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The Party Switch IS NOT REAL! Democrats Are LIARS and I'll Prove It!

2022-01-20 | 🔗

Liberals claim the political parties "switched places" and that Republicans are the racists now. Crowder proves once and for all it's still the Democrats and always has been. Also, Amy Schumer is loving life after liposuction. And Joe Biden proves why they don't let him speak in public.

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And there are they keep this short since listening an audio others, a teacher, the sun, could hear next Thursday there's going to be Super video instalment on Wikipedia putting it to the test. Is it biased, spoiler alert? I think you know the answer single. the video here or just know that next Thursday, when that'll be released, enjoy the show leave a rating review. If you don't look, look I mean I fully share the same conversation. Everyday just. Do you think.
Are you ready? I can you won. T you're on your mom and programme can be sure your dad
While I was so good that a record thanks are going foul, I allow them who will open all my setting out as a quick there's. We can, we can focus our dealing with them, With strong Thurman Robert Bird today, so oh, oh, Youtube, Saint Gimme, a reason. What what you mean those racist Democrats who yeah maybe China slippers out? What is this is dangerous or going to care for this was a good third party switch we talk about that, that's a big thing, because fraternity of voting rights now we voting rights level can vote you're thinking anyone can vote not done so This is some has been one of the most requested segments and I guess we ve touched on it before, but we haven't done with the deep dive as the young and say you know, I don't know You kids, do good luck with your lives those in year. It too This is real life. This isn't. This is no family matters.
so we are going to time of the parties which today, because voting rights is a big deal right now and there was a civil rights echoed actually took place. That really did matter at one point and really didn't have to do with voting rights and We're gonna go back through the records and it's probably not what you think it was, and there are also going to go back through history. Basically, Abraham Lincoln, through today, too Address this issue of the parties which people use it. It's lazy its incorrect all references available ladder with crowded dotcom every day and out my question to you is: did you ever believe it out there? It doesn't come at below. Let's hear way to anger the Youtube son gods. Is did you believe before this before you see the segment so comment now then come and below your own comment. If your mind has changed What I'm at that time? I Biden speech yesterday by talking about what also one of the longest speeches and in history for president really conference for an hour.
that way most of it was where's est bumbling through the well. He was using his asian dialect so before we get to albino, I should tell you we're gonna, be here next week, David going to fill in hosting one day, I'm not letting them know. Cumana shows that supervision on Wikipedia we ve got some tricks up our sleeves, something that we ve already tested. They detested no actually test itself. Hope you enjoy it pdf. Next Thursday, that's going to be up, and if you don't see they show on Youtube, you can just union and Rumble Mugclub Club weekdays Monday through Thursday, ten, a M Eastern ten, a M Easter, don't let them cut us off all right, Gerald A? How are you, sir? I am doing well, how are you you know. I didn't sleep for a few days like when people say that, like three hours over the course of like three four days- yes, took them to help me sleep last night, yeah, obviously completely over the counter over the counter has- and I dont Know- which is
worse, because then you wake up and you feel even more tired than if you just hadn't slept you do yeah, that's. Why do you always say that clowns will each you? If you can't sleep, I see that I had one battle reigns in college. Did a cloud drugs. Do in your sleep now in a manner of speaking, and we have of course he's here. You know you love him. He'll be a villain hosting sweet, but I'll be at the funny. Stop and call Hiawatha falls diet, hogsheads in Cleveland, ok, first Nations name devolves general twenty four twenty five day via our user good Ahoy a whole. I'm fine media hype- first and then you know I say: how are you and I'll head start? Dave line. First nations to spirit falls. How are you about you ever work is their own I think you need to take more than Marietta. If it isn't funny how we use the term medicine now we're kid, yeah medicine was something good for you and you realize just what doctors prescribe audacious. Everything is just. This is medicine when your kid, you think, like robot dozen
and then you wake up you're an adult and, unlike ass, his medicine. What is it nine the grounds of Xanax that's really what it yeah. I do. I tell you whatever I take. I just wake up in the tears, don't stop to sway screaming. Let's get a dirty, that's because you wake ATO and you're still Dish Lando, yet That's there's no way can this just. I can't take back what I've done now you wake up in a parallel around I feel like going seems about right, thank theirs. One hell of an ad for volume. I don't even use sheets. What's the point, just it's another Matthew, clean and every night, ok, color before we move on anything else. This Oklahoma pastor is Tulsa past or mild hard work. Now, however, has now, as I almost wanted until think of air Codes- pastor. Ok, I thought you were correct. If I said past you dead, yes, great ones, try past
Ariane arrogantly undone nobody's they are quotes, or is he calls them a reminder of how to tie his shoe? Yes, They were all in the tree. I'm still didn't get it. I don't do that. One notices, velcro happen also pass or Michael denied spit on one of his parishioners to demonstrate how to live like Jesus Christ, Changing something- and you don't see it clear what, but you Oh, my god is this Melcombe in Eddie, oh, my gosh. Although the loud or knows, but now we talked it now that was familiar diaphragm. That was most people. That's it baptism, face Jesus anymore, no you're, not Jesus and youth mobility on what do it I'll turn, I'll turn, the other cheek turned, don't turn you that you just get yeah good turn away. That's the right thing,
oh my god! Listen between you, two! If there's a man behind you spitting around you and nice, because I don't know how to quit. You own have cove totally myths that look back and see the response. what are you swore vat of zinc oxide already their relations hydrated ash did now to the Erika. Let's make sense now, look at the Cameron say bring brothers. This is this is to be where Jesus do. You know what they have earned. It says that the most urgent issues like thing I've efforts, I'm a little off drop your cloak and take up our sword. Now I you know it: Jesus did
he spit into the mud? He did something on his hand and he made a blind man see. I don't think that's what happened here. You just made that guy have to wear an eye patch for the rest of his life, probably infected with something potentially. Yes, of course, I did everybody who saw wish they were blind up to haven't. Earpiece wicked pixel went out of the crowd who didn't like Nazi novices brother. What allows brow ass? Well, ass. I can haul. Second, there are three possible scenarios here. Brother in the Lord Right brother, brother or actual brought actual, rather ok like blood blood right. Or shall I guess, because of the ill on Omar. Like you know, hierarchy of brother, how was gross I would never let my brother do that. I can imagine that varies very grass, its theatre in church shine. I get sometimes that's fine, in this case he was trying to make a point. I got you see how you reacting, that's how people, to win Jesus. Did this I'm like not quite known as
I could see. They're like well well, see. We know that it is spent is being curing the curve. line. This is not a one day in detail, Michael, but that is how you let a whole no she's your property without prior to that back handed him afterward all good he's slapped the spit. Often gotta keep my Jesus anthrax. What to do when Jesus slapped Merrimac when he said bitch, I need quarters where this past work it out We're going out because they do not see any labour government got no, I'm gonna get you can pay I said I it around not own ass, no questions. Jesus, no yea did that deadlock. Look, I know it like, I know, you're waiting, the horses and everything, but can you just make it like, asked appearance and say they are not with him.
like I've, been making a guest appearance for three years now use air now inside nobody knows the time, but I mean it looks write to me. It seems very apocalyptic one could hope. Gay pride is gonna. When I went away to everything's better desgas, you guys have been such jerk there, like you, send another flood men. It's gonna worries the neck. I tried to start what he can't. You can't put two of everything on a boat now be Senor Diet, we'd just leave us. This and other bidders. all right I'll moving on into former vice president job, So he held a second ever press conference yesterday. I just can't believe, guys claiming that that is Christ like it's not now, states that it might, if he's trying to give the correct presentation, but don't do They sudden mission job. They think he also spit mud to bribe me like there was. It was hanging off his brother He hopped you, nobody does do any was riding like some of the backs not
like really like you know, everybody in here who's a guy's hocked a loogie to see how far you could spit you got to give it some weight and that's what he did brother, I mean, maybe if said if his brother was way younger and he was a priest actually signed mission control, their effect that Jesus that's what I said: yeah it into the mud. I am very searchers united best make. The dont Ashraf you're, referring to actual Jesus version. crazy pastor, but I can tell the difference. That's why Well, you know Jesus when he returned he's gonna, be that hobo paying an elevator shaft. What least, if you hear the Hobo tell us well or Jonah Osborne you we have them. We rejected him at that. two. I thought if I try and say they tried, so you know Jesus. If he were rounded up, you would have thought he was crazy because of his radical he's. No, no! That's not true at all. It's not! You know he was entirely lucid if others,
I too am he was logical. He spoke sometimes in parables, which were actually pretty simple, maybe productive to use Turner. Other left us who like to use the term new, wants to make it sound like they have a political science to great, which, probably due to useless degree. It is the issue here is no, no. I don't think he was crazy It's probably just ever show on the network. Probably would very yo still he starts. on people even I like. That is just I'm sorry. I have to go to Biden, but we have to watch that click before being rise. I didn't realize I didn't see the patent he made showered his brother when a Lord said. You brother paper machines, your cheek offered to him the other cheek that pick take that pacemaker mob tat. His brother lose a bet,
remind me on Mug Lebanese, my favorite day of the week its chapters. Are. We take off your just to tell a story about how I use the power of the church to almost choked my brother to death by very similar scenario, I've gotTa Luigi story. We know that, but almost my brother, except my brother, was spitting. I hope they have different dad. I'm really their full blood related- that's just a good shot, fell yesterday, I'm saying cause to Baby Biden held a second ever present conferences have been spending in office. It was not good which bring thus to this we can buy. Vienna problem for our dear from mere drop, and you ain't black Alison hers! Thank you, Mr Ford.
speaking of voting rights legislation. If this isn't past, do you still believe the upcoming elections? Will we fairly conducted and its results will be legitimate. It all depends on. whether or not we able to make the case to the american people that some of this has been set up to
although the outcome of the election remember how we thought not that many people really sure to vote in the middle of a pandemic, we the highest voter turnout of history, the United States of America. Russia will be held accountable if it invades and it depends on what it does is one thing in mind: version and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do etc. Now, whether or not I think the two, how can I say this public for I think that he look. I didn't know the promise it, but I have probably here I'll perform and everybody thought would happen problem out here for a mere drop in you ain't black. I think, therefore I am retorted
I don't know how that was that long with him flying off the cuff, like the edges rattling offers like Robin William Stream of consciousness. Really. I think therefore unretarded who intend to Special Alison, how doesn't Harris Camilla, hearse Sweden would really brown or look between us. I found my way to the oval look I'd like you to ask what, if Europe wishes to have that Basque and actually officials of the basque half moon, Behold IBM and for her, by the way, which I know we like making fun of Joe Biden, but he did something really bad there and he's like you now try to themselves the whole world looked around the room like he was about to tell a black joke. He looked around is looking after our concern about a better coordination of a horse. Almost, I guess I don't know chemicals bit, but you something else motorway wishes. How do I say this terrible thing in a public forum. I just said that allowed who wore rubber rattle Nor do I gave us an auto impression. I do it every single time consciousness. Hope that's really
because he's a rational depends on its like a minor encouraged that then we have to argue about this and Russia's like up. I would do a minor incur by the way. You know that a problem with this, the president of Ukraine, here silly tweeted out about this. I think we have that if you could bring that up and just as he actually is, look? There are linked to present the sitting president of the still allowed on twitter. He is, I know that sound here. It's not allow that miracle spits doing lawyers barometers. If you can bring it up it's in the honor channel. He basically saying that there are no minor incursions. There are no minor, like fatalities are heard fighter. we're losing lives grieving over it. There's no matter countries by always like this is from a somebody who is not a country like about how in the world You say that that kind of thing is ok, yeah right being able to invade minor way. We have to start. You know writing about their already fighting. Yes, that's a good guy, see you in the face repeatedly, and so you why you fight with what do you say we punched? You
I was over and you just kept hitting a yet, even though why it was a minor punch, cereals cash does, as this Gary. There really is scary on regular aim of Alison and I'm I'm I do this for living tons. after a lumber the names It is no longer cos alone. You Camacho your singing again Joe somebody, but I've had a normal names like Ruthie Gertrude and all the girls around. When I was somebody tat, they got lady. We should call the restroom and must not mean what you say interests. I once had my way with a beard was the pool our we're going to consent. it was Cotonou. We I mean it was nineteen. Fifty consensual, no means yes, comma. So what I want
Amy humor before I move on your we along second today, the switching of the parties Amy Shimmer. Let me be clear about something here: ok, I have never. once, because sometimes we will say why are you being invented? We ve, ever once just found your fat trying, but it doesn't exist. People who demand that you declare them beautiful, brave, beautiful, healthy, yet the issue nor telling young people that all of this is good and it's not. If I see people who are overweight, the gym almost means a tiered my I want. I want to see people taking that first outline the work Nowhere little bit of a wait problem me while I was posts surgery and when you were young butter, when I was younger, I gotta think German referring the younger and you just near rapid all over him. Did you see the yeah yeah? I will let you know and await brown. Maybe I was like fourteen and yet was like now you do you think our man
seven foot to. We all can't just eat everything all day Gerald Steve in July. He had some sit it's on? Why would allow brow the legend of to have some monsieur showed offers stunning new body on Instagram, saying I feel good. Finally, what she feels pretty Not note she didn't say witty, do you just in a movie called, I feel pretty economy years ago. I feel pretty pretty? I feel pretty not witty and fat feel good. Finally, it's been a journey, never thought I would do any. but talk to me after your uterus doesnt contract for two point five years and you turn forty and there's. But here's the thing you
actually be shocked, ok by me before and after picture for good good results, and I don't want to get credit years before picture. Here's the after picture so you just turned around with that. What happened here? That You turned around to avoid the pastor spit. I don't know I don't know. I can't get your pleasant. You'd have to do some all get jobless, go ahead, I'm abroad, I'd, say about the less you up and that's why I don't think I can say and other medical come on get your way back. Take my body. Must boot that's right they got down and Adele lap and agreed that way back, come I'll get you Jesus,
sorry, that was actually wrong. Here is incorrect before and after it's not a joke. put a strike down at a shark or think she's a hostess twinkie. I appreciate the effort, but that register, which ones are black one with a white swirl which ones a black treatments. Not twinkies the white. Why? What's it called? Oh, you mean that Israel is dangerous. swiss rollers swimming the how you took a whole. Now I think you get around the dignan. I think it's a data data on doing during which is like a hockey book, also over Mister, also known as kingdom. It's like pick one hostess fear for crying out loud thing now his way funny. As a kid? So why are we making fun of those I never made fun of those were less because of how you He stopped me because you make it one of your in so many Ding dong. That can make a difference, and that's it. That's it. That's the swiss role, if you just put that down, put
down, I Amy Shimmer, just down that bathing suit is like the black one, with a creamy inside my neighbour Kevin. Your writing. above all in one of the parties which which I'm looking forward to getting into this is, talking about very scary. Things. Amy share the scream released, as we can actually does had. At thirty point, six million dollars had a prettier, that's good had a prettier would dare I say, of deer, I say a frightening success, o Lord scream at the bar Ex office had a frightening success. It was spoken. success for a lot of talking in the theater s, lack of speaking a theatre. but it depends on the neighbourhood or officials gets paid by our past star before going into the theatre. You're talking to me,
it is absolutely horrifying from bringing your baby to an all rated failed. Thank you for using machete as your most fitting Babies are You run this hate her as the delinquent circus monkey. You are five long enough right is going to rise and basic for prints I don't care, are right, so very successful scream and I like horror films, but we all know there's. Obviously it's tough when you watch Orpheus something about them. Special, this Lasher films that just rain. Pervert example seem a little unrealistic and I think that they could they could be made. They could be improved. I think so.
a boy. He were being weird point about: watch a video from scary movie against an inconvenient truth. That is a good one.
Why do you want to know my name? Listen an! How do you know my name, who's the bridge now horror, movies, don't work with a Walter. You're popcorn burn in pitch stopped speaking in the theater,
We just wingdam near now. I don't know there, but he still there you MIKE and act as a mere seek what are obviously very quickly with a scream released by the way you guys can go to Walter arms dot com and you can you can purchase the firearms. Obviously only have to go to your local dealer, your local certified dealer, but you can shout for parts, optics, lights, look the balls to sponsor this show not a lot of firearm choices that you about there. This is what I carry. I trust my life with it. They are fantastic, I'm not gonna, do a lot of selling you on it. Just Google Walther PPP Review, Google, Walter PDP, really just Google being used that little bent back paperclip that purple bonds, our body I don't care and try and find something negative. They just don't have the same kind of a scope for advertising like other people, it's one of the best kept secret and firemen to straighten out
therefore, as the good people of their. I that's what we want you to do, just try it. That's all. You need to try to buy side, gotta, Gunnar and try. The Walter ok also hit the notification bell right now, you're watching right now that notification, I realise that in the two minutes, short shorter arms yes to reach for the thing I t Rex spit on M T Rex, looks more like a giant. Turkey ever seen this thus, wrapped her that keep changing the dynasty. Others saying that there are filled with feathers, nobody would have been afraid addressing parliament filled feathers, it's not avert you're right there, not fear there not feather down. I know of us, like a bird, my dinosaur kid. My dinosaur, if it's not the most comfortable die, no you'll never slept on than this election spinner fraud. I was high and crackled cocaine when I thought of stuff dinosaur, Philip. The turn of the dinosaurs guy, Stephen, they're. Turning your beer, absolutely turning the dinosaurs k, they are making dinosaur humanoid hybrids. I just meant what look look? I know
I want to say that you're crazy, I was hurting my knees when I was about to pay my drugs healer with labour overthrown a cop out there wasn't there was there was a man, that's lash, velociraptor walking and want a loop. May I just saw him it's. Your dinosaur need a light. You have to learn a lot about from Michael Andella Guy got over drug much like MIKE when people always hold it against someone for the rest, their life, they use it out with George W Bush say: oh yeah, oh you did. You did cocaine like yeah. How do you figure out you'll be listened to and he added cocaine this morning I thought I gotta. Secondly, stance is that not rights, babies in the nineteen twenties when they had a cough, that's what they used to authorise bears heroin pay. I don't forget Coca COLA. Ask your doktor about heroin. My baby I think has as reflux. Oh well, better. Do Heroin, yes into really Syrian, be shorter quotas, gums with whisky from the bottle yes asked
a doktor about wild Turkey, one or one, your baby. Will sleep sound? Yes at all right way, the doctors way and has a Box of Chesterfield nine out of ten doctors recommend and your life stupid, flapper hair, yes, absolutely also recommended, don't forget to to, of course, enjoy your ten minutes of staring at the sun every day every it s good for the eyes. Yes, vitamins on line fish. I haven't yourself in suntan lotion, so you get more somebody joint answer. Yes, I want you to most suntan lotion to prevent your skin from absorbing son as your eyes enjoy its warming re staring at us. I may result in good luck, so also hear something it's pretty big right now. I don't think I knew this support for the Republican Party, the GNP just skyrocket. Really. This is huge. Over the last year, the party preference shifted. Americans. I think this The biggest shift largest its effort, fourteen points
it's the largest and galloped history, while ever endowed sister and a one year period of time, so cute on twenty twenty one, forty percent of voters, favorite Republicans compared to forty nine percent. Favouring Democrats. Ok, now it which that's q, one queue for same year, forty seven percent favouring Republicans and authority. To that, that's a fort, in point swing Then a year looks like he's: gonna be good here this is, midterms baby and at what do you say now? What do you like all restrictions on, but ok about gallop wall, not legitimate snow, says maybe unconfirmed, and for her they will have record turn out during a pandemic. Yes, that's a miracle I had. We turns out when email ballads out everybody, they combine area, thought it happen, people wouldn't
though, and immigration number even show lose one freighter Marcin literally have others of my dear friends. I was surprised to see who's check. Empty voter twice agrees. I just want to be clear. He drank the lane fortress So did you so there's juicer sort of equally binding did say that we might have reason not to twice trust the twenty twenty two election results loses. What that another? I just I thought that you couldn't though you know what is it I would get banned in some assuming the Joe Biden has now banned from any Sappho media or media engines bearing an insurrection right. Why would only soom? You would take the second sitting, president of Twitter right? Yes, I would think Mala should leave making sure not so much sitting as lying Are you one them? Yes, she's, really the first female president Journey, to go back or will be what might be. I don't know how to say that. I don't know what to say it right either. How do I say
you don't need to say it because former Vice President Obama said president hairs do about it now thought him once in a while? You can only has said it dozens of times if your, if your defence former vice president, here you are strongest defence, is from the pie blissfully assign defending attorney in my cousin Veni doing better. What is it you're wearing the jury? Alison. So, let's get into this, the party switch myth, because, right now the voting rights is a call to voting Rights ACT, the voting rights bill. I think it's officially title the voting rights acts. because they wanted to. They wanted a fat, find the behind the civil rights. I thought the idling. Think so little of african Americans. They thought they could trick them with a title like her. I thought we had this. Unlike sixty fifty seven sixty fees in their civil rights act yeah,
their civil rights act to back and well have taught you well, there was going to happen, but the lead was gettin too old. For this year is the weapon for should never have been made classic inadequate rocket gently. I mean that's perks. Ok, while we're on the subject of this, that's not! This is somewhat you're told quite a bit. Ok, and this is something that, as is one of those pervasiveness, that the left is used and they just they use it successfully because just sort of gone unchecked. ones, and I think this is what happens. The reason that it goes on challenge is because often people are afraid of having to defend the character of individuals who have played a role in their party. You sort of see this, for example with President Trump were people would have all you know he sent out means always been very clear about the problems and have them, but I didn't have yielded need to say it every single time that he did something good Republicans are afraid, because the character assassination, and this is what they do when they say what through the party switch and they went okay, I guess you know, Strom Thurmond did some bad stuff, so let's just get off of that because of a bunch of stretches telling them that it's a.
Play and it's just incorrect. It's very easy to refute, and I'm going to do it here and about let's call it: twenty minutes tops. Ok get and references are available out of Canada. I just wish the Republicans groups by a little that they need some good pasture spit wrong that I don't think it grows at relatively low back. Don't spoil our scope So that's what you ve left, not for me that the the party switched after the civil rights movement or during everyone knows, The parties work during the civil rights movement within its common knowledge. I mean how did the country go from looking like this to looking like this, so this is the situation we're starting with democratic blue Republicans in read. This is what the country looked like at the end of reconstruction. Republicans were dominant in the north and west, and Democrats in the South, Lincoln was a Republican and the states which form inveteracy were mostly Democrats it whenever they start with. Everybody knows right right, it's nobody knows the bullshit, you
view. This is not correct. Everybody knows really bring. You want them to believe that ok so they show you a map right, good DORA, the explorer you watch it who is this guy Saddam son at the ass, was that was crusade, knowing that I thought you and others who in whose aims for box. So not only is incorrect. Republicans, let's start with, as they were, the ones who supported both civil Rights ACT, civil rights out. Sorry, the civil Rights ACT. Member of fifty seven take it was the house voted, yeah, Republicans, eighty four percent democrats. Fifty one percent of the Senate voted yet Republicans. Ninety three percent Democrat fifty nine percent in nineteen sixty four, the sixty four civil Rights ACT House yes, ok, Republicans. Seventy eight Democrats, sixty nine we're getting closer they're making some progress Senate voted yeah. Republicans. Eighty two Democrats Sixty saw a majority of the country came majority. The representatives of the country supported it, but it was.
significantly higher- I think I mean you're talkin- about an average of twenty to thirty something point Republicans supporting civil Rights act back then now we all. I think everyone should know that. But of course, they're gone, Are you it's which since then that's the argument that they try and met right? I don't what did you guys did everyone out there? Did you know that you can come at below? I've been indoctrinated without yes no, I'm saying the other way, the other. What his point, and so this is all good for me- now actually learning this we're good whenever a day after now, not that way, you can get the money debris it's here is also something to note. Only one democrat politician, flipped to Republican during this time period were they talk. There was about how there was a switch and we're going to go through this transition. How it's taken place over the course of time really over the course of forty years, why it had taken place and it's not because people became more races, manufacture, it's the opposite, so sometimes
I see this a lot from the laughter people online. You who used to get us eleven atheist community, rather just correlation, does nickel causation now I know just apply here so people were racist, got it and then the map shifted right that shifted, more broken and you're, just assuming that's, because they became more racist. Why the switch? Why switch from the friendly Racist Democrat Party to the UN's we always historically non racist republican Party. You think that's here's, let's! Let's, let's just use logic here. What's the path of least resistance, that's always what they taken politics here, the path of least resistance was changing the entire party. Yes, I've got right, where I want them, say will lay low for forty years. So one Democrats wish to Republican during this time period that they talk about, only strong Thurman varied piece of shit, the right choice.
German was a Democrat K famously filibustered to fifty seven civil rights ACT for twenty four hours. Eighteen, It sets the longest filibustering history in history Democrat just to be clear Democrat because a lot of you don't remember the Democrats to the filibustering the civil rights there's another racist, a Democrat Robert Bird. He did not switch republican. He filibustered us. I checked for fourteen hours, one of the longest ever in industries to be, I think, in the top five until recently in the last, maybe twenty years and the greatest to happen. More often- and I mean this is Landsmen civic example, because people trying point two strong Thurman, so he became republican. Therefore, the party switched well look far, be it me to defend a strong Thurman as a perfect individual. However, you do have to understand that he switched to becoming a republican jacket and once he become a republic and after he was one of the first southern senators to hire a black aid. Yeah Turkey clearly band
rise. The civil rights ACT he actually push for an email k, Junior Junior sooner have that out their junior holiday and Joe Biden actually gave the eulogy for him say when he passed away, and he said obviously he addressed his and then he said, I came over to the good side and did some really in a good things, Org against what he had done. Only in all our ignite, the black a well. I don't know, maybe that maybe he was going to have a guy effect, but we're saying that this law gets, which has meant that the only example the Democrats point to brighten opponents, he became a Republican became less relevant in the party leader. He was racist when it was a Democrat, the snow. Nobody is doubting that no one is doubting that you as racist, listen to you, buttons words here. He said that he came to the good side later on in life. Ok, Joe. What does that mean? Because he was a Democrat before he came. The only thing that he'd switched was his party affiliation to write, publicans and you're, saying that he came to the good side and you
or the leader of the party. That is supposed to be the friend of African Americans and every minority group in the United States. In your saying this guy's, a good guy who became a Republican to die, that's Joe Biden saying he became a guy, he became republican and they hired some black AIDS had a change of heart. So well, Isabel Alot of scattered outcome. The point is, you can have it both ways now contrast that with Robert Bird, who remained a lifelong Democrats, worked for the clan just be recruited for the clan, so back then retired, unplanned devil. He was as his day. Job was filibustering. Civil rights act and he moonlighted as a clan Grand Dragon Wizard Cyclops and it became a greater. So then he became reader because you were there when we put Birgitta going to fire, make sure your way, your hood. Secondly, the clan fire. I came up with hoods for horses had enough? Well, here's a thing so haughty had a change of heart, accept as recently as two thousand one. He said this while still a Democrat,
lived out. My mom told me Robert. You can go to Heaven created body. What's nice summits, are we practice that there are white niggers? Well what a lot of white beard, my circle back that word well I said that in September tenth me hard I'm showing it wasn't inside job robber dropped, the end bomb live television twice and they had to cut four click: mating better covered the next day. Little silver guide us is going to have to be big. It's this! Isn't it out Bavaria Mistress on a Friday that a minor now I saw you ran back to the house, while she's drowning the lake. Now not exactly minor
again, and I am not saying that when he was saying that that means that he was racist because you need to take it in context and rain context. He was pretty racist and you think the wrong two planes went down. He was just a hairs. Links away from residency under Barack Obama as the present programme for him. I believe I heard Why do I say that at an open might not even getting white and words, and it was the most uncomfortable I've ever been? Wasn't it forget the audience. Yes, not everybody was, I guess, ripe spit on em No it wasn't getting lays you know. I was like this guy's gonna get hurt really bad after the show and I'm gonna walk. So let's go through kind. Now that you have these individual to filibuster the civil rights ACT. You now have numbers as to how the Civil Rights ACT. Five thousand seven hundred and sixty four came to be. Let's talk about the switch of southern Democrat. two Republicans switch that had taken place over the course of about forty years just to be cleared? It happened pretty
before the civil rights activist starting and then you should have started to see a transition again, you started his. Let's start with us. Both parties were races to begin with, ok at a certain both parties some degree to some degree and then one pulled away. One free this lives. I would call that pulling away. That's our closer boiler, so nice in twenty eight, for example, Herbert Hoover was seven in votes away in Alabama from winning majority of former confederate states. He also one forty seven point: six percent of the south popular vote does the nineteen twenty eight nineteen twenty and, by the way, I'm not saying that here great president genetically Louvre towns, man, you know what that one's on him. Saying that Thurman was an angel either now in order to adjust vacuum. As from that's how much he's undermining don't remind me of President Diagram, you hired me, I swear in Santa Damn either by nineteen forty two Democrats were already voting with report
and on non racial issues. Let me give you some examples here: nineteen fifty six Eisenhower who signed the fifty seven civil Rights ACT when a majority of the popular vote in the south So this is a change in have been occurring where you could see Republicans becoming increasing here's. What happened? Look! Let's look at that we'll go back to Abraham, Lincoln. I'm sure you all know this news republican alot of people didn't, but you watching right now listening. This is remedial for you, if use if you feel bored by this under stand. The chasm that exists between you right now, the viewer, the listener and people who are Ivy League universities, because most of them most Them can't tell you to which Party Emily I belong to forget about that later there timber. I know he was getting ready for an acute out because I did a video twelve years ago at Berkeley but understand that Abraham Lincoln right, you tell him, he was a wig at one point. Basically right the creator effectively or the UN would say the Republican Party certainly a pioneer, I think, that's fair trying to catch my words you to be careful, but you know what maybe I'm like
noted Republican free the slaves. However, you do have to look at it. like now and people. Let's say you're in a road trip: ok and the kids airy there. Yet are we there yet well, keep in mind that point when they free the slaves right privately emancipation problems? There was no there. Yet yeah right. So in other words, there is no blueprint. There's no roadmap yet, and Abraham Lincoln you had a republican party from its inception. That was really created out of struggle was born? Instructed the struggle was we just cannot reconcile our constitution and the ownership of human beings. That's the creation of the Republican! party and then you can see why this started changing. Why there was an evolution, why the south started changing after what we're talking about the civil war, and you see this party growing and increasing influence its it's tough for us to look back, go well,
there are now we have racists a non racist that then you wouldn't be able to define a racist to anyone K, because that was the baseline. So hopefully that helps you can actually so now what they will tell you is, of course this is what has happened, and then the party switched the kind of shy away from that and another arguments, but you know what it does. It doesn't matter because, right now the demo that's are the ones they're the ones championing civil rights so check me. The democratic party was once Party of White supremacy, supporting slavery and the crooks clan, The democratic party believes that government has an important role to play in society. It fights against economic inequality. It advocates policies that battle racial and gender discrimination, MA, Stu, be to work for vocs. Why What does it have? Any gender you're talking about race like racial and gender discrimination were piggybacking off that one? Ok, what I'm doing is trying to get these people to vote for the exactly the jury hard to see through this tricky.
What is a ruse pretty much? Ok, what level? Let's be cleared, Democrats have been taking advantage of black people specifically all now it's extended to all minorities, but specifically black people. Since slavery, let's go to the people who their examples, who might have been the strongest champions of civil rights. be Jack, the great society. Okay, this is something that a lot of people may not know about it. At a video in Detroit, it was my first on location, spur video believe back in two thousand. When we talk about great society, we talked about model cities. Programme talked about Jerome, cabin off. Maybe try sixty one, although at the today now great society incentive, increase the number of single parent household C4, the term baby mama. This goes back to great society. There was an update. financial incentive to not be married to not have a father in the household. This critical mass, a welfare state kept people, more reliant on government aid, it d, incentivize, work and now, of course, we take that to today real look at that. Ok, this is, let's call that soft, bigger
and we'll get to the hard bigotry. Only Jane saying that you thought Robert Bird with that, but the soft bigotry was hey. You know what, if you vote for us, we'll give you two checks: pay. If you for us, we'll give you more, will create this massive welfare state- hey you know, but just don't get married its. or if you have to single households and having a joint household and there was an incentive for people and he sought out cities. Detroit was also be but to be short of coinciding as a model city. The model cities programmes is Detroit, a model city now by his standard YAP. So we have to solve. Expecting a soft bigotry. What do we see that today? look at affirmative action. We see this with a democratic data. That's a civil that that's championing civil right by saying black people are showing capable of getting an university that we need to create a quota and, by the way, keep Asians out. These are that the consequences of low expectations, of viewing people simply as votes to be garnered is hey. We're gonna, quit a welfare state. That's great will give people free stuff
and the vote first. Well that hurts them. Hey affirmative action, universes and then you see black students dropping out at rates that are excellent we higher than their their counterparts. Why? Because you ve set them up to fail, but you should get to put yourself in the back. What else do we have or I D. Well, here's another example. So I dont, I can't think of an example in my lifetime, that is more more of a back handed insult then saying that black people can't procure identification. That's the way, of the new Voting Rights ACT. Its black people should never have I d, it hurts minorities. Can you think of an example of privileged white pricks speaking for black people more clearly than today, as I do not want a great just me Seventy three percent do not agree that incitement clothes
heritage in Amerika the dates back to most Americans when you think about it, the real reason they wouldn't have idea to treat them like they're, a new class when they helped build the country makes absolutely no sense good point. Listen! There's your husband say. I mean at this with L B Jays incentives is basically saying like a lot of people say these are perverse incentives integrated like men and he was making people dependent. That was his entire.
because look at the amount of money that you get the amount of money that you get is not enough to feel great and and live a lavish lifestyle? It's just enough digital. Now, you out of there it's getting your hungry you're, not starving, Brander elbow Jays plant right, that's what he did and it's not you're, not so hungry that you're gonna God make a change. Your just comfortable enough. The mess that you're in two not make a chill there have been. There have been people who try to think. I dont want to misquote anybody, but there is the recent presidents of sports organisations what one might have been Dana white with the sea bottom. This has also been used to be fair. It's been used to corrupt places like boxing where they basically underpaid fighter, Selina taken financial advantage of them, but it's been said to that with athlete, and you see this with a lot of athletes. Pragmatically speaking, you have people than the heads of sports nations have said in a problem. Is someone comes in whose really hungry coming in from university? They gonna tens of millions of dollars and its real. Now they don't care, and it's hard to
device and so a lot of the time you these people want these athletes under their thumb and pay them enough, so that they too can reap the benefits, but there still hungry. I think the old quotas Marvin Hackler it's hard to get up at five in the morning to go four run when you're waking up and silk sheets, and so Elbow J understood this now that it actually so that the Democrats were there are saying we're gonna get, you just enough, but just enough to make it next check so that- and you know where that check is coming from by the way- that's how you condition- dogs, to be clear. How do you conditions this is how you train does I turn a lot of animals, but certainly dogs. If you want a condition and positively you reward behavior with a treat, but guess what you don't. Do you typically don't do that right after a meal right, you give him a treat, you don't feel em up on a tree, because they need to know what the next treats coming from its all right. You get this now go over. There, ok set you get this tree. I know it's not enough.
Not you not starving you have enough, but ok now lay down no, no tria. Here's a check, no I hold on a second make sure are even oak, here's another one, but I just enough. Ok, here's a welfare state. Ok, here Abd cards. Ok, this is, How it works at is how you condition people to becomes right control. Here's eviction moratorium, even though I know its, not legal, and by the way this is not a new theory right. This is written down in proverbs in scripture. If a man does not work, he does not eat, and paraphrase is basically to say let his belly he is guide. When he's Hungary, enough he'll, get up and go work so that he can eat that. kind of motivation we need, because we're at our heart were selfish lazy people and if you allow, was to live there produces nothing good style I give my dogs bt card. They don't want children hazard. Is that what it is because I dont even care. What's the probably just said let if, if
and does not work? He does not let his belly be his guide. I think that's all in one, but it may be a God one hell of a guide us here. I gotta get too many people's Bell Are there guides right now when I? Yet when I use my belly compass that things happen and toilets Oh here's. Also, Albania, that's the soft racism and you see it through policy. I hate that term. It that's the term that we're sort of using it, because it's terminally, probably more familiar with, served when it's not hard right? Here's the hard racism from L B, J Historians, Ronald Chrysler, endorse good when these are all courts. On the record These are Obi Jake these needs. Rose, getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us. Here's another quote now. I've got to do something about this. We ve got to give them a little something just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference, and I want to give you another quote, because this is something back on a lot of credit I come and now you can see the references.
But that mainly writing articles. Before this show was a size that it was a big part. What we did was writing daily articles and It was tough to find a source for this quote from L B. Janus have been circulating, around and so we ended up doing a story. I think, a long time ago, on snobs not fact checking this horrible quote that you're about to hear from L B J not saying it's false but doing everything in their power to avoid acknowledging that its true, because again, these courts, MRS Stories, that you just heard no one doubts them. Ok, who presented these quotes. These people are legitimate. You have Robert Crescent right. These are the previous crops, nip pain, stuff like ok. This was set now: silk Schroeder, the fight. Owing quote as unproven, even though the other ones? We know our true from this? sources. Robert Kressler wrote that, and I just well, it's says I'll- have N words voting Democrat for two hundred years. I would quote accurately, but I'm not Robert birds. Why can't get away with it? I'm so happy
now the slopes, rationale for fat checking. This quote to be cleared. Like you didn't, say those false writer. This then I can't prove it True. This is the rationale. It's a circling back to the quote: We started it wouldn't have been entirely out of character for Albania to have had something like I'll have those Edwards voting Democratic for two hundred years, but on balance we have to question its authenticity now keep in mind. This is the same snowplow that said, Ellen Omar did not marry her, brother sorry got on removing unroofed, unproven, his american Here's a name I'm going to sit there with yeah yeah straws we don't, but when it comes to incest, unproven means. Yes, I can. I paraphrase snobs at sounds like you I'm here I mean it seems like something she would do. I mean, if I'm being honest about, I'm, usually not get what he said before. This really is that's not as bad as what he said. Otherwise, yes, probably listen now mean we can't
we can all be alive for forgot. You never made a mistake. Some of us merrier brother. Listen. He said for one hundred years, Stephen that false quotes snub said we could prove true and political factor raided it, as I forgot that your MR perfect supermarkets, I mean come on aside. We watched him, do it, I wasn't there. Guerrilla guy will fill out their votes for them for the next two. I only saw it s the only kid We are worried about their. I went about the ill Omar, her her Non brothers son, I have no idea just jump the wrong fiery, hoop prison first pillar, one Sloan kisses her father figure but the more significant element. Would you buy good job waken Should you and anyone we must tackle the matter with you or anyway, so Prodi, here's another!
our human, that they make that link in her mood have been a Democrat today right. You hear this a lot you'll see to have full reference. The velvet lot of credit outcome. Of course I say that this is incorrect, but don't take my word for party Abraham Lincoln, don't ever you don't say it all the time everyone thinks it. Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat Rambler Great Republic. Ok, so here's something let me try and simplify this ok. Wow in the two thousand eight election, John Mccain was trying to distance himself from George W Bush, because you went out the best present people weren't happy with them. I gave you endorse. It is that's all right so. If the party today the Republican Party today, if you say they switch, this is the premise we just showed you from from vocs in what was at the one is truth before wherever it is, look out truth, the guy everybody knows. I don't know another guy Ghana, pleasure
So now I don't know, there's a pejorative. Nondescript, if it absolutely as if I were to say, look if I were to say the guy in the other people like little, which clip GIG Fletcher, I gotta yet include plied try. So if the parties which from Abraham Lincoln ok the acknowledgment right, the premise from the left is Abraham, Republican Free, the slaves, but then it switched why what today's Racist Party be clamouring to continually identify themselves with Abraham Lincoln. Why? what Donald Trump say, in other words, Hopefully the Donald Trump as a politician right who just want to say what people want to hear? Why is the current republican, summing that all other current republicans, like the Republican who free dislike nor the illusion strategy, if you were saying it to a room of racist, does not make sense, it would be booed. Jeered so, and trunk does have a point, though, that they often try to claim the left they try to have been. A lot of people believed that this was, I think, back in two thousand nine, and I just to be clear. I hate the kind of jaywalking Gotcha Stuff
because you can do that with anybody. However, the context here was, I never planned on doing a video asking the Party of Abraham Lincoln. It came up. This is before the term virtue signally existed. Ok, it came up because I asked people who their favorite president was in everyone. Well, most people invariably answered Abraham, Lincoln and so was a simple phobic. Ok, which twitch party belong, and then they couldn't answer this. These are current students at Berkeley or as a left, our first you their best and brightest. I guess that's chemicals as ever: Abraham, Lincoln, Lincoln, Abraham, Lincoln Abe Lincoln was easily the most popular naming the party the older, with a beard and hat little more daunting and towards party did yes Abe. Lincoln was not a we not sure
whither grievously, unlike anything now nominally republican, well she's based, equally right yet Finally, a Republican HA. Second, you mean first, are violated, be clear, was a wig and then said: I'm going to create something republicanism where you, oh nine nominally it's a guy. You know, Edison nominally somethin light bulb, Antonov, yes, she's, a gross, no sentiment when the anomaly likes to fly kites Democrats, loved slavery, so much they try. The form another country and have that as the platform yeah don't move their statute, but do you? understand the argument that you're making do you think that just goes away, though they just want a better the control you initiative, asteroid anomaly means Gabby, like I don't know, nothin really ominously means say said it, and I set it something, and that's about
the end of my answer. I dont know what that sounds anyhow. I'm not sure. If that same, this is back in two thousand and nine seven doings this latter. With the latter with crowded, I think, started pick two thousand. Thousand around the Senate and negative way like when agreeing as it wasn't. This exact should all right. It was, you know back than there were no podcast like when we started this part guesswork again. There was no there yet, but the latter with crowded episodic. These started like, and I want to say to those. Ninety thousand eight. You look so young. Thank you I mean now back, then he looked pretty bad word. It's always its it's it's just one of life's cruel tricks that you lose your your baby fat once you grow your beard, but it's an eminently gray does go great Britain as a rule that you shouldn't able have gray, hair and pimples, I hate that I lost all that baby fat.
I would like an old baby, the baby collecting social security that what I've been. So I think it same video, I did a Berkeley series. It might be that one, but you can search go back to through this. If you're on you too right now, by the way, if you're on Youtube smash that like button right now, it's also something that helps you can come at. Blower gonna wrap this up and go to my club. In two thousand nine also I was in class and they didn't have hidden cameras back then. So I was literally me with a baseball cap and the equivalent to forego protein in it. The truck you had better put like you, don't want those picture cameras in a coffee cup that would last about thirty five seconds, but you can see some footage where teacher is teaching their students at Berkeley. I'm in the classroom is before hidden cameras have existed on, Youtube A teaching them that we meaning Americans went
to the old world and captured and enslaved people and took them to the new world, and I asked her just a simple question. This is a big class and back then I look young enough Right Dave, so I asked ass a professor at eight. Yet how many of these slaves in the United States, whereas is stolen, you know, captured versus sold and purchased soul, the slavery from the old world should that's a very good question teaching the class- and I dont know the answer to that. Well, it's the Lois number Ulysses is eighty percent and its highest. Ninety five. Depending last amidst that you use what's in there. that guy who was did the beer summit. I forget his name, the black eye, with the crazy here Fred Rogers, the black it with Croatia so monopoly. The beer summit at the White House remember that guy don't with the cop Clarence
no, I didn't know my brother on CNN that guy, I forget his name anyway, I'm sure yeah estimated that was nineties. I think ninety six per talkin about yeah I gave in getting us now, but this the lower. The number is eighty: what did it narrowed down? You find it have not yet done that. I know not Dunkin done inside promoter. What did I citizen Black guided the outer, like it, colonel, something not colonel, something it's gosh. Yes, it's colonel sand or hits remember his name. I cannot remember the guy's name, I'm horrible! I mean. I know your picture face in my head. There's a beer summit with Brocklebridge, because this guy got this is the cover. First looks likely. I blames the third though I know it. I know you're down from the hills from the who was the first guy who got arrested by a police, for survival and made it about race and so Brok Obama invited him to the White House. There was a beer summit and one of them prefer one of them preferred blue Moon. I can remember all and I know that one hundred percent right, but I
remember his name. Isn't that insane elusive you meet a mule early drink you. Yet they are the white guy. You prefer blue moon. He refinement of blame slip. Malt lick anyway summit. Financial, get it on my club. But the point is this was I was like a black liberation geologist guarantees a professor and wait corner Wes Car sales, colonel now, when you type and learns Williams and tell me if they know what is the third that- and I do mean I don't mean like in a race they just some people. Looking right, you look like I'm an didn't. You gonna show within one time and he got up and start with that corner West now No, no! No, that's not what you would more or less is very highly educated. Not I know it's a decent skype in with somebody, and he said his brother crowded in your like jokingly, said. I am not your brother and this guy I swear to you. This was, I think, up a Michigan. You Skype into an interview in this guy who has had got mad. got mad. He looked like corner west. If it wasn't, Coronel last may vary, a guy walked off. Yes, I. How can you not remit?
this. I dont remember this is hilarity. We gotta find this something I think, maybe that I was joking anyway you're talkin about coyly. You had really pissed him off. He was very seriously angry porno eastern conference and that's what it says. Yes, I did corner out the point, as I remember him, estimating Coronel West. I think if you type in this right now, you know it will take your jets. I want to say that he said, or he gave an estimate that MT of slaves who are sold as opposed to captured, was ninety seven percent. I think you might have it is high, is ninety six percent, while so you guys can find that reference more I'll show it on my club, but everything else and by the way this is this, is there will be a bone to have won there in the mission control on Mug club, who fact checks we think that I just said: Coronel West was arrested, a police officer, then Burma. Obama had them to the White House for a beer summit, one of them for
blue moon and also find the number the estimate from Cornell West about how many of them were sold into slavery versus captured. These are the things that I remember it's bizarre and I can't remember- and it's like me, like I remember you want to. I want to hear it. Ketamine, Highschool, you're, an honor soon, a member here in the international programme. You did figure Skating house, member that you're here was blown than you died. It read. I remember that, like what you have a what's my name, I don't know what else the salt left eye west. Lincoln. Let's go back to Lincoln what does he was a firm believer in personal liberty and the constitution. Let me read you some quotes nights. I arrived from using snoops now he said, in all of the people, can individually do as well for themselves. Government ought not to interfere. We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who preferred the constitution. So this is what I want to leave you with it that the shift in the south with something in it so funny, because I asked I often encourage being
doctor. I encourage you to be able to it that there is an old saying I don't member who said it. So this is not came under the name of who said it does not seem to have you can't explain if you can give your pitch. If you can explain the concept, make your case in thirty seconds or less you have no business making it. So I think it's important. I think it's a valuable skill not to take simple topics and make them complicated, but to take complicated topics and make them some why? I believe that any skill some. I think this is the difference between sort of Aren't you singling and reading your resume verses aid and actual scale comparing, for example, trade schools versus agenda How do you say one is of value? It benefits, others right, useless skill or a useless degree or in this case a useless gift where people want to pretend to be? Let's say: hyperbole, intelligent it's a gift for yourself if you can take a simple topic and make a complicated, so fewer people understand it and then use the term new wants to cover your tracks, you're, not helping anybody, a valley,
we'll skills. Somebody really really smart was able to take it and boil it down. So, ironically, one who says there's nothing wrong with being reductive, actually value that skill more than creating something or making it complex and it needs to be in this situation. Look it that the transition of the south to Republican took place over a long period of time. It took place, over a long series of issues, and I encourage it go check all references again at the website. The link is in description, however, so it is more nuanced but to simplify it, Republican Party was created, was created to and slavery. That's a big reason for not the only reason, but the Republican Party was born out of ok, Aigner Terminal Inert, moral conflict assented like a southerner oil oil aiming loyal. It was born at arm's length. It was born out of struggle. It was born out of a conscience of look. We cannot do this. We can't keep people as property.
and then talk about property rights and talk about individual rights, that's how it was created. That was the reason that it existed and you'll look through history Ok, they supported civil rights. You see that and then today you still see Democrats enacting legit. ITALY the kind of soft bigotry of low expectations that you saw from L b J. you saw a long time ago, and today you still have Donald Trump, you still Rhonda Santas! You still have today's Republicans invoking Abraham Lincoln. So we're anti slavery. They were anti racist back then, and the people today still want to have him on their money and get his endorsement. There's a lot that happen in between just don't buy the premise from the left, because if you just fact check a little bit just a couple of points, falls apart, and by that I mean actually fact check, not a snowball Eleanor may or may not have banged her brother. Ok right now leave a comment, we're about to go to my club and take your chance you to piss off
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