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MINNEAPOLIS BURNS: Daunte Wright Shooting Sparks Riots!


They are rioting in Minneapolis again over a police-involved incident. We give you the FACTS as we know them, since you can’t trust the media. Joe Biden has also been busy lying about guns and looking to pack the Supreme Court. We take a sledgehammer to both of those as well. And why did YouTube delete a Ron DeSantis video?

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Hey there audio listener, be sure to re, leave a review and MIKE ok, many wow, it's burning the holes he's burning again, so, ok, we're gonna have to cover this life. You can't just a day and a half steady, burning, enjoy the shop
confiscation. Are you proposing taking away their guns and how would this work? I am wicked. Man saw weapons and high capacity magazine. You should be able to exploit loopholes and evade criminal background checks by buying online or at a guy shell gun owners out there who say well. Abundant version means they're gonna come from my guns, gringo. If I'm elected at our I'm coming for you hell. Yes, we're gonna, take your or fifteen
see thing is because we don't want to buy coke products anymore. We got rid of the top, or should we have seen Pellegrino and here it tastes like policing, webpage it's no opponent layer by girl, disgusting ass? We have a lot to get you to change the entire map really day, yeah
As you know, this, but many ATLAS is on fire again, not in the NBA. Jem sense bow innocent skin Earl, so we a lot to get to today. Geraldine is here. How are you well? How are you I'm terrible? What am I going? Are you I'm too great work, except for you know the rights, the acts of the knights, and then we have learned our Dave on Twitter Atlanta. They are. Are you doing to show the swinging ahoy? I am. I will be in Florida, Thursday, through Saturday, Port Charlotte, love, Zani, good food, don't wear Don't wear your master and they kick it. Kick your ass randalls part for don't like bedroom. Oldest people in the country are actually inward performing and wonderful. Not any of them died because Cuomo doesn't run. The show me that's the amazing thing to when you take floored and I get some you'll sailed transmission right, it's right in the middle of the pack, but the fact is The media age is, is almost Biden yeah
oh yeah, he's gotta start assets at four o clock. You know to finish up right, I'm so commandments. Rapid, I think the early show is six. The inner starts at three. It's only comedy club where they, after several meal choices, they offer standard meal vague and criterion and those for those who can choose, which is somewhat liquid fast? They will lend is to be examined it when the Berger they're, going pelted with actual getting pelted was to go. Jacob offers. Or tat lie fossil itself. Look. We have a lot to get Sumitomo Minneapolis there there's some updates going as we are live right now, we can go to see an animal right. Now, it's a Jardines commercial. I don't know what that is, but I assume someone's in pain in moderate, too severe, lack like pain and needs it we will I've heard of you guys are things come in will be, will be following up a first look don't know
much further. We have to go for people to declare this orwellian. Like we ve talked about. We had our videos removed as it related to anything election related covered, which we So. Let's not repeat what we said about or that we would never say that these e numbers have you no different mortal rate for young people and old people. However, and compare it to the flu, I would never encourage you to go directly to the CDC website and read their own numbers. No now we would do. But now at the point, where Youtube deleted a video of a round table, was governor to Santas. Any with medical prefer animals from Harvard Oxford and Stanford, but Accordant Youtube. They don't follow the science Harvard stand for in Oxford. The people got James, demoralize removed without question they're, the ones we are the authorities on science, so they are moving covered nineteen misinformation on they give you a couple things really quickly, so that the guy in question was doktor, Martin colder off of Harvard and what
to claim that there is an article from NBC. There was of misinformation. Ok to us the civic instances in the video one is wearing. Talking about cove id and comparing it too The flu for children, Reality regret, not us this Why was removed because he said it's, he said it significantly less lethal than the flu for children, So that was a reason it was removed and then there was another point in a video which you said, was removing NBC, corroborated this, because then he was asked about the efficacy of masks, specifically in schools and whether children should where mass right in but he didn't think so now you can't and is anywhere on Youtube, so we have tried it. Obviously, public service makes available to this- is governor, Rhonda scientists and Doktor Martin Cooler, cool dwarf. My best from Yarborough leases. However, we ve managed to hopefully make this Youtube friendly. So now you know why anybody can baby
In fact, it is more than a thousand for difference in mortality, between the oldest and the youngest. So for all, people have to be very careful. Because this is more dangerous than Diane Influenza, but for children here are new to bits important. I say it is more deadly than any pandemic for kids, including spanish flu Mubarak, plague, rickets, normal life and even aids or laptop public and Herpes is for life so it is good that we lock them up. Doktor give dimension about you, not putting mass on it's. It's not effective, not necessary. Martin folder, you agree in school. There's, no, no need for them to be. I think children should be wearing triple mask
the breathing through snorkel that they make from scented candle. So she had you to friendly brown dog. At what point d say. Look at your past the point now, where doctors, medical nationals are not allowed to speak on current data available that has been remove from the public count square. The absolute mean these are our officials talking to us and whether you agree with these medical experts are not their medical experts, their experts. There feel them sure what else they need to do to be considered knowledgeable on this and then what first name doktor last name: FAO, China, while exactly didn't get it from university, a phoenix online, no offense, some just say, and maybe not the same as octave actually try it anyway. I was in the last forty years. You insults my degree one more time I placed for the ban on gelatine he's going to arise from his VP. An ash arise, we well look. I think it
just crazy, though, that we have people like this speaking out there. They basically brought up a point, they said, and I'm not going to say with the guidelines. I am just saying that the cities guidelines on masking kids is different than Debbie urges. That's it. Yet they were talking about the differences that the, U H, YO and the CDC, have differing guidelines right now, not saying that they completely say one where the other dressing. Different guidelines and it's ok to talk about why it will be available at lateral, scattered outcome. That being said, if you go and check the link is an inscription. If you go and read it, you'll probably be tracked: That being said just because they advertise your college during Morey, does your power Maurice do either way day? I don't, I hope, not are the first I am the always every let it go on this and now and I'm glad you what's going on the rest of the country will get too many It was in a second which of course, is trending everywhere it now, but on Saturday over the weekend, Portland of Course,
to be outdone, and then it was immediately outdone- they burn down a federal ice facility. Yet again one of the ice melt get it there's more than you can watch the lifetime riders chanting every city, every town, burners precinct to the ground at least, are better than hey, hey. How head is allowed to treat of little rhyming. They also obscure the security cameras with traffic cone had graffiti that Red De Hs murders, so I dont know I guess you know at some point there I'll be. There will be some sort of an article about them being insurer. Insurrectionists stimulate when you say: hey are you in insurrectionists and the answer is yes qualifies if you ve now. You know what I mean now, I just feel like children, fifty thousand people in the capital in January. Sixteen it a couple hundred people who were waved in by the
and it got unrolling, of course, not condoning what happened there now at a hand, but then from the gecko. I came here to peacefully protest. I don't know what we're here for the insurrection right this. Yes, I heard I protest or hook once their particular beef with the theatres I dont know I don't know it- may not be superior, they just build. I know they hate ice because they believe in pay. I don't know this is legally manufactured, quite sure it isn't, but thought about starting a go fund me, which must be banned, but I do know, may go to set up an account where you can send some bitcoin are marked bills since we're letting it gets all Bitcoin is unmarked. Bills are coins. What am I doing about what the point is. I want all conservative Canadians to illegally migrate to the state of Michigan and I would love to buy arms and create a common just just this. Just the state of Michigan should become conservative, Canada South, and what can they do? What's what we're gonna do so everyone right there who doesn't want to be locked down for days on end and the arrested for walking your dog just
go to Michigan Ross over the border, there's nothing they can do and of The housing market is awful. You can get homes for like eleven bucks having where you're at, depending where you hockey back and hockey town, France, humanity. It don't be alarmed by the giant black fist. Even in Detroit, that's Joe Louis, it seems more. Intimidating design is, but all our welcome. What and like it not the communism. That's also just fine. I don't think that's what it is now we ll just show Louis just told about matter. It is Jean Louis has nothing to do with companies use activities, there's that there used to be a single, their racist or did not used to be a sickly. Actually, there is also the Spirit of Detroit who sitting crisscross apples US troop, I'm all right, I don't see any other way is that's event. That did, I want to say it another way. Minneapolis this is true they were an hour. They dare not talking about what the problem that talking about on CNN, because some new news has emerged now so
probably what you initially heard, was police again shoot an unarmed black men no reason and look. We don't have all the information right now, but I can tell you that some bullshit. So that's enough to start with. Idea, that was just an unarmed black man who is sitting air traffic. Stop like hey your tail lights out, any unloaded the clip. That's not what happened, however, Duarte right via this name, hopefully Don T want a Dante right: Dantes was shot by police during a traffic, stop in Minneapolis end and immediately of course, protest started to break out. There's a clip shrank from the protests and also showing the mom of Dante, asking people not to do exactly
they be, but I need a violent pointed only gonna be needed to be about why my reservations about it down and not about man. He harm not bring my man should be noted that all they heard was smashing police cars, and so they did is that biological mom? I believe so I get a lot is accurate and clear. Not all of this can be corroborated, but that's where how its being covered in mainstream new set his white, don't even notice I do not know no I notice that she was a beautiful, yes, Rafe,
Is it really be Debbie ethical? I think so I don't know. But the point is she said: don't do this don't match police cars, Nay said Zeb, Ash Police college's adults, do the opposite of that and if you ever, you needed a more clear example of the disconnect between actual job still, which usually involves waiting for information waiting for the facts and the reason that people are going out and rioting and protesting in, of course, blacklist matter raising over billion dollars from these corporations and then one of the founders buying for one point: four million dollar homes and predominantly wide areas which no problem. I know what you do with your money is none of my business until the non profit and an economy is everybody else's business. That's the nature of a non profit. This is where we are writing. I hear something too: I can not a hundred percent can, for. I want to be clear how this is making the rounds. It does seem that its legitimate, but every one to the second he bought it
So try one point to the second: one was practically only the first one is on it was she was sure she outside work, the Brooklyn Centres where the rights erupt into broken sinner police department. They issued a press release saying that officers determined the driver of vehicle outstanding warrant. Right now have people looking for that. If you're on Twitter and you found the warrant, send it to us and will bring it up your later in the show, it's been animal but difficult to define at one point is officers were attempting to take a driver into custody. The driver reentered the vehicle, one officer discharge, their firearm, striking the driver to vehicle several blocks before striking another vehicle now. This is something right now that may be from Dantes arrest, police scanner. Audio has been making the round. It seems to line up it's pretty tough, corroborate Allah's information the morning of and, of course, it's really hard when you're using Google to search for facts. So this is from the police scanner audio. I believe that seems to insinuate he may have had a firearm any certainly was running from police officers.
Learning, more ill thought out copy is perceived, Asia, drudging Lowery, outdated. How can we could hardly hardware vehicle affirmed generally only five point: three billion nothing will be the radio you got out of hand. Why do I feel rather found ways when. We're gonna burn you gotta be covered all to all drivers, what are needed are treated like you
ok, I'm about twenty seven minutes, leisure light colored like there you go, there's a description. I would say what it was. wearing. When I heard a gun, I heard I do if I had to yeah. I heard that midwestern, I heard all we're goin southbound, you no lawyer, hired Stephen Avery, making a police car Reynard shot. Syria. I think this is what we don't know if it's a hundred percent accurate, but it does seem to be that incident in question again at the very least, all I'm saying years, wait before you burn someone else's stuff down, yet we definitely not enough to do to wait before you commit a crime, because maybe this can, of course we sometimes are unfortunate situations. Maybe this kid didn't deserve what happened? Mammy there was an outstanding work, like the police said and maybe get a fireman was fleeing arrest. We don't know- and I think we re The point right now where, if you dont know you know usually raised you dont know errand that of caution. Now it's you
no is there's something reflective nearby break break that yet, and that is I would say in issue necessarily ideal a direction society, but right now to actually explain some of this to us, because we understand- and we ve been accusing quarter blackguard notwithstanding of being tone deaf our very own perfected, put formerly professor penis and transgender criminology. He actually been we're. A new Phd in urban Criminology and here you deliver actually his life thesis honor Ah How are you there? Professor penis, volume, but we might need to get the money to do a little closer the microphone and get the microphone on their coming here. It seems strange that we need more qualified professors, and I mean it seems like you're, not the
your niece, but you say that you are working on something other than so. As the audience is familiar, I'm professor penis either p. stay in penicillin- penis related sciences, but I'm workin on, as you said, a new new faces. This is Urban, criminology and community response. So ok right, fair working on this! These are so maybe you can explain to us. Obviously, right now are confused as to The possible scenarios are all that comes from a scenario like this year. So here are the basic elements of criminality and crime related structure. Can I see community interaction say that police? So these are the elements. Yes, we have police, please human male or female, or indeed the other one subject community reaction right. Ok, so, let's take us through because it seems like right now, regardless of the verdict that have sort of a foregone out. We thought was shoved in regard to the further we're going to write turns out. We dont even have a verdict, so,
I dunno what sequence of events where the ultimate sort of your end game it. So, let's start with travel, are with yeah police. A normal nonviolent traffic. Violation? Okay, so the perpetrator That is why, yes, nothing knowing nothing gets done because there will still be there will be right. Surmount will go change the ratio to blacks right nonviolent, too. for driving violation right black. If he's just arrested and complies right recognize any resist a bit you can either get shot, were apprehended. Ok, either way. Those both will lead to ok, I'm seeing eye, etc, and here I am so now we can jump over to these aspects. So this is important suspected or it might be different from the police interact. Ok, something from other respect yearly. I suspect the police interaction of hands. If he can.
Why is it that would be all of your arrest again, which goes tonight? I see that you had to add that retroactive way, if he resists combined. hear again. The apprehended are shot at home, shot up, right, Ryan and ok minor, stood for sure he can all his mother or parent figure right. That's happened before steamer community will then hear of this about where we are leading down? Ok complying is yeah. Let's go to the community reaction. There are not enough, you guys have any questioning of Latvia. Estonia, and this is your site, is indirect. Yet this is the main. This is kind of a bulk, rightly said the bulk of your thesis, so community reaction there obviously could be a already happening here. Right now will be nor had already been numerous elves be more continuing. Is it is Europe peach? in penis, or is it your last name? It's just
phd in penis related guys in general? Is there any sort of thing wouldn't led to a riot yeah. That's me What into ok? So far we haven't found that jury, and might my team, mostly ok, got so there's nothing at the avenue in your thesis that you think could help us to a boon out it not at the moment. Ok, what I mean I, of course, if, if they're not guilty, I mean I think we have a couple of apprehended up there between police and settle. What have you got? It would not guilty there it does it. It doesn't answer to harass not guilty yes, now wonder: well, listen! You know what it said at least important reach. We trusted the science, so perfect areas is also is urgently. I appreciated now good luck on your thesis and be sure to you know, take take take the backwards
a preliminary great already, the other organs religion. Your authority submitted the thesis, yet it was yeah peer reviewed. I got a solid see, plus I'm gonna have a lot to be minus lying Brazil. Good solid, be thank you recipes, We need better scientists. I mean he's he's He's he's getting used to the eye only fell the science until they pull it off. You tube right here, We follow the science that Youtube allows me to follow and it doesn't exist that does not want you to think of a tree falls in the woods or like you know a riot. Railway should arrive or takes place in the woods is faulty there to justify it. You don't
we have no idea who does it lead? You makes cookies in a tree. He does this extent burning down my house. He does look like he also might moonlight as someone in a gingerbread house who ultimately gets Dino Sheldon given by angry children who didn't wanna be baked. Really. He looks. there's no redemption and a hundred grand elderberry when you think about it. Like aside, I learned how to love it is that bitch in the oven. What's good for the union's awesome, that's what you should mean when he tries to Eastern Asia going to really look push the button really, the only just outcome. It is right. Teacher thereabouts his little years left him in the woods before we move on. I wanna go back to one thing. The lady who lived in a shoe was choose just a slight, but surely we are not a calf it. You know you ve made a good point. People need to wait right. There could two opposite options right. He was running back. His car yelling. I'm going to get my gun to kill you right, that's an option and then police react or running back to his car hair forgot my ideas that cool electors. We have no idea what he was doing it, but it really is
to hold an opinion when elected, just come out and say- and I can't member who said this in Minneapolis said we I regret that we ve lost another black man to police officer, shooting at right. So yeah really highlighting these points in saying I happened again and again go back. Go back to the other stuff tat we ve been talking about with Maxie Water and other parts, politicians coming out and sang this is racism it's hard to hold over the wagon recently, where they are so quickly was. I believe there is already a black Panthers protest going on there already, so they got. There is really a lovely yardstick, a to do for one thing: they an hour. They burn down the Brooklyn Centre by the way liquor store and really hunt people in their own. When I say they, I mean people in this community rang regardless of race, look there's, obviously at a demographic in the community, but the fact is person harms the person whose liquor store was ransom. Can burn down, was likely that demographic and the community here this is not going to end. I don't know, look talk about food,
organ boiling water, it's boiling its boiling at this point or deploy right now, you jubilee swell. You can't do that, because maybe that's offensive. We can now it's. U K, be a doctor. You be a scientist from Harvard End quote the CDC data or the world health related. If they dont go together on any given day How you can not you can speak out against riotous barbarism in the Chiquita. Being accused of being races. What you know what you know, who wants more police presence than we currently have most black? people in this country these people in these communities are the ones who suffer most and you see that mom right there said. Hey. Look please stop. Please stop this right. That's not do it anyway. What the whole Liberalism needs to fade, get it see what you say and therefore the relay Band Donald Trump was that he lay each letter to violence right there saying I'll bet. You're speech about elections has led to violence, and so we can have that. What do you think? A statement from
Elected official, in your stayed saying, I can't believe we lost another black man to police brutality. Basically, police shooting. I should say what do you think that is pushing people towards thinking like all attacks? again, it's the same thing. We ve been fighting again that doesn't leave here as we hear this is entirely conjecture. Ok, here's my bet because they say look on and then they came back and right gear later and took the body left on one side of the road came back and ragged later took the body while effect. While everyone was grieving, here's my that, if I have to that what happened entirely conjecture, I cannot corroborate this. This is just I urge you can come back and tell me if I'm wrong kind, like we watch the Joe Biden Press briefing, whatever was called the first press conference live, and I but maybe right I was three four three, my prediction hears. What most likely happened is on the front end
some kind of a miscommunication, most likely a guy had a warrant. I tend to believe at the cops are being accurate about that. Maybe he added gonna look like we have the words we do have the warrant say: ok, let's bring up this warrant. This is happening right now. Have we have to this? One was for position, selves momentum, marijuana. Ok, then this when I was this one was for disorderly conduct, but he yeah. He was called The court and pay fines and he never bid to finally do not inevitable court. So God says I warrants were issued for his arrest is around like and that doesn't something that's a big deal but the issue there is, if you don't show up in court again if it's what, if I don't wanna be defined. Look at a certain point. has to be some accountability. Son go one time. There was a worn out for my arrest. Yeah, that's run. Elements are not about money. No, you know exactly what happened was I got all this is true. I got a speeding ticket in. Our Michigan, and it was a total speed trap where it goes from forty to twenty and then to forty four about to block any cops. It's right. There is rather worrying lesbian on top
and she was she was angry and she was lesbian. I don't know she was Anglo, does ripped off. I know, usually it's one or the other. I know I've never seen a combined at she came up to me. I think it was in my wife's car at the time it was in a car that mine in a state where I didn't live and they posted it to some address right, never been. I never got the taken the male girly forgot about. It turned out that since I didnt pay it, there was a warrant my went in and I paid at this occasion to pay a fine. It was reduced to bless them traffic violation because I've gone like five over here, but the point is: to go into court. The cops said you cannot drive and the car right now switch with your wife right now. Who's, a passenger- and I complain I completely forgot about this ticket the point. As do I think that someone should be arrested, furred marijuana. No, I don't. I don't do that on. Violent drug offenders need to be arrested. However, through disorderly conduct, there's a white umbrella there we don't know what happened there to be some kind of justice. There needs to be a hashing out process. If you don't show up in court at some point, they're going to have to arrest you so here's my bet. Let me just
I give you what I think is most likely here, police, Ok, there's a warrant here, there's some kind of traffic violation. He knows, there's a worn out for his arrest. He gets there orderly. Obviously this guy has a history of being disorderly. Maybe he has a gun. Maybe he doesn't? Maybe he fleas? Maybe he goes to grab the gun like it Jake Blake scenario, someone He get shot now would have. The reason why why do you leave his body undecided about? My guess is what probably happened since they had a black Panthers rally right near by they realise this is going to be a heated scenario. Protesters already here, so they left came back with riot geared themselves and retrieve the body that would be my guess, come back and tell me what I'm wrong. I have no idea. This is just my guess. What the information available to me certainly not a reason to write and burn down your neighbors stuff, Christianity. Doesn't that matter how about someone about being good to your neighbor? Even if your neighbours a cop for instance, if not a cop, that's it. I who so your community with
liquor and brings Patsy he's a profit just so you shouldn't, burn down stuff and steel is crap by them. weren't, Instagram lot of trotter we're alive, show money. You, Thursday, ten m Eastern. That's the best way to just watch us, follow us and, of course, try to shop dot com will be taking a chat a little bit later on when we are mug club only you can buy. These are shirts and try to show our wonderful piss off shore aside every one really about the system in their Gerald. Well, I think you're, I think you're right. This happened again and Hennepin County, though these guys are continuously very busy enough. That's where the shovel of this was ten miles away from their when this happen, and you know that right now, their word about rights just from stuff. Coming the trial much less something like this happening, so everybody should have been like hey guys hold on wait until we know. What's gotten, I've actually just got something from Heaven Kennedy. That's a little more severe than marijuana really gets Andante saint on yonder on day this was in February
February this year aggravated robbery with an He was released from custody, but that that that was could have gotten. Stop could have been least like to caution. Six nine really got early release because of his asthma, like Peggy from Lord the flies after reading out gang members data. That was our gangs. We were young used to actually shewed each other in the fates I remember when everyone had all rainbow hair that was cool. What are they gonna? Lawful puts? I hate. What's happened? You sit near their city, I'm I remember. I see fucked up all these gonna wanna do. Is they sure you roll over on a brother beer and we think about this? Yet the narrow referencing, the marrow of bail, was three hundred dollars this. This felony, this aggravated robbery, was a hundred thousand
thousand. So if you was illegal and then let's say there was another, there was a, but then there was an outstanding warrant. So maybe does that make the disorderly conduct happened after the armed robbery cause what may be mean: ok, armed robbery, disorderly conduct and now you're, going back to the clink for a long time, and that is certainly conduct in the marijuana. Charges were from August of twenty nineteen centres for the robbery. So what was the outstanding warrant for it? I would urge those men were another landing, but how did he? But they let him up, but they let him free, yeah there's no release he may have basic. Maybe it was conditional released because of covert somethin like that. But the point is ok. So look now we're talking about an armed robbery, a very expensive bail being set being pulled over by the police. It's it's just theirs always more to if, if you know, crime statistics, people act that aspiration when they don't wanna go to present rent. Do we know that it's armed robberies that what it is officially
That's what we know that trying to figure out convicted about what you are saying that we will aggravate just carry on Hungary's around now. I'm sorry aggravated around our words and I agree that it would be right be aggravated if I robbed the give me a little basket and aggravated gotcha. The less twenty item atm account. Nineteen would come on. Miranda was updated as more stuff comes in writing. This is the issue right. It doesn't, but I'm hoping that maybe this at least allows the shop and yours to get rid of guilt, get me like hey, listen! It's on you of this town burns and why was already burning before we can get to avert a proven halfway through the trials in our knowledge is get the facts and hopefully dry and administer justice. Haven't we get to that right? I want on board,
We punish the people that are destroying property- oh yeah, but are they mostly peaceful as long as they're, mostly blogs, are mostly plus like a funny? Is its army mostly peaceful means punctually violently Yasser Islam is also mostly peaceful as well, and that never done it? Are you really that you weren't you attend any protest or any rally or any concert any event with large people and we're advertised as partially violence, but I'd stay home? I knew I should have stayed home, but now it's mostly peaceful how many to two billion thousand damages, and not just the insurance and keep him and were about to get the job binds executive orders on gonna write which, by what we have to Morrow. I change my mind on this topic and then we have the voter idea when coming up next week, he talked about the car two american taxpayer of guns, sum of astronomical trillions of dollars or hundreds of millions cause hospitals. Legal fees. Okay, so
when we use the number riots we're just talking about two billion dollars and damages with insurance costs, not the hundreds of officer casualty. categories by the way include deaths and serious injuries, and not the dozens of deaths right ransom. the thousands of arrests or how many trillions is costing Americans overall in trials in legal fees in appeals in hospital built. It needs to go about ways were just quoting the lowest number that two billion dollars in damages. That will be recouped, private insurance companies- I'm sorry look I don't know I mean I wanna be a happy war. If you'll talk, I dont know if around the bend at this point, you can't speak about Europe. its being infringed upon. You can speak about your rights being stripped away by a foreign end. What the World Health Organisation environment, because it does not agree with the CDC and now you're not supposed to be able to speak out against billion of dollars in damages. In people being beaten to death in the streets, talk about wrong, think we're
What look behind you were way past Orwellian announced to speak of rights being stripped away and by the way you let me know the best man eaters hit like comment com, comment will where do you think we are along the spectrum? Now just serfdom? George Orwell would be like hey guess who just story c I a slowdown. Someone would submit this right for him to do. I get here's my new now they ve worked with no one's gonna buy. That's that's why Nathan Animals animal farm? We have to make the characters three dimensional! You can't just this. This Joseph thought. You can't just make him a total ass, all there's no more about it. pigs, what wearing masks and my now come on now sheepmen listenin to much white out these kids. Ok, to get to the by an executive orders on guns, and this is the interesting thing again. This is how the media disseminating this information- and this is their understanding of firearms. Joy Bihar, has also said that she has never seen a gun in real life. October this year.
That's why she heard a simpler. That's my exit talk about a leader she's like I've, never seen it. I'm going to see you ve gotten. I've never used again. She is surrounded by people with guns, so she doesn't have to get our hands dirty herself. we have not seen a gun. I you know what I mean liar here. That is the only way of way like time. Management on right now is true of wage earners signal I've been around again, I wouldn't it. Why would anyone it and I dont know why does everyone around your building at ABC need firearms reminded that when I was on the sky NEWS or BBC to announce a domestic and body always need to hold a carry a gun? You can search it on Youtube. Isn't gonna me right now, I hope, or why would you need that
I said you're surrounded by people with countries there and she does no one. Not maybe you don't have people with m16 in the studio, but I know that this guy knows and BBC studios are protected by heavily armed security, and then he ended by saying I hope, the safety laches there's no such thing as a safety latch. This is why they left our country has not a cabinet. With a two year old in the house. You dumb shit go to buy now the executive orders on gun, gun control, and here is the view it just nervous, because rather than straw manning this shows the amount of understanding that those in the media have. As it relates to firearms and then we'll go to each individual claim,
and when he says it's, an international embarrassment like allowances allows us, including tv and low handed like somebody got shot gun the couple say what we in the United States I mean we are an international embarrassment. Just like you said, speak for yourself, lay she's talking about the need to see you know, they'll, never, simply have control of the house to send it out in the White House again, so I say pushed through with it. Is needed and hope that Congress to their senses for that she pushed through her mirror mutual project, tight by fate. Blow. How did it go all the time I got it all the time you have to eat and wicked racking chairs glistening weapons, so this is some of these are some of the claim that they make here's the thing that they're talking about quite a bit written our coasts guns right. So Joe Biden is wanting to mandate serial numbers and he wants front background. Bacteria is talking about coasts guns. That's the order of the day,
and today I am announcing several initial steps. My administration is taking to curb this happened. Make a gun. Violence more needs to be done, but the first first want to rein in the proliferation of so called ghost guns he needs joy. Barriers is built from directions and how to finish the fire and you go by the kit? they have no serial numbers, so when they show up at a crime scene. They can't be traced. And the buyers are required to pass background checked by the kid to make the gun what a file kneel and I on anyone from what s wrong with terror. goodbye. This kid thirty minutes put together. Actually he's gonna ban connects to see these kids are more tinker. Tories is firearms under the gun, control
he's gonna require that the seller and manufacturers make the key parts with serial number erode our background checks on the buyers when they walk into by that time. What's the word was reported by the way this is. He wants to be really fraid of goes guns because, of course, here's one of those goes guns in use wanted to kill them. us. that was the first ghosts gun Airy, Malkovich, was the bulletin rabbits when the line of fire? Ok. First thing: it's very very easy to make a firearm just so you know, ok and that's not illegal, to make a fireman home. If you ve pipe in some copper wiring, you can make a firearm. The serial numbers are totally irrelevant. Here's why they only track the fire on to the first bill of sale. Ok, let's be cleared
by the way, the notification Bell, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot and just know that we're live Monday through Thursday ten they should have serial numbers, though so his son can throw them into a sun, can't put them in a key to pool their air. France filter man. So here's the thing, those guns, as they call them bear it means basic. This is a backdoor to train ban parts. Ok to begin earlier, and I this virus. Here this fire me here. I did what we eat. What is called a trigger job watch out for that, whatever the alarm and lightness guys gonna get you don't pissed off, I gotta go One in the car the importance of two not there's like PIG Penza aloud. So goes guns are very rarely used in
in any kind of actual criminal altercations? Now here's something too, I was trying to create rebuttals for this argument, getting ready for change my mind basin, the data available. However, it is such bull shit there. Impossible to actually create rebuttal argument, so here's Riga, you, gotta, NBC or Abc- will have illustrations of ill, but let us get it. I come says: oh thirty percent of are covered by the eighteenth Argos Guns. I was a first source, I'm going ok! Well, let me look into this and I gotta wait a second. It actually says thirty percent of firearms. Are you deaf in California are ghosts gun than I thought well. Ok, let me start rightness out that's kind of ironic that typically gun restrictive statement. I read, I don't know it's thirty percent of gun recovered in California. From the eighteenth don't serial numbers, and so they are all the ghosts. Guns ended and then I realized there was no actual report. It was allegedly a verbal report give to some local NBC news reporter, and so I couldn't prepare for anything because it's all lies so this counts. If you file the off the yes
I'll get you can it. I've lived. Yes, you can buy the kit, it's a packet you're, going to any store and you're like. I need the ghosts gun kit. right here, Sir, what I'll do when he talks about it makes it of the kids. We will talk about that. For example, I have a rifle and there's a different receiver that you can put in so fires. Twenty two rendition right now makes it far less expensive. This ends up creating it We re entry for the most poor among us to train people who might need to defend themselves, and I dont know cities that are being burned alive. out of the Turin and eighty seven thousand areas and are serving by the bureau justice, seven percent purchased guns from federal firearms life moralism. Fifty six percent either stolen. It found it scene of the crime or obtained it off the black market and there's another twenty five percent who basically just had it, give it to them now. Here in our view to even from the I believe, assistant director, of the eighty ef. I don't. If he's a current system director because has been a lot of turnover, Tom shit, I'm
admitted that goes guns areas telling you the real threat of goes gets. Everything runs reach. You have no idea Mobility for how many crime has not committed by these guns. You have no Well, not with precision. I still represent a minority of the firearms that are being used in crimes, but we do so minority their increasing significantly and rapidly. Look- If your goal is to keep people safe, how about you give something more than well minority, increasing with significance and rapidly, typically what'll it come on some time ago. You're supposed to be the experts have an idea
the rise say minority when he said minority, I think he did not think you really doing some in order to win or those which are or that wish you may I was looking at the screen and like why would they would add up if it never mind, that's swing in amiss, data was me, was mere swinging down as a huge another thing to talk about the executive words. None of these would do anything by the way these are all about control, backed organ registry. Banning ability to get parts? These are infringements on your second amendment, rather bent doors, either way. You'll hear this tomorrow, when we did, we did a pot of change our minds on the red flag lost every single person who thought they supported red flag was set down. We'll have this up tomorrow, red, Policies from the White House website would explain them immediately opposed it, so you may think support red flag laws, you don't let me explain That's the biggest martyrs legislation. You absolutely shouldn't it's one of those things that sounds nice and compassionate and sympathetic and adjust ends up in an increase in crime and more women getting raped because there
weaker than men and the fire was a great equalize ourselves thank Samuel called, but sorry we decided that we ve progress beyond giving women the ability to find themselves here's another claims, making you saying that you want to Jack modified pistols to feed and a national registry to reduce gun violence, Syria's former vice presidential button. We want a tree pistols MA, defied was stabilizing braces with Syria, they deserve A stabilizing embrace you can a pencil. Essentially, epistle a hell of a lot more accurate and many rifle like an AIDS and is more leaf on your pistol affected, will turn into a short barreled rifle I got that's the alleged shooter in boulder appears to have done. I don't have the strength to monitor events, to shoot no or that these modifications to fire and much more on the Rhine, lethal I have the feeling of iron NASH, now firearms to many caper. Lastly, farms that requires a potential. Paid to under our feet and submit their name
identify information to the Justice Department value- to their their registry a national registers. We ve also seeing, of course, people who have suggested that a national registry be made available to the public, and this is not something its extreme or friends from the left wing today and by the years, something it's all many origins. Trees drive to be on be more concerned with making sure that all of your neighbors and your media, this entity sign off. I bring them pie, but they won't neither they never mind there. This is The national gun registry, first up as unconstitutional. It's wrong! Ok and we're talk about pistols pistols are already more heavily regulated than rifles. everything has. It might take a pistol and turn it into a rifle, a pistol which is used in more shootings internal into a rifle which is not when I bought when there's only waiting period, yes depends where you buy. One depends: in Michigan? There's a wedding food where for a handgun,
see there wasn't one eye, but I don't think so. Maybe lie in wait. A couple days may, because your background check took a while ago. They probably just when a brutal can only take the stand and well, I think there are going to have to call you back. I think TAT may have been either the case or there were so many because of the riots, because there is a point, Michigan was running out of ammo and got like everywhere. It'll do- and here you can hear that right is that speech was going. You can hear the sound of gun sales increasing of the demand and work on the chain getting it sounds like a whistle. That's it it's it's a woozy to watch it fair it s, just not ready!
pistols already more regulated than longer say. Forty four states allow open carry of long guns rifles compared to just thirty three line: open, carry handguns again: tuna atrophy, mandatory reporting, video J, that's effectively a back door gun registry, not dimension media becomes annual, not to mention what, if someone and there's something to not everyone, but the reason for these stabilizing braces, a lot of them was for people with disabilities or you are kind of joking but seniors who have trouble controlling some of these firearms. If you believe that right now, we have an epidemic of pistols with an ace bandage around a copper tube in a tube soccer. Tennis ball, like at the end of a walker, did that. That is why we have mass shootings in this country and across the industrialized world we're not even the top five. Then might. I suggest your misinformed, but I would also suggest that in the general sense people who believe that dump their line, Joe Biden
basically just made the argument that, if anything out their makes a gun more accurate, it should be gotten rid of those sites are next. You off area, that of the porch two times. I've got a stabilizing price. We have to look at the site. Just go he said I guess everything he said. If you have the brace on, he literally said it makes it more accurate and therefore more deadly. I thought that was the point of career. I thought to defend myself. I didn't want amidst seventy four times before it. Finally, here, if I have a brace, I wanted to be more deadly through accuracy to the intended target, as if I don't it's more deadly to everyone around, I dont have been seriously. That was the argument that the former vice president, as they just made on national television,
a whole list of things that can make a last minute. Silencer concluded a pumpkin cheeks in old, while I guess doktor pepper battle, because won't be Coca. Cola won't have that. My asking in Stature Pentland, delightful him and I don't know anything about Mister B. Don't know Mr Perry, I know what it is. Actually, uneducated brother has just amidst change the last name, because doktor pepper forced him to Syria, the pepper mantle anymore. You that's fair. Now here is another thing. This is the most pervasive is most pernicious. This is the most subversive take any ejected that you want a red flag. lots, he's implying here that they would reduce suicides domestic violence, incidents mash. This is the crux of what they want to do does it grants them the most amount of control, and I will say this red flag laws as he is outlining them. Would be the greatest violation of your fundamental human rights, we have endured in our lifetime. So let me
show you what he's claiming and they make. Let me explain to you why that is in why every single person, the chain from mine, it's coming up to Morrow liberals, mind you vaccine virtue. Singular said: oh wow, now that I know it is now, of course I don't support that. Here's this claim to make it easier for states to adopt extreme risk protection order, laws so called red flag laws with everybody in this long nose, but many people listening do not now these laws allow a police or family member to petition a court in their jurisdiction and so I want you to temporarily move from the following people. firearm may possess. Because they're a danger in a crisis for presenting two days to themselves and others. Ok. So, first off I often say that at first. Glance at first hearing that you'd, along that makes sense,
if you just listen to what he said, anything chills down your spine. You don't know what you are hearing. that doesn't even start off from a point of making sense movie clear here: ok, right now, you're violent phone, you can purchase fire right now. If you're violent domestic abuser, you cannot legally purchase a fire. Ok, these are already laws and, of course, their background checks at our exist. The red flag, which, by the way, have been happening. State two states. We have some evidence as to how they ve been abused, but he wants to setting national short of template for a red flag law. Then sixty days and then make it easier and, of course, exert pressure on states to adopt at what is this actually me a red flag law. He just said police or family member police, family member friends, neighbours doctors. Basically they can say hey. This person is a danger and I dont think that they could have firearms, and so you right now having not the crime having been convicted, of
crime charged have no crime, not even having had a trial or the opportunity to face your accusers can have the police come. To your house in the middle of the night and sees your firearms and then later on down the line. Maybe you get to go to court in a judge, decides that will consider giving it back. This is a violation of due process. obviously has toll completely disregards the laws that we already have also should have clarified if you're adjudicated mentally defective by a court. We have that process right now. In other words, an active already displayed behaviour that you are a threat to yourself bore others they can take your firearms away. This may it entirely subjective, no process, no crime no charge your guns are gone. Imagine you're in a city with riots going right now, you're a woman, maybe already lost your husband like David Door. Maybe ordeal ass, the protector of the house- and you have some kids and a firearm to protect yourself.
Your neighbor says you know what I like her. I think she's mentally defective, ok, good enough for me here seem well that will happen. Lemme give you some examples of states and that's it from New Jersey under a new red flag LAW, a man guns were confiscated after his doctor reported him for leaving bad reviews and an added a phone call due to severe posts, surgery, pain, I lose, second, I met. You use your God given right to self preservation because of a yelp comments. Rhode Island, woman called the cops and her husband. Guy was named. Edward. Can knee Edward can legally Edward Collegial after an argument request they conduct a wellness check. The police deem the husband to be an imminent danger to himself and others conferences, guns and then requested that he will under a psych evaluation, the cases currently now from the Supreme Court. So this is something this does happen, and I understand people say we want to be safe and there are some Vincent routers who they were on the be the f b. I should have done something I understand, but at a certain point,
when people say hey hey if it saves one life, let's not an argument. No, it's also really bad argued because guess what firearms are used defensively in a minimum of five hundred thousand times too, three million times in a year in how many homicides refunds in this country per year. Fourteen thousand they defend far more lives than they take and it is A violation of fundamental human rights to take away in equalizer from most vulnerable among us, especially if they have not committed a crime. You don't do you understand what you're giving up to know you? You know it's okay, you know what paint look if we don't go with red flag laws. What do we have? We have violent felons can't get firearms violent domestic abusers. Can't people already been adjudicated mentally defective through the courts, have gone to the system, can't get them Wilson. The paths maybe slipped through those are the consequences of living in a free society. What does your life worthwhile? You know how much that they use the argument for everything you ve collapsed the economy for decades to come
record suicides couldn't is the flu doesn't exist anymore. Deaths are basically round to see us, and that is how it did. You live for how much livelihood with how much our our freedoms worth how much of the lives of the three million people who defended them each year with fire arms work. It's not a valid argument and at a certain point, if you say I'm willing to give up my rights for some minority report destroy be in future, where they can take away my rights, pre crime. Look! Thank you supporting it, because I now identify you as the enemy we will have no common ground. I will find common ground. I will there is no common ground with someone who thinks they should be able to call the cops and take my guns away with me. Having ever committed a crime, no centre, no middle ground, we're not friends, you're! My end now I think about it this way, so people like all that some distant future. Well in twenty. Sixteen, if you supported Donald Trump, you weren't considered a radical, yet maybe a racist, because that was the label. Yes, now, let's fast forward
anyway, six of this here, let's say that you and I was saying that you are a real and not I disagree and a radical and radically racist apparent. Yes, I am a fine young people January six you attend a rally: you're, not one of the people who stormed the capital you're, just somebody who goes up there, because you support Donald Trump. Now you go back to your liberal state of California and your Neighbours know that you attended that rally everybody's label, it insurrectionists, you ve got a Donald Trump flag. They make us Call that is the scenario that you are now living under because you support the wrong person right there, targeted on under Brok about target a tea party groups, conservative drilgo, You need, for some reason, isn't a thing with liberals. When women are, we went to Europe Uncrooked, no effects and rock against Bush in the direction and capital crony capitalism. It all went away when brought about Was President Weber, all of a sudden, the films about political corruption went away and they came back into Trump and not going to go away again, because inherently Democrats are good, look
I believe that all human beings are flawed and evil k is a Christian. We are inherently selfish and sinful Donald, concluded, TAT grows, included to scientists and could, which is why don't want them to have that much power? You think Republicans are evil, but Joe Biden of Course, would never abuse. My rights wrangle bottle would never abuse my rights, let's give them all their rights, let's pack the court, let's give up our fire, I'm right. Let's move due process, because I know the Joe Biden really has is shit together. After all, these had sixty four years in public office to get it right literally, his should probably not to go to assume its very run. It you know What's a good point, I hate to make this reference, but I think if we don't look at the greatest tragedy in history for rights being taken away than we miss alot of lessons, what was one of the first things that happened in Germany was Jews were basically put in a red flag list because they reduce wasn't just them, though it was,
it sees and other undesirable peoples and what happened I make exactly nobody talks about it because they think it's a third hit me any. They took their guns away from all of those people groups so that when the next steps happened, you couldn't defend yourself right at all. They had no ability and encouraged and on either wherein all. On Germany, I'm saying that there are concept This is when the whole of Europe and that look, what happened with the armenian genocide? Little happened in China. Look what happened in Russia and even trying to look what happened in Australia, yeah you implemented a gun ban and a gun ownership and crime went up, but they gotta lotta deadly animals
on the other, an austrian I was british, what they were from british. They were right. Where are they were all the very best to bring out there? That's why the debate? Brazil, coup music- I wanna be Roger it over the bed interest if, like you'd, be remedied as soon as I get off the plane. Yet I have any interest in going to Europe. I had more by extension, Australia. I would write a kangaroo all over the place. I addressed a crocodile Dundee because I know they love Bull Hogan over there. I would welcome with open arms drive around in a Subaru billion extra me go to the devil. Ass festival in Montreal go dressed up as a multi, I'm pretty sure I will hearing act there. I only want to monitor that. I was a penthouse like Ward show and I basically just exhausted the whole footstool pompously. Let's that's pretty
if the whole city full years, something else do by the way we have to. I don't even think that we have. We have you David Hog, just let our if one is the best even hog, my my pelt, no good good pillar, one that could step down here. This is something else you Joe Biden, is doing a lot of people pay attention nominating day. Shipment to serve as a director for the eighteenth saying that will reduce gun violence. Here's something people really should know chip and spent twenty five years. As so agent media have currently works as a senior policy adviser at Giffords. Research. Renovation, of course promotes gun control aggressively, sometimes mandatory by backs like Australia. While he was an agent for the eighty F during the Waco. Damn raspberry intra figure to think where we I think I should do some research on on Waco Look COLT Shore, guys a little nutty shore understood you don't go in and burn down the women and children and by the way, the abs. At that point, what they could have done was
is correct. Lively right in front of a red is correct when he went into town to get coffee like he did every day, people the right to be a cult and live often their own commune if they're not causing problems. sell JANET Rina, who by was probably likely the first transgender female in office before Rachel living made up some scheme that all they are molesting given of using. It turns out that that wasn't very likely true, but even if it were true, then why would you baldos the front door, kill the dogs and kill all the women and children as far as I'm concerned, everyone involved with the Waco Branch dravidian situation work. They should have all been fired permanently and this is now going to be the head of the idea of also worked with the idea of
asked inferior scandal, Lebanon that Morocco, burma- I don't have time to get into this fast, inferiors Gun Walker. These are the terms that you can use. What happened was the eighty have knowingly allowed fire arms to be trafficked across a southern border, and then they were used to kill border patrols agents well we want involvement should be fired. This is the revolving door of
a goose swamp creatures. The sky would be fired immediately well, and it makes me feel better though the Joe Biden referred to it is the aim of tea for the entire time that you in any way of anybody, Sir worshipping David Crash busy some play guitar they might have deserved, will come up just says Saint too soon using Algeria things, your gas is a violation of the Geneva convention. He really hurt mix tape, he's really good, I'm not really sure foregone by NATO guy almost gas, my sins thy Jimi Hendrix. If he wasn't very good heavens, I definitely crazy so you're dead, you write. He was very much greater and what he has the right to be crazy as long as you heard a giddy, but for the programme along all our lives, health against their will exactly the progression of a call to just hey, you should come join, mean we're we're going to live as a family and then ten minutes later it's like you know, I should have sex with your wife way right of sex at home and everybody's again Agus sense, because you we listen if you, if you have actually ripe united, we deal with all kinds of temptations of temptation sizing so than usual. But I should you don't mind underscore put designing they remind you. Have it runs like my kind of do the scale and relieve her big failure. Then they come through with a bulldozer and kill all the women and children. Thanks, F t really sad. He was thinking about America Giovanni S, home video. I care above ground pull. It breaks her all over the art
give somebody who is not resolved and above ground pool break. There was that oil you get another claim from Joe Biden. We gotta get through this now that nobody needs a hundred bullets which, by the way, is not based on any thing, but here it is claimed in them. Someone needs a weapon of war with one hundred grounds: Werner bullets, If you don't, have you piece of shit webs, Where do you think you have a hundred rounds? you think. That's a Valentine's day massacre we're someone's coming out with a model t like all right boys, dead men, tell low tales Yoga magazine. It's an incredibly rare and, by the way, the assault, what this ban, would keep referring to ban magazines with ten rounds or more and that's most fight.
Okay, so it's not about a hundred rounds. If you wanted to ban over a hundred round, it would still be a problem because again just a backdoor to violate fundamental human rights, but that's not what he's talking about doing by the way. This is also important. People talk about magazine capacity because the assault pins ban. It banned magazine capacities over ten rats. Yes, we had the bullet buttoning Caliphs I gotta see seventy five on time, though I bought it in Michigan, both California guns, to all the magazines. Basically, there the hollow it out and put it, Orton Spring. Ok, yeah So all these aftermarket California magazines were incredibly unreliable and there's a magazine shortage, so I've never actually indices. Seventy five that worked properly, which is supposed to be a fantastic, reliable firearm. California did so well. I gave you bullets that don't work right. No, what they do is so Magazine Riah any magazine like always bring. I gotta they caught a hollow out the bottom part of them again so
can only load the spring down half way. At least that was this fire or their next year, because I can't I can't find a weighted Macgyver that shit now or just I don't know, walk over to Arizona authorities that they make the gun more touchy is always a good idea is a good idea. So you something else and also why would you need that kind of capacity? Ok, couple things. First, our police which to semi automatic firearms after there are some. There was a big shoot out my Emmi right, because they felt that they were outgunned by criminals and revolvers. We're going to do it any more to take about twelve shots to incapacitated intruder K. That's the average, while now also the number of assailants inviolate encounters are going up. There been going up the decade, so you
to be. You know, maybe like what he thought to go the Drum magazine and hand over the cashier, but now hold illness beginning in the hall out. It's a very dangerous magic. I we only map we only massacre on Valentine's day. He then we still on Saint Patrick Day leg. That's our schedule! Why set for this gadgets and be no surprises. Still on Saint Patties Day in Africa now Undines Day, people back then should have gotten way with every the gunwale. They were well there s one thanks Sudan's. I never get that hope diamond. So twelve rounds per intruder, and now you averaging, depending on which also use two three four. You better hope that you have
more than two shots and you better hope that if you have a double barrelled shot gun, you didn't fire into the air illegally on the porch as former vice President Joe Biden advise you to do and by the way this is the use of high capacity guns. Estate. Steadier is increasingly assault weapons, but just to be clear, this is something that they claim. You sell weapons ban, it didn't affect crime whatsoever, it actually ended up. Just increasing guns and out right now. He just said we just cross four hundred and eighty four hundred million guns in our freedom. So Joe Biden. Now you are the fire and industries salesman, You know what I want. One of those reporters to do, and then every other reporter after is just ask him. Ok, tell me which specific shootings this would have stopped, that you ve been reporting on his mass shootings or whatever yard, which once go I'm waiting. from all my one minute now you're gonna happen, the school, where the pistol with they spend it in the tennis ball. Internally Sid I come gets up. so we don't worry
They went home. We took him out, but then we caught him one would not combine, so you may none, MR formulas, for at all you know the thing, no Don't I'm asking you to accept one would devote one school for the kid
the Hunter one in the dry. Oh, you mean what your son, who live on a federal firearms form does right, and if that does not mean that one worthy brave recovery advocate right through and uncivilized firearm into a recycling vain integrate school, he was going down. I've ever parmesan cheese, and I know you have that. Usually you having are far too much trouble. You have no idea how fight for it was for velvet, really the goop. He was trying to negotiate. Commagena. Take the velvet sheer he's standards that guy you know. That's the canopy sway. Let's just get your mind, get your mind out of a hunter played
So there's another thing to I dont know if he's lying or if you just this stupid but former vice President Joe Biden seems to be lying because the acts as though the gun show loophole is a thing. People don't know you walk into a store and you buy gun. You have a background check but you go to a gun, show you buy whatever you want, no background check, so I wanna go in line because bro about the exact same thing: the gunshot loophole in mind by the way, washing post gay claim under about off for Pinocchio,
I think I have ever level Martin who oppose the elderly too Pinocchio due to two Pinocchio. Our rights are not quite but they're getting there by the way, this very sexual Pinocchio, brilliantly seated on his face, is excited faces flush from the rather so they even gave it to Pinocchio an I tested a long time ago. Just show you there's nothing new under the sun. From Democrats we went to, I believe, was Crown heights in India. The specific gun show. where'd? You claim this was happening as well as we went to some local gunshots, this videos available uploaded again to crowd or better testing the gunshot loophole. Here you go. Why was hold, and I could go to a gun shell and it would mean a background check so there we need to be a background check. That's the problem. I was told by the President,
Oh here leave here. That's a felony twenty years doctor, no real, quick, I'm in a hurry Can I get a gun here without a background check, son of a bitch here that's just right. Up and go right with the new. I don't need a background check, correct. We irish packages up and take it right, and what is this? This is a mixed background check. Oh What what is this this is? You can't buy again anywhere in the stateless people. I thought I'd gunshots, background. She would about new selective licking he's. Do like the gun show loophole for people going out into the background checks. A practice that there's no way for me to get this out here with a background check, no way to get it out of your vote. Yes, baby. We're back
Accepting land does not look here to go Pierre. The urine guy has a variety of handball, legitimately married all, that's a niece actually handbills I've written Canada. I was late with a net, it's kind of like walking water polo, I still I still am very vexed as to why we allowed them to remain a candidate yeah. We're did should be the people talk about Porter go being a member state. Can B, which brought us all about turn into one step. Nothing. You speak was now by the way we have. We have these next few clips married right. So anyway, the gunshot loophole. It's not a thing. I will tell you this what I think referring to is there a lot of people outside of gun, shows, with arms in their trunks because they they see all the people. Went to the gunshot to try and get a fire and with a background check, and they realize, like oh skulked, again sago him, you wanna go on you and then they sell at the back of a pack of a car in olden Metro GEO Red and
I know that I call that a loophole. So much is criminal. activity illegal. You know what Turner two hundred dollars thicker and make sure you gonna federal registry, Sylvia, hey, let's you know, I think, common ground another one that it claims. This is just so perfect because see you can spot where I'm going. He claims that we need to be able to sue firearm manufacture. All there are the only ones who have just listened to his claim we should also lemonade gun manufacturers from the immunity they receive from the Congress of obvious. People will realise the We industry in America, a billion dollar industry can't be sued, has sent from being sued her gun manufactures before anything else, but that's not true in a multitude of ways, but you know who else has complete immunity
Makers of the covered vaccine that bring that up right there from CNBC. This is one that a lot of people don't know kit sue them, which while some people might say is an issue to you, I say you're vaccine, apprehensive Joe, here's the thing: no, that's not true, but vaccine The makers of the vaccine can not be issued at all. If there's any. If something comes out, let's say tat: you see this commercials for mesothelioma stuff, like that. Never happened with a golden vaccines. Ever it's not allowed us now small. They ve been given complete immunity. firearms. This is what s interesting about it. You cannot sue gun manufacturers, or mom and pop businesses, specifically. If someone buys that gun and use it elite user, I illegally Bernie Sanders actually voted against proposal like this in his statement. Go back and watch the democratic debate from tee Sixteen member, they were all cramping autumn. That he'll know he was young,
The demand and right now I gotta have I got an avid Bernie. I know what you're gonna do motors wait. Let me explain, jumped item and, as he has said, because he didn't want mom and pop gunshots to be able to be sued, because someone use the firearm in an heiress. its will matter. It would be comparable to Ford Toyota. Take your some one cannot sue Ford or Toyota if someone deliberately runs them over with that car. That's what it is and by the way, it's not nearly as severe as the cove it vaccine makers, they cannot be sued, they cannot be held liable if they inject something into your arm. That causes an adverse reactions, as rare as it may be. I would say: that's more direct absolutely the mom and pop protection is, is very helpful because there was a shooting at a Waco BAR Barton. Heaven thing to do with it? It was too gang members doing some stop motorcycle gangs yeah the bar had to pay twice. Deep million dollars just to defend them
selves and the suit, because they were also name because deep pockets are always name now that might another. The bar was called Hell's angels. Clubhouse Yathrib shoot em up saloon. You know, I don't know, maybe choose a different name, but that's what we're here looking about twenty million dollars for mom and pop up, that did the background check major, was fine and sold them the gun. Legally. Why should you be able to sue them? They didn't do anything wrong, so the dealership of Carmen extra that you bought it from when you run somebody oversight we're going to go through suitable Cassie really quickly by the way. What's up on CNN here with a shotgun trial, it's a man. This is getting pretty tough and then the muscle can start to tire out. So we do want to drag me like. You should be one of her where he emphasised with one of the. Where are they now from the sand lot when their grown up yet end? This expert witness, while he really got into the sixties and no one had learned from again the dog was a puppet. You know he was this having. No now is a big puppet. The dog Zella was some one. It was the monster black and white. Jane
Jones, not blind, he's, not know. I now almost wild now approach that I guarantee you that we have a problem with giving that job. to a non disabled person. They would get its true said why you taken all our jobs. I didn't know that there was for you when you know that there was a glut of blind man who wanted to be actors. We were concerned, you couldn't read the script and really or into the Audio books brill Braille scripts for waste a sprint so here is where we have, where ever seven plus one but we're going to arrange arena. Do you around the table because we're going to a formal club only I will take your chat because we ve gone a little bit like look. Let's run this exactly and I wanted. I want you to tell me what you think is the word of these executive order, gun proposals or executive actions are not proposals. At this point, some of our proposals Congress. Some of them are just direct executive, actions. We have all the sources available in the link live cataract. You can read about them are linked directly to the White House website. Tomorrow we have the changed my mind with people. I believe
was it s m you talkin about red flag laws? their minds were changed ironic, but sometimes has come at the purpose. It's a little bit of us which arose, but let's walk through before I leave here the world that Joe Biden wants. He says I don't want to ban guns. No democrats dont want to ban guns; they don't want to infringe on your rights. They just want you to not be able to purchase a pistol if you have a stabilizing brace if it has a magazine capacity of ten rounds or more, which include most pistols and some legislation not be allowed to have semi automatic can guns, which includes nearly all in guns outside of revolvers and rifles outside of abstraction rifles, bolt action or palm shot guns. They want to make sure that you have to pay a two hundred dollar tax stamp and go on a national firearm registry. At the same time, they want the people who sold you these guns to be legally liable, if you somehow use them irresponsibly and in case you may use them responsibly, but you haven't yet they want
eighty have to be able to come in and take away all of your firearms without any charges, convictions, crimes committed or due process. But you know what I don't believe it crazy right, no one's looking to take your second amendment rights away. Just now we ain t all right. Listen you tube! Thank you very much, but not really. You can buy the shirt, a crowd of shop dot com, because emulates what about so. You do, but that that that that that that there is
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