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The Left HATES Elon Musk Because He's TOO Based!

2021-12-14 | 🔗

The Left is outraged that Elon Musk is Time’s Person of the Year. The Left is triggered whenever J.K. Rowling says commonsense science things. AND the Left is annoyed at Sarah Silverman. We cover why and ridicule them accordingly. #ElonMusk #JKRowling #SarahSilverman

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then she climbed into the sea. Who it goes on, Sure dad.
That's right footstep rageful set because the theme today rage, not our rage. We don't really know. that, madam you now like the tried put innocent people in jail and what have you but Rage directed at the IRA directed. I should say a J K rally: times personally year, Isla Musk Times person of not manage your terms, person of the murders and now also re,
mass tool. if, as a very normal rage, yeah yeah, yeah, generalised re giants in social right. And ass. It were rich Egmont. Yes, yes, so we have a lot to do today? I do think. Look people always try and say all both sides, and there is one sided lives to be offended and lives to be out, and lives to try and deconstruct everything that makes this country great. That makes western civilization great and that's what we're going to go through a few of these examples. Here, common core will be doing some common core question member. We were told, hey Virginia what're, you talkin about critical racer is not a thing. It turns out. That was those posts, that's not your thing, that's absolutely nothing will reduce, quotes and we'll do. The math curriculum, for I know about, will fail, where's, our
the Asian wears off need a math either here or of a music asian out jeez, we're screwed he's a play violin and if he misses a note, gets strings wrapped around his neck and placed in a closet. Allow, but that's, I repeat: I sat Tiger mom, yes little bit is really good at the italian moms himself, though, without some weird, they find him hanging from the nice parent. With a nicer violin lawyer like a life, is house aright before we get to any that we have generally here. How were you, sir? the whole wow, you even ask. I was doing. How dare you did I not you didn't you just said we have general they were. That must be because I don't care, I should I am not concerned, because I know you're always doing aggressively mediocre early. Well, the happy you're like a never ending salad bowl at all of garden I'm but has actually get salad, until now it is here but he's reading something else, what's going on What are you waiting? Your Fabio novella there's plenty of a quarter, black hair,
No, what's going, I'm glad I'm not having to do the math? Yes, you are actually here by the way, if one, if A to add leaves for a pack of cigarettes. How many dad you have to show a picture of your wallet. Courage, Palmer! is that you know at least one the only one of those and by the way, it's always one quarter of a cell and we have day- Linda now he's going to be a high that I would have you call this week at the funnybone in Syracuse New York and Buffeloni Rosy, but also February twelve them, ass, Dick Theatre in Dallas, the late show is sold out. I will be opening for Dave Land. Yes, returning to my stand up brute say I haven't done it in a while all new set and you can go to access dot com for tickets February, twelve Dave. How are you? good. How about you from sir? I cut off your boy. Oh I dont want if you cut off my head where you mass Rendita oil, throw in a field. Yes, I am,
age, you d come as well, you can also use the tickets there and access to an end now or Dave landed outcome. Okay, so loud and last again before we move out, look very sexy if they show, if you were ever watching this show, and it's not hearing on Youtube gotta rumble a mug club Monday through Thursday, ten, a M eastern or last shows December twenty first, where for three or four I'm no, how long Santa crowd or will be talking the kids and not giving gifts to those in need in a community Alice taxes. So just something wholesome. If you don't like it well, you know- and I don't care where Don't gotta age, you that gun, that's like what No, I was trying to give Dave the right plugin. Then he aggressively tried to veer them off course.
Gee kind, one of them off of purchasing tickets Dave. But what say, did you see that age presents, but they don't have the tickets renown Agee presents they haven't unex you're, throwing you should my voice was just ass. You are some with a stick of Holly dry. Your hearty iced year, excess tv show than they were like this channels about good changes to fuel the really it's a car showed not cycling, and you have said I was sorry. I didn't mean to be aggressive. I noticed she looked a little mad when I brought it up when I'm problematic You have the wrong address. What I thought I had the right to drive out. You know what, if ifs and buts, worker, andean nuts? It is Chris you got it all that kind of a little bit about fruitcake. I fully understand had sweating call me before we move on to the reactor to tick tock, because I want to cleanse a pallet. We should celebrate the exalted Cyclops of the KKK and signs Rome, doktor Fatty, just appeal: this. Just happened right now on scene and this morning, and he had some
fresh news really on the the army? Corp the army court by very oh, is that a possible outcome here that all the crime becomes dominant, but there is an advantage in that its less dangerous than is possible, Maybe, but let me give you the details. We get those data, mostly from South Africa, so in south figure. They are getting a very, very pronounced spread in almost a vertical spike of infection. Yet when you look at article like lady, when either that was a virus or exploit and that there is a diminution in the Seville. ready, as expressed by hospitalization question, is, is that it inherent Diminution of virulence, the virus of saint diminution because they ve got a lot of people in the population who have already. been infected and now
I've residual post infection, immunity, what what I've seen them from getting infected but as protecting them from severe disease whatever it is. Started, not letting you know the whole lot. As you just said, the part that matters and then you done yet. Then you just completely muddy the waters stuff that doesn't matter so it is less severe. People are not dying, it's it's incredibly mild, but it still pandemic because a lot of people could get the sniffles had itself for others spike, and then there is a demolition. Yes I'll get my other anchorages like yes, no I'm following every word of S, there's a dead in South Africa. There's a demolition there's a man who forces it with bleach tear belgian boxer. They travel through time too making any sense. Our union's aerial typees from Africa he's white and the one who is maybe african doesn't pay is taxes. I don't know, there's something about these.
Crying out loud, look it's over there done now. He cannot give up. This is what we talked about. He can not just give up control. You could right, this any better we're going to create a variant that outcome, from what we understand delta. That is more contagious and say never urgently less deadly ship. It's over outbreak should be popping champagne everywhere around the world. I need nobody else. He said he said It looks like maybe people have gotten infected already and they have some kind of immune. I don't I've never heard of this kind of immunity. It's weird if you get so wonderful ran Paul was shouting, is one that is going on at home now examining Elvis other one. Yes, what I've? Never that should I seventeen times turned up the first time ever mentioned natural immunity. Why, yes, I mean he says is actually works, who do by the way, so it we should be moving on, etc.
Harry continues. California New York just remove lamented our indoor mask mandates. Norway implemented the partial lockdown, Japan in Israel, Bain Entry of all foreigners, Germany or the rocks down the on backs native. You know nothing like not learning from history and found himself hinted that governments nay may need a mandate vaccines, and he said I would refer, and we all would prefer that people would be voluntarily getting vaccinated. But if they're not gonna, do that so times you ve got to do things that are unpopular like me in high school, but that clearly supersede individual choices. So examining lance like that reads like a communist manifest up, it does every worry today, I'm getting the gas station a woman walks out of the gas station. I do want to assume gender, but she was going for women. She gets inner car. What's on a mask really,
forgot. I was just sitting there gone. Please tell me, there's a happy ending and she crashed it. I hope so, but I dont know for sure, I'm assuming that she's not good behind the wheel, because she doesn't quake the concept of the mass my reckoning she got in put it on like a seat belt and then drove away, and I just said there for a minute like this And while we even see Aber tinted written in the back seat, was a fetching booster? Yes, yes, the mask feel the mask and also Every time I see a car, that's an accident that has antlers and Rudolf knows I left pretty well, that's that's not my kid at all, either most famous reindeer of all is kidding. I hope everybody's ok yeah said so. If they're not it's for me for
It's out of your hands on you. It's way days might have always armor crown right. Now, let's get a funny, I could it's kind of if you dress like a deer, yet your car looks like a dear and the need to guarantee fund right. Businesslike EU became a dear yes now, actually for doing that, if you're driving at dusk, especially this year- I don't know if I wrote years of corn in the parking lot. That's right, you know and a hundred forbade pile, that's not fair. Now it's for you. I might have Omni Corp right there. It's a pandemic. I don't know, it is I normally sinus infection this time either. So I got a little bit of pressure right here and but I still look good and lands really urgent matters under the redundant weight is epinal ice or is it yes to both? Ok, always not true, it was originally under pressure was Boeing Queen, yet queen. Yes, women's rights.
for a move on and the window based mentally on state. Let me know what you hey, you guys, gonna haven't Alma Cross Party should happen. I'm a cross party, a party with as many people as humanly possible during his liquor. Popsicle stick do popsicle, stick spit brothers. What are we five again because this is the United States of America. Levels are not known, vaccinate only kill himself great. Let me let me commits the IRA my suicide, let her out I wrote it out, and I said you don't Gerald gets nothing. You guess my old crappy boombox, but it doesn't work robot, I wrote look, there is a point: zero, zero, four percent chance of this working and unfortunately its the time to release on my computer that goes out as an automatic son, and I just had a horrible things. Well, you should probably call that things I can't take.
Sky Island by L Mccrone. We should do that. They call recall the message where it actually doesn't recall the message it just let the other person, no, you would like to do that X. Also what's happening is rather like days the total recall of the vaccine, where dig theirs, when, in a chair, forced to watch and a woman with three breasts, I've read man, suicide. Note like four times yeah. Well, you know what's that splits when in when without mccrone it it keeps editing it. I can do better than this way. You want to look good, you don't be able to judge zoning adapted louder than you have some lunch up his last week. When can you work on this? Please put my pants back on and say this was a suicide. Yes, and I did in fact Lorenz a motel six by the hour kill myself. I just thought that was necessary. I wanna be sued by a superficial, yes you stay here all eleven and he died doing what he loved hanging himself
but the Hacienda Courts is a chicken is at fault. or because we have to clean out the bodies. Yes, I've tried kitten early when you're looking at your family. How right sure. It's not just be sure to leave the light, ought not turn up after his blood everywhere motel six. We will leave the black later. Ok, this we'll leave the yellow tape out he that everywhere, what in the world comes with free fumigation can this totally mentally stable tik Tok. Her claims that flat stomachs. Then this is a theme today, because everything is racist. Everything is colonialist, including math everything. So let's hear that's true, including math. You didn't know that I knew that, five years. A funny thing about this we know is that you know the way that people gain civil rights. Look at all great modern civil rights movements. They come from having more tools available like speech, you dont throttle speech, not move that tool, because that's what people gain
rights same thing? If you want people say it's an education issue, taken away math? because it's raises, but they're not going to be able to derive even going a little too count. How many yours they have after their nuclear fallout. What's not like math is. Important to any other science gasoline we can't anymore engineer all right, so this totally mental, mentally, stable, Tik, Tok or so that flat stomachs are racist and colonialist. Let's see, let's talk
the timeliness of bad stomachs, again, Marshall Ali various points. Don't kid! That's gonna some people in the comments of my first video tried arguing now our obsession with flat stomachs is biological, because their more attractive doesn't make actual cigar league of Windows, culminate ice cream classes and capitalism. As a lot of us know, chubby stomachs reconsidered a symbol of beauty and went hearing on us for rushing. Why colonist are pushing the idea that black people were inherently fact because they lack self control, which highlighted the adoption of that phobia as a means of perpetuating racism and trying to justify slavery as Sabrina Strings mentioned, why self control rationality Characteristics, Aberdeen, integral tat? We seem black night without George upon his homework on actively attributed the shots. Billion dollar, especially, must Unex are somehow area. No, especially that there will be realised that wasn't the flesh
Is the clause that the slave traders stopped? They stop today. Mr Prodi, you guys does not. Then they saw the Africans. Erlich look, don't look at those biceps A huge rise is everybody calls you re sustainability, see them. How could we earn raises a hate crime Obama? I win, o. My Lord courts there. Why not? Let us begin We are told that its biological or that men are attractive, but do not be women like these that I guess I'm in my early, Thirty is something: where are you? Are you when you're always are either yeah I don't know confused here? Are you aren't you? Ok, you don't know how do you know what the airports were you could do it, I'm thirty five set up some surrogate, yet I have at this being bigger in its growth
in history that you had I to fell on you. You have access to food, yes, which means that Europe perceived as being wealthy and right. That was attractive because it meant something having a flatter stomach. You're, probably healthier, and so it means something just beyond the looks of it. Why not diving did that, but then you have to say Christianity and its white people and its use ten zero usual suspects justify enslaving other, how many fats lives do you think really survive. Long, ok, your mind on this is: there might have been one with a sigh read, not seen key and peel. Do the auction block for the slave trick like that, get that they did come on it, the fat guy, not getting the highest dollar. I'd, look, look or people there were fit and
Let me make sure that you know far be it from jail to justify slaver, I'm night at all, justifying slave rooms. If arbiter of aerial the tourism justifies just state. What are you doing here? I thought I was a little bunny five would not these are air quotes? It means that you being so, I didn't even know. I had no idea how to use a Trojan thing. Is it just gets absolutely absurd, and this is where the problem is these p are in charge of your children's education. This is not anymore far fetched than what you will see when we get to common core math and David, I too comedians are going to have to do from now on board. Yes, mudslides, I'm not, I do have a discriminatory. Why do you do a hard check and it is by knows engineers and I'll. Tell you why? Because you know four womanlike puts on lipstick or make up or summits to accentuate, but with someone like me
there's no face, there's no face until she painted on its like corbies dreamworld and then with some route, and so I dont trust people who are that pale. They have no basis by live, is also a sign of wealth because you can work out in the sun with your dns. Just what have you brought, but in this case she should go to attend. Want a millionaire spray. My point is: there's no face if it's not painted on and I don't like it, I don't like it Dave real painting of old white women are is discussed at yes, thank you, I go to a museum for art non like there's nothing here. That's it's! Like Michael those David when people like he's a placid. Yes, in its I wouldn't be weird or if it was just like he was a rather rap on meeting literally rocket fire like this is strange that marble hard that a flagpole we all went well yeah coat, but in a serious, as I d go to any they every, but every woman's fat its. I can you go ahead
in paint a vine portrait of my fat, ass, wife, the US? She has no vitamin d in a constant cause. I have licence civilization, walkin Legged, like Brooks India, I'd like to hang the sombre fireplace when we both diner forties of natural, haven't. You got a bunch of bitchy wives, Ikebana, GM and pay me my that areas like how Michelangelo paint you did. I asked what he didn't, but I'll bet you have to pay. My wife is a problem that you showing element of paint this fat ass, an airline. Yes, yes, please Pedro Giants and asked what can bring it back to you with some flowers. Don't worry about it. The canvas adds five pounds. Now how many canvasses honor, really try to thinner our shit. Do what you did with my penis Weiler. Life really mean now. It's gorgeous my wife says the big ones heard her well. This also goes for the fact that Kay rolling people are mad. O J K rolling because science
Typically, she stated something biologically hope, you're? Seeing the theme here, let's go through this, the Party of Science, science. They ve already been through that locked locked down for something that should have been locked down. Four in the lock downstairs work and there still encouraging these measures that don't work in infringe upon your audience. We just went through Tik Tok. Were there saying that mending attracted to women, who you know, don't, have a beer, my index of almost dead are for some reason seconds and now we're getting to J K, rolling feminist liberal and noted author of the Harry Potter Series, who had strange that's wrong, feminine characters. I guess I don't it it was a new. Don't act like you do know it's good I've, read it or seen a moving now. I know in part of one moving. My someone watching over like this is nuts I to hate. I'll stop doesn't usually have a no offense. I just as I'm having ended REACT David
I like the game, toe German Earl. Anybody momentum ever told you manoeuvres that is notable game show up you also, but every one of you dont want to become the monsters that you hate you'd next thing you know it yet. I shall only be preferring women flat stomachs and now we're going to be perfectly fit dig perfect. wrong and I believe it or not, and women are born not created on a question air command. Where does this end are? Subject? Corralling respond, because here something that happened first care a scottish police. Said there, going to allow male rapists to identify as female. Now what did happen is there was a male who was a sexual via a vial We set sexually violent fell and I'm trying to ok look, look a dude who raped somebody then claim you, as a czech God, put in prison and allegedly raped another woman. What I know who to Siena who alleged
We raped another woman with his pain, Well, they hold on a second. He read the woman with his penis So why are you doing this? I feel like a gives me cover for not having to be right about anything. I like. Courts are also playing pretend the assassin, a nice John Sunday Jake, harrowing author of Harry Potter, tweeted Response war is peace, freedom of slavery, ignorance of strength, the penis, individual who raped you. a woman, great peanuts. The geographical sentence. Well, what else do you say when you say man is? I can't say man and you say: nail pants, email, penis, individual promoting a new book. Scary Cocker thought she is as little lightning bolt just again. Oh, my gosh guards are knew. What did I drink? Do much butterby arrogant, you Harry gets footnote
means present. I'm a girl perplexing harmonious pregnant with twins. May I just fly out why owls Harry can but now naturally, of course, liberals left us their outraged defended. for a while, clearly terrain, remarks, yeah, so queer. I grooming, expert job, the Van Ness, excited
do you hear the entire hardly rubber Harry Potter collateral, my God of Video, like any other Harry Potter, leather, Bounden, o treats we're. I grooming expert, yes backdrop: it is a pleasure to meet you, John. If it by the way the media. Doesn't we only try to get your blue checkmark? I would encourage you to go. Watch the show reactions has put specially. We show on Youtube. I don't wanna, given that your ship, I'm sure you can guess so. This person wrote the biggest threats of violence against women has always been Sis gender men now Trans women unless J K, constant transport, a cherry pick, vitriol convinces you otherwise, but as trends women are assaulted, deprived of were killed and raped. K is safe in her mansion plenty of the Eastern Bloc Black lives matter. Activist array who claimed blue best was his wrote. It's like J K. Rolling, has nothing else to do in this world, but be transferred back. So look the biggest threats islands against women has always been sis. Gender meant ok hold on a second here. Let me just boy
this down. Let's get rid of the terminology: male female man, woman, PAN, your guess is as good as mine. If all female space. If you don't allow peanuts and there will be no rape, no penis no rape. Now, there's here's something! It also think about this. How often we hear it would save one life if it would save one life, we should ban all guns, but once it won't stop one way hashtag me too. We should believe all women it won't stop. One rate of often were kind of Really the mercy of believing the best through these proposals, whether three strike policies, weathers bail, reform, whether you're talking about neighbourhood, watches, patrolling rape kits re always, and you don't necessarily know how many rape so's will prevent, but you believe it here. We have a very, very simple, not low cost, of course, solution to quantifiably stop rapes? You can say how many rapes happen.
from penises being an all women spaces, no more penises there. You go yes, stuff Several dozen rapes, UNICEF, one pointed out just now All you need to do all you need to do right now to stop at least one rape is. When a guy says, I know that I read someone you gonna put me in the mail present. I would like to be in their female us now. That's it yeah. You don't give him a golden ticket to the chocolate factories for joy. Everything you want right. How can I from here. Yes, what you have to get racial. Well, I'm just saying it's: it's like a math equation surf we drew painted on the board and you're saying, draw circle around it and then a line through it yet and then equal zero, maybe way, maybe they're thing, and it's like when you smoke a cigarette and you're dead. ignatyevna smuggle whole cardinal like tried a rainbow prison, a wind turbine
they're like we're ready as you like it. Yes for the ninth rapierlike, never look at our snatch again, you're right now, I'm row mission accomplished now I'm free to go riots you learn your lesson they put em in the male prisoners starts, raping guys. Tens coming we latest it's it's the rebound. Rape effect that Father all doing it. This is a quite a thing here you don't know what they say. They say: vile silences violence, pudding, male rapists and female presence is violence. Why? Because it violently rate women we seen a diamond and those. So it's not such a small problem up because they haven't been enough. People who figured out how to game the system yet in sight. It's not a small problem for that woman who was rate. There's no reason for this to be taking place, we're talking a specific case, and you can predict that ok, this is happening here. Where else is it happening?
It happened to twenty one. Why only protecting it? That's what I don't understand, I'm sure the idea is maybe He she heard him looks like a woman yeah. So it's like! Oh oh, we put our male prison, she'll, get raped and it's like, oh darn, yet more rewarding horrible behaviour. If you like taking Buffalo bill and the more you can pick out, one skin suit not to know you may have one song that place of what would you like to make one more skin through, so you can have one or more far, nor do me that's fucked, Norwich off now I saved airport I needed right now we move on to Sarah Silverman because there's been outrage, Sarah Silverman and by the way, she's one whose aimed outrage at other people members are seldom issues. One who was the shot comic within pulled up behind her and said you guys can't say these things now she's shocked to find the race car has been used against her. Ok, so she replied to it
from joy red whose an actual racist and communist? Where do I read it he's Rhonda scientists are being fascist, K, Sarah Silverman so you all know this is fascistic. Sorry joyride said to the Santa. So you all know this is fascists De Bananas right. I don't ok, she's a brought she's a broadcaster fascistic banana. Whatever then Sylvan replied, talented. Please read, the article before you posted stuff you're anew outlet. The truth has to matter. Bear now, if we fear of red it read the article she would have known that dead. The scientist want to implement a civilian military like to help respond with hurricanes and natural disaster. So for good things, yes right. realises, the american military is the greatest peacekeeping organization at world level. And then one of the greatest now don't get me wrong, but the military industrial complex, its doesn't need to be so bloated, but they do more. helping and a lot of ways and they do actually fighting, even if you don't think we should be nation building the fact
they do and so having a state militia to help with these scenarios and bought a little thing is anything wrong with having a state militia. If you're worried about a nation wide vaccine mandate going into effect, either while thou so true but you're saying Florida place, they they get hurricanes in Florida. You say something like that. I am might be something oh and we just had some hurricanes this last year. There were really bad. We had some tornadoes. It just happened right. I've been told that this is all because of climate change, so they're gonna get worse so prepared ring to help people because of the worsening climate change is a bad thing. Is that how s? you about halfway through, but I'm going to say. Yes, that's, that's a fair point, I'm going to say yeah so you think people shouldn die from a tornado or her at all a tornado or a hurricane happens that maybe somebody should so sharp to help get out. I don't like sounds fast. bananas. As sounds like, we should call him. Mister Browne, coped, no,
Brown banana bit on account of being fascist, do wrong some only that banana paper bag- they don't know, that's not where only one, because it become brown banana go. You ve been what is happening I don't know, but I'm gonna put you later due annuity, Michelangelo eliminated. Let no one will banana trick, but I can't do it until we get to the next also how to pay while also stop using our morning. Don't it's! Ok! A few days ago there not cream sauce Silverman after this replied claiming that she, didn't mean to criticise joy, read because joint fight back her being black doing as we have that tweet I rather tweeting, where joy Red responded, but she was a horse. I went there about it. Being black, just mission, control, bring it up and I've got to put it in here is not idiot. Do without one worthy, so utter. No! No! No! No. I dont care right. I want to break off the pool queue at them have trial. In Algeria. Exactly like here is Sarah responding shocked that the race card was pulled on. We can't even critique
anyone in your own party, where you without punishment. One of the whole of the view is like what hubris for Sarah Silberman to accuse a black woman of not reading. I US age. What the king, I surrender good grief, I wanna be dreadful. I cannot Believe I need to say this, but I did not criticise joy and because she's black he's a Harvard educated journalist with the responsibility, ideally of showing the whole picture, and not just a piece of nuclear segregated ox I'll? Give you that, however, I would say the hubris of being a jewish anti conservative, Anti Christian, what a lead us figure creating a spy.
we'll shitting on Santa Claus and western traditions that our sort of foundational to christian culture and then calling Abronia disagrees. White supremacist, Anti semitic. So it's almost like. We ve heard this before It seems from Sarah Silverman. I just you know reminder by the way. This is not something new, so that's what happened recently, but here somewhere Silverman greatest hits effectively police. language in pulling the homophobic card, the races got up. Anyone who may express themselves innovation, men and their consequences at the heart of the kid brother, the old tweeds. Are you done saying anything that could be perceived as almost over and done with that in mind that there is to be funny. I mean I used the same gale in time of it so gay from long ago that same loss than I am ready to say again that I heard myself when I realized I was like the guy, you said. Let us say: color
You could have just ended. It occurred myself that look I just been as Jews, don't count by daylight voice. He is really insightful about the conceit of Jews are rich and how racist. That is just such a claim for Clean Latif, our president, through another party for him, salary for another rallies, full of laughs and cheering all at the expense of a woman who shared her story. Of sexual assault. All senators, please believe me when I say this: is no longer a job interview. This is a line in the sand and you have to pick us up in the site is no longer republic. Inner Democrat. Your vote is a statement
Ok, I hate where's, Sir Silverman right now on the the transgender, rape and women's prisons. I just want to make sure he's done what we should listen. This woman, whose bringing for listen to women, have listened to the dozens of women who sexually assaulted in prison. You made this bed, Sarah Silverman, you don't get to accuse people of beings Access to being racist are being homophobic to police language, and in turn around and be upset when someone use it against you, you're, just accused everyone of dislike in your crappy HBO show of being Anti semitic I mean she was the issues. Definitely look she's funny, relax, chat, room of course, and the reality. As you know, if she is, I mean it's just that it's! The truth is why should a professional committing the problem, as is its She created it's like Frankenstein's monster and then you realize you're the monster. This thing completely got out of control and then all of a sudden you have this realization like. Oh, I did this right and I'd rather have her. Have this realization that it's a problem then complete
well she's had before and then she's gone back so she's. How does it happen? In other words, you keep come back and no you're right. I mean, I hope the trend continues. Words like look. You have to stop jumping on everything because you are creating this rush. You just did this podcast in just a week ago. Yeah she did the whole white supremacist up, so it's like one that, alternating it almost but just now an idea that Anti will you know that at Santa Film that yes, basely shitting all over western culture right on this, which is the whole point of why we told you guys not to do this, not to start policing speech like this, because the rules were arbitrary and right and want to have this from the beginning is so this wouldn't happen right so they'll know it is a! Why don't you read the entire story? Joy? you know, I just like every black or white, when you have read on Crete, evidence that some woman was raped in prison by a man, and then you have another woman who to saying who you should believe, because she says she was kind of tackled at a party in nineteen hundred that she gave to the authorities did match up with a strategy. It refers to match up with a story that she gave to the publications and didn't match up with what
he said all these years later or witnesses, she bade. so that she was raped at a place that didn't exist at a time it couldn't have happened in front of people who said I wasn't there and say they are going to get in trouble for drinking and I'm a she couldn't have looked more crazy if she had nine cats crawling honour when she's out and the hippocampus yes, yes, nor I caught a retarded part. I hate that I know eight smash that, like button right now, you're watching on the EU to match it everyone here, nobody can smell rumble button but of national like, but most importantly, you can just come into the algorithm. Ok, Do we have time to this issue? Is tomorrow we shall vote tomorrow right of Boston. we need more aid in the office and we know what is going to raise or he almost died and almost took Joe Louis with him. That's true, that's not great Can we save your louisen and not asked I mean? Is that possible,
Austin, but I mean you know I had to choose. We could just lather, often in doggie treats and the tables will turn this time. The dog is eating you better, so that Europe, The dog translated, so Elon Musk is time magazines person of the yes You, like a thing. People are furious. for a bunch of reasons which, may soon confused if you were an alien and you landed here on earth- and you said they may be- oh seems that climate change is the greatest. problem, because I heard this scandinavian broad tell me so and that they have a five page new deal. Who would give up one fifth of their economy
four or five page bill. They must have to do something. Who is it who can help with electric cars? They kill them. The point here is you wouldn't understand why the left hates Elon Musk he's doing more for electrical vehicles technology batteries in a lot of ways? I know you can argue about whose actually most effective, but it certainly is at the forefront. You'd have to argue here. three, but he's committed descent of also believing in individual freedom, so that counteract has lacked that electric cars are men have been mainstreamed because of him, and not that shitty shopping cart, priests what he had to say about Maxine mandates, and this is why the here I am, I gazed forcing people to be vaccinated, and I think this is just not radical. We should do in America, and aggression encourage people to vaccinate it strong. We try to convince them to be vaccinated, but not
force that Opel vaccinate, for example, forcibly affectionate organ firewall? Look the inglorious bastards Erika doesn't help survey area and a good look at me. It's not a good look, but I understand it so also. This is big news musk as the EAST, a third only the third african american history to win the title, I'm just glad to see time committing to diverse it. You know I read all nine baby steps, these terms What are you saying? Are you saying adult steps now more than last year, Thunderbird now see ago is then burglar hours. Kemal Harrison Joe Biden allow yeah, oh grows ever leave Imala Harris and Joe Biden Kamali Harris who poles lower than the burger king, Mass and Joe Biden while together come Iris, pulls lower than clowns so apparent.
I just guess I guess. If your african American, you actually have to literally build space ships and create new electric cars when the award yet em all areas just has to bang a mayor in San Francisco, considering she's overmore black people and bury Gordy up to do etc, not eyes raw right. Let's conduct that paternity test. You meet, you mean perhaps mere thats. What I meant compared: ok, perhaps man the naked gun two and a half years. That's right, you does. Nineteen was soon Burg. Yes, autistic stretching Scandinavian, we can criticise or back then, but now she's a d like it. So this is how people were furious, gross, ilan Musk, you get it wouldn't make sense, but you have to understand just like all mccrone. We just talked about this with Anthony fancy. It should be great it's over. It's more! it's more communicable. It's less deadly, but instead they need you to be afraid. They
I need you to hate. Let me be clear here: I don't hate, says I don't hate you. Silberman hate anybody, very rare that I send out something vitriolic on Twitter to use an usually takes it if you're a moron, but this is for we're Secretary of Labour Robert Reich Reich, is in the name. It should tell you everything, he's an ideology and offers. I hate this guy he's right, the third. Yes, yes, but it on a very Gestapo Robert Gestapo right. The third is Desmond alone. It was Robert there in the attic Reich the second. I suggest this at what point? Is it a coincidence? Really we didn't mean to do it? Are you mean you mean to do it for people who are listening and audio. There's a lot of money. Your usage airport, miss Eyre watch him, so he wrote sergeant Labour Robert Reich you on
time. Debut is a good time to remind you that he illegally threatened to take away stock options if employees unionized and at forty three workers rights violations filed against companies. Since two thousand a kind of seems, like Rikers dog, whistling musk status as a minority minority. In business. I don't have a race to the bottom in. Do that Mr Reich, Mr Right seems maybe right bird you go with that. Add some two eighty year Ragman Robert Unripened, safe, The right locks, the fourth, I really vision really serious about it, but I can't get over the name like. Why would you tweets you know if your name is right, you just should out of any regime, because I feel like through its. If we start to look in your class are going to find a lot of skulls and yes, a lot of butter, Ash, or at least a lotta memorabilia s. We ve got some cousin, then crisper, plumbers in a shop. When he's ninety fact to shoot you so democratic adviser to ART Bar Della tweeted, the bardell of blood, and that
With time has law all remaining credibility. What an absolute grace? Well, that's just seems that Bardell as just a xenophobe We are talking about an african American here. We are here, come winning a major war, its black excells, create the more made the electric car cool, yet greater the electric car that got more than enough for miles on a nineteen day charge. Yes, apparently for this ass fellow naming Hitler Times man of the year. Her yes wasn't when they lost credibility. It is now also do not always agree. It is not always a good thing at Bagley juniors at home, like what are you so mad? I hope my guest employed me I'm going to showerin rainwater, I'm a dick. I think rubber egg is about four foot and really we're, not getting well that's because they would scared the hell out of Johnny Boy, like fear like Reich, please
its legally. A little Persia entitles intelligent money, it maybe four alone high court. When I call me I don't know easy, I call my guy community columns Carter's, ok estimating debating height at certain points. I just stop caring yeah exactly because his name is right here you re his Haven't you of what love is that legally a dwarf I should know it. I always check the Well Dave's Likud for that special benefits year. I visited ITALY's seven inches luck. If you want another ten, if you wouldn't be out of place a at a day care, I don't think you can an authority on any of us. I think if I went in to pick out of sight, I just saw recommend Alyosha Macleod and didn't even think twice of it. You, your mommy german button, Morocco dig hair, yes right,
pick. I rise on a diverse in here. I don't like them up at three p m. It right. I gotta I gotta bring this up because, as I stepped, Socrates is being search engine widely. But when we look when you search like Robert right hired you ass, he had bent back paperclip onwards that gives you'd February's ass murder. Ugo. Let's get to rubber agony, I gotta friendliness, whose This is an ill used. Doktor go! That's what I'd wait. I thought you had something from wherever all I want to announce behind. You think you're going to cool points, offer him he's like the guy that uses the zoom near the edge of a ipod. Goes magazine. I got you bought another. Do you remember the native EDA picture with like for scale? You know it next to a candy bars and it gives you truly, whose causes them hate rubber reckon the first sticking to be dealt with UNICEF to veto any clear. Mr Brok of Amr POT, Redman Amy's, create level is that there is a short note at the point is like it's. It's stiff evidence, obviously
I thought I was indeed into data is awesome that is through those unaware, directors likely and humiliating that that everything I love your even what's the matter with him in a Norton, it's good. Our debts spooky get yeah so in people hate them under Edith. I, rather with the FBI, agents ladders, just I sort of playing a methadone clinic fell out of the running film Armless native American, and by that I mean not native American Elizabeth, worn tweeted. Let's change the rig tat, Code, so the person of the year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading everyone else now this item, as she must not realize it, you must deserves reparations. heard some work that they give decoying african american freeloaders about that now I dont know why Elizabeth Warren Miss POW Chow, which, by the way, is also in the process of being banned in Canada. The term pow while she is saying that in Africa American is free loading off the taxpayers. Elizabeth worn who hurt you she
Hurt herself, yes when she said I M going to have a beer with the country like I always do when she wrote a suicide note because of immigrant. And we also saw her extremely black face napkin holders in the background. Yet again, what's that, those are just a free loaders. You don't pay taxes you're like what makes it worse now shoot. These are I'm going to have an alcohol with my people can ask me questions. Do you want to join me in their husbands? Like you know, I'm gay hundred I'm on street wife's, I'm waiting for you to die. We haven't or Norman. I wasn't gay when we got married, Furthermore, they have Jane boxed wine and go to the store you did. This may show that rural areas have alright peak around the corner. Finally, a word on the avenue quarters are going to a Reich's gay sex club. Yes, Bernie Frank's place, so I d like to be blunt:
and also by the way she smokes. She smokes bluntly snoopy. Yes, she ran blunt. Yes. I don't. I don't get it. I mean I'd. I dont get around idle ya know as a very small eight. Well, you don't have to go right now. I want to pay, but do they ve little Peter and I know, but I'm going to arrive on one second just now, oh go guidance, urinate I'd, go, go, go, go, go, go
are. They won't be an actor which has not been not hear anything we're about to do the math segment. That's true but you guys are gonna have to do math and just a few minutes by the way hr gonna have a problem. Yes, if we add hr with that, gotTa Walter arms dot com. By the way I carry Walter, we all use, while you and you can up on light enough. You can purchase the firearms on what you have to say if you would have to ship it whenever fell, but do it reckon their sight, but their excessive rees their gear in a dealer locator on their website. Fine, when you you look, look, let me just be really. We went after Walthers a sponsor, because I was also a revolver guy until I finally found a semi automatic they like in those Walter, There are plenty of good firearms out. Their glock is great. The clock is great. You can have a gauge cater. There are plenty of good excitement, it he's. Bmw. That being said, just run a quick search on a review, Walter PETE People, Walter Peter
runner, a search on a review. Using being as token I don't do that duck definitely come a diktat. Go Walter PETE, something people, Q PBS, it's one of the best kept secrets because it wants and all their money on advertising out there. They spend it on making better firearms. I love em. Try just try that now we're going to move on to mass being races because they have gone through outrage over flat, stomachs ran gone through outrage, over person of the year African American has gone through outrage over the fact that others outrage against Sarah Silverman and she's. Outraged at the outrage Now we're going to go through the outrage at mass. Also Jake IRAN forgot because she said: Missus are not women right outrage, YO Orwell, wouldn't even have a form for this delay. Guys nobody's gonna believe this. We got it, we gotta bring it back a little bit. You don't lose your audience just wait. A few years, George Herbert
so now, educators across the country they're using new techniques to make math more equitable and inclusive according to equitable, yeah student harm, anyone I and anyone who live dumb anytime, you equitable and it's like ok we're dumbing everything down on. Yes, yes, it specifically what it is. Ok, what look you can you can you have answered my level. You can either have really about in an economy or you can have equality. You cannot have both. You can in short equity, while allowing for equality, because when you allow for equal opportunity, alone and with the same equity. That's just not how it works and people just use. These terms as other interchangeably. They assume it's more compassionate, there's nothing compassionate about having someone else of that that they have achieved to give it to someone who doesn't deserve it. Ok, so What are the educators in this USA today article I wanna, make strike at the contract math patients should include solving and I quote real world problems involving racial and social inequities and classes
be reorganized by co. Lapsing, math tracks. To put kid all abilities in the same class, meaning advanced, it will be held back by the slowest learn. Yes very much, because makers can teach both advanced students and also students who are performing Ilan Unallocated Robert Iraq would be in the same class right yeah. Absolutely the same age group well but register. be allowed to the roller coaster. Never a you know. That's true that I have a rather jacket. Ok, my wonderful! You must be very proud, you sell your sound even worse the following quotes come from the twenty twenty one mathematics framework from California Department education and to make sure I get this right. All references available ladder with greater dot com Mathematics, education in the United States was initially structured for narrow purpose mama. should be a narrow per guess. It's too either ass should not be subject to interpretation
Why would I care about tourism, or why is such a clause minded ass? All couldn't every multiple answers now know. There's not, and I could hurt you shut up, my It was initially structured for narrow purpose to prepare pray alleged young white men for entrance into elite colleges, that's pretty much what Pythodorus theorem was heard somewhere a particularly Damaging assessment practice to avoid is the use of timed tests to assess speed. Of mathematical fact. Retention. Did you just say that black people are late now that they just can't they're, not smart enough to do? Quickly is what I just heard: that's what I just said is the that's their eyes, its vast staff, its canadian man. This is This meant that this is happening at some point, because this is actually being taught to your children. The people created people and Tiktok, usually those who can do teach and that was partially
now, it's those who are insane and have destructive relationships with everyone in their life decide to go teaching, so they can take it out on your kit. reveals that way. The sorry I'm in here oats, you know how I learned to be good at math, a member it was only the grams from your deal well eventually! Yes, yes, I know. There's sixteen ounces in a pound. When he had grams in announcing grams or ten dollars back in my day, I love it. When I learnt when you speak white supremacy to me, you know I didn't think so. Ounces equals seven years yet I'll make. It depends on what certain my friend, I
and also that determines profits into that little mexican. Math also view by announcing keep it out for yourself and sell the rest you could to smoke. We for very yes, I phenomenon has an answer. Timmy hasn't in Margaret has announced, which one get screwed up. First, it's Margaret tolerance, so my mom and hold up the flashcards and then when she would have made a Billy, could we do him a little later, so be no damage to determine lamp and then I answer another back. You'll get really good at Madame a year, seven with legal, Mary, regular stuff. Where do you live like, let's see how you do in the closet on to get another white privileges, although my privilege to prepare privilege, young white men for entrance into elite colleges, do you mean
places where they would go to build our planes and our roads? We wouldn't want those privileged people to know how to do some trigonometry when their building jet engines. What weak? That's true right, it's not important to know math when you're trying to add an calculate how to get to them. This is, I will say this is the feminine zation of men, and I mean this innocent. If you look at the stem fields, typically, men go into a lot of these engineering That's why, right now, by the way, if your woman out there and you want to go to williston- feels its car block, they want you there, because there aren't enough. That's just a fact, because men like going to those feels. Typically, of course there are exceptions now. Why? Because this is something where you test hypothesis or you solve an equation it in a way that is one hundred percent correct or incorrect. You have a solution to a problem. People know that men are by design problem. Solvers and often women are nurtured. and that's a valuable thing ensure
areas of employment. Sometimes you want people who see new want. Sometimes you want people were more emphatic, we're compassion and find several solutions to a problem. Sometimes that is absolutely a good thing, not it comes to deactivating about, and so Oh we ve, tried to say here in college. Well really with math is telling us that there is one way to solve the problem. We need to check. No, we don't. We don't need to change it. It's can't be about your feelings in reaction to math, and this is what a tree when you consider the fact that I just spoke? the phrase p individual, but a step so from being removed from you two had I said about what is that a dude, no What about the cock, penis individual law, that if it please, is the court hey? What is that vocation table, no wonder that the second season of roots? Ok, fine! I don't
son of a bitch, even on a plane. If I hear a female pilar of the inner com, I'm like case yet Sarah guy up there with the Amelia I check. If I get my leg, no call my family and tell them I let them yes. Look. I'm going into the river usually go air Marshall. We're not gonna learn this one. So I want you to tell anyone math. Is it just me right? is it. The euro may remember the gas letting after Virginia, because that poor red wave was because of critical, raise three that corner parents were experiencing. their lionize line ears when they were hearing the lessons when there are seeing the handouts are being given to their kids. I thought because remember response. They said this is just more propaganda from Republican, because critical race theory isn't is a thing. Don't you mention correctly we don't teach critical race. Theory has never been taught in Virginia. This is a made up. Race they don't work. Then the real ominous thing is that critical race ferry
which is in real terms. The suburbs is critical race theory, as its being bandied about right now, taught in K through twelve now say that again, please one wouldn't permits. Now it's not critical raised the area not taught tat through twelve? Let me say it: I Gazeta Spanish. Two of you is it. I guess areas burnished, because Europe's four by job security, because I was a republic in America, Multi Lingual, murmuring, puppy, speaking as they please give me their mom mom is please no you get nothing and you are fragile. We'll do the math, yes, the twenty five speaking of math behind them for years. The views Bene, I believe, I've ordered I shall have no. I sweat caused second man theres many roads is sort of acquittal. You can't get away from it then he's back. There goes back, every were all right. This is why we really have a problem. That's it
twenty five years, I'm write me a new suicide note YAP Elementary. Slash and or view dear everyone. You know why and one that I am mortality rate if you watch it so, just today, is what they're trying to set to be clear night. If I needed, They're trying to say critical race theory doesn't really exists in the sense that it's usually taught in college classes by name critical racing. They are trying to say it's not named in these curriculum that we have. There's no critical a theory, but the truth is me. be in some instances, but if they are teaching people young children, especially to see the world through the lens of privilege, to see the world through the Prism of race and therefore solve all problems therein, basing it on that premise That is still a problem, however, even their attempt at a nuanced argument, which often means they dont have an argument, because most arguments are black and white when you're talking about defining something by name or something like math, its black and white, its correct or incorrect is critical.
Syria thing they just said: no, no, no! No! Well! It's actually named its reference by aim in chapter two of California math framework. Let me read for you see a math framework, you can go to just references available lot of Canada. You'd have to like it. I make them out. I don't make matters com, it says, rethinking teaching and learning mathematics from a critical race perspective, as it is Actually I've got. Maybe history, maybe it say: ok, Columbus was a dick grooms, you know pilgrims had some dusty blankets that they didn't clean enough. Maybe you do that, but Now we're doing this with long division. I really don't understand it Dave and I were talking before and I said, look if you want to change how you teach math, maybe some of the problem solving where you telling a story about somebody. You know
on a train and all this whatever fine. If you want to make it more relevant to the students that you have so the understand it fine, but the map doesn't change. That's the point to math you don't want it to change, especially at the age of they're. Talking about I'm not talking about like theoretical, mathematics, yeah right, I'm talking about five times five. And making sure that they always get the right ever devised. Twenty five seven hundred alien right, but this is like so like taking a rather more players in saying Hanno, you're tall and really good at basketball, but I want a we're going to do. Thing that makes everybody equally put an Robert Reich, we're good on Paper Robertson. Nobody him now and you gotta, give him the ball good percentage of the time, otherwise your highest and we're gonna put either must gain, and you really have to give him the ball as well, because you know otherwise. You're you're, racist, mused african American Ramey can't be rice. Robert rights over their height is finally, we are now doing really carry out about helping night by the way, an case. You thought that that was a solemn taken. Other contacts, multiple California school districts have
I'm giving these and s, assuming, of course, that for female index. Yes, no. because they're getting F with the DE yes, you now have the ladys prison I'm sorry, honey and by the way the d is just a very just a figment. imagination. It's not! We because penises ray what Is it control all my thoughts and now I know you think it seems pretty bad, but here's the thing at least the least we can fix all from effect that it's not like we're in a battle for being the world's dominant superpower, anything. Well, ok! Well, you know, I mean at least Not like like love. We can do all this creative met, this common core, critical race math, but as long as well falling behind on you know,
test scores or schooling practices. Those kids look like they smoke. The Washington wizards, its impressive. Politically, I learned the tracking suggested this just absorbed the knowledge. Do you up? Ok, I go into a chinese barbershop, there's just the two options right. How to I would effectively believes, won't, wait and wait. hoping that, where I met the one year, one boy, one girl area where there are still just the bull cut, but little infected There were John case, it gets. A circuit is a true if it comes to the free packaging and even go It's called a racist. If you want look at that, they all have the same here, just an automatic right and every now and then you have a Kim Jong goes Rogue, but we want you to talk about what is allowed to ok, so
look. I just gave you a couple of examples. I was being a little coy, but still if we look at the numbers united, We're still doing really well. We could well son of a bitch. Ok, No, that it seems bleak now, but look don't that's just away because it this is going to we're gonna former vice President Joe Biden has assured us. Poor kids, you just as bright injustice, towns, white, kids, wealthy, like. You really mean everything how we think about it at length there, like you, know well being. It's a lot more work. Kids. Do I clap I don't want him at four p M show in Dallas on now know: where can you buy the Dickens women access to it doesn't matter? none of this matters snub we're gonna be here. People well know how to pay for the tickets. They have to do it missions and subtractions what no,
You got rid of math and claim that was raised is therefore your society gets mad thing. You get nothing! Nothing Where do we go from here? I mean I asked myself there: Fourthly, where do we go when we from when we say that men and women aren't a thing? I guess we just go, tell math isn't real, I don't know how to compute this, because I'm not allowed its racist if you'd? Yes, I mean ok, you still at least but there's telegraphic calculators. You ve turned upside down. You spell blue.
but that's all think I object it's all. I knew how to do or bootless. Yes are less. I remembered I oh yeah yeah. I turn out like what there's more approving crazy Louise boobies. Under the day. Sometimes you could do bubastis, but what a queen of boobs there were these and ass. I would have graduated on time, probably not raising our no boobs outwitted graduated. Our colleague and I ve got a two point: five, it's amazing. There are so many books. I went to summer school, so many people and if you put the two camps let us together, it was still. It was due boobs. What said Bibbs twice been at all but a spark. The as well as you know. I mean either way those calculators had to be proud of when are we going to ask you a hell. Remember that, yes, I know where I really hate this teacher can go to. you get you allow, then I'd like, even though she has nice.
Two hundred and fifty dollars well spent Texas Insurance arterial just said you could do hello and ruined all of the aid. God is not terribly that guides us about how groups and Gerald like. I know how shall I love Gerald in the skies and there like look, I'm spilling real words That is why jello you d jello we Well, you know in a roundabout way, you of affording a rapist. That's true, so Oh, he was ahead of its time. No strategy before edgy was a thing I want to know. If you have kids right now, we're gonna do a common core problem here, but comment right now. If you have kids, I'm coming home with, especially here in California. California surpass Texas in Michigan. Is our number one state of your share. What opera I didn't know I mean I did the other guys. Is there also our view or ship it with
suicide rate, surrounded them. Yet that's true, primarily in female presence, mostly weapons, but you know what we're here to serve everybody. So I want you to come at below, but we are about to do some common comment. Only as a result, would do racist Mathieu on Youtube notices for my club. Only those watching on Youtube we're about to go. Do some racist equations. Somebody could well hunting piss off
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