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Steven and the team will livestream the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Steven is joined by all-star guest and veteran debate host Megyn Kelly for the debate predictions.

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Our esteemed before you go. We do need to get an audio intro for the show now automatic outfit. What people say: listen the audio visual yeah. If Do you know the tv if it did digital television programme. like everyone did ya, do let me know they made their bad, they can lie, it or lay in it. What is it why line it up I don't know either where they sit in a bed of lies mainly line of himself. There was another great video content, while all powerful they join a lot of Canada comes less Muslim, otherwise the audio video it'll all cease to be. All this has gone out. It was just an above average day at the White House when your favorite president was catching up at the news wedge
Mr President, there is a deadly virus from China, taking a barricade like China like a job so but then the worst possible thing happened. I've been exactly what the deadly try that virus scripture grows, so the very correct super trap wed to the hospital Sab even thought that China Virus had debated here, but I didn't he rose, rub Walter Reed had to China, that is legally benches and, above all, that it can in no way do the lad had a slut.
The confused. All right. Let me when there's an inch of our guests is still on. The line will be back with her drinking game, the hashtags, the problem. College, but right now, free gaming. We have the very fetching, always lovely she's there. Hopefully Miss Megan Kelly. Are you there here. I don't do it well, Oh good, now that I'm on a split screen with you- and I have these ties, so I appreciate you make in the time I feel really unaddressed, I gotta say I can run lagging well. I appreciate it because you are under dressed and I'm disgusted, but let me ask you something: yeah you're Youtube. His melancholy and twitter is making couch renewing some wonderful work which will get to a second also exclusively nebulous, tear, read because that's incur doubly relevant tonight, but I want to ask you something as someone who's debated, sorry moderated these debates in the past civically watched pension.
on stage in in person? What do you expect to go down tonight? I think it's. Basically the hippocratic. You know right, especially if you're Cumberland Earth, because their winning right there ahead in in all the latest posed by Why? So? She, if I were hurrying what I wanna be disquiet in his meek as possible. This is not the time to come out through strong woman. You up visible and the more he talks the better. I am advised that I have to say much and pay You know you needs to be the statesmen so today in the trunk, Zhang and Remit, people that you can be seriously be solid, visa beheld the has in the past going, gonna be like the one that people can count on a time of crisis, and I think that's really holidays Dixon him sincere seeming seriously be adopted at the White House in her being like a louder than here,
Oh, my gosh, I gotta go back to that. That's it that's a slate article waiting to happen, Megan Kelly, Megan Kelly, says woman should be meek, smart. Smart? I haven't Joe Biden- did the right thing to do, but he would have any more silent at last pages like let trompe drop and let it go remind everybody. Does things that are controversial? I needed the over there. I was gonna sit my last day, I'm gonna eat my caille forever. That's a horrible stereotype, of course, which is not accurate of all black slash, indian people buys you advocate. Did you just advocated vice president penalty jazz hands? I want to tell you: do jazz dance like it doesn't stop today truck either implicitly stated at the White House needs out for the White House and my kids and I were like the full body. I mean if you just a child but I am just keep doing everything he did UNICEF. It was crazy
like yeah, that's what he's doing it isn't just work is doing a single out just follow the bad thing. Let me what how would you grade- and I know this is tough for you make him, because you ve worked with him, and I ve seen how you do so much on your own at Youtube COM, Slash Megan, cut you when you say they dot com, slash just you to make an early on average people in my pocket. I just want you to tell us gotcha without sick, when we're done plaque, hasn't search for a Kelly shirt, very we're gonna, It's just I need you. I shall and there'll be right and its ban, as you shouldn't, have guessed you shouldn't I'm afraid you Eddie. How would you great Chris Wallis's performance with the last debate? Obviously, there is a lot of fall out. more people didn't think he was. I dont think he was particular
The unbiased I dont think it was as bad as people said. I do think he he stepped into save by and which, in my opinion, not a very good look. Ok, that's that's where I can get money stepping in save by genetic, How did he was on the ropes because, as the moderator, when the time is ticking away and one candidate will be quiet or keeps interrupting, all your thinking is holy shit and I was told Control of this, our I'm not gonna get. It is a tireless questions. The debate he's gonna feel unfair, because at the immediacy gets this part, so all really looking too you, when it's got onto long, is shut them up ass you could move on and so on. get couple times, you just try to ratify it and so a drop in and by its immediate move on and in an attempt to do that. You kind of quickly gave it to binding and that wonderful combat for Chris, but I think the areas, what did the fair criticisms of Chris had to do it? out. Some of the questions were loaded with information that was obviously bad for travel and not fair to drop like you
You wouldn't condemn white supremacy and what happened to Charlot spelling. by somebody who had been accepting the New York Times headlines, which is not like him yeah, what you know my I don't just it was what you condemn. White supremacist Donald Trump has done many times but saying You can download supremacy, sure sure the proud boys and listen there, our criticism against the proud boys, namely I just don't like joining large groups of people, because I don't like gangs, but white supremacy is not one of them, when the going runs. It is a black cuban right now, so that that really that's one of those things that amount can you know about the proud boys who watch any Vigo? Ok, even if we know what the problem is, that was a really unfair intermingling of two separate points, but forcing one either I cannot say I, like most people just assumed it was some weight supremacy group because buying specifically through it out will drop was like nay what an eye
I mean I've, I've, the news- and even I was I always what are they doing some groups to contract, but they done the best press of their life. Alas, we rightly that now it's like everybody knows what they are but my own red at that moment with tromp, was eagerly the precise and will you condemn, wasted, Rumsey Answer, and then what happens next he and bite, and at the same time, though, do it do it? Do it now now in what what and does anybody think Donald Trump is, can respond well to that right, he doesn't like me, doesn't like to be controlled by other people. He hates the media needs is opponents, and I think he was just sort of trying to get like gotta, be your little puppet. I said sure, that's good enough was move off. You know, I think it's. I think your rights that do it do it. What is the children of the current world of us? Were girls? Go yourself, it's true. It really doesn't like going what people Tom Adieu- and I do think there was a Fair returns organise our unlikelier can and you know you take, dare they want to go, I roll out of the bottle whatever they want you to do it and elect. Do it do it and then you suddenly, like I, don't
you- and I don't like this game piece out- isn't how girls play truth. Are there way around the mud, because we have very different childhood. Its visits disk. men are disgusting, I'm sure you're married to one. So you know, but our truth or dare was really bordering on criminal Newport was actually criminal law, its different twenty twenty not allowed even think about another person at all. You are always go with truth always with truth and then just lie that How you win that level. But why? Not only learned, as it might be worth almost a decade of life, that's Has girls are earnest right, girls mature earlier and for some reason, immaturity come to this idea that they have to be honest and we'll get into less trouble. We know it's always better to not get caught. large, because it provocateur ass is beaten by your mom's more than girls and rightfully so. Let me ask you this territory Obviously, sexual allegations against Joe Biden in you had an exclusive interview. We had you on the show when that happened. What do you think about
wasn't NBC or ABC running it There are strictly and network, and nineteen us realize it was sixty minutes right. I always get sixty minutes and Charlie rose confused because I can't tell the difference between fossils. So what are you what what's your read on that and to how much relevance to think it plays into any those concerning the Kemal Harris said she believed binds accusers so. How did you know that we will have nothing to do with anything tonight because it was in Australia, and People are watching. You know. American sixty minutes is much. They used to am I the australian version, Do you think he was all that time interview that I did because you're all on Youtube. Most people spread to other television networks grabbed. It was actually a lot of being seen by we mark and people the watch and sixty minutes we did. The number of thirty million They are aware her leave. The electorate is where her, but it has avoided that story. Like leg I mean like, like Trump coughing Oliver, the White rose garden right now
You're like power even want to talk about it when I feel about this woman because it took us to come forward, assuming she's, telling the truth that got guts to come forward soon, she's, not telling the truth. She at least deserves a fair hearing we were lectured about that at length during the bread cabin on Europe's and they've. Just wouldn't you the time again I don't think, you're gonna get Atari question at any debate at all. You know I'm wishful thinking. Let me let me ask you this kind of shifting pace there, because you may. Brett Cabin on kind of getting the legal side. You have a legal background. What you think about the de classifying right now with all the sort of I guess Russia Gates. by gate, whenever you want to call it at this point, all of these documents do you think that was planned. In October, surprise from from the Trump camp and is too little too late. You think you'll have any kind of an effect or even I dont suspect, it'll come up tonight. I do think it was. It was land.
It was it was they knew about it, and the timing is not a coincidence and certainly not the only thing to come out, but I dont think is doing you tell me to media than other than eighty fox Maybe even the Washington examined are enough of the journal will go with it. That's really get a compensatory, The media is all in providing they don't want to hear anything, it's bad for him good for drop their coverage, thus far the nightingale at present drop all along negative about prison, drops elaborate. They change this close out from the election. There clearly dying, provided when you're not going to filter I think the only way, maybe it would be undeniable is if something comes out. We're Biden knew about it as well, and they would have to ask him directly know something it sort of popped up and the decline of the documents that no longer even remember what happened with the present a drop, a major step forward. Achieving peace in the Middle EAST, but a major standard it. It was over. They barely write about it if you would
you, don't need, didn't anything. I can follow the August the delete your times, a pike us every day, put in his interesting it I'll. Let you know what they're doing what they're saying they ve never come never once they were talking about. I know some of genocide in some countries always ever heard they never talked about the Middle EAST where she sat up away would have, Hunter binds three million from Moscow widow to do blow off sex slaves hip on so that pop up in the New York Times by cast. I don't listen. No, they not day. I think they did a defensive hunter by end. that story first came out. I've heard about Hunter. Since then usually swayed brothers news like that to the pandemic back to demand them, which is the bad story right, I appreciate you. Do us neither said I actually have always told people, as I listened to the most biased liberal shows that I can, because that way least, I know what I'm getting there isn't spending that used to be really. I would watch O Donnell. I would watch motto Overman when he was still a thing. The young, too every slate and salon about now
see an end suffices really seen and suffices as a feeling for MSNBC, but daily is maybe one for what you're telling me that I should also be dependent, and I like the daily, because I don't have to deal with those personalities you just listed, which I have no desire to deal and I'm really not a consumer of their new product use enclose when I am what I really do, is try to read, read as much as I can from the left and the right. I got a real, clear politics stock of every morning in that they collected where else from left and right, and if you put water but the other on the same subject said: effects will emerge and used The two sides apparently agree on and you walk away. Little smart yeah I guess so by the way. He's gonna, because competition to you a key element, apparently it'll, be hosting some years paean political show on you too. I don't. I don't look kind of car Mc Bonnie Hall I jumped into worthy gentleman leaves a news network goes too sports network to only. Them relegate him to the online political news commentary on their you to channel, but that's where we are angry angry guy like that
I gotta tell you there, I don't need your anger in my life was looking for more anger. I, like you just being within. I remember I wouldn't we're taiwanese robot O Reilly. I was one day in You know what your leave thoughts for networking and censure mislaid. I couldn't we're gonna deal here. see another emissaries even ten years ago, and I It really go MSNBC he said yeah. I go then had to fire all women first and he said they had to set him on higher yeah and he would be delivering a soliloquy while on fire, I've never felt such flammable content to these degrees. Before I don't this is our right shut up and just the burn you didn't I know that I did a fig documentary determine with that was played by yours truly and he was past heir to the grapevine, ok, Megan, Kelly Final protection. Would you have to get going here? Who do you think comes out there?
after tonight, and then plug your juicy podcast for more time. That is not the deal. I think I think my pants he's gonna do better. I just do, I think, he's a great debate or he's totally EL controlled he's, articulate he doesn't uncle for his words. the only way you know she's gonna, really fall down in a mess it up as if she gets too loud and too aggressive and calls to which attention to himself. I think she'd be quiet and let her basket winning, but should he should treat reassuring seconding, but you can do things with one laugh. It's like it'll be optimistic pizza, so I don't know you guys the maiden Kelly show on pod. ass, available apple Android, wherever progress made it. Thank you so much for coming, and we appreciate it and thanks for letting your expertise Perhaps we would he have under that rope well, you know this is actually our l. I actually had a regulation boxing shorts and TED cruises on the pre game, the last stream, and then I didn't say I realise that there is a reason boxers dont, where those shorts seated this way their typically standing in the ring. So these are actually the new and improved but
These are my area, Harry melting pot, scottish German irish thighs, so replacement. From you play cards right. Thank you. Making tat you are welcome. We must go, be well, let's go to the intro and come on monitoring again rose.
gladly with you? I was a boy at the sound of a right that our I guess what this out. I owe my that was very stagnant by way really quickly. It is crowded debate stream, hashtag, credit debate stream. If you go to ladder with credit, I come Slash, mug club, you will get twenty dollars off for the next twenty four.
wars and my having intolerable Richmond is here he can confirm a page on Facebook has been throttled first, citing CDC Statistics, Rhine a watch on Facebook really listen. It's a fifty four shot the farming as a whole or not. So we just add. Please ask that too. join macro economic summit of what someone walk into your work and said: hey, it's gonna, be a pagan to make some pay cuts, they, oh my gosh, what's gonna be, why could be five percent could be forty five percent which is it that's what I'm Dounia I see up. That's that's what happens when Facebook in you to decide to throttle us but we're working right there, half asian! Yes! If I leave suddenly in the middle you'll know something is finally settling the metals because they have stomach bug, don't worry covered in any case, speaking with You know that on this day in history last week, Donald Trump
is diagnosed with covert, and now it's like it never happened like I find no end, it is back in the autumn. Ready to go Gerald Asia, we in this house by the treaty and it it's fantastic, bearing an old right now about them are also going to have the austrian contest yeah. I'm not very large amounts of Ladys bore me it's unless they are my own, at least that's what I'm told, and I hope it otherwise, ITALY tossed out a window. How now little fire station down the injury of values, a hop knowing that Michael Jackson, you hang out the window rather worried, as do the Michael Jackson Strain ever heard of you just ass it, given the chimpanzee cage, above all, others now, because it bubbles deals both that chance Jim was vicious as hell from you that this is just an axe
Of course you didn't write off, but let's forget it all. They cutlets forgive the fact that he was a glorified pet file with an ice cream truck because he wrote remove criminal, The latter gonna come also slash Whittemore Death toll. We can go into material Ethel. I request in rank your Whittemore death toll posters. Urban, allow those machine right now and the Supreme Court just struck down or unconstitutional executive orders rights, costume contest for this, of course, where we will give the winner lock of Gerald Sayer Drinking game rules as bring them up bringing roles any time. The vice president gets a leading on four questionnaires, defend Frumps Character or the model. A up with Kemal, and you hear this thing you are to drink any jumper There's got to suffer question dodged the question. Castles equally not sure that spelled correctly or tries to be hit namely listing wrappers. You ve been dead for the last two and a half decades, rather currently active favour, radical, like anyhow down your drink. Let me take. This is different.
I think tonight- and I want to go to you guys, because the streams about circular quickly as fast, What what penalties he needs time. He needs a tie because there's theirs identity, politics of white. hate mail and then there's white, my pants, He is very good at staying on point the Kemal, here's a dirty fighter, she's very aggressive as a prosecutor right, but you didn't do so well on our heels, and so I think what penalties to do is be disciplined but tat a little bit of a patron transport really more patron Andrew bright parts, but and cut off at the pass. If she starts bringing up white supremacy going to take command give em a white supremacist. Why are you? Why are you asking me that if not stop wasting my I'm so it needs to be a sort of swat it down. Pod away and go. down the middle. What do you think half asian bill they give of common? It is ready to answer some. Those really tough questions as she got during the early debates. She's gonna be
I think she will have prepared a lot of socially remember the totally we have written answer right Joe binds a racist and rape as long as you don't really Jim Crow, very clear on that one. So I think that's absolutely right, but you know look. Might migrants is a lot of appeal to certain groups? Unfortunately, albinos don't a lot so he's gonna have to really give some credibility here. He wants to at least right now. There's some guy at home with his eyebrows look like they were burned out like dogma, and I think that Hence is the respectable side of the ticket he was brought on in two thousand and sixteen to give Trump a little bit more of a kind of conservative face, and I think his role here he's gotta be firm, but he also has to be respectable, and I don't think that matters so much because Donald Trump has been the most conservative president, modern history then- and I know- but I think I don't know- that's why I brought it. But I'm saying I'm thinking is to play that role of conservative enforcer anymore. He
to really just play the role of enforcer against Koala here he he's gotta, be careful. He can't look like another version of Donald Trump he's gonna, look like somebody who's a little bit more humble and a little bit more ready to pounce when the information is incorrect, but let you speak long allowing yourself. He needs to front loaded heavy with facts. come out no rather TAT attack and then given space of it. That way you can cut off at the past. and then he can be mobile, he can be fleet of foot. You know, so he can know he can move around a little bit, but he's got to come out in front load. It be beachfront heavy with the fact, with the information every answer he gives two reasons that thousand to be a little more flexible so that he can show that he can go off book because I think it's a question mark with with vice President Pence as well as if he is going to have to fight off, come Harris and moderator it allows us to get it in full out and then it's less consequential, so hopefully people there are taking notes. Dana bash, although I hope be persons you're off by the way. I really do. I hope he gets under skin, but lately
I lay maybe the way that she wants when she throws something out there, but I hope she gets riled because when, He does. She is better unrolled somebody out there right, notably awaited Tin cup she's. That's what you should. I accept the go identity, politics a little bit. You don't you to do what she does need to resolve. Some sort of conflicting agendas are the sort of radical progressive left agenda, and then Is there a sort of establishment agenda right? Rang people try to say she's a moderate, where I think she was actually rated as the most liberal members of the Senate did not include any favours to really brown and then She has, of course, this really crazy. Harsh agenda long track record as a problem. Getting a journey and use them into Giuliani made a good point about. Does he said you know as someone who has been a prosecutor way, I've we seen people Kemal Harris. There will be called later. They paid they pad the record. She would people who were nonviolent drug offenders to pat record and let but the big fish getaway car. So I think,
people need to know that Kampala Harris has done more to mass incarcerate, nonviolent drug offenders, people of color and insult them really to the state beyond their sentence in some cases, and let the big that the big criminals who are causing real damage, go Actually I don't think she has a leg to stand on with a record low lawyers. If he hated about landlord and averting deferring to the man, I recollect I dont confer just throw a fur at him. I like to see a pelt hidden in the offing. They might be walking out thing. Then you, Mr Giants out asian baby, I got my generous. It is Kemal, was attacked repeatedly for failing to actually take your late, some good plank some positions from something widened. so failed to do that. So, unless she has done something in the last couple months to learn what happens
since our income other articulate them clearly, she will fail to again inspire anyone to come about and that's what this will turn into is turnip yeah, and I notice that plexiglas between them, because that stop the virus, but I'm hoping that someone gets checked into the board's like a role. That would be an ant ass. I would violate what are they have less client they stand with is only plexiglas to their size. Signed a motion is talking can be directly goes, might really often aerosol particles can mean? Oh, they can't just like look around here, rather than we gonna hit the moderator off your times. Even didn't article saying that that wasn't going to do anything but hey thanks for trying So this about and again the hashtag discredit debate. Should we get twenty dollars off. If you join up your eyes, when I got it, SALT Lake City, welcome to the diverse and only vice president forbade of everyone here, Honey, don't origin by the death of the eyes when I on presidential debates. I'm
there's a page of USA today. It is my honour to moderate this debate within an hour or more of your modern democracy in kings. Berry all tonight we have a small and socially distant audience and we ve taken extra precaution, during this pandemic, mentally, among other things, for everyone in the audience is required to wear adjacent knives maintenance on earlier somebody in the way they look like kids, you wanted to go on the audience. Roller coaster is in step with America. They agreed to my mom. Do this for the photo? Why, at the end of the debate and now When I introduce the candidates, please welcome California, Senator commonly Harris, and vice president, my pants,
the ideal look alike and be genetically ethnic gonna get. Your guess is as good as mine person. You ask him to tell me what she wore the high yields are still bubbling dignan for Senator Harrison Vice President pins. Thank you for being here. Lobal highchair, we're meeting as present trump and the first lady continue to undergo treatment in Washington after testing positive, recovered nineteen. We send our thoughts and prayers to them for their rapid recovery, but come in for the recovery of those everyone derelict mobilise a virus that you came, and the commission on presidential debates have agreed to the ground rules for tonight. I'm here to enforce them on half of the millions of Americans who are watching, one note
no one in either Campbell or add. There isn't really want our anywhere for rebuilding advantage lives all raise two or more questions. All ask. this. Ninety minute debate will be divided into nine segments of about ten minutes. Each. All begin a segment by posing a question to each of you, sometimes the same question, sometimes a different question on the same topic. You will then have to me to answer without interruption by me or the other candidate, then we'll take six minutes or so to discuss the issue at that point, although there will always be more to say, will move on reading out the rule card to really want a debate on rising Americans also preserve the discussions like I'm, as there are no arouses about the big issues facing our nation s. The authority.
Let us begin with the ongoing brightening: does not lessen our factories restage filling her meals already innocent into Harris. The corona virus is not under control over the past week, Johns Hopkins what's that thirty nine states have had more public places over the past seven days than in the week before nine states have set new records, even if a vaccine is released soon the next administration or face hard choices of the topic. I wouldn't mind administration do in January and February that administration wouldn't do. Would you impose new lockdown, for businesses in schools and hot spots, federal mandate to wear masks. Lockdown. You have two minutes to respond without interruption: anxious as well
the american people have witnessed using what is your brother? We x ray of washing out of any presidential administration and history of our country, and here are the facts. Two hundred and ten thousand dead people in our country into the last several months over seven million people who have contracted this disease, one in five businesses We're looking at the front line pursued in your greeted like fires, glacial workers we are looking over thirty million people shaking his head. When the law several months to file for unemployment and here's the thing on January, twenty, eighth, the vice president and the president more informed. About the nature of this pandemic. They were informed that its lethal, in consequence, that it is, airborne that it will affect young people in Colombia
it didn't correct airborne. That's only lead to funding that. That's only recently that museum gave airborne is aerosol. Particle is not happening. Robbing Letty, let's be really clear about that, and that is incorrect. If you walk home better thanks that political family, to which everyone using the Pinocchio through the media law them better brain can better be a broken, wouldn't know, is new and a meagre that doesnt work. President said it was a hoax They never than I did and using it. This way learner hard at his ledger. If you wear a mask on the other side of his ledger, if you don't- and in spite of all of that today, they still don't have a say deal no. We have one. I will Joe Biden that over there, land of encountering any will always do around a national strategy. Based
the truck on China declared nobler calcium are administration. They could events predominate. I've got it in the EU that are replenish the stockpiles from your candidate riding with vice president. At that time, not I mean, of course, that you guys have done nothing about my job. I was nowhere and he was now. Will you? Let me know if you follow, you go out like a proxy telling people to go dumplings in Chinatown, what's right to re election based on this. Thank you Senator Harris who, she's coming to more than one hundred and ten thousand Americans have died of covert nineteen, since we weren't. Why did you do this? The? U S ten percent area, including the question who is higher than that of almost every other wealthy nation on earth breast? Our death rate is two and a half to two matters: that of Canada next door, you lady administration is Corona virus tat only work. Why Is the EU s death toll as a percentage of our population higher than that almost every other wealthy country, and you have two minutes to respond without interruption. Susan, thank you,
and I want to thank the commission in the universe- is for hosting this event and us under hairs privilege. on the stage with you now go straight for an approach, oceans gone through a very challenging time this year. I want you don't want. You know like a rabbit raccoon with your chromium matters they presented. Donald Trump has put the health of America. First before there were more than five cases in the United States. All people who return from China presented Tromp did no other american President had ever done. that was he suspended all travel from the charter using, although racist on him and like you call Joe Biden right now, all right come on. Senator, do not go dried and also rape. Is that decision You said it was xenophobic and hysterical here I can tell you, have led the White House Corona Virus taskforce that that decision alone by President Trump
invaluable time to stand up the greatest national mobilization since world war. Two and I believe it save hundreds of thousands of american lives with their time and reinvent cash rather than a hotel science mill. You would have to agree with that because we are going to be really must say to the delivery of million billions ourselves eyes, so our doctors and nurses resource to support they needed and began really before the month of February was are to develop a vaccine and medicines and therapeutics saving lives all along the way? the present trumps leadership operation warp speed, we believe will have the tens of millions of doses vaccine before the end of the year to come out here as well, not tat reality is when you look at the guide and plan, it reads an awful lot. I put pressure the Trump and I and our task force of doing every we're gonna get that anyone can go to clip wide. Frankly, we have for sanction wanting. When I looked round talks about you did not answer out your senders ppp developing a vaccine is the vice president to back up,
so limited like play, nourishes people just showing knows little. Both. I do not mean, and I mean only euphemisms like using a probably gonna, get a phone. I refer again right Paypal. I might have in my hand several engage body? The rapid amount is gonna, get up Macbeth what the Scimitar Harris like to be supported and absolute right, whatever the vice president is claiming the administration is done. Clearly it hasn't worked when you're. Looking, two hundred and ten thousand dead bodies in our country. lives, have been lost family that are grieve right, that laws That's also the fireplace the head of the different fluency ovens by a never ending and how many would be ok with many theories. This and their number thanks to Bob Woodward, we
numerous really think we will about it out and then, when they have rights, but with the other remaining that lies doesn't work ass, a washing since predicted conditions. He said because the president wanted people to remain. Well, let's go I don't. We should cause I've been including minors that are worth your fifty hundred percent survival rate of ninety nine point. Nine percent survival rate part if you're under the age of fifty, and even if you have that son of a bitch, your case was sent home from school and you didn't know when they can go back and while you weren't going, you chose you started in your body because, whatever afraid they could, while that didn't cut her unless give vice president pending a chance to respond vice presidents, you have one. I am sure that Mr De Gaulle- and by that I have thought of every murchen firm of this loss of love, and I want all of you going- will always be an. She was thinking to be for mayors in our first
but when you say with the american people have done over, the last eight months hasn't worked. That's a great disservice. the sacrifices the american people have made. Reality. I finally let her do that. Reality is profound. She said everything then he told dinner my real life Robert risen people in prison. Drop. I will tell you, has boundless confidence in the american people and he always spoke with confidence that we'd get through this together, When you say it has worked, doktor Valkyrie, doktor Bergson. Our medical experts came to us in the second week of March. They said of the president- Take the unprecedented step of shutting down roughly half of the american economy that we could Two point: two million Americans bow that's the reality. Thank you. They also service. If we did everything vanity, you have met the lock them away Barely one life lost. Is things many Susan, but the American?
People I believe, deserve credit for this. precisely that they have made putting the health of their family in their name. First or doctors are nurses or first. Thank you very, very intense, and I met to speak up on behalf of what the american people of vice president. You were in the french working and I only eleven years ago to do what I say of learning with you with your slave owning ancestors, but not here, for no rude, history to have you here and now. out of growing rapidly cases a mother knows there. So how can you expect Americans too far? Follow the administration safety guidelines to protect themselves from covered when you at the White House have not been doing so didn't want to drink, while the american people striated, over the last eight months they were given the facts there willing to put the hell their families and their neighbours and people. They don't even know first press Trump, and I have great confidence in the american people and ability to take their information and put it into practice
in the height of the epidemic, when we were losing a high breaking number of two thousand five hundred Americans a day we surge resources to New Jersey in New York. new or we you try, holding regional feed old. We don't like people made the sacrifice and they rejected the outbreak in the sun. Build happened. Somebody that more not less reason as much as global economic realities. S is waning. President scientists, diesel goes on. I think It's on the Supreme Court of the United States has come. On us in the present and introduce Judge Amy Cognizant of bank. You. Thank you very bad at this. If I may say that rose garden of them, then a great deal of speculation about it. Now, Karen, and I were there and honour to be their many people who are out that advances and actually were tested, corona virus, and then it was outdoor event, which all of our scientists regularly and routinely advise it did and here is present and trumpet ass. The american people
choices in the best interests of their health, Joe Biden, Comma Harris consists. They talk about mandates and not not just mandates with the corona virus, but of gum. And take over oil tanker. Thanking Greenwell needs to be all work. In short, we are very low Mauritius, thanking the freedom of the American, but let's talk about respecting the american people. You respect, american people, when you tell them the truth, you respect them. People who have the courage, which we ve leaders. Speaking of those things that you may not want people to hear, but they need to hear so they went on what is it? You look good how come you're not out of an unknown ahead as a reward you over the electoral gold down in a food. Why? Because of the ineptitude of a strange and that was unwilling to speak the truth to the american people. So, let's talk about care,
about the american people. The american people had to sacrifice far too much because of the incompetence of this administration developing died of the biblical sacrificing our Lou stage within our economy is not recovering. Andy have identified safely Texas and sorted it out, not have long to lose what they really clear. Sighted close Simon causes competence governors couple years, its inner Harris. I mean I'm sorry, I don't know you. Senator Aristotle like other day that most of the people who can be vaccinated. Do you be back there, but half of Americans now say they wouldn't take a back seat if it really is now. That's cause your and antibiotics to trust administration and flew like dark urge anymore economic guards. Action should Americans take it, and would you take it if the public health professionals, if doktor thatching, if The doctors tell us that we can only get worse in line four hundred another have done internationally. We ve taken it
as everyone knows this right in recent days, the presence diagnosis of covert nineteen has underscore the importance of the job really quickly. You know that clear long, that's gonna worsening. She wouldn't let the vaccination the role of the vice president. Let's just say there is a vaccine that is and even distributed before the election. Would you get it well I think that's gonna be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the the the sea and the and the reliability of whatever he's talk. But I will not take my word for it. He wants us to inject bleach out now. I want you to know that their let's go back here and if not I from Finland, do you think you should you have two minutes without interruption, but was? Will Susan Thank you, although I would like to go back,
I we need to move on an issue that I would like to go back, because In reality, only the jar, with all their orders, rang out an unheard of time. In less than a year, we have five companies in phase three clinical trials and we're right now producing tens of millions of doses, so the that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine. If the vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is unconscionable Senator just ask you, stop politics with people's lives. the reality. We will write that any major before the end of this year and it will have Capacity to see countless american lives and in your contain with undermining of confidence in a vaccine, is just it? It's just unacceptable and let me also say the reality is when you talk about
failure in this administration? we actually do know what failure looks like in a pandemic. two thousand and nine The squire was things thanks. it was ended up name of not being is lethal as the corona virus. But before the end of the year, when Joe Biden was vice. President of the United States not seven and a half million erected, swine flu Steve million Americans contracted the swine holds the swine flu had and has an additional is the corona virus in two thousand and nine, when Joe Biden was vice, president, we would have lost several was all Europeans will have major bill is waning, say last year was pure love. Give the worst gifts that they did quote. Everything possible why you toss that I am on that we learn from they live to strategic national stockpile empty. Oh, they lived
It is the unhallowed player recently learned from it, and I think I ll everything. Even China has reminded us that we should now would like some need. Our law making successfully limit ended a round of no more than I urge you all its conversation are reached. An agreement with Vice President Biden about safeguards. our procedures. When it comes The issue of presidential decent: quality, and, if not, you win the election monitors and he's still learning. Thank God. Shades of tunas safeguard elements. However, as you are the day, I got a call from turbine actually is and use the razor enraged ratings Redmain resource, let alone has taken. It was probably the most memorable memorable days of my life. I want to try to did Rapierlike brought about. My mother in all regions of the Eu
Can I pay for the age of nineteen gave birth to me at the age of twenty five at Keyser, hospital in open caliphs, and on the fact that I too burgeoning here right now. This is urgent and believes that she's eating the time right now that there is no accountability in her answer is that I have to say, but out of art from women about the dignity of public service hits it run up the time about the importance of fighting for the dignity of Nigger. I think Joe Ass only to serve with him because they could get saw. You know I have a career that included, look like swimming what happened when heaves models, innovation along the main form of the criminal justice system? I was elected the first
our job as a fine as men and women of color and lap, and he has promised a genuine yes worthy to carefully- will die second largest specialist knowledge and united rotational environment of justice, the living there gone transnational criminal organizations to the big banks that we're taking advantage of That is how it is that let me know about what we got em can't. Yes, of course it will be. The winners will be going to the blade, and this is not an answer. This is regarded as Somalia. Harris is doing every. I thought that they were going to China be danced out. There feel each other out a little bit. You know Bob and we have instead bobbing and weaving pensions, taxis, Barbara, leaving the questions on the moderator moderator because clearly trying to start the deck against Spanish, we'll all the way back to her that my hands We come to the rescue about nobody. Lifting the american people and after that, for years that we have seen Donald jumped out of the running to run out of the building around our common values and principles.
You're like us and charge trampled on reducing health, but we shall say thank you very much for your home. Just say: that's not the answer any question. Let me hear that internet settings present trumps. Doctors have given misleading answers or refuse to answer basic questions about. Allow unlikely emu is. Is this informational, leading ledges loud. So I wonder anymore does get. We didn't sign gently, proud, Susan. Thank you and let me let us in on behalf of the president and the first lady, I'll move. We ve all been just go by the outpouring of thanks rate murderers and concern for the president. And I do believe it's emblematic of the prayers and concern uh sure didn't offer every American impacted by the current. Remind me. After this, there was a clear the president receiving I saw the doctrine of Walter Reed Hospital it might have doctors, exceptional
transparency, that their practiced all along the way will continue. The amount People have a right to know about the health and well being of their president and will continue to do that but I'm just extremely grateful and was more than more than a little men who have read the bane of data that rod and we are part of some security senator. I want to thank you and Joe Biden for your expressions, genuine concern us I want to congratulate you. Project you're, a phone call, The historic nature of your nomination ever expected. We and the stage four years ago, so I know the feeling but The reality is we gotta election before The american people in the midst of this challenging year, in this I've, never been high, ranking voices. Everyone has an I wanna, it's kind of Senator Harrison chanced. It was under the impression that she irish law has authorised by voters Cavalry Point in question to heroines. Make those what's important to be a lay up and didn't answer. Word stage? Was doctors
misleading about copious. Do you hate trump? So I thought that Donald drums doctors refuse to disclose status of itself and it was a doktor saying he's doing well. He has met a fever and someone said: whatever: can we see as long scans? He said? Listen! The patient, Doktor Carr reality prevent would extend to the president's. I can't give you one skins on that revenge that everybody understands requires the oxygen war. Is not an auction renown liars down. I need to know the status. Why there's thread of hell lie demand to be the one to perform the prostate example. Seven you do that nazi. Some girl got a lot of us and is indeed for food. Four hundred million dollars, and just so everyone is clear when, when we say in debt it means you owe money to somebody maybe a little out of business like erratic ordinary errands, like a house building debt. What is
genuine thing. What were you the president? She has? No. Can you make those decisions on the best interest of the american people of you or self interest? So, Susan, I'm glad you asked about if rent technical know how things are achieving one ploughing. Yet it has resided rude many many years since you that's. Why I'm failure on other novel about page man, you can go, and I have some more like this document. Is ours, but Donald Trump on the other hand, has been about covering up every face. Thank you senator here I want to give you a chance, will respond vice president, I respect the fact that your bondsmen forty seven years in public life, I respect your mother. I was well not at all. The american people have President was business man. Job creator is paid. Tens of millions of dollars in taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, tens of thousands of american jobs
The president said those public reports are not accurate. it's also released literally stacks of financial disclosures. The american people can review just as the law allows, but that's ancient hears the Joe boys forty seven years in public Service Comparative Donald Trump, who all of that experience for years ago incubating thinking I turned this economy around cutting taxes, hireling geyser Margaret later, when the amount of nine that they're getting, I can easily be shorter, dealing more sustained, but when they are you getting him, that's an amount of time to get hurt. That's like giving up its actually actually worked up aid, which is about the economy. This has been another aspect of mine. Moderator reasonably trumpet had accompanied bring up the lowest incomes, amateur modernize retirement age are lowest, drugs rises, bring it out and bring it up. I don't don't let me down seven point. Nine percent in September, Sousa Majority rather had stalled, and there was no more the latest round of lay offs rulers.
in the airline industry at Disney and elsewhere under Thousands of discourage workers have stopped looking for work. Nearly Levin million jobs that existed at the beginning of the year haven't been replaced. Those who does it had included the casinos lax and women Senator Harris. The Biden Harris campaign has proposed new programmes. Who's the economy anyway, I M up, then then all reason rent requires training them up and put him on a little else. economists warn that could curb entrepreneurial ventures that fuel growth and create jobs? we're dreams junk ahead, Andrew veneering recovery at risk, and you have two minutes. Sir, I'm sure you're, it's ok. We love you on the issue How many times there can be a more fundamental difference. You average between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Biden believes you measure the health and the strength of America's economy based on the health and the strength of the american worker.
and the american family, what was waged only about our trump it away from the measures that they face on how rich people it on Does wind and a ten employment is down to one of hitting going tower and point to hospitals, law abiding over nine percent, leading to four years to trillion dollars over Europe every year, four on day, one Joe Biden, moreover, that healed tax bill? You re not ass. I never told you that on Monday evening they wanted and the means and on day forty years and one story, and you have our support. If I'm gonna run it now, we also have to think it ever happens. A hard thing to do, but Joe Biden we'll do that Hilary Essen infrastructure, it's about upgrading our roads and bridges, but also investing in clean energy and renewable energy again juggling last that money in what we need. Around innovation. There was time in our country believed in science, investment in research and development
so that we were in a million other guidance on the globe. Lie you invite me they want Nuclear Harris New House Renewable resource that we must. We have. You can compare Germany and France, Germany, power surpluses and Brown out when they try to go to entirely renewable energy and ignore nuclear words. France actually has or carbon emissions and the countries that sign onto this protocol to lower the carbon emissions result because guess what it takes: a lot of energy to mine those materials to put those up and then their incredibly energy inefficient. So you have to rely on whatever else the average is usually call and natural gas as opposed to nuclear energy. You do not agree with the science. You know how many accidents have taken place with nuclear three ever You may three mile island Fukushima and ensure no vulnerable and most of the death had to do with the events wage and procedures are not actually from nuclear radiation poisoning knots. it's entirely safe, but what into the science senator be look up uninterrupted
at midnight, headway really Truman. I took office. How long is around was slow us down to resume depression. Business Vice president, who tried to tax and spend and regulate and bail our way back to a growing economy, failed present, tromp, cut taxes across the board. Despite what Senator Harris's the origin can finally afore had two thousand dollars and savings in taxes, and true with the rise in wages that occurred most predominantly blue collar hard working Americans the average household income for a family for increased by four thousand dollars following present trumps tax cuts, but Could you just heard senator senators tell you on day one Joe Biden generation taxes? really remarkable and allowed right after a time we're going through a pandemic that lost twenty two million jobs she doesn't involve. That's why added bears eleven over six million interface, because we had a prison who
taxes, rollback regulation unleashed american Energy fought for free and fair trade and secured for, trillion dollar if they're gonna get organised, is not a man running on a family rights poisoning, a ratification of the wreck, jobs or you're? Taking the record hatch and prayed her, we literally have spared no expense to deposit saying- and I believe in Ireland is Joe Biden Dire, going out what they are buying those roads tyres. What do you want to show you a real problem? What are you afraid, you're gonna tell me said: do you use pointing regularly rigid the record that is verifiable MIKE pants after this is the best thing that can happen from my pants and is in fact jacket? which would cover the worst thing that could happen would come out here is a mere. Is you have rewind and try to find anything worth factions? Joe Biden wants to go back to the economic surrender to China that we took office. of our international trade deficit with China alone Biden wants to repeal all of the tariffs. The president Trump put into effect of fight american jobs, an american workers, Joe Biden, says policies on the ballot make
stick about Susan the amount, can economy. The American come back is on the ballot. with four more years of growth. Thank you. An opportunity for more use, a present goddamn two and a half minutes twenty twenty one way, internationally biggest economic year. Only given today to express our pants Senator Harris that we saw enough of last week's debate, but I think this is supposed to be a debate. in fact in truth and must not abide by the very opposite. Tat will not raise taxes on anybody makes less than four hundred thousand years some good value added in the residential salary. Well, let's talk about it. What do I make? One or two thousand does not drew gotta die twice in the debate last week, that is going to repeal the trunk tax, which would raise two was George. Hundreds of course were raised from the raise taxes on all thousand dollars in a tax break. Every
and who value janitor that is asked Molly, not true. That is now actually have an American really was nineteen hundred dollars online, like any more in their pocket. At the end, we have a conversation. Ok, please Nobody will not have now that is not a minor Bracken archaic has been very client. You enter the blatant attack. Bees are reliable, is the one who, during the great recession, was responsible for me wherefore? The recovery act that brought America back? now that from hence administration wants to take credit. when they ran when they rode the court coat wiles of Joe Biden success really for the economy. They had at the beginning of all, as does all that jacket, but Joe Commodity Harris just claimed
The economy that you are seeing, obviously before covert and twenty twenty twenty one was a rip roaring success because of Joe Biden when the guy who was actually running the game Ojo by my president, unemployment was still pretty much The average is about twice what it was withdrawn from three point: five percent- I don't know if we ve ever seen through point five percent unemployment in our lifetime, let alone with a labour force participation rate she just right. doing well under job because of Joe Biden by them? he's trying to blame the economy with Kobe due to democratic governor policies on Donald Trump, so, which is its sweetheart, be click north, of North South North South lose protections. If you have preexisting condition, and then I took it even though very important citizens, yes and its, and I we were together. We need to provide for like just liked. He interrupted me. Mommy later, Drake might now heart disease diabetes, breast cancer, they're coming fee.
He's in what has been a rude, but they have the right to a breast example for going. I thought senator like bids you, gonna murder, you and you're just called manliness. We hardly see by pheromones, overthrowing you into a dizzy present trumpet. I have a plan lives, healthcare. Baron to imagine we thought that in America, It is only that Senator Harris, you're you're, entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled you're on facts. You also have. Would you were running with getting good, though that you would ban Frank Joe Biden looked as rapporteur in the eye pointed and said, I guarantee I guarantee that we will abolish, fossil fuels two trillion and letting the Green New deal Susan. That you're a newspaper USA today said really wasn't
very different from the original Green new deal, oh by the way, did more taxes more regulation ice. We now move on entering cracking abolishing fossil fuel, crushing american energy economic started away. Some of the future and understand is a postscript having an arrogant and which are to their own fossil fuels and is more eco friendly than Saudi Arabia. Roy We don't know where gas its diversity and therefore I don't. I don't know why I just don't know like any hidden by Geier. Once again, I don't know, but I'm getting out your speech was a chain is a day and vice president wants and like to pose the first question to you: This year we ve seen record setting hurricanes in the south and other one her Can Delta is now threatening the gulf, its drugs in record. Setting the wiles right up there in the ocean and early as the scientific community has concluded,
that man made. Climate change has made wildfires bigger, no water, we haven't been more deadly bare and it may thereby, while looking facts, have only bring up the fact that we have record high great lakes and record crop yields in the MID West and by the way, the most temperate climate that we have seen a place like the MID West in Texas every morning bombing in parliament's work. I'm running both in Armenia met a buyer. That argument if at the same time, to give an imperfect like it like a walking, give it our regions in the world. And just a little while ago, the present assign the outdoors acts with the largest investment in our public lands and public parks, dear well, like this neighbouring divergent trump has made a commitment to conservation or laugh arm now with regard to climate, Nevertheless, the climate is changing. Obey my drink, thou Knowest shoot. What's the cause, we do about it? present trump has made it clear that we want to continue to listen to the science. Joe Biden,
global a heroine would put us back in the Paris climate accorded impose the green new deal with. crush, you won't do it or even girls who, in Turkey's analyzing the renewed deal homes that of lime page fail then takes over everything present trump, and I wish you said she would abolish the fiddler monsters negative as well. Until there has been but precisely because we have a strong free market economy, you know. What's remarkable is united. It has reduced seo two more the countries that are still in the Paris climate or but we ve done it through rest day. We ve done deprive actual worth paying their share. Our NATO, which some the american people can go. Look at the record. I I know Joe Biden says otherwise. Now, as you do, but the both of repeatedly committed to abolishing fossil fuel Diana had a fraction, and so by
creating the kind of Americans innovation. Of course, it's actually firing on basic areas requires the reason have departed from that is naturally of greeting. I was gonna because people malnourished and fractions actually better for the environment, then having to bring oil over on tankers across volatile waters. People are understanding that now more more at first, it was all chemicals in the ground, and I saw that guy was a young Turks show who lit a fostered on fire said I vanity of that happening in the fifties Eric scant again years ago. Thank you, but many of the I'm a life has been very kind while large to try and saying adviser, lizards. The green new deal really has such signs that rosewood emperor, arrogant, narrow, outward workings, rice, Senator here's worse as the territories where intervention you cover Vince, young and address Kubi IDA. Georgia has invited set in last week's debate that he does not support the green deal, but look at the Biden Harris campaign WEBS It describes the green new deal as a crucial framework report.
Zack regulated, able stance of Abiden Harris Administration for damage are listening, but I don't want to hear her answer this directly. So, first of all, I will repeat and the american people now that Joe Biden will not banned tracking as a fact. He said you were right back to the question on green new deal sweetheart. I will repeat that Joe Biden has been very clear. That he wants to jobs, which is why he will not increase taxes for anyone who makes less than four hundred thousand dollars a year. Joe Biden Economic Plan Moody's which is a reputable wall. Street firm has said rugby seven million more jobs than Donald Traps and part of those jobs that will be created by Joe Biden are going to be that clean energy and renewable Energy
green new deal, as you say, the question will understand. You just lie rattled whether we can have is burning. My home state of cowering on she asked jobs, a green new deal sweated, settling there you'll. Never having will you pack, retorted bounty, tell you stole Joe Biden Riverine and talked with the farmers renewed you. Let me tell you in job. I will not raise taxes, only one million more than the president and so Joe believes again in science, attire sentences, and I served when I first got to the Senate on the committee: that's responsible for the environment. Do you know this administration took the word science off the website and then too
brave climate change off the website. This we have seen a green new deal will give you why door leading wasn't your trade and not only by changing the website and working with it, but rather about your work as well as other crazy old by the article is often that right is put someone giving support to guys I've got a cold war years on what is an existential threat to us as human beings, Joe is about Saying we're going to invest in renewable energy was gonna, be about the creation of millions of jobs to any real. Yes, no net zero emission. When you do to see the carbon neutral by their enjoy Albino Donald Trump, Joe Biden Milton Northern Alliance on fisheries agreements, we have no time to go backwards. Instead of forward. We will also re entered the climate agreement with pride
You're Harris just said that climate change is an existential threat. Vice presidents, duly the climate change poses an existential threat. As I said, Susan, the climate is changing will follow the science but once again Senator Harris is, denying the fact. Even here is just something us everybody to know her, because I can speak alone which, by the way, how watch along folks could we do have to non commentator at least are more than average. Otherwise it might Dennis she s a. My specific question right there, Kemal harrassed come on did not answer. She let her off the green new deal. It's on your website didn't answer. Then she, as there you go run the website, bring our aim work. Also, this that there are going to ban bragging, then she asks vice president my turn. She asked him a very specific. She asked in a very broad question, but requires a specific answer. climate change is that as an existential threat, do you believe that
case and also wars and will follow the science which is entirely appropriate answer. That's an appropriate answer for your websites as green new deal right jubilee. That's an exponential well. I think that be determined by the science, because science, by the way is not thus science. Science is something that develops that changes, a walk down with appropriate at the beginning of this pandemic. Knowing, science now and the CDC revising their own survival rates, you about a hundred percent for people in the age of fifty. That's what science is. Science develops. Science presses LA science as a catalyst for things moving forward. But she says: what are you they have not just central and then shall call em on it for not answering specifically specific question. She doesn't answer at all abroad question he answers with an appropriate brought answer, gets called the math I go back. I do. I look like what he's doing
most of our environment and follow the science a ban on the use of job senator. Here. Let's talk about that hand, you did, but his mind will have an earlier throwing a shattered heart of what he thinks is an accomplishment that the President's trade war with China. You lost that No, you I didn't know what ended up happening is cousin treasure came back America worse of NAFTA, an email me evenings Victorious Lee was Sammy men tits heavy glistened in the single because of it we are in a manufacturing recession because of it no and We look at where this administration important manufacturing. We are honoured with little. By way of illustration, I believe now manage timidity losses. Long, that's one of those things are she doesn't want you actually presidential. Doesn't it lets us your common sense, your endlessly lose your real, rational right, little
action illustration portion of your noggin went? Ok, you know when you think that, after the transatlantic partnership play, some actually helped create american jobs and you're wondering just it's just you wrote that they were going on that people who are trying to think you're right, let's rent by the end of the month. Almost half of American hunters, are worried about whether they're gonna be able to pay rent library is we're gonna meet a guaranteed right now. Basically, stealing it from the owners of the property has nothing to do with creating jobs. Did the fundamental difference. They dont know how to create jobs when they say they are going to create jobs. What are you? How do you view the economy? Well, you know he just wanted more Americans took to have jobs, but we need to take from the property owners and gave it to the people who are rented. I written replies, it's been a cheerleader for Communist China,
through over the last year. In an that's my girl, that's my half, just China love not by vice president. We lost two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs. President Obama said they were never comes down in our first three years after we cut turnkey, very bad regulation. Now, Canada, just real quick, those seven million jobs references earlier thousand nicer than even the Washington and emitted a law that would be Monday's rubric, are having at the moon, democratically controlled, Senate and White House. It would pass deficit spending, so essentially, yes, we will get tax more sprang. Take that money create jobs, and although we agree with job fifteen seconds to thank him and thank you that's a good harry resolve Ivan is restored well for saving America. auto industry and you voted against it
no right now is that it is now time to talk of american taxpayers are waiting for the shabby vote such still sought. Then sucks now, horn relationship, Then why don't you want to know how crony the Democratic Party is black market for four did not want to take the bail out and forced to Arizona you're going to do this because we can make work, but you re w right in these agreements. If you don't go in it would be a shame fatally. I wrote that shouldn't thing with teen down basing if I broke, broke, shit or take the bailout competitors, How does this advice going to get there? We share with the kind of fire too. to say, be Saint James, fewer racists. I think someone driven old pencil in here and left organizing the ignition in reverse knows it. The cost, literally thousands of american factories declared
This is all a lot of jobs by South EAST blessing from my class, then Rina closures in Michigan, the United States, Russia and balanced agreement have not a low level of really parted ways of I'll go back and people deserve not ready Kamel Harris was one of only ten members of the Senate to vote against the. U S, embassy yea, it was a huge win for american autoworkers. It was, huge win for american farmers, especially dairy and permit West but Senator unitary say I didn't go far enough for a line and shown born you she's dairy, that you put your ear radical environmental agenda head american autoworkers and ahead of american job the american people to think TAT, newsroom magazine and said that the cobbler This was the most liberal member of the United States, for example, of enhancing trump, nor unrecorded enables articulate shrine of yours. You look at our policies. If you look at the equitable trade agreements created more american, we urge businesses can return,
manufacturers, United States right he's talking about giving a fishing pole and lures grand bait and barbours at an just like back, not happy about not a mission, cautious, you take the China and the World Health or you want. You want teach you my retires, the remnant of not less than a month you I got a job to do, proceeded from it do with China from the outset of this administration, standing up to China that had been taking advantage of Amerika for decades in the wake of Joe by more than half an hour. So little present trauma made that it assumes that we wanted to suspend all again people deserve never shows. Why was there is total rowing bodies over like even at the funniest holder, hadn't recidivists hysterically, Citibank, hence the present progress as it would involve your time we're going to continue to strike you vice president. We want
improve the relationship. Is there going to be a level playing field water, holes, China, accountable for what they did to America with the coronavirus? Thank you. You're too. Somebody asked the same question that ask the vice president is our fundamental relational. Furthermore, watch we had, I Mackenzie Stephen, obviously cleaning up the mercenary made when you meet very very angry already stuteley get to clean them, citizens from administrations perspective. An approach to China has resulted in, Ass of american lives real American. What are so America's standing sees me, now there are daily weirder to China. Has the merit of opposition says period wanting light of hope of thought? That was, a micro was achieved by President Obama and vice president, for example.
They created within the White House in office that basically was responsible for monitoring pandemics. They got away. Think they got bit of it now admit that era, where spare merge those now efficient communication had actually to hazardous waste, more specifically rise and broadening Biden dispatched Hetty China to monitor what is now predictable and what might happen homes and its throat, we now are looking cleverness drinking game isn't really analysing their testimony that he said the virus was from China. Let us lenders tell them after the ten t. Be in the actual unsavory financial ties of vitamin China magnetic Johnny Virus over three hundred without their and a manufacturer session, and the amounts
consumer pang, thousands of dollars more for goods. Because of that fail did we war that they called it? Then, let's talk about standing, Pew array little research firm pew is what I said earlier on and announce that shows with renovators of ours, the Ladys and radios in rebellion link world raiders were heard of Avenant YE at the end of its people, thought Moody nine Communist Party, Then the general tab hankering president of the United Relay the commander in the United States around the world. Wheels are today because of a failure of leadership by the US administration. Senator Harold you to see not only right now, she did not answer. I read the movie mushrooms and it was written and of its resolutions of vice president mentioned.
Since there is provision in return of the role of American shut in twenty twenty, so in a jealous love to actually go about these issues and in a judge around right, but they dont Brady's, it always earliest incense they're, just think about it, has placed in a racist, and every bit as we know, this and additives was accused demand on the top left to get out of your own rate and racism happy. But I didn't get a second Grover Cleveland Eurasia Bag around them in TAT did after some the problem is that we need a razor is that he has betrayed our friends and in and reach an end. and you raised dictators around we're who lets take, for example, Russia,
the umbrella. She really, let's compare Obama in Russia, but don't jump in Russia. Not your fakes deal dossier made up entirely scandal. Let's let us be clear about that. What's the Obama policy on Russia, verses, Donald Trump. What sanctions have we been for them international. You tell me we are, but you have the same, but Donald Trump. The commander in chief of the United States of America, refers to take the word of God. Mr Putin, over the word of the american intelligence community, you look at our friends at NATO. Can we can France has walked away. What, if they re, evaluate what it would avail every single time God for dinner, you're, not your friends, that's everyone else that NATO might start paying their their whopping two percent at NATO we were in.
Do you guys are only animals even some strange presently? Now I could be hard pressed, employing anyone who would say that Joe Biden or Barack Obama we're stronger leaders and Donald Trump. You may say he's a dick foregoing in asking everyone else and NATO to honour their fair share of the agreement. You may not like it, but he actually got it. Does Barack Obama didn't buy had forty eight years, he could have spoken in someone's ear. Instead, he was busily grab and Jupiter grabbing. Tents are worth Donald Trump. He hasn't understand that because he doesn't understand what it means to be honest, Thank you for real action to some really miss no anti minority which just what up on your website from kept his word when we move the american Embassy to Jerusalem Capital this, Israel bow window by vice president promised to do then they never did resource wrong with our allies, but we ve been demanding Nato is now contribute more to our common defence than ever before.
Mr President, twenty suddenly somebody motion, this dream is good and we stood strong. against those who would do us harm. No one present from came in office. Isis captured in the area of the middle Is the size of Pennsylvania present a trump? unleash the american military and our armed forces, destroy the ICES Caliphate, there are around bagged abominable on American, has happened and attract just now: Baghdad, eggs, responsible, haggling for the death of thousands but notably America's hearts. Today, with the family of Tailor, Miller repellents, which are here with us tonight and SALT Lake City today, Two of the ices killers responsible for Caleb, Miller's murder. we brought to justice in the United States, you how to John was killed on the battlefield, along with the other beetle.
The reality is One was vice president. We have an opportunity. We said Caleb Miller breaks my heart to reply. Done about the military came into the, among other reasons, That is why, on the so they We're Taylor was Baghdad. He had held a eighteen months abused or mercilessly before they killed her. Karen Joe Bodies Vice presidency, because I'll get you in trouble, my boy when our forces finally went in it, was clear. You ve been move two days earlier. and her family says with broke the heart of every American than at present. Jump had been president. They believe Taylor would be alive today. Thank you, guys would destroy the ices Caliphate Talk about reentering therein nuclear? Do When the last of illustration, trencher or one point, eight billion dollars to the leading state sponsored. Thank you vital terrorism, president
Ultra got us out of the day. You vice president real in ensuring the green new deal, but actually talking about a lifesaver from islamic terrorism written today you got him off somewhere as matters more nerve. Bull shit I realize are safer, never know prison and done problem, never gain ice, pressed and take action an idea Senator Harris a chance to respond, but not at such great length because our Sarah, it's got worse, I wish they would just have a curtain. We ass. They would not wearing a cup you going to do a cup Chechnya to preserve its not standard of all. Before I hurt you I know about, you came in Why am I here? If I can't do that, guy, I'm so sorry, I happened to her, you get their awfully red and it should have never and the children I know Joe feels the same. Why am I the President Obama. That was just amount. Will you but you mentioned some money, let's start there yet here we can ask,
the strike and saw a man. You pay him, we kill. There is a lot more to strike on our troops anymore, in a claim killing been line which rightful and she didn't do it its day, sufferings and serious a drain, and do you know what Donald Companies acclamations give us a black hair and this? is about a pattern of double trumps where he has referred
to those our men nor serving in our military uppers and lose go like yourself. Just mayors will ever five minutes. If you find the times, we are very few by over ten sources, including John Bull, who really wants it to be driven by the way, their male records. The reason down front didn't visit those jobs. That's an area was in fact, because of whether there are record this is what's happening again. He wants you to back checking on everything whether legislation, I would be surprised if a poll shows any one coming out the victor outside of the tent with a landslide you're, not an objective of the Donald Trump did not performers needed due at the last debate. Right in this scenario, this is remarkable when you look at the specifics and the actual facts, and out of my Patents has been reciting and then that, like the kind of cheap attacks like that, the gas from her that Bunked attacks that only CNN inadmissible, as you rightly say, are still carrying it.
Are you a lot of here on your everything she brings on? They will do it if you are killed and Donald Trump had taught at least six times, the latter, when they are no longer characters, are plundering and never brought up in bringing that goes against what we tell them. I never did get TAT Joe Biden with big, but Joe Biden would hold Russia to account power any threat, how to our relations with our troubles, who there are no more. I get it back to hold them to account sake of amen, hold them down. Referring to Russian is hookers. While his son gang bangs, to make sure we have a chance, a really talk about what you will do, what she has fifteen seconds because, frankly logo, you I'm sorry with Eric. I stress the word had more time than she said so finders against programme, innovative tromp, drink That is the original young men, and women of our armed forces are absurd.
I'm sorry varying. Doesn't it ends up in the United States Marine Corps? My son in law is out of the United States Navy. I can assure all of you with sons and daughters serving and our military presence. Drop not only respects but reveres all serving our armed forces and any suggestion. Otherwise, ridiculous. but I say it pains right. People deserve suicides, people decided now vice presidents. I didn't. I beg you, Susan. Ninety, nine tunnels for tonight, Joe by you, get your campaign that may agree to the rules for tonight's debate with the commission. Present you you're green, is the rule that the nominated version for important hearing them you accusing the gang rape, and we also agreed a rule to try to focus on policy. Let her skirt every single answer and then she came out and said that he called the trips losers in suckers, which, by the way, has been entirely Debo it's there there is no verification, not at all other than anonymous sources saying that they don't trumps. I mean words that, over their Democrat,
I'll really running about governors game of telephone with reach cement, the court's conservative majority and make it likely opened by the way we should really low friction didn't even to turning the Lamb residents guns were eagerly stronger, more Edgeworth would then be up to the states of the twice president you're, the I'm a governor of Indiana language shift. Otherworldly weight is overturned. What would you want Indiana, do what you want to do. I don't need another survey, her place, you can make it a mood because I thank you for the crush. I owe you a little bit of my time to run out and she will thank you. person, so money. The iranian general was responsible for the death of hundreds of american service members. The opportunity came, we saw in her the bag and interactive to be no more Americans present from didn't. They only do look like the casting our powerlessness, alimony shore. Looking for a shrewd observed, another demonizing
Common Harris actually criticized the decision to take us some person, solemn money, it's really inexplicably, but with regard to Joe Biden explainable records Joe Biden actually opposed the rate. The against Osama Bin Laden is apt. lately essential commander in chief, who will not hesitate to act. Secondly, I would like to know whether that's into protect America servicemen isn't that I'd. Look in announcing having read the bandit look at us with regard executive. How do you know that it's now and I will say it as I live in this world, and I do not know that Joseph by, but the oppose the raising thousand laudanum, because that clears the lack of any military wing. Yes, she's a brilliant woman she will bring a lifetime of experience and a sizeable american family. This for the United States and hope is in dollars an hour longer than you are. Terrorists have an obsession with treatment from you and others that we hoped she gets affair
very solemn mania. We particularly whom we don't say that attacks on her continue to burn Thurston, fair and brought with all vital. When I was a raid on the democratic here, sure committee before when, when judge there was being confirmed The court of appeals is concerned that the dogma of her faith lived loudly in her The Durban address Kemal Harris has a very, very hard you national nominees you actually most was. I think tat, I think, is that under the catch the eye large files on pursuing she's here, because the knights of unless their talents protein nonetheless. Thank you. Thank you around the unresolved problems. Do I wonder if you went out for non violent drug hundreds of black but outside that she's spoken out against and criticise Paypal account? Will repent repeatedly you're the Senator from informer attorney general of California? So let me ask you a parallel question when I posed to that idea. The headline on the railway is closer to one, but what you want
your mom's no restriction. Look at, but access to abortion, we will make sure we know there are no restrictions on your worst, always up until then a killing or if that is your policy, people think and its insulting to suggest that we would knock anyone for their faith and, in fact, Joe votes if elected will be only the second we find. I think I have some club practising catholic as president of the United States. On the issue of getting a little angel practice. Don't A very Julia has had a majority, the american people. I think that's why we're twenty Saturday lies wars, a little sick decision about who will be the next president of the United States and you know before the one. This conversation is come up. You know it's been about Electioneer our election time, were literally in an election over four million People have variety
the people are in the process of voting right, yeah, you're, right of action that will literally watching a literary and then will be that seat on the United States in places where the issues, as can be more serious violence even quite, and I will was that he told the president a decision about, don't go ADI. It should in particular, I'm not mad or something, but here is a vice like I was a scare mask allowing hey right. Let me simply like to know how to solve a lot. I take this. literally been watching what does the catholic churches anyone on abortion when over two hundred and ten thousand people have died? and seven million euros, should correspond to an actual european which would eliminate all existing limitations requirements on abortion after fetal viability. Donald Trump is important if the training care provider decided the continuation of a pregnancy could pose a risk, not death. A resolute
representing the risk like I don't composed mental risk as well. I guess you just can't handle hadn't regulation is also a fascist because you would overturn over four hundred limitations on abortion that have been imposed by state, which is what was on their right. Let's go her, not answering a question. You can't sailing parents coverage anymore and here's the contrast can be more clear, trying to get what asian losers voting for demographic need have no banks that are some relevant there's some twenty six year old right now we can only draw up my parents, blue access. You know you mentioned earlier vice President pants said the president was committed to maintaining protections for people with pride this conditions, and but we do have this court case that you are supporting European Administration supporting that would strike down the affordable care.
suppressed and seldom stressed in terms of our Lord he's going to protest. I know I've been pleasure. He knows what conditions, but he and I dont want Europe breakout acting for existing tradition, that any better already promised that Georgia, when they long affordable and our strength, crap Mozart, specifically how your administration protect Americans with pre existing conditions have access to affordable insurance. If the affordable, correct, struggle: ass, theirs, protecting pre, existing relations are guaranteeing affordable, insured parties, everyone get on insurance after they develop diabetes from a diet of fried snickers and Jim Socks, and then they say I'd like to purchase insurance. Now, how did costs as well You can either have an exemption for pre existing conditions, but it will happen. Expensive. Unless all Americans want to see a multi hundred percent increase in premiums in the documents that we have three hundred atomic ass, though they really like you- can have all the above the moment. Really, I'm sorry I really want to increase funding to plan parenthood of American here, for
For that. I would never presume how judging Acone bird would rule on the Supreme Court, of the United States Jack. You would want to man Dwayne arrest wrong for the right to life. When you speak about the Supreme Court the american people really deserve an answer. Senator her, oh, you were gonna pull, arguing Joe Biden Gonna packed the court shorter your payment damage was made, have been twenty an amateur vacancies on the Supreme Court during presidential election years from George Washington to Morocco. Bomber presidents have nominated in all twenty nine cases, but your party is actually really advocating adding seats to the Supreme Court, which has had nine seats for a hundred and fifty years. If you don't go your way this a classic case of if you can't win by the rules, are going to change. I believe all of you refuse to answer the question Joe Biden has used to answer the question, thank you and people would really like to know. If Judge Amy Many bear. It is confirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States.
Are you a Joe Biden if somehow you, when this election, going to some act? The Supreme Court to get your way, I'm so glad we went through a little history then, let's do that a little more and not answer the questions run again. Antibiotics knew I'd like you to answer the questions they advised, as announced last state power, I gotta go back to her, but certainly the president. I assume, if you also, Mr Vice president, is blaming them later, but a little clip Abraham Lincoln area like every time she does not answer and it wants to mining Farrington. I'd buy not advocate people dying plan, they came up another night Supreme Court, Abraham, Lincoln party was in charge, not only the White House, but the Senate, who was not session, but honest aid fed not the right thing,
because no one asked them to known lay deserve to get an Ex president, the United States- and you have your team sixty langmore to line. I really like that. You shoe horned into high is even more and more about the varying paid. By the way George, I are very clear in May, you're gonna burn guards are now. Are you man, snotty aberrant, doesnt work, Amazing, on this most important body or a lifetime, are you. Gonna do You isn't it. I have mine
every American lost you, Joe Biden. Despite answer you narrow people to straighten out straight and are going to pack the Supreme Court if they somehow, when this election, when I heard tat people across his God Review Church, why do you want from Commissioner Joe and reject the resigning they re interested from November the third realer present a doll probably will stand by their separation powers in a nine seats Supreme Court talk to pack in the court them about such a directive. such bans pointy lands administration has been because I sit on the Senate. To shake menaces and, as you mentioned, and I have witnessed the appointments for lifetime appointments to the federal courts, district courts, court of appeal,
people who are surely ideological peoples will have been reviewed. I can't believe I lie down of regular organizations and found to have been did not competent are sub standard, and do you better get my radio handwriting co president from appointed to the court of appeals for life, Time has the courts, not one is black they ve been doing you wanted to talk about black mark. Let's have that discouraged golden dinner strangle you didn't increasing. We want to talk about one wild about it without cancer, but do you think he'd? Aren't you guys were years thing we can do things like broad? Thank monitoring is a bait when abroad. On stage I get your money. If your travelling Bonnie General De Gaulle Erotic now man, that was three times he do your job and I would suggest a nation broken to her apartment,
We believe it to be so zone. You pack, the court tailors boyfriend said he didn't you hear them. Do that used again rather than the fire a shot What year did you think I'd its little big trousers environment? You gotta running around sixteen reality it as my duty, I gotta cut it out. I got it, I got it. I got the action Look at that Julius was justice. my God. I have it here. Way. I know he's gonna see, ban as mother to make a poem you just and demand for family deserves just like a beautiful young woman. She had as her life gold without him a nurse as we want to become an empty. The first learn, what's going on,
say beyond its basic abandon their commoner. Apparently they do is take my pants isn't dance on reality. I admire the way it was in the hall and from what I understand is just one day might bring. I mean yes, the boyfriend said what they went back when he started again, patently that's more relevant than a direct question. Hey during. Will you pack the court's Kemal hairs? Why is the green new deal on your website? They must be nice to be a democrat woman and have to answer for z, whereas when you're Amy Colony Bear, you have to answer New York Times up ads as to whether your adoption of underprivileged black children is modern day. Slave ownership must be nice, to become our Harrison, just never called to account for anything you say or do Mars so shelter arm in arm during covert fighting, but it was ok for us to finally achieve that idea. equal justice under really- and I was a boy I about calls it and molotov cocktails and p
believes I know he's an exact. First of all, we are annoying standard clinical trial, but maybe there's an abstract somewhere in Tibet to fight for the values that we hold dear, including the fight to achieve ideal, and that's why Joe Biden and I have said on this subject- look and I'm a form of we're prosecutor. I know what I'm talking and also you talk about that. I know what we need reform you're a the car you anything in America and our criminal justice system, which is why, Joe and I will immediately Pancho, causing radicals. George George ought to be alive.
If we did that, we all eyes, no matter fanciful, even safer if they could have used a chill cold because he couldn't go on consciousness as opposed to having an me again is cervical finds dummy. I'm fine bail like marijuana, but we can bring them here. I'd showed me out of your way on air, not insult unconsciously, that at least eight times in only one or two members. I need you to have it. I accidentally refugees from stores people in a manner that linking so let's go guns for cops, let's band, I don't know, what's anti razors stated it doesn't get no seriously. Serbia was justice, demo whistle you have two minutes uninterrupted and with justice done loss of innocent innocent american life. in the family, Brianna Taylor has our sympathies but
I trust or justice, which makes this abandoned during those walls like yeah on staff. So there's nobody will work as a thousand prosecutor blame the grand jury soon and in an Iranian on this grand jury. Looking at all the evidence wrong, you're entitled Europe, a grand jury of your peers. They said no charges and with regard to blackmail Floyd. There's no excuse for what happened to George Floyd gave you justice we'll be sir. But there is also no excuse for the rioting and looting follow. now we have no matter the Minnesota orients bonds veil sign which, by the way, set free, she was treating our support for the multinational, I'm sure you'll get what I want to make sure I turned, and I want to ensure that I dont get Pisa these crimes and incorrect gather Minnesota Freedom, funding, she's
We have made one of those now Jeffrey darning Floyd stabbed affronted death, page nine thousand free crisper, Boswell, twice convicted, not charge. I hope you appreciate that half a million toys race rapist, who is currently jars of kidnapping, assault sexual assault in seventy five thousand feet. Juliette Stalin's gonna get away who shot a member members of a swat team during arrives, I give a shout out to all of them. Sweetheart by you, raise their money? Money well spent on their terms is, The great insult. And I saw it all enforcement- and I want everyone- has made me what we already have every day prisons giants of life. You smell mark of warning centres, which you are right about the fact and the gods rotten you're a real in your head and Democrats, Senator Harris Flyaway you got up, and walked out of the room. and then you filibustered, senator, attend school, bill on the Senate floor, that would have provided new accountability, new resources, but we don't
to choose between supporting law enforcement, proving public they ve and supporting our african american meaning. That is all I can worried. Mania under president trumps leader shrinking based, always stand with law enforcement and will do what is it as the latter is lives. African, I don't organs. We ve gotten lays cat. That's right! I later tat surrounds exclusively a lot of credit accomplished. My gloves, the broad has been removed tonight but get for example. I gotta get ass a lot for a moment. It has waited means to enforce the laws of I'm sorry, I'm the only one on the state was personally classical. didn't I gotta find out. What are you going to Rio everyone's either average in two thousand in terms of the question of age. I wanna hear what was the best answer you heard of him. question. You heard anyone from Biden end the reason being that there is a real recollection and there there's Europe knows about bag in the courts, from parents from pets. Want to have that on a loop like a morphine dreamier. Talking about that later,
while not at didn't, leave her mouth last night's president of the United States a debate or chain Round Warner range from every mile constancy in white supremacist and it wasn't like you didn't the chance? How about you condemn you, didn't billion diameter involving a thousand pounds, a started going overboard. I've wondered riots across the country, Sweden, and by the way you ve criminals, who are convincing rape, aren't you weeded out. Support fund have again today Also you good practical soup butterflies going, thank God, rapists and criminals. why didn't you dragon vendors behind bars and then you supported the Minnesota Freedom phone like convicted rapists out the need for racial, just we're a young woman was killed and on the
decide they were NEO Nazis carrying tiki torches. Shouting racial epithets was that the Anti Semitic, Mars out- or rather I says they were fine people. on both sides? I m not sure this is a very clear line now between good and evil gets. These are flat outlaw green new deal. It's on your very important, not answering packing the course to support it, not answering Donald Trump called troop suckers and losers completely wrong are finally debunk. She set free choice, convicted rape and now she says something that we all know is a lie. Just watch that video you can go watch my type and Stephen Greater Donald Trump White supremacist. You can watch the entire video context where he said several times at that meeting? I'm not talking about white supremacist and NEO this should be condemned totally absolutely here, the like she doesn't. She doesn't care
that she's lying and she doesn't plan on you knowing, because the moderator is doing our job- and she knows the rest, the media will act will follow suit of that moderator. Tomorrow morning you can see this should get five hundred Pinocchio prison which you have received. You rob backing for vigorously as we may. All of this is the the president who MAX and churches all of the american people that you talk having personally price american Ledger broader sooner than we have? Thank you. That's really need to make this point when you were when you were DNA in San Francisco when you left Office Africa, Workers were nineteen times more lively prosecuted for minor drug offences attorney general right now I don't know I guess there were the disproportionate incarceration of banks in California, it you didn't say and other non criminal justice reform in California. You didn't two years ago, the first step that kid's has little hill mean
the reality. Is your record staging myself. They present a trumpet. I have fought for criminal justice for thank you vice president fought for educational choice. I ass a deluge of Americans all of our banking sectors and will do it for four. Thank you very no. There is no wonder that you in the final payments are three and I had a vital issue of the election. Biological cell, he attacked my record I would like about. Let me give you thirty seconds, eliminated your regular, because you're running out, I prejudice that actually did first of all, having served as the attorney general of the state of health. In terms of worsted her that I did is a model of what our nation needs to do and we will be able to do under a Joe Biden. Presidents of our
agenda of the administration is? May I just want to make sure it might be designed around instituting a ban on chuckles and crowded holes. Thank you not thank you said, but I would like to propose that final around or- and I want to talk about the election itself around five, and I think that, while the between what just version and my record beg you switching foods, I wasn't a yard Americans refused statewide officer to institute a requirement that my age The browser impose marijuana legalization. She kept inmates jailed for use as cheap labour longer than the senses, and she supported the death penalty and she of imprisoned over fifty under people on marijuana charges visit as it is and then raise money to very twice. Contrary to what has made believe it, though, we did the work of instituting reforms that were about investing in re entry. This is the work that have done on the work we will do going forward and again I will not be lectured by the vice president
you will like it on our record or taken. So thank you shouldn't have about. We have done away of law that we're sort and keeping our community safe and a commitment to reforming the criminal justice system America, namely didn't when you sit here assigned, aren't gonna, give you locked up or stages the landscape, certainty, eyes. Rapid. I should final vote summary for luck. She had nothing to try and several times each to commit himself to reach one didn't regarding our after the election. If your ticket winds and President Trump refuses to peaceful transfer of power. What staring eyes and then take up what we let you read the next. You have two minutes. I'll. Tell you Joe and our chicken early childhood buds,
Joe out of war coalition? We ve built around our campaign. We probably have one of the broadest coalitions of folks that you ve ever seen an oppressive dazzlingly blacks course. Yosemitic supported family about voting numbers, independence and Republicans. In fact, seven members of President George W Bush is cabinet are supporting our ticket. We have the support of garbage college, how Cindy Mccain time Hey Centre, promote ugh, while I'm over five hundred generals hired generation and all no actual security experts finance monsieur supporting our camp Match Box when I believe I celebrated the aim on the need to fight for democracy and to fight the entire
about your annual hanging back into the first pillar, and also, we believe there is a need for into Jimmy believe in our democracy and here's. What I'd like to say that every body both ways vote vote early come up with a plan to vote. I've got you can. If you didn't, we for our own. These stolen in eleven days would do is make a while longer about whether or not it is within our power, and if we can use our vote and we use our voice, we will do and we will not let anyone subvert our democracy with what Donald Trump has been doing. It did on the debate stage last week when again in front Seventy million people he openly attempted to suppress the vote
really how we help. I, on the other hand, on that same debate sage, because clearly Donald Trump doesnt negatively run aground on violent drug of animals being locked about an honest, I say: hey this, please vote we are pleased about. Thank you, Senator vice president pins distress and trumpet several times refused feel today in dial to peaceful transfer pay after the colleagues look. Look, let's vocally sums policies and call me the floor and fact check me. It's I want the lowest common possible denominator to go out and vote, and I hope you don't understand a blood bath and took place tonight. Well she's in first and foremost, when I say yes, you know like in Iranians Novel Harris Reservoir, long litany we have set Bushmen in Washington, DC and establishments judgment a part of four forty, seven years, Donald Trump hundred eighty is launched from one of everyday Americans from every walk of life, and I have every company
so does the same Americans to deliver that historic between twenty. Sixteen they see the president's record. We We build our military record. We revived our economy through tax cuts. Rolling regulation providing those where the true anyone Lucian can. You can get on a bottle, Youporn answer, but in store, forget Nancy. There's a vote twice, and- we still get are rendered women of lonely girl, absolutely tragic us. I think they're borrowing money will actually camps, is not our growing stronger in the last four years, talk about accepting the outcome of the election. I must tell you the centre your parties. Nonetheless, three and a half years trying to overturn the results of the last election and sometimes when Fine, as vice president of the ECB I actually spied on present a trumpet my campaign, give me documents released just with the CIA, actually made a referral to
FBI documenting that those allegations were coming from the Hillary Clinton campaign. On course, all seen Avalanche Edward Range, isn't what you put the country. They are reared. by the way he should abandon those guards three years until it was found that there was no obstruction, noted in case closed Senator Harris you and your colleagues in the in the Congress trying to teach the present the United States over a phone call Now? Hillary Clinton is actually said Joe Biden, that, under in her words under no circumstances should he could see the election. So Let me just say I think we're gonna www surgeon, President Trump, are fighting everyday in court house is to prevent job, Kamala, from changing the rules and created universal mail in voting little create a massive opportunity for voter fraud. We have a free and fair action, someone could have laughed when inserted domestic doesn't lively, and I heard the President Donald Brutal acted for more years. I've I've asked I've written all the questions that I bet
Tonight deliberately, when you bless YO yo you you I like was right. A reader question is someone else, wrote the utopian Bake, commission s nose and we need blazed, don't forget, lays that's what I'm from Ben. I watch another night asked here accomplishment them on the blaze. People who are watching on the black women take energetic sclusively she's going binding. They, while at Springfield Junior High in spring time and here's what she wrote quote I watched the news. All I see is argue, between Democrats and Republicans when I want, the news All I see is citizen fighting against citizen when I the news. All I see our two candidates from opposing parties trying to tear each other down If our legal, I can't get along our this citizen supposed to get along and then she added
european standards to get along the minutes browser during twice considering raised as neither the thin so that each of you in turn large during the streets. Until I can, I imagine, with rape at Abrek. Vice president curl up in the tub Eric Linux lowers the mental shades com your mind and must a convicted regulars just running around again interesting in public like the hounds of hell. started following the when I was very young. Yet America, We believe we gotta get range turned out that America you're a subscription and news we can. We say about some guy- was shot themselves and wet retorted doors detailing magazines of religions, prosperous nation in the house, the world I will tell you I'm wearing your best there's both a reason why Jesus had understand collection locally by news We're a catholic preparedness and eyes with the american people
Look at the relationship between Justice, Ruth, Better Ginsburg, late Justice, who we just lost from the Supreme Court. In the late justice, Avenant Scalia, they were on polar opposite. On the Supreme Court of the United States, one very liberal, one very conservative, It's been learned since surpassing was the two of them and their families. I guess she didn't Nicholas was being NEO Nazi. We were here in Amerika WAR against Israeli. We can debate vigorously a sort of her house giving up on this stage tonight, but when the debate is over remind barriers. America that I haven't, that's what people need an unchanged and I am not able to what relations this idea of Seville and just one month for them. Let me again, I want to tell you that my friend don't worry, we're work every day to have government is good. As our people and the american people eat. And every day, she's in love. A government is going to love a good argument, but we all he's come together and are always there for one another thanking times.
Oh, come on especially learned valuation drew closer nature. The difficult resent the socially distanced surround Harris largely receive the Sakharov. First of all, I love to hear my uncle Peters, and when I hear her words, when I hear your words Brooklyn, I know our future is bright because it is at present, the who we are and who we should be. It is a sign of leadership and is something we should all aspire to be in that Spain, a job and sorrow by all aspire to blow be money. Reason cited as we were repressed is after Charlottesville, which we talked about earlier, well, I'm out of it so travelling alone and upset him like a dead. All of us that there was that kind of hate and wondered if you buy the large, there was one what our parliament, which course horrible and should be condemned as Donald Trump did, does not have.
closely over thirty death at the over five hundred violent riot with a thousand you officer casualties, fourteen thousand Two billion damage is not even close. Think that's like a forty five minutes. Rich in Chicago over the weak as a hissed one death of lift we're going to pull out of the twenty five to bear its signatories from the number you mean you have to know just story to know the Joe has known pain is known suffering and he has no love and so and he laurette than when you think about the future of the future Accused him of loving to mind will be your leadership. Didn't you say that won't leave this accusers. Has we fight even grandma detail just right. Sexual assault and we get Can you also that there is a racist like a Raby, Jim Crow? Have the ability through leg, is a little bit of Asia other about Horny, David, Duke the future of our country and what its leash?
He was just a handy Robert word, as you describe as thanking vice president, and thank you so much for being with us tonight We want to thank also the university of you talk. How not me and most of all, I got one more question for blazed. Yet if it's ok yeah, here. What was the questioner topic you wish was asked of either can They didn't get wouldn't want to be run. The moderator about packing those cards are what we are going to promote instead pants. I ask it twice and in get an answer three times I think actually are three times. Thirty times resigned. Our times a charm in no match for parents and what not tonight more like fifth time could have been the charm, or if Susan was doing her fucking job? either way. Thank you so much. Everyone in the promo code is crowded debates dream. That's that's like you get twenty hours off. If you join my club here within the next twenty four hours no way we have the press,
annual debate, which we will be covering. The scenery is going to be professional wrestling the golden years, fashion, a wrestling, namely the Eightys and Ninetys of honour, its back so get your costumers ready, and I think, before we go to give our are our final thoughts, look look at areas of her eyes but have amassed. That's it excuse not kisser there. I can accompany mayors how many senators insisting senators the point, the polls, the dates? Worse literally, why is it that my point of view is not a form of golden argument? Does she just like she's like a tray use horse in the quicksand? It's true, I think that is becoming is eyes jeez. that's why they costume contest tonight and then what little bit CNN before we go by and before we go from narcotics and is one of the GSM content. What are the costume contest? Is J R Valentine
In that's our bargain flag, warm up good for you. We gave a robber apprise. We gave a runner up right. Let's go see, I wanna see what they're saying why not fair J get that was format catabolism standard. There is, I think, a disparity in terms of some of the unanswered questions. Both of them did a lot of dodging Harris, wouldn't now about the now, and I know now and an that's significant anyway. I inherited answer it, but on the other pence. Wouldn't answer the question about why the? U S death rate from coal bid is so much worse than any other wealthy countries design he wouldn't commit to a peaceful transfer of power. So while they both questions, I cannot commit to these ones that pence dogs are what more significant positive Erika someone that guy in a locker please,
what's he doing really clear the question that should have an ass right now, the number one topic that people are discussing outside of this manufactured outrage of Donald Trump, showing up on a balcony somewhere like, like, I think, he's gonna, be Jack. John wealth, smooth walking up behind the president, you should be concerned about what I knew in the balcony they're trying to act as though the the main question: what should happen ass tonight? Are you going to pack the courts which which parents did too say three times are number. I remember twilight the judge you didn't answer as though that is as pointed other question, so that is not more of appointing relation and pants. What is it about Donald Trump, not committing to a peace. She didn't are any question at all in the green new deal should enhance, are on the agenda and answer on the packing. The court's she answered nothing.
Yeah, but saving the raising of taxes demand to that and by the way are already in order in this is this is exactly like sand into pivot, back to the two things that they think scare Americans most right now covered the get their debt count. All the time on a channel of poison ordered Donald Trump loses. He will do stay in office guys. We have to get about the way. Americans hope your plenary session because covered will go away. The gene. obviousness. Won't, let's see what Addy fat live, has to say, even when it wasn't his turn and then he was given time with two to go over by thirty seconds here? For me, everybody I fattened limbs and I haven't used, but in the main everybody Rowan, hey man like you, you didn't bar fight, my pen stuck his back against the wall, so that no one can get bind and just through them and everyone on this panel as a fat lit, because they are democratic activists, Sonatas person she is weak, skinny lived in every year she has actually in Libya lately and in a different direction. So something also then I think we can ignore is. Is the concept of gender recent exists,
but then the men all we can to render Centre Harrison. the third one in Dublin and took the first one was nineteen, eighty four darling for our Jake territory. I hate I'm using eighty thousand sites, even allocating she lost yeah yeah right. Nobody now actually longer is one the language of people like who all have black eyes and fat lips There was much ado every single one of them here, we're watching this debate like they were in the chair and tolerate our should be that way, It is this I'll tell you there's an abbe. I want to get your thoughts on this. I was extending aware a friend to the american man shaken strap, jumping to choose? regarding such online in a way that maybe she shouldn't- and the answer was- are you kidding me a black woman actually has to really kind of health for planting onwards and countryside vice eyes. Her with me, she was tat and
certainly had remarked, I mean, there's a there's, nothing more patronising and racist and modern, saying that the government is that something that one a or women of color any person of indifference on gender or race, saying that they can argue. If you ve been in high school debate room, you ve seen people of every high weight, earth, people deformity whatever may be looked at I did ever bring a West Virginia help people into well. I was talking about myself, but you know Anyone know any one at sea the hammer toes and Russia's anyone in make good. Aren't anyone can put together their thoughts, and you know what most most importantly, anyone pitting Answer- a question Or africa- and it has nothing to do with how many women were on the vice president ticket. Haven't you been on the debates in our skin color is what are gender? It's nothing! It's about! You have the substance, it's an! I only ten when this happens, Roma inclusion have I've got to finish this point, and then he was allowed to finish his point. Well beyond.
My God, what a fucking side when the man, a man who was actually worrying, because without the finnish answering a question nine, for crying out loud Abbe, Philip, just called Susan page or racist, sexist white supremacist? Because you let go? the time for a couple of minutes, even though you just went ahead and gave an extra thirty seconds? What I'm doing? What I see as an answer to deliver nothing but unsubstantiated attacks and when he would actually go over time, we use it to answer the questions. We criticise and we said we should involve unifying sugar notes house. It's we're gonna start I saw that's a by product of cable news, which is take as long as you can to make as few points as you can. That way, you get more airtime, where's a comedian comes in and we know this road still are set on company, will learn how to write a learned comedy when you learn how to edit. If there's a point that you can make in four words, dont use eight. So that's a byproduct, I hate to say
the of the sort of Bill O Reilly Hannity, All of these sort of cable, it was conservative, leading to be the same thing on CNN, but typically spring there more panels and two three four people were they more guess: segments on ad John Fox NEWS, where you take much time to answer a question as possible, so that would do well to have some comedians or comedic writer, some some people work and entertaining history, helping them with some of these. These preparations- and I dont mean only people who work in retirement. But you do need someone who understood let let live when people say all. Why would you want out? Why would just say that? Don't you think the office? I do not believe that any presidential candidate in the history of the United States would be in credibly well served to have Mark TWAIN on the printing. Of course they would pence need a little bit of that. That would be the only shortcoming I would have said for to night, but we do have to get you're pretty soon to the marketing of any do announced here.
One other thing now: promo code is crowned. Innovation is black rifle copied outcomes, lash, drought, or by the way you get what you got to get twenty to twenty percent. Twenty percent of younger your sword or to that Bangladesh is coffee and please do consider drawing up a mug will be doing our debate next week, but we do good morning my club, every good morning, you're up until the election any get like two hundred percent? more content and its lesson, We're getting young on Facebook, we're getting yanked around facebook like Kemal. I Harris at a mayoral convention self. Please do consider joining up and right now we are going to go exclusively to was crowded outcomes, less mug club for the blaze to take some chats and our thank you very much. Those on you, too, but you must go piss off Lou
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