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Steven Crowder runs through the news you missed, the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, and provides counterpoint to the leftist media's spin!

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William as an ongoing morning, because a copyright violation there we need to fight hard strike, a treadmill on amendment whole, big business, that's gossipy settings, really glad to have you today. We have no guess because ruins at eleven o clock dont want guess my occasionally boorish, monsieur and look right next to a man there is. Is given verbal is given to tell them what you races. So I am norwegian Danish, Welsh and one quarter remember, I said, relax relax, bring an. I got an idea. I am partially wealth life lady from Frazier exacted will get back to you. It's ok loosen up losers and authors maybe get a little. We must coordinate like air. It is year away is area. You look very black when your dress, like the husband in leaving a trail of getting chop suey
Mary than overlays Gerald a. How are you, sir doing very well good morning. Earth and I'm gonna go. We will not get too. We do have some information that stumbled upon that. No one else seems to be talking about. They seem to have missed. I know it's hard to trust a guy in a bathrobe, but do give it your best effort, of course got a lot of credit comic, Slash scheduled by the way. So you can see all of the one is this. This is down here. I see an actual gonna, my pet local councillors schedules. You can see all of our broadcasts we have in the morning. We have them at night. Is mug of corn slow money entering the promo code quarantining at thirty dollars off? If you are new in do it. Please, because this is what gives us afloat and we are trying to give you a much content as humanly possible. Ok, given, let's give it another quick check, yes so I am sure that he is our word Stephen.
I'm a quarter of an hour and ok I thought it was italian for the longest time order. Ok, so how did that? Is there like a military history, new families and how to have a you know I'm not I'm not! Even if you didn't know Gerald Name and you didn't and all you heard was Gerald Voice and even if you didn't yours voice, you saw transcript of that question. You would know that Europe has an old like. I did I get that question. That says it ain't dead in the military was your dad and develop their obligation. No, he smoked a lot of weight. Given answers are what's your answer, given that, yes, I've read your researchers. Give me a new update. That's enough Reggie only to get me. The updates from all the news Renault is like adding transparency will want to use the absent days down to shine
grace Bro, I guess right now. There is that we can bring this up to Cute Mattie CBS just put an article that New York City S, sitting mass burial cuts for everyone whose died from coal Why? So? I guess there tweet doesn't claim it. We ve got that what we, the its trending under a Trump burial pits. What was that I was just a little all right get that around someone who's gonna be hunted voices someone's gonna, be collecting double the checks because you'll be unemployed, so you make more money, we gotta do we haven't up yet we have the video ok from the tweet. There we go. We haven't. Let me see it They're, ok, they're aerial, right so to declare hard island is actually where any unclaimed bodies without next of kin are buried, regardless what they die from, so they been using it for these purposes.
Eighteen eighty one around a million people are buried there. So I just want to be clear: you can kind of here a portion of his story with covered, but not the entirety of it, certainly not the context, and that matter so we're going to get to the death rates, and I want to talk about this quarter because I'm just got really quite dead. This line repair steadily money, not death from covered their lying about it and we're going to catch, funding. That is your right on your dad. Someone like nobody's did not hear lively little, but that's a horrible argument. Let's get outta here now. It's not a good way to put applies. That does not only get out in our lives, but I would rather get out of here like have eighty five years before I get out of exactly he didn't say, Oh yeah, I know but isn't in time that is a terrible as it was shown so before before we move on to the death rates and written link in a couple of other things that have given me nor do I thought it was italian talent for, like knights and Bill, Richmond is half asian, but
turns out. I notice you they moved in a junkie, videogame live stream. Given was I mean I'd turn you said menu you'll, like you got some son opponents and Oliveira as a crap there's a shortage, and then I realized, I know just had half a beer right. Yes, ok, so we want to test this because race is not imaginary. It's real, and so this morning I until you're going to lead this off and have account downtime or to see how long it takes too, get to the point of Rosetta it's time for our in studio asian Rosetta? Ok, goods
a guy half asian bill. Richmond is not real outcome. You're taking your chat, live on the blaze as well, so let us know who you think is going to Rosea Shaath. First, that happened in face of film with an occasional tangible to noise tat my face. We ve got some, we ve got some bourbon aims. Are amendments or really some bourbon right and did you both port, its both poor go hearing? We have are ready drink it right now and then we will timer to the time of the audience. Someone said a stopwatch. If you dont have a timer from the outset, a stopwatch are we gotta get account to how they do about how we use that, for that's, just account doubt would have had five minutes, you drink it all of it, Oliver liquor in the morning. Lacquer in the morning is anyone's he said he thinks that he might kill over dead. Pretty quickly I want more. You get more, I feel like thirty
For now is getting remain their phone with Youtube Google later here I don't wanna, be though, in carrying that weight and by the way for reference, whatever color scale, compared to Why do I think that if you read my thoughts is terrible does not even understand what you're? What was I talked about it? Yesterday I have my foot. A nice bathroom did is in jail horrible medical advice. I found that you're not supposed to keep it in the pool of ice for more than ten minutes. Nearly Gore Crab, you don't know anything any such every trainers. Let me bring this that, what's up with a death ratification following as I have yes, I've lost sleep over this by the way I want to know. This is something I am very curious about. Two people out there how many people watching ran out didn't we have corona virus. Do any of you actually contracted coded nineteen. I forget the number sometimes like where we are
on twenty two July. Nineteen, and do you know any one he's dying from current of ours. I want to know people out there. What is anecdote all, but, of course we see the data, and sometimes you don't. You know you don't realize what's going on until you see how it affects real folks name them every like people out there, but I'm going to say something here: the deaths, that's it you're, getting our boat crap. Now I want to keep manage search this, because this is a story is going around everywhere in the morning you guys I've heard there. Undoubtedly under accounting, death wreck, they're, saying they're, probably more deaths than we know about. Can you bring the subject matter yet run the search? If you run that search that's in their covert debts under reported, let's just happen that cover death under important.
And I ve been a search this morning. Ok, though, you got nothing but articles about how it is under reported how there are more deaths than we know, you're a couple of things that we need to keep in mind, and everyone knows us. The original production was two point. Five million then thought you just admitted that the projection of a hundred and two and forty thousand wasn't overestimate, and now it's about sixty thousand now keep in mind some people arguing with us, because the social distancing noted the estimate was a hundred deterrent, forty thousand, taking into account social distancing that that would reduce it to that number and keep in mind that a huge portion of the social distancing wasn't supposed to have an impact. Yet when it comes to kick in because we're a lot of people who were carriers or who were a symptomatic, so you cannot have it both ways. It's important enough. Here's something else while we're talking about this and we support you- should really trust the medical advisers. Dont trust, Donald Trump well as we're talking about as it turns out the actual deathrays. Let's go to doktor doktor books.
Just be in this report. It is because of technical standards characterize so I think in this country we ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality face mass. She will have nothing to style statement of what you re job. It's the cottage, the exact handkerchief we put on Betty apparition, space. So I guess she's, a pink handkerchief chosen, shielded from microbes. You should know No! I don't know if you please one on tv, so really quickly, just a couple stats that will set summing up because I lost sleep over this last night. I stumbled across a million I'm amazed not a word on so New York. They said they would need. Member about thirty thousand ventilators yeah member Donald Trump got so much crap. You can guys you guys, don't it to be statue. This isn't. Madame two souls are you're drunk given
has just very like David, dangerous, ok, now, ok, now is this Asian this is the big they wanted it already. And ventilators. Remember this and down to I don't know what to do with them. Ladys. We need to look into that and I wonder how could dare he say that while they picked needing only a fraction what they thought of four thousand they ve never needed. Thirty thousand ventilators are certainly reach that peak, yet something else that is important. Ok, I, this is how it kind of started. Last night I was looking at going well, people that flew must be compromised, so how many people are dying just from the flu, and I noticed we can have this overlay right here. This is the CDC image that flew death and the mole
they ve gone on effectively zero. It's weird! I wait a second at this historic Lee decade, yet Owens getting the flute this year right. Why now here's the thing? I wanted to assume as usual that I am wrong, but rather a researcher is very smart, and so If I say anything you haven't, even you are wrong when I scare- and I got discovered something like I had this- I have this phobia and it's because I was a kid and I went to summer company had a prize for someone who invent something and use Hetty like we. Can you make it a pike cleaners and what I did was I made. I made a dog feeder where the dog pushes a button and the pipe cleaner pushes open a serial box and feed them, and then you get but now they said it wasn't honey. I shrink the kids and Rosalie I did so I didn't find so I always assume that I'm wrong. If I have incited weighing on something showing them like wells
I said: ok well, maybe what's happening is just won't know that doesn't make sense, because more people will be tested for the flu going and ready for being time for bed. You think more people are being tested, maybe because the social differences can arise, Europe with more people are being set for the flu bs. So many of most people who were going in for covert testing are actually getting tests have recovered because the reserving the test for the people who are higher risk right showing severe symptoms, but they have enough flew tests, so all of those people are being tested for the flute. So I yes, no one hundred percent. We are rightly more flew to write. So the flu death rate is very low. Were testing Well, ok, so just come out of the past, but I was I was pebbles advocate of myself, but my actual advocate, yes, was the devil, he's going to be altered, our lawyer and yes, we like why it yes,
Charlie's there again or even averaging right here is going down the organic lights. Pianos no way Another excellent piano, but you know I'm a little inside baseball for those who join us in the morning. I know how wrong Stephen is when he pitches something a ridge by how long Reggie says that the reason you know register thinking like I tell him he's right. Thing I'd better data, huge idiot and likely you know, there's a good chance, but the one thing I do well surround myself with geniuses so you'll, never now, because I'm an idiot with self, if you like it you may remember I mentally retarded.
Barely where so I check with people who matter was gaunt. O K, L flew debts were the same thing with pneumonia. I said. Maybe fewer people are getting tested, no more people are getting tested and keep in mind. Do you also seven fifteen per cent of all flew deaths every year are some form of carnivores, not this novel for innovation, but some form of current a virus. That's why you're Lysol and you're not going to hit threat as hey kills Krona virus without seventeen thousand deaths recorded from corona virus. So what this is telling us right now is that all of those flew death, all those
the Mona death right, those theirs it they're all being counted as corona virus. So that's important another. These kind of leverage thing is being counters grown of ours, and even if they have these other conditions and other work here, that's not really fair, because that's not the standard that we use in measuring death for anything else. For example, if someone has the flu when they also going undergoing chemo treatment recount cancer is the leading cause of death. So right away, that's tipping the numbers a little bit, but then it gets worse. Here's what I went to the CDC website after I saw that charting food. A thing is weird: this is how their counting death a lot of people, are saying, while they're just their counting death. Almost every they want to be liberalized bricks, not briquettes HANS Bricks, Burke's just set. This is from the city. So you bring this up, take email. Your people will think I'm lying in cases where a definite diagnosis of covert nineteen cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely
compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty. It is acceptable to report covered nineteen under death certificate as probable or presumed in these insects. Instances. Certify should use your best clinical judgment in determining if a covert nineteen infection was likely, so it's really. Not only are they London, I'm just gonna. Somebody was not yet a space. What he has just guess, you're here. Not only are they bumping into often go. Look at the charts flew des boom, nothing pneumonia s boom, nothing at all,
of a death. Not only are they all being registered is covered nineteen debts, but doctors can also there you go. That was a chart from early the flues dropping out, but they can also make a guess that while we assume that person died from coven ready, this is important for two reasons: sciences, flawless: the scientific method is flawless human beings applying it our are not. Do you not think for a second that some leftist activist who also happens to work in a hospital New York is not going to take every single opportunity possible to try and label this a covert nineteen death if they are not required to actually show any proof of a positive das, think about the media does with this, or even even somebody who is one more thing, and they wanted to one more thing this. This is what crazy about it, because you know how can these models be so wrong? And maybe someone out there can totally correct me on this everything I've said yours are taken directly from a city see website. They don't apply the same standard to infection rates, so they can.
Assume at someone has covered nineteen unless they test positive, and we now know court you, the CDC, twentysomething per cent of people are asymptomatic. Eighty percent of people have very mild symptoms, so We cannot say, oh that person didn't. I wouldn't want to test we're pretty sure they have covert, because right now the running of the flu tests right, they are actually trying to eliminate possibilities, so they can guesstimate. I hate that word, but I'm using a because I want to ask you to love. I get that its we're done. An estimate is to make a guess, what's guesstimate, to make up shit we get it. The same exact that it'll double guess. If you liked it be like new saying redundant, its re come dumb, recumbent dampened what, downloading. I'm just saying it's redundant times to estimate I was. I was gonna purpose either, not only two of us reserve. We are a covert nineteen death, you can guess, but you can not guess you have to have proof of infection. Read what do you think that does to the mortality rate, not the overall DES far.
Fewer people are saying, deaths are being underreporting. No, no! No! No! No! No! No, no infections! being under reporting role. We know we could have two three four ten times the amount of people right now out there with covert nineteen. We cannot guess we cannot estimate, but we can throw up Numbers, if we think within a reasonable, I guess sort of barometer of suspicion that they could have Kova nineteen we listed as a covert nineteen death. So what I do that can take any mortality rate from point two percent point, four percent to three percent or five percent and its import denote. That's what the models were based on that for the two point five million came from and in the one hundred. To turn and forty thousand, so you can talk about social distancing. All you want, and that is true. You should be taking your precautions where your masks, which we said before they said you should wear masks and about the gonna commands they wear, masks, knowest or damage year. A pair leaving a comic, bathrobe et Cetera. We still do not want to change tack, but this is incredible that the models are based on this. This is what happens when you don't have an Asian doing it
Right here in an Asian would know that all these holy crap ones look at looking given get a close and I'm givin wow, You can get right up to really get right, not right, get right to look at the real concerns. Bill, I told you guys, I'm only asian from the waste of the neck you get more road. Does it increases? the rate limiting factor it'll keep happening. I'm gonna get pretty splash of mobile,
Oh go out and I want to say a photograph ruler. I will give him another drink visa. I want finally to lose another beer for anyone. Ok, someone out there, I'm just gonna, given our children's rights a minute ago, could talk of care and I like bartender something else that I need to add here that we then seventeen thousand deaths reported from carbon nineteen right a bad flues two years ago was sixty one thousand so right now, if you total upload s from this year, which drop them zero when he had discovered pandemic. Thirty, nine, a total of thirty nine thousand. If you add a covert and flew bats Lou, was sixty one thousand. So if you add up all of the flu deaths right now, the pneumonia that all of the carbon nineteen debts, it is still not as high as a slightly severe flu nothing. I won't get higher than that, but we do not think is comparable to the flu as far as how easy it can be transmitted, but we shut down the entire economy. For that number, not even
and this is with the books being cooked and you'd correct me. If you think I'm wrong, I think if you are allowed to guess, if you lump all DES Undercover nineteen, regardless of whether they re called morbidity, are there and then you're allowed to gas and say: let's talk enough scope in nineteen, but you cannot do it with the actual infections. I think that's dishonest and the american people should know they should. Why is it consider journalistic malpractice? is to let the american public in on positive news ray. I have no idea, and I think that the whole point of this is that we're all willing to make a sacrifice, we're all willing to do. We need to do to stop some kind of threat, but with the response needs to be in proportion to the threat and right now we don't understand the threat, and so, when you come at me with two and a half million deaths early on, that means, if you'd strap lighted up. But a hundred million people in this country of three hundred and sixty million three fifty wherever it is, are gonna get this virus were in China, even if they were lying by a factor of ten they had a million
yeah you're telling me we're gonna have a hundred times what China had written. Two and a half million are gonna die. None of it made any sense, but that's the number that we used to say. Oh god, we have to close of writing. We because if anything now numbers that they use right now, let's go down the two hundred, but you know what I'm saying. I think if you actually, if you actually want to know the number of people who are young and item even mean under fifty and relatively healthy, digital, could still be overweight by the way
talking about the abandonment, allow people who don't have severe conditions already. If you want to know the total number of people who will die from covered with that were already well pass, a number of the number another total that's is actually significantly higher than I think we will ever reach as far as young healthy people. Now again, what did we do on this programme? We said it could get really bad, but there's some there's some politics at play than I had my doktor on doktor choice. Growing we talked about it, told people what precautions they could take. We ve tried to be as clear as possible and I do think that a lot of this not not affect the virus is not a hoax, of course, not methodical, nothing, but the political fall out. We will look back at this as one of the greatest chance petroleum. Yeah with some of the most dire consequences. Closing down the economy like this. It takes time to come back to write society because you don't drink I'll keep drink. I want to say this is I'm gonna level with you? It's usually freezing cold in the studio, but I'm about to take off every No, that's totally. Finally, when at large
are we allowed. We see the black magic. Can you check? Let's check you not to be an can't? Wouldn't you check the blotches? You ain't gonna blackjack, while you, but while you're doing that you check it lets. I believe we have Thomas Finning don't we with a draft reports? Okay, we know that many of you, of course, you're wearing routines, have been affected, and so we are here to serve you time for traffic report with Thomas. Ah Mister Finn, again, are you there, sir? I am here even good. Thank you! You're staying, so please update us on what people expect in their morning me. Will you come from all directions? just happened. It was what just happened. Thomas Finnegan, we're not wearing once you're in the kitchen centre, get a look out for some emergency responders. Ok, we're cleaning up an earlier incident involving the microwave and aluminium for I'll, lose many. Oh hello, Medium. I didn't know that our rapporteur was canadian. Ok,
learning about what we can hear you Are you sure everyone is commendable everything you're saying at nine twenty four central figure? I want you to know about nothing else, waving, you're right, it are you trace. Your toilet floated thinks you're the bathroom really. Maybe I think he had a dead spot, yeah Lafayette, large area now Louisiana cutters. Do you know if you're blotchy.
He is all of that doesn't mean. I'm really ought to drinks and to drink, or did you get hit with a blow dark? Somebody tracked him from the sea. Can people let's go? Let us not noticing that, can you can see the step gotta get up to the camera here, get Jonah. Actually you know that you're just take us her headphones and come over here. So people can see so this, so this is, for contrast, this is pretty red. That's my verbal but come over comrades year. Given so people can Eddie gothic us look at us look at my days. We may need a face. Johannaeum easier, oh my god. While Lord Breed now faces red, is where I got. This isn't an ice bad. You look like
boy. Maybe a little bit like I'll do is sitting bull over here. I think we proven our point. You wanna, do you wanna go when the red School here need some crap rising overlays, we're ok by my Joanna, go back out there and sit in the other yogi bow and take a breather not only of America. We ve been here. I believe that it is easily adaptable. I think he might arise, not swell. You know that, so this happened me. I was doing the story, the suddenly indulge when I found out that this happened. I was at a party and I was drinking beer, aided about half a beer, and someone comes up ago. Are you ok, yeah right? What are you talking about? Of course, market is about the six or seven person that came with me and said. Are you ok and put their hand on my shoulder that I went to the bathroom and said? Oh, my god, what the heck definitely something else it happens do when he gets drunk. He gets it
sing you get more or less articulate, but very chatty very quiet, most of the tough, but he's a very with Italian for nine months. I had no idea with Asian. Do we know what this? The asian rotation could ever I had a psychiatrist who taught you think it's a genetic it at any time that it is it's an enzyme thing, isn't so kind of like like those in tyrants. Ok, what people are missing that enzyme their hopes and digest like those in cultures. We definitely in a we, usually don't drink milk, ok, lactose, intolerance, too. I am actually pretty good like those in time. I've, Laos and you are like how do you do with bats delighted that is there. I like that, that bad bad shrimp. Yet your bad bad is that by called of genocide, I'm not gonna live one. Let me incredibly sick. I wouldn't mind that audio way we have for me this morning. What do you think about it? You think he's safe and we need another. I hope side. It does look like his forehead about the pop.
Now, don't you can you look like an arrest? Eric was heard our peanut butter and I was on the toilet just trying to letting out through its now known moraine, you gonna blow our airlines and our feeling. Well, you know when you gave him water, let us now what we does day it'll be country attributed as a covert nineteen, that several of the supervisory bodies are held and I were helping out and what we got campaign adding to those deaths hay and by the way, please do hit the notification. Bailiff, your subscribed, if you haven't written microbial Canada COM, Slash, mug club crowded bits, is another Youtube channels. I too and check it out. I guess so something else I want to talk about. This is making the rounds quite a bit and dumb that do the Hydroxyl cholera Queen thinks remember. We were on this really early to the point where, when we titled are Youtube video about Chloric Queen, I remember that we cannot go through a title process. We, okay, we want to ensure that people can search it and find it
we must highlight bodies unbuttoned Sars is generated like an automatic. My wrists yeah, I'm just gonna, go to term regulates Ahem sexual assault is not a good nervous. Ten, it's our more severe than a word with every Herman back up some people say, and I just go. The other member states should be legal, really gotta. Think I'm a bad lawyer. What what's wrong with him? He's nervous really ways what you need. That's more proactive. Then it's here you got spreadsheets the trunk clerk. One thing we have to remember: we said what we do want to title clerk. When I got ready people don't away Hanukkah can we should check and was seen in a little bit? Let's see every continent, except in article Petrograd, coded nineteen, real, then correlation is all we need to know called kills it.
I think it's time to move this CNN. We did not attend it because you said multilingual clerk we so, let's see, if we can, Dr Weir, and now this has become the number one cause is to attack Donald Trump clarifying. This has become that the causes becomes the luxuriant it's unbelievable and when you actually look at it, I think the big reason why many can bring up that overlay. I think the reason why is because he's right they tend not to like that. When you add a legal, oh there's, euro scientific evidence will. There is actually quite quite a bit of evidence. Many hundreds of people we ve seen different. We should have various in the rates of efficacy in these different sort of canoe, you're, not double blind clinical trials, but they're about as good as you can get the already approved drug that can be prescribed off label and now over sixty and doctors signed a petition. Six thousand doktor signed on saying this, withdraw that they actually supported its being used in hospitals across the country. Don't you just love that Michigan
I think, Nevada put a bandage. We're not gonna give that to our people and they sorry what I did. I meant the opposite. Much of it as it has Was it you never mind you? Don't you read these articles that are attacking the phone there like? I can't believe you would tell to stare but you're, not a doktor tromp you're, not a doktor news person whose reporting it, but the Trump and the news outlets in more reporting on the effective treatment are only report. About doctors right. Yet the report on Brazil getting our from trumps brief all over the country, were saying: hey, I'm not seeing it at works of everyone in the certainty, their individual rights, which it will be ineffective, but we are doing it and the evidence that we see the empirical evidence its work at right angles, crazies they got my watch us CNN and I hate that I do, but I'm doing this for you, please. You join mug club out of reach,
and then I don't want it can't be allowed there because they can control. It might have been if I'd kill. Maybe they are often a lot you much CNN. It will be a competitors firearm. Yes, I will, but I have a question to authors, but I do want to go and what our standard for information right now, because penal and people are giving him a hearty I've, you're saying there's holing limit them. You play this out the giving him a hard time for saying, there's a possibility that this could be beneficial. Let's look at it. We numbers all the time that start at a two and a half million deaths, two hundred forty thousand deaths down dislike and we're like no! That's good word we're fine taking that kind of variants. Ground troops as it might be helpful thing to use and rights as a great, maybe there's a lot less variants in all of the trials are studies that is far less variance out there for clerk Weenen, there is variants in the death rate. What's funny is when they report on and watching and they'll say doctor,
from outside and drowned ensuring a deeper level so drunk I'm getting drunk via knows it's just around. I give you an update. I have so my body as metabolize vehicle I'm drunk, I'm moving into the earth is already there generator PDA now. Did you know that I'm going to get him? Some value rightly says we have young off longer and on the screen on seeing Look at you love it. I want to see you so soldier for joint, we'll go on there, and I saw that I think it was yes racing, dont, Donald Trump, ignoring the advice of you, no medical professionals who now predict the desperate sixty thousand, and then they show clip from Doktor Voucher. That's his advice. Yeah he's the one who had him out there in a press conference. If you didn't get a scoop, Aaron Burnett, you just didn't, run the press briefing and then you talk about it like the death rates,
We are coming out from Donald Trump and his cabinet and his advisers united hearing from anywhere else. It's unbelievable to me, so they ve been going after Hydroxyl clerk when this can happen with the young, Turks and unseen and now the attack is. Why is Donald Trump, so pro hydroxyl clerk because it works? No because he stands Make money! That's right, let's go through that really legally man, so they talk about. This is an article from daily bees telephone stock in a company that, namely making chloroprene tablets. When you run the numbers I want, Craig at this rate, the only hours between owns between ninety nine and two thousand four hundred eighty five dollars of that stuff? Why so many a billion as so you know do right if you, if he found that in his pocket, it would be less than you finding a twenty it's over it's kind of a mutual funds. Yes, what
What what all invested in our mutual funds we have! No idea here is an inherent thing. Anyone out there who's going to criticise him for being invested in one of the largest french manufacturers of pharmaceuticals sanity. Every one of you mutual funds you're probably entered as well right, Michael Moors, probably in it definitely hearing AIDS himself, he's ok, It's it's a real time compared by overtook them at a vested interest, so you can say or conflict of interest. What is at present not supposed adding any sort of diversified portfolio. No mutual funds can comment on it. Don't worry about. It. Just come on board a staggering distracting for creepy colombian loom by the door. I remember now need crackers and we need to try to undertake audience cause. Also I will you want some pistachios with bars. I can take another crisper. Ok I've noticed something else. There is that all my god there's an angry lesbian new, I'm not That means not that's Daniel Rackliff,
a guy named Mamma. You ask him a question like you, take them five second thoughts now, there's like a delay or talking about vested interests. However, as you go to the launch of the dark anybody, she wouldn't. She have to pull them Let us know how did they get their gas banner of its use? Gas tread carefully himself had it'll, be ok, poor poor little Betty are we going to keep the jolly if she's a role, gaff tape? we will show together. What do we have anything? I would we gather he's wearing a threat, sees an address poor dog how'd it go
here. We ve been in the office hit my wife because I want you to address your dog- is a lady does get. It is lady died here that disgusts me rather dangerous in a mutual fun. Ninety nine two thousand dollars compared to the vested interests that the New York Times has when you look at what that that the money that's exchange hand with democratic donors. When you look at people who have actually worked administrations that are either now reporters, you ve been up at journalists at the New York, times when you I mean Paul Krugman. You just look at any of these people at the New York Times. Not dimension member there for their probability that that probability numbers they hunted the election. It was ninety nine point, something percent that Hitler election and, like we ve said just like with covert nineteen numbers matter, and obviously there ought facts do exist. We need to be clear about that right, but you can also try to manipulate them to change public behaviour. That's what happened with the election. They were hoping that people will just feel completely depressed complete.
Lee devastated, that they wouldn't have any fighting them and come out and vote for Donald Trump, so that ninety nine percent here only opposite it. May I gotta get out there that night we were streaming and member general started drinking before the show it well Hillock one's gonna win tonight. Let's just is gonna be a rough night and then it was the best Ninety average is very kind of you. Why is a young Turks melt down? Seven, that's! Ok! Just waiting to amuse you can convince us that there was one of my best knights will send you a Walter. It was a remarkable and they did this because they wanted people to basically wanted it to be a self fulfilling prophecy. Tat S happening right now with some the covert nineteen that so New York Times has a far worse conflict, a mixed undersea.
Look over there, the rat something else on the debts of the company kid. This is if you're going to talk about big farm. Ok, we're talking about Chloroprene! This is how you know that someone actually cares. Ok, Donald Trump could probably get some serious kickbacks. What right now he's hotels can't be bit me bail out Mano just so you know you signed on that. Wasn't even issue wasn't even argue now. What are you? What he's in public official? What eurozone? Time is that what you? Let me know forty minutes Claudia I like it like it is making symbols. We ve never use these symbols doing gay. I only know the air force signals. What are you madly? I was bending over the front door was closed, a clock. I know he does. He doesn't apply, he does assisting you. Please do not. Let me I like what you have given me like a hot Tipp at the at the great travelling to run their statements like the third base go to other about signalling here. What are they?
but I was wrong producer ways. He'll do not just so. If you have some conspiracy about a drug, you could have created a much better when Donald Trump did not receive any money to his hotel. Celeste. I'm really conspiracy. As far as drugs Cora Queen is, is genetic patent on it. Now everybody can make experiences of nineteen forty its being made by a team of other companies. As far as I know even bear who make aspirin, or at least they. They said that they could I do not actually going to be doing it, so many companies have Donald Trump wanted to get a kick back on a drug you. Nobody would do. He would pick a company that has exclusive rights is a prisoner, the United States, see some kind of a republican senator for whatever it is all mark and engaging insider trading? You don't think that Donald Trump can make a call to Pfizer and buy up a few mutual
I know not how to I don't really know anything about finances, and then I just right. It is yes over the death rates there guessing at the top number the fraction and the bottom number the fracture right, their reporting all their guesses. But if you know that Trump can only make like a hundred bucks from this whole thing, you got. You knock Interpol, that number they know that their lives or anything else, but so I think there there's two points here. One is for yourselves right. Every time you had a news story come on. It needs to be about Donald Trump, his handling of this and how bad it is right that the thing that we saw what, though the crown or whatever it is it that said, every partner ran riot in IRAN. Iraq always go back even drunk ain't heard hierarchical, crayon, right, yeah, etc. That was unacceptable. Pause for that would observe that we got a little, you're a pipe,
it said every continent on the planet has been affected. Yes, thank you. That means that potentially seven countries have been infected. Areas affected by an article in the penguins are say. Other I know what I'm saying is like there may have. These sounds I've rock I as possible. Just gonna keep talking as bad as possible and then they won't report anything Donald Trump when he, when he owned something. That's a thousand dollars. Like you said it's a rounding error to him. You're just gonna say something general about it. You're trying to make it look as bad as possible,
for him and for the virus right and not reporting any good news at all know exactly by what we ve gone through the clinical that this is important and we ve had clinical studies we haven't had they haven't been controlled because of someone actually has severe cold. They had right, they don't want to run the risk of receiving a placebo, then already hard to do. We have studied pretty big we're pretty big sample size in multiple different instances now in people, and it does seem to consistently be working again. Thousands of doctors have signed on saying this is actually something that we want to use. It was by far away it or, as a pole, the most effective treatment when doctors were pull tenaya people proactively signed on to say this needs to be a part of the protocol. Then, when they were ass, Doktor said yeah Hydroxyl clerk, Queen with
The z pack is most effective. Number two was Corcoran by itself. Number three was nothing and then everything else was amateur nothing. So we want to be clear about that. Then they also did study it in vitro like in a petri dish where they think they found the mecca that sort of novel mechanism of action as to why it might work, and it may not be the antiviral capabilities it. Action may be some kind of mediation of the inflammatory respond specifically relates to the immune. So I'm really nerdy. These things are all very interesting, but the point is we have examples in humans that it works and we think we understand scientifically at least as to why it works than anecdotally this lady of color person of color puck from Michigan fair and with that she credits Chloric Queen and trumpet saving your life. She really really didn't want to say that by the way- and I'm not sure if that's the lady from is confusing with another black lady from Michigan who was in the legislature, I think that's the one who what we were doing, the unjust a bill. The trench, gender parity came up to the capital building
and said yeah yeah yeah do is rather took a picture and uploaded to Instagram and then was very cross. Yes found out what was and then basically removed it may have been paying. What's that probably not don't know who do a narrow given Yamlang Orifice, I'm I'm doing. What are you actually hung? Over already already? I have. I have a pounding we hired until terrible, but I'm going to stay the course of next year. I would regard it, doesn't look so bad now, when you under the right light course, economies depend on that light, but those body little spotty, yeah say little splurge buddy, you look like you- should be at a kids party in the Mcdonald Play pen grimace, you are purple, you are more per.
Am I right verbal by the wagon and we mention creditor bits to podcast? Oh wait! One signature, I think we have to go to right now, of course, is a more breaking news for a worthy lu, LU of trawler. I'm paramount. Previous is that of them said lecture chains. Allow can be verified. The has officially can be held accountable. Came there estimate of death Phil poor? We'll leave you over this area involved, reggie of drought or radio flashbacks there like driving my dad's car in the out some Grady,
M talk, show a person who has been an umbrella he's been around for a long. Do have a high level for a walk got us into a lot of hot water to overtake them when we were because we were out of Detroit Mere Broadcasting and what happens when they show started for those. If I went off, we can reap is chat. Not working today is worthless. Do enchant, let's even bring from China. Rather I know Jack as an issue right now give us your name, because the usernames aren't working. Why I'm I'm pissed got it so early Ria earlier you asked about people who had had the cover nineteen if, in reality, this person Andrew says my dad and I contracted and fully recovered, we lost our sense of smell and had a bad cough we'll never sorry argues that actually is meant. That might be a little too much that I can the nasal I can't yeah out do not use that I've known people who lost their sons Really. Why shouldn't we highlighted permanently part yet permanently, while terminally tell us more vampire gimme,
That's exactly as a building, not inhale that really get you in the name, but the natives who's not inhale. Rub it around your nasal cavalier retirement, the spray and re as if re did you use it. Can you feel too? I can still smell everything you know it's like, as is happening in real time arise. We still know you'd like denies eyes. I was once a prove that I am more asian than bill. Maybe the twenty three were absolutely or asian and Bill It is undoubtedly genetically I'll. Take my pants off right now, no big words remain, who didn't even want to wear robe on roll wearing pajamas Hanno unaware robots? That's a nice wrote. I still have my suit checking, and I know that this is how you sleep really will arrest to keep up appearances love as next to a drunken Asian, whose about throw up all over the border region. Right rather, is excellent. Yes, the the the hung over has passed.
I am drinking beer again rallied any. Please you're, wonderful plan of action. I litter let the boys in my body, but I feel as though I have clear just enough of it- that I met the cusp of recovery. Let me drink. Audrey around too that you know these arable about given, is a terrible for him. I've done, how was I must strongly I found this is I've done this bad thing before re really gullible rooms, a white guys run like world. You know I can't drink emerge because I'll get all red in the face like then, you know have had too much to drink, and then you know like eleven shots later there on the floor. All right. I'm gonna dig that money. We have money to buy the way that we again I'll. Take that money thanks. You do it again now.
Sit up when you re superior type that men like Paul trying to gather data pal, I did not somebody Gerald when suddenly Richard Simmons kidnapped by his brazilian housekeeper. One more chance. We had another another genuine. We have somebody says Nope safe in ITALY. Dont know anyone with the China viruses Susan in ITALY I think that person's trying a little too hard with reiterating ITALY, ITALY and men. I argue that ITALY is like the war zone. I today well, might not be honest and it should help. Actually it's written in an accent. Pretty I dont know many Diego's named Sousa, maybe she's on vacation. So I do have a story there. There was one of my clients who did their group contracted. They were in Australia, it actually made the new you're set up has begun
fires and he's drunk. I was just like you keep a drug man's injuries, nothing to offer no anyway, but a good knows about your assay draw, so they went down there to do. Why said and my group of ten t quarantine and they actually received death threats from australian people that thought that they had brought them. Virus so that in this area, if an island of nothing but felons and rape all pretty much, that's there. That's their hair and a more balanced Alcatraz tarantulas, a british colony forget if their penal colony anyway, so they finally did make it back unites its last night so that I do no one person at least that had it. How bad was it not that now that it
I do not think that there are cases where it's bad luck, because everyone that I've known whose had it as it's been a cough. It's been a coffin ahead. It right so I'm not saying it's pleasant, but everyone that I now then again most people who I know who had it are younger and our healthy younger meeting under the age of fifty and then right now, my mother, who is our board of cells? She has pneumonia, principally so she's nowhere near here, and that is significantly worse than any of the corona virus cases that we ve seen yes and we ve seen at least suspected quite a few in in this instance. If we suspected, we write it as definitely covered. Nineteen are found how easily done all right. You know, I'm a digital, my Taco Bell story. Last
please? I was when I and this positive into, but before we get to that, naturally you'll be able to shine on Monday, where we do in another mass Monday on Monday, and that's all I will say, audio weight and Gerald really know their theology. No, I will say this thing. I don't shine in not on the ground, but now my days so that every day this is a comedy shit, let's be honest, scrap yard! It's that you're strong to do you know by the fear that that's why you ve people realise that when you first came on the shelves before you were on the show, I would ask you questions about the Bible, theology and sort of Islam, because I know that you taught some of these courses at churches, and I said you know it. You gotta good voice. You gonna great voice for radio you're too. Well come on the job, and now you stepped on jokes better than me said. Well, there were no jokes and just complaints from the government of Pakistan on Twitter. Let's get Pakistan have said this before not a person in Pakistan, violation
of Pakistan has got it. I can. I have the right. Let me feel good entire country, none of US man of Pakistan's which, member, how much troubled George W Bush gotta, because it uses patchy, didn't used to be a racist terminals, radiation rain and I like say pakistani, Am I retired to have time to say that these are you drunk sitting over Infer chair. We were, and I want to go back to the mass Monday, but we were talking about the like China, man. You were saying that that's never once been offensive to you now get if someone says it like.
You try to man, but I'm not a bitch. I mean look at me, wasn't intended to the exact where the inward. Why flat? I think I think people who focused so much on the words in they missed the intent are, are the problem because really wouldn't it doesn't take using a slur? Semi slur may be potentially apathetically a slur or something like that. It's all about the intendant. What people are doing and unique it was it a comedy and not feel a little offended like literally, that is the right of comedy itself. He also knowing that someone is doing with an incentive to actually bring people closer together in the part that I think is most learned about us is most slurs and are used are actually some basis of the words that are used between the people within that race anyway.
And in so just what you turn it. We will call the chinese people against aid on hands. I I remember when I was so chatting when he drank, rather than ever heard you speak. I will ask him a question. You know this. I will have a million given given has now become the show. Runner here has been doing a great job. I actually wanted to make sure the train from now asked me a question, but hey what happened here and what do you think he'll go. That's it comes back with a reasoned response is right now so don't make any dont every eye for an eye meetings I was gonna say, should start drinking were meeting yeah We think that right now unwisely also happy what what what I was going to say went when I was a bitch learning and ass. I was I remember my eye in her mind.
Mother say like a batch, I'm around her. My grandmother say Chinamen and I remember thinking like bow grim. That is that's going to prison. She was like Irishman, Englishmen, right child and it's the same thing. Yeah you're saying the same thing. No US mental Martin score says he well somebody luck, but that's mainly because again I don't have the four hours. Oh, my God, the directors unreasonable we just gotta come with cyanide pill and Albert GINO Book of extensive accents. By the way, it's one page is really have to look more like a do, not rate pantry. And it out in Germany on New year's trifle? It is remark, get China. Man is a good example of what we're doing the kung fu fighting with centre it. Now the guy wasn't Frederick Douglass ride
Google, it tomorrow Carl Dogma that we now have to look at that intense or not only do we have the lyrics of the entire song? So, let's take us his examination of context and I was somewhat George Bush's packaging. The context I said you know you have, for example, the trade with with Pakistan are not happy with. He wasn't at all then are getting them. He was actually happen. Of acute for being too pro Pakistan, so, in other words the Montreal, that's what was used all the time again. It wasn't intended to be racist. Now, it's that abbreviation, is more racist than the lesser abbreviation but Chinamen. Let's take that from Kung fu fighting, because someone was arrested in the UK for singing kung fu fighting. We talk about this in a karaoke bari. I can go back to a video. We need a whole thing. Maybe medical can bring a source of if you want to come from. Fighting aurettes stead now at sea is okay. This situation, with the absence of absence of context, no, it's a black eye in a canoe uniform who is doing a song that is
literally put praising chinese culture entire thing time how much he loves come from fighting ok, so we look at that. Doesnt seem hates anybody whose Chinese inherited manner something and kung fu fighting in these. If we didn't bring about, you would think The only reason I bring up overlay hasn't done. I don't want you to think that I'm lying like he goes. Ok, there were funky chinamen from Funky Chinatown was that they were chopping round me up. They were chopping round me down at an ancient Chinese. Art in everybody knew their part knew. Their part was from something to a kick now into a brand new, trick? Everybody was kung fu. Although entry did I hear racism, it's a love letter to the chinese culture which, by the way, entirely false, come from fighting work, but he really like that. It's just me, we are looking down go. Is it is this? Did he mean this? Is a racist from Russian really consider racist term at that point now, if he walked up, was what's your problem, little drunk chinamen, Hake, Mister Douglas,
right now. That's right now is an island Well, that's why you reported to me. I did because you're drunk- and I figured I could say without getting in trouble. If I set it to bill, he could use it against me. Some will use it against I love bill, but lawyer, gonna lawyer and then they have because Okinawans actually, Japanese, not chinese and there's a thing Do we want you to get out of bed while renal a map in general that you have a point that I do not. Look here if they haven't. I changed my mind where someone was raises: two: you have there neither there there was a kid he he was an asian kid and he he was talking about how or why people are terrible and we I'll get cancer, and I saw him I was like you know. Actually I'm japanese and he said well, you should have been there when we boundaries, we zero reason why now
our minute over that. I'm offended butter. Now, I'm not but you think about it. Wasn't very nice. It was nice to swell keep eating very attractive. Here is something else that we did last Monday, and I say this is audio weight and Gerald strong suit. Only do them ass, one is now. I am one of those guys. I've read the Bible through like cover to cover three times they did a one year bible, but it does mean that retained all of it, and then it was what was that city here is that you had me was by the Bible and learn the violent twenty four hour. Yet I would actually more useful than reading body the whole by Maria, and I really What can one of those it wasn't a religious thing? I just wanted to have read the whole Bible, but that, unfortunately I forgot Jacobs ladder, I can tell you more about the horror films in the story about, why why are you doing this latter so important, culturally layer dream people like Jacobs, ladders colloquialisms, like people motivating about what our Esther just Jacob Ladders and thing I sought cross, but they had a thing called Jacobs. Let us really hard to get ready,
but for some reason, is given an unreal important. It really is yes, so you guys know this pretty well, and we did this last Monday we did last Monday on retinal link there, but they call spiritual deconstruction. They left the Medina one use that term. They basically abandon their faces. Christians and here's. One thing that I want to keep in context here: I do things that I regret all people who say no regrets what like I don't like it at all, but when I watch a film a guy and is death can say. I regretted nothing of what Riah, there's my that's true. Nobody sellers every right! I've regrets! yesterday audio way, you were there and I made a joke- those drinking straight milk straight from the garden, because I'm the only one who drinks goat's milk at the house and then ask us for days expired. I think it was seven. Seventy five and certainly
we have to yourself and your ass off our desire and grim and can have some regrets ii. Will I mean for granted loud, he looks like a bruised peach. Have your therapy, you're back there hung over already drink water tat. I wanted to tell you how fast it would take. It took forty seconds. You don't have to keep Brenner. You ve proven the point. But you don't need a geneticists in every time. The camera goes away. I whispered him, keep drinking military bad angel. I wanna be clear. We I've done something that I am not proud of. In my life, I've gotten things wrong. I, of course, have regrets, but when it came to addressing the retina link podcast, where they effectively are trying to drive thousands of young people away from crisis, really what to do and as a Christian I think, that's, I don't think it's a good thing. We took as much cares. We pay it's about as nice of a show as we ve was it was. It really was, and this was the response from red
This is the change my mind meme and that Stephen crowd her or as I like to call him seven pieces, prouder, castor, TC, who sat outside with a sign that said male privilege is a myth change. My mind and a meme is used, convey strong hot, takes on topics that are actually important or completely unimportant. Let's see a few examples or get while so we don't worry, but but because we believe in piece of shit, greater funding for me to argue by the way that, as it may, like my, I want to be clear. My Primary issue here is not with being called a piece of shit. Yes, I am a little bit upsetting, nothing! It's a wonderful insulted, and now I can't use it because at this angry lesbian producer using knowledge as an insult, angry. When I saw use gmail there you do you have to do something about it, that I use lots excellent, its excellent because it's like you're, not even given the credit of being the entire
higher evacuation in my phone Stephen piece of Shit, Greeley area along name. What is worse, the heart of the attributes of the curly q? by the way: everything I have said on this by the show them laughing there. I thought, if I could have said on this point, you answer this is what notably its real bad early everyone's very started. To do all right, I mean it, I didn't I ve brought laughter so, but one of the things we are sure that we get a bad and here everyone home right now is like you know, I never called curly q but I know I will tell you this story because is absolutely true. When I was a kid I was there. I don't remember many things from before three years old, but I was two years not only has just telling, given I drank it like, I should have permanent liver damage, because a drink and entire bottle of tunnel twice
We must not become an idiot. I was a kid I was to my brother, my mama's. Yet we had called such has given us a protector, children's talent, all right, rent and socially echo came the living with each a spoonful. Yet in liquid, and she was ok, Jordan, here's yours and she turns back, and I went then I get my god. What have you been pumped my stomach, my brother, being the little peasant that he was. They put us that you may put stickers aren't like when they don't know what that is now only Pompey, whatever stickers and you D. When he's an original slant, stickers emigrant one about a smiley face my brother trying to steal it first scrap book, I pull us That is anywhere. I didn't. Things that when I was a kid, but I do remember- you know how to take, but when I was too member I would have been too and brother might have an yet for we would take back together, and so my mom takes my brother. That's U towelling him off and economic. I go to the bathroom serenity.
Can I tell you something? It's ok and then we know where no, no, no, no! No, you don't know what to do to limitations on child abuse is over and we all know this is going and such a time she's telling offer my brother- and I remember going- I cannot do anything. I've gotta, I've gotta show that just wait. The booty dance, yes, and so I did I put and it had the curly you sit on, it was very sharp We know that, but when you ve pull the plug in others, there is a current yes, and so whatever is in about six are going around. So I'm standing there she's telling off my brother and I can see the platter coming around an impatient like a score or look like a scorpions tale. During an economic Ma Ma, ran out to make it because a thoroughgoing stabbed by my own excrement, curly spirit. I remember that clear as day. Ladies,
You now see what has cost even Europeans every day. That's what you will remember afraid of accounts I was I was it has raised in. That was the most frustrating point with is going back to the stories like we did really that I was afraid of my pupil. I this disappoints now, and none of this is hard Zimbabwe. Hard figures are only now use that what we ve been over backwards to to be kind, and if you listen to our entire kind of discussion, you you understood that one. We have first and foremost, concern for the ok, yeah, we're really sorry. We said we love valleys and guided them on this. Is that you're? More than welcome to commissioner Schreyer, we love to speak with retinal, exactly item, and I read some comments. It said Stephen must have been triggered because he sounded you know all in a block on others like triggered. What are you talking about? One? We don't was very oh my view that
anyway I but too I'm not right, you're, never gonna morning. Yes, where the weather anyway, I am We curbing any instinct that I have tried to be as an extra loving as possible. It did you see that club it was. It was pretty bad hominem. Is it like it's just its debts that nothing personal? It's what I do. I was pissed off at the actually white it out the sign in which change my mind. Was it to know no. But the point is such that a set of oil, they said it so when they hear that you one of them, he did you want to know what gummy worm is best. A couple hours, you don't think are really important in an and then we do have to get going and we do have to do the hooker given up to an ivy. Somehow medical attention is coming. Don't worry right is that the first up there, all the really concerned are being brand safe nature of calling someone a piece of shit is principally made any. This brand safe as long as do with the right people having been specifically told nothing that involves piece of shit,
every monetize or advertiser frantically. That's been very clear. Yes, it's a dream, no uncertain terms like yeah. When you say like Don Lemon, or even the who, what a piece of shit like does not the advertiser perilous, Brad friend brand friendly as long as you're eating out you're eating pancakes. What the FUCK Freitas L, training pay rightness took only be that that that's absolutely fine. I dont have any problem with that. I want to be crystal clear, but the brain say thing: I'm going to talk about a mass Monday that front of values and principles on a virtue in its the same argument that they used to make the case at all. Churches will be allowing gay marriage because otherwise I'll die, no red superior popularity. That's one of the intellectual thousands that you learn about in logic, wanna, one something else, it's very interesting. Maybe they think it's more? Maybe I don't want to be on brand safe. So I commented on the video and using I want to be clear. Another guy who does the Youtube drama thing
We avoided, like my own, my role as this try to only punch up and then, if we call someone out, we offer them some kind of recourse. In other words, we are going to debate or have any one who shows his wounds rule because, because you're, an egg cause you're an egg on Twitter. I have no interest or you know you get it for. Actually we can't do with everyone, but if I call out, for example, Samantha Basis, I am tired of it. We will have run tomorrow if Myers tomorrow, anyone from the uncle tomorrow vocs tomorrow, that's the rule, so my main came out of your mouth there at reddened link good mythical morning. That's the only reason that I responded. So I responded to Stephen piece of shit crowded underneath the video. I want to make sure that I'm quoting directly, but I can't because they had the comments which I ll get to it was ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha. I think that was a comment and then, after that, we can bring this up right here. I think we were screaming court images, you wouldn't be the audience users be well, then I realized that dumb. None of the comments are showing up now. Here's the thing it's kind of, and we express BP and by the way, could express BP and complex crowd or you get a discount their wonderful. We did the same thing with a totally gabert situation. If you go
Using expressly patent go servant, incognito mode, the commons don't show up. So when you leave a comment on someone's channel and they hide it, you don't see it from your profile years. We're always show up, so you go. Oh, I guess it's still there. Then, when we use express Vps, look now it's gone and even responding to people saying hey, you know what this is kind of, weird that that you do. This was Stephen, like he actually seems pretty respectful- and, I said, hey you know just you know actually grew up with written link on Youtube. I'm a fan I would love to have them on the show. Just because we disagree on the premises of the algae philosophy does not mean that we can't respectfully disagree and civil dialogue when those comments were hidden. So to me, that's that's in. I don't think this is an ad hoc, that's hit and run cowardice when you and you have a bigger sixteen million subscribers, obviously a bigger channel when we were but points and we use biblical verses and we were, but it's the illogical and civil. We think that this is actually incorrect and we would love to talk about this if they want to. Otherwise, we're going to continue to invest money which we do behind the pay while doing my club every single week. This isn't something new that was exclusive. To read.
Link. They shouldn't feel that special and then they respond with ha. What a piece of shit on channel with four times a subscribers and then hide comments that are civil and respectful. That means that that is cowardly, and not only that that also tells you that there's no interest in a dialogue when they set on reddened links that we really hope that is coming on talking about our deconstruction, encourages discourse or dialogue. We want a second, what kind of discourse your dialogue Jimmy in a group of christian people saying that they love you and they wish the best for you in that they disagree with you and hope that, maybe you might look into some of these arguments and do some research and see whether its validity to it and then say respectfully invite you wander the show. We would love to talk about it as brothers in the Lord and Spirit of love, then you call him a piece of shit. They say that's kind of funny. I would still gladly respectfully hopes you on the show hide delete. What kind of discourse were you looking for? You have no interest in discourse. You only have interests in pats on the back, because your cowards, it is cowardly to do that. You will never hear me on the show, call someone out
what Sandra Gupta Guy looks. We're dont, like I'm, not even sure he's a doktor, John King, looks like a bubble head with a neck. That's broken! Can't we just been the dashboard new Begone whack lack any false. That's it! You don't bother. If you wanted to come on the show I would I would have to be held to account the book judgment. Did you and say that I did say that yeah that sounds accurate because of a piece of shit you heard reddened link
you know that their parting shot nigh pointed there's no interest in dialogue and people say this is what what would you have to do? What would you have to do beyond that actually engage in a combination of ideas? There's nothing I can think. Then. I want to say anything that mean that the wrong sort of it is that if they, it doesn't help their narrative to just say, hey everyone whose, following us, don't go, listen to this disguised terrible He Rio Pinions, because they can't actually addressed the opinions themselves. They can. I dress now the points of the arguments in the verses scripture that that were brought up during that rebuttal and if their position was so strong, they would have been ready to be able to do it, but they weren't ready for those sites of arguments that attack their position, and so the only thing they have is or peace when and even in, even if they didn't see the mass Monday, even if they were just responding to you as some kind of as the cultural figure than their own
The only argument that she made? If, if it wasn't argument was he sat outside of t see you with the scientists, have male privileges, a method in Canada rewrite yeah exactly so it is that the argument that your piece of shit- I don't think something of the areas that are the rate cultures, a myth, but remember that by the way you know how I know railway altruism S, because I am informed by a christian worldview and also the history of western civilization, which was founded on christian principles, unlike islamic societies or buddhist societies, or thousands take your pick. I live alone about terrorism and knowledge think about what I want is towers and it seems like a Meda it's made up. Is it made us you're trying it out anti estimates? Maybe it's a religion at sea, I guess so nine and we would give them an opportunity. Hagar wriggling. If you disagree with what you're producer said, you have every opportunity to correct the record. Young at every opportunity, say: hey. We don't really think Stephen craters a piece of shit. She said and she should write floors years, really worrying producer gonna angry lesbian produce ray, and we would. We would understand right. You sure I understand it. I wouldn't we expect you to come to my defence. No, I wouldn't come about events, that's
my issue with no, that's not what I want my back about is throwing up Harding shall I wondered very clear: this is not add hominem. This isn't making fun of just an apparently. This is a kick. This is a shot over the bout, your character, that's cowardly, cowardly to do that and then not allow any recourse Kate. This is just these are the ABC
we don't do that on this show, and I get it. You don't have to debate any single person who asks you to sixty million subscribers. We don't do that, but if my name lift your lips, its cowardly to do a parting shot and then delete any record a similar spawning, especially, I think, by the way, especially when its respectful, if we weren't respectful, if we were responding in kind, they probably left it up and said see. I think that we are seeing hey. I dont have harbour any ill will I can't even show the commons because it disappeared, but I would love to reset actually host them on the show that actually makes them more inclined. I think that written link, we're gonna, do this on Monday and other mass Monday, and I want to be clear, reddened link, I, when I came up and you to becoming a new types in two thousand seven, they started early on first movers, irish them with.
But I do think that reddened link are going to be surprised as to how much they come out of this. The bad guy, because I know I'm like this supervillain vocs had polyps, where you too, by the changes policy and I say naughty words and written link our brand safe, but I think people can smell it on you when they sense cowardice, when they sense bullying and by the way sixteen million channel responding viciously to a respectful rebuttal. That's bullying, you guys are bullies. I don't see how that works into your deconstruction, because you thought the Christians weren't empathetic, but you're Bali's your car, We believe- and I would love to have this- we don't have to button development. Now we're going to talk about it Monday. My respect for what I want to say that we are not the only ones. I think this, though, because in the comments
go through. Yes, a lot of it and is well, though, to really there's a lot of people in there that I saw round over the uploaded it there were like hey. I watched even credit. I what you guys I like both. Why are you being mean? There's a lot of good points? So it's not just a saying it's your fans watching and seeing it too right there. Just seems kind of weird so, rather than seeing where there are not enough to try it out, it seems where do people that are fans of theirs and hours later? I was able to do that. You and I will say this because they talk about in their mass monitoring. I know some people think all big surprise that you want to allay and now you're no longer a Christian, they trained cut off of the past. That's exactly what happened, and I say this as someone who has lived in California as someone who has a lot of friends in California, I've seen it happen either way you do have. To be honest, you chose audio waiting time of this new did choose to go right now, rescued LOS Angeles and be a part of entertain industry. You wanted you, so it's like someone saying
listen. I don't wear in using that, I'm just where in this crest, because I went to this country club like I did now, will you wanted a joint you chose to doing that country club? That's why you're wearing the crap You chose to become a part of that industry in that state and now you're putting on their team Jersey, so yeah. You may say you always want to do that, but that's why he went to LOS Angeles. That is important people. When you don't understand yes, and when you see someone who says, I know people will say this and they try to cut off of the past, but they have a valid argument. That's how you understand the importance. The value of your surrounding you need to have positive association. You need to surround yourself with people now lieutenant special issues, but people who will help you elevate your game,
all thats be physically, be at mentally, spiritually. Emotionally, you dont want to hang around people who turn you into something you're not or just drag down. Ok, I do want to end this on a positive note, are you feeling better you coming through yeah, I'm I'm feeling pretty good Stephen. I just want to say that I'm a realist. This is the first and probably the last time. Gonna be on the show up. I presently good was the with a couple of drugs from those lines of bourbon better, I mean I had a good time. This is this. Is a dream come true as someone who is a fan before written on the show, really anger sites there's one, maybe one day, you'll get on red and link these issues? I really do want to issue a heartfelt apology to my father. Dad I'm sorry
You are very good at what do you do? You will regret all the older people know and I wanted to win in all of this chaos. It's been going on a lot of people, don't realize today's good right. Right and oh yeah Sunday is coming up, so I just wanted to wish all of the people out there absent at least her weekend. I know this, isn't it likely wearily to gain by the way there saying Easter we have taken so and so very happy between a mass Monday the day Eastern Europe, and I really prayers he has risen in. I know I say some things cannot be sometimes tv, but yeah, let me leave you with something that again, please do the notification dough, because some difference between a whole lot hit all notification, so you get notified. We have shows course every night. Now it goes up that is it. Pm eight p m is always there live stream. Videos, eight p m Eastern every week,
and then, of course, this whole months, Mccloy courting we're doing Monday Wednesday Friday morning show which I hope you enjoy actual, enjoy being able to do this as a low, mobilise and were able to explore it. A little bit more promo code is currently thirty dollars off. Please do consider joining up if you feel any sense of community, and you know what we were actually never programme where you can buy someone else's Montclair membership ass to get so I want to tell you a story that I can bring Johnny boy, my condoning friend, but after we did, these John gave a NEO game stream for separate. Let me only purposes. This is why don't argue intimate calls me a piece of s word they do things like this. I want to talk about understandable. No, no! It's not don't. Don't don't absolve me, I'm not I'm saying you make bad decisions. We live with me in a burlap robe. It should be the day she co just as a matter of fact, I immediately regretted my decision so that when I got home I sprang down the bag, and then I said these people are going to follow the senator. So I just through it
herbage I gotta stay runs RAP Supreme and a loop, and I said this is this: is now there's an exceptional risk he's not it. There was a lady who brightened my night and I want to say thank you so much this lady and I need to explain why this was so funny. So you guys all know Johnny Boy, Have you ever seen him when he like? We laughed, he gets almost, not quite as read as you put it gets. He gets be read when he laughs and I will says we target. There is nothing, and I knew this going in. There is nothing it Johnny. What he's alter white canadian radiant bloodline that he finds funnier than sassy black women round its anti racist. I dont care it's like he just find it so funny, and we can talk about endearing here and so are driving through talk about, and you know it. A sassy black lady and I dont know how old, like she could have from thirty two sixty. I have no idea it's very hard there s very gender there. So I order stake what it
Is it worth not a crunch, wrappers wrapped, whereas it crunchy things in it, but it's not anyway. It's all the same timescale, he's a good data crunch. Maybe idea, I love how, even when you think that, for some reason, prioritizing them she's according to corruption, satellite even walk talk, normally no gourd data. Yet and is this is really something else does it. So that's assume that's what it is cheesy, according to current other, say state contracts supreme. Some. I can remember all the talk about terms, so we then drive up to the window innocent. What's so funny comes from my vantage point right so you're, ok, you're me, I'm John K, I see his face and then we drive up in the window right behind him ass. He drives up. It is a very large black woman with long braids, died, red and severe, make up and surgical gloves, ashes, drive up and right away in a sea, John Carter,
you can seriously such ass. She and I want this- is nothing but good things. We're right and our name has been a tough week at say: what's a sheet so Johns right here and she can actually goes. Ok, you got a chicken shoe loop are at a stage where we stay crush a chicken crunch, RAP Supreme and John article. No, that was a mistake and that's it s. Just Joe. Instead, what are you waiting chicken and I can tell the Red One in the back and heard a thing that violence, because it was done with the night. I will leave you with this. She and thus the meal folded very nicely in a bag on a tray with their surgical, gloves and John is laughing and hears you failed to which you have that she goes so.
Do you have a good night within two years ago we had a pull over. He was laughing so so so distances. Cultural differences is what makes day to day worth living. So lady, between thirty and or sixty at top, who may our night. I really appreciate it. That's just one of those several! I did a lot of people mess. What's yours, silver lining. What is brightened year day comment below its gave a little bit positive same thing, even as it relates to reddened link, we'd love to have a conversation. Mean because then we end up being like you're angry lesbian producer. Thank you so much been good morning, my club, we will see you Monday morning.
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