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MUGCLUB EXCLUSIVE: Crowder on Firearm Open Carry, Getting Started on YouTube & Police Sketch of Michael Jackson!


In this MugClub exclusive compilation, Crowder and crew give Manny the Police Sketch Artist clues to draw Michael Jackson. Later, Crowder discusses getting started on YouTube, his inspiration from Andrew Breitbart, and why he supports open carry of firearms.

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Right which brings us, I don't you know, we should really be doing this on the show, but we have actually wonderful artist here smooth, namely the Colombian who has been hearing from the past me actually went to school and studied art. He's a wonderful painter end. actually moonlights as a police, sketch artists, and so now it's time for smooth many, the police, catch artist, right smoothed. Manny is here, will need to adjust the men quarter black gears over their internal to monitor so that smooth Manny cannot see. Ok, the picture could become so smooth. Many tell people little but for people who don't know we ve done this before you went to school for art I can hear him again make their up there and we say come here
Ok, we went to school for what it was a bachelor, fine arts- and I started computer nation, but I learned or along the way is now bachelors. but other than that it is an ass You know he's form that might be added. They wait yeah! That's your fear, foreign, so you're, ok with our she would Jackson bit right. Yeah, ok, go there, you go we're fine, As long as the guy who looks white doesn't mind yes, My you really don't want to job security. Do you dare got out a baby, an EU moonlighted to police catch artists, yes dismissed This is your side job and it's a lucrative career. You know nowadays their security camera footing. Right off, I always wondered that you know like what, if, if, if Christopher Walken was out of work, that there are no more dead zones in I'm in
they're not necessarily only the psychic and the gazebo to figure it out. Well, I've got simply safe there just line up like can I help now we ve technical ragged, we're so we are going to describe for you. A recent criminal outlined criminal You are going to sketch it for us. I don't know why we do this. Why not just Can see the process you know every now and then also let show offer people watching me taking your chat here, my club, but this is the person that's That's ok! I am seeing for the first time while that is who I hear you Dave come over here tonight. Community I come over here should know, there's just just here, so you can see it's over. They can just really quickly hold it up Dave Landau can come around and see what I have to get many many wonderful. So I'm going to start with the circle. yeah. Well, you know what it's It's a little more angular. We mean angular
I mean. Some people have, you know like oval faces in Germany will have more chiseled features in some people have read, each has or almost as though they were actually place there with a chisel. so she sold like a very manly job or, like I wouldn't say that. No, no, no, no, no man loans. I would urge cheekbone chiseled angular. Definitely I mean a defined jaw or I may be a bell. Pepper knows that was his old down to nothing s roughly so very angular. So, yes, a sharp job on this person is very thin uses like a jolly shackles or more to thin. no more thin worthy thin angular, a little like less a little less Jacko a little more Gerard deposit. All that nightly whiplash little slightly whiplash drawing iron man or gladly do right? Ok, so I would say this so very God,
I note with interest. The noble nausea is almost not one. So is a very it's a very thin, very thin areas, mall thin nose like picture someone who knows maybe a nose job who had too many, and then it got too small, like someone who might need this to having a high notes. I gotta citizen critical area is not that far. What about the ice? Big, small, squinting, lifeless, without a lifeless. until but child might into the room, but out of the picture is not taken, This point, no right now, it's that of disappointment, but there I would say that kind of their not soup around a little almond shaped you no kind of like a like. I don't wanna dog is happy. You guys eyes. Aren't we
I'd like had an airliner little bit cry ITALY in high. What is this? This looks at credit, and it's not now that you ve got a woman. The air is, I don't know if you would say its amount, so this person is wearing black, Fedora, ok and a red button down shirt like Corey Feldman, my, where run yeah. Look. I cordially like a federal court Feldman. Why might where, in a red button down shirts a blackboard in coming out, is kind of the man, long, hair, it's it's kind of a mullet but its wandering the frontline without having a soul glow like a soldier like us, an irish girl like our own, not not like a surfer kind o. I don't the joint whenever handle it. I say you described if I'm
I'm not gonna, druther hat but maybe saying earlier Carnea Curly wavy, hair curly like not like, like tight pearls, but you know it's black hair. That is somewhat currently think like an eighty sort of kind of eighties or rock and roll. Yet not a surfer might wrestler kid on a waterbed, yeah, yeah yeah he's thrice yeah. I just want to curl up with some hot cocoa and go through homelands won through. Seven and their parents, or staying six miles away at the nearest toads yeah. What about your eyebrows We know full well, there's artificial artifice. Artificial eyebrows, so there are their partner, thin and angular Satan You are again, everything is re annual revenues, very sharp. This person keeps in shape, but sharply amphetamine like angry shores. Yes, Europe
good, the other? Now you are getting very rarely allows. Not so much in shape is, has enough pills in them to not be able to eat food or keep it down. That's a true really to not may not require it, no, not really not required. So I would describe this purpose- a marvel of science very much, Here's your I've gotten one. I love you gonna do this is ok, if I did it they're smiling, because if it is why, I think it is, there is a kid the room you are you? Are you putting it didn't know? That's all not incriminate myself. When examining your Yahoo, I want him yeah, you might come into the house with the parents to get us comment. I think some parents ass for that apparently a lady Isabel, namely that they knew the right thing. When HBO comes calling in the statute of limitations,
that's right. I said I often when one has there come to Jesus moments: literature, yes, it's gotta, be Michael Jackson. Yeah bring us some reason. You Druidism Scooby, do veal and may after that, Michael Jackson, before you knew it was you Michael Jackson, so what about the lips? I always liked. I always remember him with this really weird but Chin near his lawyer. Like, the. U nail that hated him. Yeah like That is also what he would convince. The kids was his, but also its my chin, I don't think so. You know the difference looks like. like the haunted house, when you turn off the lights and you'd tell the kid at the meatballs or eyes. Yes, it is put us achieving. What's that,
writing a very real when you can't sit down. I so rightly Venice. This rise wrong with all lips gave me. Let's finish up the lips here behind you and you know what use the good thing is. This man is a well known. Criminal is alleged to lead a life seminar with criminals. New variant he's a pair of my report on. Well now: listen, listen! We were never Mysel Day homosexual per hour, homosexual, pedophile, rapist, Michael Jackson. Please stay in the mirror Therefore in Barodia he they said Mc Gowan still make fun of o J or my the sexual and then make us look where he just call, though the aims that we are learning, that's when you got fired. I love and I want to see the original draft of Yellow Jackson songs cause it's all about like
women. In the end, you know it's just that you really don't matter if you're six or find either right, there's like an arrogant and I got a job banking. Thank you so much appalling. Could you go ahead, change all the boys to women. I don't have the time and some thought angel creepy stuff, where commitments avenues to just see now: cuddly. Ok, mostly he's still do not know about dissolved and red wine or diet. Coke can, but I believe, is a six year old who does early next year He just wants me to go on tour with them around the World Data base, don't just a chimpanzee. He was expensive, but he is best will by the German.
But I think that, as he was like an animal and cap captivity, blown hyperbole aggressive was the same. You knows the old Navy Chimp in Connecticut that they gunned down in the drive one that was Michael's, no Windows, Ireland. It was the old Navy one though there would sit in the car on the commercials really n and she got it was like you know what chimps like wine in one's Anna, eight or fear
had a fight over the remote? Yes, we'll motion was like here simply manic naked, been ripped or face pretty tough. When you go from a fine burgundy striven Anna cakes, just not going to do it in the first phase transplant and boy. Did it look like the for all right? Let's say my accident: let's see this year, you got it right. You guess it's like guess who only in remaining. Thank you very much smooth many. This happens. Monopolies catch artists functional gonna like Garret, a new Youtube's fall Ok, let's go to some chat. I think you should say chat with the walk in voicing images. Is time can check
better save insurance. Having those terms shap can I turn parliament's ok I kept a pack of cigarettes up my ass, I find out what is for tuna, turns out into chin mother? Why regime that, after having area, why did you say the word channel legged this city in the walk and boys does sound work and its better check the bigger the issues ok, you we need a stronger now we need, as we want your ceremonies and I went into I dont know. I always makes Tokonoma four in the morning when a column like at five in the morning. I just did I say, hey you know: Jack Blackberry, Workin on the show, Matt Buddy you're the best, and it's not the drugs darkened body, its tracks on the phone. It's only periods from accorded to Jack why I've never heard, even though it was softened of five million plus go check it out for you
really is not press the fairy like you know what I need you to. I just have a debt about a celebrity cruise ship going down with different and it was a giant boys. Favorite bet- and I have always felt he was such a till. I saw them Russians, instead of it so hard to fit it in what would seem like if new we're getting is located my little set up here- oh my god, he does a fantastic Nixon I like that, incite get me a fifty cow here. I might add that this is generally more Nixon's offers Europe. What is this week at the setting up and stands not even doing every morning I am now this is horrible. I actually got here's the worst part. I got bumped for rich little. What's where sure he'll these freedom to where you got a bullet there,
The whole said I didn't resonate with the audio files. You are funny, making a lot of its own soul project. That is twenty. Three I'm sorry you who is there another way. Now frank travelling, I wasn't available so sorry we went rich little yet well with after him, corpse of Milton Bur all year so. I was close and very many young men, his neck and realistic Lundy goodwill to wage a line of contact for Phyllis Dealer still up and rye is well figured out. What are you? People are gonna Jack. all right, Palmer has an easy question for you. Why shoulder carry?
You know what actually I just do it because it's comfortable to carry here in the office, so I carrying office in my house and it started with. We were going to do an open, carry walk in Austin, and we ve been doing it because I was a garret foster thing. Urmand employment rights people are to kill us and the city of asked, and so we had to get the hell out of Dodge L of the hoboes Yes, it's got together yoke and it's hard to differentiate How about, and it is very hard. It is that's just they just get a bunch of hoboes to yell out. I am antiphon, and then you don't now but Why are we hold an open? Because I do I will say this. My goal with this show when it needs to be entertained. So it's it's an entertainment, but as relates to my point of view, as it relates to my police, my conservatism right. My worldview I want to have. I want to create, as many other disciples, Christians conservatives, good men, good women happy people's humanly possible right. I want to make it as accessible as humanly possible,
and so I feel like with firearms, you often have is the open. Carry people who go out there with the most into there's nothing wrong with this. By the way, I'm not that I have no problem with these people. It is their right and I understand the value in it, but I think that we only have kind of two groups of people, people who go out with you. creating plate carriers. The eight hour fifteen's or the eighteen, forty seven in their ski goggles- and they say it's my right and it is their right and then you have people who are really afraid of and so I said I want to go and do not carry, but I want to do an open carry walk the way I would want most people to open carry, and that would be. You know something on your hips or some of us had hip holsters night but on a shoulder holster, because for some reason I don't know why some leather and steel and its less intimidating two people than like a black polymer got because people dont know they assumed, like polymer scary, it's a fifty cow, so I started with and then I realized it was just really comfortable and
came home. I mean my wife just what she would mean. She was adapts Tuesday, and I think this is really the answer. Is it actually came all the way back around in Cairo and if I come home and if my wife isn't there- and I put my firearm on my desk- I do it louder- if I treat of Joe Louis amusement whether she has come. She just comes going up, that's a big part of it. I just want to do and we will do that. Eventually, I want more people and I want more Americans to be in a good way: desensitized open caring and one Americans to their when I would domitian lieutenant lotta people open carried because loud and we're hunters to, and it's not a big deal, but you never see
people do not open carrying with play, cares and our fifteen their walk around a lot on we'll have long guns. We see a lot of people with revolvers on their hip. Specialists are going to hunting and maybe it's like bear season. So that's why that's really all it is, as I wanted to be visible and I wanted to nappies, carry you look at detective in, like a nineteen, These movie, that's no role I play I don't wanna hear these things get really king, my first class seat and you have to earn it back not happy about that, but it does so in some Gwen Roberts hatred or just signed up for months. My boyfriend thinks it's: it's us against the politicians instead of red against left. What are your thoughts? I find this focus is often comes from people who are like man they want. I just want to keep you sheep and that's where these broad Broad generalizations, like right, verses, left. An initial people versus politicians will look like
gives you a more accurate snapshot. what someone believes if they identify as conservative or fair identifies liberal or if they happen to be a politician or not There are great there's some great politicians do. We agree with, a whole lot, and I understand that the system corrupts you know. I understand that obviously lot is. We will look after their own self interest, but a lot of other issues, we're gonna wanna put late. We put labels on things all the time and I don't want to hide from one I'm conservative I've already taken the hits for it and stung with Dave about this. Yesterday, unfortunately, conservatives retirement rich little they never really appreciated, comedy entertainment. So I was a little bit of a red headed step child there and then a lot alchemy. and never really understood how unsafe it has always been to have right wing views, new terminology. They would always say longest positive right glad would you say as long as you're as long as it's funny, you know: that's not. You know that endangers wouldn't even represent you in some cases you and I had made him agents drop me and I got into trouble. I would be this is in.
thousand five and two thousand sex clubs, but so they wouldn't dare anymore. It wasn't even in wasn't even dirty so anyway, my point No, it's not as persons politicians, you really just do if you're going you're always going to have to make some kind of a label. That's why labels exists. You always going to have to make some general is Asians to make a judgment call, so you should make them based on values based on principles. and lining people up that way, rather than their job, because end up with a kind of class warfare. where business owners are all that look. I don't think No works on Wall Street is bad. I dont think that they need to pay astronomical taxes. I just think you need to be held in the same rules as every other American. That's my worldview. so. If someone understands and agrees with that worldview and happens to work and finance, I consider him an ally if he happens to be a politician I consider it an ally if the politician believes that I should have to pay an eight hundred dollar insurance for you. My address should be publicly posted to antifraud, just because I own Walter. Well, then it's me that first class seats dealing politicians sing
hearing. I can get another one more chat and thank you for joining my club. I would thank you so much by the west, yeah- and I understand what you are saying- and I are your boyfriend saying- I understand that look. It does what the deck a stacked against you, and I I its validity to being disappointed and report. Gains politicians dashboard their muscle users are final. make it a good one. There talking on care, gotta get them for you interpret births birthday was this week and Bob Labile. I want to know what do you think he would say to you about current events. Putting the fever still live. You know it's outposts but there is we were just on what does yesterday. You asked me if I am, I think you asked me if I knew Andrew Yak has Why are we so the sign in and registering them Migration is one of the first books that I read from a conservative author right. What do you think the book I loved it yeah pretty I mean this is before the council culture thing. It was our social justice warrior with the term but Andrew kind of new. How do I do either? The leftist culture will- and I related allowed to him as when he was young Randy, any kind of action
the progression of just himself and just going from a kid with a certain force ideology to starting to see a different picture and he really. Does Spain a beautifully all the way to working for the Huffington pose? I mean everything put in there is real. It's a really good read for anybody. Yeah and am I mean I've talked about this before but not one that I know Interim India was the first person RSVP at my you, as you said he ass. He was actually will answer. I use looking into property in western Michigan all really. because you said that you said that this is the first place for my kids. For somewhere there are lakes in California, but not the. I didn't know what this was. They put down their phone. It's like this wonderland, like you, just eat, Kiki loved, and I told him he was gonna love it. Any love the people, their western Michigan, but I will tell us I wouldn't be going any of this if not for any bright bar and you're right, but it was an accident. I was just sort an incidental lifeline. What happened was I had. I think it is,
yeah I've been doing acting stand up since I've been very young, and I just don't, films. I didn't get paid a whole lot This point that there wasn't really a lot of work. We were after pilot season in my parents said you well Kelly better after that you better get a job. Then at this point I don't want to wait tables and look here's what I'm going to do. I have enough money I think that I filmed I'm gonna. Do Youtube now treated like a full time job do a for six months. Have enough run for sex and it turned out that then I didn't need after three months. I knew that I could then I could do it and I messaged people as it back. When you took a direct messages. I would message people there were no conservative channels. but I find channels that we're like pro firearm channels, rod, fine channels, we're former military channels and civic hey. You might like my content and I got to ten thousand subscribers, so I was treating like a fault, job because I realized I didn't play well with others in the entertainment industry have told the story I was doesn't show called Greek where we got into it over South Park and the guy did not like me,
the ABC family. She gets seriously I hadn't with Veronica. Is I had a character if you're going to be called Jason was posted a multi episode arc and it could just be Crispin named drunken drunken frat guy number two, because they call them completely immediately after that, I know was because the very specific conversation we had about South Park and liberals, because the guy was a fan of South Dark, and I thought he was one of ask me, wasn't no the irony was lost and yet he doesn't itself part. Now you don't get South Park and he thought I didn't get south Park in that turned into something even more hostile he's, not gonna like trays views and is not so what happened? As I heard Andrew Bright Bart on Dennis Miller, Show- and I was this this back before- really podcast tune in to a I knew there was a Asian Texas because it and stand up capacity, comedy club I knew that Dennis Motors on the station, so it listen to Dennis Miller. Almost every day is radiation. I heard in Europe on the show- and this is the fourth was bright part- the trademark it was. He couldn't get the website bright part,
or big Hollywood dotcom. The reason his name was included was because you want get big Hollywood, Dotcom Andrews First Project and was talking about this on Dennis Militia was big Hollywood. He to get the url bright Bart dot, big hollywood dot com because becomes very own in some of the sitting. And it was a place for conservatives Hollywood to speak and then it kind of turn into bloggers who were conservative to write about Hollywood, but the first writers there. Just remember, base the bench appear, those again and get eaten. John Multi, there are only a handful Adam Baldwin and I heard and you're bright Barton Dennis Miller Show, and it was just for me kindly with his book ass, a disguise where this is that's that what he saying. That's what I am you don't I really heard many people like that before, and so I found a zone. I call them any treated me like I was they had to senior Booker propeller rightly spoke of me for forty five minutes. He hung up aunt em a stand up real and then he called back, and he said now I see it and I understand what you are doing is caught it
I see the kind of show, low voice, internal Adramiti, showing them a static, and that's not what I want to put this to the website, though, already posted Ok and has not wanted to write for the site, and then I will say a kind of where's his hand. I started doing these Youtube videos and what I just did was I to the editor. There I said: look here: you're gonna do at the end Youtube video. I want to put big Hollywood up. There is a credit, and now I come from what you can to promote me, and I know there are like you not to delay. I really did it so opposed to video. So I thought I foresaw TAT S important, but it became popular at that point. Michel markets are opposing things hot air, and because of that, I had enough that back then, fifteen thousand views on Youtube was a tonne. Deaf and dumb. Then that took me to accompany PDA. Tv were actually met, my wife and that made a fox news for four and a half years and yeah I never actually worked for or with is Workload I was always to that- would just contribute where whenever I felt like it was an open door. We were friends, we were
colleagues and it was incredibly supportive- and I remember having conversation when time with me about doing my due diligence- four storming kind of consuming ass when he really understood what leftism was because he lived in that world. You know we have from LOS Angeles, so he had his finger on the pulse of it and he didn't hate anybody. There was also something to people about happy warrior. I watched Andrew look Andrew obviously made some mistakes and human. I had our differences but and really believed and what he did and and- change. The media landscape forever bright brought the trademark condonement Andrew bright part, the man and it was an uphill struggle. It was an uphill struggle model out if he was persona non grata. Their fox news when Bill rally strewed the pooch at one point bill, O Reilly edited the Shirley sure I'd take out of context and then, when she got fired, blamed Andrew bright part but ensure bright part uploaded the Shirley, Shariah tape. where she said something: racist in the tape and people clapped and then later on. She said I learned that was racist and that it should be about black verses white so and irreparable this hour.
this. This is a sign lemming others make essential, but this is something that was a really rough period and ensure bright parts, life and It really went a long way. This was a format for me to see someone redeem himself between these years leading up to anywhere, so he did the acorn stuff he once lawsuits. He had built website up. He became persona non grata and I watched every one turn their back on including people who had gotten their jobs at Fox NEWS because of Andrew Bright bar and I got my job indirectly is a contributor because Avenger bright part, because you put my name- is ok So I owe him a lot and a lot of other people, Odom Alot they turned their backs on and that for me made me canna, ok, marks and folks. Are I understand you wouldn't have what you have without undue bright part, and now you, through under the bus for option, you didn't you? You didn't even think he was wrong. Here's what happened and your brain had a video, remember, surely, Shiraz you might find it. She was head. She was a black lady, head of some kind of act, cultural department this is years ago, so was giving a speech to the
W seeping annual bright bird uploaded this post to think this big government at this point that government and again was before with bright, but I was just big government outcome and it's her saying I did not help the white farmer as much as I would help the black farmer, undeniably sepia audience and Andrew bright part in the post, that big government this poster now, if you fast forward to whatever it is, when you seven minutes in she does About how she learned the lesson that it wasn't about white versus black at will. Helping those in need in her humanity did eventually get the best of her, but that doesn't she in the audience reaction when she said something racist, his focus. The end of a lazy, p, clapping racism before they hear the redemption. If it be like people collapse Evan, easier strewed saying: are there no prisons? Are there? No poorhouse is before you watch the third act and you can write but was very clear about that
o Reilly runs the video on his show one of his editors cuts it just at that part, no content and says, and surely surer basically saying that she's a racist I'd know why she still are to have a job she gets fired because of the outbreak. Unbelievable and liberal, say why you're taking out a context what she said that her humanity got, the best of it wasn't about racism and pillar. Riley goes on air and a lot of you six years ago, this kind of Sure journalism is just as disgusting to us from the right as when the left does it and Andrew bright part, you should better key did no better. He posted at these people weren't willing to take responsibility for the fact that they wanted a sex, your story and they took the can't. They took a quote out of Context so he became persona non grata. He wasn't on Fox NEWS for years, and people who had jobs because of them didn't throw out a lifeline, support him and I remember he was going to a pretty rough grind because he knew he was right and he knew that they knew he was right and at that point, what
and everyone would use it as a verb. They would say all bright bar it with a light. It was eleven. That's all right, part, gotcha journalism, bright back to the point where Anthony Wiener this happened right all these things a couple of years then, Anthony Wiener saga happens Andrew Bright Bart. At this point says I have these naked Petra from it, We rightly story, I'm going out, one of the media do the media goes. You gonna believe you gonna believe this Anthony waiter because they were putting a hunting for office. They said it was false. They said the where he wasn't true Andrew bright, but anyone I would welcome to this. Has a whiff of bright Bart about remember, tweeting, so we try to turn it into a verb to discredit Andrew and there are complicit people at Fox NEWS and the right to the point. Where Andrew said look look I have the picture from Anthony I have the pictures from Anthony Wiener I'd rather not released. Them is to not destroy his family publicly, but you have to stop raking, my name through the mud. Remember him saying, and they could think lies. Lies lies Anthony a waiter, Anthony waiter was holding a press conference,
think it was at the army. I don't remember, was there was on sea span and he was about to go out there publicly with all of the sick offence, press just like you said today, no accountability and say This is a smear campaign for a man Right BAR, never, of course bright bark and dismiss it. These pieces were already. Free, written and approve? This is what was going to happen and someone yelled out through the hallways, Andrew right, You can read about it. It is bone shilling and he went up on that podium and said. I have the pictures and if immediately and anyone who does not apologise, that acknowledge the smear campaign and the attacks on my character. I will release them. I would rather not release him in Athens. Wiener crumpled up his screen and went out and admitted fault and apologise, but I Andrew bright. By have all of his friends turn there that not all of them, but a turner on him for
go expediency and for optics, and that was important for me to watch. Important for me to see that triumph, because then everyone Debbie Andrews friend, and that came with a whole bunch of other problems, sometimes where you know star rises to quickly and and and I wish that he would be able to take care of himself better, but Andrew bright boy was someone who is not just some not just something I put on my resume, because I've never put on their resume He was a man who really significant impact. on my life and he's had a more significant impact on all of your life sanctuary in the run up to enact on everyone's life out there than you probably even now, and so I would recommend You erase bug righteous indignation if you can end up but about him ass. He just listen, he's not perfect he's. He was. He was a character, use he's lost in some ways trying to do the right thing and loved people really loves people, and
a lot of good so Andrew I miss him and what would you think about today? Lesson? I think you could probably guess it wouldn't be that hard. And it was an open. But what do you think, algebra, Andrew Bright part, lived to burn down the media establishment? I do two Andrew bright part if he were alive, would be in a very different situation with big dick. I think that any reveled one a few people out there who would actually be filing lawsuits like we are actually trying to hold politicians accountable rather than lip service and trying to maintain their own platforms. I think Andrew ripe are probably would have been a lot more and I would like to thank you. I talk about the sometimes like to think that he be proud of what I built. I don't know you never know doesn't matter- is still a lot of things that he did write that that I want to emulate and even something that I dont want to emulate, but that that was that was format for me. Seeing m be shit on, be betrayed. People turn their backs on him and and seeing and went because real life, the good guy doesn't always get doesn't
it had, doesn't always win, and he did the part where I would say if you like this video subscribe notification, bow or com. down below, but none it really matters, because you probably can't so just bookmark. This page check it everyday with alive, show and ass. He says they at ten, a M Eastern, because nothing else works and everything and twenty twenty one is awful narrative. Yet.
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