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NOT ON MY WATCH! Save Christmas from the Woke Communists! | Ep 74


Steven brings some Christmas cheer to the boy "Santa Claus" made cry. Plus the latest on the COVID vaccine. SNL's Pete Davison mocked anti-lockdown protesters. Plus, the pope's history of pushing a socialist agenda.

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If your listing do this audio podcast you're, probably not a mole store, Commie Santa wannabe, we'll talk this and more like the Pope being blocked, Pope here on the show and don't forget to rate evil rated. That's what you can do if you can't afford club, even though its only sixty nine dollars with the promo code, crowded elections dream because as yet to be called mumbled but centres, And do a little bit too much La sales enjoy the show today what are delicious. Bridge are not really doing Santa the whole day and see
I'm going to die. The beard will reach up when it gets this pretty quickly, I will be interviewing the kid from the mall yesterday that that Commie Santa try to run. Christmas by telling him that he wouldn't manoeuvres guns. So today I shall we have the mom much surpass Adela Of course, it adds name is Michael and he's going to get a cornucopia firearm related toy activities and general trinkets, charge keys, because Santa closing Santa Claus you, unless you thought that
As of my cousin, my outfit so apt. Together there, there were there when the programme gained eighty five pounds for the Zulu. May I just say, knows little but tough, except for me to move in with my gut here. What are you in Detroit? You say, but will be talking about that. We talk about the Pope, who I believe is a communist. He can go to Hell, apparently from what I've seen he might know it. Planet rate Catholics out there. I understand a lot of Catholics are beset with this postal Festus Pope. If only spend as much time preaching the message of salvation as he does that March Manifesto, these will be talking about. That will become an airline omar. Who said to the other- and I began to this, is you know what does this is a broke, my heart for people who have not seen that video, yet everyone watching by way right now that the fastest thing you can do to help this video is common? Do it just comment? Just leave a comment: what do you think did you want to
guns a kid, your parents, that you have nerve guns. They let you have super socialism overdoing it ask me anything next week with an ultra long stream. So anything I want to ask what, nine hours on the road. I ll explain that in a little bit more so for those who have not seen this You see why the longer term it listen. I think I've done a pretty good job of covering the election fraud, down. Now was a bunch of it and this is something that also matters because Christmas is important. Christmas is a really valuable time to teach kids about more.
Quality and, more importantly, that guns are not immoral objects and firearms can be used to actually protect people. I guess I should say first and third year audio ate my order. Black elf is here he is accepted, none of the North pole nor the sound I'm jolly and Gerald our you. I'm I'm well on referral vineyard yard on what to do, and we also have Joe Louis right there, whose curled up somewhere who, by the fire with don't put your hands now mouse unless you want to look for them, is chestnut. Let's start with this, this is for people who missed it. This happened yesterday and you know what it's my show so every now and then I'm going to take the floor to talk about something that bothers me. I love Christmas and I get Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving I catch flat fort I dont care, you know what you have a problem with joy. Fine, it's my my truth. It's my joy.
I think Santa has done me. Good will do me good, and I say God bless him and one aimed at a lower level of fighting fifteen mall store communist tries to ruin Christmas for a little boy. Well, you know what we money for David Doorn rate and money for Hurricane Harvey and by God I want to make this little boys Christmas. So, let's start off for people who missed it and will come this Commie Santa at warn. You might break your heart
What's a nerve guy, I know no gun. Now, that's fine, but I can bring. It would also make dollar bicycle tribes. Who do you think you think scalding? What do you think my report? You know what Sarah Sir you deserve it
pull the side by daddy and get a nice little Mary ass, whooping visible, and you also wrote the kid who buy four years old for years, so you must offer for your ex or seven for a four year old kid he held it together. we held a brook other devices and I want to discuss them with his agenda know now what else I shed? What else? Really come over here and sit on my knee revenge, you over it and I've got a lot more than is spoken by more than a lump of calling your stockings, and you know what you're never stop young boys from morning firearms and by the way, what let me show you some pictures there's a long, storied history of Santa Claus with gone through, your look, there's has gone or world war two. I can't see if that's an Emmeline rifle I'm not exactly sir shops chosen mortgages, you got Santa with a gun that shown up. Today you go about their whether positive collage of Santa with the gun, because for the longest time in this country we understood
guns weren't in more than they weren't inanimate objects. It's a rich and storing part of our history. I'm I was raised in Canada where nobody, ever knew had a handgun, except for one guy, you at a war relic and the magical closet of mystery, which is very dangerous because it shows me one is dead, wasn't around only a no respect for one another lever was so old, hadn't been oil. That bullet would probably you sideways. First put remains kid. You asked for baby guns, what you're never going to stop boys from wanting guns or nicely or why Women, you may matters- is not just feminists. It's the feminist nation of young boys, because young boys there powerless there's a four year old boys Powerlifting week, every one's bigger every one is stronger. Everything is scary, the world's a big place. Everything is up and you're down, and you know what that's why they take an interest in things like swiss Army, knives and guns, and power tools and wood burning, set switches that is,
that allows fire had granted when in reality and the reasons for it is because they want to have some semblance of power and it's a wonderful teaching opportunity to teach you or young men how to ride all that power? How to use that power to protect the vulnerable? How do you use power and wheeled it for good kind of like waited using firearms to free the slaves, but instead because mom go? Oh, no! No! No! No! No! No! I dont! Like guns, you dont give that boy any experience with anything powerful. He never learns that respect reanimate. What happens here raise a boy because the second they get a little bit of power they wielded over anyone workers in them. How many bullies do you think? Had parents who took them through proper firearm safety training with their red rider that the left wing look those old images of Santa holding the gun and says remember back in the day before we learn that guns hurt. Yes as I do and where they knew that there were certain uses for them. There were good and certain uses that weren't, but you could still like that. It's almost like that
The reason the peacemaker was invented buying what made you all come out right, equalizer you stupid, commie, bastard and by the way, as mall Santa doing your job there. When mom steps in its has none- and I don't know it's- it's just a nerve good. You ought to take a cue. You wanted Can you go? Oh a nerve gun all day and TAT little Johnny, whatever right you just move on. If you, if you are cowards in your terrified of nerve guns, just say nothing our most resigned as they were, they were coach to say. Oh Oh, you know we'll see what have been acting your little boy, because you don't know repair and budget kid. You didn't like Santa Claus. I want to Santa Claus. Minority had amassed, can snorkel set and I said I was three years old,
we might even have a son Instagram, oh by the way where I think you guys can now follow me. I don't know we have here what we're talking about their worries about Harleigh. We put up their territories where I went to Santa, and I said I want a scuba diving set. Mask, don't finish that phrase and I dont want to mask and snorkel already have them no longer always gets it, because it's not really a silicon sealed are not really fitting it to my chrome structure. to my cranium structure at cavy. What I want is the ability to breathe underwater sent. I want them a tank. I wanted Suresh Rise of Hank, I asked for it and there is a video of me opening up and under a mask and snorkel set me go and what does not that's. Why products that that's? Why said it doesn't promise it likely what they dont code you to do is say: no,
What no blows me whether the media ass for a porno, maggotty, nationalistic dynamite in a match, like he's, got his mom steps into Hell. What are you doing? We have some moral problem with it. You just say like oh, oh wow, what else it's very easy, you oughta nerve garden, or how about a nice little non disclosure law regulating about your local representatives of sudden street there, A hormone blockers from sets its people have gone. How about some nice estrogen? Don't want you to get hurt
that wouldn't want this removed from you. Two are going to have that later. To tell the story with Acute also wants to be like dad cause he's dead is a cop. I thought which, although it is a great twist you need. I doubt that there is not a court in the world. That's going to me for interrupting you up a sales unified, some parking tickets car. So we have the mom on in the boy on and ultimately have got some information here for people who we have some information little boy in giving a little the magic of Christmas. This is the beauty of mug club, because we're able to give back do consider joining up ladder of credit, comics, Slash, Molly Club Crowded election stream is still the proper code, never old beneath the election is not been called.
And of course you can follow me on parlor, because Facebook hasn't being very nice with us. Ok what else we have a lot to get you before. We have the mom and the boy on for the interview. Tat grew center tat. This is something people talking about. This is that, if a vital rural ring he's going to present the o, o arguments with the Supreme Court takes up the lawsuit, seeking to. Obviously we now overturning the twenty presidential election hears clip taxes, Senator TED Chris telling Fox NEWS exclusively quote petitioners legal team has asked me whether I would be willing to argue the case before the Supreme Court. If the court Grand Sergio Rory, I have agreed and more than that. If the court takes the appeal, I stand ready to present the whirl argument. Good for you. I like he's, not a guy. You want one on your tail. Now generally, I listen get peace presented from the Supreme Court. Many many Is that so he'd be? The perfect can also keep in mind that we are not pass the thirty seven days, but I guess it's not even a day
fine, but thirty, seven days that it took for the Al Gore Florida debacle to bring greater singular facets, and it's like if everybody who is talking about voter fraud is a conspiracy, theirs is TED crews. A conspiracy theories for when I turned to the Supreme Court is, he seems pretty high standard for evidence is and what truth is now observing be he's a crackpot aside, a think tank crews is he's been looking at too many home alone to covers light supremacist and how many white supremacist with the last named crews, by the way, if you're mad about actors is photo from going hunting shoot yourself with what the nerve I knew did about. I dont know what listen I'm going to go to borrow it. Anyone who gets gotta make funding is this is so I thought we were beyond this, I ever hunted, but if you want to know the people who do more for conservation ism than anyone else and it it's it's hunters. Ok, it's hunters! go out to the animal, at least you know that had died at it died a humane death, you really
hello is yeah look allow you died. So if I could sit a deer down right now, one of the reindeer and say listen would you rather taken out by us, and would you rather be taken out by a thirty odd sinks and be gone before you know it? Would, I think, all of us would why right you're going your sleep or just be hunted without knowing it more? Would you like it? What do you want some key mom to slice your throat o domain? If you have a problem with people, do in their hello thing was still reference like kosher. My primary problem is the bombs no, no, that's not bring up a fair, no mediation, very sure that again Now everything is really this is you know I didn't want to do the things tat I wanted to bring the demanding a Christmas looks: danger eating, ok, something else. By the way
has been going on in Michigan and just watch this segment this morning on CNN, and it has everything wrong with the media and how they are covering people who understand their constitutional liberties. Right now, I think we're the first clip unite the first, but There are people in Michigan who were petitioning, the Secretary of State, to stop this. This is the riot that I understand I thank you. Looking up how to build a pipe bomb How do you write so very is what spurt yessir yet honey? I'm sorry! I don't recognize the white voice site where happy and peaceful protest. Are you antiphon? No, I
can't help you man and when I saw this brought up the Michigan attorney general, who is talking like this unseen Anthea and talk about catholic where they just say no evidence. There was a segment called a reality check this other avenues they claim This video in Georgia shows people la continuing, counting though it's been debunking, always wears. Reality check my reality there. So then the Michigan attorney General Animus, Dana nestled in in the cell, not a fan this. Is this segment that when I This offers a commentary, as is happening now. Is that I think six. Fifty five this morning, you ve said when you saw this. If this is not activism, this is terrorism. And so, legally speaking, what can be done? How we stopped first people have a right to know?
make their grievances. Now. I got the first amendment good, but there is a time and a place in a manner and had they wanted to demonstrate your test outside of her offices and pulled the were permitted to do so. That would have been absolutely fine, put shows to disrupt the peace internet tranquillity about neighbourhood under the cover of darkness. And something I was your age. Those two men can get trespass, you begin, I threatened people, you can disrupt. You know always ordinances or engaging disorderly conduct and call it protect the first amendment activity going to be on the lookout, for this kind of behaviour are allowed in courage boys when they arrive on the scene to start issuing tickets and potentially arresting people nearby, that they are committing crimes and asked? The attorney general I intend to vigorously prosecute now the written first up,
cars intending to visit vigorously prosecute. You said that the first member doesn't protect crimes. She has not from what I've seen. There's no record of her prosecuting any of the black lives matter, protesters or anti for protestors who, by the way across the country, have committed billions of dollars and damages dozens of fatalities. Thousands of injuries nothing at all, but when people have some signs in some bourns airily well now you need a permit like someone there from Antwerp blacklist matter, goin up I'm. So let me call I am so sorry that I burned down five below marine now. I know now. No, not lizard didn't do nothing. You guys didn't nothing for months as American Citys burned, you couldn't care less, and now you men doing it. It is a residential area. What an anthem, a class goals not only going to residential area they brought, they went
you think they one private property and you charge the people in their own house just for showing their collection. soon as its and people with trump flags. The lady Voldemort has a problem whether he yes, I expected that answer. My uncle and biofuel just to give you an idea? Well she's talking about this now she's playing tough when Trump offer dissent in the National Guard to help with the protest right now, this lady no Voldemort responded, she said president trumps politically motivated threat to send more federal law enforcement to Detroit, among other cities, has nothing to do with protecting public health or safety. It is about using the power of his office as a cudgel to punish those who use their constitute only guaranteed rights to express views. Disagrees with in contrast arresting people for signs. Interesting signs, friggin cudgels by the way. Don't you know the rules for radical page one step, one pull the permit yet begun.
grab. That was exactly what beatin we're at all. Their rights is known for his firm. It boy permits to protests writer what are pursuing. What do you know if you gotta get a permit? Will who issues the permits? I do what they like them very Venus. tell you what a protest me, the person who now actually that, if our amendments are going to do it, what does that mean that every bit insanity in grand rapids alone, it was over five hundred thousand dollars in overtime, justly overtime, for the police force and by the way those are the same people that are probably complaining right now that there's not like a relief package for all the businesses that are those I don't know. There's five! thousand dollars that we could have spent on it, but we had to do it for the police, ironic, for people who want to defend the police here time, yeah you're doing great. for them and make everything that the left espouses right now is everything I turns to ruins. You are such a blockhead current Democratic Party, Santa Claus, Communist POE.
communism we're about to get into vaccines. They want to infringe on your first amendment rights talk about every Americans want with hindsight, and I looked out my window and it was like that sky net had fallen and now some of the sign and, above all I get it. It would be nice if it did at the office is opposed to a residential area, but you know what they probably dont issue permits they re while they won't. Let you off loneliness this before we go on, we have some news: what the vaccine? What's your opinion on the covert vaccine again best thing you can do to help with this. This episode of just comment leave yourself, the Amis we come it will. Do you think that the vaccine is going to end the pandemic you plan on taking it? Why or why not? Or are you like the Anti Baxter's of acts in Irish Cuomo, Harris and company Oh no wait before that before that. I think we need to cover this we're talking about that seen in covered. This is one of my.
It is not my job. What one of my colleagues from I dont member who told it could have been Nick. Nepal could have been had have no idea safeguard. Just if its funding to power, How do you know if some as a nurse or a teacher, they tell you and this lady right one in charge of your children's education is reacting to anti lock down by the way, I guess people in line with the World Health organization. Down protesters. So here lady, who screams of them
If you can spot her chosen profession, yours now, look she looks around to make sure everyone here, sir,
drumming up to engage no doubt in the real heroics that was that clippers brought you by the Home School Association, America about local private school. Do you want to change your kids today? between bouts of screaming accuse chestnuts of being lazy, he's stream of the cap because it didn't vote
so I hope there is persuaded her students or as persuasively Jesus. How does that DR? What your school zero tower? He teaches logic actually debate, since it took a lot of us, you so mad that she loses all control how to operate a vehicle at her wipers are just going to turn centres, so at least she was wearing a mask on her chin. Yes, I'm dead thankfully not sing or disease. That's true, consider not by the insanity might We ourselves would like oh wow. What do you think she's proving by saying I'm a teacher while she looked around remaining to everybody, knew it ok, so it's just a few I'm at each year. Not only was it all right. Are you struck out of my car? Let me take an unpopular view. Procurator. Everyone is saying that teachers are heroes.
I take. It did indeed start AMOS statement signpost up generally heroes. Don't have time to full time, upload, Tik, Tok, but there's a narrow, such Manhattan deed. What what is sent his opinion on teachers to central of teachers are, I think some of them help are young and some of them are horrible, bitches, male and female, of a male those under the teaching perversion outside of university. Only just sell that went out for your lot. Jimmy crawling sweeping versions. It don't exist. Anymore drew listen. If you want to be, if you want to be a teacher, a full time teacher, might I suggest blacksmithing or serving your country, so here's the thing I wanted.
Clear about. She will go to reassure my family, my fantasy students. Families are dying, fetching, false or misleading and would say reality check perfectly reasonable. That, where were you line up on vaccines is perfect an anti voucher at all, right oleo, but wasn't mumps measles shingles, whatever it out and which, when allocating the vaccines, ok, but it is perfectly reasonable at this point in time for a young person as we talk about vaccines to reject a vaccine. Why? Because people understand what this vaccine attitude to course, Exeter. Ok, I didn't and they have to specifically coach doctors right now on the two course vaccine to get people to stay with the second course, because the first course is so wildly unpleasant. They describe it like a hangover from hell, splitting headache, hill, ailing neighbour, very body, ache, that people won't come back for the second course so right now they have to spend time right. An orientation with doctors and people are going. It's way
worse than most vaccines in its particularly bad for young people, people who often are not affected by the disease, nearly as seriously to not get sick. You have to get extremely sick right now and you might not even get sick and the first by right exam expressed. That research from the clinical symptoms they manifesting only twenty one percent of, in fact, and in nineteen I mean that seventy nine percent middle schoolers- they no symptoms velvet, and most of the remaining are very mild symptom. So when you compare that with feeling like with with feel, like Cameron and Ferris Bueller before a half days, it's reasonable for Some people say you know what ok I'll leave the vaccine for the vulnerable, and maybe I don't have a week to take off work. I know you think that people can take up work indefinitely in there's a never ending pile of money from school. Shrewishness ducks mansion with support works just
it is clear: the left doesn't want anybody to be able to make a decision for themselves, nibbled away the risks of certain behavior. I say that they have to take away the consequences of your actions, even if they, even if their evaluation. The situation is totally back. Well, yes, ice or I should have prefaces English in the UK. They can have. The first vaccine was administered relics, ongoing those goods they want to have the vaccine great, and I think that I think that many people use the vaccines but to act as though someone in this scenario might feel uncomfortable, particularly a young person. Understanding the side effects. Might ops do not take the vaccine that a crazy Anti Baxter. That's just unreasonable in her own and what, if they use the same reasons that the left has used before were there like what I dont really touched, Trust Donald Trump Administration to be able to coordinate this, and I don't think that it should have been rushed by tramper by all of this sort of private. What? If what? If That's. The reason can nay that are taken
She didn't order more Pfizer vaccine which, by the way, was as of competition and other companies bringing more vaccines to market. They didn't want to just order all of them from Pfizer. So lets me, that's videos, I won't even spend any time on it, but you said you didn't want any vaccines if it came from the trap administration afford to get yourself of the wire brush before continually have so much to get to say why the Pope is a communist. Looking dared to intervene in this young man. You can tweak out Santa Patsy tweet that out hashtag Santa Taxi, because people already met we have to go. Oh don't we have. We have actually to check in with our LOS Angeles traffic report, its actual obligation, LOS Angeles traffic this morning with Thomas Finnegan Underground, Mr Finnegan. You got for us Stephen. I'm here on the four or five
Oh gee Finian, Thomas in top dump the call watch it. backing them later has good. Now, because of all die, you know of traffic, wasn't bad before it is now watch. I think the four or five is completely empty right. Now. No one's going to jobs does not ignore that was really more live product of the big Gulp event looks like a kind of banning any round found the other car yeah yeah one another. Alright, let's move out, it's a pity. This really is a huge story, but it is just one of those that should piss off all the right people and their musical say. What do you want to talk about things? A piss you off? I dont really time things at piss me off we're about to give
multi our gift of nerve guns to a kid, so I think we do good where we can, but sometimes I'm a negative Nancy there's another pisses inside when you're such a negative newness. Not in this matter. criticism accept it. Davidson was on ass, an owl mocking and keep in mind too, as a marked down in the United States. This is a perfect example of where things things that should, be political. Now, I'm not a centrist, and I've been very clear when people have. This is probably not propaganda, because I let you know that Am I to the right of centre in many ways to the right of Attila the hunt? Ok, just to be very clear, but now all of our sources from the show their available click. The link in the description lot. With credit outcome, I try to make available for use. You can make your own decisions. I understand that people are an echo chambers. Ok, that being said, it's not politically being
He locked down the World Health Organization's had locked downs, don't work. That should be a last resort. Good example of this when I was in Canada, I wasn't could back where we had liberals and liberal separatists, the concerto one of the canadian political political spectrum of parliamentary system which has broken people say two parties is demand. I go, you can have a prime minister elected with a minority of the votes or trust me the system, but it's better than what they had an old Europe and Canada with queens deal on our money, They didn't have the housing crash in Canada, So here another all liberal and they have like a fifty something percent tax rate. New have socialize healthcare and you have a fifteen percent sales tax when this was brought to the engine of Canadians, they cigarette we're gonna, we're gonna, give people, loans and mortgages with crazy low interest and people who can afford to pay it back. These are all the levels and Canada back, that's retorted, but it's not let her go. They said now, just like the world organizations, and now you can just do lockdown speakers are not political, but in the United States it has been turned into. If you oppose lock down that
livelihoods for evermore you Spi Aruba, an Anti Baxter like a Chris Cuomo here is PETE Davidson, the only name. I recognize it s, an l mocking his fellow countrymen. I take it these protests, frustrating man that make us look like babies. You know You know it's bad when even people in Boston or like drink at home, you queers. Do you think that people should stay at home until the pandemic gets better? Yet everyone, wants to go, have fun, but there's plenty of stuff you could do at home. Like use your official p, David Zimbabwe, actual job. the cigarette a little bit blue, I just say no p Davidson, still has a job and he's being pay. Fifteen thousand an episode which sounds like a lot but Actually, no that's very essence, Ellis hurting because I know quite a few s, an outcast members. From back in the day of the Miller the norm, erasure aid era, and
they were starting at salaries higher than that peat able to be only five six years. Yea is one of the only recognisable names from the cask they can't they can't procure the talent now what I'm surprised they allowed him to seek. The key word here, which word now in saying we not ours and algae. Beat you you haven't. You can't like call Peter was that no, you can't can drink it? You don't you know these half black. What just like, I can say it, because I have a cousin whose gay that's why they are notified. Geishas bell. If you're subscribed on you too, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot, we stream in the mornings ten an eastern weekdays. so my streaming. Yes, streaming frothy, stop it. I knew it and using earnestness into question college. Just ask was so you think people should they home until the pandemic gets better? It is better
where they are better than win. What is, understandably again does that we have more harsh utilization, Then we did that. Adopts that everyone stop you ve lost you you, the sick. People are going to hospital, but would teach your sleeve and people are whom it doesn't I had a tar was singing enough. We heard that she had some points and to add the hypocrisy by the Essen out. This is having a lot of you. Don't know. We talked about this yesterday, where they are banned, outdoor dining banana had the the craft services table out it s, no use lockdown loophole to get around the prohibitions and indoor gathering so that they could, from the show here they were allowed to have an indoor audience already really because they pay The audience member members as employees,
because I have to follow the instructions? she was very good. This is like the reductio of like why, of course, other paying people the latter. If it's not just that the holding of science to look at what they they tried to laugh originally, and it just was at work, work being about it. When you seeing us an island you're, seeing them bombs that, with the crowd, animator going and they haven't the money in their pockets. Yes, from the show that is insanity, drought, animators, airily, great stuff, they got to creditors, I should mention here, that's your secretary now don't mean anything on authorities mean that he has high standards are less well known as El Sheikh fermenting Cheat and you're fired,
it's always what happens it's always. The exile is really that we're gonna work, engineer, Shapiro, yes, yet beer x out get your spreadsheets right and this just again, people wonder how Donald Trump one both times it's. Because of this, the leaders it really is. The guy who is employed and he can make it work for a loophole youngest in California, and so now, let's go to response from one of the actual citizens who suffer Under these large towns, you dont make fifteen thousand an episode like PETE Davidson in the great city of ok, the city near the place. The ignorance level is so high. Now that you mega millionaires on the national spotlight like the folks onset of life and instead of making fun of their friends and the local Is the zone is who broke and crushed and bankrupt
that coming down here as fellows that nowadays, in standing up for them and bring in a positive rings on and what they want to do is go on national tv and try to humiliate the little man when he's down and to me, that's quite disgusting. If it came at a perch You asked me about the parties down here and told the liberal left. This is a good thing, because it's about our freedom and liberty- we probably be standing here today talking about a political prisoner who was the victim of in my view, a political ambush and by the way only black people can see that Markham on he'll want so that all prisoners were political prisoners near the trouble for that, because this idea of mass incarceration taken up with hair sweetheart you're you're the president, Elect, I say that physician this is either way, with a groan he limped under you can't really the newspaper under their ports, what's black white all over and covered in your shit. You from your part.
Davidson. Heritage are of a mobster exactly, and it was really funny that he said that, while he was doing the exact opposite of his advice, whether they go, what can people do is that what they could stay home there's are you all working here that this is the compassionate left yeah. This is actually a guy who again there their vision of themselves as being very compassionate is because they don't actually talk people who are hurting yonder. I just told you to feel bad for and who not feel bad for they they pick and choose, or people who are employed where human rights now they're saying he might just well with a wave of a pen you no fifty has now, given you know, there's a thing you are compared it only to the lowest common denominator. The Peter who took outlaw four underwater basket, weaving or after a lesbian. This important feminist studies. They always gonna, be mad about that people who paid off their lungs. people who opted not to go too, you know,
you're, going to a community college to go to a trade school just like what they sell. You know at the red should pay more in taxes. Listen if Biden has waited taxes to Pennington plan. You can take too. three salaries from this company from cutting off the this is a small business mind you accorded the box and tax breaks and its two once a year were about twelve to twelve to fifteen employee I think we have some contractors with fourteen employees, so World war, just like one we need to be treated like the wall. Walton family procession goodnight account Goodnight SAM. That's where we are their compassion, the compassionate two zero to the non contributors who think that it is empathetic for them. To be able to stay home indefinitely, while the people who keep our economy alive? Take it on the chin. exactly. Those are the people are gonna, go after and help nine other screeching I've, a friend from church in Canada, the teacher and all it does is posed and social media about Lego to clean my desk, and I wasn't paid for overall
I shall read out a whore Moreover, I thought you were doing it because he cared about the care of a certain level before tat beyond your purview right, that's when debts when it's time for raises and negotiate what some puerile on your desk next to the apples and call it a day saying that we have who do we have to we have Sabellian like well well they're. Both there right now, Michael SR, O Michael Senior. Can we can we go to them in a little, because I think we still have a couple more things to get too if they can just hold for about ten minutes. Ok, just many further really want to make sure that we get the correct, and I also know that I think we have but also might be checking in with us. So, let's hear onto the Pope really cool We will keep cycling along through this non linear earmarks on this. One I dont make that imagine young, Michael, isn't there can and to Sir. I need again to Santa character.
and we do need a chicken with Finnegan. I do want to see how these are some of the worry. So in his new book, the head of the one point: five billion dollar church, the Pope. Twenty two Amazon review, so things are looking up it- is not equal to sideline reminded concerns. Now, let's give in mind at this purpose at the Christian should never seek to convert unbelievers and that tax cuts are a sin if the wealthy get them and he compared Troms immigration policies to King Harrods Massacre of children oh, you know stranger yeah, that's went down from Galicia. I weren't you. If every first tax, the hell- I don't know I don't know. If we can do tat, they might want to check them. You want to kill them now. I support the life bored and after their born. What do you want to send is to be judged. About, should I doing to
even more Monterey Bay, the Christ romance so here are some years from direct quotes from the PO other, though the infallible dumb ass, achieving Catholics out there is in this is not about. There have been a lot of hope to have liked right, not this guy. Leave your come a lot of it ass. I knew too how they have a lot of conversation. Here's a quote from the Pope, some groups protested. Refusing to their distance, marching against travel restrictions and rights. This, as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom. Yes, yeah. But answer that's your argument out. Let me make a counter argument: that's what lawyers I'm a lawyer call a counter argument. Yes, It is an assault on personal time in by the way, just saying, as though some sort of government regulations for the common good Inherently virtuous,
every single government overreach. Every single active tyranny was done for the common good from taxation without representation to let's go right, Stalin, some of them where's? The draft? Is it here? Stop this writing from stolen at all, and then say: here's what we're going to do is what are going to take. Over farms in then, and no one will have food so that we have have no base for economy doesnt work plan. We want them to feel bad years, men they locked away. When we take your women, they always look away his region, We did not build this society in order to restrict personal liberty. Lots nice little human individual may feel really. Three, it is difficult, for me to imagine what personal liberty is enjoyed by an unemployed person who goes about hungry and cannot find employment.
Liberty can exist. Only were exploitation has been abolished unless it's coming from a state where no one has where there is no one, no oppression of some by others. Unless, of course, it does not always happen million dead. There is no unemployment and poverty that worked like a charm that when a man is not haunted by the fear of tomorrow, being deprived of work of home and of bread, not only really deprived of work, home and bread, they couldn't even find weight or the east connected hipsters with your stupid YE starters there, no one that became a trend, but you would have had their under Stalin. So if, according to the posters we're supposed to take everyone. At their word: we're supposed to evaluate policies by their stated motives right and not by their consequences that that very short, I'm thinking it's not how adults thank surprise me fifty one percent of those risky today admire stolen. While he's staying Helmut. What you think fifty one do you wanna? They might that be Just don't realize what happens? Maybe they outline teaching history
in writing. I support you know if they dont have they dont have the teeth? screaming in their cars they don't they just thirty days they killed him. First got a mile Pope MA killed tens of millions of people for the good of the people. There are some peculiarities, NATO's May pilgrimages when people try and go and landside two years are actually article from the guardian we're so shedding tears ass, he saw MAO's rubbery cadaver up close for the first time flying told the newspaper of power generation has a very deep attachment to mile who created a harmonious society in which people can each other with no tricks at all
when I have someone say like he makes its grey society with no tricks now mean just probably some Trent yeah look here. The tens of millions of people like to have a word with you are right that society, one rate that leap forward city rabbit tricks, Imre Westerner, either way I launched a trick: rabbit, go in and purchases own box of tricks get mugged by kids. This is the with entitlement the United States, Canada, the real. I just want some tricks. Now I do not envisage tracked for triggering the point is freedom for me not for the that's what those kid sister Here's another hope claim this. Is this the quote directly from us, but twenty two reviews never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd. Ok, that's loaded, but let's continue or joining a demonstration, because there are shantytowns where children like water, education or because there are families who have lost their income. Well. Second,
Communist Pope is saying that you will not find these people who are anti lockdown protest, families who lost their income, that reason. Both the World Health Organization and pretty minded individuals in the United States are protesting? Lockdown, don't take my word or it we have. Fifteen hundred over fifteen hundred Staten Island is protesting. Tonight is probably a thousand left and we are peacefully protest and no riding looting.
what do they think they sang listing ill people do not get the union the said something about open up business late could help people who lost their income right. You're, missing the scary american flags, Stevens Rat was real. These simple, yes, I M really scary. Unless you're a country who is on tyrannical rule, and the only thing you're open foreseen over that hill is the american flag in this sounds of our scary. Black rifles is the assumption here that nobody on the left wants to open businesses, the nun business owners could be on the left me if they are, they live in LOS Angeles, very blue place. So I there again the Pope saying that view see the same. People open protesting business closes as you, maybe a George Floyd protest or something maybe they are data. Today there is one person and in his entire argument, falls apart. I think this is again the tipping their hand. He's I see these people are weak.
We want, we don't want to open. Business. Is all that problem, yet problem right: here's you don't want to open businesses sit up at I'm stop it. I must go think of wholly in exactly the assumption is that business is inherently some kind of negative thing. It's him, like these are all again marxist communist. Options that they both just gets to go, get away, but here's another when he says in his twenty two time reviewed book that frictions necessary that these people think restrictions necessary for people's protections amount to an unjust demand of an interfering state. There are politicians who ITALY's narratives for their own gain hold on hold on a second Kobe, lockdown shut down, fifteen million small business, a record number of small businesses, but the big companies by the way who, while we're time, politicians two hundred and fifty million dollars just from Facebook in the election. Whatever happened to citizens united and getting money out of the election? I don't understand money. More companies like Alphabet Amazon, Facebook, they ve, managed to increase their profits, billionaires have increased their overall net worth by half
a trillion dollars. so when you say that they put these, what are these business owners stand to gain on a massive scale other than again providing income and food for their families? Actually, what do you think it's done? The charity tat terrible giving in the church around the world has gone to just fall through the floor right and he says he says to things right. They must, and these are the things that we have to do. Might there are no alternatives, so hard work and on? What is it we have it, but is yeah was what we have Thomas Mann, that what is oh, I can hear Thomas Finnegan. What what's going on Stephen generate Geese set me up with Gabby yeah, the Gatt, even Gabby that Slash Trotter yeah, I'm trying to do the paperwork online, but its asked me from information, yes or no, yet people onto their sponsor get it. I understand you go it's free and actually
entering you're insurance information, and then it shows you where you can get a better right, because a lot of now get locked into instruments for years and don't realize rather better rights, elsewhere, yeah. Ok, I put in all my information, but it's it's not it's like giving it to me. It's not giving you what is not giving me the insurance wait. You know you have to enter in your insurance information. Is he? Are you trying to get insurance right now? Thomas Finnegan welcome ok all right. Let's at that, go well
By the way you know you don't owe that's Gabby DOT, coms, prouder, you get a free check, I didn't I I was shocked spent and what you have much elitism, just go and chicken they don't sell out any of your information. By the way I privilege, I think I think I heard they like customers save like an average like nine hundred dollars, something Riddick. That's why I thought there was at stake here. It's a pretty easy product. Does it Ellie hang insurance for very long time, and then they don't give me that discounts could just get used to paying French and so get me that comes less trotter and because you entering our, you are You will get it for free free check. Now. I believe now we're going to be getting on the line here, any second, the mother- and I not mistaken the father as well of the boy in question for people who remember who didn't see the segment earlier ripe for bring them? Then I want you show this video again. It was making the rounds and everyone here letter with greater our blood, was boiling role clip
still breaks my heart to watch no gun, that's a mom right. There should have been in for some nerve. You gonna bring to light the kids holding integrators scolded evening thing now set a cares. Now, conduct cares for it. We haven't aligned with us said Bell. I hope, President Right De Carlo and the husband who you don't see the video Michael D Carlo, whose also a police officer. Thank you.
I've been here. Can you can you hear and see me? Yes, it again eyes, even I thank you for having thank you for being here and I tried to so. We don't have your sauna he'll be on after this, but I did go through the whole air and make up and am very sticky right now, but also our Blood was boiling watching this video, your son, what he's each by what I thought he was six Seven cause he's very tall. Your son is is for correcting these foreign he's foreign ass, ok, so yeah. That's that's a really rough age to be scalded by Santa, and can I just say the computer You're of your son was remarkable. He stated could seem kind holding it in until the Santa continued with like no no. What else do you want what ways I find it's ok, just right no no it's ok share is seen as being a chest icing ass, all just it's fine! what we want,
do you mind, will your washing his dad a police officer. I've got to imagine it would it would take. It breathing in your strength, to not beat Santa's ass and ruin the Spirit of Christmas folio. Kids, there all right. One reason why we were video recording it in the first place because make was on a street and he misses alot of might us first. So we wanted to see. We wanted him to feel like a really cute exchange. What Santa his first time telling him what he wants you now, and that obviously was not the case, but ass. It was happening. I looked over my mom like is this really happening, but I was in shock and I was almost like a nervous laughing under lake. Is this really. I couldn't believe it. And then you know you can obviously seed the heartbreak on my son's face row of enabling what I thought was consoling. yeah consoling em and then you know hoping to call Santa over for a little minute. You're from for me.
Its remarkable there's when I was a kid and he's got a mall Santa's? I know about you, but they always used to say very general things because I don't know the parents budget, like will be a good boy and we'll see what you get out of the Christmas tree you know I have you been demands, demand action, dot, Org I mean you know. I saw that alone was surprising to me what happened after the video. Did you talk with senator here apologize? Now? I don't even look at you now. I just and SALT Mike are wiped away his tears in kind. I wanted to salvage as much as I quite so we did have them. Take a picture, two sisters, first Christmas and says first year, while he did visit Santa last year, but he was Threem really understand the magic. Wasn't his intentions. It is this. You saw it continued with the picture fur
we even know what reason by then we asked laughed and bottom a bunch of stuff at them off well and that's also challenging to re, because you want it to be a surprise for you a kid. But Santa put you not scenario, reasons are not going to get you a nerve gun were you must have to say: hey, don't worry, you'll get a nerve gun and then you to the surprise of Christmas, so there there the litany of things that he did wrong, rang what we tell them. You know them all. Santa's urges scientists helpers right, you know yet he accept that. that's good. That's what my parents tell that's why, when I talk with your your son here and I want to show you four years old. I ve got some information year for people who are watching, so we can help with the magic of Christmas he's a boxer. He loves, key Balboa, has a blue Christmas tree, in his bedroom, he has a bull dog named Carlo PUG named Ozzy, and I have a little I have of Bali Breed here named Joe Louis after my favorite boxer. So I think it's providential that I get to be.
you know the real sent, not the department store sent. This is this is Santa making a real call, and indeed what did you think when you that video, like you, can you wish you know not warrant you I mean I was called me and told me and you don't it first, any value furious you're living in all. And what would you do it? You? Don't it's actually end with the right way. he kept it. Aren't you gotta, be calm and comfort or can get more than the situation and then address it later Ryan, which is dead and brought her yeah. I would probably have to wait right. That's the one thing it's got to imagine you have to balance obviously being responsible as apparent but being incredibly protective, and you know people talk about the the moments that you have like adulation or you know. A wedding are obviously the birth, but these are also
France's as parents that are unique. You know the first time work a Katy cognisant of of Santa. You know the magic of Christmas in, and you guys put in a lot of work there too, and just for some activists to tear it away. In this case, probably your son probably wants a nerve. Come because he wants to be like Dad a police officer, so assume that he didn't the video games? opening of the community's shooting. I assume you just wanted a nerve gun. Insides, Dana shame them. First Christmas wish on yeah. Well, I we told you guys were going to going to bring your son and dumb, and We will be sending a cornucopia of of nerve guns and if you could send us now nerve guns. Are there anything like that? You want supercilious curs, I don't know what laser tag,
What else does does the young man want here? We want. We want to give you guys whenever we can and label it from Santa. You know I mean where very glad to be able to his Christmas. Let us was fulfilled before even Sattler Santa saw wayward loved ass it on to other kids, who really don't have that? Ok, what abortion cannot this let some after we finished the programme, we can get in touch with you guys, and maybe you is because there's someone you can think of in your neighborhood or maybe your church or your community, who we could help and isn't pink, o commie, who hates nerve guns. We can help them. You know we can spread it around and if there is, of course- and I would like to do something special for your son as Well- even with just one small sort of token, so that I can. I can feel like. Let me guess you know we will graciously except, but it's not masses.
Ok, what's equable do so you have so your son. Isn't there are now so you you'd you have purchased and while he, but he can't hear you right Now- Kennedy if the whisper now, ok, so you have perch, Could I do want to promise him anything here so you You did get nerve gone right or some nerve guns. If I mention ok, ok, all right to actually morning he asked for a schooner and we did buy him a razor schooner sound all right well, the problem with those is, he can turn it upside down and it looks like a gun tom, and and you know what I wouldn't be surprised a couple years of thinking that kid is asking for a baby gun somewhat. Earlier kids used ass, well a lot younger and it wasn't, it was never can immoral. You know the reason in India, Michael, you probably I was talking about young boys, the reasoning guns and swiss army knife and it is their powerless everyone's bigger everyone stronger and apply
were tool a power wheels, a little nerve gun or a baby gone. A swiss army knife makes you feel like you can even the playing field a little bit and my parents use it as a teaching opportunity. When I got my be begun, my dad took me out with it and treated like Real firearm, when I got my swiss army knife and they were looking and I was willing and we had a cheap for sermon. Ethical didn't have that much was dull, but not done enough to get me a paper cut. Nonstop. The point is my I'd, try to teach me proper respect of these powerful tools and it's amazing, that someone decided to take it upon themselves. That, Michael, you wonder what that's like as a boy you're, never gonna, stop boys from playing cops and robbers on our way. Well, my dear, I agree as soon as I planned by the nerve words at home. You know it's it's crazy. What goes on here
so yeah, ok, we're horse. I can show you what to do. I want you to bring in young Michael. Let me get my hat my glasses on and have it ready haven't write. His name is also Michael right. Ok and then talk with him for a little bit, I'm gonna get into Santa character and and hopefully hit the reset button? And then, after that, we will talk with you guys later and see how we can bless someone new neighbourhood or how we can work together so hold on lemme get into out. Let me get into uniform to really just a wig and the glasses here hold on or that small because of my giant cranium wealth. I have a famous guy had works like the camera grows, your face like radiation from a microwave aright, listen, I've got to say Mother does wardrobe and make up here and I'm I'm pretty impressive, sank in. I spent about an hour and make up for this. So both us and thank you guys,
Thank you for making term on the show, and thank you for me, so considerate. You know listen! This is a perfect example of checking your privilege, not because someone's guilty about saying, hey we're less enough to be able to provide this for our kids, and maybe we can bless others see that's what whether you're middle class upper middle class with your wealthy. You can find a way, pass it on and what a wonderful thing to do at Christmas Christmas, all right. Also, you know Baby Jesus Sonia, that's making parliament the crash child. Yes, safe here to the world,
all right said Bella, and Mr De Carlo again thank you for thank you for holding the lines there for us to act as a police officer send in the young boy, given they headphones and Santa is gonna, be radio talk with them, anybody might when a matter that began o o little Michael little, I called you know who this is making a call just for you to refer
care. This is Santa. That's right, and I understand that you, a fan of me Shanter and you had a little bit of a run in with one of those helpers at the mall who hadn't been vetted properly yesterday that right when, when you call action took bad Santa who didn't pass d chemical just beforehand, but we take care of that and real center. I understand that you know the rules of engagement here that you ve been a very. Have you been a good boy this year? Ok, now, I know that you, you you're a fan of boxing, just like old Santa here you like boxing and you're, a big fan of Rocky Bob do I have that right?
or maybe that's another little Michael, maybe that wrong you're, not the boxer Let me see those. Let me see those fists, the young Michael. Let me she put up your dogs who all I think that's going to be a heavyweight location is peekaboo stance. I want now look at their trade with custom, auto! So young, oh, no! You didn't good, though right you ve been good. Do you don't look do you know what custom model trained MIKE Tyson Linda Don't you also? You have too young to dogs. Right could do it. I know what Is a bull dog? then there's another one? What kind of dog is is Ozzy he's a pub all. They have to be delivered by c section.
do you know that Santa Claus, you can't see him, I have, but I have a dog Argentina, whose, like a bull dog and his name is John Louis. I don't if you remember Jean Louis, but he's a world famous boxer from a long time ago. a group of their targets. Ok, now I to be clear: young man Oh you mean good with boxing, though right you're, not boxing euro you're, not boxing any friends who don't want do you're not being a bully right now. Ok, that's got you know when you, when you get big and strong like you're dead there, whose whose a police police Spain, who helped keep us safe right now and then some tough times in the United States. People like your dad out their keep us safe because they learn how to use their fire.
In their hands to protect the innocent ride, you that you promised centre right now that, as you get big and strong, you'll only use that to help people right, not workpeople. will you promise. I need to hear you say that my goal, there's gonna, be a call. You promised to help people, joking. I know you ve been very good this year. No, let me ask this young Michael, what is it? I know that, to the help her again, no association will looking through a jar and I'll get back to your parents about this. What was it that you ask that unqualified helper for at the mall gun, that sounds like a wonderful gift. A wonderful toy, told you know Well, let me tell you: that's not the that's not
real sector he's, what your parents will teach you about when you get older he's what we call a communist and we had to get rid of them at the North pole. I dont know if you know this put centre actually has used firearms for a very long time and also, of course, always taught at encourage firearm safety. Did you know? the during World WAR to Santa Claus. Talk people all about firearm safety in how to use guns properly, no you know said to even right: that's what I travel out my sleigh up, nor sometimes we get, bears a we get something you know that could hurt centres reindeer so Santa old Satan. Packs a heater. Would you to hear the story about the time that my peace saved my range. Would you like, here the storeroom article
That's ok, you don't mean to be shy. Santa likes to have a love, so I was I was at the North pole. I had to stop. It was what was a pick, a pit stop. We have. We have a fast charger. Now I had to go back to the North pole before going over to a far away land. That's very day risk called France and one it was there we had a grizzly bear and the good leave there was accompanied by a pack of wolves and so centre had to take his get out from his chest. I five two times to keep my reindeer safe and they ran off. And no one was hurt and bullets was able to live another day so see if you use firearms in your strength properly, you can protect people and keep them from being hurt. Just like your pops over there, you don't want we favour. If you wanna gift to give you a gift. Ok, I really want to give you will give me. I think that nerf gun sounds mighty nice, but give your mother.
From the tree can give your dad right now, a big old hucks. Can you do that for Santa ok, your mother? First, ladies first now We all give the old policemen a big hug. Oh that's! Wonderful! Oh look at that. That makes it major your card. That's, ok, listen! Maybe Santa comes down your chimney with something wireless, ok, but you're just needed that behaviour up all listen Michael. I know that you're very busy incentives very busy, but I tell you what maybe this Christmas. You might have something special there under that blue Christmas tree in your bedroom. Keep that up make sure you put out some cookies for centre and some carrots for the reindeer. You know reindeer there that they're they're they're herbivores right. You do that and be a good.
boy, and I think I can't make any promises but you'll probably just what you're looking for this Christmas? Ok, Michael all right and just make sure makes Roma one more thing. I ask of you when you see people down the street bees. readily show them a smile and say merry Christmas to everyone, because I know yesterday was hot that man was mean to you and throughout your life, you'll find People who mean some people were men are less happy with themselves than they are with you and what you do as you continue getting big and strong, listen to your mother and daddy, and you just me ice and smile right back and say Christmas to. Oh all, right Michael, I have go feed the reindeer, and I have some elms were being insubordinate. So I have my grateful, but
Thank you so much for taking the time, and I look forward to stopping by your house this Christmas. Okay, Michael. Oh thank you that warmed. My heart by Michael, buys about Michael Senior. Thank you for taking the time we'll talk with you a little later hole that was wonderful. What nice people, they are Do I can say that is no wonder that commie get surly. That was very sweet. Oh my gosh, I love that idea retain the story. Then we have to go we're going to go to my club lot of color to come. Slash, mug club, thirty hours off entered the promotion prouder election stream, we'll be fine. Many are critical in taking a chat, but I was I one time I applied to be a Santa Claus by phone o o.
So was here that would give you call that information year, knowing audition ideas and other nice I'll look at our own Santa stood out in and they would pay you by. The call interesting and I had to drive about forty five minutes away for a drug test- and I never heard back No, I don't know, but I've never died. Never taking drugs in my life, then that we want to have me. We consume a drop of alcohol. So I don't If beings publish precluded me their lives in Russia. The only way you can handle writing called. I have no idea. But I tell you what, if I didn't have to work full time as the bastard that aimed to make sure everyone here is still gainfully employed. I would love to be abolished or sent a man that didn't you now want to hear anything guys. It doesn't take much to make a kid happy. The cages know what that was. When I do say, hey you have a dog hey, you're near the kid just to him. Sent is important and it is. to feel listen to, he just wants to feel these important and guess what you don't have to be sent out
there must be a mom or dead or if your department store Santa just don't be a prick. Just make the kid feel like you? Listen to all you have to do is repeat what they tell you taken Kristen what matters to them, and you know what this why we need more dead in the house. This is why kids need a mommy and daddy and they need to be in the house because that kid right there. I believe, if I'm not mistaken there in Chicago his daddy Chicago police Officer- and you know what kids there have a rough situation in Chicago, but that's two parents who care about there hid in statistical that will do more for him than any school could than any forgiveness of student loans than ever socialize healthcare. You take your pick. Nothing is going to give that kid. a leg up more than a mom and dad and maybe a nerve gun underneath his bedroom blue Christmas tree this year, everyone who has been watching. Let me note to again we're just look four comments, the comment squat, what was your most magical Christmas moment was Santa Claus.
talk about that two and nine. I don't always respond, but we do read. The comments will be doing and ask me anything next week. So will be Regarding your comments, it's the best thing you can do just to cut through the Youtube algorithm. Thank you much right now. We have to go to keep everyone gainfully employed, another forty five minutes of show at Mug club lot of cod and other than that. You know the rest Youtube. You can go pick spot us
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