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Mug Club at the Movies: Leprechaun in Da Hood


A special raw and uncensored MUG CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Crowder and Dave Landau review the film “Leprechaun in Da Hood.” A cult … classic?

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Louder with greater, is brought to you in part by John Support defined by merchandise. At the shop. Great conversations retains the right people that this is one I'm not sure from looking forward to or not Europe we learn, we'd learn new things we can introduce new things and
now is introducing me today, leprechaun in the hut left in the hood in and roll Stinger. Where she d Thus on the show- and you had some predictions Jimmy see if you're predictions were accurate, involving leprechaun five, and I propose that in just a week is it would become five. I believe it is what was what was too through poor but I know there's a space in their becoming too was just leprechaun to yeah it's space before hood. I think spaces after hood. If they did it right it goes back. We might be six agreed that there is a police academy, number of leprechauns for sure yeah, no idea there were five airliners twit. sitting on where the wayward isn't there Jason in in order.
It is not a hat and an engagement spent yet Jason takes Manhattan, is Jason and the reality is different names. The hooker there was a delay eighties Manhattan, Re S, yeah, ok, so let's go and see the predictions, and then you guys can watch along with us in the right way. To watch leprechaun in there. Let me right now and then we'll go to Photoshop or not. I am going to make my predict right now. I've never seen it. What is it Let me turn out. Don't show it to me. We're gonna know will actually watch the film for a full show for my club. How now I've met my prediction? Ok, something happens air leprechaun. For some reason, someone does some enchantment her. The unfreezing sway shows back up, there's some kind of scene where he shows up in New York City or wherever it is water and fish out of water and something like he finds a slice of Peter out on alleys sums their certain then there's some thug, whose, like hey man, you freak, go backwards
come from in an alley way is a free guy, urban kills them, and then it gets in with some like some criminals who we are allowed to survive because their useful to him to get a pot of gold and at some point they teach him that we gotta get your though we gonna teach you how to fade in and then next shot is little leprechaun in her dress like a pimp, and then Eventually, he kills everybody in like manner tat. We will brothers needs that you are. How close I well No aroun in Bulgaria are not I'll, be I'll. Just say, you're, not way why it is very much of those movies. Go there's gonna, be a dance number in there. Right isn't like Google, you gotta do some behind dance number, the most uncomfortable part of a movie, a dance number can be ok, yeah, doubling the laboratory. Someone like me and put them on the bar. So yes, I guess so the elections, and that brings us to the drinking game rules Gordo Black hair,
Do you dream rules? summon the leper currently to drink. When drink, weighty of my poor devils going through people some, leprechaun fish out of water and then he heard you leprechaun, a person who insulting likely lack lines with criminals who kills later. You have sent you here, namely Africa, number four the current level ran on live animals, whether you're here There you go at me. Specifically, he wears a pimp outfit number. Five. There there's, no yes, exact and by the way, the there could be two or more of these occurring at the same time. So where's. The surrounding it could be a part of the dance number and the pimp outfit could just be. Simple, as they realise that is green suit, looks like a pimp. Outfit appropriating black culture could be the entire movie, yet you couldn't
the berries and during the entire, any here's a now just so you know, because we don't want to get copyright. Dang ourselves were going to account down so that you can watch along with us, and I think I think it's important to note that we're talking about cultural appropriation year, iced tea in this film, he isn't. I wasn't too far office. Coolio or something, but I lost her arms and one of the hollow wings right Josh hardening. That's right: of whom your perfect impression of Josh. Hardly I won't get excited well spot on. I just I just want to correct the idea. Example, horrible Lou easily would enable I also love Josh heartened. He claims, I call you know. I just got tired the industry, so you started picking projects it. I really want it. penny dreadful. They we say that its aid was my choice. Running like blockbuster I wasn't into the money aspect of work, not only good aside. Her crap
I'm like a male merrill. Streep said Josh Heartneth Emily. Now I'm saying is primarily things of himself but He was areas. Mental gymnastics are not hang himself. Let the commissioner see quest I know that this is where we go back to cultural probation. Clearly I would amount says: majority blotting in the ghetto causes there's, some irish and look at some sorts either. I wouldn't I would amount, it's mostly irish and black there's a lot of black. Ok, yeah. It is in the hood, but the point is they didn't think that this was cultural recreation back then they thought it was a silly horror film. With an irish leprechaun. going into the hood, and at that point it wasn't considered races to say what good is. Typically very, We have a lot of pox, give a lot of people of color it wasn't a by centres offensive. It doesn't mean that anyone is lesser then, but they were all
they didn't have to step over landmines, just to explain the premise of a film. It was leprechaun into her. Every that's the elevator pitch is Jeff, leprechaun heard they go all we got it's a little racists but can be fun or details from the hood right was it. That was at the debt, which was an offshoot of tales from script, yeah, but it's carbon burns and plays a racist white guys. Basically, David Duke our slave puppets kill him. It's actually move. I love and David Andrews and abusive step dead. He gets. It is pretty good Clarence. change. The third owns the actual funeral home, where the guys go to when we know him, of course, from half baked I'm I don't know. Other related always through have now analysing and evidently and lay Samson, alright we're getting up so, but today the focus is leprechaun heard. This is true, you're familiar with us. I love hood movies,
the great genome and it's a joke. It is this. I mean this is a tough genre casually, which is it a movie or movie right. It's a bit above its a bit both in and outside the way in both its I'm willing to bet, probably some we're stereotypes in a leprechaun from them. I want to show you the leprechaun itself. The irish stereo tat, one could argue, or we could just say that there are being arbitrary thunders additional course. I live, say that I would say it's way more offensive. The blacks give it to argue with you well How much is your pollyanna guinean lagging away rack way back when I was out of high school and doing stand up or So, let's give account down the people watching, because we can't show you the entire film, we'll have a little box every now and then, but at night we don't need a five minute countdown. We have a five second countdown so that you can hit play an along with us,
by the way. Just comment, if you want to see more of these in this comment, come on common if you're watching this on you to buy their know, how long a sober up five for three two one continent, it's already gained, a modern intra. It is a sign, drown. The ad The lion skate horror. The real master yeah renounced. Yet this is the criterion collection meet with directors commentary. How great would it be if the guy went full character the directors to leprechaun like in the sea? We had already taken so many times, because my hat wouldn't adjust properly. We had a lot of bananas that Europe's standing, the eighty just twenty minutes you're a gunshot, a minute's silence from the director. For the rest, I will use your civil open the door and commentaries. Why
about a Gomer, since more goose is called it will kerchiefs dimension. Has Tal increase. Now that is not Peter, Jean Claude Trichet, not nuts work Dave worldwide is work. Davison mark I got work. I love work. Davis, actually, who do so a little food authority. more work than Val Kilmer that, after willow, one of those actors would get consistent, true, it is his diseases, not horrific jog answer yeah or being the worst Batman donkey. All right away. Any argument can learn a little more Jews and I wouldn't have surrounds them here, but I got me. Authority Second building this go to war. Rick, but where I live other using the Muppet Christmas Carol Fund, there
oh yeah! Well, you have to it's the Hansen workshop funds. There also proper. Two cultures and ones here. So if you are drinking at once While this is long intro, I feel like it's not that long ago, in the full HBO Intro Route, which might noticed H, Showtime, decided to counter that we're just like single moat interest. Oh yeah, like Billy where's HBO everything is West world or I'm trying to get any age with big love there all like when he made it introductions and every effort show damages, says billions found a few. Have those interests, though Demille makes people that are older. Changed channel really said. Hits been failure. I will willingly. This is just the title I wanted to see yet, but also should Israel should the actual, like you don't have to put my name of the big. You can just go right into the film if you, while they were arguing for no billing. Well, I'm sure ice tease.
Proud of this rule, the citizens and to take himself that seriously, but I dont know now. I like I stay or something. Ices. The last EU iced tea, vanilla, a sparrow very his mother, fucker that you ever heard people forget about him for real iceberg ravage. Now. Ok, all. This must have been a long time ago. Well, I've been looking up we're coming to pre, damn plus my first prediction. Work well was obviously this Indeed, when he's being an argument, point: did they store the leprechaun in the subway?
these bade them with coffee? Back I love, the racism is so overt that All they show is called fifty four and fast food, and you know it. Leprechaun baiting flattery it also has an afro pick sticking out of here at home now Jen Zackie look at that girl of chance they magic. I told you this is why they're gonna break the charm going to break the spell in some of them. his gold, but why is it can stone. How did he go down to the bodega get caught? Fifty four
did Verne, try or we'll him downright resigned, lies yeah Honeys Verne truer is also underground, forefeet under exactly half. I'm gonna have some others be I love out within the first moments, they immediately have two: he s he's pickings afro and the other one drinking malt layer it next to have A hamburger leftists touched the goal
Oh no, it's gonna get away. I. It is about time, are breaking the role really to show you the monster right away to remove any fear system this is less than five. What would happen? Lebanon is back in his throat he's also very? I have created a throw yeah That is certainly the leprechaun yet there was summoning the leper its goals by the way. That is not a very powerful. Magician spirit Conch. If all it takes, is a subway walk right? Well,
that's its heart because its various gun. That's also heart. what are they gonna register your weapons? Your thing? but they're gonna find some common ground about us it get in there. What do you got Victor hits ok. Well, obviously, this is not. Actually. This is John yeah yeah, still should still we wouldn't be able this will not. I know I made we a voice two weeks ago, and somehow this is perfectly eggs voice of black farmer yet been paying for it. Since
This wasn't movie theater, yet this people watched and agreed to I forgot he rhymes everything. I forgot that too, which is good guess. He has ever read battle steam, seesaw, followers aura, no a journalist down again, that's how you stop and the national chain try. You stop him. Well. That was that was quick. Well like how he looks nothing like the first statue wreckage green anymore? That's just what the doctor ordered a goal. Pick, allow better. How does yet that opens a tragic dying, a gold recorder heading back heading back to bed I'll be back before the hipsters got you.
I hate me, or was it a leg, or this is our labour? Writing is supposed to be New York for this definitely is supposed to be New York air. How lazier there with them- and they know just showed they just go to New York and then it was clearly LOS Angeles, their rapid because it would have an actual have ice tedious. The other guy ground would put on yet another sounds it out as do it. This is wrap Indian Cove. It will make for health We gonna wrapped in a movie. Wait what happened with the other black eyes, you with a screwdriver, the other black eyes, Heaven Mcallister, so
Oh he's, the scientific black disease holes like John, is teller gap. Just slut it. Obviously in their horribly racist, new movie, squaring the lives of young. Oh, it is must realise this. As I thought of the very best I will, but they want a subway. Isn't there one legged frame and l? I don't know it's a stupid that's right, for example, are we get to complain about the accuracy? Now I agree it was. It was New York up, and so this point we just watch your ass. Maybe we just watched a priest or leprechaun kill a black man with an after openness through the black man did wasn't even loud enough now, just let us have been murdered and disquiet about not even enough to alert his friend who was making more liquor Malaysia.
A goop. Why not fuck? Now I'm not offended law. Could you make if we just sit without context, big loop group of black, more focus on the show, Oh it's all day, it's red grant. The comic really yeah he's in the vast he's in the Carlton shirt and emotive call it I saw him at the air for one, that's foreshadowing, Where do you think, I'm only money? We need a whole lot of moon there, I'm one about a sovereign and producers, probably not a Jew in here now to leprechauns. It was my uncle right to play again Julius version. So
Adele losing in nineteen. Seventy one. Have you noticed that every single action, every single creative choice the black actors have made is offensive? Yes, baby immediately are trying to commit theft at first but the Berger and the court. Fifty four and then their wrapping. Then there? Competent right there not able to fix the board for home school and now they're lying support, sums that, yes, there, the pony, Fender Strata gets. There is Jimmy and references to the end, its genuine offender. It's a squire who wrote this a very rare systematic retrograde policy as the postmaster pay, because I deliver positive message
as it is already a masterpiece burn, really go postmaster pay about myself that qualifies what chemical is blown out, his dick I wouldn't even referring to is the nitrogen on the sound. I shouldn't have injected it directly into my dick man. If you can fucking throw away a lot of asian already given by nineteen seventy It is a man who cares about black culture, it sits four stereotypes
in fairness to the film makers that is every asian owner of a store in LOS Angeles, most likely, if they're not busy on the roof, I think to be cleared for him. we're context. This was this was marketed to a black ADI. Yet it was written by a black waiting a little bit of our light audience mental disorders, the Leona Peak in right, of course, but I'm saying like this wasn't sort of blacks quotation from that possibly white people, sought, was marketed to a black eye as I use ice tee, so black people enjoyed this year and then It had massive numbers of hate crimes against Asians right. this is why Could they win failure and there were like we should we should play start hurting most be names. I love how he just got the gold piccolo. as a part of it. What it is you know you didn't mind laying don't you know me, I'm Mr Gold Piccolo. He everybody knows me. You gotta pick a lot like four days ago. If my bag,
Africa is really renting space. In your brain referee hanging around a girl, Niccolo means a minus touches. How you got all these threats. You know that directly. Photography was like you know. Ok cut could do it again, but it really. Gonna wanna feature more that gold piccolo. We let the living like in your ear like a cigarette dash. It's heavy Can we get a limousine where one of the sound guys has an eighty? Eight Van works, Watson, I shared that's everybody who owns a liquor store in Dearborn. I you want to watch tat your worst sure he savvy now
Gmos is you weren't, you got it all like a bracelet enough. Honest risk. It's like. Misplaced winch. Wouldn't you wear it as a necklace. He should have had around the evidence. Along alone is here we gotta be illegal, gray November, a flute. You know you think he's gonna have eaten. These things gonna play melody on it and skill levels. what old phone touch it? Don't They were also lying again, but about It is now in prison. Don't touch. It will now have the morality tail but selling out
Being true to yourself, man, you gotta, be keep a real like ice tee with his gold piccolo. That's all that's who he is when you keep it in the safe if he had them a murderer, leopard more actively in your office. ok, he one hundred percent may there on the spot. Let me just wants you to improvise like just and half a dozen character work. You make the choice here anyway, we're gonna put Lebrecht statue in an empty aquarium in your office, how about you that he wasn't aid on the gagging lobbying academy area is like among those as dead under them, so they re I'm right that shit. He does think he's a pencil taught you wanna do it. I can't say that no margin libelous, I like his Steve, Harvey
old buttons? Yes, let's get out of here and I, like the the home, schooled, Rick, Santorum, sweater, very angry black man. We when the drafters, like our boy, shirts, off shirts, say the inward a few times solidify that demographic, that's a hot day, those midnight showings to pop we're going to use the same roof that they tartan, Shawshank, put liquor bottles everywhere. They want serious goddammit. I notice it like they just access. These kids have never even considered attained options
that, whether in this legal or closer this line or now knocking over, I got a great idea: one. We get jobs, hey. You know what I was again in the paper and maybe we should go to college men, look alike or what god we're traced will get. An apprenticeship were go away up Emmy come under shared management. What do you mean like make another tape- yeah necklace off a little midget, Martha HEAT Iran, oh yeah, I'm sure you can guess his axe. Let's just say he propels is people forward. You tell me how long before cracked makes Apparently we have gone. We have cropped document like I'm saying this was this was marketed toward black,
if you remember this moment in time, and they were, I was invented by this list. They weren't gone the stereotype of angry, but man you're, going all its stereotype of the hood and I think that this is a horrible all that american Revolution to delay this at the George Floyd trial, the guy's guilty is gonna, go exhibit like you, re he's, gonna fry right, but also the other guy dips. Egypt, you do they picked that shot because there was already graffiti there. Oh yeah feather and into the budget Yeah, there's no way that this is a sad wow. good out of love. That's no couldn't I just had a worker faded to call them this seems too long. What do we do rewrite
additive dissolve. Yes, we make it so he walks from a closer known out here. I got an idea if we that will miss the top half of the umbrella? very go and other crimes, lemme guess Remember that Nicholas, I don't know This is now twice on Europe summoning the leper gun. Yes, Germany, to do it. If, of course, they do. on honestly that first summoning kind of had the second prediction: I sent an alley, but you know so really I've had to- and I think I have another two
Why is his big hemp office, the top of a bed and breakfast? Why didn't iced tea untangle? Those chains, you would assume my dream- is always been had changed like a ball of your untangled as you yet one download about Google Chrome going to without modifying we Q. How do I go about our know? How now now someone's getting racial scenario type in his neck? Good thing you know wearing and after a big, oh no, he took the going fickle. That's probably got like medieval leprechaun gps equivalent.
Is that what it is, but I find them like. I sense that pick allows Klaus, I think, maybe that's even how you some areas, Oh my god, you got more neutral, LULU Aloof.
Yet, speaking of them acting unlawfully, you gotta love how at this point there just blowing away who they believe to be a homeowner who kindly ask for his new major operative. He's also appears to be a very sick, midget end, they shot him. Forty, that's really, but if we look at man just gotta gang debts, essentially, if they all we're just pumpkin Rocky Janis, it's scary, by at bath problem throughout arrogance in your face, oh by the way that was due protection already. I was too some poor shit, I got watering myself there's a mess
How would you know how? he's a logical, sais analyses and decent shape for a man of his age, I'm not compared to a midget because you guys were they lack. The was a mile Staten, so they can just keep grown muscle and that's where we're like two hundred pounds, little cannonballs she's real just that shit like forward, but is this guy and a set of save by the belgian class? That's all just cheap tickets of atoms that's left over, it was good to hear from the start. We restore now is iced tea. Across the floor and he died really shook the world. There
he is a really upside down triangular face. Doesn't he the ice tee? A little bit, I mean look. It goes like this. We spend so much time in the Illuminati. You start looking like the symbol of I don't think they let him, and now they did not bother about Judy Geagea and mother fucker. He did looks like he has just the amount of white in him to make it when he did, but you the hair like these, where in the fifties where they would relaxing the exactly they gave the leopard Nancy, Kerrigan Wig. Yes, the ways this, I think
he's aligning with these aligning were learning, and how do you learn how to be heard? Illicit substances could join. That's too trusting you bring back on screen to the protection of people can see them. now. This is aligned with useful criminal up there and also appropriate these. I'm telling you I mean the whole thing right there. We should wait for the dance number you might end, it is vital to fit three of my say this is pretty good. ah now hearty fell. Why didn't you just use a joint instead of just a twist at the end of cigarettes, but we took up his fingers Oh
which should give for making cap pillar hideous crimes he's, anybody see my piccolo. How do we say? I don't understand it like Busta, rhymes and ice t and ice cube? How do they still maintain like tough street cred? After these things, no clue I don't know I do a short sleeve golden cowboy shortly does not all that ahead and bar now is one of them just insulted you just get it? Oh! No! Oh now and it did so with a dance now anyway, you may have heard all its Gov
a lot of these guys are so damned thing they forget within about four seconds, and I just got the shit right is also by an unnaturally strong small man, you're, just back I think I got him around through could take this. Also, We realize your reaction to something like that, probably wouldn't be discussed, and insulting at you now. Ok, can I get you some fleets? Are I gotta? you lost little guy says it's a gold pickle. While his ear oh he's he's a gambler man. He is
look, I don't know what it is, but I'm drawn it is go pick up like the Lord of the rings ring young takes fruit. Bracelets still have not explain what is written resign. Coin and or magic gravely. How do I know somebody like it's like Leprechaun GPS? the mediaeval dark arts, Tom Tom, you did it now. There are just What does the treaty are? They all yeah? I told you, I'm chemical, regular,
that's all you now yoga? Flutes, Diego, that's good! That's how you want to act year. We do We do not act the way that anybody in a normal situation would act. Under these scenario, we are black malaria and curly, like what Oh no another raises agents irritated by the way
but she evasion, cause he's nice now, because you think they have money of arrests before I used to think you were street urgent. But now I see you have a go pick out all right, one of those in adult age colonial days, by the way. What store is this that he owns? It looks like Florence flourished. Look, store, get impossibly now. What is well, he is operating culture, Erica early black guys, dance like retorted, boys yeah. They they flew the plaintiff that men had to go home to his kids. You did, I mean the actor guy. Now the political will to go back to his by racial children and doesn't just has a dear John letter from his wife just staple to the door like Martin, like you know what you did that
guys when they can't get Seinfeld four words this guy. What are you doing that Our vision is awaited. the background hooker it, and we need to see the same, seen twice in a row here. What forces apron has urban, I dont know promise that an ovum allow commentaries and commentary that was made formed market into the black. Had there been a single black family man in this film? No, no. There is a an asian whose apron disappeared. Those statues, those are hookers. Does your hookers he's got a form Oh shit
Naturally, the better I should like to put up with popcorn debts we're gonna, throw you know like ten miles of blood draw this morning. The factors will rise, looks for a second. I thought it was even if I didn't expect that now at legitimately scared me There was a scary thing about this movie, I'm just glad that was in a real knife. They could have gone over the extra mile about you're wearing your spartan armor cut my finger off like Houdini. J? Something goes wrong. Why should the name of a tree you saw a finger really is really feel about it? people are really dismissal of anything.
Did you like swords, though, for as much as Asians hate them That's the first time is learned. His name what they re my name. I gotta turn the preacher, there's not even names in the script, he's just black one black to tidy up the love that that lifetime fade to commercial. Oh of course like how do we, invasion we already use the additive dissolve. We know it's gotta be be anyway. So do have a star wars. Swipe we can use later earns. Naw man, you gotta, pay extra for that shit with movies maker. This it seems like a very, very real. I don't know it's a trimming doubled and Anti Kerrigan week. He's gonna have a mouth. leprechaun teeth the at her. is not real, but it's also a trick me. Let's do it
we paid for that one's justified right, but I can't ways coming in If you want these waves, what I'm saying at another bowl here, if you want this, no, no, no, She's just wait dressed up she's a little promiscuous and on our should not rest new technology is outcomes and a black face. Let me have countries, nobody Look like a black woman right now. It's o They didn't ride. In its true, why don't? We hate you? I know what's happening somewhere, else he's somewhere else controlling and Jack he's dying with that was insulted
was he does controlling or body but she turned possession was confused. but his power I ministers is power, said much. In explaining that dipped a black eye. I didn't get it the way that they don't get by culture Why don't we have them all dancing in the friends apartment? He calls me me me me. As I do think we should go inside and talk to other people. Now You unloaded on a midget while you are committing a home invasion, we, as far as you are definitely killed. That's far's! They they don't really is a magic measures. Right now
what's funny, as there is an actual video people who think there's a laboratory in a tree in the year in ITALY I believe it really oh yeah. They believe it in the treaty. You just need, as I steal definitively wider now text inside its second spotting pham, once can derive so he's psychic, just doesn't where any normal shirts, that's just think. Beata Betty, like he wears like, submit a written answer now, where the Chinese yours Mcveigh, mass marketing of me with nets. You gonna see me where a pre scholarship, Oh my god, the gun! That's how you beat. I see. We know that nodded. He forget he had no finger.
the cut out and was like all down. I forgot. I had no fingers yet the phantom loom and he's still successful because they jumped from the roof, like the three dangers are now It's a typical shirt. Man is Telstra, he's gonna freedom, you gonna pick a love reason! Listen home school right outside ethical matter is ok.
Use me I'm getting sick from the film dollar for every time I heard that yeah that's all you gotta wear elevators, lay low and then perform at an audition. Yes, I've audience we gotta, lay low, get on a massive scale and got a lay low already got a jet cam trail. on phone number in the sky Jays. While you kid that you know this is completely unacceptable, is back when you know they tend to be serial killers year via legal. Yet back when that was oh, my goodness
before tromp was president soil, more woman, a near assistant secretary of health see that's the issue, I do have a couple trans I'll just say it go all in yeah like you didn't, don't follow me if I accidently use the wrong pronoun re. Look like a clown. I can't help it author. There was a man what I think slightly thicker I don't know what it was when I shook his head. Fella commander, Now now this is gonna, be radically Roy. I bet he gets hill with chopsticks and I don't remember.
it's another stereos. If he ok work, respect them? If you somehow rhymes with chinese exclusion ACT, guy. Now over and its ratification date, it's kinda does. He did not know where the breathing is behind the cantons, Oh you don't get around commentary on the acting It's very commentary on the acting now I like how you? He wasn't moving choked his hand was just there if we are honest upper chess right ear with. Oh, my god. Oh no,
what about this is: laying low zangwill less lay low. Let's go out on the pergola. and ran with transsexual guy, you don't want to wake up Paul Mooney. What's hours he was just an extra in coming to America, came on over from lot b which, really, when you break down the word mother fucker, it's the fact. uses a term of endearment? It's terrible? What? Yet none of you suggesting when you think about it. I've always said fucking. Your mother is wrong. Yeah. You would think the bank could be common ground but needs
leave it to sorrows to some more division. You just planted the seed with that. Hey man ass, a good play that Piccolo comes out. its Desmond tutu got me. Maybe Europe and no new I thought you knew that there was an umbrella shut, the fuck up there my control. By the way I rose and underbrush doesnt Piccolo. Isn't it open at the end? You look it up I have no. I don't even know what that is everything they do either this period
camp on applicants, holes. It is also a man there. Really. There really good at incognito mode. Why tickets? guys. In case you don't know, downstairs the strategy's apartment concerts. What its ear that's a free dead. Now we have the bleep transfer at Youtube. Take my eyes off.
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