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Special Guest ALEX JONES on the 'Great Reset' & Joe Rogan TRIGGERS Leftists AGAIN!


Special guest Alex Jones joins Crowder and crew IN STUDIO to discuss the Great Reset, and Joe Rogan triggers leftists yet again over COVID tyranny!

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alex Jones. Werner nympho war so leave a review on Apple spot, a fine everywhere else. You can now share these links suffer offer ladder undoing your voice for later, with greater. This show right now in Alaska for twenty five cents, you could buy a pack of bubble gum from a vending machine for twenty four cents, you could feed a starving child. but for a quick Is it to Crowder Shop, dot com? You can give a better life. burns to our motion. Graphic designer Brendan still valuable. Brandon need your help. He's, never lived on his own before and us having trouble adapting
It's like well to do thing like. I can't get it out now. By visiting crowded shop, dot com, you can help. if Brendan Microwave, a bone meal? She smells like oatmeal joking electricity clean ice, cubes testicle room, he's in the door choices. because brilliant motion, graphic designers, Lily one Lula they also be slightly on the spectrum. Does of a better life, words disguise, I guess it's fine, but last have a wealth of it even brand a petrified
Nice was delicious. I just want to slay ribs by sitting here, because any depressed what kind of hurt my I mean a lot of pain, gonna call. You know we have a tremendous show today big ol shown egg, as you may have noticed what we have to. We have the liquor, Yet we have that we're analogous Jones isn't studio today. Why? Yes, Alex Jones is going to be here in a little bit. We'll be talking about my acquaintance right off the bat comment. We is your interpretation. What is your impression of the great reset? Is it isn't happening right now. Just to be clear, this is not a term that we have used the term than Trudeau has used that form of us present. Joe Biden has you'd feel and what that means. It's not some kind of conspiracy that requires information. That is not publicly able to the paragraph from the United, government and does so we want to touch on that who better than Alex Jones, to discuss that? Oh yeah, we ve been wrong about quite a bit when it comes to Alex Jones Predictions,
all of us have modern day no student with all my oh, my dear any bottles really are turning the frogs gay they're turning all day, and it still is. This gives named Alex, is girls to lecture Did you mean to what I got very satisfying on me? That's just not show a small house or joy he ran, and so I will be judged not that false positives on the view, Stephen Corbett, try some comedy again while Kelly hoping and there is an attack on Joe Rogan right now going on and you know, look I agree, and I disagree with Joe Rogan on a lot of things. The attack and I was completely unwarranted- will be clear about that for any of it. How are you doing I am better than you. I can breathe without pain, that's Vrain! I just want to let you know it's pretty he's, that's what they know says. Yes, when she's trying to scare me money with demographic, she did a good job that phony and quarter life already. How are you doing good so if our motor vaccine hesitant, I am
mean really. It's all quarters all quarters well yeah, so that your whole vaccines- and you know it- unlike the unelected former lieutenant governor- of New York. I don't think you're stupid or thank you don't think they do, nor all of your black relatives are stupid. I think brother, its understandable. I really do think it. Oh man Dave Land. I was here how you ahoy, I'm good you're good, you don't get it. Do you have a big showing that a jacket? Yes, somebody gave which may not mine this right to live with it this Friday, October, first where's, your show it is in Carnegie, I'll, read the screen. Carnegie music of own instead it's my whole Pennsylvania October first come out. There is a future
gets left you gonna enjoy yourself, it's gonna be a nice and they might try make some extra seats at the door. So if you miss intervals, although I would still say it's worth trying to get through the door, don't confuse it with Carnegie Hall. If you shop there it'll just be a sexual bunch, Piero Plankton, listen violin, we really different, but he is good in it. How did talents of copyright before we move that the gift, just keeps on giving us that's what you call it Dave. Yes, Colbert, Monica keeps on giving he is so yeah boy, Other vaccine segment yesterday erosion where no way haunt you know where he went out through the crowd of people and danced with you, no one, brave homosexual men dries vaccines, yes with no, awful distancing, eight. They need a job to yes, true, yes, they need a job and where they have to wear a mask and aid giant, syringe gas jazz extirpate the other people didn't wear. Masks me right,
was dancing with an old lady without Mademoiselle masks. But the point is what is most important. Is his comedy and he's got a knack for Joe. You get a knack for political comedy. I he's excellent. I think he just gets better, yes, more Emmy. So a lot of help me yesterday, He showed off his neck, for or for local, convey accusing General Milly ACT, no wasn't Miller that will be relevant now he was writing trump of treason, which, with this wonderful rap ass, he called it rap parity. Of the two that the testimony before Congress. This was his show open. This is the aim material Stephen Colbert Hiphop shorten the leech always proud. President general lilies opening statement
give me the captain S, questions from his probate regions, where this blow had very well, was standing on his very late hour. I got enough look one eight when they added three syllables to rhyme collapse. you know it's talent has a quota of love. Actually, where you live Christmas, come on, let it snow and left that hard. Since last time, I was in a baby's burn unit. Yes, that was, after all allowable why like any snow. There's somebody stole a couple to its take a baby leave a baby. I believe that other rules yeah I'll help them there is little marooners. This is by the way night. That's
Nineteen writers Fifteen million dollar salary, nineteen writers salaries is a fifty mind, our salary. Now I'm not a jealous manner. It has eighteen Emmy nominations, and he himself has one ten Mps. Here's the thing well deserved, yes, and I won't there's two combo who did it better? We ve done hip hop parities here in the short run, so I suppose they will. You did and we did- and I want to put them side by side. I've, We believe that if a white guys are going to do Hiphop, you re you better respects the craft and you better make sure No, it doesn't become one Stephen, I'm here to say, good, bye and ends up in the dark Reno on Fox Liberty, Hap hobbled pop heavily. Do this, and may I say, with this track, will know you're distant yourself, that's your wages down, do the ass, a general rule- and I assure you know it's an elm, Daphne to restore candy. yeah. Well Eminem you have the beast. You boys, who were they were really upon ban, was yellow he all right.
We have raised earlier. I would like if I wrapper, though I guess he's he's wolflike iraq- has many things. Yes, he is They think it a lot of ground Harold! You not like, like a mediocre music, Russia test. What do you think he is Massey country? Well, there you go. I don't think he's Arap. He does. Some of that too, is a little bit country and he's a little. rock and roll doesn't marry his sister. So here's the thing once we did rap on it was announcement reference. We, Did this on our show this is actually compare. Microbiologists did to this was the but I believe that a Texas aunt em, yet Texas, aunt em, so people I knew people are going to use a single. You did hip hop. Yes, let me show you exactly what we did you decide who put in not just what you prefer, who put in more depth. for the what, for me, it's taking the audience for granted. That's what I'd! That's! What's most offensive to me. Taking the audience for granted. Thinking you don't really need to put an effort. This is what we did
as our dm ex parity for the eight I'm open,
mama tried carefully watching me, never nothing, but no one bad luck, a complex one and in all my name's birds, the whole mother would come back to my wife and I don't want a shout prodigal. Did I tell ya, think I'll give you a prodigal. Did I tell ya, think I'll get it? We don't. I'm gonna go one product, alligator Julia I'll, give you a prodigal, gave a julia I'll give it you don't have a gain, nothing done it, but every time I turn around baby we're gonna marry. No, I can't get a lack of excellent that more progress towards what is what thou Knowest luggage, mainly against you to be my friend. What am I gonna? Do we see slogan only that you now to conceal back again the channels open I've been doing this for nineteen years. There was one step yet those one,
I was right in the eye. Ass went Nazi Colbert. I fly them down yeah. I have to ask the commissioner one: yes, I know the obvious totally raising the trees and its general. You noticed that Colbert and this is also the same foreseen in, but I repeat myself, they taste more time on Donald Trump than they do, the man who you know they refer to as current president, just a fine Rather they still spend more time on Donald Trump. Laval. Second, is there not enough here right now with administration and they use lily debunked already? He said not and think he's gonna lunch nukes on anybody. They put it in their like he's. Gotta lots Nous on his last day had object. Now, where are they? I give the narrative alive because it likely we present president troubles unstable and Milly making sure to try- and you know, safeguard against the instability and then he said well, nigh new isn't gonna do it. I just you know how to combat boyfriend. China right treason, what the punishments up.
Thing what Department for freezing Alex Appalachia know it or so angry millions of jobs can commit raise or not to do so I just feel exactly larceny. Nobody I sent in your chats will be shown behind Ganz on that. Didn't expect a lot of work into a lot of work on climate and sending your chance for Alex Jones hear something people are saying we needed to correct this. We were wrong not enough. We weren't wrong. The view was wrong and then they had to issue a correction. So now we have to issue a correction because of their correction, but I'm not above it in an hour. Oh wow, I believe, is the brother of the lead singer for in excess. days or others? Well, yes, Esther whatever, yeah! I know but she must be. Is a republic gang
Nicaragua Republic, in what a bogeyman I like people, have bad you offer trumped. You are bad. What are you were conservative? I, like the conference, support. The Reagan gave the current draft republic and in them everything else. I am the Democrats. Having elective surgeries, mainly abortions, RO, was October to Burke Bird Bert a bird partner badge. I was, but I M Lord David stolen, my baby, so soon babies and read so the view wanted us to be very clear and Navarro and the other one that their positive covert test. Reported earlier this week were actually falls.
positive here's them explaining how got my prayers relieved, to say the least, to find out that I was co with negative, and I always was assured by the fact that I am fully vaccinated? And so even if I were a covert positive, I was convinced that I would likely be ok. everyone come and look how fully vaccinated. I am the only person who did it worse was a sea when she was like. Why was within like ten city blocks of this? Yes, and somebody was banging the door, there was a police officer. Will I know, but I stand will guarantee inside was winded, so it here through Molotov cocktails anyway. Go. I don't know, I don't do that, I'm just thinking out loud. It's totally fine! It's my favorite song by someone. So this
it's important note. This is not a typical too because me about this. You know like last week my wife had the covered, my parents, I think of it. I was at the very least me making out with my wife, ok, how any german area it size doing stuff with my wife. and I did not get it, and so I found out I was, I won't get an antibiotic there. There are no. Some of the top medical professionals exist in the world with whom I spoke with directly said what anybody tests really. right there very hitter, Miss case that's very hard. First reliant fear if we're in the hospital, for example, if you are going two Mayo clinic up until a sort of its this way. Today they didn't rely on anybody tests. They would still test you, I'm just saying this is, of course they're trying to be safe and if it's an unreliable tests, so we know that about the anybody tests they can't be relied upon, but people think the pcr tests accurate, and this is why I say you'll never get all of the data that you need, as it were,
It's too cobia. Nobody will ever have access to their demand. Even musk tested, positive and now for coal but at the same time, in the same place with the same tests and the same nurse while trust emphasising its almost a controlled experiment might have been thrown off because they were in space o true, the anti gravity, I'm kind of changes, things with the occurs covered Oh that's, a wine is at the very outset. I hear operators are not enough dehydrated ice cream and wealth. We must re rip the hole in the ozone layer with penis. Yes, now make electric car Mary, lady who is grimy? like everyone, Mozart in principle, remains? I was running into Russian because day was a russian you just totally, so I guess we're with russian Eli. Don't you ever since, so I just picks just pick something and go with which russian works, because there we dont like them now is not the thing. A diameter Obama telling Romney hey the Cold war called it wants its foreign policy back. But now the problem is
Russians, not the nation that's. My name was who started this pandemic and acute and troops of doing it? Are we didn't know? Yes, we did. We did it, we did it and he's overlords the New York Times also so you unmask. These are anecdotal examples when we get to the empirical, the New York Times in August and twenty twenty, so that pcr tests were testing it. new high levels. That most tests upper limit at forty amplification cycles protests a few it there Seven, this means that you are positive for the krona virus. If the test process requires up to forty cycles, are thirty seven to detect a virus test with threshold, so I could detect not just Why virus, but also genetic fragments, left overs from infection that pose no particular risk risk. Akin defining hair in a room long after a person has left doctor Juliette Morrison, a biologist at you, see riverside. She said with a cycle above thirty five for the threshold is too sensitive. She said I am shocked that a cycle thrust the forty would represent a positive the.
Go in your times also suggested. Ninety percent of covered positive may not need isolate. I didn't say you do by emanating from the New York Times, so go check the revenue that let us go, do not come in Massachusetts from eighty five to ninety percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of forty would have been deemed negative if the threshold were thirty site, now there's just seems like we're. Ok, it's a cyclist rural. It's just to try and keep us. These are the tests that we are relying upon to ruin people's lives to eliminate their livelihoods. fundamentally change society for the great reset as Trudeau said, which we will get to in a clip in just a moment. Let's go, we're not when I tested even negative last week told you that that national budgets are such that. Well, you know you have two negative but your wife is positive. So just treat it like a positive and you know don't work or sea or children for ten days as if our really well, that's cute- you must be leftist by the same are
Well, actually said too, if you, if you tested that high and had such a low viral, though they are probably not contagious, but they said if they took it down to thirty that would give a more accurate test, but you would have to have one hundred to one thousand times the viral. Oh, that's that significant right right. You have to have that much more to be able to test positive The whole point of this is our numbers are gigantic and that's what people are using, especially last year to go pay. We had a close everything down again. These look at the touch you I now come to find out one, that's two to three days after testing. I thought that was the best test we could possibly have is an accurate that that that Gary, because we may have a whole lot of stuff. We need to do now, you're, absolutely right and given money to the tests that are being used in Australia to lock people down, choke slam, women and build not concentration camps Christine.
Build quarantine came not was like the motel six of Australia are built on pouring in trailer park, so leave the latter. If you leave the inside of the camp for anything other than the food they bring, you want today right, yeah yeah we just show but the trailer park. It sounds my only hope, you're just a partial for forty cycles, I follow us on Instagram and even Tik Tok, because we're not letting the child comes take over that territory and the desolate we tuning upward on Thursday at ten a M Eastern, its allow you to watch with us why we want to be here in the morning with you live. We take tat on my club, here's another story. Going on, we were ready for the story right TAT court about get Are we ready? I dont know that I'm ever ready at another. We want to be the women's liberation front. I already hate this area, your worst reported at least one woman at the central. California! Women's facility was pregnant after eight May.
I'll transgender male prisoner was transferred their keep in mind the mail. There was permitted to transfer under the new California. Let s be one thirty, two our biological males. When I spoke the term biological males. Now, what's the german version with peanuts, Percy S? Now it's it's something! else may lady make balls seeding person yeah feeding per I don't I don't know. I just made that I heard, but I had read at vocs meditate to say, biological mail, so I'd another different term like lack next go say, go say that to the latin king seal it turns out. Let us know if the term is the owner later, so I'm getting nine teardrop tattoos. They just want, like key areas used to call at source. Sb, one thirty two allows biological males to use women's logarithms, homophobic shelters and
prisons, goods, to the point that now condoms have been issued within the prison yeah. This is part of the protocol to ensure that sex between inmates which is illegal by the way you would be safe, so they need to make sure that its safe sex in a in an all females prison while where they cannot get pregnant and so all women, pregnancy, immaculate conception. Above all, I bring you a good tidings of great joy, which would be to all people for there is born to you, a baby in the cell She'll, be your sign onto you out on birth. A miracle know you're so made that guy addresses a woman he's going to rape. You
I'm, a girl repeatedly. That red rough on paper it really did and who could have seen this coming good all Alex Joan, as is often the blow he did, I don't apologize for. I see a whole Conor remake we're prisoners distorting swapped over to the women's pay, as they were not drown. Raise allocations in every make. I wanna watch absolutely in such ale, instead recast, Nicholas Cage is the New Nicholas Cage with air transport, the drunken, I'm still crazy. still on the plane. Put I have more here,
I had a terrible legs. Southern accident is what it is doing. Our will always then ass. Now. What do you think of my best here? He's gonna go home. My baby bird here something else day, probably burning down three prisoners with a penis in the California correction. Yes, women's facility, they were also HIV positive. According to correction workers, ask him now so far: they rape, you can ask you can ask for you not allowed. Oh, you can't fire disclosure lots and so So three women have a penis. While three women have a penis protested. Hiv positive- I don't have it is this that are dealt with us. We might know the equation for total penises, something about ball squared. I don't know was Lucy Man. What ok, our Kelly is what woman?
onto just insane yeah. You would think so, but now it's tolerant this issue giving them condoms. Yes well, but in a women's jail. Let me look, I'm gonna take a risk and they have dicks. I'm gonna take a risk here and saying this right, and I understand that this may dismay offend some people. I dont believe that women should be getting again in an all female prison boys have happily scarce half our bank child hate speech, kid from going at Gardencourt, call me old fashioned, so I'm taking you didn't let girls into a male jail. I guarantee that identifies a guy there like yeah, but now why don't think that women are only? I don't think that women are choosing that complaint of night only goes one way by our. I am guilty. Well, the thing is your honor, I'm.
Actually a man. Could you put me with that man who's been lifting waits for ten years and importing them? I don't understand why we allow these. I don't know how it might get stir them. Why we give them, wait, let's send them back into society stronger. Now they came, and I think that we should. You know they should all come out. Looking like the machinist, I think, soil, milk or some, I think a little has actually been sent to the women's prison that would have been real punishment for him, yet a penis in sight or like to caution six nine get out on a covert scare, because he has asked via really you're the wrapper of tat. You're one step from piggy in Lord of the flies. I want to take your nose ring and start a fire. Ok, so he'll cause be representative. This goes onto our Kelly Belcour. He's Rep Andrew Wyatt gave some thoughts, bill cause bees. I guess stance on the verdant. Tell you what do you think it will cause me personally that about
our colleagues that we talked about here today, but who in our thinking settings I looked out with reality. As he said, they Gloria area did the same thing, She deal with him. You parade women out you? The public sentiment to go against and that's what they did to our Kelly and what we see in Amerika the you know what our colleague sought on black me down. I saw it all successful black me the war of Intersection reality black men versus women place your back. women without penises innocence, without the need to clarify. Thank you, Our Kelly was railroaded. I don't know he was railroaded when asked if he had sex with underage women, do not say no or as a real wrote a dart euins right and it is likely to those with child porn its work. He might choose to rights of no one forced him to
two to stay overnight? It ever yo short and its on him. The only cavy toys left and slept, and it really did earlier about a store, please. It has great good honey What about me some good Evie toys? What are you doing ok now I have done so. we must all donors, you know those did you notice about our Kelly he's. Reached out to build Cosby, really really regionally yet will personally from Chicago Metropolitan correction, stability, and we actually here so because we ve been very simple: of our colleague idea as to black men. Of course, we ve been wrongfully railroad, eminent demagogic, it's it's a pandemic flu pandemic, black men being railroaded. You know so double murders. That's the problem to that's how unrelated, but we actually have exclusive audio of bill, Cosby talking at the correctional facility, with our
Ah Are you willing to accept that? Proper harbour How male Keller I'm afraid to go untrue, five to chance, There are just scare them in prison I won't be able to pay on nobody like the body of time. You know about my kidneys, my cadmium, I can live without me No
why how or hi The matter again, her warm amount, Miguel, I hope their words, because I've been holding in this liquid gold for weeks. I can't seem to go in I promised a thing in Korea macabre the size of a how ah Why won't my boy, you check him out of the equation. Robert
there is some grave, why wow yeah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, doktor girls, Ah, ah! Well, that's all hello. How are you hang up on me He does not like the swearing it does not, and I love I thought everybody knew that Mister Huxtable elates your pants waste high end a nice clean mouth, yeah, yeah he's a pipe and slippers man is
or sold no problem regarding the hay, allegedly let on That is not how it I'm not sure yet. Work railroaded railroading, railroad, yeah, that's a black me! It's the blasphemy, its yeah. You know they were railroad, they will as many, but they were working on the railroad. It was a cool hand, look on the list, What we have here is a failure under age girls. Now I am, a cab was ok. Well, I guess we showed a boss, ok, Jake you're, my pants off boss. Alright, you sound perfect for Amtrak Zone and the touch of a bid for the traffic driven by here boy, guys, humanist member with, on a serious note, member lieutenant Colonel Astute Schiller. He was when he spoke out yet Anders against Afghanistan, the their withdrawal we here and we talked about it. I think, actually to eclipse- remind people here this week we talk about,
maybe a week ago, maybe two weeks ago, but for people who missed it. This was a video that went viral and we have an update. All of these. People are able to advise, and I'm not saying we ve gotta, be in that in Afghanistan however, what I am saying did anyone new toy rank on the table, they hate. It's a bad idea to evacuate. Pilgrim airfield strategic air varies before we evacuated one that anyone do that, You didn't think to do that when raise your hands. If we completely messes up, I've got the time, made her friends right now. Their persons, are things and are saying? No. During all the lives were lost it and if it was in vain others, those people that we lost over the last twenty years, I want to say this very strongly: I have been fighting for seventeen years. I am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders demand, accountability, ok,
so to be clear? That was something that was controversially showed you, the angry lesbian member, the army, who said that she would turn her gun Our fellow citizens are yes, martial law can go watch that segment in contacts it's actually worth what this guy Lieutenant colonel, we just put military jail. Just clear and notice how the washing posts use uses the term brig monkeys Briggs hoping that people don't realize it all to soften the blow and military jail right now, meaning is freedoms, have been removed, he's locked up against his will for speaking out. to be clear. You didn't violated chain of command, he didn't know, obey orders. He asked for accountability, because there no, there's no way to get accountability currently now in the system that systems at being the military. Meanwhile, of general General Milly, who of course, Colbert refers to as appears blatantly disregarding orders blatantly disregarding direction from the commander in chief, the Supreme Commander in chief, obviously, the present United States Donald Trump, consequences. This man is
jail are you're starting to get the picture and it also says, not charged What are you doing here? What are playing around I'm sorry, this? This pisses me because this is absolute bullshit pardon my language, that guy notebook or every one in the military who looked at the operation, Afghanistan and say what the hell are we doing and he did it and a respectful way, Raven came out afterwards and said. I am not going to be making comments about this because trying to stir anything up other than getting accountability at what this to become like a political thing where I'm on every show, he did it the right way and there Bring him in jail for it, but you didn't. Maybe you language, I went back in why do you give value more rapid gagged and the mobile committed you're absolutely right. This is terrifying. You know, what's that, what surprises me remember: viewing the left their furious about Guantanamo Bay and understand people being upset with it, and I visited going.
Albania to understand the actual she had far better than american prisoners of court, we pay far more money to keep them alive with food. They have their own exports as they have their own soccer field, but the left, would say hey you know what what about their rights will look? The argument then rests on. Do you believe that terrorists, foreign terrorists who are now american citizens, have the benefit of all of the american legal system which they are to destroy. I understand how people can make the argument on both sides. You know where I line up. However, why aren't the people outrage when members of our military, however, are not be afforded the same rights that you demand for collegiate. No charges that charges locked up well, you know You do have a precedent set by the January six folks who right there. You disagree with what they did and I completely disagree with trespassing charges. Lock. Someone up for trespassing now definitely is where we all right now. You don't think that weren't a place in a country where political dissidents can be locked up, people can be locked up.
Definitely for trespassing! Think about this, you know, have lieutenant colonel who can be locked up for a video not whether the law, let's say that's even the law, that, while you forfeit European United States military, have the right to a fair trial. The right track charges brought against you. Ok, let's assume that that were the case. like any one came here. What is it applied here? Is it applied to the angry lesbian who said that she would turn her gonna fell? American citizens then was caught riding a Harley without a helmet and abiding flag, which goes against military rules actual rule that is violated, is applied. It to someone like Milly who disregard it orders and called really a potential enemy, certainly a foreign threat in the middle of pandemic. China, it's not whether we are a country of laws is whether the law is applied. Equally. and when it's not now, The law is simply another tool to be used against political dissidents. That's what scary there
what happens in Australia. That's what's happening now. I need to be crystal clear about that. We understand that we have lost if you're not being applied to the same people the same way those laws might as well be now in this sense a chilling effect, obviously throughout the military. Anybody else who wants to speak up and is something that we don't agree on. This is what's gonna happen, you're, rears over. You, gotta be thrown in the brig and we'll get around the charging. You yeah, specially fewer black, like dollar bill accounts. But I now rail road rail waters, even successful black mad cows, were cave there. You're right, you have travelled like stop it right or new bit now. is a good one. It was good that there was a good bit right. Both is not that there was a great bet if he hadn't immediately raped five women after welling. I didn't know that allegedly has allegedly underlined urgently. Actually did you say actually one job, That's great,
I love that that is a whole big was like hey I've, just the clean comic, don't cut skies and he's called out all these other people who are costing vehemently sexually assaulted areas like what the Hell Jimmy, how shocked that women would be when they come to you and that haze like rosemary baby in they realise that its bill cause bright yeah, that's the last one is now in a direct Huxtable once a bribe me everywhere we go about now. I've been unified, which ones, but the third all the borders, but I don't know like your eggs were out door, a piece of trash- I'm sorry I mean railroaded railroad day- was dead. Yes, Joe Rover, Misery Jerome, I want to thank MRS Palacio speaking it. Infrastructure vote remains uncertain, that
you're really need as many. Oh that's right. You have Democrats who say lose a lot of stuff in this bill. That really is not constitutional. I wish I'd. Ask anybody zero hour. He ever zones. Abkhazia are only here. It's that zero. That's just! They also welcome on. But the jet thing was pretty fun. Yes, all right. Let's go to jail Rogan here that one enough you guys have seen as you can. went below and we're gonna exchange rate on after this butter, Joe Rogan caught a lot of luck for this video that was uploaded the link here. So you can go and watch the video we want. We feel we need to show the video context, hopefully ensure we're not lifting it again. Powerful video and the narrative It has been that Joe Rogan with this video is comparing the current state of covert to the Nazis, gassing, Jews. That's that's the response to this video see a few action We see that comparison in the video fine, you afterwards why
actually is a thought for an app comparison because he's not saying what they said. He said this is a video as soon as you give. Politicians power any kind of power that didn't exist previously, if they
figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter. Businesses are lets you do. This are let's businesses open? Historically, they are not, can give that power. They find new. Yes, we have to protect those freedoms at all costs, whether you agree with people's choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on freedom. This idea of freedom, for so many people, think it's frivolous. It's not important. It's not the main thing that we should be focused on, but it is the literal structure that allows this country to be so every single country every other than the United States until seventeen seventy six every country, every fifteen, all of them. This is the first experiment and self government that actually worked it created the gray
superpower, the world's ever known. They created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of creativity and innovation. Why fucking here? How did you do that? You did it you free and as soon as you see something anything comes along and your freedom, you should be, the real costs should be very suspicious because anything comes along with your freedom by Japan Mission Anti American I love seeing Joe Rugen our understanding this now and if you go back to my video, responds to the newsroom Jack Daniels. I think those are some of the things word for word or what I've talked about and I'm glad to see him saying it did you hear him say that Joe Biden was Hitler. and I did not hear him say that this is comparable to Jews being gassed, nope nope. No one is making that comparison. Let me be really clear- and I said this with gino- because you, Nicaragua, loss or job on the mantel orange uniquely in Cairo similar, give her commitment and I'm very very tired. We all talk about this yesterday, my club, the comparison
Nazis and the Holocaust is Jen. really attired one and its not one- people should make. However, the comparison that Gina Carano made worse as valid, she was generous said that this is like guessing the juice which he said is how did the hollow start. It started by convincing neighbours to turn on other neighbours to turn other neighbours and jumping to that effect. It started by. The humanizing certain groups of people so that and have always once you dehumanize someone once you treat a group of people as sub Human, whereas the car of all ills you now. justify treating them sub humanely and I think it a very A comparison right now, certainly not the on vaccination, mean people who have this. I did not to take a new vaccine. Ok, that's how I will refer to in case you guys are views. I certainly am not comparing the treatment of them right now to Jews. in this getting the cycle and be shower? Ok, no, not at all. Of course not that would be fully insensitive? However, the computer
percent of the March up to that is one that needs to be explored millions of Jews died in the Holocaust. I want to be clear: it was horrible. One of the worst atrocities that was ever committed we have to make sure there doesn't happen again and by the way, Hammas would love to have another holocaust. That's why support Israel's right to exist or anyone tries to pay when I'm about to say Anti semitic doesn't stand, what I am saying you are not, however, ping society by accusing everyone of being anti semitic or not discussing how Germany got to the point where were enough. Not all nazis were Germans and not all Germans were nazis, How you got enough of the population to be ok with the execution of juice? What was lead up examining. That is not justification. It's trying to recognise something that we never do again and do you know what the Nazis did they the Jews for all of their economic was now was a big thing.
It's kind of similar. Today, hey you know what we be able to stop the lock if it everywhere for the on vat runs right. What do they do you dont written I therefore join Petersen. Hitler was obsessed with, in fact, Diseases and they blamed the Jews for the spread of diseases. They Belinda as for spread of life for the spread of typhus. We have this right. Here is a collage. I may call it what you vermin our dead. The german oak will flourish. They blame them. the economy, they blame the Jews, for, in fact, just diseases. They said they were sub human, and this is when a nation felt embarrassed on the world stage after the treaty of Versailles. There is a lot to learn from that and that march up that process of de humanizing, a group of people. Any group of people is important too
and- and I think it's not compares absolutely the only way that you dont repeat- history- is by studying and understanding it, and if you dont study Germany in the nineteen thirty can early nineteen thirty's mid nineteen thirty's. You really have no idea how everything came about. It was german people or more, predisposed to have a holocaust than people in the United States are people in France or England. It's not like that. Just a murderous bunch of people waiting for an opportunity right, it was a slow drip that was taken over by media and understanding that, if you could blame all of your problems on a people group and isolate them, from everybody else it it starts slowly and then it ends up with the costs. George, we are generating fear against a group of people and discussed right. Once you do that against a group of people, then everything so is justified. Their steps to by the way that Hitler did was actually take out leadership right any did it and he said I had to commit this violent act because it was, I had to become a murder to save Germany.
And he pitched it in such a way and the media ran with it in such a way control by Goebbels that it painted as a hero, because you sacrificed his honour to become a murder to save Germany and it made it okay, now you're you're, absolutely right, inviolable! We're talking about a sort of frivolous comparisons too. Nazi Germany. Of course, we would never make that I'm not calling from Vice President Joe Biden, Hitler nor Kemal, a hair I'm not even sign that Robert Bird was force in line for the presidency under Barack Obama, who you just mentioned: Uther Thirty's Germany, as the first of them the golden years, land dental unaccompanied, I'm not even saying that he was hit by right, though, on but some of the ideas right. What I M saying is those comparisons are silly. That's not a comparison that Joe Rogan was making that's, not one we would make, and I'm It's not a comparison that anyone would make. why do not like him love
I'll drop so much Timothy Hill personally loves Hitler and Trump loves Hitler and Trump and he's not. The only want the cabin was crawling with Nazis on January six from We have not been able to live normal lives because of the virus, and now it's even worse, Washington DC looks like a war zone right now because of it. Current virus. This virus is The big lie by the weather terminology and was now old, gerontology dignity, we're not say how could there be a coup? He was president at the time now. What merely talking about here is trump. Not. Recognising the results of the election when it talks about a rice shag moment in Germany
we that is the moment were Adolf Hitler in nineteen. Thirty three use the burning of the Reichstag as an excuse to end heaviest koranic. You, MR danced oriented, mushroom caught to take over the entire apparatus of the government, the military. So that's what millions talking about here? Ok, so let us be clear on you also have, of course this is ubiquitous. He's go mole, Nazis, home simplicity, Nazis, go home, Nazis go home, had really that's like cause. You know what the sees. Obviously what they did was horrifying right. I think we all agree right down. You would agree, I think the Nazi ever absolutely awful, but it's like nowadays, because everyone recognizes gems agree as why not just in trouble agents Corrie. I feel that the Nazis did was bad I'm gonna today to take the unpopular position. I guess you took a risk Dave. Respect reaffirm just said: I feel that they were treated poorly, yes produce
yes and not now the Nazis. All the lines of people were very rude to them. That is true like border, two items and ship outlay. liquid out analyze one are you from around, I ordered you think that support lay like there's. No there's, no s s hearing all in Argentina Ethan later he big jackass either way someone's going listeria. The point here is a man. It's but the worst thing now is to accuse someone of being a nazi of being a wide support? sense of being a racist. When you do that, and you of course alone and with anyone who voted for Donald Trump like theirs, there was waving a trump flag and then, of course, you tie to the Un Vaccinated, because what the vaccinated transport they must be not absolutely and so, Now you start the march towards what would you do? Let me ask you this: what would you do if you were in the room right now with a Nazi and actual Nazi who support the murder of millions of juice. You think you treated differently, you think you keep your item.
do you think that maybe you could justify violence against them a compliment? His blue eyes depends on if they look like Gerald well come on already blonde hair blue eyed. I don't need you to say that I say nine around. You say nine every now and then ok, that's what I would say to it. They were making fun of Hitler in that movie. It was a Larry estimated that will you have seen like what was it in Portland? Hey, we ve got a Trump supporter right he's out of an answer, because the group people will do. Other things, if you like, I will everybody around me right now- is on board with this. This is an unfortunate a person. This is a person who voted for Donald Trump. They must be a white supremacist, my Actions now are justified by the group yet and so on. Two things that I would never do on my own to be clear, now you are a concern. If you are a conservative who has declined the vaccine, you have been painted as a war. supremacist Nazi, who is responsible, the economic woes of this country and spreading disease are starting to get the picture. Also,
what we're talking about Joe Rogan. This is just something I had to talk before it bring on elections. There's this social justice mix. Martial arts website seems to me they dont fully understand their market quite get. It's called bloody elbow fear, but a bunch of Mme websites by the way that run by Like Box and NBC, and so I just don't get the picture these websites were. Writing all these articles about transgender, Mme fighters, now people speaking out against it, we're hateful trying to get them. Can't you realize you're target audience. Having looked at a you have seen crowd into four wouldn't show up just because they get their ass kicked at the pact, so they wrote an awful up at about Joe Rogan and again. This is what villain, rising. Anyone who speaks up. I think what Europeans that there is entirely reasonable it I've had my disagreement with Joe Rogan. It was inspiring here. This is from bloody elbow its end. It saying that Joe Rogan needs to be fired. Right should be replaced, and this is this. Of course, this is how, in those persons illiberal explain it to hear
It's that you can bring a backup, Rogan might have just become the long time employ the boss loves, but other workers side. I, with resentment, he's a guy who shows up late leaves early does the least amount of work possible, given the highest amount of pay and reap the big rewards. Ok, how about this? Let's put by the way this has happened a combined after the videos clean. This is an attack to try and get him sire. How don't you understand this? Unlike their commentators who were going to collect million dollar contracts from huge legacy. Media networks right from huge sports organisations, show Rogan, took a risk and worked for. Starting in nineteen. Ninety seven. They basically gave him free tickets to the event as a fan where he would do commentary to be clear. This was during the dark ages, when one John Mccain was championing against data, hosted the reservations and it wasn't even on paper view Joe Rogan took a risk and was putting in work when no one else was willing to Brian kill me wasn't there, he was there for the first time. You see that with bills,
Foot Wallace the funniest burp on live television, the ultimate fighting, just remember the guy's tooth. Getting knocked out, I think, of the Samoan Guy get kicked by this giant white guy right. The face in Europe see one deck. I ended up being an actual white supremacist lets. You really don't allow the part of many years later it was with the frozen sausage everyday. This is what the left look Joe Rogan KIT, this, is. The point is you, you are not paid. based on your hours, worked right. You are paid based on your value? It should be. Summit of the left is on board with by the way, rather than reduce, people to a number of your actual, including the totality of their value of their essence, what they bring the workplace, and this is why business owners create businesses. It's very able to Joe Rogan saying you know what I'm a fan. I see something here, Eleanor for free for awhile, and if this helps build this business, you know what maybe toss it, we gotta get big, get my big. What tossed something my way, this
The only reason that business owners create businesses, because at some point they shouldn't have to kill himself? And you can have your money work for you, smarter? They took a risk for went a salary for often years. In my case five year yeah five years, no salary, we'll start! from forty thousand dollars in my savings account. You know this den after rights and time on the biggest networks and all of television and said you know what I'm gonna bet it all on black. It's. Why don't do too shows a day too? I don't do three hours of radio and the nightly shown in a pot. Guess it another part, guess this the only show I do, because I put everything that I had into it and it is no one's business as to when and as to how much I get to reap the rewards One of the comments I think too was that he he's not doing all of the research that some of these other people are doing he's not talking as yet. I had a quote. You know why, because he lives,
T live it's every conversation. It's every day. They talked of others that he doesn't have to go. Do that Europe wants to email me when you were still sick, claiming amateurs ripe for two decades what language is calling upon years, while the body able to go on to say, while the other members of the? U S commentary team put in work all week to prepare for a big event, not dimension, also covering Tuesday events. At the? U see, apex dragons doing well something else. While annex kneeling down a proper pronunciations, the fighter names and helping the other members of the commentary. Teen gets back running nation the fighters, their families and their camps. Joe Rogan is well elsewhere. Yeah call it a second, doing something else and by This is what I want to declare. This is just a hit peace through using to coincide with someone you don't like us, politically he's always been very pack he's always been with detractors. Of course, whenever you're that big and his podcast bigger than earth doing something else. Might
like hosting the world's biggest podcast. You no matter like that, which is by the way of immense value to the. U S see people out there What this guy right members crappy little website, either blogger, he would prompt his life would probably be made if he appeared on Rogan that as we get these kinds of crap a little bloggers request to banish all the time by the way. Generally, the answer is no. I hate that those two paragraphs he said he was doing well something away, something else like hosting the world's biggest progress, or this might be relevant, maybe doing something else like I'd no having won a world champions, are a national championship and type onto a black language. He might be doing something else which you and I consider research, but like really training in combat sports Here is what Georgina greatest ever? Do it teaching him
Does european does have some techniques which is very high That's Joe shilling, I believe, a really rural casket boxer. I can do yes, one sixty. If I do that, my shin would be half way across the room ass one hour before actually have hardened missions. It only breaks halfway, looked like silver, Lonely guardian to share with stress or after I take a bite. A rolling pin- and I do like this- could I want to be like the tie? personally I just to be clear to before people. So there is Joe Shillings, Abkhazia and Geronimo say much better kicked boxer than he had ever is theirs. Canada attack the technique that most effectively gives you the highest rate, your number on that that she is not necessarily the best technique for fighting my point and Joe Rogan with a versatile. You he's not a professional fighter he's out pretty humble he's good he's good enough that outside professional fighters
you would have a world of short Harry problems. What makes him up it's? What makes him one of the most knowledgeable commentators, India, game triangular. He lives it, so he might get some Lithuanians name wrong to be clear. Who cares? this guy wasn't. There were no one was paying attention, and this is what the left doesn't understand. You are not the number that is reflected, is not just the hours worked. It is the for the same reason that Conor Macgregor JOR Saint Pierre de as brothers, who may fight once a year make a whole lot more and some of them under guard who might fight more often. Why? Because they bring more value, how many of you, paying to go, see the under card fighter. You may not like it. It may not be fair, but it's a business. What happens is- and this is true of business owners. They are paid rewarded based on how much value they provide the can
number, which is also some that really bothers me to go into this. This is why, when you hear people spout the lie that oh House Americans aren't making any more money, it's barely outpacing inflation, the middle classes shrinking well, that's not true only if you go by average hourly earnings, as opposed to an average annualized income. These are two different metrics. We ve talked about this before and violate both went up under our trump more regional average earnings when five thousand dollars on average under I'll trump three years, maybe one thousand something dollars under eight years of Obama is more than just to be clear. Why not more for black men as well? Here's the point: is you work hard You increase your value, however, that job of flipping the fillet of fish, which you wrong? Nine out of ten times is not worth much more than it was yesterday, but this is the beauty and liberals and socialists should be on board with this. You are not reduced to a number. You are reduced to a number of hours worked you!
increase your value through building something to providing creative solutions, not just trading hours. Four dollars, that's beauty of right, marched about how we're all just cogs in a wheel or part of the machine, but not when you try people who run businesses because there's no guarantee hourly rate. We should want people to increase their value rather than just say: this is what the hourly rate is and that's how most Americans move forward and create wealth. That's why we have more class mobility than absolutely anywhere else in the country, and you know what I know that the left gets this. I know that the main disingenuous do you know how I know that you know how I know this. Here's how now this one of them. It's time you heard Bert Bernie saying we need two packs people war magazine who are working hours, I'll wait. Now they want People based on basic value, so I know that the left gets it. I'm just asking that you do on both sides of the equation
and when you hire Joe Rogan for this know what you're paying for right, I don't care of Joe Rogan spend ten hours a week, doing research or five when he shows up any nails. It. That's all care about it as Rogan on paying you for the value that you bring not the hours of work like you said I could care less how many hours it takes. Pay me the Mona, LISA and fifteen minutes. Fantastic gonna go. Take it and sell it. Take you twenty years, that's fine. it's your dear, but I ain't gonna pay for before before we ran out Jones comment below its couldn't care, jail, those, as could careless. People say that its couldn't get couldn't, because I couldn't dirtier less than fifty percent of people say what you say tat I had to call my fifty percent. You better chimera. My point has me: I would rather allow you to come up to the chair and stapled my sacked this seat near the phrase I couldn't care less or one who goes about what the words irregardless on his lips should be boiled with his Thanksgiving Turk S guidelines do agree, but I it regards as
people say it say it wrong, very good point, and by those big may, I got corrected but she'll sun and rested chomping at the bit its champing Tibet. Is it I'm not of today on equine terminology, I don't I don't pay attention to their language. What so, either through? I asked Mitt Romney his wife with this. Less are getting a little lippy with Mr Ed, but even then I could do without the attitude was apparently the website, all right. So are we ready here to bring an, I guess so for people we want to take your check by when we go to Mug Claudia, but right now we're going to be talking about the great reset, and what going on in this country, a man who is no longer on you too, but needs no introduction, Jones. Get up. so my hands are chile. I keep it cold in here to keep everybody awake. This is cool studio along Ah I gotta go. I don't want a lot of studios aberrant. Thank you. Will you on your thing, looks like a looks like
no kilos. Dad's apartment, you have all the ass right now, that's in your studio, the big glass table we. about to see a man I know I do. Dependency in the last few times I was, I was fleeing the citizen chased by into for use by armoured vehicle anytime. You want, I know, but the uniting rather like a Mercedes by the way I brought you here, something here. What did your brow? Well, because we have to check everything so basic, So when we talk about is all government documents, announcements of cattle? Here's, your folder? Alright, I followed up, and then I've got my folders hate. What's a misplaced for people to go and because you have so many websites in so many words the best website trivial to go, see you well beyond the dot. Video is great, but Twitter, Facebook Youtube have banned. Sharing that you are also the mirror of it is free world is not tv. We welcome every Worlders tv or involve wars that commerce evil dreaded Simon, yes, unfair world. I was insane for words that company of that was banned. All people you're a man. I love your shower seiners. Other too bad you're off the air. Now we're in a way
bigger than ever Gennaro platform can what you're doing, and so you have the offence of supporters of liberty really a flock to us and because some We talked about and predicted has come true. Actually, we kind of been resurrected like the mythical fiend, thanks to a lot of people like you supporting us yet will. Thank you appreciate. You know I was. I was really you know this. I was pretty pissed when, after you ban on Youtube. There are a lot of people who didn't have you anything? had you and then the next day, certainly the networking hours, I think, was the natural that's right of enlargement. I was always trying to get on so big fan. Your shows you. What are you don't even on not having the browser? I try to go on like that, but as soon as I got banned, you still but having owner body else ran away scared, that is a you, don't know the good guys aren't. The chips are now, though, and yours my that actually supports reach major you're, real American, while thank but I think you're the huge warriors lies a copy. How far easier I now I mean he is he's totally awake now, yeah here, and while we did have a horse, and we have you, unlike five,
before that we even tape like three sketches with you'd want a young, very nice, but I want every way Gregor will see when I got to start you're, not gonna, believe about about salt. Water pulls, unlike our outlook, that not everything but arms sale that as soon as I got banned, you really subordinate briefly outline. I really appreciate being on. Ok, I'm gonna show clip here, because I want everyone out there. Look. We can talk about the great reset. You know it's funny. I know we're gonna it recently last funding, as well as the banks, which is great, actually brought you a bunch of great reset stuff. Ok, it's a particle. Well, let's make sure that we're tough, because people are like a tools, women in prison, about a baby, the conception and he shall be assigned the other, so right. We set new world order that not just conspiracies look, Is everything going on coincidences don't take outward for this? Is the terminology used by people in power? The affirmative task we have now is is to actually create a new world order. We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order at yes
they paths and clubs and other things. If we have a positive case, they do. has provided an opportunity for a reason, This is our chance to accelerate our pre pandemic efforts to re. Imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change they're, saying things like new world order. This reset, you know why are they sang the quiet part out loud? What's what's changed right now? What here is that of spending bill is called Bill back better, yes, and they all aware that right both swastika changes, some sign of the, U n Schwab Bill Gates, words at close Schwab, whereas it and claw swab, as they have the builder by our group, backs was sacred and he was also the head of the: U N Global, sustained, already board under UNESCO and show you the four books re explains. I wrote a book of a few years ago? We also right Reset Lasher, saying: where are you fear of a virus to bring
a global system and a global medical vaccine passport will actually really be a carbon tax past we're right that tracks, everything you do and I'll Mastercard's come out United, come out and care at last. We use, I don't care of governments not pass carbon taxes, operations are implementing it now, so, let's go the corporate tax on people write to the corporations and your bill back better. That means posted national world agenda twenty thirty, this all official abolish. All the small businesses and then vertically the economy. So it's a corporate just take over using
axis leninist ideology and a cloud employment strategy to collapse, civilization that doesn't require any kind of consumers to be clear. Just what we do not think that bill Gates is putting a tracking chip in your vex. You were not only does not, of course, it's a virus he's not we're saying it's, this radio NASH, international virus and they're, taking advantage of something to use that to instil fear and control them and that the results have decimated small businesses across his country. It's what you were saying earlier when you are defending Joe Rogan, that's what he would say he's not saying that they ve killed billions of people and in death camps. Yet What what he said is this is the lead up. You can't buy or sell unless you special license. You mark the people. You want a target there now Today. The CDC is calling people with an elite, no national databases and the nose calling them at their, so you haven't been injected. Why is that? And so whatever happened to him, but whatever the Nuremberg? Whatever happened to medical Prime the end. If you look in Australia that UK a New Zealand
Canada and the EU, there now announcing a thing called shielding and that's where you quote: lockdown cities and areas completely quote so that healthy get it, and there are now proposing that and building banning the use of alternative shielding I just, although some in that they put it there. The golden rule of law, human arbitrariness, shrimp considerations, family where eleventh twenty twenty and then it goes. and to talk about general population had a lot cities, output, legal and can't well, look that's one thing. Of course they have lockdown countries, as can the sector. Will there ass. An old euralia Roman interact share camps in Australia, ones only going to be completed in twenty twenty four months. That's a pretty long time. What do you want to see their vile Alex? I wanted to bring up so I know that in night, at sectoral level, yeah nineteen, eighty four, that there is a national immunization survey, where the CDC actually calls. We check the number it's coming from the CDC. This phone call that they're asking about that. So there's a couple things that could be happening here. This could be that
routine call that they, they ve, been doing this for literally over two decades right calling Talking to people doing surveys to see how many people are aiming. I immunized for me mom's rubella, but they also do it for other break out that happen. So the question is Are they calling and asking questions about coverlet, though then taking that information using a totally like normal thing that they done and then using that against people, or are they just gathering information? I think that's the point we will. I know you I should there building on older programmes, but we also had to Supreme Court rulings. One of them Jacobson years ago, that you could forcibly inject people and that same day also said: you'd sterilised why too blacks, and so the president's there you being a force inoculation are literally, eugenics era and the Nuremberg trials, the Nazis. Actually, usually? U S? England did write with forced our obligation to force an occupation and the need to relax our cause you to dismiss, but we are not saying that the covert vexing is forced to analyse actual. We are talking about the same with plant parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who I suppose
did you Jennings enforced delegation were tongue. What I did I did something in that it has happened in that. I am not a thing. That's not very vaccine, but note that is that's important to note that it is also something I'll bring up here too for Gerald. Do you notice approach what you just said they were doing it for decades right, but even been calling asking about being immunized immunized. can someone let's have someone from the research ultimately bring option the definition of the vaccine? It does not refer two immunization refers to protection against covered. entire vigilance expand on that their what there Doing is building on top of all of this. So if you remember what am I to say six months ago, he said in red areas and areas that art highly vaccinated, we're going to send groups out to home Mr Canvas and to push for them to be and to try to take them they're. So people- oh here this now announced their expanding people been called men are pushing in autumn and they go that couldn't that's not american, but remember, Biden announced it. Have newscast showed people,
It was doors is, and I will take you to get the shot right now. You really needed right paid for by the federal government. Supervisors. Neighbourhood, yet through through through Ngos Answer is going on so I'll see. What I do is, I don't just use one report. I'll have thousands of others, another already going on under other names and what I'm saying the: U N admits Docker Ryan, they had of global rapid response. A year, have go. He said: we're gonna have the shield emplaced proposal to be able to buy much round the world and we're gonna go when a basically in the future under new opt outs, actually go in it. people out of their homes, weren't even sick to take facilities quote for their protection, so they want that power who develop the camp at first look reasonable, you'll go to the cancelled you'll, get out of the camp. You describe we'll be taken. The caption here this document I gave from Cedar Cedar Gov for six months. That's cool I saw some member Hilary said. We need fun camps for man. I try this. I got away
I find camps for men. Wasn't that certain learns. They s first, this level, wars that combat the end, and I still take the army's websites that I find it search. Obama we Obama re education camps and remember today and tat? He secretly proposed regiment you can't for Americans during a collapse, the army not upset leaked document to me and the years later they declassified it. So I understand this has been going on a while they were trying to signal. Let me read this. I just look this just so people can see this if you can get a close up here, quarterback arrogant music, because we don't have these sources available. This is, if you can look at little, you are. I will make sure that we have an available on a lot of candidate countries. This is a CDC website. I just open you're gonna, be ok. Why do so? What people never even highlighted forbidden, better hold it up here so this is from a CDC website. Have it right here- and this is something I just read and hear it For this reason, the shielding approach suggests physically separating high risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use.
the limited available resources and avoid implementing long term containment measures among the general population that's a good thing. That is, our children, who lay terrifying again will bring us up to this is what cdc that girl laughed run a virus. Two thousand I mean dash and c o the ok it doesnt nineteen. I want to move on your oh, oh. By the way we have done. but for me, I'm ever two thousand eighteen calling it covered. Nineteen preparations they, but that's next document Operation lockstep arrive on, let's move greater lockstep Stephen this one right here for the Rockefeller Foundation, two thousand Levin mask locked introducing an authoritarian, we're gonna, take refuge of words and that's from you're, twenty eight, two thousand and eleven as a lever preparing two thousand. I think this is from the Rockefeller YAP and they on the? U S, it has as lockstep a world of tighter top down government control and more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation.
growing citizen push pack, Thus, as every letter you know now, look this is gonna be good bathroom, mainly because I need something afterward to wipe out of it. How do you for Iraq remember? Who runs the? U S? National strategies are John objects. It's the right a feller foundation, we look it up. Private Rockefeller foundation leads you strategy and counting covered what all I wanna go to something else here too, because this is something important. I think we have page. This is which clippers US vaccine Andy, don't act better and the great reset used the corporal. You in world government take over in the Rockefeller foundations own words right, if you go to Schwab's whose they have this whole thing have that let's grab it go to his own Wikipedia and in lake through them the prospect of media. He says we're gonna! sure all the garbage, the world voters want her manner and only they collars from Corporations- The- u N, we'll have authority, then
you carry out depopulation, it's on the Wikipedia for Clash Wall, capturing nation states- and I think this is all important note. This is separate from young when we talk of people who want to get the vaccine get the vaccine. If you don't, I think you should have the right to know did the back we'll go about the power grab, often about freedom for people to make another to all. This is a non issue: let's bring identity in you, they want the world idee medical passport to be in your phone or at card, and that's what tracks you write that controls it alone already tracks everybody. I need a chill cordially clear. Donald Trump did out Yoke operation Warp speed made sure that we had a bill. It's the Trump vaccine, however, of relative their travelling swirl. Another thing is not Donald Trump wasn't trying to force anyone, there's a bigger say: making it available should be men mandating, and that is the difference. It's not a problem of people having access are choosing to take the vaccine. It's a problem with mandating it is you just saw unseen and renouncing
We need a man when you consider mandating pregnant women, which is, which is a concern for any medication, just to be clear, yes, terminal, you're, not to say from my wife is in first trimester right now we re drinking every day, every success, and I know that out you you made up a bit. You brought up a good point. You said gone, read these documents and check for yourself, because Reuters actually tried to come out and kind of quota. Unquote fact checked. The shielding saying it was actually just for, like refugee camps so I dont know if it was in response to this getting out on the only they don't put refugees in camps. That's what I'm saying so here. Here's the thing! I just be aware of some of the other articles that may come out and say this is totally fine. Just like this. Ninety nine, if we ve been doing these causes nineteen, eighty four, nothing to see here, guys re others just understand where we're giving you the context so that you can look at all of it and then you also need to understand your rights. Look. All of this becomes a moot point. If you are talking about you having the freedom to make your own, choices. This is about a systematic removal of freedoms, and this is what comes.
we have actually manage to have a clip and what role the cliff and then get Alex's thought. But let me be clear: boosters are important But the most important thing we need to do is get more people, vaccinate the vat Majority Americans are doing the right thing. over seventy seven percent of adults have gotten one shot about twice three percent haven't gotten any shots and that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of us a lot damage from Russia, the country this is a pandemic of the on vaccination, vilify That's why I'm moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever I can't? Is it a pandemic? Onawandah trail you when you set your sense of hospitality, has also been made before the pursuit of the population were bidden Endemic evacuated and Israel in their own vaccine. We were nine percent. Are we know that to be this pandemic and to save lives, Keep our children safe? Our schools, open,
our economy goin. We need to get folks vaccinated. So please, please the right now Alex Logistic, reiterate something Did you hear what he just said in order to keep our businesses open our schools safe? He just at bay equally in order for you to be able to live any aspect of life untouched. We need. Make sure that everyone gets facts and how does it happen started with a mandate of companies at a hundred people or more yeah. That's eighty million Americans. He sang that's required, simple new business or send your kids to school and by the way his new bill back better bells, well. This is makes removed today. Has a seven hundred thousand dollar fine yeah, not not not the previous fine, what was a fitting thousand things just discovered. Was it yesterday that people were going through it going? This is a creative cripple industry, a seven hundred thousand, and it's not just the two shots. Then its Israel Zeppa their second boaster. Now, Australia's announcing, basically every few measure and yet the shots and there Minister said this is bill back better. You never go
to normal, so he's they're, holding you hostage Biden, saying to keep things up. keep things going. You ve got to do what we say and it say dammit a vaccinated, as you said, Israel's ninety percent injected in all all their cases again, remember: Fouche relied on many things about you about an assumption. You name it, but a younger cleaners. Viagra number three months ago, he said nothing nine percent of people dying, have not the vaccine, while he used to from twenty twenty one? No, it was actually right. So it's all pure deception and and and and and the truth is pcr tests. Ninety four percent are false: positive mentioned that this is all garbage. I know the virus is real cooked up in a lab. I know it's got terrible game function? I know that one mutual delta variant. I gotta it was terrible kill my dad. I would say for five months dishes: much worse than last year, but then we will. I know that have gotten w my dad have been injected.
That's what the real number show they don't want us discussing covers other big study out today, where, at the very least, what I would say, as we can't make any claim, is first correlation and cut, but you can't say that: ok, it's not what people expected with a vaccine and immunity on, for example, out you're, not anti to be clear. Measles things like that, like you have you ve had no shots. Rubella. Gentlemen: your kid I've had those shots, weed, need to get a boost, your nose, everytime. You know I never have to go into a store and say hey on: what's your politics is their actual vaccine right because their actual vaccines and they work? No one goes onto an airline's as delta. Are you checking further rubella cards as they work, because it is neither operations. Here's the thing whenever we say shovel, gotta, pull up every fact, every study when they're all right here and then meanwhile, by is inappropriate that oh, don't the vaccine. You can't use prostitutes tromp. Does it a day ever gets it's the best thing ever you gonna, take it right now in any great, so Mama Harris she said Paul stops, you wouldn't take it yeah and then I'm sitting here hey? I've got it
really study over six million people that they start the biggest study in world history and their say: the fires are shot, has thirty nine percent advocacy after three months? That's that's just them. That's at an end when similar all quoted down on the floor of the Senate and israeli study. They said. Oh sorry, the, U N doesn't say that's official information. I can. I generally, I suppose, even though not all image and highly sensory cause, I'm gonna give you they're counter argument and an account or counter argument. They would say: actually with Israel. It's the reason that it meant a huge percentage of people in hospitals are back because she's going to the population of actually we're ok, but then I thought what about actually executive? Seventy eight percent of the population vaccinated and fifty percent or fifty percent of population seventy option. Hospitably towards us adopting is worse than that, and you spend time at male mail. I don't off their top They are really really very good, and I do believe that most of the data that comes out of NATO is objective and held it high standard. They did a study with twenty Five thousand people on both sides vaccinated, not vaccinate. We have the source nobody's gonna come. This was not done.
From the agenda. When I was there, I had to be tested or vaccinated. have my surgery just to be clear with male clinic, I believe, was thousand people total thanks area, twenty five thousand to get separated for age, race, gender amino, come from eyes fitness level, all of that, and they did find that one of the vaccines I dont know if it was the Madonna or Pfizer against the Delta variant, was forty. Two percent if the other motorcyclists, Madonna with maternal, that's been, the one that did not learn is more effective than the fight because it's three times stronger right, well depends on which study is appointed. It's really to point is none of that is considered just read. It's really hard to trust any of the data boys. I'm saying I believe intact, ology, I'm an early adopt a rabbit. I mean I don't only stock and regenerative, thereby timing so you must own it arouses eighty eight, I got a bunch of approach. stop. They dont have largely protection of actually makers They clone a mouse white blood cell. Put it that way the latest version and then they put that nearby over two weeks. You crap out and no side of
and I got a bunch of friends and others that add covered thought they were dying, took region. IRAN, and it was like in five six hours. They were better my mom and dad did them anybody so to my wife, not your dad. Did you notice hours later better? I will I can say this now this that would have been in trouble for before it s. A negative recover just an egg five times over nine days. I believe right cause. I was very concerned coming to this office my wife who had covered so obviously when I called mail. I all I said what's going on is that you must have had it, but you know anybody tests are an essential reliable. The point is I want and I had a negative and they sat at the clinic visible. Like a positive, don't work for ten days and I dont see her kids for tonight. Is that so we treat it like a positive. They said. Yes, they just change the laws where you couldn't get the anybody's. Unless you would testify it used to be. I could get it if you lived with some of the comments. I was gonna next, but I would say I went in and so I did get it. I dig at the antibodies cause at that point, to treat it like deposited. I hadn't done my other tests after that, but I'm trying it like a positive signals. They can't see my kids, I'm gonna get the anyone right when I was in there. Everyone else in there was that-
its peoples and where'd. You get that we were in a room with four or five or six people, and one that respects we all got the anybody treated I asked on these told me: I have the shaded the sheet printed out the sheets. I dont get it back in four either sixty or ninety days, cause it neutralizing anybody's Knesset haunts administration me if we have the antibodies maximum neutralizing any, but how long the anybody's last year, for example, would it be- and I asked a nurse there and a doctor- would it be a value, let's say in a search to flattened curve method? That's a good question. You ask your doctor, a superconductor sent me to you, How long the anybody's, let actually know could answer it and that's what's incredible. Here is it's it's all nebulous at all changes, but I was going with, as you said two weeks- is that about two weeks, the end bodies from the region around well, they fly are you there now about two weeks of impact that will stop or told me, but threatening as a doctor that she runs represent around like yeah easily actually runs, hospital to, but my training
That would be valuable in a curve. You know where time I find it difficult for two weeks and others, but they taught me they're. No, you get him. I don't want to start. Your Bartlett is your taxes, but here's a long story short I was getting at is prime, about science and of something the lobby protection- and I know that it's been looked at and its approved really approved, and then there really know no side of actual. Then I say I want that and I've seen at work anecdotally only and not just their statistics. Ok, so That is why do as soon as the southern states also getting and using its Trump ordered fathom he doesn't need one dose apart and that's out of forty million extra doses there's no shortage. He I was told us. A month ago we broke when it came to actual confirmed Biden, is rationing and blocking these from Texas. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and other areas of the south, because a republican and get this so the governor to Santa Governor, I hear in Texas Abbot had to order
millions of doses for the public, because even the paying public couldn't get it because bind was blocking that. So you can argue all day about other things. Like Iver mentioned whenever, let's move aside were genuine, is approved for this incredible outcomes and end there trying to keep it from an act. What the hell is this, you know what it is. Its emergency authorized, genuine Amelia. I said that they set its emergency authorization, we're the nurses that also at this point as it like the vaccine. She just looked at me and said: I guess no, you don't go, don't erect make your medical inference. Are we gotta go to too much I want to continue talking about. There is one further What have you got your medical doctor? They will not Scribe you these so called Visor Medina James, I shot. They said go to approve clinic like warm. are Walgreens these clinics because they have a special shield programme.
Another government, so I can go to to Ranger CBS. It get any other, actually work as their vaccines and they had all attainable studies. When you go to get an answer on this six months ago, there was nothing on it. Now there is something on the white she answered and guess what it is. Well, if you go back to October of last year. The cdc they on their website for Youtube. It says possible That reaction side effects from I am already vaccines and it list what they ve now had to put on the insert no studies no background. None of that, it just says, may cause micro, Kurdish may cause heart swelling, show so now which they had an emergency meeting about the CDC just to be clear. This is not a conspiracy hosted emergency meeting at how to ride out exactly how do they know in October? for they ever said. You December,
connection too hard issues when they already had seen any document saying this is listed as what we believe gonna happen right I mean this is all real folks know you don't want to saunter talking about. I know you know where I actually redness it. This is a short list of side effects of better. In my life, as this is less than Zodiac, was anybody treatment elephants, says slight units are swelling at the sight of the bump. There's almost nothing else, and here and morale smile might have. You might take two hours to weapons smile from your face, its info wars that come with the best glass and a free world NEWS Don T they free will not actually really continue here on mug club, where we can and will be taking your jets. Your questions to out. Can you take some questions from the other way? I was happy to anyone get into the shots. I get into builder Marguerite what you said in the great reset. new world order and what's running, that's what's using this as the pretext to set up a world addy. Ok, we'll talk more about that. You too, we know that you're, not a fan of airily fan of freedom in general. So well, I was patient zero. That are came on the Wall Street Journal article they so we can ban on, showed that ban wikileaks we'll be able to make
over time take the internet over and make it like Netflix and all, stars and all these people talk about you and Rogan bodies will be able to be able to come in like them over and make them work for us. So this isn't from first. Oh, let's get Alex, wants the president set all the dominoes fall, but luckily don't you're all day, and so are you and you'll be, like Joe Argue, with the only unicorns out there that allowed us about one can only live work, and how can we working fir woods disk years, echoing anytime, soon because Youtube right now is that we are not through this?
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