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Teen Girl RAPED at School by DUDE in a Skirt…But Cops Arrest HER DAD?? Guest Dean Cain


The Left says DC Comics’ new bisexual Superman is brave and bold. Former Superman actor Dean Cain says no, and he joins us to explain why. We also get into that EXPLOSIVE Loudoun County school rape story. And are YOU ready to give your kids the COVID shot? #Superman #DeanCain #LoudonCounty

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Ok audio listener. This is where I would tell you tat. You know why don't I usually, I would say, leave a review or a rating you know I don't want to. I don't look. I don't want you to force you to do anything. You don't want to do a lot of you haven't. I can see who's listening and whose actually doing things and if you're in comparable with any of it. I'm not just look shows pretty good evening came through Michael member. We talk about Snake Island whenever, but You have to do anything, you don't want to do
don't worry about it, so that we all know actually house Chicken that shirt I want you want for myself to your mother's, no civilian, prairie, shoved like homage this April raises, shall I watched so you're races. I watch it ironic Lee everybody who watches shows racist. Everybody who is on the show was racist. Your racist, I'm raisins, and you don't have that here know at this store. No, it's racist, ironically, store shock at the shop support the fight
the job done, I'm
delicious It takes a little monkey is because the widening mouthwash today because with a very special guest, we have the supermarket Dean came in the show right which hey the currently get. Not, though, not that we know of, I don't wanna prayers. I dont want to presume well, we wouldn't, but he was trending number two yesterday, because he was of course a superman that week we grew up with less lark or as I used to call it the terror At your show, when I was twelve alcohol, understandable, I was focused more on her and I was Undine came, but he's a long time for the show he'll be to talk about he's under fire for entirely reasonable comment regarding the new, bisexual, ethical Diana shocking. When we talk about a lot today, there's also look: there was a book in loud and county. You ve heard about this county of publishing the video this man, who was probably in the FBI, ideologies watch list. You know as a terrorist, his daughter of this more com, now, the guy freaked out will show the clip freaked out at a municipal meeting. His daughter was raped
by it doesn't say transgender. It says: bisexual boy who wears a skirt, and this was confirmed from a rape test kit to be clear and actual forcible rape, and nothing was So that's why the father was a little bit perturbed. So I think the context here matters, especially before you get to public, shaming we Talkin about that- will be Talkin also about the other new of the FDA. Now, why vaccines for under five year olds those those silly right wing, fascists over there in Iceland, Finland and Sweden got it wrong because they think the FDA is overreaching here. So I, up is down down as up with a lot to get to Gerald A? Are you I well? How are you, sir? I'm ok, I'm doing what I now have the covenant. Like half over half the people, Now, maybe earning those bodies may learning those anybody autumn of a court of LAW Garret. How are you gonna? Aren't I didn't get it. You didn't want it that
the people around you haven't. I don't have it don't worry about it. There's always sickle cell and Dave landed and out Dave. How are you, sir? I am grates, I'm great and you're gonna. Do I hear you're doing or Lando Improv this week? That's correct! Sierra Leone. prove this weekend Tampa next weekend, wig in Wichita, I'm the California Running, been announced tomorrow. All right I'll order- yes, yeah, ok, so little but a contract. I just for myself Florida and then powerful from greatest state to Hell Scape deregulate greatest state? Yet we? Yes, that's true. Although gotta Newsome surprising people, don't necessarily nobody lined up in vaccine mandates, but again it's really. We Iraqis, before we get to all that. We have a lot to talk about today. So this is trending. I guess right now and for this morning, at the time of broadcast. I apologise because hopefully this won't be trending- If there is a god, I know, there's a god. I'm just say that the request and a question, Lord, please show you.
Ass. He himself the same. Here's, how many fallen Angels word, I don't know records year have Lucifer what how we're there? That many did you see. The video. Is there a me? I just wanna do something. Our me who art in my apartment, complex, where are you have you checked out tiktok? Liz, though, is trending, and I had to do my research and due diligence all references around a lot of earth. Credit comedy transcription because to me, I'm not sure that less so and what's her name, Megan stallion are different people, the stallion these Daggett thee. Staying, but apparently they are about them because because our black now because they're they're, fattened disgusting, it's true anatomy If you like fat horse without just gel, together in my head, so lives, though amateurs,
what do you have the right to say that we're ok? Look if this is just this is personal opinion read some of what I say hears is subjective, its can right. So I believe the sty in is a bit thinner, a little bit you're gonna be a willingness to have somebody that goes by the stallion ways. Let s hear what would happen now you? Why lost thirty pounds? I go by Megan these centre. What do you do? I still shake my fat ass in mesh body suits yeah, ok around, so so his anything move just make it a miniature pony just thirty pounds. Let ok! So listen, I'm just not the treaties on buying time. Can I want you to do it now? You gotta, do it it's running right now, let's o is training for I just for wearing this study. and brave dress. None of the dinner table. smell there and then yeah
She has gardener. Yet that's what will you say no evil had now we have we. Actually and of from another angle to trot. We live in a house of yeah. stunning encase, you guys didn't get a good look at the dress, because that's obvious Here is another angels. We have some other pictures there. Oh, my word: us if an irish citizen off Strip Casino, like Twitter, tweeted, don't play with you- fool ass ours that I'd look. I've heard of white people being out of touch with black american cholera, rather ridiculous, like I just wanted, job with the picture. Do like this thanks. I don't think there is this much of a gap between, for example, the Beatles, a rolling stones and like the ship.
the temptation yeah it wasn't. I wanna home I'd rather like now there a little bit more will soulful. Well then, I guess: What I mean, I don't know if it's as close as a gap between like her meals, but it Definitely maybe I think it's a constant yeah constant, it's more of a it's more of a nutrition morphine Europe really Her nutritionists has to be its easiest job on earth. Yes,. so you go ahead. Have just make sure you don't credit me she's, monetize, being Earl of Scottish thing put graveyard and it's a brownie stood fever. The world, its Kido, its inner, can put butter on before I finish that raise. Do you have to I guess I nutritionist. I got my In addition, I got my professional air fire. I got my amish butter journals full time frames fry either
area because it's on a drone. bring it everywhere. Area, can you not really pissed me off, though she gets covert and died. It's gonna be like perfectly healthy and fair perfectly healthy eating your daddy's over and, of course we don't want to. I don't want any of that to have things. I don't want her wearing a mesh which, by the way on Muslim member, write me to tell you when I went to token islands placed to walk his dials? Yes, probing he's fine by the way he does. You just have to put a precautionary measure and I went to work dog and saw two lesbians get into a fight on the third floor. Byerly and one was in something more revealing than that. The scar, but I saw it in real time and eyes- I saw lesbian, domestic abuse. Would you do nothing?
what about? What am I going to Germany idea how difficult it is if you intervene when when a man is beating his wife or girlfriend, and you try and defender you now become the target for both of the story. I just be Stephen. Crowded beats up lesbians at that scared and he fell right out of the treaty Hitler's Bruce that's been scope and other lesbian apartment for my next time, I'll get the Lucifer telescope and so that it can humour that. So let me ask is what what we're talking about dean, came retirement Superman. I wasn't. Gonna show that disconnect between Netflix Northstar, the rotten tomatoes there's an audience scores. We ve talked about this in the past, but specifically there's an out of touch echo chamber in the entertainment industry they think something's are really good idea, and then everybody gets on board to support it. But obviously the market in speed
use and I don't really think it is so? What examples can you think of where either this critics loved it and most people didn't or most p beloved in critics, didn't let me know we're going to almost every move: transformers baby- oh my god, you deny that on their though that's like one hundred percent and zero. Yes, it usually agenda driven. I am thinking when we will get to them like voucher. We just reviewed yesterday evening's brought on my clothes and then Nanette we had a now was that was one yet with a hundred and zero, because rated a hundred by the critics and zero by people who thought there are targeting turning into a comedy special right. This is Was that the australian lady? Yes, it's Alex about application- is a white man's aces. Eta gets easy for themselves. But I was in it easy for them not for me as someone with autism, which I tell everybody within four seconds of meeting them, but I was section,
eight times. It's like, I think, you're going to the wrong pool. for the wrong wrong nature. Preserve was there, I mean really should get it when you meet me in the trees without Lucifer Telescope runaway to Saint fool me once checks for me nine times it's a special s, speaking of which, before we get everything else and vaccines at your five year old will be taking soon today is, its international national, its hashtag, no broad, day polling day in which show the feminist are fighting back against the patriarchy by doing exactly what we don't want and showing off don't do that night. I didn't know you simply decided about this earlier, but yeah Three these chest, slaves, Gus. Yes, yes, I'm getting closer and with the mayor this is it's the reverse. Psychology has been very effective with this now. Can you imagine like deck, I get to see Donald Trump.
Hiding out in the meeting at the very big even like you accidents where part of less folks they used it. Tell me that they were going to show me their breasts and I said: don't do that show them. They said we're going to show them that I said, don't show them. They would tell me they'd always tell me that I was the man to whom they would get. By showing their breasts, and I would say no Don't do legally any naked women and, like the sixties, protests once it everything off. They still like their wearing something right, yeah fuzzy, their hair. Little foot flock. If we want to take off your browser, fine, I say
just a jig it don't set out to any, but now its thinking, it's like the bigger like come on you're doing something that most guys would be like yeah at what are you could be fit feminist curtains of this second, Canada can be faked out by the wet bandits. Don't worry Harry I'll, tell them not to show their breasts will show them we're gonna. Do we're gonna walk down the street naked. You know what we're gonna stick it to women, within national man's Rights Day By- we're going to show you and sit on the couch and watch the game and have a beer. How do you feel about that? It goes both ways. Oh no one f, her hair, like I elect Roman, drew Barrymores Jump on Letterman's, dusk and lecture brassiere. No one care why give Kevin space. He did then pull this dog out. He would have been tackled damn well, they do the failure. Was banks, gay, look at a look at it. I didn't mega God's creation, kids look at. How would you forty that's good
The railway network meant this is this also comes from this idea, and I know that not everyone believes this, but they used to say that that men created brows to constrain women and make them shameful their bodies. Look because there was a mark you know what men also method tampons, that's because but you don't women's and we bother by this it's better than just letting you know, then just bleeding all of the place of letting it fall wherever it lies. You know, you're welcome, that's a good thing! We welcome for having your pants and your shirt. Yes you're freebooter now, through the writing. Is the patriarchy, my cache okay? So let's get really we have the Superman right now. This is a new story, which is why we have Dean Cain and show me love tweet. It out people now, because you don't, I will say it's not just that he's right, leaning that his observation hears. It is actually very apt, and yet so Dc. Comics announced this week that the new Superman is going to be sharing kisses with another? I guess Tom Tailors a writer for the comic he said the idea.
Replacing Clark Kent with another straight white Savior felt like a missed opportunity first before we go. I will then he's exuberant. You understand that Superman as an alien, correct, also was the first white Savior I would rather him not save people who aren't white I mean, do you understand what you're saying here they did. It was Superman created to be a white. Send to save everybody else, because I don't. I don't think I remember him- saving the poor other people on the planet he saved every week. Yes and everyone here he flew around the earth to make time go backwards. It does not how that works at all I mean I am. It is right in a lot away, neighborhoods he did well. He flew to Africa at one time. That's for sure. That's not true. But I feel there and I in any said, there's no. Water, Ebola heard a sound rain higher and higher. Now, that's like you know, my new kryptonite is evil,
you better, not have Ebola, earrings and a pet ebola that one of the servants they got. My only weaknesses is kryptonite. Chris. Did you know that we're gonna make all of our pipes and pictures of Kryptonite it's a trend in home living so you're, just a guess: since the new cap must release the new Superman has come from your terms, combated wildfires, caused by climate change forward at a high goals shooting in protest at the deportation of refugees protesting that woman's getting raged in the early? Yes, but it is their global warming behind us. Do you see the cow? Do you caused it with your laser? I ask that you made the are spent backwards. I'm sure that, through things off a little bit, jerk doesn't costume today. Really, oh, does it yeah I haven't seen it yeah no now includes needs.
so it is frankly today you Blake blank and single denounce. What do you say? It's a bird, it's a played. No, it's two fellows sodomize, each I'll, be dern and by the way, MRS Lane, you should get tested, because this is off the charts. Honey. Don't even believe that its human, his new crib night as those both production- and this is just this- is by the way this is shocking. After it, you know Robin just committed rat Batman, Arabin, better actual, would you didn't think you'd know did? for a date is news. There is no way the Robin had sex with women yeah, that's a hot generally we ve known we all know that, while it's his boy toy, you didn't need by visibility. Alfred's like you're bad man is not your biggest secret. India snapped. The worst thing have right now offers I could quite you mean that it made the papers, Robin has shut your mouth Hardly anybody not knowledge.
Have you seen what you wish, that resolution show wisdom wrought not still couldn't have less of an interest was looking at the fraud trapeze artists, I essentially little underwear and was like here. You go. Follow me around a lot more. I got away. That's it we're. What would he say these things are a little boy, underwear, I'm a big boy. I added a new sea to the bad mobiles like and sniffing when you get up Batman like manna. Passenger sheet is just another stick shift. I know so keen gaming across a team from burn after reading. Thinking is the foremost from you is assuming we grew up with and he's got a lot of flak for comedy. But here's a thank you didn't just come out and say: oh blah, blah blah blah cancel culture rank. He came out Commentators in the way that I thought was in cycles, sword like a talk about gene across you didn't, say: liberals Nazi should look. How do you think that before we got to the point where Jews were being exterminated- and I will repeat this because I feel it you gotta
Perhaps you said it started with getting your neighbor to turn on your neighbor. It started with vilified, your fellow countrymen. That's an apt comparison. Changing just come out here and save cancel culture, rod, rod trump. Let me read you what he said and that's what I wanted to have month. He said this is Dean king. They said it's a bold, reaction, I say there bandwagon it and he pointed to some examples: Robin just came out as by whose really shocked about that. When the new captain because gay, my daughter in the sea, W series Super girl where I played the father was gay. He said so I don't think it bolder brave or some crazy new direction if they done this twenty years ago, maybe that would have been brave, Brit Brave will be in fighting for the rights of gay people in IRAN, where they throw you off a building for the offence of being gay. Why don't I haven't fight the injustices that created the refugees whose deportation is protesting. That would be brave. I'd read that or fighting for their rights, women to attend school and have the ability to work and live and boys not be raped by men under the new, warm and fuzzy Taliban. That would be grave. This was, I mean, Dean,
no nailed. It absolutely, and I think, This point is so right that he has to be, can see no action before before. That's exactly and if you agree with what do you can just said they're not that he just supported your guy. People what troubles and if you agree with what he said, smash that like, but young people were just hit it. Right now- and I know we should change the Superman wasn't unhealthy visiting about is night with its. Not even a right wing comments. Now, it's not just a common and how ridiculous Hollywood, Panthers people and rule, one hundred and fifty km, articles, you see words like it's a blacked out white mom and an asian kid? It's like a nice was leave. They made an Asian get oh, oh, I was, I am tat. Is there anyway? I was adopted Dave. I don't think that's it. I think this is an effort for diesel comment topics to
how to become relevant again like I don't I don't know you guys following seasons for their failures in other not show that in all their like hey. What do we do? I don't, let's make us Superman Gay look here. That's all there do only be clear about this and before it before, I make this next point. Look crater shop that com where you can buy the fight like El Shirt- and this is how we fight like hell. You join up my club, you, Argentina. We have people on their diet that murdered on protecting can't good for you. That's your face and its Eliza Monday through Thursday, ten enemies to just wake up with us Dummy Tenaya, Israel does subscriptions, don't work, you can hit the notification Bell just now at ten o clock and will be taking your shot a little bit later. Here's the thing are superheroes who started from the ground up gay, for example, there are plenty of black soup. heroes as well, and there should be the issue here, liked in came said bandwagon unreadable. It just takes me look if the game heroes are successful and people want to read about them great if their popular, let the market speak. Let gay people have the heroes who they want. I think
but when you're talking about the media, this is also something because they were you uncomfortable. representation. Look, I don't know demographic rules come into play, but people will be absolutely furious if, let's say, there's only twelve percent black representation in an industry like I don't know the Oscars and they make up twelve point nine per of the population. Meanwhile, with eligibility to a ip who make up about two percent, they make up at least fifteen to twenty five percent of representation in Film Cinema, comic books, if you want an alien who landed on earth right now, you think a quarter of planet earth is going, or lesbian or Trans isn't that enough people with Superman and I just don't want to picture and blowing die no, never minutes hours later. That's a comic gobbledygook it's funny that he's a gay alien behaviour- that's like so the thing on american dad lay:
This is absurd. Superman came to earth to be gay God here and was like these boys real nice. what's required here to propagate two species, I'm going to do the opposite of that. Now, one thinking, suggestion to on the Taliban. If you could find a better villain on earth, please tell me who would be right like you, if you're, if Superman, supposed to go and save your capital. Tax insurrectionists can already dead ones are being held, some of them without Belpher trespassing. Let it be known you can never climb through a window ever right and live, but Taliban they can throw acid in a girl's face because she tries to attend high school. No mention of comic books are supposed to be international. Hey I have another idea: marble Marbled is needed, did you see how we're just archaic marvel? Does it while they get a little? They do of course far lower as it has also by that. Ok, where they really yes, there there was something about blotted, cancel that common quietly after this good. My point is due:
Ok, what do you see? The same thing applies, but marvels Disney. Of course it also applies. Why? Don't you Besides a communist Chinese, human writing, wants you criticised? persons who are jailed, save the Wiggers yeah save them leaders. Have you don't know about movement? Wiggers you're, either executed or placed in jail without any kind of possibility of parole are being set free right, always if you're trying to break into that, I forgot you turn a brilliant market. That's why he's which read dawn from China than remake to North Korea? Muslim? eager love rap music. They doing they could defend Taiwan to whether added here. What are you just table? The missiles internal back on the tragic easy have have Superman, go back a little some other fighter judges, but not in this international bohme, overly international waters. I don't know, I don't know geographically where the borders end. But the point is your stupid deasey. So let me give you a couple examples here: and tomatoes, and yet we distribute out. Yesterday I got a great credit score. Ninety one
Permit me just don't look at the two percent audience our, and this is probably what's going to happen with Superman. Isn't that things are not actually trying to serve the audience? That's the issue. when people say cancel culture, look it's accountability, culture, its not when people in powerful positions of power have decided that they will take rarely forego success, four societal conditioning. Let me give you some more examples: curies right or FBI Anti OJ we're doing their job called it. It should be called tracking cookies. My percent critics and sixteen percent audience rate engine writing a positive thing. That is a critic yeah, I loved every minute, I loved every mass, what you like about it most dont want to be in the record out. There I was, I watch did several several times. I was glued to my seat
when unfortunately was real nailed tighter and that became problems ghostbusters? Seventy four percent critics, forty nine percent audience. I then minded yes very good. I know whose forty percent in the audience who said that was good- are these people Leslie Jones, reviewed at forty? Nine I saw that movie and I went in with an open mind because I like some of the costs and the director area, and it is the worst movie. I think that already had I sought on the line and I walked out. Yes, I would have all the joke that I use all the time, but I am fond of Kevin Smith or like, although much didn't Denver Kevin Smith,
these commonly known commonly known talent was hack and hockey jerseys his masters of the universe. Ninety four percent critics, thirty nine percent audience that was tried. That was, he hijacking he man and then making that are not about. He may be other. When did they come out? I don't recommend months ago four months ago that it even here about a thing. I ain't exactly was trash dear white people. Ninety five percent critics, forty two percent audience: Captain MAC full of course, remember Brill Arsenal in her audience. Seventy nine percent critics, forty five percent audience tat- gets be Nanette that one or two self deportation is gonna, be budget union for companies. What it's not what this is well, then, I'm gonna downvoted hundred percent critics hundred percent credits, underpriced, none that got higher than I believe, Citizen Kane what he said and Russia lobbyists then compare that directly. They ve Chapelle, the closer thirty three percent critics: ninety seven percent audience: hillbilly elegy, twenty five percent critics. Eighty three percent audience death wish eighteen percent critics, seventy one percent
Can I go on that point? Is here just isn't just about market forces and when liberal say well, you're a proponent of the free market, but the problem is you want to dictate manipulate, shut down options of the free market and then laid at conservatives feeling well that that's the case of the free market, just like with subsidies with energy companies. This is not. This is not a free and open market. Now, absolutely not fine with critics having a different opinion, of course, always a little bit of a gap at this is crazy right and it's not it's on social things. It's on woke media things. It's on things that they would have. They can't come out against because they will be cancelled if one of the critic written a bad review on some of those they would have accused all forms of racism or sexism or whatever the hell you're against pedophiles. How in the world? Could you not like cooties iq, believes it can specify right man yeah I'd, exactly and I dont know if God was a big fan of fiscal and even if she could have a kind of rough go to Salazar mother I mean this. One has floppy face. Yes, Ganges. Did you
children's. Don't you will anyone guy now sit out just one guy with two thumbs right? This is the only two people how come on budget costs. Let's get a fish, having to make cuts now, look who's, gonna be the first critic. Let's be honest, genuine question you guys answerable up. Who do you think- the first credit to line up and given negative review. Let's say of a bicycle: Superman or of a tree, gender ship. Who do you think it's cool who wants to step on that hand, grenade restart, throw themselves in the home, you step on live on a lady, I'm gonna go John Tesh. Yes, yes, anybody else that is wrong in red, runs, hears some other time, others Emma speaking of welcome, then we're gonna get to the vaccines and have a deal, the rape story, I'll, let you know it's a little heavy, but this is kind of today is a progression of all right, just in case Superman and then we'll go to all right. To this guy's, not black enough, says the left and all right, we're actually
I disagree with the science and force people to get back. Maybe when there are other countries that actually aren't even doing this and then all right woke ultimately leads to. This is the slippery slope. All she today, so you can watch it. Someone getting raped a minor in a school raped by eight. They say: bisexual boy skirt, I dont know the rules, rape, kit. confirmed school board. Let it go on blame the father for being disruptive and by the way the perpetrator raped another person. So the point is the slippery slope is not a logical fallacy if people are getting on their magic carpet, art in writing down figured it matters that you ingenious but you're the magic carpet on snow deserting? I gotta here outlined so MSNBC this report, an oriental Tiffany crew, ass. She. This is something just given I didn't know. We talk about contacts matters more than content, radio and extending a clip thirty seconds. Other direction, because you can possibly out of context year. I guess Tiffany Cross is upset by what she's cousins with crisscross she ups
with people not in black enough not being and lack of voices that she wants. She went after Carlos Watson, sage, steel, who we recently talked about that European was at european level. It is not for me, I get them use, but also went after Van Jones. I think we all objectively agree not even a moderate. Far less. It's ok with me then, she was saying this is this? This was actually to be clear, broadcast on a news network, I don't usually after MSNBC, because we all know they're, not actual news and right now, they're, not honest But in this case I thought, maybe miss something I wash ten minutes. Neither direction are about to see is the only time Tiffany Cross, Ozma and Jones to condemn him for not being a true black voice watch now Lee the three of these folks are most definitely black. Faith is, however,
they are not necessarily black voice is now less listen. The Jeff bay- those is black friend Van Jones after Donald Trump Speech, became president of the United States in that moment now let us another man and karlov are far from being fades, but there is certainly something to be said about wealthy and powerful white people. Elevating certain voices over others will be only per and who rivals AL sharpens ability with a teleprompter written by rich white liberalism. Is you definite cross? It was right to my way. Did you see four years ago yet is when that clip right click or you yet to go back for years.
Find something that this is clearly a caddy girl. Has a problem with Van Jones, I court at that moment he became president. I remember when you said that he was talking about I didn't like Donald Trump, but how he had gave a speech that was actually more unified. Actually with some of that, a lot of Americans who are maybe not die, our trump supporters could get behind. He was very actively saying. Donald Trump did a good job well he is clearly not a black voice here to combat AL shocked and leave the job, as is in fact the two not block mean I prefer when I was fed better and so did you what was. Why did you I was job happier year more fulfilled remit. Preach, rather by the way when she said black face, I could have sworn just introduced, gonna Papa! No, no! No! No, that would be on a different. Walkie differ blacklist got it, and this is so what's Van Jones. What's
The only crime has been committed. Is people turn because he he actually has spoken with, can every member of our own, whose annually publication. Why did you take these picture? We tat candies. Always. I can't believe you owe you that my horse economic liberal, but it like a better Managua digging Georgiana, they think, goes without I'd like people who, like Republic, is weak. said, Larry Elder was the face of white supremacy pose like the black. These words virtually what a good face we're not allowed? A comment is that it is. We have got to the point. Ok Superman has to begin our right, you're, not black enough, if you just say objectively that Mcdonald from gave a good speech all right. Let's, let's move on you, you should be banned if you actually take the possession of we'll get here, Finland Norton, what countries in european countries unmask mandates for children or on vaccines for children, five or you're not allow we have to. We have to ban you, that's why we're gonna double think we're not allowed or wait a second, no we're not gonna what we were saying:
a meter without silencing right. The problem is balancing women's voices to try and uplift rich white man, but now we're gonna silence, women actually coming forward and filing reports and taking a rape tested in the name of genders working. Let them be raped can do nothing about it and blame the father. This is when people say why do you talk about the cultural issues? Look, taxes, ebb and flow. We ve done segments on things like TAT, firm and things like when we talk about net transfers and how very few Americans actually pay anything and net federal income taxes, topical Africa houses all of these things, those things change you don't get society back when you ban people for opinions and now their land, the foundation, to ban people for not being liberal and black enough thats. What scary about it? This is, what matters we're not a nation founded on a range of people. Your nation fundamentally of culture is more and more people say America has no elder. Actually, our greatest export is culture. Look at how things look at the doubt. Pants taps dreaming! Look at
magazine, but the top celebrities. Why is it that american celebrities can be huge going to another country and not the other way round? For example, my friend chosen was taken You can have a guy in Japan. Japan is the only other countrywards professional wrestlings you'd get out a few knocking could have Suki can happen in the future, will fill up as the Tokyo. Don't come states not even draw a deadlock but how we would Hogan would go over there and would chant. Isn't. Cultures are greatest expert. Why? Because culture and a culture of specifically shared value is what is most important in making America different from these other countries. So let people shame you know you bring it up of culture, war. Think now no one I now want to be. Fairly. Those huge, no matter where Chagos assess treasure Superman flew around. It, achieves turn that time longer than flying around the earth can easily Philadelphian Tokyo ha. Second, was this sent home?
Don't give me an elephant here, I'm on stage tax I can't reach, so Here's the thing now, the? U S is they want to vaccinate five year olds, the White House. is told state governors to prepare to vaccinate children as young as five and the FDA just approved five. four children ages. Five and eleven now look. We can ok, we We can't just list the city, see death numbers for time, maybe just ass. The question asked the question on line. You know what will make sure the references available yet again in the Lincoln the description, the CDC numbers of the average death, the average mortality. right from the seasonal flu for children, Cates, zero point, eight five and up see Allow me to say that and in it front, Sharm allowed to say the mortality rate of covered. I can't compare them right content. that goes against policy, so zero point, five, almost one percent
standard flew accorded the CDC, that's the only source I will list for you as a reference, but Eric no other conspiracy website cdc, look at the mortality rate for covert for people in that same age, demographic, I think that's important. Do you know why? Because other countries have said it's important here against the signs. Are all the countries that you praise, one Europe wrongly trying to praise them: full democratic socialism. They got this one wrong because look the chief epidemiologists here for Iceland Band maternal shots for all ages? Really, yes, all ages! So kid now everyone over. my own Cardenas findings and keep in mind the CDC, acknowledge it CDC, shit, they re read. Some other countries are saying not as rare as we ve been told. These are countries, so Iceland Band Madonna for everybody, and then you have Norway suspending it for people under eighteen, all men under the age of thirty Finland, put a pause on Donna for men under
sorry; the reason they ve done. That is because look there is it's not without risk that doesn't mean that there are people who shouldn't take the vaccine, but it is It is not without risk, and other countries have evaluated data they ve been following, not thus science, science saying oh, doesn't really make sense for kids so does it William we're not gonna mask kids at school, our countries. Do this just sight. O America is more too military and in dealing with Cuban, then a lot of countries, particularly all countries now are the is Finland, Norway, Iceland, are they It's not the right with a science because there's like ninety percent of world strongest man, I dunno what their injecting them with an eye by the way just quickly. William Shatner is getting blasted into space right now, really utterly. I asean and well that's what they're covering there's a giant penis going to space. It has William Shatner at the Tipp. That's like the Austin powers, like did really has say, shut, takes bow so apparently
well. That is its me like. Ninety three, are we learned about the G force on that old tanker? Is Amazon rocket yeah? That's the basic rocket leading edge anything and that for all the common to shoot, a commercial body has its heart attack going through orbiters its next day shipping. He is ninety right noses club check with everybody places a billion from orbits well in Lebanon, was orbits no price. price lies rising with a young girl from Cayley Coca show. Yes, you mean funniest show every big bang there I mean the show that that raw threaded- who do I call it the Copernicus of shows. Yet that's it's, I think, watching that is like one, a black person watches and my Medea movie, you dislike, says in this a representative of any amount was none other than of any of us. It's your complain, Van Jones. Have you seen? Medea goes bow.
There's also happened to my gosh is big Mama's house there's like twelve of them, but I first saw Medea at all. It's like a big mama, South sequel. They said no rats totally everything as it was a black eye address those women and arrest CBS Medea. I said I was talking about big Mama lesson: What you're talking about? That's insane! I guess I'm too right now I don't want any of my melanin. Doesn't match, Will was Martin Lawrence. Other one is just the worst person, possibly I ah well. All right so dilute Perry is bad for ever and rebuilding every he's a comedy poisoned. Ok, so this is a story I wanted to cover before we get to deem came here. So loud and county is MRS County, whereas there actually been surprised me a few stories from not allowed in Communist Party School district and keep him when we talk about this either the FBI, D, o J and not really a thing, we're not tracking, and they are tracking you parents, and
In order to justify this, you ve seen some clips of humans in parent committing crimes. By the way, that's one thing notice: they line up at the podium speak into the microphone. We did a segment on that, but this well what we're afraid that you may end up being violent, so one of the cliffs, circulated was a man named Scots myth is June. Twenty second was a board meeting and they showed him. So I want to show you the contacts that you would have had back then being arrest, for being unruly and being a threat and resisting officers, this is you were shot, where
So we look. Obviously this man is resisting arrest. That's you watch it. You'd on pc pay was happening. Who is that I'll. Tell you in a second, so keep that's the contacts you were shown looks like he's, resisting arrest and actually looks like he's relatively successfully grab annex a lot of officers to get em. Now, that's a problem. Of course you shouldn't register. dunno committing a crime, and I understand that police have a hard job. Let's be clear about that, but you are shown that clip out of context. Ok, fun fact. His daughter was raped at that school by a trend. bisexual student in a skirt rang, and he was there protesting in change- occurred from here,
what would you do of your daughter and it gets worse than this? What would you do with your daughter was raped in school raved info proven I'm gonna get not complaining that someone looked at you wrong and a green room, raked forcibly sodomized and by the way just so, you know right before that he was arguing with a liberal wearing a rainbow shirt. Who said, I dont believe your daughter, I dont believe that's what happened right, that's what triggered it and a cop grabbed his arm from behind he shut it off. I don't even know if he knew and then obviously what he did after that's mystic river. Is that my daughter and that's what that is rather taken now, just think about that? If that's, if that is your daughter, who is rape and I'll go through this kind of you know, they were just went which was so well reviewed, I'm not having kidding no absolutely views about vengeance of rape. Yes, absolutely Jeff problem was one of the rapists and originally on the original death wish. This is look. This is an eight in all I'll. Tell you this. Someone rapes, my daughter, verifiable proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and gets off on a technicality and is back on that
I'm gonna be doing more than just slightly resisting arrest. If, especially, if I'm being that my daughter's a liar by someone who just had suggested a wardrobe change from tat believe all women now. So let me go through the facts of this case. You're, the boy bisexual boy in a skirt who was in the girls rests of course, look look. Look. Can we just agree? You to hear Facebook. It's not a violation of policies. If I accidently miss Beacon, say transgender cause, the boy was taken a dump in the girls restroom before he raped. Or can we at least daily work and the rule book? So I get it's a boy in a skirt whose bisexual, but I say gender fluid pan sexual, because the point is the forcible rape. So boy was charged with two council. Well sodomy. One counted anal sodomy, one county, forcible fellatio, says on May twenty eight, the school official told Smith that his daughter had been assaulted in a bathroom by a male, the boy, bisexual rain. I dont know if it
this person doesn't say if they identifies female, says, Bisexual Goin Escort, so I'm trying to respect the rapist school said they would handle them amateur internally. So this is important for Europe and the Father was notify whale. The school Cayman said: hey, this happened were letting you know we're going to handle it care must remain here, oh tested and they called the police on him. Now we ve talked about this in the past. that I, of course, Anderson giving women that, after the doubt, but also due process for action, when people say will rate, goes unreported. Ok. I understand that I think are part of solving this is we need to encourage whim We need to remove the stigma and shame of women coming forward in using rape, test kits and actually going through the process rather than waiting twenty years and making an accusation, because at that point look we do have a statute of limitations depending on the state, it is hard to gather ever so I do want women come if if women are raped, bury the guy but put him in prison, her light, if a woman is rape and its proven, that being said, we can't just take
personal accusation? When someone says I'm not gonna private, you just have to believe me, which is what members the school board were championing. You can go through their social me. and see where they went up. In this case, however, what proof is there? Ok only pushes believe all women, that's not really what it should be introduced. We believe the accusation look into yes, believe the evidence yeah yeah, to believe the evidence. So Instead of arresting Psmith, they escorted him. The Smith is the Father and his daughter said the last name is Smith and the daughter to a hospital, for a rate kit and it's called a sane exam with a vehicle, swab substantiated idiotically. She forcibly sodomized. Let's be clear: if you have her parents, we have kids You want to be clear because sometimes you will get man's oil. This is this. Why do you talk about this? A child, a girl who was an ape any school by the way Europe hold that hey when you Montgomery Funding, so that you can be under the care of these people.
Four, eight nine hours a day and not see your parents right, that's a society that we want to take the village. This girl. entrusted into the care of the school district was an early raped and a bathroom prevent my rig it at the time of this broadcast. This comes just by the way from daily. Why so, there are some exclusive info. I guess I'll be releasing more info down the line. That's why we're using them as a reference, because they have had an exclusive on this story. You aren't you gonna make it, but the dad protesting rain. use it what when people say you politicized covert on a second, politicize. The forcible Annabelle anal rape of a girl that when the dead has a beef like you, so you just laid out a little bit. Other may give one more piece of context here. Dad gets a call says: something happened with your daughter here to school. Come in you thinking that she was later something they write again into a fight. He walks in hey here's that here the facts raped in the bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt and the dad is like myself
lies our little boy, respect or the preference irish respects, the rapists preference and then, and by the way, there's a just give you there's a prestige at the end of this that should make you furious. This isn't re born that should make your blood boiled, especially if your parents, if you hear the store in your apparent and you don't we, instead of sending your kids to public schools or even private schools, where you dont have control over all right, I'm not saying that there is a saying: reconsider. Go at the the parent you if you're, the parent should meeting the police at the school. Yet we should probably be there before you arrive. Yes, you walk in the principal says too. Don't worry we're going to handle it internally. Here's what happened with Mr Smith! No you're, not! Yes, no you're, not the enemy of honorary. Then he had the audacity to call the princess pussy. Sorry part Mullay with no. He said the John Bruton word you thank God, isn't a football correct that he gets front, he gets mad and he said, look I'd. I did I yelled at them like there's no way you're gonna do this and then they call the cops on him like the police should have already been there for the.
yeah somebody was raped. Now. Let me give you context from what I understand he actually escort is, rather than arresting and radical by the police took him to hospital. That's when the rate kit confirmed it. So the school know about it would information, they knew long enough to get their ducks and around so chemical until the didn't conductor. Rape could also you know, what's happening at that meeting, which might have been a sore spot for the dad they were. Having conversation about expanding restroom access to transgender without a month of this, and they said that he got up there. Said something sorry, it was a month every eye was within a month, but it was someone that have been discussed with the school yet, and so he knew was coming up and get up there and said something about his darted Miller. Listen do we have The cases of this actually happening where a man goes into a woman's restroom. There are no cases of this happening but I still say there are no cases of abuse. continue to say there are no cases in battle
in the original arrest when he went, are not arrest, but when he took him to the hospital to get the kids when they called the police on the school? Had the audacity again to send an email to the parents and say there was an incident today at the school and I'm thinking good you're telling them that something bad happened too Earl restroom him in the girls data, be careful. No, an angry parent came up and was yet and a few other students saw that were really There was no danger to students nothing's going on your fine, yet you know what and by little run clip de after an artist even chime, and now I knelt testing period unable I'm just gonna say this if I'm the judge, in someone's, daughter is raped and a father says: let's do the right thing. Nothing happens. I don't know, let's say that rapists just disappear If I'm the judge, I go you, Mr Smith, don't you ever, do that a kid got guilty, so
Read this the school board. Now I was on a lotta juries, Viva Woodward Schoolboy member Beth Bards waved off concerns like it there's an actual quote. Our students do not need to be protected and they are now danger. Do we have assaults and our bath or logarithms regularly well interesting that you should bring that up. from what I understand there might be? Second rape, there is, there is, can we confront one is too many yet can we confirm it Gaza is a formerly article, it is from the same article that says there was a second when he was supposed to be convicted, or at least try it on October. Fort are pleading that that's what it says on October, fourteen right, but I'm October, so I believe there was some area October six. I want to make sure I have this rain boys and enjoy sexual lottery of another student forcibly kept them in a classroom. So that's actually taking somebody kidnapping offered and doing it again really should just to have mused the men's bathroom, so he gets beaten up a little bit.
ass, kicking, wouldn't be out of what people say. Well, this is rare. Do we know it because you just said nothing like this happen. It happened, you ignored it the same time, giving again that's two times. That's two time in less time than you would run summer, school class and they'll say, doesn't happen. How stories. Have we gone through of people being sexually that dimension the ones that don't get reported because people are minimised? those themselves to women in the bathroom when people thou say oh, my gosh, who could have seen this coming everyone Everyone saw those coming the fate culture war. Who cares what bathroom they want to use? What you know why men, and usually the people who say that are woke feminist? You are very often if you look at the numbers of demographic. We talked about this with men and women sports rights, its women. support it, even though we may not have a dog in the fight, it's the men. Typically, you say I don't it's a good idea, why? Why You think men would say aright and in the woman's room, is not the same as a woman in the men's room, women you may,
understand where there's a problem here. Why is there a price? and with a man using the girls, restroom manner, perverts manner, predators and its include space, you have nowhere to go women, wonder rightfully so women should be on the lookout to protect themselves because their crazy people out there and they you're telling me that you find I got an idea. Here's the thing One of you liberals that once this to be a thing and has a daughter you send them in there with your daughter, you let me and walk into these places. That say now that they are wanted that have gone through this process find right respecting their. But when you dont use biology, guess what you you can't you can't separate from people who are making a claim versus perverts, and this case. In other words, I am a woman, but yes, but I saw, but I saw you yesterday in shadow ass. Van Haven T shirt, I'm a woman today how can a re Paria I mean well. I trust you sound, like a reasonable person being Bathroom thing is almost this case. In my opinion, a little
It has nothing to do with its view on rape, somebody contravened any room that you want yeah, it's a family cloud, a kid who It was already for sexual assault to still be in the school and nobody can deny on him to go into any backsliding or another by himself because he's trend tat, exact. Like that's the issue. Does mean that all trans- I'm not saying altering general, but about people, but for the same reason, no, that guy is and that's the point that guy is and for the same reason is the two percent attempted suicide written transgenic me pre or post up? I think there's right it concerned. As far as may be some stability she's with children, especially John Mitchell, who maybe I'm puberty blockers the point, as there are people there are groups in this country right now who we're not talking about civil rights we're not talking about the ability, but we're not talking about not being looked down upon? No one should be mistreated. No one should be abuse. We talked about this yesterday with a big scandal was with me that we don't think seemingly is a transgender rhetoric as he's really nice to them in person
about this on you, you have to hate. Somebody in still disagrees. I think, by logically your mail, but we forgive a boar and behaviour from certain groups in this country. For example, Santa Claus at Santa Parade can't show you his dick. That's a crime. that start while, nevertheless, it it doesn't count for stripper grams. I d, like you to ask your bag Dave yeah. Well HO ho me, Saint Paddies, bread little but different from the fulsome straight for the point is there's a different level of two Orange forbidden Joanna Hossack in these people than marginalized, ok now the school is doing saying this person's been marginalized. The person rapist. You said that me, too, was before that women were being silenced at expense of the powerful who is more powerful tool. In today's society, who is more critique proof, then the algae betake, you community for proof, look at the fact that day,
chapels joke was about how the baby shot a black man. No one was outrage, but they wanted to cancel I'm Hafter, saying something that they perceived as homophobic. That was appointed as Jochen. What happened to you Maybe you can try to ban him now. We, That number who cares putting the wealthy guy he's gonna have another nets but special, but guess what the issue with that created a class of people who actually think they are beyond critics, and they are beyond the same constraints of the law so that something the culture war maybe have l gb teach you they're getting a little too big for the bridge is because they feel they can ban anybody that they want. And then, in this case you actually see members of a school board stepping in and protecting a rapist in the name of modern gender ideology, because their critique proof it's dangerous and it's wrong, and it's not equality, that's why they moved to equity. Well, look equality is,
You drop your pants at the urinal to your ankles, like I did in the first grade. I didn't know that I couldn't do that at school into their avatar, receives my parents, rapture patch ankles, and goes I woke up, so I was told if not, how we use a Europe. That's not how we use the trough at school Tiger said and sir you'll have to hand me that beer, because we think you ve had enough material. You guides drink what everyone s exert moonshine at the age of course. There, difference. Of course, you're not allowed to do that now, but will end when someone actually in its programme by rape text get its well look Jerry still up, why I thought equality, because equity is excellent. We have to ensure equity. Whatever someone you can use any asked room you want you. Can you can say create this new bill. Were we guarantee that that that that churches have to marry anybody?
what happened in Kenya? Reject pastors. Are Joe could have not about equality? Is about equity? What equality would be? Oh, no. You committed rape prison tried as an adult that would be equality. Equity is bullshit anyone who uses it. Anyone who, even to retain the idea of equity is a sharp lytton and I immediately dismiss because if you know what they're doing, they are actually being anti equality, and we see it here and you know who suffers well in this case, a little girl in this my heart, was just breaking for this girl talk about feeling helpless, talk about feeling unheard. and think about being the other girl think about The girl on October sixth, the second one thing about being seriously. We talk but this with the FBI, how I think, somewhere around forty two fifty cases happen after the person was reported. Nasser was reported them think about being This girl, this guy in may rape somebody the dad knows about it. They have it
everything's going. How do you know about it is going to enter into a plea deal and that their said: none are now he's he's under house arrest, he's he's here and you're the girl getting for. This would happen. You're the girl getting forced into an empty classroom held against your will and assaulted thanks, how you feel when you find out they knew about this guy. He already did this and is actually entering a collegial and when this happened a few times in a compliment and think of how everyone told you that you are just hateful and fearmongering where you said, I dont know this whole gender bender bathroom business. I can foresee some problems, take what happens to people say if it can save one life only to shut down the economy, which is a really stupid standard, because you know what I could save. What we could stop all rapes and murders. If we handcuff every man to a radiator, you have to believe in personal liberty front that being set. In this case you could of thy father the law which no one even the most hard core libertarian, who believes that they should be able to shoot black are worked, our heroine to their hearts content, a replica,
we'll get barium beneath the prison. No one would disagree, except for the Woke left us on the scoreboard. I wanna go to your point, could hold that thought, but I wanted to one thing before dean came to keep in mind the reason maybe they weren't doing. That is because this is this school district. That tried to suspend this teacher Byron Cross for saying this about gender pronouns. The real doing we condemn school policies like eight thousand and forty and eight thousand and thirty five, because it would damage children, defile defile the whole image of God. I love all of my students, but I will never lighted them regardless of the consequences, I'm a teacher, but I serve God first and I won't affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa, because it's against my religion is lying to a child, its abuse to a child and its sitting. Against our God, should office might give us time to the rapist, yes, rapist, David, etc. This is why there needs to be address current school because they allow the victimized or to disguise himself as a victim, and I think that's a big problem. Most hearkened to teach you last week
who she was saying. You know, look like you search. You start fighting for this, and parents commended get angry that there's a dress coat and she I don't even care that there's a dress code, you know for the the boy she goes there near for the girls like it's the boys. She goes if girls come in wearing practically nothing which their parents will come to school and fight for right here that she goes. It distracts every guy, my classroom. They become a tie, get and also what kind of parent comes in, and screaming about how their teenage daughter should be able to show half their right. That's why they're? could be some standard of dress d, look you're, voyages, a boy really just a girl. It's simple, because your young you're learning you have filler obey order and rules when you're young, that's how that should work. So im when tat into a school system and do what you want on your own tie. Ups and by the way to be clear before you know, Dave is not saying that if a girl is showing half rashly deserve to be raped, no, not that kind of thing. As long as the boys running scared, no I'm saying that if
was a teenage boy and there's a girl showing ass far ass? I am not looking at John crying out loud, I bought my binders based on their hiding Yazzi. I was like this. This one doesn't way enough. The trapper, capers hadn't, even in one of the girls, were wearing back that my colleague MRS Robert. She might be sixty three, but you know what those effects are right at a level when she walks around by God. It's the Eddie Murphy Joe, come to the board I'll. Take the zero nobody ever. If you guys have heard about this story, this is from daily wiring and we'll talk about it confirmed sources. References to build. and please comment what would work? you do and you know what they want to go back to that point, how to enforce a dress code. If there's no such thing as boy or girl, that's that's how far we ve gone through heavy. Yes right! It's like I say what would you have addressed cut for boys and girls, but the guy says he's a girl could buy me, all right, so we're going to talks beaten about all of this work is am really excited friend of the show you know me, love em. We ever clip in a sting, a right dean.
pain, Superman targets so that you hold, the twins, are hungry and Jimmy needs serving, and I've got the queen of England here for an enemy of the queen, raising teachers, a piece of cake Mr Kane, it's been too long, sir? Yes, even it has our you, my friend you're good in your healthy you're, not spittle, the hospital right now. That's where you you look like you're colombian drug lords, Villa I'm in my village in vain. Nice very nicely. I've got a colombian drug, Lord any more relevant you always you went on to you played one opposite. I want Denzil, you play what you played a bad guy and that what you're drunk Lord or were you a thug? I don't know, I don't want to miss Oconnors, ok, sub continent, as you probably worked with drug lords think it. You are trending yesterday on Twitter, like number two and here's a thing. This is
You know. Twitter is not the real world and I won't. I just talk about this earlier dean. I dont really just having people, because they say something raw right wing. I thought your commentary, was spot on where you pointed to look. These are examples of plenty of gay and sexual superheroes, I'm on a show where my daughter is is by sexual and brave, would be protecting the people who are being thrown off of rooftops for being brave would be you dress. The the refugee issue would be protecting people whose rights are violated that creates the refugee crisis. You didn't just say. Raw deasey is Hitler and use still got the shaft. I too feel that what made you feel compelled to talk about this. What personal? Having played the character? I know a thing or two about the character and people are sometimes interested in my opinion down at, which is what happened was, I think, is leading headlines went out there. Have you ever heard of those before what they put out? Basically, what I said
angry that that Jonathan can't John dented son of Lewis and Clark, what bisexual, which have nothing to do with my response whatsoever. I'd pointless it s enough result! Point you thing It's it's been done and we have done all the time you are so that wasn't a big not a protracted because keep in mind that this character, Superman's son, so they wanted the audience to think that the dean came was going no shit. Get everybody shoe. people may have old, but instead the headline could have read Dylan Kane, defends the rights of gays and ran that was loaded over. show them that had lied about. I wanted. I would rather have is more accurate. What I said right He'd go in and around you would have been burned alive in a cage just for those tights. They wouldn't have given you a defence, its were nice, eight mail from from Twitter IRAN,
saint Aubert, sometimes again and death. I don't think very not about that. I should ok what you just go ahead and keep drawn gaze on building, and if that makes you happy what's yours, your apologizing but you're, not apologizing for real, that's funny patois. This is Why do you think, though I mean when you were working on Lewis and Clark? Look, I think it's as simple as this. I was a kid with all due respect. I refer to it as a Terry hunters when I was sure yes, I should have I quite certain that, girls, my age referred to it as the Dean Kane Hour. It was a. simple as people looking at beautiful people, you and I have no hope of looking like that- no one in this room, which is why we became comedians, and that was ok, we're there is obsessed with non issues like this and in representation back then
I don't think so away because the internet was in its infancy. So I didn't hear so much about it, but the show was called lowest in Clark. It was they would venture Superman. We have is drip, Lois relationship and ended. Nobody was. give it up and down to run out she's a strong women. We have to celebrate her and strong woman. You just did it. Yes, she was showing it was wet with, without even making a deal out of it because it wasn't a big deal. It was expected, but no it's a little different time back then, but I'm sure had it been near the age of the internet, data nine hundred things that we did wrong and I'm sure now that it's on HBO Max they'll find some awful sex is terrible. Stop it that is why it is that it is in our European MAX yeah, it's area. Each beheld max and a new generation of kids and families are discovering it. I love that. Oh, what why I'm you know this. Of course I'm a Christian, but if it's an hp max that's a way around my accountability, Parker,
Mr Kane, Mr Kane, I hear you're you're breaking up a little bit and I appreciate you came in last minute from Spain, so I'm gonna, let you go can't really here you, but I appreciate it and will keep talking about year once you're gone. Let's have you back once you're states that? Thank you very much for that. didn't even if this thing or again, what's at that stage, given that staggered Sorry Dave. I know that you wanted to get some precautions. The eight you know no time like the guy last minute came in from Spain, I now from his villa in Spain, as you know how many women are their consensually most likely in that villa these single I dont know. I know he was married once I don't think he's married now. What is a son who, by the way, he's just like really just great kid- and I know dean- is a hell of a dad guy, which makes him unacceptable Ah, yes, conservative, but that is all that is a good point. When we want Lewis and Clark was really the first It was the first Superman adoration where they live.
What do I didn't think that the woman's name first, but it certainly fifty fifty and that's when I put a great emphasis on Lewis and Clark and Terry Hatchery kicked ass. Ensure Terry answer was gorgeous. When I was a kid she was one of my early crushes back then and no one really thought about it. This is oh yeah, Lewis and Clark. Couldn't we want to see the story of Lewis and Clark, a professional working women? and a guy who is it, but she was always smarter than in the show. Remember that was the terminator terminator to even before that, like yours on India, Linda Hamilton, a very strong role, but nobody made a big deal out of it. Now it was just ok, good she's, protecting her son, it's fantastic go for it, go back to Lucille Ball, owning half a Hollywood, but its we ve been set beds there is aligned Stephen and he did give her some fresh ones, as you say, issue and a lot ice back. She has a lot of pain. but our usual sets for life No it's gonna say, though, with that show to the first one that ever showed that the main point of the shows a relationship
between a man and a woman was just then the led by a woman where, if you look like the old George Reeve Show, it was just The guy who was you know mostly drunken a little overweight, is trying to like stop a train. That was really is that I was really Melick Superman's. Not that interesting. It was. The first person is the first time beside the movie where it had taken it to a new level right while you're right. That's why they're kryptonite became such a big thing it. How he's too I used to fly, but then the problem is with consumer rights to extreme right and we end up with either plainly invincible or more useless than your next neighbour heart project that you were a crystal break out in my motoring. One, aren't you see we have the mood girl from I oppose it. Lose Hollywood land about George Rees within lay about did he would he did he get murdered mysterious? somebody's area that we are not at all. Is it yeah someone about where those old Hollywood land Hollywood fables along the river
Only dollar observers during a party- yes, what it was once at what point here, look at her leaves or the Kennedys indeed say that is close to a curses. You get us move on from air of the related crisper, this was your now George rose out of the exiles. Just happened. How is wiser for Reeve and Georgia is remained you're, always throw me up because of the plural, and I learned friend, versed in the romance language. Reeves is never put in a cave. That's a good play. Not gonna do is to go back to this. Loudon counties We're going to want to talk more about Superman and take your check, cuz we're going to talk with Dean Cain longer today, but we we can't. Obviously he chose to be in his villa from Spain, How dare he hit is important to because I've talked a lot about logical fallacies. Things like you. Don't you tell me to Red herring, just something that basically unrelated correlate correlation causation, weirdest things. This is that therefore, and you're making the leap when they're
a leap slippery slope can be a logical fallacy. It's when you talk about it can also not. It can also be true- and so when you look back, I am asking you this genuinely consistent, because this is not the only case of this happening and we ve covered them before, on the show, when that says if it would save one life and they insert three point five trillion dollar spending, though that includes billions of dollars in planting trees. They use that for justification. Call our second There were people along the wasting, just don't change the law from the way civilization, and this country has done it since the beginning of time, because we foresee We foresee some problems name we women being victimize nascent. That's just fearmongering what happened to you if you could save one life, what happened to
You know what we may. We go to abortion, safe, legal and Rick. Now it changes to on demand taxpayer funded period. What do you think would happen if you went back to an abortion activists and Sixtys set by the way you are actually going to force a taxpayer to pay for abortions? Up until now months and even at you will have a sitting Governor Ralph, North Mueller sitting governor, say on abortion activist? Who could you can go back to our budget? in the Sixtys and Seventys. They do have a sitting Governor Virginia say that if a baby born survives and abortion. We will put it in a room, make it comfortable and then decide what to do with it. I e how to kill it. You think that so you're being absurd, do you think that if you would have gone back again when you go back to, I talked about this during the same sex marriage time to everyone? What surprises look? The issue that I see you a same sex marriages, not civil rights, not sharing property, it's not wills. I think all of those things. Of course you should be equal. I believe that the issue here is when you fundamentally say that men and women are interchangeable, there's no difference to dad same is at hand
I said I just I don't agree with that and I don't think that's a really good message to start, because I think it's a slippery slope, because what else into basically makes men and women different that we will just ignore it's crazy will. Then we got to that and we got to the target to target story and we always what's not just about target. it's about there being no standard. Now I would say to you want to say transgender and someone actually has gone through the Cross Hormone Cross, sex hormones, therapy and chain. the bottom, which ninety something percent of trench tenders do not all right an exception. Will what I should have to show card to you know what hey, I think, that's more reasonable than a boy pudding on a skirt and raping to girl But that's just me: Mister old fashioned hold that thought jail because Youtube. This is going at spicy those one mug, libertarian your chats you to piss off now.
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