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LIVESTREAM: Rittenhouse VERDICT WATCH Day 3! He Didn't Provoke Anybody and I'LL PROVE IT!

2021-11-18 | 🔗

While we wait for the Rittenhouse verdict, Crowder demonstrates how Kyle didn’t provoke ANYONE! We also discuss the Qanon Shaman. And we lay out once and for all why liberals hate America. #KyleRittenhouse #RittenhouseTrial #RittenhouseVerdict 

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Hey Audio, listen. I know that some of these have been really long shows because we're straining live all this info on the verdict as it comes out from the jury. So, do try to live. If your listing and audio you two rumbled mug club, and that today consider subscribing to my club, because we talk about things that we really couldn't talk about anywhere else, like Hitler doing car commercials for car sources in Canosa, it's as bad as it sounds, town a big enough for the two. I just I think it become your real your hands. You praise lotta with greater studios protected exclusively by Walther. There are plenty of great firearm options out there. All we ask is that you try the Walter and, let us know, try it.
You'll. Buy it see what editor it's a good God is called. It's really hard sit there because Let us take a sip and I also have a hiccup Robert. Ah, I apologize gesture prepared. I wanna funniest thing I've ever seen. This is now you know you become a dead. Is my little My little daughter had the hiccups and terrified her.
Should the face of terrorism? if you just gotta hooking up what is this. So anyway, we call those the hiccup up. Don't worry, I'm not gonna bring out and bring up. My wallet pictures and hacking a folder made is bringing up on your phone, right here, some nice memories of everything you did that doesn't matter. Five thousand pictures three days worth here, get a chair day added the semi, a filter to make you feel like it matters. no one's ever gonna look back on anything. We just evidence of every already get are wasted life. I cannot imagine a precedent in thirty years, like me, masses Europe sweet cherry. Sixty nine was your aim here. Is this is this you mooning the entire cheerleading squad. Uploaded ya, ok uploaded my ass. If we notice you used to tiktok
gender fluid XVI start That was your name yeah Yang. We don't wait up on those votes. Here's a dick sure grandpa used to send your grandmother or they officially data how'd. You how'd, you meet grandma, well ice and Dick pigs to a good fifteen hundred lady, the lucky ones, and she was the fondest of them all was very desperate. Yes matter, men and arrest area she's real, your grand yes back, then she was fat, but they serve. Thank you. I guess I for areas for you look just so. You know we're still waiting in full with the verdict. That's why help ease the guys have some greatness of starting late. We don't know The verdict is going to come into probably going to come in this morning. Whenever it does, we are going to ST. Yet just so you know. So may not be along stream, but when it happens, will be here unless it happens on us and ill give its negative as genes. For I know now
but if it happens probably tomorrow's my guess so hopefully you guys interesting. You waited for hours several times a week end. So it's going to half its little flute floor for floor and a half. Can you tell us? So what can we turn? My quite a bit today? One thing this is the problem and I talk. yesterday so you'll notice, I have a rifle here ensure that, unlike rust, you guys can see the bulk carrier has been removed. we're going to get. There is no way to not flag somebody at some point in the studio, so we want to show that you see them we're, say simply a skeleton, but now Let's talk about this and I think it's because the evidence wasn't submitted to the defence and we sort of had to watch this in real time where they have the process you should never spinning way too much time on Collaret now something aimed as gun at somebody. If you look at the picture which they provided, which can't be admissible in court and, of course, is a violation of the legal processes we have separate from that. I don't think it's physically possible for Kyle written us to do what
claimed of him yeah, aiming with his left hand, putting a fire extinguish. down we're going to go to the process, then, while running sore bring it to write in love with, with its strap, yeah strap on his rifle in all of a couple of SEC and all of that Zack of maybe one study once I am surprised that defence didn't really put this up as a defence. So look I I'm not a lawyer, but I'm doing better, but we are going. go through it today. It just just what I think you know what I have the luxury of actually having some time too. But what the prosecution presented as the evidence was never submitted. Also they. They did completely work that file in June as a debt ratio. So it should be a mischief, Miss throb, with prejudice period. I just think that the judge is letting them for cook got a slow cook.
cards will be talking about that Mcewen uncommon, three and a half years in prison for no vile rhymes a big deal for allowing trespassing. I don't know I've been thank they didn't gimme that when I used to skateboard as a kid you grinding my rail, I'm going to send you to three and a half years of being pounded in the ass. the war is not a crime gate boards was used for skateboard ass and groaning my rail that's a little different than what actually doing yeah I mean it's, a product is worth, the risk like air, but rapers, but not in the clink, so enjoy that that's America, we live in Bavaria to all that, of course, Gerald Age, more congenial twitter. You buy him better than I should be tired or all of the nine outward and alive content. This with you, I know already and I know, announces it's when people say what it, what is your husband do most of the pact and I guess it's kind of power so it is my son. No one is not simply a quarter
there. Are you good morning? What's going on? I'm feeling better about about this? A little Good thing I think you're right. I think that the judge he's kind of building ace in his own mind, right even set it yesterday is like ready, reckoning man, I'm right, I'm telling you if you go down this route sucking up are the rope day of reckoning is the name of his favorite cheese who's going to day and underlining its like. A sharp Jenner mixed with the prime, a trader jaws, delightful, but the problem is. I do have a day of reckoning later out that compose. my need. Metal Ban day of reckoning yeah downtown Frank named shorter, like in all Metallica meets NEO young. You haven't got a man. Look at my lie right. You know a bit
like you, we ourselves now that you know that voice. That is he's on Twitter, Atlanta Dave Dave Letter. He will be in Naples it off the hook, this weekend and then Wednesday, before Thanksgiving Funnybone Liberty are user. Ahoy, I'm good you're, not really. I slept like two hours now. I tossed in turn, because I decided to do kettle bulwark up before where you oh well, that's very stupid. Isn't it it's unusual zeal heard my lower back. Well we're using the european gridlock had about no, no, I was using a it was as if thirty five pounder owe their lights. Isn't lamb in this brilliant. It's not lead in Europe back a room. Now, it's not here. I have the body it emerges doesn't work out, even though I work, I don't stretch well. Well, Dave! You gotta do pelvic thrust with the kettle bell.
Not a word for going to stop at retirement. Pelvic thrusts not stretching over getting the keen on chairman's presence and yet had soared, not there. Yet I refrained from Brian kettlebells. Yes, I m not a huge fan of kettlebells as early one, the cold war, but we did Yeah, I mean well our new, silently something about a war. Now, that's a Lisbon, like a trend- and I you know it's old, so it's better We changed it because we had something better and a barbell is more effective and a lot of ways. Chemicals can be used at all you're right. I told him I watch The exercise. Videos in the fifties words issue. Standing in that thing that I was around the room and then you just smoke the whole time well,
show unity for me. You should be doing that with the chest. You feel that you now this is for my have by far attics forty five doctors recommend, lucky strikes us feel to list movable, follow the same and looks drags ascended dick. Or to ground, which is very hard in this area. I have to take. It go, get a developed, Furthermore, those powder, but mostly raise I'd, hold this all that memories done his eye out. I ought to make the carrier pigeon circumcised. Just so. You know live Monday through Thursday. We are here. If you don't see the show on Youtube. Ten, a M Eastern just want to make sure that we're clear about it ass. We tell you otherwise, which I otherwise we started late this week, because we're going for info on the on the jury on the verdict and next week we won't obviously have a show and next giving, and I think we
I'm not sure about Wednesday. I think we have Workin interview on Wednesday. Ok all right, oh god, okay, so before just live and work there. No, it's coming idea had until just so you know again, I don't know I don't use promptly at some point. It should take a picture we can tweeted alive, but I can convince is just like if you see what this is. That just like highlights just says. This is that this is the clip that's coming concerning religious and I looked at it and wench. That's all for us. We have our first look at new black swan trailer. Let's take a look pussy popping.
Oh no! No Garrett! I didn't say it. She said, if you do that when I was quoting what she said. You know that means I'm dead but enough exploding. I have no idea. I just I just hope, there's something straw we're between her and that foundation than a thin layer of linoleum yeah. Just I'd just pray that that chandelier, never phantom of the opera. Is this never keen debt and drives, though the tragedy as well, and I hope the late ever as well. In order to draw up, I was terrified of that cat. Matt, commercial, thirteen, don't drive the Borg, unanimous, arrogant method being here by the way we take a bigger chandelier Dave. Nor was this was saying I wouldn't worry about. It will generate rigour, chandelier you, so you don't give me that working class pussy population look at his thing. Kid take her dolls eyes. That is the least of her concerns
and when those eyes rule over in the ground shakes weight. So sometimes dust follows from the ceiling left. Does not your valuables followed the shelves area? I think it's an earthquake It's not the hunter. Its toward a three year, total catch him Keller for ten, it gives a good deal to argue is like the Tito mats of Jacques Total pretty well. So my question to you: If you guys have been following the Cuban on german thing and in where you line up on that, I think there's some universal agreement. let nobody likes him, We all agree- and I also thank you- send someone to is a good reason for three years about three and a half years for, admittedly non violent crimes that you have on video, really not a crime trespassing, but they let him in.
they look building visible. I dont know what I don't know: the rules unevenly changes nothing there no well manoeuvre when they saw, you should think you're allowed to shoot a pedophile when he was trying to rape you but a monopoly on the robot enough. You brought the gun, apparently forfeited. You're right to self defence, it's like I'm playing backgammon and they said no more dice in Ohio politically. a vision the Cuban on hours, the well he's a sharp, even asking in prison for the music ass his farm to table. Well we're gonna. There be farming. You on the table, really crowd this spending a lot of avoiding ploughing the shopman fields. If you thought that hat was horny way to meet your roommate has also, we are going to use the hat It is really more of a message. I mean I understand if they put him away for three and a half on personality, but on the crime. I don't worry about it. I wouldn't be wouldn't be getting very foreign star search, no release him after like three months from now, can you were not in one and a half?
STAR Sinbad to order, as in Belgium, but you're, not german. We all make up and horns dormant tight about their minds on the others for his dislike. You ve got a store. They don't got. No sacks he's like this has never happened. He'd forthwith, oh yeah, cause you went to the chandelier store where you dance on whether that boy I see. Ok, So again, this is a fluid show, because we don't know it's coming in here with the with the verdict. If anything is coming in, we'll be updating, you live, but we do have some other things it when we talk about, and we of course will be on Muslim afterwards. We finally ladder People watching live on mug lots and lots of people of transport over from Youtube to Mugen Rubble and just to be clear, the honor. I don't care where you what I really
don't care where you watch now. You can only watch the full shown. Mug club is threatened with our, but if you're watching the free, I don't care if it's on rumble, if it's on Youtube I'd rather you guys support, rumble or my club, because you know I don't like coming in there you go that way. You will kick a softer than like. Not a big fan of the colonies. Go the rumbling so I swear it. Thousands of comic gobbledygook. When always gets me. Its upon every time. So this week it I've been paying so much attention to written house, and I forgot that our former vice president is still a thing. He He has been promoting the victory of an infrastructure bill. End You know what I also want to see from you comment below. If this is genuine, you can make sense of it. Has usually I'm pretty good amateur work. This is not a joke of workers. Special needs people. Yes, gradually interpret what they mean they want. I I don't know guess is as good as mine is time for this weekend: button
a problem outward here for mere drop. A new life It's not a new marker. Her had the blue and take order here here, conversations round those kitchen tables it about profound, as they are ordinary. How across the bridge and snowstorm what No, I think about you, know yours. It's way what happens the bridge collapses and there's a fire and oversight. It's gonna take ten miles longer to get to the fire. who can die? I mean she's real, real stuff, vehement problem outward here from mere drop and you ain't black is real. We zero noticing. I know she used to think drive at present falls down this fire NEO say: what's gonna, do people just watch twenty twelve use views before those minds? Little people do we say
most we're going all hearts put a fires, Canada, Raw story, comma around to the smaller to bigger, dig ledge fail. I talk to you with a far like the Grinch I think, a Bavaria full heart, because it does it fails to give better. She must have so I dont Here's the thing that I will say: member people didn't like Donald Trump at which it was a bad speaker and I would not sit down front was most eloquent speaker now the issues that people have Donald Trump and his speaking we're not accidental. They were like laser guided F you missile right and every year. If it is your factors use be ashamed. I don't take questions from gaze. Your fake that cannot be. What? How can you say that words binding is just it's completely nonsensical is? Are you report ways yet when we do it,
Imagine any around so that one person is razor hand go. So what ten mile long Bridge reserve fire by? What are you talking about exactly they spent got up? They spent two weeks an effective use a second hand to support a glass of water. At me, scared. I believe our vague is wages brush right over Biden, falling down, thrice annulled from falling wrist and idle sprained cerebellum in its never come back. I have no idea what a bridge does anymore any runs our country somebody does put his one has its holding up. Why I don't know why you chose to start with that were equally across the bridge, it dear across the bridge in winter starting with conversations around the table busy thinking very hungry, about how to cross bridges yet gives its inner blue beard and crossing the bridge and are we at table it, while the bridge
it's ten pools rolling instrument ago I dont know I have no idea. What are you guys come? It will take a new do not consider on unmowed club. I will take the best interpretation of what he said. I did not understand it at all. Campfires till entails bridges collar alas, I love and let marshmallows get toasted it, but this ruling. the colombian government contracts loads of further bridge. It says so Christmas, annoyance, smoke, cheese. What's up, pensioners Okhinnah Day of reckoning long, one piedmontese using, data from across the room, stand up stop here on my pants and Tom People's me
there are three more years are right. Use my really much longer before explanation. You think I witnessed guilty or not guilty what you think they're going to rule ninety five percent chance not guilty. Ok. Ninety eight percent said just give me a guilty and what he did. Anyone, China, IRAN, our right to computer memorial glasses, not guilty, not Europe like geared not guilty. I can give the definite like if you have to. that you have to bet fifty fifty shot for all of them. Fifty fifty shot gun to your head. And I got to say, not guilty. Ok I'll, tell YA and then we can all its. But, but I am very if he on its Yonnondio Theo, because of how the physical digging for stuff it does. Like their data trial with prejudice. You think. Ninety eight hundred changes of that ninety eight percent- where are you going this percentage? What do you do? I'm just trying to say, is presented draft Gerald King.
Dot com. I would like to bet you significantly more than one dollar a day over under a new being an asshole If I was a bad men had better better, they love. It is a matter that that's all I think that is going to be not guilty. Let me explain to you why also think about it. If something happens with the amount of arbitrary case where they find that their they get a lesser sentence and people are wanting, rail Rittenhouse is not guilty. It's gonna pop off in this country emulate forty months yeah, something like no idea, so I think not guilty. Let me explain to you why, because no one likes black lives matter anymore. It's very different from before the Shopman trial of people were afraid when we did. The blackest matter is a domestic territory. in aunt, if we did that in Austin, people were shocked now now most people to varying degrees, agree with that sent that it's it's gotten out of control is vital.
Symmetric before I gotta, because I was a sentiment they agreed with until it became an extremist group. Yet I think was found is an extremist group and people followed it No until authority disrupts when you start off when you're jumping off point is this action of the nuclear family yeah, that's it you're fat ardor at your springboard, you're gonna, regular Ganis, it yeah other men, I stole a tougher on your leaders, are all train marxist and they say that yeah so that the ball is now show that for your american support black eyes, Madeleine even twenty twenty, it was sixty one percent in June. Twenty two Forty eight percent. Now and, of course, we know what those Paul's people tend to be afraid they answer. The air either answer in the way they think they will get in the least amount of trouble, or if people are considerably you just don't answer the phone click. More black Americans opposed blacklist manner than in twenty twenty seven, now oppose them actively. Versatile percent. Keep in mind. That's a step repealed. Ok, do not really opposing it, but it's because it's tough to have a black American Oppose summit. Has black lives matter?
the name the set than the name they agree with. I bet you if you ass a lot of black Americans about the manifesto point by point and when I did so, they don't agree with that actual manifest. Take keep in mind. Eighty one percent of Black Americans support the same, at least as much now or increased police presence, so in other words black Americans are vehemently opposed to define the police. I say they support blockers medicine that there's a disconnect there, but overall the sentiment is changing this country, where people are fed up with it, and I think that that is significant. It is significant. We also saw this in the Virginia race where he was getting at a much larger share of the black vote that people estimated that he would rights to their their perception of black lives matter may be skewed because of the name, but all of the policies that backup conservative principles are gaining track. Yes, they are the ones I started with the working class and exhaust the board and not just not just white working class, all working class. There gains right now and you know We just say one thing to people give Trump crap and I
Thirdly, I would like to see some more patriots out there who understand how many in a wins, Donald Trump wrapped up. He there. Don't you would have won the general election, but I really want to get in the whole idea, the safest working, because you focus on the cold. words like if you just focus on the economy actually know? Donald Trump did take those bullets so that you could have virgin if Donald Trump didn't wage war against critical race theory? If you didn't shine a light on the biased media, you wouldn't have candidates who are able to draft in behind, and let's be honest about it in Virginia, they wouldn't have one those races. If they just talked about economics, it was parents who were pissed We're finally made aware of what was being taught in their kids schools. They were finally being made aware that they were being used as ponds and it was a landslide message that was being said
So when people say oh, you know, Donald Trump lost because you didn't focus and that no no, no, no. We are now allowed to discuss the things that are only whispered on right wing echo chamber sites out in public now. So I think I think, if nothing else, given thanks for that we're Donald Trump Scene and was taken as a legitimate news and agency before I was there when Andrew Bright, but just to be clear, Andrew bright part, this man, I think it was, what did they miss Bell with professor at harvard- was a Derek Bell. He was here black liberation, geologist, critical race theory, this was before Barack Obama was voted into office and Andrew Riper was turned my how dangerous it was. racist and no one paid attention matter. Fact. Our bald What dismiss Andrew riper? He dismissed Anthony Wiener story because Andrew bright part broke it I'll, Baldwin same guy. Think about the aimed at murderer him, so I just want to be clear, was done, Trump will allow that to be put onto a mainstay doesn't mean that I think he was the best. doesn't mean that I wish you wasn't more disciplined with his tweeting, but give him a little bit
gratitude would not be out of line here. Ok, the man knew about bridges. Yes, lemme see, would never talk about a bridge in the winter. I look at the bridge it. I think I bet you we kid. We could streak in gold such ramp on at least two lines make the lives gold cod that all American. I wish that we get and have called for the right. What's? U turn? to allow so gold pencils, clown pencils, Olympic varies That's what he said that he does. It have been colleagues Isn T remembers too. Things and says it can but think it's like triggering broad exercise our right. What are you? What are you guys want me to improv, you're, Starbucks and clerk and spirit No! I didn't say that startled simpler. He's on whose line I did. I would
the points from drew we well worth, although we know that saying Grady put em back unchanged. What no yeah he does Alyosha going blind you in black and white raise again. I don't know for Black Africa via the chains, but where are the chains lifespan back? should you just be locked in a cattle were with with with the marine dogs anyway? What ok, I don't wanna go back to cattle. Put they put on a flea hub man showing Canosa right now. Just so you know just so. You see why people are fed up. This is happening in Canosa Anti blacklist matter. Protesters clashed with black lives matter, protesters outside of the courthouse, which apparently is not an attack on democracy.
was dug the bounding. That's where is do somethin man starts off as a chronic that you're the best forum now watch. This guy runs back up on him. He would be within his right to shoot him he would be within his right when a man try to physically assaulted applause
this one's hilarious watching this right along, why Ok, so large that I was not just so you know it's incredibly vulgar and I believe that, because we don't you really do contacts it don't matter. He refers to her as a receptacle put, it does what yes in there and we because it has to do with Heckler Arnwood sent her ancyra reset. You know you are a dumpster for mailed, a male deposits Clayton twenty it doesn't ever come back or equipment because you are, no, it can't be done and to keep using. Seaward shows how so vagina and she says: without skipping a beat, you could swallow and theirs pause received a moment on it just and then, with the sign
she's a mile pointed that out early. I feel like a violent or face like now. Let's see it lets, you did your way out of this one and Instead, it just gets violent and commits felony battery almost instantly said Felicia playing that clip again. I want apposite; why No, she smiling, but like that she's an island, no, she got em Here's the pause. You still smiling look at what a little bit more on securing a little girls backpack, I know, is to say by the way the left or the one there. The their party that respect women, yea bono, clearly there within their nonviolent, those are mostly peaceful argument, is mostly peaceful arguments. She totally right into the inward you're right up until he said. I was also want to see the mobile.
His mind except he's out of options verbally is like I've been schooled scarlet, throw the sign. There's a little voice, rang Electoral designed for this. I throw the sign. You can't live like a bitch, throw this. I hope he comes back up later to get the same. She won't let him have. I hope he gets the fourteen months and have central penitentiary. Then it would be wrong. That's more violent than anything. The queue and on German did be clear, not a fan of, but still hope that guy it's more time and only wasn't wearing a horn had now. He wasn't ring a horn at what an awful buncher people not a lot of oh, no, no, no, not her. I D make nourished by like theirs and there's like three people there, yeah. It is nice that there's just people kind of giving up now, like you know where I saw things ridiculous, I'm going home until there's a verdict that I was told, I could burn stuff I can even citizens and we just letting the one percent of the one percent dictate everything you do yeah I'm at that about. Let's not let the felons dictate how we behave. Ok,
here's. What I wanted to go through here really quickly to not quickly. Actually, I wanna meet thorough. Here argument that is being made known their spending a lot of time on this, with the verdict and in mission control. Let me know if there are any updates again s consent in anything you can tweak me spending too much time on this unfortunate, but this is also because the defence has said sent over new video and new images that was not submitted for evidence rights are the prosecutor, defence, it not prepared for it, So let me kind of explained to you at the crux of their latest argument, which flies in the face of their previous argument, just to be clear, is this non digitally enhance Crystal clear quality image of Kyle Rittenhouse, he would go bring up a lead. Lee aiming a gun at somebody k? That's their claim, so, just to be clear, they used Empt five software you know and improve the quality of our image as it were, and its
as in the manual in annex VI. Software in the law enforcement arena, courts, judges, prosecutors and defence attorneys consent, the weakness of evidence and excluded. If there is even a hint that any population has been done. Go on to say later. If this is the key evidence in a case the case, is likely to be lost. In the manual justice could predict the future right. Don't you read the manual even a hint, that any manipulation has been done. That's key. This is what we're talking about a mistrial with prejudice because if you notice we use this here at this. This This facility ourselves, hemmed cambric is a video unions quarter. So that's what so that's. What would a lie to change a file like the aspect ratio of a video and to be clearly, let me clarify why this matters when you were listening yesterday, the video file provided a defence. It was not only smaller with, I believe, a different title than he
What image claimed was about twenty minutes later. The aspect ratio was changed case. You see that that's the aspect ratio. You know. Sometimes you watch a film for people who now near the black black bought the letter box that's important because again the manual says if there is even a hint that any manipulation has been done. So we, the aspect ratio is changed and thankfully some wonderful but on the internet out there who loved their country noticed that Kraus for those who want member mojo, big fat they set about, took Tebbit prosecutor hand rake it's a video trance quota that software on his computer there. So what we know is the manual says this isn't reliable and if there is even a hint of manipulation going to get this thrown out, then you haven't fencing of the image that we got. The file we ve gotten is not even the same. The aspect ratio has been changed and the prosecution saying
how that happened. While they have software to specific, we change the aspects so cross it made it out to be like he wasn't a technical genius right. a guy ya? Don't I just did send nobbing. I think it auto complete honestly, whenever I hit when I, because I can't my fingers is pretty much like matching pad I have a hard time, Dowling, nine one one. Every time I have a coronary, I just sort of people a lot of salt in their diet. Prided die Yakima me like I know so. The aspect ratio is different. The file at the fence has three point. Six megabytes states is allowed point to make What's the big different dimensions are totally different. So We go out a word that just tells me that this picture is not very likely, not legitimate right and it can't be admissible. that being said, let's go through what would be taking place in the picture. Based on these descriptions and what you're looking at and see, if it even is plausible, namely the car
now is aiming his rifle it somebody how he's aiming it and how much time he would have had until the very next high death video that we have showing his rifle in an entirely different position, let me show you: let's roll this clip the defendant, comes running in and drops the fire extinguisher on the ground, laborious he play is it on the ground, raises the gun and points. This is what we see in the video in putting the fire extinguisher on the ground and then raising the guy. That's an argument, don't even about it! should argue, that's an argument that a good one,
The second is all your thoughts. I'm gonna go aim. This loaded gun at the jury really quickly finger on the trigger, ran out, loudest and care. Little lying around you and your team Khatami way back. I was wearing gloves. I have not lay colored he's a big brain, so here's the thing there's no way, I would argue- and The defence had argued this, but they don't have time to prepare for that. Kyle and his gun the way they are. They would have to take place in that picture and then move about his gun was down aimed down or aimed. You know neutrally with a right handed grip, the entire every other than what about it, just to be clear to everybody that we have, but specifically right after that image your tongue, let seconds after that image after you just dropped the fire extinguisher their thing. He aimed the gun seconds after that. This is how the gun is being held. Here we go
what did I reckon rip the gun on while he's running right into drip? Leftenant, he may have had a second there. I just want everybody to understand that we could have had a second running up on summit, but that's not enough time to do this running upon them and ski sings in person. I haven't, got gently with a gun in his hand, at I'm, going to go through a death now agree. I was right. Did he wears a really tight slain, just to be clear to spring up these overlays? It's a collage, deep three, so you can see that the sling is tight. Now, why does that matter? Ok, trunk alone have like a piece of string or something actually a rope. I was for an earlier minds. In my shower, read. It just disappear, even a video, to reflect that we can see that the sling is very tight, very taught register tension role, clip see one Anthony Huber, hits ridden house with escape board now attempting to housing and uneasy rotates. Ridder. Look. You should see this link, you can
the sling there how its tight right, you can't even the guy front, was gone away? We can't do that's how far the gun is taken from his body, which is almost none in other he has anyone out there who knows firearms knows it. You'll have to have a sling adjusted either you're carrying a sling for long distances, doesn't really matter or few carrying it's. The people cannot take it from you or to assist with recoil you're going to adjust the slings. What's braced against her shoulder So we see that time and time again right handed drip down and the sling is tight. Now this amount of strength can someone registering a rope really quickly before I share with the rifle? You can get one there's someone I really like that just stringer rope, Gus emission control looking around here we go nowadays we got Luna hurry. Why This matter, I want to show you with a rifle.
Here's the moment in that image, yet we haven't their devalues, sought. Ok, here's a string, K K, so the string is taught throughout that image whenever its against Kyle Shoulder, and you see this and other images writer now. Why does this matter this matters because look if the string is taught that means it has to be the same pivot point right. That means of sorrow. That means you have to be against the shoulder. If this, if it's not tight the strange you gonna see this right, you're gonna see well, this is a district, but you can see it go down to seek get some slack, there's no slack and counselling. At any point, when the guy tries to take the gun away from it, it still touching his body, and this shows you how much room there is that matters, because it makes it not impossible, but very likely impossible. Allow myself to introduce my It makes one highly implausible yeah. It makes it absolutely
possible that he had a clear malfunction with growth rates and I'll explain? That is why it makes it completely impossible. So just to show you what I mean by this. Let's, let's Do the administration, ok, so justly are you guys come up and we ve taken the bolt out of the air fifteen, the old carrier taking charge and remove out. So let me just haven't everyone here, so you know that this isn't right: Can I restarted arrives area here? Remember not to distract his came off with wonderful star or I'd love to see. You may see that there's no older here? Yes, yes, he does know, there's no at all this magazine, get rid of it. Put your finger little deeper. Let everybody now there's nothing. This magazine in Africa I'm trying to,
men do do this camera here we are so there's gonna on this camera with regular Roca. Nothing in there. Magazine out. Yes, it see right Nothing in here. Can you grab this too and tenders and everyone inspectorate to make sure that it's important that we use and actual they are and so you see the dynamics. Are you go see it nothing in their say nothing at all, but I must leave. Let the pay the role they are Alright GO bureau most firing accidentally. Is this your fulfilled? If you look in that gun, you find the projectile. Hopefully not, preferably not out just how does that mean that at the director point that a single point of track, King S was a single punch up? The get one thing here is this is actually going to be easier to do with their claiming cholera announced it because this, if you see, has a bunch of court,
aspect which is too to help you be able to do that. They may be able to do that then the Cairo, and be able to do as far as we know he did not have a bungee on his right eye single points, so you saw that clip here's the thing he came in and yet a fire extinguisher. Now, if you look at that picture, can you bring up that picture again? Bring up the picture? picture of the pics later picture there their claiming he yelled the the gun the one that should fill your rules as a human right. There you see, that one on the right and that's why the defence said you're doing it? that's very clearly, a left handed rip cake to night. I got back to me guy. You see that look, I'm to imitate exactly what you are saying there is this right. That's what you're saying bringing a picture again, so people can see me going as close to what their claiming is possible now. Why do you see that k dislike for this like, for this hand, is behind this, and you can see it if it's what they
Why part of his elbow part of his arm is form is covering the stock. We all agree just like the defence and just like forensic experts. If that in fact, an image and not just an artifact, that that would be how Kyle has to be holding that gun. So we all carry out out now. We all agree that every single other time Kyle is carrying a gun We see what the right hand holding it down or when he's running, holding it usually right right, is that we always all those guns. Now he shot up, it's not in question a whole day. Every single person he's not he shot this way right. So what they are claiming is you just saw you that now the embargo, we have an actual fire extinguisher and we have the footage of cholera now running in right, putting down the fire extinguisher that its, they could say it in art of fact, but we know that the fire thing was freedom is putting off our came around this time. Ok, so he would have put the fire extinguisher down
clear. So what does that mean left hand occupy how would even holding his rifle? He would have had I too have been holding it with his right hand, because, according to better corner after he put the fire extinguisher down here. With his left hand, now we aim is the got its immense gate, but it would have to switch again. Keeper modest is really time have to switch to is left grip. aim the gun and within how long do we have the estimate within less than one I can, while running, keep in mind while running play that role We then, with his gun down the one way. When were you see him in a second? Secondly, write them, so this is about anywhere from what, the second half a second to a second later so aiming at the court that within
a second while running switch this around. This way to the point, where he's already running, with it securely like that and assessing the threat that from his right. So you get to threats that he's keeping an eye on that where's, possibly that within one second covered now went from right handed grit left fire extinguisher courting a beggar. Fire extinguisher goes down switch, asking to see me with a sling, thrilling, awkward to switch switch, oh yeah switch, it's something you would do in a moment of panic. Yes, you would say let me go to. Let me prepare myself that I can be weaker. They are usually up. Yes, I'd like to use my my less my lesser hand, yet I guess the eyes it as I wanted to give them a running starkness, while he'd not shocked them
I want you can almost seeds who, in the video that the color of the gun is blending with the car behind it like it is in the same spot, but where it already, you can see it yeah. He was not even in one statement, yeah there's no way. The vote, respectably Catherine House Boom Fire extinguisher comes in Firefox. down switches from my hand to LE pen for drink and while one in less than a second let next quit while running to this, for and for what yeah like why would he switched to us all I've when he switched to as off hand? It makes no sense not also. This is what I was talking about with the charging and also for people who don't know our fifteen. We don't have it here, but the charging handle goes right. There is we're. Share, can use human consume in with this
this camera right here in front of me, so it's an additional cohesive coordinates someway closer, not dissolve, ok, right there, you guys can see this. We remove like these that we remove the bulk carrier here for people who don't know from open air fifteen front the flag anybody in here, but there is no bulkier in the charging handles right here now. Why does this matter? And I do not think that we can bring back up. We don't have this prepared, but the not Rosenbaum. I forget the ape the assholes blend together after allow day you're, not germinal. These so edge K s you yeah gauge, ok, so Gauge claims also that Kyle cleared a malfunction or re rack, yet keep Goin Yacu going over here. They're right in between this guy get. Ok, ok, so yeah go right there s a pause. So gauge claim that Kyle RE read this. What I'm positive is not possible and by the way you know where this came from, keep it up there. You know this came from gate,
twitter yeah, just say it out, just him no uncorroborated so right now, Kate hold that clause, but collectively so right now we have co Rittenhouse K with his, but here you know it up or short you're. Getting we had an honest, but- and you see right there, his hands here, yeah, correct, very clear right hand is here now keep in mind. This is not like in a k or, for example, I have a carbon rifle. Where you can charge, you can charge the gun, for example, and a care believe it's around here right. You can charge boom racket and you didn't see it right because of the office data by the gun the boom effectively and they are fifteen. You would to pull this back now see how that changes. The arm yeah now to be clear in the mill. It's the only way to bring up that image again. Paused video, so he is sitting your aim. This way, can you put me in a fort yeah he's sitting your aim. This way
This link is this: going to fight against my shoulder. You ve already seen that there's no slackened collaret now this link when they try to take his gun away. The sling is tight. So in the Marines, they used to say yes to keep this hand on here. You would rack or you're sorry clear malfunction by tat with a magazine rack. Thank you might use your left hand. The thing is, I don't use their their sling didn't have a tight slink right that point. They can have a gun far away from himself. My point here, it's really difficult, for him to do it with his left hand, if you were to do with his left hand and keep in mind how little tiny had he would have to go over with his can't hear clear this back. If there were some kind of a man by keeping like minded or no round that were found that weren't spent reject. So there is no evidence at all, so he would have to clear that either like this, which would be like looks kind like across both the people who use air fifteen's or be really difficult.
This is tight in my shoulder to try and do it with my left hand, here very, very awkward, to do that, and what a quarter of a second and be back and shoot a bicep. Nobody knows I don't think it holds up in the reason that we're making such a big deal out of this is that this is the linchpin. This is- and this is what the judge was taught whose telling him to be careful with yesterday, yet we're talking about it after the jury had been out and asked for more evidence this. the thing they're saying that he provoked the entire thing and that would preclude him. From claiming self defense what you ve just seen is at very best based on your picture. That gun was disappointed about three feet above the head. If it was Did it all ring? Has an ex them every best He would amiss if a mile, if he is if he was trying to do it, people do get a little jealous, though, when you have a tight sling. Nice rack. Yes, lady, yes,
within that social. When you re rack ethical, that's like rolling back LEO dont, you can't view lies in there. I will need to do now. I can't get ball left seventy miles, but then the guy who had mast himself and hidden behind a car comes out and he is now. So let me just put it this way. If I point my gun at you, because I sense that you're a threat does that give the right to chase me down and beat me no now we ve already been throw that, but what I'm saying is now a territory s first off. It is an illegitimate image that should not be a dead miserable and second, the case is being made is, is not physically and simple, but certainly less likely than OJ. Nothing will effect. Gloves. Put it that way. You're gonna say the case you just made makes it pretty impossible. I'm just pointing out that I think the lawyer should watch that show at eight a m, their defence down. I well, they didn't have time to prepare for it. Then that is generally mean, that's whether turn so that last minute, they edited. Why would they edit the aspect ratio and send it over? we want to make sure that you can all you had it and for K. I can
my sight dropping the resolution. Remedy, put it that guy, the half dear one is the principal from Beavis in butter laughing sort, but that is what we look, drastic measures are not yet, but I I I believe that they would have done that. Out of stupidity like I do believe that there might just be a complete ignorance, claiming that over I and I started by saying that when he aimed a loaded gun at the jets. What I mean like you look at your loud it all on pattern of this size that sky, not all articles where you ve, been investigating the wrong people. It does appear this man, ain't been loaded, finer, Armand, an unsuspecting jerry. The order of my job is no longer required. He also exerted casually set down a fire extinguisher deals which rule with his gun a re racked it and then killed a better way. A moment bike What's it, I've got it here they returned.
Just to clarify. That was not a loaded weapon in the courtroom, but he didn't know that for sure and- we are now you're gonna just gravity drive avatars interdisciplinary, though its ever and you don't know what it is, we ve just grab like cocaine in a drug trade ministers hey. What are you going to bump like that would be ill. Advised jury stop moving so fast. Is the sheer readier up not guilty here on the other side. But I don't care, I got there. even in those protesters have any that Super sentinel. I hear made in the lab and stabbed into people of cancer by the way. What we're talking about firearm safety sponsored by Walter The latter was gonna, get a Walter arms dot com how many sponsors on the show you can find a dealer new Walter, I'm sorry We can't buy firearms online, obviously, at from direct from the site, you can buy them from brokers online where they would ship it to another fell, but
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essentially the door if I just used to donate their launch and get the planet now famous up getting very comfortable crushed velvet piano Buick start out with rushed IKEA Irish, your car, ok, but I really believe, as we have an update outside the court has. This is from pillar immense, whose rapporteur for the local channel that the ABC Wisconsin hearing reports, that the commercial sheriff arrested. Someone for following jurors on a bus claimed to be from NBC or MSNBC their credentials member of the network, asked identify a photo said he doesn't work. Rather, we are bringing to confer more details. Jarvis just born, so Donald I was confusing Crusades and launch a dynamic Cristo done about him since Batman around and say what I think he's didn't. Actually I was L, a cool j, wonderful rough times insurability. I can't imagine how bad that is. I can't imagine that person should be
asked it. Yes, they say they went round one anywhere, shabby that don't mean just like putting a drunk in the drunk tend to have real, I mean they should be. They should be put in where they're putting the queue and german but honestly, and though they want to send a message like, you cannot intimidate Georgette like this. This is a problem. This derails the entire justice system. If you let this happen, if juries can just be intimidated with prejudice the others, haven't. There's gotta be industry with prejudice. I don't point if they try to arrest him of that year. Oh here's, my question now so, can you bring a tweet back up their token own? So it says that this is least wonder who was followed is out of their say that they were following that us reviling archers onto the bus for following jurors on a bus. So that's on world us on a bus sets plural how many jobs have been compromised right. Think it's it's six degrees of of jars and this trend. It's really easy. We know this person, we know that. Ok, you can track him down. It's it's a problem and a lot of these people are afraid to do the right thing, because They also don't want to lose their ability to make a living, and I want to put a family in predict. We use
only have to put mobsters whose etched in witness protection yet do that because a black lives matter Antiphon with germs, and then they would He killed a witness protection because we didn't do a very good job. All we did was we didn't have was Mammy the bull yeah yeah. He was just in Arizona and he's like a guess. Also, ecstasy and no one is affected, hey who yours
where it is money Sammy the bull. What twenties every one of his neighbors were like? Did you see that Sammy the bulges moved in here? It doesn't even like a low profile area suburb, my name's Da Samuel, Hey Mr Sam or Mr Bowe High. I dont know what you prefer just wanted to bring some sugar and say welcome in the neighborhood you, oh my name's, Jackie, the Bull Mcdonald down you're. My only made my name is, my name is done. The steer here you want to roll on some launch peak mature, hurt you face here. Yet lightly Are you native Arizona in my all working life?
and bread Board and read: write Haven, Phoenix you like the new, were you like the new stuff I put out the pillars. The columns angel boy, Pat lie in that line had found costs me. Two million dollars, which I earned, as you know, is a grocery clerk at the local Piggly Wiggily. I the killed. Twenty. Two people now not on our shared, says, born and raised in Brooklyn what what's what it all about even denied it all about how read my short yeah? What are you doing during this nosey knows: obey a written, my shirt what's next gonna be I gotta, be read my bank statements. Get a look at my eyes. Are pay your car has New York. tool for right. Let's go for a ride, a goat yeah. You know what I like, that you notice my plates yellow get closer yeah. You wanted to close with a drunk how about it. It shut your mouth.
now, I'm gonna shoot ended a trunk like a good bit of Arizona and would seriously what do we have? The butchers underwent its protection elements. Ridiculous you're gonna have assuming this is. This is not justice his mob rule, and this is why it is important and I'm going to let you in sharp acumen on Sherman Asshole a little, but this is what import. When people say where we are not a democracy where a constitutional republic, you need to understand that now. That does not mean that there is no democratic process in this country. The founding fathers understood that democracy was mob rule. You understand that democracy, pure democracy, when people say we don't really liven up your capitalism. That's true, but not really arguing that we need to live under completely entirely pure capitalism. We do have legitimate her views of government to make your people are playing by the rules things I can. I trust, lost when people say that it's a gorgeous chain, the definition of words. What you need, democracy
pure democracy, means mob rule just means people vote and we want to keep slight. Most people want to play We would have no right of slavery. It was pure democracy, women. What never gotten the right about with appear democracy, The men who voted for women have the right to vote and welcome here, by the way, we're sorry, we really should have let you there was a bad bad call. Miss I mean you know up until it's like you know. We gave you the right devotes centuries of urban rural decadence. Bring up and then Virginia now, ok, you're making up some some ground physically. bird like you, give it a shot. Amelia she's not coming back and they voted in Portugal. It was more like they Hindenburg, so thanks for a Hilary bitches. If they only knew so under my leg is shown to his eighty. I know I don't know all I care about what I call him. A Glinda bitch doesn't mean I'm calling a woman bitches
No, it's very specific areas, personnel, even one- and if you are acting as though it is not a descriptor that you have used in your private life, I don't trust you. We have also never sang a raft song from the ninety nine ongoing about civically rhetoric, or so you ask Dr Hirsch what you shouldn't have coffee can't ankles. Yes, reluctantly, those art, I mean beauty I didn't mean grows in a bad, whereas our telephone game of string. Yes, I'm sorry, you speak into one ankle. hello. Hello can hear around hollow your husband cause of from work duty on it. Meanwhile, the US exactly. Ok, so look let's go to the coup and on Sherman here, and I want to know what you guys think and will see if we have any more up to date and the trial replaying, they don't The used to on my Chloe bottle Jacob Chancellor is the guys you just sends to forty one month in programme Jacob doesn't quite
You're, not german, guys, I'm trying to say I don't wanna shared by name Jacob. I want to go top of the Himalayas. Yo Schuyler he's got it for you, gonna get to the top of BS conspiracy theories. Take Jaeger, few name, your kids Schuyler just go to Hell, yeah exactly well. I think they are so no offence. The guy never committed a violent crime, regardless of where you line up, and you let me clarify the reason that I dont like this guy is because what everything, but it's because even blamed Donald Trump for doing stupid, stuff, so he went out there he's been an idiot he's been seeking famous whole life. He doesn't do is due diligence he'd, let you I've done every other, stupid conspiracy theory and then he said. trump made me do it. I think that's cowardly, so I dont dislike him for the reason that a lot of other people just like I'm, I'm just not a huge fan. That being said, he is even being accused of committing a violent crime. Forty one months in prison also he's
on camera, just to be clear on camera when they were allowed into the capital telling me to be peaceful here, you go, Another, is going to be heard. Everybody this month earlier. I just why Tom hang. We want to know the guy, you don't chairman's on long regarded, it sits what's going on here seriously. Why are you here? That's my pipe iraqi, accurate and challenges. Well, don't out all now you ruined then do the cuban Jonah move. My pipes: are you doing this to real?
you're, not gonna, love that watch the window in these four. yeah, I don't know what's going on german- cannot really my vocation no, but it's annoying is agriculture. You gonna that is expensive microphone here. We have ok that remarks Sharm and stop get what a joke. You will issue a non german and remove my pipes. I just in my MIKE the batteries, I guess they look green room, just one to come in here. Yeah he's not spots, delicious prison sex. I still don't understand for allows either what what is Should you be in presentation, so lets the clear here. plead guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding which carries a MAX twenty years of imprisonment, which also sounds ridiculous. Three years of probation potential, five, ten and fifty thousand dollars
he's not even being accused of a violent crime or looking at over three years in prison. Now, let's compare that two molotov cocktails and by the way, Yet we have the updated montage you're right. We have just to be clear January six of the most violent day in history, and I will add we obviously no that's not true, because people were ordered right. Cities were burned down to the ground. I mean just canosa strong example, but then it was what I say what I was because the capital and its emblematic of you know our democracy and so that then. I realized nobody. Second, they bombed court houses, and let us remember this: they tried to The White House is why don't they don't just compare what you and on Charmond remember repairs two of which there are not enough
look you're doing a disarmament, smoking commercial laugh! I use a broader than inside riots visa. Then I went down on gathering data Johns Ally later than in the nineties, were I would do it again and again and again get this guy. I love how they always give you five to forty thousand dollars, but then you can't work the mouth of a plan a neck. I clearly has a quarter million, hoping jurists, salt mines. So let's compare what he did and you see on camera and the prison sense verses Molotov cocktails gas bombs destroying court houses and trying to take the White House. Mostly peaceful pile of brain is having a fire sale while exploded.
The court house now looks like our citizens churches on fire. The parish office are, we went, upstairs and it is on fire. There is definitely a fire here. Thank you, This is the White House there trying to keep down the fence- and I remember just clear, let's just be very clear that they weren't invited in well now It also compare so you think, over forty months in prison for trespass, what what am I so? What a kid skateboarding private property does, let's be clear about it. and maybe a party not even drunk, not even drunken disorderly disorderly. So if compare that with anticipation, rosemary have eleven Norman interfering with police officer. Disorderly conduct was cotton really John colony hacker, felony robbery, cotton release Daniel Kristof Crystal Marion do you, I assault trespassing catch released?
Benjamin Union, disorderly conduct, felony rioting catching release and by the way, this the Cuban on showman just to be clear. It's one thing! If your nonviolent it's another thing: if completely nonviolent with a weapon on premises where it will be prohibited, Rowan beyond to carry guns into the state capital He didn't have a weapon didn't even have a weapon. So what are they do they claim that his flag post was a weapon? what does the payment, even though he didn't use it violently? Also, eight: where have we see people accusing Those who disagree with us of flag posts is also. And I felt a Venus I like the sign now look at this recognised.
Now. What should we do now? They say he's got a weapon god, oh my god, they dislike Donna telling destroyed you sign, and I like it got us that's what Braddock these gotta posts have these trained I don't understand how they can give this guy. That kind of oh, I do not mean, sir, Why no side of the people, the wonted? Yes Roy, every ideology they're not on your side, people nigh. Why are they not why we like, when it comes to the capital and comes their own public buildings? Everything because of the narrative Y know now, because of the narrative with scaring people are a controllable people, It's the same reason that mere girl and allied about them, adding security tag next apparent protest, uncritical raised, very timid.
terrorists. How many, by the way, how many people have been killed at PDA meetings this week. Yeah, then I'm sorry about this year at all how about from anyone who protest, none, ok, several dozen, that these rights are right- I think we're done. I think we're done this conversation, it's not that they care about your security, its they want. You depend and on them for security, let's just on the population and let's make sure that they know the feds are in control and by the way, call the cops, but don't call the cops because they're all racist. So I don't know now Let me remind you that in thirty seven of those people, six are still being held in jail as of September and a picture release programme, no catch very them like fish. They are the ones who are violent, gotta gittin like fish they eat. I guess it as long as not to fishy. My collaborates. Whiten flaky now accords U S marshals! This in the: U S marshals now. This was also for that CNN. They ve also been held.
conditions with four no violent crime. Some of these people. Worse than serial killers in one d c jail that that that they shut off the water for multiple date, toilets were Claude, inmate was with pepper spray, not washed off and got into the vents food, has been served, cold, congeal, This really doesn't matter all that much because at that point, honestly, they shut off your water is hold rude, the least of your problems, yet throwing that in third is kind of weird you're not going to make any they toilet line here. Think they burn me with. We're spray and ah, the mashed potatoes, almost raising their almost tasteless ruling. We bring em at that court on Blue. Now. It's been so bad that Rice, Lambeth even ordered one of the inmates who had cancer or into an their jail and then released because they went along and against cancer treatment so given. What I'm saying years when people say an uprising right? This is an incitement. So what's the other term, they use interact.
In summary, I got an arouse. Our erection has getting their used. They were protesting your riots at the place, where you're supposed to have a protest right, yes, exact, and we never in the history. Had people come in and actually breach the grounds and either sit in back in the seventies happened almost every single day or in Wisconsin for the teachers bill right. Dear Emma that they literally came in and took over the state Capitol right guy who were arrested and put in jail for years. Yeah Skywalker have any probably zero I think the Sharm in his awful and should be in prison just for his personality but thought he really the handwriting reality. They look. People maybe it'll separate. Do you think the guy's, a Gaza goofball yeah? I think you made some bad decisions of course to be treated worse than violent criminals who bombed buildings. Of course. No, no, Should people be held with with really forfeiture to their rights with no conditions?
this point in conditions worse than serial killers had no absolutely not, and if we can't find when people talk about common ground. Let's get this idea come again, because we have to agree about just empathy for people who do violent crimes, have been in jail for months and had their water shut off about some empathy, we ve talked about having empathy for people who don't get a fair shake. Who am from bad? Abraham Andrews talking about some empathy for what is right. You just say my side years he's either from the left all time all at so so tribal. Really you wanna You want to do away with the present system, but you when an enzyme June, because someone can be a political prisoner for non violent crimes on camera, saying be peaceful for over three. Years, because I don't like his face paint, don't tell me what a fine middle ground common ground Tell your moderate. You don't care This, alongside the mob, you're saying the same thing. The mob is the proxy of tyranny
seeing embargo on one side wants to use them on. One side wants to consistently use them up across cities in court houses across his country. They want to affect juries verdicts. Do you wanna know? This looks like in the future if you dont check something like this ended that five years ten years down the road just look at Russia, wicked Putin controls the state media, intimidates people and puts polluted prisoners in prison after stealing their fortunes and giving it to his buddies and then tries to have them killed in a way that looks somewhat accidental. I mean poison. It's on the table They have been rather Zack regret some, I said somewhat David and put a ton of effort and illegal migrants in San they're trying to achieve the goal and coming up orbs and look there's. I would be line you. If I didn't know there was a part. There was not a part of me that laughed when the russian Ban Pussy riot was imprisoned. yeah. I was just how how do you think that was gonna end, but I still think it's wrong, but these funny bunker oxen now,
I'm a joke about life in Google leg knock knock, not deal Ah gulags, you disappeared and no one ever see you again all Yoda real riot. What you say now will you I hope you enjoy Siberia, very cold, although I have to call this friend adviser yes in the cold. That is with you live forever. This is this is where we are by the way I think right now there are probably the jury is probably watching some videos, something if they're not allowing anything to add on a bus routes going along eighty miles an hour to get morale and prejudice. I won't! Let me ask you this right now: if they have some national guard deployed in genuine question, comical The way you're watching on you to please smash that like, but we ve been doing a lot this week If you want to come back with the verdict, like, but in other words when I just but because it would be a shame if we didn't have the verdict, be a shame if we didn't have thy verdicts,
Did you see my it? You see my old Cadillac coop Deville run. Is the perfect car for a z, Yip Arizona plates ever re, ladys silica. the orange state? No, no! No! Let's not don't argue, assemble so he's out too the ILO. Assuming that policy is also five. Five I wanna meet him really vanity show is really more my baby, I babies, affinities, lots and right now laugh. It is ass by right, Sammy, LISA, Gary's, guys toad about me right now. I'm gonna go hard, a mere hurt him, because that's how I treat ones. I love, I didn't mean it. Hilda Rabbit George this, is about Sammy, though not we get into that, but gaudy what
Gonna kill him. That's Conaway read it! Otherwise you would have been a normal, you know, but that normal firing you would have done a right. You know I'm saying niches. Sometimes, though you just have to take your beating just listen, Kraus, that's what he said. Oh yeah! Take you be. Let me ask you this genuine question before I leave. Ok, does anyone out there? including anyone whose moderate do you really believe that national guardsmen are deployed in Wisconsin because of the word about white supremacist, what you from this uprisings in Wisconsin. Now I feel like No, no, no you're, not worried. Look what I'm saying taken extremist group if they try to paint dolphins errors with Euro white supremacist. Ok, they're, not it's an arm issued! No one's actually afraid of it. Now concern. You ve never had a preface city for Ed Furlong and Ed Norton show up in their bomber jacket, burning down cities. There's like five in the country. They live.
Westboro Baptist and by the way where resources white supremacist at this point a racist to people in the right. I think there's enough evidence at this point we're account or how about this. You just call them. Pedophile liberals or pet. If they say you're ratio pedophile. What could you support? Part of us right? You got Bill Clinton. got Epstein. You got Rosenbaum every single time, the professors professors who support maps minor, attracted pay I don't think we need a less offensive term for pedophiles if there's ever been a group of people who do not require a less offensive term its pedophiles as a matter of fact, I will use the word pedophile because I can't sandwich child rapist. In the word I have two hyphenated. I prefer doktor kid lover. Yes, doctor
what fell really disabling obviates the almost superhuman through deep and Egypt and said the doktor kid lever. You'll be doctor! No, and it doesn't matter down. There no means Yang. I must go hand in hand with this right now we're gonna go to my club, David gonna, be in Naples. Florida. Yes, I'll call you racist, they call you white supremacist for believing that jurors shouldn't be dogs or people have the right to defend themselves. From now on, we refer to Democrats whenever they pull out the racist guard as pedophiles as child rapist supporters. I think it's, they and childish, but there's more evidence for than anyone in this room being racist Youtube. You can pass off you pedophile supporters,
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