by other people. It is given the same treatment for officials, handing I'm leavin dope and between commercial and injecting him with it. I mean I know it's funny. They go, sir. You o four hundred thousand dollars. I see two Bank of America twenty second to come. Do I actually on a house that a mortgage house was so that doesn't really nine thousand million interested in an age of no upper lip you'd like to see the way ahead injuries. Nobody, I want to say better stand. How this works like how blind ants work simply diamond. Do it hits on airline restrain ill walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars? If you re fine axes and a couple of years the he will do
well expression under lover. I am extremely under lovelier progression in one single things. Sometimes I mean frank if it turned out that the more we voted for unanimously people had, but he doesn't know see I wonder, what was solved? That's good. I am under voted, no am I going to do, let us and our condemnation. My club after these town halls questions Costume contest winter. So please, you consider turning up at Lahti Mine is wonderful, late Isabella Rice administrations. They treat me very badly and approve of this well we're underwriting it's very routine in many ways were running around they like to change the game changed the rules to everything you saw what they did with the team.
the people you, so what they did with clear. There is no law rule that that prohibits you from releasing your tabs comrades, no law having lawyers gotta be a thug like what I know it's so as soon as we come to a conclusion will release greatly, but if you- Do you guys? I should like to say a word talks about the income, which is rather message. It talks about all of the properties. They have a realistic. You can never learn more, but you know what happened. People went there. The report is proceeding friends now you're, making it worse Julie when I filed it and if Every year, every year my son is year. They run the com
but he had read the company. It also says that seven hundred dollars in taxes are not interrupted. Number it's a stage where we play is thinking of women in chinese white targets with large rough behind Donald Trump. Firstly, with you, he rose now. Why picked out here, but let me tell you what else I don't want any of these. Sinister people has been For years now Russia, Russia, Russia, it turned out to be a hoax and it turned out. that Hillary Clinton, the Democrats would deal with Russia. Now it's a whole loved, so I wouldn't minded all saying who, by the way, I voted on the line and when you see the Socrates, like that beautiful anyone like when you look at the amount,
you going to save them from illegal lying down like when I got to know when I go on a whole food and lack the Watermelon Sis II, which ones are rightly stresses that thing you go, the sound can take a break for voting. Just look at the sky, so Rudy says. Thank you to the lady has been interrogating laughing. I shake listen! I'm sorry! I don't know women just so. You know that's what you're wearing a mask and you very large, and I mean this wonderful did nothing wrong with it and ass it good for you. You are woman here, you roar, but amount No, what are you gonna be thinking about the law in their they're kind of showing them off to the right? asylum, where we heard a worrying type? It doesn't matter, it's not their fault that they are very and out good for you saying that for you, the both of you yet Gerald. run around Town Hall, twenty dollars off. We can bring up the drinking game rules here really quickly, so people can see them. Can you recite them out loud their audio aid? Yes, so if Germany, ITALY,
question or unfair question drops of bud light. Thug life moments says China or fake news. You finish your drink if Trump mentions Hunter Biden and then that fighting is a softball question has a dimension moment or talk top and says come on man, then you will hear this thing and now it is time for us to transfer over to the binding down already diarrhoea. Ok, no right That's really is a matter that car didn't catch on, more read the band and everyone is working. A lot of drought and violent people are watching. If you will work remotely every single. you better, be watching Divine Town Hall Stream right now read the bandit. What are we have? What's going on with binding. All we had some discussion of vines, ass legislation on crime, and so I think we have a clip appear discussing Crime bill and then a lot of actual that ok, really quick before that. Did they asked me about his fine
answers at all Biden. Did they ask about the finances and Hunter anything like that yet is ass? Was a mediocre the silliest thing not only talking to a man in a pair of grief that were cut into ok, let's go Timothy Clip right now about Joe binds racist criminal legislation. History put your view on the crime. Now that you read ninety ninety four, which showed pregnant forget rolling, already slip of affording. First of all, things have changed drastically cry bill when voting on the black caucus voter. every black mare, supported across the board. Then a moment in my neighborhood damage Margaret in our neighbourhood, was dead. Now I wasn't shabby Jays out there now we're leaving their we're, leaving two more Things
I want him to do well. I don't want to have to look at em in my cul de sac. I couldn't see what that is there, really small monitor tonight? I read the bandits. Is that true, yet, as over time checked out or we have a little context there, spinning the bags initially it was sort of embarrassing, because only while ten of the thirty eight bike Democrats actually voted against him when it came to the crisis, and so it's it up on a procedural motion, including actually had to go home, be those guys commit about for it, so it wasn't really smooth sailing, wasn't just that everyone supported it. He had to get when an heir to sort of paint and dig up so Joe. If by was so unlike a When I went in to do is bidding any work is there anything else that we risk of another gonna come back here sooner. Is that the main made just a bit? I think that's the main point I think we're switching over to the Supreme Court here.
So there should be some gets thou. The interesting will keep us abreast we're about to go back to that. Aren't earthquake. Let's go back trumped up. He voted in twenty. Sixteen out of sugar. We hardly know or supporting I ain't nobody gonna, take it away. Thank you, Mr President, for years ago, submersion said it was in order to push nominee in an election year away. Yet they fast track your nominee for spring Court just today riots. Question I have for you is how do you You say that the voter thinks its hypocritical to act in that manner and that they can trust report
you can watch. Our reason is critical eye. Was a landowner refers? Not do it, don't trust them guy when they failed to blue eyes and also why God made me like. That is also why I thought I'd be rights, justice and I have a few years Rockets loaves or the entirety of my life fleeing laid. It happened because I have great respect for just as it was, but a vacancy happened to come up and we pick somebody outstanding. She has been an absolute star apathetic about. If we don't out of it a little time, millions living a time would be to do before the election. We also much time after the election, but there's no reason to wait because almost unanimous. It seems to me certainly within the Republican Party and frankly most of the Democrats. We didn't closed rooms. I guarantee you that this is outstanding person and wouldn't values on right. You know They would be hypocritical the answered if they had this, they
one hundred percent. So I have a ghost twenty nine times when this is up and all twenty times, they president, is an exact burn. It lacks not. If I want to make sure you were wonderful and you were wonderful black alone, beautiful night Supreme White Letter of merit. God- and you say I think this- then it should wait until the next president and let the president, with eight months before the election, three, we must respect Parliament's new change to position and I have a lot of respect for judge girl, unknown or tell you this, but I do hope, Ball game James when ICE the way, they treated Justice Cavanaugh Nevertheless, regulating nodding model, not just talking about Supreme Court, I have proceeded, employing women being treated so badly with false accusations and everything else I have now. Four seen anything like it, and you know why the Savanna like it or not. The ballgame changed a lot. There has never been
buddy treated me now, I'm now Galileo's US government has been mentioned here. I got my time every last democratic, the ballgame Janey challenges come up in connection with the election. Do you expect her to be born I don't think there's any conflict at all. You know, a Supreme judge does not have let me they can make their own decisions the the end. They actually have additional power to make that decision odious. Determining up to buying. I would think TAT she would not wearing a white one clear, all twice yearly conflict whatsoever. We haven't coming up. I think it's the most important election in the history of our country. If, for any
lower reminded in our. Nor does it never get. To this point, that's how you would think that she would rule one way or the other. I would think so, but for you you think she would welfare. I have no idea. Why show one way or the other in the law? We call that objecting to ask and answer yet never talked about didn't talk about any of these poverty is nothing you can do that, and I think anybody who never tried it in her on that for our european model from taking a being another, try depended on him and they say it's better, de Jong. So I talk to her about life. I talk to her about the fact. Would you like to do that? Are you willing to do this because its tremendous burden? The answer is yes, she is- leave ably well qualified, but I never spoke to you about these various questions. Voter sugar, at any rate, you, Mr President, lovely lack radium monies Dixon had just a Republican, lineaments, Maria and Green What's your money when that lady here good evening, Mr President,
to be with here. You here tonight, sir, so thank you. I'm a pro life millennia. My question to you is that it was in the world the way it is ultimately overturning the future. Dissident protection would be put in place or kept for where the mother's life. Integrity in relation to high risk pregnancies. Get I'm not ruling is rosy. Weight is something to lump, it would say. Obviously you're going to speak just somebody, I also to other great justice is justice. Gore such injustice cabin. I never spoke to them about Robert Wade. I never spoke to them about election laws and never spoke to him about anything and I've done the right. From me morals, important- I don't even know from the legal standpoint, but nothing is the right thing. I think, depending on what happens with
Robert Wade? I think that perhaps it could get sent down to the states exactly Grognon way of learning can plug back fascinates that we'd all power in the first place anyway would be inappropriate to talk to about it and some people You can't do about it. I just take good by name RADA speak out any authority to allow abortion should operate until nine months, as we saw in Samara abortion because sometimes one day or magenta, up until after birth rate, shouldn't Texas be able to cut down shouldn't Texas, he'll, say: ok, you know no more. You want one go to the state where they I announced that you haven't up until the baby's first word so long time make a decision why I chose her. I think that she's going to make a great decision. I did not tell What decision to make- and I think, would be inappropriate to say right now, because I don't want to do anything to influence her. I want her to get approved and then I want
to go by the law. I am, I know, she's gonna make argued kindly bronze right. Our level doesn't like to insert the word when our thumbs knows, and now the black man environmental agenda again over the genocide and not with the most What do you know? I'm care anything and right now he's gone. Randy is ignorant authority, Randy, sugar and yet no white white brought back now united, a black like yeah thing. Yes, it is that is that all she doesn't with a little laugh. What she's like hispanic nor like I'll, never get there. I never get there we'll see what all right. We have another sergeant lesson, is undecided, she's, leading to by russian and probably the matter in the washing their demands, a Democrat, hastened II, which is much better.
Mr President, thank you very much. As the mother of a young male of color, I have reason to respect authority, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also out of fear that he may face profiling or be considered a crime like an educator. I've also have similar conversations with my high school students, Mr President, but will you your administration due to better prepare our law enforcement officers to work. The with the communities that they serve and also to protect them I mean the fact that there are actually more minorities in the police force and in the general population. You be naturally want to do it right, I should like watching a nasty and everything that use all over the summer and it was a terrible thing, a terrible thing to watch. We were very strongly wherever a senator named James got from South Carolina. He came up with a that should have been approved. It was great, it was a bill that was strong,
in terms of law enforcement and strong in terms of enforcing the proper thing and doing proper thing by law enforcement and the Democrats. wouldn't go forward, they wouldn't go forward at all and I don't know opposite. It was letting me having actually near a bill, but I do have to say this thrilling Nancy and somebody like there's a lot of people a great and I'm done in line and andean community than any president. We can now hand car justice reform prison, Reform, historically black colleges and universities I got them funded. They weren't a year only amounts to blackmail villages, not captain line here that what you said, I'm sorry you're not going to fund you got him ten year funding and financing and more that even in this war, very friendly with a lot of their heads. What we ve done more, and, of course, opportunities zones, but justice reform. Everybody said it could not be done. Prison
Obama by never even tried to do they never have enjoyed? But I say and I say it often I'll say it loud and the very proud of it yeah, really knowledge, as this is already- and I don't like an hour with Africa We are very proud of it. That does not guarantee is likely to be activated enduring twenty six years. I don't count like let your yes, you know someone rang out everything you have got to get back, no black black, so they move around. I think you're right now debates that immigration to Europe. You shut up the union and for my rights surveys.
moreover, the Americans and the majority or for public kittens support at the dreamers programme. So question for you, Mr President, is if you are elected It says you pursue your previous efforts to cut the dark approach, why or why not, the doktor doc somewhat different dreamers. You understand that and you understand it better than anybody, probably in this room. Where do you come now the way originally were my grandparents were from Russia and Poland, such very good. Ok. So I respect we are going Take care of doktor opinionated take care of dream. I know. Usually it's working right now when negotiating different asked. some immigration and immigration law we build now over four hundred miles of border wall, southern Border Mexico's working
very closely the launching of the strongest border. We ve ever want people to come to our country to have to come and legally but we are working very hard on the doktor programme and you will be Think very happy over the course of the next year. He was actually in the same way as you do about ninety minutes. Devalue the radiator find someone up. How can I turn my fair groping? Only hurricanes are allowed and in fact the darker recipients now have to renew. Every year to every two years. So in fact, the doll indeed, in my ear, admittedly yea, it happened with down at a mexican border because he had a renewed and with reason, you know how they get bringing manage. Business here was incredibly skilled. There was a jump through loops of any the jump group, just get renewed, and he did it himself had even ass. We re unhealthy told me: can I go down too? Can I dont go down in the more rice and absolutely this?
something that all legal immigrants have to do. It's not because your brown, you have complained about that. What happened in Vienna was held on a break me- stop interrupt me. They have to be yet. It has been well more behaving well at least July. When you talk like a range of factors. You have just released, which is obviously you check somebody they could be a murderer. There could be, a rapist was supposed to release them into our country. These are the laws that I inherited. We ended that programme You are ready to do it when people talk about knowledge, supporting what's right, children who were born to illegal immigrant parents, you didn't do anything wrong, ok, fine, but would you deport all felons who are here illegally in our prisons start now magical
if you're to San Francisco refugee Sanctuary Stage review. So let's have that effect with abortion was and what about vapourings? That's! Ok! If we allow reverend zest, would you get rid of all the other abortions people? Then don't present that argument sure it's not about children, one! It's about why they should give you a second chance and how you might improve in a second term, thirty seconds. What would you say to that? Because all continents, Romania, is strongest economy in the world? We closed it up. We are coming. I'm goin soon that are strong. Jobs like we ve, never been before. We ve regional development. We rebuild our borders as we had no borders. We had no nothing. We rebuild so much. We ve, given you the greatest tax cut in the history of our country, greatest regulation cod equally as important, and we
new levels of jobs that nobody was possible and next year is going to be better care about it after you have one of those fleeing mean holiday, watching captain it's not going to meet the percentage for present knowledge from our eye. I hate to be a step down hate to be a Buzz Gilbert, because we wanted you to be able to. joy, both streams and now there's another half hour to the riddle. Dementia giant advertising. You took a big farmer, says one big glorified billboard for level dope.
Failing to invite only really quickly when what you guys know, of course, this is sponsored today live Lock, rifle coffee, wonderful coffee. I drink it every day, except for right now, because of my coming. I really want to go wrong girl girl, but why rifle copied com? Slash crowded get twenty percent off your first order and better known veteran operated, but their coffee is fresh. Roasted ordering tasks to awesome is better coffee and you're. Not supporting people hate your country like this guy and oh my gosh. Where does she not totally enough for the turtles glove? Let's go to the EU began to try to rescue the monastery from fossil. What are not harmful to human health and the environment. Are you planning for self was Pennsylvania and the nation while she s invention, but some kids grow Ballinger, allied with the massive wouldn't let em retrieve it. Frankly, I think you have to make sure
look more like a crazy mark, the end of July. What, remaining carload liar well now renewable energy energy source in the world right now, because I'm going to say something is going to sound self serving I was able to invest billions of dollars into bring them every one, no, we don't like she likes Biden, so now arisen, so slender idiomatic oil right now. It has great great promise simplifying by the way the fleet is waste from, tromp town, all. Ok, we just want from the Trump Town Hall with Savannah Guthrie. My browsing doctor who married to a democratic communications consultant to a guy you actually work of the communication is director for the
Why are they want us to think that their objective, its unbiased honest, I do not say TAT boys trump weight the lions den heart. When I heard the savanna got three, I thought to myself men It is on that I mean you know I wasn't gonna, be straight: shootin yeah. I think it is very well thank you actually pretty well, but I want to compare it with here with binding, read the ban, it was in fact checks for what we missed, but right now it's time of Recovery ACT and solar and wind, which of course, we know socks line. I take knowledge and some like he's needle way, ass to be able to reach and carbon capture, and I think we're going to be able to move in the direction whereby the EU, twenty thirty five we'll be able to have net zero emissions of carbon from the creation of energy creation, what dad so we can look right by I'll do likewise in our environment. The president thinks
are guarded by John? I think MRS read of Matthew could be seen as I started before Yes, that's outside of trading systems, because my company contracts she's getting mad cow disease earnings, then she's are not only less building at the four seasons about how bad is the answer is and what we have to do spoke. Found the transmission. I think on getting course Dakota slowly going alternately, okay. So what science moves towards Jani sang has not so much in love, be Zeller went, got angry army we can factual. Does Greece compare Germany who went way able with Renewal energy which included solar wind and they shunned nuclear. Compare them with Francis France actually reduce their carbon emissions and France is more food given our hair stay, a lower net energy costs and by the way they have fewer deaths per kilowatt hour, which is how is actually made
versus Germany, who actually increase their carbon emissions during that same time, what happened all solar and wind? Well, what happens if you dont have a power grid that could actually maintain that they can actually hold the power, can reserve the power, and so they would have Brown out, and then you have power surpluses which it would have to sell. It met negative Manette run out to guess what I have to go back to call you don't have the same kind of flapping. We have United States also, there are still a few nazis working in there. You want to see what his plan looks. Like California, hello. I will see if he goes in hard, inviting like Ireland, Visor denial and then goes away. There's local one, fifty four Sean Stephanie was quoted in your time today saying you can't have it both ways? It says you can't me your golden and fossil fuels without ending fracturing. What do you say to people like shod, who doubt your denial, because they think You want to keep that promise makers overwhelming endorsement for the border luxurious indoors,
ass. I sat down and one great negative emotion, exactly what I want to what I would do as I would stop making. I will stop giving tax breaks Looking out on his eyes in oil, we really have to take up that any longer number one. We should stop that same billions of dollars over time. When I will also do subsidize, there's no wind and solar doesn't work. Zeb by the oil and gas and oil magically my twenty thirty we're gonna, be carbon. Free, not possible, are used order, against you say, you're, not even european money and Alexander, says organ of the crew fracturing organic behind. My deals are crucial framework, but not the new green deal. The new green deal calls for elimination of green. all non renewable energy by twenty thirty. He can't get there. You're gonna need to be able to transition George to be able to turn
sure to get to know how does it need to be reinvested in new technologies and allow us to do things that Georgie, let us or place where we get to net zero emission, including an agriculture I've laid out of breath tail plan, we we take for granted. The wrangling we allow cited way. Are you thinking? You're? All private initiative is vital. Question router you down to absorb. I pray you start by banning frantic. We said it would do, are you kill every line on the horse and cart manure and let them take out the bearing of methane and users fertilizer and make a lot of money doing, for example, right now down and people when I say that they wonder what I'm talking about this August classes sink in the world? Is the Amazon more carbon absorbed from the air? I go back to that question. Machine, global warming in the Amazon and all the Karmann emitted on but bracket and a good thing in the Amazon. Unfortunately, they also have anything to hold their use.
Having obtained the return on his well provide. for Israel, electric vehicles didn't you, We say that we need a cripple, may have not brought people. We ve never seen a broad and actually Joe Biden, dot com does say. Joe Biden believes that the green new deal is a crucial framework on the climate. Change is sound I'm sorry just turn the music on talking and nobody knows way of stopping me from talking item, I ask because I forgot my rosary what you're only uses out of political opportunism really quickly before We go into this wretch, the bandit. What did we miss from
Biden, Town Hall before we switched over so their uncoupled things of notes on the Supreme Court clashed and bite and actually said in in this almost we don't even have to run a club. It's so Balls EAST said that I thought it was in by implication, it was Unconstitutional, to nominate a new justice before the elections. A reading of the constitution is reading says that by fishing you have to wait and so yeah. You know he talked about how he spot international law has written constitution says if you find your hand to consort across the room next that it also mentioning that, by the way I did did he happened to mention something known as the Biden rule, because you know that it's named after him. That says that you can do this. If you controls,
and the White House. I'm sorry, Israel, not ours, but he doesn't know that there are many more are right. What else do we have? No, there are ready the bandit. I did mention that he would not deny, but at some point given answer on court backing and because we also have a lip. Is he s, ideas on how to reform policing I think we do have a good all right. Let's go to the clip of how Biden would do policing you're watching the egg in general provocateurs, better Town Hall, a lot of Canada comes less my club and you can use a hash we'll be announcing a custom contests when it let's go too is answer and policing we can do this. You can ban, show calls you can read it, but beyond that you have to teach people how to de escalate circumstances. De escalate
so instead of anybody come and actually the first thing you do shoot to kill issued a little. I walk out o my god. Business, miss reload. yeah, that's what happens at first. I thought this was a famous screen capture of golden he's trying to and now by the way, bad idea.
while most cases this cops throat gets caught should have shot him in the leg. I've learned about the garden peacekeeping or something yet by the people. Wonder why the Democrats, whether they're always advised by consultants by people who actually our campaign managers to board the going to shew, because any person who's ever taken a conceal, carry course or you officer, competitive sugar, anyways ever taken a basic gun safety course, let alone conceal, saved, conceal Carrie course. They tell you, listen if you have to in your gun, you have first off, don't take it out unless you're, ok, with the potential of destroying that target and aim for Chest Centre Mass because you miss most the time. The first thing to tell you is it's a myth, as I did in the movies that you can aim for the legs or shoot a gun. Out of your hand, it's a total mess but buying repeat that, because he's, never learn anything about guns, he's out of touch with a huge portion of the american population. We challenged him, nobody said: hey, isn't it pretty hard to shoot?
in the leg we noticed lies not only out of me there's a couple reasons one smaller target to, even if you do that, dig the kind of crippling injury that happens is yours centrally decides saying how I'd like to just make them and staring? Third, when you're shooting a concrete bullets do actually skip, there's the opportunity of shooting at CERN angle, that is always give tv go past and then go into a different. Are you you're not at a shooting this person to protect yourself, which are shooting in a controlled way? Look at the reality of the situation, the office assure just randomly shooting and you're shooting a small target or your shooting indiscriminately. You put other people a day, there's a lot of different reasons given by MRS the guy. You also said just take a democratic shot, gun and fire through the air not regulates like you. Eventually I come back down or even sooner audio out, you can say we do have a relevant chat from been. He says question for read the bandit. How many Republicans have asked Biden question so far is watching the button. Could, I think, only want one has any trumpeting reds abandoned. You think you could check that for us and get back to us because
to go to bind. I would say speaking out ass bottom speed, that is as if we were a cone head because they have assets. Let's go back, get back to us on that Reginald accounts because of you the Pennsylvania, Mr Vice president, I want to be millionaires and, with the same ground, right pieces breaking out all over the world. Our troops are coming home, Serbia is talking to Kosovo, and the Arabs in is rarely are talking peace. Good, I believe, is a modern day miracle. What's going like that effort as president we got ensemble arms policy deserve some credit, a little monotony whole lot. We find ourselves in a position where were more isolated in the world, and we ever man, our allies, are our paying. The NATO than we ever have in Israel has had the biggest fisheries have resigned in modern history at three lesser to having enough nuclear material to build a bomb North Korea has more by.
I'm sorry, you say a random sir. Before size. You can't you see, I'm saying they can count on us. We're in a situation is well aware. In the far east we find out in Greece for Simons Virgin unhappy with that's where we're Icelanders. Well, you have, I should pay, and in and South Korea at odds with other China is making always so at odds with others. We find our strengths dimension. Mamma says he's not making sense than we ban. I do compliment the president on the deal with with Israel. Recently in our deals, you any terrorism, did nothing S daughter and trusted around you say forty years: seventy machination forty eight years! It is something I trust more, whose a better leader and come on baby. It was both a national survey, international survey, both behind Putin as well as
you just? Did you bring up good prudence, no answer for anything with his eyes on american authors, heads in Afghanistan. More Pino, their oil internationally Ronald Reagan, also Wednesday Those guys are not liked by other countries, but guess what it's not a popularity their respective Wurno and NATO is this money is on track Neda, because there is no doubt that doubt art by slight whether their use raises happy biting memories, money, jocular, roofs, data, Poland by two hungry, your horse and totalitarian regimes in the world and as well as this president, embraces all the thugs. remedies best friends might like you in round in America, as well as a brave like development. Like my ass, you silly onstage he's he's a boss steel or what's a rocket from a children's, so I would respectfully suggest no. There is no plan,
while the plant is not that we know major new wars, which only modern man rather than ever knew that you guys I'm more enlightened drones, rags and anyone. Israel's listen leader and you guys sucked on this front, not just call it a lot. Take the allies of our power and most polluted all people. An individualist knows what you think about the Israel israeli Peace Treaty, with a great writer what he would say if you fall back on individual issues, Donald Trump was come out on top and those individual issues, particularly on issues of national security. On foreign policy. I wouldn't even be closed the door MS, they don't do that because we will running interference or the former Democratic Lighthouse Communications Director, George Definite Nablus, and then one whose married to somebody who is the poor man's definitely semantic operate because the people in charge of the town all right. Let's even look look what I got another question now
our job. I know that not all the British demanded with a gap in the co read now yeah retaining their mass mom of two girls. Eight and ten. My youngest daughter is transgender The Trump administration has attacked a right that only transgender people banning them I want you to sign your way. How they decide security, gender and sex. How can you decide your sex when your driver's license trends before you even have the ability to climax? Will you and their years old. You can decide to cause reproductive harm agenda. we are allowing many guises, there's on anything else, but you're gonna make it permanently alters you're sex life partners go it doesnt have protected under? U S law flat out, just change the law. Every eliminate those executive orders
the one you may recall, I'm the guy who said I was raised by a man who, Remember when I was demonstrate how fry rank them very high school education, Melanie Horrid parameters was really decent guy and I must be dropped off to get an application in the centre of our city will weaken Delaware, a corporate capital of the world of the time these two men, I'm getting out together an application, be alive garden, african american media because there was a big swimming pool. blacks and was a transgender in the African Americans kissed one, while I'm gettin out my dad my download recent joint simple. They love each other, the idea that an eight year old child or a ten year old child the sides- and I decided I want to be- gender. That's like we have decided to sexual orientation. I was a reference because a perilous offensive being Orono which, by the way, is very well
I believe that we change the dictionary quickly categorized sexual preference as events it as a derogatory german room, just mention it to lead to gain black men event registered attract. Do you have any idea what they would use out? the weight of the two. Who do you think they'll hang in mines decide he wants to be transgender rather Oreo. They would even of Ultra Martineau Youtube. That's why we're lab transgender individual who committed physical, solvent appendix betters, return rubber literally put not laugh because it was a miracle third level terms, joint algae terminology of a row now, and he just said, choose debate transgender, we don't shoot somebody immutable, he was the guy who, by the way, I turn I agree with you. What, then are we? rendering the joke. Work on getting Thankyou mammal drawback? Yet I have question, for you
while, not that not only commercials, I'm gonna give you a wide open, lame and well to a commercial yeah. Your question for chapter half an hour had some I'm I'm really interested in this. I've talked with a lot of folks recently and they are concerned about their family and I don't just mean their kids or their spouse, but they are concerned about their parents, their concern about the extended family and out what I want to see in the chat is of all the different, crazy, dangerous, immoral positions. That Biden has actually talk to because we know a few of them. He just won't even answer, but the ones you talk about. What makes you most concerned, your family, and why? What is it? What is the issue that is most concerning to you and what are you most concern about when Biden if he were to get request? and if you have an eight year all do you allow to chop off their cock. yeah, you can use that one cause us to obvious. Ok, you're. Using of that one obvious thing is girl to guard. While I don't care, I don't care. you don't allow each year olds, two hundred
warm on blockers. Just like you don't allow Europe to wipe their buggers under the couch. I know because my dad spanked me and I deserved it- had eight no notice that that was my bugger nook, ended sorry we discussed here, we at least hand of God. I played the Joe Biden, keep looking auditing. I don't remember what I remember what it looks like. very definite, red demanded it. What else is there are some other things are and have been going on here that we missed on awake that's right other than any of the republican number was another we're looking dear. Yes, questions are not able to find that. Yes, I've been trying to keep track. I think he had one question from a republic. You just voted for John case it
that doesn't count on other withdrawn case was J. I believe it s former governor worse and I won't know, as I was going to take low was rowed. The highest office in the land was everyone hates me how do stop visible evidence. Joe Biden cause you. Asshole man or I ll- give me more, answer is one that there was one of the guys. I don't want to hear from you what information about it he's smart one wall, to say there is one but a message about over tromp, and then she was now undecided. sorry I mean maybe sought to question from Republicans I am already as opposed to the hard every single question from Savannah Gotham yeah right has without a say, I was like how many times did George jump in their interrupt yell I'm calling in asked leading flash video
that because we missed it, we're watching Donald Trump during that time was George. Definitely was he grilling Joe Biden asking for follow. Ups are no use. the sweetie pie positive and very happy. Ok. Well also, did they I s pose a me women in white sweaters behind, not because I do not feel able to see, but that are there during the trump down all you know, we ve category stage there right. They made a big, shall I wasn't six vetoes like sixty beat and between him and seven our desire. What some more poster down from their open blouses bided goes for, like the ten to twelve year old girls, they were the Green reaffirmed a smell before coming up exactly despite their like Mr Ban, would you like a defeat? you're with essential oils. That'll, actually, peppermint is awakening to have seven zero. familiar that land seven year old, it's just seven
RO, the Susie. Can you put that in the end the what's, namely that the Mormons essential oil company on live jack? What that, big fat. I was a big fan of young living until I found out what it was all about. as far as I am concerned, that we are now ready for me young, loving apart? There was incredibly disappointing man, he was mine when they were bbn, says that dog having just scare just said when they went kid free. That's right: let's see good evening
You say that you committed to entering this race after the events of Charlottesville in twenty seventeen. I assume that that feeling that prompted me to run will not go away once the results are determined so that a guy in people if you lose noise now will you use your platform to urge President Donald Trump and those rallying behind him words the ideals of a more perfect game. I got plans persuading honest with you. I think that's very hard. He is not things that led to the cells to learning from the mission was happen once gone before. What
y know much of its new de jure gambling is then liars and only present live there, something very definite plus right outside of Vice President Biden, but when I hear that makes sense, preferring dimension universally presided by my language, making the case when a black guy like an unwanted newsletter, universally bellows, focusing on the same issues relating to what constitutes younger decency and honour in this country yeah I got a midwife rang, uninjured, homeless, Legatee Radium doesn't diplomat. Leaders who stags moment is aunt: Julia Delaware. May I have only just arrived just as this laptop and it just rolled, will crack ok laid off even got? No great This question ask your guys, like climate,
now you might morgana about. When I figured you crave use here, there's there's a result. We may reside. There's an. I understand, do you not and there's a hour grandpa these defeat for president back teaching or I am elected president- It is a major onto the old folks element of everything that I'm about you're, going to work as a government. Certain annual ran nation and its. What makes us lose every single, solitary general The dialogue, solitary humankind's comes up. We are like not an army, that is a country of slaves who came here, four hundred mama guy do not live in Europe and our blood Van country slavery. Unless we are able to treat bang we're magician.
Never gonna get about from it. I don't want to put your back. Do you like to see that the green paper I used to think rational joy anymore, either way you want it gives to be raised in a racial, John Jago job? I would in fact, with EU member. Would pursuing that series of tweets ready to set a couple of words, and then just that knows I imagined at that time that bind was like eyes. Let me do this. One there, like Are you can't just say slavery, slavery and then the next week we bad I'm a little confused weary of slaves that were brought here four hundred years ago. I hope that our or are there still people live. There were slaves, you're insinuating. Although my question is as old as well, that's that's good point as well His answer made any sense. It is likely that slavery that was off now. TAT was Jorge, looks like it made of them. Pipe wants us to be usually around
raising the animals were on horseback, spin, divide and conquer the way he does better fees puts us and about slavery to completely non regulated question, because the guy only Dartmoor shave shade of pale divide and conquer you, crazy old amendments serve as objects. What's a steak and it's not about ghostly next relaxed questions to be somebody. the Roman knows the Jews aren't have man. The Americans in Azerbaijan is doing the same thing. That military did, which, as you get up dirty saying, is dividing the countries do while he just happened, and why the country into away their lot the wind and election. So I'm higher you're, saying always divided. Put your ignoring the black folks for trumped spanish folks were drunk women for jump because you're saying, oh, you shouldn't
what we re looking at a single back while we're really let anyone right will be taking your jets by the way after this show at lot of Canada comes last month on the blaze tv, it is crowded town hall. Please do consider supporting us, because this is the only way that we can to stay in business as we well know, especially what what's going on right now, with the Hunter Biden in social media design, they're going to throttle truth so what kind of a complex Michael, it's the only way that we get to keep this going and I will be taking a chat exclusively after later this turn off. Did we miss anything? There read the bandit? No, I don't think so. I was going Mention, however, from earlier with the Supreme Court questions biting claimed that Judge Amy Honey, bear it didn't, lay out or judicial plot, to pay you during the hearings, as we clearly did not of course mean she
is there any reason to analyse and everything so that now that that there is another issue that you slightly, but when he was confusing asked her about high ass germ cells are carried out; say me, call revert about or judicial philosophy, and she started talking about checks, fonts man to mention Ariel Sharon, are you type now? I have a follow up question to something. He just said: how did knowledge of divide Country record oil from the from the party that is known for identity politics are finding a way of people. Part would Donald Trump did said, you're entitled to more of your money, you're entitled to better healthcare, you're entitled to have troops come home and your and entitled to have more freedom. That's,
Why so? You know who divided the country CNN when they rejected ice cube, because he had been hall to meet with damage because he wanted to offer this contract for Black America and Donald Trump was the only one who said yes nine. Who said he would arrest that this. As I said, I will rest that I would rest that mother Fucker talk, which is spoken of IRAN right, because the guys from the police exertions about Donald, and then he offered the black contract for America you, both by down Drummond the buying peoples that we'll get back you after election and down trumps. It gonna, let you like authorities, we banned ice then, because of our we there yet to have different, though that is gonna, send it out. We
let you come on this network anymore because of army to William worse it are we close, and I mean they. Let the dickens seek upwards. Go on me, there's a worse production, I mean arable, the convention would mean have we say we ve It was not that long ago- and this is the bat like these- are the answers. Your hearing from Biden and all this time, low energy to it. But I will say I gotta go. I have to reiterate one criticism is the very first debate could have been just like this if trumpeted just let by rather it will include a look. I understood, I'm shit why he was passionate in that first debate. The president understood why he was giving in there, in wanting to say his peace, but look at how terrible binders when he's by him. When he has to just try and save one sentence that makes any which, by the way, I'm actually interested the number of questions to Donald Trump versus Biden and the average amount for ten years, because it seems that there are no right. Maybe we can figure. This out seems to me like that
more there quite a few more commercial breaks in the binding general and questions what we talked about, how badly Trump came off at the last debate, but Savannah Guthrie. Off just as bad off pretty well yeah, here tat I ll try to rattle and early on with our personal covered. Quite that's what you do you wanna that'll somebody you get personal right now, He really actually in this one thing I will say about Donald Trump when you take the from the media about they were fine people on both sides that I'm not talking about. What's. Ok, let me remind me to go back to us. Ok, go back to this point about fine people on both sides because they had a point to make compared to cement a reverse the people, s questions during that tunnel meeting. He was ass several times whether took a convent test. The Dave you allow me I will not allow a week from just one question: Lee S, debate to happen. Will you demand that president?
protecting husband, George, she negative debate by the way before I came up here. I took another test of integrity. The deep tested on one ago, most Wendy because I want to be able, if I had not passed, tested the one I could only get in there and they said what you're saying off your parents. I swear. I just think it. So this isn't an atheist decent, want determine whether or not you are clear and unless Concern about very low in people, the guise of the cameras, the people working in all they have. No rights whatsoever is your eyes. You drive up with all those people in so yes, I believe he will do Look I know I want to know I haven't you will do why? What are you talking? What I want to know did not all these try babying about, went from pad which restore Rona in secret service being around so when buying potentially may have been infected. Did he decided say no, no security
by the way these what happened, entrusting the science and the medical professionals, because the doktor said around from tested negative several times those Doctors are excluded debate tonight that we see that those I was out, don't count layer, think they're gonna not written what happened last time by the way a quick point, every single video that I have seen him talking to the press and he is wearing a mask and that's fantastic one he's wearing it wrong and too. He is actually more of a danger to everyone. When he does this every time he touches it he's touching it and then touching adorn arbour shaking a hand or putting your car coughing into it? It would be better if you didn't have a man when he is a super spreader by doing that, the actual people well as I that is the end of it or sporting already under way more than eighteen million Americans loaded tonight as you heard from divided by financing I wanted. I was supposed to be a presidential debate, president from pulled out of that debate. When the commission wanted to virtual debated at a covert outbreak at the White House, Joe Biden had agreed to do that. Instead, then doing the town all here with ABC and the president in a late move this week. Agreeing to that
town hall in another network of what it is. I could initially point nobody's gonna your mother was anticlimactic. I can't believe what he made. It was perfectly climactic for Joe Biden or are they broke in and basically there were saying this is really boring. Organ have to break in and tell you so look at him. He looked silken those he was a parity when you take the sheet off the gauge. So so, bill. You made this point just a minute ago. Wasn't just that he got software questions from the audience. I think the first person that asked a question that we went to was on foreign policy. That guy was obviously somebody who leaned Pearl Republican. There was no card questioning from stuff Annapolis. There was no follow up from anybody in the audience asking a follow question at all or a follow up from stuff. Was on anything, they said Joe, you didn't say uncontroversial things either it's not here. By the way, those guys are not social, doesn't say, notice and right now and thereby mass but do not social distancing. So remember back the one moment when joy also z and they brought business is escalating, I think they ve impressed on. Why doesn't really dogs hilltop there
There was a man and a people who doesn't he just received here old transit visas without writing is linked in case you know, so look, first of all it every time we went to a break, there were cutting mop, but the one moment when they were ass, much frightened and George, was like a tracking number. You shouldn't. Please answer right! Ok, we'll just get was rightly you with a nightmare variants. Trying to be honest, I gave you said: hey you're, crazy and not answering
He tried with any stop trying you then he was just like my will. There was a link moment, though right right. I was the one moment where it looked somewhat like he was doing his job, but not really pressing hardened. Ok, I wanted to make this final point near now. What I wanted to make two points here? Actually, ok, first one that lady who asked me a question about dreamers about data. I believe that was to Joe Biden, dementia lady, this one thing I was just thinking about the other day when, because it just watch vampires in the Bronx on Netflix, you see, I was to do- was to trumpet yet Was so it was about, it was a german Donald Trump Donald Tray was. Was it the day? Maybe later I think she s a different question under way afraid on Wednesday. to him in any way of the difference between Dreamer. So I was thinking about Where's and dagger she conflated the two because demand it does so there fires in the Bronx vampires vampire in the Bronx, but it was called Brooklyn now it was the empire in the Bronx
and that's how unoriginal oh gosh, which, by the way you want to talk about a negative stereo like black? It's not that I don't think that they can just take white films and put in black people. Is that I think that black Americans deserve better than hey you write night with black people. That's with vampires in the Bronx has put its basically about vampires effectively. One big analogy right, Gentrification and they complained about justification, and they talk about this nose. Lady was sore. I remember exactly what triggered it for me, but she was a knight mean that the actual way not trigger morning asking about Dac and dreamers. This summons come up quite a bit in these debates on these conversations about gentrification. No one talks about this at all, but I was talk. I was watching vampire in the Bronx than I was listen ABC recently on a second people complain about gentrification, but their primarily complaining about is white people, obviously moving into an area. This is what this ain't vampires in the Bronx. I say when white people move in and then we gotta be. We get priced out.
Are you sure that was always an entirely black neighbourhood? And that's it but she said she was a russian emigrant because guess what him traffic before you heard, the Muslim called to pay You do now in Michigan. Look it up. It's one place in United States reading it of Muslim called up her five times a day was a polish neighbourhood Many areas of Brooklyn or the Bronx we're polish were italian, we're irish and then they moved away and black people moving the neighbour and gentrified it when the polish and the Irish moved up. So this idea that irrigation only occurs when white people moving now. Second, did you gentrified when that Ariel it's a ham shrink, also Rules are no longer there. The pole ox and by the way we can say, that's not even consider two thirds by the victims very offensive now? Here's one thing I think the main difference as to. Why is when you look at a lot of these groups of people and again these are people who very oppressed right people who came across on ships, people who were absolute. There's prejudice against the Irish against Jews
where's, the lower east side Alphabet city was much was by large Jews. You wanna say they weren't discriminate against even in world war, to a lot of Americans didn't like Jews, despite the fact that we fought against it and a lot of people. Dont know that reads and documents from Henry Ford, his private letters for crying out loud well. What happened is then the Jews often would work their way up and they moved the upper West side. Now, that's consider very jewish area. This is the first time because gentrification is actually a problem right now of people who want to stay in neighborhoods, regardless of pricing, regardless of economic output, regardless of what they are contributing to that neighbourhood, and they want people who would like to move into the neighbourhood and to help it be We should not be allowed to. This is the first objectification now is a byproduct of people who want legislation to preserve a neighborhood rather than let the amount can racial melting pot occur organic. and it's amazing to me when he was identification- is watching vampire in the Bronx. What are you sure that you don't live in some dirt
Bollocks House are you sure, that area was always entirely black and we need to blame white people for coming in and wanted to set up a people, not butter shop. The other important one but you never go to the we'll go to the costume contest when are, and we also get there, we ask our Czech wash the Essen Jack. What does tat question we're gonna be asking we want people to talk about. What is the issue that bind is taking in this election? That makes you most concern for your family. I want, as a corollary, question right. What's the issue that Trump is talking about, that makes you most excited about his presidency right, ok, I shall be doing that a lot of Canada come Slash, Mug club, the other point I would make most of the things that you remind me of about the fine people. Yes, finding on Biocidal okay, so that's one, that's really important, because, first off to two things, it highlights the media. Hypocrisy highlights how not even hypocrisy just tub lately dishonest the media is right, Donald Trump,
after Charlottesville said: I'm not talking about NEO Nazis, your white supremacist, who should be condemned totally ok, but there were fine people on both sides to me that, when taken in context is actually a beautiful thing and is such a contrast to Joe Biden tonight. Let me explain what I mean when the lady asked about Dhaka. When you had people ask Donald from questions are meant to be somewhat gotcha questions he never actually answered to people with any kind of revulsion at all. The only problem we had was a Savannah Guthrie, whereas when you watch Joe Biden answer these questions, we had a couple of tough questions. Your question about the foreign policy of Donald Trump right. He was pits that person the audience let's, let's also by the way, compare that two. Let's leave its consistent with that was.
By saying those people should vote for me, what someone asks him saying: hey fifty six percent of American secure better off now than they wonder eight years of abominable shadows, Americans, they shouldn't have for me of people use it would devote. This is what he says to Joe Biden and let's go back to work, and it is the philosophy of the Dnc. They were file. Half of the american public baskets of deplorable weathers but they should vote for me. The way he treated people asking questions that the only person Donald Trump had a fight with tonight. The only person had a problem with was the upper lip lists, Gus
because she wasn't doing her job and when you go back to what they ve tried to turn into his achilles heel. I think it's Donald Trump strong shoe he condemned NEO Nazis, he condemned watch you premises and then he said, but there were fine people on both sides, meaning in context. There were fine people on the side of the Charlottesville protests who wanted to tear statues down, even though Donald Trump disagreed with them. He was giving them the benefit of the doubt saying they were fine people with differing points of view on both sides, and this is something that should be permissible. He doesn't hate America, he hates the elites who wield their power in appropriately and, of course he would hate Joe Biden who says he's going to introduce a mask mandate and he's not behold him the constitution, Joe Biden, the Dnc, they answer time and time again basket of deplorable. Fifty four
fifty six percent of Americans are stupid. They have bad memories, they shouldn't vote for me well down from actually doesn't deserve credit. Let me educate on a foreign policy question tonight. Where's Donald Trump said you know what it actually is. A difference between Dreamers intact, which I am sure you know better than most people he praised he uplifted the american people. He only swatch down people in positions of authority. That's a huge fucking difference. America between two people. That's why people talked about joining the swamp. You manders. You may think that Donald Trump Civilian got it. You may think any bombs elbows other wealthy people absolutely, but you cannot find Donald Trump hating, fighting and denigrating half of America, even the half who don't vote for him. The last two democratic
candidates did by name basket of levels, really shouldn't vote for me. Guess what take Biden at his word and then listen to Donald Trump? What's gonna live chat, lottery, gotta, dot, com, Slash Malta, we can watch live the blaze gonna. Take your check at an that's the costume contest. Are we appreciate you very much being here tonight? I want to hear what you think of these two town halls below who did better? Did it affected? action, Youtube. I'd, say we love you, but we know you're in Cahoots with Facebook and twitter and you can go. Ok, you're, with wire brush?
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