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Steven covers the #BlackLivesMatter riots in Lancaster as well as the atrocious Los Angeles cop ambush. Then he turns to look at Joe Biden’s complete inability to function without a teleprompter. Finally, we have the latest developments in the drama surrounding Netflix’s "Cuties" and California's Democratic governor signing a bill to lower penalties for adults who have sex with minors.

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Hey there audio listener, tired of your old bedsheets. I don't! I don't have an. I can do for you because bedsheets don't sponsor the show, but I would like to tell you about gold really more of a golden opportunity, join Magua, but let us cut it out conflict, my club, it's the only reason that they show is actually available. Audio version that you're listening to all run you tube and we have a full daily show that you don't get access to anywhere else. So, if you want to continue- and during this show change my mind or the like- or if you just like a hate, listen you like a hate watch. We'll do them punishable face, please consider supporting at Lahti with credit that come slash, mug club, and up today in you'll, be a better person for it This was right. That's enough, when you report fake news, which CNN does a lot you are,
the enemy of the people see an end should be ashamed of himself. Haven't you working state of shock? I'm not thinking of that's. Ok, I know you're, not thinking you. Never do and what is worse than what is right, but I, like you, a lot of you, ask a lot of stupid like when I am that fight with you get another fight with Leslie. It's ok, my time on president and you're, not to assume ready, today. Hello disco
Anyone get it right by the way, the introverted inspired by now sitting in the valley. We through the question it wasn't Matisse allay, was a friendly shouldn't. Let the boat all women go over and see all the birds and the trading well known even oversaw farm in her life through the chain: smoking french Lady who likely engage in all sorts of active degeneracy, as the French do other known we will be talking about duties today. We're going to talk about Lancaster Riots, which you know only would surprise they. How can anyone cover them tat if they have? radiation. Everything applaud them in no amish country.
And we have also the LAPD. The need has been defined. It will be time of data will be having a hunch twins, brazilian jujitsu how're. You have Asian Bill Richmond, you glad to be here. Yeah you still no caffeine. Do you feel it creeping up, and you know I mean I feel other things there are negative negative funding. That's my arrogant wicked! I hadn't planned for this cutie show, of course, some fairly legal coming to. How are you generally doing well the button up that tat button court about guarantees here in more an audio wait. Ok, so we have some things to get me. Let me ask you this first off: do you think we're going to be seeing more riots arc ambushes. Specifically, we ve gone from riots in general now to come Ambushes like you, ve seen in LOS Angeles, and this is nothing new in this happened in LOS Angeles Rodney king in king and my grandfather, actual air, the air force. He was a colonel India Force and would run reconnaissance with snipers in the rooftops. The Detroit out riots don't expect John Boy. I got to teach you about that in that motel film
right right over there now and black police officers had to write home an unmarked cars with protection and the Detroit Riots. My dad watched the tanks go down. Add you rode sitting on a mailbox. He was short like bloomer, so I want to know if you expect to see more this and I want to see really quickly before we move into the Lancaster protests. With a covering on CNN always five years ago and my company decline funding for facts on research up I'll say that really quickly the reason of declining federal funding for the vaccine research, so they can be independent and provided hopefully more soon. Without doubt from politicizing rubs, just like we're takin loop, Rikiu Donald Trump, I believe, was taken for one of those second rate. Dnc candidates accused Donald Trump of It says in the wildfires, while saying the only way I The only way. The only hope we have of putting out these wildfires is voting go by you enjoy. Our Slovak between different sites in they'll go from Donald Trump sends Billy.
Two vaccine research funds, cronies and farmer, industry and then good like to the next page, and it's like Donald Trump. Refuses to support. Farmers are already arm a science accelerates, vaccine dryers by cutting through red day confused. Brian stouter straight. I am more confused, yet yes very charge spring of content. In Lancaster Pennsylvania, okay. So this was what it was like, Mr Pennsylvania, one make sure them correct right at the amish folks. Are you Superfly performance, Extra Pennsylvania early on one of the first shows that I had ever done really Andrea was Italian, Villa EAST and I was left thereby my ride. I was opening for him, yet using a horse injecting or ass was his name. Let me add something: then a waitress from Applebee's had to drive me to the bus
thousands of letters and letting her name was Fallon hand. The guy's hand do I mean you know: you're a bad by one is an apple. These waitress who has to rescue right. I guess in the realm of actors and before in the realm of touring, stand up comedians who appear in Lancashire Pennsylvania. I'm a nine get left wasn't too hard just turned out or charm, which was please please. Now. Let me later, There are going to start something. Ok, so these were the rioters, the protesters in Lancashire, I want to show you them. First, they were upset, of course, after police officer shot a man, and we always know that that, of course, is racism right. Here's what they had to say about it
we were. So we got here the youngest son from home improvement hanging on the horse trading worry as we always wondered where higher than so. This is, of course, the narrative, and this, of course sets off right. Like us, and secondly, on send me one video one, video of a completely just cutting dry lynching, like that's an area where I haven't seen what I've seen cops act, poorly I've seen cops had their training I've never seen a clear cut situation. The last six months- or I should say I never but recent with all these rights and on the new season of rights. I haven't anything even close to what you guys cling. Let's
the one here, so you know what happened. The guy's name was Ricardo Munoz, a woman was free the house and he was chasing her with a knife. This Is it here, but just like, by the way, with Jacob Lake, where we don't care about the fact that the woman was sexually assaulted had restraining order, an active warrant and then, by the way, the guy guy sexually assaulted me he's back here that I have to thank you for doing. The right thing will be there to protect you in this case a woman is being chased by a man with a knife, but let's forget me too, the off there's not supposed to do anything. Here's the body came for and the man is Jason within that will see. A freeze frame here, hold it You're, not only holding a knife he's making a war face again, you'll day Louis and lastly, the Mohican definitely look. Syria is in the air and action and we riots in protest and exact by the way this to be brushed under the rug, just like re sharp I can't I went away, they thought. Well, you know
The american public is gonna, be on board with us, because all he did was a gun. The cops face beat the crap out of them and it wasn't a wasn't real gun. It was a taser than American said. I think beaten the crap out of an officer and aiming at taser at his face is enough So let's forget about that. One hears Jacob Black and once people set Europe, I think a restraining order for a would be rapers going back to the house during the keys of the woman than he allegedly Rayburn thing. You're going about this when uncle you know at the guy was chasing a knife screaming like Zena Warrior Princess, ok, you're gonna bring you another one, just disputes happening. Love that they release the body, can video because there, like, oh, you guys, have a problem with this. This is like what two days later or Yahoo very very soon after he got here's video either, I think that's how they propose to do right away this, but I know process but they're gone after at this very heartening around this they're burning down the sites from witness we won't have we're visitors, we shot witness out years, need to release this footage to protect these history.
A clan marks in Lancaster. You know, and then the nets with incredible that there in the call for justice there actually making sure that justice is not dunce record of actually doing investigations are doing the wrong way. Now. I know you know the way that we approach these, especially on the show is we talk a lot about how these officer and other showing it, but what's really interesting, as these offered every single one of them, even in the most justified hum. Sites. These officers are traumatized their net. They don't want. You shoot anyone else, alas, what they wanted to end these videos out. They want to respect the family. If that guy had family brother sister children would normally not release that they would go out there and try and talk to the family first and then over the course of time it would get out, but now there being forced to stop riots by showing the video digital last night. The reports that those rioters who are out, Sir did, you get the body came, and they were like, oh
in some of them were starting to like somebody like a long awaited you, ten thousand wire guy who's, Isn T a big really. Why did know that? We need to learn this lesson again, but the lesson from this don't Dantes a police officer with a knife. Oh yeah, you should be, I mean should be the lesson at the end of the day, but I guess the lesson. The left to the women of color dont need protecting and we should lengthen the police response times. So long as the manners of color. If you are a woman of color burden to threaten you shut up rocky scissors, so maybe maybe he's Iraq over making of says. There's this guy Munoz had a history of being particularly stab ie tab for people and twenty nineteen, including Asia. Now, Why do people say why you bring in that? That's not relevant to it is relevant to the relevant, because this
call right of distress call because it's not the same as some random pull over. How many times have we found out that there's a distress colonies go by the way? This is the guy kind of his calling card is like the calm, the steady banned it and the conflict. Gotta society then live better, be prepared, and we can take that into context. For people, including a teenager, also at a certain point, go we admit that people like Jacob like that people? Munoz here, meaning people who commit these crimes, I'm talking about protecting their also people of color. Before you start your? U people bullshit. We admit that people who repeatedly commit violent crimes in flagrantly disregard arrest warrants restraining order that there needs to be something done and it needs to be forceful. If we can all agree that some kid with a I believe we should spend years behind bars. Can we all agree that someone who has a history of cereal violence probably never be out in a way that doesn't mark them, so
now that there are threat to society. I don't want you do at this point actually serve this time. What is tat? Poor people serve some time came out. Still more people serves the more time I think I'd like to know before. Hiring him to bear groceries, hurrying and address system really hard to get them. I thought of my spleen, so you know we both have things we gotta go with Abrek. Will you should bear the Odin Stephen of his choices and the police officer. I'm enough, he saw TAT, he was walking up to the house very calm, you know everything was like he understood the ETA seeing that it was going to make sure people are ok, but it wasn't like
drawn going like if this guy had shot up at the door holding than I've just standing there had been like sir dropped, the knife broader died, and I would like this would have ended totally differently than running out last time. Somebody like Freddy Krueger, Freddy Krueger, has clause for hands. That's horrible film reference. It would have accepted our or Jason their sharp jerk. The another rate about is five by the way, if you're watching us on the Youtube of course, do subscribe to Android and apple their audio versions available, or you can download anywhere leave us to review and listen for the secret work we'll tell you how to come back and play that game. You get a lot of girls here. Ok, so we have this of cordial, outlining work about to get to the LAPD situation, which was an ambush against police officers, are the sheriff. So the pity I think it was the shares what it was a sheriff here and I think it was SD, Sherry Ella S DE I am
guys- lost important donor LAPD. They were shot last week in rice, as we can see that there are many its heart. What you call them all racist pricks, including the black ones all right is eminently any officer wearing the blue. I don't care if I don't care if its justify your little Timothy all offend. It doesn't matter racist and we want no part of spring, but Eddie, funded by a hundred fifty million dollars, which is what they did in LOS Angeles and does it also brings us to the latest instalment here, gay any people were mad and your pressure, your sort of boycott force them to bring back, not the old innovation of costs, but the new innovation? So we may a preview here of any new series, no cup, no,
other Maybe it's not a compelling there's no third act through, can even you suddenly, when are you gonna hurt you gotta the Surrey art I do now taken any at least with the cops there was that
there is, there is a middle in there is. There is a third or the climax. What this just short of happens will then that sound will help him, as he's dying like it's a very calming sound the memories uniting generally just feel like I'm, on brace of dialogue fly and systemically racist we're all. I do appreciate the real is right there, every accurate everyone with any valley, every episode, cliffhanger of native ITALY, during which Uclaf anger, profound tell you a story is released report yet point two seconds, and how long does it take to bleed autonomous stabbing with no nine one want to answer? The report says about nine minute so well. At least you listening for nine minutes, it's all about like they say it's all about the cross platform. Promotion with no cops send people to the website to read the police reports, some backing. I cite the masts. It's a no cops ponzi scheme is what it is. Let's go to the allay, so it's not LAPD's Ellie sheriffs, diverted towards the shares of Armenia. Ok,
Ellie officers- let's go to LOS Angeles officers, were ambush happily with a b role here by a gunman. Watch walked right of shoots. Them runs away. That is a short guy. To look like a kid guy from Willow are the worst you could say let anyone even have to aim now. You know you shoot a lot like the aim down in a window like role at all. Our aim must be to aim up like it raises. Another aim is gonna too little rascals. That we wanted to have little rascal tat. Shall then, after this, what happened? Was you hand black lives matter? Protestors we're trying to go visit. They claim they wanted to go rise. It who, therefore jewish murderers, the officers in the hospital if some of them yelling, we hope you got here. You go he's clip
Bob No, you don't, Read it politics or have thrown up missing? Only one person said that will use a deal. No else outside of a black lives matter. Antwerp protests. Would one person say we call you die efforts to someone who rides facile attempted assassination with other people want what, where everybody reinforce robes, and there is at least one other person who wanted to die the guy with the gun right away, aerial, listen, we ain't got. We don't want to jump the gun to. We can't ascribe motive sub. Sorry, it was my fault very confused thought it was a shooting range. In my mind. This is why you gotTa Father rules ranges outrageous, not hunt or otherwise to all these targets, if you're, not a step stool
It is on real. What is this right? Has gotta scene and really quickly GEO be battle battles for votes in crucial Pennsylvania, county, hey, there's something else is going on in Albania, Imagine it all happened. Seen anything no morning I looked, I ve seen him loop or go up there and say our only chance to put out these wild. Here's to elect Joe by man, and I haven't you, stop the. Listening to some of the fires and allow us to burn away some of the brush what she can print away. Some of the vegetation control burns likely you takes environmental ill some day, so he can emulate acts as the water. That's a start, but we can only record crop yields and record like high levels on Donald Trump for climate change, ass governor about climate change, son of a don't get. This is just so, you know they were saying they were like. We want to go visit, those murder. In this way. You can't let the public hospital first off. I don't think you know how it works,
I love it. Rules work because I was a paralysed. They wouldn't. Let me go visit her because my mother happened to be the one who dropped her off road. You know how ended a visiting her pet of french skating their who get stuff dont. Have I told you this to my wife? Was there was a You know she ass. She had the gps without nobody knows going on shoes purely from the waist down and some finished on the show when you visit my wife and I saw him here see my wife is sorry. Twenty four hours you can't nice at all. You know I'm going to sell it now you can't, I said ok, so I want my sat down. The text of my wife said: listen they're, saying that I and visit you, I don't care if I end up on the nightly news I'm gonna get in there. But how long do you think you're going to be, here, because I'm only going to get in there once singers save she says well just hold on hold on. I have your mom taught them. I swear. I wait five minutes. Door swung open a man and a surgeon mass comes out me. I just
behind him for a fraction of a second, my mother saying what just happened? Did you know my french Canadians? I should have any goes that your mom, I said yeah. He goes My mom just read: she just argued and she's just foreign enough that there is no growth in, but can you believe, as we want to go visit the systemically racist murderers? Are you next of kin most this up? you show up saying those things to get him a door, maybe not being dressed like that and waving a flag in saying I hope you die, but may we go in and see them plan I wouldn't want to be a land was once they gotta live old eyes is emergency contact, as you will see next of ten percent I am his wife. Don't let it get up by these people, you die
hey criticism heard about that. Is it actually at some point if you dont have definitions of gender or race, anything else to be able to describe people, anyone could walk and ago? That's my that's! That's totally my husband right right, why? If I don't have to show idea to vote a doubling to show to go, see my wife right? Ok, I'm going to go and what why are you carrying bowling ball with a candle in Bolivia, isn't Irene desire to seek dagger, and what have you go on answer? Thank you because you have a lightning this. This is like a protest or somebody me just use a protest or at some during a protest and they get shot like every like Donald Trump supporter showing up at the hospital or anybody. That's Donald Trump supporter showing up in saying I hope they die too like. Why didn't do anything they were just sitting there. You can say that police officers or whatever officers, are involved in this hour. Murder yours and that their all races, but cops that were literally sitting in their car doing nothing at the time I haven't been accused of being the people that shot
body in a racist torrent right like that's. What I'm saying that does not draw their lot at that. That's gas, or you might even noticed, doesn't know what that's what's the ended I had. None of these things is an illicit, listen, listen! I listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen! TAT S, why? I thought you were gonna, go I'll bet, you're gonna leave any about us. What people say they wonder. Why? Don't you show all the change of multiple somebody was just released like this area? I haven't really just the edifice that you re, like some guy set it out. It is business garden running for local Congress, like those that got everything that we include but you're part of society, in summary, we were stretching with the cove in one. Some of that argues for totally irrational as to the left? Are you guys go go back and watch
There is a girl very nice. She sat down your tumblr com and she was out there in Dallas doing all everything acting like it wasn't really a threat when I hold about the numbers how they were inflated years. Oh my God, Let me turn now to go with us about what was certainly not as bad as you like, but there's still, That's something when you just can't that's when we didn't include no, we did we are we yourself, you are now we just took We think we like your here alone against the war by the way Donald Trump did. Did I retorted invocation dallied data about the notification bell. If you're subscribing Youtube every morning at ten, a M Monday They, ten a m eastern. Ninety, I'm central. Tuesday, Abraham between the Donald Trump Town Hall and double tossed. You guys do you want us to as well do these Thursday ten, the hall? I know that not everyone here will be available for Thursday Town Hall, either its came up so quickly Don't really know what the town hall it Joe Biden is going to be. It's gonna, be one big. Glorified, add four depends: lotta teleprompter communication going
every time they buy under the ground there like dry literally every most running commercial. It's amazing, verily order. The ground just shows this is the line pad, and then they show Joe Biden with that. Little blue dot has, I think, he's a walking we so tat with Grand he peas, blue Sir that's antifreeze stopped Why am I doing some good at this point? Ok, so Donald Trump responded to this animal that must be hit hard, we have as tweet if they die faster trial, death penalty. The killer? Only way to stop that so simple Donald Trump has been pretty clear on the ambush of the officers, and this is what, when people say, nobody losing
they're not without Joe Bind response. Weapons of war have no place in our. We need to ban assault, weapons and high capacity magazines. Ok, Joe soon. Let me be clear here: he used a hand gun and its in California, where you already can't have high capacity magazines. This is the whole point. By the way at all who endanger home, they often statistically travel impact, they roman back. If you work or a gag, oh and so six round, we'll gun isn't going to get a look at the reason. The cops carry high capacity magazines because of the Miami shoot out where they are gone. By gang members who, reading semi automatic and they kept reloading their magazines reloading their magazine, so criminals often being multiple people at once. If you're someone with a limited capacity weapon, it's going to be a problem, but had done can be used, as you see here with an air of russian cops. This is them.
Illogical argument and shows you transparently, the immediate benefit. But a gun control we need. Let us all up incident using, so we need a ban capacity, magnanimity them Kelvin with shooting up, and I hoped, and by the way, the problems. There has been little thing that criminals tend not to obey laws anywhere. So how did they do not do anything? Also, LOS Angeles cut funding by a hundred and fifty million dollars. They expect better results. They expect better regional, yes outlined as we all do now. You're gonna have to crack a few eggs in this case, kill sheriffs. I'm serious know? What that's? Why he's lives? Not matter at this point is, of course, and also why shouldn't I did have bulletproof glass to the honourable pregnant women, or were they down a little like? I doubt only have one glasses: let's do it. We need to reduce the funding and have them go out in the kit car exactly
I don't think there's I think my most police vehicles the side one as are not bulletproof one. There's the angle to how thick it can be read and rain work in them mechanisms gallop and after the budget's cut. They're gonna get golf cart yet at TAT point instead of like I mean your proof that what is going on the planet advocating like they're gonna, get the cardboard you ve gotta be painted. Like knows, Halloran scooters hope hope you can get away with it. Probably the most bold people I can think of our the motorcycle cups when I was in like they she's a Kawasaki. Someone coming. Those motivated, I think, was a Kawasaki eleven hundred and ours man, if I'm some kind of a gang numbered, isn't gonna get pulled over think problems are solved yet so those guys we're a credible drivers. They re up from what I understood re up. Their drivers licence re up their task, and do you imagine Mihai speeches as a police officer and a motorcycle gone down the four or five men as compared with those
bicycle police then look on ships. They did just fine. Ok, that's true Nike moves here. What the glasses, those that I think the key does anyone. Let me know what you think. I think this is an absolute tragedy. Of course people have been embolden to shoot after so we ve gone through two very clear example: where officers had their lives in danger in years are not just talking about. Is the shooting to fight or not, or is some kind of a punishment just about time. Why don't we care about the lives of these people? but after the Dallas shooting we'd go, you know what they have a tough generally. It is amazing just like when you call Trump supporters Nazis and it makes it ok, you shoot them, execute them in the right order, punch them in the face right, everyone's nazi, when you say police officers. All police officers are part of an inherently racist white Supremacist Sis. Dynamic racist system. It makes it justifiable to It always we're seeing the programme that we are seeing people justify actions that are made.
Dickens would have thought completely unfathomable. So if you actually by this idea that you're only hope to stop climate change is to vote Joe Biden. What that's, what you're only hope to try and put in and this lawlessness is to vote for the guy actually called out there. He has actually and basically they're gonna turn this going into a modern. I just want to tell you, like CNN I've been watching all morning. The zero mention was of this year, far zero zero mentioned or another job and I felt Eames honouring George Floyd area go right, by blowing a giant horn wondered how many, apparently it was a little from doktor since, but how many? How many? How many people who work there work security police officer there? Do you think of this situation? I almost didn't come home that night thinking it does and it felt there's walk up. Some go human thanks. I get there multi million dollar contract and I go out to get all the glory, but I wouldn't do this safely, if not for you actually guarding people from the stands prevented from walking not just dimension naked sneakers, which is kind of growth, but look at
to live in my basement, like stalkers from David Letterman. Thank you officers. How often didn't they give them a pat on the back and appreciate it. I tell you what we do it all the time all the time and we have any security goes out there and even we have police officers who refuse to show up, and we were in Illinois. We paid over time because of the union issued a private security should it we should. Thank you wouldn't do this without exactly you're going out there and taken a stand for George Floyd. How about you just start thanking a cop because guess what not only do they often not get to go home at night, not just mean dead, they might end up in the icy you, but they also know that, even if they take the actions necessary to protect the would be rate victim end cells from a man screaming with a knife like he's in the river revenant. They're gonna be on the nightly knew them ass. The body came for his release. Right away in their reputation is ruin for years to come. So thank a cop every now and then thank the good cops. We always have their backups Erika cups. Thank a good cop asylum. Poles you over you're, given its being ticket, welcome a hard time say thank you for being here.
It won't take a thicket, go on your Mary way, all right. We have to actually do alive. Read here for lack rifle coffee, even Brandon get your ass in here we'll be right. Your chat also for muslim exclusive letter that comes much month after this, whereas Brendan Bruno all right come on. Let's have a black rifle coffee, microbial promo code forces crowded. Let us blacker for coffee that comes less crowded. This is really not be. Did you bring the coffee? here you know I didn't use that. What's the outlets use that ok, black, dreadful coffee, you see we ve seen nervous Brendan, you know it's gonna hurt you Brennan. That wasn't one time think I mean like Erful. Consumer reacting company is continually committed to supporting no other law enforcement. First responder causes with the copy is by a bank, give a bag campaign on scrape. Would you not gonna make sure to give the gift of America's coffee to deployed troops around
Ok, that's enough! Given the recent did you gotta play together so little grey programme? Those who had a lot has happened at a school in those pads wreak. I want you out of my studio. Nomes gonna shoot you today Brendan today. Out loud. Also, that's the worst face protection. It is, they absolutely its low usually rides the baby. I am one of those maize toys. You didn't crackerjack box like it, which is guide the baby into his eye. A lot of tragedy, com slashed by club in black rifle coffee, dot, com, slack crowd or from is crowded to twenty dollars, are granted only twenty two percent. I was confused by the Golly Pats here. No one is talking about. He doesn't know anything he's around. He doesn't ready avi because he's from a rural area Wisconsin where he would drive two hours for a chick fillet. I feel sorry for our students,
Actually, I don't form he made his bed and I thank you. In particular, it is going to pass on the run legs. You know he's up their power Rick why he is not speaking of Joe Biden. Who else can we talk about curies users really quickly? The guy. You know anything about gun laws also is being busted recently been been boss, mobile unfreezing teleprompter, which you don't listen. You do have to be prepared and you take any age you can get when you are going into the hard hitting territory of genes Cordon this evidence. What area accepts the soils where's barometer with the lesser from cats guy from the carpet? Does he's got a single handedly put out the fire? I tell you what I have always immediately get traffic conservative John Stewart I was that was fun even call Baroness really funny doing his character. Delmore had
some kind of funny stuff course. I always thought David Letterman Jimmy Kamal. They can be funny, but the new breed, the Trevor Noah Samantha, be in several James Cordon. I we like it almost seems like when you. When people were, they were self, they were health I'm trying to communicate. But who didn't believe in him, but other they would try and find the craziest open, and you could see it like. I would try and find the best opener I possibly could openers wanted to being a last comic standing or you would find comics who get a crappy opener, because I just want anyone to see now until I feel it that's what you're doing with Trevor Noah James Corps, they're gonna, look at immunity of thy meddler so that they can become up it and say whatever we want them to say they can't come in and ask for too much money which we don't have any more, because no one's watching our shows is the only explanation I can have for someone who is fat, uneducated and on
but still Joe Biden had you not prepare, but have is prompter at the ready, the geographic evidence here it is so I have so many incredible, incredible incredible. Friction clearly, one here that maybe too heavy to lift up. But this is one of my favorite pictures. Picture of me, true noise when they were an ice whenever a college or one having sex with others, wife, there is so many things wrong with us. Keep it up there. One of those zones is having sexual, the other side's wife. I believe, and why would that picture? too heavy to pick up unless it's made of solid brass slash. Mercury. I have no idea not only is he done enough to require a prompter he's done enough to I realise that basic concept of reflection- and it's totally finally be just as a monitor their so that he himself and it can see who is talking to, but there were words and there was highlighting going down. Only will it make a round gradually around forever in
that massive poet. Like a big guy, I thought he was looking for a photo, maybe was like under his papers or something like that is for by six mere all right. It's like Joe everybody thinks you're week. So when you lift this this picture mixture, you say how heavy it is worse than almost impossible for a normal man to lift it like the minutes to burn their free right down and now a pan have a carnival barker. Who guesses wait, saying my man is a federal. It's gonna work really improve the eyes. Were everyone thinks that you're a demented all parents yapping circus monkey? so years and years things isn't this isn't alone people need to undermine is- and this is an ideal seriously have a problem for this. I don't have written We can do a reflection, there's nothing on prompt right there. You can see I'll show you right here. I just have clips, so I know exactly which clip I'm going to get. There is no prompter
and I have no problem of people who use prompter of how to use it sometimes of an interview in bills like math Asian where's, like Mitre dont get this wrong. So I know what is the statute, but I'm concerned when this man is running for president here and it's a can genuine problem here is another clip of him an additional and watch what you have to make sure that we all know. Why should we are Well, let me let me go the second half of the present union friends Production ACT, yeah, that's lemme either, because the first thing is already gone up. It's like it's like Mario Scroll, the entrepreneurs and they can scroll back days like these roles, world no longer exists. It's gone, look, look if you're giving a speech and you want to have a prompter. Like you said, you wanna have a couple of key dates and fax written down so that your accurate and what you say- that's fine, but when people are asking you a question,
oh it's even worse. Let me show the next clip of them a little talk, but here's another clip when people are already asking pre written question on my which really the reason you do that. If we don't you two prompter, you pay, you know, I don't want you to proper someone, a script, the question and Joe vines. I have always you both like love. That's that's proven. Yes, probably here's a clip to know what will your administration due to help them given that she's reading? Thank you,
It would appear that there were only my aids is given to me. I was just watching a jefferson that I haven't stuck in my head and indeed I really bothers me. I have always said this that you will never see him debate Donald Trump on stage, and I said you know what maybe with zoom call. Why? Because you can have his prompter and you know what that is an unfair handicap given to Joe Biden, because you can level any criticism that you won't get Donald Trump most most of the many of them are valid. Nothing left us media, but I mean from conservatives out there who have some valid criticisms, but not Unable to go off book or beyond his feet is not one of them and that people have is like. Why won't you just stick to the script, where's divine right showcase that he's completely incapable of doing that without a script. So if they do any kind of a debate, this would be a huge advantage again to transfer. The scale. So that Biden seems like anything other than,
the demented old pants groupings, workers monkey that he adds yet will, even when he had to brain cells, to rub together he would he was like they're like don't go off script, getting my something racist or insane right, isn't that enough is odd if we're goin on two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve, whenever they were going into I don't know why we expect anything different and in seriously like a pre recorded question, you have every opportunity to go through this and go that girl asked a question this here, my three or four things that I wanna hit go through it and the thing you do when it comes to hey guys guys. I know what to say up here on movement. You move it up what I say to move it up and I am saying to move prompter up, we're live little them that I just told them to shut off prompter cause. I don't need it. I don't want it. I don't love our right. Well. Can you answer the question.
I gotta go. I will the next right of you like we're going to appoint words like hello, my name is Joe Joe Joe Joe Biden, the I'm running for my life is, of course, a wire none of his family members that agenda collecting money for oil please having such will each other's guys. This that, I guess I just can't say dad. You don't want maybe on the packet in your anyone anything get a winning handlers, even vamp and say like. Thank you. So much for your question. You know really easy is an important issue like that right of waiting for something to say, like you know, ok, look I'll, give you just somebody you just take from option column. The column see anyone feed people in question, and I will give you a non answer. Answer that Joe Biden could do. Ask me anything, I'm Joe Bud What did lose the score? The cowboys game last night, while you know I appreciate you are taken the time to ask the question in these turbulent
times and people like you. The working class are the backbone of Amerika and well no the score that game and then bridge to whatever bridge building, because in his mind, it's a bridge to know where the royal inside a bridge too far everytime. You know why, because the very concerning is, what is he going to do in an internet nor summit whose you get it now, when he's in a room with a light, Who is twenty or thirty years, his junior and fifty years, more mentally, capable than M sniffer? That hope Yeah, maybe I mean that's like that's a great lake at Vienna with with Donald Trump re. One of the criticisms is that when he gets off script he gets rural Pro America Rand heat.
Which he gets a little harsh. You know. Maybe he gets a little insult the, but ultimately what what is it? What's our issue here, but then, when you have a Joe Biden where he just Goin sounds great known here here, look I got this briefcase. It's it's attached to me what its fork You want it, you want, I don't know. What's in it, they say it's important, but you you could just having once it has all this reminded us that makes it keeps Megara tick sound dry punch in these numbers, but they told me one two three four was something I could easily remember, but then somebody calls me in Russian. What are you about Joe Biden, little distracted by these shit in my pants, that's a little squishy right now. You know what should have happened. I mean really we're not we don't
be it home. Yet no, we don't want to be talking about this right now with the Democrats should have done in the primary there's. Somebody should said: hey stop! This guy cannot do this job. We're gonna put him out there and he is going to fall apart in full, of people. They should have done the humane thing and said Joe. This is just your Europe net or time is done move on, and it would have been fine, but now you put him out in from the world and said he's completely competent and that force. Just to show you day in and day out, but he's not the humane thing would be to put him next to Brown and Rich Scott Rich in the deep Fraser Let's move on time there, let's move on Tuesday whatever cutie nicely if we don't say last week, but oh my god, people talk about this country turning into a land of a generous and we're going to after this, take your chat and show the HANS twins by the way you jitsu whole segment for micro members. Only
I was ok. I have covered crappy media for a very long time, but seldom am I at a loss for words, and let's first show to set this up. Your brains, Delta has always argued. Here's my problem, Spelter in Cuomo and even tapir. I dont have a prom with Rachel men. I have to reiterate this because sometimes people understanding. Why don't you go after motto, o Donnell? Here's? Why I must, at Christmas from right about three large o Donnell. Is the hammer resides crime? All another was fling with the leashes Silverstone. What happened on us? amendment no seven. I thought someone was relevant unseen it's not about to avoid the riots in ambush of the other good with Brien's Delta Chris. One of these guys. I still maintain that they are journalists, they say you're, going after the facts, and we will call the power fall to the mat and we will speak. To the issues that matter we are unbiased. We are truthful. That is
they'd, rather me so much because here is something child pornography, one argue is lay up Jody. Like If there's one thing, you should be an tie that both the left and the right wing child pornography at the top of the list especially when you consider. The fact that Brian Stouter has openly talked about here is a montage of how objective in truth of this programme? Is I tell you what, We are only was loose emergency right now. Of course, news outlets make mistakes. Of course, politicians, vagueness, eggs, the dividing line, between those who seek the truth and try to avoid mistakes and try to learn from them, and us, verses those you don't give a rat's arse about the truth and don't come to me. Eggs and they just lie their way through life. So, what's the role of the press, broken and last impart. Our role is to keep collecting facts all the facts: so that citizens can make up their own minds. Breathing
also our role to stand up for decency and morality. Real others won't decency, immorality we're in eleven year old tits qualify as yourself there. I know not really an eleven year old, but just you know you supposed to be so in petty files at home. I never create the illusion, like my thumb, right only eleven year old, kids, it's not real, but it's meant to be titillating preventive health. So this is what interests lie, week, our number one segment was on cutie symmetric everyone, cod our title where we said duties who is really going on worse than you thought it was the same title everywhere else which, don't care about. I'm glad, though, that the word is getting out about duties and just how off it is generally is. I was able to watch all of it because I, feel that I need you at this point. I'm gonna be believer in in portraying realities that people know what you're talking about, but at a certain point like listen, there's no, There's no argument that makes it acceptable to even show simulated sexual
undulating from nine to eleven year old age, just morally rhetoric, but what was the biggest story anywhere gems? It was so It is a matter of fact that we have Josh Ali Tom Cotton, Jim Banks, and Hector sent a letter to the changing billboard asking them to investigate so is the key right now to investigate whether networks, its executives, filmmakers violated federal laws against production and distribution of child pornography. Now here's what was amazing, I watched all day Sunday, all morning, Sunday examined Brien's Delta. An interview with a founder and ceo of Netflix. After we just showed it is our job to gather the fact let the citizens make. There was not one question about cooties. Think of any other story from Netflix recently, nothing. What Hilary swags aware has been. Rather, she should take two Teddy's down to play: a boy: your boys,
cried trip was wonder, Javert Asker. Since then nobody cares. So the point is It is the story from that lecture and Ryan's Delta asked nothing. His argument was you know what it was pretty. Well guess what cooties was a story still a few years earlier execution at that point, because before had been really he could have between people really worried about this release of duties, because the number one friends for weeks where hey this could be a violation of job pronounced? The poster came out stabilizing ask, but even worse than that is poppy Harlow. Who is very fetching? I will give her that didn't interview the next day. I guess after the pretty you didn't give you she asked duties so germ use from these and the bastion of true facts. First is slogan, not a single question about, to show that is actually spurred demand for an investigation into child pornography distribution, and
elation of laws and their stocks has plummeted. Language really having about or not will ask bill where you can exploit weren't. You can explain to us what, where you wind up viewers think it's an issue given what is at the same time that the governor definition designed a bill into law where they lowered sex of penalties for sex offenders who abuse minor. So this is California, like we set slippery slope, there's no more slope anymore. It's look behind you slope was slippery and now it's a road it it's gone. We re use, is a cliff at this point. It straight No there's! No more cliff! Now the cliff its moves like in tremors. Oh ok, listen! I want to know where you guys line up because I dont want do since I try. Lloyd, sensationalize in June made me sick to my stomach to watch it. That's why we had Brendan embraced work for you, because I can't show no, no, you can't do that and I saw it unfortunately, some of those you up,
whole thing. None of that sum that some people are sending out clips initially and in their like as a bad idea to send out cliffs, which was absolutely right, don't have what I told you not to let Joe Biden DM. It was Anthony, waiter, So the couple things one so without question like looking at the content of the moving the description of it and in the way that it's been portrayed, is without question. We ve crossed a moral line, and so then you get to the adoption of the legal line right right and so couple points. First of all, a lot of folks are like way at all. I looking for child porn law and I can't find a law that says child porn. That's because it's more accurately described in the where they actually use is see SAM Child sexual abuse, material they cause,
any act of filming a child in any of these types of situation is an act of abuse and circulating that material is another form of child sexual abuse. So actually appreciate that that words use because there could be pornography, that is legal and there's a child pornography wow. That turns not only its not legal terms, but our that terms used definitely bat right reason. We use a specific terms because it's bad enough is also broader than just pornography. Their absolute give us more protection of minors, as opposed to, for example, with pornography. If there's no consent. Obviously that's illegal if there is an abuse of our laws but you're, seeing with this its broad enough that any depiction sexual activity
point is because a child cannot consent right because of the idea that a hormone blockers but yet another day or or I may- we just change their entire biological, make up and totally five and you know but separate, and apart from the the definition of the word see SAM, is the question of your people often ask in actually the Nick Make, which is the national centre for indeed missing an endangered children. They often get question federal authorities get a question like. Oh man, like my parents, took a photo of me when I like in the bathtub or like, as is a very young, get right right and so there's one set of categories of when you're actually engaged in sexual acts. No questions a very always bad nope national. Then there's this question of how do you have a task that decides when material is lascivious? Enough is usually the word used. State and in the federal statutes decide? Is this depiction intended to be sexual? Is it intended to be erotic, synthetic tower thinking how short and sports brows, with God running their growing wood dust sufficed, but that's Dignan
and that is why, in that's, why, when you look at the context and how its presented that's really where the main problem, regardless of whether it actually crossed the legal threshold of child pornography or see SAM in those particular issues, is the question of. Is this the kind of thing that we are encouraging children to engage in sexual appears now I know what the rebuttals have been. Rather rebuttals have been well, it's actually a critique of that. It's actually We don't think that these young women should be doing it, so we showed a bunch of it over the word. The parents were horrified when they watched it. Some ok I'll, buy you a weekly should any lasting com while narrow this is like during the actual films, but a point quarter black made this point earlier before the show is remember: you mention in the very first show on on curies, when you see when you said six hundred and fifty and the director said? Oh, she was six hundred and fifty one what where's the feel of the six hundred and fifty million who are different.
The people who audition yeah we're all the back films of all these different folks into. How do I get under this directive? you down and go like I. What are your measurements I don't know I, where small from kid gatling she's, no ill Macpherson. I have no idea exactly. Can you please torture? thanks to their data, I don't think it's a political grandstanding. It seems there's another there to at least have some kind of investigation. Absolute. I don't think the investigation is warranted. I don't think that day. You know in the face of the initial questions it shouldn't have been: oh, it's fine, it's art, it should have been. Let us demonstrate exactly how we took every step possible to prevent this even coming closer to the line of Ben. I tell you what I'm really worry when we talk about slippery slope, it's obviously Rutten Arnold Schwarzenegger they can bring this up, give any people. I don't think he will question mean this is a long story
He was stopped one who is coming into the country with body building magazines because of women, and you know bikini gangs, and that was seen as pornography that was seen as free as you and Johnny Cochrane put it. The serious ridges so that was seen as lascivious enough we're problem, and now we have obviously changed where basically, what would once be considered hard core pornography is an advert four lingerie, where you can. This might have long into them all on a billboard for once upon a time, american apparel, an idle want to see that a of the standard with children- I don't a few months ago, like you see what that slate article dominoes from current q and foe outrage. Reactionaries from there, you know what a nine year old girl rubbing her reproductive organs on camera in cheeky shorts? Yet I'm action Airy, because if that's my daughter, I'm strangling the directors,
I want to look into what these I think he's parable, enabling that their subject matter, but I dont want to see that ball get moved at all. I think it's too far in the fact that this film was released in any capacities. Autonomy crystal clear about this, We talk about protecting the most vulnerable among us, and this is true with the left. They dont believe that they always end victimizing the most vulnerable among us. Let's look and I hope it we are taking. The exact wrong tack with coal that if we want to protect all people, what are we doing? we're locking everybody down so that at some point it doesn't stop the virus when we go back out old people will be just as at risk. One of them will die granted in between now and then, if we're in states where Governor Whittemore Cuomo has sent young people into nursing homes, but the exact wrong strategy to protect the most vulnerable, the second, the old. What should we do? We should go on with our lives in society and help older people and sick people stay home, but because we need a political grandstand because
need to go out there with the objects and say hey. Look. We flattened curve we're going to put older people at risk right now, We talk about women of color right women of color me too. Well, we are doing the exam wrong thing when you demonize officers who are responding to calls of either cereal, rapists or sexual abusers, or people like we talked about today, mainstreaming only with a knife abusing this when a woman of color calls to three times in a row and the police officers defend that woman who can't defend herself by force using force, and then you say, define the police to what are we doing. We are putting people in minority communities most at risk through that policy. Same thing right now, when we're looking at children, we talk about pornography wall and we talk about artistic licence. Well, you know conservative this is. The problem is when you dont teach sex, I guess what they go out and
Suddenly there like a kid in the candy shop. Well, you know what maybe once upon a time there was about argument, but now you have kids to working and humping couches, nine years old and you're distributing it to people who could be. God knows how all the world's biggest multimedia platform and the media Like you, I am so forth at all this false culture, victimhood always always creates more. Real victims or, at the very least, ends up damaging, though Who live in a real victimhood realm Then you could possibly imagine you think this is gonna help kids can't go back to school, even though their almost entirely immune to carbon. How do you feel about hunting that both sue ball and if they really were trying to you a made it a bad job of it, but a big biggest reason is: they forgot to critique diarrhea Journalists like like Scott Illegal ain't, would be seen as sexually repressing you'll never get going very, but they can't say
young women shouldn't work on couches young girls. Shouldn't be stimulating a young girl breast. They can't because they ve demonize. Anyone who exactly believes in any sort of modesty, sexually reproach, got metals Mendelson from Forbes sees the film writer journalists there. He said everybody just go. Watch it go what you're talking about before you watched it. I dont need to watch it to know that a child porn As you know, the poster. That's enough. You said everybody Lodge and eurobonds and shut up, I'm watching curies. So one thing is wanting. A definitely want to say is that, regardless of whether or not the actual images turn out to be of adults versus minors or whether or not you know, cheap hands or sexual z, sexually suggestive dancing actually crosses the existing specific statutes that we have right, remember: civil case: here's, a statute ok, it's even higher right for for a reason, because you're putting Peter jail in your entire, no eyes what you once they have committed a crime in their convicted, but we what we can't do and what? Certainly there is no question that the left is. No,
only doing is saying: no, no, no, no! No! No! No! They didn't go that far. Not actually trial but while ignoring the entirety of the of the parties is undisputed, is that you have put hunt, rights of young ladys through these auditions, ultimately focusing on four or five of its four five that are actually in the film itself, focusing on them and their sexual suggestiveness. Just you know you ve been involved in media for a long time, we're volunteers, while the amount of time that has to go into filming something in producing How many takes were done? How many times were folks just like a delicious, hang outwards. Gonna, take some photos back here, no big deal, and this is where it comes to the issue of the entire industry itself and focusing on it not not saying anything about the protection that are being needed for children. What do you think Kevin space? He got away with what he was able to do. Why do you think I have? Why do you think Harvey one
he was able to get away with that. Grooming, yes, is what it is: its normalizing, the type of industry without protection rife with accusations of absolutely and by the way. This is not something that you could see happen anywhere else in the country. Any any tiara girl So what are they call them? Beauty, beauty, pageant, steer, pageantry eliminated all them and see if you find anything even remotely similar to that, you can go anywhere in the country and where will you have an entire room full of people we wish? inquiries and not get a complaint. That's also what's concern is this was given an award at a festival, it went through the production process. The green light press the distribution process at Netflix, even after the poster created backlash? they changed it. There wasn't any one in all of Netflix. This is so commonplace in the entertainment industry that aims at you know like people just think this is gonna, be something it isn't once they see that has just girls, booty, shorts and sports broad and similar. Eleven year old, breasts working grinding their private son each other, then I can have
There's no one. There is an objection, that's what Oh, concerning regime, not send your children in this industry. Parents, that's also an important message here. They chew them up and spit them out. They eat them alive. What we ve seen is enough its unacceptable I dont want that line to be move and it needs to be moved back. Alright, we're going to have to go exclusively here to the mug club for those who are not yet members, Lutterworth gotta come slash. Microbe, sixty nine dollars for students, veterans, active Terry we're gonna do a whole lot of forty five minutes about. You shall right now teeth thoughts when she did so and read your chat but Youtube. You must be mistaken. I pooped piss off
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