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The Truth Is FINALLY Coming Out! Fauci Emails Expose Covid Corruption


Fauci Emails are trending, and we’re doing a DEEP dive into them. HINT: Everything you thought about him was right. Also, Kamala Harris embarrassed herself with a Memorial Day tweet. A California girl fought a bear. And liberals think the American dream is dead? We explain why they’re idiots.

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Ok, don't let's get but really quickly. Audio listener do not have to skip, and because I have a question for you and it's important, we are again live streaming tomorrow to Youtube at ten, a M Eastern for the first time in two and a half three weeks and no I mean that movie so look liberating, We ve really enjoyed you being here today and I still want to check in an area because God knows how long will be on Youtube butter. Consider having on over their cultural appropriation month tomorrow, India, we're gonna, pull this wagon and see what happens? Can you dig in Georgia louder with greater, is brought to you and hard
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you gotta, breathing in other regions, that was parliament doing that. Combining yoga writing this not far off and people go. Look at that he's he's. He needs to be in a short I feel like you're Tom Hanks, paying in a league of their own capital. I haven't seen murderers and the reference all come. Sane re assume I really haven't. I lie to numerous rosy, o Donnell Madonna dying. It's a little grey reasons to not watch those arrested raise honestly. This is our last show by the way where we are not on Youtube. Tomorrow, we will be arriving on the Youtube seawater but we still have answers from them. But thank you so much people on rumble watching and, of course, those who are unlikely table between life advice with their means. Europe has been what she'll days here I'm doing well doing very better than yesterday much benefit is rooted in sleep much. My hope is that it must be hard jerk,
the black areas here, seven yak is laudable, people who s been sure I'd day land out here. How are you about good yourself? Why I'm? Ok, you have shown Houston tonight tonight. I do eight o clock sharp, yes to travel and fly back and we're gonna be doing the show tomorrow and the Youtube and it's gonna be cultural preparation month. A lot to talk about today will be talking about in the new found she email, leagues, which had been watching seen in all morning. We'll talk about loaded me. Didn't really cover it, you said they cover it very briefly. They spent twenty minutes and the girl who pushed to bear the ledge they did, which is a great story legitimately court, but it doesn't really mean that the actual the dissolving of our democracy,
centre, around scandal now bear being given humpty dumpty treatment. It's it's a which is remarkable, we'll talk about it to Morrow. She just pushes abear off alleged their caliber arguments about you need for around their play dead. She just pushes her off allege that bears like that's it but before we do any of that hate bear, it is a fire crime. Pollen pride months do enough, before we get to that it is time for this. We can buy a problem for our dear from mere drop, and you ain't black. Now it said I am saying that this is it. Let me set up this clip by former vice President I grant just had yet another poor kids are just a smart, my kids moment really yeah, despite this was just yesterday, your former. Vice president, the data shows young black. Just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs, but they do
have lawyers they don't surprisingly birthday of accountants. Great. Iceland has anyone doubts this whole nation be better off from the vespers socio. How can I promise you that's? Why set up to now small businesses. The news treasure that's much broader, get those loans Maginnis back. I was your public defendant. Yes, I'm going at our he's. Your divorce attorney she's gonna get everything giving you death for parking. We also just claimed a sort of the Small Business Association which, right round before he was born out of the way I did everything I said: ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
we're getting better. Above this is this is not a new sentiment we ve talked about this. Is that even the racism of of soft expectations? It's just racing Joe Biden, the re things that black people are less capable, and so that's why he s like a daily affirmation that people just as people's, why people who just module those why people? He doesn't that's like in his meditation app, because this is in I believe, back in gas, twenty nineteen, not that long ago we had this notion that some of your poor, you cannot do it. Poor, kids, you just as bright injustice, tell white kids know crowd now I love it is dressed like judge smiled but love, that's the most honest a moment we get out of him and by the way, isn't. So this is an all that this is a long. This weekend Biden has really, moreover, a fortnight. How long is a fortnight two weeks,
What are you ok right now because that's how they actually kept time when he was a we do eager lines on the wall with a carving tool look if someone sharper my carving tool and the prison forgets. then he said something else really stupid, but still funny really intelligence terror. for white supremacy. Is lethal threat to hobble today, not ISIS, not Al Qaeda. why should firms yeah stop? It said it code orange more, but I hope he doesn't say words like two and anymore. Knowing I noticed that is, it is the most threatening the jump right over there. I white Beard rat you white,
yet I say more yeah. They actually to say a lot more because nurse anything you're, saying former vice president German identify them connection words you push up. We do. You know that you know that he's becoming Unfrozen caveman, like its former vice president Bio? Don't it's your world fry and confused. I should never play there, boardgame, Jus, Jews and to the Jews minded man. The hebrew snacks and there's. Somebody actually said- and this is this is absolute- that I know you think this is kind of. Not really a sketch wages in nature? To emphasise this is actually something he said in chronological order, you make sense of it. I challenge you find today turn on the stage
so one station for two hours and how many curious to see essay. Eighty five to three out of five scruples about my action for soon soap, man, Joe, because they want to sell what they have. We have hope. damn right, while all of that made no sense a saw at night, Do you like to have some gets? so yeah teutonic put it up, put it away, we don't not the airlines that are now am. I shall do not on this now. Why only scoots we good canal, your problem for our dear from mere drop and you ain't black, regular, reticent, redoubled, finer, whatever method,
Just one weekly, I thought that's on you! That's on you, listen to me thinking. So this is another term before we get to found she, which is just something we are going to have to give quite a bit of time and care that would sit, but we're going to have data with with with kid gloves. But there are not sanitized kid boxing glimpse me out. I don't work. Eclipse really means it's a term that people use, but this is something else happened. The the Gulf of Oman is trending because IRAN's biggest Navy ship now by the first read this. I thought Gulf of Omar, which has just airlines, sibling sex tape, its goal, in gulp of all these words about these Just facts: I'm J S case scenario should consummated marriage for a visa better brass ahead area that it even political fact and snowy in Washington Post. They didn't fat check it. They just went watch me now. That's absolutely sick! You would think
It would be a you know. Concerning that white supremacy is the biggest threat. You would think that the only person to hold office in the United States right now who has been met to a sibling would be. You know, I don't know someone from Gimme Schmidt or something like that. Ellen Omar, you do it. You gotta duty. Ok, So gulf of mine is trending because IRAN's biggest Navy ship, the cargo just sank in the Gulf of Oman. After you would say, you think they'd been fired upon just a fire violent clouds. So there you are. This is running around until you know, for me any day that an iranian shipper goes down is good day. You know I had a Czech myself for a second, because When I first read the story, I laughed instinctively yeah. I ran out of the cycle, wait a minute that probably mean some people that a kid you laughing turanian, just her dreams.
whether they wake up and around like don't my daddy he'd, addressing the button, fire alarm. That's just some guy get out. We do not like your country, but we are friends of yours, Lena by the Hague Subscribe Lapuc. Yes, if you're watching this on unravel you're, not watching and my club, you can subscribe an apple Android, Spotify right, you can listen, there don't lose touch with us. We're gonna be streaming Youtube tomorrow, but I'm I'm. But that we will look hope, rather than thinkers yeah We don't know the rules, we still don't know the rules. That would be helpful. So another story frigate voucher. Yesterday, governor Texts, Texas, Governor Abbot NEWS in a wheelchair mega who knew he declared the border crisis right now, surely actually declared a state of disaster. This is what he put out on Twitter said, president by open border policies pigments unwilling up to the car, my DEC.
present rhymes open border, that's in putting the brakes on the other send it rather than we hide nuns. Open border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels. Human traffickers and deadly drugs like front knelt, important or communities by declaring a sort of disaster. Texas will have more resources and strategies at our disposal to protect landowners. So this is something that has been going on for a while. It is natural disaster, their record numbers of illegal immigrants trying to get through the border, and this is something that Europe has ever when the federal government doesn't do its job negatively harms the states is is the job and I understand a lot of libertarians look. Most things should be left to the states. the issue of national security is a national issue, it's kind of their wars are not left where states borders are not left to the states, national emergencies are not left to the states, so you can still be a cost. national conservative. It can still be a federalist. Some people use that term. Understand the legitimate purview of the federal government. Texas should not be required to foot the bill for a layman minister
actions and that we actually have exclusive, I believe, are not showing Elsie and anyhow. The southern border corresponded for first hand account of these Esther, not very serious is that the situation there in turn into those dreamers, Stephen worry Khumalo Harris's in charge of it, Oh, please, I somatic cells are not seen it yet was glad to listen. You don't have to go. Look at a problem to understand. I am always glad when her open size or the tiller of the ship. She gets longer. when the titanic she wouldn't be. If you're the cuban we playing the violence, should be playing the harmonica with her. guy gentlemen dervish about they would be like she sting. Is that no it's my Harris yeah. I know it's easy to confuse for american folk. She just you, know, use it or lose it by the way.
Are sorting cultural appropriation month, rule of recreation, motorcar radioman back into Youtube, strong, its Japan for the first week, Japan, I know a lot of using. Are you going to do cultural appropriation month this year, six years running now really, and the answer of course is yes I mean it's where we have now. We appreciate cultures right because to appropriate is appreciate, so we have contest with you or use and in your best japanese theme, customs best, japanese facts. It may be people now and it'll be a lot of fun in short of it, swiftly radical. I recommend you know you by the way credit up that come. You still have until June nights together for fathers day Have a tumbler write her best at ever so recent, some farther than that has emerged, look look at this you're right here, steamer, whereas on face grown men shouldn't where hoodies and here's also vice president while hairs she got tat. She got just absolutely raked over the Kolya on Instagram
for referring to memorial day as a quote long weekend image? was for a lot of soldiers. ended up being a permanent and undergoing a permanent weekend. I'm serious it's unbelievable rubbed off. I mean you, don't look. I wouldn't give her that much flag if it weren't taken in tandem with all the other crap right, exactly you never pass. If she's the troops, all the other S, somebody's gotta get me flak rested. Look. I think we can honour a fallen soldiers in still work. It's a poor excuse for picking a man's pocket every year and I stay. By that and labour days for communists. Disagree with both those very heavily. You think you think you think of the soldiers and Heaven care if we show up for work well, the day Wanna looked down at the became said babes unhappy about a day of remembrance and barbicane. When a look, in the Gulf of Omar. Besides,
bad, oh by the way that that Twitter, that Postal Instagram Barbara here on a lot I wrap, but it's not as bad as the video shipload today to train pander and win back some goodwill from people. The military, ship them via. How YO undo, Such an honor me mouths started a whole program to mentor around stem talk to me about all my. My engineering pursue really came from pursuit for two. In wanting to Sir man I get up but believe what you said All those interracial mom's got you again. Where was she looked at by the Yola is like she's like I've got it Ambrose right here and I'm supposed to be looking at you but high it to pay Sometimes you just rotates are headed donors are all the two thousand parts you left on the beaches of Normandy.
Here are some had waited at Inky gosh. I cannot believe Kemal Harris it's. It's very remember how they tried to keep Biden hidden going into the election Jackie per now there absolutely keeping Kemal Harris hidden. as we know that if something has to happen, there needs to be a transition of power or if she has to be the key the next election, the last that a merrily a sea of her own that are extremely unlike lack Americans. Black Americans cannot stand camel hair. She does not pull well with them. Yet so she was put in charge of the border, has done nothing on that now, she's being put in charge from Vice President Joe Biden areas like it now for voting or it's like. We hear Kemal she'll do it. She'll do nothing but more blacks behind bars than the loves, but she did make a job that issues like we could use the slave labour. I mean child labour yeah, I'm a justice the issue and even O Memorial day was no guarantee it obey she's. Not give you asked her, she would go,
veterans, veterans Day, sorry yo. I still get confused because in Canada with Independence Day, I know it in Canada, we have we hadn't evident as we can. We have remembrance death rate, we don't have independent upon me. We have Victoria Day right, which is basically like, hey, where's that easier, we're gonna, we're gonna spend over occur the monarchy. So I always get using a memorial day, you veterans Day, and then you I remember and stay and that's it can't, and I just always get the dates wrong. But the point is, I actually appreciate our soldiers in Somalia gipsy appreciates, you know, mayors asleep uttering about jobs. different struck, my dad died as a result of serving the country. I'm sorry did come out Harris left there way to bring. I don't get the idea that the nets gonna do with more and ass. I don't really did that's why they're like her? Well, that's one of the many reasons. Many many reasons that people going like hey by the wait. Let's check
Sixteen and right now, because we're about to go to the FAO. Chee emails. Us as a top trend, nodded glitter, it's the biggest story of really several weeks and Ivan. and covered in Ireland where they covering it now buying, gives an update uncovered nineteen vaccinations. Ok while yet an update on vaccines- and this isn't going to talk about what the emails there is, not saying that you shouldn't take the vaccine. that's not what I'm doing it all. I think it makes a lot of sense for a lot of people who take the view, and I think there are some cases you weigh. The risk rewards doesn't make sense for some people to get the backseat like children me. Like all medicine yeah. I think it's an individual decision right, your body, your choice, I think the clan should give out vaccine is not here. They would have to react. the quantity and when I grand wizard, We grant Cyclops That was not what it does. Is it exulted Cyclops Grand Wizard ghetto now, as you know, as I do not want to cover like our racist,
now now right. I don't think I think I think you're playing pokemon cards so Actually, this is the email. These are the email right now that I've been released. But I want to talk about this. There has been a disproportionate focus on vaccines, and you ll see in these areas. A lot of you are talking about how to you now cover this. How she do you know the masks. He didn't think that masks worked and that's true, but people can change their minds, I dont know why he changed his mind because you never made the case as to why he was wrong for short of likely Mitt Romney said: hey, I'm pro life. Now, while you were problem shut up until you weren't any, were already a mormon. So wasn't, what's your flash of genius moment what changed never give an answer, fetching never go! answer when he used to say masks may do more harm than good. They use has now double Ask so that's an emails, but the thing that sticks out to me is you can, through all these emails. I haven't time to read all them. Obviously, at the time of the show going to continue reading them for the rest of the day that we have more content tomorrow on this. never mentions treatment. It's only I'd gnostics and in vaccines, and we don't.
Treat any other virus or disease. That way, a huge portion of the approach is what treatments are available right now that we can use to save what that's always a part of a multi pronged approach for research. while doctors that's what's most telling me and inefficient me little bit than other people aren't covering it so I'll offer. You allow me to offer you this There are few things that stick out from these emails. One is de I was sent from principle. A deputy director Hugh cannot cross devoutly from Hell. That's it why. What is an eye HIV stand for? Exactly? Can someone make of Renault and age, and I know we know the CDC. What is an eye? a idee stand for. I dont know someone give that to me I always forget what I'll do nationals Institute and infectious or national something an infectious disease. Maybe what are they? Our energy and in technology and in articles are they approve of the Americans they approved by the American Dental, says you three out of four or double check to
three out of five or six he used pay sick. He can't use basic bridge words, but also needs doing advanced Matthew, there's age of twenty commercials and three of those five. If you do a safe, they need to say side, your yard and co sign and the tangent ok you're just a little things well, just throughout word, salad and hope that we don't realize you're bullshitting. Ok, I believe too Tyler works for her reserve yeah. Yeah yeah, ok to Saint Maur com so the email was sent to value. This is one. This is that we have a copy. It reads the paper you sent me so the experiments were performed before the gain of function pause but have since reviewed and approved by an age, not sure why That means Emily ensure that no corona by US work has gone through the ps3 framework. We will try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad. So the very least she's completely incompetent should have never been in charge of the response. At worst, he knew about the gain, a function, research and seem to be ok with it again
taken in tandem with what we already covered, where he had talked about how the risks are. Way by the reward of gain a function. This is big. This matters. We have a track record of not being entirely against going to function, and we know that american tax dollars went to the lab where they were likely conducting gain a function risk These are things that we now and it was a topic of conversation. It's not like it this time he heard about it was when he was questioned in the hearing that we play the other day right, and this is all from January to June. So this is early on that was February. First, I was really really early on in the process. They are already starting to talk about that, like hey, there's some confusion here again and again, a function stuff. What are we doing here and he knows about it there? over a year ago, today Day way over here, I'm just wake up at eight thirty, eight. Fifty five it's one of those days of tomorrow, what I done ceases so quiet. I was too
good early charge, mouse Peter I could well I'm sorry. I could hear us on cotton wool. also in one of these emails. I don't away until February Fifth, twenty twenty five. She wrote to Sylvia Burwell about the inefficacy of mass and PETE. I always have a promise and efficacy efficiency, those words and there it doesn't matter. The point is try, paralysis, water rat Mattel. I got suckered into the paralegal by a single over you're selling am way yet no trace a good deal tell ya through. So when you are emerging, oh here, is they talk about the mask and such things not convinced that masks. Work saying It may help really more so the people who are infected from spreading it, but I want to help people who are not infected from inhaling and he talks about this emails and again he gives a pretty lengthy explanation as to why masks won't work, so that should be count balanced with this is why I was wrong. This why masks work? That's all I'm asking for we ve, never gotten it and, I think again, just sort of like
if you two were moves us permanently cater you radicalized people more, because people will leave mainstream platforms and they he'll, be searching for alternatives and that's where they go down rabbit holes, yeah, that's where they find more extreme people. If you get rid of the basic bitch, pumpkin spice conservative latte me, you will article eyes, people and the same thing here. If you dont give people of explanation on masks and just say where the mass obey You create a rebound effect and PETE, especially in America listen it's the same reason that we have a gun culture, Canada doesn't Japan. Doesn't we have a general problem with authority, and I like it that way, so he talks about the masks, doesn't believe that they work. Ok, but something else, it's really telling india- he says money, best spent on medical counter measures such as diagnostics in vaccines. Ok, this is a common threads, no focus on treatment,
by the way. We know that the FDA removed their their ban or their paws on hydrogen clerk when they rescinded yeah, yeah, yeah, there's enough data to show that it helps now rent Pewee, transit, Remsen Remsen here we ran vis dear him damage. If you know that, don't you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't turn Cashman that also helps are all kinds of reverently available antivirals. Antibiotics, mandatory steroids that when combined make a huge impact and can be taken at home. The all that was happy. all that was addressed with no, no, no, no, no vaccines. Why do you think that's the case? Ok, let me not get into conspiracies, but what we know Oh right here we have to do ok, good. I want to make sure I this right on reading this directly. He said there is a mail here April. Third, enthusiasm Buckley burning with bill among the Gates foundation. The response for somebody wrote is, I meant
the bill. Yesterday evening, I'm enthusiastic about moving towards a collaborative and hopefully synergistic approach to cope with nineteen on the part of an idea. An age and the p m J F, I dont know Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I'm tired of those abbreviated and what is not, in my view, a slightly more or less stupid articles right Robbie when a business yea it is money. by the way and the bill Melinda Gates decades of vaccine leadership and answer what are my oxytocin June? Twenty twenty. The age owns intellectual property used in the Medina development of the covert vaccine so there is a conflict of interest and by the way, I think we have a clip right. This claim is actually backed up by commerce maiden may twenty twenty dna stricter Francis columns, well, we have a complicated system. Doorway David when it comes to intellectual property, wanted the vaccines, one that's furthest long was started actually at the federal government and our own vaccine research centre at an age and then worked with a biotechnology company. Copper turn out to get to where we are now
very impressive phase. One results in getting ready. To go into a large scale trial as early as July that when, of course, we do have some particular stake in the intellectual property rules so? The Donald Trump was puts it was pushing hydroxyl clerk linger here, vested interest in bear that was growing his mask. He was just a huge you. Just someone sprinkle some very dust on a madam to sell their Saint John Drunk, usually make money off of big drastic located. What is it for dollars? Seven dollars for months of allowing the really it's actually dirt cheap again, this is, to me. I like the fact that Donald Trump was about did he did he overflight, isn't it was probably gonna. Look like making a few million dollars? It's not I've changing money for him at all. He did it because, when he mentioned that he talked about it because it was a, out of promising research, and now the FDA agrees, others promising enough research that they have rescinded their ban or their paws on hydroxide clerk would not saying it's
oh yeah, but we certainly know now that it reduces mortality is but not after thousands die needlessly because they couldn't get access to it, because Joe Biden will actually the FDA. But of course you are buying when it came in office, encourages one turn your general practitioner into a phelan if he prescribed and sin and constantly reporter what a buffoon he was for thinking tat. He could hear anything with or even there is really a treat just treat any remembering only work, and so any any medical professionals out their ventilators airy, really bad idea. That's what they see that they are telling everyone that idea, because once you get on a ventilator, it's very difficult, sometimes to come off of it, and so we were at the point where hospitals were overflowing. We weren't just trying to prevent deaths, we're trying to prevent the collapse of our hospital. That was the lockdown not to pray. That's collapse of our medical system and you're, not focusing all on things that would keep hospitals for mobile. Not only that re said, look we're going to be.
Burden hospitals were not as overborne, but not an online hospitals were not overburdened, as they said there would be when the only protocols and issues and even diagnostics and vaccines, the only protocols were get a test if you're positive go to the hospital. That was it. It was at first they were saying, don't go to hospital, don't go to hospital, stay home and then everything right away go to the hospital. Look. If you have the flu fever bronchial infection, give a sign in If you have some other kind of virus, that's going around anything. Take your pick. You up doktor meetly, send you to a hospital or do they go through antibiotics are possible, steroids like pregnant zone in cases. They use hydroxide Clark, we off But a lot of the a lot of these antiviral treatments in no other scenario have they ever set either do nothing or go straight to the hospital, bring their plan would require the overburdening of hospitals and, by the way that day, makes it more likely that you call it doesn't
are you trying to kill somebody shot gun to my head in Michigan, he'd tested positive. Goebbels always listened Goby deaf people, sure if you put everyone in the long enough now and they scare people into not going to the hospital to get treatment earlier in the process which we know would have helped people tremendously and we had doctor in California, I believe, is where they were that they were actually banned when they say we got these clinics all across the state, and this seems to be working. This combination of drug seems to be helping out and before we move on, I wanna go back to that fell to email that you had highlighted where he was talking about just focusing on the vaccine. We just talk about it also side, Gnostics invent agnostic. Diagnostics means you have tells us cake. vaccine means you prevent covert right, Nowhere in there is treating people with Covet. It's not included. It's not mentioned it's a Monday in detail. regard Tony. The money also mentioned these heads that and we can probably about him Halitus. It says the masks that most amount
Things will go out and buy are ineffective because the virus will just pass through your foul GI, quoting found you look at that if he Only if we have only had that information is a hey look. Surgeon general, I got it. He reversed on a baby was a ppp shortage, any right. Trying to make sure stuff was they're lying, give you that you'll be the american public. Don't do that. Ok, fancy comes out. Masks are the best thing on the planet except they're, not also remember there. During the interim payments, doktor bergs, they said you could use a scarf yeah member s at that. Was that until they then said not to know no scarves, no net gaiters look the issue with these emails is you can actually juxtapose it with? What we were being told at this point in time and they never match up now. I dont think they almost never match Anybody who said any of EMU but he who would have had the audacity to say what factually said anything else would have been. Build a right wing conspiracy theories to get a platform for doing it again in Riyadh, state outliers house through the mass vowed she said so you'll have any proof of that right now the emails will come out about a year from now you'll be justified by this, but for now you're
and I understand people can change their mind but on everything not on science, about science or science on were put on everything, though everything mask no mask double: mask notable Maskew S, double mass care, I've seen you haven't. seen in a year now hydrogen Ok S address, but I don't really think I'm changing my mind. It's it's just they had the information. They were trying to put out the information right and they were called racist and stupid, and everything else for saying those. I would still like a lot of money. I'm wondering where all the liberals who complain about big farmer- I don't know where they went to look again if you're just going to look at the available options, treatments that our generic, where the patent is no longer being held exclusively right. You can get it from. There inexpensive and its significance we reduce mortality. Ok, these treatments are out there. They are available. Nothing, it's a cure all. But do you really think that doctors, your big farmer, have more vested interest in those or giant no bed contracts for experimental vaccines,
when I use the term vaccine loosely by the way that every government on the planet is spiralling with you to make sure that every citizen has a habit potentially considering passwords work. Considering having you show this before you can come back airplanes mass transit. You have to show your back in Korea, there's never been something like this in the history of the world where every single and on the planet is going to have to take. When I fractured my famer, I couldn't go email of the MRI they had to put it on a disk, have nowhere to put it exactly should be able to go one step away from a floppy yeah, we'll have a disk drive? What has happened, come with a copy of lemmings, both factors here So here is another thing to he knew about the lab lake. What was theory of the syrian other ones. Look this matters because doesn't mean that he necessarily believed it right buddy. does, though the idea was show incredulous, lab lake look. This is male to fancy on February twenty, first, twenty, twenty, so early on about the time that Donald Trump us
We actually have the gulf. Why not enough in itself. Does not doktor Michael Jacobs, emailed factually saying that he thought the virus came from a lab and move on. This is the email. We think there is a possibility. The virus was released from a lab and we're on the biotech area of China. We also think that As might be complex with another organisms of another organism, sound like Joe Biden such as a east or fungus to make it more sticky. Well and the very This was on his radar and again, this is what matters. He said, no listen. We all believe very strongly that it came from nature. At one point it, there is no evidence that it came from a lab and then he said I trust the chinese scientists. He knew what was going on with the science and the change in the chinese government. Real. Let's check chinese scientist chinese government cater funded by the chinese government. Just like, I don't think thought she has seen a pro that sector dollar. In his adult life,
they want to tell me that families and the government of like the highest paid government employable, but no one in a thousand hours a week. You may go divorce. He circles at the taxpayer. Teeth, no, he lacks an upper lip. making Harding's eight hundred thousand dollars to do a terrible. I believe that's what it is someone can. Then you can bring about later. It's I'm just going by road. I think it's all! That's all it is a lie. I wrote it was more than in the programme that it makes and by the way, trumpets poor that he donated his entire salary? Why it was pressing United States? Look, there's a good thing to someone being really really wealth and are now running for office. I'd say this: this is the reason we don't have that many sponsors right on the show it now only nine crazy. Yet he don't it wouldn't go crazy about. Does he want to make money of hydrochloric right? Yes, he always waiting to cash in those big, a cheek you again, I gotta give a little. You get a lot more I'm sorry, it wasn't like going at the government teats making more money in the president's. I don't know
a piece of shit you one hundred thousand dollars the presidential salary. What I was saying is I'm glad I'm. that someone is a millionaire because they can't be bought or sold. Look, I'm not a billion and even a millionaire, but because The show matters more to me, the content, you notice, we don't have time sponsors. Why? Because at a certain point, a few thousand hours isn't like changing money, and I don't want the quality the show to suffer. So we don't have to put in fifty ads the sheets and toothbrushes have reported. I think the most we ve ever done is too in a show, and usually none at most one right yeah, because it doesn't make that much of a difference to me. what you want with someone running for president, you want someone not saying that you only want to vote for billionaires, I'm not saying that I don't have to be the Ross child. What I'm saying is, or the Rockefeller What I'm saying is you want someone who can be bought or sold hate him? The tumor appoint around in their usual distract me that you know they're pretty damning butter. This else. I should pails in comparison to the elite phone call that ticket no one else covering
We have an exclusive between following a change. Virologist, yet disregard my last email. I've come around on me Certainly, my mama, you dont need mass right, but maybe if I were to masks going on at the moment, no, no, no more mass, ok, but what? If my mask head? Whiskers risk per year riskiest I like that, like maybe a little soft pink, knows thanked. I don't see how that will help it. Maybe if we created an antiviral collar with a bear, on it. Barely cholera yeah. I like the feeling of felt at my face it a little jingle. When I walk, I could have a covert body to Europe. Could have them where the same cost mask and at the same time we do a number singing we are siamese if you please, and we still, if you don't please to keep them
We all know these nuts I am to China. Also, I heard the virus is airborne, so maybe we'd avoided if we transport ourselves lower. You know, like I'm thinking, where the masks with the bells and the soft pink knows and walk on off all fours, and that's it walk on all fours. What tat pink knows mask think. I'm combined with an old old man. Oh you furry. I don't understand the question, but yes, While it is serious in charge of one fifth of the economy, Thank you, your doktor fancy. It is your mandate. Is your monthly programmes delta each your Phil. I had a feeling somehow myth now me out than I am that, of course, with the Ngos can smash that Roma button. If you're watching and rumble what do you think buzz greenwash
so why do you think they submitted the Ethel? I request, you didn't just run puff pieces or do think they're trying to get out of some Megan. Why, when this was a one issue, wise is being discussed by the me, that's my question. We'll something lost out where the backdoor yeah No, they don't want to cover this because the more you dig into this, the more that you realise that this was all because they hated one person enough to try to get him out of on us and all of the consequences be damned by the way you and I were talking, but which are what was the biggest story going on throughout this entire process, without even trump it was there that he wasn't letting Fouche you get in front of every Cameron yet ever exist exactly he was muscling him. He wasn't allowing him to speak truthfully about this fact, was receiving emails are tons of these have been covered, saying you being muzzled like do you need help. Are you ok was there is like our even telling how Isley I've you can hear me? He was actually getting pissed off at people for asking him that question
guys. I have never been told what to say. I can go and say whatever I want. There's a process to go on Sunday shows you let the department, no, they let the White House just so that they know what information is coming out. That is not them tell We want to say Trump has never told me like all of these things. let's see an uncovered in their article. He was tired. They covered emails, people expressing concern that he was being worked to heart and that a lot was going on and, unlike tat, a lot of people were tired. Doctors and nurses. We're tired people that we're out of a job trying to find money to pay their bills worked I from trying to do that. I get that. That was the deal, but the biggest story tromp muslim women. He didn't do it and it is also not the pinnacle of hell, so item agile, Tina more easily. It's also he was and being muzzles. He's and electroshock. Ah, yes! Well, that's it that's a fetish. You don't I sold me, don't just. I prefer more of a more of a slip led by its my king. I gotta, No, I got on what no, that would mean them healthy. It's not a good sign with someone with the covered, but with some
like myself. That means I'm happy in the healthy look at my spots got it set out by the way, Hake, even following instagram in the best way to whether you watching and rumble or my club is Youtube tomorrow. By the way everyone is watching anywhere else. You're watching or listening to Morrow Please go to Youtube it ass. A ten areas. Utters leave, it alike, leave a comment. Make sure that we get this out as far as we can, because we don't know, we still don't have answers we were in holding pattern because we were hoping to get answers from you to this day. The violations are what than what the rules are, what we don't really have those so a certain point just have the role the dice. Alright, this is some that I wanted to talk about, and this comes from a news, weak article This is something we all have heard right. You all have heard, and this is something that is look. It's not necessarily justice one specific, storing the news, but it's it's something
sort of alive. It's been repeated enough that everybody, except it accepts. It, is true, no right that its harder to achieve the american dream now than it was in generations prior and I dont want to be an old get off my long guy, because I understand that most of these complaints are coming from people in my generation, generations E two, but who were liquors but is coming from, mostly millennials data, while look there magnin you guys had wheat what we don't have and its something that is of really easy tool to use from those in the political left to divide and by votes. But it's not fruit. Let me set this up. Marley was dead. To begin with, it is not true, it is verifiable, not true. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite of The american dream that your parents, that the boomers engine, before them sought to achieve more easily attainable. Now it more flexible ways than ever before, but you won't
here that, if you listen to the party of you need us here, nothing you're defeated country is working for working people. It's working only for those at the top. That's not the american dream. That's the american Mary. I do not believe this economy you're right, I'm going home for closures are women, the highest on record. Turning. american dream of homeownership into a night so the number say that new writers room is introduced if oil and of doing better than your parents of your born in the nineties. In that chance was. Ninety three percent, if you were born in the forties, are fifties, so they can dream is dying by the numbers we are here because of the American dream and our american democracy are under attack and on the line like never before Luke Louis he's been deal the mood in dreams, two long. It's a receding dream still. but it's a receding. Ok, now this
go back to a lot of yours to party man, look look. Look I may conservative precluded from voting for Democrats does mean that a lot of problems with Republicans, but I dont care, you're say Stevens Report yeah sure I have only voted for a book and in my adult life United States, because I can't vote for the Party of abortion up until and including after birth period. So really clear about that. However, if Democrats knew she has consistently are the party of you can't make it your poor there, the party of the poor, or of the downtrodden, which is what they want to say, even though supported by the big banks there supported by these usually regions right who, by the way, Syn make a lot more money than the average independent contractor business owner. They need to keep you poor, because Say. Democrats, I hate your papa can have a system. This is going to pull you out of poverty. Pull that about you. Don't really many more coherent off, then only bringing the off the table again. If Republicans or the party of pull yourself up your boat, we hear that mocking where you have to for Republicans, don't believe that you can pollution by a rooster
So just look at the messaging first, one is beholden to a positive hopeful message and one can not waver. from the line of you can't make it the deck stacked against you. Why generational wealth, racism, sex, El Gb? Take you a ip ism. They want to ban trans people from sports. I just thought that they want to meals compete with meant. No, no, it's not right bent. So this is what they want. to believe in order to purchase your vote. They should it be anti american dream and then tell you not to pursue it right click, the UK, I cleared it and then, though you statistics, I'm sorry, Andrew Yang, you saw me scratching my head and am I keep be said that in the forties and fifty's they had a ninety percent chance of doing better than the parents. Yeah. Do you remember happened in the thirties. The great deprive something something that you remember: what happened the early forties, it's called war were to write. The economy wasn't exactly booming at the time we were focused on something else. Yes, you
the high percentage because it saw what ten numbers. Let me just give you a snapshot. Ok, millennials! All right, you can take that deal k you can go to war with Hitler, you can be a part of a world war and a war effort and a baby, and you have to have a lot of babies. Ok and then you can have your job security more time yet and guess what that generation figured out. If you want to storm the beaches and protect democracy, you gotta frickin, do it nobody's gonna, sit there and sell your victim the seas, a rough you don't have to run ashore and take out Nazi Germany to save the entire planet. They came back and said screw you guys, I can do it. I just went to war, I'm fine, I don't need a gun, you imagine going into detail and those boats with gluten allergy or even a peanut,
peanut, allergy, Ebay, never cried out loud and really in every high it ruined every great school field trip you know it would have, it would have ruined your mandate. Someone brought us that Brown, you gonna, be like there's no wrong, weighty, two races, except on that boat year, except in a general vicinity of someone who natural selection should have murdered already. We didn't even need the Germans have boats. Apparently the genes egos extended propitious yelling at these ends or on the pay that are just rescind the trump rules that they raise. The crisis have called it now Luton filled at dinner roles Adam, correct, solar, that's different war! Let me go through the numbers here: they that they use numbers and again they use numbers in a vacuum. So statistics matter source. Matt references Matter, that's why we provide all they're all available models, gaana dot com he can go or in the description you can click the link in the description, you think we're wrong. You think I'm using bad references feel free to rebut them. Don't get everything right. I understand that
They mainly comes from this is a popular circulate, Newsweek article that baby boomers control. Ten times, more wealth then millennials, ok and then the door make the arguments. I want to give you their context that they have significantly more wealth or they did at this point in their lives, then millennials have now right, meaning people in there lay twenties early thirties right, ok as a percentage of the total economy. First, let me put that in context. What does baby whom mean it means that it was a disproportionately large generation, people didn't have televisions and they were born. They had more children than any generation, friar or generations after and so think about a snake right. It's a ground, obviously a giant bulge. There's that baby boom, of course, just because of the sheer numbers they're going to control more the wealth in the country's own a larger share, but that's the first number that little bit misleading Lenny
gonna give you a snapshot, don't feel so. The american dream is out of reach. Ok, it's it's important to not and this is what a lot of millennials out there doing by the way I'm ammonia. I do think that a lot of our generation is entitled What do you think the internet as human right, you're entitled you're untitled, Think of free smart phone as a human right, you're entitled it's not. We do not have the right to for somebody else to create goods or services. You need understand the difference between a right and a commodity. So you can't copy paste your dream, to what the american dream was your dream work from home and you can make your own hours and you don't have to pay for health care and you can live in a society without war and you won't be drafted right. This is part of your dream. Let me give you a snapshot as to what the actual american dream was. Ok, makin dream is to be work, have a car go out too Rarely when's! The last time you had a bologna sandwich, I'm underbred breakfast retired sixty five
still very attainable very attainable. any day so like will use an example like in Detroit. That's where you from price per capita income of nineteen, fifty yo YO that change the hats up. Just a little bit, somebody cliff dive homes. Prices are lower now than in the nineteen fifties aware. I live certainly would agree with you would present to someone in the nineteen years ago. I love this. One looks nice as our colonial butter. We notice that price twelve dollars use lots of care. I believe this is the problem of land rush. If you will occupy, you can have it for free the place where the roofs caved in and there's a man living in their oh two men look real men teal generally, it's just rustic that for the data going for now, but will the dogs live there with them here it comes its industrial sheikh. If you ve, already shouts right, also tetanus avoid that corner right, there's a little shocked self is neighbourhood is very ethnic.
It's all you. You mean as a level on politics, not quite yoga yearning for today's about it. That's all you gotta If the Irish inhabited this neighbourhood and by the way, how do we? How do you feel about five times a day hearing the actual call to prayer Cosette Free of charge comes here with their use and above ground, who'll listen have lay you can hear the leaders of this down having sex with its sibling, someone's gonna hit Eric Its national congressional seed holder, bangs brother angel, gets its drink. I'm going to go to the White Bmw dealer. So let's go back through what this was these? This was the american dream to trade was to that state. Yes, absolutely wasn't knows exactly what was in nineteen. Ninety fifty percent of manufacturing place we're aged twenty one to thirty six. Ok, that's twenty four to twenty percent tops and twenty,
haven't, even though we know that significantly lower and twenty twenty one and its significantly higher. If you go back to their own generation, are they the baby boom generation. These people, who talk about who had more wealth, let's look at the choices, they were significantly more frugal K. It went out to eat significantly less, they work longer hours, they had less vacation, so average home values doubled from nineteen. Seventy two thousand right from sixty five thousand hundred nineteen thousand and two thousand dollars. Nineteen. Seventy three, the average home k, was sixteen hundred square feet compared to two thousand six hundred cheese. We need more space square feet now or we are much fatter rang out of people. We are fatter, lazier, less, productive, here's, the thing there is Lack of jobs. Right now is one of the few say, the american dream, the american dream was Workin industrial job get two weeks vacation work. Forty eight hours a week. Retired sixty five die at sixty eight. That was that Eric and dream? You can still
Do that there's a certain. There is a higher surplus of jobs. Right now, I believe that more than what is it three someone can get me that number. I don't know the exact number. I know we talked about. It really is very decades or for decades, there's a surplus of over eight million jobs while written a good job. Good jobs and in Detroit, like the line working jobs that nobody wants to its in saying a huge portion of those jobs are manufacturing jobs. A huge portions of jobs are late wreck, physical, labour. I know you want to use the word labour movement because you took humanity's wanna wanting. You read a couple of marks articles two, but how about actually experiencing it? Labour ing? They were kind of eight point. Eight. Three hours more per week. Emmeline aim in manual labor and manufacturing ESA cared about their kids in their food Lisbon rail. What and by the way, fifty six percent of members were still in the workforce of the terminal ass to the last sentence that have been conducted in twenty eighteen, that's higher than these generations of the same age there working later.
into their lives. They see graters Walmart, the USA will monitor because their fulfilled by hard work, Riah not getting out of it. Also oxygen tanks are expensive and it's one of the perks. It's free oxygen, free oxygen tanks at Walmart. Two great- I don't know if it's just part of the outfit, if that's a showed that really and threats but every time I go to Walmart some nine year old, with a tank stick, and I want to sticker then away from me It has Mickey mouse. Walmart has the tank ingenuity. that is your vegetables I'd. Oh no! I have no idea, I'm so scared. You would eat our vegetables. Twenty five to forty percent millennia. Alignment of vegetable, its forty percent millennials are unemployed. That number got worse, covered five point: six million millennials become unemployed and I can go to any leftist website and read articles about them, saying how they don't want to go back to work because they prefer work. from home. Look, that's fine, just don't say
The american dream has been pulled away from you. You ve chosen not to work a manual labor job. You ve chosen not to go to trades there are over eight million jobs available. You ve chosen not to enter the workforce. To be clear about something here too, because this something that unfortunately, sometimes libertarians don't address and just sail there'll be better jobs of things become automated, and then you have people on the left. Sometimes I guess you're kind of left to do in some way thing. We have to We stop any and all automation with this, but the truth is people refused having to work? Is the catalyst now for automation, automation, the catalyst for unemployment Mcdonalds, not automate things quickly. Enough read a lot of these companies are going. We can hey people to shop and do the job forget about fifteen diamond wage, a lot of these jobs, the bulk of these jobs, payment. Not people won't show up, so they ve got to find out ways to automate. So here's the your lazy now, but
we'll be automated out of a job permanently. That's that is a huge story that no one wants to tell and again, let's go. Let's go back through this right here, a lot of the unfulfilled jobs, We have computer numerical control, machinist welders, may This technicians, which pay average have the salaries right you're. These are jobs that are available, is collage, wanna, eighty, thousand dollars a year right for welding G numerical controllers. You start at forty five thousand hours aid. Well, you start an apprenticeship, forty five thousand dollars a year maintenance technicians. You start forty thousand dollars United States, that's not enough, but you suck, there's no You have no experience yet right and it certainly above that fifteen fifteen- our threshold- let's not so moving goal posts because it's not underwater basket weaving you prick what most people
They start out. If you want to make a lot of money, you make zero look at all the people who started businesses that use you don't pay themselves as they get things going. So you getting to start out at forty thousand dollars a year, your overpaid right, well, when people get mad like a foreigners or whatever for coming into the country, and you look at them, they are willing to work. Willing to have in the hours you're willing to work a hundred hours a week and not paint and may make a paycheck but like I don't know they make a paycheck. That was that was one video that we did. We went. We stole illegal immigrants, jobs, we went to hum deeper and I was surprised remember they were starting at forty in our and why we got down. Do we other is wasted we'll do at twenty five and our twenty like help build a decade? five an hour. They the quit and waited for the extra twenty five, our tax. Remember that one day this does not how it works me there. medicine, they were mad because we were seeing look, look, there's an forty thirty five. Thirty eight hour, we said, will do for twenty five and our government lower than twenty you now in
de power from outside from pay out at once. We want. We found the areas where the local illegal immigrants, I believe they re illegal, largely because they sets a railway and they'll run away when we threatened to call ice milk, the Tutsis, those I was actually paid a lot higher than people realize they want you to believe that there can letters for three dollars now, because you know these people are actually these people, meaning who come to this country. working for significantly higher wages and a lot of millennials because are willing to do tougher jobs, the market there is actually a lot of people, don't know they. A lot of money, they make good money and it's a problem with you. It's not just problem with automation and big corporation. So this is something else its import. We just talk about these jobs that if you go to trade school also, there there's another self transport got five thousand dollars a year or five now total so heavily total.
Get into that trap. That's why you? Let's compare that to the debt and we'll get to that in the second. The average salaries of people with social science degrees, for example, come out your thirty or forty thousand dollars a year, but much higher unemployment rates and much higher get right. Why would you do that? well you're lose a brilliant ploy because Democrats look there, Can dream is dead by the way we're gonna pay for hours at seven eight. Sixteen seventeen twenty two years of little regardless of degree, because one deserves an education about. everyone does about? Everyone should be able to relatively easily procure a skill that adds value to society. Not everyone should get a degree because I don't think that I should be footing the bill for a gender studies degree. I dont think that my taxpayer damage especially people out there who paid five thousand dollars and became a welder. Why should they pay for your after lesbian algae BT, Q, pride bunks degree
but they shouldn't and you're taking away by the way you taking away people's incentive to improve themselves. When I worked a job for seven dollars, an hour cleaning up filing at an eye makers as equal. This really sucks I'd like to grab some skills that will get me paid better and leave me away from this job, and so I did right- and that was the latter. Every single time was, I wanna make more money. I want to do more. I need better skills, and so I have to go. Do that now you just want to start out like mine, have limit. This is never unemployment, eleven percent per political science degree I'll compared to a forty three thousand years, Alaric just go just compare. That too, I know you only care about them when you want to try and get their vote every few election cycles, but you wonder why the sudden there's a red wave in rural and manufacturing areas. They stand the value of hard work? Student debt point. Seven trillion dollars now one point: seven trillion dollars which just pay that off right and what who do you think when you go to college? Who do you think has the highest earning to debt ratio first up again attire and trade schools, small businesses,
a lot of cases? Stanfield? No one assign you shouldn't go to college for a specialised degree, I'm glad the doktor been Carson, did some pay. the work before separating conjoined twins at the bottom need to go to study the inherently racist systems that exist within the patriarchy. That's not a four year degree sets aside We met the sky event. Can I learned about trying to ignore it? There's no way to avoid it. I have a phd in all that crap. I have no idea three thousand dollars for that and twenty to fifty percent of students who enter college are undecided. What well. That is as much the white man. Yes, yes precisely the patriarch executives, you do. I make my check out to also the white man. Yes, I see how this works.
Think of how would you know they complain? I literally is already out of the white Man mom and dad I swear to you. Had this conversation at some point. Please do something that will make you money and life now I want to get this art degree. Fine, get the degree of your choice later on. I can't believe I have all this student debt that I can't pay off with my stupid art degree that doesn't pay me that yet you have you can't make both arguments. It's one of the other either suffer through the consequences and we hope it will be a year of being of not being empathetic. They write in ya, know apathetic towards any of us or anybody else are. We are you ve put in what youve rest what you ve done. I build this all of us You can use your touring stand up, commissioner, do you realize how many of them were around in the great depression, exactly you're the buster scrub Squad,
please you policing through in the river bed. Is you weren't, a valued member of society? Now Buster Keaton was in any those movie actors now, especially fatty buckle after the coat, but now we have a suit. I hear this is this is one of those situations? You have the choice and, of course you work for nothing when you start doing good for nothing in it. It very Danes firstly to yeah when the places that should not have comedy nights, others as the House angels biker, are now behind reality. Guy offered Apamians Coke at eighteen years old, really not enough. Now it was. It was a New York, New York City, and I said no, I dont do drugs, you, I know you do they get you get more money, for it If I don't do drugs, so don't you
the call not honour, and then I think it would be like four hundred dollars for sick shows that we I've had it many times, so you could sell it. Like. I gotta, be honest, work or weakened cell DM five. I was just going to sell coke. I would it demands that are those that are good at the mentally. I would have gotten it wholesale there's, no way out That's a choice that you have. There is more flexibility. Now, here's the thing people want flexibility. They want a lot of these new opportunities, but they think, but they still want to apply that to the can dream that they believe existed. Look, ok and I'm not a pathetic. I am not a pathetic to people of my age. Democrat that's right? And I understand this because I am one of them here all the time. Look. It feels like the deck stacked against you, and I understand that. Sometimes I feel that way when I was when I first started working. I thought men at is? How do I save up? How do I add? I realized? Oh wait. A second, I dont need this phone. I don't need this internet plan. I dont need cable,
I don't need a nice. I can get a used car- that's not very expensive. Certainly there weren't key a real equivalence back, then you pay for expensive hunk of steel shabby and it didn't work after about Me years your hand, european language and you paid cash credit right. live in a sixteen hundred square foot home still available to you right now and most of it again, if you move out of the move out of a big city in get a sickness wherefore home on the low six figures, but that's not what you want. So let's go back to this idea. Well, older p, o K, Boomer and I'm not. Ok boomer. It was easy for you to say: do you really think we use this newspaper article millennials out there, Do you really think that it would be hard to create a life for yourself where you live You can save up back living sixteen hundred square foot home have one car get two weeks, a vacations, your work fifty hours a week and retire
at sixty five. You really think that's less attainable for Now, or are you saying your dream of two cars and air conditioning and an average twenty six hundred square foot home and flexibility? more time off being able to work from home and retiring for crying out loud people were tired three years before They died Nor do I want to talk about social security to realise when social security came out, you get it at sixty five life expectancy sixty seven they're not going to.
Paid for long here. I'll give you money, we had more workers per retirees live for less time it in today they give you a watch that they took your wrist at the funeral, gave it ain't tom, silk, shows up and take your house that isn't my first rodeo. I see you deal with a bad one, but they want to live in cities. They want to live in these rural or urban areas where they can go walking to funding great restaurants, and they have a really good time and pay. Six thousand is downwards and win Ransford to bedroom apartment right. if an apartment I could against AIDS in years ago for three dollars. They like? Oh, that's, right away, I'm not saying that you have a path to live a life of austerity not enjoy any thing. But let's put this in the context of gay people say what is it see. I will say this: is it wrong? It also be a human right to be able to enjoy insert whatever you know, I'm not so
that you should live a miserable life and you don't have to. However, let's put this in context. Let's say you could travel back to the era of boomers when you're when your parents were born, but let's go to the nineteen. Fifty still ok a not could they do it every now and then in L, a four or six dollar? I want to start for the first time. For the first time in years years I've been a Starbucks, was a Christmas parade, we're gonna, peppermint latte and I didn't foot the bill. I went the other day. I couldn't believe crisis six seven down. So, let's just scale down, let's say a for dollar cup of coffee at Starbucks. Say one wanted it. You don't do it every day, but even a couple now, go back to the fifties and try to explain to them the logistics before our cup of coffee, adjusted for inflation So let's say a two dollar, a cup of coffee, a dollar fifty cup of coffee.
I shall you be a forty one dollar couple: were you just? They will not Look. I don't want to live a life like I just you know, every now and then I want to go Starbucks, oh well. That's that's but you say it's where I go and I get some coffee, so what you pay a little extra like a nickel half full, dollars per year, retarded What do we do about the gone? There were a lot more on
back then bloody it do? You know I saw a computer for eight hours and apply so I can get welfare. Sorry was beginning, let me say a careless as per se. It you're the first man has ever admittedly being on welfare in front of another man, usually shame each other and bade them and value ass. I'm gonna go home and hit my wife. She nineteen fifty mega. Well, we just as we do that we gave them something that would work. You move where the jobs are right, so in some places, job markets or booming North Dakota for a long time that the oil shale stuff with Canada was able on earth for he armed their dogs. You say, but they couldn't get enough people you could make a fortune doing that in their like all. We can't leave the city's. Do you know what the Irish did? You know what the Italians did, the Chinese did. They left their country. To come to America from inbred, shouted were available, bright, red sludge. whenever the Somalians did their brothers
what happened? Wife, they left an entire way of life in millennials, are telling me that they can't move at a New York City because they just love the environment so much they can't move to a place that has better jobs, lower cost of living. I can't that's impossible, Dearborn! I do want to say they. I want to say we I am about this and I look around I understand, but I really was, though I am. I am a millennium. I am too technically and elderly Maloney lots in amendment eight, I'm right in the middle of its call em an extra I'm eggs. Neil right between the two really our generation, what if our years of a generation that's better than both of you, whatever I just it, won't I and it really makes me sad that you have people out there who want to feel helpless and you have an entire party who are designed to make. You feel helpless. Look
If you want to leave the american dream that your parents lived first, if you dont you dont want to live that, but guess what you can live and even better american dream, and what I mean by that. I mean that when adjusted for inflation, you can make more money. You can work more efficiently, less hours more flexibly retire earlier. If you do a handful of things and live longer Means don't get a useless degree, get married at the right age. Don't get divorced, live within your meets, that's it! You do it at the american dream that, by the way, you're boomer parents, the greatest generation before them, could Only dream? In other words, they live. What you are for two as the american dream. You live right now in a moment that to them would be the stuff of dreams, and you don't appreciate it look. Take add vantage of it. There was an old quote where people to talk about. I dont Maria had her. This probably some fighter- could have on small documentary? There are talking, someone was raining champion and they said bar worried about this other guy coming up
oh he's hungry I mean he's hungry, he's he's he's a young is a young copies, come up and he's hungry and you ve been on for a while you're you don't really have that same hungry. He said you know what yeah, but when you're the top and you want to eat the food. Is there, so you gonna take advantage of right now you are on top and the food is there and instead you're leaving it right now. More opportunities. You have more job openings period than ever more job openings than ever the ability to generate more streams of income than ever. The flexibility moved more places than ever, Instead, you make choices to get useless to reach. You make choices to go into that you make sure to convince yourself that you're going to be single until your window with your eggs closes, then you're really miserable, and you become a professional shrew for the rest of your to justify your poor decisions. You choose not to take advantage of what would be two generations, one
you prior would merely be the stuff of dreams. Ok, we're gonna go to some life advice. I think you have to get going here Dave because you have to get going on your way to Houston. that children can do likewise tomorrow, you two cultural appropriation multimedia right now. I know we're on rumble so, but will still go the spirit we were on Youtube, Pisa
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