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Well, it's Rwanda, the taste of Doritos, and I have to say that all has you would have no clue watching this commercial than it is at all. Aid to regos coming but ass, I thought he'd be alone forever. I think he has a guidest screw in Hell. What does that have to do what we have from the Doritos commercial Uncle Uncle Alberta? You show people there who, Mr Marinos commercial again, so they see yeah yeah, look at him. go on about our eyes on the lender. Uncle out about to thank you for four for being here, I am very happy to be here, ease our problem on Halloween. beyond that? Our monitoring I like Doritos, a thank you, oh ok, so uncle don't ask you, I'm Doritos, I've seen your sales and how did you how to do it? How did you die?
it's. A long story is the one I was. fishing boat, denying their data and in no time, charter, yeah visionary, I know. No, we don't ya, know efficient charter. You'll see we have a problem with them all so obviously Dinah He'D- I guess you don't know fishing accident Oh no doubt with the story, not that is AIDS? while makes sense a gay men accompanied by the weather, Doritos thing to be really clear. You know that you have the idea that the grandmother ISA media that are going to be really there are nineteen year old grandmother from Mexico who has a rosary is going to be happy that her dead son is gay. She would have used some she's, there's nothing. I showed up and leaving Doritos and Astro glide at that headstone Krajina about Europe. Mexican grandmother base yeah well ok, I'll Alberta was your grandmother. Was she really proud of you
Oh no! No! No! She was now Jean commercial. She was proud of the area How are you out of context? out of that what it was. So what do you mean she could? She said she was a miracle she was proud of. You know the content be too. really worth saying. She was proud he's a miracle Our aim. Panada scheme are perfect. Our me, Mario. She feels Gratian Wellness didn't play that part of our society are welcome here. Bronco growth and growth may not mean somebody's welcome, he's gay. I hear you. When will you and you and bisexual per man? I know not, though not as crack down weak on vehicle. We can become good. Only after lie unite I'm kind of busy saving command that they set up or three boy are you penalty is not a long time. We have found a phone both and we continue to greater supervision,
We are able to give me an erection and our single bow. I'd look. Look I just can't all this is enough. That's splits that gives children nightmares. Yes, Chris Cuomo in Don Lemon Georgia's wars that or then this miscreant follows with Anderson, Cooper and move Blitzer with that is terrible. Yes on the weekend. You can get Sanjay Gupta Doctor for either in Brien's Delta it keeps going down we're Keziah Anderson Cooper. End was wolf, Blitzer does look like he transformed into him right yeah. Little Billy. That's the gay werewolf right, like so ever happen, elaborate jeopardy, just sucked his soul with all his points, lowest score ever on celebrity jeopardy, both literally the negative six thousand dawn and let alone money will you went into celebrity jeopardy and you cost the charity money. You get you
there's some kid with Pro Gerry Adams last breath going. Damn you wolf right after that, your basic, I don't know what I just some of my side hurts, but I'll beat it. Now. I don't know I looked at it. look at the bottom tax increases and its anybody making over four hundred thousand. That's crazy. Not rich, that other middle class- and we know the until you got on its back because of its because you're stupid. All about that's upper middle class as yet Jesus pretty roads arranged what she was saying. She thought it was. You know the one percent making aliens she rose is going to affect her looking at any joint house. How making over four hundred doubt this is. We need to know.
These people are not rich that really, how much do you make of Georgia has just funding would be Goldberg, doesn't think she's rich just what becoming earlier dollars, and let me say that is not rich points. No until she went on exactly these people, are journalists informed us about what they, by the way, No, that's triggered Whoopi have to talk about things. I don't know about it's crazy. It's it's crazy child. My dog actually looks like what we go. Burgundy, it is so, despite our group will hold on, I have to go hunt with heat sitting technology. so please camouflage free, wants the election were held today. He not win, and I think that the black black What rats there now the moderate wing of the party again get where the blacklist met a terrorist organisation term of the average. You know black American in Detroit right now. What do you think what you think, they're doing for pride months, didn't even have a place to fight
this beating up their son. I I'd never primer been ashamed. Well. Well, Gill Hill was the first. Like even known. You know, police chief in sure he was in old, held up here. He was the You know I swear as an actual the whole time ratio is Arteriosa Police Chief of Detroit yeah we're like all. We were gonna get an actor, but this gets away bigger pieces. I think, like Frank result from fell. Zack effectively, but the difference this great right, you know you spend a lot of time in Europe or Boston is, if you want to hide a body in Detroit, you put it in grand central state. Yet over that the place to go and should accept that there are few years aggressive, Anastasia, ten grand central station. They were just clearing out homeless body from the elevator shaft. It was almost they're. Both you get almost right above Jordan, steakhouses heap boy. What's
what else rabbis very urgently here some ships Journey Skateboard say its carbon that generally the cream broccoli homeless, guys carcass elephant man rotting unforeseen you're, not I at the door of the man drew my beloved got just enjoying an eighty five dollars: steady, rapid dead bodies. That must be the turf its amid we're gonna, be shifted, Peter recently released a clip, and if you have children they shouldn't watch us. After all, Nice baby talking to go inside generates at Peter who would have thought that vision this would be degenerates. Weird we're probably here's there promoting vagueness and because of course,
people listening an audio fondling fruit and vegetables sector manner, claiming that fruits and vegetables and enhance your sex life, a very specific thing that men can find not that one that is almost over. You think. That's bad! Wait till we get a mug club later Or is it worth almost that's so terrible? We ever do you live. Laughing, I just envisioning a whole just drilled and a melody anybody. You live video, the male audience on Now- and I am I speak for Peter Jason bigs they had already should silver naked in Times Square is one of their add some sorry what we look nigh agreed with it.
I wonder if I needed for a week after it and there was an amber alert on all our phones for at least that- and I looked up like yeah. I think I'll cut our red made very clear that makes them since he is. This just makes me want dispatch, yours, either cow raw yeah in front of someone who loves us yet for spike, not another. They hate meat meat is disgusting right! That's why you're your vision, burgers in no way try to recreate exactly what was delicious and the first with its an impassable burger yak. Is it's impossible to match the taste with crappy plan? Yes, it and its bunch upon
says crap anyway, tell us more about Mme in heterosexuality of yeah. I guess it's not me. It's not lately. Homosexual is blatantly way. I'm not! I'm not higher New North South is what position again. Stephen North South has been hidden crotch behold at sixty nine, the date and that's what they call it yeah. Well, I should tell you about turtle, so that's just a Tuesday night in the Buddha Jutes family, not so much lower me out so much anymore, it's hard when your breast I've gotta get it. You got a spice. It up is working a lotta mill shine to make milk now where the fuck is this. Mixing hops in similar her own breast, save He's a jealous skeletons in cuffs. Men have milk ducks yet again, Yeah, there's a rumour that debt,
Can I also have another? Never medical condition: Allurement excluded milk all used to like take produce when he was aroused really I don't know if that's right? That's that's gotta, be through this in when I lacked eight bad things happen high protein levels register lethal weapon hands. Yes, why? I have to be very good wanna eaten, but let us also not allowed to carry these hands into an establishment that makes more than fifty percent of the prophet off alga, because it's like carrying. Do you see what I'm saying I have a great ponytail and I can feed your baby with me. ninja dates but a worthless. So you and I watched That was what was it, which was it
Maybe it was DM action was written or you forget, we laughed so it the greatest whenever they go until it's like ten minutes of them. over security camera funny. I write and Stevens inside we're, gonna get the cow Rittenhouse and little has totally relevant, for there is an exit. Oranges dns exiting the ambulance. Yes, oh I don't know what we were thinking yeah, but I think we order allow guys and watch exit moonlight and there's also set it up. Syrian all other characters in the film are going over. Security can fully with a bank halloa looking like the kind of what she has. What time it was again being very detailed like, although he has this kind of watch. Well, that's a fake. You gotta pick it up and twenty third and fourth whenever and they go through all these details and the security can afford to train a dentist, a thief and after about five minutes even Seagal speaks up hand of God is black.
How you see the GM axes, which is both lefferts eminence because, like everybody in the rooms, gonna go yeah yeah we they have. I is actually figured. He split. Good leader, have wanted to see just how to run. Why don't you ask you seen both I taught him. Thing he said you I'm going to see where a vest with no shirt under and play a little guitar light, and I'm gonna cut tools in the vast just because it gets heavy. So your baby, without my nipple ninja nigger what he was called by the but gives us a midwife if I was baby! You! How deliver that you with your high milk, you I've daily mail nipple, in actual fact, thousands and thousands of killed. Many chick
our policy section. Just by going like this. Yes, I look at him and he circumcised. you're looking at baby, penis out, you do it's you to proceed in this way. It is our voting is computer. I said the wrong thing is pouring belief. Is that's not an order? It doesn't work. This is, he's he's collar. The customer service library, hello, guy, with peered from Oxy clean up still kiddie porn, and I'm leads did too and it is shared. Scouring circumcision is again while you're there get me jack. I could use a juicy, so I'm a little few put on a few pounds antennae. So, ok, oh my!
What is this, God is they're gonna hear what they have to say. Can when she's like it's like it's a middle class, Mazur Delorean broke K, Harry Potter, doing their job prosecuting people who break the law. Not a circus! Its shell here out of certain subjects around here, however, I want this is what it is about. Whew feeling on a pair of lovely might be a little town there very helmet over there on the couch. Oh, my God is in his own break. We had a different zoom in a minute. What does because, after the prosecutions statement Van Jones and Navarro just dropped out like you, can we get pink
Lastly, my god you mean the one who looks like Bruce Violence, screwed, an alcoholic. Fifty Euro Harry Potter, every a fairy we'll ask him to get it out of the frame up its undefined there's. No, he doesn't have the boat that. Goes daddy. I'll do it as long as I can wear my most funding, glasses human glasses. With the lines you can't see out of now, I didn't say my second most button club, you mean ones with the big starts, like Elton John Ravens, you now you said that hurt me. We now go to Elton John if he didn't make it he comes within an that skateboard hit. I know exactly these are three assembly will maybe that's
there's no way for them to make this, I'm wearing my masturbation Teresa the tube and do other than those on your flashing glasses. These. Are my master? Bayesian glass is a flashing glasses, our green? What is the best be such failure? Really, I'm sorry, I'm just showing its our energy all run to such as the fact that, prior to Mr Rehn, To achieve what we know the centre for where a t shirt, important, disappointed, but people one look, look, look you're wondering people, mistrust institutions of a once upon a time of Walter, Cronkite Americans trusted the media, and I dont know why well shit, ok, right that it! Well. I guess I kiss you
means on Facebook, that someone give me my Ruth better get stature? Although not least when I read this brain, they re going on right, sell their Ruth get a bit against my shoulder. Fun timely! their furry. Let's take down the statues of the angel kids urinate, there's already too much talk of better quality that we can take goes down. Those are a landmark I'll. Just say they were. They were a confederacy. What the hell's the difference is that agriculture can, I utterly had this David look right over his head. Is that, like that Is that a drawing of I don't know. I want to have you back at our two nights when I take a whole episode to go through this gas screen grab. This we're going through piece by piece is what is it like, but what does it matter hide them goes. It looks like a cat
with plus or minus? I felt that the glasses would distract from my disgusting. I may ever just out of sheer morbid curiosity wanted to be the magic mere on the wall idea here for this head May. Allow throwing app locked up shortens peace actually taunting the news because he's wearing evidence. We don't know about these glasses.
Sure, do easily get picked up on those F B. I planned here. You can see with due heed this. It is awful. I gotta tell you this is this is going to be the narrative again some! I should probably still love I'm gonna be like I am master, here's what, but you can we order of here than it was again lenses. We want an automobile navies easily. Why do I feel like, under this guy's, this guy baby The other baby
I tell you wanted to someone finds that listing on child labour that our website, like it, I don't know jewelry or get baby. I swear, I'm a guy says I'm amazed die. All I ask is that you do not look under my crawl space or China. Skeleton over you, boys, baby greenhouses, so drafty were launched installation between these walls and waste. All that space. Why you gonna? Subject: Leaker somehow Lee Korea to adjust What do they get going from him to call written ass? It just makes one of them. Look legitimate had a pin we'll just like a gauge. Yes, thank you. Visiting wonderland
China's oil and stands on top of the cabinet, like a clock Hippicus, if you'll excuse me, I just put son, had ears and starts removing you sure I've gotta go to work, it does is cut baggages buttering his chair. We stop it. I'm sorry, I'm not! I'm sorry! I, if stood up action screen shares these next day ordering nippewa. First thing: they don't make rash cards, were people might not sized shape? Yes, I'm waiting David S, he's going to the bathroom by tat is a prospect, the size of a basketball. That's a big prostate is the guys to Ohio rack on a common areas process never mind that the opt out, no, no exclaimed! Oh my gosh sit over there look would become a doublet gallagher. It's getting this dialogue!
and when you heard I've always been going out his face now, when you do not have that was your father and he found out that you know you're broke curfew. I am disappointed in you, son. our fifth my death, You know the crowd or name used to mean something. What's the guy with the glasses and Harry Potter that picks up Harry interests, the Sailorman licking his lips all the time you maybe lays won his monocle there, who anyway there's one person and harry by it is hot at no, not that it does Glass Lydia, my wild. I just have one wild things, our anyhow, it looks like him, maybe this guy, just such a brain, the environment, I look even set we ve or where we ve wrongfully prejudged, etc. Here, which law has to set this each set is going to focus, but an opportunity to hedge funds or some points that justify their position so for Cow Rittenhouse, he's gonna be able
provide evidence that not least under Deronda attack had often triple chance. Not all the day were right, then he was there. With law enforcement, protecting community and he's gonna, have a right to demand of dishonour character, for proper weapons is going up as yet be Jack and then get our voting drop out of me. No girth patron. the organ our idea. Get here see, MR just look at me out of the screen, Mr Pearson Razor blades and I dont, like still do my I know of it there's an Davis back late is while we get those by party glass. Read me hell: it's our exit, expert asshole, consult yeah. I like me
potato head glass acquire question: did you have their necks refer? Mrs pack, Manta media pragmatic issue is less threatening. I prefer neither pack man because I dont see gender. What I do see your point, is you mild ain't? That's when you start played pitfall. Oh I'm gonna! Where these or working time Do we know and they're going to I'm gonna? Do it all right? Ok! So now look we are going to. I can't deal with you either by the way. There's! No, there is still not a silly look at me. They're still, not a silly look at it. I was actually where these go to anyone on earth gas, look how excited he is at the edge of his seed for.
Tv. Ladies and gentlemen, I know by the way not a chance that Facebook checks that Facebook checks their facebook lives are met. I've stream mass, not authoritative, so we're going employs area safety, safety, first or second safe, first, yet are going to do I I I I I don't you Thirdly, I don't glasses your front. These are blowing away. Well, you do like these. I can't even see through the special Glad Lick Joe, the glasses. You dont want to no longer routine or even in a room with Rosenbaum and little tumblers. Ok,
have after Minnesota. Mia, are itself billboard our common use of. What's a promo code, to build that calm use. Cracker fifteen for fifteen percent off your Extror build outcomes are built bar dot com is hard core pornography, dont that about God and use it from a contractor to get a disk get out, as I feel in your mouth built bargaining for that? I am ready to go back in the street. Ok take to the streets I like to watch his chew. There's a mystery fly around the front. What is that? that Rosenbaum is this. Is it Shakespeare subjected it's something? I came up with cigarettes. Yes, it's Bruce for lunch, ball hair. I write look. I appreciate why you're taking your life in your hands, you why ox food mystery, boxwood or billboard? You can trust
they're gonna give you something I I know I still want now. You, like your signing all we all legal liability, therefore, like megawatt sure there was a mixed boxes, but it right mystery So is the defence I don't like going on and what are they doing right now I turned to the farmers will cause as much anymore for essential items like tampons and pad after governor women are signed by partisan bill, ending the so called tampon tax and never dream. when we get it done number two. Take this line to get it dies from animal feed. Remind me the one who gave us this delicate alarm. I thought I could really. This is a step toward empowering and supporting women in this economy and an menstruating Michigan. as you know, I am stretching and ice which a lot of money happens is yes, I gotta have quite a point sometime.
I just use it: Turkey leg from a renaissance, Jasper, Veronica, Whitley, true from Germany to Turkey wagon. Now you get always pads with their with wings, and you know optional. Heeded delegated siege for crying out loud back. I would just you know I just tie red skin with some, so I know what I do I just I might It's very fairy broken in there. You know, but ended idly Erika good Carpet square, but you know what gets back. Then you didn't see here, it's from guys, so every them rather change in all around you re lucky guy, he's good guys, menstruating to all you gotta do with the times yeah. I asked my doctor. I said my husband's penises straining here and he says, debts now tat is all I said, are you sure- and she said yeah yeah? She said her, she said. Well, maybe if you stop we're, can it with a male it
you. Don't reckon stop heard here. My head. Yeah. You run away your penis shouldn't bleed, let all your dollar thirty onest, actually intimidated the governor of Michigan enough to say menstruating michiganders people whom straight now. What's the problem with that one try to tat was the name of my football team. You know my dad has a fair, my dinner, the fucked up sense of humor. I was Amy. I was in the kitchen, make myself an omelet, a video, I'm laughing his head off in the other room. I have no idea what's going on and then I don't just I walk in lady dies. You because wasn't just like that. Debo eleven Robert anew and Kate Ferris. why,
the garden of the yard I know it's again. It was two years residence and get out, but the war that make devices, and here s not that their lady David apparently one of the horses, took a shit right more. There are becoming the casket stand, the pomp and circumstance of this Britain of this absolutely be if a princess with their nose in death, six inches away being shown by a parliamentary you're missing the point that the revised at the Cape View This is one. So this is just another go to chat, but this is what does performances she's like inner? I think it was an twenties when she did it she's playing a fourteen year old algae, and it's really unjust Santo. It's very unsettling! I don't! I don't think there's any old. She is in its exact on Christmas vacation. She was still teenage was eighty nine and this was a little, but aren't you but she was a teenager Christmas vacation. She was yeah Oh sure, what does she and Chris I don't? Obviously, older sister Yellow builders offer me you little fungus, Audrey
o k I are in and she's in. You know strange days, natural born killers, Stacy rollerblades topless, enjoy Dave. Why not providing that? I'm not gonna projects are like a static, and I didn't like the film I dont name like a nice. Suddenly. What to fill now, I wanted to say, was a weird score. Strangely strangely, additional Randy Humid, where she's writing topless story things ahead of me, dad about it. May I ask you always go up like three cause. You got a friend in moved. I ask you, please you, our current web pages What happens in the story? It's the worse pause like you have gone down the stairs them now. Water doesn't like them, but the learn due to be.
In the brides get nervous, but he fixed the situation. That day try be apathetic because there. The motion go where they and Tom Hanks Gerda cough that won't go away, and was Ten says by cause he's gay a failure of the waves there. This week, I opened it with this. We closed casket com. Because they ward sure how it spread. They found lying dead brain, but let me tell you about of bow for cars, not found she bills that work. A little back there.
no for work which nucleus I have to say men, design, thinking audience, requests do settlers list. Turkey is to get you would get those from foe. Does one thing dead they're, not love in, and that is that long land for the job. How can I get on it we all know is really good thing. I could have done so much more. LAW Bhutto group will do all that. We can say now that you, but If I tell you was not great,
in the words fits Amelia late due to do about router transformers girl gave until my jewel projects like this shit, a movie about carbon storage, which why, as a driver normal previously, I actually did he did do transformers onward it a year. He was already known and again he always near right. Now we can transfer France, ITALY, where all my wall, but did you know that, but what happened to show but a dinosaur, Jack
So that's the wrong movie. You just stealing lines. How do you put that is happening on the keyboard, so Gerardo Canal, eaters candy? out of me what else is there we signify that are not necessarily Rennie Newman, but I e that Dave just I I thought Randy Newman as a kid era, and then I grew up like this. Twenty five show people got no reason, the little reason to live in another area. The live you Randy new ones, with the glasses. Oh, my gosh look it's with again, who While I am right now that he looks like she's here and Harry Potter, who you would think was the bad person, but then was a good person and then turned out was about she's associate with Sally Feel had to take off before she bang the principle. Before she got osteoporosis,
love me really crack the phone start ringing integrity. I heard there's not enough calcium on the earth. To make me somewhat doable again see hello are right, but I like caught sordid, not really she's cute shoes She was cute, so, she was actually eighteen that their actions there's like that when the movie came out, so they rise issue, but I found it when she was at seventeen birds, yet she planning a thirteen year old, a fourteen year old son like that cheap. She played a very naive. Very well. Yeah to this is the scene where Robert Near is approaching. Mcnulty daughter at school kind of trying to seduce earned she'd doesn't really She doesn't emigrate relationship, but let's go back to when they were telling us that the lock down to work and widely would work, thereby helping to protect the vulnerable unsparing many families the pain already felt by those who have lost loved ones and the Uk Pearl necklace I've ever worn by what you can't see, but her son
there's a big black eye from Chippendale while it rewarder it this way he doesn't even uses hands of cars. We don't let him contains the royal gene pool, I waved I may not all you, communists have a hundred thousand square foot home to stay and, like I do a talking and then you can all say that your your father is in fact your uncle went out my my nephew staging a what no what's what's the proper pejorative average pay for users days haven't? Had I smoke our big? How could we have some paparazzi Follow her twenty four seven, just a sufficient political issues, arriving data expressway. Maybe a tunnel love very fast
so here. Late belts in the limousine, no sea, weed Mass and argue with traditional those wheels need to have. No trade is also your bill. Find your boost to see. To that don't worry, we imagined extradition pomp and circumstance you now India, seventy five million people driven into poverty, lots of India, that's really poor or that's yeah. Let's go From an ordinary, very definitely power, DNA go from pooping in the streets to pooping in your less nice streets. Yeah sturdier poor covered straight. I used to do this. I have read growled now. It's just that none of those, even the new squatty body, does nothing. You're. So you don't have one got my legs. I wish I had a bunch of two things to eat. There's a cow right: there
Now that we were sat silent, recommend see it. Can I see you go watch between my penis around Ms Mckenna for actual. By the way, I don't know I'm on actual thing: that's where there s a that's an array of where they live, there, but all around us and almost half lampshade? That is not imply roads, impressive. I think is alive. You can do it, canyon, milliner. I don't care. I did under your daughters, but after comment, we to find the man the day which the programme that he's got along shared with my? Does the goods if they do that either my boy, I don't know, I don't care. If you win pray, I dont know. I have no idea what there's some dumb broad, whose honour eat pray, love journey. Who don't make out really found myself? You know what you're gonna find breeders tat
This is borne out by Grimes Business at all. Comes back to me. This is like a brave little than coal sure he I need lot of food. I was brutally raped on a train in a bus. I love the majority I went to India and its super spiritual, these people, and by the way I say this because I feel incredibly sympathetic to the people of India, my brother, the intermission trip. I think, Human, India, None Cambodia, ok but my brother, what I thought you stop through in its own way and most of them when my brother's friends but went through and you're sick location and Gerald. When people talk about the chasm of the middle class, how it's it's? It's unbelievable that poverty is unreal, but you people here to say: oh it's so spiritually around! I may catch him. I may spiritual journey. Yes, I hope that's been it. You're driving is going very well for you. Ok, here's something that in a wholly texts is
embarked and gossip, and that is you will notice. I brought a very large suitcase you're going to check your bag. Do your game I saw in my bag and you can eat me all the way through customs about India. India doesn't do a good job with his either guys India that, yes, I don't know the job of anything in India. Well, images I dont know they'll find internet programme is a horrible place, programming women programming programmers. Are you kidding me? Oh, what's your programme of action programmes involving film? That's all the same, ever listen to their top. Forty who wants to Programming idler now number one number two others week just three years.
If you have taught me all now and get ready to go a rap, monetarist, Girlfriends Indians, the exit No, no! I wouldn't have doktor. How did I ever called communication? He was an american indian, but not an american needed. no is american Indian and would have to be of Indian her a new communicated through the language of love. Yes, you gotta get out of our bodies to one another eyes to call her sticky dot
Unfortunately, Dave is not here today, but they have been down with the other big bird flu, so we actually have in his place Gretta soon bergs, older sister brother. How are you I'm fine, ok high, and what are you where you get his elder brother, older sister? Yes, ok, I I was supposed to be the first anti climate change Luneburg within gradually came along. She began to develop early and caught everyone's attention and I was left to be nothing no and you're in the attic and mother never came for your mother never comes for me. She never cause those soon bergs in the attic all my family members have very attractive, except for me yeah flower
Well, I guess it's a relative term of senior parents. What would? Yes, they very doable guy and a boy, a cash devil day. You now is my catchphrase. Yes, I get it. I understand redoubled, their you attitude a little. I had a double added a little but possess trimmed it. I dare you to stop running the planetary integrated another braved. Well, you know a challenge not accepted right now, the new protectionist by twenty thirty five. Sixty percent of our meat will have to be lab. Grown the colonel Vanunu area is like you are my islets babies born without feathers. Look the secret herbs and spices crack floods are due to them is, despite their pain, can spend your their screams extra spies. our slash, forced our general Rachel, a lad, Merle its
that was a general forced our Adam Adams. Lay time forgets just costumes, rear admiral. It really is a half starved for each bull tomatoes. if these are really bad female general, so they get to both. Yet they d come in here the rip his balls. You're a big offenders tear you brought shame near yeah. They take the way, the stars and add the balls lack, not the guy. Again their starts teaching and scrotum err on the side of their shoulders? Go feature baby. Every things up, down the stupid doktor Seuss world. Really, how does it ok to call him a bitch I don't know we here, get everything I gender roles. Let's Jeanne shall, on CNN here, location
you taken seriously. Who is the scale of the high I have a scientist would be necessary, experiments in my garage neighbour taxes, thereby the guy I still have refrigerators that you can't open millions. I own an ice cream parlour I also killed. My family gets sat a jerk, I mean sewed up up up up, so does the name soda by the way? Is this young man, if you are a first name, soda last name pop if you were a bow tie and you're not bill. Now you can just straight up yourself. It's. Why is handled like girl Neilsen? Yes, your people, great I'll bet he's a good rule pretty much, but I done if you can
and about how to give me any diagnosis. I'm getting a second opinion, yet neurons No sorry, that's my mistake on you're walking north on shared in you may join full Gilbert Godfrey faces now I saw that I'll. Try. you saw the aid today. Close. How did you know he was a petrified variable? Mozilla, Firefox unsure. How do you know the performance Rittenhouse? Well, Why Whilst I died, What are our rights? her eyes Barberries predicted arise. I don't care predicted that
we're Manhattan would be completely underwater by twenty eight to what is being asked of the truth, and I happen to know the truth. Is it actually has well yeah just now for the recent they thought tat so that this kind of water- I don't know if that's the Archive New York City, will be a wash in Hobo piss now the day after tomorrow to ensure that we get a library. Why not talk about this in egg consolation. It said much worse shape. might be being under water would be a great thing. Our men had kind of a clean that kind of a cleansing of the ill. Yes, you can sell goods a crisis up your eyes. You give your time. You know. I agree. I couldn't
better? I dont know I see his kid songs though I don't know could be a correlation. I have a gas formula to say it. Seeking to itty bitty spider next year. I have no idea it see. Climate change went out down, came ass. It rain and kill, nor the people out are so said. I should legislate down. Came the hobo piss and rushed to New York City out. Happy has nets? Honestly, I you know your city sucks when Hobo passes cleansing, I live there. There are none shocking about that. Photo now said he just where their bathroom is hoboes passing and your streets in Manhattan is basically an herbal essences. Commercial for yeah Real problem is camera phones in general because that would have been taken care of by simple nudge of the cap in the good old ass, the problem. Now our voters, don't I want a philosophy, is ugly because really well
that's less it's a hobo kid, but how we can take him out. It will now yet you're right. It could be a hub. Ok, I want you to schooling that Germany about pickpocket into good push. Kick you could get up. I'm getting a hobo kids go to pick a pocket or two make that happen in a street or two extra to all about hey. This is yesterday's dupes paper, twenty Denham paid him today, in the strait lashing, sir, I'm just I'm just homeless, pickpocket trying to sell me papers. You, pickpocket boy, ah said salesman today stood dandy man in Florida, subway train by it was his fault. It was passing on. The third rather was less com what what I went. Djibouti GMO. I gave myself a shock
RO fell in an old lady, ongar porch, watching the fire from afar drinking the MIKE's hard lemonade mentioned has got hit, was a stray nine millimeter We're gonna have a beer like it's the end of a war motor liniment, they're gonna. Reset pedophile, with a rag over his what reason in their having nickel difficulties and forty five one thing this is about to go to lunch at the dead tat. If I were the ragged pick pick pick pick: don't you do not you couldn't make Bilbil every kid before you know it, and we're gonna play at sunset make a buck with kids at all. The whole time is he's naming difference, different positions like Babo and Forest got so their pausing, for, I think of forty five minute break there can be? No verse cow, minor, look, there's a picture of my cousin
There are sixty nine when there are six and nine we went where this will soon saw definitely terrible set off. Yes, I do If I put on the week, I believe the list will be more attractive to it. Then my scout, I did not ever steel when I could. I please leeches audio scrotum to suck at the demons you every right now is terrible. Yes, absolutely! What's that files, As I forgot to take my annual bath and royalty, you see. I can only imagine what the peasant smell like, where will have them banned, do idea for crying out loud. I learned very little in school, but I do sometimes it have mice and them yeah right what it would have mice and those wigs and be like a scene and home alone to when they're in the park, and that one ends lies out of the court that he's sitting there. Like all right, I hear about it.
Why do you think there's somebody mice, fables back, then only her was lice in mice wasn't night off their Elitha Carvingknife, which seems like something you shouldn't really just a growth people with crotch wrought a pot after I was causing knife the three blind mice and their citizens A blind mice is about why they almost all died from a plague. Really, it's the cats killed. It gets yes, yes it all. We use here we'll to use a one area for the bathroom and leave it there forever hears it doesn't it does appear that the reason why crutches using green pastures, as is happening at the feline, thought,
so now it's this, since we must beat the sends out of each. I speak the sins of eight November. That's what happened with all of the data killing the cats, because one guy didn't want to admit is venereal disease, a catch rates. Have you came over you everything? You see, it carry ghosts and demons. What's that word profit to, I would never look at that I know that's tabby looks at me cross. I do believe that he's fidgeting when I sleep you now don't know how it happened. I wore a scumbag, it's the I did. You know where I read my penis, my John Tomlinson rabbit skins, as well as an Ex chap I had already burned, otherwise they would never entered the plague. It's true which city would undermine England. I'm sorry, nothing remained. England ass well say that, rather than the rats where the problem they killed the thing that now
really would go to the rats cats and then they did not. Like you didn't you yourselves. Every millions of people died you more than its journey ass. Well, hey! You yoda you'll, their cat stop postal pestering that red tape. Very, very, very clean up diseases. Europe will create. Please stop that we have to get rid of a cat. If we don't and what of the catch will have no more rats? What We do with all hygiene with no rats would be grounds that would saying that we would wish will be without washed would win a train this one to push a ball.
Almost no blooded my urine today, that's a first yeah is also used to hide syphilis symptoms, swords on their heads yeah, this sitting down, I air. All I did they take a hat leave Agatha. I don't want to get it under the bloody scowled. We don't do a wig commercial. Now, I'm gonna be man to cover your syphilis scar. Didn't help. Stop prevent the spread of syphilis that we played musical wigs now I syphilis sores are everywhere. Have you considered a powdered weak? Yes, absolutely powdered. When I have one that's just perfect: it's been out in the rain for four weeks mode, look at them that's where I will fish in the tool. While your brain rocky way, and of upper society, Hale, skin and simply salt. That's how they know that your royalty you're, the two guys
everybody is aware, wigs and yet a powder, your phases near otherwise will look like idiots disciplined like, but father do I have to have sex with smiles. Step. Yes, yes, you might get your blog putting you know. We must as guidelines. Where is it? we were set up any it's. How did we surveying ridiculous? No way will be so. Inbred royalty will look inbred till the end of time limits to this day. Yes, to this day, you had a minute and then I got out now performing coitus on your first cousin is beneficial. You know your teeth will grow sideways. That's just in our second wives of true turn. People smiling Britain with Jack. I am as attractive. Let's take out the seat belts, yes pursue her road, but a car faster. Now you see, we must to rid of Diana to make room for that book.
Camilla, see fit in nice letter the family, but their communities both look. Sometimes you choose a beauty, the most reliable income unawares data we can hear she go she's, just a two track: I mean if the Prince Charles is not a poster boy for being in brown. He has those we inbred teeth, riotous like every time Secondly, I want to spend around like the elephant. Man did not turn up. Gonna be king for, like five minutes after waiting. Fifty years is with the greens, gonna die, It's gotta be sad and then, if you re like guard- and finally, I just can't wait till the dead Father s blood is the color of cookie monster. and it's the same viscosity. Actually, how can I just?
to the hemorrhage felt. This is odd waste. Mother who's been the same age. In look of ninety five. For the last forty years she sort of like a ninety. Five year old Diana Lane was looked like an attractive folded healed, even when she was twenty, but then she was an attractive audio. Even when it was fifty five. Only nineteen we called the Ashley Judd effect. She waved like a twat That's just because you understand her. Father was also her brothers regiments, don't work. Quite so look replete! Why away like this of his you're. U iron ore arose read my uncle Flash Father. That's why she wears powdered wig. Takes it off you just like Freddy Krueger, the witches and what's that
No don't worry that if it is not too far off in the pictures I've been sending me, I'm not gonna show these on the shark wearily again very trigger writers who control room, something protectionism, syphilis analyse. How does one this was. You know I've been going over and above these nightmare, you know, that's the six one we're back yellow more, but it's the new nightmare that actually better than other sequels. What I ve learned and again this is bad now, someone you want me to take it off. You still use little killer whereby all that look. I have these my right, thereby get the rats, rats and mice honey. Have you been sleeping with prostitutes and is just like now, I've been forking catch
Oh us, like somebody tried to shoot themselves and failed headed to take to the fifty. it was on. Bees be like, if you believe the warden from Shawshank indicated that he woke up where's. My pattern I just got legally that's gonna leave a mark of donor is bad giving the throat cancer like Catherine Zeta Jones did with them. I guess she knew worth it: she's gettin. They preferred Gilbert Godfrey tobacco at that is the funniest thing ever I would take spine a bit I every disease. I would take steinway drag my broken glass just get down. Why the automobile so that, but I would amount its cause. It's Gaza, the guy would take stage.
lymphoma. If I could just get me like that, I study enjoy Rats rarely time she surface. Why so funny? I'm gives us no idea when they're watching allowed no clue. Oh no problem child, which was somehow rated one of the worst movies ever knows again, I think really do what they do with cap and a half from behind it. While I saw them a theatre, their Megan. This varies effort, it Almah lad and if they just let go we're lucky, I wouldn't you add, live a little bit right now known. I'd, rather not roaring onward LA got. Thought
it's amazing. He got away with all that and then the athlete company wasn't. I pay that what I meant about a tsunami was it had too much Rachel having first female female in uniform yeah. If I get a right Gerald whales May I just not you see what you want you see when you see what he's doing their barracks the bear, blazing a gay Superman's passiveaggressive, either beech nuts talk that way when you don't allow that language, listen, I'm I'm the be world the same team work harder, the same alphabet, soup thing right and then it was all but confirmed when you're having group sex with an nfl start. Well, that's true, she's good for three! Not for yes but see she'd. She basically there's a my country. Do you know where we go? We call them in my country where, when someone, I know what what what Karla note by don't know what we're effect when he sang a slide, disrupt flap,
sap O slutty long sought, but dont say that you're not allowed to say but hold. I didn't we. We saw your many many many partners come back. They cut that two from the video right I mean so yeah. He has to answer the question that I dont what what what was going on He was my many pardon line here. Mario for lie twenty Simon Maria Alive, and I went away with this three plus mark you ve got that north partner. There was a guy in leather in chains that came up behind Maria your throat pomade. Let our bargain backlog, that's not how they are so now the expression go Now, Mario, nobody dialogue both less than contrasting transit. No inflation and enough look. Look the apparently foursome sooner do something for you. So we set aside by the molecular he's prior to forces cause stare. don't exist price.
For sums and after foursome sow their ganis. Apparently forces gives you a body or not the requirement to more dominoes, unguarded Kay, He has been eating. He's vegetables, girl, listen! I knew that was going to turn you on, and I mean we should have. No, no, no! No! No it s not done me on a little bit amato, but not tomorrow. If you did, you have to take up of AIDS, now he's got like Storms, I'm not even going beyond the show that this is very high. I mean it's hard because Distract Mario occur girl. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. He asked the girl What sex sounds like with men that are just by our ally. Why? What is currently awaiting him up North Africa? You found like on August
like the neurons within Austria, is sound like a cage in doing the prayer general would like the phone evening we may go. You saw me frankly Don't know, let us cast our sad disgusting. My car and shut up have you heard of missing river, I mean, did you just you? Have that nets? Not let's not come on? Let's not cannot. I dont need arises, and I dont want guys that stop it stop it man and they now want to save. I dont want to say another one taken too soon, maybe for America, but I'm not out there to saving your predictions are to come true. This is the New York Times. What's from twenty to actually baby seas of of Djibouti Q, I all the news to bring a class. What, if he's not? plus in here like out. We don't write a letter drawn from a personal ok, so let me go through each for alleged reg.
Yes returned! I envy you forget that, like me, you again black me Mara, bs, hot and bisexual like which is I don't like uncle led model, no matter what bisexual earlier, the way you a problem with gotta therapy now, can you thought any be being Ain t be too easy for me as it this type of one hundred and two, though that we have to do with the bottom, have no it. So it's all of it. Now. Ok, it's early beat the coup. I'll get you the q is the That's the word we're not supposed to say yeah, most the Taiwan like what queer. Let me oh, but no you're, you're gay back, I'm back where to what you can't you gotta pick out. I'm gonna go crazy on making a just say what what's New York Times they signed.
No that's not his eye. I wonder what it what does? What is I worry rang its intersects health is at me and article guess. What does what does that mean? actually don't? I think that actual training here but how they are to that guy and thirdly, game that they have to shut it might make the feed the kids folder INA, doesn't know anything so stupid, William born with both parts out. This was only this. Like my friend, I see. Well, don't they works like I want any Mario, none at all ye I dont band and ease earlier, beat the girl I think that's a sexual and ask me I cannot attracted anyone. That's bullshit I'm gonna, tell you ok, ok, I'm gonna tell you, and I say these are the guy who is super gay? I really do super get going.
I'm gonna go online and I wanted to look after the captain bill that it skipper no they get power to place. That's my bow! No! No! No! No! No! No! That's all I've out now! I'm leaving! I know you're, not Daniel asexually that guy who cannot get laid. What's in a name that is, you know what he's right all right. It's a good point, though, has appoint. Ok, so news that has a lot to know. What is a fresh perspective ration perspective. That's true. We have a fresh perspective. Gonna want since shroud now here we go. No, of course not. A sponsor today do that payments in euro rueful body with a body for locally, sponsor you in the corner and studied, but that's not the others, virgilius mixing. Ok. So, first off watching
clip is not even that bad though he didn't, are the guide to the ground and crack him over. The decibels will be very well. Do you have any government? We will work with you? Mrs De Palacio were upon our fear They are working under three. Ok, there are three they leaped rankings, Goosey chapel online site endemic. we are, on the other side jewelry chapel albert I. Can you please remove your mustache like just reorientate, because people the base gender thing. It's gonna hard to understand you, the mustache. Nonetheless, our people can do anything like that. Can you hear me better, keep in mind I'm talking to you from the grave! Well, that's true Juliet always going to be ignored or need, albeit somewhat like ice, my god, I don't know what to do about. Let me show you how much of a liar this man is, and, of course, CNN just took him at his word. watch him here in a local media report. Eddie hast, Golda Crap out of it
Take my burn out not liking. It politely ass. Unlike anything, it is valid in the mail there. They are basically in laying down in pretending evening here when I found you know, you think I can't hear you in your mouth that's my girl. Well, maybe by I mean that's the thing: leasing dealing meeting iron Gate, the idea that guy he's really get a proper like online? do you have like a game firing depravity finding chapel tunnels jeez where we go up again to prefer. Aren't you preferred reference that dumb waiter. Well, the point is our chapel starving Ok, I gather that data together through gay, not bad. We eat them at Christmas. Ok, if it ok.
If not it I've ag- ok, don't say Zeke and different holiday here. This is the issue with John Oliver bending the truth, because the lies better for him than the truth. That's it s. Also So let's go to Arlington. I was against a mechanism and using what I'm alive. Savers and you know what Umberto gather, what TAT meant, Listen, I'm! U can get away with it. Don't take the risk. My let me take for you. Ok, ok, so much just being honest, really gonna, they think they're sleeping I bear people mangled man, he viewed airlines If you will join the Mexican who bear they like it on down, they wait, walk barely like it is gonna, write Mariano that that's what this man I can walk to another. here. We also do by way of a global hold out. I was on my way- and I didn't keeping you but you just No, no! No! No! No! No! No we're all merrily merrily suicide, wherefore declining things here,
right, the skids, Darlington shooting Member- that Mr Simpson is involved. In high risk activity and accepting this activity, led to the disagreements within the community risk activity in Bali, visiting truck stop, sir. I was going to say I believe, risk activity like the time. May we think that time I winding airport, a body with George Michael Ah, you don't ever gone the Porter Putty with George Michael now, I'm a lesson, and so this time I would support a party with by John. Why I don't know my privilege. These having sex with guys who have joined in their name for far less than the polar bodies are where the poor many of its we, its noble it's up to find a mate we have wasted settled on Mario, so is that now he's Alberto Mario's, his loving ass. I say he said aloud. He settled on Mario thing, leafing be the better
they better than waiting around our life. For me start I what it looks like two sterile am I going to. Their Mary. I was going to unanimity. Pageants he's given body go for ease, not perfect, buddies, perfect. For me. That's right! killed him. A rising draft come on. Let's allegedly it's what to let some naturally, allegedly you like Joe Biden Value TAT. There was not a legit, ok, Cholera and daddy does not stop it shameless, but the plugs. Ok, listen! Adriana Morgan! What what non super for previous? Ok, I think our blessing briefings and you're their lower. The dynamo, stylish, ok, ok, ok, ok, you're, not crazy, you're clucking. Thank you. Jerk looks like in law,
sex. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I heard your feeling well, I mean I was like this because you are a pussy by I'm the man of steel, but I hate their arab ivy by my piny. I forgot my point of view. To commit murder at least put a mask on to protect those around car, came that self explanatory. Whenever I, whenever I rather bank or commit murder denial, I went to mask the ask: your party did not to wear masks that's it! That's actually good question! That's a good question! for email. I don't one Iguana Europe banks, I dont bring Mario but now he's not with a guy he's kind of an it'll, be a monopoly Skype, When I do it like this italian job. You know buddies Mexican do well. I I was to be caught. Not talking about a robbery I've. I meant more intimate I don't yet that no oh yeah me America have zigzag dialogue debate, but we do put a penis man
on now and not about after I kill people dying Maria and I we have sex is a good thing that the worst part of this is, billboard covered up right, so we had a father going to the school board and I caught dangerous doping. I'm not stupid, but why would you dare say her for the worst part? What you just say? I said the worst part other than the rape, obviously lawyer Pedro, they were being covered up. Is the re you'll understand? Where do you think you're being re by leg? I don't know me, Mario Data being re, begin for we know this happening and that after that, another you're, gonna get another. One of these is the one more point. I want more grateful. We, the boy actually identifies as gender. Lloyd? So that's. Why he's a boy in a scourge which one is that which letter that's a good?
wash oh. What is which lemon isn't as we're immobility? The alternate q is very online. I thought it was early, beat a coup Maybe you I now the way the air, so as air. I believe it was eleven varieties. I've got lazy and under like a guy in a bundle. Ok, you know, I'm not an armada marginalize grass does much anymore and on our guy basic bit, bunkers vines Live there. ok lesbian, gay gang. That's me brand b, Sexual, that's Mario Monti on eighty Margo and transgender transvestite cranny Chomsky tyranny, like I not like you, could ask me to write a is for a ah. I therefore lie. That's probably.
Intersecting. The professional was born with both that's my fantasy. Okay. Now air for gender flew off for me for factual does not make sense. the white paper will allow them exerted that health is a cultural. It's a cultural difference. Albert allow barricade in now is not going to say. Is, moreover, IQ difference. Really, I know a guy living a guy, a man can be a man I want to have things remain? Ok, but I'm not not be a woman, and then we also want to Athens. We may or man. I don't know the rules. I don't know. I don't know I'm not going to talk anymore oil. Fourteen years old, It's actually heartily railways and publish your now Lizzie day I'd. Rather, you said you were going to add to what my night a nose here here, wiping I got to say something there: how Berta listening? Ok, even in Mexico worth modern up to now. Let's see we we straight people now means no
right now there are people living near Mario. No, once they none other now Amy something mobile. Many knows. Do you have to say for its of actually mean no, it's actually a good question. There is not a harder rule? Ok, I know what I want to know. But the house down, but like a valley with a smile on my face, a name Magna Carta, Dorothy. Gotta keep plugging it walk into every time to write so look. We are going to go to Russia that we have to announce the winter, the costume tat. Do we really lets you? Do you want to announce the wonder there, Alberto Mario? Do you wanna announced the What do you do me? We're arousing. The latter is with winter, do a costume. Katarina people are going to send in their cost. Yeah thrive accustomed. Ok, there they sound like farm. We will look at all be crazy, why people are
to put things you didn't you know or other about this. This is not like the for some street fair costume kind of stuff, so you that's a little different. Well, I mean that death and call for I'm a family friendly gay. I just wanted to be. in the middle of the street and San Francisco, my business stay out of my middle of its three well, that's kind of called me maybe there's three my choice. I don't think the tone, ok, whose meaning that be the f, japanese guy, a lot of governments and by the way that does not have the money is, there is no data. Have Germany now either seen on aim for liar I mean we either even lie? Ok go yet a good ones, but the winner is the Land I am not even stray nevermind,
Tom Rail, though Eliza Glorious, is that a woman there's not a guy miles pissed. Under my job at government level that is a woman we have made Lastly, let a beautiful I dunno, maybe it's time for me to be, I can do so made a couple nor the custom. That's the winner! That's the way I feel like their pay, bearing going around story, no she's, no, their death that on thereby people could apply the disease is qualified. We never said that. is this one of oh geez. Like me, we were they. Let our energies garret. Again, ok, that's enough for this. You know we should do. We should go back to Detroit and we should do some side by side and see how much worse it's got. No, no, no tenant. sire you never going,
we'll send somebody else, little hopefully make it less. I ever Mexico's Riga and bitter. scares me man. Would you but do you got currently like follow one case, kidnapping right, you're, good and pay me to go to the trouble because he's like an ethical theory but call because you know you can get at them and is it the coal really that that's the problem itself Furthermore, in South America there is now a nice place. You know, that's strange, you would rather go with them. As faintly hinder pointed out are all places all countries have a theory they make funnel genome is having that even the United States do have Detroit Already makes it all we have Detroit first, our thank you. Alberto and Mario occurring. yeah join my club.
You know what I like to join mug club. You do you do that you do that. You wanna, join my club. he's got a head thing on. I'm gonna get hit cover the call to call a doctor. I know now There it is
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