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LIVESTREAM: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Closing Arguments!

2021-11-15 | 🔗

Closing arguments of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial start today. The media have already shown they won’t report the FACTS of the trial, so we’re doing it for them. #KyleRittenhouse #RittenhouseTrial #Kenosha

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We're going to keep this shows us you belong should because recovering the closing arguments on car right now, I don't know what to do in extreme one averted comes out, so just stay. Posted, ok, bye, louder with crackers brought to you John over to the shop supported by buys who red dot TK.
better pride like good point and hold it in my things like that? But I would leave a ban, but once I get an answer to your one on Mexico overnight that dumping all people normally lemme see exactly what might come back again unexpected. Why don't you come on? He said it's not like that. I'd rather blended, nobody would like
that's gonna, I'm still in shock from the intro as well. I mean it works yeah hit song yeah, we're still onto Youtube right where they live, but we are still on. They are now forty Shits Casey Kazan Golden Shit. one comes in from a request from Alan's connect, who has his lover across those called tracking nights: hope featuring Joe Biden resting anything. It's mine is gonna help confused? What is no night? I right look. We are starting late today. Why? Because bring it up in a little quadrant their quota blackguard? We covering the written house of August lives, Dreamer, I ve been having a sense of beginning seems: ok, have caught on now and what else has been taught me? It's weird we ve been talking about this from the get go. I think that you are right to self defence is on trial. Right now would be really clear about this.
Actually, I'm really concerned that they're going to do they're, closing arguments today that one sent them. I'm concerned that this is too much of a lay up case What you're saying well wait? He came up any aimed is gonna. Do I really don't think that we want to set the precedent of having to scream friendly friendly friendly, while people are throwing gas bombs and buildings running as far away as you can, until you run into a barricade, turn around see a shortlist pedophile telling you that he's going to kill you hear a gunshot in order for you to defend your life, and I think that at the very first moment. Send someone I'm gonna kill you click bang, in other words lunges at you. I do. I am of the personal beliefs. If someone throws a gas bomb, a molotov cocktails into your place of residence or your place of work, that they forfeit the right to live in safety serve to be executed. That's not what I'm saying what I'm saying. Second, someone put you in a situation where you could potentially even leave without your life,
forfeit the right to live and I wanna justice that reflects that. People say why. Why would America look like it very much carbon houses improvement. Safer, weighty, mean somebody trying to help people and produce a community that his father and yet multiple relative. We can't have kids wash off graffiti. I know I'll go out with first aid gets gets his life's promises that shoots white yeah. Well, he makes no self low shut, the only man who was screaming the inward at the time of his love davits a deep fake. Oh so we have a lot to get to say we're going to present to you kind of a highlight of what has taken place and also set some context before we go to the closing arguments. We will watch it with. You will try and balanced hearing what they have to say that of course, new outbreaks filling in that sort of empty talk. but First Gerald A is here. How are you I am well Sir hours, you I'm doing. Ok,
still in my head, I'm a little heavy, your little heavy. I was telling people I've wit, waiting attitude. Blood work last fall out. Tell me tell me why teleport what no? No? No, no! No! No! No! We out, let me introduce everybody function or go back and portable get how good morning, good morning you find out. I don't wait, two more points. No, you don't. you just come on. You just the way the punchline well idea, and it wasn't ten- is not half. You went over he's out like a bay link. Oh you don't know, point all rules, and I know what it's like with your Steve. Harvey game shows and Dave Landau the fact he's going to be Naples. Florida again also accommodate our user good Ahoy guideline June gonna come onto the show this weekend you ve made. I know we're starting late today, Naples Florida for Dave we're starting late today, because we wanted to make sure that we didn't waste too much time before. Closing If you ever try in tune in, for example, we didn't do a show on Thursday. We let everyone, no one. All of her platforms if we haven't They let you know the show
still happening it just may not stream on you too. We get suspended all time at ten, a M eastern Monday through third, you can go to rumble where we can join my club, where you get an extra forty feminist to two hours of shell like later on, to try and make sure if we ever get cut off right in the middle of a show, we knew tat would never do that. We have ever had been looted. Ceylon rumble because rumble actually wouldn't ever do that now that they actually would not ever done that, So I did what happened is about doing by broken Friday, and I wait to twenty nine. this morning. I would to thirty eight point. Five. I was racking my brain. What could it be, and then I thought we yesterday I did order barbecue hired half pound of work burnt I feel it. I would have found a sausage and a full rack of ribs my rack. I don't know how happy that it, but that's all, I ate. I didn't need anything else, because I was so full. So you Ps amounts of beef or beef like problem forgot to. I did it for five days before that, as well.
Euro, you gotTa Standish a pattern it takes, or perhaps there were beef ribs de I am not a scientist. Well, that's a lie ahead. Actor dates. Not thinking give you that information is beyond Ribs Leon. Self respect is right. Found myself at barbecue sauce on my man, TAT said my scars and be made where at least tat. No one three was the poor Portland world order. So Germany sides now known just the all the meet I'm not a bitch.
Well, you walking down the sides there. What is the amounts? We say it is so heavily he's. Now I get it, you try to score points. One quarter black here. What's next our dream, Mr Detroit Right: I've heck, holler greens. Thank you. When you're terabytes of encountering here terrible, then I found out there was a succeeded, arise. We editing Finally, I shall accept anymore flavour to between tat black people. Cookie adds at all sodium that makes everything better something on his retaining so that anyone before we would suffer. We have a lot to get you as far as what happened with the travel, for we get the closing statements you guys will. Let me know as something statements come up before any of that there is. catch on S, an This so called regarding Joe Rogan, I gotta tell you you can see their budget is, has been depleted because they used to have. Eight wardrobe and make up- and I just want to objectively offer you this sketch, because in our lot of you aren't really watching it nowadays. Unless you two pays to thrust front of Ukraine as a glorified at issue,
again, why it's one of the least relevant chosen television here is a sketch with a woman playing TED crews. Bird and PETE Davidson is generally. I use the whole spear factor and now doctors fear me. You help me out longer things in earth. You see I just Carlos men's Leah down. I can take Corbett fearsome zinc and I Austria as a horse medicine. Why would a take matters? Madison, I'm a human! I took horse Speaking of things that are horselike. Today's choose sponsors of the letters s Adee as and I can ask My own deep did not even have to try and impression you're always stand or what material run one day
looks like they were reading before wreck they look. I don't landing showing here is. This was declaring an acute card like S and I can my own de I've. Never even I've, never indented jargon repression. I guarantee you I could go into in, but I just don't have the time. That's crazy! What why that's crazy! That's insane right! It's ridiculous that these two states and stuff like that or Andrew Rogan organised Moody. That's nothing like him! He looks more like billboard. He does in its third right body my letter, but little kill you, but that over here. We get it he's trying to try to can shift Don't you exaggerates the stuff above the characteristics that are you do an impression exaggerate? The most obvious thing I just not just stand there reading a cue current ever sleeve of tattoos. Behind the knock, em look sweaty. Why did they just use his slump of tat suffer up exactly? That was that's what passes for comedy now? Well, It really is clapped. Why was big bird that all big bird
not it's not Shoreward told why, and why do they not get an actual rig bird? They can just go down to go down the hall, I think be. words bent on the show there's prior costume somewhere. I think it's in their contract. Well. Well, he can't do what we can. now that my balloon Arroyo that Iver Mexican thing is my. So I know it's like you didn't I implore you know it's hot either
that time magazine called it happened when you get rid of the Youtube dislike feature. Russia have no idea, what's her aunt exact, where nobody will ever know what's good opinions, funnier becomes, unlike skirting the horse based on the bird or something like that. It's like our do you hear the sick. I mean it's worse day. Why is generally or filthy everything is bird porn with him? I know not an immediate like that. You think it there. That's just you should have seen him during the BP oil spill. Well knows: dawn commercially loved, any more jails, somebody's, a dirty word, pleaded upward and rubber gloves doing so ball over it, but now planning. That. Is that a thing so there's my question? Was you guys comment below? Let me know, especially for watching this on ARCA. What do you think the outcome is going to be the current straw? It obviously should be acquitted
well now, I d just ages. Ire do just that they just acquitted what they do. Usually underage sorry just dismiss the under age gunshot drafted its Albert. I say now that all thought they could many stick its over com, yet. I hope you get Europe. you're militia shoes ready for you go and dance and he's not even in a militia he's just a kid lifeguard saccharinity protected. I dont know what if they can't get him on that, which is the law was written to be murky area than they. They can't get him on the self defense is all gosh. I really don't understand why it still about race. Everything I sees line is about Rick, given don't argue mental I know you doesn't matter who he again. Look, if you could it's all black people running for office. The black face white supremacy, certainly say a white kid was a white supremacist, even though he still shot white people he's a south. South, loving whites are pretty Orpheus used in order to try and that the black mare running for office dressed as a gorilla. These
night not be racist for then you can cancel the one of the best black comedian, slash ass. I ever see a bizarre, a world that we live in now, yet we have dish of her coming your school. Let's protest, did not have a new outlets that likes them. Leave your lips now. Have you no one? I how about how about he does his event and you all go into the bathroom with men and see how that one pair So all right, let's go really quickly to a couple of things before this. Before it comes up here, the stream will go. We will go to the closing arguments. You don't mean anything there's something we all. I was somewhat decided what you wanted it does. I remember the impeachment trauma trucks. Rumour had a pretty and slip. It's not that I worked on. This happened in the media. That shift, do it again on its childish and then again were eating into the shop, here's a flashback, their will. Trial, and when the trial ends, senators will have to decide if they will.
Donald John Donald, John Trump incited the erection, insurrection against the United States. The altar poems are rising. It's it's, the ghost of the house who is walking out, hiding it with a leather book. He brings that podium everywhere enough. He knew that pathetic. Its I've has expired. Please I leave the Bell rang discharge them for lunch. You say you go I'll. Give me five many just walking covering with a traveller keeper. Yes, every teenager and high school knows you set longer than you needed to so Adam ship had a similar mishap here on the view not saying what he is saying is what he meant to say, please, not use that as a smokescreen to somehow she'll diatribes culpability for invite Russia to help him in the election which they did for trying to kid Ukraine into helping him in the next election
he did into citing an erection insurrection, which none of that each year is dear conduct, is anyway diminished by the fact that people lie to Christopher Steel. Now I think this their credibility. Ouch and they ve blown rain, is just an auto correct for her words, but it's funny because this is worse he's looking at a woman and sang it, it's like will have to do with his big fishy bug, eyes, jamming you're out yeah erection. I mean insurrection you in for some inciting later that a mere you know what that means. He excited annoying as I'm hard as the hounds tooth cats. Couldn't scratch it right. How Donald Trump does the chubby going to sit here. Cross legged for five minutes after the show here. Let's move onto this really quickly: this is you all have heard of of Joe Biden, we're sure he's big big there, the Negro League,
I found out because the Negro leagues in the great negro they kind of the hard hours with big, aiming yes, the harder and harder and harder negro league those two hours and a negro guided. He said it oh allodial. None of this is a momentous day. Last Thursday November, eleventh so actual meeting that the great the great need wrote So it's actually time for new instalment of today in history No, last year the brazen battle was finally decide between Germany and when he had wars ever winded, the world's name and November, two thousand and twenty one former vice President Johnson
attitude of the great might grow at a time. Preacher the negro wigs went on to become a great pitcher prose. Measuring wastewater, Jackie Robinson, namely Sacho page hey Buddy, really quickly snowplow media. I tried to cover for Biden, saying no mediate, actually know he didn't say great negro. Yes, he didn't. We said it like four times in a row and snow shredding overseeing based on the content of his remarks. It appears that by and was going to describe page as the great pitcher negro leagues, but the word that came out of his mouth were. I've adopted the attitude the great negro. The time pitcher in the Negro leagues went on to become look. We don't care. You claimed,
at the base. Judging the Rittenhouse trial was racist, and I do mean this by the way when you talk about who is a snowball and media, because he said, I hope our. I hope our Asian folded in TAT die. You no delay marijuana, though, of cargo ships in long beach, but that was racist, mute I don't think anybody raises two before I think eurobonds are racist and with all Democrats, erases India Complex that black people are inferior in need like them that's a save him? I don't anything by, however, by the stand,
words and I haven't written here. It would mean that we need a council former vice President Obama met we have here is having the last president. Every word he said was a racist dog whistle. This is a rape whistle. Yes, quite loud, it's a rate whistle that actually just calls more rapists. That's true! Oh my god, they're dissembling upon me yeah, I don't think he's racist either. I just think he s Reno pudding left in his brain. Yes he's lying, but I did league of the day guide on now. What I really was a creature, Jackie Robinson, was there isn't that's the whole point, though legs or media? That's that's make the case. I understand. Ok, the great Negro League, pitcher central page and even stop you're. So it was a league. It's it's a really really bad place to stop yourself. If that's true you're, like a great negro, this is a good time to pause, pause, move. The elevator worth lately was sneezing mid negro. The great need it now. Did, you do that?
colleagues, you know that you're, like God, he could brunette and saw like me. You got all irish jumping about the romance languages. It ain't over until those demented old circus monkey sings, by the way I'm talking about Joe Biden, Demented Alzheimer's Yankee Tailor made earlier. Ok, Joe Biden is a demented old circus monkey. S now some of their tried. So that's. Why can I not refer the former vice president, whose beyond white he's so why you should be walking through walls and shit
They say it's races to refer to as a demented old circus, Micronesia decades from Congo. There's a chance you hungry to go stay as you found that are, you guys are not spread after I had a feeling you once again, and we would ask them, is that ninety puts on a blue dress and shakes the floorboards walks down the stairs. It gets a blue tress, just ass niches, Joe it's just Joe again carefully, and I also met he drops amendments to its. We ve been told not to, but you know we make some week we caught up in a hundred posters, civil war reactor Jostlers, a brown trail, These data are compounded by the way he leaves actual plasma every Ashley's pants as we continue out. You can follow me on Instagram by the way that supplies from it not necessarily in the show guess originally called more lifestyle things things that I don't know yet see my ass and yoga pants. To check lay on as we continue on my club. Ok here is
before and you guys. Let me know what they're doing any closing statements I want to set this context at dawn, lemon professional taint juice, shiver in men, say it it and it's like a vessel, listen he's an artist, some paint with water colours, pastels, some rub their taint juice, in passing I faces moustaches. They call it a peculiar never mind yet such caso book. Yes appeal cause. If you use your anus just so, you know he did it yeah, we're just gonna Megan Kelly and ashamed. I, what appeals life of garbage down lemon. But here is you wanna? One of us in. I do want to say incoherent areas because they understand, where is coming from an I'm going to play a pause this life for you He actually summarizes everything that want to say only saying it in a way as though he's mad about it in this. When I talk about the great Divine United since we cannot find common ground if we're saying the same thing and one but It is reprehensible and one thinks that its virtuous. So, let's go through Don
in talking about power. It now send all of this stuff between taint juice smearingly. This the ultimate entitlement that again, you can yourself into a situation with a gun that you're not supposed to be carrying, kill two people injured, and it is your, to be a hero by the public pause. No, he was actually vilified, Kyle Rittenhouse. He was actually vilified by the media CNN. He was vilified by the president who infer that he was a white supremacist. He was vilified by everybody. He was put on trial by public media we'll get to that in a second because engage gross creates, has been changing his story when you get a little bit CNN and good morning, America, that's why the left wants to try you in the court of public opinion, because you're not under oath, so none of this is right away. This is a false pretext but he was made a hero, know you already assumed he was guilty just like an exam by the. I hope your lower salary is worth it continue you
you see a someone jogging down the street, let's not over into your hands. You think it's your relating to alleviating starch failures and they do it in writing or if they are committing a crime, because what is your three? It is your town, it is your country is the altar the great of entitlement. Would people believe that this is how they're supposed to be what the right thing wow Rittenhouse. Is that while the government didn't do its job, so it took us? nineteen year old kid to come in and do what was right. That's vigilantes! That's not what We're not supposed to be vigilant is not be taking justice into our own, hey pots and what is theirs, No justice, no peace, you John Asshole, we clearly have no justice nobody's. They just threatened the mayor of New York. If they reinstate crime, UNICEF, there'll be riots and bloodshed, you support no justice, no peace by the way we should agreeing that the cops didn't do their job, so it did. I wish that it didn't require seventeenyearold. I wish that the cops were doing their job
but they were told to stand down. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye by people like you, you, you port of people taking justice into their own hands to be clear. Continue as if every single person in America. Did that imagine if you call for before black, men or do you wanna, go beyond and go out on the streets and you know do what they think. Just take it back remember and what they did to you and slavery whatever go in and take things and most people work, that's exactly what happened to you just described, imagined it's like him saying, look imaginative, inviolate, totally support black people going. Yeah aren't if arms actually would like black people the protector neighborhoods. Yes, I would like to see less black children being hauled out instructors and more gang members in those streets being left to Dinah don't removed, removed from society from the street, sent just to be clear, but it would done lemon, saying imaginative black people and their supporters,
and enables it antiphon funded. Leftist nonprofit! Imagine if they cause for a billion dollars and damages, and thousands of arrests and hundreds of casualties and dozens of people martyr imagined invaded it. How would you feel probably like what yeah like many many many millions of people felt all last year, that's how we would. Why was Kyle there about you answer for your guys. First, by the way, yours rate, five, kids, let's start with that, but keep going at worry owning ending! Is this you doing that will be a different process, this country about who should and who shouldn't carry guns what our gun laws be different. I certainly think so. there's a double standard, but it is the ultimate degree of entitlement. This is what- I'm supposed to do, because this belongs to me, meaning the street this town in this. and I think it's time you in your how here that business- and it is the absolute truth I dont want shower sweet thing. This is what I pay taxes here and therefore no
If something, if I love my breaking the law, I call the car. I paused, that's enough! Yeah! Really you call you want the d, a fun, the police, the police, so you say, corrupt and systemically racist. By the way we both agree that the cops aren't doing their job very effectively. You don't want any police, we want to pay is to be able to take out violent criminals. You claim that that's racist. I dont. I call the cops you don't, of course you do, but you claim that. You hate the book. Everything just said I can never seen anything more delusional, and this is why I don't think: there's going to be any sort of healing between the right and the women who just voted against critical ratio. Transnational cooperation are being taught undergoing I've seen my kids, but there he a smaller, as there are no violent protests. My business was burnt down. you can't have healing when one sided so far off the beam of reality, and I think that's what this this
this trial serves to highlight its a lot more than just a kid. Lilies completing a whole lot of issues here, but I want to bring up the point. That's on american you're basically saying, that this is not our kind about saying, white peep, we donor community, all of our country right, we are supposed to protect so just just for exam for we have weapons dominant. If I see a woman being raped, are you saying that I shouldn't go tried to stop the attacker? No united, call the police five. Ten, physically and mentally rates continue. Ok, so if I see a kid being, abducted should not try to rescue that kid. Is that what you're saying all? That's? Why they're amateur alerts all that and I want an entire? I want to make sure that I'm not a white supremacist trying to say this is my street, my city, my country too. Don lemons view of the world. Now you want people out there protecting their communities you're going out there trying to find criminals. The amount of research is a completely separate issue, those guys we're idiots words.
king about something going on. Saying: hey, don't burn this down it if people get hurt by or not they were. Eighty eight sitting was an unfortunate situation and I think I don't know I don't hunting so now I don't think so. I think it was one of those situations. They called the cops. You don't call the cops you're about to go, commit a hate crime binary. I think I was still what you could well yeah. What about download? I mean what are weighed entitlement when Don lemon sticks is tainted, Jacqueline's user, so we can smear it on passers by well at the local block movement. That is a mind. If it's not that John Lennon drink a lemon had yeah, it's our human blood, I gotta admit, but it's not that he smeared his ball juice on someone's mustache. It's how many steps did it take to get? much of a lack of accountability must have been done, lemons liked to act that way in public because he is so entitled. Why? Because he's a black gay, famous, rich man, who can get it
with things that nobody else can that's the truth when he talks about entitlement yeah yeah, you smearing your buttonhole Jews on a part time bar tenders or the weight staff. Far less entitled, I suppose then someone who wants to protect their entire life savings their business, their livelihood from a gas bomb, admittedly from the prosecution of tossed in there? Are I nothing screams? You have no character more than the way you treat staff and that's the worst way you could treat somebody yeah it's about its up varying for you, it's worse than raping that it should not just humiliate yet well because everyone. Yet the guy has a menacing relying on genetic down. Lemons, that's that's the worst most embarrassing part, I'm you have done lemon faith that the articles of they pushed pushed too introduce, in the guise mustache so hard that the guy was pushed back? It wouldn't The second thought it would create a sprang back with a pale right down. The pipe it all rubber band. Now bang they go when you're rub your
juice in my face, a male desire. What we're like was eternity Elaine. I don't understand the context. Yeah, that's the damn lemon com they have it like. I did calls gonna be the next thing. The lemon dynasty data that is words during all the other, not just during these people's mental gymnastics in the areas where possible and then even come the two year. It just makes no it at all. this makes no sense they just want, though they want reaction that they're going to get yes more violence, more news and I'm in a move on here, because we wanted to buy the way generales people who retreated just my tweet about Cal Rittenhouse has been banned from too just so, you know been banned from Facebook. It's been censored, you're no longer. Cholera now seems right to self defence. Youtube is removed the dislike button. Before we talk about the that right there, I don't, I guess and endangers term it for returning me. No for me for a cholera and has me well, that's probably does very voting only like and what it is
I'm flying blind on that one, but I have probably deserve it. We would have no idea. I The dislike button gone from you to block. This is very telling conservatives are upset, the browser either silent or support it. That's it tell you: once transparency again. The most downvoted video about time was from Youtube themselves and then I believe, rounding out the top ten, like seven of them were Joe Biden, videos so from the. Why that's where we're in other arguments are bulk registration, but we believe it will help the mental health of creators just say I can tell you this is a? U two creator. I can still see dislikes behind yes, Sir created, so that doesn't help. Could I can see him? It's just not publicly available. Doesn't it sense whatsoever. They just this is its very, very simple: wants money, more terminus, the reason that you, two months to get rid of a dislike button, the reason they are permanently getting rid of it is because the average American the average for the average citizen should not be hurt. and so what happened is ABC Nbc Cbs in and they pay the shoe these huge sums of cash, but when we had the votes at pocket,
it wasn't about vocs. It was NBC Universal. We are made aware in no uncertain terms that they spend a lot of money in advertising and Youtube side with NBC Universal Right, and so we were demonetized cell in origin favour these multinational corporations, whose com sucks, like we just showed you with ESA. Now they get rid of this like button even playing field content like this wins. They know it and a lot of other conservative content out there ABC Nbc Cbs Colbert Biden, Youtube Rewind. They perform like crap, so it's as simple as get rid of a dislike button. So you can't be hurt. Bands of Cholera Rittenhouse, so you can't be hurt and then Don T just lemon has a nerve to go up there and say he would. turned into a hero by the public. Really, ok, They want you to get their news, the news from them and then only they dont want you to hear any this. I spent my animals. stay long on this, but I spent about a minute walking, for that a party through the series of Events- and I said Here-
happening current house astride, the indigo wholly crap. I've never heard that my speech because they watch that's what they were on scratching sniff lemme learning authorities do not know their conservative guys that just hadn't seen a lot about the travelers like you and by the way you start blaring back streets back and you're gonna last week. That absolutely only way I can be more. Who wants to play more Gibbs Israel, Alot or Julia. Seven forties with a friend in a wheelchair now was not doing that. Aren't they shot Ricky. This is something I love. You ve seen this yet Dave Gauge Gross crew across our current gauge gauge Iraq, eight years guy, who decided to invite rousing reagents in his ears. He- and this is why I want to be really clever this. This is why they want to try you in the quarter Publicopinion, because we saw gaze Troth Kreutz when he was under oath. He had to answer cholera now only shot you once you came bottom. Once you approached him, why
few invaded his space and aims your firearm at him and he said correct to be clear: now. He goes on CNN and he's gone on good morning. America, with that Michael surrender, guess he's kind of a football player and what's hilarious, I recommend you go watch the entire interview that, because of a selective editing like so what happened you I feared for my life: Dockers, you're right so clearly edited by his lawyer right. It's way try you in a court of public opinion? Why? Because you can just lie, unlike being under oath with the threat of perjury, so watch the different. And the media's trying to carry the water because they know that the DE losing end of Calverton how's, your watch case cross group, the difference between when he's been on the stand. And his recent press tour. so here here, you're allowed to say whatever you feel like you, you need to say so you said that you actually didn't you weren't pointing you're gonna get him. Is that what you're saying.
That's absolutely what I'm saying us look right that looks like mine by some being paper. Yes, Yes, yes, only way that I could have say that I have is, if I had been shot with my arms up and until you point in your gun, advanced at him a gun, anger, your hands down, pointed at the fire print voicing anytime. You see here would be murderer. On the and murderer murdering Anthony humor, the objections escaped whether the death of Anthea Uber was caused by murder or not
is for users to decide and not for the witness or Michael stray Hanner Anderson Cooper. I get justice got. Are you It's gonna go in their chosen retract everything he said. Yes, I have a road minded, Beecher, ass, independent cheese, a hit some Nelson, the cheese ass, the new thing at all? We talk about, she said, but I think young gauge you might have a united and nurse full of is What she's inside there I needed, a pejorative. You know why worry heavier sprinters gauge yeah. I don't know, I don't know what lost out too, that when you are, making your piggy back. You said I, something that's irreversible and, frankly, makes me look like an asshole. You look like a child sturgis, but
Were you see him hanging in a clause? You know if I can draw Barrymore didn't get her life on track, then, with the cork bender more like the sea quest boy, raise a grand his way right or law, the one boy who didn't get felt up by Michael Jackson, but you got passed around like a joint by every other, how they want, but do so at a party Korea, that's the one The point is you're an asshole. Mr gauge, are we clear on that? Yes, there we can say under oath Z, it did area excusing who you are held them, who you really are well I was a victim, no, no, no, no, no you're under oath asked their space, your head and you are the Feldman of the two Cory's you know. Do you think I could stick likes, like some MA knitting needles in through your Jane Spacers, make it look like pin.
Had from Hell Razor, I think, be fragments since you're such a pin it. You know I'm sorry heck razor per head Molly or oh. No. I don't talk like that. I bet you are. I might get food poisoning from that Asian fought I guess I have other madame for for nuts about buying outcome. We think we bring us now. Let's bring that up right now, the montage about basis judges, whichever click. That's I don't know which one is there. Anything could for right. Bring this up. I've just loved this judge, sir cassava melon end play by Model Marley Renfrewshire enlisted to create an economic scene in this film tribute, but his cycle heard of it. I was too well who began your examination by commenting on the defendants, post, arrest, silence basic Wiseman basic law in this country for forty years?
fifty years, no idea. What do you do something like that yes, Sir I will leave it there. It is we're done in bad faith. My feelings this morning after watching that testimony was, you have left the door open a little bit now we had something new and I was going to program. I don't believe you another instant I'll. Take the motion under advisement to the extent that That was before the answer. The brazen with me you know very well you know very well that internal can't go into these types of areas when the judge is already ruled without asking outside, the presence of the jury to do so so gimme that,
let's hope for one o clock of the asian food isn't coming beside his no one of those boats in long beach, armor and for one o clock but there are some anti asian Defamation League republics, deeply offensive. Stop it there's, nothing even remotely that could be! In other words, if that's offensive, let's all start being incredibly racist, again again, right with you, We base that. I hope our road isn't on a container rotting away, yet Jo Leinen showing that joke adds like about. I understand why for they met that he said better than he said asian food. I guess asian races to what are we supposed to mean? Isn't it if its asian food from the Orient? I think that Sort Mirage pal I just.
I don't care. What can we go back to gauges comment? He goes the only way physiologically whenever he said that I could receive the word as if my hands were like that would work gauge. Unless we didn't have like footage and picture you even commenting on the footage and pictures said: oh, it will get your hand. Was a bullet me out of the way it was a bit like. I just blew it just so happens to be happenstance at the level of the armed cow shot made it so that he couldn't let guy down cameras like a turtle. What about your finger? Jim Barney Anderson Cooper, just antennas, those Anderson Cooper just like up that's very overrunning, unlike oh, my god. What world are we living in where this is that this, by the way have been saying, is a white supremacist, adjudged declarative thanks thanks left us, this is Rick, it's not
what they say, sometimes sometimes what they dont say in this case, what they dont want to say but we all know is true, is oh a patriotic song makes you ate Conservative makes you I too. So therefore I get the left hates America, the clear that role is played a trap, rallies Barracuda was played at Sarah Palin, rallies, Jimmy when you listen to it, do you think that was created for Trent rallies or is it because it was a top number one hit perennial ever how long and it's a patriotic song and this guy, who is a judge who is serving as countries probably a patriotic American? You want to say that any patriotic song is white supremacy. That's why the left want to different flag. That's what the left one two different anthem, they absolutely hate the United States of America or they would not be mad. The guy's song is proud to be an American. It would be a non issue if they didn't revile people who were proud of American and we get the picture, France, where it sounds like some fuckin car gobbled in earnest. Taken I said that I can agree more yet like it. If I see
Can oh he's either president or he's a concern, I was just think, that's clearly a nazi. Yes! Rather, go you had a piano tie that was american flag in a bunch, a little more complex, and I saw on Twitter be worth oh look at him. He's gonna american flag is a way to print you see we are behaving like the guy. They will get in there and see the flag. It's got all the squire like this. Joke, grandpa, energy, a love story. It was just a guess by logistical, yes MA am I mean you're, not you're upper lip. After a few minutes, you may want to keep an eye on it because it's gonna disappear says all really solar. on down to the quick stop and that a dumpster on fire revolved. Ninety haven't we all do that. He who has not throw the first mild cap cocked Yemenis, throw it back.
The car like those would you call em, guineas and bronze stay. I can say that in Portugal I can't say that I am part time part wipe not not to be confused with arose vulgarity from that done, better things. Megan horse. Nobody call in a hoarse whisper, showed the dead, get, get hurt and start talking every great if it was Megan stallion or whatever song on his phone Prodi. Music ass. It is all about us off old. Ass ass is like I'm sorry. I can't live off again, just search wearing black and yellow blacken, yellow blacker, Hannah Steelers fan. What can I do? I'm gonna put on my other and put it in my mouth. Ok, I leave this in the office. We have cause to it's. Just a change of custom ring tones for an opt out, looks like the MRS Con man neck mad
that's easy, or by the way you remember to the reason covered most went down there, given my download. What you're saying I don't know why you cover enough and what? If, what? If people wonder what of black lives matter, went down and burn stuff I do when they covered all of those protests and the rights and Canosa, mostly peaceful here, just a flashback, what you are seeing the common theme. The ties all of us together is an expression of anger and frustration over what people like has become an all too familiar story playing out in places from across the country. Not just here in Irian Jaya. Demonstrations in Canosa had been mostly peace in recent days. In my legs, family is among those calling for a non violence. Armada language is in Kinshasa and spoke to people gearing up for the president's visit their mother going out and was very interested to hear people saying Please only alive the, as you can imagine on the president's visit here too Canosa today. You know some folks, we spoke with welcome the president,
so that he can help heel and unify this community last night is very peaceful, Tuesday night, not quite so peaceful, but wasn't too bad. It was with our big night big night and keep it when I talk about the deck being stacked against cow written ass. When we talk about the media, we're talking about big tech, retirement being Buddha from go, find your tongue lobbying being booted, just my tweets and support them on Facebook, let alone the time being booted from being able to post his side of the story or anyone posting his side of the story? We have the president of the United States who compared him to a white supremacist, and we have the FBI, who sat on footage and didn't allow but to be released until it really really became an issue. Imagine being that kid, and also the it is our relatives with the mayor while mentioning that kid and still appearing innocent? I now that's all that's actual against you. I mean Legists really must have nothing here. but they say you can and data ham sandwich. Like Kyle was more, is more teflon him Sandwich
Clementine it'll yesterday was talking about how he went there. Looking for this and little finger here as you know, Crawley are trying to question, can settle bigger. Do you do you live in cannot shows like Nova. My dad does our lots of outward Marzano, so I started to do you and I'm like that's not all. It's like his dad is aunt, like others, laundry list of his relatives living canosa. Any works like happy like Mr Billiard usually been erased, carbon by yourself, as usual, do not shrink back from the record car a card as I do sleep in a car on anyone not, very hungry? If you realize I'm terrible that isn't route, is a delay judge your right side. I would like to tell myself that I'm in a phase, it's like the jewel story, only you know without the talent who Your show not mad
not me or any knowing I've ever represents. It outlines hell bound for sure cast in fully prepared to Lord of the rings. Yet I could make it because what I think that I could be a good stand in for the fiery pit that, as Mr Hannan wakes closing arguments- and I said well, you ve seen what I've done here and that's gonna walk what I'm gonna get me to get my car and get as far Vermeer's humanly possible by car I mean my bedroom. Yes, yes, absolutely I don't know, I don't really have a display room and I go to IKEA for a met. GEO, be hiding. This is my fault. I keep looking at our private coexist Bumpersticker. I do yes, Zena with rioters. Is that one of them? Yes? Well, the problem is a sea keeps eating all the other letters ass, like sack men, yes like metal and MRS Pack meant to make where burka you can tell from the ghost. It's not fair back, my car have a family. Three, it's a pitiful! a wife Peter
Greer Criminal, yes and I've taken down to us, and I also have a stake in the back of my car. That says, if you can read this, I'm defending a pitiful I love I had to have that one person in particular and more, I rode with France if you could read this year too old for me by though it so here you gotta media, labelled Kyle, just to be clear when done Lemon Estonia, how this guy is being praised, the media and the President labelled Kyle Rittenhouse because they can, Forget this When this kid is not guilty, they Mabel them a white supremacist before they had any facts. Are you going I dont know enough to know whether that seventeen year old kid exactly what he did, but I love you is part of the militia coming out of the stated Illinois. Have you ever heard this present say one negative thing about what supremacist, yet seventeen year old, building, indifferent. Arguably domestic terrorist picked up.
A full drove through different states issued people seventeen year old, who is radicalized by tramples on Thursday or fifty two canosa, sucking on a lemon had not a hair on any a seventeen year old being held on suspicion of first degree, intentional Hamas. That is weird, I guess, the sulphuric fires of hell since everything off there. They dunes range in advance to expand it. I don't have all the information on this, I'm only the president, but I will put him in a campaign at evening, a white supremacist right after the whites of permanent, and even when I get all the information I won't remembered for minutes later, because I have the memory of a goldfish. Yes and if I do remember it, I ll be too preoccupied cleaning, my own shit from my pants. It's for medicine, eight as a cue card there telling me I am Joe Biden. Yes, I am. I am Joe Joe. Oh Biden, when we go you auditioning for us is walking off
The aim here is proud. What are you doing right now is still just as they are driving over just intelligence, bring it up really quickly for people who know end tweet. This whichever whatever trend is going to cover, announced trial, Rittenhouse trial, cholera, causing us, we will get you that each case, those traits was a hard time with that name: growth create greater this ass. All you wrote this phrase is this lion prick over a year now I said another one of those all what's the term. What's the term, when a judge can just now we're not doing a jury, a bench trial, Well, not a bench shroud. He can it's not acquit. What's the term I'm looking for, I keep forgiveness, it's not a quit the jury. There can be, I keep forgetting illegal term. Someone can send it to me in chat, but basically Well, I guess there's not enough evidence for this even be going to Travis is ridiculous. Dismissal- Hungary, now not a hundred whenever they does it is it is business the charges you can do so
the charges, but there's a term for what you do with the jury. When you, basically, I believe, they're gonna change to a written, yes, but it seems to have TAT cow Rittenhouse can justify our that's the one. So I think that there obviously should be grounds for me I was produced and what does that mean predator? They can't charging again why this journey, is every single attempt has been made to intimidate the jury not only for from the media, but you seen it actually taking place directly right now there is a conscious effort to try and TIM. eight them and make sure that they know. Unless this kid fries there will be riots in Canosa, not to mention national guard has been put on standby. That's a veiled judge to be sent that some you don't look it's in your hands. If you want your city to burn jurors protesters, are outside the courthouse as well. Right now, of course, almost like a done analysing what if they were out there trying to get us into their own hands, it's almost like that's happening the people. He supports outside the commotion courthouse at which, by the way, the also
I D burned down back then, but they're doing it right now, no step, I guess we're it shut it down. Ok, I like the ok signposts. now don't wanna work went into. This is a very real down Britain, when I was better than if we don't get the virtually one out controlled elite reboot. Moving on the Rhine, never Elmwood reopens erected, directed Iraq dead. That's determines what Cutler Dollar erected erected verdict did they were the orange I gotta humor causing an erected were erected, I'm always where he is. see about you
about secured the american people. Just get cat couldn't scratch. So here's also a man who claims to be George Floyd's nephew nephew. I couldn't confirm nor deny but being out seems like an asshole, so I don't know, but you know I would bet some that are you using that they needed to take photos of the jury. This was out publicly available, more intimidation, My main the people to note as a commotion, Amanda Canosa drowned, but his camp was in. There is every care Moselle. Bananas definitely will take a bridges that occurs in everything like only no boom boom. Formerly the same results. Map to move do the waiter Ilsa crazy about does not act as if at all, it's a pull critical. Hammering. but I not a fan of out of touch with you with the cross roads below. You haven't played by the federal. Now it's
so. Another judge Schroeder actually said to this is well known. It was confirmed that people were in fact trying to film. So we have no justice, no peace! If we don't get it shut it down, we have National guard right there and stand by. We have allegedly George floods, nephew saying that we have people are going to take pictures of the jurors and then we actually have confirmed evidence at the jurors, were being filmed where the judge had to shut it down this this morning, There was someone there and who is www according the jury, which officers approach the required. In any event, they too, the little video. the phone to him, I've instructed happens again there to take Why aren't they arrest in these people? I don't understand it around
if they are deliberately filming the jurors. It's a crime, arrest the arrest them together, doing it for the good out of good intentions yet itself for dioxin or anything at all, but a printed out and sell pictures on Ebay, everybody. I think you know. Of course I love that, like we told them to delete, it is like now you delete sent to trash. It's gone, yeah trash! Oh it's backer in trumpet already really really, I believe, said, to charge never even heard of the cloud Serbia they were the Iberian did you see what he did with a visa dick these five. Three yes turns out. Five three committed jus guiding sketch. I think it's dead, so close and mortar and his army, its is dead, and that was my dream is
I mean when I look at it. I go like one. What is the time I got it just what they dont, let the truth is the best talent wouldn't go to. Now you dont make enough money and you don't have enough exposure. No, my French hang out and they fired and cancel your short jobs at a bullet. Valleys did he's now more. Is that he's now more famous than he would be if he was a major player on that? Well, you know at least they they protected the Larry escape Asian, who is, bone, Yang, Larry's guess so: financial yeah very believable, as every non gay characterised reply. Think it just shows its. You really are a woke. You know a person when it takes you. Forty five years the nation on your shut up. Will you ve been right that up there, like you, know your head time, I think in living colored after see three they derive thirty years ago. What is better late than never Dave Gees Tunnel that stones? But
but he was able to check off too, but not going to blame. I'm not coming I'm going to be too hard on this and I'll be seeing a map. yeah, they do have a lady playing. Oh, no, That really gonna do to be perfect. That's alright one take your right. They only get one take! That's why it's all so I dont, even you, took your god, I'm what I call a neutral due to feed me. the maiden and now? What do I expect and raise closing statements? What do you expect there David? You? Can you can put it there bottom quadrant view, so people can see an island people watching right now right now now ash that like button, if you want us to continue streaming closing stage. Yes, everything into smash the like button. If you're watching you I don't know just gotta, not we're just gonna, not stream. The written out like that depends on you depend on you. Yes
Ok, what do you think he's gonna happen? What is causing arguments will be through the arguments will be well. I feel that my job I handed over to the other team I caught the ball and then ran into therein. So yes, I think honestly, I I'd say. My point is where I thought honestly when this happened because of all the media that was coming in, that he was a wider premise. And there to shoot black people, because that was the narrative and I actually thought until the trial. The person who was shot was a black person now that I watched the trial, biased Lee, I do realise that I was completely misinformed. And I would assume that he would be found innocent in the only way he wouldn't would be through complete intimidation of the jury.
x or, if you believe, to pixels. Yes, I see that there is a lot got soda due to say what David sinner, unlike other, say, Atticus bearing over it youngsters who said the opera. Of the truth, because she was doing the reporting. I said I will address them since I very Jupiter such to me. A very frank. It's like look look, look. Look! The issue here is not I get that you apologize when you're won't like David students and I was misled, but I don't understand how Annika spring the young Turks, like she's Catherine S was chasing Joseph Rosenbaum White Supremacist, but here's the deal you're it your job is to report and at that point needs to this many many many times its use in the left. There there was hours of voters to prove it. Incorrect. No footage has ever existed to stanchion those clips, so I dont understand how they got that wrong unless it is a complete weekly useless medium right now, it's a completely useless for someone to claim that there are journalists to be able to go out and say, white supremacist. the garden say militia cross? lines, which was said many many times over and over and over again chasing these people. How did you ever
justify that, if you are in charge of reporting David saying I listen to the reporting I realise those rhyme hoarding was all wrong. That's the whole purpose to the show that deserves high praise. what doesn't is one you're? The one reporting Think I honestly the closing arguments is gonna, be somebody stating the evidence on the written outside somebody trying to make you forget it on the prosecution. That's really all you can do. I don't know the play like. What do you do when you go? He could just go crazy to try and for Mistral yeah. Don't this point, closing the he could add, or the other right. I mean. I think that is a possibility. There's no way I didn't win. If they just dismiss the gun charge, you easiest one that I thought what will have their own for provocation with the two pixels like I say that Bodo right there's still time Go for that, so that's probably what their falada the claiming aimed the gun at someone. Yes, at long last, to marry the throne apathy and that's less clear than eighty on a Tory, they don't have anything.
There was one of the worst came. They all time upsetting. Oh my gosh just learned what rage was the child that game. I would have either been bullied outside play that awful game cited wedge yeah. Does it also, Michael also Michael Jordan, chaos in the windy city on Super Nintendo Were you fight, giant spiders and you slam Duncan Random haunted houses? It sounds out as other than your order with power up weeds and legal on bees, any beaten with basketballs, it's awful. I gotta the Oregon, Bennett, cavy toys and Plattsburg New York. I still almost hung myself as it I'll and home You give us Jordan, verse burden follow up with that. I now am I right next to it, why don't? We have got someone coming down? The pike wish shack food. We think we can really get. We took a game those already made and we just added a basketball to the thing player that that's all they did. I could Jackson was Jesus JUICE, yet
for the I'd in their here? We're? Well, that's all just comes with a free diet: Coke Canfield, with industry, liquid, What we want is a guy opinion already heavily. What did they give you a webcam to set up for the kids to play with? I just put this camera here detriment as a security. Kids will make sure you're safe in playing the game. Michael Jackson's, on the other, what others are leaving origin? I missed some. I don't know he was Saint. Jesus choose out again make it acts in Michael, Michael Jangle. Changing now he's just dinner of its policies, not call Jesus juice, of course, not because I was a seriously say those little sparkles Ottoman world cannot talk about, throwing them off the Santa Marianna pitching that want to say you think it's like a vague idea for what it's the way it happens,
my God or no one's gonna safety and of course I wouldn't, while we ever include the what are you talking about touching them? That was never hunger disease and also to levels his house in courts? No, you forget the street level where he brings a kill right through the three of us as an angry alcoholic chimney. It's just a dead M dresses, Elton John, why it was the Tuesday every I'm gonna break up later. There is actually a Michael Jackson segregate. What do you think I do? What do you think you'll see in closing statement, so I honestly feel, like he's gonna, be like the attorney in my cousin Vinnie, whose, like so proud of himself, walk back to the church, JOR exactly to be that guy, I think he's gonna got there and say you know. We ve laid out this case that Turkey renounce was obviously there. He should have been there and he's gonna be chasing this guy he's the one that promote this, and he should know
that guy she was out there like all. I think, he's gonna say then he's going to think in his mind done a great job here, you're right, I just don't. I have no idea how you can have any self respect as an attorney. I understand de I didn't take this case. Healthy, assisted him. Regular gave me like you. Take it hears has right, but I just don't think he has anything to. go back to the jury was usually you want to highlight your main point right. You are it's something that was explosive and trial. He doesn't have anything. The only thing come out. I think what he's analysed, and so what I think he is going to argue is she was wearing a short skirts you deserve. It here going to argue that he shouldn't have been there in the first place he is going to do, argue that he went down there looking for trouble, ignoring the fact that, for a day and a half years helping cleanup graffiti putting out fires, we are providing medical assistance, he'll, try and care. Dress, ass him he's not actually qualified empty, all the while avoiding the fact that the people who died
wrap sheet that you could not. You could not random if you are a horrible mass shooter and randomly shot into any group of people, and God forbid you ever did wouldn't by pure stroke of luck, be able to hit that kind of a rapture five: five child molestation and rape charges. Why feeding knife at brothers, throat domestic abuse, miss use of firearms. You couldn't find, I got there, give this their rap sheets of the people who were shot is longer than a list of crimes committed. all January sucks, that's not a joke. You can choose to a prison and not now, unless you resent allow they were all ANG, raping the child rapist. That's true name you as our move, that you couldn't them unless you
suddenly had ended, refrain that she law would get the ones very come on. Shooting in a bullet hits the poster with what the hell at all I'm having a screw my whole plan. What don't don't forget, gauges appending charge right because I mean we're all about law and order here he had. He admitted on the stand. But he had an illegal firearm ready. His is permanent was expired. Yes, that correct I mean I'm just yet also lie. When he's fine, he fought jet, given my engage, drove churches suing the city for ten million failed to mention that he had a firearm yeah and in several statements said that he lost his Gluck twenty seven. If I'm not mistaken, go my wrote generations yet were clock. Twenty seven, forty calibre you know it. You failed to mention that I spoke to I'll ridden how seconds before and he said he was going to get the police were said. He thought it was an act of shooter. Well, Other people said get to be fair. Your honor, I was really yeah
Well I mean there are Adele. These questions are really tough. Jeffrey tube speaking now without really shouldn't arises, not just masturbating fury. I believe this is a rare moment where does not like casting a supernova Jeffrey Worth all the time. Louis seek ways that alone the public eye and undisguised evaluating a trial, no Jeffrey juveniles. Can this, but on a split screen years, three company in a box of tissues are right. There, let's see knocker resting in a table vessels we discuss email, and then I'm rhythm and well things are Strikes me as I read them. Jobs are never told to actually discussed self defense, except in the context of charged offences and what was about to say the jury undecided. I wanna talk to you. People beforehand is during its under discussion, are you able of first of a charge, defence any charge defence, but less use this one example
Andy decide. That is The elements are there and he was making lawfully in self defense there done never never discuss the less? What was your was not at all clear. What well I saved if they do, The elements are there, but you wise, was acting lawfully self defense. Thirty. I am guilty of the charge crime. What are they if they discuss common start moment, you still this kind of giving instructions. Generally speaking, I wanted to see me to ban, was thing didn't tube and call right now some idiot he did he said he was a visa to camp prosecute him for being stupid. Yeah all he had any expire, you for being stupid, well, slobber, Managua Corner in the cup, I'm sorry I phone, I all sugar, scary, yours and horny ears, Schuman shift.
Think there is a way. I figure sum you said earlier that I think you make a point. Is there a possibility? that he is the the prosecutor going too de I one of the good ones and may be just throw the whole thing to protect himself. I mean it doesn't have the outwardly do that it an inner thought, which it seems that what no I mean more so is right not to be a good guy, but it's kind of like you know when a fighter throws a foul because our losing you, but I would have one that, if not for the rest I say more so he would, but you think, there's some level of fear to that. yeah, I don't think he's going to do understand it's a possibility at this point. Basically, He is so far down. The scorecard expect him to go. Rogue somehow so honest what I'm thinking I yet he could I have no idea he's desperate, he's editor man if it gets dismissed. It will be with prejudice at this point, because he's would have learned. I would assume. That's me just get, hopefully right that you would dismiss. It would prejudice that you if it would be obvious at this point that a strong case too, oh I and there are handled the idea that you like, if the judge suspect
cities doing that on purpose, like that, stated on record. He does not believe that, while it in good faith. So let's let me go through this to the prosecution, because this is the case. They tried to build, write, something that I think is that I had forgotten the the prosecutor, little bigger, said earlier He said earlier on. He said we actually have FBI voter turnout available to the public, which will show they're you're watching this will also cover not just males and bomber. Then all this lively one really Ivan in that what has been sitting on this? Wouldn't that have had to be wouldn't that have had to be admitted to evidence and what's what's going on so that was what he said would be the smoking gun. Of course it wasn't, but here, let's take a flashback, Clip Kay This was a smoking gun cow renounced trying to help anybody need medical faced
Let me say people, and I think it was a white one- may need a fresh love smoking, though this was there a material as we consider openings mouth all away when speaking. Yes, Rather gdps lack jarred mongoloid mushroom mouth massacre. A trash rye is recycling
Mesquite, there's rose and there's killing. People who don't know area should there's Rittenhouse Running, shows Rosenbaum hiding behind the cars. Rittenhouse runs, Rosenbaum decides to run out and Jason they were selling. This is, though, it help tat. What it was like a kind of looks like age of empires it now all saying. Let me just because people my four different routes that got out and I wanted to go back to it, but I think we have included a bigger claims. The pre trial because I was claiming us. Was him saying that he's like earlier? This is actually this going to prove our point about that footage, illegal working,
bond with an FBI, video that shows the defendant chasing now MR rose bomb and confronting himself we just saw what we saw. The regime, the opposite, the our culture and again Jackson stands for whether or not this evidence is relevant to the elements of the crime keep in mind, do there was every eye hd footage that they lost and we talked about how it ended up getting leaked? I don't I the F b I was like that written. footage, see a doctor Gary right, yeah yeah. I thought you said John reader, I was like John. You don't use that we don't need. It eats, you're sure to clarify cholera, announced footage yeah. We have that we want, or you want you want to give it to you wasted. You asked about a unity wanted it. You want, because right now Are you I knew you can say no to warning. I now want to you. I don't have to think of you know what you want. You sleep on it
want to sleep. I don't want to hear what sleeping honours pretty good and talk about us. Workable, talk about your wife, make any decision without being with a first enough. Now I dont ethics give me the hd footage. So this is the photos was found. The FBI Hd footage and again. This is what given mind. This is what the prosecution thought would make their case. I don't know. let me now. I want to see you guys come and a blind spot, what's all this footage. No, I don't see anything even remotely close to supporting the idea. The cow Rittenhouse was chasing anybody else. Here's the hd for it
running running running an area from the round goes back to check on him, then get chase awakened by the way unseen Andy they we're talking about TAT are good morning. America say scary. Pursue where the man killed two protesters and they slow that shot. So it looks like how renounces coming back coming back, make it up But if you look at that original footage, I dont know I mean I think we may have talked about this, but that is the Minsk is that the guy's name? That was also there with Rosenbaum that they were saying TAT. It was his friend had a gun on. You fired the shots right, so they looked at the slow motion. So unkind running up to put out the fire, Rosa mom is hidden behind a car, but his body is pretty much in front of Kyle right right in front of Kyle.
Kyle comes around. To put it out. You see him in that footage. Look at him and his buddy looks like Has the gun in his hand? Kyle takes a step back It is right and there's rosenbaum chasing him. So car actually has a guy in front of him and a guy right here and now he has to run out and around to get a ticket away like that, for me looks his body was coming to kind of threatened. Kyle Rosemont was, adding to run right like there's gonna presenting physical re. Here. Guess: ok, I'm not saying I cannot say I want to be very clear, unjust. This is barely speculation. Ok, Rosenbaum right had taken on your hundred I'll get vs. Ariel Sharon has had taken off his shirt tight around his face right yet right and he ran out from behind the the cars and was chasing Collaret now right and as he was getting closer countenance, he was yelling Parma language fuck, you fuck, you know what I think may have happened
is yet the shirt over his face and right we all keep in mind, even though he used the inward I'll throw you off. He drove the ISA ginger right right, and so I think how Rittenhouse heard the tailor They got closer the who worked so hard for you, you turned around saw a pale man with no face. It was a ghost I think he might have been goes to ITALY. The invisible that guy just says: bullshit. You can't say that that is a fair payment area, terrifying. It is for a flat think about this for a second, a flabby cereal child rapist with a with effectively, a club tight around his original, aiming at you in the middle of the night, throwing his throwing his mental asylum back at you. No, that was your discharge boat fan the hammer
for the first time ever took off his shirt and covered his own mouth. Reds drew the bags arguments. Why would you let out their day there's a riot like our union at the age of one kitty, was an angel rapist near their area. I have a good one so you're something else too just to bring up really how desperate the prosecution has been. No bigger, and we all know that he violated all lawn protocol by commenting on cows. Fifth amendment right to remain silent and have shown that, but he so try to tie the eight hour fifteen. The cholera now used to call, and then I want to come back to a kind of a macro point before going clothing arguments as to why this matter this most important role, I think. I think, is more important job I do as far as how it affects American, but this is Clip p, whether really grasping at Xbox draw
he resemble the types of weapons that are used in first person. Shooter video games correct play first version shooter video games. I have, I believe, there's a variety of guns, including shot guns those errors and their guns and video games are resemble. Lasers isn't true, would hang out with Dominic Lack Youth way, call of duty and other first person shooter video didn't duty. Sometimes and those are gains in which you use weapons like air fifteen's too pretty much Sean anybody incomes edge right video game, where two players are playing together understand the meaning of your question is one or two things people do in this video games. Tryin kill everyone else with your gun. Yes, tipper. Would,
yeah, that's just what is your game is not real life life. I remember from my days in the arcade and then I went out and I I actually created an endangered species by whacking guerrillas with malice, eyelids go to a mushroom form and jump on my own. I congratulate. I told him that Japan on my machine will make you ask him, for it, isn't the whole point of this game that your plan is to shoot the ducks as they fly across the screen, not to mention how many hurdles I just have visited, I mean jump up and down and as yet all infinite life. Certainly, did you know if you jump on one turtle, it it'll the ins, goes way, you can kick it anyhow rather gas. Did you also know that when you, unfortunately, if you actually throw a frog, into a multi lane. Freeway is just I'm not I'm not fast, but it only comes back three times Ivan. No, I mean I've learned at the hard way all written redeeming IRA, yeah yeah. I was just actor plasma. I hit
Hedgehog once with my car, and it did not have running. Shoes are freely, and I and of those of the coins are in Northern Ireland. Where are you now running James off now Maybe that's what happened. It was good to hear you hate it so hard they hit the running shoes. Are. It seem much slower than I thought it would be when I was chasing us right dude did you know in this game when you rip that man's heart out again with at the end with a fatality that the they they could die? That's why file. I found that guy, oh yeah yeah, but a reality It doesn't really matter not much, though, because I only had come and because he was, he was right, Patty Hatton. He was clearly a white guy at zero. I thought it was appropriate to rip his heart out and no one really complaint. Europe is all I couldn't find it now. think you might have been a ginger too, by the way, if you're being raped by Rosenbaum in your childhood ducas do nothing more than one in terms even a kid I'll give you a couple of examples.
and by most numerous, do not have reptilian six packs data. When you, finish him. It's going to be a whole year Your law then, but it would have been, if only to me, as rather back in the day, there is no new ethics and rage against machine and rock against Bush mandate. They try to say: oh conservatives right Christians. Can you believe it they're trying to censor, stifle rootless, Tipper Gore with a rating labels, but about two even South Park South Park. Christian activists just didn't, want them on in primetime and actually went to a speech that I can refer this matter. Tray was giving it to you to ask me my brother was there and he said we actually agree with Christians. Trigger shows ban that it wasn't like a comedy central banning us we're putting Hammad in our show, because it he can't do that. Others, Christians, didn't want us to be in the daytime. What we wanted more lenient, rules that so we want to be on later at night. So questions just one of the ability to control content for their kids as far as what they're watching but think about.
right. Now, all these arguments with violent video games and Post columbine. These left us these people we try to make it to make that was old, fogey conservative now none of them have complaints from what you're, seeing with dinner pail these arguments and also keep in mind these same people raging the machine and fight against the system. Are the people who are showing up and beating the shit out of anti vaccination mandate? Protests at what point do you see to say: oh there, the fascists most Roma. let's blamed violent video games? We need a bullet. What's the solution ban violent video games are only using it when it's convenient years for yourself, your pro freedom, but you Port vaccine mandate, you support locked down. You don't believe that people have the to defend themselves. You don't believe in God, given right to self defence. This is what's happening here right now. Look This is really concern. This is the left right now with Calverton House what they want to do and there's going to be a Supreme court case, place to New York and if the right Tipp Keepin bear arms allows you to carry firearms, which of course it should.
but what the left is doing. For example, when you see they have gauge growth courts on CNN and on good morning America, because I know he can lie right, he's no longer under what they're doing a single. We don't care if it's true or not. If we don't want in the courts, if we don't want, any legal system will make you so afraid to defend yourself that the second amendment is all but irrelevant. What they are trying to do right now. They know if you are out there and so one is burning your business down and someone throws a molotov cocktails or a gas bomb or even a brick the building with you in it than you have but they have a gun and they storm. You, and they kick you re they are you. They hit you with a skateboard and you they a firearm to defend yourself that use you will have your life ruined. Look. I don't even think the prosecution cares right now, if you're going to wait or not calibre knows, is a must it's a Sandman Nick Sandman type scenario with CNN and with the meat, and I hope he doesn't mean. Yes, you have to pay these bills
life is reputation. Is life is already ruined and a lot of ways that's their goal in the first place, This is designed to intimidate all Americans. It's not accident that they were praising. We are talking about at me. the tally was a year ago, four billion dollars and damages, and whatever the protests from thousands of arrests which, on but hundreds of casual It's all right, we'll talk that went on for a long time, mostly peaceful. One kid shoddy cereal child rapist at another. Look, let's all We do know how I know, and you know how you know- that they don't care, Why was this kid? There was a fire me wasn't supposed to have all the charges just dropped, because the actual within the realm of the lock hearing that firearm, because it was seven it's a long. Gunnar was content, that's in question- could be asked about the gauge spacers guy. You have on your show, being an asshole. He had a weapon he'd, never permit for that weapon. He was somewhat here,
no right being and he initiated an attack. It's very easy! This summit, a lot of conservatives, will still get into an they'll get into the legal ease and well, let's go back in four. What look look? Look, let's think about this: the quickest path to victory. Ok, the quickest way to shut it down, while what was I'll doing there you first, guys doing there. He was looking for trouble. Ok, the day living up to providing medical care. He was putting out fires. He was watching atrophy. What are you guys doing? the one I was being discharged from mental hospital. Well you're, the guy doing oh, he was there among the looters and writers and ok right. So, let's just new answer. First, It does make it like if they do take it. your ability to defend yourself, you're right, it does make a second amendment irrelevant much like when Barack Obama believe he spoke about taxing ammunition and making it
expensive, that ok, fine, you can have the firearm, but you can have anything that goes in it or in l a foreigner where they have the laws that so you can only have so many rounds. The capacity limit right decency in California. I think, maybe even your two now you can't protect yourself in this case Kyle Kyle of Kyle. It had a handgun that case and he would have to play by those rules. Yeah. He had four shots. had I think another for three or four shots total at the end. He may have run out and oh sorry, that the last guy running up with a gun to shoot. You click that, and I got nothing What would you call time out dear when I see when I see governor, but you see I go, oh of course, when you high capacity magazines, yes yeah, we're gonna cut. It was issue in every I've seen so many people call his weapon and assault rifle right. It's pretty unbelievable, What David does have the letters a are before it? That's what they think. It's all right stands for arm a light.
I love it when they fall into their trap, though it's just really funny telling this is really, though, to me I go. I got this spot right. Sorry. This is what do you mean? You mean apologetic? Gonna goes bangs and protagonists come out. Ok, that's all rifles! You mean it's more effective. All the better to kill files? Yes, my dear he Elsie Preschool shooting Does it make any sense, collared governess look and then what do you end up with murdering people? You end up with people UK who go to prison for defending their homes with nice, yeah or first, we fear in criminals who are robbing the houses with a legal gap that has happened with Rep area. You end up being and look let's just about a look real yeah. This is that these are actual if that happened in Europe. Let's just think about this. For a second, ok, what we won't you
what would you rather have happened? What would you want to say about this question for? Would you rather had happened to cower Rittenhouse and what's what's the better alternative, There's so we can have a country where young people go out there and taking the law into what we the country were. Cities are being burned down and people being killed. I think it's a better. I think it's a better country. I really do and I just I don't know how at this point, someone can argue against think about this, that line of questioning I'm just trying to go through my mental rolodex. How stew but it was we're bigger said I clip here, but he said so you're on your back and this man who hit you did you see a gun notion Did you see a weapon, a knife chain or any kind? No, sir, So you shot him because he was kicking you with one foot
so if a woman's being raped by a six foot, five hundred and fifty pound linebacker. She can't shoot him. She has to wait until he's penetrated her and she sees a gun. They don't want you to protect. They don't want you to be able to defend your self and this, and there is no accountability. You know how I know: there's no accountability for the actual criminals, because gauge cross curses on good morning american scene, it he has nothing to lose, you know why could he has not telling the truth Kyle Past remained silent or being charged because he's being shipped yet this gap is going on and soon the city for ten million so has a vested interest in Kyle being guilty. He has not not nothing to lose just well. I guess I lied media. Call me out of my life will be destroyed, people to forget and by the logic you know be basically could apply that ok Reginald any, as these guys were pulling you out of your truck. Did you see a weapon nod and see weapon ok. So what? What do you know if he had a gun and fired on these people
by their logic? He would have gone to jail. We know what happened that Reginald any didn't have a weapon. These didn't have a weapon initially so they're just going to kick your ass right, that's okay! Well, actually, later on, they came up with bricks and then that I think there was like a fire hydrant or some big thing that they hit me over the head and by the way I can't even put this sentence together now, because my brain work right anymore right, so that's all most to allow to happen to all of us? We, he didn't see weapon, you weren't in fear for your life, so somebody beat the crap out of you and make it where you can never do not feed yourselves again, there not they're not taking into account all of the other people that work attacking at the same time what they do at these tragic and separate each instance out, and why slow motion video. All of that happen. We're happening every morning I m back or people were attacking him at the same time why they chased him down. They want you all to watch this. They want you all to watch this, The reason they are gas, letting you they want you all- every single american right now watching to go. Second,
guys chasing a gunshot saying, he's, gonna, kill him. Fuck vacuity shoot him. I don't know that seems, and they want they want you. see them saying despicable white supremacist This man needs to get the death penalty. They want you all to see the seventeen year old kid on his back, getting his face, dumped in getting hit with escaped board in they had defending himself and then what you, while your natural inclination to get one that seems pretty. They want you to see them going and you believe this child. This is a sad state of America. We must hang him and they start intimidate the jury. They were you to see Kyle written House on ground. When a when an absolute hooligan with spacers in his ears, whose, ironically, named gauge runs, upon him. Try to figure out with his hands up. Points are guided his head point: blank and anti redness of the trigger discipline to only a pariah, his bicep, what they know that your inclinations go on, my god. I can't believe it only shot in the arm and has actually
it's actually very merciful. They want you to see Don lemon saying this is not America. We have to stop this week, Never let this happen again why they were all of you to be afraid, and they want all of you to be victims every step along that way They would have preferred to be one of the that the minor she was raped because it gives a more control. They would have preferred that you, Have your head bashing with escaped border, you get american history ACT into the concrete, not do anything, because that gives them more control. They would have preferred that guy with spacers in his ear, come up and Shoe Kyle right now, because that would give them more control. You know why, because they never charge these criminals, I would just forgotten about hoodie man, yellow paint jump. Kick me yeah, I mean there's enough security footed there, the no one say where he sauntered off to seriously in bright, yellow in bright, yellow dress, like dress like like, the age aid from the battery boys, he was the coal yea, was
there was a bad one knew well. He returned and videos without reminding them and shit what a jerk seriously nobody can pass up there. I mean they're thereupon, people that you can charge? People in an you, remember like this police warrant, just walking around there, but they had left this area right. They had let baby let people take over. So tell me what you're supposed to do you, the town where it burned the night before its burning again tonight and the police have all gone home and you have no one, protect yourself and then Don lemon saunters on out and says yeah. But it's not your neighborhood, not your street, not your anything to protect right right it that ok, so I just my family- and I we just we- we die it's only a gas bomb. Maybe it doesn't burn the how they. Let me ask you something who is the militia said I'm not that
this is something to right. When they can, someone actually bring up the second, a man I want to read it word for word right here. The mouth malaria is a song and the judges phone. Yes, along with my neck, my bad within a want to get to the point where she starts talking about putting away made. No mention crack boy. Lady. There were ass. Lady part, that's only talk when I'm hanging from my you know lotion, six amateur. I got quite a swing, your less we, I wife, just send me a picture three cats so tat the reason you jumped on breaking. Sometimes I put my horse keys in the wrong guy at a party, and I put a pineapple out by the door. Oh no, you have no idea. They don't know what you're dealing with an apple disease in Europe? What that by the door value is not going to the second amendment here, let's bring it up or we can here put it, it is the right. A well regulated militia can resume in a coma
a well regulated, millet militia right. Isn't there a comma drama yet again there you, don't you weren't army token. Aren't we want to make sure the commas here really matter a well regulated militia cannot being necessary to the security of a free state, Carla, the right of the people to keep and bear arms comma? Shall not be infringed, keep that up there for a second case, a well regulated militia, comma, being necessary to security of a free state. Come over to commas, away from the right of the people. to keep and bear arms shall not be infringing. They could have. You said, keep that could have. You said own firearms rest to keep and Mary firearms. You can bring brain off, keep in mind this point in time the country. I believe there are any laws that you can pretty much open care any fire that you had at that point. As far as I understand it was written at a time where, if that was a concern, it would have been included a well regulated militia com. Then it says the right of the people to keep unbarring shall not be infringed well
Does that mean when people chose a judge, Felicia Point a second worship right here from a well regulator, militia com. Being necessary to security of a free state, comma, the right of the people to keep in barons and there's cloak after quote. after cook. Why? Who is the militia? It is we the people, the entirety of pic? I believe George Mason was the one who made that what you can find. George Mason Second amendment, we, the people militia Take that you'll find out I'm gone by wrote. I know there's one by Thomas Jefferson, it's very clear, all of you, the militia and the militia isn't just to fight off the world's greatest superpower who let their number one draft pick get away? Sorry, but it's also to fight internal threats I don't know, bombs and murder in the streets of your town, and they want you to be Fraid. They want you to think we are so far, but what are you suggesting that I am? suggesting that anybody go out and hunt anybody. I message
anyone go out in polar Charles Bronson death wish one Suggesting, however, is enshrined into our constitution when people are burning down your neighbourhoods and throwing gas bombs molotov cocktails bricks, if they're pulling from your cars if their smashing your car. While you are in it, which we have seen countless times, they are forfeit. The right to live in these people are organizing and burning down. City blocks like we saw Canosa. I dont know I don't understand why it's anymore offensive for peace to organise and fight it. And the violence as it is for organizers and perpetrators of violence in the first place, I don't understand why one is considered more offensive outside of the fact that the left, of course, once a visa, society under the thumb of big government. Look, let's just let's just you believe it all. Violence is a moral code wash why One offensive when someone responds to ring ring hello. What
they're burning down my business for the third time, gas bombs. Oh no! I have price What have you a priceless items in their since when since when do we have to say? Oh only if I really think right now, I'm about to died, whether I the defend myself, that's very silly. It's very new have the right to protect life and when you don't have the right to use? the force when protecting property. But you know what that's also murky as one of you are in the property, but if somebody else's in the property if any people always say while the businesses you know, protect their chanting? This leading up to this protect your property, not the stuff you're, probably not the strangest like ok, well, you're you're starting to steel are property and take it out that dumpster right that they were taking out there right. What do you expect that every business has Sharon's, do remember the riots and allay that that just iconic footage that we have of this guy screaming at the people in the street, because he didn't have insurance on his business and they it and it was just
Hard mental rooftop Koreans, yet they are trying to protect. Not everybody has the entrance and by the way, even if they do not Nobody can survive that. Ok, the insurance pays, but then your business is destroyed and people have moved on to two other businesses after rebuilt, like what do you think happen, it's obvious. You ve never run a business and I want to go. to the second amendment think, and why is it and going, but a decision to be more basic with it? Why is it more offensive for a business, I to want to protect his livelihood violently there. for you to take it violent. I don't understand it, why it considered more offensive for a business owner to via We protect this business when you ve currently destroying it walls during a time too. Well, there are struggling to stay afloat yet Nyjord Jack, up insurance rates for every single person, on the block and within several mile radius? I now have a closing arguments are starting
another saying ok to our idea of a point you're about to make their jail because- and I really rid us- I am at the second of anything like the way that that should read is so that we can form a militia. The people must be armed, basically saying that side of the running fathers and have your retainer. Now they write that way. The people- people don't understand English. Apparently they can't read into then it's like look. You are never had, they could have said This, too, is an old man. The same you are never to give up firearms and make them centralized to a state government to us to a militia group metal. I too, as the weapons in Utah ability really illyricum. You are never not the militia just to be clear every moment of every day, you are the militia, some people Michael Factions militia were their organised at the corner. Together, you are the militia every minute of every day. That's the second Emmett says: that's how we fought the world's greater Super power, one century to become the only world superpower. The next country never been done before. Since
who are the militia you are always the militia. This is not enough to violence, it's a call to responsibility, so you understand the importance and why it is grafted into our basic human rights. in the United States Constitution, not granted by government simply recognised by God and a document to say government. You can not infringe upon these. as there is a huge difference, none of these rights are granted by government. You watching right now, listening you are never anything but the militia every second of every every single American, let's be really clear about that and take that responsibility seriously. So we dont burned down more innocent businesses? Are they are they doing the opening statements? Lissouba there can you go
can you guess what the devil I gotta restroom, really only one thing also yours Youtube is trying to sit down a lot of other channels that restricting this using like audio copyright strict. So we are going to talk and get locking go back for so yes, but if you want to hear the audio uninterrupted tune in to see an encore tv whatever on another channel, ok and keep us up, will comment over this to make sure that we don't run. I found when a brain, Joe Louis out, you'll forget we both have to go. You might need to go by the way. I got it all your bad. This is. This is a perfect example of where you need to have us on rumble as well. Rights will follow this example. If you're not watching this honourable right now, you're on Youtube and something happens, go over the rumble, you'll be able to find us that way they can't remove. I mean why would you be getting people off of this like come off like This you don't want the whole week prior to this, to not striking well, but now, right last day, striking
when it becomes very obvious that they have nothing. The lender thing a fresh dislike, no dislike right right now. We are now at an odd coincidence, vital decision, but I certainly will soon follow so. How long do we have on? How often do we need the OECD starting ages ago? good morning. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to assure you that everything that the judges reds here you'll get a copy out, so you'll have a chance to look at over yourself. I have one suit. I told you, I think, no surprise that this is a case that there's a lot of noise and a lot of static surrounding it. So what I'd like to do at the beginning is crystallize it Shell, for you not impetus international, that's good! So I hope this is the case.
J. Seventeen hours can be fully kills issue on arms and severely wounded a third person who eyes aren't here, I'm going to take out every night hail and what I am about to say this isn't a situation. Finns protecting his home would mean that a new economies family they dismissed the gunshot people. travelling here he was an unknown illinois, yet a chain staying out atrocity, wide curfew, of judge the objection to curfew, charge anymore. There's no gun church correct, although he claimed charge, but just sign in There are also talking about. When you start delivering humble has occurs necessities. They want to start a resolution tomorrow. The judge will make us, but there, why had barely curfew announced? That does not mean that was terribly lovely put in place legal curve
yeah, but there had been an Oscar solvent, not a lawyer, but it it's. The unwanted exhortations and all the rest of us here and commercial were aware, gets Appleton, I think most people most reasonable people obeyed although the two percent for the right, except for all the riot and all the people, you say we killings in this case had people in their house just by trying their eyes out from fear and right now we also spent the entire where revenues are fitted out Alex Jones when student difference do ok, but he was writing. Tease me last Sunday in ANA Isabel owner. So when we think about the dependency on this case, like you to consider, as you think, I'm watching with you by looking down at my motivations were. Was this a situation where he sincerely cared about personal car source, even though I never heard of it is binding? There never work there, and not even its owners. We're out there that might protecting it, because you are only interested in helping people. He ran
within our fifteen all night and allied about being an empty, do think the people care that were receiving treatment from him when leaders lied about being an empty or not he's. Not. It may be a seventeen year old. There was just like Germany and ITALY have been trained, so why was he there? Really? That's a crime now When you think about these things, I think there are some things that we can all agree on, that it was up to them in America Europe these days, people are polarized in there. I am saying that we will have to arm is already made it clear that something is not there common ground mothers naive No, there is its self defense of yeah raise your hands You agree. Life is more important and property, and all of you raise your hand. Of course. We also agree that we need a new phenomenon. Person's life is more valuable than another. what kind of probably wanted to kill. Someone is simply because a drug dealer
I mean I do if their attacking you and trying to kill you Rosen's bomb, Rosen, vines life, because everything I have is more valuable than a serial. The little hare agree here that we should have seventeen year olds. running around our streets where they are fifty. I dont know why not because this is exactly what happens events himself and doesn't die. You're right finally says what action keep in mind that we all stories and heard about heroes that stepping back how right now to stop an active shooter. Give their liar spider days. Many people must answer when I got caring, conceal weapon permits just so that they could be there in case there was an act of shooter and wanting to stop them, but not an active shooter so our firm science, idiotic until eleven Herman, I am gauge grocers get people now. He knew how the guy I once they have a preconceived notions.
so skies another dimension sized, I guess we have to talk a lot because he's going to training is ok. Look if, if we do get removed from Youtube well, then we'll go to rumble all the stuff that we can't say on Youtube, which is let me just say it and we're monitoring that right now for sea enough people going over just got nauseous it or, for example, I took some of that, like I was college in protein in the sky I got a virus on the MIKE. I highlight the lot of you were actually record that by the way he has some yeah read news. This is from the earth times. Instruments go bring news. The Connecticut judge ruled out Jones was guilty by default, granting a sweeping victory for the parents during the far right broadcaster for defamation over the city had shooting deal that or details or the limitless Anne S got bullshit without the legal authority to do so. and when you think about the defence of many people, only see what they want to see
also. I guess I guess I do likewise there, because I really want to see a pedophile getting those commitments is that a mirage nobody's pedophile getting really have ever people's second, I'm hungry starts. Looking like a hot dog, so when I try to hear in my closing you didn't give his legs, it'll, save or others on the murders that the defence industry. to second I'm an address them. Round issues. Give you some context and talk about some of the things that I dont think are relevant to this case. acts that video across an illusion affecting a model of how it you have heard throughout the Irish. No vote is my colleague Jim Cross, and I have tried to present you with all your cross, like I dont comic garlic that we should continue to be right now is that we order more aid ones who, as you will be the expert, but we like you, the troika and the words of back over its all about this case. People doing and sorry they're gonna hate as if we have it so you can bring it up unseen and watch along with us
so, are you saying anything all that substantive to be cleared up? No, it just saying he's going to leave out all the evidence here. Eventually what these one step away from saying you can keep the Spirit of Christmas in your heart all year, long and these letters from Santa or to set to work and while number four he pretended to guard a building regarding it actually are building claiming, while he Roger lately claiming to be an empty keeps going back. This I mean he lied about being in an empty. I sit on the on the slippery he pretended to guard a building. Then what are we talking about exactly the whole thing for the unlucky protection if she rose and evaluating you're just out lopping like in that role models lily than who gives that's? Fine, we're sure other people who came along to protect car source or ultimate gas or other businesses, and many of them were armed with air fifteen years like good. In fact, you know the different we're going to see if they weren't a task. They weren't at ten o clock. Three became known as they ve every single person there who granted was
so an asshole, but not attacking call Rittenhouse S safe as others, arms yelling, their shouting, there's even shoving, You know, that is how things should be a little bit of a paper in this entire see other sense from shooting real grown man who went after again because he was again. How do you do not see this everything this can also to me. This is also right: lessen the fact that a fireman rate equalizer shot- I mean I want more kids to be able to shoot, would be better for you. I think you. I think it was real need what he did to that guy imaginative Corey Haim was a better shot. Noise you to tell he'd still be alive today I'm gonna, have a lot of bullets. and Michael Jackson and still is the idea of testimony. I'm prosecuting you now. You know our eyes at least Michael Jackson is dangling daisies from balconies and hell, but that's true to do is crucial. Heaven Guys I kid so did he
go to the vessel around provocation and the murder of Joseph Rosenbaum, not murder, because it's all captured on video, we watch we watch and ascended and is all and sixty Threerd Street car source Mr Rosenbaum, is ahead of the defence. Don't you sailors tomorrow see and the FBI, video, when Rosamond starts to run. The defendant starts to run as well at the same time, he's personnel not bring the managing editor point. We're Rosenbaum starts chasing Gal renounced the FBI footage the the one that has those there. The area but it's not the drowned but yeah. Ok, look so
You said it very clear that cholera now only starts to run once Rosenbaum starts to run. Let's be really clear here just so. You know that he's lying on me show this to you in real time. Look at the top left. There is written out. He's running, Rosenbaum hides and then Rosenbaum comes around right here. Run to cover announced. Only then does Kyle start running no point can even be arguably was chasing the Minsk whatever that guy's name is chasing the Aegean running back for any I'll, get him gonna get him and remember: Rittenhouse is carrying a fair, expired sitting beside out, yes, his his weapon well about a weapon of choice for white supremacist. That is because they always have to put out to cross their burning. It's only responsible they cut. The audio visual he's just retarded praying from our pleas clashes, exists, praying for a miracle drone video
for he's got us always another show, except please do as you know why, that war and general point out to you here in a second on the screen when the defendant originally arise at that seen. The first thing you see him do is drop the fire extinguisher and point his weapon at people. And then the chase occurs right? I know why did he have to draw your own language in this, because the Minsk standing right in front of him with a gun? It's on the video? How do you I see that it does you just hoping that you think you're gonna eyes are broken by the way you know they didn't do come. Didn't shoot. This should be the drivers tests from now it's like on by hey. Do you seek Halloran House running away from the pet about yes, you're gonna drive? That's after Thank you, he's been Shatner, inaccuracies being pursued and points the gun and Mr Rosenbaum, and then ass? He enters the area between the parked cars. He slows. Because there's no arrives nowhere to go. The way is being chased by a pedophile ghost shooting him to the ground.
No, no just say it shooting and killing him. Yes, because he was trying to kill Kyle should Misty grabbed his gun letter was friendly. He Guess I'm taking a hand and even in the most earlier show you this was really more fish, counting we're going right, hold back and Oji either and Mister Crow. he's going to help me by directing your attention on the larger screen, where they distract these everybody's, get it. If you don't want to look over it, I should feel that rocky and bull languidly, why we're gonna, go footage? Who move to pick the wrong that do they provocation pointed out, whereas the provocation, I don't see any, no none Emma wearing a short skirt. He was asking for it. Stephen replay it a few times out. That's quite clearly that is quite clearly the fire extinguisher on the ground, with his left hand
and then brings his left hand over to the gun. Yeah raises it and points because the Minsk he had a gun in his ensure that footage you have it hey, hey. Let me just ask your guys Kaminski Rosenbaum gauge? When did they put their fire extinguisher down What are these putting his fire extinguisher down these on camera several times? Putting our fires that there is a long record of him throughout the day, putting off one we're Europe, people putting fires? we're starting them. That also matters, keep shown by the way, had a fire extinguisher to put down Wisconsin law you're not allowed to run around point. You're gonna, be this also like car sources, unbiased, starts. This incident, no, no. It is not hard to Russia's in and immediately points the gun, no and, as you seem a little bit o my sure, Rosenbaum doesn't take kindly to people pointing guns, no metal, think
He was a young rang rain it, although he pointed to gonna somebody else and Rosa mom is entitled to chase him down and to try to kill him. Mister in bomb being concerned we had another vile citizen has just take kindly to minors. Oh my gosh matter of fact. That's almost apparently of Rosenbaum Check list should his head a file match dot com, minors with guns. The defendant comes running in and drops the fire extinguish on the ground like this, raises the gun and points This is what we see in the video. What the hell is he pointing that going right or extinguisher easy the earth? We see that the problem can seldom rustchuk. That's an argument is facing,
He just aimed at is co prosecutor. Nobody saying what did you name? It rose and body. I know it is left at all reaching for the gun holding it up you can see it again on the video here. Please put his left reaching up? Imagine that its there now, just as you can't yearly surety just you do me a favor. Why would he running out what I Iraq's saying tyrants? Does anybody need medical? Why would he dropped the fire extinguisher and immediately to take a defensive position incident with his father on and not fire targeted pearl on the add, a gun and start taking steps backwards right. What he did on the aerial footage and then we'll around and see Rosenbaum, whose do you think you just saw guy? No, he saw the same guy that he saw earlier with Rosenbaum any had a gun in his yet again and he was one of the four shop. Then we have the chase the Kurds after then, just one
we ve taken, I just wanna pantyhose the chase. Get me the change automatic outrage, portions of that she said projects. let's not long out here on the screen. This is like petty- few chasing you down when you don't let the modal horse that incident the middle or see Mr Rosenbaum chasing after the defendant, Hardway net plastic bag and then the definite turns and points the gun back and mister. and this is the moment in time when Mr Rosenbaum essentially does sort of a little hop with both the lions in the air. Wind widened the definitive testified. He saw at that moment that there was none, in the defendants have early, Miss rose unbundle putting the hell. Is he talking about yet this is this. bullshit, there's the defendant. Turning in pointing the gun and then he turns again it runs away and out to the easy seen in one year and then continues running and now a gunshot where the shooting a curse. Bang.
Gunshot goes off and then issued to me to be clearly that's. Why he's playing this without body to be clear? Someone can have no gun in his hands like me right now. I guess what no gun in my hands or private gonna, my holster Niven gonna my hand, and this really viewpoint to gun at someone who's screaming at you that they're going to kill you screaming fuck, you fuck, you fuck, you, a shortlist, pedophile goes what you just saw. There's Catherine S turn K no gun at this point, continue running Reach is a dead end right, the barricade of cars here, a gunshot and turned round the guy is lunching for his gun. Keep in mind. Because someone doesn't have a gun. One second does mean they dont have a gun on their person. This is absurd. He heard a gunshot sogdiana file ghosts trying for all. He knows try to rape and like it it five other kids. You know you never know by the way, correct me if I'm out with Rosenbaum, you kind of you kind of known this case slowly. so he said he wasn't within arms reach when he shot him. Rather, how far away
It is not even within arms reach. He grabbed look great. The muzzle of look like I still haven't shoot only when it. Yes, he has burned marks on his eyes. He had burned marks on his agency from this video that Mr Rosen mom is not even within arms reach of that, What are you gonna do about this is this is this is the lesson for this is not just don't believe your line eyes and ears he's not an arms reach. You are watching my right now. Look due regard he's he's not only in arms with he's an elbows are real. We would be to Klaus run to get power at the end of a punch, the term pushing you're punches down. Pushing your punch means you can't fully extended right. You want to put someone at the end, he's too close even extend the punch that cohesion grappling distances on the area. Footage from this is not I understand that as the prosecutor you're supposed to try to make your case, but you're not supposed to do obvious, lies to
you were right a lawyer now so here's but here's the thing like in our justice system you dont want the prosecution have to make. Is that our five? When there's? the explanation for what has not yet I want them to have to make stuff wanting ever make. Not. I want him to mix up. I want them to just present the case right so pointing it. I understand, he's not gonna. Take into account the Herald Happy people over there. How can the prosecutor represent the case at the point? These really his stretching his hands are zip tucked. If there really are, he could have been marks are not meeting you you're lying thing is not an arms reaches up, but if I'm the defend what age I come up and unlike out you know, he said he wasn't within arms richer than how did he have a burn mark from the barrel of the God? It's almost like it had k are written in his hand. You know like from home alone. Defended is because he grabbed the guy. Does he fired in college? Just happened, a brain that part rang it directly. Annexes pisses me off because that's not injustice. it's not justice, but I think we are going to see justice, Cyprus. I hope no one true justice would be Kyle, never asked working to damage like yeah now its environment and has taken.
Other pick out yesterday and downloads, I've gotta go to protest because I would be surprised to see him chase down a minor enshrined relay taint reduce by Russia. That's likely because they the first thing, there's not a certain point, because I always just admitted to run away the Minsk II. The definitive testify that that shot from Mistress Minsk he had nothing to do with his decision to kill you, the frozen by their gunshot that took place many turned around. Finally, now I think that any gunshot would be relevant if people are telling you that they're going to kill you and all of this, and then he comes upon Mister Rosen bombs, body the programming and to show this, because I think it's pretty graphic now they showed it before audio playing
identify that the olive Lotus shrine I'm sorry, I'm not turn it down. That's where Rosemont was hiding out IRAN, or did I say that I thought I'd like to hear from the wreck your tat. They could, I just say that's where he was Looking over his child, we clean magazine yeah. He was trying to protect people from having a gun pointed at them. That's not firing by the way, now those last two three shots. That was not Kyle. Now he's going to. They try to make. Is, in my view, is going back to finish and he's going to check on him and then it gets chased away. Rosenbaum
Rosenbaum is Ling face down? That's where he falls Richie Mcguinness actually roles him over after trying to stem the bleeding here you can see in the foreground that lasting banditry, this journalist surplus, your brain scan on one sorry, sorry tune see. The first suggested bears Dick american beauty. It looks like it's Dancin objections, argument and you'll be allowed to prevail, man and seeing this video cameras attempting to say who were bombs. Life I mean you know, says it's not as sad as, if that were Kyle, which is exactly what it would have been the dream. I don't feel the same way I mean I don't know, I'm in the guy raped five kids. I could feel worse for debts, well yeah. I hit us girly the day of our car. Can I
swerve, and then he swerved, I did last night, it handy went to everywhere. You have shown you Joseph arose about from a lot to say murder in April objection and, as I don't know, honey was allowed to begin. I guess enclosing arguments he cannot even in the trial. He can accuse any minute rights. What they're doing during this entire incident, he knew the Joseph Frozen Bomb was unarmed. No, you didn't going back to this in a little while, but there's this, legit threat. If you're gonna say that he knew he was unarmed, when you would have to allow the possibility that he knows he was a petty leather, defend, don't you say all relevant, as you know, there's a pitiful there's. No, he didn't know it wasn't all happen rather expect calibre now to be a mind reader and once an area and not the other, whereas he was probably chanting from the rooftops use burning down. It was a pet. If I, like the recall our guy back there, there's also, It was catchphrase. What one does I? What you're talking about, what s? Really what you talk about
well how to get to rate there, but I promise I will eventually the store. He just said: there's no evidence that the defendant was trying to trick to take his gun. There was no evidence that he wanted his gun it. What about the fire marks yet? Can someone bring that up in the control room there? The burned marks thereof? I know I was, I think, with Huber. Had burned or several of them had burned marks, or how do we even have to do the attacking someone knows it's? It doesn't even matter if they wanted his gun, in my opinion, now, if their attacking him in staffing and hitting them with stuff, what does it matter what they wanted? It's a coming. I think at that point, once they ve been setting fires Rosen enough cause for shooting is, if they haven't, are actually more exactly where the owner, who debt, which goes through Mr Hand, handkerchief and then fourth and Schuman raises the right scope and one that goes right into Mister Rosen bonds. Back
and that an rosenbaum everytime you want. But while he say I'm very he's also saying that he is Romania just needs Hammond Chuckie, she's commercial came on while he was watching Nickelodeon. There is, however, punching bag here is to meet its make out some engenders guy. I know what I think there might be a pedophile walk down the street there right one by the hour mom. I thought that I wish you well, that's normally the casing saying they shot him in the back and, I suppose modern pose a threat to the first. I do remember, House asked that happened, kill showing them that banks the know how and by the way no one is even argue that he shot him in the back. Execution is set at one, but he's saying enshrined you're right. That's what ailed now adopted an argument just so you know shelter for people who have been paying attention to the travelling a one shot him in the back. It was your shot, I believe for one two, three four and the one kind of went through his shoulder. Blake was tat. If I was gone and boost arose like that,
To start by the way you dont use, you could, let me was catching a football go on long. Only it was bullocks who there's a lot of testimony about this won't. This is one in which The evidence suggests that Mr Rosen bombs hand that you're going to most likely to do in magic trick palms outward with his thumb too. This pencil Luman rubber owned. The bullet goes through gotta thumb, Tipp area between his master in his ring finger. Mr Brittan has raised in your car of the middle finger, and the index finger before exiting Doktor Kelly testified their son in that area. Suggesting the hand was close, but generally one minute arms like ok, you don't even you to bring that up from can, while others, if they don't want you to believe there was the bonds that went through his hand bond, and there was a third reaching for the from the end of the barrel.
which we dont think, is relevant. First of all, this occurs this guy always ruins. Has everything fractured pelvis at that I'm going to disprove what I have just told you. He is not able to walk he's, probably not even it. The control. Much was movements at this point. What you read it all happened in lake on what one is second only to send away you're gonna do get you don't have time to go now. I can't move my pevensey effective. I submit you re. No one was there he's a world? Was my ass to have had a file gun grabber we're just saying that he was trying as lively inadvertent you might
are you saying that it was not intentional that his hand was touching the gun. Now we have less able, to give his hand, could touch the guy you're. Not as I was here, he wasn't trying to grab the little boys penis. Its able is just your honor due to the psychic Tropic medication workers. After Mr Rosenbaum pedophile yeah, repetitive, Iraq Authority was on his perception, which skewed someone he would not have been a threat in attempting to grab Kyle's rifles and which is why I regret it with his third not goal as opposed to. As you know, your programming it like a pinch of, did not just how you would usually grabber rifles. I think the evident speak. For itself and we should win. I think we ve, and then, if you want something, he just touches yes and he reaches out Natasha. You can't kill Joseph Rosenbaum for something John Josh residents
of course, not a let's. Just car manufacturers and boats are much lenient. God can put it that you do not to call released from jail that day today is a good day for you to get out of here. This immense gets continue, walkin straight on down the sidewalk. They dont pursue the defendant, threatened in any event in love, Why has been threatened? You think we're there too I'll, be a lot of people complain that for northern now do much over this. It's because you chose yet. I wasn't bell robots, pulling a logic when the treaties This is more accurate. Yes, the commentary that we're providing, let's get back eyes full of credit.
Yet they were hitting them with a skateboard at once and I d go. They were asking him if you wanted to go skating Dave. Oh that's true. By hiding him in the five four or another argument, they were knighted. How many of you have you have other people demanding an era? We are on the point of view that we need a volley gun I'm a big bang up during its violent, we don't bring. Gas is George, you that's. Why either wants you light if you'd dumpsters on fire and pushing them into the petrol station? I think he'll, look, there's the physical finer, you guys, you ve got a little paths to this. Might at that point through implementation also had a chain broken bombing with heavy has came. What would fish Finally, other guy brought a gun to his bisect fight. That's murder! Now he was just trying to arm rather like over the top frontier a brisk going.
France is ignored and we're gonna go. We know now that our fifty just said this is like a bar. If I were to guys or punch each other up and one guy punches Knox here we go out and get from IRAN and choked him out things when you said took him out to take. You said: that's murder, you can't do that goes well. What's the difference here and there are differences calibre begun, I'm like no and the different Kyle was being pursued by somebody said he was going to get em Keith his body had a gun. Kyle knew that that's what started this all. Thank you. That gun goes off whether Kyle thought that the Minsk was There are not doesn't matter, Rosa moms, closing the distance, but previously, owing to his innocence, like rolling bonds attorney in the other Rosen convictions, relying on your honor. What's to refuse this in a bar fight, he was raping a child in the nursery tomatoes. Modifying unbelievable potato potato around man like well so was the bar I dunno on fire and being looted, and yes trying to help you get when you brought so
Thirdly, forces that ever appropriating when somebody is we're unarmed, is one thing and that women hope you're like being re, worried for you all. I Jane rigged, because here's the truth, women, you will never be able to fight off a bigger, stronger male rapist, especially if he's on peacekeeping you're. The chance is again. This guy thinks You should go out and take your nice good rate principle, not just to be clear, just to be clear there's a reason that firearms exist. We did so that the old, the infirm women, when being sexually attack by men, can protect them selves and So it's for a seventeen year old kids. We aim to protect themselves against almost complete mob of peace, but very little to the ground. He is almost face first to the ground. the defence of fires around into his upper back, which is the culture and another round which gazes grazes his right scope, at this point, as you saw that black regime,
sort of across shade. Rarely the massive Joseph Rosenbaum there and when I was in the lower back, it was leading area around. Take him across the street when I was a secure sugar cane image. Freighters south is literally right across the street and this crowd, except for the defendant. are all focus on trying to save. You know why life, because the crowd, let's hacks him, we gather crowded ten minutes later, because that's what Moses maybe maybe a minute later. She Mcguinness testified filled in the back of that Suv. I told him we have a beer together they never got to have. A european body was unable to resolve any found, a resolution that was unable to respond. Also. It should be noted that here
court or defend and not drink because he reached children's. I tell ya three hundred on his easily would prefer or six pack of MIKE's hard work has decided to bring to an episode of recycled materials threaded and instead we just broke. They do a formula we dont know. Why are you doesn't get by pulling the trigger fast? Yes, does have chosen to stop after the first oak. Why, on second shot, what Self Defense Class have you taken where they say just to all we want a session and children's right to start gentle and again. What is your right to self defence is on trial here. If we want the same place and you shouldn't every evil to use a gun unless you're the person has a gun. Ok. So if someone comes into your house in the middle of the night, if some can't use a gun, you know not that person has a gun or not guess what, if the person turns out to be unarmed, you're done polls that your life over a man is raping you you're, a woman. He doesn't have a gun. You don't guess what this guy thinks. Your life should be over.
In this scenario, these the point is this is not the reason for you to go to carry a gun it specifically, so that you don't have to suffer undue harm, not so that you suffer just enough to go tit for TAT S, not the We do not stop. You should start because the defendant spire all four shots in point, seven six seconds well and then, and he doesn't. He doesn't get a pass for being fast like you just said it gets a reward. What he fired it in point, seven six seconds: how could he possibly have known that the threat was neutralised year? Was they couldn't beaches are dead? He thinks you can like target exactly what it wants and then shoot unbelievable and I hope the jury's picking up on this. I hope the jury is shaken. Their heads like this guy, isn't as scared. You have to be anyway to shoot somebody we The special at that age laid his hand shaking afraid, and an end is very clear in our I avoided long. Is it good I mean we're in the fact that he turned aim the guns, a hooker and then turned back that
and makes his case even more? He only shot him once he had heard a gunshot turned around and the guy was close enough to go as barrel and have sought burn wombs level He had no one to wouldn't have been. In other words, I dont think that you should. I think you should be able to stand our ground. I the color now should be able to stand there with a fire extinguisher, say I'm putting out this fire and the guy I want to kill you and the second. He gets right up to his men banks. I think that's how it works. That's how the law regions, Daniel grounds that you shouldn't have to run away until you reach a barricade, and you have a ghost pedophile, this was a rating erection. You shouldn't have to wait to that point, to exercise your God given right to defend your life or the life of your wife or your children by the way. What city speculating right now, since everything you saying is just entirely it's entirely inference. We think any one of them would have cared if you sit here. There's a kid in that car source front office now there would be celebrating his death right now for was well the fact that he's
and I didn't have to choose where to run. He chose to run and between those park he was running away, slows down because, as it gets, how'd, you mother, the crowd. Our sister button, when looking over the fence, wants to make a point, there's a whole bunch of people over there. There is running away because the Minsk eat fire escape round and we, as a defence, wants to use evidence in pretty you, video son, but come on through around six right by the way bring up their past events. He fired his weapon have charge, has been filed on him for illegally firing or distort about wage growth rates we'll get to that when he just admit and multiple times that he fired that shot? Have you file charges against them day? In my life the automobile industry, any farther shouted. The air rose I could have an old lady honour porch, watching the fire from afar drinking the MIKE's hard lemonade mentioned has got hit, was a stray nine millimeter, We're gonna, have a beer like it's the end of a war. Media
gonna take a redhead pedophile with a rag over his head. What reason in their having attack God difficulties and forty five one thing: this is about to go to lunch at the dead that, if I were the ragged pick pick pick pick, don't you do not? You couldn't make Bilbil every kid before you know it and we're gonna play at sunset: make a buck with kids. Though, time is he's naming difference, different positions like Babo and for a scaffold, so there housing for, I think of forty five minute break economic growth cow minor Why does it look at its there's, sixty nine, when there are six and nine its occupants where this with a toothbrush? Saddam they terrible set off. Oh my gosh, let's see what this answer in real, quick. We well, I mean he's doing something that the judge didn't do, which is absurd.
in a way that people can generally understand. I find that until they see what he is discussing like that, that clips of implausible on its feet good, really saying that you know Rosenbaum, first of all, never threatened to kill, we have heard. The basis of that letter. Lady gonna, write her eyes are really closer together, said that arose in Romania. I feel a genuine. I feel it should be easy to find, can paint ball cut somebody's part well yeah? How so we'll have to hear what he says an estimation hermia. However, one concerning that this broad. I should not place written bound in fear of his life and he makes a big deal him you want to take you to a robust out a frame I'll get John came you Sidney, looking like the guy in toys, soldiers had a real world, the governor practical measures.
Some garden ass. The other thing is speech. You are part of a cigar toy soldiers are small soldiers or soldiers, but I get totally go. It may seem like he finally was more funding to our credit for it also toy soldiers that was the the academy one where they're all leg was shown Aston and they had their boy schoolgirls, taken over by terrorists. Oh yeah, oh its size, perhaps taps facts. I was also taps. I have no idea you're drunk but it certainly actually different. Didn't I did a good job on this to show you, the gas Lithuania they don't want. You believe what you saw, they don't you to believe what is available. This is how this guy on CNN has never getting invited back because he's defending in saying. Actually this is going to be hard he's, making a big deal. The citizen. I rather think that's not plausible, like that. I wasn't in givers out. I want to hear what he so carelessly beginning Everest has another hour or so to go. He said at the top, then the defence- obviously
since closing argument. Then the prosecutors get time to rebut, but right out of the box, you hear, Mr Bringer. The facts are not in dispute here. In many cases the facts are dispute. The basic facts are not in dispute or Mr Rittenhouse acknowledges pulling the trigger to people I'd, one was wounded. The whole issue here is self defense. You just try to take their financing felt threatened. He was under threat, so he was protecting himself, our great the prosecutor. So far again, with a way to go, She got speaking not only works, improves the provocation right. That issue in this case, whether or not prosecutors would be even allowed to argue about provocation which, with its content, it takes away that self defense claim it's a cut later. I was on Sammy Davis jewelry. I really commentators are saying ass catch our like hacking, great cigarettes, you big time,
thank you rings wants. I wanted, I wash petrified omission o J Ngos, and we do it for you or Rome sounded like a first year law student in Britain alone, exams shut up had he had like a kind of a stream of consciousness. Talking, Conrad recalled called common sense if the king called grand internet consciousness. I know that's foreign to you what, with former vice President Biden until now, the time he said he had a stream of consciousness and almost almost like we're just talking like a regular person that is given like hers, opt midstream. She's he's a drawing of Sean Panama, hat fats time with just one difficult on the inside it ourselves off. The walls. Acre are often the court room when you
the most. Are you an Easter island head on? I don't know where you built by druids this night of users. Rights that we have forgotten about is needed. The wax museum in its have melted. That is, that just a confusing drama that need to play out advice you does, it have to do its bit. Will impact the jury John and normally was arrogant. He shouted and leverage, because when they had had these extensive discussions about that the charge old collaborator, supervising the charge and saying well. This element has to be explained this way in this element tat. We should discuss it another way, but it just fell apart when he started presenting it to the job
free and there is a way to simplify things which have eventually discovered, but we are facing many other important and are even potential job for us and as stupid, cut its when he told the jury. What happened at all like it is anything the judge giving instructions to the jury's when it also decided that nine delivering our criticism of the judge, because he had been made me an awesome. Obviously racist comments. We ve all we can all agree. right on all asian food. That's racist, knocking chinese food call it oriental food. Now you guys all make a big think about that. Just just food, Sir Andrew I don't know, I think they're just food, but its asian vote, I'm really needed in these not in the continent of Asia. I'd on all, but I know I gotta worry, I gotta say no amnesty or I'm gonna have a headache for awhile. I drew you, you know, I think the real problem is your lunch wasn't put geez,
one. I use air. I used to see and hear cause the massage parlor, but I think on each yourselves out yep. You know like a nice black chatters, if he's mainly a brief, a big fan of the chain I rarely even put me on my Berger. I just have a cheese she got out and sometimes a sharp gender, sometimes a pirate Cows are real heavy. Sometimes both They live on the edge appointed as a state of Wisconsin. you're being or will not apologise for its cheese, Now, if you'll excuse me, I will be taking a NATO glycerine pale, because I have fought hard to tell ya today: is most people do from Wisconsin? It's absolutely fair highlights. What are they talking about your business? How useless CNN is when they can just tell you the truth: Amerika believe an eclipse really. I think you know what we are. You know looming over the chats. What questions you guys right now bigots? I might be a good time to take some. We all just taken from a club of Chad to split the questions you have. Is there any
fusion left here in this trial. If you're watching on rumbled smash that Roma button smash the like button on Youtube right now, make sure you. You are thorn in the side of you tube because this is number one and their training streams. I didn't stand the agenda of the heavy on these. Once he and unworkable, we fund a woman who obviously has this. You know, certain way she's going to look at this more weaved extra five arrogant to look. You know just look right there where she look at zero way. I like both sides the arguments, but I can't I'm always lighter I what you saying to you: I'm always seen what they call a double vision like you, almost feels like she was coached yeah, and I obviously we can see that for sure. But this is where the air Sea and say yes and- and then you have this other guy, where
their blaming the judge for somebody else's closing arguments. Firearm crossed the lines to come in nature they re really did you just say we took it up. Member also carefully didn't say that across the line of fire and through these either way, state lines means nothing. I live You know someone who lives in Michigan grousing between Michigan and Illinois owe their areas. There were people, it's you can. You can live in Michigan, work, Illinois or vice versa. Amicably attempt to drop, I was I to my buddy Jimmy about the less noise, huge families view and not. He said this. The thing is I gets its main roads Toledo. If that right you know it doesn't it's it's yeah they want to make it seem like he was my chin matter, then only the moors so who cared right, although said now,
Really important yet orderly, that's right remedy that make sense. They want to divide us internally and I just want make sure we have no external borders. It's almost like its predecessors. I don't know what some great somethin you that's what it sounds like some incarnate gobbled, eleven guys I've gotta. you question, look at what was it the idea? Michael Jackson. Videogame is surprisingly accurate. His description s character. If you wanna see it's pretty crazy. Man went my. What am I gonna look at It's a game play of the game. It's a game, play Moon, Walker! Longer! That's right, like saving kids all itself. Well, let me see this. Don't worry, Michael Jackson's, Moon, Walker! the straight line? Is that the current levels of dude? I remember this. I forget this exists. I told you I got a point where there's you'll, never catch me for a six year old, a grown man he's not chasing reason: sparkles,
Look at this minute. It's the ground. I've ever see wily, there's one worse, but it's pretty good. They can actually work. Final boss, dna samples,
Please kicks at the very last thing out there in the blue prints for affairs, we'll what does a growing sparkle argyle, those of a good one is going through this house. Finding children that are hiding India is going through his own house. This was a cry for help if, anyway, he's like no, not least that lady it just a bunch of light around it, just as they go bunch of FBI agents trying to help out, there was captured, stop catching the kids, and this year echoes are basically Don lemon yelling. His taint juice at that is where you go and get back here, got a magic, no buckles.
Guns Ella MAGIC, but the directive game is to get the kids back under the rooms around us. Came you up ass, the great today? How did we not see the siege beer?
Here you pick out every video game. For me completely forget that exists. It is just that equal rights for help. I certainly done almost delay. Irony. It's almost like one that riddler starts leaving clues. Could he wants to be caught? Yes, you never saw what I do believe that we have a video game to terms into evidence. Your honour, it couldn't be more incriminating of Michael Jackson, centre ransom note with cut out letters, magazines! Reptile! Might you know the way we know this? Is your magazine when you put this letter, you kept your address a name young. You put your return address at bottom left in the man s stamp. Also you, when you mail that you also mail the mad fold in which this issue was Corey him, but its stock. Now and if my kids could choose where
wide shut mass yeah. We where'd it all. I call it a costume party ballroom part in everyday, but everyone has to drink the somebody's at the door. I heard a series of bells delete my bedroom and the only way parents can can hear the senses not go off if they go through the lasers captains in Germany. In trap me a fearless growth, she's disguise This Paris hotels our book there, but I got your parent nice room and I ll go and this nice people people can take your parents IRA,
I've been slow down. You gonna come stage tomorrow, don't forget your Pepsi, let's where's house, like a pig, Pepsi commercial, there's an automobile. No, he his hair. Let on fire thing was a diet. Coke commercial right was a Pepsi herbs at every moment of, and I have the wrong moment to say it's perhaps again it was when he had the livid kind of the jury, cronies, yeah and it yes. Service, flammable yeah, I mean you miles is therefore to that yes isn't wearing land asbestos to pay that just gonna go up This area is actually what little Richard WAR has for many. They say that would turn them gay just temporary days in the strait part of his relation wig. Never gonna.
In no way do we believe that our joy of course, however, now he was born scenario at sea, the sank, Tutti, fruity and everybody nobody caught on. yes requesting whose Rudy and what is forty awning. What is like, you're you're doing well help me anything to defraud is what I prefer. Rudy is a terrible film director. Questions about, because nobody wanted to answer. This is all too often pretty cut Nigger. I hear what people going: ok, let's power of it. Yes, so why? Why do once? No, what do you think is the most damning evidence against cow of the german club? Well, I think it's I don't know I'm guessing of suffering the most. well, I can't see most damning evidence, but the worst thing that could happen to Kyle.
Is someone comes in and sprinkles dust on the jury and ask them to think happy thing and they never come back trying to think of the worst thing I think you're? idea that aims at about off Oh I have it he's white. That's true definitely the most damning evidence that they are going to present. Is that he's whites? It's actually he's a spanish What is hispanic he's happens? Bandages doesn't let us, as they were so between him and Zimmermann. What is with these White Hispanics, I don't need it I don't know their democratically only community thing- that's the only, and I can only speak for myself only the black mixed yet it really no evidence against them. Honestly now and so evil, I'm going to say the only thing I thought that it makes it was a gun charge and that's guy and has gone on now. That's just that's it! It's a really good!
Well, they're, also about the the order of events on the first part right yeah with Rosenbaum right. They know that they can't touch the next part right, because this is where he's defending his life. Clearly with people who are armed, rather we now, I don't know I think, he's going to touch. It I think he's going to reach out and Rosenbaum it because he gonna try is gonna it because he try to set. You only shot him for picking you with one foot. shows that I actually think this is a compelling argument, because the left believes you have no right to self defence re believe we have the right to protect yourself. If the right people in positions of authority in government grant that right, that's a fundamental difference. Hey I asked: who is the militia accordingly? constitution? Let's just me clear about that. That's something and it's it's! It's been affirmed by the Supreme Court, its well. This well documented spend effort by all of us. Exemplary documents, the supporting doc, that you can read from the founding fathers? There are very
very clear, there's a reason, militia comma necessary to the security of a free state, comma, the right of the people to keep it. Arms if they wanted only some term like the militia, meaning something separate from the people, they would have clarified They would have the right to run to the militia to keep in barracks right in They said a militia being necessary and then these they supported When people were ass, they thought it was sobs. like one who is the militia of Cairo one from Malaysia. Take that guy and send him on about. How do you create a militia? Not everyone has gone said he. What really, whose who's got the god of eyes you just what you just said. You just talk about a military. At that point I sent a militia now now I can ask for the guns do later. That point exactly What's so here's at a time like this works. If you need, because you don't have a government you're gonna screw bow ways. I was only Ferny Airforce Navy in telling us how it affects real flags.
that was that I was there was, is argued. That was a prosecutors argue. It is like you did me that gun like Y Y, you take a gun with you to the riots and protests in the things. Were things burned and people get assaulted and guns referred? Why would you take a gun? You know it? Well, I don't I take a gun with me always network, said he said I was attacked, goes well. The abbot still its bill. Why why Javert I do love that is pushing an hour. It's like why was worried that they were going to try to hurt me and then they did. I almost at this point. want to sell, I think, would be idea for the Euro so that their no future nine to eleven Euro victims with the five kids he raped guns that look like nerve guns. I think they did I just so they could shoot. Pedophiles they did the island, look than they are now you'd have to put it in a lot box, whatever the yes, of course, I just think you know, I'm just look, I'm not, I'm not afraid. I don't who decide on care who this offence k to speak clear eyed, because I know I went to a lot of luck. I I dont like children
listen. Why look I'll? I don't care who it look or soundly that well, I'm sitting irish show jammed we're all gonna call for this by the way things fall. I just see him fall before he died. Herndon hell. Your parents, monetary there. Yes, Michael Jackson, the pitiful his nurse no boys here. Otherwise it's pretty must use hours without children. All we have Cristoforo illustrator models when you when I first came up in standing up for all eternity, Pooh Cobb Boys life when you open it, it's play. Boys is sick. sad, like worthy of the name, five short term memory. They just keep doing. If you just forget that you take a look, there's a
I want to look at all pictures of opium now Rosenberg picture of everything. I know you're on your way to go all the way
No, never now, and then you think you see a nine year old boy, but I still say they would want. It is my turn around and it's a beautiful woman trick. The deadly proposal was made me think that there was a nine you really, but just for everybody out there right now, we they are on a break if you're watching us don't go anywhere, though not working there on a brave and break were still watching nothing's going on. Yet when I come back, I wanna be here. There have been some asian food and asian their weight mounted from that boat in the harbor Wainwright about and harbour air. So
you know. Listen, we don't want to have any more fiascos what days and food so after all, we ve got. Some are somewhat at beater food, some bad soup. Why holes into well, I hope Nanos foods or a chips in there on the board and then Arbour again on all our boat in a real grounded. Have boats now, hopefully, that sneak in it over the board and, oh, I don't know a low, I'm hoping that they carry out our food. Your face, something I'm hungry, I gotta tell ya, look that cookie migrant lawyers are eyes, are let tee no food being put on the back of a turtle by the cartel is what it is you know saw unsteady may when the race, but I'm hungry now, given its heads in hands so often than hung over and over, but you know who I don't know rough. I don't know, I guess I should just get american fusion from now. We, I think everybody would agree nice block chatter. The chatter- maybe have wanted hamburgers my hot dog, but not one
I'm burgers from burger king! You know because Ass Dixon her fingers for time, like later after you, you still smell like it's gone. Remember me for all day done lemon here. You know I mean that's the problem, as you know, a darn lemon, that's what you want to call them. They call them a duck: double doubled, dine with Is the air There was of there's a deer, queen in the burger king, but I got to tell you the food don't taste to royal. Now I don't a gyro. I don't think the royal family has ever sampled their menu objective beyond them. On with the extra softly there, you're gonna take the Dalai Lama with TAT, which is You know this is where the server in all he just grabbed his balls and Jane someone, your face, a bridge- I don't know what its policy over there. How can I get you? Some nieces gonna, get you something of the wine list in ages. Grebes kick Evans,
but you know we're all different turns out. That's just tell he says I love you. Then he says he cares and all put that on a hallmark card, just just ass, mere of gun. Lemons taint jewels, a painful, let's go to any other questions about this. I mean it's gonna, throw open and shut it is we ve got another hour. We don't know, I'm not gonna, be I don't know if I can handle it. How is he gonna stretching, I think of any other guys gonna come on just go. You guys know vehicle should the and I'm not gonna wait. I want the defence to come out and just go to the jury go, and then landing. Wave- they do so They didn't like, what's going on here, the jury's and there's a ropes and turned back on defence, comes out, yeah,
domain. I yet, and I got it Paypal, it ran rattling, save it back when the divine Eric has a flare, we're clear or that reflect reflects his ears done. Reflect o commander, see that thing we did on the plane. Would you like lightly on the health of all things? or salt how well he is ressler. I just assume all that comes with Turkey. I Rick just because you're thirty six thousand feet the air doesn't mean you like escaped the jurisdiction again. It still that so I like the mariners by either a ring a hell, though, for that reason, because it's just like every wrestler, that's what it is. It was the one about the flight from her on their, so our when I go to the question that they had. I don't know what I'm trying to think. I don't know where to go because air, guy said, is a lie: yeah, it's all our eventually! No, Mr Tracker, are you are concerned that the jury will convict simply on the fact that they fear the mob actions that will ensue. That's why it where I think the judge needs to step it, maybe right
so I want to have a directive verdict again, because you could certainly make an argument for MR with prejudice because of jury, intimate and intimidation there. There's someone there filming the eye. This one has been a little bit better than than what we saw with shovels trial, as we knew for a fact, because you know Maxine water rainbow Loving, word antiphon. If all out there saying we're gonna burn this place down. If you dont vote our way on this, but perhaps over there, but it didn't happen. just get it, but in this case Six, I mean there is intimidation, but I don't think it's been quite a severe. Thankfully yeah, thankfully, will should open with, as you see nothing. The being here says made in his hands just forget him. Nick master thereon supposed to say this if you vote not guilty free Applebee's, get it to do the right thing and have some sure ramp, artichoke, dips, literature. I don't know Do you boys, like two four twenty appetizers I do like sex
what equally, I like that of the apple, but just to be you guys up a little bit first, not a sizzling skill. It might get you in there it. Will wrong is a guy. So hang run out and was continent a limo, and I just thought it was a big shot which it's like you, two thousand ten united the shadow of an old lemme basic. It is nice place it's called April. We gonna love it. You get almost anything you ever dreamed of their neighborhood bar in Granada. You gotta have a really really expansive menu, yet none of its good. Yet none of it almost anything the tastes like everything else yet again, Rosa bombs, like though they have boys. You said anything. I wanted it s, always orders of the kids manual. What's the he's always asking for curly straws in shit, I don't know we all ever thing. Do you have it? its value, not this kind
it's more of a preference list, sir. leaving. I don't know what question away what it? No, I dont think what was his question. And I think it is very emanated. Jerry can be admitted, and I think it's really new directed at directed ever if its clear mean it, I dont know we can look up the directed verdict, but I'm not sure when the judge is allowed to step. In that case for directed verdict, I think in this case there is already a enough, in other words, I think he's holding in his back pocket the mistress with prejudice. I don't know about a lawyer, I don't know exactly how works, but I think, there's more than enough at this point with the jury, intimidation with the fact that he brought up that Peat Kyle was in during its fifth amendment right, which is well a stand, national legal precedent, this country, that a dead prosecutors not supposed to be re, bringing that up against the defence. I think there's there's enough there at this point, you have it he's. I think he's already passed the point where he would do something like that. You don't let it go to the jury. If you're going to declare mister because nothing new has happened.
To declare that already had that he took an under advisement unless little being or bring some out well, as as young craze, every right of new things come out than yeah. He could do that, but I did it looks like eating right now. He's suggesting is fell, HAWK yeah he's he's, an area right now like in my life and I on every new station. You say: love me out: oh yes, doing, a bang up job mother said you'd never make its. What you made it left you in the attic for a law that deadline job is either you never came for me. Mother. That's gonna Jessica. This is generally pebble. For people who are watching us now and you too, we usually take these jets, on my Claudia smuggler. A lot of people are one you like a Macleod like will obviously we're just doing. This will work, stand the the segment today and the trial, but I'm a couple do full segments games and we only take exquisitely Macromedia, so we actually know a lot of people who jet now its weight, and we know you're crazy everyone's every now, and then
all right. What we said that this one's from teller, fair and an examination of the question is, but he put it s. Something interesting is bigger as possible. A communist communist lapel pen being used in giving written, has an appeal if somehow he is competitive, any charged for the other continents. The pill I've I've heard we'll talk about it, but not every single lapel. I think it might be like a joke about he's a star wars nerd, because he has left the room he but he wore this ended on that them is a rebel alliance a little. This is the rebel alliance. Oh yes, I was there was a sherlock. Now, I don't think that's just star wars, yet I'm sure I can deny that the millennium Falcon here, oh yeah, his sister were just now. He discovered that some issues on enormous millennium will know is on the dark side towards them. It's gotta that is a tie, is going to be hanging die instead of a town with our IRAN. Although dream catcher gash with jet, I might arise shadow to ship. That's unworkable,
Those are the defendants you're. Looking now that that, well being If I have to call the jury one more time, because your star wars shit happens that Leslie right the athletes, no, no. And then HANS solo I mean happiest, arose in bomb, I'm sorry, your honor, I I confused my heroes in movies all the time. I try You can't move my dad. I'm gonna Manila, my head, crying out loud judge, serves doing it back. This is a circus, your honor, I brought Rosen Bob back from the duchess s body. yea! It show that an asian food. Now your honor, Let's grab another chat, I guess I don't know. Look I've been as if that we have so many other clips key witnesses. There's just there's nothing. There's nothing the defence for the prosecution to bring up at this point. Look at it.
I don't think I can see this and get all the stuff here, but but the truth is not even matter super. That's matters using any of these workers, because I thought I was ready to refute right. You're like a time he's done this. This actually happened earlier for people who, during an hour weren't here earlier, he said he's not even within arms arms length, when Colored now shoot him talking about the cereal child rapist benefit bring up in the control room pressure. The like such markets are Bruin burn wounds and then thirty seconds later he goes now. He was shot through this knuckle, and this knuckle- and in fact had said,
The markets are proving that it was not the most effective way well to grab a rifle you're, not gonna, grab a rifle like this. You know who would do that? Certainly not close range hitting the Elk and agree on earth does because everybody does exactly what they mean to when they're trying to chase down and kill a seventeen year old boy right, you're reaching out for the gun, the guns moving your hands, but I mean come on it's possible. Every muscle. Memory is reaching out argue with its true both for everybody. You know everything is completely. Thought out fully in a moment of panic and original and slow down the footage. Oh yeah lab saying a moment of rank and terror, because you know you're not I've, been all mushy iron out. You feel it just well, I'm her man, you rosenbaum. If you Bowen wants you to make a prediction targets, I'll charges. What does the binding men respond with when asked
I mean everyone was area for our farmers a couple of four hours after you take seventeen ammonium by the way. This might be a perfect time. Some many people, probably weren't tuned in when we started to show what You think I'd be a nice time to reply that beautiful song that schedule stuck in my head on on that no effort ticket dump. Now I but our right. Why? Ok, so, yes, ok What is the perfect time to replenish on so really quickly, because we might need to take a quick bathroom break away. To continue? But yes, I what I think I think they want you run and hide, and I'm not joking. I think he could soil himself I might have, I think it's more likely than not, and fur proof, because I come with receipts here is of course the new, so I thought I was to say it. I thought it was odd that the White House release this there's invader and I thought it was weird that Colombia worked with a White House person here is the white houses latest single poop,
what better way than holding things like a man, but once I get an answer to your one on ethical overnight that dumping people know my bow. Lemme she's always work. My Gomberg embarks on expected. Why don't you come on? He said it's not like that. I'd like to talk about it, but why did you know
its childless, but his fantastic at its first class. It is very well done, and that is probably going to be his response to most situations of Import Dave by delay. Lotta people watching right now, just one subway and yes you're here having a memorial service? Aren't you? Yes, I know now. Dave's Dave's gotta be in Naples Florida this weekend. Yes off the hook comedy club this weekend, I sure fragile and put off the hook on their Naples, Florida that would have and how he nineteenth and twentieth come out this weekend. We got three show Saturday, one show Friday, it's fun nice and its yet off the hook in it so near the water. You can see a braids, Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty. Yes,
I told you of the highest priority in a part of the country that is in burning, sir, that's very pretty exciting. If you want to come out, I'm not in its being that I'm not a hundred percent sure how this is going to go and other media has done everything in their power to make Kyle Rittenhouse look like he is a white supremacist and make this an issue that you should God in the streets in March. I know Canosa is having some issue Chicago Outside of that I mean maybe allay- maybe it seems mile aces- I don't you like that, it's gonna, be a nation, should kind of outcry, Chicago, maybe ear I I don't they will be nation national outcry. The problem is that there are a lot of people who have information and will not believe anything else. So the generally people to believe he is a guy who, his gun down black people, which could be further from the truth. All those people on Twitter, I've ever met. Anybody, like you, know your liars and no one guy for real. Where am I, why are you doing this like?
just. Why really is a silver lining, though, in an end when what we know that the people who refuse to believe they're lying eyes and ears right those people- and this is actually serve talk about this before I talk about new mission statement before king from nonexistent pitch this book and it was called American Speakers green day was big at that time. Only in the cover of the book was really had the bleeding heart, Corneae yeah and switch to a brain- and this was before the term social justice where your existed ice refer to them in American Eddie. It's the people who sort of decide to go along with whatever is seen as progressive, because that's what the media? That's what the entertainment industry, that's what everything they every college, professor tells them to believe. I wrote about, and this is a part of change, my mind and you'll notice. How sometimes will have really short seconds? Will change reminded some we'll go really long? Let's go most had one of those valuable skills is in identifying and at this point no terms at existed, like social justice. Where is breaking out about american leftists or american leftist progressive leftist people who are so
bought in. You cannot change their mind. You can't convince them. the american idiots who just sort of go along with what they ve been told and All of them can be awakened for the term redtail exist and this at a big, I will skills learning the difference. The socratic method is how you speak with someone who may maybe a sort of taken their position by default, and when you have someone like your friend to your talking about their Dave, what you needed it was me, an example of them for all of the other people to see- and I will say with this- there have been a ton of liberal saying I sought before actually tuned in that he had shot black people I thought that he was chasing somebody. This is really open mouth. This is something that is so clearness why the media hasn't really been covering it data to keep in mind even those on the right weren't covering data. They Fox NEWS was not covering it. Wake up! very first day. No Europe needs every single day and then the Fox NEWS, Ok! Now, it's time to start covering it, we covered it from the beginning, because I think it's important not because it was popular, because I've always thought that it was important.
lot of people out there. Right now, who are saying? Ok, I see I've been lied to in the left, has pushed so far in their continuing to push as you're, seeing on CNN Look bring this lady up right now and I will tell you she is pushing people to the right. Let's hear it yes to say I haven't heard her. I guarantee it generally any argument he could make so to make safe, Upton Mistaken that trying to chances on a ban on banning should understand. I knew I had wanted to ensuring that Britain is based, but you are going to see. Who is plenty add, though, that they would change the subject on a day like today, after the absolute new, allowing that the prosecution gave itself rather like we gotta get someone else necessary. Talking about Alex Jones and Sandy Hook, Danny anything, but the cow written. How so how your action against illegal at that for a settlement. Let me finish all, but the point there may hears is pushing a lot of people to the right who have ears to hear they're not going to scene and has to take its heels in brain stealth, or has it
heels and MSNBC right Alex. sorry Alex Alec Baldwin right there. Pending the role they have to take their heels in, but I will tell you I've known a lot of people. A lot of people. I will say a relative of mine was pretty progressive. Great per once it came down to the vaccine mandate whence it came down to getting her kids vaccinated, however, will never go back. It's just pushed too far. I know people who thought the written housing all he was looking for trouble and they ve watched this trial and said I can't believe they're trying to their basically trying to crucify this and the fact that the left keeps pushing. In other words, people look at the in depth and look at how that has changed dramatically. Look. Women in the suburbs of Virginia look at how has changed dramatically when, when these things affect people in and I don't just mean your pocketbook. I don't just mean taxes. I mean critical race theory at school and then left us. Oh, it's not really a thing yet is they notice
When they experience with second vaccine member already had already have natural, immediate doesnt matter ways- and I don't want my kids to get back to it- doesn't matter one size fits all When they see and Americans and ably see the understand that the right to self defence is on travelling on a second in, oh he is being changed and they said that they were going to kill him and they hit him and they beat his head and he was asking for it. There are a lot, people out there, you just hear about them in the media. That's what changed my mind is about, and I say this because I used to be on Fox news for a lot for four and a half years currency and Rachel, and I wrote this- is just is trying to score points and you're actually trying to run out the clock right. It's a format. Segment gonna take up as much time as possible. So trying to make the most effective points. Brevity
not even taken into consideration, whereas with change my mind, it's ok, most effective points, or do you get someone to start thinking about their argument and the people who you see the Riis oftentimes people think it's not that I am incredibly convincing. Stop it, I'm a scale debater! It's that we are talking with people on the street, sometimes in college campuses, sometimes not fifty percent a change, my mother, just on a street corner, why people don't know that because on college campuses, we'll get the kids you forgot most, but a lot we're different some random corner in Vermont in Texas, in Washington DC, and you see people change their minds. Why? Because no one has spoken with them about these issues, they had one story from the media and a lot of people. are willing to here. That's why big tech has to get many stories that are positive about cavernous thats. Why go find me has to remove Asian hasn't Calverton, that's why you tube ass. It were the dislike button because they know that information gets in front of people. There will be a
you're percentage of conservatives in this country than there were yesterday so their strategy, is to get a little information people's possible put it through the gatekeepers enough he was lost control with you do with Facebook, Twitter, enhancing the consolidation of power again because they don't want you to have acts. Look we provide over references all sources lot of cutting come look. Building in the description you may not like all of them. You may even think some of them are being misinterpreted, that's fine, but because we want you to do research and I think what the coward now's thing. I think they overplayed their hand and now they're gone. We really should be playing this trial, because if people watch this trial they become more concern. The absolutely We talked about it. I don't know that court tv was doing anything to various. They were bleeding out parts of it and you made a really good point like no one. The american people need to understand what's being said here, because it its material. Now they they let the jurors here, obviously but the american if only to understand this guy was saying shoot me shoot me right, saying the Edward time
said that yeah right, you know and understand that that was really the right. Supremacists ass, the only guy was screaming inward at the top was yet I was crazy enough at the black people around it didn't do anything, look so now that there are like another hundred BC. Undoubtedly like aren't going to freeze right here, you see this six seven gentlemen back here with a little bit more melanin and ask him go and then go I own a risk not only awhile, crazy, beads, big and black every day. Every single time I mean, there's a there's a seventeen year old kid untried right now for ruining a riot. about its in the same Europe, while in Rosenbaum probably said picnic in my row, I mean Romania girl now examine the Teddy bear. Today's the pedophiles have the next decade all you can eat.
Let's just what we want people to feel guilty for, say, like no at one dead at another dead, five time, child rapist it doesn't? Like me, I said you may say you think, I'm an animal, because it makes me sad, it doesn't mean I'm not, as said as I we have covered now we're dead. I'm less said that a man who, by the way this is People now said at all just say: I'm not as a problem with that. I don't know, I don't get it. Do you mind? This is a guy who would date single women. So the could sodomize their sons. We would do. He would specifically seek out single women single mothers sinks, our single mothers, single, not single north, in our interest to him, while he paid for that women single birthing persons, yes, but a single birthing purse under five frontier? Yes, under five foot, to preferably unarmed, and he would have them so that he could Saddam. I groom and sodomized their children just to be clear. It's a kind of evil that
really get much more evil than honestly doesn't really doesn't know. I mean we have they got, but this is the problem of zero tolerance enabling an adult, I'm sorry, of course it is doing it you're killing them anyway, when you do something like that, you're killing everything makes a menace just its is so disgusting in every way. Why would I care and the guy did, was react in the way that you think one of the more by trying to chase someone down whose young and earth them I do not care that he was shot. I dont care that even knew they set if he was three thousand ft away and pick them up from a window, and it just happened to be that guy would have been like well, I'm lucky guess I don't, and I don't want to lie and say that it's you know revelling in a death. But it's not with you. You know you don't revel in, but why don't you revel in the death of a pedophile Asia, worthless yeah, worthless? Human being? Don't know how that pedophile was not in prison
nor can it mean let out he was convicted of Emily raping to eleven Europe, because our five convictions not mistake. I think eleven charges thought convictions if I'm not mistaken, and not a nine to eleven, we don't other specific details, but he at least aim only raped. Sorry, if you haven't, you shouldn't, have kids watching us because we're discussing an actual travel right now, at least one of them. how is this man free what kind of system do we have that lets that people say broken justice system? What yeah. You know what I agree, but not not because systemically racist ya know, officers are actually sixteen times more likely be shot by a black man than a man shooting an officer by the way, I guess and this so The color of the officer is irrelevant because, as a higher percentage of black officers in there are the general presented it. Population. But there was talk about this and that's not true, but you know what is true of a broken justice system. If anyone can be found guilty of raping a child and see a vague as far as I'm concerned. Yes,
you're? One hundred percent I'd call ridden right now is facing charges that are much more severe than raping a child like I don't I understand like ok, you're talking about taking lifestyle, is a conviction that finds a tiny years. Yet he had tat year. Whatever time he's gonna get for this is gonna be far more than the child. That is the other, the perpetrator that rapes child. How is that I mean I understand the differences in the crime that they should be. I mean maybe a day difference like. Maybe, Neither the child rapist doesn't get to get out. You owed serves a life sentence would effectively is allied ends, but so you might one day before Myrtle now. What was that? Personally? I talk about whose whose whose professor, guys can pull up mentioned that just two days ago, minor attracted purse I saw that map, but this person works at a university like what we need. A d stigmatize: ok, closing the foregoing to de stigmatize pedophilia. What is worthy of stigmatization, honest and legislate.
Using that nothing should have stable. We like most are using the ties, the hell out of pedophilia. Yes, you should be ashamed to walk into a crowd of people, because you think maybe somebody's gonna recognise your face from the bulletin, pedophiles in your neighborhood? Yes again, one of the teaching of class we're trying to change the name of it to some culturally acceptable use. I mean just be arrested: unsung sin: yeah yeah, I'm off I am one hundred percent for freedom of speech, but that's not now. That's the minor rioting rat person. I saw that night now. Leave it like that, what we call a bullet catcher, yet I don't know, I've got a pretty wild, haven't pretty wild blazon. Can I just got with ivy the debates him, lady lady, whose defending rosenbaum and we even see weight
business to this, like in the court she's a Ryanair. She now she she's out sanctions. That said, the court room and she's holding a poster that has risen bulkheads under it is addressed Justice Superman. Ah,
So let me say same person with the sign in particular how you just arose: Mama hero this kind of questions about. Why are you calling the Euro payment is able? There are six euros at a single bound, Myerson sees a convicted sex offender, and I use that says we hear and August twenty twenty two twenty eight were self heroes. They make good at sea. They could be seen as a life. I would never jump in front of a dyed with its air scrap, and so they were here. Listen, I'm sick and tired of everybody making. I do not like the diet that you're not only were useless. No, they weren't all directly were unbelievably ringing. Courageous, indivisible songs, so nothing about past such bitter about what happened on this day, and you would ask he's not here anymore. So why do we widely? Why do we even have to bring all that because its relevance, because the kids he raped or it'll, take Superman's raped any kids, we manage awoke Superman, look maybe just have map. Maybe two of them could just be Superman: Biotic, Volvo, let that's
I guess you know one just put a knife to his girlfriend throat firearm violations, yet it was a colony like I don't know, Firstly, I feel like Lex Luther, would look. she remained in the face of a child rapist. Yeah through, like boy might, take over the world in winter. then the Ladys also insane, that's rare, that's kind of the problem which is it well. I went champion fervent air fifteen. Yeah. They didn't really either they were taking him. but you know what else that lady is no more insane than Rosenbaum I've got another one for you, and this is not in his landlady. This is not a lady is banning juries. Hashtag written has tried. This was yet again that our justice system is raises. Why was this trial be going if he was a black seventeenyearold that cross state lines illegally? Carrying an air fifteen and shot three went protesters? We need real.
Justice and legal system. This isn't a glimmering shooting it took place in Fort worth where they I shot. Three kids at school was a black kid shot. You shot a kid. He shot a teacher in the bullet gray. Somebody else we're, however, lying on the knocked over a pregnant lady. In that pregnant later that I didn't get anything, I can't even get a slap on earth, the garden gate slap on their risk with a risk that bracelet you're the gothic grit. Oh those displaced, rather than it is to get him. When I would go to Chuckie cheese go, that's all the while. That's all the tickets could get me. You know been in Jerry's, I'm glad you brought about by the lean in my monitors down here and little smile. I wanted to make sure I am assuming that they treated that out months and months and months ago before we realise that he actually didn't cross state lines with a weapon It was never more eleventh Faye. They treated it out for years ago, because it couldn't be bothered to do research to make crappy ice cream right and support every level liberal com.
They can think other releasing a new flavour, pedophile swirl delightful. It's just a picture of a boy and open it up here, and it's just that it's got little sour patch. What is it we had? Rudy Tutti, unjustified, shooting Unitarian, just surely justify just as a justifies is just. This is just Laura Judy yeah. This initiative is through scoops of justified. If you think that voluntary see the irony at all that there were not there not only acting as propaganda right now, but they were likely the tool that Joseph Rosenbaum used to lure the children into his room- some chunky monkey I got an american dream. Colbert sacks get in the car. Some Corey Haim as Anus Raymond Damosel trunk, chocolate level So you may I got a little piece of Charlie Shane and Tiger pace. He wider blood blood piss, whatever
he's insane. You, Google, the Lucas story. I know what I'm talking about a lawyer, Roscoe Age. I have a legitimate question here: an arm the ice cream. Whereas Christa, thank you comment, I will not stop so losing her logic day of humor is the only guy that I know of in that scenario that that we could say possibly did think that Kyle was a threat and was try is already able to support the ethics out right. So he didn't have like the guy running up on him. You know the bicep guy gauge, he knew Kyle, He was trying to get to the police zodiac. Ok, that guy's out of the equation the guy's a running up in just hitting him in the back of the head. When he's running down the street, those are kind, it's kind of fifty fifty. If you think it's an active shooter, it's a damn thing to do, but I must say that I would urge that guy it or you don't run. No, I M not going away that Cuba is the only guy the. I say that if he just happened to be wrong Hubert, we would have been law to buy by gauge writings.
Get em right act, you'll get em you who was knowingly lot right, but nobody else has any claim right. No one else in this scenario, certainly not run even had a dozen change affected are still self defense. Now it's real self defense, I'm just saying like if you could say: okay well, this guy is trying to do something. Honourable none of them more, except for possibly that guy get. I'll, give you that I mean I'm not even sure. That's true now have known and not kicker rail, but you're saying it is something that could. They are the ones they evil yet is getting anywhere it's possible. It's no self to families, it still self defense. He don't have lessened changing I'll just because he thought he was doing something good and wasn't does in the car has to go off. He thought I was. I was a man suitor just give alone is ITALY would weaken, relaunch they ride out loud? How many mesothelioma everyone's I'm the watch on their morning? It shouldn't, I mean they're gone back now, not it none. Now, let's run before it's from this morning. They keep footage. This is angel. Yea really is ridiculous. To sketch eurasian food
truck Eliza taken surround long here that, although at the port of ports there in Wisconsin Bus turnovers Chauncey, if as anything else rain and bring up as far as clips, are key witnesses. Why don't they yeah, you show their smoking gun which only favour the browser. The defence await this house's Astro world, What does this have? To tell you mean I'm canosa when you look at it in those people? Oh yes, a nine year old. Just now did they find out if there were people actually stabbing with friend now here I have no idea than ever knew that I'd heard their using super front, not because when friend now we'll get the job done, yeah sure use supervision, yea need Super Sentinel,
I only by remaining. No. That was a good thing that now that that I was mad. Scientist is making man like it's a two day, super failing it out, and I am not I thought, you'd be so high and dead data that supports what might have been a contestant for that one who may have wanted to only he was infinitely, isn't it I get it Furthermore, the surgery I mean Ketamine Infernal, wow I don't get it and using its cheap sold. You get about media whenever you get a hospital drug, your like. Is it a crime is I have? I am what I can't bear to alter rapid metabolize or so little like they can only give it to me before hours, they start Gimme the lot it when I was in my bedroom Gimme, the lottery and finally on orphan, but that it would be gone with into You can hang out, listen to Mr Ivan,
I've, never really had a hangover. I don't drink a ton I drink consistently, but I dont really drink to get drunk only drink, something if I enjoy it, so I'm sure if I went out with the mission to get drunk, maybe a little bit different, but now I don't really get. The only thing that really messes map is benadryl. Ok, then, flexor old, amounting to arouse Roy? I just I get behind the wheel up energy. Just leave me groggy like a day and a half that certain things, but that there are other drugs that any pain had occasion any stimulant. I can just go one. Being a metal in your chest in their like ours, too vague in some nowhere gimme a week, then like tat, nothing can believe we ve gone way too far. The other way. That's the problem, of course, because of penal people like the George floods out there, who abuse it minutes of Europe, the people who are actually in a hospital with major surgery- and I can't get anything- air are small town dodgers with loose prescription, pads, zoo, wanna, keep their businesses afloat as I call them friend
What's so regarding brazen Bonn, this is from snub, Sir Hugh. He was sent in that a mere child rosenbaum, MR, as among our main child rapist, us here sentiments that age nigerian and he did serve fifteen years in prison. I think he got out and twenty seventeen o thou wilt thou, not enough nope. No, fifteen! That's all you get fifteen years he was nineteen years old, any rape and nine your ages. Nineteen eleven five children is undisputed care. He shut porn he'd did not aggressive yeah I think worsen the porn is the anal rape? Yes, can be resolved yet whirl or a sexy, but from those like from the most of them throw em away like fifty years and that ever gets out what their women men, when should he was entirely selfless foreign Borroweth accept that it was a selfless lover. I can well, I know now everyone is on finding a mine of a left distant like the cell
you know what you don't want to go into his dream, were it's just playing. I like may well have been spot here. Why don't you stay out of it We're gonna crazy thing is that article said that the community was really re, that he would rate and do it again, like Michael Myers, regulate how something original raping and lawyers he had had forty infractions yeah? enfranchise forty, while its things like assault on staff,
possess drugs. Are no colleagues are soon not he didn't get out, so you know even to believe that he would be committing our say that night I first day with such bring up the bring up the thing about the five Ariel Sharon at the bottom of that that overlay you had about the five children at the bottom of that there's something I want to read here. We are again. I can't get close enough to recognise that guarantees that only a David and sitting that evidence no, no, he was sentenced to prison for roughly fifteen years and authorities believe that the time his wrist to receive risk to receive aid, your great concern to the community, ok, you think he was gonna get out. Do it again, So in your letters did the Pearl Board was lifelike. Well, let's roll the day when you think about returned to deny Morgan Freeman did Rosenbaum Godlike, so you can find me guilt child rape, you think I'll But again I don't give a shit what you re! Let him go. I mean: what do you do this Arizona that it was and is an unfair areas in their eyes, ink that fifteen years there should have been extended?
always here forever. Yet I think years too slow that I read arose in Bosnia. I think that's in herbs is also tranquil flowed that are trying to pay him as a victim to make up This allows note here the records included an interview with risen, bound in which he said a step farther sexually abused him and his brother on an almost daily basis. When he was approaching us genetic make up a pass, etc exacts sucks any still should, but then we also need a lot Ashley right right choices, re when you do to somebody else that kind of goes out the window, and I are sadly that does happen a lot as second irish buyer. You know it There are always happened. Young girls in their lots of people who are sexually abusing kids and most of them do not sexually abused, gets to be clear. Most of them. Do not sexually abused, now lot element of having relational issues, but the vast majority If people who are sexually abused as kids, of course, they have trauma to deal with they do not become child rapist themselves, so it is not an excuse! Absolutely it's! Now
what look at you can't go very carefully, and I don't want this kind energy company to get mad like he's giving us repress right blue donkey. I had so many stars trying to think of a trigger when they give you fans. I feel like Arizona was like, will release him, but here's the only condition you ve gotta go to An ocean mine, just learn stage to burn down the prison by lightening poop on fire and, as I doesn't work like that title says guys not kind of a pair of if you shut up and to catch a predatory. The guy like show up in. occurs with some quiz, no he's the kind of guy who shot naked. Doing a dick helicopter like let's get out of here with a chain with a chain, looks like they're coming back in, let's see how this goes. I think it's hard to tell unseen and you can't tell another idolize now, MRS live there. This is like what I think I have behind him. It looks like a bunch of old Audio Cosette tapes,
in an earlier which won the judge. those are books by right, while their former vice worth saying ass. These What are those asked cover guy? Is that product basement fees, delete eggs Finish do not affect asian vote in our time, followed on another to be blown away. It places authentic. They bring Tito. They have a practice by lady boycotts. Fresher and seen is here to tell you: Thailand is not real, it's not it's, not what I want I want, and I wonder why we don't want to get too often the weeds geopolitics its cause. I don't read the audio tapes next room, I feel like you eat my cookies. He ordered the other day river. Looking at the looking at this new age of foreign fortune, cookies from Asia, for example, have which Aubrey he's into Well, that's what I thought that was
John I wore, but rather one not guilty walk. Let's go for. Three affairs is averted already. You have to let your proposal, MR closer statements, but I like that you have to elect a left to do be how'd you make these so fair, your honor. We actually have a note from the jury here. Let me read it to you. This is a complete waste of time. Ok, you know we really agree. Agreed well seem like gets about rare. Up. What are you guys, one for lunch, Sir Kay of Sea, and what he does about India? though because he's racist jet of our right that are making fun of this travel due to judge this is something a racist judge. What does he said? The asian thing he said asian food or might act. I now here in that is familiar full stomach sworn to distract you too much from the presentation
now, but their fall hardest well ahead of the murder of jewels. How was blue on blue and, as our guys signing to sustain our watching this again, you know it lets, listen to him a little bit and if we get booted from Youtube get up and you guys can gotta rumble or mug like this. I ve been doing this long enough. I want to hear what he has to say for us, because it such bullshit second count of the show and comment below your thoughts on how this is going. Thus far, is this guy trying to sell it I also want to fire behind. Just frozen bomb as the defendant fires. Four rounds with his our fifteen, which is loaded with full metal jacket and a little bit more about ammunition in lieu bet, you ve heard tell them again, then you know nothing about ammunition, right of going through body, armor, less capable of going to create one car it is designed to go through the target and continue flying on for up to five hundred and fifty yards
Richard Mcguinness testified that when those shots went off, he thought he had been hit. He sure is that life? That's what are these designed for North South designed it that's what they mean shit. I think most people go and citizens. I d go five hundred a year. We have to argue our my piercing around our difference from hormonal tactics for middle jack. No way, dehydration matter back hollow points, designed to try and expand and disperse energy into the target. Re vote. Metal jackets are kind of the default with a lot of rife. Rifling fishermen- I guess you could say, led bullets just to be clear, but so actually, as a general rule, I bet if someone could bring us up, Now the top selling a our fifteen like whether it's too too you're fucked up six ammunition. It one by volume, it'll all just before mental jacket, because it's cheap rain GMO it's far less expensive and is far less finicky in a gun so that its base. What these are called anyone ball, I m o some members referred to here, just mean that the basic bullet, sir, time is well yet doesn't latitude NATO requires from yards with. I am Joseph Rosenbaum
and has his own video shows when he first gets there. He finds Mr Rosen bombs body fate disappointedly fines, Kyle written how they called for kills himself come on now, work, people get to say we're being and sensitive, but not being perfectly sensitive, hats sensitive matters. He ain't movement I feel for the guy, because he didn't know attended this guy was a child rapist potentially pants down? that's a sort of default position for Rosenbaum Saving Belt guy. This head is barely freedom,
frank, its sympathy from a jury, No, I'm tellin you he's so pale. I would have thought it was a ghost I think written ass might have thought he was being haunted. what a mess, what an absolute mass. But you know what gets what it always respond. But for this mess is absolutely one hundred percent dammit that's in charge of every major city where this happened where they take they'd. we started with rhetoric of defining the police? They told the police, to stand down. The media villa the police they enabled and they they emboldened these people saying hey these. Are mostly peaceful protest. Guess what, if you say, hey we're not only not going to be fun the police we're going to work on it,
What did I do some up we're going to beef up their abilities right now to make sure that they squash any riots that even might start and by the way we have harsher sensing, for anyone is out there after curfew still writing if they did that in the media, that these are not peaceful protests Americans to start that's what they wouldn't have been so emboldened to create that quagmire. There are seven steps along the way will you could have done, escalated? This shit? Kemal hairs was saying they should continue. This is the new normal. Remember that Jacob Blake police officer shoot unarmed black manner. They had a guy was violating as restraining order is low, Wifey raped, trying to kid. His kids that but the headline was police, shoot an unarmed black man seven times in the back. He wasn't even an armed, yet a knife trial. What just happened This is exhibit number twelve
oh that's, Rosenbaum, raping it gets our gas. Our that's really more about sex tape. so this you know what I remember I said is causing arguments. There's gonna, be him going robe, that's what he's doing look somebody died here here. Look at this footage. Somebody else dies in that ban does not upset you not guilty. Hey. Do you know who I bet you do know once you know what I bet you with a gun, someone's yelling, equal they're gonna, not watching in Poland, gun I'll, said ways run away that he told me guys
what you are saying that file you that's kind of running away. After saying he pulled a gun, but a gunshot. If miles referring to cement ski, pointing to Ganem S, then yes, yes, and if you did polygon as he's running, but doesn't matter Joseph. If he did or not, he heard it I'm shocked turned around there's a ghost pettifogging, the definitive not save his own skin. Instead of going and trying to help the prayer. I'd say it's easy to Monday morning, quarterback it when you don't have an easily and its Malta. a slimy Abdel plasma layer We also have other people running here's a gun. So obviously this was in a shocking thing of unless they say he's lying on, go running gauges thanks Rios creates asked the defendant. Did you just suit shoot someone and the defendant says something about. Police and then says I did not shoot. Anyone and this is similar to the lie that he told you and we're cowskin at exactly the same time, He passes Mr Le Cowskin, I'm afraid this because, as you say, why he's goad anyone's them
and that was established for these lines geese test. He said I'm going to get traffic, it's worth, I'm gonna police want peace is something least just wanted to say something about the police. Like did he say more on the police? Where did you say I'm going to the Poli he's not playing the video I'm one of The poem lies, like he's gonna point of any other. No Macedonia, I never go grab a little bluefin offence grows twice before its dangers: you gonna run against children, Others are full size movie. Stars hisses exhibit number three
hey, don't we have video? Can someone bring it from the back there? Don't we have video of cholera announced raided SAM, going the cops didn't you say I should have lessened, I'm trying to see they showing that that thing getting to that right now listen to the second thing. He says because I shot somebody. What are you trying to say They turn acidity. Saying I didn't do anything. I didn't shoot anybody to tell what his exact words. I fear the word not pretty. Clearly
I won't do anything. I'm sorry, but no, you heard what you weren't cowskin. He lies to what now? What he's its lorenzetti? Even just like you said if there is a pretty hard or make it out about you quote, him was the convenient word that I need him to say is the one I can hear is not with what is perceived to be an act of sugar, someone who has just shot someone who is so in possession of the gun. Flee, as it goes out, is not shooting anybody else, because an active shooters have their gun responsively aimed at the ground, with their finger off of the trigger on the trigger guard and tell people I am going to get the police who are actively pursuing their gradual know what Let's be clear here guys some one there were shot, who wasn't it in the current act of assaulted and that's important, just media. Let me just be really clear: this? This is different from people who attack Albert now. Snowed up not only that no one who was shot by Karl Rittenhouse
was involved in anything other than currently attack. while they were shot, meaning even if some attacked him and then left hidden, shoot him, meaning only wow rose and bomb was reaching out saying a few reaching for his gun. Did he get shot only while the guy was stomp kicking ever hitting on with the skateboard? Did he shoot them all? wow crows grits was approaching and aiming he's got it has had its not even like. You could argue that it was revenge shooting these were. in a moment currently being attacked, because there were other people who made threats ran up on them, as you can see in the security camera footage and he never shot them only. but who were involved? This How can they were shot with? An attack Sancho Rittenhouse. It doesn't get any clearer period ever If he doesn't have the right to defend himself, women, you, the right to defend yourself when you being raped in your own home. Just to be clear,
Look at what he sank under defending could have called man one one yelled out fired warning shots drop. The gun raised his hands, he said that the defendant could have in that moment when the crowd is yelling scare him when the crowd is running after him, when the threat still This runs immense key, the guy's friend thinking. Maybe this guy figures out, I shot his buddy, I could have dropped. The gonna go too far a warning shot, also, fire a warning shot the crime so that the crowds think you're threat. If you fire a warning, shot he's saying that that crowd was justified because he lied themselves, the well being chased by people and you we'll say whatever you need to do to get away from a mob hunting. This also to shows you how the left fundamentally is completely untrue. anyone here, anyone out there, anyone ever been to a firearm safety during course patterns. They, The issue here as I never take more got out unless you are prepared right use it never aiming at anything that you are willing to destroy so much have some mastermind plan to destroy the moon,
even if I had a file square in front of us, even it is a full metal jacket, a our fifteen salt rifling, oddly hidden the moon boy, full mental jack. I mean it could go along this to go through the moon and Mars full metal jacket, many nukes as their known on the street. Cheap us we're? How does you could possibly gas the cheapest rounds available and it tries to kick the defendant face? Anthony Hubert comes back tries to grab the gun, actually does grab the defendants gone and tries to applaud Awake he's trying to disarm and act of sugar is not an option, engage growth rates comes running it stops with his hands up in the air, until he sees and here's the defendant adjust his weapon, is preparing to fry fire again and then what gauge gross creates due notice that everything is says: Campi Religious, for the great Ryan, disarm no phone in one hand, got aimed at cow written ass. It had neither can we weren't going up. How was he where to
disarm Collaret announced gross profits testify. He was true and a tape a snuff film decision look at him, but he was not prepared to make that point in time. He is not that the person who is just willing to take someone's life there. What was he doing unlikely to tell me who took two lives in growth, and why would you want I'm guided somebody's head? We very easily theirs Video Exhibit Authority says is the BT on the scene, video which traces this entire incident, which we call the second event this is going to show you how the themselves, yet again, Mr Gross courts and the other. vigils who are trying to stop and active It is not an angle. I don't give me that. Finally, the least can we please take what definition possible? I don't depends on transit, someone who had shot somebody and isn't already disarmed who has shot anybody else. Studies running to the cops. Can we at least argue that this is not an active shooter? I don't
dont understand a word Mormon active defender, really somebody just come up in Heaven in the back of the head gather person to match up now, Anthony Huber comes in with escape or you shouldn't. sit down, stopped Nobody is gaining word gun away. ever comes in. Did I say again right there see that guy backing away with his hands up, he doesn't get shot now. You know why in just a few seconds, and being attacked by first guy to try to tackle into the ground and runs off doesn't get shot branch gross courts is my point, is only the people who are currently attacking Imre, even people who try get a job in and then ran. Workshops no regard for life only cares about himself and not dying, thank you can't defenders, I'm sorry they're coming at this guy is such a piece of shit Neuber. I'm side! No only cares about himself really Only cares about himself. Mr assistant
to the dna whose related to the mayor really only cares about himself. Didn't gross courts. Have some tea. Jeez draft only several days before the trap really only cares about himself raping five kids rosenbaum really only cares about himself? Even but your argument has been and is not a qualified empty, even though their providing medical assistance. You argued that he shouldn't have been. He was a lifeguard, but you are you said he wasn't currently a lifeguard in season in Canosa, you're saying? we cared about himself. He was the garden. He provided medical assistance. In addition to putting up argue argued, why did you go on the fire extinguisher. Why did he have the fire extinguisher only cared about himself? Why did he have sponges and buckets earlier? What do is cleaning up graffiti Why was he seen on camera, putting out multiple fires before he ever shot anybody and he only ever shot anybody who currently involved in a violent attack. Against his person period. There were even peep,
who, through she'd item there are people who try to tackle men ran off. There are people, I dare not moment with your hands up. You didn't shoot them. He only a dead people were violently attacked in his person, then, at that moment period but he only cares about himself better pay. When you fires did Rosenbaum, put out broken down gauge friends Huber, and I want to take you through Jump kit guy, How would it be some graffiti? They clean up gauge growth, hey how how much medical attention if they actually provide your argument, because this is the standard for conservative right this day for anyone who is not seen as part of the left wing mob. Is you? be a one hundred percent certified empty or we are going to call you a fraud. Let us be absolutely one hundred percent qualified to be cleaning up graffiti in connection with are not necessarily know how that happens. Otherwise, run you so that you have no ban. You brought guns, acrostic lines. Take you gotta, be a fire fight,
We're gonna blame you for having a fire extinguisher and then we're gonna blame you when you put the fire extinguisher down to use your rifle to protect yourself where the dead and for any of the other people. What was he doing there? What were you doing there? The least we could say. Let's say that you said he wanted trouble yeah, he won't. He was looking for trouble. a low for data have cleaner, graffiti put out some fires and bring about a kid beyond camera. So it's well documented that your they are trying to help people, and then find yourself in a malay. Rightly that was the he's. Looking for trouble. Ok was frozen, looking for trouble left see asylum left the institution made it, we want the most prosperous looking for trouble, a guy who had, Who was illegally carrying a firearm. Dimension illegal using it by aiming at someone who didn't attack him at all, but Hubert was what you were doing. There
any of them providing any sort of civil. For now we know that they were lighting fires. We know them bombing out buildings and we know that attacking a seventeen year old kid test The coward now's cares about no one but himself just this it's, He really is trying to go the slimy lawyer route in own. It right now is that the defendant is getting ready to fire again. by the way, every watch this this clip, but I dont Kyle I can only than I dont see him clear malfunction in Iraq at all. So I think,
who is doing remember when we first joint working the challenged by the world like he aimed at down away from them on his hands Robin and aimed at that already clears any look at this guy right over here to the right, as we said a year ago, holding a stick, a very large stick in his hands. Kyle can see that guy obviously he's that point he's gonna him in none of these phrase not threatening the she's gotta, tell us getting less right hand with his Gluck pistol pointed at the defendant. but you just said on governing Americans in that he didn't pointed out, has defended at all events, but that, of course he didn't he never ever ever ever with do that, he looks like he's being aware: Kyle sees no. He has a gun in his hand, you see. Mister gross courts is actually backing up with his right leg. yeah, you know about it a couple re, my frame it here until His frame for forty four you can see his right foot is.
on the ground, but it's starting to move bowels goes down forward. Has done is down the frames for out he set down right lay on his down. This is someone who is about to retreat to know that I am now wailing, but then what have the early do, he's landing or backing away, and now he's testified. He sees the defendant manipulate that gun in such a way that it makes MR gross courts feel like he's about to be shot Why, then, does he take action? Bull, shit? What action does MR gross great stick rates? Does he hold that done with? They're gonna still aimed down the guys down right now to defend and growth rates on his way back in days, even citizen with one hand and point yes, no does yes. Why why UNESCO start to luncheon with his left arm Forward Never the gun is not in this hand, because it is right. It is, though, he's lying what is right reaching out to defend it? Probably
reaching for the gun, probably kind of? Why didn't write it run if we now words right out of step with his right leg? across the goddess: still down body, even migrants, they gotta still directly towards the defendant, now he's getting ready to defend its bodies wheeling anyhow. He brings that got along because you can see so in an area that gun with his left arm. He has aided his body in such a way as to try and present, is minimal of a target as possible. With probably what saved his life? His right leg is about to hit the ground here. The gun, the air, fifteen seventeen elaborately address and live in some areas left two, maybe three feet away he's trying to shield and what I and II level tyres predators and with as we approach for five hundred here. The gun goes off, but at no on this process with the right it is. Mr grow squirts pointing his gun at the defence. What are you was framed for ninety nine, the guns,
just fired frame. Five hundred you see the puff of smoke five or one the bullet has hit MR gross crisis right. Bicep severing it with a gun in the hand of the inevitable this. After this he actually bring it began. You look right. There does also gave a better image early in the video there I can bring IVO for you can see. Why would thus even be relevant when he said on the stand that he's the guy changed his mind? There are many many videos, guys ascended, whatever the best clip. Whatever is that we can show that shows that we already shown this many times that he was obviously he's gonna them now leave that Mr Barroso has just had his right biceps severed that voluntary action. I know one thing was voluntarily advisory ever Jerry than ever now watch frame. Five it's gonna be have thy five or three before viable. First out, I've tried to admit it is gonna them on key
I'm right that he aimed as Canada and isn't it interesting but see just write. He constantly contradicts his own arguments because he's throwing this is what he's doing enough, throwing everything at the wall that again he's gonna. Look it's very clear gross growth, was retreating, see until he heard, which of course, we never could hear or see in any footage available than it seem like. Kyle was re racking his weapon, and only then did he approach without a gun in his hand, and once he was shot in the bicep, a gun magically appear in his hand and couldn't let it go he's tried. to build the case that he was blocking the guy while turning around just happen to have a weapon, so he was trying to get away and block the board. The problem is The video has him facing me completely. Here's the picture we have when he's got a gun in his hand, as he's running up to him. Yes, he's running up to whom the gunners and then again when he when he's shooting the skipper guy right, so he's got a gun there right, but do we have the other picture where
but the one that you have shown as blurry, but maybe just because I'm thinking of one it's the actual clip, but what the highest rest picture we have of of gauge aiming is gonna Kyle I can kill. You accept our written ass. I can but all my long here name is guarded anyone. It wasn't actively trying to kill him everyone else and every else has a right to defend themselves. Also, not just the defendant. Well then, it's a matter of who defended themselves better. If you I got argument or who started as to where the other one had to defend themselves, but he thought with an active shooter. Even though he said he wasn't he was going to the cops. So you're saying that gauges a wide vigilante caught me.
boy, I guess this is gonna. What happens when you're cases paper thin now and you for saying either childminder is learning out not guilty. Well, courts seem to work for rose in Bamiyan venerated so strew fifteen years. That's all he did So, do you understand this right now? What the left wants you to understand, as you would be better off, exhibit molesting, and actually raping. Take five children would be defending yourself from writers. Looters do here that clearly covered ass would get more time in prison than frozen bomb. Who ainly raked vial a kid against his will, a nine or eleven year old and then five kids at least molested them. The next time the minority of people are burning down an area because it's not that's that's. The thing is: This is in the majority of people. It's just enough people that are angry to damage our place right. So the minorities, side of people that are burned down an area you're not gonna, get people
either the one help, because this is the result of right, yeah. Well, you dont be can't the police can help the word analogous didn't. Look like when you gotta get Disneyland the Big Turkey legs, Will you take a couple of ice out of it and then it still has some like the small bones in you again. There was no, I think my eyes were broken up. My stomach wants funnel case and then your lives. That was like a wrestlers ear. near the defendant hanging over those who Montreal was never tells you sing, love, oh, they add like there are tailored to manage attention to also they make it better to make concerns guard, guess now willing to other people say least landscape, but thou, but hopefully fowl
Important as a little baby was a series of those a show, and I noted with a superior, but he was a powerful. It killed two people scandal viva to MR gross courts, his arm boy that bluefin energy drinks just awful, never dream, that's enough, it is just takes- is not good oh no! It's just relating you occur not for I, like the movie STAR One's own taste, pretty good. There's a couple of regos labored movie stars defendants position at the couple of care, a couple decent goblin, whose energy drinks and gentlemen there's also tar- oh yes, miss part of which, not too bad if he, even the sugar free in the jars, pretty gets rid of ordinary, put yourself in the defendants shoes that night submit to you that at that I'm of those shootings, a reasonable person in the defendants, shoes. What
have known that he had provoked Joseph Rosenbaum yeah by linking he's got by being under age than the defendant had put someone else at risk. More around the world is going through provocation. I ate him that, if energy I now is it certain that it reaches out every time it gets. I've used to talk is, I'm also felt their lights, boring mixed with sleazy. That is reasonable, lotta sleazy. It is also reasonable. understand that at that point gauge gross courts had just witnessed all of us here the defendant, had shot. Someone had heard that My only excuse, for he saw a share cut like Jack, is if the judge were laid him on break in the defendant, kill Anthony Huber you're. In your fifty sir, yes, girls, I please didn't, namely age ass. His life was in big in of tin tin and he was playing frail because the defendant shot him too
So when you consider what's reasonableness case, consider what do you think I look like Nicholas share. Tell me tell me I do I do I just would like his brother, because I take to Robert. Yes, I wouldn't be as have thereby be nerdy. Le Shaven, Vienna Age is a mere video that shows that when, when Roseman comes up on, Rittenhouse he's clearly not putting the gun and it's a pretty clear, video against pretty fast. We can show that around comes up and ran away that unwrapping on that Rosen Bobby not putting the gun. None of that resolution comes a hundred hasn't gotten us is not putting a gun at him. Oh this is a gross him. Ok, I'm issuers ivory at the names here so there in this corner. He never points again. Adam yea takes off we always except for those trying to say that he pointed to gonna- tell Rosen mom gets no. It isn't pointed out a very clear it is unbelievably clear. All right, look, I think, is probably going to times any now. The jail was back. Let's give a couple quick clothing thoughts and we're gonna go to my club. Only
Cuz, I'm tired, and I can't do this autumn. We don't want you to listen to the fences statements because it just gonna be just do with the information which you will, ladies gentlemen, of jury, that guy he did a whole lot a lion, and a video of all of it. So yeah, I rest my case guide. You says, bullshit, that's! It is pretty much reduced. Take Blair's that the speakers off my chest to certain to us and our handing over here after this after the surgeon male ribcage, you'll, titanium, think to accept I did it need to know, I feel exactly what now, but where you going, this week in Naples, Naples forty at off the hook comedy club Monday Monday, Friday and Saturday Naval sort of hate. By the way we are going to be covering raked. The verdict is its post me tomorrow. There took an outline of the thing as early as tomorrow as released, or so we don't know when it will be so look follow
me on Instagram on Twitter on rumble mug club, because don't know when if Finna go to comes in other saying that a vertical come in our show be delayed, because we want to cover that live. Will. You get when you have some streamers and balloons and stuff ready. What efforts these found not guilty, there are the good cake ok get from. bakery only sever it. We have supper. They actually make those area there called it's called. It's called. I want that, kick Rosenbaum its general gender part here, so before we go, we're gonna continuation is here on my club is cash. I hope This is really clear to everyone out they're going to Sir, with more behind my clever. We were not really beholden to you. This is unbelievable. Your right to self defence is on trial, but people saying what do you want the kind of America where people just go in to protect their streets, yeah
yes, I do like is my choice. America, that burns like we saw that summer and, of course, you'll see probably before mid terms or America, where you have responsible gun owners, stopping the looters rioters burnt and by the way I dont think that it should have to get to the point where someone has a gun to your head point blank for you to have the right to defend yourself Is anyone out there believe that? Does anyone out there believe anyone, including for not a conservative? Do you really believe that you only have the right to defend yourself for your family? When someone has a gun pointed at your head for being here, by someone who just had a chain a knife or might be eighty hundred and twenty pounds heavier than you. One of your and it's a serial pedophile who breaks in the house when your parents are gonna. Do you have the right to protect your your own life and on? Do you really believe this is what really comes down to what their arguments you shouldn't ever have the right to use lethal force, not only not to protect property,
not only not to protect your home in your livelihood, not only not to protect against people, destroy property, but who are also committing violent felonies with weapons, not only Should you not be able to use lethal force to protect your if someone is threatening it if they don't have a fight are? You should only be allowed to protect yourself if someone has a gun and it already aimed at you and the area we have exactly that here, there are still bitching about it. All right, you tube. We don't really care. You can piss off with continue this on my club.
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