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Today, we pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh. If not for him, none of us would be here. We also fact-check Joe Biden’s recent CNN town hall, particularly one flagrant lie. And Biden’s gun control agenda? It’s worse than advertised.

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Audio. Listen, I don't hit fast for it. I'm going to keep this short. If you are not a member of my club, you will now see the results of the Asian wash off. I won and I literally pass out on air on camera in trying to imitate nation, not racist, tat of love, so joint letter, but let us my club but fight like hell. Thirty hours off, that's a powerful sip,
hitting that because we have never lost power here at this studio. That's true credible It really is a blessing and its also occurs because we're not going to take time off work but not as nowadays we are here for you. We did have to reschedule a change. My mind, though nice motor fraud is real way ban. We brought so We will not forget today. Listen I just want to let you know will have some little bit of personal reflection on hero of mine and loudly here rationally by so necessarily but Brit. What is breaking news? Unfortunately, his passing but little bit of a trip down memory. Lane, don't worry, we still have plenty of clips from job from now on how their deep enough units stated facts regarding vaccines, as well as a new gun control bill, It is really important because our using the crime wave to try push that on you yeah the crime wave, so they need to institute gun control. We have generally is here. Are you and how are you little winded little?
Is it the sitting, because I was running around trying to my reassign quarter. Lack is here. I won't tell you who's in third sure. Don't do that you're home? I won't tell using third chair yet hold a debt. What's it hold it down, pull down, lay it down. they don't lay down, wait what nothing you hold it. What's laying I lay down when you may have you don't talk about that? I want to show you a third year. Yet they are big part of the show today, and we actually have some medical advice today shows you're not supposed to be spent on Youtube, but not actually, my doctor help what's up dock with doktor choice, you ve seen it, but first before we get to all of that, we have to honour our brothers and sisters of different shades with black history months. You still arabic gun in my favor to appropriate lobbies. To appreciate, I saw block I do and as one of the sector This was in fact some facts about you, because you have to say that I dont get pay and extra that here and I'm I appreciate just like can opener Pataque Austrian rose apart. You
no her her brave. Yes, yes Senor Gunnery Album, but little known fact she actually jumped in the spotlight with her mix tape front. Front wrote, while also in the name of a record company front row row AIDS related aspects? She also dangled vanilla ice from a balcony missed opportunity, name's eternal rap to just doesn't pay better go flip houses linen something else too. This is also breaking you have to know about this before we get to rush limbo in Joe Biden and the gun control bill, which you need to know about is ill on Omar Joint Tiktok was regularly. Ok. This is this is real tax, the worst don't ever going
Government. Or a female breed, bought here's something funny about that. Actually, music is heard, a crowd everywhere, Hurrah around that looks like you're its around music is her lump so she's, just a really Babbitt muzzle perfectly acceptable, banging your brother, yes, and no, right. You can't take that we never take away from her. she married her biological brother? That's her even snobs has to say move up. That's a fact it is verifiable. Do you want about your representative? Stop your brother Stephen, let led him who hasn't. the first stones I mean all of Us- can answer yet recently, one of throw stones with like Dennis the minutes with slingshot. What offends me most is the dancing.
in our video more than anything else. Well, you know who it hurts most Allah, it remains alive. I and that's why you have this no storms, but at the end, to far removed to stay all these years. There's no gas tiers of snow another. His tears now he's a cold god he's a cold God and Merciless God, and a hateful vengeful God, but only if you dont, convert submit or die or said attacks. Were you have some? You have some options with Islam, hopefully be coming to an american government you soon by the way we talk about nepotism in her case she could actually be fondling money to her husband as a company which could be a violation could begin paid via social reviling that at the same time, welcoming nepotism, because it's also her brother husband and brought it is crazy web has been brothers, she says that's redundant and show me that the deep it forbids its detail
before we move on. Actually this is something many of you requested and took an hour was the winner last time between him and a half a similar bill Richmond, but now we have an intern joy June who is also fully asian, and so it's time this week we can check agreement before our asian Rosetta ranting, and here we go. This is third chair today token now and taken out. One is here now taken out and you are in fact asian I'm one quarter of an hour and you're one quarter Oconnor more like what her brother. When you were a baby, you look really asian variation and when you I can build half asian bill, Richmond Drank licks foliation, you were purple. Errors occur. If you wanna call my foot. My father had not as an area disgusting and now we have Junior Choi here whose dad Doktor Choi actually is the what's up doc, my favorite doktor ever and you are foliation correct for Korea in full. Ryan? Okay, so we're going to see who gets more pink and that's the winner,
whoever gets a nice Asian was issued. We're gonna have what's up doc segment later for those where Mug over Hill explain the asian glow so serious health consequences. So this isn't safe. our eyes what early you're gonna start with the shot. So one shot of bourbon, we measured this one shot of bourbon for the Asians. Ok start that I Let me see, all the medicine. I feel a little bit of sugar, helps medicine, but go to get it back, and I think I think, broadened probably playing along is like other drinking I'll, drink low, he's ironies oils running alongside early days, not pink he's just ruddy, my question to you to do something because other listen to rush limbo and have even following social media and seed. kind, where we argue has of course see liberal celebrating and there's nothing We bother me, that's all par for the course I was. I may jokes. When TED Kennedy died, the differences rush, lemme never killed. Someone
So am I write about it allowed the legend alleged, allegedly, she died because of him yet made he didn't do it deliberately. So what how do you remember Russia? But how did you find out about I'm curious? Having? Is it just the comments such as it would be good, good section, four we're just gonna congregate, talk about how you use we found out about this guy who really changed the face of media lands. but that's the best you can do is just comment. Now, you're gonna do Benda. We try and foster pretty good community. We don't sensor comments with them and the most of your pretty nice surprising with the present on the use of common action. Usually awful, you don't expect you to area, ok, we're going back by like merged or let us cut a shop that come. This shared is available. Its declared form this and, the chain from shirts and of course, will be taking your chat on Political show is alive Monday. You thirsty every morning a teenager.
Ok, so blogger, you don't notice about Russia limber, whether you like it or not. When people say he changed the face of media landscape. Let me come start here from from the beginning. You M radio was considered debt at that point, it was considered old, was considered out of touch, and so they thought, like I've known you say, I'm radio anymore, and it comes down to bans all technical stuff. Everything was moving to FM. and rush limber took some M stations and he was just a fire and he had died in the kind of radio that nobody had done before he had how many channels he had issued with fifty six and he ended up with more Six hundred people talk. Big numbers on Youtube and stuff like that really before us recently, nothing compared to what Russia get We seven million weekly listener found his seventy eight as a lot and that's why the left really hated.
He had power. This was a single handedly changed the face of modern conservatism. Vandam than that which is, but he did a lot, ok and that's why we may not remember but President Trump mankind of actors on hearted this. I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving countries highest failure to honour the presidential metal of freedom is genuinely surprised us really touching time. Of course it so when he died in BC, prisoner presented brush Limbaugh dies man who was obtained
but what a presidential metal of freedom known for his racist, homophobic large force, which was the thing, is people's racists. You see a seller twitter, he knew his when you took what's normally he's guy? The one guy in a student attached to a really big black Let me cite: oh, my god, who shows noteworthy what room was negative Looking around forever rush had a very, very loyal, employs peep to know him was to lament. I know he had several marriages. Look I'm not here to say that Russia is a perfect Persant rang. It was a flawed person. He had a painkiller diction. Now that came from him actually having pay, in an injury done, then that's Marilla. You wasn't going down looking for heroin, there's a big difference between advocating. Four legalizing all drugs and saying there, inconsequential and muslim. By saying you know what I developed the problem and I'm getting some help, people trying to use it against him and then so we have a mental health epidemic in this country. Russian embargo, perfect symbol for what the left says: verses, what they believe
so in the liberals hated him some agenda. If you remember this, but didn't they try to start their own like things like ginning, Hurrah follow and some other people, if I'm remembering correctly and was an area where America, Gatt and in it just failed. By trying to rank and how to show an outbreak getting was born. They were furious. This is something a lot of people. Dont know newer conservatives, you know they were really mad because they ve. Why do we only get ABC Cbs area, the Big NBC Msnbc, and why does he get all of em radio and similar plenty of? Opel stations, nobody wanted it, he went there, they tried and they failed because the M radio format. Three hours of talking, you better be interesting and you better be right. Yeah, it wasn't. Even clubs no wasn't close and aim at the time I remembered listening in my dad struck. It was all these like Debbie, Ba Peace, sports, radio. It was a lot of church programmes. It was like all these programmes who couldn't get like an following to justify FM radio status. We're on there. it was just like a wasteland. Yet if you weren't listening for sports, you pretty much brow
we weren't listening to rebel and are even create. They tried to create legislation which you can look up the fairness doctrine with our thinking of offer equal opportunity, equal points of view on radio, but it wouldn't apply to the main networks. The eggs I wouldn't apply to see an end. There would only apply because here's the in this was the problem. The people had that I haven't the fairness doctrine backed and if you look it up with the sea c c, was considered neutral, so they need to have equal time up again. Just be MSNBC would be the one. That's ok, equal time, but Fox NEWS, and Lemme but CNN, ABC Nbc, CBS Single Natural journalism, they don't need equal opportunity for the New York Times Pocket had radio. They thought that, while we need even this out, because the one sort of bastion of conservatism the one place where someone is being affected, was a loan worry? It was rushed. Limber even extends its, not only soldiers, we get the presidential metal of freedom, it don't talk like this with Jacko
on the earth. Is he worked with businesses now and he said you know you're working with people you're doing with their lives in the military budget and a lot of ways its harder going with businesses, because you're doing with people who are responsible for everyone's livelihoods, The metal of freedom is just we given to someone who's taking a risk. Whose face extreme adversity- and you can't say that is not the case about Russia Limbo fine summer. Vice president Joe Biden, two former vice Presidential Bozeman, that's right So I have a lot more. Will talk about Russia Limbata one here your stories, but first actually I know little listen. We ve had Our we haven't lost power. My heart goes out to people who don't have power and we won't be able to help you. So actually, we sent Thomas Finnegan on the ground to give you some tips on how to keep warm and stay safe. So I get home ok.
Thomas Finnegan. Are you there? Can you hear me Soros? Even how are you I'm fine? thanks and you what are you doing less? Even in these frigid temperatures, and my house being out of power. I thought it would be good to show everybody how to stay warm in these in his poor condition. That's got yourself. What we're gonna do is You have to go around your house and fine items that you think we'll burn in then. Young, simply the element of fire, and then you you'll be warm. We keep your family, making a fire warm or through all through the night. There. I don't know, that's necessarily but you know what he is a treeless, because snow on them. So they're not gonna burn. The reason why don't you people are gone grabbing tree limbs. So what's the problem, the wind out of the window primary problem. is it starting. It just takes. A few
rise and it's not starting at all Thomas their ago. Ok, you do that a few times actually have ok I'll check back in hunting get started Thomas Finnegan thanks, so that is ok I will check back indiscriminate. Can we have some other stuff to show us, hopefully better than you have higher you don't rush? She wasn't didn't national radio Hall of Fame. That was a big one, because, with the top tabulated show broadcasts of ABC legacy, twenty seven million listeners and run Actually I don't remember this he single handedly is a sorry really LOS Angeles Angeles, smooth movement, because we have drunken Asians, yeah. That's like I can't you overlays and drink elements,
Let's see that Lemme get look token. Our hope you now I'm gonna kick is already powerful, see many joy, I mean our think. I see it that much rain. Now the lighting is a little bit more harsh on you, but you're still just yellow, yellow average asian I mean yellow, wouldn't do you prefer, yellow, ok or that it's gotta, be. You can pick so that whatever whatever might be best, we're making him comfortable making him come we can now and already south yeah he's single handedly got new Gingrich Elect. Let me look at us. He was concerned. He was made an honorary Republican because of what he did when the Republicans took the house for the first time in it racial. This is the guy who had a lot of power. That's what the left hated him. They were afraid of him. This was a guy who affected political discourse change the direction of the Republican Party bring it back to something more conserved.
the absolutely and, in the only like you said just a minute ago. They had the tagline for his death basis using a racist homophobia and that's the only thing is they could throw at hand was oh he's a racist, always somebody that we can't beat in so now. We have to try and turn down the same play, but they ve been using all the way up to Donald Trump. We can't beat and we don't like what he's doing is doing something different these taking our audience. He took basically social media. That was what Barack Obama basically laid claim to in his presidency right and he came and took it in their like oh crap. They just took our ball. How do we beat him right? Re russian Limbaugh comes to my phone call them a racist homophobia. Don't have that morning, all Sandra Felicity, cholera horrors, let because he was going before Congress demanding free birth control thinks and, as I listen second bade Andrew Fluke, said she and afford it yeah. So what if we can't afford? if you are having so much unprotected sex withdrew. injures ideology campus that you can't afford twenty
I've sent rubbers that are truck, stop you're the man at our taxpayer dollars, and we can't use the words. Let then you can't use so that we can have that worry I'll meet. You save massage, honest people which even at moments Agnes and then an interesting sorting. What we as please, let me he's having so much sexual just doesn't here's one to a lot of. You will remember this in two thousand, and this is why I think rustling by really liked President Trump, even though at the time a lot of people were apprehensive because I didn't think I don't want would govern very conservative leader, who is a Democrat and New York rolling down here earlier Democrat Republican wasn't consistently quantitative, but they were both agents of chaos, as in two thousand, if you dont, remember this, and I know some of your young who watched ass. He actually urged his listeners to register as Democrats. Remember that I do and vote for Hilary in the primary Obama and it will adopt this campaign operation chaos here you go
Sesar. The definition of the successive operation chaos is just Latvia's where chaos, the original purpose of this before the taxes at all hail primaries, was to make sure that all bomber got bloodied politically. He was riding messy on a trail of the time the Mccain campaign had sworn they were, not gonna criticise Obama who better than the current or to do it before the combination process needed to be extended. She needed to stay in our purpose is not to say that each one of these people get the nomination. We have to see to it that neither of them guided by Birgitta primaries at the super delegates have to make the choice and cause all of chaos, and this is something to that peddled remember he's going to be Hillary Clinton, the Abraham ever it wasn't a corner Maria and then all the celebrity said woman, because the whole sexism thing wasn't really a big deal at that want to designate they acted like it was settled, and now all of a sudden we became systemically is anxious to get. Mason woman who knew no rent in an apartment in New York and became a senator like after two weeks or junior sent.
we nothing about he's a black eye. They all switch and supported the black eye. That's what happened in Clinton was furious and they wanted, as you say, should break. She was expecting coordination and also using shaking so yeah. she couldn't catch a break. Then rush limb, rush, Limbaugh decided to extend this into the primary, because here we can at such a such an ego. She was fighting for that celebrity endorsement to come back and it really did bloody up Obama going through the primaries there. Unfortunately, at that point you know who's John, so run. One cannot but wonder. You democratic was not very exciting goes to the people. Don't remember that argument to kind of how I first heard Ruslan, but to be fair, I've told you. I didn't really listen to him grown up because they have access to it. when the pirate M radio from Plattsburg and at that time of the day we could they get rush limbo. There was an opposing station had like Dennis Prager and Michael met that, but then it then I had a friend and on the basis of the first time I found another conservative in Canada on the bus
five on the way home used to go down Tatcho and then Churchill Victoria can anyone whose from Greenfield Park that's your comment below you remember that, and I am talking about rush limbo and he said I said you know Russia, limbos India. So how do you is that I listened to it on line, and you must tell me before parliament as and you had to get a local radio station find a realisation that was doing the streaming and I didn't have a computer with its capabilities. Had a laptop or the only thing I could do was type or play this game lemmings in black and white co nice. So then I would go over to his place and listen to rush limbo little bit night. Isn't what what is this that this is incredible? This guy, just he just saying whatever he wants ever mean was never vulgar. It was never terse, it was edgy, but that was a big. There was a big part of development. I would say more: with this show David Letterman Johns, docile because to watch him after tv I D, J, F and he'd, get on Johnny and twenty twenty Gimme a break, even though environmentalist say: the Hudson River is incredibly polluted. I'm willing to do this job
my wife and kid: that's right knows no agreement at first. It was step by step, but I can't take. can only take Patrick Duffy in small doses, but here's something else to rush limber. He was killed. Before this term cancel culture was a thing and I wrote the treatment for the book change my mind when I was a Fox news and efficient every major publisher. They said no and there wasn't really a term for cancel culture, but I had a whole after on there, and there wasn't a term for Us J W. I call them. I called the modern left. A cycle American idiots and modern left us american idiots with the people who went along with it. We're short of Democrats by default and modern left us where the s double use and academia and celebrities. Could I didn't there's no words to describe it and rush limbo right would run into this. There weren't words describe cancel culture, but this was back in two thousand three. You probably know this better than I do here to stay. me and affairs commentator with the Vienna shouldn't use a short stint,
I think you'd have to dig it out with Dennis Miller, for Vienna was is, and it was for entirely if it reasons is unknown. Understand a dentist well now you're, looking at worn sap, whose looking at that ball like a white screen, I max Porthos had left the house there at the end of a sea tat very few of the view that did you get here. I love the gutter, your gyp, football less about american sports. You Talkin about Redskins, who used to play the cross to the death for four days at a time, so over some thrown a football behind a shark yard. Why doesn't seem like it's all too? Concerning back to you
you're fired. That makes sense when you consider that as minor cut it so rush was on NFL, USB annual commentator and he was forced to resign after I'm have to look at this because if you can do nothing about football, look, he made these comments about the Eagles eagles quarterback correct, and who was it that we now he was on dont give us the commentary, and you are red. Iran needs to stop trees that lies on the cover. Madden using cover of okay so Donovan when that Mc Nabbs. These were the comments that got rush limber cancelled in two thousand three from European Donovan with them is regressing going backwards, my unfair to say this, I don't think he's been. good from the get go. I think what we have here is a little social concerns, labelling, the media has been very desirous of black quarterback. Do will enrich it black coaches and blatant quarterbacks doing well. I ain't. There is a little hope invested in Mc Nabbs and he got a lot of credit for the people
this team that we really do deserve some by our answer, Harry this team less and that you have all the running position can we might have? One can can can like us, have quarterbacks engulf. He should have been running back because we're we're gonna, bring up the stairs and admitted, but he had more rushing yards and he did passing Is that what it was that the patenting apparently was right? I don't don't. You know the usual separate rate based worth three touchdowns that you're my thank ye Donovan mean that was responsible for Sera them dear rushing depressing yet like seventeen yards passing, you get sat here yet more russian guards yet sacked way is exactly his passion. Completion was really loves. Fourteen yardstick, sixteen percent sixty two percent. I think you're going over. One point was accurate right into less it's hot races. To say that the NFL has a diversity programme in place. They do they have to call the Rooney really have to an interview. Black had coaches further coaching positions right because they want more diversity find. His point was hey. This feels like were putting too much pressure on this guy
That's that's! Basically. What are you saying to defend almost Donovan like hey, I don't think he was that good from the start, you guys are saying he's the Messiah he comes in and under performed and now you're crap and on a guess what the sending out and when I was young, this long, there's a kubi IQ test, Kay the quarterback IQ test and we're not saying I q in order that I owe you didn't I felt like well, can you be ended and, according to be a good NFL, quarterback, Vince Young? I what my brother was in school with vision you mean unbelievably one. The the Rosebud national champion had no chance to show him ever with the NFL. Quarterback here. The sis is the disaster. We need a more Vince young score. Less than statistical random. Really, just randomly answer the question that you would do better. If, if you have had a severe monkey throwing out there's, it would do better that doesnt support eyes me a whole lot. They put a lot of pressure, I'm the guy broke down. He did he had a minimum rate of eight years. They should have had a tip off with Vince Young when he bought all of the seats to South West Flight.
and which is a right which is funny because I don't even have first class period so that he can. actually charter to private plane. You psychopathic a picture. Members look look, I got my own plane and there were two peoples. couldn't get to give up their salary at Achan intersect. Thanks, fancy up you're gonna frontier about this club that we play like Lamar goes on to say, like you, you gotta give credit to the defense. He will Recently I was trying to shit on Donovan. We now he was saying, may now right wasn't the reason they want this game is the defence played really well right? Now I don't know why. It's it's bad to say: ok, we want inclusive, we want the end. we want closer and more putting pressure on people to perform in these positions and you're doing it for the wrong reasons, because he's a great quoting he was the first got a lot of you don't realize it's rush. Limber was the first guy to talk about your welcome and encourage people to think lodge Basically, what you know now, as you know, facts, don't care about your feelings bench, a perilous that are often the changed. My mind Jane for my daddy, that sort of the ceiling for lot of this, but he didn't go out and
change my minds and now the guy, who is largely deaf toward the end of his career people dont know that, but he was the first person to describe sort of social justice, warrior culture, the culture of censorship from the left, and it scared a lot of because here's the thing armor, they always sets conspiracy right all european. Why things are radical, given my russian was around when you said they wanted to your guns ways it S. Just in praise of conspiracy to intimidate the assault. Weapons ban will take the whole country like California, where this legal pistol grip, illegal, it's scary, and by the way gun, grime didn't you did work it didn't. It did not work and then it was rescind ardently modulator spill everything if they want it back on, and I think it's pretty clear to see. Look, I don't want to remember him just from the last portion of his life, but they ate his own words. The these were his is. This was his last broadcast for those who, MR my point in all of yesterday's gratitude. My my point,
Everything today that I share with you about. This is to say thanks and to tell everybody involved. Much. I love you from the bottom of way sizeable and growing still beating heart, because I have I've learned what love really is during this. Even in the most dire circumstances, if he had just wait, you just remain open to things the good in it will reveal itself, and that has happened to me as well, but I dont believe our darkest days are ahead of us and never have I people been asking you you'd do Vorhees told us at any time to panic, societal, it's never time to panic boxes, never ever gonna be time to give up on our country every time to give up on the United States. It will never be time to give up on yourself and that's that will have some some something else:
want to play, and I want you to remember him when he was when he was healthy, but still that's the message we espouse for a long time and people of use that term happy warrior That's it the simple tonight. It will say you're, just peddling hope, you're, not listen. I think that we're gonna facing dark times here. We have some challenges with was Joe Biden, but I do believe that we still live in the greatest country in the face of the earth. That's ever existed in their systems and checks and balances that can correct it? And I know a lot of you have lost faith in our institutions. So have I especially after this less election, but the saloon? It's not just say. Well, I'm not going to vote the saloon, is that they will understand it. Doesnt matter anymore, look, look, maybe You feel as though we're not tough spot with the election. Maybe you feel that we're in it spot with Joe Biden them having control the house in the Senate. But look this shit keep in mind in two thousand nine and you can go to crowded bits in much greater classics, rubs talk
Joe Biden being Dimensional Circus monkey back then. Yes, what he's got an openness and just say no one was paying me then, and I pay me now. You go back to do tat and I were I had Jason priestly sideburns in a blue bad. I wasn't taken big Coke brother Monnier Racking wasn't a thing. I didn't get racking money. It was three hundred third country what I've, even if it wasn't I almost slept on it is there but people. often use this sort of this. This negativity, this pessimism as an excuse to absolve yourself of what you can do. You don't think that hush limbo, went through some years. Where listen, you is there for the whole Clinton ministration. He was there for the whole Barack Obama administration. He was there. for the attacks on Donald Trump right use there the whole time, and he didn't just it well, it's time you get up. Listen! This show this is proof positive.
Sure. Maybe there are some issues where I think we need to strengthen, for example, election integrity. That's what I say we needed. It definitely make sure the elections are secure. We now have mass mail in voting. I think there's a way down the line. If we play it right that we can make some corrections, but something this oh right now. This is now the number one conservative shown any online platform any ban on a black man. Most news platforms, there's no way this could have happened into doesn't exactly there was There is no one to understand. That's what the young Turks used to go after me, because I had a million subscriber to and I had forty and there was I think that we could do you guys have made this. What it is you guys have created new movement and, if you keep too, and that there will be more programmes like this look think just to show the harsh twins, weren't conservative They ve learned. I wasn't. Brian Cowen hadn't come out of the closet. There are so many people who now decided that it's ok for them to take part in this fight. Look at China, Coranto she's.
bold now she was forced to, but you know what she Cotonou she can do. What was coming in Chile decision, people in positions of power and influence are becoming bolder because of we. We all ought to rush limber initially, and that's allowed us to create this to make you. while there to make you understand that you're, not alone, that is very powerful. There is good coming on the pike I dont say falsely I try and shoot you straighten tell you when things look grim, this is the end of the line and if nothing else believe that on that to honour, probably most influential and grace conservative art of our time Muslim. Absolutely nothing! Looking back on kind of the nineties with Bill Clinton, I dunno. What am I an early co earlier, what exact What am I earlier? Memories was hearing him. You know it start his programme by day three hundred and sixty two of America held hostage about always start, and I was just like what they had all about you don't like it. I've jumping to listen to the show and cannot learn a little bit about him, but he he
was facing down really dark days with Bill Clinton like a sleaze ball governor is now come. to the White House this sexes, guy is going to come in and do all these terrible things and he pushed back. You know he didn't. You can argue that under Clinton the budget was balanced remember because it out of your mind, embarkation newcomers coming, they got condemn all the house and they started to control Thanks, wasn't oil, but that's why a lot of people look back and think built went, was more of a moderate. It's because you didn't have a choice. He was forced and at that point concerns Republicans were beholden people like limber yeah, because they knew that's the megaphone going out to our audience and weed hold ourselves accountable to them, so politicians are only cannibal to you through people like Russia, limbo Oh god willing. I don't put myself in that bracket now ourselves right now. I just bunch of us trying to fill that gap, meaning malt, but no one will ever be Russia limbo, but a few of us can rise up and then help keep consumers accountable for you, Dan Crenshaw hasn't planning to do. Has member
the sharp little bit pissed off some the subsidies. Don't you go in a little bit with TED crews, I still lightning, but there are a lot of Republicans dead to me and guess what they fear us speaking out against them, because they fear you and that's the same reason that the left. Feared rush limbo. They knew that the guy had impact for crying out loud seminars, either time because the russian embodying do. You really know the content of workers, let but here in in Russia. Did you remember when you first redress limber drunkenness taken on by the way I hate charge, you know you're get a little pink, Yeah he's also veil in real terms when he is not going to be. How do you live in all these fields you feel drunk? I felt it before the share. When I, when I plug beer Likud's jacket, I didn't shoot? I put my dear too fast side, although that lesson the bottle and I drink that nothing like that. You know him
I'm done. That's my means. My thing, like your people do with the economy. A camera does not do that justice by the way like devaluing the currency. Do you are what you said about Ruslan Butterscotch? I mean you know it for me. It really I mostly about russian limb by unlike the daily show, John Stuart, and so your your tweet about, like that, the left being afraid of him. It really it rang through for me, because that's that's all they would do. You know when it comes like that. They would always try and highlight of this controversial thing. He said Ozma racist, he's, he's he's, ter trouble him being and so that that's kind of how I saw him young didn't like him my former years yeah. It was until later, where I've heard in Morlock in context my music This guy's been what I want. I want to tell us that in the thing is, I don't wanna tell without sounding self aggrandizing, because I didn't tell you that at the time, but that man right there injure break part when he saw that I had been fact checked at sea pack, where they said that I yelled the inward and I didn't
thrusting Thomas Jefferson Perimeter said a word knickers with case with care he's k and there is even a joke. Wait a black producer where we stop the record and he looked at me and then I could say makers because I wear knickers. That was the idea of an eye caught it and I got called him. The Fox news office and then the next year they submit a mental Jody rating. We judge where was a joke? What actually? Judging that purchasing an apple phone, is a king raping the environment, but I remember Andrew Bright Barton. Me, and he said you know you when I see that now this happened two years in a row. It's your in good company because attacking you in a way that they are not attacking the politicians who are speaking its they attacked. People like rush limb by and yourself that's because they are afraid of rush Limbaugh. We know that, but for some reason, they're afraid of you, so you need to be aware of that and do your due diligence and wait for the time to storm the castle. But you have a target on you and I've seen it that not everyone has let's go, have a drink or for
I am talking about that. Not really move me yeah You have something to say: oh yeah, I mean you know. There is another part of that story. Like you you not only did you have a target on your back, but just like I'm sure, Ruslan by experience earlier in his career, trying to find that niche like I'm, not sure that rush went to an radio day, one right and tried to make it work there. I think there was probably other stuff summit in fact, even went there because he was the only thing that you nobody else without an ominous. Do my own think right yeah? That was me amendment which would actually yeah and our ever Michigan it as long as you. Let me keep the rights and then it gets indicated, and then I say what am I doing this stupid radio clogging up may go online but human or that we have set up in the morning in an hour Michigan. There were so many so many of those moments. In the reason I tell the story is not just to help. People see a little bit more about the behind the scenes. For you to say that could be you rang. Rush Limbaugh could vary.
easily have not been the rush Limbaugh that we know today if he had not taken a risk if he had not gone out in his community that doesn't take going and starting a channel and going on got to have a hundred thousand followers tomorrow, you can take five minutes of you saying: hey, like here's, a conservative principle that I believe in this converse, and two or three other employees may go gosh, I'm glad! There's another conservative hear me ass a MAC and talked in, and you know what else I will say: Russia was flawed, but yeah you can go back two thousand nine since I started just talking with a bedsheet and- and I had a podcasting Fox news and you can see out of rise and fall short of concern. new media stars- and what I would say is the fall with most. Those people is that they are that, wasn't always sincere and I'm not gonna name any names. Rush limber was flawed. Europe, you know what you owe multiple marriages. Ok, MR family values, divorces. Listen doesn't mean that you didn't believe in marriage. Mr family values going directed to to painkillers one of the biggest problems United States right now, but no one, ever say that rush limbo was insincere. Indeed, believe what he s boughs and now
This shows, I think, I think, that's a big reason cause I'm not that talented that show is consistently grown is listen. You can smell it on. You can really back, look, we're not only was it not making money, I was guaranteed to lose money and same thing with Russia symbol on EM radio exert was no MA, am radio needs and I don't care I get to do what I want my own thing. So I really You admire him and I just want everyone to. I don't off their great biographies out there, but to really appreciate that the impact that he had on me and on the political landscape and there's really nobody out there who can fill issues in the best that we can do is to try and help feel that void. So You don't feel alone, but right now also you want here before we go. This is something remember. I was there this year at sea back, this might have been the year that Andrew Bright part have a conversation rush limber- I want you to hear this is what I think perfectly crystallizes. was all about. Let me tell you who we conservatives? Are we love people when we look out,
over the United States of America when we are anywhere when we see a group of people such as this or anywhere we see Americans, we say human beings, we don't see groups, we don't see fit We don't see people we want to exploit what we see. What we see is potential. gave a speech that when I was at a place, unless it enters the Reagan ranch I didn't know there is mostly death. I thought like what a debt could. I said heinisch that kind of look to Hungary and lives and afterward someone remembrance, like oh hell, you ever going to let you know like he actually seeds from your stuff and likes it, never personal interactions with him, but he was very shy by the way. He's very, very gentle, very meek in person I took. An army has asked me to go p. No, you made this a bad now you lay in it. I don't be surprised,
how much pinker you are than than than whom we might need to adjust the lighting having I switched to switch seats. Let's, let's have you switch see. I never go back and in one more thing about Roger online, but ok, I really quickly. I have him to think for a largely for my wife's political viewpoints right because her mom listened Ruslan bought twenty four hours, yeah so much so that my dad's assailant there when one always in the garage when my wife gets really blushing. Yet it is a rarity when she was by new car, her mom. She actually, whenever the salesman, unlike pulled on his leg, is like a really young kid and said, sir. It is this car come with Russia limb by consider Bob. What to do? I listen to rush live all the time on the radio into one where's name as it turned around. What was Russia that I'm in charge? I am right about one of our first dates, not first days, probably through four Five Anna can't remember. We wouldn't saw Jordan Petersen and of like this is perfect, like this girl has of the same values that I have, which is much more important than some of the things people think
are important for the actual demanded. You take her to a lobster dinner. She did and taught allows act as it rank. Let's check back and actually right now, Thomas Finnegan, as we and by the way. I really want to hear your comments. How you found out about Russia than one house affected you in passing. I don't Usually what we do here in the show. We have some information to get you on the town hall and the the gunwale. But I do want to hear because even for me it up, I'm not gonna, I'm upset, I'm gonna miss the guy, but we're still here to help you we're abandoning our post- and we are fortunate to have our so Thomas Finnegan on the ground- is going to continue, showing you how to stay safe, Thomas Finnegan, we're ok, Thomas Vent again. Are you there, sir? I Stephen another factor to keep in mind during these rigid temperatures is dehydration is still factor when he got one is called out in their snow on the ground.
And an important resource at your disposal is your own urine. Now she's, Alistair I'll come on. Could keep you from dehydrating knelt. That's actually not sure about. Tommy Don't do that? Don't do that you have so you are Thomas everyone realising I'm talking to you. Don't do that! Don't do that How much we need you to do that wisely. Do it wasn't doing what happened? easy, wisest, not stop his earpieces frozen. How does European get frozen? oh my gosh, people who don't do this? That's that's not Thomas! That's not what we do on the show. That's not. It shows keep movie Yacu moving a stable, decent aerobics. You do so a job
No rush would be proud you tried to stop him. You really did Let's go here too that that by internal I know what happened, we did the extended interview with Alex Jones by though it's like another hour and a half. If you guys are mug club mayors at the blaze, because that definitely could not be on. I don't know, that's a bomb chosen, but there wasn't here's the thing with binding the gas. What the town Hall Biden people make gas, where they just say something out of turn. Maybe doesn't maybe they misspelt potato behind these remarkable and that he makes gaps where he miss speaks, but it's also, sort of intertwined becomes us amalgamate of Miss speaking, and a compulsive liar. So it's also. somehow accurately untrue. But he can get something correct by accidents,
I've got a few things are just because it's just that. I like real of the worst mistakes. He made gas and then we'll get some specifics which were flat out dishonest. Everybody knows I, like kids, better people. I saw the central principle of sheep. Paying is that there must be a united tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does. Based on that forceful, I said, and by the he said he he gets. It went We met the word today now that was where the day now keep saying to clip Surely there are different norms in each country? I make their leaders are expected to follow. I get up in the morning. Look at you and say where the hell are we
I think you said something he said: what did it do you have that none of these things- and I think you did say we're gonna- go back, go back a long way to go about it. We got obviously what use wasn't body. Those are like kids, better, not only uses his rationale for the things he does based on that forceful. I said but he said he but he said, but I guess it wherever uses come at below, it helps us we'll see on Youtube ever most readable uses, but he say in a sentence you get in this ain't gonna get Askin draught from Turkey spelled correctly within also now used to stained glass window. Oh that's just been raised. I can't laugh anymore. It's a cargo exercise really. Can I go p? Ok, finally, can go poor guy hurry up or programme. here's something else. It binds don't aid remarkable today, ski run. It
Biden said: that's. Have any vaccine at all when it came to honour towards it when you run off and any vaccine, so arrogantly I thought, did you know he actually said? this measure will unite now. You should say that weighs remember, but when you and I talk last- we talked about it's one thing now: vaccine which we didn't have. We came in office about what ok, ok, first off, here's a thing: everyone That's it that's a lie. That's a lie here is a lie. There's inaccuracies, there's just about is a lot, but it you said: bullshit bullshit is by nature, but here's the wanting We want things to lie where you're disconnected from like you lie about. What's going on, you know in Uganda are summarised noncommittal effect on, but Joe Biden fees.
Such a lack of accountability. The media will call him on anything that he lied about not having a vaccine when he is on camera getting set about two months before he entered all. You got this vaccine in December. Here's the clip they ve got alive, shot there President Elect Joe Biden. He can remember December Homepage nineteen vaccine, but we are here to live shot. The other guy got some important. Every lily president should have a shot at the same time on the television set and when I click fancy grab your ass sexist. So it's It is my dear something else do that he could. He also said: where are you aren't all too we weren't able it we do not actually at all, but we're going to try and have a hundred million vaccines in a hundred days which, if he'd If you do, the math, I think, is that if you do that hundred million accidents. That's me,
vaccines a day? Yeah, that's exactly! I jumped it. Oh, but he's taking crow inviting got that shot. They were at the rate of a million vaccines today, but what is really two hundred million over a hundred day? That's a fantastic! What is your name? What does shapers exactly will set our goal, which you already achieved by the way here? Is here's your argument. He didn't lie. Ok, fine! He didn't lie, he is so out of it that he doesn't remember getting a vaccine two months ago. That's your other argument, which would you prefer Yankee, lied or age. hmm. I can't remember how do you not remember getting a vaccine two months ago pick yeah he's either praise up. He has dimension or he is lying. You listen I'll, be gracious here, how things a little Let's not forget Joe Biden, whose said racist thing after an hour here. Let me be clear, I don't think you're buying is right. Now, not I do not think so. Biologists does, I think, he's an idiot
different strategies, if raiders Rock Obama, the first clean, articulates Lackman furtive he's not the first cleaner to remain so that's factually accurate. Also, maybe he doesn't remember most You said you'd like to genuine eleven without light indian accent which filing doesn't even make sense if you're dying, Have there been any that's it you're, just imitating the cash and being re sets alone, he meant to say you are going to set up without seeing someone with an indian acts. It would ride away. You want you bring in with open borders and mass cheap labour, so he's makes so many rate is very very hard to keep track of what he did another one of this town hall, which I thought was particularly if I were black sometimes I pretend debate would be purchased Willie unnerving. He said this about the minorities, the other part portion.
a lot of people, don't know how to register, not everybody in the community in the hispanic and african American, particularly in rural areas that are distant and or inner city districts. No, how to use to get on line to real em and how to in line for that call, vaccination at at the wall, greed, here's the thing You are so happy. I was so busy pics sitting on the catchphrase ominous say they don't know how to get online. Take Eliza what're you gonna, say before that colored oaks and an Browns let's maybe smooth said that minorities and know how to get my horse, and we happen to have some in order to ensure the smooth manually in Colombia. Can you right now that can you see just actually register for covered vaccine online? I regret
there's gonna be not taken out and you can do it as well. At the same time, I'm done you're done not found it well, nice other! That's! That's just proves it disproves. Clearly he expects and none of you will be able to get it he's drunk rigour. In Asia who found it really quickly. That's that's the worst kind of minority required. A sliding scale is getting girls teaches that an entire group of people. Don't I get online yeah? That's that's males, multiple, attacker! and Latino that will involve making, at least but is this? Is this one many in a line of these kinds of things, but they don't know how to get ideas either because its re system right here I need a vote because they can't figure it out in our life remnants like how can you possibly get away with saying things like this? If you want to say it, hard for low income families to get online because they may not have a computer internet access and fine
But now I rode wrists medicines. They don't understand, I don't you may think. That's fine. There are very very few. There are very few poor people in the inner city. Agri do not have a smartphone, I know, do not have any kind of a computer or who can't go to their put its at least some. It's an argument you can try and make it not sound racist doing so bright, and so in here he just sound racist. So let's go now invited today, but that is an argument that you could try and make and try to sound racist doing so he might be. It's almost attempt. like an olympic shot put of racism is like our right use. The wrong turn TAT was the also racial jungle. Like you didn't want greater interracial jungle. I don't think he's a racist. I think he's in. I think he's in all areas right and I think he's ok with stereotypes which is kind of racist participating, hangs, Blackfeet, but put this put the
words in the mouth of somebody else that the media hates on the right and their races. Imagine how long has it wasn't? Folks, black people don't want to get on line. They don't have the opportunity to internet because they they listen. We can't back, some, to be able to get online like white peoples are not the same as like people. We need to offer programmes to federally subsidize the blacks Filipinos because they are fundamentally less capable of using internet there. I said it that would be every We absolutely you'd be cancelled off of everything, but Mister Mister, Bosley himself, Bosnia here I got it, we are going to say somethin their joy Junior were you looking at
the bathroom is that what it was already has just had a little just had a little bit to drink. You didn't you didn't take Truman's. You wouldn't know, rightly pointed out in an extra the gun control in the crime we. This is really important because it that's really pervasive they're trying to trick you into the biggest Conrad. Since you saw weapons ban their using skyrocket, enshrined by the way, has nothing to do with guns. But before that this is also important. This z is the only way this person Tik Tok, This is spreading around now it. Problem to talk about obesity and but Elysium anyway. This is what will be coming. Schools knew you, the obesity epidemic isn't real and it shouldn't be an anti capitalist. Talking point one on ironically reference obesity epidemic or even uses the word obesity. It tells me they really dont know what they're talking about when it comes to fatness. This use. The word obesity stems directly from the Ba, which was created by Genesis, you must know many ordering experts to finally Ozma bodies and common fatness. Is
not an epidemic, that people existed before capitalism and before colonization fat phobia is a direct result of the table. This, and it has any group of indigenous folks, another people of color as follows: when you make the obesity epidemic a real symptom of capitalism, you're, not only ostracizing fat people from anti capitalist thinking, but also actively ignoring that the health outcomes related to obesity or, more accurately, attributed to food deserts and that Bob Discrimination, Healthcare, the obesity epidemic was created by Western met us
it will vote addressing the actual causes of alpha equity, which is what we need is acting. Capitalist should be doing, there's so much there. She just food desert. Does that mean that she's blacker latino? She can get online in order Amazon, fresh others. Now, if this thing is a food desert in our country- and I dont- let's just go through the market- a circle back on this next week, but let's go through these shaft racism of low expectations that you see from the left today. Ok, we got to rush limb over the cancelling or you're just saying, hey, look! This color back doesn't really have great stats. I think this stems from the fact that people want to have a diverse. Firstly, quota for someone is a quarter back, is not very good our desiring to have a black quarterback who's, not as capable book that guy's now you have Joe Biden saying black people cannot get online because they're not intelligent enough there not Cato enough. They don't have the resources basically saying all black people are poor, living in ghettos and they don't have the wherewithal find internet access and now here saying that what is it the fat phobia is a direct result of
anti blackness. You are saying that all black people are fat and its outside of their control, and this this person is try to ensure that she can he she can do whatever G Z wants, can and want to get there. I don't know, that's a male or female Emma. I honestly don't know I don't know. Maybe some of them are Chaz bottle, look alike foundation that causes I can get as saying shouldn't have to pay for my health care and by the way, oh be city, is not a problem and one other thing and then took an island and have a drink, and so are one of the things that really real bothers me is what the transit and I don't know why this doesn't bother more people. Is it just creates a stereo type of women and men. What is it? What gets a beautiful, brave trans, male or female? What does it make up giant fake tits, look like a barbie sums that I would say, are negative stereotypes market in those areas that are being onto put on
women right and then what do they think it has to be a man just play a factor that is, I think, I'd like to get fat. I have a double Jim, I'm a man, no matter how far more than that and women are far more than that, you reduce them to stereotypes that you can say you were born in the wrong body. I was really an article about Fallon Fox and the fifty year old is plain college basketball we earls and they both and no one ever growing, and when I came out to let them know that I was trans. They were shocked. Ok, I weren't. When you give someone design a Christmas gift, I loved it sucks what your
you're, a man I put on ice exiled, loves and forty citizens chest and thirty do raised by your knee have looked like SAS watch from one of the really shows you literacy dollars the rather than only lose a single year, their companies referring to understand how you using right, you can't say women are weaker than manufacturers that women are weaker than many of us have. Let us not, therefore, women's sport are less interesting. You can't say that. But if you read these articles, found Fox and from this fifty year old, Blaine College Gasket ball with girls who say no one knew because of my frank than my endurance: they weren't any better than them so tat. You can see they couldn't tell because I'm weak skinny fat unless I am less fast, which muscle fibres like
inferior woman if out of all one some trams stereotypes are? Ok, can teach you the big? Why it's fantastic its fatness Stephen, the fact that little that's a protected group sees it wasn't one other body she has put into his three other bodies for Democrats. It's not healthy and it's not beautiful now about to say something took an oath yet, and I mean that was mainly about fatness, but my problem with that club. Wasn't the fatness like, thank God for capitalism, because capitalism gave us the jailer safety reasons. about pencil, both dashwoods. Just what? If I look around, I love most under what she was saying. This is, I think they did. You say she like chairs, bottle she Z list, and I want to get it wrong, but these the catchment area thing they go. I know I'll be a man I'll get really really fat and are putting miracle grow on their utmost to undress like you are not enough. Just like a man says that he's a woman in his late thirty's inserts beating up on
know what a z doesn't they say. She's a woman. Women I don't know what it's like as a man to get your first menstrual cycle. I don't know what it's like to have to understand what it's like to carry a child. I don't know what it's like to through these hormonal genuine by the way, just because you say you're, a man now you know what it's like to have to hide your perpetual bone. with a binder between glasses of every rings in high school, because your brain starts wandering- or you have a teacher who, albeit was chubby, but you could not what she had to offer you my moral reunification. This was really I'm comparable. She Walker Redmain paper french Canadians, and Ok, what have you got for me? I'm, like nothing, just go away, go away! Demeanor, just gotta! Stop acting like we fully experience each other plight because we took our austrian report on about. Oh, ok, we're going circle back that fundamental rights are going to have to. We have to look into that. nonsense, gun, gun, reform, common sense, common sense, Gunnar form, so this is after the three renovation of the partnership we have,
had gone soon and we're gonna have doktor toy. What's doc, where we're going to explain to you rose asian rotation, you drink and three or anniversary for Parkland Biden called for a congress to enact common sense gun law. And even mind before I move on with this, that this is the guy, the guy who thinks that black and brown people right online, and this is the guy who wants to take your guns away. Are you going Don't try me
I would love to see me Joe Biden, former vice President Obama, to achieve remind when we wish in so many words you the Danziger, then machine guns, but ok. Well, you know venom five mayor, fifteen yeah, that's not a machine gun, Let the IRA worships you right now that we died a wheel. Like them. I thought about a black Isaac and Markham with my squint service. That he'd never knows it's new aids. Why fourteen is not a thing and it's not a machine it our in he's an idiot.
Is the guy who wants to now control your firearms. So this is the predicated it and by the way you can see the full bill we read. We did at last week leave we're in depth what the actual villas this is more. The crime wave, because our using this as the springboard for its actual jack. It's not true that there's an epidemic of gun violence, so we go through this really quickly. He reference this last year has been a rise in violent ok. This says, and in this season of so much loss, lashers historic increase in homicides across Amerika, including the gun violence, is proportionally deficit in black and brown individuals. Inner cities has ever ok, that's absolutely sure, now crime has consistently going down prickly violent crime under Donald Trump and it was going down most Indra bomb outside of the twenty sixteen rights. The black light matter right common sense. Gondolas case of crime was going down down down down and then all of a sudden. Despite ok, it's fight. So no change in the catalogue. What do you think I want led to an increase in national crime?
It is not, generally speaking, unruly. Ok, what that I think it was done by a guy named Bubba unless Virginia where they are but for the most part they are the very, very peaceful there car on fire behind him? Yes, yes, so peaceful! This is the one to the people than us and they they say what action crime is going up because of covert and people are now Ok, there's some truth to that. But the truth is you're not having an epidemic of first time. Homicide right people, people who commit
How is that you're having first time violent, felons you're not having epidemic? First time, arsonists, what you are having is violence, mental cereal, violent criminals who are acting in a way. That is completely unfettered because of a decrease police presence, and feel emboldened by this administration, including Kemal Harris said they won't let up they shouldn't let up they should continue. I think that brought needs to be in peace. And not in the way she thinks a weird extra. She needs to be increased from office. Let me this really quickly so police reform and specific, laws have been enacted, not to mention the rhetoric from the left is what led to the increase in violence after De Palacio. He cut for Eighty four million from him I pity budget. They had a one hundred and thirty percent increase in shootings of here's another policy that was really big New York eliminating cash bail, so basely becomes a revolving door of criminals after the eliminated cash bail. Two months after in New York City, four hundred and eighty two people were released and they committed eight hundred and forty six new crimes directly increased vanguard,
violence in New York City, because Kashmir lives. We were gun criminals here, something that happened in New York Post, a bastion of conservatism to be sure Three thousand seven hundred ninety three people were arrested on charges last year from January first November, Fortieth only four hundred. Fifty remain in jail out of almost four thousand four. Fifty remain in jail. Everyone else was out of the released four hundred feet Children. Forty seven were accused of a new crime within sixty days now, people Only thirty. Two of those repeat offenders are in jail. People who committed violent crimes with five. Arms or knives or are should re against their fellow citizen because racism, what is it?
black lives matter that every time a peaceful protest breaks out with them, violent crime goes criminals and look at the spikes. We thought we had a going down, Beale M happens and twenty sixteen bone violent crime Cosmogonic it starts going back down. All the sudden they need to peacefully protest and make sure they get their Nike and all the sudden goes back. A brandy and aren't you should is New York is cause needlework actually with single hinder the responsible for huge decreasing climb yet from under Clinton, because every Giuliani, its new Europe, you big cities now really can name them on both hands that are responsible for the increase gun crime across there- aren't there is no increase crime in the suburbs of no increase crime in rural areas. It happens in liberally controlled, democratic stronghold, like New York, where, before this, If the strictest gun laws in the country, you can have your carrier New York without a shit. signing off on any really doesn't like you staggering. Can you ve found two zero years sitting? Our ideas have shared, but here's an There's another thing by the way. This is something you can track. Look. We have a charter of violent crimes,
to the letter with coincide to thrive and sixty eight. Ninety, two, twenty sixteen twenty twenty after twenty fifteen riots, pretty good Baltimore police they became, much less aggressive in policing field interviews were police, reproaching assessment they dropped by seventy percent and suspected narcotic offences drops thirty percent. Can I have one guy clean. Forty greater authority, we say put down this drug pipe. In terms of track rights. Rigour for me, like when I used to go to weddings races, take the need to take the appetizers. When I had got everybody, those cryptic Baltimore bother. They broke their homicide record with three hundred and forty three of the treaty. While so that's not a good thing, so common sense gun laws like New York, stripping citizens of their right to protect themselves and then- and this I think, we'd are you protecting yourself call the cops there we made sure of our guns said, call the cops. Why is this
just got far that you got up in the air that'll scare above, is a cup illegal. At the same time, we also do you basically in the place where she, just you just happened. Not only did you tell every police officer out there that we're not gonna give enough money for the training that we think you need so that you won't go to the gun first, which is what they ve been saying for years, that anymore training, so they won't do that were also are going to make police officers public enemy number one and on everybody's hit list yeah, it's shocking to me that you have to pay for well, the come you please. I know I am joy of people in the black community right now, who are, who think cops are killers in it. It's no snatching culture because democratic on the black Doctors are going out there in launching black people. Do you know I had last seen hesitancy in the minority. communities who you are so unbelievably out of touch with Japan, because you Harris and Cuomo said you wouldn't use a vaccine if we develop into Donald Trump and why I had taken a vaccine that must be racism. No, it's you and you're soft expectations of people who are who make up your voting constituency and the fact that you're not
The interested in helping them, ok, but speaking of helping people s second, one more time, the mega. We keep you all safe, Thomas Finnegan, on the ground, ok. Has Finnegan. Are you there, Sir Don't worry, bounces back yeah he's he's like the little bouncing Disney ball with the single on we have to get going. We have we're. Gonna have a what's up doc segment with why jars, while other and he'll explain to us asian Rosita, everyone on Youtube. Thank you so much. If you're mocha member go and watch there of course comment as soon as this is what happens is like a comment if you want to show to continue, we are. today, ten abbeys are more money through Thursday Youtube. I don't say that
I would say thank you, but instead you can do it took just piss off What I have to pay to illegal part there I can. If we have Doktor John, are you able to send him them? Can you see them are now? Can you only see me. What remains is it so he can see programme. We can see them before. We bring em on the show here, because we ve been taken of this. If you guys to make sure that you gotta go my favorite doctor
the best doctrine, the country via the internet, is an unbelievable doctor and he's going to help us today figure out. Why we, how where we ve gone terribly wrong, it's time for what's up doktor joy, I may create ok, what version of doctrines? What can you tell your camera done at all interest in the top of your head like Wilson, ok, they're, Agar, doktor joy. Can you see me? Can you hear me yet? Yes, norms, me. I ve got a lot of good you're seeing programme, because I want you to be able to see token now.
and your son. Here your boy has been inturning force, lovely kid could go. He does some weird thing that doesnt weird things under the covers when watching threes company calculated, ok, so doktor joy, I made your and in turn, is right with a with specialization and in it. What use? Is it endocrinology, rubbing you're you're, a real you're, great doktor? Thank you know. My internet is special, which means a doctor for adults, daughter check out, ok, doctor for adults. Yet your hammer stalwart I've seen your eyes were deceit. We're not seeing your mouth their wonderful mount good, ok, so we ve been having Europe and by the way, of course, we cleared this you're you're, wonderful, sun and my producer token, and where he is a court. This happen we did this before doktor joy. My lawyer, my half angular bill, Richmond, drank and took an island drank token it's only a quarter of an hour, but here
entirely asian when he was a baby and now he doesn't look at that way and my happens. Larry shuffle Chinese, and it was an unreal as to how quickly to Okinawan got very very pink. So I want you to see now, let's eat and be the judge as to who looks like they have more of the asian Rosacea is here, you go. You see Token Alan if you can see you might need to look up into the little more and if you can see he's he's pretty pink their doktor Chary, really being eighty is very painful. Taking are they drank? They both have been drinking the whole show and we have been down producers a plaster rough, and now we have junior joy, and you know better than I do. Does it you? like he's, he looks like he's, got a rosy Hugh. but who would you say is more paint? Could you say, as it has more of the asian hoo hoo in the ocean Asian Rosetta, Austin Ray
Why is the second pillar? Second, but let's have them switch chairs hardwood gentle was too rigorous, which just the lighting isn't even here current sit next. Other you know Johnny, I desperately greatly desk so that you can let me by air yet to be fair. I never met so you can see them both right here we go, that way another man, s pretty close to joy. Who do you think now them both to go? Well, This color like before either before it has even more. This is usually totally white. Like Y yeah, I didn't know he was actually asian at all worth your son. You then he wins.
you win win and doktor joy. We will you're wrong about this. There is, can you explain for people who don't know cause people juggler, but its natural explain what the asian Rosita is from one asian people drink it mainly happens in Chinese, create a japanese descendants and even now How is metabolize in two steps in the liver? So there's our coffee high. In Asia, enzyme which will break down the aisle call into ass Adele. The height asked how the height is very toxic to humans. So there is a second enzyme called the
the hide the hydrogen ease enzyme which will break down the ascertain, the hide into acidic acid, which is appear benign to human body. So asian population, There is almost a third of the asian population, or maybe even more up to forty percent of the ages, who are missing the enzyme. The asked tell the hide: the highly hydrogen Asia enzyme? Ok! So there are forty ass thou the high builds up and body very quickly. That's what causes the flushing Andy nausea! the vomiting headache debated like a hangover Should I have had judged I've laid down some some rubber sheets. Let us go out, I just thought it was now the sea! Why peed? Suddenly to forty and forty amber, I'm I'm what they call an altar rapid metabolizing, which I guess this common for like Northern european ancestry- and you know that in the past, if I've had these medical, with a lot of them. I need a much higher dose for it to be effective
Is it that Germany is actually up eyes, I'm not exactly sure. Were there What is called the ale, the age to Green Valley, member right, I'm not Algeria is a set of chrome, appear twenty three in that region are not right, but the people who actually turn red immediately out like one drink or just a few sip This was wondering for token out wondering, and he was red plunging. So indeed they get. This will really fast were they're, usually deficient in both genes. Both say another word the day inherited the de facto gene from mom men. Also from that, Allow me also I'm only defective emerging from the waste of He's drunk those positive Even one civil few steps, they'll tell your realistic. Now, most people,
it will just her by the entire faulty gene from only one of their parents. One number, mother or father so do Spokes actually have a sum. Tolerance and those folks can actually build tolerance. As time goes by equally keep drinking little oil a little bit better definition in both genes. They can't dollar tolerance, no, I have not seen disseminate the mother. I'd give I drink consistently, which I don't do obviously by like you. If I, if I have had you know that our yard night every do ok, maybe only deficient wandering round you just a little bit better I oppose, but here's years this serious medical costs it is true that as dollar high as it The high number is toxic to human body, so as not to hide, can cause cancers the people are so asian population who have just said. we'll genes as one of the genes
stated because they can build or as over the years they drink. So they built colors, because D ass, a child level is high. It can lead to a higher instead. about cancer which are associated with it mainly Africa's stomach cancer. While issues are also comes with. So actually, some people try to that when I would use the term asian Rosetta, that's it that's racist, really! Is sharing information is carrying cause, I'm potentially saving from cancer causing should know it's no joke. Of course it's our raisins, I'm gonna, listen. What I can I can. I don't have the time to explain as someone Doc actually want anything because Europeans, islands, they actually go. Look Asian Rhodesia put the James. and down, and hopefully I make point prouder Doc doctrine choice was enacted joy. I know that you're busy today and you actually invitations to get to do you Do you the asian relation. Actually I don't right and pale Edra relay
in return I own, I turned pale, has always been that way you want. yeah. I never got out now as I get older as it is interesting pale and, and fairly soon. I start to turn a little red. Oh you do so was, as I don't know. If it is because idea deficient or it's just me, I'm not your! So so do you just you, don't drink a lot of them if I drink a lot- and I turn red- ok with me right Anybody if anybody drink a lot very fast, then take it Billina they can get here. over here any more, but so you don't you don't drink a lot and to avoid the Rhodesia correct he goes for MIKE. He liked the Michael Jackson level. It's a little pale. It's a little like this. All right, well, listen! Doktor choice! Thank you. So much will make sure that we get to get your boy a lot of water and the twelve hour shift after this subway good money out I got is, but you know
yes, you keep abusive candidates. We appreciate you we'll see you next time. This has been. What's up that I am a creep Are you got your day is what you can hang up. I can still see their hang up on him. Their smooth nanny for crying out loud is click the poor guy. Yes, patients to get lately Colombians can't using internet yeah. That was my thoughts were he's trying to smash the causes are fourteen. I've got that does not make it easier for what is an Asian on the brain has easy. So that's it Now, you're dead, don't you see us internet isn't very much. I mean like he dreams of his friends like I don't see him drink too often, like my mom. She doesn't ring too often because she deftly has asian rosy. Ok, so I she gets re read. I inherited that from
but not from my that's. So here's that you just look a little pink like give a rosy you, like is charming, looks like he has a problem like the biggest problem is on the cards like case I'm gonna get out of the car. I talked to actually true love. Snow and he was telling me that you know there's no complications, but he kept that thou he's a cancer as what is well our next segment, to be taken out and gets an mri. Bludward it'll be called. Hopefully it's been. I doctor Jones. I hear you look like I would have to just like hold my breath in great Britain. Look, let me try and make my color the coat and I'm gonna take a chat but which are met. My colleague open out and tell me if I get close. I've seen you I'm turning now you're going now on the sides. Look at the side. It is there in the shade. He can't do that. All I got stars off. I didn't. I don't remember what I'm gonna repressed you start getting low red.
You are, I'm gonna be of no use to you. If you hurt yourself by doing that, Stephen too, do you need me to continue for you something we're just? How do you know where you are? Are you like Joe Biden, waking up every morning wondering I just might have actually passed out? I think you did I can see it in your life. You pass no luck our last out. Are you guys help Andalusian over whether when it we're doing digit soon, you like art, now squeeze it just like this, but not very long ago? Like I don't remember what does he do something with near us out? Yes, are you serious raises serious, so you are trying to make your face the color of token. Would you would you like a dragon, no I don't think so. It's not like I just haven't aneurysm are simply no your file, you like it wouldn't fuck you. You just held their breath and push really hard, and I look up it's like it. Ok, How read your face got. I actually did they haven't. We can't you can't be the chief, knowing
here, and you should not try that again and I shouldn t like that. That really really bad. I was a really bad idea. Let's go to church he's got cancer in Europe. Make myself. I was like what I want. I just got like this. A dream of that this is one of those nightmares. Worryingly airs reminisce studio, and I dont know that I'm in the studio, like I wake up in this area- and I thought it was a nightmare- you don't want to talk now totally back, I member you're, doing asian Rosita. I said I want to try and do the face. The next thing. I know what you look like yours. in stars, rosetta they're, not gonna lie. I was seeing anything like I was seeing nothing did colloquialisms hour. I will, as we have a busy show next week, what is goddesses is Thursday and others that there was a good thirty seconds there right felt like I couldn't answer move my own, you lazy, I guess I didn't know you could do that. You yourself you can. I thought it was a guph like less thank God of deadlines back next weeks ago. Yes, that's. The thing you do you
come against me all right. Let's go to this man, you know how to take the egg. Ok yeah some chat and get going where I need a drink, some water. This is from Garfield L sign, yeah, hey fellas! What's your favorite rush memory, I would fix it get bigger from school and you but ye be turned on the way home, because my brain still agenda member there, I would say no kind of described earlier where he would come out and say American Day whatever of Amerika held hostage. I just I just love hearing him really push back on the Clinton administration and how much of a sleaze bag Bill Clinton was. Mine was a centre moment, that's why I mentioned the hammer and similar so outraged. And yet how can you not this centre fleet by the way? Also onto a hobby lobby, saying you're only offering sixteen right anyone, birth controls, saying Very, unlike listen, you're when your whole, his own, that is just having sex at the taxpayer's expense right. I think it's kind of Lahti,
you're being a whore. You turned you that now you ve turned herself. If this is what it is, you ve made me the pimp We very much at all on the pimp because, like you, hey, listen, go out have a good time. and here's some money and don't don't forget to toss them back my way except the pimp, you know get new money back Bestridden, I'm a pimp, I'm a pin, I get pimp. I give them money that I'm getting money, none of what he guessed, arguing that IRAN given mine, I'm very views by this whole experience? As I know I know, astern has one becomes time yesterday. Ok, what's your favorite remember I mean, like I remember like back when I was in high school. I I found some of his like song parities, especially the ones around Obama and like the parity around puff damage dragging what was it sing it for me, ok
It's it's called Obama the magic near well, you're no around here. Are you sure you announced the shortest length of employment at the louder louder, while others are now I like Yoda was it came from an early times, article regulating the magic negro and rush got the blackboard member hearing about the one about, like I'm, fierce I'm feminist and like some of the other song parity thousand. That's when I was in high school and then, like I remember hearing some like that's how I got into a little bit by didn't, really like, listen to which it was not of is a really serious, booze Paul Shanklin and I was the opposite. I thought offensively unfunded. I just wanna hear Russia, China and Russia. It's weird. Ireland took away the poker and when our funny is in the weird I'll stop let's go onto chattels, take two more and then I'm gonna go later legacy
from what I can read it as a Christian. How do you deal with the hate in your heart generated by the device of politics? I cannot but feel hateful when I say that these left us are saying about Russia, limbo in the general positions on issues. Look I actually do have hate my heart for PETE I dont see this is hateful. I see it as love for America, as he does love money that what powers is the love that I have for this country and the of that. I have for what made this country. What it is in those principles are the principles at roughly modest, espouse that we don't see groups, we don't see race, Does that mean that your colorblind it mean that we see everyone as an individual capable and someone who s there are given right to pursue life, liberty and unhappiness. That's what this is about is the love for the countries wanting to make sure that we preserve it. Conservative summit was that judgments conserving the status quo. No, it means preserving the most radical country, that's ever existed, people understand ass. Being a conservative in America is very different from me, a conservative, another country they want to conserve a system of socialism, maybe some kind of assent in some countries system of monarchy, a parliamentary
system. They want to conserve something that really has no business being conserved, conserving, preserving America's, preserving a country that started off as it turned into the wild west. It was Hake were the first country. There is no state church. What, can you can practice religions freely as you want, but you can say whatever you want, what you can. You can call a president a piece of shit if you want really stuff, you could be a taught, you can be a horrible person in this country if you want to and you can come. neatly abuse the freedoms that we grant you in turn yourself into a pile of filth or you can achieve an internet. You want that's this country and we're not gonna, get near way. That was never. It had never been done. Much astronomer democracy, the much talked about representative government, but that first amendment and that second amendment are inherently unique. The United States and there still inherently unique
and so that's what I feel it is a love for that, and also a love for people who watch the show, a love for people, because you know what every time I think about people who are getting hateful and first off, don't be mad. It has left us to do that list. I dont think Russia about what happened. Madison kicks adapted it when I die, I expect people to be doing Photoshop and talking about how happy there doesn't bother me to my wife to avoid social media for a little there, but I also see it as love. When I talk about things that I disdain, for example like like Governor Whitman, I don't hate her eye disdain everything she's about, I think she's a sea with another coat of paint. I hate the lack of transparency. I hate the lack of checks and balances under emergency powers. I hate the fact that she can shut down churches and keep we'd shops open, because that's not What America is? I love the United States of America and I love you guys here when I was a two thousand nine you go back any washes credit classics. It gets her calling another. I was thrilled forgot, ten thousand people
member that this is a legal, crazy beats abortion. One was a first one, then the grand challenge got like close two million, but for all the wrong reasons, but I remember thinking or he's doing it because I thought: are there other people out there who feel? just like Arthur other conservatives out to other people who believe this, but don't feel like it represented on Fox NEWS or by large, am radio, and I mean that to a certain degree to rush was not really my generation not really common, my sensibilities- and so I created this and when people come up with. But the shows you how much this means to them. Some people who were feeling suicidal because people understand that you talk about people being other transgender who are gay, which is also terrible, but someone, Maybe lives in Washington in and then goes to a university and their told the therapy. In the wrong in their racist and their massage earnest and sit down and give up your seat because you're a white male. We had people whose said like I've been depressed, and the show help me and so it's love for America and love for every out there who watches this show because
for a long time. My life was- holding pattern before we started this simply I was being held up by the question: are there are people who feel like me out there and now I know that there are in tonight. I owe you a lot and if you that too, whatever it is, you do you're small circle right deal of America beat be inspired by love, be driven by love to you. Have people there, you can reach, will you love? Who you want better for their chief? people who may be a little bit alone will you feel, could use a shoulder to threats to cry and see that so be inspired by love, because guess what loves us? God loves God, is a god of love, but can also hates certain things got despise it certain things We know that doesn't mean that its main motivator is not. Love is not I dont see myself the sun driven by hidden. Somebody will go. Why don't you get matter? I get mad spurts now. That's that's not what drives me yet.
We can't otherwise we would just be terrible. Hate filled human beings if all we were driven by was hatred of the other side. We have to be for something and we are for what this country is great in and useless at all the things- and you know it that's in its one, generation away always- and that doesn't mean that you go, I hate that if what are these people, because guess what hate- and this is I'm thinking this isn't a star wars. You know, forces drama that where this technology is, I don't wanna watch that crap, but does not, and I am not saying that love stronger than hate in some kind of stupid little meant to be fair What was a lesson, but the truth is hate. If you just sit there and you hate, it does breed complacency, because he is an emotion that you can't really act on. because we also legal parameters most of the actions you would take based on hey, probably legal, but love is a few. Love is a passion that you can
I've done, there's nothing, stopping you from helping people, there's nothing! Stopping you from inspiring people. There's nothing! Stopping you from informing people is nothing stopping you from helping your fellow neighbour. That's why I don't advocate getting negative and Hake is hey we'll just have you I'm not gonna vote. I hate all. This is bullshit hate, to be well, you know what Donald Trump did bump stocks drew him and then end up with fine words. Love does you know it? Ok, Donald Trump Flawed, but at least it I who supports a second amendment right love goes what we had a real shit show this last election. I think America, we're saving, I think we can save it. So I'm going to get active in my local community, whether it be on a city. so whether be running for mayor, whether it just be having conversations whether it be speaking out at your church, small group, because maybe go to church, has now days whether to put up a pussy five to even more in church or have a small group that happen in Michigan. Love can inspire you to take action. Hate breeds complacent
because acting on Hake is illegal, as it mostly should be. All right. I'm going to see you guys next week there drunk I'm so light headed Ivan how to rob, but maybe it'll help or I love you buy.
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