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The Left Goes Full Anti-Vaccine? | Ep 41


Steven discusses the left's recent pivot to question a COVID vaccine developed under Trump. He also examines the increasing economic recovery and what it means for the election, then considers Kamala Harris’ recent comments that she is “proud” of Jacob Blake in light of his sexual assault charges. Lastly, he turns to look at Chris Cuomo’s penchant for compulsive lying, even about something as petty as high dunking skills.

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shoot skill. You got my mind and I also say that I am on beats sipping the king. When dad tweet me it s, craters is Apple Mouse pad waterproof. I sure hope doing a test have Gerald Day in with us today, but, more importantly, we have Gerald B and become lawyers started along. What do you say? Hey, like you, do your duty impressionable temporary, on definitely uncanny he's a big river monsters fan. Quarter. Black here Wade is here. We have a lot to get to. Today we are going to be talking about Gamala Harris, this the rape, the right That is a line, a rapist when, after Cavanaugh, but now she was inspired by Jacob Blake, also alleged rape is violated a restraining order. It she'll take. It seems like a pig pen with a cloud of rape
although there were ever, she goes, will point out some dozen Canada's areas. Chris Cuomo is a compulsive liar. There'll be a ten thousand dollar, but in addition to our fight coming up on October, thirty new vaccine, maybe out election time which will get to us. How can impact on the economic recovery, Democrat senior Obama? Economists officials have told you that they deserve to lose, and I will let up. I make my case I make my their words and or quotes. What's the question of the day, I guess the question is given. Jacob like this can be me to movement with this guy. Giving way me- this is a guy who was alleged rape and violated the restraining order right, obviously vital that he was. There is an active worn out currently for the sexual software so it's not like Bygones reviving and war. You still have actually end yes to face the music for you, you're rabies,
we're going to find you a violin restraining order, and we say women are afraid. I'm almost convinced now that that the left they want rape, victims, female victims, silent because they These women who never come for never ports, the coptic Christian, lousy foreign, the F B. I think I don't we wanted to do with this. None of this is true versus women who go to the cops go through the process, women of color Jacob. Later I go to the police hey, this is what happened. Gets an active work gets restraining order. Calls them when he shows up again with a knife to steal the keys and put the children. The car and the left doesn't care about her. Who, who knew also Harvey Wine scene had to do, was go out an assault police officers and get shot by them rightly know in any way, because apparently, that cancels out the re part. That sounds more like a broken. Remove Let's see what is happening right now, nearly twelve thousand Florida residents have died from covered nineteen earlier this morning, someone was on CNN saying, but by the way today, of course, the death toll has reached a record high. Will that's any death toll red death toll of humanity,
the death toll of the flu. If you never like this, because in the reason that attracts peoples, because we're used to a flu season right right going through which now the warning about going back up again, why do we have a feeling that there is no economic operators? Keep it go at the never ending? Colleagues, like more toaster deaths, have reached all I'm highs did more than yesterday because while we told about this that the butter Niven that, don't you pop, don't, but you know what he rolled the guy right really quickly. First, let's go I value, Daddy's hats, villainous or line of credit hats. One size fits all my ass. You see this, allow that famous guy had soldiers, but not my not this dome Let's go really go. I want to talk about this, because just I can't the winning it's just it's for. Your mother leaves no more now we're product. There's there's a good right,
I believe that we may have a vaccine, or at least it may be approved. Before election, so it seems like well. Here is your President Nostradamus. So having a vaccine very soon me. Be even before a very special day. You know what data about living off the prompter have now it you'd ed you and you love it. I love it and of course, the media market, but let's go specifically to First P, o s candidate ever in Braille heresy out. If what she said about a trump axing letters say there is a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election. Would you get it well I think that's going to be an issue for all of us and I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump.
That is like a link hairs. They threw her occur ball, which is very rare, is she starts looking Morlock job on a good, well Donald Trump and cut back to whoever that was data bash, and then it cuts back true Kemal Harrison's this year, because an internationally back and she's gone or Black Donald Trump is in some lab with Sid Bird bed of a joke. Late beg easy about fair trade. Put it out with work it does it work, makes it worse than those that stuff about mental ok. Frankly, table chart? So he said we may have it. I mean, let's all guess gave him is himself enough wriggle room. I think, because of day they came out and said well How does by election? You died merry Christmas.
Learning save zombies is rising ever heard of respect every single year with a given was that he was working at the doorway all of these experts and by the way, when they say expert, they just mean value. At this point they disregard dislike exports of virtual about doctrine, We now have a Johns Hopkins now appears expert, mainstreaming is the home of course, though. So here is the media marking a mercilessly when he made that statement on labour. He held a another campaign, sound news conference at the White House teasing corona virus vaccine by election day, would you in style experts will tell you cannot happen even He continued to suggest without any evidence that a vaccine could be ready by election day, I would also like the president, sometimes has an inn,
Do you have more information than the average person you can see it when he said that that's when it gets all kind of coy about, like varies very special day. You know about. Maybe ask your wife his little Richie knows that anti leg What kind of what kind do you think it is? I think you know now they mark mercilessly. There is for it well item of this kind as an expert, but here's the ceo visor doktor fashion. It's unlikely, although possible, that you could know about efficacy in safety you'd, my uncle Toby. So where does this stand for you? seems our office that is progressing very well. We have already requested twenty five thousand Grandpapa herself in winning the talent you wanna be hunting or not depends on the market.
Variables, but right now we ve our model based case predicts that we will have an answer by the end of October. Ok, I know earlier by the end of October, but I want a token. I want to bring up violence from the young Pope. That's what your mind may have been nice if thy, yellow he so cunning and scheming, but red eyes as October. Togo We would like more, very special that seem unless you mail in your ballot, really it's even sooner than I bet you thought I was saying election or maybe hallowing, no Canadian. Eggs giving sit waiting, so not only deceives Russie, they said that they were saying the wasn't doing their job because can bring a bite viola. Do we have by yet we have my. Violin, yellow. You just said we had now when he pulled it out. I pulled it out wherein
five by the way is not to be trusted, unlike the algae, who has known a patient or invented anything in the private sector. Desire, like you, were saying some injury. I say there were saying that the empty the FDA was acting in properly under pressure from the administration. There's no way that this can happen, and then I love at sea and in line with the story this morning and said now. Obviously, in response to the FDA, being rushed in this administrations claim they come out said we won't release a vaccine until it safe. Nine companies sign this, including Pfizer, and then right after that fighters, like you, have a time limit, but right now we're gonna minutes about ray. You aren't you kidding me and by the way, don't just love how its which the people like our? U anti science, you're anti vaccine. If there's not a vaccine available, I gave you know a trumpet fast track and put it in operation works. We now the fireside here, where I don't respect for up to my body who or of an expert at developing a new novel pharmaceutical, then the farmers.
Notable industry. You gonna, take your chances with academic. Show you silly bitch trust the experts sort of our group to do the experts not include those who are actually piloting actually integrating and creating new drugs and treatments by the way, that's all it almost entirely company knighted Satan, the private sector to govern. I'll go, you can see the research in my homeland of Canada, where I was right was raised. Have a research just was cut, about half? Only when I want socialist else get the world benefits from our private sector research centres, they always get it right, but not everyone right now is what is it just hold out hope that these big farmer executives people we hate or want to come in and say them unless, of course, you are now trumps timely, in which case we shall see a vaccine burning like Boulevard, Bertram vaccines which, by the way that turned it into an aerosol and it changes the chemical reactions. No longer say the left goes. Antibiotics hope you have your in ninety five mass hoarding them, because that's my game play
right now, let's see what they're saying CNN before we continue everything's institute offensive, launches, conscious unprecedented tack and military leaders. He appointed ok, we have some things to move on to buy, but peddlers can I say one thing on that: real quick movement or the military industrial complex at the Democrats said was only in it to make money into conflict with little rooms. I gotta hated till now. Now Donald Trump goes out to them. You like how dare you got that right now? How dare you go after? Raising the troops that denigrated insulted, get worse, can paint Erasmus sooner or later shop and show their debts in the contract it's real. Right now, it's assembly to trust the experts down from goes. Where do we go with the expert big farm? Okay? Well now they they're not because we think that she's gonna create a vaccine and by the way I didn't want to get any airtime to this story. That was going out right now opposing did he call anyone losers, and you know why I dont want to
when our time because been refuted by more than ten sources, including John Poland, as well as emails call logs, and you can run a simple search to see if the weather checked out. It is untrue. It's entirely based on conjecture, just like every single leftist conspiracy. They talk about conspiracy, theory, right, right, cabin are being a gang rape, russian collusion paying with russian prostitutes. This idea that he he hates by everyone knew was untrue. It was late hour to initially evil see it and ruddy aluminum many didn't wanna dance on our flagship marine like is turning the cat and inspector gadget realign outlawed everyone bypass, and I love the video of John Bolton, like the guy that hates trumpet just released a book that would have put it in his book because it would sold more copies. If it were true where I know I was there and no never hurt, and secondly, that, while crazy, you would only benefit we have to move.
But by the way. First, please you consider joining my love to knock on such Macleod. We will take your life chat and that's my instagram. Rail is also available following an instagram where there's a bunch of stuff that you don't see in the show, namely I my rules no nipples What are we going to live with you? A little later can usually lots of words have onwards. We have a story, some source movement, you, but I do want many of you have heard the story right about the story of up. I mean it's better. We were just talking about. Christmas is better than Chris, better after watching the initial clip, I think many of us felt born and knew where the guy, through the ant member through Molotov cocktails and lit himself on fire and that it couldn't for at least two hours in itself, is funny enough, but we now have theirs an additional angle really, as we now have an exclusive from another angle, of the anti variety or throwing a molotov cocktails and then try to goose step it off.
Big business. I myself Jeff around, like an Arabian, apply these high. These libraries about they're always looked employed. You probably know today the day by the way police ought really to be rooted out. Resettlement, ladybird, patient I know that's what they did, they use their firearms and they saw the fire. Is yes, the fire out? Listen
sorry that this is sorry that your bike above I work, and this is why I appreciate our officers because they have the kind of restraint that we don't have the item. That officer, I would let it burned to that. Guy ended up We were soldiers down, I'm sorry, but I cannot put an ethanol flame out by doing a residence setting. Go go that light the flag on fire like themselves. I'm fired gods, always scales like justice, but you know it always. It feels like as you know, my mobile Victoria after tomorrow, I just gave us enough to the this is what they don't want to talk about. Let's go to sea and really quickly. Where are they talking about nothing but can get but we don T just said people the military, like, I think some people officials, the Pentagon, don't like me so much that's what you're dead, which is totally its bearings has said: I had a board our troops, but I dont support the military industrial complex. Only he doesn't know what it is. If you
ass, Bernie about the military industrial complex you try and find it on a map will hold those words and ITALY's to boot. I know that what are you saying, I'll oversaw Signor Barton? You gotta constantly keep you pop I stand here that allegedly allegedly tubes, member of the complete conjecture us really sucked have to base all of your arguments and conjecture and end, and we're going to be talked about. Critical no later But do not ever increasing Brien's dealt with shackles Gerald, be what he had to say. Character with the lamp didn't even get a new Gerald known. I think that's about right for Gerald. We not talking about the economic recovery. No,
and this is something that no one else has pointed out, but to me is remarkable and want to ensure that quotas and get it right for you. This is a political story from may ok, so this is why I think that Donald Trump, going to win a landslide if the left continues with covert riots and now there clearly trying to distance himself from rights. But it's almost as though that's worse, because people will go away. But you don't ate, it did a writer, you set them free Europe to show this, political and may now Jason firm, and he was a top economists under president, mama and he's a professor at Harvard okay. This is him talking. The reelection again and make its struggle, has any Billy to do nuance. He would say we are not there yet reelect me to finish the job. The Biden argument will be, the unemployment rate is twelve percent, and even with those millions of jobs we are still down fifteen million jobs in the only way for this to be fixed, is new economic cost
so he was saying worst case scenario that even if Donald Trump, its unemployment down to twelve percent, we'll still try and show how, when it was up to twenty percent, how many jobs are still loss will now this comes out so May August Amber NBC Non Farm payrolls increased by one point: three: seven million and brought the unemployment rate to eight point four, send so down. From wind, because the Democrats tell you that he should work they run a promo force now it's over. I thank you going to win the election why's that I don't know, ask obey, run clip absolute. I love that their argument is working to shut down. The economy is going to create unemployment and because there is unemployment, he's a bad president needs to be taken out of office and he still ticking there. But what on the worst case scenario, twelve percent, its on its on track to be half that right is on track to be half that have,
your trees? Why would they look like not one word so this I just think so misguided. They could be so up to TAT actually list a number out there that we boot past month later, like I mean, come on just try and give yourself some wiggle room right that is doubly, is actually work where they can be states thought a twelve percent. Unemployment was to emissions, so they thought they had a meeting its it we're safe, represent what we're not going out on the twelve, maybe sit, maybe be sixteen but twelve, so we're leaving. Whilst steel old. Here the opposite, a stroll manning. I worked Zyobite. No one else. Steel amendments, eight twelve and then there sitting or washing go down like Rooney's computer with absentee days. It grew angry where their brazilian it and I think they honestly felt like there was gonna, be enough public fear and panic, because you have seen and is constantly telling me to be worried that they economy wooden recover and that they were gonna be safer. Plan, would work, and I dont say that to say that, like this juice nefarious plot, there might be, it is definitely in their interest.
People are John Oliver saying that they should have these kinds of things happen, so that wasn't job over the other guy, the other guy from HBO Bill more here, It would be great for them to vary the economic downturn. Rhinos are an economic downturn so that the presidency would look like yes, terrible right right right and even now they can't do it. They carry the cause. I can't do it. There is no doubt that the fundamentals of the economy or unbeliever they're, not good when the economy's gotta they suck when it's bad either. Why there's did you really think you can pick allays? Is all around Us Lane and by the way, at the end of either lane it's a country girder I will move parking break out to bring Leinster nowhere. Bank have fun we painted on the side of their own break lines where responsibility does. This is why I think also Donald Trump is going to end because people have said this before you. So now we have the economy worst case scenario. They thought would be twelve percent unemployment, that's also really The fact that Democrats, their worst case scenario, is lower unemployment. There by right now on violent unrest more by
unrest of they can blame on Trump and higher unemployment, so it can blame it on trumped again, like I said, Democrats are the party of negativity. The only way Republican gets elected is, if there's hope, if there's optimism, because if Republicans or the party of the rich legislative, the party of the middle class upper middle class like eighty seven percent of Americans who benefit from the tax cuts this company hired to new people, let's just say that they aren't at the bottom, absolute raping the welfare barrel of society right, anyone has benefited from Donald Trump, or at least you be in those categories. You have to vote for Donald Trump, because we think this is the possibility and its benefited those people. We believe that you can do the best for yourself. We believe that you can put up by which we believe that, if we can out of the way you can be success and we see that with record high wage growth that we ve ever seen and modern american history, the Democrat say: listen if you dont go for us, it's broken its law you're gonna see more violence. You're gonna see more unemployment. Down from to win reelection, wants unemployment as low as possible and wants is
Violence is the possible. He needs that we re elected Democrats require highest on women they can possibly create and the highest violent unrest they can possibly imagine that is one. That's what's required for either party to win this right now and the poles reflect that occasion because you're something of a lot of people have been saying well with Donald Trump. They didn't account for the secret voters. The last election rightly only offer, and now they they way this first. I haven't seen poles really waiting for that and I went away that considering people are getting shot in the street, rail and people, losing their jobs. I would wager that you have more secret trump voters at this point and statistically, someone to back it up the latest investor business daily, the Ivy, DDT Ip anybody inflammatory about it is just the tip poll shows that twenty percent of Voters are uncomfortable, revealing your political candidate, preference and numbers up to twenty eight percent for independence. Now, let me ask you think about this report.
Twenty percent of Americans are uncover. Twenty eight percent of independent certain tumbled incited votes. You uncomfortable assisting their political candidate preference. Do you think that people would be afraid right now to list there favouritism to express it puzzle? for mister empathy, dementia himself, Joe Biden or listing their preference for the present, who they merely put up a bumper sticker. There Mars, getting keyed or assign it's getting burned down, and if they expressed their support publicly, they get fired from their job. Who do you think This twenty percent of voters dont want to list at twenty eight percent of independence. Women movement hands like Donald Trump Ivan, don't care who do you think the majority vast majority. Those people are actually supporting. You think, if the buyer and people who are afraid roulettes, let's just compare that if you are a bog and supporter right now we're in Hollywood in me in the entertainment industry at all in education. We just
principal riding with black eyes, met you? Have you support binding? It can only help your career prospects if you sing it from the rooftops. If you are a Donald Trump supporter, he keep your head down any surprise people the voting with because you dont want your long being burned down. This is twenty percent of people. Twenty eight percent of independence and already the poles are tightening so this is something to me and keep in mind TAT Joe Biden. Let's be clear about this. There was a threat we said. Do you really think if you like Donald Trump I also want to stop right exists. A howling as the violence will continue to receive the same thing and ultimate no is lifted up what the violence road of humans, and will you maybe the commons where your supper from around? Well all right now sending him or any. I hope to write so asked me at the conventions they. They said that the Dnc put out a great platform. I have no idea what it is other than raising taxes on everybody right, even though they say it's just a routine everybody and they the aren't seated better drag you really exactly that eradicating artists, like a virus program like Jacob Blake.
Rate like us. They said the aren't. This is the first time they haven't put out a platform on us. This is a do what I was doing before the right in this, and it was working really really well that the Democrats are dependent on chaos. Re have nothing else to sell their dependent on chaos and saying look the world's on fire. We can come in at least put out part of it right now. Trump is like the world's on fire, and I put it out right. Employment rate. It's going back, look at the stock market, its doing really well look at all of the union which won the metric cp largely put it out, not against some of the big spending, of course that we see from direct. But I also understand there's a little. There is new, wants there, because businesses were shut down by the government, but he mostly put out the fire. By getting out of the way in helping Americans get Bulgaria, he put out the fiery help the american economy by reducing taxes on businesses, and so people Gimme crept for my tweets, and I know for a fact that we hired to people because the business they all. We wouldn't do that if you it's anecdotal but using an anecdotal example, because its personal ok, because the statistics that are
Could I can do exactly what our Bryce and Angela Brazen envy you? Your jobs are a direct result of Donald Trump Tax policy and not only has the money that we save in taxes, which, for many businesses are many many tens of thousands of dollars, but also people don't understand a lot of small businesses that there they have to borrow money just to make inventory for the next quarter, you're on credit just so they can stay afloat and so This is a sea that not only do they have less in in the form of a bill right now as far as taxes at the end of their quarter, but they can see how it's going to dramatically increase their profits over the next year or two years, guess what they do they invest in our indeed and employs we ve done that right here and if you join up at my club lot of gotta come such month, but listen, you guys are the ones who funds will support this movement. Everything I've ever heard more people, we don't have any Al Jazeera money, it's Albania, just such angrily, you're going after daily wire or Sorry Prager, Yucas, eight billion. If they do it's a nonprofit, then Elinor funders, whatever it is people who give any, which is their right to do, but pardon me that they are talking about people,
and behold into investors from a terrorist act. What are you Talkin about Agnes? Alright, let's move out, money is money. Stephen, our rights dollar dollar bill. Your horse, camel hair, says dollar dollar oh yeah, down our peril. That's really! Indian restaurant! There, that's tough on a loop you're like ours is this is their top forty, please call me one that nobody is an alternative They say the same thing about more: they do The third is gonna growth. By now I get at lesson. That's one for you, India here. Is the latest Kamali hair, so she's really proud of Jacob Black she met with them in the hospital
it's an unmoving moving moment. Jacob Senior told Senator Harris that he was proud of her and the senator tall Jacob. She was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain Ok, so, let's get to maybe she was inspired first. In case you don't know, Jacob Lake released the video here, a legend rapist inside a restraining order, an active work why they really clear, because we should care about the actual victims, like the woman who we sexually assaulted. And the police we're trying to protect. You went through all of these systems in place to actually protect yourself and rate legally, but let me call here was inspired by this little number. Please I'm telling out their stick together. Mason money everything is your father? He so much time has been wasted. Couple. A couple of things are, I guess, if you, Klute and wasted time rake it's not that you use of one you dont know was right. It was only rate in the third degree. Was it digit right away,
under age model now tell it sounds like a wasted time. Talking about money, isn't our primary concern with your situation, Jacob Blake, it's more so You have a weapon. Did you threaten the officers? And why will you again at your rape? Victims has a legit rape, victims house after a restraining order warrant was out for your rest at the hydra. Kids guy, It looks a lot like you and then he says, for we can make it better for people. Can you imagine if someone was working imagines that cop said? Hey, listen man understand here. This was a guy with trying to protect this woman. This neighborhood be rescued called us. There was a restraining order. She'd been sexually assaulted by this guy. Before I'm trying to do a job for this community, just make this world a better place people, proud boys, lash white bread is right to privacy are mentioned in doing what we can do now. I have no problem with him saying my people by the way I do just the double standard. What and I was so. I had a little bit of hope when I saw this the little bit? I know that I'm I'm kind of swimming against the stream. Here I was horrible
exactly. I know one first and foremost eating take any personal responsibility for actually ashes. That's the line, that's the goal for us to get to first before anything else. If you committed sexual assault, you need you should leave with at least have you heard to say what you do exactly. Having already said it was ever raping. Hey. Did you think about what you did we ve got a little work today makes it are you gonna pay, not perfect, are you're gonna stop raping looked me. Are gonna stop re thing, there's an active, worn and restraining order. What do you say? What was that Are you gonna write began,
I know he didn't know, you are bowing exactly, and so here you said something before the show he's going to speak again, he's going to clarify some of the things they said. I was hopeful because I'm looking for positive stuff, sometimes right- and in this case I was hopeful because he said, there's too much life to live. I look what I've lost. We ve got a chance, and he says what we just showed you ve got it. I recently is right up there. He didn't say it like that, the seriously I'm hoping I'm really hoping to that he's. Looking back and going, I did a lot of terrible stuff, and it put me in this place and you guys that are out there right now. Stop what you're doing change your life. There's too much like to live God make money. Gonna have a good life. That's what I'm saying like the gay analyzed, the gang Land Ebeneezer script, what pretty much a pretty much but here's the thing he assaulted, dinosaur lines of incorrect dimension that I must marry the latvian kin, some fried chicken girl. I've got a gun out the exact. I hope I hope that's what
but why is TAT well lead with apology for rape right now? I'm going. I agree. There are always talking like a horoscope, or we can only read our own positive feelings onto it, but really it ain't, no he's trying to obscure the fact that he needs a bad guy. They deserve to be lecturing aviator, how they should live, maybe looming Maybe it is a bad guy, you said: you'd commemorative us all, but if you have to do something regardless of knots, this guy deserves or ever deserve the death penalty. Rarely dancing forfeiting you're right to live and deserving capital punishment, and there are offences that are deserving of that. I would argue that rape should but that's not a part of our judicial system right now, so this man did forfeit his right to live when he allegedly sexually assaulted woman. At the very least, it was enough of a situation where the woman rightfully went to Policia file the report gotta restraining. There was a warrant. She called them again when he was there and he was fighting and taken the keys and said that he had a knife, and then he told the officers yet and I ve reach for a knife. It is,
floorboard, while they were there to protect again ready current rape, victims, forfeit you're a deliberate online will actually, she could have shot him and bid been just oh yeah, absolutely a bracelet broke into the house and started sexually assaulted by when it happens all the time, almost three million defensive uses of firearms, guys don't hear about noon and are not even use the guy. Comes in with his knife to the rape, victims home. She shows him again and walks on his merry way in the cops arrested right, but I do think that that qualifies as purse as a bad guy, I get. People are grey. People are both good and bad, but that does need to be addressed. Actually when Kemal hairs, oh by the way, have been notification. Beth. If you are on youth, We do this show every morning at ten, a M Eastern, and, of course it my club. We do an entire another. Thirty five, forty five in a sector that time a critical of being a compulsive lively cited, could be fun. Cumbersome. Kemal hairs was inspired by this right and keep in mind that just skirt did this. Somehow she forgot about the multiple vial
Charlie's, including sexual assault, keep in mind that this is a woman who try to prove preclude Brett cabin yeah you're, being a member of the Supreme Court from being a member of the Supreme Court based on completely useless gang rape accusations, let's, let's recall this summer You one last time, are you willing to ask the White House to authorize the FBI to investigate the claims have been made again? Well I'll, do whatever the committee wants of close, and I've heard you say that they would not have nightmares. You ass. I have not heard you answer a very specific question to ask, which is: are you willing to ask the White House to conduct an investigation by the EP the ice to get to whatever you do. We mean a second of autumn. It's gotta be having oceans that have been asked to not levied against you. The FBI would gather witness statements. Few women, it's it'll, not died on a debate with you how
their business. I don't want to abandon its argument, fans this accusation and questions as to whether there is any basis for accusations, because you know what, if you get with a pig in the mud, you both get dirty work. Dollar dollar bills by smoking ones, I think, she's being perfectly consistent. I think she's just lying all right, my she sang and F B. I must mean a second FBI invested right with the rhetoric. Amateur she wanted to ruin. This man's life really would have ruined this man's life. If you didn't fight back, would you why you don't lay down for the legs were at all? There is no. There is no possibility of being neutral. Because what you allow investigational Honda DIA, they would go through. Witness testimony witnessed it. Do you have any idea now, the FBI, even after they try to conducted an inner it, some kind of estimation. I don't know what happened. The second go because they were demanded to do. Not only is it listen, listen! Ok! There are these based! accusations that have come out several. These women have completely recanted. They ve pulled it back in the one from Christine Blasi for don't make any sense. She said
It wasn't a party where no one else, they ve only said that that party didn't happen and she described the house that we know doesn't exist within a blog radius. Mention describe it entirely for house. How do you want as to whether this innovation and my ears got? We should not allow this man to be in the Supreme Court until we know what we do when we went to the police radio and there was enough evidence to actually have an active or not for your sexual assault appealed inspire me. You are my hand. You look at that. They are what happened. What about the time that she said she believed all of Joe Biden accusers effectively calling Joe Biden a Raven foot, but that was in the primary that, when the long we'll have to go back to that really has had a double there's. Just a lot, there's so much rate that there really is, as far as the scandal she's she's like Mr Mobutu, and that everyone around her gets raped that's like, there's so much, we know nothing about that lobbying. Yeah, hey! I can be very brief.
No you're, not a rapist at all. I don't believe it anymore, I'm not a single while her guy Joe I just Listen just be consistent. Do I think it right? We didn't really touch on the job. I'm writing a ton, because a saying again, it's another accusation was more credible them cabin our situation predictably than the Donald Trump situation, and it's not even comparable. If you look at the Jacob likes it No, I am not even close or the guys who are shot and Canosa who, by the way, had sexually assaulted minors, people are actually convicted so for some reason this this idea of conjecture this. Idea of really short of exact will know. Did this person commits that someone has come forward? It there's no evidence. We err on the side of caution and destroy their livelihoods, destroy their careers, destroy their ability to be in the public eye, really work in the private sector. At all, but if someone is actively charge or convicted with rape, just it
as long as the rights I likely in and releasing a video making a statement any any penance that somebody does does not change their past behaviors it doesn't. It doesn't have any impact on what they did and everybody the media that is putting this guy up as some kind of here or some kind of mortar for the cause is just actively overlooking all of I don't care if he was a rapist, he was fighting police officers. Owing to go, get a knife. That's all you need to know about this case. To know it's wrong. Plus the million other things, though I would have you got it, but I also think of black lives matter. Not only. Obviously, we just had record deaths in Chicago. This latin American, again technically always reckon don't mean it only creative time, just a weakened count. Yes and timeliness. Britain interval, if you what was a long weekend, so it was on Monday. I think really pissed off on Monday is equal has years. They got a lot of cures and labour dedication, Monday's item and what I was about to say. That is something you guys suddenly about matter about how we go about not only the deaths that are going on in our cities, but also the rapes right either.
And I women are. Obviously women of color are disproportionately raped by members of people by a black beard and their communities are white women. By the way. Now you dont reflect these statistics in the d o J or the FBI, depending which, two years ago and of its Addio dear. If there were a few different crunch, this acknowledgment categorize race with the rape sexual soccer and women are far more at risk. This woman was at risk. This woman called the cops and, by the way, that's a beautiful thing. That was a point that I want to say pleasant interaction, but that was an interaction that was fruitful with the police She obviously felt you're scared, and sometimes we also that these women feel ashamed, which you should not. If you are the victim of sexual salt. I wanna be really clear when I say that Lana Dunham is full of it, because she said that she regretted the sex later on the next day. That's not the same as the victim of Jacob Blake, rapidly went least because she was violently sexually assaulted. You should have no shame it doesn't matter what you were wearing doesn't matter what use
if a man violently sexually assaulted. Have I made that clear because you want to see them a rape, biologist, comma, the police sat down, took a statement they deem that there was a evidence there to charging and proactive worn out for Jacob flakes arrest. They said let Nobody thing happens, here's a restraining order. He violated it going into our house violently uninvited and she called the police again. This is a good thing vision and show you how, if we're talking about warming. The lyrics we should look at that is a microcosm go higher. Second, a woman of color and some white, and I dont know if they were all white police officers sat had a meeting and they tried to bring a violent refers to justice and they had an incredible response time when she called them again. This shows that not all cobbler races and they do want to protect. The most vulnerable among us, mainly rape, victims, female rape, victims of color. Instead, we completely ignore it today. If I, the alleged rapist, and who assaulted police officers rather doesn't mean that he deserves to die, but in this case it so clear
Should we have won by the wet? Show me want. What did we talk about these black, but let's go through Jacob Black? Ok, yet you have, you have, will go through Floyd Floyd was. I still don't think that I think the coroner's report was accurate than seem like he died from the needs back at all, especially somebody does grappling, although I don't think the police after should have done that. That's improper training. Still, that being said, let's go through it, Jake Blake, Nyan K. Who is the guy with little Spit Hood recently Michael Brown, If there is a single committee right now, driven if there's a single instance of just some guy being pulled over by an after a black eye on offshore Emma concealed carry holder, and let you know that pact epoch if that exists, you show me in all these scenarios, the most recent ones, completely justified entire. I make no apologies entirely justifiable the results were set, report are broken. He's right ended. I asked her to have for you tat. You re context to come out right every single time. This happens. We also down we're. Ok, wait with its way to see what had as and when we get more contacts in every single time. The recent ones they ve all
That's what you're supposed to do if you have any journalistic exaggerating mortgages them for innovation, but only as a person- and I don't you're, really integrity. All I am is a man now. That means that there should be some base level of integrity right you want to tell you seem to really affect others in the media, like risk. Harmony between young people are taking cues from this. So if you put all these people up as if they're all heroes, then They are learning memorandum from that, their land that well as an annual right skin color and you you can act as you know, as well the issue, one disrespectfully as you want, but you will be held up as a martyr and then also hey. Let's go are still some navies tabling two generations that govern down this building right right. What our lemons like what I wanna watch it Gunnar one with a sort of mid level like I'm on your side and rice, don't respect work on your side, I'd like to be stepped up and I won't have any sexual assault Maya,
which is unlocked, not turn around my guess. What will give their bit if they really do want to say people? We made this point I think last week when it shows, if you want to save people from being shot by police, the exact opposite of you're doing would work right now you are creating the opportunity for people to think they can do whatever they want to do with police officers. The number one. There is a study that shows this. It is not color is not. Race is not at this. The it's not sexuality is behaviour. The number one determining factor of how an interactive go at the police is your behaviour, not fight the cops, if you don't try to punch them pull a gun or Poland knife or taser them in the face. You'll, probably be. I also unlikely to act that way. If you have a father in the home, The single biggest antithetical indicated that we have before it reaches that point before it reaches that fever pitch speaking of sports nowadays.
Critical hormone, we're gonna go soon to exclusive, but because this going on second criminal lay a little bit more without us really looking forward to our fight on no on October. Third exercise, any man who enters the iranian authorities. That being said about the lesser core, Madeleine brother Como, here critical, is a compulsive liar and by the people, so we will make its petty anymore minded rice, because petty in small minded, I agree, but Chris qualm ourselves. Different, let's get on my report, this too Instagram trying to convince people which is just here to think I've always said. You know how you discipline is, if you stick with your plan, if you do what needs to be even when it's no longer exciting and no one is watching. Here's how you know you're compulsive liar. You lie about things nobody cares about. You brought it up and lied about it and then a double down. Guantanamo trying to convince everyone that he can al you double handed dunk
standard ten foot rim? Here you want a second element. We have ok all right. We do have a coming up your mind, we're going to get in this. We would urge of other comparably size, NBA players at the six, what to dumping, what it looks like a long redoubling them the ten thousand dollar back that Chris Cuomo put out for peoples. It there's no instance, where there is no way that you. If it is ten feet this guy has made his cause. Does your work? We get into that behind. What for all my club members, the ladder of international club, but before that for people who are still watching keep in mind only on my club, which is effectively like a new paper view The fight between exhibition, fight between me, increased coma will be October. Thirty years of premium,
October word you're going out and you getting more into Dunk Gate, Lakota Comfort and not with a view to we love you. People who worked for free still love. You being aired, and are you freeloader nobody here right now Youtube you can put it off dude
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