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2018-10-27 | 🔗
Steven Crowder performs live from the University of Michigan! Talking all about the migrant caravan, political civility and how conservatives are the most marginalized group on college campuses. Special guests Owen Benjamin and THEE Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

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Hey Audio, only listener you are in a rare club. You are old school doing the radio thing most people are watching watching visually on Youtube or, of course, behind the mug club membership at our tv dotcom, using that at because our lot of exclusive visual sketches and elements that you dont get the audio only version, but either way you can join up and support. The show if you wanted to keep going at Lahti, was uttered outcome, Slash mug club. We really appreciate you listening or watching on Youtube and hope to see you on the other side lot with Canada. Conflict Macleod
How are you senator? I am new incorrect actual I believe crowded, is self styled can mean that both bill cause base as it being declared a sexually violent. Predator is going to damages reputation not available for common we're all the women that he raped. Those guys judge. I disagree you, like a change, my mind, mended right, yeah,
hello. This is Canada time unless it out you silly little fruit kicks trigger. That is not going to happen. You man, half from shown, welcome you to the breeze these stars shone down here. Let me see there must now welcome the city said where candidates who said it every place everywhere. We told a stronger than shown stolen down in TAT city louder with proud of their rights and are very slowly the same. My boy, you owe me well, there are really like to be. It alone should be used
see it over the terrain? I love you gave it in the light. Like a suburb not now really away, I mean they have withdrawn zip code. Seventh, before I've already Dounia, I mean it's really kind of its own. It's kind of zones. I guess we come and welcome to it not dissuade together not onto its Detroit through Syllables Ann Arbor. Is I see re just yet? It's too are you going to do to procure a due weight or other organs the code into yet I mean that's right armies, like Ann Arbor, this to show what they do.
Hey now welcome welcome to replace everywhere we go there. They were trying to ban all short way here now and louder with proud of an agency. Did you get him back in advance? I gave you you wanna have a lamp. Let me tell you about it now. I got my time at the power tat made. You quite Cromer show opera marred by about one hundred times better, not got a job. I have left. I ran off now, don't you get it? I don't want you see them in this respect the words I owe you a brief speech. Does then that we show there must now wish to welcome the two zero every place everywhere we go there. They were trying to ban, or should we now and now with proud to sit on the charters and produce a corridor boy. I think it's time you don't do anything to say to you.
Even longer helmets? You know emission gladly. Let's let em here you in the overflow when they couldn't get tickets, but there will be a new com and what are the real, both in the Bush for people watch Youtube. You guys can grab see that they are pursuing this whole. It's already in I'm, not gonna, be passing around a cop. Everybody passes out after this you can sit. It makes me very comfortable if you say standing like that. It gives the protesters every reason to show up. Ok, we're sitting live question. Obviously we already you guys but about there and you too, obviously a lot of talk about bombs. Lately, no one hears supports that improve sure
Fortunately, the blame game is being played. You ve seen. From Donald Trump rhetoric to the media. What are they The blameless rest squirrel ensures the guy who who sent the bomb or people or zis. I don't know, also, if you're on Youtube in very popular answer is quote the Jews. So that's always you can't get around it We cannot get around it onto Youtube. Evelyn! Really! Let me see your phones show your phone to suppress here tonight in an hour, but thank you why you have some pictures instagram that what have you wanna do crowd or you have em take over the hashtag. Let the press know that you are every bit as much the press. You will cover story, from a code? You then we carried out have month. If you do not bloody conflict month, everyone who don't know anymore than everyone else
and while we talk a little bit later, diving, secondly, they call it now we always called it. A meat segment about the college is reported in the statistics might surprise you, but leading the news. We have done what this for President Trump held a rally in Wisconsin, where the recent bomb scares you guys might have seen this. He called for unity, which I thought was was pre nice many, of course, are immediately accusing them of very quick we pivoting to attacking is political opponents rather than actually unifying, and reach? You know we have understood. Could you be the judge? We want all sides to come together in peace and harmony. We can do it even like crazy. She could do it and even that, no we didn't get the hang of it yet
turning encourages behavior behaviour. On an actual sitting word that we have right now. We didn't have a brain footage of the caravan. Of course you know it's my children and women seeking a better life than the United States? We gonna, like some coverage you have given us. A good models, is everywhere. Ok, is criminals, and here I mean I mean- is the opposite I would say autism, it's almost like. I lied to you No apologies! Turning international news, my home country of Canada, where I was raised right now, the one was immediately put down We're conservatives, we believe in shame
turning to international NEWS, Canada has already merely run out of marijuana immediately after legalizing and fine gentleman Gerald Morgan's, like love service, what they teach, I'm right off him little governance of the evidence we have little had come on. You said junior college campuses. I guess you know this is a great use. We had to make sure that we have been able to reply to your campus police Europe doing a better job and you never want to speak ill of anyone in blue. But you know, unlike the sons of bitches, that uneraseable annoy you wouldn't even show, and we appreciate it carries out the window privacy. Ok, this is what I do for the show. Let's try this again to humanity and are released by the way she says. It's you just cease to Cuba makes me want to throw up, not encourage grown up right now. She needs to age. A little bitch needs to feel some shit and makes them bad decisions. Then we can have on our team from my mouth she's. Just to look at this.
Cobra damn it took? You met it. Ok concerning the actual news, Canada, nearly one that America wanna immediately after legalizing it thank you to humanity. Direct quotes, problems started on the first day said Wallace. It's a mess, while the supply is just a mass ease, the owner before twenty store. That many of you may not know this Gerald knows this because you play Football Notre Dame you have spent a lot of time. You unaware games, no ma. Pandering than Hillary Clinton, when we say that other instead of a bird oh come on Now? I don't know anything. Does it now? I know why she doesn't all the eagle in an oil spills.
Many women are noble, you know it because he played. I love also by the way that Notre Dame didn't get. His big issue is the one person from Canada. That's right, maybe like noted in Abu Canada still is kind of right, so many women are not as you do, because you put a lot of awakens urine and over actually, Canada followed them. Evaluating arbours lead on marijuana laws which are, let's be honest. Given the canadian Prime Minister really surprise anybody here, the opposition in commercial support Whatever we did, Conversely, I didn't I really would ask you: people are completely ripped
and you don't even notice. That's no he's oil made at an earlier. I do appreciate it fell to laugh at the Dearborn Islamic great jokes about go far. Tells me the kind of proud you are. Canada gets a boot. These are probably really Cameron is off is very helpful. If you want to Sicily, talking about what's your being here and on the bombs that have gone out recently, I dozens we don't have a lot of info, yet none of you watch the show that we definitely don't comment on situation,
There isn't a ton of info because you always on almost always end up being embarrassed earlier. You gotta wait, wait for the end, so Gerald you go ahead. You definitely opening up the way to get some more information, but I look if, if it somebody from our political standpoint, they think that's the way that we're going to advance our agenda. That's not gonna work. Our ideas can stand for themselves. The Democrats and liberals cannot pay for that entire honoured to have let it merely by what they say. People like us don't exist. They talk about the all right and greater concern is led by round of applause. Who here is against bombs, no matter who is whether the Clinton, the Obama we don't want, anyone on the other side getting hurt, separated maybe a little bit a little bit Secondly, a like snap are most welcome. What were you even though It works and Kate fear you
switching entertainment kind of England Jenner said He is easy. How make sure that I get everybody offended right off the bat, you'd want to play a marvel villain? This come from comic book, dotcom direct cloak. I wouldn't say that for seriously seriously save african or DC? Ok, let's go man talks to fish. What kind of book tat come? I wanna play the british translator. You ve ever seen in your for weather, I know what the bologna there's an automatic up on the outfit and I've got the virus. What you got part of that, so were to oblige, of course, and jump on the algae bt. You bandwagon Marvel actually announced their new supervision in the marble universe to be Caitlin, Jenner.
I'm accidents at sea, and I could see if I could see it- I mean I'd watch it I'd want yeah, I wouldn't I would hope you have to go in order to see that motion picture. Kalen story I actually is judged by remains a little bit of a mystery, but because of COMECON leaks, comic book Fancy, Atherton COMECON legs suggest Caitlin involvement in the newly announced plot lines set out the intergalactic transform, so that seems like even written for Caitlin ate up tat afternoon. Do you know the bathroom is back there? You don't want it's in my drawing room. Plainly what I came to see if there's a bucket out back, I Jenner, as the power supersonic speed telecom uses and the ability to not go to jail when she runs you over whether car. So that's a good one still does not apply
across given space in the Joker from the animated series applying by the way, What exactly does this will actually honoured tonight to be joined? We are by a Supreme Court justice in the audience. We don't have to agree with this person, but none other than Ruth Vader Ginsburg. Just do we have the ruby damage that we Europeans per gallops It's all right, he's sleeping quiet I won't be quiet please. This is thank you pay for the show, but finally it and in the final news story before we get to tell some more news that we have to get to Peter, has officially claimed cow's milk. Could be a symbol of white supremacist, I want to make sure I get group renewed its claim from a twenty seventeen blog posts, titled cow's milk is the perfect drink for white supremacist between ITALY. Recently this last week to renew it. I guess that's how it works. The nationals
Association, responded to the claims. An absurd and insulting unnaturally. Now, though, to be fair, here's an animal guy. No, I'm not I'm bored with Peter, but I can see how they could argue that the recent got mill and were distasteful. I can understand them. That's makes sense. I get it! That's a grey territory? It would seem tat we have. When we get back up those rules. Are writing. You see, this German was great. Hardly marriage, I don't even know that's how they must have started. I can't read it. I can read Reggie we're getting rid of developments with the carrier. I am wearing migrant women and children. As you know, the United States we return to coverage. Life is criminals. In here I mean I think, ass. He does.
To my keys. Much help one thing accurate. I did want to tell you guys, I'm really sorry you saw in the posters my good friend own band was supposed to be here tonight, but he couldn't make because you have a family affair to come to an end,
these two.
Big enough to actually two of geographical areas. I've had enough of your destiny, Your tumblr use well now. I just wanted to thank you for that. Wonderful performance you put on for these folks Yes, well. I think that showed Owen from your passion and performance
all the way to your perfect Liberace costume, now, oh, and have you been following this unfortunate story, the administration wanting to reclassify ones, ginger joy? de vie with their biological six no see gender exists outside the realm of we're all in general. Actually exists outside that simple binary. You refer to the boy and girl. It also exists outside that feedback. You see. Actually gender can be expressed in a multitude of way. You can be algae B, T there's fifty seven others depending on the day, and you can switch right back, including your sexuality. Thanks to them phenomenon known as gender fluidity.
In a way in a way, I suppose it is like magic. Let me tell you it's not always easy. Training is out there on the range now and I'm talking about difficulties that far exceed the silliness of cutting off once perker, replacing it with a non functioning vagina that your body will forever more tragic, closes a wound, talking about problems for trainees out on the range that live more in the realm of new ones. Matter fact let me tell you a story about a little twenty, I knew Let me tell you a story about this. Trinity names. Sue
Doktor said it's a boy, but just ass doctors gave Mama joy, so she put me in addressing you because I still had a very silly boy shouldn't where little girls, what uneasy for little training aimed to about junior, I asked at being of kids. It asked why let out a big and I just had the school. Do then we'll Catholics got better, though I still have my pet garage, one training centre for free to drug abuse and amends ladys city. Where you want to live for a season. We even though, still had a bone. But what do you know it turns out? I didn't hear that two thousand and three has fallen from such you, weren't Liberace, that's a weird Canada. Let's play me back in through an even more scholarship and money, and they just ask me: please don't Suez honey life was uneasy for trading aim soon, syllabuses. Your name is sue. I feel like that's gotta areas, pseudo Ellison! Ok, that's that's just let her then got real feed the zeal, but is making my mother had spent unless the slow down a splendid back. You little man me like one. After fifteen bird lights, disregarding you sure are good lookin to now I say just between us might have a penis, though it's more Billina said he would not be fifteen. Damn that's a big zuzu! Well what'd, you know was I began. This rule been started. The pro turned towards a poor trend. Either do he's going to address all just didn't. Life was an easy training aimed to select one hears when I knew what I have to choose, how he identify, and although I didn't know what to do with hormone blunders, weren't the answer as it turned out, I gave the little bastard cancer easy for a second generation Sue s own danger. Then, ladies and gentlemen, huge.
Johnny boy. My producer is Russia to get us back on track for babies. Started up hope. You have a good time, everyone out there. Why so do I soon or line oh, and I want to turn back right now. I gotta find out where I am how many you would declare them. Conservative, libertarian right wing I was hoping for a little more diversity. We, but I forgot, you, know what we actually still have. We do in our midst. We do want to check back in on Supreme Court justice. Do we have the route cameras split? It into our ladies and gentlemen eating issue here: right. You know what let's get back on that, let's just yeah there might be The q and a goodness
you know you. Ve talked about a whole lot if this term, probably for many of your professors who are out there, protests and others new years are the term about others, apparently no and we not make a noise unless it's brewing a Canadian, ok everything else and we This right, we hear a lot about black people, gay people, Trans people, about being other developing marginalized. And here's the truth, statistics one person's cheering with it, looks like a mid nineties. Raven he's taken a cocktail of coding and ie. I'm out. Road with fingers you introduce negative couple, sir, but is the one thing that a don't talk about as no one has been others. No has been other on college campuses. More
conservatives now before we get to the statistics. Let show some stories that you probably know it's show the anecdote. Oh here's, a real us! Our group of conservative students kicked off their campus coughing for wearing make Amerika great hats again, loving words crimson precedent, one of the most human. At this point, as I even education anymore, it's indoctrination. We began with the legal battle that is brewing. A student group claims it was ousted by Loan STAR College, over its conservative view. Now it's taking college leadership to court, the peace of the University of Alaska and Greece depicting Captain America holding President's severed head, he was told he had to apologize. The class stand silently while they protect him. She didn't like the fact that I disagreed with the subject being pushed in class.
Being no than those we please give it up, for you happened counterpart going to put this on for you against even let him area and the other for Rome. Thank you guys, and everyone is already been given tickets. They after party, we appreciate it so much. You guys been so accommodating, and I do not know this, but actually there very show before when it actually started out of station here named WHAM in an hour, but that was the first show I ever actually had to call my own a couple of people good we're up at six, a M in Europe We twelve years old in latitude goes out there. So does anyone know the actual number as far alive, because people talk that's a lot right. People don't wanna, be folks who just bitch and you're. Not information. Does anyone know the actual number of professors on college campuses they met they out? Well, let's do that's good, that's a good guess. Thank you just pick the lowest of the numbers zero there
I think that this is not a number. One wonders why don't you should know? the ratio of leftist, too conservative professors across the country giving area Eu China is still my thunder. Ok, all right as its wealth to one right. So sorry. No one, it's twelve, the one which I thought was pretty bad, there's something of credits. Outta me thirty, nine percent of colleges across the country have zero. Conservative professors at all, where there is not do you better yogi, so cute makes me discussed so basically forty percent of universities in college campuses have now even leaving right professors where do we acknowledge that does not just happens this measures? Can you forty percent of college professors, the keys forty percent of Gaul. Does it have no zero, not want atheists professor?
as professor, no environmentalist professors, can you find me forty percent of colleges that don't have a single professor who likes jolly ranchers if you're playing the eyes game, there's this? statistically how many times you the dice zero? That's all We have about majority of college students. How many will agree with this one pole, the majority of college students and by the way, the pole really matters here, because you're asking people's opinion is now like a pole on health from Bernie Sanders me once you have kept you son of a bitch. I think it's all right. Gus acts Norman. Not as bad as whether Alexandria Nina interesting area, according to one of those that we very curly mobile as I can't get the names right because it because it's latino you now
Let's go with that. I don't I don't turn. Aren't you just call me a racist and I'll be on my way. Let's do that that not all wars? What are you a racist, sure, sure, yeah? Ok, I don't want to have a fire sauce. I don't want to have a conversation with a drive through here. A majority of college students. They feel there's a climate on campus. Completely hostile towards them show the interactive applause I can see you feel that way on campus is, here's the thing. It would be what you you're not alone, but a We do this shell, big part of my. Sometimes we go a little bit too far with the jokes, and I know some you tomorrow be telling you if you would like before the roost grows three times I didn't get a lot of withdrawal and your level, gonna be like our. He has a Christ complex
We do so you don't have to be afraid. It's ok to be who you are. We sure that all the time you prevented the way, our first I've none of your perfect most of you suck or Zack? Ok, I Views Gerald certainly sought, but one, but that's: ok, They were told you, you thought you unifying just accept your supper. You are what what if you're conservative, what right leaning person on campus, where you're outnumbered twelve to twelve by students, but by your professors. Wherefore percent of your college campuses, with not one person who shares your worldview. That's how the terrible. I let's not go it burnt down, arrive the guy sending clock boy envelopes, I'd check him out to get when not a good plan. How funny People are just clock boy he's
I'm not in the chamber gamblers. Then I suck as a person, David Hobbs, like I heard such a person right, listen, he's eighteen, it's fine, that's why you can do it now, it's on its own. You see that even try to encourage Canadians to commit election fraud does it not even Michael more was actually here's what it's one thing for professors to be all far left and all of your students we far let them it's one thing to be afraid, simply simply to speak out, and that is the norm. Read a lot of people accept that that is the new norm, but it gets even worse when you look at today and we're not supposed to use the M word: Amazon Marsupial people out there, ok you're not pursued the emerald, we're talking about mobs, but the truth is on campus and we experienced this as well as in the country at large. The left today these people who make up forty.
Son of college campuses, with not a single one of you, teaching these people outnumber other professors, of two one are getting increasingly violent and rioting, and you see it s deleting here nothing, my word for it, because there are many others. Will mosques through what appeared to be fireworks and smoke bombs then stop.
Fires. There have been no media reports of arrests. None was not strike. You we're I don't want us most is the emerald today, but I say it because listen guys, I'm. I know it's kind of hard to say some in serious here with my packaging and out Do, as I do not, as I say, You're just do not have it, but
before we get that you and you're going to line up, I say this so that all of you out there, you see these ma busy people pulling folks from cars in Portland old Man trying to beat him up on what we saw. This very just made my blood absolutely boil you don't have to be afraid. You don't have to be afraid to speak up it's why my answers have changed in the queue and when I say, listen, keep your head down and stay safe. It's one! My worldview is change because they will smell it on you. You cannot hide it and that's why we're out here. This is really are given up for the team of people who made this happen to you by the way tat we get it might with a longer cordon off. That's possible entire staff. May this happened because we want to command just let you guys know that there are other people out there like you. They may not be your teachers, they may not be your friends and colleagues who may not be the people right in the papers about today's about today's event, but you know what they are out there in the form of an acute. I think we do actually have to go one more time to or if we have a justice with Bitter Ginsburg Ruth can Ruth camera. We know
that's good. You could ask the route that she's a fighting one. The pull this area are. Thank you so much. That's! That's it for this material, you're gonna queuing for you guys. Thank you so much. I go to the other flow room. You guys you're went ass a way to keep this going to convince it. You actually do this doing less than we might have those on the right and on the left university Michigan. Anyone who wants ass, if western feel free to come on up. You can ignore the people who are going to write about you tomorrow, college paper, because I'm not gonna be friendly anyway and finally, Why do we not use dressed up as a model? where is he? I thought I regions, given its activity, pool that you just put tape on there is yet
causing wouldn't bring to them. I want to see what he meant it s for sure. That's. It is so good to put it under forty, goes to clear up any candidate. We want sideways and kind of orourke assaulting this thing shouldn't choose what's gotten bit. Don't get over. Yes, I'm back. Ok, I knew this was in the best idea. What's your name, sir, my name's James? thank you for your dream, like you for the efforts, now, James tell me what is theirs that you put together as you make this, I took a couple of cheap yoga, mats, pool noodle and evolve. Ok useful and it cost you a girlfriend, I'm guessing it might have
Why do you have to address this way? Why can't you just be normal non toy afterwards we can get the more. We can do. Some weird stuff makes event. I don't mean, gets disgusting, you wanna be Mama if not you not a part of my soul, but how did this take you started Sunday morning and I finish last night. Wow you're, definitely failing at least a class yeah. I gave it to him. This is better make it count. Thank you. So much represent your muslim member you're, the winter, the costume contest any mercy want couple assurance ranger, but you want some ranger panties. You want to hear some arrangement. All the above. Thank you, sir. Let's hear it for them costume confess. I guess you know it will start right here. Ok, we'll go over here with a net first, oh jeez. What happened there? I was like Satan's. Piss are right for use in the cave. Looking very angry! What's your name,
that's just my face, but really well you got it job interview. I will, real. If you choose me, sir, easier about upon finishing, so something that we don't even know what it is all right, boys nature ok. So this is the case. Help set out. This is what we all war. Thank you very much and I myself am after stand back, don't get any feedback government impression it also listen, as a conservative on campus again today and one of my classes us, and our seminar of all things. We were learning about why Christianity is more violent than Islam, yeah, that's not someone's out with a straight face will listen to the duchess. Brings up my question
does that as a conservative and might as a Christian? What about Christian on campus? You know, I am afraid too, you know, speak up and in a second language at that you know just be like what's your first language of ESA anguish, but I think of you learn is a general precept of second language. Like ok MA am in time, but anyway, my my question is, as you know, are you sure you want to be a nightclub comic ETA, sir? I thought. Maybe it's gonna be one which can I buy, but let's have it's just. I find it hard to disagree with the sentiment of just sort of just eating the crap you're professors give you getting the grade and then once you're out of school fighting to make a difference I find that sentiment rather enticing. Honestly because our grades are important as students.
I'm just wondering: do you have any advice? First, students in my position just want to be able to stop the indoctrination on campus, but don't necessarily one or numbers to suffer and irrational will. Thank you ever forgive me. You must have an outgoing smile. But we're out another any anti for members here there are threatening to throw a big old bottle, a piss me tonight. So target right where they are and understand it. Ok, The question I get asked most and we are delighted by segment- were tough love with your grew doktor, greater legal. I can't see a doctor, but I'm a doctor, I think I know this sounds trivial. It does help to smile to be. Jovial to be a happy warrior. That's not just something that I'm your dentist Prager talks about your moral obligation to be happy and its Christians. We talk about happy being content being at least grateful through suffering. Right. That's what I believe I do.
Not only do I feel that it is such a privilege to be to come out here and perform for you guys and ensure that doors are closed for me and entertain industry, and we about its enticing idea. People go back. Marshy older videos rested, you know what I understand it. Do we gotta do keep your head down the problem? Is you would have to believe that all these professors, the tool I get them. It's an enticing idea and I used to answer this question. People go back. Marshy, older videos, Russia, you know what I understand it. Do you gotta do keep your head down the problem. You would have to believe that all these professors, the twelve to one hour, idiots Twitter Instagram, Facebook. There is no way to stay hidden in twenty eighty that's. Why change my answer? My opinion hasn't changed. If there were, if you had the ability right to stay off of social media completely to be completely Google proved to every single professor. You could guarantee that they wouldn't know Ellison sure, go ahead, Asia classes and then yourself into some kind of position of authority watch the you two people and are like the Jews. Do more good, but you are not able to do that in twenty eighty
that's why we have something for you to hear the people next to you yelling. But you know there are this? Listen you guys aren't that small of a minority, your definitely that's about minorities, its resent represented in media, as is represented in the faculty as its representative in the press, but you're, not that small of a minority. When it comes to people you want to come to the student body. You know what you are: you're, the students you're the peace of the pie, who elect President's how about that And I'm sorry my opinion change. A little bit we have concern is really got his want to pass a want to go to this dumping that want to be an engineer and then Antipas like you can do it not possible. So what I want you to do is bread the phone number or the hand of the person next seats at angle. You know here we are working now you and if anyone you ever been in a fight, you don't stop I ve been punished in the face.
One should face now: I'm not single out impulsive, uneffaced, restart middling clock, so What I am saying, there's no way to hide it. You been punished in the face you're in the fight, whether you want it or not, so start acting like it cause, there's no way around it and you helped the person next to you, come back to that afterwards, because, unlike the clothes on that point, I really do see and a lot of emails regarding fear on campus and bridge. Surely, as it breaks my heart, I feel totally humbled. We cannot perform for you guys, because I know how scary it is. I know how other you been. Thank you. Thank you. So much use with a noise cancelling headphones. What's your name Logan Logan nice to meet you organ to power, are at my second crushing get a handshake. Now, ok, I don't know you and Jeff might shoot you. Ok, It's very pause. I don't want to get tat is almost done. Literally, was reading about baggies of pests being thrown before coming on state aid and you're like I got in
Three inspectors in my ears neutral having first. No, I hope you understand why aren't guides are so I'm a senior in high school and men. May my friends work serve it is we all? Have the conservative views getting really into politics in the last couple of years, but my friends don't seem to understand why their conservative it's more of like a they know, the concern where's the better way to go, but they don't really not argue their point. Ok, it's a really something of a bad conservative. In that sense that they can help us push the agenda, they can just stated Yes, this guy was looking at his watch and inserted tweeting something right here, what are you doing? You like artist, you'd, better hurry up? I want to get to the after party, no is watching. Thank you. Thank you very much for what your names What's your wife's name, Actually, why don't you here tonight
three days for my three children as a powerful woman, I searched the kids are watching tonight. What's the Ranger Panny it's what's barely hiding? What's in there, some excellent work can be back usually does mean they're about people, but can there be back in service were not able to represent the viewpoint properly? You seem all the time. It's part, two thousand. I thought you might reach eventually question. Yes, it's simple answer and I know a lot of the time we like to act as though there is not a simple answer. Sometimes there is a simple answer and I listen. I'm I'm a relatively smart guy, like I'm slightly above about what are you going? It might my my horns: phone, of a gipsy I'm doing this and what was going on in getting so. I just thought you were doing something against listed the abbess thirteen edibles, ok legalised
up there find a decidedly their hordes all the time. With the five like. In turn, but on the other hand, was quarter blackguard, it allows greater show shut up, you're dead ass. I think they violate with the Lloyd's so I've written Ellison? There are sometimes really simple answers and that's ok and we're gonna, be releasing the changed my mind book here. Hopefully, before the end of the year, a booklet on campus, I shouldn't be too much. Because sometimes our simple answers, not everything lives in the realm of nuance, know you're told for a long time. I will not. Everything is black and white. That's true, but not ever requires a soliloquy. Sometimes this really simple, other conjurors we're better. But of course there is a lot, and I had one person wants. Tell me in Canada Data that Chinese p shouldn't be allowed to get home loans. I don't know, I don't have any more to go that our just like well see. Ok,
not anymore? It even get really getting person meant it anyway. I don't know, what's your name, Sir, within what is it what's? That is a hockey helmet use polish think yet from world war, two, thank you for more and more to my name is Alex Daily disarming. Thank you for being here. I have a quick question. Our right I want a baby's made in what is best way to raise babies. Let's be honest, that first question has been injured, because if you're ahead or sexual female or homosexual mail here you now, Babies are made. What is the best way to raise babies? I listen. Maybe I know, and I get people what would you do to breed and legal? First off I'm not a horse
Secondly, in our lesson I still got a dog at home and he needs a lot of care and we have time for what are you saying? I don't know what you're saying I have no idea about defining your horns and very confused. I these really easy, though I had a great debt. I've thought about this. I know a lot of people have become conservative in there in college now, what great, you see a lot of you. Obviously not myself a people like Ben Shapiro. Petersen or a lot of people out there changing hearts and minds right now where people going into college, not conservative and coming out. Conservative I will tell you this. I've been around since I think was two thousand six on Youtube. Two thousand nine is what to do in political videos. Okay, we did these political, but the people like a few thousand ways now is a huge back, then read the young Turks were called. We are talking about how much I sucked right now they both label utter any name, not name Stephen prouder.
When you sure to change speech and often as change, that's kind of what happens, but I will say this offer that that's really hardening for this- that's just it warms Michael's. To see that good tells me that the people who are outnumbered twelve to one in staff, the people who are real afraid of the climate and college gave us you, changing hearts and minds because I started out this did exist. This wouldn't be. Possible for conservatism, we actually would have inevitable given advance could have filled he'll auditorium with how many people are here. I don't think that there has been any kind of political show like that, and recent memory here, they're, probably someone's gotta, be known Jones people shut up, ok for the port. There's another story so that That being said, I did not become a conservative college. I will say I've a conservative pretty young? Why? Because my daddy's conversations at the dinner table Ronald Reagan said all great change starts at the dinner table and I was just I was doing this. This cartoon are thoroughly PBS and
play this character called the brain. Thank you. Thank you almost two years a Canadian gets booed recent Canada. Now what do you do so you and you don't even think about it, I'm so torn so fast, I would get shacks and my dad would say. Ok what do you think about this going to taxes? What you think about a fifty two percent marginal tax rate? What do you think about healthcare right? We'd already put several people on the ground because of canadian and all these conversations started with my dad and I wasn't my dad and my mother. My mom was french, canadian and social interests in american policy politics the same degree, but she was principled. She was more concerned the Socialists in the moral issues and in cutbacks. Only liberals and liberal separatists. They always have these conversations with me as a young child to the point when in high school I was having conversations with teachers long before com, so you're going to raise your kids anyway, people say: don't talk about religion and politics. Well, guess what happened! We don't want levels in politics with your kids, you kids,
like a gentleman who has, I think, was avenue, ask the question, who is afraid to speak out in college boldly your children everytime. I don't speak religion and politics. I gotta go to college mortify information there like a little warriors clocks. Thank you, Mr Polish, or have you sir? Yes, I appreciate you got a lot of pressure. Had learned big bang. I just bought a now very nice. Names, are met Trevor sediment Trevor sitting, There is in fact calming assholes come from there. That's a pretty much Michael, more boo, What did someone say he's not from there? what's the story here like really that not Ok, so I have two questions are released me or my question, while the state of Texas Treaty well, would you ever move back
the state in the union Michigan know there was a brain still to a question that was very leading missile. Would you consider being respectful. Kissing. Saunter though disgusting, mostly, I can't talk what I'm there's. No reason. You know what I would I would consider it when Michigan ditches their state tat. Here I hate to say this. This is one thing I ve talked about. Go understand. We Texas, it's a petri dish. You know Michigan, you list it Annex Detroit and Flint. The candidates. It is like to just tell him it's on the ballot. There is voting for free parking tat. What about this sounds good deal. I gotta get high end dead.
So you have the same kind of situation with eastern and western Michigan. You look at Grand Rapids. I did a video. It has been rather pity him first People over there are nice. They really are there really. Just for someone went my earpieces Phillotson was tat. On the back of my Colorado, Stevens Van LSD, again, kids people. There are nice guy. We were doing this undercover sting of the college Socialists and this guy employees against shops and good advice. Then it has really destroyed this. That's what you do is work for the boon animals. I mean they really have you look at Grand Rapids you compared to Detroit. You look at one. That's expanding one. That's been incredibly well won the sabres. If I won that really was supported by free enterprise, conservative families and households have one thing to. I think, a lot of people here from Michigan we're kind of surprised how what year was surprised initially. Since the attacks on Betsy Divorce were the I
Everyone who is not a piece of crap Graduated citizens see the worst Nirvana missing as she likes support. Kids, hospitals and she's actually made. Better we're, pretty sure she's all right. Ok, I don't think that's aloud. They haven't eastern Michigan right yet entirely democratic role. That right. Listen! I'm sorry! I know some, U hipsters like to go to Detroit and drink coffee, that's not how they live. It isn't save the city. Our rights are the true needs to get rid of the growing of put that the political corrupting Detroit knows no bounds. The troika entirely democratic rules and having drawn cabinet nineteen sixty one and then you, the other side of the state or you have a place like Texas Marketplace like tax What, where it could not have been organised enough, people go represent, will can't get their head around this Texas? Ok, it's not really fair to compare countries like a good example. People talk about healthcare being a human right and try to compares to Norway or Denmark.
It is also the romantic like shut up. We're, not socialist sure you are a lot more fair to compare states, I think, and comparing California or Michigan both in California, Texas or great examples So California is hemorrhaging people, the taxes are awful. There are going to face collapsing underneath them accordant Al Gore. They shouldn't have even existed, I think for years ago, but my backing on that climate change at some point and then you have Texas right, no state tax. And a surplus for as long as I can remember, you said it out and then These California, who move to Texas, rightly movie taxes, because I think what is it there's Toyota that left stay, limiting mutual fifteen thousand jobs in one municipality, just plain fiscal, one, municipality of Texas, it's a suburb of Dallas and they come in and they try to voting crappy blue policies. They laughed
If you want to talk about the delusions of today's left, just look at Californians today who are chasing their dreams, their jobs and a better life for their family in Texas and then try to turn it into California good example. Very, but they would be prepared in a migrant caravan under way over here boating, I have burning the american flag, but I'll take it think about that. For a second, Edward told me, maybe something like a gay I'm going to come to your place for dinner. I find, by the way I'm going to take up here. Your cooking by what has been done, Like you know, you should let the matter your racist, why don't you just looking like a dead Johnny Math is back from the daddy. Have nothing interesting essay on women.
So long way around to say probably know not moving back to Michigan, but I do love. Michigan machine is unbelievable natural beauty. I love that Israel and I see a side of you know the people who live in a train, and I really do appreciate thank regression. Sir, are we going to overhear mustard? Ok, this is our inside joke here. That is the only got him you had my friends patch, During the actual level, ketchup is way happier because everyone loves him and with you are not so sure my private, oh, I must really jail all right, but mustard has the question I couldn't tell. If you're mustard are you are, you are that bet mid, learn Hocus Pocus, if a little hat, but an asian version. Where are you? Are you latino? You, asian criminal, indian, Indian she's got others on her head. So dont not a feather.
The treaties are hoping and walking one. I don't really you're going through your whole own, better thing right now and usually one to throw stones or whatever it is. You have left in India, but good now, you're here. What is lacking is what I want you to injure, I'm shame, she's nice to meet, you say what request energy. So, as a indian begin, conservative, I'm I'm very independent, my person, I just can't comprehend the race hardware lights out of the hole hierarchy of white people, brown people. This thing other thing I just don't get it. How did how do you propose that I work to combat that guy the college and I talk to yeah. Well, I wouldn't propose you combat it as a vague in your mind,
have the vigour we see time to be here. This isn't going to let this conversation like my god. I cannot believe that through the dark indian I can't believe she's dress like first nations, but it's really like a red. I just I am so if I'm offended on so many level have uttered in india- oh my god, I'm and he's not in the Mexican enshrine a path himself off your question is how do you help combat that yeah? Listen, I think you are. I think you are just being you I mean you. The truth. We have arrogant. Aerodynamic are good for an arrogant around the shell did for devoting Benjamin for people who know black syllable military ongoing. Certainly is one of my fate,
from Eric number. I think I don't watch ring it here. You can tell it to the overflow room ass. He served in the military because you wanted white people to thank him for his freedom. Anything he's. Not even that conservative member he's like my almost family there, all liberals are all former Democrats and they didn't they just got so crazy. No, no one in my family is a democratic, but I'm not really conservative. You don't even have the conservative, just be you hear you. I mean you're you're in indian right, where you from what part of India the drop with my family from the drop who drove airborne you're all right, so you want to past it, but you want to throw it down. The college resonate he's like Sean kicking, the victim of a crime, but then one in each day, that's not gonna check the Calculation Box Elizabeth, like
your pc yearn into your native alien, not native American. You, that's NATO maneuver there, but you friend catch up is but every translucent twenty three only shows up. Doesn't even so. I like to put this in dark, bowed invert, colors you're like a buddy cocktail. That's all you answer it! this all those back. It's really simple, isn't the cowards way way way out is really easy How can you talk about this because I was an alley when they feel like it to go for a lot of you. Keep your head down, say the right things enormous after the other. People and eventually writers that a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it's never there. It's never there, so it is doing be, who you are where you are people see you and you say about dilemma: conservative you you watch leftists head explode Second, I thought you said you were a dot.
I support lower taxes. The dot like many Charles Manson, swastika, now you're just a horrible person That would be my answer, be who you are, what you're doing is great have fund? Be a happy warrior, just don't be intimidated. He will tell you what you have to be, because Promise you wasn't, I make fun of weakens mostly because I can't fight back, but it's ok. It's ok! For you to be a big and just taken in stride and that's what I love about. Priscilla S, question just don't be afraid! Thank you! So much we gonna move on. Well, that is a busy shirt. Is that writing, or is it just a pattern, its line here, ok from Y know, I'm Hollywood's new favorite socialist. What's your your wife I would ask you waited there. Yes, I'm adventure I like it, I like it. Ok, I see it now, you I didn't see it before the red.
Harry Aida, Paramount, ok, haseman sure, I'd appreciate it with this last minute Lastly, my middle wasn't quite like them ugly. I had was like a flash Minnesota obtaining top and ensure that kind of I don't know Jim carry spectacles. Ok, what do you like, Eli our I'd, Eli we're going old testament. What would you like? What's your question? Elijah, some really. My question is so I'm eighteen, so I don't have to dental with millennials. Thank God. Your aim, lonely destiny. Looking to import said, Catherine spacey from a cell continue, Hawaiian shorter, giving Aloha stop, stop stop laughing, I'm terrible or I go now, so you have any hope for Genji being more conservative. They ve kind of talked about. Oh absolutely! So what are you? What are you doing
What do we have to do to finally get the country going so you're generations? Eighty where's interfaces even got exactly nineteen. Ninety something you can identify. Ninety nine are you going to identify as a baby riots? Baby collect social security like work, I'm like I know I could later and technically get more, but I just want to steal stuff. Now I don't know Listen! This is true and I pray you. I thank you. The question you I'd is actually a really important question. Generations. Z is possibly the most conservative generation ever now. Yeah I mean Oh, that's why they were so busy trying to push David Hog. That's a great example. Generations is probably more programme than it dont boom me I say: is it's not like Voldemort? Ok, I'm like soon. Are you really worried because so generations he is probably more.
Programme than any generation prior? Why they talk about gun culture? To point out, because you ve used play these video games reach these ultra realistic guns. You want to try them out, shooting we now live in a surly pro second amendment and then Oleson the kind of folds into that they tend to be very pro free speech and here's something that I've noticed, and I actually think, as is I've heard, a lot of talk about this is entirely a theory. Is conjecture, ok, so wake up. Please tell me you're dressed as a terrorist I couldn't see you until one point: five percent the monetary Delicious by the way, I think there was a place actually what was the place it ass? It was finally money that Hezbollah, merci shrine or possibly all of them, but let's go with wishes to see. Yes, I remember and listen you know they had. The Jews, but by God there to bully, is tasty.
So generation Z, either winning issues programme pro free speech. They rejected this sort of pseudo third way, feminism, there's a lot of progress, being able generations in this, it just kind of a theory that I have you no millennials. Sort of the last generation to bridge that gap with social media, red millennials, When will we get technical millennia thirty one, I'm entirely sure one person's like a cheer and animals going because I'm still canadian I get it I'm going to leave very soon. You people are terrible. I'm never coming back to Ann Arbor, no I'm coming back up to its name the torture and take it Michael, more stock. So we have to say that now the wise we were like Michael, more receives an antelope with pressures for growth that dump on
we would last generation when I grew up. We didn't we wouldn't have faced, but would have twitter name Snapchat. The closest thing was, Nor are we at Myspace nets are became like the horrors of the internet before others, friends, you prefer that there is a saying which was. It was just nothing, but it was nothing but Asians and and God Indians runs anger. We didn't really have it right. So that's the last generation were rubber. You didn't really get the red pen. Where's had to be evened out because you could insulate those kids. We had kids, your bullied a little bit. Too much. When you go to baby boomers and generation action, we we had sort of, we just toss them all in a school together right we create a federal, the permitted education would say see what happens here? Ok, it's not really workin out that! Well, people gain their asses, kick test, scores aren't really gone up, but then generation z they been raised now with social media. Their entire life, which is terrible and away because the worst things you can possibly read write you see and socially its toxic. I it's just like a drug. You really to keep usage of it. Billy limited not today, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook crowd. Are you there take over shameless, like
can't really high, and so I dont think professors at all Parents are able to insulate generation Z. So much so you have this generation right millennia. The kind of made it to college had been told that there are making their perfect every way that they were, and none of us are and they went there and there was a reality check in the work placements in all kinds of problems. Millennials in the workplace, we're generation, Z have been told the most horrendous thing that could possibly imagine since they could use a smartphone, and so I think that will have ramifications, but again they the ability to fact check enable crap similarly unfunded tonight right and proper, follow up there? I have no idea what I say if you're half the time. And that's what generations in their very pro gun pro free speech, I actually a lot of hope for generations. Yes, he far more people were willing to listen and engage in a conversation, because once you cut through the White noise while the terrible crap being set and social media didn't we generate the younger people are always the ones who come up. I changed my mind and actually want to talk about. It
It's the all. It's the millennial was given that gap. This guy. When so, We do think the tides, concerning the other way and generation Z, statistically as well. Something else is undeniable. There more conservative right now at this point in their lives, then baby boomers were so right now I do the other really not that consumer. There liberal gather, liberal, that's expected when you're young, but for the first time we actually have sometimes in earnest a plurality of generation, Z, folks, Cogeneration, Zaire's Zaire's there, It's definitely wanted up until now. Dammit Caitlin I'm already oxman cover. Go there or conservative, uncertain issues than any generation before them at that snapshot in time in their lives, and that's when we don't hear about it, some
look out for it, some really good news and its also. I want fewer and fewer people to be afraid, because generation Z is not as cowardly as many millennials were, and that really ones my heart. Thank you so much you I very much and I appreciate I gotta go. Socialism is revealing sir you're gonna wonderful beard. What's your name so barber from Grand Rapids I didn't you say so, Paulo some Grand Rapids. What you know such Barbara. Barber alchemy. Alas, anymore, I'm a formal quite how it was on the market, because it is somewhat Owen, Benjamin backstage out, snake islands and even member, that's that's a great injustice Bobby. I guess it's off the coast of south all. It's like a square make every single meters where media there's like eight makes their lines nature there snakes unpacked. These needs only exist on snake island.
Why can we not just on the ecosystem? Do you mean the ecosystem of only Ireland a nuclear programme? Ok, yes, go amateurs, our power, while this and was straight from my wife and his personal wants. You don't answer if you know why right! Well, that's a little weird! He s here why personal question. So do me a favor. Ask it as a woman: Are you planning to have kids membership of airlines, yeah, of course, at some point, but if that is the only question from your life, what I was out of the question that you wanted to know. What listen I mean it's a loaded, gonna, gonna gable. This thing right, I gotta wisely as better after this you know my wife is visiting Michigan. Do she got family? I walked back in these assets. Jackson, raindrops,
these, I don't wanna know well. Well, let's take it back a notch. Yeah I'd do not a personal question again, a surly answer, all the personal questions but today. This, like kids, I know I'll, let you know, like my kids, like my dolls, like that, I'm really scared. I would not want kids and my kids it s really annoying Ikey inside I didn't like it at all and I have like you, I'm a girl era of now. I, like some kids. Actually Johnny Boy was a producer mind. His daughter is just a durable as you yeah, but she's, very very aggressive for a young girl ass. These are three, she asked me to marry her, and I would like to ask you this: like that's pretty Jude? Okay, we don't you dare issues like now, I must see. What's up geographic on an actual Stephen Stephen. Look at me. Look at me. No Ok, she has Europe I've, always dreamed of
It's cute like first off, we mustn't, be afraid. A dream: a little bigger love, second, to make she's even more awkward right. I turned to my friend Johnny. Producer, wonderful man and adjourn emanation. Jordan always are endeavouring to go pay Johnny. Just so you know we're broke. I would never take it. Everything self laughing at me. Hold outcasts so eventually, but tell you I say and thank you for the marine them. I can. I just an error message rockwork of your way, yeah I'd say I love you and for the phone number that I must thank you personally- did it is mine. The last war or yours through Paypal.
She has produced a brain. Ok, what's your name, all Isabel Elizabeth? Thank you. Thank you may what's happened to you more questions you more, moreover, probably but I'll give it to me one more though you said to all to like environment like an hour or two let's hear or mine I don't know I sat reality. Sadly, I think they are really really good question the guy affront than even raises anything. I I don't want this we're gonna go to more since you. What's your name, Sir Rubber Drummer, nice to meet you ever. Ok do what is your question Trevor? What's your names, we dealt with it with a full feather had indian native outfit here. What's Elizabeth all is it said, Elizabeth worn on your shirt? Ok, ass to what you really easy,
so you just decided you want to walk through this campus, renewing piss everybody off on your way to this, can I do, for you know, that's all we are like easy and that guy, but I'm pretty sure, she's cute he's just a racist. Don't you that guy he's the one symbol clocks with data. These figures that look remarkably like ISIS flags, I dont, know, stop asking questions so that you mentioned that the movie the edge Anthony Hopkins, yes, but you have not seen the edge or they have been opened, Alec Baldwin. It is the single most conservative Phil. Never made about it when the guy, who created David, Mammoth, Glengarry Glenn, rots venom of politics playwrights ever you wrote in your new times, are washed imposed in article. Why I'm no longer a brain dead liberal? He wrote the edge both for he wrote that article that's pick its is proof positive of someone who are concerned
and doesn't know it. Yet, if you have not seen the edge, please go rented, it's unbelievable. It is the point. Motion picture, except for one scene with the greens really kind of obvious with its grizzly bear in your like it. We ve been perfect, so I'd like it in point nine, but yes, the edge surrogate. We don't. Take out of the GMO get jacked understandable in the movie. Anthony happens plays a rich power. Man and Charles yes, and you know, he's very helpful to the people in the movie. I was running way. Think in the real world. People left would vilify someone like that. With money power. Even though he's helping people right, you mean not name Soros, ok No, I think it's a great and that's why the edge for we wouldn't. Let me give a little bit kind of a brief. The edge is, they really breathing the it is really Anthony Hopkins, this billionaire guy and he actually so spoiler alert he. He starts off as
really good guy and you're waiting for every single film right, the billionaire's going to head on Monday, the very few films where the billion are actually is a good guy who saves bad people who saved some people who are selfish and here's one thing as this is a big difference. I think it defining different from the right and the left we together, so that a dairy politics we think it applies only to you, know, race, mustard and catch up, but it applies to classes to listen money, amplifies character, pure terrible person, if only terrible personal money, if you're good person can be good person with money and the truth is typically speaking. We want to be the logical teaches that everyone has to cheat and gain the system, and why and screw people become wealthy? Now too, DC out most of the time, but not a business. Business owners in this country they're paying people the first of all, I think about when their head. It's a pillow at night they employed when they wake up.
But about its last its last moving about when you go to bed the first thing about when they get up in the edge this film it. It really is an unbelievable film, because a legislative amendment didn't know he was a conservative and he broke this whole film and Europe, waiting for the guy, the billionaire to be the bad guy, and he never shows up. The good thing is I will be open, minded and sunny right. They talk about the gender binary. There's no joy. Your binary, we do we not want. With science, but when it comes to success when it comes to financing when it comes to power, there's could successful, powerful, strong and Eve the poor, the downtrodden. Therefore, the good have to give all their trap, but the truth is sometimes the powerful they got there. But actually doing the right thing, and sometimes someone who's been on food stand for their entire life, not everyone, some people get a tough break, sometimes sometimes the guy. Don't we ve been suckling at the government teat ever since he was a. A child is actually just a selfish lazy.
And not always, and sometimes the guy who makes a ton of money like a Soros, is not a good person. We will have to fit into this issue so, finally, that the left try to act Open minded, we're gonna, we're gonna I got the gender binary. I am. Born right. What? What about like? What about like this idea that wealthy people have to be and poor people are altruistic, sat back and I don't buy it, and I think that's what support. I think the loved vilify success again. The left's automatically granted immoral hydrant I've thought about this before and it's a very dangerous mode of thinking and hears This is why so many young people are liberals left, isn't it become were considered as they get older, so you do ass? What do you do? I do think: that's. Why say smiling being apathetic being nice having a good time that changes people what starts p both change. What starts them on that trajectory is not always in other factors, not
we are giving them a Thomas all, but that's not talking about marginal tax rates. It's not talking about a gdp that the left said. Couldn't possibly happen under trembling shit. It's not sometimes feel around you and you have to be the life of the party. You have to be a good person, because the left grants the moral high ground to people who are the poorest and most downtrodden automatically since their correct, the cynical, Israel and Palestine. What about not unbelievable until we have some libertarians here who was lagging right, listen, but with a view to people the Jews were back arrogant, What are you doing in Palestine? You look at some people who tunnel underneath towns to target women and children, and they defend themselves by hiding in great schools and mosques again around women and children and Israel. Builds up an entire, basically a force field to defend who now, who now their women and children. The left Israel
What did the charitable its own statistically undeniable, the wealthy people, this country, particularly conservative Christians? They tend to give security? It's not even close, there's a book. I think I was by David, Brooks. Who really cares? I think the book and talks about this, the single biggest determining factor is their faith and then their political. Filiation and then budgetary level of income middle income, people? I give as much as upper middle income people and not as much as wealthy people and poor people give less wealthy people. I know you're saying well, that's because important items much to get as a percentage of their income. That doesn't mean that all poor people are bad. It just means that we should grant them automatically the moral high ground and that's why you see the left today its prime example, the is such a shocker. You watch the comment that I thought billionaires were always bad. Why because the leftist trying to tell you that the guy in the anti for guide writing an old maid from the current punching him in his face, whose on the way to work to build the crap that guy punch The third is probably wants to be stolen from them at gunpoint by the federal government. They want you to sign that guy. Why could these worrying ripped off putting? So he must
the moral high ground by it's easy to fall into the trap because most people, most people empathetic their sympathetic. They look at people who need a leg up, and you sail gosh. You know this guy needs, I feel for this guy. You want to help them in the left. Tells you well that's because they were crewed by somebody, just like you are someone is wealthy. It's not true. There are good people who are wealthy and powerful. There are bad people who are poor and weak. There are good people who are strong and there are that's actually one thing I actually misspoke. There are no bad people who are strong, the only one that you can let every time a strength of character. There are people who are weak of character and people who are good people who are strong before backbone. People have spine and guess. Those people can be rich. Poor black white, yellow, indian or engine it doesn't matter, they spent spectrum, but the left wants you to think it exists in a binary. There's that word again. It doesn't so I think that's what I was probably one of my favorites shocking to watch. Go, watch the edge and read more David Mammon aright
question a few people, so they really really getting reeling questions one second air, I figured look into just made, mixing rightly how careless it lets the unproductive showed. No, we have to get down what's an answer, but what about? Because referenda terrorists at the answer you What was I It disagrees right well site. Could have gotten up sooner. I too Disagree with your forty hour dash the ATLAS go high minded man is regarded. I wanted to a first off. I wanted to thank you. I wouldn't have ever watched the gardener movie. If I, if you hadn't
promoted it on your share, some only regionally, so tacit film. I took one my liberal friends and she enjoyed it as well. But my question is two parts: first off in discussing things with my family, what would you say to the people who use you being an AIDS denier, I understand that you're. You know that it's joking when you, when you go out and say that obviously now ages, a real. They re absolutely just on every second of promises of trucks of strangers. But would you hello. You sturdy hyper, didn't needles regret, but would you agree that heterosexual people can get AIDS is well deserved. Sure they're not react to statistical non risk, but you're a grand whispered to party is. How would you help me shut down all the people who keep asking what happened Sven computer? Secondly, this back in Germany. These are important questions back in Germany, right now, we wish the best know that's always kind of complicate far as an AIDS denier. I don't we have started, and we talked about members. Oprah said one in four one in five couples will have aids by the
Nineteen ninety four ethical, nineteen, eighty four, ninety, ninety six, that Heterosexual couples, it's never! and been close. I've never deny that AIDS exists, and this is what the left does that. Take something that's true. When you say the AIDS epidemic was a host, what the Hell's going on everyone, I was in school and they came in, they said: listen, kids! When you talk about AIDS, are they all right? Tell us? I don't have unprotected sex like the people and run the east village or use a bunch of dirty aero needles, and we should be safe right like No? No! No, just if you have a friend of the Goths brake on their knees, don't touch them. Also, they taught us to avoid aids. There was false epidemic thrust upon the american public that everyone was at risk and it wasn't true developments call that denier and- and I guess I'm an aids- yes, I mean we're losing they don't really care about that much. But it's really bastardize. You see that my lap we're going to go into one more question. I think you said you disagree that it you didn't
Ok, let's go, and I will keep it. What one that's all I wanted to know. I had a different question is about Trans people. I thought that naturally greater to make one of them to this. Can I punching down, but I wouldn't it you call this a terrorist costume. It's funny. Ok, that's where shall we say that the whole rape and Hezbollah funding, I think, of a bad perception Dearborn under Yoda Video there back that extended, invite becomingly homelessness, reliving Dearborn, we don't want alarm report, one why you don't and though I never said everyone fund it has the largest. Was she shrank? This is one guy me there's two hundred thousand of living in the vicinity. Recent one guy, Germany, the american government. Is money that Saudi Arabia under bombing, Malady Yemen right
What is more, I agree with everything I mean you can just read this equivalency say they were doing one thing: what what equivalence in Eritrea, using? Ok, this one guy from our town, funded Hizbollah that doesn't mean the every time we bring up Dearborn! Oh, it's a Muslim, get over their funding. Hizbollah Yes, so what are you? What are you were traitors, fairly body of the cause of terrorists, costume and all their funding? Hizbollah? Do you see So first up first point eventually question: it's funny Second, second part about the training pungent about funding has blocked. I talk about a specific restaurant. There was caught, funding has below, and this is the correct story or not is a correction. How many I generally ensure Dearborn Michigan its company hijackers, Kindred airborne Michigan I have no idea like a wild guess enduring than Ireland, and I dare not eleven, let's go with that.
Sorry, I mean maybe have now, of course, not everyone and you're. Just like not everyone in Dearborn supports your view. Of course. Not everyone in Dearborn is a terrorist right, and I dont think that you're dressed like a terrorist, to be clear to think I was taught my own boundaries. Rustic Liberace he's not a gay pianist right. These partners, to be a comedy. Show now. Lorries relates to Islam versus Christianity. Like that question, I think there is a shocking statistic: the number of people who support things that are in line with western values and that's ok, people What can you, namely a single islamic country where there is freedom of speech, of having United States one? Well, that's gonna western value, though, right. You can't expect us. Have I'm not saying it's bad luck, different values, they have little use of everyday speech. I do in these workers is. Why can't tell someone in my home country to sport or not what they have their own way Well! You can't tell them what to do. I can say the wrong. You appreciate that people have different ways of Lou This is a good thing to bother, I beg usernames, Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali is actually nominally that really really nominally. Thank you very much, and I would really appreciate the phenomenon This is crazy to me when people say like. Why can you appreciate different world views? I can reshape different obvious. That's why I don't listen! You guy was born of dance it to ask a question. I appreciate must not shouting down careless, not do the mob rule, I applaud the different points of view I explored and points of view. That's why? free to say I don't like the crappy once and I'm sorry. But if your country, Doesn't even for those region. You said it not me. It's a western value! Guess what
what the western values country after gun. If there's a country that says all right, a woman needs x amount of witnesses to prove a raven right. You were putting cabin on tropical pristine. Ford said something might have happened, some some space of biometric data, whether will win how who, in the people who she's at whose it I wasn't there has completely full approval. If we're going to pitch about that, but then talk about countries where people get off with red, completely Scot free I go, I would know western values, country,
if we realise that there are countries where there is death replies to see, I don't care, whether its Islam, whether its christianity or their burning churches and record numbers- and there are people saying you know what I think that's wrong- I'm withdrew western values. Conflict is a guy. If there's a place out there were people say that you should actually be killed for converting used, be subjected to some kind of demi due to report backs. If you don't fall in line with some kind of religion or if their entire administration systems of government that rely on subjugation, conversion or death, The country that doesn't do that and here today It doesn't mean I hate those people that doesn't mean I hate all of the people in those countries, but guess what if it comes in, I'm kind of a boy. Conflict
country. That says yes, free speech. Yes, women's rights, yes, freedom of religion. Yes, a democratic republic in the countries that say, none of that all serves up more dropping bombs. If the values that I'm talking about right now orange worth fighting for then nothing is. It does mean that I hate people. It's just me, and this one single up please tell us what you have to think someone's right to appreciate. It was Other people have lined up. I appreciate the questions we have to get going. One thing I wanted to go back to where we talked about earlier this idea of fear, but he should speak out in your car or move Canadian.
And I want to go to this you're done. Thank you for your speech. Let's will can understand a little better. We can talk about to show that we need to keep asking questions. Other people have lined up. I appreciate the questions we have to get going. One thing I wanted to go back to where we talked about earlier. This idea of fear, but he should speak out in your class with your professors, leaves something it's pretty pretty remarkable. That person said they were afraid. I understand it. We just heard someone say: Those are western values, freedom of speech. How can you say that their right? One person's afraid of western values are right. I support freedom of speech and one person afraid to say how do you know that values are right. Both live in this country. Why are we may trends jokes? Why do we jokes about as law. What do we do? jobs are sometimes around the edge we're. Sometimes we write it. We look in the pitch meeting an open nemorin. I go mad. This really shouldn't make air and we say, but we have to do. It is because when people tell you what you can't talk about, what you can
make of. You know that you have to do it because somebody has to do it. And here's something else I want to talk about. You know Jordan Petersen talks about telling the truth or not- or at least not mine- and I ve talked about this- a lot to telling the truth particular line to yourself. Why, he's alive you tell yourself, will eat away at your soul for the rest of your life. You can look yourself in a mere lie to yourself and have respect for yourself as a human being, and you can't you can't even hope to change hearts and minds, but there's something else. That's really important with into the man? I think it was a Evan who ass was his cape and this happened recently. I was actually visited northern Michigan on a long weekend in them. There's a lady and of our family. Her husband died.
And we should listen. How are you doing in here what she said? You know what he's been really hard. It's been really are the furnace went out and it is kind of like a came here to one more thing and we should listen. I know you feel that way. I can't imagine what you're going through. I can only try to imagine, but you probably can't you probably came here to one more thing and she said well thanks. I was just that's what I needed here. It sounds silly. There was someone else who had just recently got married. We love this per person. She's a server and she's, always very she's. Very nice vary from those who are going to get married. And she said you know one honestly, Skoda kind of in tough there's been a tough first year. I set my weapon as the first year of marriage is always the toughest and I've written about that I've written but accidents until marriage. I now look what you did to the turning include. Your guy was Essen. Until I was married so still kind of traditionalist Christian here,
always taught decided it. There's a honeymoon favour marriages, easy the first year now again, if you understand your flawed two very flawed, imperfect people joining in unity. The first year is heart- and I said this to this woman and so my wife's jealous and it gets easier, see a councillor. It helps your two people who lived very differently now you're join them. Of course you for you in certain way you do the dishes. Let alone how you make your bed, let alone how you view the world people are going to see differently marriages hard the first year, and she said you know what you're the first people who that now we really say, let us teach you about marriage right into the Stevens Seagal thing. I've been made four times in my life. I say: you're amazing. You know it's Alec, sixteen cigar them to prove your pants once on that's a lie. We just said marriages really are we fought like cats and dogs the first year and it helped her nine outlets- and I we. I know it's really high- this really hard marriages hard it's hard when you lose a spouse
times just speaking. The truth is not about how it helps yourself. It's about everyone around you, that's the Houston. When we, walk about right or wrong left or right, black or white, indian or engine right, there's ones like theirs one through line and hope you get this in the show and obviously we do satire and sometimes go a little bit too far. There's one through that matters above all else in its troops truth, and it's not only because Tripoli told about the truth will set you free, so often people here this. We talk about truth and it's about speaking truth to power, talking about themselves or China, why? I need to be truthful, because that's what for me in the long run, because no one that good of a liar right, we hear that all tat, you better tell the truth, because no one's equitable life, but how often do we hear people talk about how you telling it's not your truth, but living Ruth and telling the truth helps
body around you and if you want an if you want to know why that is you doubt that for a second and you talk about how you afraid to speak out and class, its behaviour may be afraid to speak out in the entertainment industry. Will guess what there are a lot of other people out there. Like you warn us a surly telling the truth, because they're afraid- and wouldn't it be great if every time you walk into a room, whether it's a classroom, whether to business meeting, you are actually aware of the fact that that sampling represented the general populist, and it was like the roar that you hear here, because the two having to set you free. It helps every single person around you and right now today in twenty eighteen. It is not something that I recommend. It is absolutely your civic duty to speak the truth.
Often loudly, as you can hear you. I love you. I am so crazy and humble America. Thank you so much
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