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SEXY SUMMER CAMP: YOUR KIDS are the Experiment!

2022-03-14 | 🔗

Leftists have found their new Trump, and it's PUTIN! We'll go through all the problems they want you to blame Putin for instead of themselves. Also, both Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris took turns showing what dingbats they are. And there are sexy summer camps now? #Putin #NancyPelosi #KamalaHarris

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Are we not illustrate that David sick today? So he's not here, but hopefully you won't be sick. When we do our show, gonna get a lot of scattered outcomes, lashed tour to know and whirling into your city. If there is not an ordinance already existing, preventing Dave from attending, so If an accomplice to Indonesia will all right, then
That's the sound of my guess at the sound of Monday, because you gonna you ve got a few a few days without hearing that by the way someone just asked me this week and they went to second reading- is that son brain stem in your intro. I said it's like you, don't know me at all. Of course it has seen the programme because he is my Sondra and thank you to be any stealthy. One is, please see it and keep him for ever for however, we have a lot to get to hear today. Look right Ukraine is going on, but of course, the big story coming out of there is this: this bombing happening near the border. And so people are freaking out about it, I'm not by. The story that is more important is hey. I don't even notice reaching out to China, who could have possibly predicted tat. One I shocked when everyone was praising the sanctions, and everyone was saying this is great. We need to be tough on Russian, put in sanctions at punish the people and not the oligarchs themselves. We
you might be driven them into the arms of China, and here we are, will talk about that, but Importantly than. More important. In that I want to talk about pedophiles targeting your children. This is something that I know you ve, probably all seeing the Peat Bogs husband, having the kids pledge allegiance to the gay flag, which is weird But there are also sexy time summer camps directly target. Children, and this is one of those things remember. People used to say Secondly, you're going. Are you making the argument where whatever was could be gay marriage could be Trance could be purely blockers you're, making argument that is going to normalize, pedophilia, look behind you there's a slippery it's all the way back next to a nuclear reactor, just like the Beijing Olympics? So here we are the most innocent among us. Another thing I won't be here thirty day will be fillin hosting because nothing changed my mind coming up next week. Yes out filming this, but aside from that, if we dont let you know and there's a shoulders aids but if we don't, you know that there's no show what that means is. We are still streaming life rumble you can go there.
money, you Thursday, ten, a m eastern or of course we do a full other hour of of programming it to my club, Laos, Canada comes much more. Could everyday, that's the best place to watch it. Alright, gentle day. How are you he's here with me? I am well hurry, sir. I did, I didn't know I was so tired. Yesterday I had no idea that the clocks got changed over. I would vote for Biden if he ended daylight saving time. I'm a one issue. Voter yeah, just on one issue further. He doesn't know that the clocks are changed over see. This is why we probably didn't tell him so they could get some work done without him. This, Mr President, sign here were like time and savings and stuff that's good to save seven take it. Personally, I met a penny. Leave a penny and Davis out sick today motherland out, but in his place is pops crowd or dear cousin crowd Eddie, I'm calling crowd Eddie. How we use are beating you're nobody rats more about daylight saving, stunned the one TIM torment Taylor.
Serious TIM, the two men hates it. Why it's stupid gates? Was it Missus Euro system? I feel this right weeks package, but I don't think it's so much that so much as the nature of the paupers at whirling and have you noticed immediate brain damage? So am I Why should the day before we move on earth? Is anyone chile buying or any of you buying the whole Putin is a reason for economic woes. Stick network from Kemal Harrison Joe Biden mean mad about it. They want you to know that that the reason you're paying for nine at the pump is is because of because there are also the reason you're paying for online for forty nine may be a deal or fantastic. Whichever cleaner you prefer pine saw, I saw him smell before we move on to that, I just I just boiler buying it. Rhonda scientists, Vinos Governor Florida, He's now triggered a whole new slew of leftist Hist
Eric hysteria suggests that a word I want to make it a word with a parental rights, captain bill, and so now, if you go on to you go on Instagram if you go into the belly of the beast. If you go into that saying you will see of these I can't use outward you'll see all of these people stay with me day. You can do better than that. When I use a gay, you know GIG a guy I say again use they gave me a gay african tanker gay gay gave now Delgado on steroids onward and gay.
Gay, lesbian, gay? I don't know if you do this, but a guy gay every day yeah, nothing, nothing to it. People to your cause like being of not justly unfunded and gay and Andy. the poet knowing how to end it? You're not There is no end to the sketch. I've got to use that term loosely. I was with him for a bit there's. Ok, we got it and and went on for known Ormond yeah wherever another four minutes, and just you just this guy. a person none of Geiger. I don't. I have no idea of anything. I want you to hear him hit the high note right. Does that's the thing with the guys you're like a guy, can do them? Are I carry Lip Marie Curie came to them? Are I carry only someone the on going to them? Are I ever heard her lives us ass, I know why. Mariah carry thing is a thing, but this is product the idea that dont say gay rights not on the bill?
sound the bills, so you mean you're, tilting at windmills man. You have no. I didn't know what I want to say gay. But what are you protest in Europe? If they didn't say you can't say gay now they said. Secondly, we want to talk about sex to four to eight year olds, and why would you not want to do that? We will get to sexy summer camp and a bit. Why would you want a sexual how's that not the failure by the way promoting sex education, two four and five and six not because it because are not acting on its just pedophilia yearning, its its pseudo pedophilia pedophilia concept, Ok, guy, gay right! Nothing like perpetuating the original Syria to provide that you'd, be they got some phobic, not ok, Pierre, like that, I'm not saying all gay people like that. I'm saying you're like that in its disgusting now Ethel Merman line didn't do exactly Gary Gay Gay went the trolley a bit of an audition really
gosh, there's some there's a share wall and that man's household somewhere, ok with yarn, I'll over this. He s exactly there. Barbara Streisand, hair puppet so Nancy Pelosi Tongue, whether she she wants you to know something. Because she doesn't know anything. So she wants we do know something, and she was given these talking point, and this is what again if you get nothing else from this programme, its its learning. How to think learning how to sort of, I guess mistress sniff test have always said this. For example, you look at sports. Someone can maybe look like there now on steroids and be on steroids when someone looks like they're on steroids are probably on cigarettes right, so that the eyeball test, Chael Sonnen, the front of My- about that, its very rare that you think someone is on steroids and they're. Not it's very rare. If someone says something that appears to be nonsensical and it actually makes sense,
because she wants you to believe that the government's governments record spending that governs record printing grandma, which historical, has had a direct effect on inflation. Always she wants you to leave. The government spending will not increase the debt and really helping the economy and also the economy, is bad because, of course, Putin some of those nervous to emerge job. Numbers of jobs is wrong,
American Recovery ACT. Yeah To me, this yes, globally, recital it just makes common sense. First, I wish that again rules for the EU, but not for me, imagine doing with your credit card company that way reconfirm diners Club Ura, believe overspent above your limit. I thought I thought if I spent more the debtor. I was under the impression that it went away that really. That sounds like a global problem. What is that? Why you bought a ninety thousand dollar handy, whether all ninety thousand dollars now because economies economy's steady, higher, looked very confused? Yes,
If you just ended, accurate help her hand. signal she's all over the place where we don't want to mark the parking. That's a parkins ethnic, that's not it don't take a soda from her she italian. So let me just factor that really quickly. No new jobs have been added since a pic of two thousand nineteen, but not not one another thinking. Maybe some no now before Putin invaded Ukraine, inflation, it forty year high of seven point five percent and that's not including the housing costs increase, which we know it put it above. Eleven percent gas prices, one of fifty seven percent, twenty twenty one just settle, so that's all a potent love, and this is the issue when people say hey? Why are these why these people supporting put none of what happens is one, try and make one person the scapegoat for everything I'm coming in single nano Putin is not the reason for the high gas prices. They say. Why are you a potent apologists? I'm not I'm your lying apologists. The gas prices were our
on their way up, and I think it sepia that you, referring to, if you throw in the housing sector, will be over eleven I invite all the other lemme get the exact, but it's wonderful. They can just change the way that the measure inflation, yeah there's go. Wives, don't don't include zoning it, but isn't that what we use historically to do, we usually included. We often do yes, our including it now we thought, that it would be better not to have My income on my tax return. It may means that I have to pay more money, so don't included. Ok, good good advice What also, by the way, if you as a deduction at if you pay more in taxes, the debt gets wiped away. Does it real idea? How so I dont know how economies work. We can spend trillions more dollars. The debt goes down. Well, what would you think happened I guess I didn't know, I don't understand either. I'm just going to be honest, but I'm thankful for Nancy Pelosi and Paul Krugman to broken it down for me, yeah yeah. spend more to have less debt? How do you spend bore you print more weight,
Then, why tax more at all, I never stating that doesn't like right, we need to increase your tax rate. Do what are you doing over there? Just zero Minorca, hey you just printed another billion dollars when you to make sure that we get it from Euro. What's gonna go in here for a one can last another two billion dollars when you ve got a creature marginal tax rate, all manufacture, printing money now sounds like the counting money the bank. But what really is now that I assume it works at different? I dont know if we and our the cap in France now go out at once, think is going to happen. You spend more, you think you decrease that this is the issue with the left they act now. I dont know if they believe it. I really dont know of Nancy Pelosi. Believes this or, if you just wants you to believe but anyone who believes that spending more decreases the debt doesn't really. understand what spending actually is anyone who
that printing more money, therefore making money less valuable understanding. The general concept of scarcity understand simply that, of course, I'll make inflation worse, and you can see that you can see that with almost any time that we printed more money, you can see that with federal reserve policies, it's it's not! That to track and is not even something that leftist economists really argue. They argue that overall, it's better in the long term right than they used to argue, while in the law term it'll help us get the deficit down, even though we have to do with inflation now in printing. Now they just go out and I was spending more gets rid of a dead end. Hunting money actually makes money worth more so that its good and Brando does your body good. Yes, it does because that would plants need Electrolux. I think this is gonna work for them. No they're gonna blame every single thing on Russia that they can and distract the american people for midterms. That's all it is getting. That's the only play that Have right. Does anyone remember covered no panella at that moment, I was a thing I don't know if I don't have any of you guys are history books here, butt
the last two years- we're hell on earth because of the thing called covert. Nineteen, Sars Corona virus to the sequel, it was better than the original. Barely now it's gone, so you know you attack on which are good articles, erection rating. And I think even people on the left are starting to realise that this is almost where the marching orders aren't going there not going down the ranks like they used to and I will say this bill more in a full disclosure have spoken with the people who work at that show before they reached out to me. So I do a hunch we talked about some of the jokes word for word that had taken place in a show regarding the Beijing Olympics and the AIDS, endemic. You know according to fancy these run into the same kind of content. Again, I think the person who has but with might be watching the show here. So let me just kind of this to MAR, Now discussing Putin's long tables every time I see a picture of lot of here
Odin he's sitting by himself at the end date a ridiculously long table by himself he's like a cross between Ivan the terrible and how we Mandela attack. One, though to laugh, well, yeah. I have signed with guns pointing Not only does this right folks Ross between Mandela and Potan, ok, right folks, now now by the way of this was us discussing that then well take gleams, what role we are the largest producer, but other than that, I'm sorry about whether it was a Donald Trump there. Now I can see what is happening to the tabling the aid that we build the tables, then we build the ruler. Rome bs like come on guys appeared resident terms. That said it. How do I go
over here and so to my face I don't have. The tab is filled with sweet, so big. It's also act as great inner. Later guess needs a vacuum, sealed its with weak. That's how they measure Dixon. Russia is Ryan stupid. How far you can put people. You need to be able to grasp papers between down the table. Peters walks over to his walk over to the White House. Insulin. Ok, and he doesn't come a blow to the thing that you can do for the algorithms who wore it better and by ward I mean wrote it produced it and performed it. I want more of trumpets. Neither long table yeah that actually that were spontaneous with you guys. His urine way out Yet that is that is true. Wait you! So they pre planned that! No that's what we got all this just to another thing that has been more was even saying: hey. Why didn't Putin attack the United States when Donald Trump was present, and I've always had this because he's just crazy enough that you think he might do it.
Right crazy, beetling every time and now we're hearing that exact same sentiment echoed from people who have never dared to say this before so bring us to Trevor Noah this week. Is he the one hear from Is he secretly based First time I saw that stupid sting her real, I think we know getting good Co Vamos watching I want to watch the get all we shall be waits for your precious of making things up. He's though it may look, may up terms now. That's how we always said it. When I was raised in Chicago Kenya, Indonesia shut up Hawaii right next to the rock
did that Hobbs, ensure film that worry, you can speak award of Samoan, but want to tell you that its roots The man is never never been, so he has an upper chess tattoo resolve here that, in his forehead, kept growing to the size of a drive and movie squirrel please, dare I didn't. you go at all with the end. If you're gonna do it the way I am, I went away to expand its recently and on the job on the jumbotron. They showed the rock doing girls with the third. Really deliver that's a price while so there's, no he's a stronger he's. A big strong I, but he hasn't tat, never touched, asserts all natural, so Trevor Noah in Why is that? Not only again did Donald from keep people like Putin in line it also some of the subjects here that he may miss him? He may longing for him. What there is not
that Saudi Arabia isn't playing ball with Joe Biden, and you know it you can say what you want, but this would have never happened to Donald Trump. Never. no one has ever ignoring Donald Trump cards. Couldn't you ignore Donald Trump cause. You know How he would respond. Need send an angry tweet. Maybe just like ban your country from everything you don't know, But I've been in these situations by actually wishes that he could higher trump to step in as president wildcard in order to keep everyone on their toes. One was calling. You best believe the you either be racing to pick up the phone, MR from without would hear real July NED. You made me why do range, we're bombing the USA and the EU? Have she just in case I mean this literally. The words that we use was kept them on their toes. So you can you don't come,
come on, you think Trevor Noah is secretly based, or do you think that maybe now here's what I think is happening, They always wanted to make it seem as though they were rebelling against the man right, and it's pretty tough to do that when you run Hollywood, when you run media when you run most Washington DC, including a lot of the Republicans when you, when you run education, all of these situations and you just give one scapegoat with Donald Trump, can still claim, like yeah yeah yeah, we're sticking to the man, because Donald Trump as the authority figure and now at this point they control everything and, I think, They realise that its maybe not conducive towards reaching young audience to do. The bidding of nine Four year old geriatric can continent president. So I think I think at this point there's a single we ok, we have to do a little bit of a given. Take. I don't think he secretly based. I think what you just said is true. It echoes what we ve been saying for years, but I think right now probably getting some some focused studies from Franklin,
It is our neighbours and to pay saying people, don't like it when you just go out and do the bidding for the White House right with the truth is too obvious. Now right, you know that that is absent. What he said absolute you're. The USA would pick up the phone if Donald Trump called period done never happen. Russia did not invade Ukraine under Donald Trump period. This is the truth. These just saying what we already know today if they were on the table on the phone with former vice President Joe Biden today, and they had called, from down from the big hello, hello, hello, for responding to call back, maybe go straight to doubt thinking, the emasculated men in the left appreciative firm hand, the tiller, the ship, I think they are, they feel safer, even if they dont admit it yeah. Now. I also think revenue should steer clear of doing it. Russians. What have they helped? The guy I'll give him some cutaway, some something that you have given some company. They did dare and that's the end game they put a flight,
barbarous head. Well, it it's like an eye for an eye and that's as good as it gets at LA yeah, my email, it's all again, I know I'm not better about it now, speaking of which, by the way, Lot of Canada comes left or Dave's, not here, but David, our on tour. You go and take another. I dont know their tickets to Tulsa, they always did we still have some Tulsa tickets left, so you can go on the website for that, but really promoting the second show June. Eighteen Colorado Springs cholera that lets right. Here's that should ride. I, because many of you were complaining ghetto sold out too quickly so June. Eighteen Colorado springs with added. A second show. We will see their lot of cholera accomplished, we're ok, here, summit of Kemal Harris. I want to talk about because I didn't know that this was possible. You know what I'm about to talk about their programme. It was surprising, The prize gave just columns where he was half asleep so glad I gotta be in third chair well you'll understand. Why was so surprised, because I didn't I'm jealous and you'll understand Why so, over the weekend, she was, I asked a question
inflation and just gave this absolute Lee bizarre nonsensical answer that had nothing to do with it, before I go in to where she kind of address it later on. But this is the on edited sequence of events with the question and her answer. This is why people are calling her visit, an embarrassment watch present blindness said that Americans or feel some pain for the sake of defending freedom and liberty. but there does seem to be no end game and site. How long should Americans expect? How long will we be bracing for this really sort of historic inflation and some unprecedented gas prices its help in terms of the discussions that the President, Johannes Hahn, I hand they ranged in subject including the issue of the Black Sea, and let him explain in more detail as you would like
but we are again fully aware and apprised, because we are in constant communication with the president with his administration here about the concerns that they have about the entire region and, frankly, the vulnerability I have to do is look at them. and and see that that, where Romania exists geographically and as this the case for our allies on the eastern plank that there are potential vulnerable That is, which is why we say very clearly: we will dedicate and have been especially enhancing over the last few weeks, our support based on their current means. You can do that. What
wait. What can you do that in marriage know? Where were you yeah? I actually think that theatre, in car that you made last night was pretty good spittle, but I do appreciate that you made it and I'm going to bed None at all. Where were you yeah? No, I didn't know. Typically, I prefer veal pagoda, but you know at the way you dress. It was pretty good, so I'm going to bed. I love you, I didn't know you could just not out of the question and I decided to move on to something else and also answer that what be question poorly yeah. Well, if I look at the map you'll see that the proximity to Hell means you know that might be pot yeah exactly what and she feels the fires of hell at her soul on a daily basis, she's very familiar where that now here's the thing is, is there was a question I was asked of her. You did than before that there was a question asked of the romanian priority area and she instead decided. I want to answer the romanian president's question, even though
don't know what I'm talking about, but to be fair. She to a little bit guide or went a little on the information, it's not much better, and this by. We unfortunate experience all of us now, who are not in Ukraine of witnessing horror like a window So we are committed in everything we are doing and yes, then the president did and the state there is a price to pay for democracy got to stand with your friends. As everybody knows, even in your personal life. that's answer to those friendships based on common principles and values. Sometimes it's difficult. Often it ain't,
see you, but then slowly differentiated based on shared values. So that's what we're doing it ain't it ain't. She went back we're days over. You know the Avengers City Board ETA, with Willie Brown Horn Amy them. I don't like that girl in high school, much less, as vice president, like sometimes It ain't easy. Why you do not like this. What is she doing by the way? Are you indian audio black and on the most than they thought your singing would be? I don't know what you are doing good. She knows Romania close to Russia, starting point that anyway, I can make you president, if you sleep with me in trailer. So what does that plaintive whale and her voice that you read in the cusp of tears that she's hoping will join her in her emotion,
does it all the which is very difficult. When sociopath, I don't have the emotion she's going through her. is going through her mental rolodex kind like a terminator to where he said Jimmy. I suppose your bike and your boots she's gone. Ok, how to human beings respond and nepotism wailed either. The least popular granted, eight in the history of Lebanon and in all of the primary Alex in history where's, but I don't really know that could be John case it for a publican, something no one likes UK sick, but she is worse than case it for them. Rats and she was made vice president and sent over there. You do that they run, be they drums Excelsior Gabert out of the car. He knows well, yeah, of course, the inevitable the primary, but I guess it's the price we pay for democracy. I see that's that's How will we have the safest election in their history? election in safe and secure
democracy right yeah, because Ukraine is is a bastion of democracy and freedom are selling? There's a government that was effectively install the people also wanted. Here in the west. It's not like here in the United States you force people to wear Can you tried to enforce vaccine mandates and you tried to enforce vaccine passports and you lock down businesses indefinitely, so Oh yeah democracy. This is what they always say that we say: Denmark's. They don't really care about freedom and we're nodded we are not a democracy. You can't be free in who d marks a true democracy is mob rule. That's what we're a constitutional, Republika Democratic Republic. He can't just have Mokroe, where you vote on everything, because guess what that makes it too easy to pander and give people free stuff like you're, doing your entire platform, that's the entire platform which also brings us to really we're talking about freedom right democracy. Sorry, I see I'm still thinking about freedom, the real thing
The real freedom is what matters. Anyone who uses the term equity instead of equality discount what they say by its that's it. It's a silly thing you can either have equality or you can have equity equity- has to be enforced at the expense of equality just to be clear- and it's the same thing when these people say democracy, democracy, democracy, they use democracy at the cost of freedom, they say well, most people want you to be tax and pay for socialize healthcare well hold on. That's not constitute right. Well, most people don't believe that you should be able to have a semi automatic rifle. I dont care what most people say because freedom they want democracy in their grave and image. Cost of freedom noticed the language they say, equity, they dont say quality. They focus on democracy, because freedom is like garlic to a vampire just pictures, just sniff test right. I want you to think about looking at
Think, looking at these issues critically when they're saying saying, when there's one their spouse when their regurgitating the talking points bill the language that they use and why they use it, there's a specific reasons. Discuss democracy usually sometimes or hidden pepper freedom in their before they go right back to democracy, but they want democracy and they want to be where the But this is one thing I dont understand where all the people who about the United States being a world police other busy covered something trump there we go where are they re, no new wars under Donald Trump and right now we're talking about disasters? foreign policy with Afghanistan. We're talking about disastrous form. see right now with Russia in people are so yeah. I stand with. I stand with Ukraine. We want a second world peoples. We should be the police or the world we're going into Afghanistan hunting the Taliban you can,
we disagree with that? If you want to be consistent, sort of non intervention is, but when you say that's wrong and no war for oil and narrower we'd have to stand with Ukraine Y y. You sick question: you guys can come a boy hundred irish under reasonable people on both sides of the Ukraine issue. However, I don't think it's possible to hold An anti war position of the United States should not be the police of the world. while saying we need to stand with Ukraine in supporting us going into another. Potentially endless I'm just wondering where those votes have gone to team America, world police, grateful and by the way, but was a sentiment of a lot of people. Why we're going into these countries and interfering now seems like everyone's right to do it because, not your life, just like What else is money you're ready to you're ready to expend someone else's life? It's a convoy
it distraction. Imagine this happening at the beginning of Biden term. I think you will be very different right. I think it would be decidedly different if it's happening at the beginning of its term, because right now, like I said they have nothing to play on for the mid terms at all. Is going to be a shall lacking. They said yes, I just wanna court Jack TAT was shut. Our eyes are taught on the help, China to advertise it hence hold on beer to try and make trying fool you into thinking that as a chain like we don't know what you're up to so this is a convenient distraction. They're gonna warmonger just enough, because actually gonna wanna go in. I don't think the Democrats would support that. I think they're gonna support sanctions as much possible? They want to try and paint anyone who doesn't exact court war as a Putin puppet as a shell. For just like they tried to say that Putin hack the elections Aki just said that when she was talking with Tik Tok influencers either those like, of course, you may know the turnout in sixteen election was hacked by Russia of. Why do you She believes that, do you think she knows better. This is
issued. It really comes down to a certain point. These are verifiable, lies or verifiable and accuracy. So the only quest. Left is, is it a lie or is it ignorance. That's where we are! That's the only question left. Ok, which brings us- discussing this issue with you. It's this week's men of insane in the Ukraine? Those are not functional shirts at all another, not a barely cover any, no it's really, moreover, it's more it's it's it's just its stressing it that very absorbents yeah now than ever orbit and believe me, they will sweat psych when you have those awful. table napkins polyester for Christmas and just and sparing startling all over your face, glad we pulled out the good stuff you just you look
you look like a cannibal with cranberry sauce and let alone what happened. Not. What is this? It's? Why? What wiser I call on this. Napkin applicants should lacquer, all right. So you are telling me about this. To everyone was discussing Ilan Man just kind of jumping off point. I love it and what did he do? So basically Elon musk he's he's he's not pulling any punches lately on twitter he's also become like the Donald Trump Twitter accept without being you know, quite mean it quite as mean as Donald Trump, but he basically said today. I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat the stakes are Ukraine. He would get asked immediately. He probably would but I think it's a Larry is that he's yet it and then he also doing research where I think you did, but somebody actually. I went through the timeline a little bit and somebody said something to him. Like a user bro, I think you do the same thing. You're saying potent right right is like I am one hundred percent sicker set. Does he mean unarmed? I have no idea, what he needs, but I love it. You want to do with flame throwers he's gonna send Starling again, and you know that's and then for all ends.
betting twenty years, as is, is enough of a gap that he can. It can make up for an expertise. I don't know I mean I enjoy, though, that he's on there. I think I think it's what they have any followed up by the way, just because he wasn't getting the kind of response that he wanted. Look when you challenge somebody to a fight and they ignore you, you have to take it one step further or you walk away rightly took one step further and he actually tag the official Kremlin accountants. Do you agree to this battle, these serious the usher which got now and then the executed Julian Assange? But that's not his letters made an example. About impressed with money, also set by the way you on Moscow. We can't do this without nuclear energy. We use talking about this transitioning tat, fossil fuel, free and in energy economy. That's fossil fuel prices in Europe without Nuclear said Psmith
ITALY's like Europe right now, should be building more nuclear power plants. If you dont want to be dependent on russian gas and oil or oil from the Middle EAST, because you know like the politics of sampling, build the plants, now he's just a mouthpiece for big oil that musk there's one thing I know about Tesla, Sir Mouthpiece for big oil. I've, seen fern golly, also Tesla just increase their prices and people are bitching about it. When this administration told everybody to go out and buy an electric vehicle that they can't afford, and what about supply chain stuff? Didn't you understand? The prices of everything has gone up by the. What can we do say I like teslas too, I'm just like you, and this is not. This is not gonna, be firing of tests of it couldn't be like Tesla powered by coal. That's the new fangled, it's not like getting earlier nickel in the right nickel in all the a rare earth, minerals, yet cobalt, Gandhi, cobalt, minds are not enough I don't even know how to mine cobalt. Someone said you are locked in this. You are in this tower
till you learn how to mine. Cobalt may left like cobalt. My near me, with all the tools and now it's a tower of why it's a tower with a trap door to a cobalt. My well Gerald know this situation. It's a very specific tower architecture. Ok, I didn't I'm not the architect, another designer. and I said you will not get out here until you figure out how to mine cobalt, and you would just fine a Stephen crowd of ship skeleton. Eighty years from proposal here, I'd be weapons would die and make sure you left your hand with a middle finger just when they came in to be a big f you, yes, I had a cobalt ring at one point. Then I found out that because I had a tungsten ring and then I had a weird lip and there was a guy get cobalt and then I found out that tungsten they crack, but, old. They can't crack, but it's too hard from the cut never get way with cobalt. They can only get it off with diamond cutters and then after the surgery. When I ballooned up- and I can get my ring off- I said: that's it-
that until I know that on one year through this and rubber eyes, fluid retention. The point is: it's stupid, not lessened months into the invasion of Ukraine. Russia is apparently calling on China for military and financial assistance, and this is coming from. U S, officials that they'd aspect, Jane and also their just Ahmad on CNN, but who is going to second right now and see and understand Pfizer? Fourth dose, Kobe back up eyes is like I said you know, we measure the stuff quarter, the quarter deck guys. I gotta start price to keep going renewed, their still advertising C and D. Let us go back to your about here, but it was my fault. I got a little animated, you get your Louis! That's me, Joe Lois is back to your bad. Jealous now now place place down
good boy, because after all, Russia needs more money and military power to beat up on a defenceless labour. It is embarrassing for them their doing so far. We need more money and that's the thing. Putin loss is like Ukraine who wants to take but two days for two weeks later, the guy who is bet with they disappeared, It's a great way to get a scouting report every other team we get to see how poorly they perform and wrung out and in game time, while the myth of the russian military, not just a bunch of drunken conscripts. That's what people don't understand. It's not nearly people! Think of this russian Super soldier. It's not true, often like these. The idea of people, often say: oh yeah how'd you crawl Magog, because he knows he is really the fact that we have just like you, but they all have to do it reason that they do some of the things they do. For example, carrying israeli style is because Gal Godot is to go in and has no interest in learning that our arms safety, so they have to reduce it to the lowest common denominator. People think it's everyone. There is the most effective fighting sold it now. It's not relate to the Russians they like to get drunk, and you know they can
when Beater Ukraine, while the idea of child soldiers, when I'm poking the eye, that word. You'll, never see it coming. True, look really. I don't know if it will get is banned from Youtube because unrevealing military secrets, but if this too ok, offend so far too dangerous to practice, deals the stone to even the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, vowed, swift, retaliation if Beijing or to a mosque outbreak. would you sanction China if they did help out Russia? I'm not gonna, sit here publicly and and brandish threats, but what I will tell you, Is that we are communicating directly privately to Beijing that there will absolutely be consequences for
for he was like a pale giant locations, evasion, efforts or support to Russia to back fill them. We will not allow that to go forward and allow there to be a lifeline to Russia from these economic sanctions from any country anywhere in the world. I thought he said he wasn't going to sit there and brandish threat right. We will not allow that to happen. Saying I'm not going to sit here, and I tell you my penis I say here and brandish it s here in brandish my wiener. What does he think that's doing, then, that I don't know they have two: they have to sit under the crippling economic sanctions that have closed their stock market for weeks that have made the rouble valueless, pretty much just to be thrown out into the streets and, of course, protests a country where they know they'll be killed for broadcasting, but if they so much is ass. Somebody for help that is not a threat.
Did you think, would, by the way they were totally fine with sharing intelligence with China before invasion? We ve talked about their own off your member this, but they shared indulgent with China, and if you ask for China for up and here's a who could have predicted that this war might push and speed Typically, the sanctions specifically the act being taken that we're Sweden and who could have predicted that this might push Moscow closer to Beijing and thrust Russia into the of an unnatural ally, China, you're going to have to learn how to live differently. Last week, I think, was a lie. week that we reported Reason Mastercard, recent, Mastercard and slew of other companies, but this one specifically on the financial side. They pulled out of Russia and basically, what they did is that pushed Russia into the arms of China again with union. While so you getting paid a Chinese, yes, exactly state owned, what Yeah any state owned, the payment system, Russia and China should not be allies
they should hate each other, because Russia now as vehemently anticommunist at least that's what Putin says, but we ve seen them now creating these lines. As we talked about the wheat embargo, yeah, that's a big deal out of it therefrom it's a ton of oil lamps proudly pulled a clip from March now through provocative, pull the one from like February first, but that works too was the highlight of what we had said already here, but that was a recap of what we have been saying for months, and here we are. This is this is the problem when you you either are all in with what you heard me say may terms you either All in all, you need to be all out. You can't just sort of your base. Equally declaring war without declaring war. That's the problem with these economic sanctions. This is what you in creating alliances and you talked about- does mean back in February, maybe certainly in February. Russia and Germany going, uniting our do yeah and more one, they were act. I mean
are bitter enemies. Germany basically defeated in crush the russian military and more one and signed signed off with them very early on saying you know like this is this is done right because we ve just beaten the crap out of you guys, and so we have to have the United States comment, and so you think, what less than twenty years later down the road, you ve got the same situation developing and you think. Ok, obviously, it's basically the same teams right now. They signed an armistice with them, or not or mr these? They signed a non aggression treaty with them and that the same kind of stuff. We are looking at politics in you're, looking at kind of the economic situation in the world, we're driving these people into unnatural alliances that they will accept for a time for four for the record germinated. that well I I mean, if I had my fingers crossed well, they went through Ukraine not honour it, so that seems to be the pathway sure, what's the Ukraine, as we call it the path we conduct zero. Two dominating Russia back
When you made a really good point about economic sanctions being war general in Japan, bomb Pearl Harbor, obviously I wasn't there, but I believe it have. We talked about one of the reasons for that is that eighty Percent of japanese oil was coming from the United States and we started to move on the place they were getting the rest of their oil from or at least a large portion of it. I'm nuts that they were justified in attacking us, but when you back somebody into a corner, you typically leave them no other option than to go to war with you right and economics. She will do that, especially if they can align with somebody like China in China joined. The truth is what should have happened if we look at world war. Two is the United States if they were going to stop supplying oil should have immediate struck. Japan should have immediately engage, in other words, they were half and they were half out and we ended up with Pearl harbor where the war came to our shores, because lotta people don't realize we were taking actions, echoes, because there were sanctions, but the war came to our doorstep. That's ultimately what happens you pushed into a corner and then they feel like they ve got to strike first as far as violence. Otherwise they have no other option.
So if you're gonna do that, for example, Japan, it would mean a good example. You say right, that's it! We can support these guys anymore and you go to war. You don't half way. Do it, it's not a measure that works. It's not an approach, that works, and I'm just wondering where all the anti war people have got their currency there busy. And on Sunday to Russian. What was it? We were: some russian miss it a basin what're. We going. You probably know about this, but I want to talk more about Poland. Yeah. your Poland in a lot of people are freaking out. It killed thirty five people write. It was up just miles from the port is holding out her, but I want to talk with them that isn't necessarily whatever one is discussing. Regarding Poland, I dont think that Russia wants to go into Poland, but let me for this clip first breaking this morning at least thirty five people are dead. One hundred thirty four injured after a deadly air strike against a military base near Levine in western Ukraine, the strike
it's an international peace keeping and securities and are just about twenty miles from Ukraine's border with Poland. This comes a day after russian tanks role through the streets of Mary Opel ukrainian soldiers to cover inside buildings, as people ducked behind whatever they could find to protect themselves. The city has been left four days without power and water just to include, of course, you'd be a heartless prick would not have any feelings of empathy Jim that I want to be clear without right. Just so not a mouthpiece for potent right now. We're saying that's awful to see, of course, not being said the concern here right is you were saying that there are a lot of people think that the very next step for Russia is to go into a place like Poland and not stop with Ukraine, and I dont know that that is one hundred percent, what their thinking or even a hundred per cent, what the people on maybe my side, a line, would say it is actually going to happen, but it's a real possibility. threat in the back of our minds. Going. Ok, he's crazy enough to go to Ukraine right. I don't view Poland as much more of an object
then maybe Ukraine, I know they are better, prepare absolutely incorrect right. Well, I know that this is due are absolutely correct. Poland would put up a much more significant fight than Ukraine for a couple of reasons. First off Poland is like that. Poland is is like that kid. They were forced to eat a lot of crap. You look at, weren't you they sort of became among all the world they set yeah come on, don't rubbing innocent sorry, they ve had a tough enough. Then the Pollack jokes worsen Poland has tram. You guys had your own spot there in Michigan. Now you hear the call to prayer. Sorry, we don't know where you guys Africa, but Poland. It's like that kid. Hetty ATLAS, cut out used to get in comic books, where you know the bully kicks in his face and steals a girlfriend and then comes back after doing is Teddy sorry, Teddy ATLAS. Not Teddy ATLAS was Earls Charles. That, without us, is the trainers, hadn't MIKE I'm alighted and dirt. Charles ATLAS that I got a lot of effort into Charles ATLAS. Symmetric she's, like
the hand my girlfriend bully and because she can make their own decisions and then he takes the girl, Bat Jarvis, the bullet yeah. But that's that's Poland. what has been through so much crap, and where did they made a conscious decision? They said never again and they ve done that with a lot of sort of international governing bodies to where they ve had no we're not going. What am I going to play your game with rules, Europe, your games, out that we are not going to let this happen again. I guarantee also and unlike Ukraine, a lot of people think that Ukraine, they think that everybody there is happy to fight for that government. That's not true ass, not to their lot up their device, in Ukraine there a lot of people understand the corruption of their government. The people and oh and know what their fighting for as well? Not only are they better trained not only of the extremely capable sort of like Taiwan? When you look at the numbers I want to join, you think they have no chance actually the more you look into it sure the United States. We need to help them, but in setting a strategy for years, because somebody respecting so has Poland, and I guess,
T when Poland, they wouldn't have to create a law that bars millet, that bars military aged men from leaving because they will sit there, take their heels. the polish soil and fight, and I think that cannot be underestimated if you think that Ukraine was an embarrassment for Russia and they try to some shit with Poland. It's going to be a problem. They ve been watching this that their stretching out their gettin ready. Yet it wouldn't is it all in and they have Marius Pleasant Penelope. Yesterday, I would ask you guess who's that he already was one of the strongest man. While you see polish get a picture of what are you gonna do? Guy ensures polish no he's gonna, be that I challenge you to fight. Yes, he's he's their journey and he would be better than Ilan ask. I would write about it any more. What I look! I know that their prepare- and I know that they ve Seen- is coming for a long time, and so did the french prior to war were to write. They said, never again, we're never gonna. Let war one happen again, so they obviously did listen if they tell you to build a wall in the border, don't you, but there the and tragic align part. Two doesn't work, I get it, but I'm what
Saying is look even if Poland is prepared. How prepared can they possibly be against on a complete Lee unleashed russian military right now. I think Russia might be pulling some of their punches. I think they are very and after that I think we ve seen that abuses and why Jane issues that they ve had getting feel too tight. to be able to move in a convoy carbon import, detailed and some have shrunk interaction. Pouring vegetable oil under the has not arrived at morale to jerk. You got it. You know. I agree that doesn't sit well when you're, when you're camped out in a freeway with no gas bringing together right. I guess from Chernobyl what now here's the problem you sitting out in a freeway in a war zone and you dont get picked off right, what they like Doctors, like hey we're, gonna, hang out for a week and mitya me: you can target us if you wanna, we characteristics. what happened? What does this? What's what they found? I think it's a ricochet. What is this you weren't trained at all, where you I was drinking heavily, we pact vodka
Now here's Polish Hezbollah you'll be able to highlight three guys gallery waiting at the border side away he's as natural as the rock. So here's something else. I also again my questions been where all the anti war activists, people oh Poland, Poland, what's gonna happen about when you are going to defend Poland, this is that you may not know about people only do this when its politically expedient, because the you you look at the? U N, how they ve been constantly trying to shame Paul on the world stage, places like Paul in places like hungry. Why for being action was for being, and I don't mean White Nationals Ethno now, was I mean believing in borders I mean Poland, saying we're not going to take mass numbers of migrants, you're saying We're not going to be sub that subjugated here to your elegy Bt Q international agenda. So now these same people say we're all Poland we're all Ukraine, because it just recently you drive,
the basic right of censure, Poland, on the international stage. When we read this to you a lot of you may not know this all remedies available lot of Canada com. This is, according to EU? Poland and Hungary are not respecting common EU laws and are accused of curbing the freedom of courts. Me the academics. In addition, they are accused of, bribing algae, BT, Q, plus people and grants of their right, so How did Hungary deprive algae Bt Cupid? of the rights could keep alive the EU right? This is a pretty powerful entity. Yeah, pretty powerful coalition is saying you're denying these people of right you're your violating human rights, while really it turns out that hungry pass a law banning the teaching of algae Bt Q, a ip information to minors in Poland. I ve been a hundred regions that declared that they have declared themselves algae b. he q ideology freeze out, I'm liking, Poland, more and more. I had no idea, and they also
think hungry, believes and borders, maybe a little bit more than most yeah, and that's why they're all that, that's my pencil keep in mind too. This is important at a time when the two countries they ve taken in nearly two million combined refugees from Ukraine. You voted to block funding, while so He's gonna help you can refugees. Poland hung yea area, but they're, not teaching they're, not cheating, drag queen story, our two four year old, so we ve gotta. We ve got to punish them economically and Emma. There's an invasion. Poland you'll see all of these people talking about how their we are. Poland, we are the world. Will you try to screw them just because they are not. You wonder what is different about the refugees? everybody's gonna point to be like no other white people in their Europeans. Now I think it's the people are going to come in and try to destroy their country. Yeah, I think, is mainly the rape area. They did that migrant rape Finster tends to happen. Nothin crowd, Eddie,
you're not gonna, bats cholera, I've just listening to your your brilliance, no it's absolutely true. I mean they didn't fawn over them. Didn't didn't deny rights in foreign over there. So in a sense I mean come on. Let's go you denied their rights, which the Eu Moldova and look at this map really quickly hurt, pull it out on CNN Belarus, legal bellers, it's how many refugees have gone there. Twelve hundred twenty six can you in that and being one of the twelve hundred and twenty six people in going to Belarus to be like this is just like Russia, that's why russian troops are staged. What are you doing? You read to the rug three out of them. neither the baron. I really would like good, whereas more Ukraine, the ass jeez, give them uniform system to goulash. That's like slaves who thought they were escaping to Canada, yeah! Well, hey, free! more slaves- a thousand really funny, I'm just watching this movie this last week, not about film forefathers with Heath Ledger, and it was eight, forty four, I believe as when it was set and there
they're in the Sudan fighting and they have slaves and I'm suddenly don't you always act as though they ended slavery in Britain before you so they were using them everywhere that they still have the possibility of having empire in the UK haven't the eye on the island of Ireland everywhere. I really am everywhere where the citizens is sitting on the british Empire, where they all the resources from Stephen they rap I mean come on they had to. I just look, I think, what's really and when you're discussing war when you're discussing something a severe War, this is where consistency comes into play and it needs to be more important than ever because a severity, the consequences are unbelievably diet, but people dying in talking about throwing the world into chaos, you need to be consistent. If you are just punishing Poland Hungary last week, you don't get to say that its super important that we go to war if anything happens with them in Russia, you're just throwing them last week. If you last year, or two years ago, three years ago and Donald Trump was president. You were
paying anywhere near your two percent of spending in NATO. You don't get to come. And say well, NATO's more important. Never. This is why we created this alliance and and Donald Trump. We, can they don't know he just wanted to pay your fair share. Yet you ve just got to be consistent. Just have not seen any consistency honestly from the left and from a lot of Republicans as well. It's very disappointing that there's a letter publicans right now that I'm a little pissed off at that are pushing for war every single minute that they can then pushing for something that would start a word, the very least sending fighters through our I can't just bring the pilots and let him privately. That being said, I think if they do invade Poland. Ok it's time for the United States to make some decisions. That's where you either they all in or you. I wish but all out so we could have gone all in with Poland, so there'd be a contrast, but instead we ve taken these half measures that I think the statement needs we made with Poland. If you gonna make one, are you guys come? Let me know what you think. we disagree and you can. Also I don't know you can smash that like, but if you're watching on you, too So this is something you'll love. This look at it
a chinese giant drain fist, because I'm about to talk about peat bog, kick my goodness. I don't want. Look. I don't wanna Causa brothers are helped reference. Ok, I'm sorry I hear, or was his favorite intimate shop, I think, would be different hole. so his pants on most times exec will be. The only thing that would risk would be like there's show me. The cover still got the panel's a hawk just only his pants rip off, but he still have our to smash. Pray I welcome. Your pants always become chaps problems, reach mass every Jimmy transitions song. Just word is: maybe you don't hurt me I'm going to hurt. You are right, so or to share some hulk has a share, while so PETE but gigs husband.
before we get to sexy summer camps, and this is a real problem journalist. What the hell are you doing? Why are you being so difficult today? I will he does like when he saw you dancing kind of feminine femininely, all right, the jail you said that the user prescriptions criteria, justice and such a loser tired! So you know the thing that we told you where I was going to happen and they told you would never happen is happening written for your eyes, and this is just more evidence of a peep boot Buddha judge, but gigs husband led children in the pledge of allegiance to the gay pride flag. What that's not Mr Rainbow not so difficult gave here? Why can't indivisible affirmation and equal rights for Lots of furniture
by the way he says that, when he's not waving a flag once you're smart, your heads, Did they get tense at some point, the way set up did he say a typical? Can I hear that again, the first part of what the not so typical reciprocal value, not so typical. So what do you mean? What is the typical queer camp for kids I'm I'm confused. I don't know I'm in less than two percent population, earth out already think that's not so typical, but why are you pledging allegiance de under with a budget legions is and what you just made. It get mean dialectics, but no, no, it's not it's about, then I dont know up is downtown up. It's more than that. You basically took was supposed to kind of reunited country right and say that your pledging agents to an ideal of freedom and democracy, Democratic Republic, no democracy, and now you said your edging allegiance to a sexual thing, what yeah, but what a flag
Any other colors make him his horny or children pledging early so that I'm not saying he's a pedophile, I'm just saying when you leave children in that kind of pledge and you make it about sexuality because there's not, why didn't they claim they? Sexual orientation? That's a thing: it sexual orientation, they separated from gender. Here you can't explain it without children without explaining what the sex and sexual orientation is by the way. They also do that at camp orientation, so p, p p, but gigs husband. What is sex? Let's exactly what the first ahead of that's here that I live ahead. You saw there the head, counselor grooming, the entire room. Yes, well, sir, since when a man loves her, I mean when a man loves in anything or as a could be made or could be not or whatever the man you know, because when it's for procreate, but with its does not for procreation, not hasn't happened on purpose for provision the penis, goes into you nowhere when it went where we want, whatever you want to do, pledge allegiance to this flag, how we have sparkle cookies set up. We can't have at it.
just show you it's easier to better, as it is the visual AIDS which brings us to our next topic AIDS. Now this that redolent of looking toward the relatively little your category rate goes up trying to play, legions of such a solemn, beautiful thing and bastardize like this. Elena especially when the slogan for that can't. Is she don't tell what happens the camera what's that. What's that when this is my learn, how to keep a secret badge they get the rainbow just which has not happened? What did we lose just a vault sown into his shoulder aright? If you don't see what's wrong with this, then there is no hope for you. Ok, I look and at some kid would rather play with barbies and play with GM. Jos. Fine, don't send
to a camp with a man who was breastfeeding and adopt a child with a secretary of transportation. It is asking for trouble, call me old fashion, so these women in Turkey now they're setting up this isn't the only thing there pledging allegiance, but this is the sexual education of children. We ve talked about this. We ve got non trouble on you to protecting about this because they say if you question sexual education of children, you're making fun of someone's immutable characteristics. This has nothing to do with the children of data has to do with the predators, and I don't necessarily mean just sexual predators. I mean any alot go predators who are trying to get their clause into your kids? Very so this is sexy summer camp in Kentucky for kids, the less? include things like sex liberation, joy, exploration. beady S, M being a sex worker self managed abortions, what sex on illicit and illicit drugs? Now all a second look, look, look, look! Look if you say first off. If you
to say this is an energy bt friendly camp or we make sure that no one gets Bali dinner. I don't know that we teach knitting classes would have held a fine. so in here. If you just want, let's say, was just gender exploration. I disagree with it, but you would say that we are either strong banning or employment election fallacy, if we go on that's a slippery slope to discuss gender, in sexual orientation with kids, because then than this devolves into, perceptual conversation? No, what do you think we're all perverts, but then, when they have the ability to their teaching, beady s m being a sex worker? Why kids need to know that what do you do it? Take your mom to work day, Take your mom's to work day, well: growth, sex workers, so managed abortions. I don't even and even do my own tax? This I don't even know what that means
sex on illicit an illicit drugs. Illicit means illegal in this context right, so ok, not only their teaching them how to be grows, but how to break the law. So you guys I've heard of building has beaten? We're gonna, do a class lesson everybody drink up. He got some things wrong, but a lot of the gay community should completely renounces yes, of course, How will these guys don't get to run on the track that they ve built over decades? Rang and that's: what's happened? The whole acronym wants to run on their track. Yeah I happened to freedom, love who you want became this yet it I think we should have strayed camps. It's really debauchery camp they at well, it has to generate camp. I listen. I thought that when we were talking about young girls, that we were talking about the hyper sexual asean of young girls and how that was damaging women fifteen twenty years ago, this was everything that you heard
but what was going on with when it because of posters and unrealistic expectations and sexual rising at an early age and now you're one in four year olds to have these conversations? Where what happened? You stop caring about women, you start. Caring about, but also you don't understand at the stereo types of beautiful women you're. Looking, for example, like a barbie dollar, I don't know he could tell- Marilyn Monroe, Tear Audrey Hepburn you, these awful horrible stereotypes are completely unacceptable, except for when a man decides that he's a woman than that's how they all look well, they offer young women, I'm more. You know, that's not what determines our experience is not just our body parts right. Well, how was I to transmit a woman? Well, he's switch somebody parts quitted, it somewhat defined womanhood is make up what defines what It is putting on a dress and a wig and of what is forget the way you have done for me, it harder you gotta be kidding. So this is this is yet its debts What are we are staring type is fine as long as it's trends and it's all right, wilderness, brave and beautiful and think of Caitlin Jenner thing
Caitlin Jenna was wearing a corset, not dress. You would have been about that. That magazine cover the kingdom come if it was just some random. No look! It's airbrush. Don't look at distresses, unrealistic! Look at these dimensions outlets. A man saying, is wonderful, indeed, of women. Women of the women of the they do complain about that, I'm trying to think Jennifer Lawrence and that one we're she's the russian. The sparrow thing like this by its not acknowledge movie, but they were like how dare you have to wear this dress in the photo shoot with all your other actor? Friends yeah, unlike I act that The biggest problem we ve it's society. The reason that women like dressing up is society, so the camps founder of sexy. I want my target this name right, sexy summer camp I keep seeing sexy day camp, but its summer camp, it's more than a day more than they got to sleep over camp, which makes me feel a far more at ease with the general concept. So the camps found, Tanya Turner Oil revenues available that of Canada come even talked about how important masturbating is for children get down
yourself explore your own body. Masturbation is really healthy and I reckon two people of all ages wrong all ages as soon as maybe drivelled. They were doing that. That's what they were doing. Kids touch themselves can start to ask questions and we teach them the language for their bodies right. That your nose touch your now showing it to. U can touch your nose but muscles. There's nothin, you met when their tugging at pain, ass right, but it feels good raw. We have to learn ways to talk to young people about this, so that they know how to explore their body consensual way, so that its not impossible. grass roots. If you were to explore your body, you need globes and maps or what's wrong it. Why can it be in public that if your nose and public right too way. Cuban was right. All this time explore your body consensually. You ask yourself permission touch. I once told Stephen to stop or go blind he's dead screw over here.
somebody figures, a metal needed glasses, but jokes on you. I got sick its basic idea. I still outrage mark so advent Lasik. Would I get older, a pizza of all ages. Now I get it, boys touch themselves, but that's not masturbating. That's not the same thing as a boy touching himself or you know after one there sitting watching television right, you been put your hand on your pants for some reason. I dont know why, and from my country, Marilla was doing that never gets warm exactly. I mean it's a temperate climate, that's what it is, but preaching about me a teacher. Aids of all ages to master, but in other words you know, what's going to be going out of the camp Why why? Why do you have a liar? You imply that there's anything inappropriate because she's gonna teach five euros to masturbate are even before that I have a son right now who is starting to talk and she's saying my son should be schooled in the arts of self pleasure
just make sure that we understood her correctly. She said all ages, all ages and added in bold on the screen there. I say words right now. Are we giving back roller account like you, a building, backdoor legislation it and just put a weight limit? I think So yes, unless you meet the Super heavyweight category, in which case we will cut off both hands so that you can't like the spoil it for the rest of us, are these people are gonna start? This is done at these people do not belong in the village you're nuts wrath? It's not it's enough. We don't need to wait until a child is sexually accosted to say you know what we're not come from with you, targeting our chair, but not this isn't it doesn't need to be child rape and you guys can. Let me know if you think that I'm being too to extreme you this be shut down ivory relic relatively libertarian relatively low.
haven't. I was a libertarian until I kind of Europe where there is a fundamental role of government. However, public safety definitely falls on the role of government, not what you put your own body if you're not harming anybody else. Now you choose to do in your own property if you're not harming anybody else, but this is death. Leah violation of public safety when you are going after children and teaching them at a summer camp to masturbate and about BS for crying out loud. When do we say that our society, with some semblance of decency would be nice, where laboratory? can you can you agree on that thing off? They want to do it, but what first off right now this is just a camp. Ok, we understand that this lady is putting an end, because she probably need some reasons roll out of bed in the morning- and so this was her reason at that point. But is you don't think that this going to go down the road of eventually getting a government grant government funding. Of course, then it becomes tax pay, funded teaching, children to masturbate. That's why they had that bill and forward on people's dont say Gable. Now it was you, kid teach kids, what will eventual
quotas are saying in this camp masturbating that would in a society where we say. Ok, you know what this is. We used to say sex it was a debate where something Thank you! No one. I think that I should be able to teach my children and some parents trap the ball and didn't teach their kids and they got all the illegal arrests, Lynde situation where she had been issued. Even when it came from this house that there was something you did for fine, that's the problem. We are that once the Lamb sewing, but the coal minors donor target was a euphemism socially engagement, ring assistant. I must again from the mine and pressure, so that's a stirrup gotta, but that decision is to be about. Where is there this level of propriety for apparent to what? What rights too apparent to parents maintained in teaching these things to their children limits and well you just want to teach abstinence, only joking It doesn't work by the way. Abstinence. Only education means at abstinence is the only thing that actually works. One hundred percent of the time- that's a scientific fact doesn't mean that you teach
the only way to mitigate pregnancy, it's the only way to mitigate Stds, but it is the only way that is foolproof period. There can be no made about that scientifically. That being said, the people who thought that it was their job to teach sex education to kids works for you that they were all made to look like carries mom with the kitchen silverware nor torso in that final seen, and the fact is, though, pantry single. Where does it and where does it and what rights do we up and teach it will now. They believe that, They should have the right to teach your kids about beady s m and masturbating all ages and I reiterate, all ages and being a sex worker, don't for We gonna biggest economy gotten because we don't want to object FI women just so you know of your where this big. There's something I've never really understood when the left
you shouldn't objectify women by that they mean objectify women by actually acknowledging and appreciating the beauty of women. I don't hear us, but of unknown, to do that. To appreciate that women can be beautiful. Shame you. Can you can shame you can admonished me, but they think that that is wrong. Ok, and by that I mean the left them in the people at these camps in the people who run the median run all of all of Hollywood. They right now in these magazines. They say it's that pride. It's it's wrong to objectify, it's wrong to appreciate the beauty, this woman, but they support sex work and sex workers, real work hate. Let me ask you this: when a guy pulls up to a sex worker, what do you think he's doing that woman only makes money if she's objectified door
I defy women by the way such workers rubric. What are you teach them? Teaching about a formal one k teach them how to be more effective sex workers, pay I'll, give you a hint to be the most effective sex workers. You wanna be be the most attractive you can be to members of the opposite sex. It's almost like. That's the only thing they care about dollar twenty five women. Such work is real work. Yet if you have no problem just some guy in the back of a metro GEO, just as long as I'm not modeling for a magazine understood now, don't say gay crowd completely. Mrs again, they write a detached from this as a bridge too far for them. If their legit, they gotta disconnect completely useless and by about any bridges a bridge too far for that lady Ass, well, ass, its weakness, even own electorate, bicycle the only action. She's getting is self love. Well, I don't know
TAT she turned herself down every house at all. She can reach. She gives herself the date rape if she was going the way the crow flies of straight, but not if you, after you know what it's like. You know I got let's face, it would say, going to New York from our ally, but you ve got to stop in Chicago. I fight direct, now also supposed to be a sexy summer camp in Texas, but it was postponed tee. there were going to be paid a hundred dollars to go. Learn quote in evidence based and algae b t you assign a plus friendly curriculum. which, as it which one is it is evidence based Where's, the algae, BT too. I plus those gave me it aims at which one is it Let's go out with that. I really quickly. Let me read this okay so that you guys can actually see how absurd this is, and these are the people who say, trust the science now trust the sardinians. Ok, in evidence based and innocent of the acronym arenas
in evidence based and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer intersects. Is a allies for sexual Maria Sexual plus. but in space and then just insertion of a bunch of made up shit without passes like We forgot to think of anything else. We way over eighty eight and then someone goes ok. I don't know I'm at this camp and since you guys seem to be so very meticulous about being evidence based can I be you spiriting? How can they do spangles? That's it. Unless what does that mean? I don't know hey. Can I be pan sexual that I just wanna make sure? Was your whole evidence based curriculum models like all the tents in the camp? It was a little bare Dustin Hoffman was that movie something bear little big man, little big man, little big men,
they're gonna little big man, every single tent of these good reference solid. When you have to check that ten there, evidence based on very valuable that, like you, I a plus. This is what they do right. This is how they justify it with you. This is justify. All of this is why science, science, the scientific process, is a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing because it involves testing something hypothesis policies, you test. And it's not based on consensus site. It's not determined by consensus, agitates, determined by truth. doesn't matter with the consensus as if the truth is revealed and it happens to go against the consensus so what they try, and do as bastardize that and say actually ninety ten percent of scientists agree on climate change will actually look most of these actors now are willing to perform sex reassignment surgery will. Actually, if you look at the DS, I'm five, they changed gender discourteous or they change it. So it's no longer an actual disorder
it's. The symptoms are in fact these are done enough. The stringent what the DSM five changed DSM for dsl fuck used to be gender is for it was a disorder just like body just morphia catch us again erects he had just like body builders, gender just for he was seen as the disorder as away because of political pressure As a way to kowtow to them, they change where gender. Just for you is a mean to describe the symptoms of the discomfort from being born with the wrong gender identity. Does the same, in terms of the disorder, but the fix is not what used to be as youth These are people have a disorder where they believe that they are a boy when they're a girl, so it operated from there. that they are something that they are biologically not and they choose used to say well actually the disorder. Now these are the symptoms that they feel. because they were born in the wrong body and it still called gender just for you how's that scientifically based- and when did this happen, what did that happen? D of the stuff
This is one thing I got into arguments with people on the show. Actually one of them and who ended up becoming a friend Blair White, was on the show and another person who new who actually went to Texas to get to I won't, namely gender reassignments, or do they went to a doctor? I'm doctor, Sergei Country, Kharkoff. Well, no one highly esteemed in his field, scalpel to me, but I don't know what I'm saying you just wanted to get to that name, that I don't know that you know what you are worthy sort out, so you want to sell. Can we change the dsl five, because that assumed that someone could born in the wrong body. Ok again, let's do this. Let's do let's just go through this to the process and what sort of combined a little bit with socratic method. Oh, so someone believes are born in the wrong body. Why? Right there it's either they were born in the wrong body. You have to answer
or while they have a disorder that tells him they were born in the wrong body? Okay, so let's say you go with that door number one they were born, wrong by how do you know that you dont get much further than that now, some people might say was because their brain is in the wrong body. Oh what you mean to say is there's a male brain and a female brain which would again bring us back to this press the idea of a binary? How can you have a male brain and a female brain if you dont have biological sex, but even then are their study that show the brain of trans people are different before cross Ex hormone replacement therapy doesn't exist, not a thing. but we changed the disorder to mean the symptoms of a disorder without actually identifying how somebody can be born into the wrong body. They can't answer the simple. Follow up question of What do you mean someone's born the wrong body
because there are born into the brain is morally wrong by how do you know that there is an answer for any of that but they want to teach your children in evidence base curriculum. Just don't don't be led by the nose Hey, don't be led by the nose on this, because you need to understand the severity of this. this is not one of those things where people say. Ok, you have an opinion and we have enough this is uncharted territory. This is a massive social experiment and the subjects are now your children. This has never happened the modern in the history of the modern world. It's never happened. You don't How the sense we do know that there's a forty two percent, forty one to forty two percent attempted suicide rate for transgender youth, and we do now after surgery? It doesn't get any better after such hormone replacement, surgery or f agenda reassignment. Thirty, seven, forty one, forty two percent, so
not scientifically viable to say that these people find themselves in an unnaturally high suicide rate higher than american slaves, because they can't take a dump at a target or camp crystal link, maybe there's something else going on, and maybe if we want to help our children first off, we shouldn't be hyper sexual lies in them, but maybe we should actually sitting there. The root cause of the problem that isn't just tossed under the algae BT, Q, I a on. Ironically, you can go to the reference plus moniker, because that doesn't help anybody speaking about showing what the flag here on mug club, which No way no way could play on Youtube, so Youtube you can you can, while you can urinate off
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