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Thanks, Trevor Noah! Erasing Women's Achievements One Puberty Blocker at a Time!


Trevor Noah thinks men competing against women is awesome, and we think Trevor Noah is an idiot. Expect a THOROUGH debunking of his recent puberty blocker segment. We also expose the Left’s latest court-packing scheme. And as shocking as this sounds, Ben & Jerry's found a way to be more insufferable jackwagons. All this and special guest Jason Whitlock!

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Hey audio, listen to Libre rating! If you can review- and some of the stuff may not make sense, because it's more of a visual show, you can watch it on Youtube for as long as we're there. I recommend you go over the mug club, because I have an extra like forty five minutes today, including hey by the way warning. If you have kids come out of the room right now, I'm an account you down five for three, too when I learned about gay people, and I thought for years that they did ask em out penis. I explained that exclusively on mug club plot of Canada comes, I spoke up into the shop federal law. habits filmy of endangered falcons, except for educational purposes, to avoid federal crime. In maximum penalty of up to five years in prison, the phone Comedy sketch has been edited in post production to be educational viewer. Discretion is advised, prepared, Pringle, ok, get the hell. Are you doing since our are falcon,
Cotter, shelter, come that's, got teacher, had HANS and only think about falconry actual falconry, which are certainly the popular sport and status symbol among the Nobles Medieval Europe and Japan, where it's called talk. A jury falconry has been around for, if it may have even started in Mesopotamia gotTa Look gotta, hysterical little helmet with a spear good question. Even the Falcons hood he's during the phase of its acclimated to humans, which is referred to. as the main process is used to keep the rapporteur in a calm state both
early parts of its training and throughout its life you can get it to tap Brendan you. When we take Brandon ass falcons, aren't natural human aggressive guest. Will do well starting and hearts livers, then switching to other meats like spare other small birds, dots, docks and pigeons. and then move on to mice and insects. So remember if you a thousand and in is afraid you, then you are of him or her, clash maybe that as well
bad as merchandise. Did you can get credit shop darker?
there was there. When we get there was a tame swear Brenda. The reason for that is because today I gotta be anonymous. Behavior you didn't, because Dave Lando is eight. Can someone grant where's Dave Linda you doing to show tonight, let's plug that their later, but he couldn't be here today are so Papa trotters. Here? How are you epigram test? You make that desk, look minuscule the single most because I'm Jack to tell things: aid as well as muscle man. No, it's called cracking your femur and getting fat Gerald areas here. Quarter blackguards, you are you come on. That's not black! At all falcon. We have a light. Al can agree. We have a lot to Sunday with Jason. What luck on the show? No, you actually is Jeff ports here he's got into hot water. He's out. You said he was a division, wonder athlete athlete division one, we hosted show that he Fox sports and was originally to spare. From Twitter, black guy who spoken out against the black lives matter. Why so person of color string arrogance?
since of colors lives matter ass, look, there's no need to change the way you and United Negroes College Fund get your act together, having changed it so? What do we do that when we talk about Trevor Noah, who has still maintain his asshole haircut? in quarantine, as virtue signalling, when you are going to shape up media, and he supports a purely blockers for kids can become a court packing. We have a lot to get too and prosperity not to keep looking it yourself like opera, you know This gets super court. You can't have you ever been able to get him to to shut up outside now and then an economic recession. I'm gonna end up on media matters. You will anyway, while making allowing up without government. Now- and you can do it, we don't care here, a senior, so you get special rights. You start can view of this? I got this way my team
Here's some of the get anything else. Look there. There are so many conspiracies that go around with this show and Sometimes you really are just their base in some truth, erased and notaries at all, is verging on that Betty is dead. what do you guys have now here's the thing Betty has been gone. She went to special training and it becomes a support dog for my wife and there have been some complications that my question today is actually going. We very personal- and I really could use your advice, a genuine them conflicted about this, and I know it's weird started with my dog what you think that it was gone for several months to be trained branch closer this farm in Kentucky and she loves it there. She runs around with the dogs and she loves chasing animals like she's, just an insane doc. Came back, and so we were doing this rinsed in getting this video really bad he's gonna come back and, like you know, and soldiers come home right, not exactly the reaction that I was expecting here. Oh here's Betty after not seeing me for three months. The grand reveal yeah
I don't care, ran right to Jean Louis Mere ran past me MIKE. What do you like? Look? I hate it when people say like I just love, my dog was removed and apartments, it doesn't take dogs, but don't you think, that's your family. I've never had a dogs for anything other than the entirety of its life. However Betty'S- fallen in love with his great Dane over their farm in Kentucky she loves it. There's no way that I can make her happy at my house. Jean Louis would not dwell on a farm. You want to go there, people buried his wants to be running like letter out all day run around with a pack of dogs like a gang of marauders, come back in woody,
want to do its best for her, but I want to be a good. What would you do genuinely? Would you say, ok, Betty go in and live on this front, not we're not putting down, actually live on a farm, far more selfish of me, its roots, it's tough guy like soon, but she had her girl. I've thought about it, but I just you know I am only be free Betty right Kosovo. We have a lot of other stuff to get too, but this is a clip has been goin viral and I just of it for the right reasons, and all the wrong reasons, Dan VON Gino in her, although I remember him, opponents to peace
the show mustachioed. It takes a shortlist selfies in the GM laureates, muster he's affair to those short list. Cell fees were not here's the and Bonn GINO in her, although Rivera getting into it with a world order. Recalling Dana son of a bitch on air on Fox NEWS, where is this when they are, we would see a man John May. This is why they re data as Bologna as it. No, I didn't really want this. It is not about the government of he's injecting Miriam rendering. The argument regularly has an obvious rhetoric. That's why you Oh, that's a blank boundaries that sea or they're trying to play. If that's what you're, gonna love, cable news house, that's a fact you ve got nothing is that country adamantly you just want to see the archery burn, all vaccine. I want every that, aren't we burn you, sorry you're, not them, but upon Europe, Tom, the funding,
you're a moment. You wouldn't tell me that the my face I believe there are other affairs. Ninety eight only about let us call them Funding is one. Let him put him through comes to wet your issue. Crowded agenda returned my calls anymore. What we just talk, no issue. We spoke with three days ago, Dan when he took office no you're a son of a bitch, you pull out, he does the hour. I gave you the recipe for this, the spicy meatballs myself privately, and then you release it on instruments aimed in ok, yeah, son of a bitch, I'm easy to find let's move out of the story. Here I am going to bat form. There are no calls red amicably, little sicilian, more
such a romance. Others are the Peg Dan, though I think he's Sicilian, at least anyway? So here's another that- and this is another story here about whether what are they doing is at the judge not wearing is turtle show is all you need to look at this. Look at this. Did they lift the mask mandate? Mc courtroom? Wilderness testify. Of invoke its fifth amendment rights. We also heard that the prosecution will call witnesses and the judge mention newly discovered evidence. That's notable, but first new laws Was it to terrorist reaction to children's decision there not to testify? Ok, let's go back, that's exactly! I hate people is no added value on their lives like hey. This is what you're watching. Let's talk, what you're watching, let's invade what it is of interest to you with our uninteresting conversation?
I'm so glad enough to do that crap anymore. So here's another CNN right. They send the reporters out on the ground to the other lives matter rights, escalated pretty quickly, right, Brooklyn Centre and, of course, a fire. the broken centre manager because he that we need to wait for due process police and how dare he'd? How dare he do that that I may we wouldn't want due process for the black cop involved with now, so after the shooting of of Dante right right, there was this. Obviously the riots and unseen and sent down a crew. They were, equally assaulted, prick brutally and then chased off. Watch this first for context,
don't. I know you don't know how is it looks like model opposite about good, and here they are trying to leave it to their car there being followed by the German. I haven't made union projects and glancing. Only the guy showed me his gun, yeah, it's all peace when a guy is leaving and you're following him to the car and still committing assault in battery. Now, what s watch cautious, much care about the private use
It's a novelty license. Plate exerts jets, I can't believe I'm levers budgets negotiate with these people, like they aren't children looking for an excuse for balance, but you know what you deserve when you throw a water bottle of an old man who deserve to get. ass kicked that what justice, no justice, no peace, I guess you wanna go old irish findings. Doubt that would be justice now want to throw water bottles from from for all go together. That's my cheek hp bottle. We gotta get! That's! That's! That's a ticket item! Now, here's the here's, the issue to did CNN there's. These were CNN reporters now decisions covered at all taken out. Europe will really overlays procedure. Did they cover did they covered? It was Mcgann the guy who was a guy wasn't visitor Miguel markets are overly overlay, be this is the guy was attacked. I was dogs and then the ASEAN and government? Now that's really be taken out.
His reserve. This is his response to sustain and didn't cover any of it Oh, I thought we restructure. Whenever I went through seen in all morning, nothing you can go there right now and outcome. They send out their reporters their report Good, violently attacked and they do nothing to protect them so it's cowards. Sending out see, cowards, those reporters as well. It's all good, I'm an ally in order to cover cowards and say that it's all peaceful and then it's all about strength in this is something we ve talked about. You I've had people take swings at me. What we ve done change reminds had the the beautiful brave transgender males who, through a homeless, men's lunchbox, trying to steal my signed but of black, especially we ve had women out there You guys I've always known as and I hate protect, protect them, make sure that their safe here I have to make sure that control myself that I dont go. livid crazy. If someone hurts a member of my crew,
very latest you'd see some righteous anger. No one there does anything Hake or you talk about solidarity. No one, it CNN is gonna walk for putting your reporters in harm's way. This is them which, by the way, anyone out there, we can see that no one actually watches and make a lot of money from on the ground footage right that they sort of licence. If, if you wanna be safe, dont work for CNN They'll, let anything happen to you and they won't protect you as a matter of fact. They cover for the people who attack you there. Call them peaceful protestors, actually, as long as it fits their narrative they're, fine with it. I don't owe by the way halfway through that you see the guy run up ready jump into something like what do we do? What we do words. There is a fight as this the mentality of the people that are out the right now. This is not about getting justice. It is not about making sure that your voices are heard. This is about looking for a fight. This is about being in high school and sing something happening running over and trying to get involved, whether that are not looking for a fight child. These are people are never been accountable. Anybody writing and they're not look, provided all they wanted chirped from the bushes. Yet these are people
headache petty, been the other way where it was Rarely or some kind of conservative function Siena what a covenant, yet they wanted and Allah if one person got hit and head of the water bottle and by the what is the one about away a couple of pounds so you're not allowing it. What exactly did? Even if it's just water, you go, you got. No. Are you serious? If you don't know about what about such? How does it wasn't looking? He wasn't looking. He was an old man. He threw it from behind and then the guy's convincingly lookin for a fine. It's almost like the water bottles are the arrows united and some of them are there and then the other. Now we can come in and now where the immortals now you're policies. That's all of you, ok, just to be really clear event: CNN their cowards. There, absolutely I can't believe that go into backfire on guys to delay any work, peaceful than CNN says over with you yeah they would otherwise here and even the guy. This is what I was doing, the other guy power, the guy responded Marquez, who was hit by the way my team Fine, and I appreciate your concern, I hope, for equal job.
Just under the law and will continue to report on this vital story as unfold. That's like one Dick Cheney shot a guy in a face and he made him apologize. I which I think I'm in the extreme minority here in that. I really don't like a lot of detainees policy, but I adore as a person and no one else feels that way. Just because when he, when he leaned into John Edwards microphone. If you guys want murmur these people out there, and we have a lot of younger viewers just seen a language warning, he was debating John Edward. Remember this in China, which brought up his daughter being a lesbian like you should support this with your daughter and after the debate they finished it and Dick Cheney, Lindane and said deliberately by the way, said it into John Edwards Lapel, my affairs. It even go fuck yourself, look at me. You can go fuck yourself, about thirty million visionary resolution, make sure you have listening it. Wasn't it wasn't an accidental like hot MIKE? He knew exactly what he was doing so probably
their work for him and see in and take I'm on Instagram by the way lotta with credit. If you just want to tell me that the best you can do for the show is just tune in to live Monday's you Thursday, at ten, a M eastern region, we taking your book club chat and along with Jason whitlocke a little bit later. So my question to you is what you think about court pact. And then how long do you think until there are no more women's records and sports we're gonna get to Trevor Noah now going a little of it? Genuinely you can just vesting. It is comment, come in, come in a healthy youtube, algorithms and its role as an apprentice community, their commode most you to come and let it sounds like a loaded question, but it's not it's not like, should. No, no don't you know are regularly not reality, anymore, you're anti signs. If you think that men are biologically superior to women and athletic endeavours ride
make sure at all on the same delusional page. Yes, I wanna be it. A big it'll have wait, classes and men sports now and we do not for a long. We also anti doping policies and mental, or I will say that for the children of segment, because I want him to see it and I want to, I want to concentrate it- lay a little like a little hate concept like hit from concentrate. so Biden in the democratic noticeable people talk about packing the court, and what does that mean? It doesn't. Just me like you, know, putting them on smaller bench. It means that they will. want to add seats to the court now here to about this by This point of view has changed dramatically over the Years cannot mean like Hillary Clinton, was gay marriage, Barack Obama with gay marriage or Kemal Harris with gay marriage and weed for people who don't know, let's set the stage because now Democrats are actually pushing forward. Most of the investigation into whether they should pack the court moment. Democrats are that we must step up the damn eater. Let us do it, but you then, and now
I remember the sole adage about power corrupts and absent power corrupts absolutely corrupted. I power. In my view, unveiled is court packing plan. You wanted priest, a number of justice, as the fifteen align himself denominate. Those additional judges took the neck courage on the part of his own party in to show you to stand up against this power grab, my god reasonably election is over. I know right when you guys. Would you know the moment. I answer that question. The headline in every one of your paper will be about the order, then, obviously now what's happening now, if they will and before the election, you are open to expanding the core when to considering what happens from that point on, listen I know he spent fifty nine sorry sixty four years in public office, but he goes
is the grain. In that he delivers direct answers. This man is no one's manchurian puppet I'm not saying that. I won't not do it you trying to wiggle out of this, I forgot the question. I have no idea where agriculture am elevators contradict himself at least yeah. Now exactly this. Is this guy's not disguise not running the show right now, former vice President Joe Biden, really that before any one of the core packing, I think we actually have to check in some falcons with on the gravel Thomas Finnegan, Tom Tom, Are you there, sir? I don't even thank you for having yeah. I got a couple of quick Falcon facts: boy, good, we'll get better.
Them because the holes usually sudden rosy loreen. I see the falcon would by the way which cause we couldn't. We wrote a bunch of falcon sketches and then we were told that was illegal in London. I have them on solely for educational purposes and am we spent. We spent a lot of making this happen, so it actually attacked him with the hood on yeah? No, I have no idea an element, maybe something about Thomas the asked have centred on putting so with the packing the Supreme Court by mistake. The commission like our saying, daddy, reforming the Supreme Last week the denounces right yeah, the commission will bring quote an analysis of the principal arguments of the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Minos, including an appraisal and legality every okay. So there are like I'm going to proposing now House Democrats enduring Adler. There are just going to be introducing legislation today right to add for justice is to the Supreme Court, and that is why didn't even think about one there's, one right:
As far as the magic number here wonder, what would happen to the blue ribbon panel? What does it mean a blue ribbon battle? I have no idea that at all now here's the thing we talked about this in the chamber, mine with their ac, be confirming a c b People say well why? Why won't wages we that justice is to the courts in the past well we're a hundred years ago. The last on. Why do we have nine justices? Let's be clear for people who don't understand, it explained you a little bit of the history and then we'll get to why this is a horrible idea the lesson was eighteen, sixty nine it does. Ethics are making sixty nine during reconstruction. We added the justice and we decided on nine and that's because think about it. You're no point reconstruction, you Tom, on after the civil war, it was more of a pragmatic reason because he'd have these justices. These judges would have to travel all around these circuit courts, and so they divided them into certain basically consider Ray in all sort of responsibilities, and they needed that amount of judges. That's why they changed it. They have changed it. Since I think it was actually Sdr wanted to do it, and even Democrats were vehement,
opposed. Do it so This is something that may surprise a lot of people, but not that its determined by poles, not that policy need to be determined by post, but the vast majority of Moroccans. I should say the majority of Americans also oppose the art pack. What it was eighty three percent Rasmussen, William? It was a practical decision to when they did it to nine. They said. Look. The court is about three years behind on cases right now. We need circuit court in the south, especially to make sure we just A civil war, these guys still have the same values and same principles that we are fighting against. We need circuit court judges, on their sort. I have the circuit court judges and now we need to get through this backlog of cases. So nine is the number it was actually reduced to seven in eighteen, sixty six, basically to prevent the president for me but to nominate any justices right, all wrapped in some kind put back. So there was a practical reason, yeah moving it please The practical reason right now owe me: nobody can I think there is no reason to move the number I fires in the presentation of a format you just did it so as we are now, it was weird phraseology their Gerald. You usually better
I think your eyes glazed over four seconds later there was no. There is no doubting levies, gotcha there's none whatsoever, not at all. I thought was a trick. West, My group made an already rousing we're life think there is one now tat was our conversation that we all agreed. It was bullshit right. Is it that the trick restriction is the answer? De bullshit could still be always the way by the way, this isn t this isn't new. Even Ruth painter Ginsburg was against court packing Have the court right here. Well, if anything, it would make the court appear partisan. It would be that one side saying what war and power it was only when a large number of judges, so we will have to have more people who will vote the way we want them to. So I'm not at all in favour that solution to what I see as a temporary situation. Here's the thing it's very deep as you can just go back to school house rock three branches of government to request, and you were the three bridge. So now you got it wrong. The answer is
You d have judicial legislative, executive right and then a bill comes out and goes transgender or to see an infant in that zone, legendary Algeria that others getting pelted with others getting pelted with concrete water bottles, judicial is supposed to be the least politicize. It posed to be separate, and apart right, it really is supposed to be a non political at branch of gum. How are we that's not necessarily the case right. We know that judges can be partisan, but that's not what they are supposed to be. There used to be debating this country at one point about judicial act, doesn't mean I'm sort of about how people approach of their original s right if they were contemptuous with a constitution, but it still was designed to at least keep up the appear. the air of partiality, blown way past that right now and they would accusing Donald Trump of Packing, the court's by filling vacant seats and his final year, which again there's plenty of historical precedent for that there is not for us,
please adding seats to the court without a pragmatic g. Rafik reason before the gift of flight, the humans Mass flight, mass transit. certainly before the by a seller, express whatever it's called there from New York to to Baltimore, and you know it look. This is just here's. Here's the issue, if you haven't thought about this, ring out the ad forecourt for judges to the court. Ok, it's now! Whenever Democrats, one right, and then it just becomes an arms race republican. What's our three, let's at four, let's at five once used this. You can not put that Genie back in the bottle. It is a funding don't change of how our government works in our hour? Yeah, ok, was it the next time a trump is in power. You're left us because it tell you what my views of change little bit, where I think all of us through the vote. Let listen principle conservatism in those things still matter, but now also yeah we're tired of being trampled on when it's like boxing and somebody
kicking in the nuts at a certain point, when you can meet me in the pills or I rest not call it we're going to need your back and I'll. Tell you this. If and this is I'm someone has always opposed court packing. If you add four seats, we should add five. It's done the world. The gloves are off never wanted to be that way, but then it just becomes about winning an irritant. You placing sand and all the right places that becomes my raises died. While the Supreme Court was was to be the record of last resort. Essentially right, so we have a disagreement as a country on an issue of individual letter. It is you take it to them Finally, it's been through every single process. You need that to beat that court to go by our founding documents and say no here's what this rightly says you dont need it to be. political and so that the connection, How is merit garland versus AC? Be you guys? Wouldn't let us have Macfarlane and last year of Obama, we you ended up, through a serbian last year? Trump, I
Stan. You don't like how the system works, but that doesn't mean you change the rules and break the system. This is what every single left us policy is right. Now we like the system. So, let's rid of it. Ok! Well, what would you replace it with? We have no idea yet we want something. Just then, if that's ok, for what would you do send in a social worker when a guy has a gun pointed somebody. Yet that's gonna work out really well send, in a sense a social worker who has an underground degree in spanish studies, gas. Some of this schizophrenia bender thinks the tv is talk until just a cheese makes common citizen a bathtub with a blow drier just waiting for you with the same thing, with the filibuster to afford, asked Ed dispenser whose power it depends on who is in power? Yes, I. What are you gonna? Do? I do need an issue with the Supreme Court, because now you have you, have you have more now
So what do you want to do? We would we we would like to have more than you will. Why will because we want judges to have our opinion. I thought they were supposed to be impartial. They are hey. What about title? Nine include dicks does now Have you seen the world record books that second by the way, this is another quick strike Ben Jerry's on Upstairs Ben Jerry's. Yesterday they outweigh in on the Dante, Wright, shooting went for a walk. This is a tweet from Ben Jerry. I don't know if they manage their own twitter, that they don't like too busy Non Jerry a little bit of the little bit of the year, the fish food little bit
chunky monkey dynamiters, don't know what I'm saying they're, having that's a lot of men and Jerry, I think shining ram and their silly little clueless. Looking fishermen's hats, the murder of Dante right as their tweet, the murder of Hashtag Dante right, is rooted in white supremacy. Will they explain the reason now we now and results from the intentional criminalization of black and brown communities? This system can be reformed. It must be dismantled and a real this team of public safety rebuilt from the ground up diva hashtag, defend the police, like you just said, on issues like dismantle the system, all right. How about you out there. How bout you handle the beats constable, Ben and Jerry will give you a truancy, Baton, dont use and on each other, and just about their paid for by taxpayer dollars. Just comparison, how hard is it to create contents even versus edit content,
One would argue it's a little bit did it was a little bit different. In fact, nobody in the history of the world has created what we have here. So it's been done. One time, I don't think that you can tear things down and rebuild them better. It's very hard to do and it's very easy to build them back worse, although it's pretty easy to replace it with a blow of dollars. They sometimes we must, I think, we'll just EL, the diamonds, let lad on it. That's the problem. That's your problem because it can kill a doll Gerald tissue. Can not a living organism told me so bendings faded, Jerry? They just gave us the reason, its white supremacy. We now know or like supremacy, scream makers from the state of Vermont have told you what the problem is and, of course, got really yeah. It's got a lot of steam, bind it on social media does something they were tone deaf. Missing the mark a little bit with their celebratory offering Jamaican me taser, and that seems It gets a little been yeah topical off the mark. You know why
fire. Your social media director bent and Jerry another telling you to give hot takes you screwed up wasted today's rundown, yet loses its a taser Algeria or matters like this woman prohibition of in the force, because she why because she was yelling taser taser days or days or with a gun that everyone could see sort of reasonable. how'd, you like to have your partners and that that's why that barrels- it was terrifying. I was absolutely petrifying the dental shooting, because she didn't know there, has been a taser and a gun to trying to choose which one was which run and then hurrah those like. I think we should have this on our strong sign that we should have a cross drawn the other side's like first off their already in separate sides. Second, I dont know why you are employed by any media or is points were so Gerald nurse wife had a good. Oh yes, I was gonna was gonna, bring that up. She had a great idea. She said in medicine a lot of times and I cant remember the full set of it like. If you have to drugs, you gonna give and one can interact
the other and in an actually cause a lot of harm to a patient. If you dont radically, we know this as a party but portrayed. She said you don't keep it at the same place like hip and hip right. You don't put him in the pockets. Right left cause it's the same. Mechanical movement. You can go to the wrong side. She said you put one lower on in the other pocket, that's down in the leg that way indifferent mechanical motion to get this verses this right out, and I thought that was pretty good. It's like, I am now I'm thinking after leaned down to get this verses. Just right. You have left unanswered area. I was wondering about the holsters. They I got to know some of us relaxing of October, aspirin right here, no eight thousand fantasy that happens and away sweetheart I'll be home. Soon after this, the nurses, outfit you're on the way with Austria, yes, well stern, savage with her you after up and to move around some difficulty, moon, stool, I've, gotta, suppose a toy
horrible and dirty to appear, and it's gonna suppositories mean literally dirty. Perhaps you would like an old sailing solution. It takes an hour and a half to soften you stop at different private. Right right? So, let's get to this, I usually don't addressed Trevor now, because I dont want to punch down. Trevor. No. No. What what's interesting to this is something really important to travel to. All of us. Videos are raising their raising money for non profit. If each, I m sure enough for some covert really think he also is videos. If you look there, these really high view counts, but very low interaction rates comparatively so they're always autonoe about you. Let me know if you notice, as always when I'm watching content, usually more conservative content on Youtube, auto place. F, Myers or tribunal. Now I have open with a lot of people, a lot of leftist people. I don't know anyone who listens the Trevor Noah or watches terminal.
likes Trevor. No, I don't want anyone who would even give him like a save the date if he was a relative thrice removed with tremor Noah, Any makes the years he's a walking straw man so just think of it. This way, the how much our inability we have on this issue. We have to even those that, even though its a comedy show we place our sources- and we can always put the Lincoln in description. Louder was crowded outcome. Travelling I can just make claims and use the most basic, logical fallacies that you will learn in your first semester at college. no one will ever column on it. So this is a perfect example, and I also think look it's day Yes, I think this is dangerous and I'm not seeing someone just speaking speak. However, he wants the issue. Is one ever Noah can go out there and advocate that men beat the hell out of women in sports and that children should be allowed on puberty blockers and then the powers that be silence in throttle opposed opinions like that's. When you get into danger danger is not different voices. Dame
is eliminating voices so that people here only one and then they bitch about ECHO Chamber just so here. Let's go to Trevor know a couple of claims that he makes regarding transgender athletes, males in female sports and puberty blockers and go through it piece by piece clipping is that when it comes to major issues with tons of evidence by climate change or corona virus or gun violence, they like Let's wait until we see more evidence, but now this is an issue that barely even exist and they like when I got time for operators does on plastic profits, which two thousand nine you drought, the wandering the people making these laws. Always point too is a single story. from Connecticut Wrong you years ago, I've got fifteen evidence that trends, the kids are stealing opportunities from everyone else. I think conservatives are missing the entire point of youth sports. In the first place,
because it's not really about the tiny minority of kids will go on, should give scholarships and performing an elite levels not about that. That's exactly what you're about cheating their freshness, best, developing good habits, the self esteem and learn to fully the chest. None other sports, exactly about being the best, their exact about being elite and being the best. Maybe some people want himself a steamer discipline, but the purpose for sports us to test one self improvement self and be the best this is now this is the issue is the jumping off, he does understand what sports are, because Maybe he's in translation, I have no idea what I have to tell you. He doesn't understand what sports are about. He uses right away.
a very one of the very first logical fallacies at you learn about right, yet the logic of out of the appeal to authority fancy the correlation is not equal causation fallacy, and this is one that I'll use Latin for you a little bit of romance languages, scald argument and add novel ADA. I think I'm saying that currently, but it's a fallacy in this, is that when we read the textbook definition, this fallacy is the opposite of appeal to tradition and that it is an attempt to claim that the newness or mine did more modern t matter in Flanders is of something is evidence of its truth and superiority. The novelty of the idea or proposition does not entail its truth or fear so he saying there's, no, there's no evidence here that took there's no problem. What look because we haven't done it yet, since the getting of American. Since world history we haven't allow men to dominate women and sport that was partially the basis for title line right. We want equal opportunity with women sports. You wouldn't need
if women are good, as man and people actually wanted to watch women who are lower than the varsity high school team, you wouldn't have title line also by the way. This give you an example. This would be like me, suggesting today a ninety percent income tax rate we don't want this, we know and then six months from now, people are still trying to repeal it. Seeing this is what this is. Gonna be horrible is devastating. We going well, there's no evidence of bankruptcy yet because you just started it you just started allowing men into women sports. So don't try and act like you have a body of evidence when they got a couple of the things that illicit it's a bad argument, but even set it up poorly because he's listing things that there is wide debate about right. If you believe in climate change, having this gigantic affect versus having a small, effective, China is going to play a role if its manmade, if it's a natural causing if its, both like all of these things, are worth discussing. Issues like these are all too what things that we know exist fully radiation as consumers. We want to wait for more evidence and many tries to imply, but put the
In other words, you saying well, listen! It's it's climate! Using this climate changes settled as well men competing on women's ports. The evidence is in that there is no unfair playing feel so. Here's that here's the deal we don't have what do you do in any other form of science, because people have to throw this? Aren't trust, thus signs trust. The science like its guy and after Neil at the altar science is ever evolving. I mean really. now you can give you could even say art right now, certain because a lot of financing with science see the World Health organization. But what you have Do if you don't already, let's say with a medication, are you're looking at a supplement right, many one out there take supplements. You dont have the golden standard, a double blind, placebo, controlled trial, for I don't have it yet, but maybe some people are making claims. What do you do? In that case, you make an infant from the science you have available, such as using this is a simple example: we don't have a placebo control clinical trials, what it is: ok, Do we have any controlled studies right? Ok! Can we look
the matter analysis. Can we look at sample studies? Can we compare populations and then they framing and because there is usually some science available? It's not conclusive. Now the Good NEWS here is: we have both. available science, the conclusive evidence. He just lied, and that is only one example. I have fifteen here and they all involve multiple world records. didn't trials, not even competition, it's not even close! So what science do we have available to us concerning the women on a mass experiment with women? Have women having the crackdown on? Ok, listen: members is women, their hormone levels: ok, a man's average testosterone level, three hundred to twelve hundred nanograms per deciliter, a woman. Twenty two. Seventy ok where's main amendments about ten times the amount it s daughter What does it do? This is a science there's, no doubt about this. Enhances red blood cells production, it decreases. Faggot increases muscle, increases, bone density, connective tissue men have Twenty four, twenty four to sixty five percent greater bone
density than men. Men have higher lung capacity than women or men have a robot capacity than women. They have higher veto to MAX's K. Now what? Let's before we get to the direct competition that they're talking about, because our more examples in Connecticut, let's go the world Records men's old, Macher record one mile run three minutes three seconds: the women's format in twelve seconds, that's an entire minute. More than men's, eight hundred freestyle swim, seven. Thirty two K women's seven, fifty nine men's power, lifting squat. This is run by the way, in two pounds, cases raw without gear, women's, seven hundred and five pounds. There's a lot
more at stake here than a plastic trophy okay. This is this is something people who understand first off. The fundamental reason for sport is to be the best. This is the issue with social justice. Woke me, this is the same root cause of people kneeling at the football game of people, saying that you'd better pitted W Nba players just as much as you pay, Lebron James, its them single sports aren't about whose best it's about it being fair it. about ensuring equal outcomes. No footballers winning the Superbowl football is about being the best team and filling the seats. Ok, college boy There are about winning the national title. That's what it is and have always said this if you enter into the sporting arena without the intent to be the best here, sing your time, I'm not talking about recreational leagues, bowling care. You oughta, have men play against women and ping pong fine, be my guest. It's hard to tell the difference in that way. Is there about the issue here? Is the it's not
ass, a trophy women actually get hurt because they're not saying hey, let's just keep it to ping pong or billiards. Rather sit once she opens, how do you say not women's contact sports case in point? Alan Fox, a man who live as a man for entire life and father children now identity eyes is female shy. a woman's orbital bound there. You go The following facts wow. What a beautiful tightly mother must be proud, beautiful type, nothing! I'm watching on this train is beautiful hazel. I don't know what the commentators interim beautiful beautiful, what turned a cover up nothing. Not even the ring colors are beautiful by far How does the bravest athlete in history, as I Kramer doing, karate with children? That's very different. There are times when you are you're competing against the course or the clock. Yet right or the wait right, eternity
to exports at another level, the for the first time first track and feel it I think you're denying scholarships you're hurting in that way. You start to get physical, it's a whole other low. What you don't say you don't we do we ve! Never in history we ever had to have this conversation before we ve never had to have. The conversation are the best men better than the best women or even the average man, an average woman. You know they do and in pee wee football they have weight limits If you the right age, it doesn't matter if you ve played for the team before it matters. How much you way if you are ten pounds or five pounds or one pound over that limit. You don't get to play. You know why their protecting kids No, this is built into every support that we have. That has been here all I'd hate to step on you, but you have liberals. They will given wider than generous amount of weight limits. Ok now take the weight limit and make a fact
savage body fat percentage, differential of fifteen percent, because women are more body fat and they have less bone density. Okay, so don't try and think that you're cutting off the past, though another terminal, isn't thinking that far had he's a walking strong he's a walking straw, man and he's wealthier than God, and he still hasn't gotten his hair cut because he wants to pursue signal. What would I hope happens even is that the liberal says that will want you to stay rivet, I'm happy to know in sports, no men sports, just sports. The best compete go. yeah. Well, you know I just want to have a few hit. Fractures using. Maybe not all high school athletes want to compete at the elite level, but some do Now children also that this example doesn't matter, but it does any also didn't tell you the whole truth about what happened at one time in Connecticut. I
I just don't look. I don't know if he doesn't actually look at the research that presented or, if he's just a compulsive liar. I am inclined to believe the latter, because it's one paragraph in the story had there it's in the picture, don't Jonathan yet because the picture is hysterical Connecticut Highschool athletes, Liberty, that not only are they cheated out of athletic scholarships in Connecticut number one and two placing track winners were trained, gender mail to females. Look at that! That's the women of clothes. They took the top two's pats, who use one example, but that has to sob examples just makes common sense Trevor. Now you don't even look at the titles of what you are presenting. Ok, let's go
Other examples. I don't often pronouncing this right. I dont care Cecy, Tattler, Franklin, Pierce University, one, the and suitable age championships in the women's four hundred metre run, of course, as a biological mail or as we used to call it mail, but this person claimed that their height of six feet was a disadvantage because it was windy. Citizens airlines, sweetheart, sorry handsome Joe Mckinnon using not put that biological mail. I know cause is confusing and Rachel. No, that's not an inner can go both ways: you're, not wrong. One of women Cycling World Championship years, but also set the world record in the trial and here's. What I want you to watch in this clip is how is right Mckinnon. This trans athlete just Rockets passes woman without that much effort and then takes their feet off the petals
the coast, because I went up by that. Much cause. I'm gonna make me. I ain't gonna, more harm on blockers and I don't want a fracture. My femur, so why? setting the royal record commoner line overlook on the outside, lay hidden takes it into World Chamberlain, O Canada Year hi? How state offer Rachel Mckinnon ass? She became the first transit led to win a world championship Interact cycling. I barely manage to do it. I passed her with about fifteen years ago before the line, and then that was it world champion after her, agree? The leader was swift that easier swiss people suggesting Mckinnon shouldn't have been allowed to compete. Stop cheating, enter the men's competitions reads: one of the tamer tweets. Others were more hateful yes, more aid for probably from those father and mother and people with sisters jacks.
by the way I love it says I absolve the last fifteen metres. That's called strategy in that race that are supposed to set the world record do in these thirty five to thirty nine sprint to world records. Now rights anywhere just keep keep having the records will champion. What we enjoy your lot feminism, there's no one can amount see, and this webpages hysterical. I dont know if Trevor no would never run this because you know doesn't want to he's, not he's not aiming to be funny. I never meet to our will take your word, for it like a hand, amounts biological mail, a male, Paramount's, email; ok, look, let's just a male, a male emphasizes woman female biological terms, but now this agency biological have seen needle born mandate. Oh boy, while a male identifies as a woman. I did that fair. You too, because net gender sex, you said they were separate, so I can use the term Hannah Mounts E mail identifies as woman.
Was one of the australian women's handball team top scorers and by the way, has played for the men four ok beating women and by the way, is not that you're welcome to export, but when you since you see that Hannah turns into one. If you could spot the difference, you're there might be an advantage. I warn you if you have small children competing athletics. They probably shouldn't watch this because, though, quit on how to Massey Pronouns she and her and pronouns whereby Third Harmsworth Brother Wire Business, China Dogma, Iraq has arisen here bows. Can you hear me now being traded with the respect that
What did it so much worse? What you just did it stop her? She just after in this affair has just. This is a lie that is agreed upon. Right everyone just sit. Everyone does its nose like and then in a back there just do not allow you know. Just dahlia hey come on, that's a foul, but you know sometimes gets a little handy we all just we all doesn't go along with this giant walks into it. You must a referee right. No, no matter. What do you suggest that no one here tonight, here's a lady Harriet S? Would you like to punch in the face with what I do
but then the poncho apologia because or illegal playing field. What are you a man? Hannah cut opted for a set that would fit into a sports brother. You notice you can go for the full rack for them. She may sound familiar he's, not try a directive. Now he just doesn't now male who identifies a woman. I think, if we're going to play the gender rule, male who identifies as women beats up other female. I get a job. rational pass yeah, I think so he's already and find it had a guy. I do not understand. What's going, I'm confused where's the alarm dangling right this way, ears either Mary Gregory again only one example said Trevor on just one: he says: maybe human, from autonomously men from South Africa, I have no idea, you know, what's going on the other side of apartheid, sent the wreck Mary Gregory Male identifies woman sector.
Masters world record for the squat dead, left and Bench Cresswell competing woman before being stripped of the record and that, of course screaming outrage because listen, no justice, no bits he's a museum That's not the only one hears a New Zealand Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard not to be can with the beautiful and RE founder Scientology. How are you certain levels? Good, pretty good arrogance up I'll Zenos scene is proud of me. Little Hubbard one to gold medals at the Pacific Games and violet was on track to dominate the sport until a serious injury Hubbard, and this is something else. People on talk about hopped, Hubbard, ruptured, ligaments, inner elbow in two thousand eighteen ending the career. You know something that's really pretty common that we know what is that a few a man has. Low testosterone if you give a man estrogen or, for example, out of women to go through menopause if they dont get some kind of hormonal treatment, your bones become brittle osteoporosis,
This is something that is well known in the community with men right. We all know that there are certain steroids men take that can actually benefit muscle protein synthesis at the cost of your connective tissue. There's some steroids it you can take. It actually help your connective tissue as well. But often we'll talk about hey this guy got stronger than is, ligaments could handle, and so they'll snap, your ligaments. It happens all the time. We know this. What we're talking about anabolic steroids science we act as though we have no evidence when injecting estrogen or giving men estrogen directly. However, we know this because you have met their who takes terrorists. It takes them. Call that they take estrogen blockers, Roma tastes inhibitors and it has to be closely monitored because if they take too much and they end up getting the restroom levels at aware, one of the first things they warn you about his bone problems, so you're now taking the man with the bone, musculature of a man and you're, giving him the hormonal treatment of a woman to drastically and quickly reduce bone density. So we know, what's not health
we know what comes with serious side effects, but for some reason we abandon the signs a report says- and I was gonna say Rachel Mckinnon, I didn't know for sure- is thinking through it. She actually was injured these cyclists, and so I won't be competing in the games. I wonder if it had nothing to do with that. I haven't looked at what happened, but that article was talking about it is well what happened. I try my scrotum one of you experienced numbing effect that only a bike seek can cause every guy interview. I yes that speak for yourself through, but she also she also had. So I'm sorry, I looked at the cyclist thing a little bit more because I do cycling and that this would be something representative of what I do. It's not at all, but also said well, I've lost most of my races and am I I'm sorry, you lost most of your racist yeah on purpose right. can you live in those three raises. You dont know how to do sports. You have every advantage possible, and you know it actually is put us up a lot of credit outcome. Maybe lately or one of them can now can bring it up for What he gets too, I guess ok, related, gets, thrown back and forth on your phone is everything ok
I'm not going back and forth I'll get you some there's an article. I think it pink news. I just remind you that some are confined to ten transgender athlete speak out and first ones are male to females and their single people don't understand is that I've gone you're gone hormone replacement therapy drastically reduce my size. Really all of the gains are gone. I'm a completely different person within two three years, so people that honors in the science and then down the line. It shows a fever two male bath later right in anti double ably basketball whose on testosterone, which is banned for male athletes and then he she, whose of females? What enterprises man says well actually testosterone is very little there might be a little bit bigger, but anyone who thinks there's a big difference just doesn't know the science or. Why which is it which is. It adheres to thank, actually females who would compete against males were given an exemption with are allowed to take testosterone. There
so so unfair, because men can't take it and it's not because they get there just ass round level to that of a man. It's that when you allow someone an exemption member, they went to this in the EU of Sea they banned because what happened, as I said, ok lot of these fighters, they damage and open system. You are cutting way her desk, Austrians low, will let them elevated to the levels that are comparable to people Age Bracket, nay, this science guys, you can go read these case studies and you have see, but then what happened was they realize it was impossible to catch people who, shooting because they were taking water, suspended testosterone that would be in their system and out in four hours. The term was tested, rope, dont dope and wasn't that you couldn't just get your levels to normal, it's that these guys were blasting it out of their minds and because they had an exemption, they didn't have the tests to catch it. That's the guy pink news ergo,
not just after that. I very much of a difference after nine people are saying, I blocked might just rational amazing how small and weak I'm so embarrassed. Sport being able to participate in sport is not a human right. Now you not guaranteed this, and if you really do think it is fine transgender league, build it. Yeah compete against people that are in the same situation as you are go for any of these are just like the very clear examples we have of men competing a women's sport. We don't have that because again is basically a case study, but more than one year of trends in drastic. But here just when men have gone up against, women have been historical events, opening the australian women soccer team, they last seventy zero to a team of fifteen year old boys happens regularly, This is one thing I am. I think it was Venus or Serena Williams, who said no man out of the top. One hundred would be to beat me well z third ranked german Karsten said challenge accepted. It is me, keep we both sisters back to back
in an afternoon didn't even skip. Has two o clock snack think about it wasn't even close, can picture more successful athlete. Now I don't know which William Sister is a good one. I assume what is good about one of the above dip. I've got a tennis, ITALY. In two thousand and seventeen alone, men and boys K they beat. In being Alison's Felix at the start of the lady who set the record for one hundred metre time of forty nine seconds right, they beat more than fifty thousand times men and boys, the olympian record for women, so I have two thousand dollar nice. Fifteen thousand times has been beaten. That's it we're not saying, and I hope we will go you can't you do you think you're gonna be the will interest you to know you idiot. I don't play tenets. Ok around ten shoes are no different from sneaker, an attempt to be honest, I think about making, but simply that the same thing, the point is, I am not saying that I will beat the tennis sisters, but a man
he's right through the two hundred men who, wouldn't you like to show my protest work, part time jobs, flipping tyres, demolish them in an afternoon. I'm not saying I read the world record female sprint holder, but I'm I'm not saying that requires an elite. Male, I'm saying their fifteen thousand men who pay the female all types birdies kicks the shit out of the top woman. We know this. I guess your Trans League might be an idea girl. I would watch that. Can you imagine that australian handball player competing against a Chaz bono, thou I do whether one way or the other way you know he, the heap she illegal around it. Thank you eating that person. Whoever smash competing in this. I would watch because that's hilarious. I will then at least we need to put transgendered and the same league with people who are allowed to take any steroids. They want yet
Just like our ok look, that's a good point holds barred. Here's a needle exchange, let the games, bigger and less and less I'd be insensitive. This would be like somebody saying identify as somebody who's disabled, and so I want to be able to participate. Rpf light interface is able to really yeah. Yes, I was going to say anything now. It's a real thing. Don't make finally We're not gonna have radio LE, maybe if community hate, by the way we bring lily near Lily, where she's an intern renown she ran track was very high level. She ran into this lily if we can bring red and white spot lily far you so sheet to give you a little bit a backroom stray lily ran track in high thrust country cross country. Ok, Lily gonna sit in a wretched you had, so they re here right. The wretched aright lily think does your first time on the show: has the lights bright little bit right, ok, really is adorable by the way and g she's not of available because well, listen. She works long hours
I want to keep it that way so Lily you ran cross country right. Yes, ok, so you ran cross country in your pretty good. What was your ranking is the fastest MIT and my senior. Ok, but then you had a particular individual who identified as female. Yet so this person Ray as explained, rant and explained the backers jpg, Z ran as competed as a so competed on. The boys seem visit was allowed at that point. It would talk about how they work fastest growing, a team to me really and how does that make you feel not good ok! Well, that's you know what they re allocating. Thank you so much that we can be not good enough.
what is she a time now? Nice he's completely with the boys like about the fastest girl in school. I fear that eighty seven female to mail will always be inferior, may always and go. The other way will always be a superior female physically. If it is too late Asia. I think your league has promised set Europe here's another hour. We were having cut back to her while here's another Trevor, no clip and now you're not watching Youtube, Circa, two thousand nine. He just that behind the curve, so North Carolina he's gonna, make its employees snitch on kids any time that they don't quote, call born to budge What does that even mean growing children like Corner Blake with the other boys in school. That's all right, you're telling me that Khitai was in this system today, my Jim teacher, would be in the form of my mom skewed ease.
Actually he caught up with your report, people who don't have covered passports just to be clear. What does that mean conform to the agenda? Are you stupid? Are you that bad at playing stupid? It's pretty clear. Are you a boy or a girl? We want you to come you complete with dicks. We compete with, but chicks, Dixon Chicks, dick. There is no door number three unless you wanna be saw, study or mine, in which case enjoy being a body slammed by Brok, lesson or Hannah whatever Handball Blair same difference, theirs such thing as conforming to your gender will inevitably have to be really careful even talk about this on you too, because their policies, that's what we got a mug club afterwards, so in place.
I presented this next video of beautiful and brave Caitlin General without comment: stop she's limb different, no one star. If you walk in a party you can hear crickets humping, clear, rat piss on cotton? I guarantee you had a part of right away. Any wreckers grass is that person wailing another party can start. Work in points allows an annex can now
I love it when they do they live. This is just the lad, its agreed upon their alike at first, the mass ain't like that. I don't turn right away. That's the that's the hit and run. a former metal is on the way these are similar. Turning around with boiling. I don't know The worst midline didn't change for Bruce. What why's that it now I did. I was an upgrade that in a thousand up ready chosen option origin, the records of Caitlin Jenner said, although pressures now, here's another Trevor, Noah Clip as a walking, certainly updated, Jason Whitlocke here in a couple of minutes, but here's another trip, Manoa Clip saying that it is sexist transport. all the things to walk in character, not just transport, but it's also sexist and everything else, because these Republicans act they act like all they care about. Is the health and well being of the kids.
it kind of gives the game away when they start adding on stuff. That's basically just and don't play with dolls we'll tell you what a second you just said that there is no such thing as conforming to your gender. How could any thing being accessed? How does that work? don't understand, not dimension the whole premise of modern gender theory which, by the way, so you go back to C mon above all, Judith Butler John Money we talked about. This- will have other sources available that with Canada come it's just the idea of two genders stern with eighty that sexist biological with some people exist on a spectrum. However, its based on the idea that someone can be borne with wrong brain in the wrong body. Leaning someone with a female brain is born into a male body or someone with a male brain born into a female body. So how can you force as the premise right thrust it.
on society is a lie that people agree upon and then say by the way. There are no differences between the male and female body. Well, how could you be wrong body? We're all just Steven Spielberg Gillian Amelia Buzz that makes sense business such thing is gender. This is sexist. What is it me? It's like that There's no such thing as right. There's no such thing as rice. That's racist you just said: if not a thing there's nothing removes, and this is where it gets really corrosive and look it's anti science. I want a politician Youtube. I think that put children who are not of the age of consent on puberty blockers permanently, during their sexual capabilities? I believe it's child abuse, ok, and I will defend that to the death. If adults, one get on hormone treatment and ate? It doesn't effect anybody else. I don't want to compete women sports theirs. They can do what they were. By themselves. I don't think it's me taxpayer funded, however, zero tolerance, none for children on hormone blockers, it's not right, it's not safe is child
here you go? Is him trying to make these scientific case keepin minus of the man who didn't look at the pictures or titles of the previous articles? Now telling you trust the science, his aunts and purity blockers republican lawmakers? Also not doctors and people who are doctors, see things very from three major medical organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, oppose the bell with alarm and dismay: pediatricians have watched bills through state legislatures across the country. It threatens the health and well being of transgender use young people when they reach a certain age if they have done It is for IA, which means that they experience mental duress, because they are true, gender might not want it We must, as a matter of record, for a medical gymnastics. Ass puberty
workers so that they don't have to go through puberty and can make a decision, but our older about whether or not they want a medically transitions me turning into a man is just probably the most horrifying thing ever. I could ever think of in the farthest reaches of my mind, is me not going on the hormone blockers. Any new scary from all lawyers are here, or there is none of all communities. Not you want it for anybody to be clear, your sticky most of what is signs, as there are no negative effects of purity. Blocker general, a quick rundown wish me. That's not sure if this is from Mayo Clinic weight gain hot clashes, headaches, bone density problems, future fertility problems, stunted genital growth dimension mood disorders. This is from pub med and of forty two percent attempted suicide rate, either pre or post out for transgender people. That's just that's reality.
Over ninety five percent of children who think that they are born the wrong gender grow out of it? If you don't get impurity blockers went under them others. It drops zero percent and others. Forty two, sent chance of attempted suicide. That's a fact. To say there are no negative effects on children giving an eight year old puberty blockers is simply this honest. Let's go to the things is the last Trevor. No equip and trends. People themselves say that treating kids early can be extremely beneficial, which makes you wonder what's really behind all of these laws. If you ask me, it's hate Well, that's it! You just said that it was racism it with sex them whose transphobia some even those gender isn't a thing. And now he says that it's only hate. The only reason Republicans would maybe oppose biological may competing and women sports or not giving purity blockers to six year olds is hate. Hey you know. Maybe can we love is that they do for my children, not wanting, might not want my son or my daughter about TAT, twins
being a demographic that attempts suicide for each senator. Maybe they don't want to have them, have huge future health complications, never tat, just look on the show. We know that there are a lot of people who use performance, enhancing drugs and high levels of sports, who then ended up with cancer and it with kinds of endocrine issues to say that we don't know anything about cross sex hormone replacement therapy is simply dishonest. We don't know enough what it does to kids. Yet if you entirely block puberty, yet this thing Is it what's only hate? That's the owners new oppose. It is hate. Later I would say, love health, fairness and science. That would be my maybe here, maybe walking with you through a very difficult time in life and giving you an opportunity to make an informed decision. That's why you don't want a twelve year old, a nine year old, a six year old, going on purely blockers and by the way when you stop puberty, we think it twenty five there, just gonna restarted or thirty. Five there, just gonna restarted. That person said will maybe later on, they will want to actually transition. You didn't even leave room for the idea that maybe they would grow out of it right back
you started upon puberty blockers already rights done at that point, and here is a thing to this- is and will bring on Jason. What level check when with Thomas Finnegan in my club later, but it hears you should do they ve also reversed the hippocratic oath, just like earlier Trevor Noah said repellent. Publicans conservatives they hit science because you know, there's no scientific evidence to show that there is an advantage for email, biological male competing on right. Now, what they're saying is well look. The hippocratic oath is first, do no harm. There's an look. Will block puberty and then I, if they decide that they dont want about purity, would then will look. I'll, be fine if they continue not for do no harm. We know that allowing them to go through puberty doesn't do harm, Mister King s in the gross that's right to discuss boys. Don't we all know that don't have a lower culture on them has come to the point here is: why would you put them on purely blockers and act, as though the least invasive methodology is a doctor is to put them on mind, altering puberty blockers and then afterwards are probably finally decided. That's not what you should do. As a doctor. I ok,
next, I believe we have on the line token. Ireland is a huge fan here. Please please. We have to have a modern, I'm, not I'm not a sports guy, but I know who this is no. I know I don't know how much, but I know about him because of of twitter and they hold here only about he said. I know he's not here to talk about sport, I'm just saying his background. Fox sports. Yes pm me play division, one football which is intimidating and I'm glad he's on Skype, and he recently got suspended from twitter for criticising the blacklist matter. Founder of this one Patrice con trees, con colors are so many founders. It's hard to keep you bought that he be around ancient yeah. She bought one point: four million dollar mansion. That's what I think he's back on right now on on Twitter, Jason, Jason. What luck are you there, Sir I am a year I can hear you and with a dazzling. Wonderful, I'm glad to have you, I'm sorry that we ran late when we start talking You know puberty blockers for children. I get a little. I get a little round up,
I don't blame you. I dont get it as a former athlete I don't get why women are more outrage about this and his parents and mothers some unfair competition there. Ah me how many kids we were talking about two as it relates to do it. Many kids are transgender wanna chain sex now than it used to be point six and now there's it's over two percent in school, so it skyrocketed. There are actually more transgenic kids. You it in a fight us transgender, then have ever identified as lesbian so that brings in the nature, nurture argument. we're thinking. Why would there be this skyrocketing number of them and we have a lot of being a woman sports now in the past, but it looks like you know, women's record, pry begone pretty soon.
I agree with the solution of just a transgender leave yeah and they can compete amongst themselves and stare rightly because if you have some money on stranded on testosterone, then anyone there should be to take whatever they want and just let the games begin. I met you. Let me ask you this: you played obviously division, one ball and that's the contacts sport. We just showed some clips of. Male identifying as woman playing handball unjust, faced bombing kids when you're playing football, there were so people, I'm sure there are open secrets who use performance. Enhancing drugs right yes and could sit. Could you sense that difference? I know what I have just done: even local grappling tournaments in there's someone here, you ve been up against and then six months later you, this is not the same person. It was drastic I will take on that because I certainly played in the eighties I'm all, but because I haven't I was stronger than the strongest gown or t yeah it's me I'm really didn't care
the other guys. The because it was a non issue for me, strength was not so in Austria You know even more something struggle with, but master. It was funny. coaches, actually favoured the stairway of users. we're someone like me. I was a bit of a locker room lawyer and I remember my very good friend of mine, I wouldn't the bid fresh. What's the big deal in Vienna, whoever convinced them all for the big deal, your picture. Up in the locker room in a prominent place in the culture paid me so much that day Let someone else re test months later after he did a stairway cycle. My record they put his pretty. A immediately I didn't care. The guy was a friend of mine. We played differ This is what well yeah, there's Y know
Gerald here who got he play Football Notre Dame in he's so glib. He didn't think that people took steroids. So why you're here they do that. Takes terra dear. He knew a guy who is like this. When I try to seventy five with six percent body, fat ripped and no steroids alike. Are you at the you are you're mine, he's an innocent tease innocent come you didn't do steroids out. Even these derives violence that Bulgaria is very good guys squatted like five hundred something is first time accidentally. So so we got off on offer beaten path. Now, Jason, are you back on twitter? I know you are suspended. Are you allowed back now to spend the money on Friday and then they, let me back again on Tuesday They said that I reached out to him. I did not reach out to them. I don't think they got me not so bad by people. Raising the question. Why why the hell did you do this to this guy day folded and set me up and for people who don't know the tweet in question that resulted from what we know is between the two,
the black lives matter founder, bought of one point: four million dollar home into Pangaea, which has a black population of one point, four percent, and then you add a little thing to think she's with her people, which I appreciate, that got you into trouble. I mean look. This is somewhat. You spoken out quite a bit with black lives matter, and I know that you, you ve, been in media for a long time. What you're. How most people reacted to you in this industry people in the sports media lane and just in the media in general are scheme the death of black live man scared any type of twitter, Lynch MOB coming after them in criticising them. You dont want to be on the wrong side of this. Are because the patriots either racist or a sell out a black people, So everybody avoids the truth. Everybody knows Black lives matter. Movement is not about black man. It's not about George Floyd
racial Brooks Jacob Blake it's an ill, GB tee to agenda black plasma, the whole black men thing is just smoke screen it. Founded by three elements: be to leave women. I know it's hard for me to remember the acronyms to sell here. Will accordingly alphabet mafia. Yes, the mafia is in control of social media and twitter Jack Dorsey that has stayed- and I think him the interview with Joe Rogan. He stated Twitter's there to amplify certain voices right in the alphabet. Mafia is a voice that they have amplified and I've just been very critical because all been a hustle. It's all been about money, it's all been about agendas outside police brutality and it's all been a distortion of the truth, because police brutality in- and I say this having lost,
calls relative occurs in that. I help raise, was killed by police and two thousand twelve entity Annapolis. actually understand the injustice of police brutality, but it's greatly overblown in America, but this Fifty million hundred million engagements police have, with our citizens and ape very tiny percentage of those spin out of control and lead to someone. You know people often talk about like white privilege and stuff like that and in in the issue. Here is obviously identifying people. Exclusively by the raises a problem, but I will say something here: as a white person, I do feel privilege- and I talked with someone about this at the changed my mind where I if not as a man, no one says you have to fit into this specific box. In other words, when I'm a kid I can listen to metal. I can listen to hip hop. I can listen to country. No one says you're not wide enough. You know where is IDA Black and who was an iron maiden fan and his friends. like man, you're, not black and other all. That's us something that really experience, and you can
that in the media to where'd you go, the right opinions as black and what s interesting is the overwhelming majority of black Americans want at least as much or more police presence than they currently have in their communities, and we ve been talking about this and I go to church. That's mixed I feel- and I know a lot of the black people there, even though their Christians they vote Democrat, but I feel a lot more comfortable around black Democrat We have more in common than the white crash right now, it's almost like black Democrats, if you look at the actual represented in America, as opposed to whose, speaking in the media there, the moderate wing of a democratic party, your views that you're talk. My right now are far more representative, statistically in pole, after pole of the average black American then fucking head on CNN. Why? why is it white people on Twitter, removing you for having the wrong black opinion, because Stephen envisages and I'm so airbag. It's been about the law,
liberal, is the act. Out of the closet begging the white liberal is the direct descended mentally world point of view as a reminder to raise them. the senator slaveowners and big it? Every they believe that life is special category of human beings that restricts, your freedom. My end that's what they believe in sixteen hundred that but these white liberals believe now and then while we want to capitalize but be in black. because we're a special category of human beings in so we, one a desert make them over here, and they can only think one way and just As you said, we're the only people that have no political freedom. Because if we,
and again I'm a non bolder and tend to poor politics and politicians on both sides. I have, in recent years, just like discover live man is white level thing. This is pure rate Yes, that pure racism on the other side, but what s people gym. If you think Amy conservative fall. If you stay true to what you were taught in the church, oh, my god, you saw black people out again I just refused to do that. I would rather fate and social media think I'm a sell out o my skin color than they're gonna sell out of Jesus Christ and my christian beliefs. I'm gonna stand a careful Jesus Christ narrow getting into western civilization and patriarchy. We have to be careful. We need a female deity. Patriarch, that's also one thing to I will say it's: it's
is unholy alliance, because when you look like liberals, and talk about the patriarch ego. Doing standard in the black community, like gender roles are way, clearly defined like didn't, have a problem of this idea of masculinity either they just leaders want black people's vote whirls, yet were knit you'd are used. The words were out of their blurring those lines in I ve been very effective little mind, control thing. They do like you, you know The number one thing you can do as a black person is hate, Donald Trump. That's how you prove that your blood and We got a snap out of it the number one can you do as a black person has been responsible for yourself and be, responsible for whatever you create on this planet, That's how dangerous You know you gotta, hey dollar from you, gotta think all white people and Republicans are your enemy,
none of it is about the man in the mere it's always about someone outside outsiders and control your life and it it drives me crazy. laugh, but I'm listening. You talk about the church. You go to an end, x, in a confirmed applause and I had about you just following you in your show, a controversy from afar. The reason why you're so daring is because in your actual life you dont level, races life, and so it makes you more fearless in your public job on this show, whereas people? Do it all the social mimic, gimmicks and virtue signally If you go examine their real life is it's not as diverse as not is inclusive. Now your journal No, not using the left believes that race identifies every facet of humor, being and needs to be the defining factor, but is off limits for jokes that jobs and the great doesn't mean all that much, but it's fun for
jokes! So am I half Asian Ireland have family, we re pretty diverse group of people here, manufacture problem, racist person, here's a colombian, but it's only against Argentina. Hence he aids, Hey it's Argentinians the tree. I will listen from South Americans dont get it started on Argentinians yeah, it's to me. We just need to change my mind little becoming out money. Tuesday on a pole, Timmy opposing voter ideas. Racist and this is something beautiful. What you mean said look I have not heard an argument in opposite. in the voter id cuz, because I have also voted ideas, racist disenfranchises minorities, those are the that's the premise. I said I was being with a black shrewdness and I've never heard an argument that likes me anything other than deeply racist. So what do you mean? I said the idea black people can't get an idea he said. Well, I do not have idea. Was that statistically, that's not true, it's anywhere from eighty six to ninety percent of the population, but why do you think they can get an idea? well, because some of them don't live near dm thee as it will, statistically
they live in urban areas. Adjacent Libyan, Talbot, disenfranchised voters, booby the white rural farmer. Can they DR an hour and a half since they don't think black people. Can they live near? Can they use a bus? Can you drive a lot about people? Don't drive? Can they fill it out online? what about people. Dont know how to use the internet. I should see this is what I'm sayin that sounds kind of racist knowledge rocket. Rafe, that's a good one concerning the people say they call, it saw bigotry and totally give you gotta. The word saw the big Then the bigotry of low expectations is not the big for you, saw bigotry, low expectations. It is the bigotry of low expectations and they hit what then all the time in number. One reason why I am against it is because succeeded, corporate Amerika, despite apply, graduated high school. What a two point, a great point: Arabs:
what kind of a class coil in college, I was drunk HI playing football, you're late illegally, I met a man who is hitting April on the field. You didn't take school very gradually, one or two point: three are not special I moved into the corporate world, and mostly I just show up. and I do what I am asked to do and then, I attended the right stuff. I do it now at a high level, but give us that I'm not special and so on? We have to do. Is try ran. The left is trying to convince well try you have no chance. world is against you, you have no shot, ignore Jason Wit, LUX Threem, We are proud ass. He got a national television show on Fox boards and got to do is fear and got to earn a ship tunnel money ignore him. You know
the profile of the tv, but I was married life once so. You can't tell me that we can accomplish these things and then, you know America, so in an and Stephen here you know what my senior and high school me my bad word. Poor. We lived in a new one a room, four square foot apartment in the ghetto Nobody can convince me and trust. to point a grey point. I was afraid of a popular, but we can convince me that there's these bear years. Didn't we can overcome. Poor black people We just try and I'm so I read what the people die even try. You have shot down don't give me do anything without us or the gun.
so I will try and convince you because I think you may still be eligible to play women's college football and that could be front Gerald here who played a hundred him. He is a question for you and then we're gonna go to to mug club. So you two doesn't dance but wasn't questioner drill. Jason. So you said something earlier that the media is basically especially the sports media kind of Boeing at the altar of the alarm right. You said there just afraid of them right it. You have step out and Charles Barkley gotten a lot of hot water recently for kind of standing knucklehead just saying everybody was probably pretty decent at the core. I don't think that was controversial. Terrible are there? Are there other people in this in this environment, in the media network, in the sports media? Black bad. That would come to you and say that they agreed behind the scenes, but just wouldn't have the ability or may be that the courage to go and say it on air or something like that. Are there more people out there that can take as honestly Stephen I can say this all we want, but Having another white guy say it doesn't quite carry the same amount await them. Nothing, it doesn't matter, I'm sure it unclear. Guy, like you,
I think there is tough to be quiet. I was really because if you get social media backlash, the executive, the white executor they scare. Oh my you know, what my employer seen as being entire blacker, some larger races, There are also many executor control by social media, then I don't blame, allow black media people. we're living in fear of social media and yes, I think many of them agree. a lot of things that I say don't feel like they are free to save them without facing. Severe repercussions and so they don't? You turn around. I'm single would know kids and so I get to be a bit more fear was then something a five year old guy who's, gonna wife into gear great he gets on it. alongside a twitter lose this job is. Why
for the angry willingly probably never gives laid down a strategy life sweetheart thanks for taking that risk for all of the you're in a position to do it, you did it, you could have just step. You know you could just dead, Pat, not done it. So, thank you for a little less of a risk when you're a three hundred pound black man, though between at you with a herald or of Arab Dan bungee. No, you, son of a bitch, you Hon, kissing man. I know where you live now that that I've all five completed women's divisions are Jason. We're gonna go to mug club here, but where's the bit from ours too, on Youtube where's the best place for people to support you well at Whitlocke, Jason on Twitter for right now and very soon, I'm gonna announced what I'm gonna be doing next,
and I had to ask people statehood over ok, I'm organizational. I would Jason what like here so what we gotta Muggah Break and say what he really thinks my guess is learns to stomp some crackers youtube. Thank you. So much better off
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