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Texas School Shooter is ... BLACK? Why the Media WON'T Cover It!


There was a school shooting in Texas on Wednesday, yet for some reason the media isn’t interested in covering it. We explain why! HINT: It involves melanin. Also, the woke Left has their panties in a bunch over the new Dave Chappelle Netflix special. #DaveChappelle #TheCloser #TimothySimpkins

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Ok, ok! I just look. I'm gonna shoot you straight ever have the to now I vid! Now I don't I of course I dont, because I actually feel sick, so So I don't don't leave a rating or subscriber review and then on a mug club today, it's actually really what we placed even though sports, and that I don't want to ruin it for you. But we many answers are guy, they could be misconstrued as racist louder, with greater is brought to you in part
got over to the shop. The fight to read the job was done to list. Long, sip, greater some fizzy water. Today. How do you not shook with the sipping them
what are we really very water like its bubblegum day? You can we did your parents, never teach you how to drink, letting you know to a beggar. Fizzy water also the first. I want to share our throat. They have you drink like seven upper spray and its gear. You dont legs, you don't like Turley Leg Sippet in like that. Don't use your silly! Why tasting terms thorough and toil and trouble here, while you now, let's see if we waited he muttered duck we're gonna be talking about a last look. A study we were live on air and there was a shooting having and in our Linkedin in my original policy is: don't talk about dosing until you more information statistically. The early reports are usually wrong and they were way off and now, of course, for a lot of reasons Did you want to memory hall? A mass shooting at a school for people were shot. I am usually. They, of course, course they wrote it. Moms demand action were politicizing this before the bodies had even assumed room temperature and as part, of course, of the missions able to show me when I want to talk with you about what you
can do to protect yourself and in what solutions there? Possibly arts always tragic what happens. Thank God, nobody died, but it is import To understand why the media is saying nothing a figment of your imagination. Whilst we talked about them, you James Bond Film, yeah, I'm excited about that. The debts you do will do very very shortly and of course, the new Dave Chapelle disciplines broken count. Countries again we're good yeah good for him. For telling jokes, correct com and yes, once upon a time where to be allowed back. In a simpler day, we were allowed to have involuntary emotions like laughter from, like my question, you as well You think we're gonna sake. As far as the media coverage on Arlington, lemon covering it all this morning. Another turn back to Donald Trump in the attempted coup, which also,
waste prevention. When you compare the bail set for this guy who shot for people on school grounds versus the bail set for current house versus people how old for indefinite amount of time for trespassing ES trespassing, a very serious. I know it's it's the greatest insurrection in american history. What would happen, diet and arrange trespass, yet get it right. It was the most virus at eight I find in american history. Don't ask questions under the bombings by regular They are a date to wash here all day. I explained to you my Lord had a long day yesterday in its, but I just don't want to be alone. Dear Lady Harriet, I am well sir. I'm feeling better good for you. You don't have a covert either. That's guy was disappointed. I thought I was pay. My do. That's probably why, if you like such crap, we at court about guarantor, let's go in, I know no covered a no go via so good.
ten about the the vaccine in everything yeah you're getting Georgian already three quarters, hesitant. We also looks like the mug of the next mass shoe. careful keep an eye on him. We love you well. Don't say anything. I kind of like any view and Dave. Landau is unique. Informing the Twitter annual show come you're, actually weakened the Orlando Improv October fifteen through sixteenths user gotTA, Jolla Hoy, yes ex over fifteen. Sixteen Orlando Improv, that's worth the Disney place I can't raise gone with the run day. Them see, that's correct and I even have the mansion shoes on later this month. My deal not inside. I go all out on anything else. I figured why not start off the day with a little bit of racism? No, not from us. On that note I would never have, but from someone here who
may surprise you a father yelling at the a person of color boyfriend, grammatically person of color makes it so hard lack friendly. Ok, it! Yes, it does I raise this to say here is that of a lover of worse version of Ie Park the park. p, o c is right next to p o s where it just doesn't make sense. Yes, no absolutely right, not a good. Aren't we all people of color, no one, I'll pay. Now you are all p o s because world people of shades, or the other, meaning that all we are all all. What I am saying here, genetically superior yes, and all of us genetically superior. Therefore, and I wanted to genetically superior equally all equally people of shades and shit. Just to be so just
when people you're making right. No, no. I believe that people black, why yellow red right did we can do that any Mathis Black White, yellow red, no matter what he thinks about child. Born about Jesus Christ being borne by, and I was also gay jungle really Reno, then a gay and set like a track record. I think in college four hundred metre dasso running after I mean if he wants you, they tie up, get no tight, penis to a stick. Let you have a clear voice, very effect that little rabbit it's just a cardboard cut on our parliament among the most would have it gets to the ends. Montalban, like I thought it was a strata, so asian dad the elder black boyfriend of his daughters roommate for not wearing a man, in the dorm just watch this video so you don't like a mass gang gotta hear good, closer,
because your mouth where's math be within reach We in Europe must do. We need a degree of aid in those days to go back to your countrymen. I don't know where you from Elsie stayed middle, you look Why? What do you want her to say saw this? Has fifty million plays thirty who see their generosity Congress egress well sort of watches, SAM English? what's this sort you're, so we show We have no idea are you most people crazy
yeah mentioning for movies. Just now, I gotta get the role and I take it down and not Janni what you're telling you say that, because obviously lower it has been a spat of course. Now that are no longer the useful. The associations has been a span of anti asian hate crimes committed in some sense. This was actually an elaborate league for the upcoming remake of falling down, which make Now it is time that we actually have an alternate their hearing you firing down. I just want to break shooting imagine all over them as making fun of his English. my horror, English. You know about the breakfast seen in their movie ways in the radio. Yes, really what I
Stan wanting Mcdowell, breakfast, so bad. You pull out a gun. I get it like that. Rules are rules, rules are met and when it was shut my eyes over yeah, you could come in ten minutes earlier origin. It lay. You were waving a gun in traffic. That being said, if they don't make your Sunday look like the picture, will it's out of my hands oversee ads I can do whatever the easy you know good. these gun yeah anymore? It's incredibly an effect of what the reason, but it looks so cool yadda Reeves used in the matrix. You brought it back. They went away air, no ok, then the buildings. Now it turns out, I need a dodge. It is a little bit a wire just like Juliet doesnt Peter PAN wrote a great film like we're, suits liquidity simulation. Ok, you're really thought this through itself.
I like the general loaded now to compared to life. He has left its glitch in the matrix right. Oh my god, it's such a regional thoughtlessly, while saying I have inherited from Austria. Now we are in philosophy. First semester, Dutch connected, he kindly rises, where's my use ie when at my mouth, because its effectiveness is that's, why have a toad trigger on my shot gun? So, let's onto you heard Cobain, I'm kidding. Is kill them alive.
And then I guess you're right now, that's without a word, demonetized gonna do well. I think we ve all heard that fit. I daresay you start. You know when they call me I just get out. I want to go right here of what the vocs Apocalypse happened before the grid. We talk about this yesterday that the industry, sometimes the crowd, a real sorry oops when they called me you tube after the box, it polyps and were it was me and the they were reading from a sheet of paper right. So I see me talk about everywhere in the centre saying we need a ban on all other. I'm going home and actions are getting out of control, their stock alphabet, Google, their stock price, takes a nosedive, their release, these new guidelines and they call and they are reading off of a sheet of paper. After having reviewed your content, we will here at the been whole stock letter, and I wanna had I thought about them heart attack, I think it was an actual like panic attack. I just cause. I thought- oh, my god, Harry. I remove the janitor thing and create a new rule, even though we ve already been told that we haven't broken euros, so the rue started, spinning
and I ll I swear to you and I lay down like gosh, ok and then they finally get too. We have decided, to officially demonetized your channel Oh sure, yeah, oh yeah, know anyone who approve all the guy. You speak English, that's the only I've ever heard that voice? I go back to your country, while in America is only only a redneck has said that that guy, your country, glad you're gonna go to my country. Danish. I've would give up your time ya. Cambodia, as it is asking me there's a japanese and chinese issue, which I am a very create a form of torture and tells you that that their motives of too much time on it
should have and, like I was wearing a mask, but into you worked in those please in your daughter. Plenty mouth value praised me all party mouth, nothing like are perpetuating original stereotype, see. There's no proof to this is how we really it's no problem at all, it's only candidates- and I say it now say a word now. Hotel correctly and I will put on my mask drop out when you, you can't correctly, ok, conjunction junction, what you think I speak of innovation and only briefly because I'm sorry Ebay, but I think that this say literally nowhere emasculated better. Yet this live. Add four collide. Also call for these started it observatory, but nobody it's funny because
thank you. You called racist words like all these things are based on something that's real where's your suggestion that people from Hong Kong pronounced there there hours and hours different right. My mom's french Canadian, never uses plural properly. I dont understand if you know room, she will never, including s where its required and then shall add where she doesn't need Well, I have to son, Kay social potential say: oh I'm button tonight, I'm going to order shrimps, oh my god, up we'll! Technically it's multiple shrimp. Can I mean I've got taxes with their one time and she took that turkey off issues like I don't like to eat this. And illiteracy. of Michigan, the same way where they had asked to everything. Yeah, it's our efforts. I went down to Walmart US
it became Arthur, I committed some arsons. No, that was correct to dialogue. That is true and design Emmy levels in for a penny, yeah barely one hours, so. Here's something else. Dave Chapelle US talk about this. I think it s a dear chapels and hot water and of course I haven't, I tend to watch it. Watch it last night, but he's catching a lot of flak foregoing after the people regionally making jokes about. Of course, the taboo topics in this is how you know something is actually risky, there's even discussion, but we have Netflix may be pulling at once. I don't know how true it is that I think of it. What did what would likely happened as they just want renew come on it's because it knows it anyway. If, after the comedy central thing Dave, Chapelle people don't nosedive, Chapelle was not paid, they owned his likeness. A lot of you, I don't know, there's a comedy central is a really raw deal clouds, so he was very meticulous with his Netflix deal, so unified decide to pull it. They have to pay him anyway. So it's in their best interests to run it will get to
the jobs that of course have caused some pearl clutching hears click delete is never will be rectified the funny things they remembered to be mean because when I ran right now, some guys at home watching on not even aware in mass gold from source of worry, I actually open for him at the theatre before they shut Detroit over people who don't know Dave, told the wonderful story about that. Now, down mug club so I was an arena, those even have. I was even bought out another first time here. That was when the prism of informal, when you as those of five gridlock,
I am proud of you actually salute. Oh yeah me, I don't really know like nor Mcdonald said that data was, you know, I think you call them like the God of calm. You said he's the guy. An end date. Chapelle did this in tribute to nor Mcdonalds, guy who Peter cancel right now data pill, apart, of course, honouring a guy who was cancelled for the last three years of his life. He himself an extra costs. so once he died YAP arrogantly up. You know he sexually assaulted people by saying folksy things yeah not, so Dave came out. Dave Chapelle came out swing ass, a day like when the first named one of the things that got him in trouble was. He said he got to diagnosed with covered, but didn't even get the sniffles. and people got really mad about that. That happens, loafer that yeah we're he was he situation
the video. Where he's it was in a room. You know four days just watching on the Savini said he kept seeing videos of black people running up and just like punching Asians in the face and hurting them, and he and he just kept thinking like you know That's exactly what is happening in my body right. That is a very good job. He's acknowledging what's going on here is comparing it to its own blood. It saved her figure joke and, of course, in China by these people, not saying it's right Everything else is aware. Is MRS, that he also assess what so I have these occurs again. I did not get to watch it less. Not usually, we might be alive watch along here this week and next week with you guess he s a female friend who s a comedy writer. You go if she was going to the woman's March and Europe and Shear. I hope those white bitches get tear gas
I guess he beat up allayed, makes a joke about beating up a lesbian in a bar, but of self defence, because he thought it was a guys at ten arrived them Teddy, like chicken cap with the task of return, match reality out that bitch arise there, and this girlies is talking to being polite, and this dude steps between them. and at some point the conversation realises use. A woman is like Euro. One any says it's so honest and anyone who accept that has not happened. run your like. Oh, that's. What happened to that happens daily, and I have very few human, social interaction on a daily basis outside of the studio
being honest, are lesbian couples you see where you're like how's, that not a guy there's just no peanuts. I just don't understand it. S like I am. I am repulsed by men. Ok, yet reacted to women. Okay, so I want a chick who ratchet down her tits and shops at service. I dont understand it. If I were to, if I were gay, I wouldn't be picking The boy Georgia does of the world. I was making the most masculine. Look I gotta look. I get you remember saying it is if this is why it's funny to people who are not lesbians, gay, weird, confused you're dating a girl who looks like John Goodman playing. An honor members right. That's that's! That's not a woman! that's a lady in a hard at smoking, a cigarette flannel and, like that's my lady, I thought my girlfriend, I'm sure when you go back to the original isle of less both that's what they look like. No, there are
it and that its second down marlboros and wearing painters pants. You know that as ever looked up and you nothin recites sites real lives, we drove over now you're, not gonna, get in his eyes like. Let me see of essentially heterosexuals where's. That bracelet he's got a lot of trouble for again the algae bt. You, the alphabet, has a gas. I guess it area they kindly to his sorry, not sorry apology, but he makes he made a point wrapped in a joke. Saying that empathy is not gay. Empathy is not glad that black empathy is bisexual, it must both ways. That's nice! I worry that was good. Lenny saying that the whole thing with punching downeys like work, sometimes you do punch down comedy you punch up and everything ready. Talking about how he's jealous of the algae Bt Q community because
You guys have made these enormous strides right in the short amount of time is. I couldn't help just think that if Martin Luther king with slake, now just for on somebody shorts and prove yourself with baby oily hit upon a flow of refugees. We can think if they did had somebody short vote. Then we could have ended slavery a hundred years. Let s just gonna point of like others- is massive progress in this community in such a short amount of time and, of course, the iceberg. act for it and it's like Can we just leave jokes at jokes at some point, like not everything's, going to be to your taste and not it's going to be punching up punching just Dennis Miller said once you said, like every nothing is off limits in comedy, except a helpless. So in other words a few second aim. It lets they lay down syndrome. Baby. That's not going to go over well It's nice could suffer the same reason. People are mad that you know the institute under found. She killed dozens of puppies people like you, know we're not big fans, it's off, putting that being so
I certainly wouldn't say that the energy Bt Q community is helpless at this point, like it's like Super Mario on the flower, there's nothing you can do star there. Just completely and you're not allowed to criticise whatsoever is not a community right now where there are acting as though people insult them. Consequently, three He had a story. Member dissipated was back when he's kind wasn't really doing stand up a talking about. You know his specials and it almost kind of got sort of Lenny brutish and he talked about a guy playing this car, game when he was a kid on that we are on the right card. I said a notary car Monti, Ricard monti- that's so he noticed the Red card was bent, and so he thought. Ok, I'm going to build it to get this guy yummy at sixty six dollars to his name. Is it put me down sixty dollars? That is the card, and it wasn't the right. Art, and you realize that everybody else in the street was in on this game. They were all tricked right was a double cross and he started bitching about it like
The game is regularly tongue. I was dreaming about it and the guy got up grabbed him. Dave Chapelle tells a story can run on Youtube grabbed and was about to more of him and saw the fear and his eyes, and he said he felt his kind of glaze. It's kind of his his his stare glaze over and turn softly said, never get between a man in his meal, and you made points because to remove a man's ability to provide its effect, his livelihood is to remove his lips the same sameness, killing. And that is something that I have talked about, he understands that and that's why this guy. specially. As someone who has had his livelihood removed from higher ups progressives at Viacom, comedy Central people who tell you that we need more diversity, hiring who taught old him at HBO. Why do we need you right? They see people, whether you're minority or not, whether algae betake you're, not as useful tools for them of what they'll dispose. He said he had his livelihood removed and it is the same as killing someone. That's what modern
cancel. Culture is, if you remove someone's ability to make a living. That's a serious problem, especially for something that is absolutely not only under protected speech, at least in this country is not in Canada and Australia. But- certainly defensible under the guise of comedy, and I think I'm going to see more of this fund. If I get it, I get that they spent african zones. I gotta do Chapelle has got you know it was honouring Saint George, Floyd Megatherium. You not write about everything right it doesnt matter. The fact is, if you let the mob come for this, they will come right, and we ve talked about comedy being kind of the last bastion of free speech, like the last hope to maintain free speech and that the role the comics plan a society, and if you think that that's just being a little Kennedy, exaggerating me a little over the top just look at what they're doing with the vaccine mandates now about taking people's ability to make money away right. You have to have this seen or you no longer have a job. What do you think? That's gonna. Do two thousand, not not tens twenties, hundreds of comics that can't say to stuff
thousands and thousands and thousands of people who can no longer make a living for the people to understand this, and they say well really what what's your line in the sand? Really is a vaccine mandate were you can't? Work are really at your where someone says that you can't tell inoffensive just so. You understand we are talking about with a vaccine mandate, removing someone's ability to work to provide for their families we are talking about when you demand, especially remove than you call up every cleverness happens all the time and you say: hey, don't look this person, you are moving their ability to make a living for their family. Do you understand that or is every war waged ever up and maybe the nineteenth century that was enough. Guerrillas people just fought for lunch that could actually worked really hard until the soil and hopefully if they became a sedentary agrarian society provide enough to get their family through the winter and they would kill you stood between them in their turn at crops. Do you understand it taking away when's lively was enough to go to war. You that's why people ward,
and we're so far removed from it, because we live in the life of convenience that we go well. You know a lot if we just take away his ability to prevent for his family, it's what, let's not like we're we're, not killing him. That's enough in this story. Chewy tells it tells a story about a transgender friend of his they commit suicide, and It's not ruin the special for anything, but it gets a little heavy. Obviously, but when you but that it also shows that everybody is an individual just because you feel strongly about something you don't like anything or you don't like what somebody says there. person was a huge fan of his comedy, regardless of what he said. Fact, people don't have to fit into a box of what their told to be an that's the problem. Now every the things they have to fit into this certain areas be angry. These other things you don't be an the visual call. A place and trying to get somebody like. I don't call every work at the Griffin works. Angola aid, I think
terrible, and no one should see it. I know you have every right, sir you're. The hundred and forty of calls, sir, in telling the manager of the body It's just note. We eat you have no right to take that away from people, rice country and it's just getting exhausting as a comic, because if you write comedy around the idea that you're not going to offend somebody, you not writing comedy we're interpreting the daily show terminal, yeah through or its course Colbert Corbo dancing with? No, you like, say it's dancing with vaccine Niels. That's all Larry! I understand it. You think we could maybe do something about. You know big flemish spots, it's ours, Pfizer's suit, you, profiles, your suits, I brought my Madonna. positive meeting about this you have to, let me know just obliging Johnson and drowns emission limits.
Just like what are you guys get the goods? Were you? Oh, I see the irony ones everyday, I'm afraid he tried the baby. So My name is John, its labels we wanted this shit it's laid by the way. Just in the point here is not the hypocrisy. Like I said in the past, hey look, no coverage of the mass shooting we're gonna get to that little bit. That's not the hypocrisy! It's that watch these clips. You know Rashid a slave who is out there fearmongering about cove, and certainly, if you look at Michigan and the governor and the shutdowns, where you aren't allowed to go to a nursery plate plants so is confusing. We used the same terms. Guy. What are you talking about you talking about the place where entrust complete strangers with my infant with my infant offspring or, that section laws that are never go to a new phase in one place, and I want to go to the one place. I have to stay one hundred feet away from yes, exactly for crying out loud that I, like the aboriginal, have fifty words for snow. You can't give us:
but you can't give us something else for nursery by the way I speak. English say every snowflake is different as a liar, it's impossible its passage through meticulous differently. how many there are. You don't know that every single snowflake. However, then proof weren't you take those videos on Youtube, that's a good point and we will review the interim there. Spare at some length. Lady a twitter whose name sounds like vagina. I can't member horrible names just remember. It sounds like an ethics. Laura gets Malva. Ok, so we're she declared explained on camera. The owner as to why she actually wears a mask. She isn't usually where mesquite takes it off until six cameras. Hagen,
My last guy crackers did she say: cracker Tracker, her cracker, her credit You heard what you wanted to. What do you think I'd its rapporteur, cracker track outlining european public and like, as era republican following her stumps garlic? She was Harrison. I do not yet you're, not really tracking somebody. If you're standing three feet from the ground, you not like having to track down anymore right now. She said dead, honky, last lapping, set or public into another indication. It's not really just doesn't tossing Babylonian a bare trap.
They will be the overflowing with related to labour government without a man. Ask Israel through like go back at me with a squad, possibly less. That's an actual Sure there was renamed there are following money to Hezbollah. Those the she was sheets and where there are like matters, other terrorists and unlike why still enjoy the chicken rough but authorities I eat my own hand if it was covered in that it is in order to develop a seven for ya. Gotta check their not sending that much money back now, not enough to kill a couple breed. Julie themselves suicide bombing good Let's not get Daniel, I'm ready to work with a group of suicide bombing, good specials
parliament has taken slathered our fifty two virgins and spices and only imagine what they do to the food their times deleting s delicious by the way. This is something so it's not that she's, a hypocrite she's, clearly not afraid, just like Nancy Rosy. Just like get Governor Whittemore. That's the point that matters here. Anyone out there who is more terrified, then Rashid, ITALY and Nancy Policy and gave a nuisance and governance, and every single Democrat, who tells you to be afraid, is in idiot. Yours, bid person! That's the point, especially because this member of the square, Has a long history of this rumour a couple a couple of months ago, and now we have the clip she was caught dancing at a wedding, do of doing a very Zena phobic warrior princess, calling, sounder
oh brother, greater than they can you please just shut up and you stop spring up. I don't like that noise No, nobody likes anyways. What I wanted and early August, that's that's when using the spikes all over the country and mean that was so reckless yeah yeah. I can't I mean I can't believe that ok see what you're doing their opposite. Today, I fear that there was no you're right. There wasn't link between county was a covert orange zone. Lived there at that time. Same went forbidden, even though, is called for tramp live only only election stream from all local lemme think we'd, all the local stations yeah, or at least at least a good amount of them. You recovering it, in Detroit there's yet so yeah when county for trembling makes sense. Oh yeah, I was at a ring it that night will they called it. A CNN call them in so many places called afterwards. They.
While the mail and ballads come on you're, an entire news agency. you're already were saying in the lead up new the mail and ballots avenues which are then he said now, there's no email endows will make up for this gap right and then like call it for point. Is we don't know anything The other point, is this: I think it's all J Physiology was literally Odin, Xavier up election in his look like a balance. In all. Those Democrats were wrong. Yes, in twenty, nineteen they were wrong about the election security stuff yachting. I think it's just important set, and I thought if I think that all future elections should transport the ballots in real red wagons and comment rulers its vote I think it's not await sorry. They ceremonies at an earlier live, courted like an elder liquids, common colours and excuse efforts at its camera equipment like take. We travel without any two thousand dollars in camera equipment is every week. Have we
and put it in a common cooler. No, we usually put water, never once said rolling pelagueya. It can get that the hell out of here we get. One of those flyer wagons has receded here. I just bought a cannon. Camera is their wing. It's a mock hot ice. Try again later to rattle around transported. All the worst thing is possible to break the lens, really just like to put my nine thousand dollar lens and a handkerchief at the end of a stick of railway tracks. Can we do that? That's commoner actors have in view ass a couple about to make its doping is by the way? What we're talking about the squad oh see, took her mask off and put it back on for a picture in and took it off right after so this is the squad, the people who talk about how we need a lot downs and, of course, people should have a head that, but more so the social safety nets that the lockdown? It's all set perpetuating and she's not afraid she doesn't believe what you said.
Our second, one minute later, Felix Psycho Bob going to step on it by the way. I wanted that one thing that I notice is right early on in that video, if you free from it that looks like that, Lesbian me a note of that Transition transition complete, Maybe I look out either of I hate her face. someone needs to study that and the Galapagos.
Really quick really quickly before remove it, just what they got afraid that I believe any of their. Do you oughta? Do you believe that the ears? You think I don't believe it? They believe it right now. I'm not sure that I believe half of America have got into this at this point, and I dont know which is keeping up appearances. I have no idea at this point. Are people genuinely tear our most? three twenty year old american mail Females genuinely terrified for them. If right now we're you guys ever I mean we ve for two weeks. We said that ok, we'll be careful, and we at that point when they were saying you shouldn't, where mask reset. Actually, if you're sick you're, so you can make your own ask if you have to go to a place of work, then we just Oh they're gonna, keep us locked down, we're gonna do an entire month and we did two days. We were never afraid This not only live your life and fear, and certainly not for something like this. You should be prudent whatever whenever I have to say here, but I don't know anymore if I buy that these people are terrified.
I think so either mean you can look at people's actions to determine in a really what they believe and honestly, if we see them doing this behind the scenes- and I like out because the Republicans out because of picture our track as we're on camera right now, it's ok. I mean really really you We too believe that this is a problem. Nancy Pelosi go in for a blow come down to Chinatown, saying all that stuff. You really want me to think that this is something that you are deathly afraid of by the way is something that we are gonna get to hear led today, the code, vaccines, some new data that come out in a more so if you know this but Vermont, seeing its worst surge re ever ever or a fish fans, he s I also have the annual juggler meeting. I don't even know how that together and that are going to have to get do they have the gathering this year. I have no idea other getting invade. By Canadian, how malaria should that be if the jug allows didn't have their these are in Saint Cloud, posse by them If they didn't. You don't know me up because of covert. That's what's your gun off! That is what happened last year,
No, no way didn't under the gathering and I dont believe odds were wrong. We're getting off the beaten path thanks, so we're talking about Jack. I almost always like myself, because I thought that I saw Maggie deal and out of the corner my honour, thank God it just in Allegro commercial. Putting woman. Like I told you, everyone she appears asking my dad makes an audible. And then after lay under fourth close up people, a theatre start catching sexist shows. Has this face yeah he's, always like she's thinking about how much prettier her brother is yet must be tough Joe, script smells like shit so that a yes well say that lets what people when asked me to cover the dead ceiling? I look I don't. I don't want to to a former vice president job. I made this comment yesterday and I think that
We can sum this up in really two phrases. I don't think we really need to argue about the state of our country direction, we're going so take it from him raising the debt limit is pain? Are all debts is another do with new spending. What may be coming this year other year does not do with my plans on infrastructure building back better, both of which are paid for, but you're, not even in the queue right now come again stupid it is paid for retirement this yesterday we were right, although references it later with credit. I couldn't get hit the linking the description. We try to be as transparent as possible, but yes Twenty two really argues anyone going to argue with me that Donald Trump was tougher on China than Joe Biden, I think Our common goal is to be some basic facts here. Does anyone I actually believe that
borrowing, my increasing our debt limit? So we can borrow money to pay previous debts as we encourage new debts, have nothing to do with each other. If you have to pay off, you ought to say believe that paying off your previous credit card statement that you can afford in no way affects you're upcoming credit card statement, I'm sorry to be reductive, but one of the shed you're paying off your credit card with a higher rate of correct it. Sanity like this. You can keep doing that forever, because eventually you'll get the zero percent highlighting euralia. Oh, I got some points, but we had it just saying we're going choir more dead in that way will have less dead and rifle. That's that that we finally get the nineteen thirty may relieve their republicans, don't raise a debt ceiling will have our rating downgraded like oh. What does it matter? We won't be able come on that, but one who has
worse credit in this country than our government for crying out loud we're one step from the FED being Western union. Most offensive thing about that is, it was shot on a set and they didn't even take the time to make me windows, shot, seasonably, correct, there's little gazing ring with all the flowers was behind him, like just somebody put like dead style. Come I wisely in the oval office is a just to any sharp corners. He doesn't know the difference, have nerve nerve, corners threatening come all. It is in the oval offered at year end, but she just write and I've ever heard. You ve been banished nerve corners and us just Anna Mesh nets, six feet around the fireplace yet you said the first aid it every day for what is a five year old that here too now it's it's the president, much worse than I look now, if you want what else? Do you want me to say we are self
far gone. Where he's really means is around in air and were acting like it has nothing to do with our ability to spend ourselves into oblivion its absurd. At this point it really is. moving on to this? Of course you know the last James Bond Film Jimmy but released. I believe today, Jim and I think we have like a shortened teaser for people who don't know and then, of course, there's a story now demanding a female James Bond, but here again Name Launch James Bond
your honor, you missed you Keynes. One of these nope boys go with a female highlights that the size of the US. I hope she has the stretching maternity suit settlers outdated. You know as double seven I dont get. It is, they had. Of course now there's been this demand. Look, I don't kept him upon his, but is black or white. I mean we ve about this relayed? Isn't there are plenty there's no shortage of black action euros ETA in black actions, jars, Yuppie, Blackwell, Psmith, Denzil, washing, not dimension, characters like chef, but this is not something where there has not been equal representation. So I think that TAT James Bond should probably true. the origins, but it's not
a big deal, but there is a demand and outrage that they make James Bond of female character, which of course, would never work for reasons that are obvious, which I won't get into today, because I've already covered it, and I want to maintain what small piece my soul. I have left. I thought we actually do have US titles. Now that have been suggested, there have been floating around the studio for the next James bond instalment. Should it be a female James Bond which ass to this week. Seven plus one I forgot this a seven plus one- must learn female James Bond titles. Ok yeah! You guys can play was in the chair will be taking a shuttle, but later muslim number seven female James Bond titles, William Sonoma, with love tat. People are looking forward to that. One thing: it's good he's gonna, have some nice try clad pots,
but she never went to go again. I don't even know is that I hope we can find out female James Bond titles Amber sex. You only need twice what that seems a little tone hobby and deaf Ninip China heads for the parade area. I voting. I e number five and I wanted to take the next to pretend unprofessional James Bond titles, spy, who never called me back Bond is always complaining is on the road she she never cos well I mean notions can plainly he doesn't call one and she will all mission is screwed. It gets done. The mission is forgotten no there's one title zone. Muslim Dave number four ever say that address makes me look fat again, yeah you're, taking your life in your hands with them. You certainly are dangerous. It's gonna be a slaughter female James. One titles number three licence to a licence to bake well work. It doesn't mean that James Bond James Bond Cappy Molly,
That doesn't mean that she doesn't have a licence to kill. Loudest, also makes scrumptious cookie. Two things can be true: it's Hillah Kakadu! You think. How do you think she seduces the evil mail agents, pie and a window. So yeah, that's right or another reason. Some argue that a few mountains bond when work is, as opposed to the dance of seduction, that's required for a male to make himself attractive to a female make which is really short of the head back and forth a tangle of love, the female, We just need to shortcuts briefly and then, of course, I get all the information you need. So it's a little bit tougher. It's true. Would we very short, move over five hundred movie codes, and it is very easy to Kurtz. I will just be a sloping, sound and then credit similar just be just be her coming up, throwing or sweaty hair back going using Mozilla and even the bunker bury it may have your gun yeah. Oh yes, in the mood
samples one female James Bond titles number to her mad Stu secret cervix. Well, that's actually we'd there was a high school watches. and the number one female James Bond title doctor no means no. I said it. I said it several times. The plus one one that is just a working title from Russia with HPV. This has been this week, seven plus one. I forgot. There is a requirement much shimmers up for the HPV. I think only women it hpv? No, no. No man can get everything in Athens at Johns Man, riddled with italian times now. He cabins at Johns, apparently cigars, whiskey and pleasing Catherine, Zita Jellia right and guess what a great diagnosis, it's from your wife's
also to no one find stuff out like a woman. No, we, u very sneaky so was needed. That's a negative stereotypes. Coming from a woman women are sneaky, which imply Dishonest look better than saying they all have HPV well said I oughta they really just a spy this. This potentially not allowed. I confess promiscuous, spry and outlines in California, and thanks for discouraging people from sharing well limiting there's a sigma, you can keep an hpv secret if you're, a woman, if you're a guy, you could explain yourself. I assume you would say: is there like? What's that you can? you like Tyrone Viola, silently live stained. Unhappily knots grows, not just you hurt cauliflower! That's disgusting!
you to leave by what am I a return people to subscribe to the pod, casta audio progress, or what do we say to all of that? I was. I have no idea. Revolution is alive. Show Monday. Through Thursday, she continued at ten a m Eastern us the best wake and hit the notification bell, because subscriptions dont really mean a whole lot. That's it Wait you too arrogant another hour of show on the mug club and at once the other thing I was going to say to people. Oh smash that like button, if he can anyone watching line right now, just like this, like, like that, just a bullet you have to do it, I'm not gonna win wondering what we're not going to force. Secondly, a mandate and we're not going to show your door and say like the button. You love it. So by the way you know what I can understand your if you're like button hesitant, because that, like button it was created using
dead, fetal tissue AUS alarm. I didn't want to be a downer, but my point is: I really wish you do but stopped and there's no need like what even need venal tissue for alike button. It's on a screen. It almost seems it's really like you know, take fifty four two folly of man, you'll get it yeah. Who knows this is a dislike. Now there is a dislike. Who knows If we were Joe Biden from vice presidential, by giving a speech should be like a ninety tension. We gotta die well below eighty room disables that give court or reverses, thankfully, he so popular. He is a piece, Popular mother maverick most, is always ever oh Vermont right for people who don't know you're system is interesting. When people talk about the vaccine, we'll talk about how effectively it's working, there are several different things. You have to look out. Ok, you have to look at ok. The vaccine is studying the vaccine itself right, the efficacy ratings. Okay. What have we talked about these from male clinic and we have some studies, show that came from that have come from Israel. Quite recently,
but you also have to look at the numbers at large now Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the United States also important to note Vermont a very rural state. They dont have incredible population density. Sixty nine percent of them are facts and so the basis Let me talk about with her community. They now have the highest case load on record in the state. Oh right now doesn't seem to mesh seventy percent vaccines, low population density. More cases right now and rolling average in Vermont, then ever so well, we're going to borrow job at the vaccine to now only immunity less That doesn't that weighs about brows, but this isn't the personally, I think, there's, like you said with Israel, and then we had some information that the myths speak. Apparently, Miss speak out of Australia, even though he was quoting an article that was written. I mean right, but both must have gotten it wrong, no idea what really happened there. Yes, you notice it think about it. I try not to
and by the way this is MRS local Vermont newsreel you're, almost believe. Almost things like ninety five percent every county has been labelled hi transmission in Vermont by the citizens- and this is look the reason that these matters, because to this day, still the same the blame and any form of exponential bump blame the Un Vaccinated. There is a clear message that is coming through. This is becoming a pandemic of the UN's vaccinated just confirms that this really is a pandemic right now, on CNN will. Neither can upload Austrians confirms that were still in a pandemic, the on vaccinate we just miss it right there unseen and they were sent their authorizing Pfizer's authorizing vaccine for think. Under eleven you're there there's seeking approval from the attacks have a note from our team. They brought that in seeking approval from the FDA for kids age five to eleven there. Then, if you live in California, that means it's mandatory to write as soon as it happens for your kid to go to school mandatory because of your governor,
look behind you, there was your line in the sand is something Do the retirement Vermont CNN and we ve, talked about this. What the vaccines we ve talked about, the Mayo studies cnn- I was reading this I believe yesterday or the day before had knowledge and want to read the quotes from CNN. from a scene which they are quoting qualified scientists, the israeli starting ably so medical journal, so this is something we have. I had said it than I am. everyone here understand why I'm quoting see it in the paper being quoted is CNN, with you, we in the paper gloated when New England, of medicine should give you some covers, gather the little known publication bright. But even the point is: if CNN is starting to acknowledge, it must be really bad, so They acknowledge the waning protection. The vaccine. These are direct, quotes the waning here's to accelerate after the fourth month.
reach a low level of approximately twenty percent law in subsequent months? See quoting New England Journal of Medicine still quoting. These findings suggests that a large proportion of the vaccinated population could lose its protection against infection coming months? Perhaps increasing the potential for new epidemic. aids is always why don't you In other words, like AL, you have the vaccine to reduce any surges entering. you said in your epidemic waves into immunize, you are against the virus. Ok, so that's what we're doing it for oh yeah, except for the fact that day, if you take the back senior year protection, I'm gonna twenty percent and that only two more surges of the virus. Why don't I can work How long does it take as its several decades for that to happen known under the yoke of a few months of a few documents? Legs?
Tuesday we're Talkin fried right, hey, hey! I got a question real and asked how long does natural immunity last March a question? I can answer that. Why? Because you are strange, Is it longer than four months? That's all I wanted to how operates by the way, so here's that seen in his back to the story of a Fiona to pull them up at all and if so, what they're saying about the five eleven stuff? Let's see what they're saying what authorizing children, which they look Sanjay Group to get rid of it ass well, ass, we I'm just going to say I assume where does that suggests that Sancho? Given that the answer is it that's under has good, I always now that's the goop due to the king goop sort of ways and on this and says we're we're authorizing because they just heard from the Benny so far so units for emergency wants that average, not normal political concern, as I think my kids fine, I don't think my kids gonna get sick, why do they need to get a vaccine? It's it's a arguments we hear over and over again, but I think particularly so,
yeah kid and the pediatricians do need to make the point that it is rare for obviously, young children get sick, but it can happen if it does not work for next, we're didn't happen. So stick we're going to hear these rights, while some errands have expressed concerns that you know that their children are highly unlikely to be effected, and that's true and have also expressed concern from a New England Journal of Medicine that the protection wanes down to twenty percent. After only a few, Answer, and so I would say to understand, but boy is legal in an ice cream truck love, how they just say rare, I'm not going to say numbers here, because I know the back and get us in trouble door about God, breakthrough oasis. Now the number of kids under seventeen who have died rank over no the breakthrough cases very, very rare Dave there s a very rare, just rare though just rare and we have a pandemic rare, doesn't mean never now Minos. Twenty percent protection like
you're saying we want authorize it. No first off you wanna! Let me make this. Let me a moment later. I have this about right all right, so we have a virus disease looking with a death rate in mortality rate which I'm not allowed to quote because big tech will be furious. Rightly all we can say, because I seen and was allowed to say that the hospitalization rate, including everybody, even ninety road, when you could have Interpol, is two percent or less. So we have a virus like that. That has allowed us to obviously enact emergency authorization of a vaccine that had not been approved, despite being through several other trials beforehand. In our own back scene and, of course, this emergency use, authorization is only allowed to be used. If there are no effective, all available tree row and then we mandated to people in the expert, and telling them that it will immunize and then switching that to the word well actually protect against. Under the I said it will reduce this urges in hospitals and prevent people from being, in
this is mandated, and now we are looking at the state with the highest vaccination rate that has the highest caseload when we have a significant portion of the United States vaccinated. We have more cases this August last August and the study says you're down at twenty percent. After have you do I have that right, yes band? yes, let him jeffrey them. What you have written? What about my freedom and not die? First of Sure that you should exercise that freedom enthusiastic all you do not just exercise model you in my shot gun, told triggers It's just so we'll get the vaccine. If you don't wanna, that's fine that those a great things if I'm gonna die. No, I think a united. You should vaccinate your children with vaccines that you think are trustworthy I am very very pro we all think most people are. I think I hang saying. Look
it's very, very, very rare. So let's do this The doctor. No minor ever said that think about that. nobody's gonna take. No chances do the surgery- it's not ever, and it's always like don't worry about it- will cross that bridge in its ever just up until now, what even you're in the CNN article they say end. One theory is that people who are vaccinated maybe engaging in more social activity which good, which could be the reason that they make up the two high percentage that first off, if a vaccine works that could not be less relevant, has have those words ever been written about the measles that seeing rubella polio. Had there not well, you know what the reason that all these vaccinate people from the measles vaccines that category the reason make up. Ninety percent of those with current measles is because, well you know what they're they're going out in social situations. Of course they would,
This is the only time that that's taken into account. it doesn't make any sense to me too in the argument of the vaccines that you just guys just made. Basically I go you, don't you don't question your kids? Having to be vaccinated go to school, why would you question this like, I don't know I mean I would say it, but maybe just pull up the numbers you before numbers for this stuff. I mean I can't I can't say these things are so that other vaccine was around while Doc holiday was still alive. I want a jack, you is that you should a smoke. Less Isabel chaotic yeah exert some heroin for their cough success by better Vienna worry. So you know you can trust, my varieties, and this is a rich man. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I am for vaccinating kids against things that will kill kids. he's not going to say anything else, because I can't yeah and I'll get you in trouble. No, you actually what I think it should get the solution to stand
Lucia I'm not gonna make no cause. We look. Look we had to me. I couldn't record the voice over today because it again you really company, but I spoke with people on the street this last week. and people who supported the mass mandates that what this is because this really danish, which we just look, we ve, talked about the numbers: how deadly the flu the normal flu is for children, people. It's three point. Eighty five percent in the last two seasons from the CDC: that's almost one percent the standard flew. So when I spoke with people s it well, do you support mask mandates every flourishes and they said why miss The flu is actually surprisingly lethal and I won't say now cause I don't have the numbers in front of me, but you can guess whether they more or less lethal and other diseases by I dont know a ten time, multiple giving s and they said, what's a good I hadn't thought of that men. Some of them said I guess we need a mandate new vaccines and mass every season, and some other
people were actually thoughtful muffins and you know what maybe we do need to actually look at our liberties and freedoms and in its not wanting to with masked it's not only a net positive there's, nothing in this world that you do that doesn't have any type of unintended. potentially negative consequence and breathing, even if it just means improper use breathing through the panties that you stuff than a glove compartment, Double sided behaved around your face is not necessarily going to be protecting you. The way that you think raw, a fresh and ninety five mask any controlled environment no one is argued with the science that they are now highly appropriate worn properly and not. Let me ask these people out there who are cotton, masks pr who wear whatever it is moisture working mask but I dont know wedding, moist, cotton. You are mostly what desktop break you, how many of you washed it?
on a sanitary heat cycle every single time. No, honestly, when it, when people do my mass, how many of you were a new mask every single time or wash it on a in equivalent to a commercial sanitary heat cycle every single time, I would have bite, is liquids. I use gas station bathrooms and public drinking from look, give him a little bag it and then you are protected and then I'm safe, clean. As always, I thought it was like you know the getting stung by one of those things in the ocean use Paeon in its better. No, yes, Yeah, we earn it on your man. That's our agenda cannot be put a jellyfish oriented towards. Finally, what jellyfish, my God, let me fix that. What is this an hour Kelly mask? So, ok, let's move onto this before we leave the the Arlington shooting yesterday. That happened no coverage by the way.
CNBC Cbs in a no coverage and more. I wonder why I thank our nobody. Dared police arrest Timothy, George Simpsons for the high school shooting he wounded for. Ok, were wondering why this hasn't been covered here? And there are people who said this is the first ever black mass school shooter? That's not true that we get some numbers and I will tell you what I was surprised when I saw the mug shot. Why? Because I know the neighbourhood and the truth is this kind of stuff happens or something equivalent in the South South Side South side of Chicago days Go Roy Brown, massive schools, all here, all the time and in Detroit all the time just not covered the reason. The media rushed here with cameras was because, if that suburban areas, school shooting, of course, we're going to before the bodies or even warm run with a narrative I want to be clear there, some information out there that we don't know right. Ok, now them
the reason we're talking about it, because the medium is reported this yesterday, as a as though they did know, some legitimate outlets reported that there were there were debts. Some outlets reported falsely on videos that have regulating, and I want to say that we don't have all the information here, but I'm going to make some inferences in which are not entirely confident as an exercise in just reading about what the media is not telling you so to happen in real time the four years of forcing it simply stand with a kid who shot up a school. His family blamed rather than apologize. It was surprising how they did not apologise. When you watch us in time they blamed bullying. Where one does, he was scared, he was afraid there is.
We owe this all out on socio media, and it shows that he was Vienna tat. It wasn't just one person but would attack him in volume taken his money. It takes us all. It's like us all to stand, the other about this boolean. It could have been a situation where he took the other turn and decided to commit suicide that would have been weighing worshipping shooting for people, not just the finding. That was not right. When he was trying to port sections It sounds to me, like you, just justified at a little, but he was try. He was trying to protect himself when he went back home got a gun came back in cocked, it loaded. It went through the metal detectors and shot for people I mean, as a parent, though I mean I can understand her stance of defending your choice. Instead of just jumping ology icing, yeah understanding that it's like I mean I gave him God be afforded to white parents of
Columbine or you know, people if they cannot set out my son's right. You people are just over reacting. Well, there's a couple bucks and combine, including one of the mothers that I read, and you know they did in some ways they got minister had a a secret funeral fur, Dylan and Erika thing. The other ones yet was. I remember, I forget their emails. but I did was offensive and are still using. May I know it's like you having responded since ninety nine go, and I guess that must be. Why do you care? How is that lunch special? I so I thought this evil wrote a book about aware you do in those actually movie too, which is from the other view of a school shooters parents, which is a really fascinating,
marriage study so that there is a lot of layers they can cause somebody. This is somebody to behave like us, I'm wondering what is truly the symptom of yes, sir. You know what's causing the I said earlier. I watched it in they see my normal people. They don't seem like they're like crazy ghetto. People are today they seem like normal. I guess we're disagreement studio, because I do not have a whole lot of sympathy for a guy who walks in shoots for pinata no assignment another knives. They know your parents or not, but I am errand see I'm not saying I ve gotta be rough. It's gotta be a rough situated. Why
difference between going to school over them. Not I dont think for for him. No, I'm refrain specifically to the pair. Yes, that make the Yoke Agri with Asia, and there is a difference between going to school, with the intent to just shoot and kill as many people as possible and going back in so it looks like he shot an adult. A student. Another person was grazed with a bullet. Another person was being treated for a fall or something like that. So a priority so he's out a great shout Madonna. What I'm saying, though, is that there is a difference between that like we're. Maybe it looks like you're going after the person who in some way, but that's different than walking energy, indiscriminately shooting up the entire school. So I definitely understand that this is not. This is not columbine right. No. I don't know. I mean that it is likely that things that you have a problem with four different people, while in one of these things has no connection to the other its pending. There are even if she was bullied. I think, the guy you at a collapse long as an adult like a teacher right right.
It was more than the way, maybe the teacher jumped to what he meant by making them work on the railway tracks. What we have is a failure to communicate and I'll get Mclaughlin Do you think re other point is now, of course, that's indiscriminate pregnant lady got hurt, guy, got it learn how to know, and then people, ok, but I'm not say that I'm just saying: it's not call of mild down driving out of its kind. Finally, you will get worse shot like games. I know it's true it is, I agreed is combine, and this has been a huge problem. It wasn't this giant It was about. I was this: the giant thing in black communities where you know I'm from that trade area wasn't like this? There was again, warfare. There's a drugs should get some staff that we'd might surprise you and I would be surprised honestly, p. A lot of people are surprising because of the way the F b I presented low their crime statistics show. but I really do think that it is part of the same thing. There's something that has happened is a symptom only two years. That's kind of statistics don't
So I think what is happens. We have a media with a twenty four hour. New cycle- and let me just say one thing could be examined- am incredibly grateful for what this european year, and my parents, your grandparents, their grandparents guess what they had news three times a day, a half hour. That was it, you didn't need a twenty four hour new cycle and so tat s what we have the luxury of today. What's a mother's, I'm a lot of news to fabricate. Let's do a seven plus one left make sure it's in orbit of entertaining. We can have more conversation. We complacent games, because we are not beholden to selling fear. We are not behold, to making sure that you panic. The truth is crime has been going down consistently until twenty twenty wonder. What do you wonder what was different about we're different about? That's what you want uneasy anomaly. School shootings make up a very, very more percentage of mass shootings. Far more of them are related violence and you'd, be surprised as to how many of the qualified mass shootings actually happened at minority schools, most of them we're going the second and it does not necessarily covered this
something where a lot of people have a perception that something is really increase. Look. This is what happened Columbine! Oh my gosh. These ratings are saying we're gonna continue, covering mass shootings at any. Given point didn't used to cover that, even though they happened before the sending is looked, the reason that are talking Donald Trump? Still, when did they to discuss an Ex president nausea at length. They didn't they Just realized that was unbelievable for ratings in is we're. Ratings go to die in southern cover trunks and from from from cover measured emotion, wishing to car chase. That's why the numbers don't flecked, here's something again, I'm making an inference! They said that this kid was bullied really quickly. Can we bring up the mug shot first, Oh this is the monk shot. Now the Oh no, that was circulating was the eighty be picture. That's what you asked me about Dave and ass. It ass. I can see a regional and there are a lot of websites that are still covering with the APC picture those are, in our point Baltimore their say. Let's trying to generally there still using that picture, even though we ve mugshots now.
I am making an inference by the fact that the media is being a little bit tongue tied now saying that this kid was actively being bullied or actually the one who was being beaten up and the video. If you look at the mug shot and keep in mind he's a senior. We show you the video because that's been removed from Facebook or Youtube, but I think we have some images from the fight in question here. and if you do go on watch it better a lot like the guy in the mug shot and the other guy clearly does not the other guy who was getting beaten up. clearly lighter skinned. Clearly, doesn't have the same hair cut and look, no one can change a shirt, but it it matches, and not only that what else it's obviously a senior beating up on a freshman or a junior? It's one much. bigger male beating up on a smaller scale, beating the crap out of him to be clear. It's not a fine. It's an absolute beat down I dont know that he's a one administering the beat down, but
because the media initially started covering it with that narrative, and then they have another being quiet and this has been circulating. If I would add that my item dollar. I would say: law like he's the one administering the data according to the new post as about four hours ago, they were saying that the shooting was a result of this fight right to fight in that video, say it was a result of him being beaten up, not now babysitters of this fight, really what happened? The fight, research department and the cousin on Facebook was basically defending many him as well saying I was because of bullying and everything else and and Dag think posted that fight video as well. So I mean a lot of there's a lot of it. This has gathered video. Is them one where the right and the point is this? The mediator I want you to know why this story, They're trying to memory hold a story. It was me
cover. We were there. Yes, remember data, it was live, they were set and ready to have their next twenty four hour average and there were still covering it once he wasn't costly right, covering a people shot covering it incorrectly at some networks, a news outlets it somewhat that there had been casualties at that point covering it cover covering in he's in he's in custody and then more Donald Trump and the big lie with the dead ceiling, because people want to hear about that. That's the issue is they want a memory hold us, and so we have to try and gather as much information as we can that, of course, mainstream Don't even want us to have so. If anyone out there actually has some more information as to whether that fight did happen. That day, New York Times of saying that aid or post Europe postal saying I D go second page of Google resort. You know that last time I click to go to the second page of a Google search. If I looking more and underlines laptop and one extra years, something else to keep in mind guided. is anyone else disagree with this guy?
shut up. The school can shop for people s regardless of wine Kay. Seventy five thousand dollar bail, Cal Rittenhouse, two million nothin, yet some people, I don't. Even if there is any bail, set well January, sex, some people there was not, people there is not an trespassing pub booze such a giant public I think there were like hey. Let's stop the burning yak. Can I hope, you're right or you'll, be all right now shot a serial pedophile who repeatedly yelled the Edward and was actually trying to shoot him yell and I've ever known himself against somebody wielding escape point. Let me add that letter she's January six, people, some of them set without bail, and you can see think brain and struck a just gotta disorderly conduct. I think that's what he just. he's the guy- you created the walk away movement at the gate moment. It wasn't even proven that first off, it was proven that you can't even go in and Then they said it, but it was him on camera.
but here my camera, saying hey, go in boys that wasn't even proven there are some people claim that it wasn't even Brennan Tracker. And he just at our right, you know I'll, take the play its a misdemeanour, how long will you give a kid? No, seventy thousand the problem will get out from might be out this afternoon. We have people the. Just aren't even felonies and they don't know when they're getting out there's no due process. Why? why does it go left care about a mass shooter to school? Clarency causes me it doesn't fit that agenda I said that I would argue that has come to and I think that its also. I also do think on top of that, though, that there is a difference between the gun. Violence has occurred in a low income, extremely poor neighbourhoods and the ones that are now middle class and above now it stranger its atypical. It's a tip animals, because most mass shooters are not white statistically too, because you're right, it's atypical, but the media Not have it both ways and say many times,
shooter, it's a white terrorist and then say well, the only reason of being covered is because it's a nice white boy, you're right, that's abnormal! That's not common! It's not usual for a primarily, like you said, maybe middle class Middle class white, suburban neighbourhood to have a mass shooting. They happened almost daily weekly in other areas of the country. It just and covered one, not any worried for the same reason. But in that- I mean to is one drugs money whatever it is that not enough for the same reason somebody able to meet it? That's it's a different, but yet is different. and I guess that's what I'm getting at the beginning is: what is the difference between those two, the coward? First thing I think we all know it is because it was public. It was the end. Now it was such a one ass. I was saying that they had put a huge bail on it because they were trying to keep cities from burning. I get that look how they want to crucify. They want to crucify that kid, I'm here, wasn't one track keep cities from burning we on fire at the absolutely, but I don't think that's that was it was from is
I think there was one because here something that nobody else is talking about right now. How many times have we heard this right? We are speaking about the race issue because they divide and conquer and separate everything by race and so the media went with his narrative for a long time saying oh call, Rittenhouse Dylan Roof? Look. They were taken into custody, bipolar, right now there was a sky. Yesterday was a guarantee, If they were black, they wouldn't that police would have shot them on the spot. Just remember in case you forgotten. How did didn't roof shoot up a church James Home- should up a movie theater and both live to tell about it. Why is it that the police decide that some threats must be extinguished immediately, while other threats get the privilege of being some are active in summer surrendering dumb ass. I'm asking these questions. If you like, we know the answer, you're? An idiot answer is that the gun doesn't matter is always holding back just threatened. Reverses surrender lie. You moron is the most threatening weapon of war. Just look at the difference.
they want. You may make suitable on countering responded to Rittenhouse alleged Kyle Rittenhouse walking away gun in tow as people scream that he just shot protesters to me with a volume of trade are real and absolutely nothing just somebody to incidents to videos. I'm asking why that's different we just reaching for incitement responses. Think the answer to that is pretty obvious and looking for a better visual illustration of the differences between being black and white in Amerika, I don't think you're gonna find. What I think is the difference between. Why ends up going to an author saying, hey, look these guys attacked me several of them. With a gun. I tried to call nine one one. This is a loaded firearm. What do you want me to do in the off sing thanks get over here verses, a man after kidnapping is children from the woman that raped and filed a restraining order reaching for a knife and a floorboard ones and active threat who wants to be set
is doubly Mr Cot Ban and the other one is saying hey. What do you want me to do I'll follow orders? Yesterday we have this kid who happens to be a purse? of color turned himself in after maybe beating someone up or not, but we certainly know shot for people and surprise police didn't shoot em. Guessing he turned himself in and said all right. I don't have my gun with me and I just watch the cops kit dash. out of a white guy in Minneapolis apples from security, camera, footage or body. Can but again last night in many apple US during the riots because they were going by an armed vehicle and the White God put his gun down and they walked. They kicked him and they head while he was face down on the ground with his gun away from my point is while it goes both ways. If you want to see racism in everything and not that there is a loaded weapon, not that someone is actively not only resisting arrest riot, attacking police officers versus a passive surrender
if you decide the only you she has will, then you might be as dumb as John Oliver, who just rebutted himself, and I love the rapporteur, said with a gun and tell you this, because it was slung over shoulder facing. down and back worked like that, is not a threatening position. It's almost as if behaviour matters more than anything else, it's not that black is the scariest weapon out there. It's that behaviour dictates how, situation, will go every single time. Cops will tell you that that is the number one indicator of how you will deal with jobs. We have a gun pointed at them or if you try to get an I've, you're probably gonna get shot. not that controversial at all lack white hispanic or even the Hong Kong guy from earlier No, I don't know you. some of the pull me see what happened. So This is another myth right. This is tweeted out and retreated a bunch of times that this is the first mass, but this is the first black Mass school shooter ever that's not even close to trip so
your Peter Lange and he's a research with a national threat assessment Centre of the United States secret service found this. These are just some examples: twenty fourteen, my roommate shot three people Authority State University, Robert Butler, three people, Mill, Millard, South high school, two thousand, a teen Chris. Upper Mercer. Seventeen people at some point what Umpqua College two thousand seven Eco Tatum six people mojave high School there there a bunch of examples. Okay, and Let's also be clear that only one percent of shootings that take place at school. or gun related incidents are shootings at all and outwards nine percent, Gunnar living incidents. That's it right yet one percent. This is incredible because by the way the media covers that you would think that almost all of the shootings had happened at schools are measured right. That's that's all that the number one thing Just like other people are getting into fights and shoots is very uncommon and sixty four percent of all gun related incidents at schools happen in schools that our
diagnosis, confusing a majority minority, meaning that these schools, or are where a majority, the student population schools, that you would consider blacker, brown schools, but just be real about it. the four percent of events, occur at those schools and you know what Frederick experience with this. My aunt Kate, dimly high school in Detroit. Look it up She had to have a diploma mailed to her cause. Someone was shot in the face at school. My dad, my uncle sorry gonna Demi, school there was a lady who was stabbed in the bathroom for being back them use the term a lot another say by racial, so they live at this. This was, common occurrence in Detroit it so common that it doesn't get coverage, and the reason that you need to know about this is because they're saying that this is an angry white man problem rather saying angry white men will take a gun and they will go out and they will try and get justice on their own, whether to school, shoot him ass, shooting wherever it may be, going after what whoever it may be that
clearly is not what's happening here, but you know it's not just that. It's that they're not telling you that it all right or not telling you. You know it s. An angry white man out on statistically angry White Middle EAST problem suicide. It's not even close yeah. I all your coffee messed up. turbine, went to the bathroom and came in he just talking bout. Why? I was I da middleweight middle aged white males commit suicide at an astronomical rate. It is one of the most common causes from I think, it's out of the numbers of formula getting more than anyone else and then fourteen for teenage blackmailed. Both homicide is like the number one cause of death. It might be number two because at that point and getting heart parties break it staggeringly, hi. My point is there in there a typical white male problem usually middle class working white middle age males in it's not even close. We don't talk about that here, something else people have in going with this right now that it's it's a mess,
so they say it again. It just like waving their Juan right effect. There is nothing here. It's a myth that a good guy with a gun is what stops a bad guy with a gun, because the first people say we know stumps beggar, the gun he's a good guy with a gun and first off before even go on with this, there was someone saying yeah where I was that good guy with a gun, this was being treated at their time, an unseen and is ok. Let me ask you how to get taken into custody stupid the cops shot was silly string. So if you want more good guys, we're guns are just those racist, oppressive police authorities want to make sure I understand the rule book because I'm a little murky. Ok, let's be how will they take the custody, every single, MASH shooter, you can name at some point- was taken in by a good guy with a gun. I just believe that we need to give a fighting chance to people who are not police officers and statistically, make this argument, but now there saying goodbye with a gun, isn't it is a myth? You know. I know
natural first off, probably because the people who are saying but the FBI, crime data suggested felons killed justifiably by civilians is fifteen. percent higher than law enforcement? So this is what I was talking about yesterday. I write like two point: two million dollars from the CDC, but these were grants given the people, ok and so some people, in to the crime. That, I think, is that from the FBI, unified crime report so last year, I believe, has twenty twenty one? Twenty two! Twenty nineteen, Civilians killed three hundred and four people who were any act of committing a felony re hundred four things through him. Forty less it ran for Britain to forty three. Yes, our Africa sedentary treated and forty three severely were killed. People are in the act of a founding. Aren't are mostly on that Now there are there to divert numbers, I think one is whether they were armed. One is whether they were not right in the act of committing a violent felony law enforcement. Two hundred and ninety eight,
civilians killed more violent felons in the act of committing a violent felony. Then the cops, that's a good here's something else, and I may give us to I've talked about this before why, throughout the numbers- and it depends on a given year, forty thousand gun does thirty something thousand done. That's what a huge portion of those right, of course, our our suicide, a over Folia sense, which usually about sixty percent scenario lower at nearly fifteen to twenty thousand gun deaths per year, but let's even be generous here and use a number that they never use. Four hundred Eighty thousand criminal uses of firearms per year. Ok- and this is This is according to national crime, victimization serve acre. You know how many sense of uses a firearms to pull. One million is the so far on only two fifteen. thousand murders. Homicides, death right versus two point: one mb billion defensive uses of firearms each year and
There is a lot of road users are never they require shot. No there Why are simply having a firearm and the bad guy now knowing that you have it, but even when shots fired civilians, do it at a higher rate, then pull softwares, you don't even know. What do you think that you think some guy, with with its firearm, who hasn't gone through police training, is going to stop some bad guy with a gun pretty much yeah well, and this is the whole croxley argument or better right will. This is that this is the argument right if you're gonna stop gun violence, right in America the policies that they are putting in place will stop the two point. One million they'll stop people from defending themselves for sure, but they will not stop criminals from continuing to break the law. that's been the argument, the entire time you can't get rid of guns, criminals have them. I the two point: one million people that did that or too one point. One million instances to have a shot rights. It- and you know during that from seeing no one saying it's a community, but it
the guarantee that the granting of a fighting chance to be stripped and, of course, its right to basic self preservation. Look them! if your two scenarios and we're going to go to make up here and take your chat, I think plate got reticent replaced, even though sports apparently some Tom Brady, I guess the quarterback looking at you. I don't think I guess I dont think that it has happened. I think it happens. I rarely that a woman is in the process of being raped, thank God and have a gun right now. Otherwise, under this might have gotten out of control, I think it happens. Quite and that someone finds himself in a scenario where they realise and clicks. Oh I only had a firearm right now. This entire scenario could have a neutralize only it's too late. That is true. it is a lot, but when people say all the risk as now way, the rewards- that's not true What are your God is more likely to be used on you? That's not true. The truth is that the risks, if you dont, have a firearm, you get raped, you get killed, you get tortured, defenceless, you're, a victim the reward.
if you have a fireman of course, are responsible in their more resources available right now than ever in american history to learn responsible uses of responsible use of firearms and storing of firearms is, oh yeah might be able. a fighting chance against a rapist, You might actually be able to exercise your God, given ability to self preservation. That's what it comes down to. I know you they weren't guns, No, that your wish that the people weren't violent. I know you wish there were no mass shootings. I know you wish you can move your magic wand, but you can't and so right now there are people out there who have to deal with other folks who have no rights. one infringing upon their rights, and they have one of the hundreds of millions of firearms wherever they are here in the United States or across the What do you do? Do you allow the general population that God given right to protect themselves o this report? Thank God. I don't have a thank God. I don't have a mouse gun on me. Otherwise I really, I ve been another statistic: don't think it happens a lot. let me know just making an inference, hear you
You know what I know you don't like this and I don't like you pissed off
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