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Russia-Ukraine Crisis Explained: Why Europe's on the BRINK OF WAR!

2022-01-24 | 🔗

Russia is invading the Ukraine, and we'll tell you who's to blame. HINT: A lot of them work in the White House. Plus, CNN tries mansplaining to Bari Weiss. And is Joe Biden really prepared to leave MORE Americans behind enemy lines?#Russia #Ukraine #Putin

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Hello, there audio listener. Here, listening to the soothing sounds of ladder with crowded, and you may wonder ass. He listened to the show why it seems like nobody actually showed up to work today. There's a power outage that you can't see, so it makes no sense and Dave. Lando shows up late. And drunk, leave a rating in review, because this is the quality and you can expect from us
that's This is as little of that as I can actually bring in, because that is piping hot. It's supposed to be as actual
piping hot and are we are we got on sound here? Maybe I'm signed an awful in your son and clears Bell. You sound fantastic Loretta could just be my had not as good as me, but say I'm close our it. Ok. Well, look just so you know really quickly tabling does not. Here. He's is back on the wagon we put out an we're off the wagon. I don't know I don't know, what's the expression is, can you guess what mean early on this? As just I want you guys to to comment below- and let me know if it's on the wagon off the wagon because of your on the wagon the point as he's a drunk We have no idea where nice he might be on his way in later, but don't worry. We have a lot to discuss the name. we're going to be talking about Russia and the ukraine- and I know before your eyes, glaze over mine- did to matters it does matter, but that's not how you get people interested there were also there will be russian breasts. Look if they can do it in their own news. Certainly we can t ass usual in wife from Amazon Prime Unbecoming
and so what we talked about russian you can just really quickly if we get booted, because you never know what's going to happen rather than you do. When you discussing Russia, China covert anything, you can watch us on rumble or on. My club, of course, is a full extra hour of show on Mug club, it's Monday through Thursday, ten a m, Ten, a m Eastern and this Thursday we have a super video on Wikipedia Yetive, run some tests. We feel confident now and letting you know that it's far worse than you imagine the boy so can we find? On Thursday I loved the cake, big video, that took a lot of work from a lot of people here s question before we move on and talk about, Russia and Ukraine. We actually will have some people here to argue about it. look different opinions in the office just to be clear, so this deficit, this she's gonna, be a little bit different. We're going to have differing point of points of view. You know the patent point of view of we defeated the wrong enemy should
If you didn't Nazis, but also the Russians and then we'll have a different points of view. Are we shouldn't do anything which led to Ukraine fend for themselves? So you know what it's a hotchpotch. I like it, it's a pot, luck the GEO political mystery. But my question to you is: it was I think, last week we asked: do you think so now it's it's the updated version. When do you think Russia is going to be clear over under on Tuesday after burdens There can be no opportunity to draft kings to foreign policy. He wore Hopkins done line This is going to be a weird weird. You thought twenty Twond unwanted wants out. Thank God, twenty twenty! over twenty twenty one new year's. I thank our TWAIN's over all because you think the date changes your rights coming back. an hour in twenty twenty two and now? Oh, my gosh, outside of you, know the pandemic covert, there's an actual conflict that could be significant. That you may have to worry about now. Just add that dear plate.
can it be a knotty week here to talk about it with me? Of course he knows his foreign policy Gerald a. How are you well, sir, how are you I'm? Ok, I'm busy weakened I imagine tat a lot of stuff. Go a lot lot stuff go on yet little regrets rug rat there, one of them tested positive for the covert. What I'd tested negative. So it's like you, gotta, keep my part in what I don't. I don't think you say the coverlet, like the favor I put my spin on it and we don't have Dave here, but we actually do have he works here as a researcher as a producer, his name is well, you know what he's ginger snapped us, because his hair is fiery red, generous, not power, user, fantastic and appreciate the love with Enigma. Yes, let me let it won't see or hear what it wants here. He westwards, obviously where's burger King KIDS Club battle, but look at this for crying out loud. There are few perverts we're gonna love that you can put your hand. I ask that of its opening.
going as with redheads there like with at least with guys brunettes blondes. You know, bear hurl small rules as a preference redheads, it's a fetish. It is- right. It's a fetish Stephen! Can you guess where we imported him from I? y know. You know what people want, was a green valley. Yeah. Strangely enough guess tell them where you came from ginger snap came brush off the boat. South Korea, oh my in South Korea. They must have not well contain there at all. I stood out a little bit too. Well you eat. Canine. My word yards behind, say no, so horrible start, oh my gosh We have two Kane, I'm eating fools in this place. Yes and Dave's. Let us know one Dave comes in, so we can admonished Daily Willie. I know they're going to let us know what he's ready to rock and roll. So before we move on to Russia and the updates here and former vice President Joe Biden, his ineptitude gosh, I just see LISA when the show map- and I was told not to watch this- have you seen this dangerous? Now I have it's not.
Amazing, he's looking down at his nervous, I'm like a bird dog right now, but it's ok, just relax just be yourself. dangerous now say that there is no guarantee that people will like you like himself. Lives apparently overcoat her pizza, let's watch some sitting here. Strip so I'm sitting No, that's your actual size and I can't even eat my field overcome my pizza. What is the point to do it? yes, I was hoping for his aggravate. Well, you know what she s, the dipper pizza ranch, because Peter needs ranch
It's a gets so dry you're, just not enough already on pizza pizzas, layering mechanism, it is she's going to she did. She says she's eating her feelings. She is revealing. She needs repeats of stapled. She had a day cocoa, are those that she's totally fires there a kitchen band procedure. It's called a lock the lax called up lock the doors to anything that contains food, throw your phone calls you can order over its trying out loud. I just you know, that's here's a thing here. We get it ok, but had the self awareness to not upload. Viewed discussing eating your feelings and dipping data in ranch and, at the very least, every single video like that, should end with bad away. This is really unhealthy. Ammo die soon. Be a surgeon generals warning on every. Yes, surely, for its exactly like a pack of cigarettes you have an on it should Speed like the other dinner plate, nipples of what
happens much weight on every single lizzie CD solely be careful. You end up like this as opposed to explicit content, tipper gorget dinner plate nipples and exact sticks and put it on every single lizards He d, oh my gosh, loose power, Are we gonna? We are we the streamers a stream still going on, but I dont know I have no idea. It feels like we lost power, pay did lose power. excited the entire building, we should say be unwilling. I think our back of gender There may still be gone. You may not be able to see us, but you might be able to hear so. The blaze can hear us, it seems. Can you to be yours? don't know we're finding out right now. Let's have some comment as soon as you like looks like it. Still up. Your still up us Hours Babby now look at that. Are I hold on a second guys, we're gonna?
see our still while going on here. What area its lives, though she's attacks of ours, that building is ok. It looks like we're back up my gosh on, rumble and we're still up on you Still, I are still on Youtube so that whole thing was on Youtube, They hear my racial tirade. Well, I now hear me call didn't hear me, call caught, call and leave those racist voicemail today whether I did it was very short amount of time, but are you miss Gibson? I have short windows a free time, so I make best use of multitask. You have two multitask are we think they are coming into say that we're we're back up? Ok, we're back. Did it cancel the stream on Youtube, hey guys, guys. Everyone comment below just this is a good chance, comical diagnosis, that dark, and did you see the Iraqis? happened. You didn't see ginger snap servicing himself. If you're really started you quit, it was quick, better now he's trying to get in steps. If you move your watch sip category thousands
today in addition to what I know what to do with the heart rate: variability so make sure. Ok, all is well still good, we're ok, so we can move on their from illegal drug our studio with a missile they didn't know. I have now idea what even just happened, Amazon, we're just think there may be construction or something that had powers, but we do have a backup generated, keeps the stream going day, although, like essentials going other than light other than life, one would imagine other than people being able to see us on a video PA body or programme in others. A fair point there will have to work to look at that listed. Just Gimme, like you know it just have at least like one lights went into the earnest scared stupid bit will give you a flashlight for the DAS right. Ok, let's go There can determine what you just did thing, racism, gang rosiak as well when we're life. Do you realize how few p Pull. Do live programmes like this. For this reason right, didn't
idea larger than ass a result, no known we'd better than that. No Stephen COBRA doesn't trust himself cod let me now needles, then needles need to look more. finally and buoyant day now, we need better needles, Pfizer's paying for top needle placement and I'll be damned? If we don't give it to them. We have to have good needle representation. Ok, yes, we need equal needle. Representation in needle exchange are right. This is gonna. Tell us anything, just let you know, but before we move on what we get our clips back in the Tri gas terminal. Follow on Instagram here louder with ETA because someone sitting on Stephen Credit, I believe- and I will be taking your mug club chair here later on- will have like another, for our show is a wonderful start to the ship. We are first clippers, Lizzie, eating pizza, fantastic work, guys and then everything goes dark people. Other people start there are turning into the rays
Why are you able to pull obscene and are we did we lose? It completely, can hear that tv decision that may be can back on. But I haven't alma mater to keep up Florida house. passes, don't say gay bill. What's what that at Lahti just so you guys know, I'm flying. Did you kids line in the dark here? I promise I'm not lying to you. I know we can bring it out just now going. I took a it's. Ok, it's not a big deal. I was just saying that that that's kind of that's, if you till we can bring up sooner writer. How will he no son, he's gotta be reset? We we can't do this, my mean we can't make fun of CNN for like a whole hour and a half. I don't know what we're just Angola's. That means. Second, half second half of the shop go! Well, we don't like. We have a clear position: we'll do it. Why hammering all right, so we do have a clip here from seeing from before. This is by the way for gender snapped his first in India. just sitting over there go to our guy odor emanating from that end, the studio right now, it would have lines. Did
you have our garden, your I'm doing, good, I'm just try not to you know. Overstep my bounds. Don't worry about your friendly south korean guy. Ok this was on this morning on CNN, so you know very wise was on Burma and bury I used to work with you New York Times and has, et sort of an awakening that really conservative, but I guess you which color classical liberal She made some totally reasonable, reasonable points on Burma, which of course, was trending all of all over this weekend, because people were furious, where she was implying that, of course, with covered, they don't really have assigned to this point. Their negative room like I always said, look, here's the thing with covert. No one is saying that covered isn't real noticing that cover doesn't sought for some people who get it with everything in life. You have to weigh the risks and rewards the pros and cons in this case your basic civil civil liberties and freedoms, verses, Alma, Kron. Now at this point you know for most people,
is a cough university. It's actually not even it's. It's a nasal stuff right. It's a wonder today. Yes hold this I had a symptom wise, I'm not saying you should do no down ply had it and I felt, like you, know Tom Hanks at the end to Philadelphia. So you know but I got it worse when it around, thus also the aids. The age was really was more of a more pity that I think that is the morbidity. So this morning on CNN, they brought on a doctor to issue counterpoint to bury wisest points. Doktor Ryan. George Washington University, and this is the beauty of you know when these people for stuff we talked about this comedy, shows they don't do it life. Okay! Well, that's wonderful, because I can edit anything to look favorable but then also on places like that. That's were done it, but then also I apologize it's the darkness of God. its crap, also on CNN, or these programmes there's a beauty in never being accountable You can bring on people simply to straw man, your opponents
I'll bring very wisely, in my opinion, if you're a cop, mentoring. I'm very, why said on bill more specifically right and you are seeing it to do. job and be a journalist. You should have very wise on. Instead, they show brief clip and then they bring a doctor on to address them. It's that she never made here's the most trusted name naming news, We call on it. I I went so hard uncle did I read the Pringles cans that I bought at the grocery store strip. My clothes off, because I thought covert would be on my clothes like I did it all, and then we were told you get the vaccine how do you get a magazine and you get back to normal and we haven't gotten back to normal and its dick illicit. This point we have this is going to be remembered by the young. generation. As a catastrophic moral crime, the city of Flint Michigan, which is percent. I think minority students has just announced indefinite virtual schooling,
so let us Begin- has two years we have seen among young girls a fifty one percent, Greece in self harm people are killing themselves. They are anxious. depressed: beer, lonely, That is why we need to end it. She granted about how inconvenienced she's been not by this pandemic. It's not real anymore. Why I'll tell you that for that two thousand Americans who died last week and their families yet and it was damn real and for the people who- Google to keep them alive and for the south- some thousands of healthcare workers who have been doing this nonstop. For two years. Her behaviour, was childish and unselfish. Ok, so that new knows what she said she should look. We do have a record number of of teenage, specifically teenage girls self harm. And, of course, if you look at those statistics, all references available lot of credit outcome, we have them blows. Well, I ve been several episode
and this has been an increase in substance- abuse, there's been an increase in hospitalization, alcoholism, way, suicides way up, and he says I think she's being childish, because she's just talk about how she's been inconvenience she didn't ass herself being inconvenienced at all. No, it was all about how other people being destroyed by the specifically the peace, that we say we sacrifice everything for our children right right now, we're activating them right to make ourselves feel better yeah. That's it right. Why can school be closed in one place and open in another place. We all do with the same issues. We all have covered spikes who have all mccrone, that's kind of running around the country, its fear, but that's the we know buttons in Flint. They should stay home from school and drink. The tap water, yes get as much of that tap yet as possible. Also, this israeli political correctness is when we're talking about language or second in Flint, where its eighty percent, because you can't just say black, they can't say Brown, aid percent minority.
Imagine if you read a pole well No minority of Americans believe that Joe bought disapprove of Joe Biden job on the economy. What's that minority? Eighty percent: I should note that the eighty percent is black. Eighty percent is not a minority language. What do we do this minority, eared and minorities is eighty percent minority not inflict would become. a majority sir in Flint, you know, is a minority ginger snap web hinders, gets caught on the wrong block night on the right block and he's not. and through I heard there's a big swiss population arrive. Swiss population, and I can spare Megan just remain neutral, of course, are moving on here to former vice President Joe Biden before we go into this situation with Russian we're gonna, roundtable? It's because our different points of view and it's a boring topic and the truth is
it's boring until it's not it's boring until it's not. You know. I was very passionate about the Taiwan situation, India, because almost exactly how it affects the United States, I understand exactly how it affects all of us on a global scale. I understand that China is on the move and what they want to accomplish with Russia. It's a little bit harder to be concerned because we see a sort of disenchanted a sort of disenfranchisement. Former USSR and people are not really a threat. Well, the whole point of they're trying to build to being a threat, and Ukraine is one of those first steps. So Lot of people find it on it. What are you guys doing? What are you guys? Gossip about errors, there's something wrong in our class. If something is going on, you guys have to let me know we apparently spelled the Russia Wrong in the title so well Russia's spelled wrong. Did we have to sit in the realm of proximity to a ginger, and I dont know if that shit, rubs off or and then we lose power and he crept himself. Yes, Sir David, when they does come and he's got a surprise in the chair. I hope you have
David before we get to Russia, though Joe Biden of Course, no he's always shown a bull dog like toughness like when he said this last year, so you know let him reporting, you think, he's a killer. So what price? people oppressed, he's gonna pay. Will you see shortly me? Why do you always do sit on my love to day toy? Is a price you'll pay in that reference, if Putin sits, NI don't be stingy, be prepared to pay macaroni, you can give it away our mental wrote supporting the movie, that's an actor. I know what that's like a hint I've heard I shouldn't. Germany has a hint just ignore Mcnerney started from record. We do that we're live as you well know today? What about what? If we had this in February? Twenty twenty a good year as we call it- let me doesn't want me to be president-
you want be, are nominee you wondering why it's because I'm really person this field, gone Toto to him with him a first off. What ballroom dance with him. I don't want to. With put what are you didn't you never gone Toto tell with anybody homeless, skinny fat butter, soft Biagi, who has pushed pencils for your entire life and tries to act the tough guy he's gonna fight someone behind the bike rex. This is a scenario, is talks this line, Barack Obama said but knows you, you don't mess with job now knows nuclear safety, because that is precisely what you do with your return to build them utterly. No I'll tell him if there is nothing to do with Joe Biden, if not mess with him or by the way. I do have a follow up question that he said he went totally couldn't yes, how did that go for him and in the Obama administration well if he means that for talking about happen with the area that then he was bent over. I think I think you crane would rather he had not yet
they probably would have called for somebody else to be their champion right, like Joe Biden walk out and they lose part of their countries like wait. What just happened yet an entire people did this to us pay ass may what Joe I never come back here again. We do have fantastic, whose life has been found: okay and wheat, so Dave we, we are ready for you too, to enter the studio. Sir, come on in a modern. We went out for a few minutes for lashes and some other stuff, so I see not actually come. It will ya. He was opposed to becoming in, oh god, certainly seize on cue. Now I mean I woke up and upon our own fell. He can come in whatever is ready and will admonished the hell out of so we are going to before Dave comes in here or whenever he comes and we're going to get to the top four ways that the United, dates, actually sort of the catalyst and created the crane crisis. So it's time, that's why I ginger snap is here who are usually in the back room for an under argument,
here. They regard during his his nicest outfit gatling go over to the seat outright underline the red share here, because if I will look decided to show protests I apologise a little late approach has thing and what were you protesting? Dave dicks? yeah that AIDS, the DE word yeah I've had enough of the gas, me too thing and, unlike nights, bad right, yeah and yet the way will likely these remote pajamas. I wake us, but it helps the headrest. You we're gonna be plain to see. Could sleep is yes, it's an entire body sued for us also to leave him have rolling over while he sleeps in danger. Iraqis have so I apologise sides I got. I slept in a bit yeah, don't be arrested, attempt to protest.
I cried out. I wondered monitoring at such an ad modern day. He never it's gonna take off his pillow right and you can go. We got lane right, sorry guys. So what happened? Your flight got was late. super late meat loaf was my alarm and it didn't go up. His name was Robert Paulson Dave, I'm sorry, Robert Paulson, nay, actually wasn't. That was about the breasts. Where gets anyway, no, I got a new Iphone it that I was requested to give Then I set the alarm is blamed three different thing: I'd be blamed, Meatloaf, be blamed, TIM Cook and then blamed what browser either one is paying for the Iphone. What you know what this body? That's that's. Why, this morning, when I said I'm attacks than its Dave doesn't have notified, since turn out like a crap out
but I thought I do, but I, but I had the do not disturb with the alarm beyond the alarm was turned down just in Rio I tell you one thing about it dog, like the only thing that always works. Ok, look guys. I took a seven Jeanne area and for the first time, I've never taken it, and I woke up on somebody's long. Vagina suits Anders homeless manner. That makes sense. So, oh by the way you as out. There see go pro footage of Martin Lawrence, like Bender with Dave. Yes, it's true was waiting a gun in traffic yelling very morning aid they gonna get Meda also just for the record, even though he may satan a video. He is not in fact Jesus Christ Dave Criminal record. I am not Jesus Christ. What I'd like to be managed? I see ass Jesus Christ. I do you three followers three. I wanted. I I'm not gonna technology now that they are right.
now we're glad to have you with us date. Ok, we're talking about Russia where time what the rain international politics so to write up your alley slept anymore. You might get the chance to be easy there was total access, nano and actually Lane were in jail, got into a heated ginger snap, your gun into a heated argument with Gerald in the back room. Fisticuffs went flying, and so is that you know it, just brain and added, so he did what he does I did some evening, they didn't hit him well, that's where he was. He was pulling his best impression of a Frenchman and walk yeah. What do you look more french than south korean you dont, accessible yeah? I get the cheek bones and everything else are you suffering? He was in South Korea. That's ok! I will refer homes, mothers, South Korea, Both of your mama's to Mama rose. I'm talking about that, be funny. Guy look in snow It's one in twenty two. I don't know who's gonna. Let me about we. I now we have been very difficult to track.
Here are the worst part. If I wasn't university right now, and you answered that way, we would all have to go what that's what we all. We gotta paused for a like. You have to ok what I forgot to check my time. My privilege check a lot of things. It's a lot of those yeah. I was visiting my two dead grave and translate that makes our forgot to shut you. Then your case, you forgot to check your pigment. You are positively translucent like one of those fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean that never see sunlight treading detaining bed before him, but they said it. I couldn't go and now to health but I get that yeah shine straight through you, son intend on the road will come out. Looking like MR burns in the field. It's true you all right so last week, former vice President Joe Biden accidentally, which is always always instil confidence in the commander of the free world. I have a small hairs,
given the USA strategy regarding the Ukraine? I think what you're gonna see he's dead, Russia will be held accountable. If it invades, depends on what it does. One thing is for minors Curzon, and we end up having to fight about what to do and not. who etc did he say minor occurs in my I mean yes incursion incurred but it didn't salaries that incursion none, and I give my path. I just try to assume what he sang rice on. What I hear your brain kind of fills in answer to your little little orphan Biden, Decoder, pent, real, pretty much you meant to say insurrection the insertion erect yes or no can he was asking for one her. I want guys better her long term debt see. As do you see, I was owed it took so much get out swiftly. Excellence must set up and had heard it.
blood cabinet or look. Let me be really clear here, because there is going to be a back and forth on this discussion here we are not holding water for Putin. I think Putin's Dick would guess what Davis protesting, apparently my wife or in the morning. And this is my view on Russia. I tend to line up with with patent, certainly as it relates to were too and after World war to pre a little bit differently. That is all that problem, hoping you, Google, it certainly shows up general patent before patent We should check. I certainly hope that if I search patent it doesn't show me Oswald's, king of king of Queen credits, fidget show so patent said near the end of world war. Two we said the difficulty understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognisance of the fact that he is not a european but an asiatic and therefore thinks dubiously. That's bad. The second path. We can no more understand a Russian than a China man, which is what he said back then, or a japanese
and from what I have seen of them. I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. Well, in addition to other areas yet characteristics. The russian has no regard for human life and is all about and is an all son of a bitch barbarian and chronic drunk. We fought the on enemy know that may not be necessarily confirmed, but it's fun to include Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race and we are about to replace them. with mongolian savages and all of Europe will be coming now to be clear. People try to sell. It was a nazi sympathiser, that's not what patent was, what patent was saying, that there was a threat from Russia and that these were not people who basically wanted to assimilate into western seaboard and what's so ever and of course, there are alliances that you have at certain points in time, a lot of the time. People, though, why do we say, but the Russians will keep in mind with the Russians. They initially sided with the, means and what more do we're body so the Germans attack them and then
the Germans killed or anyone else. I don't know about you, but if you take the total number of killed, but Holocaust is about six million and of course, if millions other who were killed in the battle with Russia you're talkin about anywhere from fifty two hundred million people who are mostly their own. Yet just in war to write like did we loop, look. We wonder this and the revolution. It gets really right now. That being said, there few and end ginger snap, your rightness out. So you are also make this argument that, United States sort of created the Russia, Ukraine scandal right, and this isn't to say that we can guarantee without yet to talk in them. I don't want to leave the blocking like into straight into the just run of it right. There are tremendous it's how to save. South Korea and he's after rationally challenged it's not like. I'm gonna make us blinkers might break me. Ok, now, ok, I wish, however, to miss that joke idea
I don't think I have any ambient writing about some of the nest in the back. As long as you don't mind, the Elsie De L, L s Deah butterfly so in my ambient, I'm in general, saying me to slay. Yes, the argument that myself and other writers are trying to make is not that Russia's, this great country that should be reviewed and Putin, is this bastion of conservatism. It is that the steps that the United have made since the end of the cold war have led. To what would always be this outcome right there, and that is where we lined up with kind of the map we put gather in the fact that we want to discuss today and another some disagreements with the particulars of those, but I think we'll dumping diplomatic you guys are be indexed to each other when I was winning argument and that's hey- don't adults, taint the jury port and by the way, comment below people who are watching your comment,
Where you line up right now. Should the United States get involved in protecting Ukraine at all, should they be sending them aid, or should we be completely removing ourselves? Do you think this is a case where nine interventionism makes more sense, many people watching, may not have actually known anything about the Ukraine until, of course, Vladimir Putin invaded Crimea. What can I say, how does it work leading statement that Russia outsmarted present? Mama point in other countries have said that the reason why Russia with kicked out was very clearly because they annex Crimea, White Hebrew, meaning what somebody would see as a clear lie where It was annex during present. I know you like those in LA by president identifying these ever was annexed during my term. Much say. Sorry, folks, sorry folks, President Obama was helping Ukraine Crimea was annexed during
his term President Obama was pure and simply outsmarted. They took Crimea during his term. That was not a good thing. It could have been stopped could have been by the way, a lot of you probably assumed that and of course their been doctored for you. Propaganda exist lotta. You probably assume that Putin fired the first shot job back me up reminded banning human jasper. Goodwill attacked haystack all that was for them. and I don't like felt about data the Russia, Ukraine crisis, started long before this and end ginger snap, your explaining the new jail can come history after the cold war right. The United States didn't really face any global opposition right so that that was a really good way like we didn't facing opposition, but what we were trying to do not make my
Let him make he's a mega, make his point for him just ass. He had a lot of four shadow, its liberal hedging mony head word that will you heavy Mon I'm not really sure, would oblige email you don't like. Liberal hedge ammonia ended up at low right, so I must point out that, after after we're too We had a very aggressive russian state that was basically taking over part of Europe so that they can build Canada's buffer between Europe and themselves. Strap so deftly understand that, but it was not just about Russia. It was about the spread of communism as well? Russia has done various things all throughout history right. So this this has played out over and over again going back in the late eighteen, hundreds, Russia in war, one fought against Germany and lost. They were trying to make sure that they can hold on to Ukraine. They return to make your turkey didn't come in on the wrong side so that they can get their ships out into the Mediterranean. This has been kind of the place that we had to fight over for a long time and so with
League of Nations was formed when we formed NATO when we form the United Nations. All these steps were taken to make sure this kind of conflict didn't happen again or if it did, that Russia faced a foe that could defend its interesting. I didn't want Turkey to be on the wrong side look every guy, look to you to have their say any side of you. That's the wrong side oligarchy, as you tend to pay all. I always right and I get that Russia gets pissed off about these things, but it's not like these things. came out of nowhere right, we had to do something to deter this and the spread of communism was a very very real threat right, especially when Spain and Franco's administration was communists and you think you stupid what, disagree. I don't gotta pick a fight you wouldn't you say about his mom O Jays lovely lower demand tooth is a lovely lady s love. I dont disagree with that state But that's like making the argument that well, we shouldn't
have allied with China then, and we. Why are we going against them now? Would there to different countries? Russia isn't the Soviet Union they dont they're, trying to be they don't, but I'm in ISM is no longer really a factor that we need to go a little bit fail, but I've never been to stand for. No, not that you as seed it's for that's a great point. sort of communism is greater from our universities than it is for Moscow. We should occupy them. Then I think so that the argument that It hears that we're looking at a different russia after the end of the cold war, what we decided to do after the cold war- and we brought it up earlier- is called this thing called Liberal Hedgerow money, which is basically that the United States feels since then, challenge by another superpower, there is nobody to rival them that they can spread democracy across the world, and doing this at all- make peaceful relations when everybody and no country has to worry about power relationships any more, and that is the mistaken, I think our foreign policy experts made that kind of, let us where we are now.
Ok, so I would agree with that in maybe the Middle EAST right so with ran propping up the, shall we basically set the stage for the I tell it to come in and for there is no stabilizing the middle either. A Middle EAST is the world's most who bore the heirs no way you are ever going to guess, and I Balanced board a hand. It's a rigged balance board. Will your hundred thirty, their God, doesn't even wanted, and I agree that in Afghanistan, right of Ghana stand is known as the graveyard of empires, because every empire that has tried to come in and take over people that should be take over rebel has failed right. The United States included we weren't really trying to take We are just trying to eliminate a threats. I get that you can't just go and plant democracy in every place that you would like to, and I also get not every time that we ve tried to plant democracy. Was it with altruistic intentions. We we had power intentions, we hide motivations that were maybe outside of that, but at the same time that then to use your point, those countries and the problems we had
there are not the same as making sure that Russia right doesn't going well, and I think this is very important- a french inch differentiation to make- and this is what I would say- I only have an interest in intervening if it directly relates to our nationals, dirty interests, yeah, why dont want? I don't worry, we should spread democracy read because, lot of nations simply dont want to share our values. That does not work. That's what that that is what ultimately creates destabilization, how when we're done well, like China and Taiwan right now, we're talking about something that would actually be a security threat. not only the olive Asia but the rest of the world once Taiwan goes you're talkin about them getting real in close proximity, Japan, you're Talkin about Circuit Board, you're talkin about all kinds of failure? where that is important. There s the world with Taiwan. Your tongue, but a real problem of China and Taiwan, I think with Russia, hey it's one of those issues, words so little bit. Tough, because you know there's still used to people who are largely like a life expectancy of fifty four because they all die of cirrhosis,
and they put in the woods its forced labour to that really cuts down on the it does. Anybody has made a very strong that with their hands, I can dig without shovels. Eta can kill pedophiles and get off Scot free of separate the lasting and magic. Let my last thing. This is just beginning this area, not going anywhere. I mean, let's just before we move on kind of want to stress the two points them points that we're trying to make here is first. Yes, there is time for the union states to intervene when should that be is a direction, but right now world we live in. Russia is not the place to do so when we have a much greater threat and to whose that greater threat China and to try to intervene so stand. Surely, in Eastern Europe would also substantially decrease resources that should be available for EAST Asia? Second off you said Nuke China, while it's not. I would question
Macarthur wasn't gonna hurt someone lanky with a non intervention. She's, like I just don't think, should spread democracy, unemployment, liberal headroom only but yeah, let's drop the sharp, EVA drop. That effort I stood right in Shanghai at noon. Shies nice Beijing is where were you wanna go we're just because the movie I live without what get out a reference in the film has really thank you. Oh and I love iraqi jammed movies. Who doesn't have it? I think we can at least agree on. I was one of the first point and the second one is that, like Putin or hate him, he is acting. fleetly rationally as any leader should in his position as a crazy power hungry psychopath. Yes, he is acting like a crazy power. Hungry psychopaths array asked right right here. I want to make sure we say he's opera in that world and for somebody in that world is operating legally Well, you know less than their people have good sides and bedside seminary. Gacy could paint pico. Hitler could paint the apt
I have a Gacy end Hitler through you hurry. If you know what I just I find Casey's world is far too interpretive. It is well it's almost self important asset and a lot of luck, clowns and balloon such like wine, reckless murdering anybody, pretend went when when Lane was talking about prudent, I think what you think is just like in the university system. We don't want communism in our university system. Hissing prudent, want then Russia either well it put it doesn't want, is anything it disagree Putin. So let's not, let's not muddy those hours. There's a difference is not like. Putin wants freedom for his people and he wants a strong willed people who understand what liberties are he wants to arrest in jail indefinitely band like pussy right, not an important difference to see that rage against machine. I mean look if I personally could probably right down top five that would bring a smile to my face. Tom Marcello, behind bars and a gulag would be at the top of that live. Will you do it
that really are the lane and Gerald are smarter than maize from going to say you're, both right? Yes, sir birthright they can both be right, because in the world of geopolitics, nobody's right now after the cold war. I think we have a clear yes, its presidency I'll, follow this idea of liberal headroom. Only all them really Republican Democrat up until one of these things like the other one of these things. Just J J Bailout, Donald Trump. They go out. they make a gas steel gas from Russia, where they pay billions, dollars to Russia, okay, so readily Wada, protect against Russia, yet they baby, dollars to Russia and with their spots author, so then read worthy Jews may, which is the year. Thirty has Russia. What vision turnovers Bore is projected to be paid by those NATO nations, but it's not enough. Do they ever tell you
that no no, I love o Donnell trumpet just puts a tone on something you doesn't. It could be anything in other words it could be. He gets it you just because Russia, it could be the seminary just because you have China, because you have just low energy, Russia, low energy hooted, low energy, Jerry, he knows that little hard going it in a way that I dont like a great pitch man. Now as part of this agenda to the United States, they sought to westernize Eastern Europe and a lot do either numbers by the way in the show up somewhat. Can someone give me those numbers of what we are paying into NATO? We talk about about this a long time ago. I want to say that, with a promise with us percent of GDP was either two or three percent, if not mistaken, and the United States was way above that and the next closest nation was somewhat Naples? Poland, when they were additives like one point on the person, but a lot of nations were paying less than one percent right. That was
big problem, the Donald Trump had with right, there's not paying their fair share, which he thought the Democrats, let us their share arguments different from the? U N, which is entirely useless law. Of course I do we should be in the EU and it all NATO served a purpose just to be clear. However, Nay has definitely become up a political arm in a lot of well yeah. They probably outlived their usefulness a little bit so, and this goes to Russia wanted NATO to actually remain intact to pacify unify Germany. Ok, let's go back to this historical and you can actually see. some of this lane. Germany is still actually labelled an enemy of the state of the U N, along with Japan in ITALY, rather good reason right, so the quarterly based most Selina. Nobody was just kind of like he was an ass. We can acute her kind Now then, like that, can we just make our pasta and wine from tests can have you seen Tuscany, it's beautiful defied exile, notify actuators, there's nothing. They can do it alone. One a war in modern history. That's true, wasn't I Racine? Tuscany,
have you tried, laundered oskinson, where I have my giant lane might die online, always looked like an attractive forty year old woman, even when she was twenty, but then, when trees like a forty, fifty earlier speeches looks good ass. She does into daddy, is sort of like the photo negative of Clint Howard, who just always looked horrifying. we had it, but then you're like while he's at the Adrian look horrifying. I was occasion, has twenty I saw the girl who look like a mom. She had a man, her hair color, the milk ass. She looked forty five and I saw not MA am not- and I start you long ago- and I was like while you look just like you did not go there you go through into the the. They moved laugh and now everybody so there is still little enemy and state along a along with Japan and ITALY. Here's. The thing I know well well will find that funny now, but who can blame? The? U N, when I mean Germany's chief export, its flooding,
No, it's still this. Germans, love David, I do I even hassle- has a fact elevate. I dont know why I like, last bark. That's like ease the that's his voice. That's that's not his voice in the end! Now guys it's also weird. they decided to pick and they in the cafeteria baywatch viewers. If you like, they I'm take all of it in all its splendor, but instead
shows David showed the David ass a half hour also, as a former drunk, never had a cheeseburger of a bathroom floor, that's a special kind of problem. I will say this: he did have his daughter record him so that he could see it later so that he could change needed change as opposed to answer by new. Had his daughter record him, so he could get her aunt em, the film noakes impart. So I point is as bad as we think that is its nothing compared to the binding clan and it was a really good idea having her record him cause it didn't haunt him at all adults, got explained so sort of quick as NATO, Russia, pro NATO. Initially right, ginger snap, but does that problem. There are pro NATO and it S. So, at the end of the Soviet Union, the beginning of the Russian Federation, they were very pro. Nato, in the sense that they wanted to maintain where it was because they saw it as well as a buffer
proper thing. I was talk like a seat between you and Edward. I for Andrea, get what they saw as a way to pacify Germany, because what's happened. The last time the Germany had been unified, where they tried to invade Russian. Before that they try to invade Russia will take more than they did in very bright. Nato will be like you are and all that they have between my dick. In other, remember, I dont want here's the key when Russia use urinal, I use fire urinal important, not far. You know just one space ideal, Yermil easing gardener, because even if we want space apart, there still is, but there's always dig looking space but I am confident that the fig backslash no more Beck's blush, and there is no big looking space. I urinate important both to intimidate thy slowly moved towards you throw in life here and there eventually, I rob lobe how you are going to die Now that is merely certified as one by me. He is ok I'll, so they contain
here late and in general, do you guys can just go ahead because I'm heading we dont hey? each other s. So so they were trying to keep the genre initially with NATO. What's so, what's the problem now with NATO? The problem that now in the problem and that Russia then in the problem even are soviet experts are then like experts, George Kin and in reality, George Kitten? He wrote long telegram. He was kind of the architect of the Soviet contained, a policy to architecture, in other words, so he even said as much. I think we have the quotas you're somewhere that basically he said expand. This was an anomaly set at expanding eight. I would be the most faithful air of american policy in the post, cold war era. Such a decision may be expected to impact. russian foreign policy indirections decidedly not to our liking. So the art, when you're making now is that NATO, Russia, understood NATO, but then because of NATO's expansion, and also how then, and where they expand it forced Russia to say right now, we're going out,
act aggressive right- and you can imagine this from their perspective and again this isn't that Russia is a great country via a great guy. It's not directly opposite all those order. I get a Russia that a rapporteur he's a KGB right, but if you're looking yes, but if you look wrote a rationalists perspective. If you put yourself in issues of the leader of a country and your It is adversary for the last hundred years, where we have seventy years, Oliver sudden has the ability to stage troops right next door right. You would see that is a threat. So, even if I want him to expand, we can understand Bill Clinton that NATO expansion and added hooted added added Poland, Hungary and trouble if the champ in two thousand for NATO at seven more eastern european countries, I get it right, there's a lot of stuff go on there, then. Obviously we get the Brok Obama's tenure and two thousand NATO endorse the addition of of Ukraine and Georgia, or we look. Let's get it continue to make America's position clear. We support map for Ukraine and Georgia
Helping Ukraine move towards NATO membership is interest of every member in the alliance and well vast security and freedom in this region and around the world that it George gosh you say he supports maps for Ukraine. I believe that's minor attracted person, no Dave, oh geez, he came in David. In this context, I means membership action plan, yeah, ok, well, I was just trying to judge, justifies sick friend through this, and I hated pointed out. This is also because Georgia, we pushed his. by watching DORA man like that little guy future I'd say one thing about it: don't get me started out on a compass, cookies, nuttier, Jake Freedom as Map is aware of aid. Chicken wings were do, must state of the union
all this angered, Russia and important responded. The emergence of a powerful military bloc at our borders will be seen as direct threat to russian Security and this is of course no Russia went to war with Georgia, but here's the thing out the state not order system case now the country state was that there was a long that they no longer Feldman towards our voters. Dealers, yes, but here's the thing It's Friday is a true. What might my point is this? Do so? Do you think that Russia was ginger, snapped justified and go into George, I mean I guess my question is what the United States meddled: ok, post, cold war. I think a big part of this is you look between road were too in a cold war. Americans have the stomach to win a warning or no need to go in break stuff, convert people and leave. That's the truth. That's what a war has always been. Afghanistan should have been making it look like the the ice castle and then walking out that summit.
bombs, we should have dropped and instead you go in you, try and work with people who try and create alliances, and then there are insurgencies and it just destabilize that that's not what war used to be, because we didn't have sort of these, these global, interconnected governments and that's the problem. Now they would go and actually install their own leaders, they would take part of the people and disperse them around the kingdom so that nobody would be associated with just that country. To, I don't know, maybe take up arms against them again right. I think we ve forgotten history and that's all make that point in just a second here act. No, it out of the way I think history is the problem for a lot of people, Dave, Jude, scattered answer. I have not allowed days I've value, but its understanding, history right, and so we ve seen Russia your ear. I guess point is that look
he is a power hungry psychopath, but he's doing what we expected to do in this situation and us going into these places is causing an hour. I will make a counterpoint to that and say that Russia has always done stuff like this ticket after the after. After we're too, they actually started kind of pushing communism into places. First, I think of our key was one of the first places in late nineteen fourteen and then we had the outbreak of the Korean WAR, which was again communism, carouse crouching, on freedom. You were in South Korea. You could be seen they wouldn't let you in the first place, my friend if the north had one backed by Communist China and Russia right so there were pushing before, and so they now and let you and if I was about the United states and its allies had to do something right so got a bully the if you if the bully alone, what is the bulletin to do so? If John Buttons point, what are you, what your counterpoint to kiss We keep whereby war hawk. Now we looking at Russia like it,
Soviet Union and geopolitics. The geopolitical situation is exactly the same as it was then in world war. Two for going to refer to that. who, where we are going to forget what I wouldn't we refer to show. We are, let's refer to a steadily each of the top two biggest works for you, who are our allies and, moreover, to war or two He had France, many France with their name, guys we're nights UK that Uk Canada further east. You owe me to go Ethiopia. Ukraine. Does it didn't rashleigh part of that? Now you want me to go to Russia. The Chinese, the Chinese were one of our oil on wholesaler alone, cannot sort of no, I think order as they know when they did the Chinese Bay, sickly just got in the way of bullets they died, they were
like an essay that were fans of their eye. There were good allies about. We were still as it were, terrible asking us to arrest the billing Meda list as allies before them, Canada, because they actually, when indeed a storm the beat all my God go it alone. Irises me just tell you that what we ve done under the aegis of the United States was what was Omaha. It wasn't omaha, which ones Oh my gold, swords, ORD, Juno, Canada. One is why should I learned men? So if you want, you know beach, there's actual footage of the Juno beach them and by the way, thank you can never have the last you do. We really appreciate it. Juno was a canadian beach and we were watching class, and so of course you seem protodyne about some expect them. You know go in and instead you see them kind of like job. Their packs, hinder missed. all the way we find. No one goes down to. What should we do about the canadian staff? That's me
matter of horses are drowning, we're supposed to not when your autism, s jokes at you, say things this is like white Fang in real life, so our China is. This is not big. So the point is a different geopolitics. Times we ally with different nations? So I get that so right now we are ally with China for specific reasons, and they don't need to be stated very clear right. So we need to the situation as it exists today, and so what benefit does the United day to get from antagonizing Russia when we could use them strategically. Just like we used to so we, the Soviet Union, airports, the cold war. Ok, fair point right, hot benefit do youth, he asked and this I mean what who
with my question, we ourselves quit their financing. So here s the thing do you? Do you think that Russia would want that? We have been like you said, for seventy plus years, the greatest you no kind of, I guess, holder against Russia. somebody that's going to keep Russia from becoming what they really want to do is dominate all of Europe right because they showed that they showed. Do you think for a second that they're gonna just walk back to the lines and say: ok, good? The United States is not the threat that we thought they were there playing nice with us. We're gonna go think that'll happen, not absolutely not, but there is there is a line has to be drawn, but our line can't be drawn across the entire globe or it is not its drawn at that states that you use to occupy that you left and now you are unilaterally going back to and saying, hey you're, not a country anymore, you're back to being part of us the reason
that they want Ukraine. It is where you selling is not a woman. This in trying to make my points wait till he sees the glory ass a little. He made a wait until I use all caps Dave, ok, you're about to see it. Ukraine has been central to the problem for a very long time right by taking Crimea. They are making sure that their black sea fleet can get out to the marine. That's easy to see its easy to other. They had enable greater before they did have enabled a sir before. But if we are strengthening Ukraine and our ability to fight, don't you think that naval base starts all. I must go back to the Ukraine loaded so and then we want to continue to work as united. They spent billions of dollars halfway through my point, billions of dollars trying to influence that Ukraine and oppose what some people would say. Lawfully elected politicians, so United States invest five billion dollars in Ukraine from ninety one to two thousand thirteen. U S also funded the national endowment for democracy, which helped fund opposition to you. cranes, democratically elected it. Free and fair election residents, but not quite as secure as twenty twenty November to same tear.
really closely got. Eighty million also just so. You guys can known to understand sort of a moat motivation here whose lining up where from ninety ninety two twenty fifteen George Soros this organization. International Renaissance Foundation, I just thought I was a fair with a bunch of people in burlap they spent a hundred and eighty one million dollars to spread democracy to the crane because sorrows loves him. Some democracies, it you're the ethic here's Soros admitting is basically that unseen and in two thousand working First on Ukraine, one of the things that many people recognised about you was that you during revolutions of nineteen. Eighty nine funded a lot of dissidents activities. Civil society groups in Eastern Europe in Poland, the Czech Republic, are you doing similar things in Ukraine? Well, set up on in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia end- innovation, this room.
Shooting ever since and played an important part in events now do you think Ukraine will be able to assert a kind of independence from Russia and an alignment with the west? Not but not a specific alignment as NATO, but a kind of orientation toward the west or will the Russians always stop them? We tried to destabilize Ukraine, but the key my dream is determined to independent of of Russia. It won't be easy, because when you need stabilization. You need yet another evil person who looks like a paddling. What is it with you? yeah come on. That's they could be this
What happens we desire to satellites is a billionaire cankered ice cream, retinal irritates. It's just make my age spot. Look worse. I have so much baggage from worthwhile to search the form on the rise is actually is evil trying to escape my face. I started back in your zipper. Yes, I make my first civilian, not gold feelings. Yes, I am now russian, but when I unzip skin suit, I look like things from they live despair, written, regular rock This gentleman is always trying to catch me apart and those are ok, so you guys go had mixed history, lots of people, let's not get too nerdy supplemented. I want people to follow a catalyst for the revolution relied on and where some of the ukrainian twenty thirty correct. Yes, this correct, so there was a thing called like the Maiden revolution: that's what they call it
Ukraine, it was basically they. There was the president at the time. Who is the one that was democratically for as much as you can be democratic, saying I say it with air quotes democratically elected, most free and fair election ever bizarre doesn't want. Obviously this people George sources groups, were funding against ended up signing a economic deal, Moscow that was better than the one with the EU and the economic and economic doom most that a lot of the people in Kiev were unhappy about this, because they don't want closer relationships with the EU right. That's western, Ukraine, Eastern, Ukraine's, a very different story, either way there was a revolution: he ended up being ousted yeah, yeah right. Why have we got We both agree that that's gotta know you think, is that no he was ousted. I dont know if it was a good or not, but I know that we definitely played a part in that happened, yes, levels like. If maybe There was a green movement for freedom in in IRAN and we would play a role,
I guess we think that you guys should overthrow you're oppressive government, but it wasn't for four: it wasn't Oliver North prisoner oppressive governments the words there's only room for one oppressive government representative, but we again what's disappeared. This is not like a moral judgment on who is, rather, who is wrong just who did what based on the facts and where our, but you have to look at some of the motivation right. So if somebody is going to go in and say, look this guy was in office, he started to get really really cosy with the Russians, and these things were not things that people. Did they protest? They had a revolution, they overthrew him, it's like they will. We helped something that was already going on. Maybe if we started revolution, maybe if everybody loved him- and we came in with a propaganda campaign and said that another, though, is a really bad guy that be different. Sex, exactly happen. We got elected in two thousand ten. That's when all the money starts can mean that when the Soros found data were already people who disagreed with this guy. Yet what about that in twenty twenty fifteen? This does matter. Ninety three percent of
Crime means remains criminals I said, before that and then I heard drafting cried, I dont know what it is rare credit Crimea. Said they supported Russia's annex H. Ninety three percent. You can get. Ninety three percent of Americans support anything. What gay or they order on CNN? How many? I can just another Gazeta shoot. That said, no, that is again when their walking door to door to ask. How do you support barrages take over Crimea? So these are correctly. These were surveys done by german and american postern. I what I'm at daybreak another appearance. Of course I will bring you back to us even set about patent, how he commented on the slavic people or the asiatic people as some people. We can trust. These are the same people came about now. They have changed, and most of these recent can't trust them most of the people and the Ethnic Georgia, and Crimea is russian redneck majority in Eastern Ukraine is russian. So to say that they are all about being part of the EU in these european values. Will we know, according to a patent said that doesn't coexist? Dividend
What are we trying to make it happen, but does it mean that Russia can just take part of a sovereign country because they want to? Why don't think? I dont think that ginger snappy saying that it's a good thing that Russia is taking part of a sovereign country. I think what what ginger's? Never thing is. Is that maybe it's not the United States job to go to do anything about it? Ok, so that was it I don't have that right, that's a pretty much! Ok, so I will not do I have wrong? No, so yet is pretty much. Some. Are there what you trying to say today? We know that Putin willed, though be the one who's going to show his hand when each Orioles say them Rio tell whether or not lace should have an Korea or whether there are not very crimes. Or whether or not they should have supported the separatist in eastern Ukraine. I'm not even doing that? I'm saying you could not have expected them not to do it based on the position they found themselves in Russia didn't find, in my opinion, is a Russian didn't find themselves in any position. Russia was an instigator from the very
beginning and the response that we had to Russia was ever be better. They were Eddie hast going it alone. We ve got to curtail their spread of conflict. We face this in several places around the world. Russia wasn't just sitting back after were to go and everything's hunky dory. I guess we'll go back to our lines. They wanted to keep the Eastern Bloc countries. That was the iron curtain. They did that yet But something happened in eighteen, ninety one, yes, and now that country no longer exist and they don't know that that do a bet alliance doesn't exist anymore. I get that, but the same people who Nineteen ninety one experienced freedom for the first time in generations very quickly. After that said, we can't do this. We need a state run agency. Again we need people to take care of free enterprise needs to go away, and people like Putin were all too willing to come in and actually step down. Have the other person that gives placed in that. this change the constitution essentially and say that you can serve as dictator for life and then comes back in and is like. I didn't do it. It was that guy ashes godlike. That's that's what they're doing now think you'd when was that
it is time that Russia showed aggression towards these former Eastern Bloc States, since after the cold, nineteen o after the cold war, If you go into the cold Rosa started this, it was nineteen. Forty nine am I going to the cold war because its Russia now and not the Soviet Union and we're in a much different place like listen, I understand that history doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes and this rhymes a lot of what we ve seen before out of Russia in any state where rhymes initiatives so that I agree russian strictly is not a good country. Did not a good country now forever. I agree with that. Russia, you just said bomb Russia right just for everybody! Listening redwings disagree! capitals got a lot about. How can you people's eyes glaze over even earlier, so no, they won't.
The point of trying to make us from ninety ninety one to two thousand eight. There was no aggression at all from russian that former eastern biodiversity gerald- that's not true in two thousand and four didn't invade Georgian to launch it hasn't forging a ship that was two thousand and eight due in two thousand, for they did something similar to those of yours. I want you to make the two and a vision of. George who is in direct response to us, offering them a place and NATO sure what he's so here. Let me just play this out, for you, hey Stephen, you ve got a bully. Attacking union can defend yourself by the way. If that ever happens. I'll take your side. The bullet go, see, urine instigator like now. It's because you're, a Bali that I have to say that all defend this guy well understand we're we're coming from here, and I know I did let ok, let me just tryin laser in on this here. Ok, we're talking about your argument. Is
don't get ill, founded that Russia felt that they were in a position where they had to that. In other words, there just finishing their effectually responding. He liked to encroachment to basically what they would see as an oppressive form of NATO. That obviously has is, is unfavourable towards Russia you're right. Ok, so that's why they're acting outlets or atomic Ukraine? Here's my question: if none of that what happened to be the case with NATO, do we think that Russia would be straightening up implore flying right or do we think it would still be doing this anyway? it would still be doing this whenever they can get away with it. I think that's a fair assessment to a fair guess and I dont think that your point shoulder unfounded, but it had not and until NATO expansion was offered to Ukraine and Georgia, so the seventeen years of evidence that we have suggest that maybe they would not have, but now we know for sure that they would and we did so what ok and you guys can count below and who you agree with dubious ginger snapper. Do you agree with Gerald Org
You agree that we should never talk about Russia again until they attack even people, even our audience, members who are using Vps right now and rational like who gives a shit I'm already drunk, you said you about eight women. On page five, you shouldn't breast signed the pay. What may alone yeah I'm not kidding, they do have rose I've heard nipples. I haven't seen it with my own eyes like I can confirm what they say they have. Russia knew they like that are topless and, as I have, illegal, I'm not getting the hive blue. Somebody can look this up. They will also The newspapers I like a nice girl, I'm like page files, are yet something like this up. I just I just basically sent you to look at porn. My apologies. That was not the intent, that's a good! Yes, but it's not here is actually the one thing that I will say in regards to. I agree with you, and this is something that I really does actually can certain egret no agreed ginger step on one thing: the idea of little hedging mony you. I always said this before when Brok Obama was president, and there are situations Hammas and Israel really there was a while there
a lot of rockets go, and I was very concerned for the first time. I thought that the United States might be on the wrong side of history might align themselves with the wrong people. When you heard is rhetoric, toward Israel. I'm not talking about whether we should intervene or not, but there's a big difference between saying we intervene at all. We shouldn't be funding any of these nations in the Middle EAST and we shouldn't the line to Saudi Arabia versus saying we should selectively support in Palestine or the people who rule Palestine and I will say this for the first time I back if you're going to say world war two or even before that, if we're going to talk about the United States spreading its values, throughout the world. This is something we really would be talking to places like Russia, where people are placed in July or if you're talking up even places. You know in Africa worry We know where we stand and missionaries when we're teaching about AIDS and not just throwing contraceptives at them, but letting them know eight look. Abstinence is also important. You can't have sex with the child give your aids on down when we needed to actually established three more socialism and they believe in say there are suit theirs
superiority to this culture as a result of Judea, thousand, so I think we would all have been on board at one point with the idea that all of these countries would be better off if they adopted American dies. Not that is our job to force them to However, I can say now for the first time, if I'm a country, if I'm in this, not to say that Russia is a free countries, not say the Putin is anything other than basically a fascist asset. Ok, that being said it's a lot easier right now, if you're, potent or any of these countries to basically greatly notices for interventionism, go look. Look You want to be like country where you have men, beating women in college, at Leppich little boys being taken away from Father, because not betting, puberty blockers. Look. They have applied to join up on global after birth run, clip of thereof, nor them look. They build their children to get satin feel
They should be proud unhealthy. I rest my case would be exhibits, z list or eating pizza with ranch. My point is, it does concern me the eye, the values right now that we would export are not values that I would want exported. Not an on Fortunately, though, she raises issues with it, let's not go nuts, that's true doesn't may I use that others should not be in that. Those are the kind of Asia maybe go. I gotta hit, so yes right, like sometimes it makes it is apparent, but here's the thing maybe ices has a point we, I've learned throughout history that we can't be isolationist, whether we want to or not we are the world's greatest superpower at this moment. Now that can change. Historically those things change, people move up and down, especially if you get away from the values that made you the superpower in the first place, but we are in this position. So what do we well in the nineteen thirty, we said your problem over there, not our problem of here, and you know what followed the greatest war too and period in the history of the world. At one moment, I urge is correct, yes good,
because everybody looks at war war too, as nineteen thirty, nine and on and the seeds for that were planted far far far earlier. Right and that's why say, history is rhyming. You have the former of a union which is now Russia. They are going back into places that used to be a part that Soviet Bloc people who are met literally beaten down, knowing that they can't even hope they can't even hold their own region if they get attacked right there, not the superpower that they were in that grates at people that graded at Hitler and he used it to push back they see we're being kept down, we're not as great as we once more, and we can be again so that something you have to keep an eye on if they enjoy Ukraine right now? I'm not saying we send troops, but I think we have to understand but this is not one of those silly things that Barack Obama did. There's a right deadline for a sob and Assad goes steps for us the relevant, exact Gaddafi? You can't do this Gaddafi. Does it his own people? Take him out, thank God,
had the balls to because we certainly didn't Hillary Clinton says. Why should we have to talk about this stuff anymore? I get it. I understand it right, but we do have to at certain points in history. Go okay! If we don't stop and now, if we don't do it, something now, this could spin out of can because it has over and over that's what I was talking about after World war, two who sang Russia is going to become a power that we really should have squash when we could have. Yet. What are you? Ok go had denied agreed plainly with all that I just I went, I think you have the players wrong here who the players, you think China's the player betray our v player. So here's the thing If we lay China can become old economically to some degree, whereas Russia is harder to Russia, you say the Nord stream thing in there just gonna fight you right with you. we can be like hey. You can't bring an highway why, whatever that guy's should either, but I went Oliver death now. I was that our high, when all of it now thinking even have a mobile phone Holloway. Why? Why? Why out pretty power? We have little time
we cannot make leverage over the changed. Nato frankly, don't care very much. Then Russia, there economy is almost to pass ours as far as GDP. Size goes Russia's about one hundred and twenty at the size of ours they're. Just have no they're, not your threat that they were during the nineteen sixty two nineteen. Seventy China is that threat that our focus should be on. What would you have recently with the Ukraine or make good money? Rabbi was go. Listen. This is not to say that, because we do have the ninety ninety four agreement, where we made them give up nukes. That said, yes, we will defend you. We do have that right. So our word, we dug ourselves there or so we might have to do something. I don't know, I don't want a century. We dug out our selves all like pedophile in Russia, who then stabbed himself in chest to write a time. Is that's what I thought, how, by the files killed himself in Russia shot himself at times in the back and running his name was such set reach off ski?
I am wary of friend of Clinton's his fists and make snow grave. My point is that I think you would probably grew with this. Is that are trying to make the world a liberal? Bashing is not going to happen, has failed and why we ve been trying to do that. Countries like Russia and China understand that realism power. Is this thing that still governs politics across the world Russia understands that they don't like China inherently. They would love, in my opinion, to form closer relationships with us Matthew S. Yes again, China. Yes, only if it's the enemy of my enemy is my friend may ask that's why that politics is not much bad. I dont arrest, rather than further than I can throw them, and I prefer a Chinese made much further back into the abyss. Rush probably could yet re heiress now, USA. Fourteen feet, I think we can have
pull in here from that they ran in Moscow Moscow times round. That's it likes. Five out of six. Russians are friendly towards the west; they don't have problems with this. There is no ideological rift that existed during the cold war anymore so it's their leaders then, and that's the problem, because, ok, maybe the people aren't at our throat but their leaders kind of r, and I'm not saying again like we're not in the cold war right now, we're not of the same position that we ve been an historically with Russia, but I am much more radio, a one twenty at this of our economy, Russia, that used to be a power house and they're trying to get back there and they'll do whatever they have too. So Ukraine was not just important for a number of the other reasons that we talk about. They were the bread basket of the Soviet Union. They face most of the Soviet Union, which is why Hitler went there first to try to destabilize Russia and he almost succeeded and if he had we re looking at a very different world map right now, so I dont look at
as a non threat, and I dont I'm not gonna. Take him. I have ten. I get that there are bigger threat. We talked about Taiwan on the show several times I really don't like, and here is the difference. The rights all is well, not the dogs. We do not really know, lanes and has come out a scorpion in my life and offer genuine americanized truth. Somebody threatened New George over the weekend, I was an arms College game gone wrong. It was rather we were they Austin Texas. I love. How could he threatened to new United States use like when I had New York. Chicago Washington, D C and Austin, so article All that look, here's the point. This is one of those things worth there. You know I hate to use our peoples everything is new ones and the judges there's really not much new wants to abortion. As far as ok look you either supported or you don't you at least draw lines were like big.
Or it doesn't. There really is an all that much new ones to you. Either have the right to speak freely or you don't okay, there doesn't. It doesn't need to be that long of a back and forth. Conversely There really is an all that much new wants to the second member. You either have the right to self preservation, self protection or you don't when we're dealing with geopolitical issues. However, that that really anathemas, I hate to turn geopolitical ordeal dealing with international politics. Let's just mega simple you're dealing with international politics. You are also dealing with countries who don't act within the of rights that we know and take for granted. A lot of you, for example, don't know that there really is no other place on our thoughts. Are the United States, where you have the right to speak? Really free speech doesn't exist? Doesn't just in Canada does not just in the UK. Doesn't it in Australia, not to mention the right to keep in their arms are a lot of rights that we have shown our constitution. So when you are dealing with it national relations? There is a little that more new ones because What does a nuance there is? There is more that needs
taken into consideration when it comes down to pull the trigger. In other words here, when you say all right, look you can't do this. This is going to support needs to be swallowed down all right. This is an issue words black and white. We understand ok, to States voted when you're dealing with we intervene. What do we do here? do you. How much of it is United States felt? How much is that the international community meddling? How much is it? Therefore, what can the United Do at this point. How much does it relate to a national security issue? I think we can agree on this. China, Taiwan, we here in the studio, have a red line that needs to be absolutely be stopped, because not only is China key Player, not only does China hate the United States but shut, but Taiwan Taiwan goes that would be a huge deal for international security period and not just the USA with Russia. I think internet, make some valid points. I jail make some valid points immensity here. You guys come at below and you guys can. Also after you comment, you know so little about dry, Lovin, Noirtier, but there's no way to address the Russia. Ukraine think there's no other way to do it as I from playing risk and acting
that which maybe we'll do. It will do this. You will use Dave's Ambien, instead of figuring, really take ambient historically I gotta, be denied access to get out of annex thimble upheaval. The villa he's real. He hasn't relapse. There are no, no, no, no, no horse ambient doesn't count so like button. If you're watching on Youtube, we had a lot to get too with the rest this week, including Wikipedia that's a huge very on Thursday and now we're gonna go to my club. I lay Finnegan knows all which would never be permissible here on Youtube gender snapped. Thank you very much. I appreciate that you are taking end. Ladies, you like redheads will be all over themselves. Get out get out anymore. It gets really pay you to piss off
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