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The Hodgetwins Reveal What It's Like to Come Out... as Conservative | Ep 77


In this bonus Ash Wednesday, the Hodgetwins sit down with us and answer some of your burning questions, including talking about how they came out as conservative.

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Everybody, we ve got a special announcements. I know we have been talking but an exciting week this week and we are going to be switching things up a little bit Stephen and I have been working furiously behind us. means on some exciting new stuff. That's gonna be happening. You're can see the fruits of their labour. In January, but we ve moved out the timeline on getting that work done. So Stephen arrogant be taken that time this week to work on these thanks, but in the meantime, we're gonna be answering some incredible requests. We ve had for content with the Hodge twins in some, never seen footage from twenty twenty in talking about other fun things this week to lead everyone off into having a very merry Christmas, no matter how much bionic mala want to destroy this country so we'll see there. It is right before Christmas and everybody is getting ready for that big sleigh ride on the night of the twenty four Missy feet
toys made by these reserves have that certain that all, except for this, this one this be aren't you in writing that apply a lot but Mildenheim? What Well, see that's the problem. I just don't like being. Boy. How well, if that's all you don't like we're not now me. Doesn't like me, doesn't like being a boy army doesn't like being a bomb. He doesn't like me. hearing on you mind telling me what you do want wanna be well, sir. Some day, I'd like to be
Well, we need one up near the I've been studying in theirs hormone blockers and Madame transition, Adrian thing now: listen you you're a boy. How and boy out law now get to work. Right you finish the job or your buyer. Why is he such a trans? I can't stand wearing men flow shot up with TAT, go
I mean we ve got oh don't we have. We have actually to check in with our LOS Angeles traffic report, its actual obligation, LOS Angeles traffic this morning with Thomas Finnegan on the ground, sure Finnegan what're you got for us, even I'm here on the four or five oh gee Finian, Jemison, eras, top dump Thomas Finnegan, what what's Goin on Stephen Kenya Geese set me up with Gatt Gabby. Yeah the gap, even Gabby that come Slash, Trotter yeah, I'm trying to do the paperwork online, but its asked me for
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four Castro and the co he does not even governments are taken. Ninety percent of the crop ended, this guy went in the core guy, he was Lebanese went to fled, went to Cuba. Then humanizing Nicaragua, poor son of a bitch, can't catch a break, a gag Stephen. It is poor decisions if someone right now in United States like I've, only got a lightweight blacks are treated here. I'm gonna go to Cameroon, Watts tomorrow is not worth all go to China, where terrible Why are you? What are you hang around people? I don't hate my own people. They see themselves as he's a self knowledge economy. About food leaking China. My oh geez will see now. That's just see this is one of the few areas were white people can say it does another connotation. I went on to create the chinaman thing are correct and when the wrong, but I gotta be wrong for me
So I guess my question: the data you guys everyone S Wednesday is what do you like on the shown, its non political? What he wants mobile you mess Monday's, but we do Ash Wednesday is also Gerald is not dead. He had a baby he's going on tat. Very very ceiling was not to be an actor and I'll show me out a little bit for the first couple of months began: babies. They always wine work babies. I am not entirely sure what happens when you leave the room. I don't know they still exist. I want to see only see Brendan climbing, more poles there s a thing. Well, he did have to pay his way through college, so Harrison somewhere. Let's go first to your questions. You can always in them two latter with Canada com. Slash, ask ok, that's your video questions that we take rash Wednesday, but first actually have a bearing on the weak, rectangularly guess from Carolina Cigars, in Bolivia, Maloney. You five would Woodford Desert? That's a v Whitford!
that's a v! What's argument, you must read that is five legged understandably, so why are you or let me arose brain Roma Roman knew it was a fine. You know recorded more than me. I think I'll get in their quantum theory ever get him a Roman. Nobody bring out an analog clock. What let's go now this came to us from a lot of credit. I come slash. Ask a video question: hey guys, I haven't Ash Wednesday topic for you. I want to hear how each one of you met each other and grew that friendship in a quality, male friendship. as someone who moved across country about a year ago, just once em examples of how to cultivate relationships like that hope to hear this topic discussed Laporte smoking with you Where did so secure?
You really think you waiting for Europe to get sued. Video question should be taught you half asian bill, because he talks about friendship like it's a banditry. I do you have to get little very little tweezers and then put them in people and the ones that don't you or yell at you become your friends. Now. Look I'm not I'm not from Texas, and I didn't know anyone here, literally the when I moved here to go to law school. I did know anyone. I just one bought for ensuring food, and then I got that now and then I started. Last one woman, I made friends with the way you do that as you look was doing a lot like foreigner comic jokes day like I joined Wade, I kid but my life, so yes, she so she's excellent out of it hurry bailing out no download. I read these in eastern european icebreakers like a book. Yeah
I needed to give those out of my system but years. Here's. What I say is what I see one in a hundred we meet. We met through a mutual friend front of your brothers is a friend of yours who was a genius whose frigate a genius who you would meet and at first meeting and I said, We adore you, Jordan. He would think like he's, not a genius. You first medium goodies, so blunt yet he's so matter of fact. Marquise you so he he was a salami and I wanted to continue. But this is the guy who we became friends. I became friends from my became friends of Jordan, but he's the one just you and I are because he was the only lawyer friend I knew you went to Harvard and anyway appeal at that point, couldn't help me with the he was no longer practising law Saturday, dumb Milosevic politically for on the lights, went out again.
Actually, that's not the reason I would ever want to be demonetized lumber. So this guy Jordan is brilliant whereat. He was that she was like a partner in high school is kind of a man he was kind of others drew up, and then he met this girl. Who told me get us Is it not now listen, you're gonna make me your life years ago. Unless you didn't harboured and find any became a straight. A student I went to community college got two Uti then went to Harvard and graduated Coom Latte and in the summer he found out that could rebuild jaguars because most warrant workin on them and they were very unreliable cars and you may like six thousand dollars a car and he would be just he's. A Harvard law will be just happy being a Canada, please Go brilliant person. Ears like thank God, he's on our side, but if you dont demonstrate here, how did you George, Slipping jaguars may, like thirty,
examined in a month and ongoing arbored. So to her that I love him dearly, let me so. I met him and his wife randomly at a just a young where's industry professional happy hour, and it just came from randomly talking to people and taking an interest in what they are interested in finding things to connect over and then you don't just maintaining that friendship, and you know it in its specially right now go to special when you're moving across country, but when you go somewhere, don't let anyone tell you that there are people like you where you're at even in places like California, where it? You know, we talked a lot about California for good reason, but there are I mean anywhere in Saint Louis, and you know what you're gonna find people that have similar interests as you that have severe believes that a similar things here, whether she did sewer shootings boards or whatever it may be ripe and he's gotta go. We get which is about their numbers game yet, and then I think, as far as how you called me there,
relationships that everyone kind of values, different things and I'm someone has never had a lot of fun, but always had really close a close knit circle of friends. So what I value kind everything else is is is honesty in and loyalty and am, That means not blind loyalty, but it means that even if someone thinks you're going up and we have accountability partners- and she is a great example- they have one here that We really do have stand up men here we have some greater and break Danes who work here to day loyalty and even someone who will be loyal enough to make sure that I dont embarrass myself and will be critical of me. when needed and doing so in love, but also have my back. If so, if I can't be friends of someone who you feel like, he's going to be just you know, like bananas been pajamas when they run just a cloud of themself one that crap goes down for me as a really kind of important metric for close friends, you're casual front reassure interest, and I don't really remember how we met I just I was a fan of you guys for a long time visited the fitness channel. and I used at me when I was younger, hide it from a parent and
Then we had reached out you a couple times in Europe, an agent it was now they're, not interested, and I never got to you yet. It was my black managed, ok away to bring racial too well conceived black, and now she was managing us at the time and zoom lagree in Hollywood. East conservative stay away from me, so she wanted us out of politics. Well, now is a good thing. We followed her global management care. If we don't get any blackened lack, not crime but smears today, that's also an epidemic so the way, and then I think there is a book on the show. Someone else was afraid to someone and probably like you guys, haven't managers and yet the cycle through them, because they don't do what you're doing and if you want to weaken this industry he reached out. I think, do you guys directly or your new agent and included a quote? They use guys. It's just advice fell as you can do whatever you or do you say you gotta do is get back. I wasn't you realize that people actually followed your stuff.
yeah. I was amazed next, you had no idea you, as Wykamist or Ebay, will go Stephen, of the oars dear old white man in my dad bag, a steel geese and probably become artists can serve with. That was an axe early. You push to be out and I do not want these languages analysing. How do I know you didn't know? I had you wanna ask. As I say I thought- and this is true. I thought you guys were more conservative. Then you realize former Marines business owners. I'd read an interview Rob report a long time ago of all places. I must have picked up in an airport and I said these are guys were probably more inherently concerned. Then, when I start speaking. We do want to reach. I think that one, because I just want to have used guests here that we started talking and I did say before I can you not to discuss anything you not comfortable with, and then you know, did you hate mob after you, I mean
David, gives you as Avatars Riverside video like was given a lot of messages everyday for my black fans and is like Alma gonna lost our respect for you guys unit whites. purposes. So, yes like how to define a video and legally mobility thither, Stephen Cry. Advertising on our very robust, video. May I remind me unless an average has neighbours yet made we suggested yet back when I was still suggested there look at the time the video is talking about Obama yea, it was, twins, hate Obama, flicks here now and please end career and comments now, but we ve talked about this and talking about loyalty. Now you have a meteor. Conservative twins is passed a million subscribers and I haven't really quickly and easily guys have fans now who are far more loyal, loyal you. May we had some good things before we came out of this now this act, yet he said
They was broke day were tat, the boy to live, and we were right, lionesses out a couple right. It was or was it a meadow you're right when doing a meet and greet in the guy comes up he's like dude. I got to get your shirt man I'll, give you each two hundred and fifty bucks. If you my shirt, imma give it to my wife, Oh she's, gonna! Really, like you and me, are you know she was dead. Do we should open the telescope nets that we take? A shred of incentives are so you're not like a merk shirt like this. whether or not there is a war dirt and filled with a white guy doesn't like that's. Probably look like your day aroused fitting a day we take. These threats. Are peace like me? do, may now, looking just why, God it took their shirts up when she comes running from the back, we're both states on like this is countenances into some cocoa.
That's all you guys take parts like its nerve. I mean you know, that's that's on you. You know what twenty, though you know its funding are, whilst their new state in a battle like to mix, can immigrant like to be clear. Their wives are actually makes it can. Work is looking we d like to Mexico. We don't know what I've always would. It sounded always stand in those Mexican out of their two ladys execution is even how comes it always the year, your favorite minority people on the show all have ex can once that is done, It's true isn't Wilma forthwith. call me yours is a sad. Never did another black woman or that's horrible He can't you know there are some nearer planned on my network. There are some good like one
but the one I use them out there I thought were worn out. I was actually married before to a black woman. She's gonna beat my real Algeria in lady, is to us at bay. Please stop it me like didn't just what did you have a point I was really nice thousand Marines. Ok, so you know I also. I have never sure why did you have any idea, what they wouldn't with sand? Also take it often
I'm not in the Asian, because you know they look like my mom. I just can't at some point I'm gonna be banned from Youtube stuff that other minorities is going to be in the next measurable article. Those even didn't save himself on his show was. I would never take an asian woman because it look at things down with Asian. Why don't? I really think that relevant is the son of a bitch. You spoke, so good are so so I will tell you don't allegations. I say one more thing. Other friend think as I do, things are good question like with the different people in on this particular show in the people behind the scenes and proteins like these guys, gonna wait and quarter Blackie every one of them has something very interesting that they're doing and if you're interested in other people young will find the common ground
you have in cool things like talking about movie sovereign, about books, talkin about whatever it may be. Even just you know we're not talking about kids. You know all that kind of stuff right in and if you can reach out to people be willing to put yourself out there, you're gonna run out. I have add, people were like. I literally do not like anything about you, and I see that, like ok, great I'm like stop we're trying to buy. Remember that conversation, the green before your needed on my memory along. So you know that this review, which is about their entered a new city, finds it will go to a church. Go to would organization, go join sports legal, go down to the shooting rage wherever maybe you're, going to start talking to be we're gonna find people and you're gonna be surprised, medusa, local people. yeah and it's a tough time right now, with the going I'm sure, that's like day odd buildings, art of moving to a new spa who yet as I would, I wonder how Bill Clinton met it's there.
Travel for the story is that, I believe, is a big question mark by that, MR, like little girls, about an hour ago, applaud it gets. Raising their way before it was taken from sixty two zero using. It is a tough time to make new relationships with covered everything, but am I, depending on the area where you are something's, are probably open, figuring out a new place at places where people gather and yet are usually closed right now. So it's true. yeah I break, and I recognise that would be a tough thing. Now began any kind of advice on that, and maybe we can approach of which the cigar faces on re little bit. No, no! It's not! Speaking of. Fear of our family sucks out this whole room in about thirty seconds. But if you don't turn on, you get cancer
and then I get fired. No, I and also the problem too, was cold. It is also the mask because a second I put that on, I want to break stuff like now, I'm gonna do anything, I'm just gonna go. I want to rob and pillage yes what I wanted to ask we all your money instinct. Probably the people who I can think of, if you were obviously committing crimes in tandem where a mask would be the least effective and conceal your identity would be Hodge Twin. I have also learned about updating your money. Harsh words, no harsh twins, Auschwitz
gear, and yes so as far I don't know what that I mean there are so many of our lounges that are open their early still pretty good places an you meet a lot of good people on there, some places where you can do some sporting events places it aren't. I really hated. The church has really just sort of act, download places words like if you can be out in the streets in protest if the churches so terrified but the object of doing it inside you can do church in the park and that before in the churches, that our meeting are really growing rat There are limited capacity right now. The people people who are meeting yeah, maybe find an area a church in your area that is meeting this works like that is meeting. You can kind of West gotta be tough here. Yeah well does away with a will, also lose grinder, so an amateur go to like your damn at him ass. He came in depth and we need an editor and we'll talk about this before it. Where are but wasn't, editing wasn't instruction in comparison to people who had four let morally technical editors I would really like to know why not rational had come on you really. You can do it. Brendan does know, he's a man now these these images Douglas with remote control
asking the warm up, spaghetti, noodles scandal to house fire waiting to happen. Some people have certain skills, but you had it, but he had a great attitude. He was. He was great doing a lot of things and making sure they got in there, and I was also made in a crowded confronts later on at the open minds. Do this. Democratic state and back and watch the videos you see, garrets are: let's go. Let's go that was a beau evil. Is they re going to be? Ok, let's move him into a bigger more. Sponsible rolling areas more under its purview and he's really he's really got into interrupt. You expect the best of people, and this is a big problem with the Democratic Party, is, if you help. People are not good enough and you tell them that the system is is is stacked against. Then, why try where, I think that if you do- and of course you have to this- is why I say that first short of litmus test, the loyalty, the character, the honesty, because if you don't have that than none of that,
than the rest, it doesn't matter you can it be kind of friends of those people of like your kids in the same activity, no golden swimmers, whatever his kids do for gold, but you're not going to actually have them in your corner once you have that if you actually expect more of people, you kind of speak them and treated, to the level that you know they can be. Maybe they aren't there now usually good people, honest people will rise, you think that's an important thing right now that we want do a whole lot. We tell people that you can be anything you want to be, and you know just believe in yourself, which I don't even believe. I believe that, of course, is a christian you're. Not all union then you do need God, but then you see people who say all you need a self believe, and this is also all you really need is to tear down all of this country's institutions policies offices. Otherwise you can't make it
and its ascending with friendships speak people and treat people to the level that you want them to be if they're not there. Yet. I think I think the first thing you noticed when I first came here is a. I actually cared No like its is it wasn't a timers like you were really stressed out about a lot of different things, and then there was one time something bad Happenest Laurel loyally, and you are like stress another Heymann Yo Yo What's going on, I did they sent you yeah no yearnings oftenest. I carry and guess what you gonna do, that strengthening stretch out you caring for other people, now come to you, yes, except that term, your drowning in my bag, poor laughed laugh took out. I don't know about that against. You know it was built no actually caring about it. That is a big thing and we had another. We had other people who were with golden hair with a guy who came in who would leave for smoke breaks like cigarette break?
I heard about this anyone there was an idea. What do we do this thing with Jurassic Park like he basically would like Pitcher Michael Gay veils ideas? Ok, how you do it! I don't get a Marlborough ugh Intermodal Roma, so you didn't have a tough act to follow you ve flourishing, but United. Actually. Does anyone here, like all, thank God
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an extra forty five minutes every day with these shows and its also do anything that lousy shows to exist period. You notice there aren't a ton of ads we're not reading for everyone in gold and bedsheets and scalp treatment and dot shaves dollar bills. That shave you because we are actually sponsor and we're not by federal grants, but viewers like we're gonna Quartier right? So let s talk about how to go about life without being political agree to disagree. Is that a possible anymore, I mean that's a hustle wrong showed an issue. I think, agree to disagree. Having a civil dissipate, there's a difference between civil innocent, Miriam argument, yeah, there's a civil disagreement and agree to disagree. I dont really, like you agree to let live we remained, but as far as I am We disagree and we can be best buds. That's pretty tough to do. I don't think it's possible wheat people used to say, don't talk, religion, politics, the two.
things that matter most now there are times when appropriate, nor times were inappropriate in, for example, you dont need to chew. You don't need a children's ear off about politics. If you're washing your kids but as but as far as this relates to our question earlier in fostering relationships that matter, I just can't see in twenty twenty, how you could have that trust in someone if at the very least you don't even know where they line up politically again, you have to know at that point. So then, before you can agree to disagree, have to know where you disagree, and so for me more respect and probably more trust for someone who would to my I join the Soviet Red Army. Then someone who's, like I don't know. I just stay out of politics affecting more than yours. Gonna stay out of any confrontation, which means, I can't trust you again and slowly, but surely politics will start to care about you. So, Yes, you ve got a mean you you can walk out and if you're not wearing a mask in the middle of Austin, when we were there, it's like you can get what two thousand dollar five.
yeah, you know it's like, whereas Iguana really a political person well with you put on a mask or don't put on a mask, yet our doings gonna come hoarding ever written, checked the IRS right, yeah, dear kids, go to public school right due care out. Why, you care about abortion. Does it matter to you, do things we have to go to church? If these things for someone to say those things, don't matter to me or what matters more to me is avoiding all confrontation. So I just don't talk politics that means that someone who really doesn't value their values for lack of a better word or someone is never thought of these issues. dangerous too, because then all of us- and I think we ve discovered something new and they go off half com. and if not, will it I've seen that too? Where people had never thought about politics before then, thought about what matter to them before and then all of a sudden. They think I've got it figured out and they get half the information. That's not someone you can hear us, they run with they or their some figure. That comes out, and it's like this is the person. Maybe it's burning or something like that. I even run Poland's like we grieving drunk, yet our trump and we get excited about
figure and whenever he says, engaged not really will have to organise a roof yes or through what the values are. A note, though, that's where the heart, as I get excited about hidden, here's the way. I don't recall from Mama who was a man. Let's continue where we are because at the moment, the NASA S from yeah the black lady astronauts, the black space be great, not over the mathematicians mathematicians. They were there. There are real unsung heroes. You know what we did was we sent the white guys up there. expendable. There's! A lot of the acceptance of all the other story was told there where there were white, guys we're going to get all the credit to prevent those black women were like hey whether genetic spacing does it involve among you know you could use a crash, could completely burn apart when using the earth's atmosphere or you could sit here and if I may do, I was able to long division from this atmosphere around we granted. There were very grateful for staying in a man,
or those astern eyes they couldn't wait to get. I don't know how many people of color were involved Sputnik driver, if you're a little bit monotonous. What are you we everybody's got ourselves a you know, and it also comes a thinking about. The trust. Question is really important because we talk about this question before about you know if you're gonna, some order marry someone yet, as we know widely differentiating more moral views or beliefs in that kind of thing and how difficult it can be, because you need trust You know, by the same token, like I, don't wanna go roll up too quick trip and start quitting the guy behind the counter before no answer, you know it's a you know like you, can work with people in certain settings. You can interact with people you can, at a ball game. You can be, you know, we get or whatever and not have to engage in all that stuff in you know, force everyone to go there. I know people like that their they'll go by and ask everyone there if they our Methodist they're, not Methodist. You know that if they read the Bible than they're, not Methodist, so
We definitely so we want to make sure, and I got come gas. We will get there weren't, because the countries bill eleven people who are other insurer, maybe you're not going to gauge the conversation with everyone and maybe you're not going to trust your kid or your marriage to someone that has all kinds of use, but you can still interact with them in look leading, but this is the thing that we always have to combat. Four ways is the idea that conservatives are the uncaring regarding right or the until ring said morality when, in reality we are the ones dealing with the reality. You have to make our decisions in hard choices and those can be singing with me who have a say morality if they're coming into its it's good that you put it that way. I think it's important it's. The idea, because I think was was David, Brooks, I believe, who wrote the book. Who really cares knows about your lesson, its overwhelming? If you look at the people who most charitable It states and then Christians. That is what define someone and not just giving two churches, but also give
to charities that aren't nurtured. It's not even close the least shared. Will people tend to be poor liberals, so you get middle class red state, christian concertos give the most, and then you get wealthy people give the most wealthy. It will give more than middle class liberal. So there's this there's a whole. You can see these statistics can find em online, but it's to reason, because listen, we don't Leave that a centralized government is effectively a form of chair. We believe we throw more money at education from twenty two trillion dollars. The worn poverty has worked, but we can see in our neighbourhood directly like wheat, we, my wife, and I give to a small church when we got married and the reason. Why is this not tied me the difference there. We can see that there is a late who had a roof ruined during a big storm up in northern Michigan, and our I, along with Manassas type, went to fix it. Roof. We can see how it deserves the community direct as opposed to writing a check to Washington and hoping for the best right that kind of spray and pray mentality. So it is important when people understand that to take it upon themselves to help their fellow man and not the next guy,
Do it that's how you end up with Joe Biden, who gives less than one percent to total chair to least charitable president's ever Joe Brok on a leash. charitable vice president ever Joe Biden and ever Bernie Sanders who to Lee Absolute Decimal right, like you, hidden figures do in math for the spaceship when he tips its eighteen point, five percent and that's it Someone has the same level as indicative someone who really has a problem parting with money, and I think that's it, I that you statistically them, then I wouldn't let em we're not. Let's clarify only parting with his yes, only via zone I automatic now and anything that tolerance or finding out is not a current leftwing value. So I think Question assumes that there can be a certain amount of tolerance, a certain amount of like difference of opinion and we're ok sitting around with people who disagree in its that's? Ok, but that is sort of This right now, almost exclusively a conservative value that the people who are ok with having, even though it as and when they put on their lit letter, yeah exactly where we are tolerant, yeah electromagnets,
the co exist, even though the sea ones do not alter the letters hatchways, Will you know when you went from the United because he can't tell you into Dickens? That's great. I mean I heard what you said, but I wasn't looking that I don't know, but it, but you know when you ve seen people in using this across Eu Aerials cartel on the show when she came out to set a hump conservative like I've been around. Unless we resolutely- and you know it seemed close her who had been put into a box like if you have a certain characteristic, you death, like Joe Biden, said you gotta, be in a certain party, your wrote a certain way, but when you have active folks who were adamantly progressive or what not, and then you like I'm conservative? How did those conversations go? Not good, amend their illogical. You can have a rational discussion with somebody whose progressive you try to ask him about a level progressive, whether they like to call each other today, ask about any issue. They would never answer your question in they were at
They won't even answer their own reasons why their concern where their progressive or legacy. Are you a progressive because the right is racism they're, all like white man, you use it becomes stationing, don't it too, for racist will. I know right, but that's changing dramatically. I dont have this in front of me, but I think we can probably grab by an overly at some point in problem to a second on this generation, Z, so younger black people was just came out we study compared to millennials or baby boom regeneration overnight. The people who are under the age of thirty black people are far more amenable to idea republican President or the republican parties open minded and it was only thirty seven percent. It will apply number where's people black people over sixty. It wasn't a single digits that they believe that the Republican Party could be their home, and so people like you, who really stood to lose something have talked about this quite a bit. There are a lot of, and not all, but I know if you, but there are some really great concern that there, who also happens to be blackened there somewhere. Just there's taken just like it something of a blackened.
rock people here and you guys actually to lose something because you had the fitness, bran you'd been out for a long time, people are familiar with you and you decide. It was worth taking that risk and that's right that I applaud, I think that that moves the needle a whole lot more than someone never had a career, I will they started running a trumpet. Is a blind person? was a major reason coming out to see. If I want to show black people that it's okay to think different, you have to think like everybody else, just because you supposed to think a certain way, because your skin colors, you're free to think how you want to make you an individual. Just called colleagues cannot mean you have to be a Democrat ass, a ass, a profit by people. I think, because a black day after think are certainly a victim as each other ass, like I don't think, like you know, those guys are actually in saying the basque country in the world has millions of immigrants Lou trying to get here. This hundreds losing their lives just to get here, and you complain. This is evil place
I'll. Tell you what I must say: somewhat white supremacist going to go back. Would you like a year which is the logical course? That's why white people ass the world? Why are you here you don't like it is allowed you gotta after you look down all just like you gonna, like it yeah. I got one one point. I was somewhat like when we came out. The clause are right in a fan, base totally changed. It was like sixty or seventy thirty. Why? Nobody knows now: it's like ninety nine, why all the black people sure, but it shows the black, do it There was a white man. I got this email. This message on Facebook, I just came across you guys, our black comedians and on black, somewhat come out support as she said
as soon as I get to your show. It looks like a Klan rally: cuz everybody's white. It's like that's the problem, a lot of black people, they think with the skin. Everything is based around race. Everything Having said next time, you Marquis shouldn't include a burning crossing over Africa. It's like flies the upper clansmen earlier or clean railroad, childish, Gambino show you. What is America? You don't need that there was good said, the insulting the people who disagree with your saying that everyone who disagrees with me is acts or, as some tentative horrible person is the sign of a dying worldview. it's a sign that you're on your heels, you'd have anything else. You can defend what you actually believe. It's just a matter of insulting. What an easier? Even with that and I picked jewels, it will go back so hydrants another set its illogical. That's it it's hard right argue with that, because it's in a logical response out just what we heard from black gentleman named king,
and are lacking. In my recent, I hear what you're saying that you're talkin about factories that I'm coming from a place of emotion, and how are you Are you writing a double you up on the scoreboard which is now around here? Are you talking about you just you just totally? Secondly, I am not able to actually discusses without appealing to emotion and rejecting facts. That's that's why it's hard to be a political today, because if you have people who think that their opinion is justice and, of course everyone can have an opinion Obviously one has at right, but the idea that everyone's opinion is just as valid one. Someone who willingly offers up mine is solely based on emotion and it's just as valid as yours, based on history data on factual information on current events right, you have third party sources but both of our opinions are valid because I feel certain and melanin now. That's why it's hard to be a political, because people now assume some moral superiority when they really have an earned it regarded
of skin color are working to continue. These conversations have some questions for the hush. Once again, if you are not a muslim member pleased, you can you're doing it, because a lot that we talk about over there at market that we could not talk about here in the EU to buddy right now. You do it's time for you to urinate outward
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