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Pastor Mark Driscoll Discusses Covid, Fear and Faith | Ash Wednesday


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Hey there audio listener. Be blind, because there are a lot of visual elements to the show. I'm surprised it you're not really watching simple watch on Youtube. Obviously, where we ve been demonetized, reminder ties, and I just but now I just checked my watch- demonic, again the only way to support- content really is to join up a lot of credit outcome, Slash Mug club, it's ninety nine dollars annually. Sixty nine for students, veterans, active military and you get access to the entire blaze catalogue. You get Dave Reuben, you get Glenn back, you get mark within a whole bunch of shows and you get access to a full. A daily show is not available here, so you know you can join up or you can plan on me actually just, feeling this show to the brim with ads for products don't need or want, and I ought to be used it hidden. The passport button the choice, is yours, enjoy the show, I'm gonna scare me now, because last Wednesday but different. We should do what
form interviews, sometimes on Tuesdays, with special guess, and then we would do ash wednesdays and Internet do Mass Mondays, and now we should emerge at all, because we should be social distancing but were not because we're here with. Of course, you can find out more about him at real faced outcome. From our Driscoll how we use are doing good morning. I swear I'm glad at what you ve been you ve, been on the show before I found you for a long time. I do your daily devotional raising brought other doing this a very long time so you're, you said you'd like thirty two, Thirty three, I said thirty two until I was correct, I'm thirty three either immediately lie careful bro, that's the year they knock Jesus man. That's it now seems that gives you. This year, ECHO yeah I've been pretty twenty five years since you're, an elementary school which is crazy, you're, eight bra
Even if we call our measures will call primary school primary school and Canadian can't yankee media in the godless cesspool that has come back, which I know you mentioned, have a friend who has been doing church work up there you have, it really is one. I was unjust area of North America ever because we have state denomination ere it so it for a long time. It was Catholicism here if you want to ruin Saddam put it under the government. If you really want to write it, yeah guess exactly I had to go to it. I say: when the public school I went to catholic school people, get confused essay. I went to public catholic School, and, of course I was not allowed to partaken communion, despite the fact that I did outside of the catholic Church and so I got swirling for theological reasons. Which is a really weird, experienced similar way. What would happen when we tell our Europe calculate that the Holy Trinity in the third pillar- gothic boy grown up really when my Grandpa died. My grandmother became a pre Vatican to Latin Mass Catholic, none bonus round
none grandma so either way someone was getting hit with a ruler yeah we were real Catholic, Irish Catholic and then that changed, when I got a bible just It's a long, dredge shot assistance yeah the audience we so I got a Bible and as a curse, yeah we're. First and second purgatory and wears a third and fourth paper I couldn't find a lot of stuff in their three star in the Bible and then left the edges sling great moment. Yet random story they built me suspect you're not partake in the cigar bad, because your beer, your dad, was a change. He was a marble man, Yama doesnt anymore, but he was a union dry Waller and smoke Marlboros and roll them up.
in his white tee shirts. I specifically raised by the funds, and- and I love my doubt on our behalf grown up- he would smoke lots us how I got this voice, so this is us. This is a second hand, smoke contribution to a career path, so I apologise, but are now now you're going forward when you sound like very white, but you do you said you do drink every now and then the others have to fly, but like wine like bourbon yeah and that sort of when you were thirty, you didn't touch it draw thirty issue. I never had a drink until then I came from a long line of our colleagues and now my dad, but extended family saw just a little. Gunshot. When I turn thirty- and I thought you know a married, I think I'm cool and I was out with a Baptist buddy and he was like you to join the southern practice you gotta join. The southern baptism has again now like a need to know more about your totally foot any. He was using the corporate card to buy dinner, to try and recruitment of the southern Baptists we're. So I ordered my first beer, so you're
beer ever was a spite beer. It was built to the southern Baptist Convention and he had to figure out what to do with the receipt to turn it down. So that was what beer it was. I dont even know to me. It was just is like an epic moments like a sniper shot him in waiting this whole life to pull the trigger. Now I finally get sorted my first spirit charges to the back, so there was a spite beer here. First beer was, despite bury our spite beer yeah, that's now, despite what you think I spiked we are, as I have these eyes like beers ain't. A new theories are using anyone. I don't know three order and non alcoholic beer and putting a little light airline bottle of whisky who they'll never now, Mazowiecki spite be as good as a good reason. That was why I was actually never touch a drop of on call in terms of memory twenties and now, because I was raised in Montreal you're my Mama drink wine with dynamite. My never really drank a whole lot mend, it was just alcohol is the the legal drinking agent. Canada was eighteen kid you're getting just plastered at fourteen never having kid just making. Finally, do you you don't drink, and at that point I just know, I'm
Now, I'm never going to drink because of you and then I really that there are some beers of actually enjoyed and that didn't have to be a problem and then I learned the ways of bourbon from Audio Wade, and you can expect me be very unproductive face down in the ditch. Very but I do know how to I don't got a pace myself for that, so much because no pint of beers, fine pint of ever clear, which he poor little different. Oh yeah, I mean you'll end up setting up your own small countries. That was the first thing about what this pandemic, which we will get will have to get to talking about. Quite a bit was ever clear. There is a perfect example when they re started that won't so what happened was I knew there weren't any we'll get Santa tighter and so that we get medicinal excuse, making five literally never consumed rising, never had a shot of alcohol or vague. In my ear you just use it is like cancer Natalia, so it happened was I could we have huge? We did you did sooner garage, and so we need a clean mats, and so we I rose above the cleaners, were no longer available. The commercial cleaners
and I saw the CDC saying you should make Hansen Iser from outcome at home, because it has to be minimum. Sixty percent and I'm gone. I've got up all mohawk that my wife uses for like tinctures like ginger and stuff at home, and I know that six users whenever clear on the Jujitsu mats much, do deluded yeah, otherwise, no mats left open for Ireland and then sure enough. I realized I was you have to read between the lines of the CDC thing. You can't make Hansen adviser home, it wasn't homemade alcohol wasn't I'll call. You know new shiner read write, but it was it was. It was below a certain percentage and if they just told people honestly hate, you can get things like What will know Hocker ever clear and make sanitize, or which is what most senator is made from now that you buy an stores and HANS. I was kind of runny people could there have been more productive, so this is just kind of a quagmire of of me.
Information with people, but I have a lot. You would think. I'm a raging alcoholic, my house right, you just a very sanitary person. I really am they I've written notes, people, let my wife didn't realize how personality I was about that because I, really bad ring. Worm wants from Jujitsu, oh and I say never again, so I would clean up the mats when I would go to schools afterwards. They ain't gonna, help that the mass like me, Every my own solution is gonna, be read Mr Scott, I'm not I'm not even a Google, it I'll. Just take your worthy ass! Well, you have with blue. I have some other Google's for him or done with this. The people out there should Google, course. It's real faced outcome: yeah you can pass refer, nearly twenty five years of senior past or half my life and you're no stranger controversy. No, I tend to find the land mines by driving over his yes, yes and then what They do this interview I'll, be walking backwards and just throwing them now, but you step on it in a big part of. I think, what may be rubbed
You got the wrong ways. You ve always denounces more for never. The idea of masculinity in and gender role and actually, as really. teenager, I learned about the idea of complementarity in ISM from you think you were the first person I heard use that term came explain for people who don't understand why they do say: that's massaging of chauvinism, it's not it's. A biblical worldview of men and women well will first of all sex, gender, marriage and sexuality used to be so current steer born mail. You do masculine things and then you marry a girl and have a family now. It's all spectrum and the result is soon just got banned by the way. But yeah- and you know I mean I was on my misfortune, amends deal a couple weeks ago and Facebook kick me off My prayer approach for more men and less government really care parent
that's controversial. They provided you an explanation for this year. We, whatever the standards, are I mean I love the fact that Facebook is going to talk to the past or about standards right, that's adorable you're like a burger sit in Aragon, Nay entered my moral standards, but part of that is like what we ve done right now is we have turned the Democratic Party into the Mommy party right and, if you're tell Mamma you need something calming and it's a whole generation that never had a damn right. To me many of the urban problems, many the social cultural problems, our lack of men who too responsibility for their family and especially for their children. It's it's it's a crisis and you ve talked about that with black lives, matter to mean. I did. This change remind blacklist matters in domestic terrorist organisation, and I said because if you look actual they stand for on their website. You basically look at their charge. Its dismantling the nuclear family rights means we want as fathers right and it's like. That is
so there is a God bread for war. Coxey is the leading sociologist in this sphere, he's at the Universe Dear Virginia. He did the largest data analysis of a family well being marriage, and he said literate the best thing you can do is to have a. Father husband in the home this in the Bible going to church lowest plastic violence, lowest adultery, Lois, child abuse, low, poverty, highest test, scores for kids, everything's off the charge more likely to graduate College Evin prison to have a family of their own, exactly others. Yet the single greatest economic indicator of success far more, which school district totally. So why don't we have? What do we have? A national organisation for men why do we have a men studies? Degree I mean to Mandela. You haven't really make the cut yeah without the proper. What have you got a bunch of men together? It just becomes a bath house, you have That's just happy we'll make ready to go to work anyway. They don't need some place to being an hour, but but to me
weapon a neighborhood. I grew up behind an airport Dunstan, from a couple, a strip clubs might ever. It was the green. the killer in TED Bundy. Well, that's where I grew up. Was a good looking guide. I don't know, I didn't get your charming and make my aunt so a lot of the other. All you have TED Bundy, but all the other crazy killers from MID West Jeffrey Dahmer yeah. She grew up right dumps. You from Jeffrey Dahmer was Gacy also in. Constant alone. I don't know, but for some reason it breeds, but continue oral neighbourly was. Why is there drugs wise? Their prostitution rise their crime? You know because their fathers put it because I had a dad and my dad was good, dad and we're. Gordon led the family and kept us out of trouble, and so you know too I made a few on. If you just can Ten, you to turn in India, state dependence, then there's nobody left to tax to take your women and children about the women why they just go to work and tax them. Well, some do you could slaps more near with just caught a pink tax, their none
wise, that's a weird. We hear about the pink tax. It's just a weird day, though I mean it's like everything is built Anti family, tomorrow, gentle Treviso, the Bible, has commands to men and women because it assumes that there are men and women crazy stuff talks about men and women in marriage cause. It assumes like a man and a woman get married, and so really the only thing. That's holding back, I would say the flood of total insanity is a bit of it becomes a reality it it's all we got left wing challenge. I think that we run into, and- and I want to talk about this- this study and a free books, if you can get it real face dot com, that sort of out you, you said, was talking about people their biggest problems of Christians and intolerance. I think what we see Those we see the left. Obviously, today you mentioned the Democratic Party being mommy, I to say the government at this point and obviously the Democrat parties, a party of a big government. May Publicans as well, but yeah they see the guy.
Women as mommy right when you have internet, where they want internet to be declared at its fundamental agreement, is a human right right. It's a human right, not a civil right at a human right, which is interesting as we go into marriage in the idea of it being a human right as well, not a civil right. That's a big part of what happened in California. But I do think yes, it's interesting, because people on the left here. marriage for the reasons I have outlined and now there's Jackson from some libertarians and some people call them in cells because they will marriages too horrible deal now because of the alimony laws, and you in place. That bet anywhere else in the casino and We have a lot of people who are served. You get the idea of marriage because of the overreach and I wonder how you deal with that. As a past, because I've talked about that in the show- and I say no because obviously my God says a man who finds a wife finds what is good ago what about when she was half your staff or think pick right. So that's d. that could have it now, and I mean it's really hard. If you are a man who says, I'm we're going
what would be a traditional family right. I'm gonna do some crazy and go get a job. I mean our. Just annoyed if you're so natty, crazy and then ass reality Jones, ok, let's say we're. Gonna have kids, you know we're gonna ruin the environment, put more people on the planet. and then Mama's shudder to think oh sure them and stay home and be mom the pro becomes in most states. If you get divorce the parent spends the most time with the children becomes the custodial parent right and so few, the dad saying I'm workin really hard to free mom so that the kids have focused parent it. Actually, works against you if the marriage dissolves right and so in certain states. It's it's really really difficult for the men to get the home to get there. It really is a tough day we can calculate. So what do you say to two men who argue that not that their against the idea of marriage, because it's it's a constructive patriarchy? But because marriage has been destroyed by short of money
feminist, alimony laws, because that's a different contingency. How do you message to those people pick slow, don't just find. If you go to move in and you know role the dice, I mean right, picks law pick smart and be in a community of support that can help nurture that relationship and reinforce the values right. is ultimately, if you are just isolated as a couple and you hit conflict, there's nobody to mediate that eventually it's going to end up in a war of some sort and the sooner- Yet the lawyers you just start setting Molly on fire. Nobody went right, but for the lawyers yeah they when big- and let's have a swedish lawyer than everybody Luther as it is you're a swede, wife's gonna go everything ask you about right, Now this is something we did: NASH ones. They topic before she mentioned by the way Thomson cigar dot com is, we can get disease. A new world sticks, one of my favorites Thompson, cigar, the Spartans challenging to promote greater, and then you get you get fifteen or twenty years.
off for people who have asked for recommendations. Of course, Bessemer Driscoll does not take not because his men of the cloth, but because he as asthma like piggy new, I used to I'm I'm healed now. Well, pretty soon, grab your so what our living in all its yell for a living. It is because it well preaching. Are you doing where you yell for our young feller an hour every sermon? I just feel like an hour's, a good time and spur rate the massive is the right boy will. Sometimes people do feel yell that you know Alice Cooper talked about how much nobody else Cooper S story, Christian who gulfs and leather pants vs, exactly like the others, I don't, I fear the stream it he even married for like a very long time and he loves a swipe it back in their turn, a setup celebrity couples and you're going to set him up with Raquel, Welsh, oh and Alice Cooper. The best celebrity gall from the programme tour for people who don't ya, get his conversion stories of music, boring and christian now, but he was peered up with these peoples.
we're hoping you'll get. Maybe Sinatra you know they might get. I don't know like Paul Newman in Cooper shows up skies like I can't believe, with this guy. Then they see this guy's a fantastic golfer. They start liking him his agent heads. and down retail whilst like bring them beers and bring them like you know, ice t now proposing uninterested because at that point is interested in who became his wife now Raquel don't go on get out of here in the castle. There was kept well. the guy? She won't leave me alone and all of a sudden, these guys were really happy that they didn't get peered up with you now Jimmy Dean but Alice Cooper, but here and when he was sitting in a church that he felt really uncomfortable. He said because I knew that I even I did the whole sort of Sherlock fast. I never You look a devil, wasn't real and I realized tat I had been more done more to propagate sort of that a country with an end. So he said that he felt like he was being chastising yelled that, but it was just the truth. You think. Maybe that's opponent to I suppose you will think you're more aggressive that usually come across so to me,
This is about meeting the volume level of the culture and if something is, pardon, usually, there's passion. There is its intensity, there's clarity, and sometimes the volume level changes and I'm a preacher. I'm not a talk. Giver, I'm not a most motivational speech giver I mean, you could see this even on the campaign sure you know It's why the rallies were huge the energy level was different and so abiding yes, yeah yeah, I mean people the kids couldn't get at them like the bridge asian. It was crazy, so I mean, but for me it's like when Nothing is so called located right now so confusing, and I think the average person is just like what happened to the planet. Happened to the world that I grew up and where are we going? What are we doing it takes, It takes a lot of volume and clarity to cut through the noise and say here's what we're out. Here's what's going on here is the problem. Here is a solution.
Try and drive the conversation you know. Instead of just to the right or the left as a pastor, I'm trying to drive the conversation up right. Is there over all of this, and does he have any help for those of us who are in it right. That's good, pointing I think that common ground is not necessarily in centred found in truth and truth, it now seems to be short supply. What's all about controlling the narrative which is a really clever way of saying- lie in frights yesterday, controlling the narrative. What does that mean, Harris's. If I didn't have slaves, they They are what what's the near to finance life's. That's it we're not a good jack controlling it. At that point, a certain point: the narrative controls us I've noticed that sometimes a reaction from people who they know what it is that you preach, are not really familiar with your sermons. When I do your daily devotional every day, in the past. To follow for very long term. In remember, I think I might have been introduced you from some documentary on health,
a long time. The other interviewed me in a documentary. I've been on maybe see nylon a few times. We did the view with Barber Walter's what be Goldberg enjoy bar and confirm there, not the trinity, it was. It was different, so there is the unfunded trinity. Other is so you have been doing this for a while, but I'm a bible teacher. I go through books of the Bible, animal book of Romans right now me, which is crazy woman, who does that but I feel like a lot of people, assume, they know what the Bible says and they have an actually really ever learned right and so whether you believe it I dont believe it. I just want to make sure it's clear that was a bigger sort of relaxation. For me, I've read through the Bible. Did it? You know Bible in the year and in the three years in a row, so, just because I was at a certain point was I want to read the Bible through all the way, because I couldn't claim that needs to be eligible to like I can put every single pair of converse, and I'm like they're lying and then after read the Bible through the first I'm like, I still think they're lying on, we read it through an ice you couldn't remember a good portion of it
here. Until you did a series on James and I realize ok, reading the book. Everyone should be the babble coming to cover, but getting some context to understand. It is really- For me. It doesn't mean that there's only this latest group appeal who can interpret the Bible shedding some light, in particular historical context. Context. As a relates the language that was a that was a big awakening for me. Was your series, I'm sure you weren't on James Jesus's brother We are in right now that the question Is there anyone or anything that claims to have authority over? What is going on in the culture and the buyer was the one thing that that claims have authority read, will not bend or accommodates, but this concept of patents- means God doesn't change. We do right and in nobody likes this an offensive message. Rice, its we're, not the solution where the problem but varied its it runs, entirely contrary to these ideas of your perfectly the way you are you're, amazing, you, the world, is great
were glad you're here right, we sure we're sure you're gonna fix it, and if more people were like you. We would need to go to Heaven cause. We already be there behind us. right now, the executors thinking no access what your stuff maybe feel better, because otherwise they will not songs lie for me, Maybe it's only life or make them a piece of garbage, and then I would read years that our all kind of garbage and that's why we need to be perfected via by God. That's why we we do see. I was Thomas someone about this today, actually we gave land. I don't think he would mind me talk about their speaking things being at a turn he's a former attic than you talked about in these countries, twelve step programme. And we talked about concentration scandals- mentioning a lot of you- don't realize that I think some people do realize I should say they're disingenuous arguments, but they love the point on hypocrisy from Christians like there was a, I don't know who it was, but there was some pastor at a pastor. A Christian you got into a he wasn't married and what he had done was he had been sexting people now in the realm of home but that's not a scandal here. These are not Hollywood. That's a Tuesday right! Exactly this wasn't these.
under age girls. These were not people who are unwilling participants, but he said I am a sex attic. I have a problem with it. I will be working on this everyone just loves to stamp on that guy and, I said, look we're not Christians because we're perfect for Christians, because we are very imperfect and we're trying to emulate perfection which obviously has seen him Christ and Huge condescended to that trying to emulate Christ, we're at a point right now where didn't ash Wednesday. Audio Wade was there for this. You know Christians were Post to submit ourselves to the authority, the large land I misunderstood here and Romans. Thirteen! Ok, I say you so I was asked. What point does that Morocco, Algeria symbols it has edi I'll get a nervous. I twitch with romance is because you play football with a letter, helmet yeah. Well, so everybody goes to Roma thirteen obey the governing authorities and I'm the women's right now so I'll get there eventually? But there are also an ink credibly overwhelming number of examples of civil disobedience in the Bible right in the book.
Ex there told no more preaching or we're going to beat you and arrest you miserable, beat us and arrest us in the day. Of Moses outside K. We need to kill all these babies and there like we're, not kill the babies in the days of Daniel right, do you're, told hey, you need about down, and you know: worship the new religious emperors I mean H. Babylon was basically North Korea right there big statue in North Korea and everybody bowed down and worships the dictator. That basically was Babylon and gods. People are like not gonna. Do it will then you? pray not going to do it and so gods, people, George Bush senior. Ninety did not get our ship. That's not gonna work that she has not gonna debt, so their civil disobedience through the whole Bible and right and this. Includes I mean they are a good strong will be made the Jesus Christ, Some things that were in defiance of roman government made would say Caesar is Lord needs, like actually project is not
I I know His- might check my Billy Augur feed. I've got to go up, the Org chart, you know, and so within that Christians overlook the opportunity of civil disobedience and if you are guaranteed freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom assembly and petition and protests, stood side and you're not allowed to meet me right now saying one in five churches in America? Twenty percent are risk of dying next year, one in five. and so just like beer businesses that are going to die. There are churches that are going to die right now, when you have mental health, the pandemic. You have people really relapsing into massive addiction, and you have people with tremendous needs and the churches said you are not allowed to deal with people right but in addition to the physical problem, that are facing, her concerns. They may have theirs. Mental spiritual, emotional and
we're not doing well this isolation. I mean older people that are assurance for young singles. That are alone- a drone you found out closely airport and that just private played on the regional, we're gonna get black HAWK helicopter. To my opposite, I I just I want a bigger role to manage its gonna, be a guy with a dj maverick. He got it Jaska link coming for you right, no but sorry continuing your singing it. How did like so this this we got so yesterday I gotta go from the bogeyman another state. The left co states pod dispensaries, ripen, open strip, clubs or open liquor stores or open nice. Abortion clinics are open churches so threatened at their essentially closed. He opened and then threatening to shut off his power rates. show him out and unlike what, if you,
pull on the stage. Is that an exception clause? I mean it's not like you know. This is just go out there with a weed hat and a creature in your boxers in value the exception I mean it's just Alyosha DJ indicate its very silly. It's getting very silly and gods people her dislike do with a gun. It says. Well, if you ve been around the world, you know that always doesn't anyone and you ve not stopped church, so we took we took a break when Scots tailors and I got a four year old church. We took a break and a lot of improvements. While we were closed- and this is also because everyone took a break loose- flattened occur, we thought it was going to be caught. Yanks member, like of March fifteen days to flood the Corfu right, and so but then our attorney general came out and said: the churches were an essential service and also our constitutionally protected right and then, in September the merit of Scottsdale, our city lifted the mask mandate, and so were and Dick
in place then a lot of places great. If you're in Seattle, Portland, L, a you know you're in Nevada, Michigan your beer in a different situation, while you can have a pressure group, have provided us right next to a burning, Walgreens yeah. I think that's the role gets aid really remarkable any of people who can go out there, which may be interesting to those a lot of mosques. Never clubs, really they. Never. and you have not seen one new story on mosques. Well. That was like the gaze, letting things where I went to all those muslim bakeries, too, big, a gay wedding cake and, in my point, was misconstrued by the right, leaning media. Where I sit Ellison. Some of these bakeries were willing to make the cake but most warrant, and I think it's their right. They shouldn't have to make a case for a game. But of course it was taken, legality places to be shut down in her. That's not what I'm saying I'm just pointing out the double standard, and that makes sense because all, but also but demonstrate, Christianity and Islam, which I think is a good thing- is
is crushing, as is above politics, it is about being submitting herself to a higher authority than the government but his long does have a very clear set. Political prescription is well, oh, there is allows and there is no church state separation or not. Ultimately, Sharia law eradicate any sort of any freedoms that we would enjoy rights, and that's why countries like France, who suffer come on come on come on in there. Like Oh, wait, a minute wait, a minute. You need to be french yeah, we're not gonna, be Shariah right you mean you sing. That places like Detroit now right yet hand, tram came from it used to be the most. I think that the highest concentration of polish mary- and announced one, placing United States where you can hear the call to prayer five times a day which people would think Dearborn, but no, yet its hammock it really is. Concerning two, the hotbed of actual terrorism come out of those areas in Michigan. That's a fact which there is a place, a great food to terrorists. There's a place Easter
to Alice Sheesh, which turned out was following money to Hezbollah, and so they went bankrupt and rebranded, and I knew there were still probably funding money. Has But the, but you really like really like a noose, is just it's. One of those things. You're, like I don't know, seems I've, got some stuff right and then happen. It's happened in your state to an in Arizona. Mosques have not shut down no, I mean I drive by one third vaguely and it's over full time and there's no stories in there's no pressure, and so you know I think at some point the hard thing that everybody is struggling with, whether it's a business owner. It's a churches. Ok, what do the math, ex by which we get open like. Where is the Enzo? You know usually is a red thermometer somewhere and when you ve raised enough money, you get to go, do something like were worse
the thermometer like what do we need to do to be able even on arbitrary terror warning code right terrorist threat, corral Kmart Orange generally know what that means, but someone at tea essays gonna be patent me down yup. Why do you think, because I've been very upset with a lot of passers lot of churches? Why do you think but they back, we asked. Why do you think that somewhat especially sometime in states where they have to so this will be color? No organ of this weird pastoral talks? This is cool. I am happy to have it, I love pastors. I married pastors daughter agenda and My five kids servant ministries me an olive Jesus and believe the Bible adjustments, three of them very. They always yeah. I brought one on the boys, but lot of times in a nonprofit system? The governance and board structure makes it very hard for the pastor do what he wants to do. So, What happens is so you got a board and they're all arguing in fighting in others, there is political
intrigue and this group wants to open in this. One wants close this one wants mass, and this one does warm ass. This one was talking politics this one dozen and this one wants to put the alarm on the church hashtag for social media, one wants to make Amerika great again and then the pastor needs to make a decision. If he's got bored he's got a battle right and self there's a lot of pastures that I'm talking to my two hundred of them, but a train last week and the really depend. Because you're like, The board votes- and I have to do with the board- says, but that's not what I believe in our agree with right at so and then They get criticized for the decision and oftentimes it wasn't. There decision giving a big part of that has come from actually have a friend you kind of spoke with me about this sort of the London was it a lot of most passers, your men, obviously, but a lot of people who run these churches in these boards. Oftener women in there
a lot of demonization of what they believe is toxic masculinity and I'm not talking about sexual assault. In my talking about domestic violence, which we would all agree are horrible crimes in those men should be buried beneath the railroad tracks: okay, but demonization aggressivity of leadership of assertiveness answer. I do see in the church. Now, unfortunately, you see a lot of men who thinks it's that they think it's almost a virtue to be passive in ever. capacity, and so you have a lot of various women running these boards and not necessarily making decisions that are in the best interests of of men. Who pastor? Do you think that's a component in some situations and others? Oh let's say you, ve got a banker or an attorney or a doctor on the board and they're. Just real risk averse and the past there's more foot forward in a leader, there's all conflict so mean most people in an in any more profit organization they dont stand, the complexity of a non profit government. So, right now I wish to say: we'd gone
process leadership, the pivot leadership process. Leadership is gonna, get her annual cycle in our seasons and here's our schedule- and you know we're schedule down we're budget it out this year, its pivot in its literally like if you're football fan, quarterback the deadline, call inaudible call an audible call, inaudible call inaudible cause you like. Are we open reclosed we throughout, and that means, but guess what it just its changing the flight at the last minute and its freedom to make the adjustment and a lot of organizations their bill for peace, it s not for pivot. So sort of a giant non profit organisations like the federal government, A large nonprofit starts to function like the federal government right yeah, if anything done by the time you make a decision. The opportune persons to light and ass. We ve talked about you. terms will have people so long. He strutted nonprofit here with what The show and we're not funded by foreign caliphate, like some of our competitors, were funded by people actually join. My club and we just gave more
to cancer research than Joe Biden has ever given a charity is entirely man tweets that all of the democratic presidential nominees, if you pull up their nonprofit giving, their charitable giving it is a trove. Yes, so they're very generous with other people's money right where we spite gave to cancer research. because I weep totalled up since Joe Biden rent a cancer research foundation, four million dollars not a dollar, went to cancer research, so. We actually gave his total nonprofit donations. That he's, given the last decade we gave that to a cancer research foundation plus one dollar, but it is I urge you to me that you see this lot more conservative movement and unfortunately, sometimes I may. I understand that there is a need for non profit attacks them status. Must the chair worked on across the globe is by the church. Unfortunately, we also tend to be the people who advocate advocate for personal freedoms and liberty and free enterprise. But it is a myth
it largely spearheaded by nonprofits, which sort of kneecaps us. When talking about the big bureaucratic, corruption of the nonprofit federal government, yeah and That's where we run into with Bessie bodies in the church because are not running a business and we decided with what we do. That's what we run as a business and were very grateful that churches are out there, but were able actually do more, because we're not limited at all either of you had a board and the votes being taken hold the smoke spur you would have a miserable life. I do have a board yeah. It's just me with a paddle I am the chairman of the board. Charles purse was an old British passed when he said that the best committee is three men to whom stay home makes absolute sense, so so what we actually gimme a person early this year Tristram life and I got married very small church. And dumb. There's a passer there, an older guy pasture, Jerry Lovey Brother and I ll
this batteries, his his wife, is adorable. She was pretty dresses but just it's just a tradition thing, but Jane urine. Taxpayers will know that this is not an taxes. I won't, I won't say where they actually get in trouble, but she did like a very high level, music, musical school and in there they're well versed in the arts, well versed in culture, but terrible you would expect a small town church pastor coupled to look like. But he's taken a lot of flak for speaking out against these restrictions in NAM I'll say in Michigan, because other they politically charged climate right now, then the board got mad because he was hosting my group's land even reopen churches. There are small groups of fibre less in a basement and the board wanted to. I don't know how you guys were reprimand him somehow and so my wife s room yes out what they know that bringing the principal's office
tat, we re headed, put a barn out of it, whereas hazy and they read old testament verses, it's horrible, but it shows you can't what my wife- and it was we told leopard- are tied for the year and given in one lump sum, and you can leave little note like do you want to do this for church repairs and we said we would. We are only providing this ties to this church because of our gratitude to this pasture and his boldness in this time are required to try and throw me support as we can, but I couldn't believe it was shocking to me that members of the church would get mad at their leader in out their shepherd for hosting private meetings in accordance with the law, at that right now it wouldn't dare in his own house, in a basement. So one up, talks. Press was all the time. It's sometimes what happens is people on the left. You know cultural jihadis. They want to get in the board, they want to get on leadership because they actually do then have the potential. For some legal power and oversight in a way that they wouldn't for profit company, so giving apple gotta call. Maybe you have two years ago pasture I didn't know very well, but he was
the state very large terms like five six thousand people, did been there like, let's say thirty years. Called me said that pastor mark I'm in trouble. If somebody said to call you cuz, you had a part time job as a crash test dummy, so I'm the guy, your call, you know self He calls me, and he as it was, not me, somebody far demographer preach my sermon sodium. Is every year on pro life, Sunday, a preacher. Life sermon. He said the simple got on the board that are not pro life. and they have told me that, if I preach might typical prolonged sermons, moral, they ve got their constituents lined up. They got a boat and they're gonna get rid of me. He said what do I do. I said in principle. I sermon every year for thirty this year, Sir die with boots on. I mean it at that What if it's you either are going to change your message or
gonna lose your position. Well then, lose your position, but don't change your message: what happened whom they fired him? They fired after thirty some years. What's he doing now ok, you know he had a yet a ministry in, and that would always happens is the people who free the message they stick with you in and you create some other entity or you morphine something else. It s a something important government, our jumpin around little bit. Sorry Ash Wednesday, actually know what we're gonna talk more about tat. But in how you guys can respond. But right now you tube, bye, bye, you talk about this quite a bit the other society of prosperity preaching and I used to get into it. Sometimes with my parents and I love em they're bible, believing Christians, great people, I couldn't s appearance, but sometimes a little bit. This positive messaging, like old, at gods, got this and that's true, but that doesn't mean there won't be intense discomfort, oh and that's, for example, a passer doing the right.
thing you can't see around the bend, but listen They will feel able where's your God now use you did the right thing. You got fired, worship it broke homeless guy. So my expectations are low, that's true and he also did not the cadets collectors no, if I met a broke homeless guy today, who put tax collectors on this in plain, as prostitutes and thieves I'd like to know what, maybe you are Is disregarded, pepper you're, putting down an elevator shaft airlines, was a crazy. Almost guys you cleaner Jesus is never the guy. You know I never Eric in HR whose, like, after reaching up and by the way, I'm Jesus really your Jesus. It's always the crazy do. But that is that's a good point worship a homeless guy who, date and waterway speak out against the people understand the Pharisees. Such there was a ruling political class of today's well, oh yeah. I was all the professional religious leaders, and so I mean do This was a virgin, he was broke and he was homeless and you know
when we today, you know everybody on the left is like Jesus pro sexual freedom and on the right he's, probably you know prosperity, I'm like use, broken homeless reversion, and so You know the guy that I worship he had a pretty. rough one right and there is a lot of opposition and dumb, and so I wouldn't except. I think, that the cost of being a cushion going to be higher going into the future, and I believe it'll get rid of a lot of cultural Christians who would have some minor affiliation with the church because of the social benefits for the cult, community a gap, a churches yeah. I think it's all love, it's not all just like! there's a lot of smiting there's a lot of in n out now, you're, either in or you're out. There's a lot of separating of the teams and clarifying of the team cuz. If you don't really love Jesus and believe the Bible. Why way the fly cuz there's no benefits anymore right, initially, and if it to those people who actually do follow Jesus, none of that She too, when people go like, I know where you know were, were a big,
Negligence, Agnes kind of like the right wing republican libertinism. Egg Tent, where you can be republican, blame linen government and even though you don't believe drugs or good some, you can be a republican and believe that states have the right to legalise whatever they want, but I'll. personally be opposed to people getting any but Christians. There are you define this not use this analogy so have lifted it from you. I apologise, but their national borders in their state borders, for example, state borders might be You know the in times. If dress interest, junior lonely undeniable. What can I use your worship tune right, but if you believe in how we now believe tat. Jesus is the one and only way to avoid how well that's enough no border. Now you're gonna be blocked at a caravan at the wall. Yet, and your taller and your bigoted. Your narrow minded you're unloving its hate speech. You just fire the carnival music and drive around the cul de sac. It's just what she did
well. That was something you were told me about. You did was it a case study where you asked people see are we did some years ago? Are nine hundred ninety three? Ninety four? Ninety thousand random digital Thou phone calls Let down to a thousand people, had our research firm do this professionally and Socio just were involved in all the guys with more degrees than Fahrenheit. So it's all buttoned up an official right. There was a clipboards worse. You know it's legit, and so what happened then? Is we interviewed people fifty minutes number one: objection: Christianity, men, women, young old, black white, rich poor across the board; intolerance and then it was intolerance in the political, Rome, intolerance and the gender Rome intolerance in the marriage room. So it's to abortion politics all of these issues, and so really the issue under all the issues is intolerance, and it is if you dont, because happened is little nerd, excursus
The dictionary change, the definition of tolerance right, we'll just recently change the definition of sexual preference, because a janitor Verona said it was offensive, vary from spider using its six months. Prior Miriam Webster changed it to be offensive. Sexual preference, which has listened it, doesn't mean that has not, in an eight immutable, commute immutable quality meeting your born gay, that's what they're talking about, but I still still as preference like, I have a preference for blonde DE I hope so the Americans on duty dude. You know ramps yeah, even if you're born that way with tolerance. They changed it from you and I disagree, but we agree to tolerate one another, and then it became you and I disagree, and we now agree to celebrate one another right. So ass. I wave your flag unless I post your hashtag. Unless I support your cause, then I'm intolerant and as its insanity, I mean I don't expect. I don't expect
budgetary and to be pro steakhouses right. I don't expect a Jew artist to be in a pro Baptist church mean it only happens on the left and in an fascism usually starts on the laughed course yet. I think that's also been redesign reuse. If you search fascism, it says well right wing and they define Hitler National. So less Party of Germany as right wing and Stalin Communist, but fascist and really there is no example of a far left dictator feud action. run before like doktor, you know far left dictators such meeting like like Hitler, stolen like now. They dont defined them as far left. They define them as fascist and fascism. If you run the search, is inherently right. Wing so it's an interesting sort of turn of phrase it they do their wording. I will haunt second: where are so we determine,
as far as volumes are well, God is killed more people in a more or less more wars, turnover religious, not tyrannical. What about marble than anybody right? We look at Mount and they go allows. A fascist will destroy. Show me that the numbers in yeah- that's a good point aspect, let me just yet will this year I mean the number one leading cause of death in American. This year is still abortion. by a long shot. It's not the cough nother. Now obesity is still gonna be covered this year. Well, if you're obese you shots fired, you mean I'm here be. The actual tables are not good for the obese with, but the girl with the covered but that's aiming to. We can talk about. That's consider judgmental right. We can't say hey. These are actually healthful. Lifestyle tips Do at least increase your immunity increase your likely to making it through any disease, but now had this awful sort of amalgamated fat I'd in tolerance of everything we put people in a shallow grave, so my shallows you can fit in with our view garden into critical theory and kind of the act
the theory island. We would this, is you know, Andrew bright part, so I kind of up under him and I was eighteen and he was the one who saw it exposes the critical race theory and black liberation to back. Then we really focus more black liberation theology, which sort of morphed into it was critical race. There now is critical Syria to engender through critical economic theory. It's hard to keep up with the critical dairies. Literally, it isn't anti position, it is literally just a critique of whatever is built, but the problem is like my dad was a construction worker, its the easy to do demo right, like the demo guy was not the valedictorian right, it's simple, not easy, but it it's simple, you not a company like swing hammer hit thing. You need a few, can sequence that you, the job as a demo Gus now finish carpenter hold other skill up right. It's easy to break things that someone built it's really hard to build something and so on
This issue of critical theory, its critical raised very critical generator cricket political theories like well. three, imagine the police force, psych. Ok, you defined the police, What are we gonna do instead organism we're gonna. Imagine that Well we're imagining that cartels or doing things right. You know they think it's adorable that we're finger painting our options, but is an issue that critical theory doesn't ever take aim at the most powerful centralized force are really several, but the federal government. So critical theory does not criticise itself right, and so it's it's all is. I criticise yeah and I'm never critique, and Oh right now, you'll hear you know like bull here police or bad here's. The couple examples what you know there's also teachers that are bad and do but things two kids, but we have a defender, teachers movement. I do
It hasn't got minutes, yes, doesn't get alot attraction get alot of triumph. It's tough to fit in a bumper sticker to explain the average per pupil spending but no no you're. I think you're actually written, insisting that they don't be a lot of these critical theorists, don't go after the most powerful companies and what with big tech, who do so because they themselves are. Additives are critical theory, but do not criticise himself, so many who could argue for tongue, but the structures typically critical theory rightist is aimed at the power structures that bees. So patriarchy is what totalling things like that the right now we have the most powerful companies in the history of the world, more powerful, the roman empire, three company for companies, Amazon Alphabet, which is Google anew to Facebook, Twitter, drone apple. If you want there and their stocks have done incredible this year right yeah bit, there are big fan of locked down to the hurts. A small guy doesn't hurt them So at a certain point you do wonder were critical through it's almost like the libertarian think tanks, words like will, when you actually applied and to realize real incidents, doesn't work like blue
tar heroin as much as I know from the government has the right to legislate it pretty bad. You know as much as you know you like the idea, the jackdaws season, charges speech. This isn't going to go well and we find it. I was at a really weird timer. What we're talking about now, even though we haven't broach the subject of science, would be considered anti science, just because your churches, open will be fact, checked for this. That's that's where I guess it's a misnomer housing all ridicule- fear on their own critical thinking, involve all the. churches in Arizona are open Here too I mean, I don't know one close there all open so I mean I think, you're starting to deal with is less of a national culture and you're starting to get really. Local reason: regionalized cultures, you don't kiss me, come for neither closed with extraordinary owner and the churches are all open and and Nick. What you're gonna see on the backside of this too may even be
regional economic recession and depression. Yet, while you're here- sad there she knew the Blue stated the lockdown they ve been. Not only are they have the worst death rates, and I can't do this necessarily causation there. But you can certainly so there's no causation between wearing masks and lockdown didn't helping, because if the worst Deathrays They certainly do have the worst economic outlooks yeah their places or booming- I mean we're. axis right, everybody's moving ear floors fill in I mean Arizona along with their votes. Unfortunately, in Texas yeah you seeing your sing a massive redistribute redistribution of wealth of property. I mean it is this this is kind of you, the kind of Europe Look for a long time, we're gonna be running into the history books. The applications and affects yeah, even socially the generation of because it gives them in who do they grow and become a minute. This is a big social experiment or not I think that anyone can come radical, but what would we consider radicals neither direction either you have kids who followed with lockstep and say: obey yeah. Ok,
other their or they go. I remember that and everything shut down and my dad's business was closed and I'm never going along with that again. That is a concern, as I think you, if not now, a fuses lit for some kind of serious civil conflict line from his generation- will get worse into especially church. We saw with the vote in Florida wrought anybody who grew up. Their socialism or communism. Those people happier Last year I q bottles. They do not like a lot of government interference and rules and control, yet they have a. They have a real aversion, like a healthy pity, de glitch about governor. I would say, yeah it's a to do a categorize it when your grandfather was putting the gulags because he played the saxophone little PTSD of that kind of government is appropriate, yeah. I don't really know that it's a syndrome so much as thinking critically and we dont teach the socratic method now where's the socratic methods to question everything.
Yet why? Why do we believe that? What you presupposition- and that's really all change my mind- is that we do which I think you're your sons might be more familiar with its not a debate. nonsense, you ll civil. Why do you got debater kids in council? First off we have open debates for professors. We have debated professors they just don't typically want to do it, but change my mind the debate is about teaching young kids to engage in the socratic method, never heard of it. College campuses, your campuses, Roma people who are going for their masters, They never they ve never encountered a crack method, but they can t but critical theory and a lot of these people go back and then populate the churches and then they want to change the direction of the church and unfortunately, it's been successful in a lot of places. Do you think that that pendulum is going to swing back? what you ve got with a whole generation of younger than Jellicoe. Sadly, I think that they have really joined critical theory.
I mean the black large matter hashtag. The statement is incontrovertible e good, but the political ideology, in agenda behind it to dismantle the nuclear family to remove Sis gender dual gender. They vary in their mission statement us where cops going. their knees yanks so outside and inside. But at the end of the day, pass ride, Jes other. I guess that's what we demand of the cloth didn't say it. I did not say the same Avonlea rest, but at the end of the day, it sir it's a whole generation that really has been raised on social media and hashtags and and they they picked their team early usually it's done very emotionally, based upon some sort of in a youtube. Video social need, trending story, and so you know looking at an age of real reflective. Critical thinking is just more impulsive, emotional, responding widow, usually ready. Fire aim is not the best sequence right well see
I say that as far as because ready aim fire. Obviously you said ready, fire. That's see, Detrick. My brain but because he had a little better than the one or one while Turkey. foresaw this fellow secure profit, but that's it that you be bring up because any talk by this quite a bit. Yet a sermon recently returned the difference between sort of fear and fair. One. Eighth can explain that two people quite a bit be explained. It people how what you're Sherman is about her. I guess in this time of covered, because then I do have some questions, because I also had a pasture ones. Tell me that the opposite of love is not hate. Its fear, as though all fear was bad, and I disagree with that. I think fear when being instilled from an authoritative force that has not God, that's where you have to examine it, but don't think fear any and all fear is bad. But plain cunning. Your stance and faith in God versus fear and how that relates to this does very unique tool, right now. That's all you: do you need time in history that animal
I can about that that the fraudulent ballots earning us, if I'm talkin about covered fee when a peak an army and managing minority area, so fear Does the illogical response mechanism, the God hardwired in the human body right endorphins, You're on you noticed austrian flies your alert, you're awake and you knew did when you running from a bear you're in the woods and you see a barrier, let cook at your kind of a bear: geography, bearded idea and a good play dad. If you get mad at me, yeah that'd be great, and so but then, if you live in a constant state, heightened alert were you literally started destroy your own Leonard. You life energy and it leads to physical depression, emotional depression than people are anxious and they're nervous and there's adrenaline and, and so then, their self, maybe medicating with drugs and alcohol in the camps Even then emotional problems in
Bible is something very curious to say about fierce has got, has not given us a spirit of fear, and I know if people are here, may say this and think it's a little kooky. But it's what the Bible says. Oftentimes at work behind fear is a demonic speed there is literally a super natural, invisible pop full force at work. The cause sphere to spread like a contagion and that's why you saw earlier in the year people through Carrasco grabbing toilet paper. It's just a spirit of fear. You see people you know that a running away from family and friends, that's the spirit of fear When you see the run on hand sanitize or its this spirit of fear clear, but yet people are just soon with fear, and the Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear and that perfect love cast up fear. It's a really over the circumstances, there is a god. His name is Jesus. He does
me and I have faith in him and I see things that would give me a lot of fear. I trust him over it. That's faith which helps reduce my fear I've never seen anyone make a good decision in fear I've never seen anyone architect. A good life in fear and I ve never seen anyone. Let fear drive them at the end say that was the right way to go, what about fear being very close to entail in other words a healthy unawareness, so earnest friction like I was kind of joking, but I'm carrying it. This election is called because we had people attempted docks, We do have firearms and we say a prayer. We set a guard, and so I think That is something that's important. Sometimes christians misconstrue that, if you're afraid at all there's no such thing as a healthy fear There is an awareness of the Bible talks, a lot about wisdom, rain and and Each person has no wisdom, a knife personas, I'm no actually or not. I mean
I bet tickets protests, death threats. reasonable approve vast. We ve had people arrested at our own church. What are they read, my kids. and through with me, as a bible teacher in an urban setting, and so you know I would have never looked at my kids and said: you'll be fine. You need to be wise right, but but you don't want to just live in a continual state of fear. If you do it's just not emotionally safe for a while, so I think there's a big difference between wisdom, which is dealing with reality and and then here, which is it almost starts to go towards paranoia, and that's where you stirring to see it now with people that are on locked down their isolated there at home there getting other news and information for meteor social media and people who are at no risk by the way, we're not time the most urgent, I'm on a ninety sexual with diabetes, Renee for turnabout kids. eighteen years old and fit and are terrified of they're gonna die. I was at the Glacier national Park with my wife, a while back for our fiftieth birthday. We went together for my wife Chris we're in the middle of nowhere Glacier national park? I kid you not fit,
around twenty, king by himself and Glacier national park mask, shield gloves. Did you kick his ass? I was too busy chocolate. I couldn't do that will do with bullies. Were bullies used to beat me up, but they would have to stop them, so they would have stopped laughing first year. in the glacier national forest by yourself. Yeah Montana has they have a masters degree in social distancing. That's why everybody move there. It's not exceed. Everybody gets six acres, I'm crazy it well so can there be fear, is all fear inherently evil know. No fear sometimes is a warning of a dangerous situation where it is a reality. Then you're still gonna need faith to figure out how to deal with rat situation. What sort of eyes as an example- and you may get really mad at me- I will when Jesus said to God to his They said if there is any way for this cup to be taken from me like he was so
he was shows anger was emotion. He was anxious. He was be was sweating blood you know, that's a man who was, you could argue, We can. We can mince words here, but I would that someone who's ever see afraid of his, not Natalie afraid of the pain fraid of the circumstances but afraid of also not fulfilling its purpose. So I would say that Jesus there certainly had to deal with fear and I've seen sinless feared health is not a sin it's giving in to the on fear yet, and so the boy So the number one would you say that that someone accurately had a problem? The passengers, in all fear, sheriff and knowing? How will didn't deal with anything striven a bit of hell in that way and he was saying: hey dad I'm scared here I don't wanna be nailed to across. Is there any other way and ultimately he Dublin's okay? This is the way will end, and in that no there's positive and negative expressions of emotions. There's not positive and negative emotions in the Bible, so
does hate and he does love India's jealous and he has positive, perfect demonstrations of those emotional states at. So it's not There's positive negative emotions, its positive and negative expressions of those you can have jealousy that's really healthy, like if we go out and there some guy flirting with your wife and we like, that bothers me right with the mask in the year to sneeze Garda either way I'd be laughing yet so, but the number one command in all the Bible, which is really curious. It's I think somewhere on hundred fifty times, is fear not and what they It is feared, does come and that fear is looking at reality and saying that there is danger or something is concerning an that's reality and wisdom, If your decisions then are driven by fear- and you know get out of fear in the fates, I think fear is where you start and faith gets you through it right what happens with fear we'll do the fighter flight? They either just kind of act,
Ray aggressively, an unhelpfully or they just withdrawn, retreat in that's exactly we're seeing right now. So what we're seeing with this spirit of fear using some people just riding and looting and fighting, and why, in their like, I don't know, I'm just upset and things need to burn like that's. Fine right and other people are with the door locked, you know wearing a hazmat suit. You know only king purified water, those are the flight folks or some of the passengers who are showing in their churches its flight. There is light there. So how do we get back? especially for some Christians, are there going? Ok fear not, but there been Christians have been burned. I have there been Christians that woodchips of after sums have been placed in gulags, so the weird for the Christian is number one. We believe that there is a God over all of this, and so, if you look at your, I don't have any hope. You're gonna, look over it. say if there's a got over it, that's the only hope like you can Hagen forgot where we're gonna, what we're doing and in that involve family this year I mean this is honestly:
the greatest you're? My whole life really ask I feel bad saying it don't feel bad saying it. Love. My wife, I love my kids, we we If it had, we we ve had a, right year. Gods been very gracious ministries online, it's exploded in person. You know people are becoming Christians. I get to teach the Bible. Let us that's real. Faced Campione wondering I highly recommend the devotional I signed up for real faced outcome. I think was a things, but I'm still getting them. So I know you to pay for its free lawyer expectations. God has for me. in the middle of it all when I would get afraid like or churches shutting down or what's going on, or my kids now need to come home from school and is my daughter's wedding gonna be cancelled because of all this craziness? In all of these things that we dealt with this year, time it was. I need to go talk to go about this and I need to get perspective above it and I need to get wisdom to navigate through it, and
God has been supernaturally gracious and generous to us this year, its the best during her whole life, my my boys rots. I love my boys with all my heart, I'm sunk, I mean I'm. I'm of my sons virginal early men that they are in my daughters are incredible, and you know I mean I would be far more worried about your marriage in your family, then I would all the things there out of your control right here right now the word about things that they have no control over like the vaccine gonna do what's the economy going to do what the final ballot count gonna do it psych will not tell you what I can control what I'm gonna do right you know- and I want to be healthy and I'm in love and serve the people around me and I'm on it scarred where there is an opportunity, because I'm assuming that the matter what's going on, God does have an opportunity and isn't it short of funds. I think that if you do contract covered, which we all except to the past, Melanie. If you will say I'll see, you can trust a science look
feel the same way. People try to set it to me and I go we're following the science. Can we say life begins a conception of the number one killer, still abortion a mean less, Just run the numbers. I know he s, one of those, where people talk about Amy, it's not about right laughter. I have friends or people, limb work with closely use em a christian butter and only subscribed any political party. All your preclude, voting for one political party because a support abortion up to and including birth. I'm not a single issue voter. That's not. The only reason that I consider myself, tat Ladys would be a good kanda if you're gonna have a closed handed issue. Yeah, that's a good one to start with yeah, no doing babies they would vote against it. But we don't let him get out and vote. I mean everything else. If the party had everything else right and if they are record of always improving the economy, faint, a track record of better it better. national security right a better resume, better employment, followed, which none of those things are true now to get local. But if that were the case,
So if the vote that you kill kids and some reason. Lotta Christians have thought into the guilt with that shouldn't be a single issue: voter and that's been turned into a wider issue. The pro life issue, because they train say your sheep. If your Christian, your voting just because you're pro life well either to me after you have to vote along lines of proliferate each can't though, but you can't justify putting away on and off. That's that's just my personal opinion no I mean, I think, everybody gotta decide in the menu of issues. Were is in the priority scale. There a b and C. So the two priorities and if. If motoring children doesn't make it to the age category, you probably should go to ask ruined and by us all right. What's, if that's not, if that's not playing pro what's triple a ball, if not preserving life because right now we're talking about justice but not for the unborn
talking it and the way also disproportionately affects black American. So Margaret Sanger was a malthusian eugenists borrowed her playbook from Nazi Germany and actually beyond printed in Hitler's direct national medicine or whatever was his position. papers and she intentionally put the clinics and poor neighborhoods to this day, and so what we did is we went from. They got it back checked by slopes for citing that. But yes, it's absolutely true. We whipped women, from big concentration camps too little clinics, I mean great my wife and I we were in Germany last year and we looked at the clinics. We looked at the we went to some other the castration camps and I'm interested to hear the stories into being. The placement just feels evil fills demonic at the end of the day that same ideology still continues. I'm not. I dont know why, with the things that Margaret Sanger said why plan parenthood has been cancelled, along with everything else, the council culture. What's that
cancel you and unless you fit in line with the criminal theory right now which is this idea, the critical theory it really more so placed a patriarch enabling the lack of access to abortion is because we are, secret meeting mine women's backs and we want them to have abortions. No most men actually want to have a lineage and children and they actually support women and of course we are against sexual assault. But that's what we're critical theory comes from and applies to abort. is the stick: the systems of power, the structures of power that be our men, therefore use You have an opinion on when I do with my own body. Seen a lot of women be really frustrated because they would say The national opposition to women doesn't speak for all women play in You know that there are many women who are pregnant, there are many women who are pro there are many women who are pro face right and so this monolith it stereotyping, and I didn't think we were supposed to do that, what we do and we are if it's, the right stereotyping, which goes back that uses
look is available for free. If you will go out, it's called the cushions might be crazy argument recovery if they got a real faith, are calm and that some it and that is about what people at the day the biggest deduction, receive agendas and minutes. Answering all the objections from a lot of the christian experts or viewed Robbie Zacharias Wayne, groom and John Piper now Mauler and just this whole May IRC Metaxas just a whole list of people in there all in their papers, guns and flag. Lately he can, I disagree with them. I love John and in the election cycle. It's it's I didn't mean to put you in the middle of any of that, but I know all of us here. You know. Sometimes we all don't realize, because you know you got no a wig dressed like a lady in doing something. Silly people realise that we actually do have meetings on theology. Here we were all time of that John Piper article. One really disappointed in this cause. It's a guy who a lot of us follow
here. I know John have known for years and the talk too much in recent years, and I'm just to the point where for me I have gotten Chris size to bet ya out end and some its deserve some of its. How do you say is desserts because I tell you what I look to the criticism and I I don't know what third rail Sears bringing up so it cuz. You probably want people looking up the criticism, but there were out of criticisms and in most lieutenant I look into them. It made me like you, more like warehousing. I didn't really seem like a serious criticism. That's, that's not that to something I agree with. What would you say are valid? What would you say if you could have Ado over No, what's been really interesting, wasn't says let pass through some gardener critique. Anybody no. That was my guy, but I started preaching saved nineteen became a Christian got, spoke tomatoes me Mary, grace, preach the Bible, train monoplane, churches, audibly,
I literally got my job description audibly from God. I don't even know he did that And what are you sound like a manager was an assurance. Emily yeah, like this, a wrangler got and so then I started doing Bible teaching and then what was interesting is. I happened to be in Seattle, reaching primarily colleges the kid young men justice the internet came into existence, which is sobered. If you can think about this, I gotta communications degree. from one of the top five programmes in the country at the time, the Edward, our moral school of communication before the internet,
communications degree before the inner totally irrelevant. It's like a driver's license before the car right you're like what does you drive a dinosaur like I mean, and so for me and a horse and buggy license. I don't it's random sites. They was a class, see why so I'm at the beginning. I me we were one of the. I was one of the first pastors to have a website where you could mp3 download the sermons for four years, and I didn't know what the rules were. So I never. Generally I didn't early ANA didn't at any of my stuff. I just thought it was built we know you just be honest and put it all out there. In addition, as the platform GRU and Dru and ruin, and all of that It was a bit of an experiment to figure out. You know were the lines and how do you communicate because I'll be honest Gimme, the reasons the people don't listen. The Bible teachers is there's no humor and their snow entertainment value ray and were in a day now of agitation, meant read that that,
education is packaged in the format of entertainment. And it started with theirs Cole bears and and bill more and the guys on the left to do it as well and selling bill night. But yes, yes, and so for me, you know I I connect started in the world before we knew what the rules were end from as a young man, my sudden death things that I regret lots of things that I've been accused of a really look forward standard for Jesus and get in the all clear. I say like a Calvinist on Benadryl is what I tell my folk. I saw at whether it s because your Calvinist, sometimes use, has been a truth which that but we could talk about for our Calvinism. In fact, when Calvinism idea Predestination that's when we talk about in this show where I think a lot of people get it wrong. let me say this to part of the reason that that some branches of Evangelism Protestantism Calvinism that they're getting index call theory and some of the social justice stuff with
really curious, because it's about repenting of their send not your own right and it's about per in an organizational failure, is thank you sergeant, especially area, and so within that are part of the reason. That's appealing right now, products Tourism is a protest when it starts with the same spirit as critical, fair and that is who or what I'm against right at. So You dont transition as a protestant back to your message in your mission and you stay in that disposition of critic and protest, then, you are kindred spirit with critical thing: and the social Justice movement which hijacks the gospel right, that's why that's, what's going on! That's why, in the reform world are starting to go social justice, critical theory you. So why is it because, if these guys testing in these guys are protesting eventually,
protest merged together and do a mega protest right. They align until your church gets burned down and the presentation of the photo up avenue nailed with being Bagshot guns, which I want my laughed. We have to bear the Episcopal in church when they are, you murder, is on fire and one Donald Trump showed up and they were they were all peaceful. Protesters, moon, I just saw the steeple. Unfortunately, just watched it ablaze, fell in God bless the Episcopalians, but let's just say that there personal statement is in pencil. You know I mean these are not people that are real, solid right essentials and going to really fight for some stuff yeah. So I don't know why. It said that when I'm fine right it's a Nathan pencil, it's not even number two would make a scan What will I grew up in Canada? I'd never heard about a piss compelling doesn't exist, but as the anglican church, yeah, yeah endemic, and how to educate me on that here was actually Andrew Craven. Because, surprisingly, he's
converted Jew was not episcopalian Christian, who just disagrees with almost everything from the authorities in the church rate now monopolized by sticking around and that for some time This becomes a by product of tradition, ya want Furlano, people, the tradition, provide some measure of comfort in a world, its constantly changing theirs. something about tradition that it feels like a nasty go back into its always there and its consistent right. So I guess in, in kind of closing its real face, dot com again for people who are who are paying attention here watching Perhaps you can say whatever you want, and I know that you to steal, you wanna go off his Europhile mouse beast, you bear you mobile, help people right now we're living in this, this time of uncertainty in fear and how should they discern between what is a healthy sort of observation of feed versus how they should live their lives, because I think that's really were a lot of people. Are you have a lot of people who may it was your message but to go on, but I also want to be the person whose shoot out you know adequate
for not wearing a mass grave dont want to be the person who opened my church first see a lot of that lotta people sort of waiting for the person to take the first step of the season in the pool, the one thing you want them to now basically serve the christian body in the United States. Right now I mean to It's really simple and it's like I'm getting up every morning wondering what is convenient, or what will this due to my reputation on? Probably not going to be faithful to Jesus Christ could way to put it. So what should they focuses get up and What's the right thing to do and what is this is one way to do it it is synonymous with the truth. Then you gotta find them. That's it reduces I'm the way, the truth and life, and so, if you're, looking for the truth, are gonna find Jesus in managing their own tax, but their truth there's my truth, there's the truth. Much might his name is Jesus yeah my truth is a guy who be death and so it's not just a concept that I had here too. It's a person than I submit to you you would want to ask.
Thinking what are needed when you can hear the seller another out on my own and ninety five here is like I'm having a hard time tasting today, fix that I think I've. just a slight sense of smell like a little bewitched. Now I think that's That's a good place to leave it. It's real face dot it. You know what a you have made in a measurable impact on my life, especially someone who had to search United. I've talked about this being more of a conservative. There was an hour Van DEN Berg, recently whereat I'd, never do press. was doing this rally in Michigan for trying to go. But more to release the death toll from the Senor Living facilities because they never done it, and so that was one of the rare instances where I said. Ok do press, because I want people Michigan to be aware of this, so I gave in our view to someone at Bloomberg any ask me some questions like who was your major influence? My said, you know, I grew up a signal,
group and care, we didn't have aim radio, I said so. I ve no like I If I wanted to listen in rush them via the pirate it when I went to Plattsburg New York, but I grew up with Letterman and I grew up. TGIF there. I after be John, don't let anyone knows Conservativism Gimme a break, you nice, it's a really would be Letterman the early Howard Stern in Tandem in John Stewart S aren't ya John Docile and then in the Michael had said any sites rush Limbaugh, as is influencing. I said I couldn't procure rush. Limb by wasn't possible listen to the same thing, with the kind of content that you provide. Didn't have it and I went to some small churches with some passers who did did their level best, but in an church population that you have? Basically, socialist, liberal or socialist liberal separatist. I D go up, try and find voices that made sense, because I knew what I was being taught- wasn't correct and and yours is yours is one and it's been. It's been a really
part of our shaved, my my worldview and Christianity, dioxin, honour by Cuba, who's gonna. Some really where it has anybody ever prayed for you at the end of an episode, usually cause they're scared. They might be struck by lightning. I think, but no No one has, but I would I would welcome a pray for you and your own. Absolutely brother got thank you, for opportunity to talk with my brother and more God, we live in a crazy world. We thank you that we have full confidence, that there is a God whose over it and If we didn't have that confidence, we would have no reason for any sort of faith. We just be gripped the total fear Laura no is trying to do education and entertainment, and God sometimes The ways we find the line is by driving over, of course, correcting the if we're gonna make it more Luther said the basically, if you're gonna, sense and boldly briskly, if you're gonna do it do beg and then left the Lord sorted out and so gotta think
you for a whole generation of especially young men who have been informed in their world view, and I ve been challenged because it comes with the proper humor and irony and sarcasm, and a bit of fun and entertainment and a personality. The gardener better loves you, and so I asked for protection for him. and our family knows what it's like to live under some real threat of death and people that have mental illness or demonic issues, and you're just not well and there they really are concerning any want good form. But you don't want them to bring home to you. I pray God or his marriage that they would love each other deeply and grown friendship and poor grace on the hard days and God with holidays, coming up further make good memories and have a good time, together and God Thank you for the opportunity that technology gives us to talk people all over the world and to say things that otherwise platforms probably not allow us to say and got I pray for the platforms. They will continue to give us the opportunity to be, to not just muted and throttled, and God part of
is a prophetic word and got the profits in the Bible didn't come out of the establishment that came out of the woods didn't work for the platforms. They worked, offer the grid and got that that they said got them in trouble with everyone, and sometimes they cross lines, and sometimes they used really interesting, sarcasm and humor and mockery to get their point across and swords. racial. My brother, I pray for his marriage. I pray for his business here that is also an educational ministry are prey. The enemy is servants, their works in the facts. I prayed keep him close to Jesus and I pray that he would They salting Jesus good night, a man. Little lesson there sometimes line crossed sorry, it's. What it's, how you made me? Thank you passed. Describing I've spent decades over the line. So I have no just well nigh by appreciated. That's why we wanted to hear Ash Wednesday. Happy.
Thanks giving everybody has for me miles. We will celebrate be merry and if there's a cough that comes with it, well the role that ice see next week, you may have noticed that we provided a lot more you're new to them. We usually do consider subscribing lot of Canada COM, Slash Macleod, there's like seventy percent more show every day and of course, a lot of the show. Sometimes, in gross violation of Youtube and or Facebook guidelines, but there's an extended segment. If you want to hear past remark, Driscoll Tell me where babies go and what happened to them in the mother's womb and little by little, but introspective little but serious. and I think I like, preferably honor- you can go to my club, a lot of Canada. Come such Mccluskey promo code, credit election streams to get you three, off, because it has been called yet see you over there in the chat
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