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Steven gives a recap of Nick Sandmann's RNC appearance and CNN's ensuing meltdown. He then turns to examine the recent shootings at the Kenosha protests, George Floyd's latest autopsy report, and the new #BlackLivesMatter trend of bullying outdoor diners. Finally, we get the truth according to Smooth Manny on the Cube of Saturn.

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Our esteemed before you go? We do need to get an audio intro for the show now automatic, what people she was in the audio visual yeah. If we could just no the tv. It's a digital television programme. Like everyone to ya. Do, let me know they ve made their bad. They can lie it or lay in it. What is it? Why line it? I don't know You know what I said in a bed of lies only line himself. There was another great video content, while of Buffalo. They join a lot of Canada. Come such smuggling, otherwise the audio video it'll all cease to be. Oh, this is going out today.
my light of my day. I know how much I hated slurp at the. I actually look at you to make sure that was real. I know so perfectly like under the guise of Roma from Police Academy, yeah, you know that's horrible over hundreds, arrogant and if you lose, your Boomer European Police Academy, Gutenberg just always on hunches, might take it only the first seven. We have a lot to get you today. Half asian Longbill Richmond is back your third chair, which argues that he was dead and peoples I fired into sometimes aren't you you're used to me being here, always because it's in my contract with myself, a quarter, black casual contractors audio way is
black allegedly and enjoy Gerald. Isn't father know how to get the kids doing fantastic silly boojum languidly equate yet no now there were moments of frustration, but not peak frustration. Yes, I dont you. I wouldn't trust myself with your kid with might be fine, nearly one million restored cancel the visitation if they are no longer the garage weren't talking about a lot today by the way mix seamen was the highlight, is it some man or Sandman? I mean to the democratic who wrote Mistress MR same in three non muslim: I've thinks of MIKE Myers and some are getting pinned against the wall with a butcher's night. Now I think of Philadelphia. Were the gay geyser see you around? The song forming Michael Irish is Michael Myers. Michael Myers was nine. How do we make it? My my area loves guru, which made me question if anything he ever did was funny. Sharing
Have some certain? Does it so bad that it makes was this was Austin powers ever funny? It represented a love grew. Was that bad? That's the problem with Mr Mr sentiments or where we talk about Nick Salmon. We have some new info on Jacob Blake not like be talking to. Let him go. People were shot yesterday I mean this is not necessarily news: talk about what you should do in my question the day, because people from going around and harassing diners would be. To be diners in Washington DC right now in demanding that out of their fists and in really assaulting them. My question: You out there, and I will do is similar. Please help helpful some advice. Don't run it by my lawyer, first, my originally I want to know why you and that any kind of force is appropriate if its ever appropriate. What do you think someone should do so in a cost? Your wife up against a wall at a diner demanding through intimidation that she put up her fist, will also be worse Are you guys in the chat later on we're mug members? Please, yes, cried too crowded bets,
crusher available on Android on Apple podcast, end Muslim. That's what people sugar! all those things Joe we return. But next you know at first sight was sponsors and the show we have a new sponsor this morning when we traveled a paper, but at least we ve been sponsored by yoga
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I don't need to be frank, I! Secondly, I can I dislike about tat. I can do that. I can promise you Jesus for the ability to act and I think we should stop courting LULU lemon for a sponsorship I have another meeting men stuff which, by the way to a smooth manual beyond later tired out the human side we may, according to Snooze Manny. Ok, the currency is gonna, be the live stream. Tomorrow we live Donald Trump, Junior TED crews, We do this dream drinking game patriotic costumes, but yesterday was pretty boring, That was pretty boring. There's a couple a good, but there was a highlight- and that was mr- the the eighty million dollar man mix and let's go to a clear. I believe we must all embrace, are first amendment rights and not fear the media or from the tech companies from the outrage mob either. This is worth fighting for. This is worth voting for, and this is what Donald Trump stands for. Thank you all for listening to me tonight and one more thing
Let's make America grid again when you get the backdrop to shut up yet people, just guy area spell making up the chatter. National television is little name and my favorite part about it was he called out the media nonstop and let's go right now, live to see, and they have they be bird John cases speaking raising the tree openly just political office for reelection efforts. Why are there so? His about the president in office and wants to be re elected EU feels that the kind of guy who would send a letter to his congressmen before he was governor and be upset that they didn't email em back, so that we are on the verge of contact. Your representative and our dear to you didn't get back to me. That's because no one gets back to you,
I feel like that. In the letter I have been cover next, I was watching. It was just saying comment at all, especially concerned that allegedly from what we don't have the official numbers. Next Ayman got eighty million dollar CNN for defamation, so they didn't touch it with a ten foot pole on air. There is usually they were Papa and with common to Africa, would do no trouble Mukungu official destination, the Knicks and measures the whole speech and then just silence and next speech order. We negotiated that into the settlement anytime that I speak see in it now has the cover it right. I added, and I bet you we would have given up topic. Wolf Blitzer had no idea. He was talking to speak and spell that he thought was a clear cut. The mine, I don't like examined a great job, loafer mixtures, but still get you back and leverage effort. Asia backs busy these days, but you know we want. You back knew those going. I think he was just gonna come and I was waiting for them to just be like oh Lincoln's, looking rural great
great. Could you please remove your shaft from our or a fine? Mr Santer? I guess it real. It's still things work still sore too soon, although Joe Lock heart tweeted he's an analyse. This is as close as you got you I'm watching tonight, because it's important, but I don't have to watch. This not knows entitled kid from Kentucky yea. Entitled from Kentucky opposed to those those contributing black Hebrew, Israelites and professional protest or Nathan. Philips, who lives off the land in lowest genes and Nike Dry, fit exactly whose being picked on here, a giant global network or a kid for any child. What even feel like is entitled to his reputation, not being slander. Lay a re says I didn't give a moment. You gave him an inch, although announces that we are all entitled to enable it.
Work and wants a life after seventeen years tidal decade without their recklessly smiling at people. Let's turn can use violence as alien it. What does this? They teen hundreds come right. What is it you could clearly he was out there smart, that was a grin of white supremacist was out of it. I heard a speech actually thought for the first time. You know what this kid was: scared Did you have a bunch of black keeper Israelite you by the way, I dont believe that its possible for you to Lloyd, the fiery depths of hell. If you lack ashore, the level of Belgrade and yours get that's what people your point is there in the police is predicated on the idea that Jesus was black and you are not. There's no way can touch her dolls, rendering he's not an answer and he's listening to the new colleagues. We mix tape
lucky for Israel lights, and then this guy comes up, bang and drawn up. I dont want to rehash it, but it is amazing that CNN, partly someone at sea and instil double down. I don't want to listen to this, not nosed entitled kitty. Ok, listen! I understand that he feels entitled to eighty million dollars which jokes on you, but We are entitled to just why you know. Who else knows the judge feels that he is entitled to the eighty million dollars. That's kind of alleged alone, allied lack genuine legit or is brine seltzer calls it simple, go away money Oh that's all. You got nothing more than nuisance money. Why is this? What will talk about unreliable supports its if nothing. I didn't do it. There is nothing new, it is money. I love her. Just imagine they came to him and they were like whose eighty million not eighty, dollar exactly were way.
That's what I get it, I feel like the entire and see last night, all the speeches were designed to trigger the left. I think trumpets like sitting there like. Ok, who could we get this fear pardner black, which, by the way was a brilliant pardon. I would ask you talk about an FBI agent. How they become friends all the elements of a great story left hates have a black guy. You have an FBI agent Anders. Conciliation, through the Lord and just price, look at that my now. Why can't we idly by reliable sources? Kid be wholly tax money.
Bump obviously from Israel is like ok, just piss people off there, because the capitals and Israel by new citizens concerning Abbas, new citizens being brought into this country, like he did everything possible to just pick them up anything. That's my! What are you going to citizens in the rose garden you have? The pirate could now realize you have the lady in the in the hijab, their initial. It will just like the bird. I mean kid color of diversity. I do appreciate that others and maintained lack of consistency on the democratic side, because they're out there saying will we needed just you know let it into undocumented immigrants, let em all in everything's, fine no big deal, I can't believe these people are governing in the United States and given it the only area where we believe that the right way don't. I know we have a dog he got in the Senora Mendez we do not know how to drive a caravan through wireless internet freedom nor to Dodge Caravan literally from Honduras, very difficult to get through doggie door. You shit, do not!
that was a pirate from Captain Philips Yandah, nothing, I'm jumpin radical! But, let's item everything now canosa, I'm your audience belongs to me note with comments in natural born job very big, ensure both in the show so but canosa where this is energy in Europe is being seen and for people who don't know this, and we caught this one's libel we're doing a stream when they had it. We Emma White Supremacist was called like area in something and then once we talk about it on your here, you're jealous community disappear losing unpaid introduced. When he's on it, these do that you haven't with area into something and then they remove it will this happiness is even better with Canosa whether covering watch. What changes here with the lower
Let's roll this question, I want to talk over two. I could have we already rapid, very hurried theatre. He ordered, after my violent protests, lot over police shooting of unarmed black men in Wisconsin. That's what I'm saying underneath therewith beans, Blitzer allotted investigations and eleven goes away. What let someone think too will shake a blade shod, but what we do now? It comes back Zack same thing. Atrium curfew ordered after protest. They just remove the word violent words. There was someone there who wrote this up and there the Jamieson manuals, I honestly don't without primarily designed to say with a groan. Nobody. I want that IRAN on my desk by eight seconds from now, but I won't have at less than anyone knew thin money. Guy rub my wife gets mad with didn't. She gives me an allowance from a nuisance money.
They change, because I don't want any violence against the lad like see it. I never like I'm going to try to get a scene and thanks, Are there just trying to burn down the police precept that can be caught proposed elders, safer than as mothers arms out during his balls, and this happens studio b all right how to switch to pure talk because of a nuisance money. I can afford a nuisance money like today's and whether they actually did journalism on accident with the tragic first, his removing violet so Canosa, you wanna plain yesterday. You watch the whole hour and see and you were like he walks in Havisham, because you should happen. Canosa, yeah,
Yes, I'm react more easy. Just in it's incredible to me about what the goose what's being allowed to happen YAP, but here's the thing: that's, not all you're, getting a lot of people on the ground like a lot safer, has been on show in writing. Front of show and in other folks were on a global scale. Them hey. I've got a sorrow by the bullshit they require, and yet in clear you what you're not seeing is anyone wanting to go talk to the business owners and this right as it? When you look at what happened in Minneapolis, we look it's happening in other cities, you, don't you don't get a lot of coverage in? Oh, you barely any covers the mainstream media about what's happening on the back and write like what's happening Euro this morning, when I want to see an end on scene- and I come the only thing I would say about as that approach that peat protesters may have been shot, yeah when they. When you watch video, they were attacking a guy right ground. Yeah, that's the problem! Now we really. If people can assault you, people can commit crimes, burned down cities and commit, what's likely rebellion,
hours and damage at this point, but I tell it it was: seventy million of them you it's like Detroit with murders, are just trying to keep it. Their number one and knots so far ahead of a distant second, which, by the way is also Flint. Area that we know it's probably over a billion. If this damages happening, your businesses are being Britannia black lives matter activists saying all you have insurance money and you can't protect yourself or you can't even protect your wife would be constituted, diner, which will get too in a second. You don't live in a free country. Now you do not live in a free country and Republicans you need to step up Donald Trump. I get that you have your are in see, I'm not super impressed with all of it. Ok, some of it is good. Somebody element hero, worship, there are people out there reach being assaulted and our businesses are being burned down. Something more needs to be done at this point that this cannot continue. This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better and the fact what makes me I feel a competing my head against. Well, when you look at the agenda Blake trend, it used to be with trailer Martin. There was a point where
But would say: well, you know you shouldn't have been doing that and he was walking round and on trade, I'm sure, but you know what it doesn't mean that he should have lost his life and that can be If you didn't write, George you're right or even like with with Brown, they would say well, no, I couldn't do that, but still there should be. Escalation measures at this point They did not acknowledged any of it as it relates to Blake none they are so transparent. Now will you have every single major political you from a Dnc when people say they exist on the fringes? I guess the fringes have taken over every major office, the higher democratic party? They say this police officer needs we charge for murder, we have more info here from local new source there, so I think, there's the actual police all in Scanner Jacob like. We obviously know that he got into a tussle with the police officers. We showed you that removes wrestling with the APS beforehand. We told you that he had been active warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault and demand
abuse, but we also know that he wasn't just bring up a fight. He was trespassing had stolen. A woman's keys in cap were notified that he had a worn out further rattle. That's what they knew going in. This is a guy who has a history of violence against police officers. A guy wasn't active warrant for his arrest because it committed sexual assault and domestic abuse. Then he was resisting officers and going into the cargo. Maybe he'd never going to be stealing someone's car because he took the Ladys and either. Why is there no correction? I want to go out on a limb here and say if the man is guilty sexual assault of rape, which is felony Third degree rate: if that's the case, listen this isn't a punishment through justice system, but people always say you know what I think these people should never going to rape again, Diego. If you dont want someone, you know what not located there. What happened to me? Do you guys know of the death penalty? for people need to have. It happened to be republican Harvey once you always russian for little to the energy balance. That is a really good guy. A guy can
I began or women unless we get within striking differences wheelchair. So, let's just I'm just that obvious we need. We need to wait for all the facts and the context to come in, but no, else. Is providing this context. You would think it was Black men who was walking away on a strong and the police are locked up and shot up. I don't know tell me what should the police have done at this point warrant out? First It means that people are trying to apprehend them for a while, yet they try to de escalate it here. The police off of him and walked to the other side of the car where he could have by the way I had a fire or what she illegally was carrying before and brandished in a bar, but in the net. If the came? I have no idea where people got this. Oh, he was just trying to make a break breakable fight like they tried to put him in this good samaritan role and What I know that's actually know what how an alarm and called the police on him, because he wouldn't leave, need stolen or car keys and the police new areas
by the way I agree I was, I was trying to break up a fight, for she was twenty five. We notice that fight, but you know I had to fight off the bed she should have given my car keys. All all you can't find me, and I will say there's this- I do believe in de escalation. I believe that every one of those perpetrators that had been shot by the police should have the escalated. They should have complied with the officers orders and not walk to the car, with guns drawn enraged in ok, I'm sorry, and if the town doesn't work, I just play peril. Just just go with it. Just do that, give you what you you would you know? That's the point you are making earlier about. You know with Truman Martin in any kind of how these are gone. You ve said: oh well, people are going to take a look at the full picture, but what's coming out right now, what's happened in the last forty eight hours is ignored,
every other facts. Yeah all they want to focus on is a person skin color and the fact that he was shot ride like they don't want. They dont there's no consideration whatsoever about the circumstances. Other then cherry picking the facts that would it make it look as as positive as possible, and it's not just in the stories it's in the headlines when you go through them Gideon you're looking at what are the headlines in the way that they frame it, and I thank you for having not even a stroll them in their almost trying to make it make it like a Brianna Taylor type situation like a guy just out with his kids, about to go to a yoga appointment, got rhino cops dragged model hard shouted yeah into now. Every was doing happy baby pose and got out like the flag July. In look, even when you look at it, I mean you are right. We ve seen the videos we seen what happened in that particular situation and what you're often hearing is. I can't believe this happened. It's a tragedy. Every time someone get shot, it's a tragedy either for the person who felt they had to use force or per
they weren't supposed have foresees the ants them, but no one is talking about anything else. Issue skin color now and doesn't matter. Yet again, this car can be less relevant that yet doesn't deadly weapon examined, ugly. Wasn't is ok, absolve hold on hold on a minute. I'm argument grand theft, auto then you can. I will not talk away that budget crazy, asking for a keen ended about that by one and as the news is only focusing on skin color and no wonder black people are scared. Right now know. Well, it's all there is. I think that your own lack people. Eighty seven percent- we had this statistic not longer working illegally or Senate believe still want the police, at least as much police presence or more its black. Americans, who have been used as pawns either article left, which, by the way, is largely spearheaded by white people at this point most blow.
Americans are disconnected with this moment because their own areas in businesses are being burned down. The temple who, for some reason, choose to be represented by them are super wealthy out of touch celebrities or athletes who don't live in the kinds of communities that black Americans have to exist every single day and by the way, we're doing record They are doing better than ever on record, because a man from low unemployment rate will- and this is this is why get so pissed off at leaders in the black community when they come out like Doc, rivers was crying on the news. The other day yesterday, I think saying, were scared to live in this country of you know he should have been shot and other stuff and abroad. James is twitting stuff out, and every other person out there in the black community is just saying this. Is you can't do this kid is in stirring? love? You think he's gonna happen when you do that when you, when you one you're lying right, you don't know the facts. Yet you need a white light. Nobody else right up, but to their gonna feel like they
no other option than violence and you're going to just be get more violent. Is that if it that's your go, go for the broad James? If it's not maybe wait, a second view can be objective. If you believe that the police officer who pull you over might as well be a violent mugger, you're going to treat them like a violent might actually and that's what we're seeing happening. It's definitely it's not you. It's based on a lie so making a black people canosa. That's a surprise within a rights are, but let's go to Should we just talk about? The current was right to people were dead after shooting commotion. That's what you see in the news I want to come. Fi some rooms you some people say that their white supremacist or the guy who shot them was white supremacist or that he was black. He he could have been anti black lives matter, not true. I'm just trying to look here what the articles as not your there's, no evidence. That was what you promised us going be clear about that. As far as he was sing. It was probably there's no evidence that maybe he was we don't know he might. He may have been a part of a group that was actually there to protect black lives matter, along with you know, properties for now
in being burned down, or he could have been from this libertarian group that was going on theirs. Illiterates are theirs. Libertarian group that was there to protect black lodging, which doesn't make a hole it. Does you can kiss like half the people it reason magazine. Voting for amendments are right, that's one for you. Or he might have been part of these organizations were there to protect businesses. A tangle for placing businesses, Europe taking the blacklist matter to pave the way for burning down Carla away on their way to something. But here is a video clip to show you why that may be the case the longest, not against each other and is now not learn more about not now with each other. We are where'd. You go get good people
they just want freedoms, a liberty. They want freedom, other down your cause, that's so sweet of you, I believe it's somewhere in the constitution. I think it's somewhere in the back. Let me find yeah you're, giving our lot sperm down in Basel III eyes at once. I you know, I think the fact that they were in other following the EPA regulations with those mufflers yeah you know they got registered by the states are now clearly the complicit in slavery pay out. The key is also masks. They were being safe, although not necessarily because not all of them were not a single common about that. So let me be really so far. All of the area in which context can change people are saying that now there's more footage. The initial clipped was released, injustice, guy, shooting somebody right. Then there was a more extended clipper took about show you here. I warn you that its graphic, because people do get shot, He was clearly defending himself. One people were pouncing on him repeatedly, couldn't be more clear cut, so
thence now, people and workers in Latvia there's even more put it where he was an active shooter before that which I don't believe because they ok listen. Do you have the value that I can get it? Ok I know a guy get it then will you have money all right, let's go get it. If you haven't, you should happenings in chinese Leah, just take the edit bar and move it left just take on your Iphone. That little thing extend clipped the left. If you have it so I dont believe it, but that in it rather is actually an acknowledgement that context. Changes, the story, why everything we have available to us now at the time of this, which is ten forty, a M eastern on August, twenty six. They get that right. Twenty Lake tells us that this man was acting itself that's right let the curbstone happen.
How is getting away so when I fires back at him, is it It sounds like a shadow yellow success. If someone could be firing at him from the Far EAST walking back which again more fire, maybe he was shooting because there's chaos going there. What is not in doubt is that a man was trying to atomic but drop on him with his timberline. They shot him and I'm gonna have a perfect. I fired that rifle Paintball got news had little about that. But what are you about right to defend himself. If that is the context, walk up and go hey in shoot. Somebody else before that great, in other words, I don't care what he said. I dont nodding urge were exchanged. I dont even care if you the racist I'd prefer that he would not be array everybody doesn't give you the right to put some one innocent. Where they have to defend life and limb has an listings, as hyperbole has anyone ever
killed by being stopped the concrete yeah. Yes, all people had by eleven were the only way that this changes is if he was like, you said, an active shooter, every other scenario, and if he was, I search time, though this in trying to find out if anybody could confirm. Like I heard it was like art, can you let it confirmed this? I looked everywhere that I could find if it was out there. Some it would be black while we all want everything in order really to tell you likely wasted. Your time is up another tend to get down there. I heard it funny you want. One interesting thing is towards the end of that clipped the last person to get shot ripe, for he gets up the guy's standing there moving towards him. He still doesn't shoe to guide the guy, gets theory more steps closer and the guy I mean the way the FBI talks about it is that if you're within seven yards, like almost all incidents, are happy within seven or eight yards, and that is the incident where, like
someone can get to you before you can draw or adequate right on it, I'm a heavy weight and from that distance, and you can still get you any good, so get you and he waits he still waits now. Maybe he was trying to find the trigger again or something like that, but it looks like he'd. Liberally. Maybe you didn't want to get fired and end up on the nightly. Newspapers are gonna, vilify him, no matter what it looks like he's, hoping that guy's gonna just walk away because the other guy's got shot and instead that that guy keeps coming. At that point, you have to defend yourself. We are long past the point of nuisance money. Nothing to make them go away. When he's jumping on you with his boots. I tried at that time, but I didn't get my defects This is actually a clip from him again context matters. The shooter was filmed earlier that NATO cannot get fostering were before he was a groom interview. Pushes we're not gonna, do anything on bringing my gun down, because in fact it might be an agitated. In this case we have put into this man for the shooting earlier in the night where he was helping injured protein,
stars and on an office is true or not, he claims to be an empty, but the fact remains that you watch this. He clearly is out there to help some protesters. God I can ask, can you guys that bank medical Emma Jane Eyre Matter That's a far cry from the herbs dumping. A man like you ve been a bad start telling system. Even if these there is a militiamen, let's say, let's say, he's a proud boy, Slash Minutemen, who just came from the Bundy Ranch he's was there trying to help someone might be ideological adversary, not stop them into the dirt exact, which tends to make me think he wasn't an active shooter also because there are no evidence of that and black lives matter and antiphon are filthy pricks who liable,
everything one and you know if you want to see more stable, Razumihin Pay share out. I've done well, you ve done well, there's my gavel drawn back. That's exactly what I mean if you want to see, if you want to see more stuff like this, just keep pulling police out of areas just yet making citizens get work, put into a position where they have to defend themselves, not now where they were to go out there and that I think you know these guys want to be out there doing this, but when nobody else is protecting your businesses or life and limb out in these communities. What do you suppose to do anything to stop working to quote the the clown? the killer from yesterday, who said Joe was no problem until was a problem with the whole K. Ok, really ambitious right now they are intimidating and assaulting people and athletes, it's been working for them and it needs to stop working for them that doesn't I happen to people, do need to stand up and says: I'm not saying go out looking for it, I'm not saying that no commit assaults, event in disease people and these people are demanding black white, red, yellow and antiphon black lives matter. Right is not a model either. It's it's. It's colored rainbow of Assholes. What
The aim of the rainbow part of another assholes don't say they? What do you mean? You people, the organisation, that people will involve the people who try and curb storm folks and something we can try and fetch me wasn't curbing the middle, might stop folks. They need to it needs to start working for them, don't go out and act like them, but you need to protect yourself and there are steps that you can take to do so so that legally, hopefully, are protected as much as possible. But we are at the point now we're too many p We'll have been brutally Britain and there no help coming from their local representatives. Certainly not from national representative in the, and we have not seen enough from President Donald Trump Republicans. This is at the point of view one point where we need to see more done. People need to feel that they can go to their place of work or their apartment in the city and not fear for their life. Just because of the cup
of their skin or God forbid. There are black person who think for themselves thirty something percent now support Donald Trump and are held an uncle Tom and they get their ass kicked too. You know a lot of this, isn't even about that right. The lot of the businesses being to shrink minority and by now they're out there saying there Partlet sorry Bill bill. They are what is more this year, these guys with a model worse now that we have a government in another think about things about the riots every single time, the riots, the burning of buildings, the looting takes place in minority on communities predominantly it does go other places. But it's like you, the neighbourhood and what an intelligent man we're good you're, tired ban their employees from having my answer promoting any conservative causes, but they said the blacklist matters, ok, they're, bringing supply free tyres, rob a used car lots and canosa guns. You put your you're rubber, where your mouth and step up
has the lowest you're stockpiles been taken, a dip, no one likes them, at least in the blimp. What here you know we ve gotta, be that for a number of black and white voters of access by this seems like a repeat. This is entire generation of people who grew up in school, that that had no limits right when we grew up. If we mouth off to the wrong guy too much, we got popped in the face. Eventually, when we learn with a line wasn't it fails, there lies a complex getting the best right. We learn, there's Elijah behind them. When it is, you got it. Our generation out their protesting this that have no idea that there are consequences for their actions yeah. You cannot attack somebody and expect to walk away alive if you threatened, personally, I have you just can't what they can now, because they have been noted I'm saying you aren't gonna reiterating that point, but it's an entire generation has no clue how this where it needs to what. Unfortunately, I think that you you, I think you're you're, let you even though it has
there is no eventually discuss how this works right. Now I don't tell something is done, it's never work this way before. No there's a reason why it's not meant to work this by the way hit the notification bell, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot on the on the Youtube's every morning, at ten, a M eastern tune in Monday through Thursday, tomorrow night. Of course, we have the live stream going on followers and social media that you know all the details. We set a costume contest drinking game and we really do appreciate notification to let you know when we have other videos that go up. We also sponsor too well. Obviously one of us wants, or any one of our interns even Brendan, is here to show stir even Brandon tell us about our responsive Mckechnie, while yet we think sorry to make em where we didn't make a lean and yeah yeah arrests that beyond black black rifle look
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He handled that I, like these silencer, smooth ass, they walked by brokers, is broken. We broke it on purpose, Ireland, that's because you're not confined in earth gang banging our regret at Brown. We have something else by the way the George Floyd autopsy dry so much it was just really in unfair fight with ivy bread and, as MRS wheels on your chair, doesn't make it a dry by what I love is out. He didn't seem surprised needed now whenever you like a place of work and when you dont use the private can't drink Pepsi. When you work for Coke, just what our topsy just reveal, who don't know? Doktor injure Baker he's a chief medical examiner they concluded now they did do not topsy on George Floyd and just because facts should matter. Overdose cause of death and document says that the level of Fenton Ill in Floyd's blood was quote.
Fatal under normal circumstances, and they said that a Floyd quote had been found dead in his home or anywhere else, and there is no other contributing factors. He would conclude that it was in over no staff so that people who knows on me yeah we're doing any but another day while the other the family who hired their own objective medical examiner, said. I, then it didn't help that direction. I was was honest and no one's arguing that, but this guy who died from an overdose and a heart condition. It should matter and again can, unfortunately, in tandem with the full take which we showed from pillar from pillar to post the entire keep on you. There is no evidence whatsoever of Molly and tat no evidence of racism, no evidence of intent to murder, and we do have evidence that this is how the police officers were trained in that department, gray sky only sin was following bad training. My position has changed. Zero unfortunate.
Medical damage that, but where children are considered homicide because you know, because we don't want, I we sort of moroccan with Bill one. I think I made the point yesterday to you about this and you said: look that's how you strange to say. The only thing you did wrong was not turning the guy on a site. I think that's at that point. We can say: ok, they don't read everything they can before this George would obviously it waiting one thousand strange so very long anyway, that was thinking you're like no that's exactly what they were trained to arrange it. I didn't out I'd rather be stomachers of eternity. My left side have to pee just on your life. That's kind of of now it's kind of a nerve to someone out there. Now that a doctor, Tommy, don't sleep on your left side is that makes you have two urinate. That's not true. I lie my process. It is a sign of a great fruit, maybe that civil rights Paul metal. What's that new genetics at that black eye keeps darkening comments. A white bright, Thomas you're not rely on these white sites, uglier or my eyes. Why are you trying to pull a guy layer about facts? Watches I'm curious
we want the he's. Gonna have iron when the charge to drive home or the charges they're, not gonna, be throttled d or there now actually I went. They're gonna get dropped away, but you don't. I dont, know going to draw up a low rate for political reasons, are gonna keep pushing forward and they're gonna get to a trial, and it ain't gonna there Things can get second degree still. Yes, I don't think it's the right call criminals, but you think that'll. How can I think they're sitting seem so commit? today. One hundred results into a corner before they had any evidence. Airline ever taberley doubly doubly definitely do as guys. I don't think you should use your way. You should maybe think about it. You up definitely worth we're all in like a little is with worn and Bernie Sanders, Jacob Blake, honest man needs to be prosecuted in charge. They don't care about. The information that come now right finishes allowance like you feel ILO. Anyone think of it. This way, if you follow every single presidential candidate, from Dnc from the press, every single one, and if you watch every single major network ABC Nbc Cbs Cnn Embassy, not name Fox NEWS. You
You would know nothing about the Jacob like case and You would have never heard the follow up of next time and those people. If you watch all the entire Dnc ABC Nbc, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, all of them, you would still Mixer men went out and assaulted in old native american man realized that we listen oil to this day because they never, but they never recovered to follow up, and we wonder why there's a chasm? Oh, I want to be a centrist you're, just gonna be standing in the metal with no one will be ready for this by the way, if you think the aftermath of the Ruby King verdict was bad in only three be ready because you're right bill, I am one hundred percent convince there's no way they're gonna change the charges, because new imagine how much crap the person that did that would get. They would be run of political office, death threats, people be marching on. No matter if it was the right or not, and when it comes back that they're not guilty from this, it will explore
thing. There's a sales below two percent who think that hands up don't shoot with a thing as a separate matter. They ain't at all, not a thing ever so on top of that, if they the further, they reduce the charges, the more likely it is that qualified immunity will apply in the further you get down that scale of intentional crime. Are you doing something recklessly or what not? That applies even more gap has of of the way that the structures building and I really do think that they bought some cells into a corner and that when it comes out it will be very it will be very bad. I mean in really that this is why not sitting down in saying that we have to draw a line with the protests and in the violence and all that is a problem, because it just means when there is other things that people think that they should protest about. If you really want to make a statement, will now you set, the bar
the lower higher depending higher flames, lower dignity or America, and respect for property in people in so that's. If you dont have little to add a t tat, I have no problem with those guys: Albion, Opposite Nemours, o matter. I love the fire babe, it's an alliance. Can I just say: what can you do? Different black voice are unknown. Legislation is a guy. It's a black eye. What Yannick lie airplane girl, whopper myself, almost like two thousand. We have no do you and now the raped I dont want to so have not done their utmost black guy known about Sammy Davis. Jr Is there no, I think, you're, here's what I want in light of this new evidence that there's an overdose right at the sky obviously was high out of his mind. He was asked about that from We are talking about intent and second degree. Ok, I won't you think any lynching. Historically has ever happened. Anyone you know it. Let's give it back
think of any incident where there is police brutality with intent not going to kill intent to harm. Let's even skill at that. Any time that a racist officer abused his authority and was looking to stick it to a black and even kill them did Those ever include in all ten minute interaction with a non violent arrest and an officer offering to put him in the back. Of an air conditioned car with a window down, and he would stay with them to make sure he was comfortable. Has that ever happened in the history of fucking mankind thanks If that is like to see them I hope this officer, I hope of this officer- does get get off, which I know you produce unlikely. I sure hope he gets a whole lot of new. Since many of these things, no things many grows on trees. You know terrible about it is if he does beat the charges, you won't get it
no, you won't get any written all over. It is even if we get a job and it wanted to move to another country to be covered and then it, but the part about it. You know the whole like not guilty party again. If that happens The covered part as opposed to Jacob Blake, who who is charged with sexual us with rape and the third degree cereal domestic abuse. Injures. Officers and is now a millionaire. There said: go, find me well, look- and this is one of the aims of this- is one of the reasons that I get pissed off at the media. For not reporting accurate information because it leads to we're in a no win situation right if he gets off that's justice, based on what we know. That seems like justice that he's not guilty of the charges that will likely be brought against him. If he's found guilty, that's justice but will burn right, the whole place he's gonna burn down because people going right if we go to jail. That's not justice, right and so an innocent man. I was really going to jail if he's innocent, that's not just as you do, but
Isn't that decision is a decision? What we're waiting for wheat? It is just if he is, victor now not right, I'm a jury coming out with a murder, their right right. Will you say they come with a wrong? What I'm saying anything I can make the wrong one and say that you guys guilty of minorities within guilty of murder, which is not a threat. But what are we deciding now that it's like we are already deciding that if he's found guilty, is well informed, the jury pull has been tainted at this point, as you know, from one another like I'm willing to believe the assault ways of life. So what were you saying that is? There's no hold? This system was corrupt. You just said they box themselves and that there's no way they could give an accurate verdict. At this point it allowed not what I said. What I said was that they are going to charge him with a crime. That they cannot win on and then ultimately, they're gonna have a problem at the end, because they're gonna lose so heroes likely based on the evidence we, so you think they will. I fits
I say they will lively when I heard a huge nine energy if it is eight, if it is a judge trial and eventual right, is that what you call it a bench trial? I fully understand what you're saying- and I agree with you: if it is a jury, people are basing all of their but using the new capital guy where's white socks. Let's move on the people being a sarcasm. We do have to go to my club soon after that. According to many, let's go to people being assaulted in diners, because a lot of you could argument that where's police to Israelis, to police officers right and in convicted felons or as it relates to people protecting the businesses in convicted felons All those peoples who have picked aside and they were involved either than riots, are protecting or protecting citizenry, so they're, all at fault right in one of the zero tolerance policy is like in high school and you can have your face being beaten in and you shoved the guy off any both get suspended. As my step may, let's go now to people who have nothing to do with these protests at all. This is happening.
More and more now in cities across the United States, where they are then accosted and assaulted? Well, just trying to enjoy their meal. This could be you next, according the black eyes manner. Wow? What your first on the same, put your fist up my mother yelling at him to put his fist at that. Guy. Look at that! Guy, guys, oil man that guy next with his fist at my place, devour may last apply just giving you down for a few minutes. So I can say my goodbyes you, ass right guys are able to draw. Is that what you're, not stopping in assault in, let's be clear assault, does not battery getting in someone's arisen, demanded to put the fist up now this is what what my question the day? This is important,
you lot of internet tough, guys responding in a lot of internet, not so tough guy, just bunny. I think both the wrong people saying what you should sit there and take it. I don't agree people saying you should run away having experienced this cells they follow? You? Do you turn your back to elect a little goes from supermarket world. They follow your wherever you go Turks, it's not something! It's! It's not an options available to you and then some people saying well, you know I would just go out. That's also incorrect sell. This is my advice to you and with what we ve learned about these curves somebody's tat, I just wanted to conceal, carry class. Mazato has been in the show one thing: you need to know is, if you listen to police officers, when they're saying dry the gun drop, the gun, hey everyone! There's an active shooter, please find cover. What they are doing is creating witnesses, because in the chaos and violence, people tend to forget and then afterwards will sort of patenting. It may not be accurate, so what you need to do- and this is happening in some- was going in your face in someone's assaulting you need you wanna go through the steps DS. It is best you can simultaneously creating witnesses, hey, listen,
dont? Know you you're a stranger, I'm uncomfortable, please get out of my space. We protect most vocal as you do that painlessly: Maitre, someone's filming you don't want them to take one clip out of context. You film. All of it then also tat the most vulnerable among you. The way that I stood up was his wife. Her back was facing the mob, and I have a wife right now is compromise with GB. No, it's a sweetheart get inside call the police officers start filming. Ok, listen What just please leave me alone. I want to eat my meal and then, if they get within physical distance, if you are, you are threatened, take care of business, want to be clear here. You should ever had a woman, but that's not about a woman, verses man. That's a woman with twenty km or who are yelling at this man and threatening him. It could not be less relevant if your wife or family are endangered. Do not now not slinging but don't sit there and take it. Do not Neil do not put up your fists doesn't matter cause a problem of under that Guy Naxa men didn't save the clip and do not run.
It's not an option available to you. The main, create witnesses de escalate, film protect the most vulnerable among you and then have your line already drawn in your mind beforehand, or do you know if it's some people that don't get I've often said this week? That house, I said, hey, listen, don't get Can you get in within arms length of me, yeah right, stale, If you stay there you're fine, I made it very clear and that's been on camera. Maybe yours is someone pushes you. Legally! That line half asian bill can tell us a little bit more clearly what it is but depends on the state and also noticed that these attacks- these assaults are happening in states where you can't carry or your Andrea, ethnically nice like this. This really hit me hard, because when I saw this, I started thinking through, like literally started, putting myself in a position where I'm with my family. For me, that's my wife and a newborn. If I'm a couple months from now on is immune systems up I'm out at a restaurant, I've I'm in a very dangerous situation where the best case scenario, if things go south, is that I get my butt kicked in front of my wife and she grant do anything about it and she's crying in it
something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Worst case scenario, my wife and my child. Potentially because mobs don't exactly act, rationally happens all right. Do not women get hurt, you killed everything. Always I see it, and the only reason that this would happen is because a group of people walk by and said because I didn't put my fist in the air on a racist right. That's what they Let me address adopt were added value to keep people in this. I, why doesn't he don't sit there? Take a do not end up your fists, if you're afraid to try the escalating film and protect those among you are the most vulnerable among you, then, at the very least, don't raise a fist, and I would also recommend asked
for a stake, die for your silk and I think they rise a spot on Sunday and only through engaging those different techniques. Can you will maintain your safety in the variety ways it s right? If you can try my way, because you ve got it on film you're, trying to correct the record or make sure that it safe in understanding you get other people of all right. You never know he was near by, but those people can't be advantageous to you if you're not vocalize right, you know, I need you to stay away, I don't know yeoman comfortable, I'm feeling threaten, etc, etc. One of the hard things that I when looking in those various clips is business owners right yeah in Ireland, I have their standing in there in the intake about you. You got a person who maybe it's a restaurant there just now. Finally, getting some business and their in there. Going. Wait a minute if I walk outside my restaurants, getting burned down tonight. Yeah my workers are going home, can feed my me
what? What am I doing in I dont millet good answers. Tat reason is like us they're, not my solar shouldn't have to using my right now, but there's no excuse this point, because when you say you are with us or you are raising their Anderson, you with us or against us are dealing here with us. Raise your fists. Would right away and all kinds of historical connotations you with huge silly batch put this you're either with us or your a racist row. I now say to business owners: hey, I don't think you're. I don't care if you're democratic, can, but if I'm eating your establishment, it's your job to make sure that the safe eating experience and don't complain to me when I still you on the bill, I would leave the kitchen or on fire I'm certainly going to leave when people are physically accosted me and you're not doing anything. There is no option at this point too neutral, here's the beauty grant everyone who is not a radical Democrat Mean entire Dnc and media establishment. You all we expect of you. Is just had not let people around you be hurt, that's exactly your business, don't let people your business
but if you're a man- and there are people around you who are women and maybe vulnerable older people- don't let them be hurt you're out in the parking lot. Trying to set a blaze. Don't let them be heard. I dont care of your Democrat. I dont care of John CASE Extern, nephew four to five years time there are no, I don't care if most insufferable Jack s on the planet. I I'm saying you are with us or your racist, I'm not saying you are with us or you with black lives matter. That's what they're saying you put our fist up or your racist, which, by the way justifies protests in being an assault. We hear that in a bottle of matter organisation, I'm just saying you either prevent people from being port? in civil society or you are an enemy. That's a pretty wide berth were giving you if you can't find some way to parallel park and their well, then guess what I'm not going complain when they devour you less? We actually need it. You do you're, not gonna, go to web extended for muslim members. Let us gotta come such smuggling also because
I understand, Smooth Manny, may say something's. Finally, while the gordian knot with many will be coming up, it is Saturn's cubes like it and neither does hath Asian Bell, but right now Youtube it's time for you to pull this off
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