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2019-09-06 | 🔗
Talking all things Joe Biden's eye, Bernie Sanders magic debt erasures, Calvin Klein's big fat rebrand, and Dave Chappelle's liberal triggering! Joined by guest John O'Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld)!

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You are a miracle, because more more people are watching this on video, but you like the audio medium. I get it if you feel like some of these sketches are bits, don't work that you're listening too often they're accompanied by something visual, but that want to let you know that the show is ofcourse Daily Lotto with better dot com. Marcos. Re subscribe, sixty nine dollars annually. If your student veteran the Military- and we really appreciate you listening or watching on Youtube and hope to see you on the other side, Lotto Lotto are studios protected exclusively by Walter Hopper. Since our last live stream, questions were left unanswered, Did Elizabeth, worn, Scalp Kamala Harrison the Poles,
Joe Biden still live Bernie Comus, who, on those other for these answers and more tune in September twelve, as we live streaming, ABC News, universal democratic debate, it's going to be the first live human, a new studio, what your favorite guests, the latter, with better drinking game and abuse surprising September twelve Dnc debate be there. Damn it. Show starts in two hours? I don't you think I know that's what we're gonna do. I want to put up you'll get help unity. We go get help Go go, go, go, go, go, go now.
Yeah, that's called the I'm out of touch with african american culture because, while the hippopotamus do this now the hand and let the lips quarterback this year. If we do, it is whether this united efforts have shown me, but that's gotta, bugger up much. You have similar bill. Richmond is here how wonderful,
We have already await us when we question the day we have GINO Hurley on the show. J Peter men from Seinfeld is going to be talking about some recent conferences with governments unwilling grace in families. A conservative suppression but have you heard any actual? Prominent comedians are up and coming comedians criticising Dave chapels, new Netflix special? Did you watch it? What do you think about it? What are we talking about that? Quite a bit and Gerald be what's amount of data I'll, look whose very eyes alien pain, pills, reckon things not gonna. Take my very own rush living with me last time. What do you want? What they have you Andrea had you could on inflexible while sounds danger? It I'm going to say a lot of funds. The liner today revelry by whores,
wash down those muscle relaxes, that's a good good recipe; soap, yet Devil Europe, everyone, except perhaps asian Lobo- redirect, even though all legal Chapelle Special, because my lower can't be bothered. Now, if you his homework reality, he has been able to get things really. Looking for generally being an issue as well. It is right that you feel well, I'm feeling pretty good good. You don't look. Re should be valued wassail, which is just don't look just atrophied nor myself, I'm feeling a little better viewers were shocked Wednesday night when Joe Biden I filled with blood during scenes, Mohammed Change, their freedom and its covered, thereby then we have another picture. That's a roughly goes from Washington examined from the Climate town Hall, the former vice president left. I appear to have a blood vessel burst, while he was participating. Siemens town hall on call the change. Some are concerned that it was another aneurysm. I think he had a wagon asunder.
That's it. I just your high allergy season, though many pointed to an ill timed green room, from Bernie Sanders, which seems as the one that seems like something other than through a little hard job. Do just need a brave man. He's an old guy he's got but puzzles bursting, please and it must aid, but why not only their own android speaking averting rake heated declare that if he was elected president, he will eliminate medical debt throughout the count security in essence, of course, Sanders did not give any further details of his anticipated legislation works, not including, though, how he plans for cancelled all medical debt damn.
I love the little Lord Fauntleroy Hair cut grow case. You wonder that we're running this issue, stringing body your correct manner, very literally- couldn't hire a another act or replacement. We support. I speak apparent line a blonde wig, so hot, and I want to make sure I understand this yes plan correctly if Bernie Sanders, if you just can't was the death rate about how it, how would this work? How can we do that? Yes, we could do, but how You do what, if we, you're, not how do we, how we go about doing voyages to subsidies are really so if we use subsidies just like the taxpayer.
Yeah logger, outlet, courageous and turning to entertainments, while ever been delayed for over a year, Woody Allen latest film will finally be released once good. Finally, a win for Hollywood juice. What what is it? What is now? That's all I got out. That's why we still allow them in a studio, switching back to politics. What does he do? You know it requires a key card to India gets it somebody in the UN's, because he sells jailed for So I think that politics, the mayor of Chicago, told Senator TED crews to cook keep your name.
Out of your mouth, keep our name out of your mouth, or I should say this came after the senator used gun. Violence in Chicago is an example of how gun reform laws may not work. Barney monuments kept out of mayors mouth Even more so for the names of everyone shot in Chicago over the month of August, Although some of its ban on Vietnam, what it's the song is. Yes, I could not get some tat and she causes the best example of gun control and how it works. So we have to talk about it, yet not yet amaze again that good at that This is its assent catches on and if I wanted to tell you you down zones as catchy: that's royalty free, so we can use it without the brave and beautiful list begin. Second thoughts coming after US grave years has store angry. He still you once beautiful.
Always beautiful brave? Yes, but I think he's advice. He immunity from River Ridge Louisiana became the first from the state to win the Little League World Series and it worked. Fathers. Finally love them. What's your comment that I now is by using plus size model and to reinvent the wheel, nobody should go a little bit about you're, gonna, reinvented strand, a co excited I've been invited, comes your hosts. The company was to be more inclusive carbon. And his embracing a new trend of body. Positivity. That's about. And for those who use it so crazy that we have your ship rivals networks?
not. Yet what in the world have been great amount of having a budget, we have budget to hire plus eyes models. Nobody could cover the insurance costs. Have that's like that? The billboards and I speak. Might Ruth and my cabins riders your truth is very co. Spider veins, ok, and this is one thing to get really. We skipped self. We will just skip the head. Every single track on the album were now on the beach. I think about it. You didn't go from. Obviously it Most men are not attracted a real thin model. Easy on the runway vote were corrected right, but they didn't go from like like came up plus, didn't go for some women who might be a little bit bigger. Don't they ve got, for people who would like look
the charter will be a mother would have to extend the charge of this is readily unhealthy tons of one people, sorry at something something also Lebanon. I always feel bad for bigger women out there and you. Let me know if you're bigger woman, because he wants to meet you. I always feel bad ouch for bigger women who, like one heard of being a beggar woman is no larger appended. Inevitably, the blue, the blue, vain economy move Angolan through now? Does anyone know a donor atlas more now than ever for larger women who have fled pistol flat, but It's one of those that are not going in to be wanted. A more curvy woman you will go with a bigger women, but then, when you see a woman whose big and also like from the side, is that you get so people. Just look like you know. You have a lot of South Americans, the colombian Cubans, every curvy, and then you can just go south bootleg MAC Mexicans. I bet
now only bumblebees they look like bumblebees. Allotment of things will look at all the greatest mexican athletes. Fantastic athletes, but they still like they did. They dont look ripped Can you tell us more about their marks? Writers? I forgive you see, came let's go was the mexican heavyweight Togo did. He looks the same as a lightweight Chadian and that their always like current Lecter Fit, but just smooth like the guys in bollywood movies, and then you do that then you go to some guy in Iceland and there like three and fifty pounds with six pack. I dont know
The boy was different. Cultures have different and the point is we are the world's finally, this week, twenty fifth annual asian Junior, hey, you know, and debt table tennis chance. They ve been watching the largest oil and we do want to have a little. Could I don't know, I have no idea what you think, I'm joking, but could visit Gaza minders, really small or jammed all Asians look alike. Also, not like bumblebees now now
I think they're going to crawl down the stairs and stop motion fashion and then go like. I should have known this house was haunted little drudge boy. I should have known better than to trust you little range boy under, but yet table can achieve it. We here by the light of what we like to expand our horizons allowed people don't know that we have sports betting, pools, minutes more international rain, so we'd love to know who your pic like them today is to win for the twenty fifth annual asian Junior and could at table tennis championship. Is it's? U clientele. Party Ec Ma am fancy sin. How about can't you and Lee Hahnemann Chechen kit. Perhaps timing way. Kamal song or cow Genji all oh Ben Shu, Kai John, kick tat. I too Chin could it be that you report kooky foul, why two young some gum.
I don't want to be your internet louder with criteria as crowded, and I want to hear what you have only forgot. There's also there's also a leak. I e Yankee Chin and full why'd. You know I know it's true, not It's the different thing, MEL Gibson cut, so attack in ITALY Yo. My shouting Gibson wine is Eve. I feel like every time he hasn t kind us every time, the pink and I'm not sure I never we chain, as he knows the new pinkos getting into the just to hear it with his nose like do you think we're theses like a big woman with the blue, and you think he calls her sugar blue vein. So. For people who actually remember his DUI, the Elles report of his crime, so bad call the opposition.
Oh, that's a positive and that's how you doesn't just commit a crime deities going well a path which, as I hate hands at hands at tat, to write, became a sober now now move no, no, no, no, no! No Jews plus wars and your definite spent the night in a drug tat. What what? What do you say? That's all right, so let's get to this is that this has been there's been so much outrage over this I've watched the special anchorage, everybody to watch the internationalist, legendary sticks and stones is a special area, its had the left in melt down mode of it over the last week in case you ve, missed it of you. It wasn't it looks, remember you click nor my pace so that stage Chapelle Promo for his special, which is now available, Netflix sticks and stones. Has been controversial. I think that the FAO talk, you run Trans people,
It's not dashed out his finest and talking about it, did you know she? She used to be a man. A totally undermines the fable her at her for just in case. You have no need, never pull the wool over the eyes. On old Stevenson, you played so much the training, you're good Kyrgyzstan, has talked about Especial called sticks and stones. Does it what's so funny it might as well just be called screw you if you write a negative review of this, because your offended you're taking the bait and they took debate they take a minute
couldn't resist for something else that I've noticed? It's a lot easier and we'll get to the rotten tomatoes the critics review and I want to actually review below, but I'd like to see what you guys think, because we're not all accredited reviewers on run, tomatoes clearly rejected us not long ago, really. No reason why we act on rising, but I can see why I notice so that their lot of written written reviews that you consider negative, but now a lot of video and the reason for this. They don't want to show clips acres if they show the cliff to tell you how offensive it is. Most people will see the cliffs and it's funny exactly foiled wrongly so they can just write about the data they do want to keep it in the context I want to be able to isolate the language and then scream bloody murder. Offensiveness ran say, which definitely watching to make up your own mind what ye oppresses tradespeople, the joke, as you can, upset the alphabet people young, but they want to tell you. He said that we should kill trends. Children! No reason their quota, but what, if you look at them, made escort there's like six people on there
and they're all negative yelled out of all the people that review movies and tv shows and stand of coming. Where are they I think it's funny and they can't say it's one in their right. I'm gonna get lambasted can even keep in mind by the way Dave chapels explicitly Anti Trump came. Chrome relatively during gun control problems sometimes broke. Joys Qana keeps getting. He takes jobs that everybody in the special even a headline to protest against trumps. So the Muslim being an autonomous them banned, but for the sake of trying to keep it short, I'm going to say I have referred to it as such why the outrage? Basically, it all boils down to the fact that different bell jokes about Trans genders, which should be fair game, cancel and over boobs right away early dawn and before we get started, we have got to start. I should say before we continue like this happen, only get started like what have you been doing this whole time, starting in true you're on drugs,
it's important to note that there is a trend amongst a lot of the critics of Chapelle like the random. It is worthy of yours. I think we have a screen in Thomas Malone, transgender mandatory the advocate trenchant com. The points whose embarrassed quote for Chapelle trenchant. That's when he usually men, yeah, there's, not a woman. Now one woman used to be there just because I wouldn't waited to cause any event. Thank you. Yes, that might prove I'd summit inside as and cancer and cancel till I came out on Netflix. He can't can't we might give you mean it's. A wider views are so negative, but we're going to look a little more closely as to how they ve covered it. Ok, one of the things that I love about a two like that, obviously, is a big deal but the abortion stuff. Where he talks about my money. My choice me says: if, if he I am wrong, but maybe whereon was like that was awesome.
Bobby, and yet it was wholly area. We can figure out together TAT s exactly. What do you think is about that joke and feel that the founding fathers joke three makes which should upset should have come, It is right because this guy in theirs nearly the outbreak in the writers there's four months because of its special as a litmus test, because the abortion bit re. He basically goes necessities pro abortion that he rang women's right to choose and then he goes and says, and I think I now to support. I can at least abandon him, sorry, spoiler alert and british troops in the joke and solar. Why doesn't get outraged because its comedy over someone saying that they are pro choice pro abortion, but the left gets outrage that he says you know what maybe we're all want. This is why I think the special is somewhat. What what do you think it's hilarious or not? I thank you handled this pretty brilliantly yet nail just seeing who gets upset so a couple of things that they have done here. This is something you see a lot. The left there hey Comedy seriously,
hoarding on the special, I would even say as though it's an operate in a newspaper think they ve been covering like it's a news article like not even the abbess section of foxes, accordingly, Hannity or Karlsson, are acting like its ships, Psmith rate down the middle of the first I mean they're back checking the Babylon, be now on twitter right what's up in that world, and this is what they work. Ass well course, because they're so used to that sort of comedy than all their calamity that they get is most must be new eyes right, only reaches of stating its energy consumers. How areas? What are you talking about? I mean if you go from Samantha Beer Trevor, no to the special you this down there ever you want you, don't even have an accident disguise black, they call them a woman in transit from this irrational. These jokes are really obvious and something to Norton talks about important, a kind of keeping. Why is there no pass for comedians? For some reason there used to be more of a past. Four hip hop are a little bit less. Now it's at Berlin last Exo came out his gang. Who could possibly do not one coming?
passed quietly hasn't gotten thing about gang banging and doesn't hose and seven crackling problem of ludicrous r, J, easy and writers about free speech, but then comedians. If they tell a joke, it's meant to be taken entirely serious, whereas really it's the art form. That is was to have the most amount of leeway, someone being as issues are sorting adjuster. Absolutely it's the lad. It should be the last safe haven for free speech in this country, and yet it's not. We spent a lot of time mocking white people. You know I don't want to go where they had immaterial. Do a Google words zero cubic, overwork Jenna? No, I think it's funny. You don't really basic white Guy voice like going to fund this I'd like that. All of them do not about culture and there's another thing that they claim. They claim that Dave chapels punching down regresses. Why they're so upset- and this is really typical of left, because when we talk about this there worldview is predicated on idea of of societal structure, of classes of oppression, inviolate granting the automatic moral high ground whoever they view as the underdog. That's why I support Palace
over Israel even though they kill children, they target them deliberately, that's what they support. People aunt a Yossi raising money, France for even though they had weapons and they were attacking cops, so they just see what you're the underdog, if you have less power than you, must be inherently morally right. So in this case they argue that Japan is a bully because he's punching down at transgendered and less. You think I make this up. I hate that we have to do this when the young Turks, like you're, doing it to be funny and to joke, but Lafayette or things similar things are not doing it. For that reason, and a lot more relevant right, so that this is all of a sudden like okay. So if someone else's using it in a terrible way and are using it to foment aid and a committed crimes or whatever we gonna call him these days and now all of a sudden. If you tell a joke about it, you might as well be wearing right that yeah I can be any less romantic. If I say I prefer great Calais did blue light. You know Stomach Rebecca and even ducas at how many goes. I agree
responding to what has happened to like where we will wait, wait a minute. You say you re there, like David, Duke, does make for re sign up online Missouri, though also person, level landline and speed dial the successful. So this is what we already ways. It is danish appellant, especially given what he clearly demonstrates that the energy BT was your first with after the people they are in power right any does any undercurrents. This was a very funny Betsy talks about how we, he wasn't allowed to say on the shelf, show any real as a Briton, an unwritten rule in Hollywood right any talks with the afghan people not punching down at all he's punching up. This is what's important enough. If you really want of. Is there any case, Is there any more power? For you know this happened because we have some legal documents at some point. You is there any more powerful organization out there that you can think of outside of Google.
Youtube- maybe maybe Facebook but they're up their right, we're talking about corporate overlords for some reason when it's convenient for the left, they often don't mention Google and Youtube, but assume their powerful. Let's say not number one, because I don't want to use an extreme example to make a point about what I do want to get up early here, because you might fact check me Actually, Amazon is worth more and if you like, the shipping hi sorry I was shooting from the. If I didn't realize you we're gonna fact, jacket took up here, you go ceo of Youtube. Look at her how whirring, before the algae, beating you IP alphabet, community. Decision that we made was very hurt, fall to the algae, boutique. Unanimity! Really! Sorry about that. I'm really personal, I'm very sorry, and I it was not our intent. I will speak to people from the elderly due to community
make sure that were incorporating that going forward. In terms of how we think I am truly truly sorry for the work that we caused his immunity, I really do apologise for the for the hurt that will cost At heart and watch the Maggie Gyllenhammar, correct them,
You know why, because you re virtually correct, not exactly what she does a gross disservice to the international Quint. How look alike founding I've got to make sure that you will now speak very clear thing on this for second, the world's most powerful big tech organizations shudder in fear at the mere thought of a video suggesting that hormone replacement therapy for six year olds could be unhealthy and that it might be found to be trending. That's what she's talking about you're talking about this channel by them- and this is the entire purpose of comedy- think a lot of people miss this. The whole purpose of comedy as an art form is to speak. Truth to power is to procure poke your finger like a Roma manual in the shower in the chest of the person who has authority, the court gesture was the only person allowed to mock the king at all designed to do that's what Dave Chapelle was.
Doing, and then these same people out there say what wasn't? How dare you, Bali, utilizing? I think you're, the Bali silence it's kind of a right of citizens to nineteen, seventy or eighty or ninety, when the eligibility community kind of started their movement or even kind of progressed. Further, every single company start, I know not start progressed, Amer lying dormant, stop it every single like a whole generation in the United States. Right now would bowed down if this community, when after them they would, they would issue an apology like that this organisation has more power than almost any other organisation in this country. Right Addison, One of the basic some other. Like one of the one of the questions you asses where's, the powerless go back to her. The reviewers were right written and no one else has the power to be able to put words on a public website like run tomatoes, except for these few, who have decided that they are going to vilify
the joke sedation policy and are not willing to say that you know actually he's he's punching and everybody round they only one of others on the path of the fact that their punching it their particular brand of authoritarianism, which is in fact that really proving that acting what he's a black Muslim keep in mind, Muslim and he made funny things. Trade view things the contiguous it's kind of weird. Let's be honest, a lot of us do that doesn't mean that we hate anybody, thinks it's a little bit odd. That's what he talks about four, that is greatest crime here: a black muslim communities whose largely shaped black american culture. For our generation he's effectively this generations, Eddie Murphy radiant products would be tough to argue against that he just made fun of people who chapel that's not a stretch.
We didn't say he hated them. He said that's the thing was not invocation battle hated efficient strive because apparently subtraction so many languages bookmark the page. You can check back every single day join up muslim love. Current accomplishment of you get Dave Reuben now he's going to blaze when the show launches, we will give you the exact it's pretty soon and on the exact date answers arrive on. I just use another thing that they claim to the left in handling this, and I want to see if you disagree with that we're talking about here, because I understand this is a little more new wants ain't using them, but it is good work. There also saying the left us in that, because chapels said these things in this special. It must mean that cancel culture is two figment of your imagination, feels like a lot of comedians reach that point where all day to talk about is the stuff that they are not allowed to talk about that they always talk about. Yet we are not allowed to, even though they do online. It's almost
That's a comedian straw slogan is about many routes, it seems to me, but what he straight, it seems to me that Lenny Bruce Jews wants to go upstairs and, like point shadow on societal taboos. Exactly that whatever happened, employees Diller makes the point it actually comedians are like the last line of defence, and so, if we are talking about this thing, we can't say certain things that tells you the teeth. The culture has gone. Ten point it is important to note is: is yes chapels because he's already extremely famous but, as you know, points out in his special famous people aren't immune it's easier for them, but look at Kevin Heart Kevin. I would be most in the Oscars because he effectively twitter to gauge Oak now he's not actually Kevin heart. You know what and do you not banned from the Oscars he's ban from speaking at clubs from before comedy currencies ban from speaking colleges, so they have a little bit more leeway but they're not completely immune and by the way most people they had the reputations destroyed for far less so here's something else too to keep in mind
pal his clip from Netflix restart my dad Jesse, smaller Jesse, smaller spoiler. For me, you haven't seen a smaller. It was trending number two on Youtube with unbelief use them and the any save the inward he would sooner and we're let's face it felt were clearly set out in this and it was unbelief and I can't even safe sea. Just your hearing, the baby, I'm saying the actual. So he said- and I didn't want to say the word because then I will now get banned. There's gonna be a summit. There's gonna be a march. I don't want to say a word about the furthermore a quarter of either the least event if you repeated Dave chapels but to date, Chapelle and use the ones that he used well, that's it. That he would laugh now keep in mind, so you will have to make those kind of because he's famous there's someone with our channel was nearly band just for having the word Figs Ardashir.
For being subject, area actually didn't say, fix it had a picture of figure. Yes, Europe that so that was clearly meant that it was a different word yeah we wanted to. Let people know that it was that fruit. Also something like if we know that people can use it for a date, most people, don't other figs from their date. Joke dates. If you need more evident when they can't cancel culture, is real Contra points, a transgender you to be met by the way whether you just watch abashing, Chapelle, there's not anymore, makes transgender make sure you get it right. Not any animal brands from one place to another is a lake and I need a review. Can we go it's an easy mistake to make? It was at first glance, but clearly woman now so you want your points. Contra points was cancelled, gesture
for not being woke enough for trends to paint run against the disease, a cow like, but there's still there still this lasting damage from people like this. You are out there screaming at people like David pouncing. You can't joke about this and it was a Polaris bit like a car like you, dont want them. That was hilarious. Learning was so Bianti again the whole thing it was. It was a double dog. Dare you to do what you're doing and you're doing it you're going? He key things were not always this reverse psychology even believes that this one, I know what we're gonna. Do it I want you to go right, we'll be right where he wants us yeah. You know all the other. After all the letters in the alphabet we're laughing in saying that's exactly right. It is a remarkable to me. This is also something to left us their convinced that Chapelle. This is the argument differently. Use in case you didn't agrees. It he's just of touch with the current audience, seems like thinks like this guy now everyone feels that way he feels, but they won't say right so
I just don't think that's the case, the problem, if he thinks that those people laughing in that big room are still- How the entire world is not a failure as a comment cry at their failure to really listen to their audience, woman What ringer in every, but this would make these things. He think that everybody in this theatre laughing thanks, that's funny, and he's a roller or somehow know that I think the other alternative interpretations that they're saying that every person in the world who thinks it's funny somehow made it into the
really know what to tell you that in the entire world is going with dish of data through a single thing to laugh and I'd like a corn was shuttling them in four votes. Re within Chapelle towards the country is not me, I'm late and I bet people still live in other places. I would imagine, so did I just travel with him even in this hour, amiable he's out of touch me. I guess you that attention, if you look at the run tomatoes critic score versus the arguments, it's almost as, though is the opposite of that were sent four thousand ninety nine for as much from the audience waiting for them. The audience? Courses in this? Is that is unreliable, yet he is showing that the left is demonstrably out of touch. So you could contrast that with Hannah gets beats terribly on funding and that special got a hundred words under pressure on rotten tomato seriously from the critics pan by the public forty per cent piece it that's why she does this funny about seals, deprecation self Relocation is self
humiliation, you're, fat, lesbian, australian, self humiliation is the only called you have to play. That's all you got lady. I give away many car. I say this humiliation is largely only gonna have to play issues you and I M Noirtier Australia. We known and unknown american idol again together. What do you know? Anybody is like the idea of a war or we're gonna go ahead, say yeah! That's why we're gonna we're up in this idea of what you decide is funny and if I don't think it's funny that no one should think it's funny and if you think it's funny you're racist, ran out, I get ya, I mean how many? How could you imagine if a conservative was to go to a black muslim comedian and say you a racist, they would the left wing
so. This is what that what they did was conservatives are, they would say you are racist right if it in both the brok about so now there having lack muslim comedian, who is married to an asian woman by the way and they can't sign. But now he has done exactly what conservatives have done. He's not conservative he's a liberal. Despite I'm not you know, we're left us because I think he's one of the few people who is deserving of the title. Liberal is more classically level. You can be proud and control and still not be a part of the anti free speech outrage model, and I think that's Dave Chapelle. Remember that next time we doesn't mean that you disagree with conservatives Pylon Amr try and get a man just. I agree with what this one didn't like the special role and move ox, but that this is important for us that the videos on Netflix their Youtube millions of play, usually they're getting about twenty thousand players very, very where video, but they couldn't silence him, calling him a racist, because these black, but either similar conservatives did many, went off the reservation and express an opinion that they dont whiteness like a horse, and we have to use the same tax that we use against conservatives to silence them. We say racist. I know black, We can still be transferred back transfer.
They deal with the same exact, taking the just going to keep going down the list, and that's why pleasing crocodiles, feudal, but no from Hannah gets three hundred percent. You know what else we're talking about Adam Dutch, knocked down the house, a hundred percent from critics, twenty five percent from the audience, so I have to buy the wagon and never had it gets one hundred percent and knock on the house. One percent. I do research as to what else had gotten one hundred percent rotten tomatoes. There are not many known and find my way really high. Sore I mean. Usually you would you know there be some. Some semblance of Cotonou is extremely what what do you want to watch tonight? Citizen, Kane we're not down there. How Schindler's lists can guide, at least for me. It's a hundred or nothing of any citizen. Kane is up to the house,
This is a better it s the same. What a one hundred percent under one percent we just wanted to see. He was out of touch with the general plan. I got. What does anybody really care about the critic scores anymore? This is a genuine question because you ve got like the public scores to be able to look at what people rate products online, what they re movies, what they re whatever right. Do people relieving care anymore like big? Now they are the most useful people in the world right now I can look. I can look at what thirty thousand people think and get a really good idea or seven transgender people. That rate this will, then I think I'm gonna take the twenty five thousand people right am. I pray. Gore was, was eighty reviewers certified reviewers and they get two percent and then the audience score was like. Thousand five hundred audience scores and it was twenty five, but none of this work saying that he's abolishing these transfer back saying that he's punching down saying is out of touch. What are they did? This is what the left always does was comedians stages, claim you guess it that is unfair. We are talking about here.
Stock, at this very basic all that he can't get has addressed in inner right. He could just not do you trans jokes, because he always has it doesn't everybody lingering incisive to say about it, and so it's actually I'm so embarrassed or him laughing. I think of them nothing in size to say, while just you know where the news commentary was missing from your car like do you mean that he just I We needed to know that he shouldn't joke about your thing. You ve met women. Just make sure we're clear that Albania will be. Finally, just didn't. Do the Trans jokes, oh,
the only rule and in someone else's and by the way, don't make the Trans Amputee jokes. And then you have somebody else going don't make the Trans ages jokes, because I believe that a six year old girl them Stephanie, whose Screws Harley Davidson writers and everyone they just don't make jokes about me. Then you have had a gas. We say, don't make jokes about lesbian fat, Australians review to new comedy and call it a comedy special at what point you just just just met you don't like it and move on rival. There's form. Oh well, I'm sure, let's get the data should go on my way in line with the speed dial up, one of the most prolific comedic minds of our generation. All of a sudden. This is something of the morning all the sun they did it with Dennis Miller, became I'm funny overnight right now I think, limits embarrassing to December with more Mcdonald regret. Mcdonald Dennis Miller. They did at one point with Bill Berwin. I thought he was getting problematic and end up doing Dave Chapelle. How did he become sell one funny so quickly
Did you like Jesus where he touches MIKE and he's losing its powers? It is obvious because you know he's not selling out any of the locations, multiple nights in every city across the entire country, many which in black neighbor who yeah I mean, apparently no one is going it's obvious- that this is a zero percent rating when people go to live well in, and I mean this is funny, I feel like with comedy I'm kind of the average Joe right. I can laugh at at funny stuff on anywhere the spectrum. Thank you very much. You can shut up his body for everybody rightly makes out of the white men zombies at the end of that was hilarious as well like. If you don't laugh at this, if you can't laugh at some of the stupidity that we see in the country, right now have a comedian making the. Points that are actually pretty intelligent points that he's making right and make funny. If you can't look at that and go out, that is pretty good when you just don't have what I will say this, and I think this is a pretty important. I do want to say
an observation. I saw my check which, by the way, you really said, I know I'm not gonna younger eclipse right and we can't run them any more. Once we pass when subscribers live Schuman, we pass young persons approach, we are much less money all, but I feel like we bowling punching. You guys think that let me know things which have I'm in one or two thousand and six grand, or should we ever make fun of them? I don't think it's. Yes, I dont want to be a bold, or were you really saying, don't caskoden? Ok, I don't wanna, be a gave Chapin and want to be a black Muslim, but they do this. It does what they Chapelle. They ve done it with with us on this show what they try to do when they stateless persons isn't funny they separate. The actual joke from what offends them right. They did this with when they go well. What Stephen even greater coherence jokes, but I don't think that calling someone wispy gay Mexican is a joke without wasn't a joke. What offended you? The joke was go. Watch the apology, video! That's twenty minutes, long of jokes, that's not the joke, but with Dave ship the joke about people draw Having dig that the gang arrive in the car and trans people making the right feel like it's way longer than it needs to be. That's the joke. You,
And by the fact that he made fun of transgender, they say why don't see the joke in making them transgender? That's not the joke here separating what offended you from the x no joke. Wasn't that's why they don't want to run the cliffs, and here is a general rule that I use. When applies anything jokes or commentary right. If you extend the clip that you see that typically generates outrage, extended thirty seconds and either direction, it'll usually go one of two directions. If you extended its either less offensive or you understand the point to it or it gets for example. I do that job about Christine Blasi forward. Other authorities, still what arrogance interesting possibilities a lying or was the Georgia will the young Turks and we can't use him anymore once we get surpass them, but that life is gonna, be a lot of fun when people extended at thirty seconds neither direction what they said but that we use all of the evidence. As the set up and the punchline was that police officer and peoples at all. You know what I don't even have to show you, but it's it's really not as offensive as you make it seem now. If you
standard, for example, someone saying that I don't know I like seeing american war heroes getting killed in Iraq and we deserve nine eleven you all. What's that that sounds like a new extending and adjust them going seriously think we deserve not eleven seriously. I ever what this guy get taken out by jihadist and you get a well, then I guess I provided contact. It's almost like it's worse. Moreover, I that's a rule that I use separate what offend you from the actual context and content of the joke and then whatever it is that offend you give it more com. Tax Cuba, thirty seconds and in both directions. At that point, you're not sure, given a minute in both, That's usually pretty easy to find out whether coming from- and there is nothing said what we're talking about this then watching woke leftist explain comedy to one of the greatest comics our time. That's what bothers me about this so much right now. Is this this this more this sermonized! This ran a hate. You used the word virtue, signalling we'd have to get to John or early over the J Peterson.
Let's assume, though, that the left is being genuine. I always typically assume with there being do not assume that everyone is actually offended and genuinely hurt by these jokes. Ok, here how about this dont have to find it funny, you just have to acknowledge that its comedy. Let's start with that start with that context over content, and then maybe we can find some common ground. Otherwise just point scoring dont defined a funny just admit that its comedy GINO, early, Jape, Biederman, coming up right after this, we have to go males not around in there. I think it's time to go. I hope you're gonna come with me from the network. That brings you louder with ground people. I truly admire and respect comes a man who goes by many name. Great white supremacist NEO Nazi, alright racist access, homophobic cheese is all the more optimistic
Kyler, ran Falco secretly, conservatives who also happens to be gay. You see what has happened there. I just played some identity. Politics in my report is coming to bleed tv we're trying to talk about big ideas in an honest openly. That's it! Yes that is subscribed to blaze tv through my club today. We're not only do you get this show, but apparently you get Dave. Reuben now do so. That's cool.
hello. My name is Teresa and I'm a lesbian. Did you know that lesbian couples face many of the same problems, but also plague shriek couples? This ranges from Family squabbles, although waited the violence in fact contact crimes? heard, even higher rates in straight couples living in rural areas or injury. I urge us forty four percent of lesbian couples experience domestic violence compared to third five percent of straight women, twenty six four gaze. Not to be adobe down or anything, but I was actually slap on my girlfriend on the way here put an end to the senseless violence by providing shelter for victims and well carpeted rooms. Please don't Lesbian start work unless make sure no more levies take beating from their partners. You, too can stop the abuse by giving generously battered lesbians tunnel
no credible, as is that what is he saying- and I don't know Zuzu, doesn't make any sense. Its from a tv show, it's just sound, but someone who does he think he is Bob Dylan makes no sense our necks, guess, I'm absolutely thrilled, I'm on the show you have talked about some guests have one for a long time and in some guesswork. Oh my gosh. If we could get get a great because one of our producers and ominous leaped out of the bag Brendan he's back their need for them, because weight is that J, Peter Mink, that's what I want. I looked. I said yes, I did look at the guest list, so he's fired its flattering to natural gas and because everyone knows we Is that he's done so much? Obviously, his at his show up what men with standards is. A solo show extraordinarily be performing its fine stiens.
Tell those fine scenes it but tell us I think, September twentieth. Twenty first can correct me if I'm wrong they're: u Norm, potentially J Payment and Seinfeld host of many different shows, including we feud national dog show which I want to tell about. I watched every single thanksgiving he's what you call the industry, not a triple threat because he's more than a multi, It is tat, mister, Mister, John or Hurley. How are you, sir, we're hungry? I appreciate that wonderful introduction. It doesn't seem to go far enough. So continue if you like, I don't have much else to go on now. One thing else: you you, mind you when people bring up J Peter men, because if you ve done a lot, but that's that's a roller think so many people will remember you from because it's one of the most beloved characters and all of of television there's not a day that I don't wake up. Like pinch myself, fully,
The aid, the joy of performing their role in the time that I did and for everything that has followed ever since then it Sir I've lived a blush life because of that I got to play in that championship team in a championship season. That's a good one! Can it seems that what we talked about this courted like working seems people who ve done other things aside from one iconic role, they have a problem with people, bring that we ve had some performers in the shoeblack. Don't bring that up I don't like tin cans. They show us not about Superman because they ve done other things once you're accomplish. It seems that you're not bothered by without people go both ways, but am also are endlessly likeable. Mr her you're on programme for multitude reasons, but recently get this had been all over. The news again see action specifically of some willingness cast members damp Deborah message, they were talking about. I want to provide some context. Your Hollywood fundraiser for Donald Trump and then Deborah tweeted out. Let everyone know whose attending and this was seen as potentially kind of a modern day blacklist and even making. Talking about this, can you cannot exe
for people who may not be familiar with it? What what your reasoning was for speaking out in how you view the situation, because its let the internet ablaze? Well, I I have no. I I can't reason why they would say something like that. But did it underscores a further problem in Hollywood? Is that, for some reason Hollywood has, liberal mentality, and I understand that, but I do. What I don't understand is the lack of stability in that other alternative points of view can't be equally absorbed, end and entertained. It is though they ve enjoyed the Bali Bali, pulpit by you,
that by using the strength of their position in Hollywood, too, to kind of silence the idea, I wouldn't say just conservative thought I would say of any type of libertine type. Anything alternative to the liberal way of thinking doesn't work in Hollywood and in its what what what is so sad is like here this on every set people will come up to me and say: well, I'm so glad that you're, a vocal conservative because we're afraid to talk around here for free for fear of being let go rightly citizen an awful. Yet we live in that kind that we are the freest. At most prosperous country in the world and yet are entered this one spot of others. The human experience our entertainment has to be so sequestered into one style of thinking that it right or not. No succession and no one else, can have an alternative thought. I find that shameful now have you we ve been more right, leaning, more conservative or with this kind of development, because it certainly seems to me that you're you're more out,
we're getting a very simple way. I want to be clear, you're not going on thrown bombs, but it did seem to people more aware of it. Now I ve always been that's why I'm shouted. We understand the question, you have always been more conservative, resist more of a development throughout your life because the entertainment industry for very, very long time well I've, always, I think I've always been. I think I've always been. A conservative I just didn't understand what I watch but the day with the principles I think that have developed in my life. I think a parallel, the conservative and- and I want to play. Much for them. There well thought out there well, based and- and I think they deserve a voice, because I think I deserve a voice. It's a simple to that end. I also The other thing I feel is issued. Little curious as to why this political tone is so important in Hollywood. One of these actors at subscribes to the Spencer Tracy School of of acting with riches say
lines hit remarks and go home. Don't make a big thing about it you know, I mean a celebrity is defined as someone who gets to do a lot of things that they have no business doing right and I just like to just do my work. Go home and I dont lead with my politics. I don't live by politics and, oddly enough, that's when I find that kind of distinguishes the conservative mind is that they tend to think of themselves as responsible for their own destiny in life, and they don't require a government or support group of any sort that their more individualistic and so the guts equality there tougher defined and there certainly tougher to pull as we found out in the last election. But I that seems to lift to coincide with conservative thinking. Is the people just end up? You know, I just do my work and I go home and I don't make a big deal about right. It's it's tough, to meddle effectively in people's lives who base their world view on not having people metal. You notice
All you have to do. I have to look at. Is it's a collar idea at six p m at night? You know you're, not answering that phone call hack Mabel. That's that's! Probably why things out after all, right, I don't know how you fine, I don't know how you find a conservative, rightly yeah, I don't know where you find a mere, not gonna reach a mother telephone. That's a good point. I dunno, maybe email. If your nigerian prince seems to me that those fishing emails work, answer those first, because I actually, I have investment attorney working on and my retirement plan through some very, very prosperous and a higher potential love. Jerry and not of tat. Just I dont want to push those because it that's why. Right. I understand not so much an attorney as it is just a hobo with a paper sack and toothpaste that system,
Mine he's, I feel my retirement is in good hands. I don't fully understand the demonstration. I re Stuart Tags deferral, but he seemed like a friendly chap somebody you to say that I find interesting. You talk about Hollywood in the Bali pulpit now they sort of predicate this, this resistance idea and the idea of effective Not docking but releasing the list of people who might support trump. They predicate this on the idea that the bully pulpit as a president right to present a United States is a Republican. Therefore they must be the underdog, but you referred to Hollywood as the Bali pulpit, and I do see that way. I'm curious as to why do you believe in Hollywood maintains power over the culture at large than say the president does not just Hollywood and try what does jubilee that Hollywood exerts more power than say the president, because he used the term Bali Pulpit and- and I would agree with a sentiment that Hollywood has a greater Bali pulpit. Then, let's say President Trump and Twitter, but they act as though there, the victims and conservative or the bullies they they feel.
Absolutely no reservation at openly and publicly shaming. The president of the United States like ever heard that before and I've never it's so done with such as though yeah It's your we're all just members of the good old boy club and our job is to insult the president as much as we possibly can there's just a miserable anger towards this man. That is that soup sheets, any sort of civility and and and I hate it- I hate it have shut, no respect for the office of the president and an end. I am ashamed of our industry and in the way, the date trade themselves and the fact that they feel that they have permission to do it at the expense of believe it or not a very silent, a silent, a population that feel differently, but are allowed to speak up I guarantee you that there's a lot of people at the Academy awards that would love to have stood up and say in a blue
yes, just just that way to boot! That's how they would have Ruth. Six holders, because there would be some other industrial excuse me, but judge on that bit abou, you don't know me this, because, obviously you don't play for multiple seasons Jupiter and on Seinfeld, and that's really, it was rated the number one show of all time until the wire supplanted. I dont that work- I don't know, maybe have some friends in a liar. I dont know anyone who loves the liar. I don't want it is everyone always wants to say that you should love the lawyer, but one that change inside that wasn't number one? I was past anyway, I'm getting from its no Seinfeld back then on that because we know obviously that Larry David has been more of a liberal act. So when you say liberal buddies talked about certain issues was attention is palpable back then in the entertainment industry as today, or do you think it's developed at a rapid rate? I think they have found, I think the industry
with thought up with trumps. Some inauguration, I think found other day just gave themselves permission to say whatever they wanted to, dont know that I dont know that I saw it is much during the Obama administration, but I do see definitely that there is a visceral hatred for this human being. And its supersedes any any ability to absorb the good things in the promises he's kept in his administration, which is what I I dont have to love. My president, I dont have to love him, but I respect him and I respect the things that he proceedings would accomplish anything that he has accomplished and I think it's and I think it is facing all of the obstacles and derision that he has to live through every day at another human being that could do it or live with it. I thought I'd be off a bridge. If I had to go through what he had to go through every single day,
but tat. He has the mentality, the and meant to to end and the thickest get I've ever seen on a human, a human being and he is able to up to function outside of it, and I think he has the good of the country at heart and again I like nothing, cities accomplish because they were the things he said he would accomplish right now. I think that's why Leyden Hollywood dont like him, because he has accomplished the things that he said he would accomplish Final question before we go do have extended because you want to pick your brain on dogs a little bit. You said that some people come up to you and thanks for saying this, because we would like to speak out but we're afraid of losing our jobs. Have you had any one come to you and with the with the opposite kind of sentiment in a poker finger, chest and say: hey Buddy, hey Chief, you better out power. No I've never had any body try to
tail or or censure or edit. Anything that I did I say, but then I think about what I say so I can think you could find too much offensive about what I say. What I do feel from people is that I am attacked or feeling the way that I feel Right people will come up to me and say what I used to like you, but I no longer like you because of your politics as though I led with my PA. Well, I'm not my circumstances. I'm a human being by politics help basically beneath the value in the structure of my life? They are my relationship with my government, but that's all they are. They are my politics here. While I would imagine that cept someone thinks of themselves a little more highly than they need to have their say: hey hey, Mr Hurley. Just so you know I used to like you, you don't you don't know me by the way in which your lunch- oh it's a great church or try. The french tough. You don't know me, but I used to
like you and I dont anymore checkmate are, I think we have to go to the web. Extended here talk a little bit more generally of the show was a man with standards, fine scenes that motel as well it to have this right. It's September twentieth and twenty first Alright, please, everyone goes important right now we're going to what extent it for a few minutes and talk about dogs. Can I exciting.
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And probably die, there was called the one could examine, does right, sharks and fish.
I've just been what they have done it with a cat. So it's gay, I command you mean awkward, but pretty the only thing, beg you, John or early parliamentary back. If you want to examine it, we would not want design felled and dogs we have. Then, of course we all who are members of the club everyone in the whole blaze catalogue, you know, you're. The only thing care than the play cats is actual cats. Agree not available but we really man, I will say, for a low budget. We really have been made go over that deprived apartment. You wasn't. It was not a fool! You eating chicken broke out and get him Your desperately seeking affirmation from black purple drink. Dream on water would get right Ok,
You know in this segment. I often to talk about ways, kind of to improve oneself? We talk whether quite a bit or paths or techniques. And invariably usually come down to something like discipline. Consistency, sometimes gratitude, but I wanted to talk about something too That isn't necessarily sexy Mason a bit more existential, more philosophical, but I think it's equally important and for many of the same reasons So how did you guys know about the cabin o Leary from short tank, the accident that we have now? you knew it and her heart and action, no, no, that was just cancel the answer's, no criminal law. It was a crash crash into another boat at night and killed. Two people were killed too for now I don't know all the details for hard to get the details. Mrs colonel, what what sort of provides an inspiration for the segment? Because I was trying to get this straight answer and the story- and I couldn't.
The initial store their wretched that their lights were off right. It was eleven at night. So what we do know is that it was at eleven o clock at night and the wife who was, I think, driving the boat, passes sobriety terrorism, nor encounter system for one interesting shortly. About the legal limit, and then I read that no, the lights were on this other boat and it's a tragedy. If, of course, it's really said sure the cabin o Leary is really torn up about it. Then I read That cabin o Leary and his wife fled the scene of the crime cases when new source. Then I write another one that set the other people remaining people. Another boat fled the scene of the crime and then it turned out that both of them had technically fled the scene of the crime, but they both went to shore to immediately call for medical assistance, and there were phone records For them, and the reason I say this is because or are threatening talk about this I bring it up is because I think sometimes are always looking for someone or something to blame, and sometimes there isn't somebody
To blame: this is a really unfortunate as best I can understand it. I know some things might develop here. So don't hold me to this because I dont have the full story. None of us do yet its unfortunate accident. It's really enforce, certainly submission could have made. Certainly there could have been some carelessness involved. We don't know seeing that way. Right now, but no a villain here, no one's a bad guy here, and sometimes we're looking for answers and it doesn t really unpopular. So we talk about that. An ash Wednesday this week for those were my club members talking about the school shooting the mass shootings. What we need to do was gun control. You know what there aren't any answers, necessarily. Are there some solutions that may be people can come up with these conversations that we can have absolutely to see how we can improve our current situation that we should always be striving towards self improvement, but the idea Have answers Renault that anyone who has the immediate answer to solve the problem of people say while we have we have
guns anywhere else in this country. Unless we have a suicide problem, oh ok, so do we have a tap suicide rate in the world? Now. We don't we Morgan today that we have more guns in Somalia per capita. Do we have worse violent crime in Somalia? No, we don't so what's the saloon taking the guns out of the hands of people who aren't committing suicide in record rates by global standards. Taking the guns in the hands of law, abiding citizens who are not committing mass pie see as those in Somali there aren't necessarily any answers and are often looking for a villain right. Some, maybe someone who sold the guide the gun. Maybe for somebody ordain fringed with ABC who might have lent a friend again right. How could you do this Elsie said Julia that that your friends who are borrowing your gun or more than likely domestic abusers? That was an actual tweet think about it. More than likely most likely domestic abusers where'd. You get that. I don't wanna talk about common ground. Why don't you just assume that these persons friend
or I'll cereal felons violent felons who beat their wives you can find common ground after trying to vilify. Call somebody, but you really might come again as you actually want someone to agree with you. You just want to be tomorrow in Summation Weather Station pal. What is Dan Crenshaw or my cell and so what happens? If they try to vilify somebody, because they always look for someone to blame- and we all do this by the way People act is over super separated from politics. We hear this lightly. Just like the division in politics. You think that only happens in politics. Have you ever been to Thanksgiving dinner you can of Europe into a wedding. You can see people up on one side, the damsel and their people on the other side of the dance hall. Happened most recently the wedding I went to, but that they are easily recognisable because we're Mennonites but uses it. We're, always looking its reflection of ourselves, politics, its human nature and all human beings are looking for We are looking for a bogeyman. They're looking for escape, go some Times, that's not the case and its an accident here,
What I'm going to tell you, because of that, because understand because we understand the condition of human nature Err on the side of forgiveness, It's not! So. Obviously, I'm I'm I'm a Christian, so Believin forgive us. It's built spilled into the faith K atheists out there. Answered, Yogi stay with me anyway. Not only should you err on the side of forgiveness, because it's right because you'll probably make fewer mistakes, but it also good for you. It's better for you. I can honestly say that right, I can't think of a single person throughout the entire day. My life, who I wouldn't forgive right now, We asked for and not less that sound, like virtue signalling, let me terrorism is a real love. My eye it really hard to forgive people who don't ask for it. People who wronged me or people who ve hurt me if they apologize. The east This thing for me to do. My instinct is to forgive typically a pretty empathetic person, but forgive someone
Don't even want to forgive someone who doesn't think they were wrong, that's hard to which action is the right thing to do when you necessary. Let's see the Cavaliers and arrogant What action do you think would lead to more personal happiness, Fulfilment Europe, There's no salvation to spend the rest of their life. Looking for someone to blame, in the face of a horrible tragedy. It's completely natural and I'm not saying by the way that you just forgiven get someone who actually beat your wife or or or rate your daughter of we're not. There still needs to be just as that's not what I'm saying I'm talking about forgiveness in the sense that we go through with it. In our day to day lives and that that they hate that we mean Hagen, Anti algae, beating you because you enough, but people Joe, but actually I hate that we harbour in our hearts toward our fellow men. We earnestly this. Why should you be disciplined? We talk about alone. Why should you be
Why should you be consistent in your endeavours? Why should you be grateful because it's the right thing Do it will also improve life, immeasurably off they go hand in hand sometimes doing. The right thing is really hard in short term, in the the term. I tend to believe it You like the same, can be said for having a forgiving spirit through this think of something Now think of someone who's piss you off whose wrong you been clinging. To even grinding your teeth, even ruminating can wanted to take a second you think of that person. We all have them could even be here: you're you're, you're, pre, kindergarten, teacher bleep, it fleet that, because I don't want to watch in this, but that's a story for another day or have you got that God I'm in my now? Let it go, forgive them, and we in this isn't some kind of a new age thing where I'm going be playing binary delta beats
Forgive them, move on with your life, move onto the discipline, the consistency and taking all the other steps that we ve talked about, that we know, and you know, will lead you to a better life and a better self, but you can't do that. You can't take those steps to improve it. Yourself unless you get past yourself and that starts That was forgiving yourself, not with loving yourself as Calvin Klein wants you to want you to believe. In speaking your truth, you don't get past yourself. If you don't prove yourself by just focusing on yourself, he get it through serving others, and you know how it starts with forgiving. Others. Try the dominant rivulet I'll, see you next week opens right next week debates.
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