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Ted Cruz on the MASSIVE Crime Surge and Leftist Policy FAILURES!

2021-12-16 | 🔗

We have Sen. Ted Cruz joining us today to discuss the crime surge in liberal cities, as well as all the other leftist policy failures. Also, Pfizer’s newest acquisition is problematic. And ANOTHER pedo problem at CNN? #TedCruz #CNN #Crime

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Ok, audio listener. This is a continuation of us banned from Youtube. So there is something you can do if you dont join my club twenty two hours off promo code fight like Hell, good Christmas gift, just leave a rating, and review wherever you are Apple Android. It doesn't matter. We have TED crews on, but you know he has been here We need that we need to start paying senators more because his wifi is awful enjoy the show gets it tastes like free-
really married. I dislike rumble First, the vaccines are workers advertised voter ownership is fraud, not the safest most of your election. In our history and the CDC deluge, your corrupt and women have in fact, been raped by Trans genders in all female presence. Oh, it feels good enough to say that sounds like freedom of speech to me facts. Yes, I don't know it here. I don't or, or Orwell would look upon you tube in big tech. if we told them like. Actually, I would get in trouble because someone was raped by a serial male rapist, who became a woman in prison and then raped a woman and people who talk about it are banned. You wouldn't even have paperwork for it. He would not Is I don't have a chapter? Is I can't get a chapter for this? Not just wasn't an actual literally just a bunch of people. Screwing an apartment.
Groceries, pretty much care anymore. He was also a socialist who didn't really fully get it, but all right, I don't hate. We have tat. We have tat cruising, right, so I think it any other way built bar you no longer grumpy right. You got your belt Barney. Yes, good now took him romania- is dead, built dotcom entering promo code credit fifteen? All of these things, they are vague, like I've. Actually, I've lost twenty five pounds since surgery. You don't just get doing now. Thank you. I have gained. I was stung by bees. Ok, that's my girl situated with so many my glasses, but I just place like desserts too, was built Barsad? Don't you don't need so much the protein interest? I forgive you free. Some of them We ve been able to go to their animal. They taste relieve you heard of the bill balls. They have balls
you're gonna have to do some sketches? Aren't we else android sweaty balls? They have built balls online as well with their like the little the donut looking well, there you have it. Lady built, makes bows for your enjoyment tone telling those a prank April, the Essen summit. If he went and pitch meeting and Dave, played a completely serious, ignore, not trust me all about. It falls these days. Kids, you wanna, be selling selling food guys bite. Only lake ass, good boy dissolve all bearing these that's so we have taxes in the show we are going, talking about the crime wave It is hitting the country a record crime waves. Are you not foot? Clam TED truce has been yeah tat. Three, then that's it just centre corona with the shredder Massey Ipod Touch Stephen crowded. If you have time, I guess tat truth is our splinter doing do in Congo in a cage. Please land. Some blows. Ok, look out old, Ladys Heartlands out, so I won't be a soft ball, but of course we less in order to determine what the crime wave tongue about
big story going on in sports right now, and we will have some updates for you here on the Youtube situation F last June. Is next Tuesday December twenty first for three four hours of just Santa crowded Kids, making the magic come true. Giving toys to those in need, hopefully guys can enjoy something wholesome before Let me introduce everybody. Jody is here. How are you I am well, sir? How are you today if you're gonna make it so we had Geraldine ready made evident. It's not true. We have z waiting in the wings. I order Black Garret, how he was gone in mourning. Merry Christmas, nothing! academic Christmas that looks very dapper it suits you egg than we also covers up your white hair it, and we have, of course, he's performing January eighth at the Fox Theatre in Haste Kansas this weekend, Syracuse New York environment. There are like a hand, for I think it might be a couple hundred tickets left for the second show, where I'll be performing with him every twelve. Yes, sir, at the majestic theatre.
thousand gonna access, dot com. It is day Blanda Hoy. We got that all Mccrone No! I don't have the electron I'd. two to cover tests and tests and myself seven ties with anal thermometer, yeah learned out now ass. It either way I thought and a new tasks with each thrust. Oh, I didn't ya That's one test not- and I said myself, four hundred twenty seven if excessive b, but ignited cells testing. Now, apparently it takes three hours repeat Buddha Judge to ITALY test himself recovered in another six hours to what the smile from his fat is just being thorough. Don't try to go back to China for that anal test, he's the only man who has his own personal collection of sigmoidal scopes. I there art of reach. We all Reach around allow insidious ignite. I want to get into it now. I know, but
I know it's. A source ought not tender spot. I have a size infection, but I wanna buy out ex you sound like timidly tomorrow. Let him, yeah when you're voice like that, give us a I love. I love it won t melon. Does that isn't me? I may TIM Alan fan what the there's nothing better, except for maybe they get her done. I think so crowded fears or sign up those those l. He really. I don't think so. I don't think there's your redneck. No one in areas is up a hallmark movie like our borderline and Melissa Joan heart. Also, it's the perfect opportunity to buy yourself a new shot gun with a toe triggered. So we are live on Monday, you Thursday, ten, a M Eastern and if you insist on Youtube, we're here and rumble on Thursday, where we're rumbled for another forty five minutes. Another hour I produced are the best thing you can do join my club. Who is that?
probably could restore from that's right fight like hell I'll get twenty hours every go baby join. My club support do so before we get encryption to anything else. Come on guys. This isn't the view there's too much what it is. Windows, yeah, ok, look, look, listen, Navarro! He's a coupon guy tornadoes! Coupon now can I get it First, if you didn't think that public school was screwing up children, children enough, let's, let's go watch this this thing Give this I dont want we're. Honourable this thing it may seem since last done, since I came on change, maintain turning Europe mix, That's why you have short hair, not exactly but whatever catch the attention off your face. Are you a boy, Andrew girl? No one asked cool its path in denial, yeah.
a miscarriage enjoys our baby teach factually. Sky, I know about mixed case. We heard I was talking about Miss Kate, the kindergarten counter, ah Ok, I just wanted to make sure you mean absolutely by Miss Kate. that being the case, we heard what happened on Sunday. I got it mixed. What did you say that this is the kind of limitations that only in saying she's teaching kids, Your kids Radon Peter Griffith, where it with it with a hipster hairdo, has your kids rate hours a day, Mix Kay and I was so later mix case- has come a long way since the Prince MILAN Billy Madison You don't have to say anything, I'm so proud of you still one evening,
well get hard hitting news. This is what we are still more accurate than risk Roma brains dealt at. It is yes, then rate of less pedophile take great pride in it. Yeah! Oh there's a! I don't really know this, there's an epidemic, a pandemic of pedophiles at sea, and did you know that you throw I've heard something about its an epidemic day, as we have heard over it's a pandemic of butterflies? Yes, what's a pandemic because they have international station, that's true! Ragged inspecting the world yeah, it's really easy for them to troll, because these are only washed at airports. So let just tell them they assure you to a gate and you think you're going. You know to fly disconnected even instead. You're just going right into O Brien Wardrop. Also intensest waiting rooms, that's There is sure that way when you get these contrition weird little more excited yeah, that's not really a waiter him so much as it is set up yet conditioning for what's coming next- and this is my question to you- how many because we're gonna go to see how many
how many pedophiles do you think they're at CNN? Is it one too it's more than two instead of fast, but you can't get him. I don't wanna Do you know what let's go? Let's do the Christmas choir thing after so right away. Let's go straight to this product, very tough! James O, Keefe Young Matthew, Modin. Just at another, video they published and all the references are viable at lot of colored outcome. You can watch the full that here we recommend that you do exposing. You another pedophile at sea coming on the heels of last week's arrest of Zeus, Sir John Riven on multiple council trying to elicit unlawful Sexual activity, more lies the subject. Our story is unknown. Seen in producer. We blurred that image. But what is the image it's a child, on a boat just you know holding onto the reading of the boat
with the ocean in that, who make any honest soldiers, not Jersey Shores, with the only and dumb he's talking about his fiance's made up daughter. He snapped out are under way daughter. She was wearing barely closely cut bottoms at the pool. It seems like he wants you to be and on by his repulsive perverse sexual attraction. To this thirteen, general girl, usually every time we tax. It's always about him wanting to see me and his stepdaughter together. The whole time he's talking about what he wants to do to the door her very slowly Europe has to kill him yeah, citizens are suggesting
Thursday. for what are you? I mean you know what look look? Look camera we'll, castration or execution for pet of all you do is you you convince them that it's just going we cast racial physicals castration. You make a very painful and any others a clause we are working to execute. You anyway website it's one of those reforge and they want to her daughter, yeah. There is too. There is actually to this document, one right, your daughter and one is somebody else's, and this This is this whole thing is his fetish. Is he wants to see mom and daughter together and said he wants the mom to be into. This is also the crazy narcissism. This is when guys send week. You know Dick picks like look. I don't women aren't like all women or to stop now you I know it. I know I feel they'd be more into that yeah yeah you're, going to get a better chance of the dig, pick right and worse than the semi more just described yes and by that is zero percent,
posed to a negative fifty when you account for incarceration right what this is discussed? The issue discussed, he's, fired right dont know that we don't know that we know this yet because CNN is checking their anonymous sources. There would have to figure out what dirt they have on everybody else, Yang with accurate of Amelia any great this year, right and I dont want it. I never want to incite people to violence, no cut Hitchcock. This is one of those things where I, how do I? How do you do with that? no Dave's, not saying that he would not- and I said you know, listen we're not anonymous. I'm nuts and I wouldn't right I've got I need to be carefully here. I don't run out seriously. Everyone be carefully erect. We are not doc. and so it is for this man too rosy his pride. A physician who will cut off his penis gesture? I don't Evidently, that's a loosely. He has skills, yes, particular set of skills? Yes,
all a deer hunting knife, Lorraine about and tongs involves, both raining ages and people. The thing we live in crazy world where people are more offended at us being discussed and people say this. You know the left, they try and like turn words around, like we did with fake news which still bothers them with Seth Myers. They should go or what are your triggered? Noah, pull the trigger. I want to pull trigger until those bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang click, reload, bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, bang! When someone sexually it is children, I'm sorry if that makes me pensive and by sorry I mean you I was actually very triggered by that yeah. yea? It was. This woman was disgusting things I've ever. I now discuss I'm using a phone call to just a recording,
left. That is a voice mail. Really, I know that's a transcript from his new audio book. He was trying to get the father for your cover his romance novel and there's. Nothing is going to work at pendant publishing, but go and take it down. The penguin Edith of you. Now it is much worse, Kyle Rittenhouse! We need him. Yes, Lord, which brings us by the way. This is not the first time this has happened at sea, and this is the concerning trend. You only find more pedophiles at a black lives matter rallying Canosa. So it brings us to our new had a file in history segment,
December ten nineteen nineteen Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the United States President Woodrow Wilson, nineteen twenty two, the Enron made the longest known and I build rock kicked field at forty five young one day, twenty one John RIP, it was respected by colleagues. You love my boyfriend, but he hovered a deep dark. Torture is secret. He back disgusting butterfly, while moonlighting at the CNN producer Griffin was actually coaching nine years.
girl and her mother to be sexually submissive and paid them to engage in unlawful sexual activity. It goes to prove the age old adage that the CNN producer doesn't fall far from maternal broadcasting. Tree be short, stay tuned for next week's instalment. Does Ryan Brian Stelter spend an inordinate amount of time and public rest? find out. What we should have seen the warning signs? They had kids for sale. Yeah I mean that was that should have its honour us. That's on us, in my view, that six year old in the window, the one that's crying, I hope but that care is for me, the anomaly exciting about the puppy in the window, but I know that you know by Brian tells us a pervert mobility more this guy better face more than I lost my job.
I'll get in camp medieval. But see it and kept technically to anything more than that, but like cause, I'm not reward answer culture. I am pro castration cut. Yes, the area, yet They should tony unsold ain't can't it is worth a salon. You know currently there five minutes agent toad, empty writers and by the way, by the way, I just don't think haven't thought about this loophole, because, yes, Venus will be removed and, yes, you'll be sentenced to life in prison and no, you cannot say, because you have a penis that you should be sent to the women's present. Now I want you to be all that much more valuable to your mail inmates could only receive covers, not gay, you don't have a penis, you could never give. So they should that that the nation of Islam followers should be able to enjoy the you'll, enjoy the fruits of your line. Guilt free. than a mob handles not used to kill him while he's there? Yes, now I absolutely ha now I pray long life right in prison or to map handles
for three really without an orphan hearts. We do not look, get creative. What's a mob handles. That's what we're saying, Rikers plan for it set a date in your calendar and of the mob. Handles happened to be completed with a wire brush or ribbed for his displeasure. So much the better, be you it's the pedophile tickler for crying out loud and I've. Just in this is this is not the first time at seeing and you see here's the thing will be one deal with just ok pedophiles you, ok too, How he got through to a better files that seen in its also the coverage you know when they're on their talking about Mark Ruffolo, referring to Joseph Rosenbaum is Georgia. You have acted their defending people who were shot by car owners who are known, pedophiles effect that they don't seem to be sympathetic to the victims of pedophiles and the fact that they have pedophiles. amongst their ranks, all of it in tandem is very disturbing for the most trusted name and news and the lack of coverage of the aid just delay now, and even that
turns out. This is disgusting seriously, whether their hiding people, because they know how and if you, for but to be out of their hiding this from the current where's, the where's, the movie on this. They did a scandal on Fox NEWS, whereas this game they. Let me ask you this: if people protest outside the CNN building, because it is that consent an insurrection, why aren't you miss? They shoot one of em for no reason right, yes, exile or if the FBI is one handing out dangerous weapons now remember because blacklist matter they are trying to break into the scene and building which I was hilarious. But at this point a blacklist medicine with what we want, the destruction of the nuclear family, there systemic racism, it sort of all this nebulous kind of arbitrarily. These are the things that are on, whereas if these protesters showed up- and you know why are you so angry peak in the megaphone cause you're having sex with children here. But what What is it that you really want for you to stop having sex with children bears charter
simple one allegedly leg out Baldwin's on page too, like there's little stuff coming out, but no idea. What's realer, what's fake right has were not being showed this, and we know this look because I we haven't been covering the January six committing. Why? Because it's it's it's it's useless, unwise as usual that because they are not along the evidence to be heard, your people been held without trial. People won't allow to get hair cuts in prison which, by the way, this would not be any other scenario for them to prepare for court. Now people. Also, these people are keeping the record sealed. You do not have any information on January six. They just want you to redouble trumps texts. I want to fire pedophiles. I think it's pretty straightforward. So I know that. We're selective in what news we cover. What news we dont you. We briefly mention a tornadoes. It's horrible! It's a tragedy, there's not much! We can do about that. All news agencies do this. I try to let you know. Of course, I am not unbiased but think of this. Does anyone know anything before we get? but could you never want to hear about the parabolic until this disappear, though, though,
actually trying Gaslight James O Keefe insanity violated some kind of laws right because he's a cordial here. What are we but the vaguest shooter anybody still nothing. Nothing, that's those deadly shooting but he said he might have bonanza love. Well, while I was there, I was sure, was symbolic, says what it yeah. That's what I think it was. It was an antidepressant it is very curious that the stories that could be these groundbreaking stories that they could be covering right now that they're not just move on because remember they initially, just like the fort worth shooting we were live with. You on air than when they found that was a black student who shot a teacher and I believe to other people. They decided to move on kids out in seventy five thousand Beth, like a part in the wind, disappeared with the vaguest shooting. If it's really about firearm safety, If it's really about stopping mass shootings, why don't we know Anything was covered now right from pillar to post when it happened, and then nothing
because we had continuous updates about the pulse nightclub incident right what's different about that, I don't I m Noirtier. I just consider myself very confused and uninformed, but that's a question I always have. I have researchers on it. We can find much at all on the vaguest shooting I mean you don't like motive really went on after I'd like to get a report from the Suv in Wisconsin too. That's so hopefully impounded by now in serving time for what it did that day. At the Christmas break, you would think so. U S! Young! I just I wanted and want to know what the Suv thank you. I know you know we would want to know we consent like Tommy the tow truck, and maybe they can Tom's demands Sudan's dance right, but out there, nobody that so what you want to hear something later before then we get back to crime, wonderful, G's Gerald actually at because none of us here know about sports, but I guess the biggest store in the country who, what's the name of the people who are involved? Who aren't has the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired at their head. Coach, urban, Meyer, okay, so time for Gerald does actually knows,
I that actually write that over that I actually do know she has no dot org shorts. You know Myers a big deal. Tee is a big deal and well in and by the way the whole way of big deals brought to you by built. The outer on those words billboard, because you know sports makes sense with built our asses. I'm sure I'm sure that's how all of them go from high school to college. That's true where they gain fifty pounds of muscle in the summer and their bench press goes up four hundred pounds and I grew a third I and actual. I therefore had that nobody talks about illegal parts. This we're not Saddam Radioset for built, but yes, Emmy Socio put on twenty five pounds of rip over the summer. It's fine pose. I can seiko you too can host
I can say with go about exactly allow general strawberry, just smokers, yet I'll send Dave Battista, just smashed it when you hear him getting more than half the other run, risers punched. If, yes out it was re rice re re right, you re right am. I bet you just whipped at seven in an elevator. Yes, he did not even the worst thing that a Baltimore Ravens done what is as he I don't even know. Now. Baltimore Ravens, this is you're, not speaking of actual averred, I write a correct was no now. This is actually a dream. I know you don't know their known and another linebacker who that most famous line biology, Simpson, really rate liquids. Railway lose what really
still shot a guy. Rio was not convicted, so he got to continue playing and winning suppose thing. I just drank drove into like people in Vegas. That's Caitlin Jenner, oh no! No, it was there's a new guy different going about that's hard to pin down. Also Kalen did nothing general a register Christian. That was that there was a radar LAS Vegas writer got drunk in yes car and, I think, drove why. Why are we keeping inflation and the F b I watch list, they have greater in the name. You know you held a woman and her dog drinking and driving s, one approval we didn't come, and do you mean the guy who was on the San Diego murderers, your surprised that he murdered well, they all labour Cruet murderers. Like I said, we found a creative outlet for serial killers with defensive people can avail, so the prize it get in trouble off, feel that might look last night, the Jacksonville Jaguars the day. This is
competition for the worst team in the field of the Detroit lines are still winning that one, but that's the year. Winning were proud of the dire those giant cats. Farewell they allow the better. In theory, they saw her at the team, not the ones yet live in coke dealers basements. Yes, the real ones, basically Baltimore they actually a horrible raven prompt, a buttered of after team games. Just thirteen games that that you signed Ireland Tractor, and so this is his first he's an urban Meyer. The guy was one actual championships in Florida and at oh hi of state going to the inner fell. Dont know why he did this, I'll take your word, for he did have some pretty bad, according to an eleven right, so that's only barely better than the one one and ten record or something right for the lions
and some anger issues as well sure we're gonna play a little game. Anger issues in the inner fell unheard of little guy Mina places. Even this place, it s tat all their hotel, elevators re upholstered after every night, and all cameras turned off the air in her nand as they have the Epstein rule at the hotel, zero cameras, no guards, nobody saw anything or heard anything. You are it's a look, remove a game fill in the blanket and if we have a thing for this or not- but I do not know that perfect, so jaguars Kicker Ash Lambeau said that Meyer actually kicked him during warm up. Some are adequately also call on the kicker became the kick eeg well, the tables have turned wow ugly, something look at something until I like. Whoever kicked him more now. Well, this gets man of the year. In my opinion, I mean This is the quote from Josh, I'm in a lunch position left leg for right leg back play. is our urban buyer element, It starts with a cup that really says: hey blank, make your blank blank expensive alike,
Also we have to guess the blank or now you know the blank I do know the blacks is the first link racial slur, say crackers, ivy, right, ass, Lambeau, I I I don't know, but I'm guess, as of landlord, feel because I want to go home and ice termite shock demons, Rand and Avian a cockroach yogurt monkey Mayo monkey. May I hear you're getting a greater variety of hooligans ape so that a gas are so it comes up and he says to him hey blank. So, let's start there hey blank Coward, Howard Urban Meyer, address his failure of a cat A pussy yeah, ok, well, that's fair anything else: hey
h: yeah, hey the national lips. If he's eloquent are the stars accurate two years at four letter? No, I don't believe it. It is not for letters now guys you cannot do you want for stars and that's true. It's always going for letter words for that wagon unite bad kicker. I know. There's some kids watch and see the bee word. You shirts hey. You know it's not hey you! right. Ok, can I say again that blank? What's that blank a middle token, I want you to go through them, then what did Ok, I'm not an out and out the lid on another. No one knows what the first like guys, guinea, the first blank is, dipshit heads ass, a class. Now that really I thought I or of all offences knowledge at an earlier that that's not a viable friends here and now that we ve set the tone. I wanted you guys to understand the conversation, make your blank blank or make your shit dip less that's more where I'm just saying if he was primarily focus on it being a dip. Sometimes heed what you know. He doesn't we'd be a problem. Solver one resolve the problem. I don't think
you're kicks count yeah, did it one of the words it wait with you, said: make your kicks county was talking about about Lambert's girlfriend. What is, I don't think so, then you know that's not, then he hid her with the butter drawer dynamic. You got one of the words right, any kind of he you gotta run position. Ok, wait! what he did wrong positions? Maybe they re like these guys in IRAN production if he's lodging with his leg forward right leg back he's like you should be a sense CNN, petrified May bearing at the guy bending over in front of him just kind of gently years, an ammonium commercial, your accounts, kick you make your something kick so the maker. Something kick you. Thank you do things I'd do. Do you think he's going to not cost him make your dick kick a dick make your own. It is
yeah I mean I'm gonna, because it has only one thing that the Hague Sport- I only want in that case, unless it's like, unless it's like someone from Arkansas, you know their born with a foot for a hand in hand for a foot stairs you eat. Many can kick like this but there's only one thing to say, and here I gotta go F word yeah- make your effing kicks, as though you know, I think it's effigy here the other out, and I felt that it somehow better. Now I don't want what is let's give him this illness to hay dipshit, make your link kick make your makers vague ass. Well, I will go on. I mean I said nature baggy kicks and they said works, are still trying to actively. Let's get the ads that I'm leavin the grid their creativity here, but it was Kay Dipshit make your fucking kicks what was your time and then I shall address, and
We in the leg up suddenly complained about my kids, and then he kicked me because I'm sorry this light, they fired him for a while now another's plenty. They fired for problems primarily kicking, but the interesting part to us that I probably the most accurate kick for the jaguars all year right when he kicked him in the leg and by the way I think we might have did given that we have actually some video of the alleged incident. Ok. Well, that is bad! Now, that's the guy got fired me away. just a coach is rarely play, something that was more our Lord, not even I what's the guy ruddy I've never seen this happen and would again, but but do to get it and keep in mind when Cleats the channel look really needs to be the warden for the scene and pedophile prison. I loved but peers some other video to. We can't forget that mire had some performance issues in Ohio was well, oh really be
what are you haven't? Ghana's up? Well, we ve got we got an overly for us are not maybe not footage, but we have what I'm gonna put that up. What performance issued at Columbus, Ohio. Well, true Leah, hee, hee, hee kind of his hand in places you shouldn't to a girl that he's not married too in a bar on camera. Leo was ever do that a generous in that it should now was it without running anyway? You think they granted grabbed by the Prodi business by general. Those ports are vital. How do I see it and was complaining about a shortened national shortage and child care workers? Yeah? Because you kidnap all of them? Will you wanna loading, asking what did see it and organise look, will help. You are sending people to your children right now, we're starting with producers and as people big Athens,
are just shows up in a sexy made uniform I'm the ram. What are those is checking tried to walk behind these on which they can just download Louis, is afraid, opera and fresher place. I'd impediment. He should come into me place, sizes eyes. After all, right, this too. This is something that has happened: a noose Jean Louis place down there, Yes, he's testing us, everybody is pushing place. Everyone's danger, ground, dont blink, danger ground place, place down. I don't care a future, but like candid do all would do for us hold on a second he's Lincoln about is circle jealous Obviously there is allowed in reply to Yale thing. I just can't nobody sighing at me
is like a kid. I lie like somebody to the choir. Yeah. You know well yeah. You know when I presented my best where you can also support. The show is not only my club is the best thing. We know many, you don't have any you to preventive, obviously have for years, and we keep sponsors limited because we want to bring you sponsors it actually matter, but you can always go to crowd of shop and in order to promote it, we hired to Vienna Boys choir for some season to one two three. How are you these are sold. Some manufacturing is known by pretty much norcold yes,
absolutely in getting you like how you can get dark area there, s tat ever mom ever best brother out our best sister, ever best Z. Ever change might not get our Hoy Unita Hoy, our oil, one of my favorites, is Mamma and raise no coming yeah added in regional. Let's go into that's a good one to their all good, I compliment our sure yes As you know, what other things I legs even beset like Donald Trump, like listen I'll bet, it's ok. I would appreciate it if the measures is that the people they say they say, here's a bishop S really really they could add the word with the best. If you would take, may be good neighbours tragedies I gave the one was the one who, by shirts arson good frankly, No one would ever say that they are not good
American made in Cambodia. Yes, with the finest with the finest indian cod and like to wear where you got where I come back in the day, I could get the code for the pillows it I said. Oh I don't wanna be pillars, are making churches that we could use to say. Frankly, we could, you say, cut for the shirts, as the pillows I said, deal so they are good church, Tuesday, five just announced looking for little man, it acquired arena pharmaceuticals specializes, in quote development stage, therapeutic candidates in gas. Go into reality. There metalogy and cardiology and Pfizer said that, with this acquisition, what they hope to do was quote: accelerate clinical development for patients with immunity inflammatory diseases, immunity, inflammatory diseases, Pfizer has an interest in that which brings
to this week in curious coincidence. yeah? It's quite curious, not saying that, because I'm going to be sightings, statistics from the UK Ninety percent of the UK vaccinated against the pandemic overhanging, but the law random out it. Nonetheless, Alexander and UK physicians are now warning that three hundred thousand people are facing. heart related illnesses due to quote post dynamic stress disorder, you ve heard of PTSD. If this is not as this is peanuts yesterday, as a people ass. This is oh politically, he asked D. You know me I'm down without peeping.
Post pandemic stress, the sort of they say it could result. In a four point, five percent increase in cardiovascular cases like coronary heart failure. Ok, now, on its surface, that sounds pretty bad, but it sounds of the kind of thing that You know where we couldn't talk about on you too. First you have. Control over hey, it's, the lock of the draw people been locked up, we're getting fat They therefore to shoot at issue is a thing just outside throws off the curve. Just a little bit You get cured rating on a fat pride fold court, so in June FDA added, a warning label. Listen we're may become together. They happen at a warning label the FDA to Pfizer maternal vaccines. About my o, Cardenas, also known as hard inflammation to the layman, which I am so I just feel that central just inflammation of the heart of that's a good thing right. Well, you know the thing is this is also can go back to the fact that Pfizer they want handle a mule, inflammatory diseases,
in relation to the party of ask your symptoms and Maya Cardenas, the area said what you know what you? Actually, we we warn people about heart, inflammation and then Pfizer said: oh, Can we get in on the action of solving the problem that we created? Oh my gosh. This is what they did to the Grinch it actually legs out, which I don't know why his heart was in a metal ten that doesn't seem as someone who has a lot of metal- and I just I dont advocate that you surround your heart in a piano. Why so It grows. Three sizes you're dead in the water ass. Exactly but just take appeal for something else to grow through size is not working at the heart. Why did it grow three sizes? The whales Grinch, eight five thousand egg yokes in three bucks of crispy cream and took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine croutons dost, that's Japan,
actually write a mile Cardenas warning on all of the vaccine: vials o cool in Japan. Is how is it you want a cigarette warning on your vaccine? Yes, exactly here may die, every mile should come with a crappy damaged heart we have to like. Are you? Are you want this Berkeley? Ever they don't show you the vials, with its like the nurses. I've seen it a million times what they also require consent in Japan. Well, and I assume that that means eagerly. Oh, we give you vaccines, but a very bad for hot, how there's no CNN Japan NOS eleven, already a noose around the new vaccine. Wonderful heart, but you must have taken who take a ticket. That's it I don't wanna, take it used to take a blue card to break a hot choice? That's fine! A great shame! Japan and a broken heart doesn't mean, but it means here now nodded I mean you took. The Johnson engines
the CDC also held an emergency meeting in June over reports, a marker data, so we have the FDA. We have the nation of Japan, putting on warnings that hey this can cause inflammation of the heart, and now we have one of the makers of the vaccine now investing in a company that is creating solutions to heart inflammation which they disabled. It's it's pandemic related, but it's not because of the vaccine that has a label for heart damage. It's because of the it's because a pen, it's because of its stress, it's gotta, be some else by the way. There's one more thing: six point: seven billion dollars cash transaction! This this cop companies stock was turning it. Fifty dollars like three days ago. They bought it four hundred dollars a share. They pay twice as much as in masters in the market place with all the data in the world value the company well that a legal, no bigger,
for whatever they want, but they bought it for a hundred dollars. A share cash to believe these deals are done in stock, but hey we gave Pfizer so much money, that's like probably three, but I know what you're saying it should be: a it's not considered insight or training gray. If you just screw up people's hearts and then know that you'll be investing in technology to fix the screwed up, that's ailing away illegally, Martha Stewart trading because she heard about some good bedsheets. Yes, I guess I entirely understand you lock her up, but I guess you would have doubled your money investing four days ago, young this company. They bought an endless sitting and just say that this is something that really is when people say islanders for people arm, you no compromise, and we can never talk about this on Youtube. So early apes that rumble button. If you watch innocent rumble right now. It's a little more relaxed here today, because we have to talk about these. Things were not walk in this tightrope because of you know, blate normal actual moderating. Every comment and just facts
This is true the universe and it in with the vaccine. Look there is a risk reward to any medical treatment, no matter what it is that you're doing if its antibiotics taking you know, ok, you're, gonna mess up your stomach, ok, yo, become more immune to antibiotics will become resistant. It won't work as effectively. If you take prisoners owners kind of austerity donated for hoping, I'm here to me to be a threat, if you take, you might want to get some miasm about those probiotics. I do it provides just dont do it. I made the mistake of Eid staff infection and they put me I'm like reforms of antibiotics and I went to the pharmacist- and, I said: hey: I heard that I should get probiotics to counteract the innovations of antibiotic. You know induced apologies. And they say oh yeah- I don't know he's alarmist set out- are now here's the microphone base it on this one seems good. I said, ok and then I, these antibiotics- was taken up. Probiotics and and I ate you know it for the first time I dont like I just I popped up
Joe, I was driving the Renault warning us ok, do I think I got a brass band. I went home, and threw out everything and I largely share the probiotics you recommended was eighty billion. See if use of RO, shitting probing, regularity, probiotics? You feel better, though. Well, you know what I wanted to five pounds by. I would imagine, take those before I go on a plane. Yes, now I know to advocate for the fighters on the show of any to cut weight, but I also realise that pharmacist are entirely useless. As you know this one, and now my ok, I told you I'm worried about diarrhea and you gave me area in a bottle. You thank you. stress during or just given me suppositories loud fine. Last night,
Dave, some of that, MRS Reding Sakhalin stuff you have as yet. I have some extra here. You have extra. You have actually I'll give you a flight of that. Yet all it helps a lot yet I run you since I do. I do This you're gonna get you'll get a night higher life is its thirty so your big ashes, so University of California. Researchers also found a we're talking. The risk reward boys aged twelve to fifteen were at the the risk of hospitalization from road sea and following vaccination, then hospitalization actually due to covet. So this is something it's important to people say well, actually, Democritus. You would have gotten out if you got covert anyway, actually know right away a bastion of right wing propaganda, follow the Sides University of California and the reason I state University of California, as opposed to more study. is no one studying it. No one is studying right now and I have looked the natural immunity and how effective it is against democratic, watching look
watch Shinin primetime just watch for two hours. Haven't I'm the backgrounds that you don't. You know blow your brains out see if they talk about natural immunity, which would seem to be pivotal. They're, not they're, not researching whether them Cardenas is more likely to occur, not on a massive scale from the vaccine, as opposed to now truly occurring covered, because this is something you don't tell you if you're a symptom and this is also the nasal spray. We talked about the clear with an ax it'll there. go to Ex cleared out common, read about the fact that it actually clears out something that ninety nine percent of the covered and your nasal cavity. Ninety percent of covert, is nasal cavity before it gets in your lungs. So if that's where it stays you don't have the same systemic effect as you do, into this study from An injection read so University of California higher chance. of hospitals. Asian from my O Cardenas boys aged twelve, from the Maxine, then from
actually getting covert on repeating that, because I think it I think it's something people dont know and that's a pivotal. yeah and that's the Adrian, actually that I was talking about the garrison trouble. I was quoting a staff from California. You have responsibly that hard era was my bad. It was obvious legs euro to seventeen zero to nineteen. It was like the last ten flew seasons. Four of them had higher fatality rates than the covert virus. For that age group. Yes, we can. Oh for saying that another like none at all. You have to inject your kid in California, they were make sure the people down to age, five and then looking into infant like we want. What are we doing? Why are we doing this with an age group of people that are going to have a much harder problem with this, and that's the point that I was trying to make with ran Paul. You you had said that already about how is it natural immunity? Right, sorry, go about this, we have had so much time to study the durability, not whether its effective against the different variants we can get to that just the durability, cause every time seeing and mentions it and found she meant in setting goop dimensions it We don't know how durable it is over
not here's, a year's, exactly how you know it's incredibly durable. They would have a tip. for how many people have been re infected with out of it? If it was a thing honour on a more thickened? It's not right. I don't know they're like not like re infected too Look very good on CNN point: zero: zero, zero, zero, zero! Like it, it's up, two percent, no, two to total total! That's the last count how young people can say regarding the heart conditions. I think we talked about this earlier, but don't forget this is how USA today's covering this is from September. Twenty one class The change he waves affect our health experts, say: here's why that puts people of color hair was lacking, that guy just pull shit all out of sight ass if to say, followed in my heart. Ok, I don't know this but mission control. You can probably look at this for me. I'm pretty damn sure that black people are lower risk of skin cancer. Lower, uh yeah silent exposure,
irregularities, which would see because people- and I mean all Although further north, you guys think Scandinavian and even to further south it go in Africa, Lagoon go down from Ethiopia. We get people with darker skin, because these are climates where there's a lot of sun and there's not nearly as much attention, so we're not suggesting that people who come from a continent where people have again the two live in sunny areas and I'm not trying to be darwinian racist year. This has nothing to do with IQ superiority or inferiority is a matter of fact. I think black people are better off in the sun than the ginger's who live in Norway, I'm just being clear about it. I would much rather not have to worry about sunburn, my nipples when I go out for a barbecue, I'm jealous of come our investment. In that capacity point is here, they're saying that black people are more at risk from increase of one point: six degrees, this century, and not just you said today. This came from blaze should I believe this is from Carter dot com, which is questionable. go journals, the affair,
of climate change and cardiac health. This is a published paper, a boy that's stupid thing. I've ever heard my like you don't look. More vitamin d good for you. You know it s a really good for your heart saunas, hot places that are You mean yes Peter, better. Now, that's what they got if they sneak up on your, not real real small, they told Doc holiday. Like all what you have you have tuberculosis haven't. You got moved to Iceland arrive wickets say that Rickets Greenland is steaming. This is we ve known for the longest time? It's not only. Is it better for this? We must avoid the headline. Was climate change? self? Is racist yeah? It's a big I'd supremacists somewhere in his eye making. It hotter loud like people and people of color only one. thank think the sun is a burning cross, well improve it has in the sun? Is white, Stephen,
modest. Remember everything, the light touch, sons, orange supremacy to try to do so. By the way and then the only problem that we just committed if we were on Youtube, just get it, but we just said banned or are we just said hard strike, however, because we just said it's actually worse the vaccine. As far as my Cardenas in that age group, more people are hostile S from it then covert cake. That is a fact reference is available ladder with crater dot com. Now, what you can say is what doktor algae admitted on air that M Rna vaccines pose more serious risk, but I don't want any of the concrete. It poses more serious risks to you people hear him saying it, and what do you think doktor fatty. How would they be better off for all those people out there who took an Jane Jane you? No more I think it's gonna be variable depending upon who you are, for example, a will.
Of childbearing age, who would have almost no issues at all with a possible adverse event, my or cut died in which you see real lay, but you do see it the M or in a vaccine that person might wanna opt for that approach if you are a young man, who does have that very, very rare risk of getting a mine Could that is you might want to take the Jane Jane? I hate him so much. I handed click show much ok, I guess you have you have to think bear spray, so it's not lethal right. but you can it and then you have to go through a door number one use it on fancier door. Number two, a scene in pedophile You bear Mason,
I seen in petty, still have to what you had to think about it or how big the can can I go on both doors that go and afterwards, gay not made if you like, put like a playing cards, do like a split stringently ago. Different aspects. Overall, just base is saying that the vaccine is killing. People is, I put you seen, overtime, bright, Jill Evans re almost like covert. We saying you know a very small risk, Gimme, like twelve to fifteen year olds, as it relates to carbon Jimmy like infants, where covert has been less lethal pound per pat pound four pounds, in the standard flu, but then you want to go to take the risk with something we also don't know the long term side effects of. Let me be really clear about this. Let me put this all together: okay, so Pfizer by stock, at an exorbitant price and in a company who are coming up with new medical technologies, specifically on the whole they bought and about the whole company or the other the majority ears, but they bought all of it. They bought all of it. Ok, the price that everybody else right was worth cells, hard helpers, yeah heart health for heart, how both in our own eyes, Ehlert, shutting it.
Tomorrow the logo with a glove swollen from my own heroditus art help. So let me like this We're Pfizer, buys a company and they say primarily because we're interested in technology to help with amino inflammatory conditions of the heart. Ok, that's been stated, then we know that, of course, There have been more instances of inflammation of the heart. They say that's related to cover, of course, its related again demonstrated lightening. The magazines study after study has shown us that, specifically young men, but people are higher risk of mild Cardenas in certain categories, from Maxine that they might have and from Pfizer then even naturally contracting Cove it and found she even says. Well, if that's the case, you might want to take another vaccine who, by the way of course, has a very close relationship with Pfizer.
I wonder why Pfizer might have paid that much money for something to fix heart conditions. Can anyone know, is it possible? Could it could it be perhaps now out. It's just a curious coincidence. Now I'm sorry! I was just distracted by sea and commercial with fat. Kids playing in the pool was for free Lee Break and someone find out what it is like the leopard diabetic children. I don't know, I'm sorry. I just saw guy with better tits than anyone in sports illustrated the kid was twelve
Well, that's what they call an athletic boyd. None are now known up a husky area, big bounty asking what we mean breasts, I was said I to Grandmother- were taken into the husky boy section. I would leave him in the attic until he was small enough remained a particularly now bother absolve Ervay boy eat till you fit in your clothes again, jabbing enemy attic. Catch you and unless the slow rhythmic, our butterfly net love. Again, I mean maybe illegal catches, foot so there's a crime we run out of control. We have a text is coming on here. We eleven thirty, it's out of control and the United States just because we ve about the economy, and this is one thing I do think, there's a silver lining. I really do think there's a silver lining with this administration being so out of touch they just act like Asian, isn't a really big problem. They keep going out in the economy is doing well, they keep Goin out single. Actually, crime is not really a problem. If the keep doing
Americans, no, they expect. You all experience this. Even if whether you're a conservative, your liberal, you're living on earth dish, I mean: does anyone actually feel like there's more economic opportunities, intellectual honesty, Africa there's, no doubt not theirs? There is no doubt that statistically, but I'm even as far as like your liberal friends, they go based on how they feel. I don't even think they feel like the economy is better or their cities are say, there's no way, there's no possible way where special with new. Locked downs in the West Coast and ensures a nude, lockdown satellite Helen, I thought I d say to place I own this, his hat this neighborhood hottest night club is nude locked for they have. Hydrant people and Laser beam, gummy bears so we and die from the needle or other dick. What happened the blackness
on from CNN without ever my new club. Well, it's not really a new club. You just file chapter eleven and rebranded it. Well, it's true switching Lugger from a left but cheek to a right which is really just a reversal of the picture, not throw in any one off the scent lazy guy in the bathroom, a federal or a vaccine? Your choice either way you'll die. Happy man now are you watch this year. You'll die crying out for your daddy, but TAT S, not the daddy, you and you ve known you you, you know so kind, out of Control United States now, especially in huge cities, big cities, it's out of your across the board, but Twelve major cities go through this all with democratic mayors set annual murder record of Jeez. Why record why? When at a record Dave and Gerald Philly, Reykir five, twenty three Indianapolis
record to forty six Austin record. Sixty aggravated and gun assault rates were up by nine percent across the board. In the first half of twenty twenty one is compared to twenty twenty and keep in mind. It was a lot in twenty twenty yeah yeah Ballade twenty twenty because of some one. I think there are some Some riot set an iron unrest of somebody's, no peaceful, peaceful protest riotously best, but my point is: a numbers are war because one of the judges Blaine Donald Trump, because what happened last year, the presidency, which the left absolutely first began to people, really think that cove it was down Transvaal. Do they really think that it was his fault that people were burning down? Neighbour I just I just don't get the sell that people are gone to buy, but now it still even worse than twenty twenty, which is kind of surprising to me, because I thought it would die down after the election. Twenty twenty was like Michael Jordan and in twenty twenty ones like hold my beer right. Yes, it's like a better language, or I don't even know how you do that, but you did me and went up
Even worse is not just violent crimes. Remember all those businesses who would support black lives matter right now it put up the gender neutral bathroom NEA and they would be important start. You signal well Sheep's blood on the doorway, exactly ass, you please just not our first born training, just a go. still science, yet to come. Ok, that's going to happen in the new Scrooge, the ghost of Christmas, yet to come as just gonna, just gonna point to his grave, but point and boobs, indescribably, headstone, with giant brick, tits self severe calculator goes. Christmas future, Integrated Europe decided viewers. Are yours, general fear most not gonna, know material. So businesses now like member target yeah CBS best buy
it's still a rare begging Congress to take action on property thats now no, no screw you away this. Doesn't this doesn't take you This is not what Congress is for. This is the principle of limited government. You do not petition our preventative to spend taxpayer dollars on something that could be fixed by you. Just administering a couple of close lunch. I regret to say yes or no life. It would mean as their going out the door. You don't say please, sir, don't steal anymore. You know they can solve this by watching professional wrestling. Mother midget distracts a rough and the other one is somewhat the folding sure. That's how you could solve your problem target just being just be allowed to defend your stuff. I have always said. I don't believe that you only use violence. If someone This violence against you for immediately because guess what it is, an act of violence- and this is what this is true. It's not divide, for someone to steal your things from your house or from your store, what wiser an act of violence.
They're doing it, because policy dictates that you can't fight back. That's intimidation! That's bullying there, threatening. You very know that it's a game of violent chicken, even though violence isn't taking place because one person basic law and they know the person doing defining a discount as long as it's under nine out of ten million dollars is willing to use violence to steal from you You cannot handicap, all Americans from protecting their stuff. and I'm not saying that you're blow somebody away because they stole up the appeared bump protector, but I am saying that a target best by sea vs they should get no help, they should get no techno funding and what needs to happen is just that: the AIDS and those in charge of those cities- mayors me to say, are: ok, you can just
care business withdrawn, your property, less paperwork. Verse. Are you can do that at sea vs? I can't even get some way to go to the register. I know I'm not surprised you will see from the other. Like look, I waited yet. I still writing. I do not think it has anything to do with reckless matter. I like look. I I want this for no one's here? Yes, and they also it's crazy- is a steel, razor blades behind the plastic, grossly gimme, those you're talkin, steel and are you? Yes? I am go ahead, What are you making out with the best? Buy you're the guy. Secondly, Allison Chain City- that's happened here or the flat screen does oculist goggles at. I feel like the feeling that should be stopped when it's like he's got a fridge. I think we can get on me has up. It's gonna take
Dolly Holdings high to his back, like a strong man, competition as a commercial for the lifting thing, it's a pair guy, see it's easy to use the straps. It is going to the car lot and hire a bunch of Norwegians. They put a chest rap on down by where there is always a naval carrying an oven like Paul bearers, shouted put that rock and neutral. We really do they should at least you have a parking breaks out of their actually a guy had a really creative solution. He I'm not kidding. This is true shot them it. Now that the limit is nine, fifty four prosecution rights of gender, nine hundred fifty dollars they want prosecute he priced every product in his story at nine hundred and ninety nine and then went to the non criminals have to haggle know. Everybody in the store also got a coupon that would run out. You checked out every item from toothpaste, although, after you know expensive stowaways, like big red the mouse about nine hundred in some dollars, you ever done could be per year. Pursue integration. Look like that's good. Do that. That was really good ideas that you can only get the group on. If you pay that's like bad bath and beyond.
stir they scurrying than they Syria little ass. It is in this area a little less, I'm pretty much single handedly responsible for the region. They return there. They change the return policy, really We were too turns to have just because you're, so tired of cheap crap breaking all the time, but you used to get a vacuum. It would last for the rest of your life. Well go there, you spend this money, get a blunder and breaks like. I don't, let's say three months later, and they should return anything, so I would just return it, This thing doesn't work anymore and I'm going to return it now. You can't return anything at the worst return policy. Words. Europe wide you sure legalised. Even I wasn't trying to strive for you guys it didn't want have to pay for another ninja for a wedding. How many live, laugh, love frames, dna, and I now you could you say these back doesn't really apply to my life here. Do any of these. I don't need this wine o clock of admit. Yet, sir, do you want to keep the love one? No, no, it's the one. I want to get rid of them of wine, a clock somewhere yeah, my my husband is drove into six people. Yes, Susan acts, I don't think he's gonna american writer website is its
yet a shirt on its wine. A clue exo tongs like that. I'm a good quality products do nine. Fifty advocate bumper that some even San Francisco mayor London breed with this is the name etc. Let's go mayor, Londonderry, not the London mayor. She partied right after having a man, oh yeah, that's right is person previously wanted to defend. The police has now, hopefully real, as the error of of their wasting. When you to be more aggressive and crime. It comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with love enforcement, aggressive with the changes in our policies unless tolerant about that is destroyed our city where Europe, yes, she saying tough on crime, are tough on the people who stopped crime. I think she's, saying you know what I said several
to go, we got a change that I did not say that. Yes, you seem to be tough on the police. That's what I think she's saying. Oh, well that have yet to help. Let's just make sure that the commissioner knows that he can't even carry Kojak detainees bought a new commissioner in Y, see she just change the crime division to the gun. On every letting the dumbest people are just side. What a genius will, because the dumbest people are the ones who want to run society and smiling. I guess you go, I go make money and you know be productive in society are smarter within one should have that now they done well, that's kind where it back. fires. We didn't think it through. Women's allotted to serve, but isn't it Isn t the New York Mary Eric Adams? Is he he's black right I'm horrible's names. I think it's Eric Adam something atoms and I'm pretty sure he's an african American Jovan and- and
commissioners and very tough on crime and now blatant as matters culling of arrests was a blacklist of whites affirms. That is what I was saying. I was in saying that saying that she's, an idiot anybody's who wouldn't be better than to block you you could, put a mob in office on your life. While it's done so much better, among which I hope to the press conference. Like sorry, I'm late, I'm just the CNN prisoner gets out came up. We know you got stuff, you gotta, do don't smell my hand, was like they're gonna get some sanitizing where people who were watching from beginning to understand that callback. They want a few churning in late. Just go back the scene and pedophiles segment and all will be well with the world something indefinitely Adams, their New York City, the new The new mayor, I know, he's tough on crime, where you want to bring back like crime watches. If I'm not taken. I thought in risk as well. I think so
Really? Really? I don't remember. The exact parliament really wanted to try and research are like unmarked cars about a modern. These neighborhoods stop and rapid. Just act like you just get it into the community yeah step and break reading. What time? While our Lord knows you, somewhere between stop and friskin, let them steel everything were mere store. Their shares, their on radio. I think the in between is allowing people who own the store to defend their store, is or neighbourhoods and not prosecute the people who are committing an act of self defence. That's what I think DEC the ghost stories actually started issuing orders to their employees, not to stop chocolate, shoplifters email yet, but who are in charge of stopping shoplifters? My mom was one of them. I got the chasing after a parking lot when times lot of fun at seventeen. Here they told him not to anymore, yet they were afraid of laws. Do not you can't rail? I fancied, I could see you get out. Has eleven eleven had no chase law which alleged. May God made is still a lot of you came. There is no home alone Jimmy Chin. I should laughter,
Three and then the kid slides on the ice through people's legs, accelerating, even though he's been sliding for nine feet and he's not gonna decline just an Isaac. Why? The thirty pack a Bush young Dave, he asked yes, because their six more doesn't mean it's better. Now it doesn't mean better. Neither am I have a cop doesn't go given his car and drive around the pond and still arrest the kid now he doesn't speck easily. I got away. There was a long areaway heat took a toothbrush, we do not. We screwed up did not approve of the American Dental Association Sarber, sit down. That's one for you, Cavern Mcallister, they're, gonna shoot and there, like always please blonde. It's fine, rethinking, white privilege, blessing forthright car in bark right melanin chart is good, is vital.
as have the its atoms, are right, atoms and Adam saying about southern frisk. What is his name Eric atoms Eric atoms are that if you'd like to get their lackeys run in the east, and yet that is not yet, but there already protesters, I'm so glad entirety as a Democrat in New York, just as our crime is out of control, and it is now he's being pro. Tested and threatened by black live matter. It is even in rows of control it's disgusting. Did I live there and I was just discussed if Jason it takes Manhattan were to occur today or just show up, and I now and walk away. Maybe like no Jason, please. I was walking over the bread and butter to get some food and there just the treaty transsexual, yes, eyes, what I'm french gender transgender, and by that I mean a guy in a wig. Trying just vomiting all over the front of the store, and I was like guess amongst our guests. I was just like you
up all over the bread and butter and why it was so important, as was rowed. My cousin was getting out of a cabinet is like Continue your few lawyer secular this happened yesterday. I went to go. Get some new seats for the twins and Johnny Boy was with me. Are you now? He is he's just he so close to the chest, but where the check out- and he goes stephen- I just saw the best training and the worst as what is what many points and it's a guy with a full five o clock, shadow and tits why my actual gonna like low cuts, lower adviser alcohol rains, although certain so we pay the money for the surgical breasts and not for the very recent opinion, Tara Hair cut any still like not the escalation
about the laser removal. Belated choice is, like I don't know if I'm gonna get the beard Garnerer nice, bicker De Vries. I do I just share my chest or my face diner from yet I love it is like the guy, the buys the subway offers that doesn't give a good car the moat rattled pieces, the edge Shakespeare Mere off visa. This is my transit just who wish our. I just wish that I wish to add a picture or taken Wanna. Excuse me. I don't want to bother you. I just I've, never seen anything so beautiful. Yes, now just I've, never you're, so exotic how brain If there is exotic, is so brave. Your brave and exotic brave. By exotic I mean foreign to me. don't even my imagination, never my wildest dreams, but I imagine a man with a five o shadow Panther haircut and a wonderful debts, you urged it, they are fake, but they are phantom
chuck Norris with. So I assume that we have already said Eric atoms. I had a video of whom segment why he supports the risk of you. We had the centre and the cargo drops referred to get a mere. It was because I was talking about. Tell target is like when I go out with me: I'm gonna five o clock, shadow and tits, I'm gonna go on and do another a Senate here. none of this is saying: yes, we don't. Let's go back to Eric atoms on when we do my club, but right now, let's roll this clip because sent. Hackers recently spoke out against binds nominee for. U S attorney in Massachusetts, Rat Rachel, whoa, inciting exact everytime. I hear two stages cookie Miss Rawlins is part of a web of left Wing District attorney's across the country,
who see it as their job, not to prosecute crime rather to protect criminals. What you can do that that's a little what you can make your job to not do your job, that's! What I was thinking about the next week is that it is our common gobbledygook, but when still gets me are so if we have a mind, but it's time to bring in senator check os I understand like this, as he has again him up their voluntary at TED crews at Santa Cruz. He just wants to take up all the handles the verdict on odd castigated prison and not to be confused with the wonderful Paul Newman Film Yoshida verdict. I have my doubts. Jack, ordinary film, that's a great film when Wi Fi red lines, as you think we're scarlet your client walk out ages. Unama client can't walk our shields
Jack WAR, no better and dirty work, he was better yes, I'd be a lot better thing got me a whole new e book, critical race theory, a lecture by Senator TED. that sounds like a baleful. Alas, a lecture by sent Listen! I love stuff like that. I'm a little bit more fun and the descriptor there, so think we're still waiting for a call to come back right together, they said he's widened the rumour, nomes win for them to pick up the so called from one room, then left to another room, and then deciding call. So what did you just sit? Cowardly sit down in this room is all wrong. Doing. I do know room come on. It's not even a bookshelf You went and me have you seen him. The hoodie play hoarser are breached. Shod baskets I can't remember what did you just stroke, orse horse?
the game horse. The aim of our ass. Your ball wait: Senator TED Widest man, I think I can possibly mature from ran Paul crews played horse. It puts a lot of it. I saw that he actually dominated. He actually played one on one as well. I think with him I think, was Jimmy Camel and or fat. girls is one of the humility dominated, it was hilarious. Oh yeah I had ninety dominated similar was Fallon chemicals chemically camel. I had no idea, he was at skilled, yet why town they juggled eggs lay rattled exploited as nineteenth David Bowe Impression. I didn't nine shots on one side of his wife because you don't know, it's the way they do. You know anything about it. Bigger David, why Mvoo Laana rotten and got
Does everybody language? Does that please come? Oh there's a sign lights up, there's electro shock chairs, actually it's actually Post Jimmy Fallon Syndrome and it has an increase. Your site allegory of ninety nine percent, while why is Europe shows, has not as yet MC man I dont know. Why is Horatio sands? Not punching him in the face? Repeated re? That's us! I could ask that he should be said. Make men should be? Is this room on the other side of the capital I don't know where nobody is like see our people right now: bang and Honours Doria gods. And he's like that? But I imagine Ujiji Green Joe S night. It's not that easy to european appeal. Let me get rid of the beard who still have it as areas
there is, I think I don't know why? Don't you be surprised like the rest of us yeah, I just, I wonder, is a kind of ice shakes his Christmas presents. I did to what are you talking about. I have something I don't you know I'll come on. I actually dont. Could I ruined one year one year I found out what the gift was. It was never power pens, yeah, yeah, those garlic Why that's one like a pen would be like one would shoot little nerve guns, people out there rumble you can comment, because you want get censured. If you remember power pens and there is one that was a spy pen and but it wasn't, the pen unfolded and he put it in here in Europe, was directed to where people were talking and hear them. We can all it wasn't like a broken hearing. Aid is used for one hour k whilst Powerpoint, so I shook it and I heard the white I heard the MIKE Feedback and power. I show you a Christmas present once in my friend was stop it. That's my baby s yeah. wrapped. I like it when the cats, those are always find a rap cats meal
we gotta do not suggesting or again just so is not all that I have an internet. I got all right, we already went through the plug, so just take my word for it. Senator tat, drew's nice of you to show it is great to be with you forward to say in what level as after it was pretty much Everything is now that you are in one room and you left the room. Is this room on the other side of the Washington? All this is my off ok so, we just showed a clip of usinor tickers we're talking about that the crime way here in the United States. and we just showed that clip with you and questioning or spoke out. Against the the attorney mess? I want my should, at any rate, about Rachel Rawlins, citing after DA's and you ve also said that a lot of these left wing da's- and I want to be clear about- doesn't give you the floor so that people don't
misquote you lot of them are funded by George Soros, but to be clear, that's a fact you're, not an anti semite correct. That is clear de. I am an anti letting violent, but I'll go to murder people person. Yes, exam and we ve talked about this too. How does that When you say a lot of them are funded. What people is a term funding? They train advocates a conspiracy. What you mean is there political support, clout and fight annual support by George Soros. First, these days, who are very, very weak on crime right look most DA's races are not heavily funded, rather that they dont tend to be. President breaks Centre Race governors race, both sides, is tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions of dollars and residential Rex days, racist tender fairly low dollar affairs that that they tend not to dominate the hip.
and one of the things Soros started doing systematically is investing billions of dollars into DA's. Yet this is a new, The permanent sleepy little raises the didn't, have any money and the problem is he's been winning the races and you get these radicals in ace that that or is it it's the flip side of the coin, to abolish the police right. You want criminals to run free there two ways to do it. One abolished this. You get tat, criminals at number to put Da'S in office who refused prosecute criminals and look I don't get the mind of a left. This did you did it it strikes me as like some horrible maze of asinine stupidity, if, like that movie the cell, yes, but when they look at violent criminals, that their reaction is let him go. Yeah it'll come commonly Harris raised money to pay for the bail, a violent rioters.
in Minneapolis. I note and here's the crazy thing is Koala. Harris people don't know she asked basically extended sense that you can make sure that I am correct on details here of nonviolent drug offenders when she was in California black happened to be mostly black. I'm not saying she did it, because there are mostly black, but this is something that negatively affected people of color veterans. She's being easy on violent crime and she was tough, Then even the law on nonviolent offenders so look Karla when she was attorney general of California. She was politically ambitious. This was not complicated that she hired job. and, if you're a democrat- and you want to hire job one of the things you do is you pretend to be tough on law and order? so she was very happy as a decade ago, yet I'll go find some some kid with joy,
and crush him with a sledgehammer ya. Don't I dont actually have a case and when, in fact check on this now, no, it is not true that she slammed a sledgehammer into a kid with a joy it. But I challenge you find every kid with it California person get yes or no, and I was to be grand fair. That was its role playing with a mayor somewhere, some allegedly, but you know She is now God help US vice president of the United States, just to open my mouth a ladder continue. And she and her whole party are hard left stood at an hour. So there are, Two senior people looked at the binding Department of Justice. Ah, who Christian Clark had many a doctor
who were too of the leading advocates in the country for abolishing the police. Last year there were riding up ads. They were testifying in Congress saying we should abolish the police. Now the game Democrats claim Senate Democrats. When you ask him today say we don't support abolishing the police, then by nominated to the leading advocates for abolishing the police every single Democrat. All of that all fifty voted to come. right every one of us, Rachel Rawlins. So Rollins was one of these Soros dossier. She would she was an inn, Suffolk Massachusetts. She put out this list of fifteen crimes that her prosecutors were ordered. You cannot prosecute these cases. I am declaring. Essentially, these are no longer crime, things like shoplifting. You know you suddenly,
to democratic politicians are realising crap. It's a really bad. Look when looters, unlike running through stores, robbing everything we say Rachel on says she won't prosecute shoplifting, larceny and a full list. She won't prosecute politician in the drugs she won't prompt, breaking and entering she won't prosecute resisting arrest. I mean it's a stunning. less yeah. I wonder what they ll lead with, say: possession of drugs and most Americans it's ok for time up possession is someone possessing weeder, yeah. Ok, that makes sense. But then what gets buried is uplifting enlargement- and I wanted to go onto that because we were just talking about targets, sort of petitioning begging, really more, please leave ways to Congress that you do something to decrease property theft. Now keep in mind They were the ones who supported a lot of these organizations in black lives matter. People who spoke out in support of these mostly peaceful protests, in these cities like Francisco. So my question is how strongly
you convince your colleagues to say no and just for people understand is it com. mrs responsibility at this point to make sure that a target doesn't get alluded in San Francisco who set their own rules. Look. The reason targets in San Francisco are getting looted is because you have the aid San Francisco who wore prosecute. It's real simple. If you tell people hey, go, rob a store and were to prosecute you. It's Ali Ali Oxen Pray go get yourself a tv. I mean people react that you know what. If you run into a target and Texas you and I are both texts. Yes, if you go to your local target, grab Evie come out. They're gonna, tackle you at the door. They're gonna, throw your ass on the ground, are gonna. Put you in a dozen process.
Yes, I mean that's just the it's. This is not rocket. Science right, so you would support, of course, security guards being able to quote throw someone's ass to the ground if their stealing property from target, I'm pro ass, throw to ground Stephen, I much gentle than that I or legal eating their hind quarters. The soda position, the hat have soft mink line handcuffs around their risk to give them just a gentle rest, massage yeah, well, you're the one who said throw them. The ground. So now you just hung me out to dry. Thank you. Our efforts are fit for purpose the edge with the amount and by the way and get you drop by what you'd make it any better. You said: mink handcuffs, even idea what peat is going to say about nets
where did everyone said of the territories? Goes people's army, throwing bloody, mink handcuffs feel has a for you and by the way but be clear if they did make handcuffs in in some parts of the country, it might increase the shoplifting as people that ok yes, exactly like we're. Gonna put you in mink handcuffs and then take you in a patty wagon that has hubcaps spinners like tat so, Let me say I will tell you a true story. So back in twenty Twel, when I first percent. At one of the issues that I am not a fan, not a fan of then, and not a fan of now, as ts groping, your dear papa, you know one day week, failure piano.
Airport! Well, that's where you and I disagree, but we can respect. We have a conversation while you're, actually you're foreshadowing my point, so I did S sitting on message and so in Houston, work, stopping ts, Avram groping you and twenty twelve was the number two message in terms of moving voters increase taxes. It didn't move voters at all EU taxes that message, sucks yeah and my theory, as I said, love guy, you know some of those guys are outlook country. There can alone, lay it and then go to the airport. That's that's some love and some have in a long time and for whatever reason we ran or are we lost our son of a bitch where the wheel and a color bars, How is an allusion to the they are made of american hey utter, etc, I guess it was with warns pop,
sorry we centred sectors we last year that we lost due to color bars. Yet that makes sense, because whenever I go through tat, you know they. I was asking about metal like I just had the metal put my reputation, but for you I've been telling them that I had metal ball implant, so they needed to check and I'll say they. Never. sales me Ask you this was a really bad idea to go with the aluminum It was the exact because aluminum leeches metal, so I might as well have just have my Iphone speakers aimed to its playing death metal. I will say this: I know jail has a question for you and what will go to to mother and second but we're talkin about crime. I think this one's pray self explanatory its absurd, but Thank you for being a voice out. There are speaking out against it. Americans, experiencing this Americans know that their cities are less safe? Ok, I think there's a silver lining here, because Democrats keep acting like if you back as though it still
good sound like no actually on things are getting better and the same applies to inflation and the economy. Look. We know that empirically. This is a bad economy. We know that in full, it is the worst tax on the middle class, but damn cracks are saying: no. Actually, it's it's going really well, and I know that a lot of democratic voters in a lot of men can voters both on the right and left. There have time to inform themselves you go based on how they feel The silver lining hears, Americans of all political stripes do not feel safer. They don't he'll like us, a booming economy. What what you see how much of that government spending have to do, for example, with current inflation and messaging that to the average American, so they get it has enormous amount to do and in what's interesting. If you look at pulling right now, people get that people connect when use, Ben trillions more dollars. When you borrow trillions more dollars when you print trillion dollars there more dollars in the economy,
More dollars in the economy means the prices go up and people get that right. It is a very clear cause and effect that the press that the corporate. You know what maybe we really do need to raise the debt ceiling Julia was FED means it set means that we can get Senator TED, true some fibre I thought I go out here: you're wrong on net neutrality. I have no idea as it is today, and so I am very glad to say stated: if inflation worked so high, you could buy a damn rather too I find the idea of you say we built this. We might need to raise the debt ceiling just so you can actually Canada the? U S said it:
that that that I know when do anything, but to be honest, I am lawyer, does have twenty nine trillion dollars and debt, so you can understand their not being able to offer. His niece wipe, but also the janitor is also the Wifi guy and also the Locksmith, but only for a fortnight. So that's a blacksmith sorry: but a logical arts so go back. So I will you saying about inflation than obviously does increase. I mean, I think people know you print more dollars. Those dollars are worth less people get it, but what what's interesting, how they use David, I tell people thirty four, because I'm thirty four ok so you don't really remember inflation. like in your life no- and I talked about on the show. Never in my lifetime have I. Experienced this. Well, I because I was in Canada and so expensive N6 Nintendo. Sixty four games were like six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine or seven thousand nine hundred and ninety nine in Canada, where three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine here and
at one point the canadian dollar was with a little more than the american Dollar four like three months, but prices were still high. So I learned about inflation sort of that way, my dad kind of explained to me currency, but now I do think that this is this is the this era of Jimmy Carter, where people have never experienced gas lines. Definitely my generation, the first time you can see a gallon of milk. You can see a slab of both. This is the first time so they're a tunnel. I think everyone whose twentysomething or thirty something this this. Just as not. We been in this sort of weird holiday from economic history for the past twenty thirty years, but but I'm fifty, I was
in the seventies member Jimmy Carter, when he was president, I remember my parents had a whole mortgage where the mortgage rate was fourteen and a half per cent. Like my current, how Morgan is two point: six five percent and I'm grumpy that it's not by like, like I'm mad, that that extra point one five on pay. Fourteen percent, like you wanna talk about kicking the crap out you yeah, inflation is all work were up to seven percent right now in terms of inflation and at this keeps going- It gets really really ugly and people are saying it, but I think for younger people they don't, really understand what this means and the problem is when inflation gets cranked up and moving. It is very hard to turn yeah, it's very hard, and I really do get a better deal on my mortgage I was doing, Just thinking of us really, five down? I think I want to say it's over three plug.
I need to find someone out there need someone with more vowels in your last name. Let me ask you this. What you it's Senator TED crews Gerald has a question for you that united, In fact, this is not, as he knows these little aggravated because of southern Lebanon with docile and facebook I wanted to get out or yet why an indefinite or that you actually came, but also by the way that we're not on Youtube while reasons that have never been explained and not even violence through not so ties in MECCA also saw. What am frustrated is is the moment in time that we have here rights. I followed your career since you were in taxes. You came in spoke at my church thing in probably two thousand to two thousand and nine, and I love what you ve done. I love how you speak out on a lot of these things are one of the things it frightens
All of us is section two thirty, this defence that exclaimed immediately, and I know that you ve railed against that. But listen. We gotta start landing some blows. This is somebody controlling the information game and if they get their way, we won't have a chance ever. How do we stop this? Not the political system, stopping this, if that's even possible, if you guys are playing like sixty chess behind the scenes, but we have to do something what are we doing? So look it's right question. I think it the single biggest threat free speech in America and it and it's the single biggest threat to free and fair elections in America's big tech Silicon Valley, billionaires are drunk on our they sensor and silence views that they dislike. You know I had the ceo of you to be my office, actually just going to twenty feet away on the couch right over there.
Showing her out about your show. Thank you in it and we had this conversation in the office and she said at the time she said. Well, I admit that crowd or hasn't violated our terms of service. But only demonetized him. We didn't ban him altogether. So you should be happy that we didn t silence. It was that the Orwellian Ammonites her out that conversation yeah. I appreciate that the challenge set. Your question is: what can we do about their lot of things? We can do about it number one. We should use section to thirty two force big. act to be neutral. Public war again section two authorities: the special immunity from liability. Given the big tat when Congress past it, they believe
they'd be neutral and they were neutral. Then they beg big made it easier to stop being neutral. We ought to say our eye if you're gonna be I asked uncensored, you don't get any immunity from liability, they can sue the hell out. That's number one number We are to use the antitrust trust laws to go after and break up big check. Has long been against the law to abuse monopoly power. That's what big Tec is doing right and then number three we ought to use consumer protection laws because therein gate and deception and fraud and and put simply
when someone signs up on a social media company, the basic promise that they're making is, if you follow someone you'll see what they pop up allows. You they'll see what you pose. The big Tec is breaking that promise they're lying to you could have been like what you pose. Yes, what the people who have chosen to follow you dont, get see what you post, because data and the problem is to their two problems. Number one in the current Congress, the chances of of Congress doing anything positive about this are zero. because the Democrats were in bed with big tat. They want big to censor more so Nancy Blowsy and jumped humor ain't gonna. Do nothing and her own owes the worst but continue an hour
She was a marginal intelligibility. How surrealistic, when you haven't band hate speakers, Stephen Creator and understood you I'll pass off at the screen. Sorry I don't like. We had four years of the Trump Administration and- and I tried desperately to get the trumpet minister to be effective in going after big tat. I literally this not exaggeration. I had multiple meetings on this topic with President Trump with the vice president, with the White House Chief of staff with the White House Council, with the attorney general, with the deputy attorney general, the assistant attorney general grant. I trust with the chair the federal trade Commissioner with a general council that battle trade dimension with the church I'll just what he was getting good just when it was getting, could come back, he'll kill. We to come back, and I have a follow up here
no color bars? Ok, I think we have Senator TED Drew's here again. What was the last name said, the general a chair, dumping chair person, something I saw you were talking to your going through a list, and you said something chair person was your last word and I know once wants a done deal as a follow up, and I have one for final thing, but I want you finish your thought. So I've said the people I met with on the topic: the chair of the Federal Trade Commission, the General Council of Battle Trade Commission, the chair of the better communications vision, all of them. I set up meetings with them and try to get them to effectively go after big back right Trump read to you say: let's do something on this. His team was not able to effectively executed and the problem at the OJ is its very silo, so the antitrust guys they think about traditional energy
and Anna trusts law. Usually the harm and anti trust is prices go up with right, tech, censorship. It's not prices, go up, it's their abusing monopoly power, the silence voices they disagree with it both get. What I try to get I met with. Actually both Jeff sessions and Bill bars oath, trumped turning general. I met with this, and I try to get them to form a deal. J task force with multi people from multiple divisions. To develop a legal strata go after this. They simply either didn't want to or were not able to get it done. It was maddening. So what can we do in the short term? The best Hopes are number one private, letting issue number two state attorneys general State of Texas is leading. Actually, my former chief Council guy named Judd Stone is the current solicitor General a Texas mile
Job is leading the states. Lawsuit gets big tech trying to fight this. That's one of the best avenues for moving forward. Also, state laws tried to engage in it and then we need to do is when Congress back in the White House and actually actively use federal government power to go after this. I don't want to say one thing as Joe had followed question, but let me give you a couple of things here and I'm going to this is going to sound selfish, but this is very important. So now not only are young people being able to follow you being able to see what you what you post, that's not the case. We direct aid be testing with you to just to be clear where one we're monetize. We now regained less than a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers a month, maybe one ten. They demanded just once went down to thirty room, ties us again up. Two hundred and forty thousand hundred fifty thousand subscribers game two months D, ties us again, and also throttled new subscribers. We have all of this documented, so that's
porn denotes not just about following its about them choosing. yeah who you are able to follow. It also determines if we shop in and search keep in mind because you too, as a business, and they want to direct people to their paid content. Also, I will say this: you guys and I mean you guys everyone and have screwed up by not bring me, and I have said bring me in coach, because I have information that nobody else has if there's a lawsuit and Texas and see Credit is not the first name on your docket turn those assholes. Why does a ghost when they see me walk into the room? You guys have screwed up, because I've seen a lot of people at these hearings who are chasing sent, and I thank you what I'm talking about re say some people in a Trump administration were you know whether they were unable to get things done because they want some of these people, not all why to gain more notoriety themselves. I don't Donna behind the scenes- and I make myself available, but nobody, nobody can. More effective in this than I can every time we back door, it's someone who I then here on the floor, bitching about the fact that suspended for four days on twitter- that's nice!
what we got we got some, I fear that I would love to actually get in front of people can make a difference. No one can do it more effectively than we can This is not a threat. It's a promise. Put me in coach. Stay. You got an open invitation to come sit down with me in Texas, see all also do everything again yet in front of the technologies office, get get you talk to them too. I that's the obviously different players, but I know this as well, and I am happy to try to facilitate There too. I really appreciate your casino with me. It's like we said we were finally with being demonetized recent finest. Your appreciate your business sure the issue was everything else. The fall out the search the losing of subscribers, because this is- and I don't talk what this is. The map watch. Listen to conservative show period are now certainly by anyone under the age of thirty, and they want make sure that we don't reach people. That's why we were just suspended. It's not about the money. If there's money out, data to charity. If that even happens, I problem right now that it's just about having an even playing field and you too have just as much as they want the next lot
try to have it, and I know that you are doing good work and I know where you get stonewalled too, and I dont want to name names, but they sat so it's twitter at TED Crews, Ets and tat drew the verdict forecast. The new e book is critical race theory, a lecture by Senator TED crews and a man of horrible wifi senator. Thank you so much in the timber. Thank you, Stephen God Bless have a very Christmas a happy new year and I look forward to seeing the mink handcuffs under your trip. Absolutely but tell me for mankind are like this has been tat drives everybody so I got loans, but that's it! That's what I wanted right there. That's the answer to the question: let's go sit and talk, this, as you know, one dark, and if I do know you talk and without this and then I'll send someone as there are some of its congressional hearing or Senate hearing only yeah, but I think I was shadow ban like you know that you ve got nothing and you know what I do and they want
get fame out of it. I don't give a rat's ass about the money. I don't give a rat's ass about the notoriety. I just want to make sure there is a precedent set right now is chat Thursday by the way smash that rumble. But- and this is where we will usually say, piss off you do I'm going to call them little, but I think some of that whisky is actually real, who so broken a let Rama what we appreciate you on three to Russia, love. You
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