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LIVESTREAM: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Opening Arguments!

2021-11-02 | 🔗

Today is the opening of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and we are making sure the FACTS get reported! What you WON’T hear on CNN, you’ll find out from us.


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Heather audio! Listen! I know you're about to. If you look at the following to say, hey there big as file. And you are correct because we live streaming, the written house there was an insensitive wasn't why just brought rather music?
taste. It is wonderful. It's a little moroccan Green T really homework That's what I guess. It's got green tea and meant that movie babble sucked in so from our side, like that. You Moroccans, refuse to shake hands at the Olympics. What the Jews come here. They are real story. Look it up our eye today is a special stream ethics, the cow Rittenhouse livestock. So we have opening statements today the jury was seated which ass you. that they were all women in how to use the bathroom now, that's not true at all. I you dont know that I have you seen every gesture. Yes, I have you have every single. Why saw ledger without Baldwin back for it was killing me down. I will kill people in that. That's true, he did. I thought it was acting jokes very let the reigning sir I'm in ages. Everyone really quickly because I don't own, they will start their opening statements. First, off Let you know that you're restarting little early today, please tweet this out
ass the like button right now. If you are on Youtube, we want you to comment along with us also if at any point fashion, Merida Nine? If at any point you lose this dream today which could happen because going to show you videos from a cow and how situation going to give you a timeline. Now the New York Times has used this quite a few channels and left of useless and there facts, not age restricted. However, in the past we have been in some when your live that result in getting booted in Slovenia rumble, the stream is not stopping. Until I tell you or, of course, join my club out, you know when it's done. There you don't just my boy, I guess they ended it without an illusion and now not will give you a sign off before that girl they hurry. I am well and I am ready for this, sir you're ready. I am ready here
ready to go. You think pissed me off and has been pissing me off for a long time champing at the bit. I am our love people not champing. It's not sharing, not enchanting as a whole. It's it's an equine term. Now either evolve urban centres. Quota buy gas demands. Are I'm ok, don't answer him better, be careful it's gonna, take it out and sign up which, year over here s, how you do incredible, do get ready, get my boy of maize geese, my lord! No! No! No, not while ok Day Blanda appearing at the Catalan in which talk in this on a vampire, eleventh hi. How are you, Sir, but I'm excellent commented, the criterion. You are the ones that were like hey come over here, we're not gonna to put an Ali silly mandate, the nice could chilean wine mixer so bring a mandate paled. They said this argument over watching on court tv. They haven't started the opening statements yet so I want to give you a brief time. Linear here's, the issue,
the cavernous lemme give you my pen, other kids. I don't like the kid did anything wrong. I think the kid is hero, I think this has grave implications for everyone out there. There been threats that if he gets, if ye you know he walks, there are going to be riots, listen they're, gonna be its anyway? I d be worse, of course, if he walks, but this isn't. This is an attempt to intimidate the jury, this determines right now whether you are allowed to defend yourself and your property, because we're going to go through would have. can alter the city? Was ablaze, places were being bombed and the cops couldn't do a damn thing, and so the a kid who? Even if you think, let me be really clear, even if you think cholera now, shouldn't have been there. Ok or maybe a couple questions before I go to a time on here Cal Rittenhouse, isn't there Kay cities been bombed out. It's not even a big city keep in mind can assure terminal relatively small town, the sick been lit, ablaze, overflow,
from us by the ministers, Austria, by Jacob Blake, who raped his wife, went back violators. Shooting we're trying to get the kids reach for a knife was shot. Kick. Let us be clear about that. So total horseshit. Anyone who try to tell you that this is because of police brutality against unarmed black civilians. He was armed and he had a criminal record Jacob Black this was used as an excuse to burn down the town. What do you do. In other words of people shouldn't do what counts Rittenhouse did if people should not protect their businesses or Even in a list, the help of fellow american citizens who have any degree of training or ready to defend life, limb property. What do you do he's? Let it burn you let it be another chance than the follow up. Question lets us soon that you believe Collaret now shouldn't have been there. There was a mistake: why did you go there in the first place? Ok, let's assume it's a mistake is it a mistaken? A seventeen year old boy should be executed for
because none of that is relevant to the point that shots were fired. People were trying to kill him. That's not even a question. It's just Ok, defend himself with an appropriate degree of force. Look, it is, no longer relevant. If he has charge from people trying to say and we'll go through them. Some of the lies, he brought a firearm acrostic once that's not true, completely illegal for and have a fire. That's necessarily true. There's a loophole in the law on this. Everyone who hunt in the Midwest knows this is the case. There are a lot of common house shot. First, that's! trip up to the question comes down to, even if you think it was a mistake, I don't think he should have been there. Zanna mistake worthy of death on the flip side, I think telling someone you're going to kill them chasing them chasing them work less person number one chasing them as person number three, with a gun trying to execute him point. Blank
I think that you at least deserve it. Are you at least deserve a two to three and the bicep? That's make MR old fashioned, so I'm gonna go to that I might Annandale Dave had some crushed cutter, I'm trying this side of the over me. I am, I bet it all up. I think you're. So you have a time on the union to go through and you have to go through that, but you said something a minute ago and I want to just interdict one thing right, so it wasn't the police brutality! It was the media. Per trail of the situation right with Jacob, like the media put out there. Another black man is shot by cops. That media push that narrative before any of known facts. Until you saw the videos like wait, he was being told not to go around the car. He was being ordered by police officers known and unknown. I was called thereby Thee baby Mama where life he raped exactly right. None of those with a restraining order
life matter, none of us, I guess it doesn't. None of this information was made public. The media basically reign of the narrative. The police have shot another black man and, of course, people are running into the streets, not checking for the updates yeah, not checking for correction so and also in the movie, the german Alec Baldwin intimidates Demi more. This is a bit like that. It's a little bit like the idea of point on out of Haiti's shouts by melanin. You watch that. Let me hear what this Judgest saying right now. Yesterday he was doing jeopardy questions and it's not that important I'll, give you a liar and then we'll go to listen to I bet you do so, but until they do their numbers, why that should be injuries structure? We don't have a self defence in the dream structure, because there are no major instruction so token out, you can have them. Let me know when it's a good time to go there all right. Let me give you a timeline because a lot, it's really hard to understand, Cal Rittenhouse and there are three people he shot. Two dead one of the bicep just to be clear. This all started the Canosa Riots Jacob Blake August twenty fifth, two days after Blake Shoe
let me take you back in time really quickly and then rapid, farther timing, mostly peaceful rabies. There were cold and burned down those prices by the way. That was the courthouse that these five below more like fifty above I'm Mad marv are Anna hey by the way, really quickly too. We are going to issue the cow renounced challenge. Later we are going to put our employees in their backs. Institutions seem able to with nerve guns, mind you you're, not like Irish Sea affair, able to quote what we observe stand that so that that last seen, that was the courthouse that Judges sitting in tat, I may I not arouse, was attacked all known and I come back tonight. You, sir radiation literally the same court have literally the courthouse the but peace.
protesters bumped into it should say what they wanted to burn the justice system down to be cleared up and now they're demanding that justice be served through justice system net front. It just means puts one behind bars, so we don't like ok I'll so before we go through this people saying all he travelled there call written ass. He was looking for trouble across state lines, its picture daily, commute to work where he went first, if you will, I've gardeners community across state lines, Probably less far than your commute to anyone? lived in Michigan, right, Illinois, India, all these places or Ohio. Yet you know state lines really don't mean anything, it's like this guy went on a track. He wasn't Lawrence of Arabia. Unsure. get on a plane right in check a gun? So he was there to clean up graffiti there's video of this there's others, their interviews, he was so. We have to have an interview beforehand and this again, on tax matters were Kyle was showing if, as Medic KIT cussing why he was there. These are events before the shooting unfolded. Here's an inn
you do not hear obviously or armed and you're in front of this business. We saw burning last night, so it's so people are getting injured. Our job is to protect this part of my job. Is somebody I'm running into harms? That's? Why am I see their long or projecting from the citizens, and I just got practical re my person in the crowd now, we see that we don't have nonlethal, so you guys are ready to defend the property because we are, I can ask. Can you guys that that radical much way here? he may sharp little guy. Looking for somebody to shoot he's. One of the worst showed us. We ve got some so high and not caring. If I was seventeen, I know it's a need.
that's, why we want to encourage? You was high on pepper spring. We want to encourage us. I am high on life because I think he's going to think justice will be served Let's be clear to the rioters, not processors. The rioters rioters we're trying to keep Monday just burned down a car lot. They had burned down five below. Why prices are tremendous. Tell children like room what Tom Thermos Tumblr. I do need this yeah. You took the whole place in San Francisco. Toiling yes, completely legal still all under the, but they say you know what it wasn't necessarily legal when they were trying to these people. Protesters below the gas station tail the tape, but ironically, I felt as if nothing were later it'll come up, for they were trying to send. You might have committed arson and dumpster. Now they lie
dumpster on fire and try to push it towards a gas states canosa. Let's not cholera, dumpster her head her arguments about the trailer another talking about trying to throw the gun charge again. Oh, oh really, you wanna hear them. No, I don't think you know there s really hear what they have to say, because that's not a big issue. What you need to understand is, let's say, there's a gunshot. First up, it's not the gun charge at the media has made in cross outlined with a firearm. If you think that He was one year, two young with a long rifle and don't understand there is theirs the grey area with that law and you think that justifies putting him away from murder than you don't understand. Had allow works, keep in mind. They push that dumpster fire we'll dumpster fires Richard terms, your nerve. I know just what are you trying to tell the police they couldn't? What what are you saying, never give our environment? What I don't understand, what you're saying you wanted a Douglas FIR,
Well now we will bring in his brother. Swedish have to explain further damage your version so keep in mind. Rittenhouse was seen not shooting at people. At that point, we know about the gas station running with what a fire extinction where was extinguished or other, and this is all important by the way, because when we go through shooting someone in the bicep and clearing a jam as opposed to hitting them in the body or the head. It's just. owes its. It would be like It would be like can't you see Champion Frances in Ghana, now showing up with protestors he just held them down to the police, or rather high did not call them out. He could hurt them this kid. the training and marksmanship to do a lot of right there. If you want two. If he were mass shooter, she was some was looking to harm people. You will see
The series of armed conflicts that he was much more effective and other people there. Instead, you seem with a medikit, you seem cleaning graffiti. You see the fire extinguisher right. There would be easy, Pickens now Josh church, our Josh Joseph Rosenbaum, he's the person who was killed. The ginger cereal pedophile, when I say this by the way today Future They should be watching the shop just gonna, let you know, because we are not really not words. We are not editing up this content, it's important for you to know. Joseph Rosenbaum who was making threats, he's a serial childless you're. What I mean Emily rape, children now check, Was yelling also repeatedly big fan of the inward at the gas station? We believed that country's lever that guy in the copper Nick Cabinet CAT Afro is incredibly confused.
shoot me. Ah, how short stuff ha. They should adjust beaten him well out of any real with that they need and that's the thing I showed restraint all the way through the. What do you think the black lives matter activists would have done if Cow Rittenhouse repeatedly Hildy and that's not just a guy yelling the Edward, that's it balding ginger short man yelling the inward May. Well, he did not ginger. People say it to you that it was our another Harding Armand, but what does it matter It's not freestyle rattling you'd, Henriette yelling. It he's going in a crowd of black lives matter and makes some data is the point of the Select y know. I get that you know you're absolutely right began to look the guy in the cap. when a gaffer out just Sidney well when our sides as and when I looked over the sea was yelling at me. Like I guess you see
we're gonna, say: she's ready to be offended, and yet one cheapen mine and they threw this out. A lot of people are matter. They said you can't refer. These people were shot as victims. You can, for them is arsonists and looters because around M are doing at the Geneva. However, they did about using the criminal record of Rosenbaum against them right right. The defence using it, but I think asserts relevant. This is just where I'm not I'm, not I'm, not a lawyer. rose and bomb is the kind of guy the guy who was shot. Who would have to be separated from the main population in prison because they would tear him limb from limb, he's a serial convicted child rapist. So let's keep that in consideration, because when he was making threats and when he was, was arsenic. He decided to make good on his cite the fact that you said the inward We're missing on the college. Economists call drop out and I'm driving a poorer although they hate crime rises, everytime waited afford expedition. The point is you got
Well, look with a man who even prisoners would believe is scum and he happened to attack somebody. I would be so far too. Sir prison guard hey guys. I open so block three God. I cameras, don't work very their free chile tokens to whoever makes of the earth to groups of potatoes. Everyone gets a pack of cools cigarettes and honey bonds of reactor three. Why don't we go up? Ok, Rittenhouse. Also, let's be clear, I don't know what what this clip is blood. If you don't know this written ass did not fire the first shot he was being shut used by Rosen Bonds. What's happening is click. Ok, he was being chased by Rosenbaum Rosenbaum through something Adam cal written ass is running away. This is the first armed conflict. then somebody else you can find the name of that. Other gentlemen. What's his name of Josh, Josh Znamensky, fires around into the air allegedly, but you can hear it only
and as coward now turn around say all this is the guy threatening me yelling me shoot me. Inward shoot me Edward any chasing me and I'm sure I'm hearing a gunshot. I dont know that anyone here would have done any differently. If you do, if you did act any differently its stupid. If someone is Chase who's been making threats and someone who has been violent and someone who committed committed arsenal chasing, you feel something you're back in here, gun shot fired. You have a rifle on you that, as the entirely appropriate time to defend yourself. Ok, Let's go to this clip, so you now see have started a boys, Rittenhouse Running Guy, throw something had some gunshots you sure,
First gunshot was not renewed, becomes bad technologic arms back to check on a bad. He calls for another. What she's not running right now he's trying to make sure that he's? Ok right, yes, as medical data mouth, not exactly a mass sooner. This is not a mass shooter at this point again, if you wanted to do damage. This is something you could not saying that no mistakes were made. What I M saying is come on now talking murder on the first of those there's been. Some are not always that Kyle helping the man with his shirt
no. That was somebody else, Kyle circles back around the car to see what happened, yeah guy and makes a phone just quite seize him on the ground. He he makes a phone call, but two people are already assisting the guy right in and tell him there's a day. That's not the only guy that chasing Kyle, so right now highly puts his life in danger by circling back to check on the person that was trying to get em right, and then he has to get out of there because there are other people now. This is what the New York Times said was a mistake where they sit. Well, then he ran with as firearm backs. crowded area. So that's what If you see a crazy guy with a gun on a second, his choice now at this point is run way to where more protesters are in a remote area written or run through as pub Can a crowded industry is possible without you're fired. address opposition and hope that people police officers, which we surrender to immediately or your allies, are there to protect you. Otherwise it could be a death. And he's already been chased and he heard shots fired now. He is running away. Other writers chase him. Let's get his ass right before Kyle fell down here we go
there he is Film, sucker bunch doesn't fall yet more people chasing employee street opiates, like the walking dead for crying out loud guy hits inhabitants skateboard K. Who now that's the He first shoots the guy you hit him in the Heavens, escape or boom shot in the chest. This their gentlemen right here so to be clear, hidden, it will escape we're falls down, kidnapped airport shoots that guy in the chest next guy who lets go. First, let's go through this street screen overlay, sweating, free free area, so the first one he fell to the ground various owing to the ground, now rider swarm him Kay. You can see right or swarming him. Then you have Anthony Huber, attacked him twice. What skateboard and try to take his gun there. You go footstep skateboard. To take his gun next image Rittenhouse. She,
same while laying on his back right. There then rose. Kreutz is the other guy. Who was that, I believe is also charge while he is charged the fire of offence he charged again this guy with handgun. Do we have that we have the video? Still I be ok. Here's we are now to be clearly also puts its hands up Kyle. There's a jam. Emily fix him out and he goes any shoots. Look there you got boom gun, right there right up on and we have another image of him. We then a foot Rittenhouse, let show the clip subject: that's where he shoot him in the bicycle sake, Only the gun, right there are played again there in slow motion get what about your seats, are right that's a firearm, only when he shot in the bicep, is he no longer a threat right? secrets in me a better.
I might have a better angle, goes down. You see the light steel street. That's that's what he's trying to get yet Shrinketh Tbilisi Betsy! So there you go right here, this guy board hands up kind of scared and put a gun to allow all remind Roquat, couple of friends are now go through. This framed by framework. Shoot boom right. What's his hands up Kay what he's kind of scared it's more of a reaction. So now aims at him, he sing on unaware. Look Kyle puts his gun. aims it back to the ground. You see that aims at all. From so the guy goes. You can see in the video Kyle puts his gun down and then returns it up to fire. This is important period can go effect. This is important because anybody who was shot at the range knows how much easier it is to go target target target target then to practice. Drawing and target it's something everyone who want to fire on responsible firearms, responsible, pheromones, hyperactive every time
No should be anyway to call the guy bicep guy just for ease of yes by so by setting he's alive right, the guy he later there's enemies, vice measured by sub, see, and I will show you I was using him as like their poster child. For this, like you, Sir Have you tried to stop the get whatever? he's, yes he's a survivor, we see in the video. Where does this he's got a gun? In his right hand, he hears a shot. He does this and then he doesn't just approach Kyle he tries to circle around Kyle's back, so they can't see him absolute Kyle spins to get him because the guy is drawing his gun to execute him point blank right. Now, let me really quickly go to court. Dismisses motions had of opening statements are we will get to it as soon as whole, Unlimited Rapporteur timeline, and then I want to bring a all links. I want people it's really years. Let me just kind of explained to monsieur CNN and Emerson BC. Assume their audience are morons. Then you have a lot of people, think tank conservative Republicans. soon that everyone is a hyper intellectual who works whose tenured professor, I know that you
watching some of you listening and audio. Would you guys can listen wherever you listen, you're audio, podcast, Android, Apple, Spotify, you're, smart, you're, sharp, but you don't do this for a living. you dont twenty four hours a day, follow the news, and so I just want make sure cadets confusing for me, sometimes with all of these players, especially in the chaos, the fog of war, the bordering on a civil war. So that's what I think of I think you guys are smart. I dont think that everyone is professional. Talking had and I'm trying to give you a time when you're. So, after all this time, right now immediately runs the police officers its hands up, saying I shot somebody. What do you want me to do
so keep in mind as revealed say all he was only. He was only not shot because he was white, but we just do this in Arlington as well. It's not entirely the posture with the police officers. If you run up to the police, put your hands up and approached them and they surrendering surrendering manor, treat you appropriately answer up I mean
You forgot self defense, yeah details to challenge for every day, tat, see his hands or up the cops at one point here, you'll get out on the street in this guy. When those houses like I ordered a pizza two hours I mean, I know really again, police see a man who could have done damage already Sandra his hands are up, even though many walk into the car look. His hands are up ITALY. So let me give you a timeline really quickly Kyle is where he works. He was their cleaning up graffiti. He was, there is a medic. He was trying to put out fires. We, the shooter start, we have the person who was shot. The attack the arsonists rosenbaum, one of them earlier the day repeatedly making threats yelling Rachel epithets, altruism, bother me, should censured by the media a little work little bit murky and the double standard
Manchester them later, when he finds him alone, throw something someone else, fires again he shoots and checks on I'm trying to make sure he's. Ok, fleas runs, gets mob, chased thrown to the ground. It may happen to skateboard twice shoots that guy puts his gun, and clears the jam, and only when the last guy approaches him with a gun point like shoot him in the bicep, MR all nerve and then surrenders himself to the police very again, I just told you everything you need to know all references available, a with credit outcome and in the description. So you understand what happened some more information using common myths that have been told by media which are untrue, but I'd like to bring you guys in debt. That does that you guys can comment below that pretty much sums it up protecting a business, you you said that want to throw the back in the time I'm protecting a business, making sure does get burned to the ground yet, but something that he did like. I have no idea how he had the kind of control that he did sitting on the ground. Will there
the guy is acute Macedonia. Another is truly his hands up. Put the gun down, clears the jam, comes back up the same guy who had thanked him out, tries to kill him. He shoots him There's a guy behind him running up. That's the guy but if I was in this situation, my heart was pounding. I would have shot him too, he's running up, but then, as soon as he sees the guy get shot the bicep he puts his hands up and sobbing Kyle. What's his gun him ready but certainly not just write. Your heart was pounding joke those to make an on Youtube. I can't make it because be revelling the death of someone I can't yeah how I feel to watch a serial child rapist attacking somebody I can express to you know What I believe about that situation, because you too considers that a problem, an understanding this. This is a clear cut case like literally, all you have to do on the defence is play the video yeah I'd, so he was, it will go through this later on, but also hinders their given. How would this kid have vanished without a video? No, this is it. This is why this is so scared. This is
clear cut of an example, Self defence. As you get with video there are still in argument about now. Do you think kid would have been allowed to play his case that he shot black lives matter address. You think anyone believe any of you know this guy repeatedly said you raised is to show we would say what I shot: a white guy, a shudder ginger who yelled the Edward. They got that doesn't have the Elam T shirt quicker, the opening statements will begin soon. The jury is just ended. I gave you a question I don't remember. Ok now I dont remember at all idea. I didn't know that someone else fire the first shot. Now I actually had to be perfectly honest. I had never seen that full video yeah it what do you? Good luck? what do you do, what you do that Kate and you're getting one hit unable escape when the guy's approaching you again? What do you do? The only defence they have is. Why were you there? I think
knowledge, which is obviously what is using? I, why are you there? Let me go to the tape. Your honor, I'm not. I'm not satisfy five below draw you to the two used car lot. Hey have you been recently. No, you haven't that's burned down to. Let me just this is why now now was here. Let me get my laser pointer right gas fire right there. Well that's just a math fire, but can So are we ve all been effected from Ethiopia crisis? I could use them right now. Enable Maclean should be free to go This is a crazy. This announced insane phone. You wanna! Why why the cops passed him when he was putting his hands up
because there were some more via going on down the road of what's going on here, the way they thirty six cars? What are you gonna? Do not all gonna stop right. One guy diarrhoea riots and people tried to argued I've tried are your. Why weren't they resting Visa armed militia members police chief was rightly said. No one couldn't buckles matter. Protesters known was peaceful protest was arrested for refusing curfew, only violent people were arrested, so to stop trying to use the race. Are you in your time says that person, but I saw that day was white and I believe that they were, here, because they wanted to kill black people. You know he shouted ginger, that's the opposite of what you're saying things! That's like a picture and a photo negative. You couldn't possibly get more opposite. going into shoot black people? Everyone issue was why everyone you shut up and here's the next thing. The media has built element is right, the media's book in it they over blew the Jacob likes it I didn't tell you the truth that led to all these rights and they come in and say, white shoes,
you're carrying gonna cross state lines there to kill people may say little Natalie gather than you ever pieces of shit like Joseph Rosenbaum, was getting that's the kind of guy who gets played by the media, who runs on things like warmly to be hero now, because he's trying to make up for the years of PET Aphelion child abuse, I'm on a register. This is gonna, be like like a dry eraser from my having sex with kids yeah. This is just it's like my parents, you know what a guy you're right, one kid we took it. You re three kids, all of a sudden, your child, the life of a life the thing I would have to go to the worst area of town to throw a nickel and hit as many violent criminals as Carl Rittenhouse shot
Rosenbaum, the main guy in question: sexually abused five children, gods, you're, saying it's: why was he there about their quite out? Why wasn't I will not in my written risen yeah? Why was we role playing on nine or eleven year old in prison odyssey? Why was he out? Why is that acceptable is only just left a mental health facilities so finally power rated a minor, showed pornography to a minor, engaging oral sex with a minor matter liner and he was released on the day of the shooting from the hospital after attempting suicide, HOLLAND and these are bought. This is not. These are boys from nine to eleven years old. Yet this is not like a boyfriend who was in his girlfriend guy Emily raped a minor doesn't say: because of this information, sometime just sealed from nine to eleven any sexually abused, five! Minors? Hey hey! What point do we start protecting our kids?
And I don't just mean from puberty blockers, yours, you call them Flintstone vitamins, your prick, so why the? Why was he released from the hospital dessert information? I am always either, but was it because of the riots, because that would show you a very interesting to call a day I may be covered yet the sniffles go out. Don't rip anymore, kids. Now my upscale, we don't want him to get sick knuckle. Gosh. I favour me. I would be blowing rice in into his face. Like a powdered sugar, don't well divided times, I meant to give him my medicine brags. They gave him a bunch of boys and I have no idea arrive and then I made a mass made him go up on the front stage at a pain, Tara concert yet an odour. What what it was like, there's your here so Anthony Huber is another gentleman here was shot, strangled and stabbed his brother. friend is Maremma brother with a knife, now we have. This is over like to gauge Cross Kreutz slow,
misdemeanours, including misuse of a dangerous weapon, and he had a gun of course, when you type attacked called written Britain reckon written John Hagen Loop or heads painter, danger of thirty, or so I don't know. go through a bunch these. They trying claims that he was a white supremacist will go through near dams. Video later he was soon flashing, lights, supremacy, simple! waxing ok one year yet now here he had apparently seem the cover of home alone to or here the three point or in the atom only culture, blonde, hair blue eyes, which would be undertaken we miss. It started so Kaliko can spend a lot of time with Michael Jackson, speaking the one boy he did Malaysia exactly back and I go to your friend to everybody same thing. phenomena gmail devalued. Our aim was that I was the other matters both of them now. Corey Haim
judging by you, know his I cite added a little rough. Why would better Michael Jackson probably see use the call service for Heymann accidently sent Feldman german there. The boys will find them. I don't know what you're the mighty Cory's reality show area be silly, but it was really just base area resign or the whole time night heart. You know what happened to me: funded, not fun at all, and then Michael Corey Haim is required. Feldman see, I do tat is still dress, like Michael Jackson than previous part him, as he dresses like like how these are. These are far away from Tiger beat, who, by the way, Rosenbaum has an entire home library. Yes, he does a tiger beat magazine, except you can open them more now, he's a collect these, like Balin Beauty in the beast, but the library ladder just going past Tiger beat in teen, beat magazines and Lego instructions, so written out with a white supremacist.
actually even the former vice president of the United States, to be clear even made this claim passively by including Kyle written House in an ad referring to what you premises Are you willing to lie to condemn white supremacist and militia robes and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence and a number of things? Studies as we saw in Canosa and as we have seen important area, I would inform you that by the way now they try to city it took a weapon across state lines. I believe There- and I said I would never be useless, but on a lot of blogs, including on Turks there still saying they are repeating this lie, which either meet anyone repeats alike today that he took a fire illegally across state lines is either. lying to you most likely or too lazy to do even the most basic level of research now also very likely get all could be a little, but it couldn't on a golden dragon gun, it's a hunting rife right. I now it just in our fifteen and it was salt style weapon cells derived semi automatic, even yeah. Like me, you know most
regatta one that channels the bold and we use that description for, like a federal, say, assault style rifle can we say assault style pedophile if they ve raped file. I know you know, I think, that's what do I know you're one of them has not one of them. Misdemeanor pedophiles, that's one of those assault style. No! No. We call him up red ago. We call an hour ago by the way, the high capacity magazine, the refractory period is just unreal. You got it you gotta, we're still Andy S, ear gauges. I don't I don't know, I don't makes Edwards every other guy. Well, we was my mistake, sir. You to draw it makes it from a hit. Erasmus is more to yeah. through the article is making a wider is putting a I wish we had devoted to the guy you're acting with a neck razors. What's that was lost to the archives loss to the archives are right or related questions that you guys have cause. I'm gonna go here today, then go through the kind of key players, the prosecutor, the judge, but I just
So my I know this is silly task, but what people hanging there had on like that, the aforementioned person, who we shall not mention again, whose network we mentioned loses his mind over this and calls in house a white supremacist and issued an aegis d up pissed off that we can't see that he is everything that they say? Yes, like what you have video of everything like you see the entire think I feel like a rational person on the left on the right in the middle, wherever you happen to be, would combating go. Oh ok got it like a different story than I've been told by the media. I didn't see that. How are they possibly? trying to rally anybody to think Saint Catherine didn't do really that's. Where I mean that's the reality, they need him. They need him to be the poster boy. Fourth, racial, the vision, I mean what one hundred percent distraction- and this is the issue when you have visa hid. It is absolute he's a kid, but they look at em, though look the way that it carries himself he's a kid. Yeah he's a kid and he didn't. He wasn't out there in a murder speed, but that you
if he'd do, if no, it was another in a murder spread is very definitely rights. I e, where everyone, Ahmad Gamma White Privilege, boys, just visual, Johan, Orthodox yeah. I don't care if you go out and get some show you that safety- and I say if they bring home, pedophile pelts, funky swell try them of the natives, no I just when you look at em there's their certain. You can just in a human being and there's obviously, even if any argument you have you, can you can look at the Katy can series carrying himself? Even if you don't agree with what he did. Yeah he's a kid. He seventeen either stare six charges or seven charges against him. Now it six Charles there's, first degree, reckless homicide first degree. mostly endangering safety. First agreeing National homicide attempted first degree intentional homicide, firstly recklessly endangering safety. Possession of a danger, weapon by a person under eighteen,
so these are that's too much. That shows me, though, that there is a lot more going on here, get your loom that any lawyer could have gotten three of those dropped. If this was an absolute here and now yeah? I think you're absolutely right, and I just hope this judged we're that clip of the judge saying come on now so. What do I don't know what you're talkin about about the arsonists? So this you guys extended in the control room here, will be kind of flying without an that one of the press. Peters was saying you know we can not. You know it did make. Did my dad did Rosenbaum or not its clients, but whose Tom did they are legit. Yeah I'll racial slurs. That has nothing to do with attacking communist. Did they logically commit arson nothing, I guess I judge, goes come on. What am I here now just a little bit of arson? What do you know about quintessential Wisconsin accidentally we're gonna break for I'd, knock worse lunch after they had eight ono we're gonna go down any Anne's pretzels. I like a soft prattle,
horrible not deny like Egypt she's there late at it. I dont you know right. I gotta it's real good, that's a little humour likely. I figured, I think it's k, one click k, one clip k, one not to be confused with a synthetic marijuana, sure, like Rosenbaum, looking at a naked adults, yeah yet algae, but don't get that guy, IRAN and eleven year. All that couldn't scratch. You say harder than a moose antler absolute, and I know it sounds like we're paying. You know little distasteful in their effect. Yeah, that's a fair bit x y. I led him walk. I could is red, here's the cliff! I just love the judges like actually use. This quota sank down playing ball, hokey air. If there is any evidence in this case that Mr Rosenbaum physically tat anyone else threatening chased. Anyone that night debate salted anyone else that night Britain, anybody with a weapon that night we can talk but I don't hear any evidence to that effect.
talking about his arson, we're talking about being loud disorderly, we're talking about your being here, When you see, I am actually arrived and about his arson? Come on. You know, extended clip money goes on his eye. arson. It was only a dumbstruck while we are trying to push it into a gas station. Michael Didn't you think people are gonna, buy that? Well, it's ok! If the protests in burned down gas stations upon six, but not nearly Levant, I want just because they are simply glitters that are so little better. That's why I said yeah so wide see little bit. I've never committed arson, but let's be honest and college. We spare minted yeah. Well, that's how someone match book into an orphanage unit I mean. I know I don't know who tries eighty, let I've just burnt down some stuff for everyone. Now. Now no honest at a bag of dog poop go very well. I can imagine well listen you don't take it. Take into account the method,
No, I won't Larue, we used to feel Kroger bags were like a big yeah, and then we Serbs and gasoline normal there's your PA yeah where's your problem, the Falcon falcon pooling gas, and we re all my Gatt. The problem was running away from the answer, the door to watch and we just ran in it turned out that was on vacation. My gosh, I tell ya claims of changing its people, say it's a little better arson. They say this guy just had sex with just a few kids for me and when I was growing up yet banged one kid you're better off. I mean If I never wanted to take Photoshop hear ye led him. Yell Adam. Was that one how she avoided, but our pedophiles everybody ain't. We know it seems like Cow Rittenhouse, couldn't FR. I lack without me. You know, guy being at a kid. He awoke
build a bird house in any spills paint on it. You take it off. He takes a Polaroid, you get a sucker, you called it a day by the way speak in a bird houses. The only thing I heart hate more than that and child rapist is a damn squirrels keeper my bird feeders here I want to see the humming bird. I, like my sticks, well done, I'm it s all right! You should see my wife. She gets it well done butterfly, homing interim like and she's that's funny to them. constant moms like yeah. He went in theory after those black Phyllis tourism took the oath, but I think I have the full click. Ok, so I would ask for the end of it where they set. The guy starts arguing that only arson we was just at least this is healthy. Their arguments are so little bit arsenic little originally come on. He wasn't he wasn't. It was a dumpster ear push towards a gas station. Will you don't know that my client push towards gas station? He was the stair saying push dough go go area, just video, I'm just waiting for
time after this, where you know I can play celebrate good Times Command, ready to drop the confetti. Alright, let's see, let's see like a deal, I put her I put around in my office, sometimes an idea. I think it's veiled. I don't really know what wrong in the deepest will only be Roche and bomb can tell you in a cave, your guard yeah. He knows a lot about day, no shouldn't he's just ankle deep in Cannes assets, but there is a terrifying, was. I mean literally ankle deep I was so I mean that's, not funny now something funny there's an authority in every time. A generous enough. Fine, I'm child pedophile child molesters five times more Emily rate that children at this horrible justice would never be that person no longer being able to walk the earth and harmony in no way in whatsoever. Would there be considered karma to die? Absolutely not absolutely, and especially about it eventually, considering that he was not reformed in any way, was still a danger. Of course he should have enabled
he shouldn't. You know why I guess now in two thousand and twenty one I gotta say that appear to file hoo hoo bangs, five kids should be free to walk the earth. He had always like a jerk pumpkin what what a germ line on only one over the other cases at the pit at the pediatricians raise ringing. The bell think I'm on over your kids, lady and soon into prison, because when I showed you to take five children, I thought to myself. This guy belongs in a knot. Yeah, he belongs. You know that the whatever happened a good all state asylum. What, then I heard I thought I put him into the house, you know yet what then I heard what they do to child rapist in prison. Is there a fact? I decided to put him in general path with a sign point out who he is, and we also spend it now, our disgust with pedophiles how about cereal pedophiles, who Emily rate children no convicted? Really we don't want.
now a cow renounces the monster theirs. In other words, if you're gonna see, if you're going to bring up something totally irrelevant that Kyle written, I shouldn't have been there in the first place, I don't Rosenbaum was there could have been trolling for kids. Have no idea. In other words, if you're going to bring that his character assassination? I don't think gets any worse, then cereal, child rapist, convicted change, my mind play the rest of this clip and then we'll go to the opening statements. As they start up. Isn't loading come on now? What do you have their dial up written house reloaded faster than that for crying out loud cleared. A gene guy was able to show one guy would escape board Jim showed a guy who talked his girlfriend and you can't even get tat. You know a media. He can't even bring up a clip on CNN people probably hate this voice, but that is what he sounds like you know what I don't care I am, who I am I gonna
extra children that the absolute lot eddies good all boy. It's have tools, she's in snack, thought should be locked up what the guy, who bangs that's, not gonna, go May I say here's what we do. We sit in this kid away for life and lit out cause. We can we make it makes perfect sense if the world were living in. That's not punishment. Token island, we totally safer on a guy you're, not interested its diagonally, everyone is horrified Cosby. At least they were adults. Well, it's true. drugs adults really adds. Instead, you will look. I'm lonely burning. Lastly, hospital apologist, an area currently being able in yours
and actually arrive in about his eyes and color are arson to dumpster yonder. Yes, pushing towards adaptation. They claim it or not. Push towards a gas station, the others there's a zone where its unsafe SL, the German roared, because the These are only going around sixty a streak, as the police are only going to their powers so. I guess everybody lives. It is risk pants
Then I don't know what you're saying as now, what I said you're, Mr Rosenbaum, be not what were these, like. You know just like what trying to clear a number of other PETE claim, you're playing a game, just attempt to see our demands. That's enough for that, but yourself how animals a lawyer speak there. A number of other people were allegedly I'm sorry hold on. Let's pull up the allegedly clause- oh yes, so they actually are pushing it towards a gas station were pretty alleging if I'd say at all costs be accidentally aid. The pale battle, I know, is a higher shelf and fell in a drink. Thirty nine times whether it was a little bit array allegedly come on their leave. Faggot gave away in the last couple of years. For me, you put the sun, may your rights even when they were Adele and whack wherever one now the big bang, you don't wanna go right, lack
mainly be, namely that you know I'd rather more viable. There's a thing I got it, and so my door and gown- and nobody wants to see me- and I know why, although I have to say five hundred the war. You know it would have been nice for him to turn a rehab his image a little to the highly goings on in center. I just wanna see interest talk. You know just I just got a robber other. My little brother is used, be afraid. We're gonna go bad, broader questions. How many women did you re? No, no circulars wouldn't have to Haeckel. They just have to present the newspaper dealt with just hold up the pictures of victims. Is things
they're in the audience, gets just every seat as a photo of so many right out of the twist, as I would buy asked for that, I would by forty seats it arose just put pictures up of all impaired like Trump with we need about broader acquiesce, Franklin only those eyes bees there? Those well cloud is trying to take down black clouds in Claudia aren't, let's see what they are saying, that there are things that charges when reading the charges against the reading out the charges that he would aware that his conduct created the unreasonable and substantial risk of death or great bodily harm the circumstances of the defendant- where's page set. A third element is the third circumstances of the defendants. Conduct show utter disregard for human life, trying to find cherish number five, your mind and wound up to found allegedly showed utter disregard for human life.
I consider these factors what the defendant was doing, why he was engaged in their conduct. How dangerous the conduct was obvious was the danger whether the conduct showed any regard for life, and other facts, and I thank him. Sniping came running with a fire extinguisher and a medic kit shows that he did have regard for life. I think just Roy underlying this is the thing too really bothers me about all this. Look it's the same thing with it reveals. Oh, how much is my life worth it worth your business weeks separated life with just pulling a trigger boom, ending life which, by the way to try to do come to cover Rittenhouse too now we ve managed to in our modern comfortable middle class lives, and I mean everyone, poor Americans, by the way, by neither any other country in the world to reconsider middle class we separated loss of life with loss of life with loss. of the rest of you like what I mean by that using your livelihood with covert and a business that you spent your entire life building and through no fault of your own, losing
being a child who was raped by Rosenbaum that destroy the rest of your life Any of you ever work was sexually abused and you spend time with them because I have logically particularly special needs class. It destroys lights and we separated with. how much is a life worthwhile? You didn't kill em. Look. He ripped kit If you're gonna say the cavernous deserve to die because he stayed after his shift as a lifeguard in the town where he works and businesses had been burned down. If you're going to make that argument that he deserved it, a prison for life. Then I'm going to make the argument that Europe one kid. Maybe a little leeway. Kid number to we say: maybe there's a pattern here for five: now you lose, you forfeit you're right too,
Why, when they had killed himself friends upon drugs and dead early, let me say that: how is that not murder has once you do that to a child. You are cool, I actually think raping acute has worsened most. So do I really it's about as bad as it gets knots. That you deserve to die for that. That What I am saying it was a justified shootin by Karl Rittenhouse, because this guy was running after yeah assaulting him and of in the melee. Another gun shot was fired, the shooting was justified, but I also that we need to reset what they want to talk about the great reset where you think everything is a human right that we're done. Right reset where we say yep passion was custody of their children, their future put them on purely blockers. How about the great is that we want to find common ground hub the common groundless hit the great reset where we all agree. Five, I'm child rapist all right. That's a bad guy, but instead people Can that even acknowledge, but their guy, who justifiably shot separate from the canyon met because he claimed to be black lives matter that he's a bag. The guy in the
when the gaff or they are not clip, cannot even bring himself to tell the five I'm child molester one time, based on the record I ve been a child repeatedly, knowing the inward and the black guy in that crowd, says ways that guy, because he has it is on the other side, there is no and this is why we are. We truly are on the verge of a civil war, and this could be the catalyst dear God, I hope not dear gotta, help the truth gets up, but When I talk about media irresponsibility The only reason that they ever stop the lies is when they get caught Nixon right. Found out Nathan Philips without there being abused by black hebrew Israelites before the camera footage came out, everyone thought including conservatives, sought that kid deserve to get us. Ask it Kyler, the only reason the media would ever stop if enough we'll call them on their lies and were at the point where they dont even do that they just pivot and say
justice wasn't served, and so these people there's this civil unrest and by Well. Maybe the guy was just using black lives matter. Maybe the cereal pedophile and not girl, wife friend strangler. They were using black lives matter as an excuse to go and commit crimes kind of like perverts who use the transgender bathroom policy to sexually abused women at a certain point, I don't care if their genuine you're, not giving them reopening the ones? I want to do. I want to see if we can bring this up, maybe a little bit later, but yesterday morning I think it was six hundred and twenty six a dot m. I put this in show prep, oh man, you, I know right included twenty six. Twenty six, like I time coated it because CNN refer to them. Bicep guy, as
men, who is approaching Kyle, Rittenhouse submerging. I kid you not in their story the man approaching they use none, but I didn't use the footing. I it was a bust boy would like sparkling or tat. I will I'll return with a red and hit you of the skateboard exactly he was just asking him if we wanted seconds, they he's a guy that is coming up and he's there here wearing the cap and he's getting. shots bicep he's approach, current as these same people, the referred Jacob Blake as another blow man shot by them. It's what it's! What what door dash says when the orders coming to your house, like all people approaching it literally are on their way here. They're almost starting with the gentlemen that was approaching the kid and I'll be online and mission flies. O J was approaching Nicole Riah says the come on. You know what a cavern tat register approaching read me there
simply approaching him with their batons many times, and you know it sometime approach, I dont know if I'm a cap and ran how do ya approach on without Pastilles tolable. I don't know provision of em, this media and they're gonna. Here's that once they lie it's an ego thing they can say we were wrong cause they. They know they lied about it and I try to not being the business of attributing motive. But if someone today in the mail stream. Media in any media is saying that Karl Rittenhouse took a fire on the cross state lines. I can tell you beyond any shadow of a doubt: they are lying there our line if they say that people were a burly how Rittenhouse or they were simply attempting to honour him, because he was a mass shooter. They are lying, if they say cow, Rittenhouse fired the first shot, they are lying,
if they say, the police arrested black lives matter protesters, but not the militiamen they are lying. None of it is true and it on tape if we didn't have the tape, that's really gotta worry about the civil war. What have you done ever take what? If what? If you find yourself in a city that maybe doesn't have the most from the governments, but you still have the right to carry. But you know you may forfeit your right to care a firearm? If you even you, use it responsibly, and you happen they mugged by someone who are the dockers, it's getting. You protect yourself and there's no video. What do you think happens to you, that's! The really scary thing here right now is there still, trying to publicly Lynch this kid now and there is ample evidence that the kid is not guilty of propaganda. The goalposts are now trying to say well we're, ok, murder, but maybe self defence, but illegal fire in charge. You're talking to me Someone has a slap on the rest, yeah very, very different. Why
The acrostic light ask CNN: he worked there. He was a lifeguard whose twentysomething minutes away. And tell you that they just said he was a cross state lines going into an area that he didn't belong in and it's like wait until we have video cleaning up a building in and render oil earlier that J? I don't believe in borders exactly we have been trying to put out a liar. We have him talking to people saying hey. I've got a medic kit right. Here I can help you. You have been injured, I'm an empty one worlds. America, you are allowed to drain lay, so you are true when we're tries Doktor Russian, our tells using human mules and children across the Rio Grande. Pope me, I know the global economy, there's no such thing as countries. Borders only divide us from going what counts. Friar global economy is a great idea that way the five people making this had up yawning Kyle dont, Yon, Kyle, put your hand up. I know tired by the way I really do feel bad for car, but he does have a face like a piglet.
the boy he does. He looks like a ball one of those shared, not high collections of marshals. Yes, exactly rock with that. Yes, what they hear that you wear your graduation yeah they either you will like. It is likely that the first time you fingered a girl, I'm sorry there you go on vocational training and you are not afraid of the big picture. Everyone bitmap by them, I don't want to come on? I wondered set about it. I'm saying that Canada baby face. It doesn't even shake that's what I mean here all areas, my boy there this is just so still biotic. Has our habit raise his lawyer tell him that had nothing to do with raise careful, otherwise, the judges gonna come after you can now less. It would just step again said yeah, my cortlandt am I getting boring Goin to bring our more more work, more scared, very well! It's not you didn't see. Your dialogue is torn Heath actually where's creepers of ever yawned, and he was my bratwurst. Oh What's that war one really deliver getting there,
one recent, you all my marriage in all areas, but not actually using it. I have shown that printed book I love your examining, isn't necessary. They. It's not like Kyle's board NASA used to yawn in the weight limit. My coat you get pissed music. Now my body needs oxygen, carry on average. I'm you try to get some a tribute. I e on every time I got four draft of Brian stouter. Look at a comeback. Look at me, Dave! I'm! Looking at you look at me. I'm lookin disparity, good humoredly sale. That hurt,
oh my gosh. What a man be handy over here, I'm sort of worldwide someone please lighter dumpster, unfair and programme is. I am sure that I wanted to change you like a five year old. Look me in the eye. No look me in the eye, if you, if we did compare sizes united, treat me like you see what should we go through? I have a bunch of notes. You're done there probably gonna start opening statements like any second to now, they're just going through the final. Have they put on our clouded wigs? Well, no, not yet at the heart of its essentially country abstain wanted one one thing that we should become an open the trail cars being charged with recklessly endangering the life of the daily colored videographer regime against. This was the guy who interviewed him, but the make it that guy's can be, and how is he rikers? What did he do? shot? I'm sorry what are here he was the guy that looks like took off his shirt. How did he recklessly endanger his life?
curious, each one a day of his shirt. I led me up while look: let's go through it. Let's go through the counter claimed that they're making that the attacks from corporate now sworn provoked. Now, that's absolutely not sure you too suddenly videotape. These attacks were absolutely self defence. that the people written how shot were completely innocent will not only be talking about long criminal records of strangling women raping children in about them, committing crimes that very nice eight felonies on camera, here's another claim, of course, so there is no reason for Catherine S to be done in a first basis, cannot where they start to get pretty thin, but that these are the only argument if they have left, because a videotape, ok first off he works there. He works there and driving from Illinois to his place of work is not very far and there were businesses asking for help. Now they will bring up the fact that they were actually the business that claimed was protecting said he didn't want cavernous to protect them
and the guy also fled the state immediately. Ok, I've never really needed to protect us by and then you reach and they're, just a but there's a dozen shaped loud of where that guy, that used to be that really only possessed a fire, and this is another claimed Potomac, naturally illegally cross state lines with a firearm, of course, not true, now but you remember, the militia white supremacist absolute not sure there's been no evidence of that. Even the prosecution hasn't even submitted any evidence of that now one, no one, George analogous to the one charge they may be able to make stick, is the gun, whether it was legal right now. Let me read you why, from Wisconsin that gun, section applies only to a person under eighteen years of age who possesses oars armed with a rifle of shock, and if the person is in violation of s for one day to eight or not in compliance with this section applies only to an adult
transfers a fire onto a person under eighteen years of age? If the person under eighteen years of age is not in compliance with ass, asked twenty nine point three or four, This is an opportunity to understand people who hunt there always exceptions with long guns for hunting very very common in western states lots of times people understand. When you look at Gun lodge you say it doesn't make sense, or you look at some nice laws that don't necessarily make sense. Some if possible, even Michigan. Now you can open carry knives beyond a certain size. Minutes hunters were carrying them in their addressing the new taxes. carry sword, really open very well that, although time and some nerds rejoiced- oh you re so machete we routes in you. Now I don't believe in a mechanical advantage of a firearm. I think my weapon of choice as the weakest man, and only the technical sense of the word is a sore requires skill in force and by the way Mcguinness together their charging him with? Like recklessly Adrian yeah. So
when he is called to the witness stand. He should break em to cows defence, because he's been saying that he thinks he's very innocent. He believed he was there to help. You just in really is a dangerous. The situation was right and sends a he's on his said. That's good, but there's still driving their diverging. It's like wreck. Well, that's the thing is a reckless endangerment because he had a fire and that's the thing. The second you discharge of fire and they're. All these criminal Kyle wants, as I understand that, because, basically, whether trying to do right now criminalize you standing out in front of a building wearing militia gear right and holding a weapon, pointed around at the ground sure of shorts yeah, exactly that's what they want to criminalize our alliance. I don't wanna be factual on and I have been there really on an average day sure you have to standing outside with its eye level, might be little little odd if the city fire, your kind of like I gotta, get out of understand. What's gonna understandable, I almost price, not saying that
by the way, are we asking the same questions? I know you asked it kind of Vienna joking S, leave it always really as weapons the same questions of the people that were there. Why did you have a gun bicep? Guy like why why why were you pack in that Nigeria? I rise answer than your terms, that it is also because it's my right Oh really you're right, but it's not Kyle. Rittenhouse is right to protect himself when you're trying to shoot him with said got right. Yeah go. Let's say he also believe it is right to shoot a guy after he's been rattled by escape board. yeah well chased industry his aunt ice skater that I will say this. You have the to shoot anyone you should who tries to now you unconscious with skateboard. inches away. How many people get killed off all the time from blunt objects? It's very common. Only when the person kill you with skateboard person could hit you go unconscious, hit you hadn't, In other words, a second you put someone in a situation where they might lose their life and they have to act to defend it. You forfeit you're right to live, I'm not
and that you deserve the death penalty, re difference. If you go on hit someone in the face with a skateboard What I am saying is in that moment in time that flash moment in time when you, to hit a goblin skateboard, you forfeited you're right to live, because that person may have to decide. You were him if you mug somebody and you home at gunpoint and they kill you guess what fair game why this person? doesn't know if we're going to ask them to get on their knees and kill them. This pleasant person doesn't know your intent. This person doesn't know if you're sober or on drugs. You have forfeited you're right to live, and I would certainly argue that when you yet Get his ass. Get is ass. Shoot me. Inward shoot me Edward throughout the night whip your shirt, the guy and then have your buddy fire, a gun in the air, and then this course Rosenbaum, I would argue for four figures like live after raping stirred child then later you're, more fit you're right to live with escape, or you forfeit you're right to live, one
bringing a handgun up trying to shoot him on the run. All these are consequences to actions. I do not believe the cow Rittenhouse forfeited his right to live, because he happened to be in one's. If you guys, let me comment below what you think will be taking a chat on blaze, later on a Muslim and, of course, will be doing the cow Rittenhouse challenge where we have new rights will react to see if anyone can make that superb shot. If Gagarin houses- I think personally in this is obviously speculation. I believe that's the term, but if you Kyle Rittenhouse. It was a groove people who saw somebody they thought was weak and wouldn't have actually use their weapon. That's why they charged at him in the first place, yet to their surprise, somebody's missing I slept and by set by cept there was not enough. taking my sap tie sap nor her myself. So I sat up. That's a chuck. Norris hasn't told him cordials non working, my bicep Well, yeah stepped up where the hell have. You know
you know who I trust known about muscles Chuck, Norris technocrats, biceps, Fucking token islanders, put you in your place off by one letter yeah. Well, I don't know over the established that, on the show very clearly what has judged I don't want to hear if ye say not command Otto. I hear you saying bad downstairs get inside about Mcguinness, ok, guilty The evidence must satisfy you beyond reasonable doubt that the delay that is guilt which it want. If you can reconcile the evidence upon any reasonable hypothesis insisted with the innocence of the defending. Then you must. Do so and find him not guilt, which is what you should do term reasonable doubt means a doubt based upon recent common sense. It is a doubt for which reason can be given a right. from the fair and rest. Consideration of the evidence for want of evidence. means such as on airline, those ordinary, prove to or hesitate when called upon to it
in the most important affairs of life cows making Marianna, but that not a democratic time. Their goods eats tat. The young man catch Asia. Here you know I have a good mind to let you a lot. If you weren't, acting like such a horse, is it and in my court revealed the of Yon and Guard Rome that goal. Is it your friend in the woods chip? That's what they call em over their back at the school house, as they should column Kyle, that guy written Algeria, Kyle Boring House near urine and now you're, not really I mean I'm born or no its, not tat every party I go to work here and the cut up you're getting worked up again so read before them. With regards to the reckless endangerment for Mcguinness, the judge was saying that, if I was acting within reason in defending himself from Rosenbaum than he would not have been in violation in regards to endangering Mcguinness makes another occasion you down If we look at our under age has been chased by pedophile for crying out loud, that's not reasonable, suspicion, hey hey! Why are you
look up where you pay a cow where you're running from one, because you know that guy off it a funny fucked fact catch where you are afraid he was going to train plough your yawning ass were universe, six nineteen, but yet I pass your kind of act for a twelve the Florida, yet he may not of noble. When you see that guy yelling the end worded gas station, nobody doing anything about it, pretty sure people vote, it was crazy. Operational created, an intimidating president, was released that day for being crazy right, but they hate regional suspicion. Like I was gonna get your honor. I thought he would try to have sex with me. No. Why would you think that? Because he has sex with children and I'm seventeen, but I look young hundred leagues. Coming and now my right opening statements. Let's hear fraternity to make an opening
statement now or if he prefers, is entitled to reserve as openings taken at birth rate of a second trial, and but I don't wanna, hear no more, that malarkey about about fires and now a little butter arson re our past. They ask you a little bit, of course, in our right there in all you and I settled at over a pack. I strove we talk about that race. We did you may proceed You realize prosecutors and german go far enough. This case will be rather than Juno desired when putting here in our community still in costume, and I want to hear how Rittenhouse, who was seventeen years old at the time had armed himself with an eight hour, fifteen style, semi automatic rifle loaded with thirty Raoul mentally so deeds and using that rifle he shot and killed. Joseph Rosenbaum and honour
man by shot that killed. Mr Ozma was a shot in the back. This occurred after the definitive shakes down Mr Rosenbaum and confronted him. Wielding that air fifteen. We believe you say he chase down Rosenbaum the evidence that and fled arose among seized him down of the dead body of just prosper, without stopping to offer any aid whatsoever. Yes, he did that. Allow definitions lodge running word, spreads, from the crowd on the street theirs active sure running through the area. and the citizens their attempt to stop him Then why? Don't you let her everything he's discussing is not anti Roma works. Brennan really its independent on his arm with a chain buildings and choosing a chain, because no one european hurt by a chain Hubert,
eventually, advisers is violence and false the ground, but it goes an individual who is the subject of count number to the unknown individual runs, and at that point and attempts to kick the defendant my face, while the friends on the ground this unknown individual is unarmed, the defendant and response points as they are fifteen directly at this individuals. This individuals literally fly over his body, discharges that gun twice. Luckily, that individual is not yet but clearly if he had been hit the womb eventually or not? How does someone is why, over your body, he's counting ass. All growth does not make a hole. A skateboard holding comes in?
and reaches for the defence of the languages of him had hating, I'm unable to escape with proper training. Those images I can't Zaragoza haven't on the show my gift over a little porn part, their strong european body on Islam, which is essentially it then you just your Hubert's efforts over the prosecution is that they have FBI. Drone fudge in that struggle. The gun wines that point directly, MR hubris, just the defence pull the trigger one time, charged around into mister hubris chest killing him instantly final individual by the name of gauge gross, we'll see what he says. It has followed this chase on foot and this approach that funded at this time approached growth crisis holding his cell phone.
when using to record the nine really for live stream on Facebook, but the other one hand and a Gluck say man and in the other can He runs up to the defendant. turned towards him with the air fifteen? Mr gross courts. Raises his hand The defendant then turns this rifle over begins to examine at first. Second, MR, a separate six. This opportunity- and you will see in the photos, videos that he blades his body with his left hand, reaching words, the defendant. His right arm is pulled back. This is the got one with the gun in his hand and ass reaching for the defendant. Turns the air, fifteen and discharges and uniform do a thing like Poland, a second hold on a second here.
He just said bring up that picture by the way, bring up that petrol and being shot in the bicycle yeah. He says: here's cow written out. Ok! So, look at me as your call Rittenhouse cakes, let's bring the camera back on me. I'm counts are I'm cut. Yeah targets, brave I've, gotta get grafting area, so yokel written ass. He says he reaches it's his hand to reach for the gun and retract his arm here, k so look from side covering ass. We see me angle is off to his left. Eye then you should but left bicep. How much do I have to angle. for you to be able to shoot me here if we waited trying to just reach for the gun gently, did you hear that argument unbelievers no possible way, so your cow right now, We know the angle was about here right. The angle was about here. The guy was a little bit off, maybe at what would you call at four o clock, Take out right now, Sciatica Rittenhouse added value
somewhere around there, yet what right so, in other words, These are the only way he could shoot him on that side as if they are. What you see in the picture is excellent. I'm going to shoot that opening statement is He was here with his arm bladed this arm retracted with his gun. Why the nations that heating planet doing any damage to launder how Can you look at this? now he shot by sir we're gonna come on. Come on business there, Car source, one of their locations on Sheridan and other properties. on top of that were damaged burned? Fortunately, in the entire sequence of events, this was all property, we gotta get. Somebody did you, do you think they checked and cleared the property to make sure no one was in there and by the way you think they care to know
I would like it if everything you ever workforce burnt and let iron your entire car lot that your entire life. This is the new comfortable life right, where you ve, never never run a business. You ve never worked a job, you're, perpetual, your professionally unemployed institutes, let's just stuff guess what wars were fought over far are far less look at the native Americans. They were scalping over trees. Look away, we didn't We may have revolution started a truce and because of a two cent tax on a breakfast drink before rebel, even idea, mind they would have been it's a hell of a sobs commercial. My point: is they separate from their cosy live? Those are just things to declare it make sure that there are only got a lot of people died over these rights. However, when you have nothing or in you have no pride of ownership in you, don't work for anything. Nothing matters still absolutely right to ask all those reactions
or entirely understandable and reasonable, and no one here is going to tell you otherwise, as long as those are, what you're left doing the distress innovation for real, but out of the hundreds of people that came to during that we, the hundreds of people. that we're out on the streets that weak the evidence will show that the only person who killed anyone was the day. Where they all chased. the agreement that we like saying the evidence shows, let's say, nine people, let's say Nineteen people invade your home, panic. Jody Foster only now have the budget for that kind of a closet. They are and to your room nineteen people and their debts on raping your wife and killing you. How do you know because they say I'm a rapist, rape, your wife and a monopoly,
You and your son comes up stairs and you get a bead on him and you grab your semi automatic shot gun and he grabs as they are fifteen and boom boom boom boom boom. All nineteen are stopped and killed. What it be. Do you think it would be fair to think would be an accurate. text of the situation for a lawyer to say, however, just spiked, the twenty three people being there for people in your family, one thousand nine hundred dollars the only people who were shot or my nineteen clients, even when they had an erection and a butcher knife staggering, the people at the capitol only one person killed some it. Maybe if an act that my clients headshot, caught rings on and they had had a kitchen doubts. However, they left without their lives. silicon chinese finger trap by American Zalm, saying I caught all right. Let's go
exactly who looks like you're, so that guy from Dark night english actor is annoying with pain is like you can, take it you're, a big guy, fine, guy's name there in the controlling Missy. That's exactly this guy looks like from our community. Also has an ass only to help solve the martyrs We're not asking you this to solve a mystery. In this case no bits of defence. You write in most homicide cases. The elements that I need to prove might be old challenging, but here there's no doubt there will be no dispute in this record that the defendant had that gun, that night Shot eight bullets, four of them hit Joseph Frozen bomb. Two of them at an unknown individual one into Anthony, hubris, chest and one and two. it grows prices. Will not blame. You just said no there'll be no mysteries. Men set of windows on individual is going up to them ethical, individual mystery, you disappeared. What is this? we'd be hollow. She doesn't know mysteries. I'd like you to keep
glad. You looks like him alone record cause he's talking about his defence use, deadly force, as a privilege under our lost. He used every force, but it's a very limited privilege that prove pointing to the law indicates that the definitive can only use deadly force if he reasonably believed. that the force was necessary to prevent imminent death only by might harm to himself. I know you ve been hidden ahead with a state or drug in determining whether or not those police were reasonable. The standard is what a person of ordinary intelligence imprudence would have believed to defend its position under the sun stance. Is that existed at the time of these events, prosecutor making other places. Defence must be determined from the stand heart not agenda at the time his axe and not? the benefit of hindsight
at the time I would have shown more people, because I didn't have the discipline he. Everyone motive apply that stand of reasonableness, the defendants behaviour and make a determination as to whether or not he is used deadly force reasonable. Was it real? yes, the defendant to believe that force was necessary to prevent imminent death, great bodily harm to himself. What did say? They're gonna kill, em timescale. Rittenhouse I've been nodding right now and they were on tax go around the guy he ass. Well, so yeah your honor. They told me they were gonna, kill me and then they try to kill me that's my place. How about line shaggy any anti as a tool for one year. I don't hate barbarians, it's not my favorite, like it you it's ok, you know, but the early bird aren't. You have to tell you what it is not only to engage, brought against a mixed,
inferior and they live together in the months leading up to August twenty fifth, twenty twenty. In fact on May. First, if twenty twenty dominant black bought the air fifteen for the defence that occurred up and Lady Psmith Wisconsin Dominic Black Use, money that was given to him by the defendant to go to hardware up and Lady Smith and by the gun in dominance blacks, Now you might ask why, Was it necessary for dominant black to do that, like wouldn't for defendant today, because the defendant was seventeen when it black, which read Simone and Chaz ever charge when using any idea financed under age, gets you didn't know who's buying those with the money he got from the government is a grants, the fact of straw purchase on behalf of Dominic Black on behalf of the defendant. After the guns purchased and Lady Psmith Dominic Black. The defendant spend a little time up their dominant blacks
families, hunting property and they fire both that air fifteen and one that dominant black already had and the two of them are practising using their air. good, now, shooting range that they have and that proper sounds responsible, but no use more about them. Then they agreed that that I would not go home with the defendant to his home. Antioch Illinois. It would stay. In connection at the residents of dominant. and observance of the law in a lot making a case and in fact, after the two in return from Ladys were so you rightly alternative bitter. I noticed it just repeated them read. I was gonna, stay and was gone and right now everyone is a producer, CNN or left us Youtube. Journals go like this in the debate on was already in was Contact Eric where we were. This, isn't the defence? No it's out of the vat or no. Apparently, this is the prosecutor. Now I'm confused, as you are my friend thing about what is going on,
was respond earlier in the day, the risk that we use it and it was really say, listen, listen, listen! Then they decide they want to come back later. That night I gotta come down. They got me in some graffiti and stuff, but that's that's not located. Fifty nine can share what we're out over the other, guys to announce like ripping off about yesterday. Our source actually has three locations very close in this downtown six. One of the things I think about this for this for a second Kyle written house was cleaning up a grade school, the guy he Shad wouldn't be allowed within a hundred yards of one so I'm actually that guy was breaking the law by even being met, variable, you're right cars in the parking lot that were set fire completely burned all of them the building itself was damaged as well. For them right across the street from there is another car source location that also sold used cars and some of them cars have been damage on the night of my August does,
As matter action is an end to the really sticking to the rich. By going after use car lot right, Nova, yeah, that's what made off hides is offshore funds. Fifty nine street location that night there's some discussion about them in the afternoon I can the defendant go out to Jalousies thirty one Ribeiro and they acquire straps sling those guns around themselves. When they come back. the downtown area that night answer responsibly later. That should inform everyone kinds, baby, with some other folks that are interested in protecting car source. Originally, they start out at sixty Threerd Street car source which, the third and final car source location, but then they agree organic the fifty Nineth street fifteen I've been Sheridan Location and protect that location, to make sure in only anyone's double check to see only damages the property, and I want to be clear, there's nothing wrong with it
What is up for this is the prosecutions he's gonna, keep making the case for the defence and then to stop. I give up A group of people, including the dominant lack that take up positions- and I'm saying, is I quit your honour. The ethos is alive. Read for a warming Parker commercial. I picked up the wrong notes. This job is difficult and you know it's not for me. You're on he took up a position on that. He had a brandy was, on the other. Were close to where potential scientific reasons even more with this guy. America Little House, I know not how to drink I believe in Europe here videos of sequence, what's going on around Canosa that night, I bet they would be evening begins with large scale protests large scale right over there
To put it right, I reckon you have no other way to put it rose, rose and Bob. The line I am about, remained five kids gear, but It had a reason from the lose his life I would see this guy do this, your honor, I I have the defensive. Nobody is going to change and I think it is wrong to me here. I your honour that if it I would like to cross, examined the prosecution to be honest. I live in the neighborhood and I just wanted to shake this man tat. This goes onerous and on this, as the assistant, how well worth where's first rate, This is up
broken the basins boys get enough. Well that their goes that charging yeah that charge do that without ones gone. These protests boy, this is like you, ve gone, really put in a very difficult luxurious. Looking further ahead, there's one black and the jury like coming. What's goin on here goes that school. You know what I want you back, come on the guy you Edward was was white. I gotta go. I've gotta go. I believe I don't get out of this. I told the touch it can now. You know a judge. I don't think I should be because Abigail Debutante
I believe I will be excused I've until the judges, the black people. Just let me I don't just told him ass, a parent or what else I gotta say the Asians make me uncomfortable smell. We know you hate Bible, up back, you have just drew in the last years of barbecues from me, miss a whore This is the worst browser cantons of prosecuting opening statement that we're going to have a hand turn something Galaxy ventures out into it. He's going to do probably prestige. Now you just one region into a box. Has it was not the prestige right now, it's just the tiger eating SIG freely. But the defended his station. There is no longer in danger.
There's no one there whose attempting to damage the property there's. No one. There was going to do anything to harm anyone there. Yet because he's there the situation I moved out because they have a right to burn down a gas station. If not for him and his fire extinguisher, they would have probably been successful. What the fact that big you mean go make it less likely for people to penetrate the property and cause damage any idea. The damage that setting fire to a gas station would do. Oh, my gosh, like none of us, you guys, like you, probably all be dead. All of you and the crown they crossed the policeman at sixty adventure walk amongst this group of hostile protestors That's why they both gas himself is. Why didn't you say my ultimate you'll see some video of the scene there. It is
seen again of groups of people that are, clashing with one another early. Some shoving going on physical in the midst of this, is Joseph Rosebud and you will hear some testimony about Mr Rosen bombers activities that would, in his own words Mr Rosenbaum, had been discharged from the hospital that very day from back home, a notion of what it had been your honor. He had climbed down a rope of bed. She, like, I was getting out for a heart attack, talk about. Why didn't get a good news wraps you'd, better bring at his doctor right, like worthies like looking, arose and bombs eyes and saw a pure. He has just done, didn't he just open the door. we're honor. He said he was released from the hospital. Why was he in the hospital yeah? That's a good point is
impossible to bring that India, you show you should be able to be introduced. It causes of more or less Donald. Lessons going. Did Rosenbaum touch another kid again that I am your honour on page for peanuts. Our somebody wrote on how many of you know. I said it's really just scribbles on your picture, but Don Giovanni Rail vacuum here. What kind of hospital you know? That's not really got out that day. The defence is over there, giggling areas, ivy reads one of their hand. Written notes they put it was, was your form client admitted to child rapist Presbyterian. I don't know it was kid banger, Lutheran right down the street about Lennox, guys yearningly created off the person atrophy executive gotcha day. I met a kill and do a better job, A break
yours just riding down point out what kind of hospital I submit rapidly what the rattling cannot like. I know what you think that people are growth, that people are inferior, they commit raper, they commit murder. I rest my case. That boy outlay he's southern, thereby speckled ultra important rights. I must go back to the prosecution of wisdom given to restrict the defensive. Attempts becomes, to the police line, they will look at the hope in his eyes this time of year Street and again they won't. Let him do it. through the life right now, I believe evidence will show that he could have easily go a block of either direction. If you really want to go back, but he turns away from it This line returns to the ultimate gas station in a few minutes later. We see him video of a man by the name of Corey Elijah testify very shortly here in astronomy,
Poor Eliza was one people on the streets who was Facebook. Streaming the events of that night and he catches the defence passing right in front of them with fire. What is this guy? What a gun still slung around is both a fire extinguishers he's not he's late. It he's leaving over right, not a fresh in my opening statement where they go on with this. Second, isn't what I wrote he looks like he's leaves looking at this prosecutor right now, like the Miami heat would be when they're down when they are due. there are down a point or sign up. One point in Shack is up in a lot but actually say simply that we face the defences using the tactic from the last seen and eight miles back. Tell him something. Dont know without moving decide. Listen. I want to see what he says about anybody else by Joseph Rosen.
Who, at this point is taken a shirt off he's got shorts on any figures, shorten come rapid around his head he's going through all though Rosenbaum we'd, like turbid plastic hoss like a towel head. If you love your view, is seven Rosenbaum would have love is behind him. At some distance as they get down to the sixty two hundred and sixty three hundred block of Sheridan wrote that block on the west side of shared as a house at the corner, sixty seconds shared and then and this is our internet, our roads and raise their kid abandoned. You will hear testimony from One from the FBI was but a plain that night taking video, and we will show you the video It is an inn for ready. Think of landings, exulting nighttime, so regular cameras, especially from aeroplanes, are going to be able to see everything,
so the infrared helps us to see in the dark. Just sees a throbbing erection from arose and vomit passed by the AIDS reading in the picture by Jan Marinus everything around. It would help conceal some of that people. When you don't ever shirt on backing, radiates in the infrared picks up more clearly, so he's very easy to see in the video as a white dot to waste rational running towards sixty third car source and behind running in the same direction following him. Is the defence what do you get to the sixty Threerd Street car source? There are some cars on the north side, willing he's trying to say the count renounced was running passing a month before we soon and on the other side of those cars internally oh I know exactly so matter rose was running past him. In the video infrared video from playing overhead, we don't know exactly what was going on and very mobile
I don't know what words were set, so, let's not to leave the up close footage, whatever that confrontation from multiple angles by that lets believe the predator came from the all reliable FBI dying, not when a chopper by the way, so keep in mind it's very hard to get that kind of footage. With most standard planes at the F b I will be driving over cannot riding over canosa piloting whatever. Who cares at some point during but pursuit the defendant turns around points there. Mr Rosemont? Why wouldn't you turn registration, robot member he's got no sure he's got his hands up near almost like. What are you? I do wonder if you could What would you say that point Mr Rosemont continues to run, large, there's a gun aggressively, others gunshot, it's so annoying.
by dint of fight by the name of Josh was Minsk is an individual whose walking on the sidewalk, probably away, was environment, the defendant, wranglings bomber, right, mistress, and ski for reasons only he can explain, decide to take his hand gonna fire. One time in the air As I said, this is in a different direction. Many already went away where they departed means. guns are loud on continues to pursue the defendant and we will have to take Martin Howard testify that he's timed gap between, Mr Cement shot and the eventual gunshots is about two point: five or two point: six There was in Rosenbaum, lay a thoughtful papa turns and fires or shots, and Mr Wiersma tones. What am I going to earn from them to turn article examiner Doktor Douglas Kelly? Jason's Rosenbaum suffered five wounds toll from formal
We have a magic bullet, Doktor Kelly, what s fight at the first, it wouldn't turned and became almost arose and Bob value in lower remedy back into the we're, not sure which order they were in one was to his right. Pelvis fracturing his there's irony and one was to his left lower thought Did that doctor Kelly will testify that these wounds causes gotta, ruins taste are commonly uncontrolled predestination and you ll see video of his body where it is found he lands on his face face down on the ground. as he has fallen following that are via fires to more shots, one of them, it's the defendant, I'm sorry Mr Rosen bought in the back, and that is the shot that kills Mr Welles. According to doktor killing, which is sadly, will hear testimony from summoned by the name of Richie Mcguinness
Mcguinness University remains in Canosa can arose in bomb came a whiskey. written AUS Point shortly before the shooting. he encounters the defendant, fifty nine street in interviews him, he talks to the defendant and then follows the defendant down shared in Rome and is behind the defence as these shootings or occur. In fact, is in the car source lot he's behind Mr Rosenbaum. When Mister abolish amiss, in its will testify that one of those rounds came close to him, which is, incidentally, collar guy. We ve managed to Mr Mcguinness was recklessly armed place in your calling, the witness who supports cows prosecution is more note that detective. You start your other detectors, shabby like all european fusion, kids, you know, did you get hit by the bullet,
What will know now you're amazing triggered is already you can t, learn cutting away because they're doing too much damage has ale what to do as Michel going honor. They done it seem Liechtenstein MR going back up eventually and there's the idea There are now two freighter itself We noticed commotion Memorial Hospital CARE image which happens to be right across the street. These folks load him into a hospital suv. That's there in the back of it and it raises off towards the emergency room. Trans, save Mr Bonde life. That's what Mr Mckenna Stuff the defendant after shooting, Mr Rosenbaum, gets on. His phone calls black and says I just shot somebody and starts running away. Wait you forgot I think he's circle back to check on a Wednesday s agenda various other video people, you're getting a wire of him, this entire
on behalf of themselves as an empty as America that he's curing medical bag within Europe to his body, and yet, in this time, Mr Rosenbaum there on the ground injure, not their feed cut out again This only play showing at court tv, Elam, shirts on and tries to make its the court. I don't think you're gonna have this. they play it. I don't want. I want you to say I think they did so that all the other channels that will be blamed, the so using court, TVS, feed and they're gonna Then why things more interesting to watch an unseen and anyway, because there we might get some of their commentary earlier. They weren't, I hope they cut. Yet it is not a commercial and Don lemon juice is gone. hill at my ride, a worm this. What this, oh my god. This is the CNN commercially. Really, ok, let's go back to court tv. I my sheep dog,
morning sitting. I love other. I hope that I really hope Kyle's lawyer just gets up and use every Guy said none at all want him to do that, but I want to be like you know it most what he said was true most of what he said: good you're right there was physical confrontations. By these guys there was riding going on. Kyle was there to help out in? He did clean up stuff the other day the earlier in the day, he did come back to help defence and businesses which he did, and it was successful. They beta gray eyes did also render aid and put his life. The right to send you just accused cowardice of of committing is now using his medikit rise, save the guy who was, Facing him, while people were yelling get is ass, good ass, he just ass about to get it. In other words, like that's the worst, you can come up with by the way there is not just one guy chasing after him. Rosa movement know there were several people in the video chasing some of them with pikes, not including that only three guy as the prosecutor autumn, mystery man, mystery man for the purposes of this trial is column. Pedophile number two there aren't
questions to be asked here. We know every the Hicks effect, Mr Mann, we have been able to find him, and what's that guy's name, I don't know, I haven't, found him yet he added. I honestly. I just made a shadowy figure Ria ICE year. I was yet she gonna take the stand and ask myself. Why should I want you to get to the bottom of the king, still looking like bugs body as a lawyer. I don't know I'm here year later on Diana get a few. I get a few. Perhaps we might turn into a girl bunny rabbit Dame who, like better. If the eye director who were with machine came, are many. front videos many differ photos of the scene. That night We are going to use that television to show these things so that you can see them yourself? Ok, I know many of you alluded to the fact. Yesterday's watched her red thinks about this. get the full story here in a court of self handling will see some things that have not been made public
We intend to use the tv is central as we can so that you can see this up close and as well possibly and we will show you as much as we can about those night well as parliament You will hear from the FBI intervene Who is in plain taking that red video that show the defendant, chasing mister Those involved in it. stating that confrontation, you will hear from other individuals who took video that night, so yelled rose along here s, your defence of Intensive Rosa, get all I know is I ran, I always ran ass out. Can we bring up the video whilst listening to this feed, just the audio the videos at what the trick s regular bumping? You want just yeah, just a video without the audio. So we can still this yet, which one I want the one where the very first one when he runs past Rosen body, was at this gate park. so I do know which one that is, but that I think he's talking about because car announced is running at one point and here
Pass Rosenbaum because, and then Rosenbaum season starts pursuing dumpsters other they're. Talking about me, I drone footing. Catherine has defence for industry. This looks like he's running by then he gets checks. So yes are plain that again from the beginning. Here, let's go in slow motion, see the pile and other sea. This look classic and watch watch watch what watch. He runs by him and then Rosenbaum season starts chasing it roses. Hospital Baghdad, in other words, is very clear. There he's not running after Rosenbaum, he runs, whereas I guess there's a guy said. I would get enough time for get em was a shop. There is a huge difference in running path. Somebody and chasing the prosecution, they're nuts, I'm above that worship and other taken by FBI, for that is where they have had from they ve had for over five months, but the coroner's defence fund, weird that they think this video actually be good from the
was rise, predator, something like he's Hygeia we're going to show you the F B, I e the f B. I hear tat. Cameroon is just like. They show that we think this think there's. Pivotal in they showed me just Rosenbaum next, what appears to be a four year old phone, another great taking a break seeing their opening statement. This is opening yeah and then I want an opening statement. It was you know. The truth is look at us, we're classing. Let me show you see all these pages year that we have perhaps and you can see this. I don't use prompter, but I have I have a bunch, no, this year and sources. All the references are available at ladder of kind of outcome. I don't need to do any of it. The persecution just made are made the case soothingly through our notes apparently apparently went through our notes. There was one of the finest labs I've ever seen. I was, That's called good lawyer. I'd rather have the public a defendant from Vinnie. Another define with ponytail the guy who replaced a cody and step by step here
Just you know: what's money is, I was short preparing here for the common arguments that we had been presented in the media hearing Megan here! No! No! Maybe the most telling part to me, keep in mind you guys. Can ouch right now on Youtube Cow, Rittenhouse K, any liberal, channel, macaroni any little gentle that includes mainstream media and youtube level channels, and they will as recently as yesterday, be saying right now so crossed brought a gun across state lines. You will find that yesterday restitutions. Opening statement was, and Mr Black bought this for call written housing and kept it on his and we form in which it was safe in observant. Look like he just didn't the prosecutions opening statement just blew apart. What the media has been telling you, because I didn't compare notes
if he had read our anticipating arguments section a he would have done about Jack yeah, it's a! U could as set out in the letter research than they did. He was like look. I saw the video I don't know. Nah, I'm hoping that the FBI is really my asian though Really I just thought I would refer to arson is a little bit of it tat. It did not slide the. Where did I thought it would be judged like prosecution, what's which Chirac? What's your game play You know just down play the arson and pedophilia, and hopefully FBI footage released. Yeah. I had to tell you I don't know last night. I cried me. Some fear she don't know why I'm here, I don't know if it's hormones are Where is the fact that the year the prospects of winning this sir
singly bleak I'll? Tell you the old lady at home, so real real battleax she's a rip. The old battle axe shows really manage. He said. Are you? Are you after defending pedophiles? Again, in I said yeah, you know most of the territory playing its part A job prosecution is never midwestern. Accented stared, eyewash element was a little by little else. Why? My part benches in billboard say one eight hundred defend pedophile. It calls out before you finish the number, but is it it's it's a catch and if my end, my commercial, I say you only have to be a pedophile. You could just rob decade a little bit. Yeah, that's right, a man, called five, five launching did
slip on the sidewalk fall down the stairs at work or jack off in front of a here. Did you fall down slip down some steps at accidently? Grab our kids boss, yeah, I mean an happens to the best of what we know. Ye did just show you could get up here and I mean your legs exam All twist of fate may never work again bodies. Nevertheless, some samples, I can't believe how Gerald what are your thoughts and by the way you can please Hake for watching on you to smash that like, before we go to Gerald, because the media is now want you to see this and they want to make this aid restricted from showing the footage not so well top shows it and, of course, for a tailbone rubble if the string gets cut out always unless I will take a shot right now, so there's too there's two elements to this right. So the first is the initial alter.
Asian, that with which went through create links to say, was obviously self defence to know. Why you established. Why Kyle was there to act, businesses to help clean up to render aid because he had a kid you stand so there was a fire that he has seen running with a fire extinguisher towards you, establish that he ran by your clients or you, the people you are representing and that there was an altercation where they threw said Adam and chased him down? Put his hands of Kyle then points his gun at your. I didn't know this by the way he pointed the gun at Rosamond Glimmer whatever's they must Rosenbaum stops. Kyle puts the gun back down, but the guy keeps coming after that, a gunshot on two points six seconds after. Let me ass, I banister. Secondly, when you're running yes, I know that the prosecution, just into the picture, raising without a shirt on title. The picture that the polarization just painted. Let me ask you: this ok you're a minor You are not an adult k and
you hear a gunshot, Cayona military you're, not an adult you're. The complicated pedophile would want to screw just to be clear K here. Bang Bang, turn around and at the forefront within the background. Rightness soft focused lens: you have entire city ablaze you gunshots and you see a shirt was ginger pedophile. Is there anything else, more technical retracting, let's they had shut. That has been running after you had thrown up at you in was the shoot me inward, guided by the way the prosecutions and he put his hands up. Neither does not say anything in its hands like saying here on me: trouble those studies of people, as you put it here, up saying. What are you
like gets out, but it says Kyle didn't shoot a bit like so the guy stops and put this has, of course, as you can go. Basically, I'm gonna put my gun down, but then the guy chases them again and localised using again. Oh my god. What is this guy? Is their wanna hear what they have to say? Campaigns like you, think it's a lasting Spencer Delorean broke K, Harry Potter, doing their job prosecuting people who break the law. It's not circus its shell here out of certain third around project harmony. I wanna hear this is what it is about. Dealing with. One hundred zero on a pair of lovely might be a little Tonga.
a very helmont over there on the couch. Oh, my God is in his own break. We had a different zoom in a minute government of after the prosecutions statement, Van Jones and Navarro just dropped out like you. Can we get glass. Oh, my god, you mean the one who looks like Bruce for lunch. Screwed, an alcoholic, fifty Euro Harry Potter, every a fairy we'll ask if we get it out of the frame up, it's an if I didn't have to technical study I'll, do it as long as I can wear my most funding glasses. You mean the glasses with the lines you can't see out of now I didn't, say my second most button Club
You mean the ones with the big stars. Like Elton John Ravens, you now you said that hurt me. We now go to Elton John if he didn't make it he was told it's gonna, be a long long time, they're just doing the highlights with an eye on our current use. That term highlighted kitty. Basically, there saying Kyra denounces the defended, and so we have it from the prosecutor we like to highlight that they are going to go to the World champions highlight and just a real from getting submitted over and well The much highlights is now more, so we just have some footage and we need to keep up. Can I go that's the first element of rights guile. His lawyer needs to come up and say: Kyle did in fact come back around me. sure somebody was already administering aid. You gotta phone, because his friend was there to watch his back home. I gotta just sat somebody and the
and sees oh that's right other people that were chase me, I'm getting the hell out of here, I'm going to get police. Basically, he even saying like down there right yeah. So he starts wait for. The second element is people I dont care why they were chasing him. I don't care if they thought it was a mass shooter. I don't care what none of that matters to his actions. They chased him. He comes within an inch of that skateboard hit. I know exactly results. Ebay assembly will and many have been. That's happened, there's no way for them to make this. I'm wearing my masturbation Teresa the tube, and it doesn't your flash, glass is now, these are my masturbation glass is a flashing. Glass is our great. What is the bus to set limits were really I'm sorry, I'm just filming its oriented and all run to such as the fact that crime.
MR wears a cheap, but we now go to the centre for where they give it a t, shirt patent service points, but people wonder, look, look. Look. You wonder why people mistrust institutions of a once upon a time of Walter, Cronkite Americans trusted their media, and I dont know why? Well shit? Ok, all right! Well, I guess I kiss you Frank means on Facebook that someone give me my Ruth better statue, although not least when I read this brain rather than going on right, sell their Ruth, get a better gives my shoulder fun, timely
their furry? Let's take down the statues of the angel kids urinate, there's already too much talk of federal. I would add that we can take goes down. Those are a landmark I'll. Just say they were. They were a confederacy. What the hell's! The difference is that, as you can, I lay at this David look right over his head. Is that like is that? What is that a drawing of? I don't know? I want to have you back at our two now want to take a whole episode to go through this castle, but he screamed grad. This we're going through piece by piece is, but is it like, but what does it matter hide them goes? It looks like a cat with plus a minus. I felt that the glasses would distract from my disgusting. I may ever just out of a sheer morbid curiosity wanted to be the magic mere on the wall, for this mirror allow frowning app
locked up. Shortens peace, does actually taunting the news because he's wearing evidence we don't know about,
These glasses sure do easily get picked up on those FBI. Playing here you can see with three he'd been is awful. I gotta tell you this is this is going to be the narrative again something I should probably step. I'm gonna be like I am master, here's what you re order of here than it was again lenses. We want to know my business navies easily. Why do I feel like, under this guy's, this guy's baby The other way,
those that I tell you wanted to. Someone finds that listing a child like that. Our website like it, I don't know jewelry or get baby I'll. I swear, I'm gonna die system based on agreements. I all I ask is that you do not look under my crawl space time scale at my boys, baby greenhouses, so drafty were put insulation between these walls and waste. All that space. Why you're gonna, subject leakers somehow now lay the courier to adjust. The funding is going from him to call written ass. It just makes one of them look legitimate. Yet a pin we'll it's like I gave you, you were visiting wonderland.
Puts out as oil and stands on top of the cabinet like a clock. Yes, if you'll excuse me, I just put son had ears and starts removing is sure I've gotta go to work. It does is cut baggages buttering as chairman. Should we stop it? I'm sorry I'm not I'm so sorry, I if I stood up action, screen shares these next day ordering Nippewa up. First thing: they don't make rash cards, were people might not sized shape? the shape. Now that he's off. Do you want to bring the Rittenhouse challenge? I really have to pee. prior to that, and we take a quick way and take a quick break. When it break. I'm going to go to the bathroom and we are to come back and before since we're gonna have a while before the next opening statement from the defence. But I repeat myself at this point: we are going to the Cairo Rittenhouse challenge where we are going to right here in the space of four of our employees, see if they can make that
unbelievable shot just have to go Oh just have to go, take a tangle, we'll be back There are so many cobwebs, like my wife's you're, not the first one to say that Jorge
That's not throw me the big boss, you have no choice but to stop spine or no doctor Jones by poison, let's putting it mildly,
and the truth folks, he did end up using I threw him by this after I am here. We may have found when for purchase those glasses by all bid on my gosh, I was to learn things so hard a pistol over the floor and hate by the way we return you election on Youtube, and I think, with about fourteen thousand, you right now, there's a thing just so you know I don't care where watch, but I would like to see more of you and begin on rumble than you too. If picture yeah, I just people had taken off at any time for something actually times court about Gareth. How many times if we had a stream failed. For every ten April debate stream, every single time areas and we can honestly be removed for saying the cow Rittenhouse was practice such as. We have no idea how you two before the silly glaring meanwhile, whatever paint gay Harry Potter, glass,.
Oh! I wouldn't want the funniest thing that I have seen a long time by the way trigger discipline. Every single time DC is for everyone all these pictures, they're using you're. Not we didn't have it up it every time, every time his fingers This is how you want somebody to operate a prisoner better than was just Ronald Wheeze, Lena's basement unbelievable item vietnamese hammock, ok, it'll just turning. It does make a whole lot of sectoral. Anyway, the funniest thing I think I've ever seen I like in my thirty four years of exist that was their export. I'm waiting on day because he's going to the bathroom, but across the size of a basketball. That's a big prostate is the guys to Ohio, rack areas, prospect never mind, that's the APS. No, no exclaimed! Oh my gosh sit over there look would become a doublet. It's getting this dialogue
and when you heard I've always been going out his face now when using an idea that was your father and he found out that you know you're broke curfew. I am disappointed in you son. our fifth, my dear You know the creditor name used to mean something: what's the guy with the glasses and Harry Potter, that picks up Harry interest to save omens licking his lips all the time you maybe always won his monocle there, who yet anyway, there's one person and harry by nearly hot, not not doesn't have glass Lydia, my wild, I just have one wild thing, looks like him. Maybe this guy just such a brain, millions government. I look even set we ve or where we ve wrongfully prejudged. Let us hear what law has to set this are. Each set is going. focus smart enough, United, the headphones remotely, some points that justify their position, so four cow Rittenhouse, he's gonna be able to provide,
that not only from the guy random attack cut off the triple chintz do not hold the day were right. Then he was there. With law enforcement, protecting a community and he's gonna have all right. A large amount of dishonour character for proper weapons is going up as yet be jack. Angie vendetta about our drop out of me No girth patron but the organ Gee, that's shortages, and that's why the bullet entry, Wounds are the way that they are going to be, and it's absolutely possible to have a back entry would with self defense just general. It's not that first shot. You're gonna be so, as you just said that its irrelevant, because he shot Rowan bomb several times. He wished this could have then spot around. In other words, everything there saying is couched in this is
This is a life, it's difficult for them in detail. There almost like philosophers where, at the end of it Brian Cowen, voted to say where they say the, unlike our not whatever or when a rap. That's your post, monetarism right now, you're, basically couching everything and now the wound, if in fact it did enter through the back, could be very damning. Of course, there are many self defense shots at have entry points in the back, because the melee people turn around. So it could be entirely innocent right. Wait, not FBI. Drone footage really will see that will the only thing the FBI, drone footage is going to prove they say I'll read now started the initial thing. is there a hare? Throw me exactly exactly there saying it's his fall, because you gotta know he's Goin back down towards the place with a guy said he was gonna, maybe let on fire and in this area and defend that property so makes perfect sense. I honestly I mean, if you're the defence arms, I fear the prosecution this like this comes across. A dusty
I want to know why the district attorney is not try this one. Is the assistant the EP there or is sitting at the desk and letting this guy take Albania? All your idea wants to maintain a winning record behaves like oh the account. Britain has case, they may be a baby. I need to find that out, because that would tell me everything I need to know like you know, I'm gonna be sick. That day is apparently and third of Sepia Carl. We ve got a bag mailroom from diversify its good enough. Don't worry, we're gonna mail, you we're gonna, make you a beta tape of the FBI planes We find the cradle, Dave when you Dave you now challenge, whereas whereas Can someone send David Year for Grandma back he's come umbrella? I know he's coming back but are unable to be back your joy,
left, nor I guys you out there in the edit bay in the research, because just semi cause I'm not really using this document since they screwed it, they ve already used alarming areas, something you think that I need a reference that I haven't hit for crying out loud made candidate. I didn't make any arguments have it took all our points from China threatens. I wonder what the devil This thinking right now, like the lawyers like up well, I'm doing this awhile and that's never happens. I'm just saying I knew I should have liked my notes, That's the last time I store my my opening statement notes. Any Icloud should use the Vps Brian, our I d get here see, MR just. Look at me out of the screen, Mr Persson Razor blades. Now, doubtless still do we all know of it.
Doing there's an Davis back late is while we get those yeah party, glad to read me hell, it's our exit, expert asshole, consult yeah. I like me, Potato head glass, acquire question: did you have their necks refer? Mrs pack Manta Mayor fact Manka she was less threatening. I prefer neither pack man, because I dont see gender. What I do see your point is you mildly, and that's when you start played pitfall. Oh I'm gonna, where these are words time. Do we know, and you know what I'm gonna. Do it all right? Ok, so now look we are going to cause. I can't do it you either
and, by the way, there's no you're, not a silly look at me. There's still not a silly look at it. I was actually where these go to! You could have any one on earth. Yes, look outside areas the edge of his seed for tv. Ladies and gentlemen, I know right away now chance that Facebook checks that checks. Therefore lives are met. Our lives dream mass, not authoritative, arrive we're going to do right here, effort on Washington tweet this outlining what no one social, because this is something a lot of people. Don't appreciate a point that I made in the past: bridled power, bridled strength That is relevant, because when someone makes the kind of shot shooting someone in a bicep like that under stress managed,
a clearing around from effectively agendas, rival or malfunction too. For all the gun, people who gets married again. I think that's important to note, because it's important to understand that if someone is operating from a position of power, then you have to take into account mercy. You have to take into account control and patience and I think an unbelievable amount of that was shown by car Rittenhouse just because capable. He was so just to see how many. for here in this office, are capable it time to take the right now good. Our so we are going to have our employees. Eureka safety first ape diversity for a second safety first yet are going to do I I I I I don't. You
their lack of glasses, your front. These are blown away where you do like these. I can't even see, like others, vessel glad lecture the glasses you dont want to monitor, brutality them in a room with Rosenbaum and little tumblers ouch. Ok, I left him in a sauna, we're all right. So what we are going to do here is placed for four people right there took an hour in this area. The cow Rittenhouse found himself right and see if they are able to make this shot in the bicep. So who is first who's gonna? Here we can bring at regular intervals like that authority, guys come on it and take your positions and we are going to play. Kyle written House on the floor do you guys need to adjust the cameras, Second, let me make sure we have a camera suggested, could weaken our eye, derga, ok so our Austin choice us ok, you're going to lower. Today you are our Kyle Rittenhouse. I can tell by the hat.
Ok, you are going to be you wanna, get make sure I have these names correct here, you're gonna, be Mr Watts, gave birth, gazed Ruth regrets. and you are Mister skateboard. I get the name infusible my draft just doesn't Marquis. Dress, dress truscott, who gives a shit, I guess you don't look, I'm very bad business. This we are going to regulate this near the guy comes in hits Collaret now with the skateboard the head, and then why said Gaga, because a countdown, then you, me too Austin. You will need to clear a malfunction, sort, assimilate that and don't raise on abolishing these are nerve guns you couldn't put a live around in their accidentally. Even if your brother, William, was uncertain, had a few Walter you going to turn around and mix The timing is correct, where your rifle cannot be aimed at Mister, Crow, scraps, prosperous creatures.
until he's within one foot of you and aims. Yet there is one second they they may be doing. The defence opening statements right now, let's check route check, Roquat I think it's on their right now taken by needs in the brain of Josh's win. Scuse me, Joshua Zodiac your work, I hope nothing and events can bomb starting a fire at the trailer. I think they might be objective and that one must go to at least the first round of this. Then you guys can let me now keep an eye on it. So are you ready? You know you guys know: you're rose. You can not shoot him anyway, outside of the bicep until is close to you found a weapon is available in a visibly available to you, I get so going to count down. Power now challenge in three to our escape or his head, brain, ok, Bob
a clear malfunction, now go sitting in the bicep. Now you must stay masts bounced off his herders when that was appropriate. There was appropriate, I'd, say joy there. Next time at the range. Ok, candy some two years to shoot the bicep too bring in a number of rights that body the goal here and by the way you were waiting, you're being way too generous, way more time. Cal Rittenhouse actually have we know you? U S or need to wait for student, give you kids, we can just do it like. We didn't rehearsal, J ones as a region. One just go right. A fire yeah
for a fire, Bryce aright. On start the music and when I say three, two calibre now challenge way beyond what the skateboard. Ok, now myself, only by your own writers went again a joke. He actually shot and really do in her thigh. Better luck! Next, I shot him just keep in mind how capable this Rittenhouse must be. I mean unbelievable everywhere. It's a lot slower. It's like these guys are moving in taffy, emotive and scare who's. Next after reloaded loan reload. We got the nerve Musket packet. Do we get a big enough
the other guy, bringing our I re there even Brendan. Oh, look: he's gonna good, he's, gonna, good stance, he's really go in for it, but we can see how Deborah necessarily really want to do it. Our I'd get the music on pile renounced challenge, and you can try this at home, kids with nerve guns in three to break the bone. Skateboard ternata capable you shot at all. That was pretty close to give it to me now and I don't give a damn good job. Rent biogas. Ok, that's better than the others that is emerging germ. Now. How do you think you would have done it if you, if you think we're in those that you know you ve just been chased by shirt, was pedophile an erection, gonna kill you probably work probably worse, yeah. Let's imagine that your your heart is just pounding in your chest. Adrenaline is running you're running down the street. You get tat. Basically, you get hit from behind He then it up falling. Those exact are about broken down, but I want bring up his past banana. Not him! I'm talkin about some listen,
get it, but then he never lessons. That's his problem like the wheel around and that I would never be able to make that shot out of it like now, there's no way shooting everywhere, good cheer, good attempt, their Brenda, you're pretty clothes, but you tell them so you have another murder charge well yeah and it's the way. How did you feel have you been watching? How do you feel a prosecution statements have been had? I feel like they're there. Together they get some kind of. Prestige going on or otherwise already it's ok, Arkwright, even runaway, I'm. What our little anything weaker is. I've been like covering graffiti all day and like I'm pretty I'm pretty tired of having to like oh yeah, that's where I would imagine shooting pedophiles office is is hard work it s difficult. Now I say what, after long hard day of shooting child sex offenders, illicit replenish with built no yeah. It's got protein and it has never tonnage data with real dark chocolate and you don't need it
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and you should be wearing pink Harry Potter. We'll get you get your every flavoured bill, dot, com, use, credit, fifteen theocratic, fifteen percent off just try and their delay, legal, dark chocolate. I like them in chocolate, chip, Vienna ones, pretty good. Can we live here, but I urge you to do the Mixed box online that, on there ain't gonna do them. In fact, I think check it out. We got the makes bout you we have an Xbox operators are mutually lies very delicious. You dont need it, but if you think I'm gonna cut back and candy bars built like I'm, not built barred outcome, just a video, rotate imaginary, either. There's a mystery fly around the front. What is what that Rosenbaum is it. Is it Shakespeare subjected it something like up. That's exactly it's Bruce for lunch ball, hair! Is there a way? I would look. I appreciate why you're taking your life in your hands, you why ox food mystery boxwood was built bar. You can trust, they can even something. I know I still want now.
like your signing, all leave all legal liability. Therefore, like megawatt sure it was a mixed boxes, bedded right, mystery so is the defence I dont living at what are they doing right now? What monitoring this graph is still photograph can someone they only controlling. Tell us exactly what's going on here. Are they submitting evidence, as far as I can exhibit exit visa? What's going on? I don't know watching from Kyle's writers and the next photograph. Is him kicking Kyle in the head? Thirty, The picture looks like he's going over that article, eleven One notices prosecutions turning them because, Mr Cuba,
drinking gave them? In other words, there are missing guys. Gonna just feel like I've been cut off at the knees by how right there there's nothing further evidence right now, all the semitic photo avenue. The jury is not an objective defence photos, like opening statement of Nokia wheels Wheel, by truck, reveal your honour this right hand, while he's grabbing piles gone his bare hand, touching Kyle's gone with this That is not code where he was actually touching a weapon respecting John Kick Man, jumping around then another. He and Mister Hugh were with his hand, again on the gun going forward and still having escape board thirty, three close up a photo. Thirty four is you can see the strap on MR written houses gone being pulled taught MR girls squids running.
Into the frame from the right of the frame. Next is gauge girls, squids Stew, sitting in front of cow Rittenhouse with his hands up. Kyle does not shoot next stage gross quits lunges forward with his right hand, pointing direct what photos and energetic shirk. This is pretty bad and they're not injects your honor. I objected on what grounds for this really screws. My case can act, and not least, I object what to exhibit number fork which aims at Tintin. whereupon the workers mobility, or maybe you heavy and unhappy Felder I'd like to break my clients, all look a little less threatening area I'd like to substitute skateboard with a pillow and a gun with they water pissed. I tell you what, though this makes it very very clear if this kid, if they hang this kid I work at all what highly political,
political charging, article conviction, I'm get on a plane, and I M peacefully protests, and I don't say that it is any code word anything. Let me be very clear. I am protesting. I am exercising my rights, I'm getting on a plane, I'm going to Wisconsin Oh, look at those guards, the vertical straight on. He looks like you off a little bit like the other one guy who's in what in our brother, or that we thought you were to have the opportunity to call witnesses to talk about these things we will have an opportunity in closing arguments to characterize these things, but it's usually themselves to give the the jury. What the defence considers, and I'm not conceding these. We all out of your answer and even that allow these things are relevant before for the opening statement to essentially be the entire defence case, we do have an answer showing it to
is highly unusual, not emerge. You really are that this system is not pushing the envelope as far as I should have, but it's been, who spends minstrel show who doesn't videos and then in the prosecution of subjecting it allows, is going prosecution in your way up a rope, I'm not giving them the evidence that but, as you know, a reference for the evidence I just submitted outside of this mythical drone footage Shari ever I played, and you say, I'm not giving the evidence. you know the rustling of twitter has banned the hashtag Kyle Rittenhouse waylaid. Try when you try, it just says: Cow Richardson Suliman put an who the hell is Cal. Richard began you can read, we are. You can't use women, the pen glasses counter Georgia could like, but I don't see if anyone watch my work as general policy while good Twitter thanks Twitter,
four ghosting it. This is what happens? They make sure that trends right when I was in these kids, a martyr and all the false evidence was being presented right evidence out of context one before we had more video what are you could watch in a lifetime now, when and that's also by the way it admission that the prosecution sex, because I haven't heard the defences statements, and so they saw the prosecutions opening statements, one we'd, better redirect to cattle Richardson, there's some kid and Collaret years right now to school, without threatening everywhere you can't even put in Rittenhouse now cholera. Now, nothing, let's see if you can, having Canosa. I don't think this is. Procedures are an important with cards and it is not going to go about their while. I love that we only see what I mean as he prosecutions opening arguments in their life. We gotta get this actually cut. It is an obvious and it's all look at how they behave in the face of emigrants. on here is really going to be relevant,
the alarm they ve all been. It sounded like what I have already heard about. by and large the standard is not what you did or what you can do or could do The standard is what the law allows, and I can remember studying this fifty years ago that this was an acceptable way, with judicial permission to make an opening statement, we see more civil cases criminal, it's a snack, cuss customary in criminal case, but I've seen it done by your office up all your right, a record in terms of the numbers, but
On the other hand, there are certain there is a large number of crimes being charged and what a pretty acts that are being asserted with respect to both the acts that this data ledges, where unlawful and the defendants claim of self defence. So given what did they do appear to be relevant and they ve been agreed is fantastic. Then I don't see any reason that I fear with his right to make an opening statement Mr Finger make. It makes a good point in reinforcing my comment that this is supposed to be revenged, informative, so keep it longer than him is your honor. Last year there was not a food, and I feel like the next thing that we are going to hear from the prosecutors estate. We'd like to drop out Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, George
a village you like I love Argos and I've seen this done before by your office hated. It today is a big when, for the real housewives, Beverly Hills, because that is who Cow Richards associate someone's getting some show no interface chick, namely how one is there as well, I lay in a it and spit takes needed in my opening statement to the fact that Mr Rosenbaum, I saw Miss worth that night and was basically was not allowed to stay with her or was not able to stay with. That night, so he left her residence and I purposely wanted it that way. Your honour, because there are many reasons why someone may not be able to stay at someone's residents I agree that a child within five hundred yards. That's the reason I left my frosted tips at home seconds to under this. He believes I've open the door to it.
I wanted a pretty girl anybody, Zayigo and a super cuts and ask for the only question is one of the things that I said it's gonna be mentioned in the other thing he's going to try to go into it, because I mentioned this a lot of reasons. Why can't stay somebody's house threatened because your son was there? I do not go to launch airline statement open the door to it. Frankly, My statement is not evidence so low that can really open the door anyway, but by law I was very careful in the way I ordered that and I dont think it opened the door. I dont think godless. This is a relevant issue for this. Try destroying what languages are my statements in evidence, and I understand what you saying that has nothing to do with it. So the opening statement is evidence exhibit a evidence is if it be evidence exhibiting evidence the evidence activity and then the prosecution goes way. It's at all that evidence. My statements aren't state. However, that way, can we tell the jury? Why
because there was an old counting, it's not appropriate. He thinks you open the door, but are they carry the petticoat assuming any also talked about the hospital yet got out of the hospital? He was an old man, I've ASP and he's gonna put around new standard. We're not going to get to ask that sorry, you did open it
see. I can I tracked by stating that I did not say how can I get a new jury? Please raise its rights. Let me we can say that is a pedophile leaving a mental hospital you ve already, which should have been jail. You know what he did ass. He was he was with us. I don't want to hear that there remain a much bigger victim, whether or not Mr Rosenbaum needed a new kidney or immediate medication or less going and have his blood pressure has nothing to do with all the blood pressure when faced with a serious and when I was just about whinstone way of attractive character and suggesting to the jury that characterises theirs, Allegations reallocation, show again you'll that that had something to do with this behaviour. That
you just said mental illness. It here and expert. I guess if they want to try and a lot of people are mentally ill, who don't sexually abused children plan of the problem with meant the term mental illness nigger we need. We need two on stigmatized mental illness, but then I ve always wants to say, but- and this is why you wonder why the concern my concern is that you know what the left weather said this yesterday no Lawyer, unknowingly, If they are unknowing rooms are going to eventually normalized pedophilia. This trial is an experiment. than that, because no one, any other civilised society. Rosenbaum would have long since been executed, just to be clear, just to be clear, five, kids, five kid. Later I was gonna say something else, but I can't survive kids too many that well know it's it's it's. Definitely he I've kids, air with me, you get away with one kid NATO so look at once. Shame on you
I'm gonna stay out of this twice Gama. Shame on me! Unless he withdrew it three times, I will be the prosecuting when a pair glasses think about best put this energy, the evil context. There is because those because it enough to put too much thought into it, but I thought that those references are the statements which were attributed to Mr Rosenbaum. Were I just got out of jail to day you're telling me that to day was there was also discussion about hospital now or theirs. There's no video or statements or audio of Mr Rosemont talking about the hospital, the only relevance it has your honor you brought it up, it was there is theirs. Is your testimony? I'm going your testimony that not a jail. Day, there's gonna be statements. Today My respect, your statement on your
I knew opening statement was, and I will tell you this. I want to eliminate asked you to try to reconstruct from Europe necessarily have the reporter reading. But I don't I don't recall the exact statement. I do know that I thought at the time. I'm surprised he's going into this because he had me sugar, but in this case I forget a retired. Oh ok, they all this guy. I remember thinking in my head. I say it because you know I want to be polite, Likud, but he's gay. Doesn't even this prosecuting attorney the district attorney sitting doesn't even at room temperature. I killed. I was thinking. There's this difference. Begin your blood pressure checked in being incarcerated in the hospital. The states yeah yeah, there's a difference between you know. I was thinking of my head. being on dialysis, an array. When I can't you know, there's really here.
details of his here, you know get make heads or die again. It's all your point.
Oh, no! No harmlessly blood pressure. Now now look- and I hear he's not so good. Now, oh, he just piss off. That's what he said. What did you say about what I want you to look at seeing your honor after he got out of the hospital right that he couldn't stay with her, and so then he left and essentially came downtown and Miss Wharton will testify and she will stay with me. Why did you say that you can stay with? You didn't? I said that, because, if he's airlines, why he did not like you to let it and why now he's got a hospital beg your honor, there's Kyle Yawning, I think, for someone to be released from hospital. Have a bag of their personal belongings go to their girlfriends place time. Ok, chinese walking around with it that is highly unusual, sounds like somebody with a mental illness is how do we know that even a single illness and we take that off the table is a profile of it's? Not the same. She's go! It's really not. I wasn't his bag tat awful
Slight and Bernstein bears the worst kind of sex offender or a guy who's might have been a little deprives. The Ottawa Molotov Cocktails chemicals into some. It's got something that could cause the defendant harm it had. Hey you know, I'll wash waterborne today is actually an assault on the narrow way, but the relevance of this that's why they watch hide the relevant rubber mouthwash. Wasn't. Graham Euro is Mouthwash Astro glide in a little bunch enough candies to leave a trail and some small handcuffs from Chokichi orbit change finger trap really am I just got no suicide, so, oh, let me We know what type of hospital at once spoke items acting on baby once he was not might be irrelevant. Primly! That's part of the debate. said it was a suicide, and that's why you can't stay there? Why can't you stated
there's a court on you don't get out of the hospital you stay in. It feeds on trial, air blessings but minor than we write their trial, but he had been tried or convicted because he's deceased but Please try and give evidence. No it s not about the result of so many did it later. Three, how we judge the ball Park. Re Hitler's never been tried and conflicting be already day what a criminal case started so, If we want a broad, did us all afraid guys come on that's true, but again it doesn't make him a criminal on this evening. It doesn't make behaviors, adult helping gonna tragedy that he's gonna judge a rope.
I dont think as far as Europe opening statement you need to respond his statement about the hospital. I have two separately decide at a later point as to whether whether he had been hospitalized and for what I dont know if ass admissible or not, I suspect that it is not but keep an open mind and as far as years, he has not being there or not supposed to be there again. I am not sure that I want to hear about that in your opening statement, but again I'll here you later as to. Why do you think I was hoping it because he's talking about my client travelling here out of bounds, I think he's trying to say. Oh, he had a good excuse for not being at home. He couldn't stay there. Well, Joe
should know why couldn't do well, you can stay. There can stay there. She could. I picked it up because it she didn't like zero pedophile he's having hospital baby. I don't know yet: search out was males are right even years just to back. That's that Peggy, sheer problem where it was about Samsonite, didn't like his bag and he's gonna put it overhead. Now he makes a good point, though it doesn't need to be addressed in the opening statement, right that you can just frame it, how everyone was really stupid later I slice later than the end of his ball bag later on. Let a phone call as a former yellow where'd you go now. Please ok, these brain the journey that Africa is covered, where's your turtle show mask like the last gallery you guys about a pauper workers, original owners and maybe a great ad.
where there then I understand it, but it also is when you bring up as a prosecution, is relevant, like all you have to hospital. Why mentally unstable suicide and push it doesn't make sense. I don't usually discharge you. If you have those out and easily keep you there. If you're gonna go through the past, the leading up events of Kyle than waking up, my we want is idle eating. I that's the reason my guess is. He was discharge from possible because of the threat to others keys that he was discharged from the hospital for suicide. Yet it's out in what he said: that's not how it works at all. You don't try to kill yourself and they go. You can go right. Well, I so I think what they meant. Was he a meadow in the mental hospital, because our suicide ok, then was discharge, but here's that Georgia must know you're using recklessly on here. Did you hear the reasoning that you think he's saying he threw back at him and his eye people have said that the bag had like chemicals in it or maybe with weapons of sums up what I'm sorry, what I've I've I've. It's time low. Sir. I have not heard one pearls and say that there was a bomb in the bag or any kind of chemical warfare was taking place. Some people are saying
cut a hole and abandon the bags. Tagging is guided and told people the region for popcorn. There's no evidence of that. I mean the prosecuting attorney. You could have said he threw a bag with toiletries at Kyle. Rittenhouse problem solved rather too, That's what you say is in their Gara toothpaste, mouthwash, a water bottle, you have to say his hospital, to make your telling like victim. I thought there were socks and the bag That was what I read day. He didn't say they were socks now, but my point is, I assumed it was the lightest fluffy is object possible unless it was turkish pillow cases. I don't can be gentle inferring about it. Doesn't matter thousand throw me if it's a bamboo sheets, maybe November sheets, more sustainable, very, very company right, let's see what they're saying here, what are they doing right now, contact order at his residence? That's why he couldn't be there. stay zero about about note, with no contract order. It was from his significance other because a restraining order was it because of a child. At the Dublin summit,
bring it up. The reason for the no contact order, because it's really hard when you have a guy who's, you know you have. All of these guys were shot every single one b. someone who was more of you guys badge about punching down, does raping kids and strangling women. Count just wanna be No? I don't think so. Number their roles and fierce shall renounces mistake as didn't shoot. Dave. Chapelle tell you and show you what I believe the evidence will. You ve heard to stay ass, opening statement, and now I will give mine. We have two very different. Really on the events in August. One does not is different when I log twenty, Spillane in homes Rittenhouse, represent Wisconsin on the evening of August twenty fourth, he stayed at its friends residents, Dominic Black
He saw the live streams and things like that. The events of the twenty four saw a car source wanders. I refer to it one more time, side of Sheridan Road burn, all of the automobiles bird strikes Yet we cover that he saw the Brody going on the other businesses burnt down and the press. Maria going down down consortia to look at the damage, he stopped any help clean up. the Old older high school. I think it's called something else now, but one I was around here ass usual objection, your honor, he also clean the grade school I could show. Thank you one of the owners from car source, Nay talked, and they decided
would offer their services him and Dominic Black and next Smith to help protect the property of car source, you, gentlemen. The evidence will show, in spite of what the media and public statements, and things like that have been the other This will show that Kyle, Britain House had strong I too can ocean his father libyan consortia. His mother lived in any act, Illinois Kyle worked here and can or should calling at direct plaques unpleasant furry as lifeguard. He went downtown to clean up the graffiti him and Nick left there and cited to combat vat evening and help car source, whack too, which is it. United Sheridan nationally car. So Three sixty said Sheridan and
We voted for a second doing people who were shot look at their rap sheet. If you add up all of the January sixth riots the charge, they still don't equal, just a rap sheet of of We feel that he shot much. Let reads like it reads like an episode of lock up and if you read the that innovations buying Collar Nelson, what he did in the twenty four hours receding. These events, it reads like a merit batch list, lifeguard work, stay late, cleaned up graffiti, problematic kit. Rescued a cat in a tree, helped and already crossed the road. This is from the New York Times regarding that no contact order, resumes fiance, had press charges against my month earlier after a frightened which he knocked down and blade her mouth for asthma valid in his no contact orders, you weren't, he could be sent back to jail. So we just like a Blake. If this kind of day think it would be extremely relevant than because it shows that he's violent. Yes, not only with the children with children he's arouse with women. These violent right because he's
that they're, not children, corrects here that is where's your lunch pale, this actual Emily. I told you to wear the cabbage patch doll. I dont know that would be irrelevant and mean that there would show you that he's dangerous and there's a reason why he felt fear. You mean it's not relevant, that he was wandering the streets because he was discharged from an insane asylum and his wife slash. girlfriend, wouldn't allow him in the house because he beat the shit out of her. That's not relish. What you, whether he attacked someone for credit. If I leave the house to cool off in a bad mood, there's a good chance, I'm hidden someone who's driving texting but If someone is chasing have for you
If somebody chasing after you to hurt you, you don't stop and go. Can I see your criminal record design auto evaluate this a direct right? If you ve ever defended yourself, you ve never done right any case of self defence, lively and without shirt and tight around his head like low out a radio and rainy added sky seems not doing a luau dance, agonists thighs and you go. You know how they want to put a couple of two to three through this It was important sport grass NED. That's where opening up north Various anti, lengthy genes and there'll be a fair amount of a second I'm sure from that. We're sure I'm afraid of these. Obviously we certainly wearing eminence fictitious lots, bread, MR rose and he looks good business best. Shots obligation shoot me mysteries and tell me what he said with other individuals started until about sources and other women
I don't want that dumb stir that was very close to a gas station out. Mr rose and bomb became enraged. The Clicker planet clip go back so now so Midwest, yet neither one of them are bang up said I to be almost a year ago: you're not gonna, play it over the year, oh court, They were an interactive. You repeatedly says the inward shoot me he would look. Look, don't you love the two black eyes. Don't do anything now they don't do anything
saying that it gives you write to beat someone up if they say that there is no reason to ever, not always I'm unless you're in physical danger. But the point is to say I have a wrong teen jersey on dates. Warm I mean those not all, but even those black people who were there at the right. near the near the fire at a gas station. A motivating be to friendly of Cairo. or one of his buddies ITALY yelled the inward just an that's an inference and his friend or associate Joshua's immensity had just come from starting a trailer, fire, he arms himself with a chain and Those things that dragon in detail not seen this good English, rather heavy chain hone elements. Empty of left out, I got bigger Ngos to present hospital bag. On the other hand, so he sighs nicer, rose, rose and bombs chair throughout last rose and its wiser Lithuania. I hadn't
and I had you guys think. As I heard about the chamber, I hadn't seen that aim and I had not seen the image and now it's like also you're, you had a weapon, yeah yeah. Clearly obviously, a weapon in ages, Alec, Blaine and even mentioned was sad story. True knives chains, zip guns bow It's really rubber band gun is the least concern at that point. One mentioned it in scenario on August, twenty fifth, one eating chaos and havoc with Mr Rose and bomb havoc in two. More importantly, when we finally get to car source number, three Mr immensity is the individual who fires the first shot that evening behind Kyle Rittenhouse, as he's being chased. By Mr Rose, the only difference between Miss Eyre and what for securing attorneys have said mister. They brought up the image of the chain means starting the trail around he's gonna retailer just gotta fill in the gaps with it. Don't you see,
If I didn't leave a whole lot of gametes, liner manoeuvring shoulder dad is in fact No, he left out chain mental and pedophile. Those are the three mad lips. Truth. Mad lay, moreover, Balderdash gay individuals in like searching again the eight years. There's an inside I'll play jangle makes me nervous thing fools who lord? that's a mess you dont want to clean up after you in doing your chinese fun do like the head mentioned, the pants, I'm just going to say: pigskin drafty banana me you'd, look set a sword, pack, I don't go on her hand. Serious abuses were heavy flash of light.
mom's a sword like this. What you thus bring up some images from double dragging the organ tat: it was lesbians and mohawks and guys with chance and literally watching when the devil drag like final fights of orange. Yes, yes, reach rage and resolutely the director of a threat to Fury Fritz Illustrious raved fights for fury, they re learning. I'd like you to think aside. Scrolling beat him up. There showed up with flash, like, I think, mohawks chains, guns and skateboards, yet boy. Two sides crawling beat him up. First, those were Farragut's boss, who has a plasma rifle, they won gauge over the pool q and was acknowledged, wanted my rightly boo, wisest snapped and has a point. You game called double poor. What are you pillars? I put. pink glasses. You ever played double Paul, what morbid snooker guy. I call it a pig roast
There's one guy in one behind me chains, re that doesn't allow me with a chain or a chain of all its extreme hair, cut it out and say: well, she wasn't spy I was inspired standing right next to the guy from Cyprus, Hale, Ivory UK, the fact no shop cell phone insane the membrane, but why was he dire? He does have his mask on guys. Peter God of Horizontal MOTO he's in jail whose August of last year there was a pandemic. still now sure gauge grace which running Down Sheridan Road and use his hand going into the back of his wing into the back of his waistband, pulling out of
IRAN earning so so has gauges just one individual. By the name of Nathan Terrain I give him yellow die right up. There is work Kyle written houses as they chased him. Don't Sheridan wrong, MR growth. It is not in any danger. Kyle Rittenhouse has already told him, then he's going to turn itself into the police. Yet he arms and continues with the mob to attack This is a picture of you just brought up something now with every said. He but he told them he was going to surrender the police. We couldn't noticed some of this new information. There was no objection just another think of what is not talk to what is not being objected right now by the port prosecution. That's absolutely justice. Tell him, then, is laying prone on the ground he comes in for another hit,
on his head and then gradually Adam Sandler, guy or written houses fire to try and take it away from Next photograph is a picture, and I am sure that I was going to take away a firearm and turn it into the local authorities. Rascally bore the trucks events gay porn- it sure with Asia. Lord, I would like to ask for in front of you as evidence today, because then you could see it, you could see the weight and the half of what escape board is and what that skateboard would do with somebody. takes it in their hand, swing! Oh yeah. You know little of the scapegoat, especially used to joke about it, because the trucks, wider region, orbs element, scape running and others still Rama. He was like these to calm, like the master of Ali, who does have the highest alleys, and so is back then exactly a deck with water. They get the reef, and I just I that's how I learned that Aliona Kicks weapon. I wasn't gonna do a couple of steps, but the edge get so sharp Llanos Board
it's a joke about how you would its Charlotte idea, you have an edge that sharp and then you also have solid metal weights, and you had a nice bored I did not had element deck. I think it was. It was independent trucks or independence, trucks, independent drugs, and I had the estuaries with independent outer ego entries, and then I had an idea not to expand swiss bones bangs, but the bonds brigade. I think what what what laugh wanted. Walmart sell. That was wrapped in plastic I dont know about rower. The wine was delighted behind it. I don't actually you're right browsing. was hiding behind it. Like you want the lion, King bored, I have no harm to go to cause, I better, but I let's get out of the hospital creature of yours, terrible childhood, oh yeah underground, move in everywhere to ignore skateboard Sidra there I need the money to get. You were getting on with the state board. None of this is,
flying over the first guy hundreds in a flea approach. Temporary fanny was flying over black he's you know, he's a rabbi. Knievel fan partnerships of that jump. Kick me blackens, as is kicking human, Kyle fires and this man. I was shy enough now own husband, he gets up any runs away into the night never got two different, it's not the scapegoat. I didn't never coming forward to attempt to find self is a bit, so many people were assaulting round its justified. Why, it seems to me is very good. Inform. The evidence will show stayed. Looked warning, evidence will show those are the big players in this case, but ultimately, what you'll end up having it side, looking at all the circumstances of that evening are the events that occurred, by the way. Just show you guys to people watching, you guess can comment, will take your comments on the blaze. I think
we only to cover this and then probably the actual verdict? Yes, I think it's over. Unless unless the vertical sorry the jury is going to be intimidated because of writing rang like For that. I cannot see how this goes any other way. At this point You think they're gonna hang this kid. I cannot see that maybe get him on the fire and start maybe I think that the man that it was the older so well there's no statement that if you go in that direction, quarterback how long you prisoners in that direction! I need a drink. Water like a pale Kyle individually Maria Bulge, followed by Richard Mcguinness, go down their shared and This guy is so much more confidently. You Michael slackers balls on the table that lays down you see it. Mr Stark. Actually crop dusted, the terrible ass he walked in here we're going to have a little bit Cyprus help
and the individuals on the empty bottle confuses appointing a lake or site from gone? Adam Kyle, shrugged off does not want confrontation with these into jewels. That point is fire away Adam and he Lee point a gun, an MRI laser as a laser, because he doesn't after this we have that happy. I footage but the prosecution wishes Lang. What really really right, so stay tuned. Guys do that now we have it is it Probably there. How long has it been public sire are what is only the country by country basis? Swedish trainers stand
that made it I've already why hoard for or nine off, on their shoulders doorstep music. I guess what I ordered didn't set. My new I figured I could show myself. Is this then we'll just gives getting word, is over so ok Wikipedia. Let me be clear what you guys, because we have and we have all of revenues of ever. Let us Canada, I am always very care about not making a statement definitively. Unless I can substantiated no one if we all make mistakes, I try and let you know when I am making an inference when some- is conjecture at that point, because I also have the right to do that. This is an entertainment show. However, I did not know, I wish I was not able to confirm at Rosenbaum had a chain they just confirmed so he in fact as armed and plenty of people have been killed with chains used to be a common weapon here in the United States back when the Jetson, the sharks ruled the streets.
before there is already before the before the folks of color took over Harlem. It's better that way, because the jets machine for those are dangerous times and then Just right now they talk about a guy. Pointing allays randomly showed a news I had not seen. I heard people talk about, a news was not able to find the pictures and if I found them was not able confirm the authenticity, so we know rose in Montana chain. We know there was a noose, the only thing the prosecution brought up. If you Watch the stream and people can reminded the old thing you guys we're here of interest was so. What's that f b I played out so now you're saying we have taken on how long is up and publicly available, because he said it had not been publicly available online. You myself. Yes, I was watching we we got this posted today. Ok, ok, so the press, fusion attorney you so shitty, that he also got around my sister publicly available. They walked out every what ITALY, no
what about when you start I, but I doubt that nets yet the one minute before I'm sorry, your advice, I was taken out, my that's. The one benefit of the doubt I'll give him thus far are let's go back. Defence, but again you just. What are you doing is repeating what the prosecutions and showing pictures is like chains that's a picture of him from a video leaving the car source at one thousand, one hundred and forty six p dot m approximately fire extinguisher? We show any has, as you can see it, other hand, a fire extinguisher to put out the pictured, the fires our picture is better notifying agenda heard you gonna have to infer hear this there's an aerial photograph stated referred to, open so that on the other, the Arctic as well, we have started to roar and you'll, see circles in here, there's Kelly's amidst the degree lottery now and that's a thermal energy
and like if someone from looking refunds, mania, cross referencing. yeah. They are the ones we have. It has a very on the side issues like fun footage gag after four hundred play it so that it is deplorably Rittenhouse Runnin, beginning Ricky Mcguinness, and they had down now where's John Man and when you meet him come out with a cherry during my feet, burn beginning to chase Latin meaning to at last and gesture a dream and you'll see the Flash Arusha, responsible for cutting this video. I dont know how I got the way it did chopped up. That's the FBI. wait. Wait! Wait trustworthy source there, it's very telling
because you'll see this a hundred times on agriculture, it again for an opening but you'll see it that individuals, are heading known, shared in road and he was just about to tell dirty job. Mr again, He looks over our shoulders and high rate in this location. You'll see Kyle come into this area pause Mr and MRS Dominski are and you'll see. In this car buyers and they go. Kyle runs in this direction trying to get away from Mr Bazin, gentlemen, whereas I showing allow what are the given a camera. Collaret now seem to be pertinent, looks like he's off Cameron. They can't pivotal role that they go video be runs away from home because he doesn't want to confrontation. He doesn't want trouble
Which makes no sense of what the state says about, hunting. Maybe using shone down. we'll come on he's trying to get away. I'm just guess: you'll hear testimony not just from Cairo Rittenhouse but Bulge, Mister but our Joseph raise Zimbabwe must set of children. I wanna hear you look to tire footage, or is it just what he said, right. We have where he's not gonna shown opening statements, but you can see, as we do have a he's running and he's he has at this point. He had the fairest and wish her Cameron, House and then Rosenbaum leg hides behind a car has passed and then he can serve. That's all I'm saying is likely ran past. Aren't us look at the footage? Let's look at this they just because he is important just for context. This is the only to this is the prestige. The prosecuting attorney. brought, nor are they said. I dont want exact words. We have three. I've put it from a plain that we do not been available to the public
In other words, they were saying something you could, I think, demanding red discerns out it's actually available. Well, you know what the FBI's and necessarily airtight with the presidential information these days, exactly a food savour. So No prosecuting attorney is like Caesar's, watching the trick in the press that looks down at the donation. Looked out without Andrea begins in Canada, till I had for years we have been putting that shows cow, Rittenhouse Hunting, Miss Rosenbaum and by the way he also planted on Mr Rosenbaum a giant chain and criminal pedophile record. So pretty there's the f B. I footage So that is misgives, ok, Rittenhouse arose and I'm sorry that shows them running.
Kelly's immense gave. This is so footage. It also shows the side by side since other business. Motherhood is so arenas wasn't chasing resin dreams. Are fire extinguisher is a fraction of a writer I write, so there's risen on theirs roughened on coming out from behind them. Do shit, mother fucker, yeah, you want you so in other words he's chasing and because you have the gall to put out a fire and dumpster near to ask did so my work towards put up my bomb. The cereal criminal was infuriated that another crime had been thwarted. He's like MR freeze, so literally Rittenhouse runs up with a fire extinguisher the deed state characterizing that is chasing his aliens right. That's not what happened at all! He runs up to the car that you can see clearly is on fire there and is probably about to start putting it
and then Rosenbaum comes around and starts to without a fire or that the dumpster and finally the gas station. It's hard to tell that. I think that those Darla that's another place where the iranian vomit entails a fire part. Little heat miser, he's up to others, should ease up to those Solana and the whole reason he was there was to protect the car lot, and so there is a car on ferries running down there with fire extinguisher internet. It looks like that's that's what everything looks like he, then they start chasing after him again. One on any, then you see so we just basically around here was that the right but that's what I said earlier and I didn't have the f b. I should express its very clearly running passed him. You can read the dynamic as it is chasing, because cholera now runs pad out in the relevant aspects. Sit worse yet makes it worse for them, because rhodomontade around from the car was setting antivirus Hydrographic Newport out by five other realise these people are garbage
unbelievable absolute garbage, just because someone is garbage, doesn't give you the right to take their life of court. But if someone but here's the point, if someone attacks you and threatens to kill you while care a chain and gunshots are fired and have committed arson, and just so happened to be a serial child rapist so much the better People don't have an animosity against he's wrong, but that's the belief in his head to raise in Bonn chases after and I believe that the state I want to say why are they going down? You want we're knives and, having been so, they wouldn't showed an opening statement, though that's what it was yet. Why didn't you want one you don't have to run Sicilian, see it a hundred times throughout all show you a bit from language. That's what I was going back to the car source line taken,
an individual who will testify and his daughter believe, awkward venuses, sponsor next photograph, circled again Kaminski with the army Rosenbaum before stride chasing a general hearings drinking to close our consumers like now. This is the video from sixty third wanna be found guilty. and I get the feed notional shown a laser. They are the arts, and I think that is the other side. That's where Kyle was running towards that's elusive people on the other side of life during the trial, the individual's wreck, our source, the riders,
destroying all those views. Answering a is accomplished, Ryan from Mr Rose and bomb He did not want to run into those rioters force, destroying all that property that did not belong to them. you hear the first gunshot. The evidence will show Mr Czarnecki, you here for shots and quickly session the others will show that is Kyle firing at Mister Osborne, as he's trying to take Kyle's weapon from him to use against you here. Three more shots in quick succession. I dont think the government will have any dispute. I don't think the evidence will dispute those three shots. From another person was in the car source lad firing for some reason was never identified, never arrest. Does he showed Kyle running back,
scene of the shooting it will show. I think the evidence will show How Rittenhouse didn't stay and render aid for Mr Rose and that that is under any obligation to do that, but sometimes suppression is. The better part of Babylon the audio again, you know, and I hate it s look. I want to say we believe too, because it you too, but we want media on my club. I think people to hear and see what's going on, this is the problem is when the media, to show you what is actually happening, they whitewashed and then try describe to you. Let me put this issue on the other foot for one. Second, let's say that Rosenbaum shaved head ginger is a serial pedophile white supremacist. Let's say: cereal pedophile white supremacist, who committed my, people, arson fires on camera that night, with A chain yelled shoot me mega shoot me Nigger three
times on camera. Of color shot, do you think, would be a national try. You think people would be outraged and I say that because you will get some of the media who are more offended by me, letting you know the words of the cereal child rapist. then they are at the idea that he's a serial child rapist who try to kill another child Cavan, might a serial child rapist when the same the left is using governance as a minor. This is a guy who minors and watched physically home, another minor, we would point: does it think it think of the children go? Where is that. And who, in their right, mind chases down a guy with a gun. If you dont, have a wet people in their right. What are I lost him but the nun intimidated almost like pedophiles are sick and the head. Well, that's not the reason, their hospitalized. No, no! No, that's the reason why there jailed let out immediately
and you know what those images or what are you saying there? It's it's a shocking. The people haven't heard it because the media won't show it to you, but they will tell you about how long did we have to hear that there was a secret hidden tape of Donald Trump using the inward on the apprentice. Never can never came out We just heard that politicians it's right here on camera, a serial pedophile, hoo hoo, beat the shit out of his spouse? Couldn't go That's why he's harmless repeatedly, fiance repeatedly yells the inward on camera. With a violent death threats around the black people, keep in mind a black lives matter, I'm really sorry I made this journey wars will, because you think he knew was a black lives matter protesters you just think you know is a right and you could join the fun. Well, that's that's a possibility, possibility these a piece of shit. You know about that.
Is it. I know it is happy I'll, say it well, based on his record, he looks s peace. That was in fact his nickname. The mental institution was Pisa, shall be or peace. Oh shit, I'm sorry, This was an apostrophe that he prefers to his council was like year a mess it up very sexy, I'm down on my knees, I'm! So what is it you do? I guess I'm sorry is that they are given, given how the state opened this up, I'm surprised and say, and he had a chain, his left hand, it was that there was the biggest change there could have been eagerly. Gunnar are bigger chains that are for existing, for example, used on boats as anchors, when the wind was carrying the chain to rope off the club from the
ugly people ringing hold on that's bigger was burned down its carrying the chain that was taken off of his feed to be at all, come on. I mean I feel like he half way through statements as they have already started using. I guess I think I'll see the difference between taking your blood fresh. It's gotta be those amazing thing. I was crazy quilt Edison, Saint Lasher or feeding kidney transplant or a few two minor. It's really annoying difference where all children in the ad there are several minors and I really some more held down than others, mainly
mainly him? Have you committed suicide bead near here? I mean really your honor come on who among us. Why don't, I just say where our children, the eyes of God, why I thought that would soften the blow, the factory rapes them so we're all children in the eyes of God and we were married and having before on earth? Did he marian these children wearily tried putting a better just left the body next, the chapel in Vegas because paranoia they found our kind of varying? What is the profit from on yeah? It's some religious, lovely, sort of big general rules at all. I wasn't subtle that which the Joker China less Uver make our. I heard it. We need to take the rest, this statement to mug club, you think, took an oath. Oh, my god, we're unusual. We still are
human resources and go on forever Tijuana finished you wanna. Let us get financial statements, seven, four Nora! You see, I don't think he's too far from the Indian like this, but a real, quick, Kyle's head. If it had been inches, further to the left. You make square contact with his head, hit the ground and escape, but I don't know he dies. Unconsciously. possibility, certainly not able to fend off any attackers. After that he's, he was close twice in five seconds to dying, I would say a good day. We could have done and pulling the gun towards him. kick man getting up to run away jumped. I love his name. Can see range I'll, kick your hand on the gun, Rittenhouse flat on his back papa, most vulnerable position. One can allows upturned around I'll just tight Mr Gee trying to pull the away from our analysis he's lying flat on his back. let this be a lesson to everyone with his laying a rifle he fires
one shot striking mister Hugh were in this photograph as you dragon entering We're gonna write them like this when he's gonna unrolls or to put it in a proper guns in one hand, written the gun engages in one house. What right now. Oh yeah, he was just gonna tears it all now, I feel the up our house does not fire look at the distance between them. Humor skateboard is not even hit the ground. Yet that's how fast all these things, I'm amazed loudly marksmanship admittedly the levy and how he was the iron nation or back as a gay saying what a hell of a painter
yeah. I was Hitler right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I was getting anything wrong, but even if you think there's a gay seek, no, it can shoot. I'd have sailing that. I would have fresh ass gay times already, but to be honest, proud of had my gun, here's the shield and by the way he was shielding himself like US That's there's no way his body is not turned keys, re! Here's the thing that arm is ray. Trying to get an angle. You look here's a perfect example because you can bring. back up your oclock agenda prosecuting attorney said he was staying where he belated his body. right and I'm kind of giving you an end of the year, a little bit of the huge entire here's, the thing it's a difference between a straight punch- and this is important- does why. Why would someone bringing their arm around right. In other words, this is here the only could shoot my bicep is of this arm was here now it's a hug, yes It's a nice hollow point here
That's all you just need to get to the return of straight punch, and this is just the physics of it right boom straight down the middle or a hook. What's the reason for the hook, he threw a straight punch in someone's blocking it. Your statement, Can't you through right, your guard, and so you get around the guard with a hook, The guy wasn't blanket seconds. He was clear bring this gun around to get around. The guard of carbon houses, gun for he was so close its if here Colored knows it had a bayonet on that gun, the guy. of impaled himself on it there, and so he was We bring this hand around to try and shoot him in ahead. It's very clear goodness. This isn't the first civil war right, what I mean they could ass gay and gay jack. What are you doing with your right arm with a budget had a gun, vanity irrelevant, but it was coming around here I mean it was obviously trying to subdue the destiny. Where was it was literally coming around two point, the gun at his head and polluter of that and I used my
somebody's gonna say that screen the principal persecution, let's just ring out his glock and put some lipstick on. Unlike senior wednesdays, hey. Where are you going to start work? well, then, how did your honor you, wherever this is bullshit the magic block? All proud of himself walked back to the visa, Harmless Clark the report stop it I can go for it, people was just right away, don't think, that's defence a journey is presenting Evans. Everything is doing a great job, don't personnel and of an argument. I don't think anybody did, but he doesn't need to do a great deal since get video evidence. May prosecutor flooded that agenda. One like this. This all happen very, very, very fast. Our relationship, if we want to exhibit t just I mean here, is just doing what you should do, which is here's the video here's, the video ass, the know how two percent or make sense
It is like he shot. Somebody and he's like I'm turning myself into the police answer the problem of that strategy, a little bit as it networks won't air. The most offensive parts of media that wealth, because it makes the other guys Pat yeah me Sadly, he's trying to win the case as opposed to keep Amerika from energy here that gain yeah. Did you hear that big the driver said over the intercom egos is? Are they straight ahead of the straight ahead young people that they shot? Yes, cow pauses? Also, by the way, the same reason that the left is out, there are saying they should use bushmeat. The police, ran into them out protecting businesses and they didn't run up on the cops they approach The police officers told them what they were doing in the authors gave them water. It was a cordial interaction, so few have had that Canosa, not a big town. Very likely these are the same police officers- are going to have a budget for a fleet of armoured vehicles. Are those were the guy's earlier who were protecting the car lot yea? Now we talk them nice guys, you're not do not cause any problems. Hands up
weapons slung over your shoulder, he's actually trying to push it towards violence back. So it's no threat at all to the officers like come on. I mean that there's just because as a gun does mean, he's a threat, when people say about here in Ferguson, right, Michael Brown, hands up, don't shoot me right at his hands, were not use, punch, macabre bodies and try to break his gun and intelligent way like what's the difference, because Brown was black and renounces widened now. The key part is when an officer says hands up that you put your hands up ass the day, restart the primary right away. Just because you freeze frame the fist up here doesn't mean hands out. Ok is its coming into land, another blow any act, police department turning themselves in to the police, which is what he wants to do here and canosa. But the way Canosa was at night, with the police department surrounded by fan, went to the police things like that. He couldn't you
himself into law enforcement. He said from that day what he did he's made: no bones about that he acted in self. France, ladies and gentlemen, the evidence will show period of his actions and it's an important by the way. Country. I need to recognise that people have the right to self defence when you get up billions of dollars and damages thousands of arrests and people who are violently harmed during these rights, while the media cheered it on, Our current vice president cheered on and set it wouldn't stop and it should stop and they need to keep doing it. I guess what the right, your God give right to self defence. To self preservation is important and you know it s good He shouldn't have been there really hate How come you guys are allowed to go down and burn shit down, because you think the system is not doing enough and want to kill She sees the system not doing enough to prevent.
people from being hurt and their shit being burned down. You can tell him what was he doing there? What about you answer as to every single seventeen year old in the summer of love with a brick about that? But struck you go first Why we they're burning down the Walgreens. single time. They they make. That argument. It just baffles me because the second amendment, only the secondment, only be useful. If you can apply it right you can use it. Otherwise, it's just words on a piece of paper. How Rittenhouse can't go down there and defend a business? It doesn't matter whose business it is. He stand. Front saying hey, no, no, not here, move on right and somebody tries to attack We cannot use his firearm to defend himself. Then it's not a right. The deal Jonah. In a proactive, something that you started right look. I know it's a. We feel helpless by the system. What do you think a wee wee, Jacob Black? We feel helpless by the system. That's a black people and commercial Retirement, Wisconsin right, walkie rights and then say classic, and so I feel helpless, because a guy who,
local restraining order against his baby mama, who we abuse and cannot the kids and reach for life in the car gotcha. You feel helpless, but the system, how about the guy, who did nothing wrong, inherit his entire business and residents built to the ground? How about that they feel helpless? The only difference is one was inflicted by you So it was inflicted by you based on a lie: Jacob Blake. Was also a criminal in the act of violent crime. You ve got more violent. This. Real problem and I'm gonna. If, if TIM Paul can talk about this, and so can the left- and I can say we are absolutely headed to a civil war in our time and it does, it will not The civil war is that you have I did in the past you just Actually, independence is pull just came out today, independence in reply, even Democrats. I don't know what it was, but overall with the general population, they saw Democrats as a greater threat. Who are democracy than Republicans and that's with Paul.
in the meat they written this. What the media really doing. The bidding of Democrats right now, that's a definition. Shocking statistic absolutely and by the way, keep sending in your chance. We are going to go to my club. We are gonna, take chat. Yes, we are going to make our you guys. Keep sending in your tat is so than Dunning. I think he's looks like it. five or so all right and without their. Please don't talk about the case during the break, and that is an unrealistic to set a tentative start time of about water after one one by, if you folks once more a forty break, your on us, as if a guy in jars was confused when her tiger shark. Oh, why you're the judge and tell me about this guy various? Can I do like because he kind of he's no bs, and you can tell you seen a lot here.
Matt Quest, Anti ons pretzels outside they close. I went down the mark as they are at one show trial called the fair I write stuff. So look before we go here. We gotta go to my club. Take your chats! Thank you rumble as well. We want, as many of you watching the rumble is possible because everyone Austrians get cut out not like yours, this is this and will do a segment weathers tomorrow, the day after look this trial is about something pretty quit. It is about the first that the secondment, and battlements. Also, the first amendment be clear with you. By what I mean with that it's about the second amendment God given right to bear arms not keep them in in a finger print coated, gun, safe to keep and bear arms that means to carry your firearms is well. It's also the first amendment because people on the left want to make sure that offences speakers are allowed on college camp. As we see this everywhere? They want people we remove. They have stage walk out set Netflix because of Dave Chapelle, but they believe that
riding burning and looting, and I'm speaking in general terms you, but I am speaking about the leftist movement. The leftist movement protests Dave Chapelle, the leftist movement stage. Those walk out. The leftist movement demand. Joseph from a system, the leftist movement, starts the rioting, alluding to leftist movement and their leaders called Chaz chop the summer of love right. This is that I'm making a generalization because I'm basing it on their leaders, The overwhelming majority their actions, not to me in all the appalling data. So it is about the first amendment it's about segment, but it's about something else too. it truly is about. If you look at it, this is kind of a litmus test. Take race out of the equation and you always should, when you're, judging an act of morality and why as mentioned in the skin, does not change your moral fibre or your ability to make
oral rationalizations period with your blacker you. Why? So it look at this and you see a kid who went down. We went back to the time on cleaning up graffiti. He was a lifeguard. He worked there. He didn't care, you gonna cross state lines right people pursued him. He was using a fight The surest way to help the community protect the community people with chains with nooses, with guns with skateboards, try to see throughout his life and he defended himself, and you can look at that and if you look That and say: hey thanks. God. This is not the! U K C! God. This is not Canada and then child who is being pursued by a child rapist with a chain. Has the God given right to protect himself, you can look at it. That way. Are you can Look, I didn't say all the humanity we have a common culture here would have been better. Feed have been changed and raped on the floor. You don't know the guy was chasing and had a history of changing people raping people in people. It's not that far out of the realm of possibility, and the point is
we shouldn't have to care? That's? Why have the God, given right, self preservation is whatever God given right to speak out, you don't have the right to infringe on someone else's ability to speak up. Look if you look at that meeting the cow written houses, a terrorist or white supremacist, you really you you dont like them. The states of America. I say this right now. Conservatives are more american than liberals. What Meanwhile, what I mean by that? Let me tell exactly I mean by that. More than ever, Americans want you divide this country, you ve seen poles of silver they summon percent closest forty percent, significant portion, almost Democrats believe that we're headed towards situations role where states a sequel to whole. Second on this this week. If that happens, ok, we have new country now who gets to remain the United States of America. I argue without a shadow of a doubt of course, the conservative districts, of course, the Concerto states. Well, why cause you don't because you dont like them.
You try to create a new one of you, dont, like the national anthem, you created a new one by you, dont, like America, The first amendment you dont, like the second amendment, you look at this and you say isn't this a tragedy that a white kid was able to defend himself from a serial child rapist, you do not like the union it states of America, he may we live in a place like Canada, where our friends who are comedians can be subject to a human. Tribunal and then the Supreme Court of Canada for a joke well Minister black face: does it he's a black face, corner sore and everyone turns a blind eye. You may to live in a country of no. American flag to act. national anthems. Lives matter, activism, doing away with the nuclear family destruction. These are. These are strong men. These are described Those demands in the black lives matter charter. Antiphon, not an idea to group of people who commit acts of violence
and lets say that maybe they weren't made lost or membership card, these people and Canosa Huh were committing assault and battery and arson on camera and even those not emit into court have a long history of beating women strangling women. Knifing women raping kids right. You couldn't you, couldn't couldn't flickr petty without hitting a pedophile or a wife, beater or general woman beater there. Let's assume that anti far black lives matter card got lost in the mail. It doesn't matter. Because only one side of this country enables that shit and if uses he'd guess what it's not beside it! country to gets remained the United States of America I'll stand It's a generalization! Leave your comments below. We are going to go to my club, take your chat and see more money, but that Rittenhouse challenge Youtube pissed off
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