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Steven and the team play the a trivia game with one of the most awful movies ever made. Brian Callen and Dave Landau join and answer MugClub Q&A on how to deal with a far left family, who should run in the 2024 presidential election, what the biggest issue of our time is, and how Republicans can utilize emotion to win more political races. #moviequotes #moviereviews #leftist

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So how can we play movie lions living with you when you guys can play along and chat and then after that will be taking your chair directly to us. It sounded like that all right. So what playing today, quarter black get or token now and which had movie lines. What's the film the film is, kill and kill again kill and kill again or at work. I'm moving it's it's a south african martial arts them. Oh, my gosh, I feel like we are driven woken up. The third rails at every moment, south African, really you picked a film from the place that brought us apartheid. How dare you the gods were already off twitter David carried,
I shall just Nelson Mandela in a kung FU uniform. Yes, They to raise a point using tools around em, it's prison bars. Doktor ratio Kane, has been kidnapped and is being forced to create an army of martial artists who will help him take over the world, obviously know his daughter, candy, Kane, popular with which, by the way the world has been almost taken over several times in recent history, not once by throngs of Martial South Africa's largest, Now the meek reopening, or so it was gunned that wasn't table they weren't high, kicking their way of hiding and trees. I mean that's pretty impressive, it is impressive, can gain enlist the help of Steve Chase are or how right. Now I can arrange your races, ok, rescuers
alright. Ok, let's watch this, and then we have to get the mobile. I play the clip everybody should have at least one I have. Other weakness is the first, please call me candy, some kind of issues related to the missing Nobel Prize, winning chemist acceleration he's my path. And missing two months, I believe not just missing, kidnapped in watch battery wheels was be interested. seeing in Seattle
as a ransom. how does she say? Rude is really with easy, darn interested in money. They want power, sexy sexy path be a ransom know. What's that b or sea or see my father's, working several years on a project to extract fuel from potatoes, what you think they're jello, that you think it s going with it, because it's not a porn, I'm going with the potatoes thank the potatoes if it was pornography which it almost sounds like I could a would be closer to I'm not super familiar with south african cinema. What good point automatic not exactly then again, I was glad to not be familiar with american Cinema. Until Roma worked its way into my life herbs, oh and then it works its way right out watcher most Paris got. What Inga. I gotta say I gotta a b. I mean I think you could be see ransom now, but I think
because she's kind of an idiot very well. I think that's true. I mean if she I'm Candy Kane That sounds like a good rain grand recurring. It washes everything clean candy can worry. Your dutch me see. I don't know why. I am honestly not I wasn't that was so long. I was able to follow it. So, MR things, because I was earlier, but we are talking about an accurate potato vodka, so you know I think it's providential, if not cease believing in God, why Have you ever go my father, in working for several strike seal for myself very citizens. Accurate data is someone who could someone get someone such but Pull garments. I must consult them once again,
She's really is a lot of information on this issue as yadda lol see. Does our rightly Waterloo potato fuel recipe willing to hide in your piano until you give it away. The Rockies didn't make his ears heart right behind you actually comedian. This is also why, like I hate doing things like, I do see pack for three four years We like doing these wife's being or aura appearing on cable news, because You know, as a comedian, the more you can shorten something the more you can disable it, the better it as when something is overly complicated or they're trying to connect a bunch of dots. For the same reason, daring here and ask is a horrible film, and I knew it long before the Noah Rock men made their appearance. The show order and the more decided that the more succinct you can make it the more effective you can make it. And then
the more impact full and the more storylines you can assist. You can sometimes include, or you can maybe explore the characters a little bit more. These ideas in us we'll go that's reductive. Sometimes it's a very good thing. If you are able to take complex right, complex notions able take, complex concepts and steal them in a way that someone who smart but isn't necessarily a specialist in that I can understand. That's great. It's the same thing with a film you are writing something. You're say something about potato and a battery in a drink and Guyana piano in some fields. Where what I don't know where it's going just shoot abroad, and then go on to something interesting agree movie over just put batteries over her eyes as part of bombing ceremony, because knowing we don't need any other candies runnin around its. Why so many movies with almost no budget and a minimalist, a kind of attitude or so good, sometimes so no nonsense, always but sometimes its deliberate right, and then, times those movies are made by just one vote, are well that's
let's go to the next climate. This next seen our hero seeks out the guidance of the grand since say the fly, that's his name, because I prefer migrants senses to come from South Africa. Of course, just Jeff Goal Bloom, well. The left high kick third is fly, went in to the other machine near throw up on you to not just say I'm here to see the fly just Palm Sartori, Mimi, knows I'm searching for him. Yes, I am Finally, since a beautiful,
thing range just comes in and flowers, the sensor, it's good when the extras or louder than playing opens but if you translate its just someone's drink order, Hungary he's your time and no watch a battery. We took our batteries from my tap rights, What is it very reveal What is the thing I turned around to reveal that it is a black woman with a shave. Tat can escape chief problem, be the room, holds only a mirror. Our hero is the fly or see the fly lights, a candle with his foot,
I can't believe that we just mentioned Jeff called wit. We had no clues. Gonna go the fly direction, I'm thinking it's gonna go. The fly direction think there has to be one of the flight or yet it you gotta through the choice least tell me Jeff Golden letting a candle with his foot. That would be pretty impressive. What do you think they're jails, both others things back up? you're like a credible data, that we are able to say that the mirror the hero, is because we must be careful, mirror mirror on a well. Please tell me: who, who is affairs fly? Or does it mean, though it don't? Do it? Don't don't internet yet not until we have shore, nay and of acquainted. Yes, I'm gonna go, lay shirt, less rock and kids movie, what do you think it is their deadline? I want it to be a I might strike out on this, but I just wanted to be a well other there. It is
my issues because of words film. They may not want that. Their re egg employed part time bring a speck of a lot of people say there in the chat. Very. Where are you going to say you know what I'm gonna say. I'm going to say see just because it makes no sense to going to raise, and I just not saying that the whole country of South Africa makes no sense at all times. Is the cultural differences, so it doesn't make sense to meet data like the region could be right and I could be wrong. I'd argue electrical outlets, but still we don't know you don't Lightfoot candles No wait in Johannesburg Afoot Candle in the wind Diana was dead, here we go.
there's a candle light is a kind of even better the we're not going to see that better, be one of those lands. Amputees to devise is building up her body. Limbless took again because big able to let a candle with your foot wins all the fight. Yet I mean it was gonna kick it is light it things that I will say this is one thing I will say about asian culture. Sorry took an own awesome choice. If you like asian martial arts yeah, like the real, like the count ones, one that are really popular, especially in China, by the way they actually banned, though jail people who practise Emily and beat up old, Kung FU practitioners, its
much into the mysticism and a look of some red? That's what karate kid spurred fritters waxing on waxing off, even while boxers kit, boxers judo practitioners has really happened. Yes or no to leave like fighters olympic wrestlers were learning how to kick ass, simple ass, sure, look, you can wax a car and go practice. You're, fighting lighting, a candle with your feet, isn't gonna do anything for you unless you insert desolated enemy, third strength. People are waiting for once they re last see around you ve seen a million times what that was the first time. I've seen it now I didn't know your million values are right. We have one more clip one more. Let one final outlines our final battle: whew final battle in South Africa with asian senses. This just seems like a breeding ground for trouble. I
hey I asked in Africa this would be the dead but more time earlier. Just kill him just ended just remember foot candles up the secret monetary twister him with a ring for The report now, of course not anti leverage.
how you gonna start to look very lightly tat, Cindy whoppers. What you say the boy was our here due to in the fight for jobs under the guys back in breaks his neck and screams, be doesn't flipping the air pause for a moment and kicks in him once or see. Does RO, cartwheels and immediately yells, which caused the guide to get open. The zig stardust takes the foot, candle and shoves. Yes, I do I'm going with bead as a foot of their pauses for a moment and then kicks him sit by the way this is about as capable as brutal, lots of people who really mad. When you say it's just that brutally trained Hollywood producers. This is exactly what it is. Just take some big looking muscular white guy or some big muscular. Looking Japanese,
or someone who's, not chinese like brutally be Karim, Abdul Jabbar, the point as he is the guy who beat up the bigger non chinese guide- and it looks just like that- and it's entirely fake this year- these literally putting himself in a position to get his aspect. Repeated ways already been like you said he said he would be dead four times in our listen. Phelim come on I guess it's a problem. I guess it's a scam. They may say I don't really like the film so much they make better. Shoes are right. what's going on. Here is outside the one way pauses and in the ok. What do you say? Gunnbiorn Dave, I'm gonna go breaks his neck and screams of making the options again breaks his neck and streams, and I think you know what I've got to go and see this whole time. Stick with it. Let me just stick with it see, because I think that making the guy give up through his There were three Maria would be better. That's that That's your war crimes I got my war cry is when I take balloon and go like this
you just see their mommy. arise, whom I do not want to see. What's that, there is very that was technically a mix of only being alone. Not I have long so high there really a in there. There was lack and screen. I was all of the above. All you look you locked in my mind. I won the first two and then we're going to need for three the waiter. I'm still be deleted. This is then that movie lines I lost, because I love
I swear that looks like you're dead, like just before the lasting with a guy goes like that, pathetic that character, before there. Anybody else you, I can't say I didn't like Bob's crowded. I was too busy looking to Nicholas Cage tried. I stared that was one of the three people who saw it at my dad's death and suffering, and talking about Neil Brean, O Neill Bree, Neil really close to your dad feature. That looks nothing like my father. It looks like you're here today that you will get me outta. My dad were drawn by an anti semitic. This opportunity or brain. Is God I'm not saying it's like a big likeness obvious thing. It reminds me of your dad it's your day with them up and mouse covered in blood nice compliment. about you dare to talk about his dagger. Absolutely no said my less goodbyes a teenager waiting for that got. Nothing
I do I do this a long time just tongue tied, keeps coming up, but you're dead did ever coming. oh yeah. He served and got agent Orange Allison. I'm glad he's dead. My hope he burn in Hell of DAS tell it like it is no love my dead good. May I think now, there's Ryan is like a mobile it cigarettes and I made up a story got Asian or our that's coded chat, but is this pay you we laughed so we don't cry. Is a journey lot as yet and I was on locked out of twitter. Ok. My family are still very Cuomo sexual, even after all the in her about the sexual misconduct and other grandma killing. They refused the any view other than their far left- believes because they feel if their views shifts, they will be seen as food from supporters. What can I do to get them to start openly talking about these important issues without causing fights? Has anyone on this
an issue like this with their own family and how did they deal with it? Lastly, how do I get more of these beautiful hand? Edged mugs? I don't want anything else, my cabinet, it's the superior breaking vessel, all the good things. If you join my club, you always get. What are you gonna do now discount six thousand dollars and you have no way to a due to do it and avoid a fight show I just say, is find that what you said: you're hot dispersants at their whole family right ever family, pretty much there mom side of the family, so multiple people, so you but you do. There is no way to do it without getting into some kind of a fight. We know this when you people there. In summary, I don't know I think, right now it's been politicize. I think he's got a pretty good job. That's where you can find some common ground to change my mind, and then there are people if they refuse who's to see any of the evidence of Andrew Cuomo. At this point there is, common ground to be found, you're going to find yourself in a fight. So what I would advise you do since instances the wholesale your family find the biggest most intimidating member of said side of a family and take him out. First, and then everyone else prison worker
How do you know who I was a kick somebody's ass, it becomes somebody's bet ya, back pretty much. Davy went to that. an option to quickly a few times, I think a year later stands it because also eaten prison time and crazy beach big every time. That's true. This is an area from that sex that it was his job, red Zimmermann has a question for Dave? He says my last name is Zimmermann, but I'm not latino Have you always been conservative? If not, when did you realize that you were and what was it that changed? no I've. Actually not that always been conservative. I don't even know if I would necessarily SAM conservative I've just put into that category now because anything, that's not extreme left or is logical. Brings us here, so I know I know the most of my life have been extremely liberal, but no story. My dad died from agent Orange and Vietnam, which we were talking about important
yes in input in poor taste teasing, my dad would have left him right very funny guy before he'd, he died from the view not caring but speaks like it is but yes, when it comes down to that, that did cause that which led to my mom's death and when you, when I bring down. I look at the system that in place. I feel that a lot of Americans are completely screwed over by the government, so I actually don't I fully with any group, and people might say that might be effect moderate, but I dont believe you until you do anything and so far, I'm not seeing anybody doing much, that's just my own personal opinion and once I start seeing a little bit more compassion coming out of the government out of them greed and power hungry I don't really have much of an point does away, especially the v ache? That's one of the few legitimate roles of gunman where you're going. send out soldiers to fight worse for this country. Then you are beholden to taking care them that We should be
rare instance of bi partisanship, Derek ensure that before we get to giving everyone healthcare as a human right guess what that's an earned if someone serve their country, gay rights, one of them and, of course, a beating beacon of government efficiency. One of the worst health here. I organs available in the United States absolutely Andy is somebody who has voted democrat many times and I did vote for Obama it just the fact that I'm sorry I different opinions then as I start getting when I start seeing everything in the way that look. I firmly believe that the Democrats collapse to this country to get a guy. out of office that might sound extreme. But if you look at what happened over the last year, it's what happened. We use scare tactics to screw over Americans cause mental illnesses that I've that weren't there before Destroy people's jobs. Take away our pursuit happiness once you
doing that two people. I can no longer side with anything that nobody was really out for anybody, but themselves, and I watched my dad suffer until he was dead right, that's alternative! If this makes you feel any better in this new bill, I think we're sending some money to Pakistan for gender studies, all that should guide that should be like a bomb. Oh, my god, I'm gonna go p. I my dad's greater remaining Vietnam, as are the coughing up powdered Tang. Meanwhile, there still trying to say that saw in a certain tumors, the pupil water, fear! Parkinson's is firm agent orange trite. Yes, it is it is it. You know, though I think maybe you you miss him there. He said because people are out for themselves and that government has been screwing people over. That inherently makes you right when you conservative, because we believed look. It's we ve done this before. Herr ITALY, for either ideology to work, seeing the world through leftist point of view, verses. A conservative point of view constitutional point of view. As a conservative, you have to believe that people in this comes from this is why most Christians are conservatives. The idea of original that p,
Both are inherently selfish, Peter, inherently flawed, and I too believe that liberalism will work hard to believe that people are legal, but only one should offer you they're all inherently good. Therefore, you want to of them all that power in government chickens some says: look people are selfish. People are easily corrupted, there's nothing more corrosive to the human soul. Ironically, then, success and power we need to mitigate that and that's why we dont want the government to have that unmitigated power over our lives. We don't trust the when condition and even good people can be corrupted, we need all the time the left says. Look. They believe that, because they're all bad, but we're all good and everything we do as with an altruistic motive, more money, please more money, and if they The left really believe that what they were selling you was worth it. They wouldn't have today over every news network every television show for, opinions and ideology on to you that you don't believe whatsoever, make it you know
it comes involving a family. That's never existed, do or oh commercials with you, know a family of its like wait, there's a black in the asian Lady, but they got a white kid right. You like with says: oh you make with amending budget. Let commercials were dad's teaching his son to shave, as he has actually it's true, though, nor the or your commercials, where that's a real thing. That is real. Sorry, oh yeah, yeah yeah, get out of that. I never have teaching is the best. A man can get in the knowledge that, on Thursday, the values with by ASEAN and everything it you're talking about not only that you Tom of these people, they need to take over control of all the media outlets. Enough course, big tech outlay S, adaptation, education, ass people who have so little faith in their ideas that they're going to lock us out for a seven plus one Cuomo Pit, lines. That's how little they believe that their ideas stand to not only scrutiny but mockery. That's
brave new world that we live in and guess what some people say: visa the battle, pullback, probably not gonna care. We got this one from Ex question Trotter true, who would you want to run and winning twenty twenty form? Why is this our chance? now, the algae. I want to see if you're one of those people who would like to run. I really it's tough to always say I look round the scientists quite a bit nome there and nine in one of the Dakotas I forget which, when analysing, if, if, if TED crews, words out more, I mean I would still I would still support takers, listen day ominous support republic and if they do, what they said. They would do it Someone like a Jack Bush or someone- probably even at this point, like a marker, Ruby Early Commissioner Donald Type, of course, not someone who I think is a little bit- ninety Leggum Artillery, of course not. But anyone within that spectrum some
who actually does what they that's litmus test? Did they do what they said they would do when they achieve that office territories qualifies round us. it is certainly qualifies. There's a a bunch of people who you know could be on that roster. So I dont Know- and I try to avoid this conversation because I don't want to know. cap. Anyone at this point, since answer my had the political will, someone I really really dont want, because I see them as a wolf and cheeks clear what one issue alone taking out big tech dissent, as he has done, is unique thing about it, right now and in the east. If other people pick that man's up and run with it. Ok, maybe I pick somebody else, but right now, descent- and you know I want you to want to do- is great- doesn't want to do it. I said I'm gonna run for governor because he could actually effect change Florida and thirty in love him So when I wrote you have taken action here and he also does not arise with the meeting here- really does Guiana has all the qualities that we like from Donald Trump here, while being a little bit more measured or polish Tulia? Yes, so yeah. If you were to ask me right now, I like the scientists, because the biggest stories have been covered, the biggest troika
you know the election issues. The biggest stories have been bought out, attack, big tech and he's been on the right side of all those very very boldly. So what's is: what's this big texting, so he's creating he's? And I don't know when it's going to be passed, a law that you cannot then that big tat cannot ban any, I believe its politicians or candidates from deep big tech platforms. They face a hundred thousand dollars fine I'll, take it suited? yeah. That's not a lot of those big tech companies could laugh at that they could, but they can't banners are yeah. Somebody has to start doing something great ran, and so he is he's actually fight it. There was something else that he was doing what we have to cover this actually have to jump intuitive something about your personal data as well as making ensuring a privacy wretched and was specifically morsel ended, apple of aims on really can stand, but out of apple and Facebook, We actually have a segment in the works on that, but that a yes or no thousand hours a day- and I was a hundred us at a planet- then areas have to be resident. Floorless I was gonna play some actual electoral.
Dog catcher Universal County, like ours, Wegg County, that's a place and by if they bear Then I guess they wouldn't be Alabama, but then I floated I want so that I floated the idea to certain people who live in Morocco just being on Twitter, bad, because we asked ourselves now think about impeachment failed. He can run for twenty twenty four can't do. It can just just pick a county where you got like eighty five percent of the vote. In Florida, just just get my father was. He was constable, but just make any sense was basically dog, Catherine Small community mission. Anyone by six boat was Alice family every Vendean. Everyone took the keys to the truck each one of us even when they never did didn't. We catch dogs running a mock, and now we have them all over us right. There are rules, one more chat unless you think two more, but because we have to go to go. Take some other sketches here: ok, yeah,
more than her eye so great in once no the way you know I know you're in the camouflage. I you know, I can still see right. Yes, doesn't always argue bread people tend to vote based off of motion. Democrat politicians are naturally better at playing on emotion. Conservative ideas are always better, but not necessarily emotional hundred report and utilise motion more to win political races, while you're Eve you largely act and that you know it's itself to compete against Santa Claus. Right, get free internet free school free how ray drugs. Every health straining muttering, point you're, free, free money, and I will tell you I can't tell him how to do it, but right years, an involuntary emotional response laughter, and that's always why, folks that european values in common for for its Hollywood thirty years five hundred years, I mean thirty years and if I don't use you take a nap incredibly here too, and I thought of that article sharks. Yet no up, you know
so doing stand up and maintains an actor before that, and this is the only thing that I know really how to do, and I was told for many many years a place like Fox NEWS and conservative radio that it didn't work. The conservatives didn't like humor, so the problem is the market is raided by people from the top down saying not to know it just gotta be during a bomber. It was about my doom stay. They asked me to write a book about an opportunity thing and written that I had written to treatment for change my mind and they said no That's what I need to do now. If you watch what we do with the actual change our minds segments, it is logical, it uses a socratic method, but it does. I think that you can. appealed to people emotionally, if you at least present the empathy behind it. So let me just talking, I understand I get really pissed when people throw their trust in Texas about your father, shut the window? Yes, it really bothers me. That being said, that doesn't mean that banning fracturing is going to help the invite.
but I believe- and I understand why people want to have a cleaner earth to live on, and if you explain to people look I understand where you're coming from you, because, given the benefit of the doubt people like the James Cameron's people like the the FAO, she's no binds the world there. Would I for the manipulators, these people, who they don't really care. They just need to do it for political gain so or the, I think, Kennedys of the STAR Wars role, but the people who believe it most of them genuinely believe that what we have been tracking that's can save the penguins vanities. Whatever take your pick and if you explain to them that it's actually worse for the environment and explain to them, you understand that right now we need energy or people will die. People need to keep themselves want. Is a perfect opportunity to explain to people right. You ve seen people freeze, gee, I dont want people to die because it I've energy will neither do we can't do it with nothing but green energy. So you have to look at the energy available to us in. Do you understand that oil being kept on on ships in barrels across the ocean from Saudi Arabia is far more harmful and energy inefficient for the environment than for asking that we have here and
it's a place that violate human rights and effectively has indentured servitude. If you tell them that you'd, listen, you come to a different conclusion because of your Emma Only you used reason to reject a lot of people if they dont, if they don't actually change their online. They go ok at least not yet How do people out there who just think with abortion does want to control women's bodies. I have no interest in controlling omens body in any other but to rely only the other body that is inside her body that has its own beating heart and some dna and then even, if people say well, you know what my right to what I think and union supersede the scientific definition of of life at that point legal, but stand. If you think it's a life, I understand well you'll end up that way and it ll, they don't see you as a robot, so
just short of apply the same empathy that they apply to their conclusion and add reason and make sure you do it you're constructing it in front of them, and even if you don't change their mind right, then they will have a lot to think about, and at least you're probably the first conservative not well who they ve met so that start, you know, that's only. It seems that it is jobs and hide whose a psychiatrist did a lot of us are causes did a lot of work on this, which is what you're saying that if somebody if you start out nude you're talkin somebody who's on a different spectrum than you are politically or philosophically drawing coming. common ground, first kind of like a respecting their point of view, unto or at least on standing whether coming from bread is very important to make any headway. If you talk to somebody who's against guns and you go
a gun not and the guy got no you if you look at em, go Europe because you know it doesn't because you're a gun, not the conversations over. Yet what you can start with the guy. We both agree. We don't want spree shooters. Let's just agree that we want to solve that problem and What what's really interesting about these things at high It's a really interesting things. Liberals and to have a narrower moral palette according to him meaning Liberals usually are concerned: what does it cause harm and is it fair, but can it is in most americans- have a broader moral palette, is not just about whether its fair or does it cause harm its also. They also respect things like sanctity. A thought the and loyalty renewal? to my country that that's a big thing: loyalty to my group, But our liberal that sounds like racism sanctity. So the american flag, sanctity of human life-
ran for a liberal that means well you're trying to control the woman's body now you're talking about a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo and an authority for that matter, my father, the head of the household or whatever. Well, that's the patriarchy, so it all depends on how you look at it, but Americans and Jonathan Heisman hired by liberal politicians to help them connect with the with Americans. Who are in places like red States, because when you just when your moral power, when you're only talk about whether causes harm or fairness, Americans are like hold onto hold up when you, our turn out statutes, and you start denigrating. The founding fathers that's sacred to me. That's part of my my tradition, my heritage in being an American. Well, what s, interesting to from what you say is, I think, a narrower moral palette, but they they should compensate for that by just the terms that you just use are very broad, an undefined, so they say Oh fair welfare! Isn't really something that you can define, because what you think is fair, maybe somebody else's when you say harm right. Well, I think that ending the terms
the life of a nine month old baby, is harmful. You'll have a single Democrat who is against it? I'm not talking about the morning after pill I'm not talking about that lets even say, I'm a raven and says we're short think: there's not a single member currently at the head of the Democratic Party, who has an appeal other than abortion up until including both right now, eight months, nine months right, they say, harm William. It will harm in the general sense of the environment in the greater good. Whereas I think was conservatives. We have a broader palette, but we define we don't really care so much about what's fair, because you can't really to find it what's just well. Do we have some kind of present We have a criminal justice system. We have actual punishments that are commensurate with the crime we actually happening. We can define. We talk about loyalty? We can define loyalty, loyalty to what faith family freedom right we actually set and that's all it so easy to say that conservative fall short? standard, because they have them right when if if, for example,
Christian Comical they found out- and I ll leave you with this. I remember his name Chris, something he was. He got caught sexting people. kay- and he was like a guy with a Christian, can we use relatively fitted Youtube stuff? But here you think these people weren't under age. He did not pressure and these people they were not unwilling. Basically, some women sent him. Yours and you sent some pictures and response anyone else in Hollywood? That's not a scam right is not a scandal. It's a guy engaging in a mutually consensual, sir, labour relationship because he was faint, any came only signal and I actually, I have not been living up to my standards and actually suffer from a pornography, addiction and sexual addiction and I'm on it, in time it happens that, whereas those people have or as their favorite tabs on your browser. But then at least I don't have a standard. Will that's great, but there's no way to live. That's just like but also a different way of looking at human beings. Conservatives tend to look at people is being essentially flawed and who need restriction right who need religion and family and and and code and young that, whereas
liberals tend to think that when you pay restrictions on people, they can't be themselves. And so again it's how you look at things like yours, but as a subject of stabilizing, put restrictions and everyone, but me in other words, I can put restrictions in the business owner import restrictions and employ. I can put restrictions on the church, If the restrictions on the person who started a tracking business, I can put it you must I can but research. The car, the car manufacturer, who makes suvs, but I dont any restrictions for Joe by authority or Anthony faulty because they think like me, and we should have complete and unfettered power and I the conservative Right wing whatever you want to call me. I have a deep mistrust of human beings and then also comes from christian World View, because rough lot we're off and so the safest thing that we can do is avoid giving any one person anyone group on Frederick of Power and by the way that include myself
and anyone this room. Certainly Brian Cowen, he's going to be it everything you age, Funnybone, which day Friday Saturday, Sunday get your tickets, not just at the beginning. I am only going to how they can reply. Can support goes heresy. Social club on Patria have get it all you and I'm going to do the frying they show just Thursday than they send you on your way. Ok, we see you tomorrow, like this video. It's actually clipped from the life show every week take Monday through Thursday. At ten a m Eastern, you can just hit the notification button subscribe and watch there and, if you dont, want us to disappear from the big took overlords supporters, credit shop that come look, we got to fight like hell. Shirt they landed there. You gotta Baseball Jersey, shore, get out right Angel Salazar. and then he takes a man. Can we say big, big chief, where we lettuces idle out anyway, You use tobacco and throws up on troikas.
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