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Did you hear the report that the Obama admin actually funded the bat coronavirus experiments at the Wuhan lab that probably leaked the virus? Do you think the U.S. has any business using taxpayer dollars to fund overseas research like this? We talk about Brian Stelter's on-air plea and Dan Crenshaw's decimation of Bill Maher, and Dr. Choi calls in to diagnose 1/4 Black Garrett's "condition."

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That is good water, but I will say that reminds me before their show cabinet cabinet cabinet there when I'm on the show. But actually I will say this- the Cavalry captain, we have a call back, oh hell, show I'll be talk with you, wanna be funded from the hotel will be thinking. If you see my face. That's, what's happening, Gerald areas in the room of those, my happiness and oil, rich men like gear naughty away. Calls on the overlays by the way. This is every Monday Wednesday in Friday, at ten a m good morning, mother and if you're watching right now live at the blaze. You can chat with us. Of course, will read your chance as we go on with the show that little monkey broke their course, someone else who is not my club, thirty dollars off lot of Canada. Come such club entering the promo code, Quarantine, that's good, The end of the month creditor bits worry also pot gallery where our primary astronaut, old or free
What else do we get to me? Think we'll have to get you here today we have to talk about Brok, Obama, funding the China's putting that the chinese they Chinese, but he done he died. And fighting them after the one child policy that they are they in force, and I was there in Cancun in Mexico, in which an entire turner was talking about there being a good idea and road. A basin and what to buy then he likes keys. Slalom will also be talking about shake check ill on Omar. What else why Brien's Delta is obliged to what it's all about? But my question to you is: I have you guys heard about the report by the way that Barack Obama did fund back Corona virus lab in we'll Hon it s not about the German. Yes, but I know that I didn't know it at the time. Did you think and giving any one? The United States has any business funding any of that overseas. These labs, where there are doing the bat stuff
hey. What's he was gonna CNN, there's a guy right there who looks like a jungle, character question. I think you need some I'd. Europe's we live in. Together. That's how we harmonise! No knows it's so Wessex. We psychotherapy along Channel simply subway. I thought I was talking with Blitzer poppy hard as being about quick magic here by the way we have more than just just was breaking unseen and shake Jack shit check will back some of their stimulus money reference model People got really mad because there's an why these giant corporations get this money, so they gave it back. If I were shake check, I would give the money back. Immediately everybody off just laid off and on the fact that there is definitely go trickled down. We're boy were giving businesses. Well, what do you think's going to happen if they can employ? Anybody is nicely to sack and basically a free vacation, but you know,
If you want a job when you come back, we do need to support the infrastructure that actually created data does help. Occasionally they are so screwed by the way. This is virtue signalling at its finest. They receive the ten million alone, which means they went through the loan process. Thinking it, a good idea to get the money. In the first place, we have a hundred million dollars in the bank, their latest acc filing showed, and now they get public pressure to give it back there. Never lady off again, because then it is unworthy either way right right, oh you gave the money back. We know you have a hundred million. Why you like anybody? I keep the shakers, but I'd lay off the shacks yeah. Those guys- and I am sorry- don't say it seems superfluous. Why? Why Why is it that in this day and age come on a castle? I don't smell by comparison to get the money they used to take pride in marketing we white castle, and we all knew it was a shock, but they say shake Shack and we all know it's got the new. It's got the new sconces wall and that weird hurting like Jack, how little the rising at every single day urge you know they also have what that coke machine that has all of the fleet
Brazil on I know you're getting the flavors of all the different you just getting mixed nothing's pure these. Now that is just a dopamine surge right really, I mean it's worse than pornography. The yellow me when I say no, it hadn t seen terrible shanty towns and use that word because it gets a small local, mom and pop shop, and I dont want other people to know about. Good. Lord he's gonna reveal all my spot. I don't wanna go you have even my after work Schedule Gerald. They have no idea where this places before we get to brain seldom long, Ilan Omar. She now has been found that she's been using donor money to pay the firm that she had an affair with the guiding the guy who owns a firm is a guy. She had. Fairly, and if a guy energy used, yeah donations and or taxpayer dollars to pay the marketing firm of the man with whom she had an affair, so it's not enough to be a higher sympathiser. Now she's gonna be
a whore battling cheating or all she has a taxpayer dollars rate. When I got it right, there is nothing like a monopoly. Money asked point right, I mean I don't know I mean it. I mean I guess it's sort of reverse prostitution. You know what they were heard: the opposite approach, talk about the sites. All I know is, he must be a great lay which you haven't. You had your first year anniversary. I did yesterday deviated resistance, the only way by the way I want to get in trouble or to prophylactic and a very long penis, no social distancing. No now you know how many those coupling coupling
and I like to read your second anniversary year old. I think it's or implying you're good. That's that's the allocated to that situation. That sums up the implication that gives children nightmare if only you could fit in Joe Biden sniffing. Wait. I think I think Nanda just on the new posts there's no one here, but that we didn't you weakens the fantastic we can do so in this matter, I do not believe that we are not all in this together. I wonder you very clear about this. I recognise when people talk about privilege. I recognise that I am actually privilege in the sense that this does not affect me nearly as badly as someone who lost their job and a manufacturing line where lives in a small apartment. I live in a decent sized home. I dont go out lot anyway, like I'm, I'm really a recluse, I'm home body. This is far harder, for example, for like an eighty two year old diabetic nightcap
This is gonna, be hell on earth him because he is lost. Everything he loved. So what Sorry in setting up the context as to Why- and I feel I can pick on em a whole lot. The point words it borders on bullying, but I did that I don't care, it is important rights prevail it there. I saw a tweet about this and then limit and touching this because I'm uncomfortable because I know I've watched us that that fat, gay face, Sir no sir, it is married fish around One Ryan's delta talked about hitting it. Just let us play there's. This is Brien's elsewhere, because he's just like you, it's ok to now, ok right now. That's the main thing I want to say to everyone: water, all of us or grieving, whether we sense at all What are some he asked on wines as few weeks, even accident,
we greens, father or mother, it's out leaving our relative. Others have lost livelihoods, they ve lost access to family and friends. Overly schemes in line with the realities of one or two things that make life. What George is is ever found was we're all grieving? Do you like it without the committee. I have tried to do it all up. Really. I guess I was trying to be stoic from my wife, Lincoln and this Friday war a war. We finishing my nightly newsletter that I mentioned earlier, but I couldn't do it I couldn't get it die, was so good bye. Death toll that sovereign, Marcus, Aurelius, ignorance and Washington. Greece has lost their jobs whose that mixed emotions- Many of you are also was airline,
the terrorist that's tears came. We will talk about this so when I really think we seriously injured. George Michael, I think we should talk about really when you talk about how these experiencing, because we ve been doing the opposite, anxiety or other emotions as a result of this crisis. Let's remember, we ve, never lived through something quite like this. We have nothing to compare this yeah we admire. Let me see it in turn into an audible thirteen votes. You feel your feelings, I knew the answer is no and that you harm taking Bolton. I'm betting Devon, sour J T t based time. The emotions are real everybody. There are big part of the story.
For me and somebody assorted overly and there were veterinary- and we are already seeing it says, a lot about the reactions were sworn or CNN. Reactions was extraordinary, I'm still getting hundreds of emails from readers about this and were him that you can win this US just think of heavily and one's walking in line with the english emails are going through some letters like so much more than we have all these letters whereby, instead throw them on the table without you saw a european member of junk mail, but here government they related to them. One of them was my. Your lan tells me that shit ok to not be ok right now, throng.
You're, not really what we want, and we would have no other generosity, squirrels standing overlay, ok, you're, ok, so my message to you is what I think we got a messenger. Ok right now tell the truth. Now now we need a letter makers, pics, ok, to not be ok. We weren't it three times twenty five years ago today today was the into the federal billion in Milton saying I think, even as an example to the little mortars ear mostly mean and selfish, they ought to come to a close. If anybody things Americans have lost the capacity for love and carrying encourage, they should ask your boyfriend, what they should ask every other person on CNN who dogs on maritime like every minute rambles, you kidding me all the time he loves Oklahoma, Riah and America for the crisis. That is important. Italy is the word oklahomans that fly over right, yeah, yeah, there's also the disaster distress Hotline to help line. We will put their number
what we did is number. There is also the designs on every cell to call for a good took out and he just gave out his emails. Own email is due by God. This is alive and we're going to be using dancing radically. Did it we're going to be accused of die guy, or am I just use of that? It is, of course, ok to not be ok. I understand the army's net loss of me when I try to be authentic invulnerable at the end of these shows, usually don't you those credit clauses that being set at this point. This is not that point. This is I hit a wall Really. Ok! Now I would understand if you hit a wall, if you had covered nineteen,
Family actually lost a direct relative. Of course you do what you gotta, because of the news that you are peddling letters, a letter and what's amazing news, we have nothing to compare this. Do I was just watching into little heavy handed the plot against America, which, if Limburg had one instead of rice have after yarn. I can see all the implications that you know Donald Trump in America first and he must take the Jews, even though a son in law jeered Kashmir. But I digress anyway. It's a pretty good job, but if you're gone when people talk about, this is unprecedented right, the new normal. Do you really think- and I get it I get it- we need to take precautions that we ve talked about. We always encourage you to wash your hands in a ties. Mass, basically, just think we need to be accurate about the numbers, but it is remarkable to me to compare this to say: how do you think Americans felt when you're talking about fear? Really,
anyone across the globe. When France surrendered in there was the blitzkrieg in London. You don't think that was a little bit scarier watching the Nazis March through Europe, knowing that we are next, unless we enter into possibly the bloodiest war of all time, nothing and thought we're going We don't want to lose a lot of life. You really think imagined just put yourself in a mindset, France surrenders. Do you have any idea how spine chilling that must have been back then, and you want to compare that to your coverage of covert nineteen
It's not even close. Now, it's not, of course, every loss at every life lost his precious. We understand that we always have to to say this, because if you dont say you don't make sure this thirty seconds, a contact really talk about. All the euro is not actually monitors. Lifeless people say that you don't care, but the fact is. We all know that right, let's move on and being accurate about the numbers, but to act as though you hit a wall, because this is the hardest moment. Numerically, it's not even the hardest moment in in our lifetimes. When you compare to nine eleven, what did did you hit the same while in two thousand and nine? I am sure we can go back and see coverage of that when sixty thousand people died from the swine flu that right, radio, guys I'm assuming he had the same. Because he said, I'm I'm I'm guided by the number of people have died and like well. Nobody wants people to die but or that she's out and seventeen flew year, which was seventy something thousand before through different yeah. You know it's it's driving yet that is hitting you now, but I also don't seem to be very genuine. I thought I'd say that he doesn't have anything else, knew
run out of their having guys. I oughta give him a little credit has run out of things to say and that these are breaking sour fat, bald man, I mean like a sour patch fact. All that I don't want those gay, I think we should send some snickers Photoshop. I went to sour patch sour package stilted first there's. We then their gay rainbow colored. As I already I read about colored. I just amazing this is also a guy to a new term privileges for some, I gotta go by selling something that wasn't worth anything and working at sea and finally, there is no redeeming value in the back. I don't understand you sent me a kind of talent. I get that at least Chris Cuomo was like telegenic. You know you know. I've been often told that I myself have the gift of God, though I would prefer it were. Welding
that's what I use or art or spyware. I don't care what Ryan's delta bring to the table, and now it just seems like this, isn't what I just they hit a wall like. What are you running the Boston Marathon? I wish I hadn't type I had to co sign in who's letter that out by used a bee tat, someone an automated newsletter and I put money, and there s a that's the tears came if you like, a first responders on the front lines like working every day and successful helping people like that is that we need or is the actually in Estonia, like reality totally by you, see it in its filled with sick people want an average they, but he's already been infected with that yeah. What he was a first response or in the department store when Moscow and the Hudson defected can't was waiting for a first response. There I make one quick
now now running. Now, yes, I'm kidding levied your nose is due notice within a few. Ease of Cuomo kind of having a break in speaking honestly about his feelings about CNN and there I proposed and Chirac, etc. You also Seltzer saying I'm hitting a wall. I cant do you know this covering up here? this practice were peddling is like actually getting to me like. I can't really spend the dollars as quickly as I would like right to cover up for the feeling of horror that I haven't pedal. I now wrath immediately for visas wishing for the days of Jesse Molly to combat back to God, news right. We don't really have that much to offer you here. I just wanted to touch on it. Let's go to. The story here right now: Florida beaches right there reopening and it's amazing, but this is a controversial that is I'll, get to a guy in a second, and I want to know what you guys think Republican, obviously government to Santas right now. This is being covered everywhere. I think we're
Meanwhile, some states are already starting to ease restrictions in Florida over the beaches, like Jacksonville Neptune Beach in Atlantic Beach, they are opened today. Coming to Rwanda, Santos gave the green light. Despite growing outbreak that those beach mere specify their open for exercise his only and not for tanning, nor gathering in law on looking at a fat guy and that beach was clearly not exercise invited, always sellers double who they social? This thing I was exercising lobby and scobie. Also urgently like of the first speech in an open, is accused. Jacksonville They were dreams, go to die in people. So this is,
it's been trending left us are outraged. Everyone twitter that all morons in Florida and only be really clear. If you go to the beach, you should still practice certain precautions, rail, I what I saw there were couples we're working hand in hand as couples do and then other people need were relatively far apart, and I know some people in this assembly obeying them but This is to me entirely reasonable. It's amazing to me that people saying these people protest in going out for suffer, not really protest and going up to the beaches anymore, just to be clear that actually going out, there are no being the law, but it is amazing to me that people are upset that the beaches are open but not upset over the fact that in New York City the subways always been open ways are rolling Pringles tubes of farts, it's already assessed, so you really do nothing about it.
And by the way they did they could be the source of the virus. Read like someone really terrible passing well, we need the subjects for the economy in your first off. The economy is kind of stopped. Little bit you walk. You can write your bike. The weather should allow it if you're an eco, friendly activists. At this point, and if you want to talk about the economy, Florida. It's almost entirely reliance on waterfront active. Just ass a matter of amity, so let me get this straight, so large, open spaces, bad thing, mp3 dishes, underground in New York. Good what I am hearing. I still was addicted works. Well, you know every time they mention the subway. They talk about how it's a search for the economy. Wrecked random, like I don't understand what that guy just said, you don't care about the right right, it's ok, it's ok, my allowed to go for a walk in my neighborhood, because that's kinda, like going to beat it running, announced the like in walk alone. I can't walk, walk all floaty. What are you walking the walk out? Are you walking like this? Why wall three four years will listen.
One there's an ally in the word, and I will pronounce it that's fine, I don't I dont know I wrote I don't regret. You noticed this, nothing more. Hundreds of any given weaken the hills Gerald choose. I write them down and a little note book and I get the urban walk. I will not say walk at local level and I see that of Bunker Hill. His tour over there you go there, there's were Gerald died and there too thick. That's, that's not even a hell of a moat, essentially depression, and that I threw myself through this is what has happened here such as lead. What does he chose his resting place so This is something else that is pretty important when you compare also subways right, subterranean with subterranean sick alien, that's by the way, Radiohead item. If you ever listen, ok computer, but I always felt like a kind of gets me a little bit disoriented Europe,
That was a design of ok. There was all yes to make any kind of nauseous like what we feel arc, there's some great songs and then it's also a bunch of wrath. What are you doing? You work? Don't you know artist supposed to bother you? already invited an irritating. So when you compare the subway due to Florida, there's also member Donald Trump was marked for saying that we know this could go away in April, and now we know that sunlight actually seems too. Killing cover nineteen, oh well, well, new studies! Well, why don't we landed today are bad for and specifically direct sunlight can kill it very quickly. Now this is an entirely definitive, but every study that we have available to us says that it is helpful. So that's a vampire, especially if you look at the numbers between sort of southern states and where it spread more rapidly. I think the average temperature will talk about this little bit later tonight. I'll do a little bit more of a deep devil.
Because it's very low and this a very low humidity. So there is a trend. There is a correlation. They look to see if there was a causation by studying this virus with uv like directly, and it turns out that son killed it. So, if anything is going to be open, the New York's way where people relieve themselves on a regular basis in the pit of filth and sadness, that is New York City interests, do bad rap or with salt water. You ve light. Take a better. I think it's it by way. Are we just now realizing that there's a flu season policies is not during the summer time? Haven't we known this for, like a hundred and fifty years they flew ten, spread during colder months. Leave no urging that it already holiday. I mean come on this can't be news too. Buddy right, yeah really got out. I had regrets. No eighty be reviewed in Algeria. Who is a continent that markets rickets. Was vitamin d write rickets,
Entebbe was wiped out Labour colleague Vulcan sorry, Minister Cocoanut diagnosed with apparently have rickets thought? Can I get a genuine reaction? anymore, thoughts and sort of quarantine, Paypal, oh by the Way South Carolina, just follow suit and said, yeah we're opening to really Well, it looks like everybody's going open their beaches in warm climate to be like that, so that the Innocent Sea anchor said something about like, despite the growing numbers like adding one is grow right. It will always be growing until there is no more cases. U else is growing, adding thirty, seven hundred that we're. Or even tell also remember that cable distribute Andrews rose April, some more out from the more she said this guy, but this guy has a knife wound up: that's not to take chances.
Had covered with complications girl there you go. This guy is Russia's car, but we have strong reasonably that for a crisis car he went Cove it that's what caused the crack here. That's what causing leave enough? He was watching brain stealth earnest little by little. I'd say, do bright located, not invite. It is ok to not be ok. Just like this is what's the things bright celtic I was watching a thirty four thirty. Do you see this on the Duke lacrosse? that I think right, one that is actually really going on, because I didn't know a whole lot about the actual evidence of the case and that the new fund knife new funding, I found the garden- was prosecuting how we actually withheld evidence and actually lied about dna evidence. Amuses barred, the guy who act prosecuted yet completely disbarred land as well. The area that clean yeah, so the problem of that right is that it does a huge to services. We ve always talked about to women who are the victims of a horrible crime. They like rape right
ok to not be ok when there is something that makes you not ok, but to simply say you're, not ok, because of the coverage that you have peddled out there to try and make people think that it is hopeless. That's not inexcusable reason, and this is something to this is this is really true. My therapist laughed the other other week as we want to know what kind of going through, and I was talking to help us in his men. We don't always get that we have to control our emotions were experiencing, something that bothers are wiser. Familial issue bring, they can cry and men can cry, but I should like the thing is: I know that me being really emotional would make. My wife feel less stable. I can be sad, but I can't fly off and also a lot of times. Men there like a dog, was to go off into the woods to die. We go and we sort of cry by ourselves. My therapist laughed really she's. There are no words to die like yes, you think is the dogs? Do that? Might don't you know their own dialogue? Disrupt the pact is well, ok, it's a good analogy
We need to take a deeper into the has layers when he's just feel it does a disservice to its there's, nothing wrong with crying as a man. Obviously, that's a very new thing that really can start in the forties and fifty's is false. Machismo. If you look at Abraham Lincoln, you look at George Wash you got up to any these great men, they all cried, they would kiss each other on the cheek. There were very affection and it wasn't like it to be a job or an artist strike. You had to be a well rounded man all across the board. That being said to say that you hit a wall and you were crying because of your coverage of covert. Nineteen is a gross disservice to a man needs to cry in front of his wife, because you know he's bulldog died or because they have something going on cancer, even the community has something happened, yes, a real issue and I think you're right leg with somebody, their brain spelter. He he's part of the problem it's like if, if only if only, we could find it
solution to this problem, if only I didn't go in and make this sound worse every single day, if only, I did not provide context for every single state that I'm throwing out through to make Americans feel like this is the worst thing that ever happened to us. Just don't gotta work, Brian Do us all a favor stay home, you'll feel better will feel better warrant. Everybody wins. Having tease her like a solution, switch reasonable saluted basil where's put should that I'm gonna die on goodwill final, you dead on that he'll. Let me for a buck fifty every year, gang of years it thank! We haven't. We talk about the fact that its it's been ten minutes of clerk. Queen talk on CNN, oh really. Let me hear what says they're talking about matters that is mixed. That's
That's a long pay, that's a long nose bridge. I have the doktor and grace anatomy enough. Problems can make. What's question have supposed Sandra Sandra specific treatment. So it's yours. What's really interesting is I ve been talking about their moving forward with major farm attesting they're interested in seeing the results interesting and that there are some potential that it's going to? be a part of its remit, regiment right yeah. It already works, the only one in which I was the only one that did it was a brazilian study where they use far too much of a dose and what's remarkable to me, as I can see young Turks unseen and ABC when well, This is what we were afraid with atomic chloric. Well, of course, I think this is what we are afraid of, because there was no evidence. It was effective and now and they cite one small study in Brazil. The only thing that I know of that use significantly over the
amended dose. Biodiversity is a high dose and a slightly logos. They had to cancel the high dose and they continued with low doubts because it actually from what we know could be pretty effective, but they had a cancer behind us. We know that our Hydra clerk, when its dose dependent there occurred right, but it's from to me that they got. There is no evidence that this works and they see this could be deadly. They had to cancel the study will haunt. Second, what about all the other studies there appeared all the other studies that use the appropriate dosing and actually sort of eliminate for these other co factors that could contribute to one's health. Like obviously conduct a study if you're looking people of heart disease or high blood pressure that we know that you shouldn't be using nets. There is no evidence whatsoever, and then you have a one study from Brazil that used to much and they cancelled half of it and you go now. We know for sure what happened to the whole evidence scenario know that in the pits meaning for that when that came across a guys. Look at what I found like everybody's face just lit up like the Grinch, like with a smile railway up like yes, yes, wrong, exactly study and enforcing the people take the high dose there.
Drew forces. The boots hearted, amongst tells them to burst open, and all they left in the house was a student. There was even to small from Us We have actually right now and we have already so utterly too to see what we got wrong, an update because we still have time to go into all of the news. It is time for the morning after with senior news, corresponding prodigal, right. Mr Brok, In our view there, Sir Bulgaria start a happy birthday, goes out the jewel Rogan New Dog amendment. Today rising, able to teach and child? No ok radegund it. So it's not that I don't know it's not their birth. It's not their birthday today brought again, I want to be clear about that. Yeah. They warn of one import wanting. No, they weren't all born now
Did you catch any the president's briefings? Over the weekend there brought in senior news correspondent, ok, yeah, so trap amounts to three point plan to get America back to work, ok, step one still, the underpants step choose a secret and then step three America profit. No, that's no brought him. That's actually yeah from no that's from South Park. You're confusing the plan with a facebook mean making yet making fun of the port? That's not news at all. I want to get snubbed. What else do have? Ok troublesome aid is counter to reopen. America includes digress currency Galliot Chris Cuomo, Lady Gaga nineteen year old woman, who said he was out of, here for me to be rushed through the revival. No! No! No! It's ok, no brought a Nokia Nokia. Yes, thank you, for I appreciate you listening the council that is Jared any vanka. Ok,
to be clear. Then there's the Treasury, Secretarial, the commerce secretary and what you just talked about. As a matter of fact, I am quite confident that those we're just people who happen to be turning on twitter or they. Turning for, I don't I don't care, I think, is concerned the commission, gay, so Album S, but it don't from news. He didn't. I just one last bit of Donald Trump NEWS. This is what most but a gallop, Donald Trump. Okay, this is big, kisses big aright. He didn't forget it. It's been shocked about, but he didn't vacant Joe exotic prison to pardon, smooth, matic backlog. By saying you weep Serbia. Will you have a clip we'll have a clip? No, no wait. I Jonathan from Britain up that broader than that was actually. That was a clip that we did not, if you don't want the thing we didn't show that was buried it in the show. The non Martin go exotic. We need a bit about it on the show so important, a facebook
not because someone shared the clip on another facebook. Ok right, I dont! Even are you already? What brought again? Are you brought again brought again? Yes, look at me. Are you drinking already? What I do online is my business let's go you six recipient, that's not how the plug works have had enough of the morning after with broad and everybody so well. Why do we have the commander giving a certain? You didn't really bet heavy you could take over for sale to them. I think you ve got legitimate hydrogen avert years. The one thing that when it comes to drinking brought, it can never hits the wall, that's another. He just but one realistically hit find another walked. Juggernaut, second time you are really. I let me see where we are after this organic, the Kool aid men. Yes, a truly by the way. Thank you expressive expressly paean that conflict Carter. I think you get here,
something off, and you know you twenty percent, but it's right alone. We use it. We didn't tell them everything that we did on Youtube Express Bbn. We did it read what was arisen. Written limited list annexed an extra three months. Three out of the USA, address AIDS. Rand acts Nord had a security breed wound. They didn't let people isn't public news. I can say that right, nor Bbn had army that they had. It leads to the public. No one knew about it for yourself, I, when I have to decide between a vip n that has a security breach in covers it up and one that doesn't mean I didn't have to be other deciding factors, but it's a big one is. Is it written question or it's none of your question? you might be spread Albion, let's get into who is destroying their coffee bag. I have to fix it. Everyone I have. I have something there. We go ahead of popcorn colonel stuck in the back. Among
hey I was brushing. I got the electric brush, I got the flaws, I got the water pick. Pup corn is a celebratory food items, even one on wage anything like when you want movies, it's like watching a movie. I know, what's going on, tell me what are you doing that we ve popcorn eating habits? You see this conflict and other health die on its when I can, popcorn exhibited other terrible, exhibit at why. I think we're running out of letters for what they do. You really do in court when they run out of just the off the first doubling boy like baseball. How far does got like? Has it ever gone beyond my triples ii for a trial run. We will see a make as its aim, but it is only like we're on a hundred hundred twenty five exists as yeah. I guess Actually, on ordinary exhibits, EVA Gerald Ford Museum right now I have three conscious, diverse and that's it go to your appointment. I haven't, I point out the jail for museums. My point was just as terrible help Cherub
I know I heard it and many other Gerald Ford museums and Grand Rapids Michigan, I loved every along time and when you thought you made it up now that it's like that, it's like like a piece of pizza angle, so you go into a Gerald Ford and shows that you play football in Michigan and then, by the end you walk back and adjusting Elvis exhibit. This picture of almost by far from it, but then we even have low tar like this is less than planet Hollywood like actual this weighs about, there is much easier than it said Joe. What actually seemed like a really like a supremely decent manner, but he was known for short of the pardon, so it there's a little bit of time and the pardon and then Elvis videos of Chevy Chace follow. That is It is always more. It's a very interesting museum is going on here. Let's go to this oh boy.
Barack Obama. Rightly this turned out- and you were right about this bill- the lab and move on, and I didn't want to peddle any conspiracies, because I know that will get snubbed here in the EU. Do we have to be really careful about that, even though it was necessarily conspiracy turns out that Barack Obama actually dna age under his under his rule. I was ass. A rule at such a rate is leadership. They are funded, who hunt biology, lad that ultimately leaks corona virus to the world so there's we know that there was a lad of going on right now, that it may not have just come from a wet market that it could have come from a lab and got into the wet market, but we do know that the latter has something to do with this. Let's go first to up trumps response. The Obama administration gave them a grant of three point: seven million I've been hearing about that and we ve been structure that if any grants are going to that, that lady was fetching we were looking at it. Literally an hour ago and so early in the morning, We will end at grand very quickly, but it was great
a while ago. They were granted a substantial amount of money, we're gonna look at it and take a look. I understand it was a number of years ago wonder what he heard her. The first is out and I wonder how he heard the first I had said the year- is: what was it again again? I will say it Donald here: does it intend to throw the audience? Is I got you like? A lorry in question is not the answer. What where'd you hear it! nowhere, you heard that case
How will we read Dena, I just a kid. I don't ask and gradually what really out you know areas twisting the night when he does. If he doesn't want someone room the plague, us excuse me she's she's, my deputy wants to control it. When he asked you a question, you damn well better, given the right answer, he's going to give you the right answer, right of equipment and better, I think there's only one more thing you done was like look in the camera and just mouth. That's it that's over the next seven years. Gave a gear dick, I forget, so there's really documents have been showing the labs their experiments by what's a bat corner, viruses concerned officials and twenty eighteen in the United States, sending assistance over the lap, rightfully in twenty eight This is also important to note, because this shit,
was a sequence of actions right of us having funded at some point and then stopping it at another point and then ok, maybe people wanted to say we should start refunding idle. No exact? What's going on what you're talking about unseen and Renault ITALY, considering which innovators to international nobody cares the Obama administration is something else that is really disconcerting to me. The funnel treated and forty million to the U N Population Fund that, of course helped with China's one child policy workers. Women were hog, tight and forced to abort. So people don't know this. One. Child policy is basically a policy in China. This equally have one child because of population control. I was at the King Coon Climate summit. This is back when was called Yoda protocols opposed to it. The Paris agreement appears a core heresy court. It was a Montreal agreement, Kyoto Protocol and now it's the Paris a core if they come up with a dragon, was a canker climate summit. It was a Kyoto protocol, we did a month after month, ain't got the particle Kyoto Protocol, because that's what I was the buzz word of the day and they all flew to
going because I couldn't do zoom meetings which now we now go up there and what can I do a zoo meeting in my office and I go there and a hammer without so I remember TED Turner, their praising China's one child policy. It was remarkable to me for someone there is. This just shows that they are teen world, teen, Gaia and anti human. I think we should keep our stuff clean. I think we shouldn't, but that you guys know I want to keep the office gonna Heinrich looting see someone throw some trash out the window. I am furious because there are no reason do not put it in the tragedy at all. Of course, we should do our best to be good stores of what we have here on this earth. That being said, people take priority and back with the Kyoto Protocol, when you would have looked at the skyrocketing energy costs are a package that I did back, then it would actually be inconvenient for Americans and it would thrust third world countries into a plague of death, the likes of which they haven't seen the modern world, because they too deserve their industrial revolution, sober
go bomber supported the one child policy funding in millions hundreds, but what is it three hundred how much money over three hundred and forty million? I almost three fifty right always use the rally, gets an error and that an unruly this on the Youtube it'll save for all info encoded. Nineteen go to russian imposed rags exactly so The vote will help you, those bitch rhetoric sometime. I guess that this was happening. I saw a TED talk on population control, illnesses Titus back into China's one child talker. You watched a TED talk why I went to a pastor. As I said, I was happening. I watched one at in alive audience that was streaming right, so that's all confusing
walk alive and Gerald spotted from the regular, listen Russia Summit and I got up the hill and then had the idea tat. It was a really small. How was in the chair at the time, and so in this presentation they had a chart. Nay said here: are these different countries- population per kind of family right like how many people that they have kids, that they have and what they said as we want to institute policies that push everybody into the bottom left, which was near zero right or under one in the region? That are bringing this up is because that kind of policy led to China having the one child policy thinking. It was a great idea, but it would have the same effect on everybody else in the entire room was applauding down. This is how we should in the world basically because we're gonna have enough. Heads to propagate anybody's culture and Martha gifted like two point, four two point: five per family to do that, and everybody was cheer in that area, that the government of that there were eight around me sharing it or I'm sorry since ruin fortune for the point, for it is yes, they don't get to be a fool that comes a selective reading, the magic
How do you know who is to give birth to a midget difficult? Yes, my one is that it is a bad idea that the government was peddling back at tat. Time is also the about administration, isn't just supporting the one child policy goes much further than that, and I was just one generation and I guess your little boring, but he was because the slick little jerk, cheer, just look at it, I tried I tried you guys. Do me off my game with all his dying job. That's really a point. So brevity is what you're saying What we also want to make sure I mean this is the only president since Reagan Brok Obama, to not cut off funding to the United Population front while so it's Oh everyone did it. Then everyone went along with it and Donald Trump put a stop to it. Right now would be nice if it was singularly unique. Now, in this case,
Iraq Obama is who is unique. One child funded for all this. Is it to lose that guy with the idea that the beggar Vance Hair cut there and the left sorry, given very young men, Romilly Congress close to deal for more, small business aid while but doesn't include those prick such shake shack nope, but are to be done if the gems hadn't stood no help me a five guys applies for it. What university is like other people, a J J, we're like? Oh man, sweet payrolls, gonna, be oh! No, it's not it's god? You guys are not rehired tsar and but forget about the never ending peanuts at five gotta. Have that it never anything it's what we were you we're gonna go to where we do have next secular ready to go. Ask our our doctors, we just ok! Well, then, we have some more strongly but your Crenshaw after that, more watching
We haven't ready to go and visit an ok, so this is actually knew. Suddenly. I want to be really clip after people out there, because people really had a positive reaction to this gas. Standing on my personal doctor, and he talked about covered nineteen. It was a very I would say it was a very measured approach in a very balanced approach where we didn't need to panic, but we needed to take the proper precautions, so lobbies that we like- and we would like to see him more, and so this is a new segment with a doctor joy that will be implementing We call what's up doc. I may create right doktor choi? Are you there, sir? Yes, how with audio really can it would sound that you can hear me doctor joy here now: lay your peace we have, Yeah we'll get you we can hear you just via new. You go you're looking
children are no you're, not you're you're, on the Pacific times. I appreciate you getting up early for us practice going last time we spoke with covered. Nineteen. Are you doing while you keep it safe, was still Sammy Lockdown already sexual businesses are open zombie. We artisan essentials over open, but last seen here, routine visits, rigour that does make it is dangerous for the patient, so were the seal, urgent business and taking a lot of phone calls yonder pages and testing some patients. Are you making trooper wiping offer, phoned the phones there they tat. When you talk to them on the phone, you make sure that they sanitized the phone, because that's the dirtiest place in your. I tell the pages to sanitary suppose multiple times today. Will that's good, that's good precaution and take that's why
why you, my doctor, I'm so you know what we're going to be doing it. Actually, some people here at the office doktor joy: they don't they don't have they don't have health insurance yet so actually quarter Black Garret. I believe right had some questions for you about a current. Can what does condition yeah, I'm not sure what it has yet to locate inoculation than it has and so doktor choice or where we ve sent out. We sent a picture doktor, try believe to his email, audio away to his phone to its own and quota, but you're just give him a brief here what it is and we can show it to the audience, so they know well so where I am experiencing some abnormal discharge from my lower region. And since this is a big thing to do is tell a visits with doctors. So I want to see and to try also I'm him some severe burning from when you right,
and doktor toy. You do this a lot on Skype and you do tell a visits like zoom visits with people, especially in this emergency basin. The picture that you have therein Garret listing kind of some of the symptoms where we think is good, is going on. Now you get the picture. Ok, we can show to the audience: hero, cooks, vacancy, here's, a brook any sort of discharge and burning doktor choi. Very. What do we might be going on here. Say: std really well ass. Second, that sentiment, We know how or what catlike, I guess we're question. Would you have four quarter gearing here for that that might be able to clarify what's going on in future or what is actually at the base of the active. All all ties in Managua sort of multiple sets partners. Monogamous. Are you sure
you're, not a swing. Earning okay, now saying one partner, unease, monogamous, doktor, joy, all first as long as ever of only if only they had was assets will lead to less, but the data that is expected to less not just one just want just isn't any effective. What kind of a nasty do we think it could be Doktor Choi what power bodies this? I'm not! What like air around me, my anus of ok, do you think it's around his posterior atrocities? The technical term Clia show is that does not help, doesn't help hunting on what it could be
Cause, Stds Jaska to worry about cancer. When you wrote their usual occurs in people who engage in EL sex, that's not the case. I don't know about that. Quarter: black hair down his joy, so your official dag it seems like you would probably doctor you could probably get courted like you to come in and maybe do a full physical to crack. Take the history like we're going right now and examined the page and deletion, A check word. Ok, so give discharge biopsy and of course it goes a ritual discharge. Then you have to pick of that something or other city clearly the area. Ok, HIV or potentially anal cancer with it just happened. Expires on cattle unless there is no less conglomerates, also about that
This looks like a horse. Ok, ok, we'll have to blur for Youtube so you'd they can't see, but that we appreciate that and if their people at home, doctrinal might be. Suffocated has a big part of the show. You have lots of people watching who might be suffering something similar. What precautions should they take to avoid this and in what should they do if they think the feelings of the symptoms? Like that quarter, blacker sexually transmitted, so it s kind of sex. Ok, if not they should use here,
Take your birth control. Please do not protect you guess std or that idea. Finders verrier serve fiscal barriers, a condom, ok and to be monogamous year. Maybe preservative with your ass in Central Europe is ok, though, have one partner and then, if you have symptoms, were you gotta talk to your partners? Are you gonna come ass? Your doctor I get tested. Ok, because it is the most common lcd in this country. Is clear: media, cholera, clue, media and demagoguery. That's what we said the climate and Gunnar together, and if you don't treat this in time that he clutched should become more systemic. Ok, whether real or the gallery came get a manageable brain. Ok is rare complication which can happen right I'll, just great interest, so you These, I think, you're gonna, go hand a yacht around what your partners to be true. Yes, what will I will? I promise you will have done
We will have more like you go in for an examination. No actually it's ok to its bosses orders at this point the shake shouting any undue shakes, Akron out, I'm determining payroll. We appreciate doktor joy, quick, any else. If you wanna, let people know out there to stay safe with covered nineteen. Well, you know we're still locked ideas, tat country- and I think that is very true. That's right now and we are like we're getting over the hump, but you're, not very careful right now that we can have a second wave right. Ok, so we do need to be very careful in our social justice and social justice. Washer worrier masks nodded brothers. You see. The car was at either the job publishing were the mask, wonder in a crowded places, so were the mass and be safe out there and talk a lot unless you have to write and those same rules should probably apply to courted by current across the Eu
doktor joy. Thank you so much for being with us. We can let him go. We really appreciate. Why have you back soon? This has been what's up, Jack I am a grip, right. I lost a lot of respect for garret, you Talkin about now believing in earnings letting Wagner a garret covers, and yet of course, and we love you, no matter what but take the colored bars off my screen, all looking at her color bars of my screen does when I see people Helen by Skype and it granted gesture color barges. Yet I want to ask the question: when people drive around in their cars with her mask on, is that effective here right, That's right! You got in your car in the garage drove somewhere out for two seconds
turn around. It is in the back seat. It's it's gotta be ever now my saw someone driving in, but they, but then they would take down their mask daddy. I wonder if it is one of those motorcyclists mass like the skull and cross border workers needs. Just you just want to address. The bully from karate can happen. Medical device- I love- that's not after compliant sets the karate kid gas doom all right by the way hate hit the notification bell. If you're subscribed on Youtube in your watching on Youtube right now I had all motivations, because currently just notifications don't mean a whole lot. We then, of course strive on apple I tunes. I guess it onto Itunes, anymore Spotify wherever there so that are joining my club apple, that of code accomplishment report. Quarantine is the promo code, yet thirty dollars off it's the only thing that keeps us going
what kind of its has been doing pretty well for us when they come home spot. So we appreciate that ok. So then I guess the last story we should talk about here is Damn Crenshaw. My hero was weapon. It man, that's your hero, a fantastic job, Mary and here is an american lady Russell you not only did he die hills. You didn't take lifelines when offered I didn't say I set your euro you, but what I mean I admire him, but you see I went back my hero. I didn't back down. I do like eye to eye like sometimes we'll check try to move on, but then Gerald will just bring it right back. And then just like sneak it back in again and warlike signal that our man either points on this little or no hold on hold on. I have a few more shall I have exhibit a. Are you in the gaudy family, we're trying to shave points off their journey. I wanted a lesson Joe just Manga go next. Twenty
Joe, you gotta get demanded his arms sales You got a little while longer. I want to move on to something relevant, Youporn backup Please get it over under online. However, this red hair, guys it's it's a bare market. Right, leg, monsters, Norbert show they do. You know how I know a lot about the world sports betting, the assembly's defending the mob, Harold you're, like a horse undercut wise men. Do you know what that that? I wonder if the mob is really, I wonder if the mob is really pissed about Silicon Valley, because our effective elect a new mob right now, when you look at Google, Twitter, Facebook begging to step in and disable your stuff, so I won if the mob, as their clause into the digital space at all, because I would be interested that would be very think- they're proud, like little babies which, on growth so fast them off the mob.
Tut Silicon Valley. So well, oh you taught Silicon Valley. Ok, I resent like that babies that they were just they hadn't that there were bay. I wouldn't know what I was thinking honestly, I'm stuck the strata variant summary hurts just talking about monogamous. A one percent We need to get him at the sitting. I wonder if he's sitting, I don't it's. Ok, it's a damn. Crenshaw was on with Bill MAR random. I will say this about Burma. I don't have a whole lot of respect for self. There are people who are funny on the left, and I, like John Stewart, was one and Stephen Colbert. One point was one of the film You see this. We didn't have a crowd and I will say this: I've I've I've witnessed many a time. People have gone To build more show and how to deal with the crowd, they are very much like train seals. Let me not only every kraut every kind the crowd animator right with an applause sign and laughs. I all that they were warm up back, but Bill MAR it's very, very clear that
You are team Bill MAR not anybody else. There are provided that they in fact our backing up bill Mars. So I guess he cutlery. Then it makes a point that reiterate, I would be more said: ok, you're allowed that because you effectively was really communicating bill Mars point than anything else not allowed, and you see it very clearly when he's trying to do stuff from home. Now, without the audience Filmore thing it s, a colleague, Janine Graph Loretta like a man A bit more has this rate. Does he does the hand, and then you laugh that q and because, when he does this says you know, when you look at Republicans, rarely they're all closeted homosexual face Paypal whenever goes right, but then he does this to silence music,
I just looks kind of port stealth direction of residents of its resources and it doesnt work, and so I also think there. Maybe it's been hurting his confidence because he had deemed Crenshaw on the show and an end represented a country whose a friend of the show and, of course, have to be very clear representatives, Crenshaw, very nice man cordial. I don't agree with him on everything but cordial, respectful and, of course, not a homosexual, but you would be kind. From click, because it amount is tantamount to rape very close wrath. I like I, was watching, colonel LAD, episode of OZ, it's more power than early this had taken down and heart like an upstate, mean yours tool to wider guys, here is Dan Crenshaw, talking bill more and to be clear, the context I don't we have in the clear Filmore said: I want to talk about the issues and stop covering tweets and stop covering social media less tugboats, actually going on
the second that Damn French, decided alright, let's play by these rules, Bill- MAR tries to zigzag and faster than jail. Condign hell, it's one. Still people coming in from China, we don't have a natural gas, let loose it wont. Let me address magazine, I know, that's that's what people are saying right now, but the reality is does about forty thousand people came and after that he's a: U S. Citizens and green card holders and passport holders being repatriated U S! Citizens term of the readmission argued then that maybe we shouldn't have come about at the same time. It sounds to me like your fully agreeing with President Trump on this when everybody else disagreed with them. In your saying that you wish that that letter, travellers. Forgotten had been more explores. My applause. You apparently had the floor. He's looking automatic someone how day with a fact it was the United was in charge at that moment is already set. You wouldn't have done any criticized. It is not that easy blowsy actually
stop around anyone who wants a chest can get at, which is still completely February completely wrong for hydrogen February. Twenty that the day before twenty four as an administration requested to another billion dollar ten rancher Iraq even see the african bath virus and potential spread of it. What happened right then I'll tell you, because I was in Congress that I know what happened. Did we vote on a supplementary funding belt known it? We wait days to vote no stilled and vote on it. You know what we voted on later, that we anti below city. I think she would put on the floor to vote on was a bill to ban wave tobacco that suit outward and actually happened. It was an open, weekly or respond when it goes austrian away from Belgrade. I thought there were those went out those goals and make from look better is the goal to get at? The truth is there's two different sets of answers for that? Well,
without the audience someone. I dont know how to answer that, by the way that is a legitimate eyepatch, film are hidden by the novelty section. I know you think that he may have out for that. Nato is just too will you because the rake? So I point is it was. It was as thorough of a divine king. As you can end, then I have a sustained Crenshaw is not always that way he's been in our show, and I felt like sometimes you didn't necessarily give that the answers that I would have liked to have heard, but this was incredible because I think this is a private example. We see Burma European Crenshaw Bill MAR is used to this working now because he surrounded by IP that agreement work exact and now you take those people away because of the quarantine and he going well, Donald Trump didn't doing anyone we looked at the time. Anyway, the time when anyone you saw Donald Trump present that petty childish, imperfect video at is pressure with the timeline knows. What actually happened knows that you're de Palacio Nancy closing hurting people got and eaten. Chinatown knows that there was a.
In a travel ban knows it. Obviously they were looking for testing earlier neighbors. They tried to send in people from the CDC. They know this, but bill more wants to focus on mean tweets and it works with around him when presented with evidence. There irrefutable evidence you may not like in French. Well, you may prefer bill mark. It is undeniable in this instance that can crunch, I was correct and Bill MAR was incorrect. Absolutely indian controls point is that we were working with information that we had there's this. There's a big thing out there right now that everybody knew all. This was gonna happen right in February everybody we lost February this whole last month. We made this point. Sick people didn't, like ITALY, didn't start closing their country until later it. Spain didn't do it until later as well. They Marguerite, didn't know exactly what was gonna. We were gathering information and try to do everything we can to prevent it spreading with what we knew, but that was it. What do we have? A hundred and twenty five cases,
Well, then they try to slip. It may go well, that's just because it may testing. Ok, they're, going as when you say why? Don't we shut things down earlier, because it only hundred cases or maybe at this moment that, depending what you're talking the timely, no deaths or even even if there are a couple hundred cases, even if there are a thousand cases you think The american public would have stood for a shut down at all and then things they responded. Well, that's because the number of tests that's irrelevant. The point that you were saying we should have shut down. We only had a hundred cases that we tested for sure would have a nice and we had tests earlier. We have a nice had we parted with private three earlier approach, relying on the CDC would have a nice We had private industry, stepping up, unmaking masks and protective gear and ventilators like they're doing now, and the government is screwed up to the private sector's picking up. The slack would have a nice
those things? Absolutely, but that's not what you said. Yes said: why didn't they start a quarantine or stay at home order earlier, because there were only a hundred cases at which time your folks were saying, go on down and you can stick in Chinatown and read after President trumpet the travel ban, Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill that would have prevented him from introducing anymore She had her. If you remember that, like the no ban built like what's really serious work and keep in mind, you again they're playing politics, what this, where they thought they could seize upon the travel ban from China trying to come here with the Muslim Ban which, by the way was from seven countries, doesn't get about Barack Obama, so they were gone Oh, we made this sound like a muslim ban. When really was a temporary moratorium on coming from countries that were hotbed for terrorism, we were able to make that work. Left. Same thing and try and tie this train a ban right now to xenophobia.
As Joe Biden said, Joe Biden said he wouldn't have done it he's a very thorough racist and xenophobic they going to present a bill to stop it because politically they thought they could damage Donald Trump screw up. You screw up, you screwed up, you stood up and your constituents screwed up. They trusted you That's it end of story. Let's move on! It is remarkable to me when I turn into these left shows Michael, that's not the time when it now- and I am just appreciated the dankert char did this. He did another videos. Well, I think that this can. I have the same kind of points in it and it gets way was so well prepared and he just didn't stop. He wouldn't let Bill March. I'm back end because he's like look. You got to say this. This entire speech. Oh on, what's been going on now, that's true right here the facts and just laid out where you do like the idea that you know bill more being stripped bare of the audience jump in laugh because all it would take for him is to do the hand flip yeah, even when someone else's talking in the audience laughs.
Hats off the speaker in France, but not in this form, and it doesn't as well. He can still cut it. That's no writing to you. If I had a producer at Fox talk about how funny to thought Chelsea Hammer was like now she's not my thing. I remember talking about it at the time. I thought when I was a great show in time. I really wish to have more viewers and had had more cunning. Promo behind it is first was somehow they such Elsie him. It was really funny. So what you know the reason comedians dont, really respect, Chelsea Handler and internally comedians, but actual HO southern entertainers, because she would take
you know an hour and run a half hour and it's a savings. Belarus will tape and then edit it down, and so I do think that everybody out there, if we're going to do a mainstream, show its particular infinite alive audience. We too have control of the cameras. You should have some kind of a recording device if you're in state words legal as they do try and catch you and change the context and that just doesn't fly anymore. You can't do. That means us when he's on a Skype and if you try- and I think he probably would have wanted to do it, but had he done it, he probably knows that it's not that hard for Damn Crenshaw to hit stream record. Even if the death obviously challenges, he can still find that thought. You said you didn't used to put it in dark. Mostly death were definitely easy, but we don't you love that get in trouble for up. Can I say that we get in trouble for saying that damn crunch, I looked like an angry pirate who left left yet, We must hold on. We worked on the left party candidate member. If it was, it was Twitter or Youtube, but that was an actual
he was giving when you have on the shore offended. For you know, we also get made fun of the jokes. I tell about Asians about real now really made fund. Where you get rid the right, not gonna get me a people were like. Well, you know, that's clearly a violation. Is your chinese social score going down? No, no. It's going up ass by someone so counterbalances counterbalances. Doesn't Mccartney was talking about let's go to some shattered before and then upload a little by little have incited baseball's being about Fox NEWS, so we have a chat from sad but you guys are doing now, that I'm mug club member, I can talk with you guys. When do you see the states start reopening already are substantially I think some people again that this is because the presentation of the left that try to make it sound as though it's a total reopening or total shut down. No one are seeing happening is beaches where people can go for exercise, they still need to practise social distancing. I mean reasons rate Rees, Red
We face plan so that you can see its very, very reasonable approach in your seeing this in quite a few states where they- easing some restrictions for businesses and then gradually moving to, rather than determining what is an essential business determining what is not essential, exact, reverse it out. Ok, whatever the I think. May first is probably what you're gonna see a lot of states use. That was the original end of this period right, shutting down to begin with, and so I think, a lot of state you're, just gonna wanna play it safe for a few more days and then start gradually opening it may. Firstly, the day yeah people start opening up the data or the data people start opening up. Other businesses there's an election that it's gonna be a mean. First of all, can be processed. You ve got a lot of different states that have a lot of different kind of political purposes and what they do and different economies that are affected in different ways, but not only that you have a vast diversity of you. No areas within the states themselves right the counties of the cities and when you look at them or rural areas, there is no reason why, just given the nature of those areas, they can't ease. The restriction is a little bit more rapid are required,
It requires attention, there's no headlines, there's nothing sexy about saying! Ok here, certain areas are immune here, certainly raises certain locations. None of that is, can we headlines honor? That's. Can we CNN? None of that's gonna, be you know everyone panic riles darling, because you didn't have time for that. He had the wall. He came to see through the tears fell so that a yes and I think your wretch heralded by May first you're gonna, see more of those things start to implement and in what people should not be looking at is. Is this a complete opener not right up I would tell you that any state that opening we involve back all the restrictions, every go to your local stadium in pack in right. No one knows what you would think that that's what was happening based on the way the report lacks. That's a good point, related chat, actually Zack. Michigan just talking about Governor Whitmer, he said just curious. If I take my fishing boat out and receive a fine, is something that they can actually do, or is there any legal action that could be taken for deny my constitutional rights, less freedom,
considering we do live in the USA. That is interesting. Question bill. What what would happen, what say, someone tuna fishing boat out and were given a fine, so I don't follow Michigan lock us, I don't care, but well, here's here's the reality right! Every county has their own rules and if the rules are there in the written in their clear in their being communicated, you should follow those rules. Here's the practical effect with states unconstitutional you in your boat. You gonna go higher lawyer and fight for renovating hundred hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars, litigating you're right to God and about maybe maybe not right. I mean it's a tough situation, but that's the practical reality and the impact of these laws is, you know they will have governors, and you know county commissioners and mayors will just go well. Let's just go ahead and write this law, organ Riah, three page law and we're going to say Nobody can go out. Lotta. Do this thing without actually thinking about what the practical impact of that is. So in that situation you should follow the law and even if you think, is unconstitutional, you're probably can have a bigger problem.
Disobeying ten more directives? I would write you guys flagrantly disregarding the association or regulations from the governor. That's the place where we need to get more guidance is the local politicians. We talk about this before they when they decide to go in, and you know sheriff says I'm not gonna filed governors rule because I think is unconstitutional. They are putting their dicks on the line right there. In that moment in saying we're not gonna prosecuted in this county, which is fine, rack arrest, people in this county, they may face consequences, they may be ousted and it's a horrible position to put sheriffs and people who did as people who are the kind of police officers who you want right out there. The kind of- and I get it not all, cops are perfect and not cops are bad guys, let's be really clear about that. Their human beings, like any other
everyone, but the kind of cops who you want taking that oath are the kind of police officers and sheriffs that you see in law, and is it meant manatee, Canada. There were a few and in northern machine or than those are the kinds of police officers you want because her sing, he listen. I don't want this authority, I shouldn't I'm not granted this authority and help people that they can use their fishing boat. I'm not going to find them, because I am here to uphold the constitutional law, the United States, its a horrible position to put those kinds of officers, the kind of officers and shifts who we want out there in when you demand that they force unconstitutional regulations and that might discourage people from becoming police officers and the future. Who you want the cops you end up with nothing but mall cops and run a cops or on a power to don't want that we want. We want sheriff, you say I dont want exercise its authority, and you know is what we call this. The the Batman investigation rule for anyone evolves governor
like the running joke. Earlier in the comic books that they would have it at Batman Task force, and it would be like the most junior blind, Deaf Helen Keller, detective without any lights, and there like bar, I go, get em I didn't want to get up, and that is within the discretion there. There is the ability to say: oh, the Antwerp were upholding it a week. Got no more, I think about what over there. I mean you just you just don't put your you. Don't you just don't put your energy in right now worse, if you're flagrantly violating long front of a cop. Now you ve put that cop on the spot.
Right now, I gotta know what I'm saying in right. You re giving them an opportunity to look the other way out exactly in there's a public prosecutor, oil discretion even at the attorney yet DA's, and that kind of thing. So you know what I like about this is America finds a way to have common sense, even when the politicians and the media is saying, other America Right finds a way one. I think that's what you do as a citizen in these situations, you find out me no pun intended to heel to die on right. I choose really bad ones. You should probably just better ones at some point this becomes. In summary, we go out on the on the lake and about just a protest right, but I don't think we're at that point. Yet I think what they didn't Michigan was great where they drove into the capital and they just basically locked everything down. They were still social distancing from one another, but they did something in protest. Saying hey this, isn't right and also they pushed back and said. Look we don't know.
What you ve done in and get what we were. Gonna vote, we're gonna vote and we're gonna use that to get people out of office that around and by the way, Wade added that question. It was governor, half Whittemore and skip ready. I decided to funny to say on area we, yet we do have a couple more where you get me one more than I think we have the requisite ok Beche De One says I want to say thank you to the louder with crowded crew for opening my eyes are used to be in the Bernie Camp a couple years ago. I really appreciate your specific brand of talking through arguments, thanks from your atheist, vague and letting. Super fast tat morning when we opened our eyes and eight which she had six, we called puppy. She could have it. Maybe she's mine, six weeks old apple good will. Thank you.
We could use a more vague in eighth. Is China? Is a six week goals Europe there we go, but thank you very much. I pray. I appreciate that now means a lot. Thank you guys. Everyone out there, of course, who was oh by the way to follow me on the instrument, letters Carter, because I'll be given away to open its doors to me and say: yes, you didn't, even though you are all laid off and this something had happened, so I think this is actually highlighted something in me when we talk about we're all in this together. We're really not we are all in this together as a country, meaning that we are going to run should be doing everything we can to move forward in support of American. Absolutely. That being said, not everyone has affected the same way right. We talk about us before. If I were, if I were an eighty year old diabetic night, cleverly much harder than someone like me who, when I'm done with work, I pretty much just go home and
but can I watch my just so you know, I said I will tell you this when people say we're all in this together and they talk about all the people who are most affected. They talk about raising they talk about people who might have less money. All that is true. People are different. Demographics are affected differently, but there is one that I think is being overlooked, and this is something that is pretty important. I think it shows a lack of of scale, lack of actually
you're, standing kind of how the economy works and how it affects people, the big divide. This is, we are not all in this together and not everyone is a business owner. You need to understand is that right now, yeah, you are affected offices and employ everyone infected, but there is a business owner after we went to some numbers. No, like thirty, six percent of non restaurant or sorry, nine grocery bit retail related business. Don't think that they're going to last these people out there they, obviously they worry about their livelihood. Just like you this. I think some people think that business owners have stockpiles of cash. That's clearly not the point clearly not another case, even with shack right. They don't have stockpiles of cash upon which they can simply fall back they're going to lose their living too, but they also have the compression of trying to ensure that they can provide for ten fifteen fifty two hundred people right. They ve built something up so that they can make a living, but all of you make a living, and so when people say hey, I wanna get mine right now. Hey this is says, we're all in this together. What what why the business trickled down? What
from the ground up Rihanna. Second, business owners aren't all fat cats. Their most them are certainly not millionaires. Most them actually aren't making much more than the upper middle class family and by the way they should be wealthy if they create a business that adds value to people's lives, but these people will lose their livelihood, just like you will and they will no longer be able to provide a livelihood for you moving forward. There is a compression right now we can talk about minorities. We can talk about women, we can talk about old people, but economically small business owners out there are so disproportionately affected. The amount of stress that they are carrying right now is not even comparable to sell, one who is going to receive a stimulus that everyone has a tough time. I get it, but if you have a business owner, neither boss, you think, is pretty good. You know what maybe you should go out there and get mugged, let it will dogma, but you know him a virtual
Let me now that hey, you actually unappreciated, because some of this class warfare really alienates people who are automatically assumed to be Daddy WAR Box when I don't think they realize it not only shake check the business. But what do you think about the guy he's running a local shake check, franchise, exactly Mcdonald, look how much money they make sure absolutely poker call actually, but what about the bodega owner who sells coke right? He employs three for people who loses his living and those people lose their living. I would say this most employers, just like most people, most cops are good people. Most hosts are probably good people most governments. Well, ok, there's
except in general, but the point is most small business owners, or at least a comparable Porsche them compared to any other profession, are decent people and they are concerned the livelihoods of their employees, so that just turn feather them because they happen do have reached the privilege of running a business. That's not the kind of message you want to send. If you want an economy from hereafter and speaking that you don't, I think you are asking me this the other day audio over time, a Fox news. How they, like China, Chelsea Hammer, irritated FUCK foxes. People mass with bombshell me shows, but my experience: what are you? Are you about Roger Yale and sober someone really yeah raw material? Do you want, but there's not much to tell a story about when Roger has made you put on a blood work. Show me more rubbed. His belly was a mutual plate with a naval really. We await the electronic linked out of there. I think that's the Roger Eels,
squads now? So you think people ask me about Roger Ales, because now he's been hot topic. I never met Rodriguez Fox NEWS for four and a half years somewhere between four and a half in five years total when you I, I never met Rodrigo, that's interesting. So I will say this: there's someone there who I have nothing but good things to say about in my personal interaction she's. The present there now find your name is a name. Insouciance got that public information she's present apparently have been doing a really good job. She was kind of the person who brought me in there and show me the ropes and was really nice was really supportive and bill shine was their back of it. I guess you also get caught embroiled in some sort of sexual assault scandal, so I can't speak.
All that aside from you know, listen there was the leg chair for recent on these shows in the bill rightly think he did it so well, but I never met Roger Ales in this. Lady would run interference for me and then. Finally, I was going to pitch in these ideas. One of them was to this guy. You really like Chelsea Handler, and they sort of paired me up with a host to create a show similar to the show at this point, but then they wanted to change, and at one point there is a suggestion monkey on rollers gates, which I think that's horrible- that you came up with that idea. I think monkey I mean among those little funny, but I don't know, but I dont want it on a shelf and then finally she sits me down goes like yeah. I know you wanted me Roger for a while, but it's them He doesn't like you appeal, I was told he doesn't he doesn't? He doesn't get you and so it doesn't get. He doesn't think you're funny.
Ok, I understand. Ok, I so, in other words, are not going to meet the person who runs this network, who makes all of these determinations as to who gets to host, to whose a contributor, because he doesn't like the very, since I came here So that was my experience and then there was a pressure. We can prevent a certain find this. You know Dennis Malaria, you his show quite a bit. And nor Mcdonald's do the other, really close friends and Denis Miller had a bit on bill. Riley show called militant by the way up Dennis Miller, Brilliant Clarence, and it is an exercise in what is like Bill a rat. Stop speaking, let him finish. We all know try. It gives us a material here bell, but if you want to go off and talk about, we can do that. That's the gutter, you generally! Ok, we got it built, shut up. So they were all friends and one time nor Dennis Miller couldn't make his enemies Miller time so norm filled in a boy
I loved it. I adore you can go in search nor Mcdonald, filling in four Dennis mill and, of course, he's not Dennis Miller. That was a segment tailor made for him, but nor did as important as well as that he possibly could he never did it again from one understand at most needed at twice and then heir to the grapevine that Roger Ales really really didn't they. Nor Mcdonald was funny, and that was the greatest compliment. Anyone has ever paid me because not enough that, even though I know that my true that a dead end that network. At that point I felt like I had some some kind of a link nor Madonna was a kindred, so in that Roger else also detested him. So you ll, find you find validated company in the most unlikely of places. This is, good morning, my club, I appreciated half asian layer Bill, Richmond Gerald, audio Wade quarter, Black Garret, we'll get you checked out, doktor choice. Thank you so much tune in tonight, for I believe, is a life advice would have. We have something. Something going on tonight and then, of course, a lot of men had accomplished schedule see you later
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